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Thread: CWA Newswire #16

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    CWA Newswire #16

    CWA Start Spring Cleaning

    With the ever growing roster in CWA it appears the management have decided to reduce the numbers a little in what is being dubbed Spring Cleaning due to the releases all being primarily jobbers. As of Friday, February 12th 2010, Isano Luchadoro, Kazin Yoshimaru, Rey Guerrero, St. Deuce, The Bulldog and Trevor Kade have all been released from their CWA Contracts with immediate effect.

    A Roster Divided

    The CWA Roster is now a divided company and you wouldn’t believe what has divided it. The theme music for Uprising! When Lupe Fiasco’s Superstar was announced as the official theme music, more than a few CWA stars voiced their disapproval. Nickolas Kennedy Arsen believes it was Roberto’s doing “Roberto used his backstage power to make sure Muse didn’t even get considered for a second consecutive Pay Per View.” As you can see, the two cant even agree on music! Joey Nicholas said: “It’s a sad, sad day for music lovers.”. It wasn’t all negative though as Steve Osborn explains: “It’s a great song to use for a Pay Per View, it’s so different than everything else out there.” Ralph McCoy meanwhile had his own unique view on the whole fiasco: “What the tarnation is a Lupe Fiasco? Jake Owen is the way to go!” This argument is sure to continue long into the 23 hour flight facing many member of the CWA Roster in the coming days.

    Jackson Sonik Suffers Stinger, will be at Uprising

    Jackson Sonik suffered a concussion Wednesday when he took a nasty bump head first on the announcer's table. He was knocked out and did not regain his senses until Adrenaline Rush concluded the broadcast. Medical analysist in Eastport told Jackson that he could be cleared to compete in two weeks, but was advised to take it easy, as dire consequences could follow if Sonik's stinger is bothered. Sonik stayed the night in a medical facility. Deportista stayed by his partner, and oddly enough, Alexa reportedly paid Jackson a visit.

    Logan V to get his own TV Show?

    CWA X-Fly Champion Logan V could be on the verge of becoming a reality TV star. Representatives from the Wrestling Clique Network have been in touch with Logan over getting a camera crew to take up residence in his house and show the world what goes on in the personal life of one of the world’s top wrestlers. If the show does happen it will air on the Wrestling Clique Network which currently airs Adrenaline Rush and will be airing High Voltage in the near future as well. The tentative title for the show as of now is “Logan Knows Best”.

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    Re: CWA Newswire #16

    never heard of any of these jobbers

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