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    Meltdown Meltdown X | One Night in Meltdown: Texas | ☢ RESULTS ☢


    The golden sun cast a thick orange glow, across the tarmac of the Curtis Culwell Center. The air is humid, warm, with a touch of a breeze across the parking lot, but even that breeze is barely a reprieve from the heat. As evidenced by a duo of beefy security guards, standing stoically by the staff entrance of the arena, with visible sweat stains on their black security polos. Interestingly, though, the man standing behind them is completely devoid of sweat or discomfort.

    Infact, Jon Russnow in his burnt-orange suit looked positively chipper, smirking that cheesy, sleazy grin of his that is rapidly appearing to be his default facial expression.

    In the distance, across the parking lot, a car turned into the lot - a cherry red '58 Plymouth Fury, slowly ambling down the lane. The slightly dusty, somewhat wartorn, vehicle rumbled slowly down towards the staff entrance, grinding to a halt some distance away. The headlights dimmed, as the engine faded into silence.

    Russnow popped a mint into his mouth, shifting his weight from one foot to the other. His beefy bodyguards stood up a little bit straighter.

    A lone tumbleweed rolled between the two parties.

    Finally, the doors of the car were pushed open, and two people stepped out.

    Russnow's smirk tightened, and his eyes narrowed.

    On one side, the Man In Black, X Title slung over his back, glared daggers at Meltdown's No.1 Commissioner for December 2021 through the mesh of his mask. He leaned on the car door, carrying an air of controlled menace about him, as if he could easily pounce over the door and rip Russnow to shreds if he thought he was worth the effort.

    On the other side, a punk-ish woman with the world's ugliest mohawk glanced at Russnow with listless eyes. She popped a wad of gum into her mouth, and drummed her fingers against the roof of the car, slowly, carefully. One-two. One-two. One-two. Russnow felt his heartbeat begin to match the tempo of the drumming, and bit down on his mint.

    The two parties watched each other, as seconds ticked by, before Alyster Black raised a fist and thumped it on the roof of the car once. Violet Dreyer halted her idle drumming, stepping aside.

    And from within the car, a third and final figure gingerly climbed out from the backseat. His FWA World Championship glinted in the sunlight, slung over his shoulder, as he stood straight, business casual suit looking exquisite as ever. He sauntered, smoothing out his slick moustache as he made his way in front of the car, Alyster Black & Violet Dreyer flanking him on either side. He leaned against the hood, eyes hidden behind a pair aviator sunglasses as he stared somewhere north of here, exhaled once, then approached the welcoming committee.

    It had the distinct air of a man walking the green mile on death row, knowing the fate that awaited him behind those doors, yet dead-set on going out with some form of dignity.

    Jon Russnow: "Well, well, well. If it isn't our guest of honor. All the way from... Fallout... And here I was, starting to think you'd turn tail and not bother showing your face."

    Krash raised a single eyebrow, removing his sunglasses and hanging them over the neckline of his waistcoat. He glanced at the two beefcake bodyguards, then back at Russnow.

    Krash: "You're really not good at this whole 'welcoming' thing, are you?"

    Jon Russnow: "I don't need to be. Now, far be it from me to be the 'moodkiller', so to say, but the invitation to Meltdown was... Very specific..."

    Russnow pointedly glanced at Alyster, then Violet, then back at Krash. Now he raised an eyebrow of his own, smug.

    Jon Russnow: "You, and only you, Krash, got the invite. You're our only guest, and I think as a guest, you should respect the boundaries we've set. Which means... No-one else from Fallout. Which means no Alyster Black. Which means no Violet Dreyer. Which means no tag teams, no allies, no managers, no valets, no bodyguards, no hanger-ons-"

    Suddenly, Alyster had a fist wrapped around Jon Russnow's tie, yanking him to his face. The beefy bodyguards were a touch slow to action, as Alyster gripped Russnow, threateningly. The smirk finally vanished from Russnow's face as he stubbornly kicked and flailed.

    Alyster Black: "You'd better watch your fuckin' mouth before I break it-"

    Krash: "Alyster."

    And with a single word, Alyster dropped Russnow, pushing him back into his bodyguards. He turned to Krash, wordlessly, fists clenching and unclenching with each breath.

    Alyster Black: "Fuckin'-"

    Krash: "I know, Aly. I know."

    He patted his masked companion on the shoulder once, offering a reassuring smile.

    Krash: "I'll show him, alright? I'll get through this, just like I've gotten through every other thing that was supposed to end me. Won't be the worst thing I've had to endure, right?"

    Krash's words hung in the air as he offered a toothy grin and a wink, his golden tooth glinting in the sunlight.

    Krash: "Don't worry. I got this."

    His voice wavered ever so slightly, the grin faltered almost unnoticeabley, betraying the thin veneer of false confidence. Alyster picked up on it, Violet picked up on it... And Russnow picked up on it too, who cleared his throat with almost audible self-satisfaction.

    Jon Russnow: "If we are done with the pleasantries?"
    And now, the smile dropped completely, as Krash exhaled in dismay.

    Krash: "Oh, but I do so love the pleasantries."

    Regardless, he turned back to Russnow, and held the FWA World Championship a little bit tighter in his grasp, as Alyster & Violet hesitatingly took a step back.

    Krash: "Ah, well. Never been one to keep destiny waiting, Jon. It’s showtime."

    The FWA World Champion, still battered and bruised, approached Jon Russnow, who smirked, tilted his head...

    And held out an outstretched hand...




    ...SAINT SULLEY...

    ...CYRUS TRUTH...


    ...DEVIN GOLDEN...



    from the Curtis Culwell Center in Garland, Texas

    January 24th, 2022
    Meltdown X
    One Night in Meltdown: Texas

    Monday Night Meltdown comes live from the Curtis Culwell Center in Garland, Texas. For the first time in Meltdown history, it's back in the home of the FWA, the United-States of America! The fans in Garland are suitably rowdy for tonight's event! We get a good look at the capacity crowd. Many of them are holding bounty posters that have been distributed with the face of the former World Champions... and the current World Champion that will be competing tonight! We even spotlight the "K" "R" "A" "S" "H" fans that were mainstays on Fallout but have made the trip her to support their most favorite FWA wrestler! The camera also stops by some guests from our wrestlers, the Charles LeRoi fans have front row seats despite Charles not being scheduled for tonight, we also have some guests from Tommy Bedlam including many of the Bedlam clan deeper in the stands. Finally we settle on the announcers for the evening, Rod Sterling and Broc Lobster!

    Broc Lobster: "Howdy from Garland, Texas! We are back state side and what bigger way could we possibly do this than the first time ever, probably only time ever, Bounty for the FWA World Championship! Rod Sterling, Jon Russnow has claimed that NO MATTER which champion walked out of Mile High Massacre, they would have to come to Meltdown and contend with Meltdown's five former World Champions under 24/7 rules until the show was over. There's been criticism that a championship should not be defended under these circumstances. Even the bounty hunters, as much as they want the belt, have been reluctant to be enthusiastic about these conditions, but make no mistake, they are all taking their shot, and Russnow isn't going to lose sleep over this, I imagine."

    Rod Sterling: "Jon Russnow is doing his job. He's getting ratings. And he's making sure the belt comes back where it belongs, on Meltdown! You saw what Fallout put our champions through. Three defenses, Broc! Three! And that's after Kennedy was coming off a Japanese Death Match. Russnow is just getting even with Watkins and Cal over on Fallout."

    Broc Lobster: "No one has any idea how tonight will go. I don't even think Russnow does. We do know that each former World Champion will get an opportunity for a stand off with whoever is the current holder of the belt, and that until the final logo goes up, anyone, whether they've failed their attempt, or have lost the belt, is still eligible to compete. The night is not over, till its over."

    Rod Sterling: "And of course, during any match where the champion is competing, there's an amnesty, but otherwise, there's nothing holding back someone from getting a pinfall during an on-going match. We'll have a camera crew keeping an eye out backstage throughout the night for any development and we'll keep in touch with picture-in-picture. Aside from that, we've got a jam packed night, Broc!"

    Broc Lobster: "A Gauntlet Championship match and a #1 Contendership match for that belt featuring the debut of one Tobias Blume! I've met him backstage, great guy to hang out with, Rod! We also have THREE Tag Warz matches for this evening, and we know that the winners of this tournament will have a chance at the FWA World Championship at The Grand March... and the FWA World Tag Team Championships at Carnal Contendership. Big prizes on the line for whichever tag team can make it out of there."

    Rod Sterling: "I heard we're also going to be getting a homecoming party from Tommy Bedlam! We are in his home state of Texas after all. I'm looking forward to that. They've got Douglas Bourbon out back, in fact, we've got some tasters right here, I might see if I can get a bit more."

    Broc Lobster: "And that's not all we've got! We're also going to see Dan Maskell face off with a newcomer from the Badlands, one of Chris Crowe's friends we hear, simmering tension from an encounter between Crowe and Maskell on The Heretic's Corner."

    Rod Sterling: "We're still waiting on tape from that show, Broc. But it seems The Heretic and The Showman have gotten on each other's bad sides. I wouldn't want to be the guy sitting opposite of Dan Maskell... especially if he's going to have a mic on again."

    Broc Lobster: "But Crowe's got bigger problems to worry about. He's got a FWA North American Championship defense to start the night against the newest arrival on Meltdown, "The Daredevil" Gerald Grayson! He won one of the briefcases at the Secular Spectacular and he'll be trying to make the most of it but Crowe has been on a roll lately, Gerald's going to have his work cut out for him. But hey, we won't have to wait too long to find out how that will go, that match is up next!"

    The techno beat of "Cornflake" by Psychedelic Porn Crumpets hits and the repeat line of dun-dun-dun-nun, nun-nun-nah-nah-naaaah" gets the Texas crowd to its feet. Gerald Grayson bursts through the curtains with his arms spread out wide, making his first Meltdown appearance in the opener of Meltdown X.

    Broc Lobster: "We're going to begin tonight with a BANG ... pun intended for the Texas bounty episode. Gerald Grayson's debut appearance on Meltdown."

    Rod Sterling: "And his debut could be one to remember, with the North American Championship in his sights."

    Gerald jogs to the ring and does a head-first dive through the middle and bottom ropes, front-rolling until he pops up in a standing position with his arms out wide again.

    Broc Lobster: "GiGi, a member of Uncle's Nephews from Fallout, is a former X Champion. We have seen the competitive nature of the X Championship in 2021 since the brand split. There have been more than a handful of title changes since May and Back in Business."

    Rod Sterling: "On Meltdown, for the North American title, this is a level up. This is an opportunity for GiGi to show he HAS leveled up himself."

    "Cornflake" subsides as Grayson crouches in the corner, eyes on the entrance.

    A depressing-yet-hard bass beat begins with drums slowly creeping in after a few seconds. "Come as You Are" by Nirvana hits and the crowd turns to welcome the reigning North American Champion with jeers. "The Showman" Chris Crowe walks out with the belt around his waist, and his manager right behind cackling maniacally.

    Broc Lobster: "A member of the Deathswitch Initiative, he has been on a fury roll lately. He and his mates put Marcus McClain on the shelf, which was after he defended the belt against "Big Mack" at Mile High. This is after he beat MICHELLE Von Horrowitz on Meltdown leading into Mile High."

    Rod Sterling: "He's becoming THE guy on Meltdown. He's THE name of the brand. He's the only singles title holder on the show."

    Crowe walks up the ring steps and then enters through the ropes. His spaghetti string hair falls just below his shoulder blades and neckline. Crazy Harry remains on the outside.

    Katie Lynn-Goldsmith: "Ladies and gentlemen, the next contest is scheduled for one-fall, with a sixty-minute time limit and it is for the FWA North American Championship… introducing first... he is the challenger... from Raleigh, North Carolina... weighing in at two hundred and twenty pounds... THE DAREDEVIL... GERALD GRAYSON!"

    There's a rousing ovation for FWA's newest arrival and Grayson nods at the FWA North American Championship as it's presented to him.

    Katie Lynn-Goldsmith: "And his opponent... he is the reigning and defending FWA North American Champion... being accompanied to the ring by Crazy Harry... from the Badlands Trailer Park... weighing in at two hundred and forty pounds... THE SHOWMAN... CHRIS CROWE!"

    Chris Crowe stretches in the corner. He places a hand on his bloodied FWA North American Championship, acknowledging it, but quite ready to get into the action now.




    w/ crazy harry




    When the bell rings, Gerald Grayson and Chris Crowe don't move any toward one another. Grayson is aware of the numbers disadvantage, which Crazy Harry on the outside right behind the North American Champion's left shoulder. Gerald knows Crazy Harry has gotten involved in multiple of Crowe's matches, for Crowe's benefit. So he must remain keenly on edge about Crazy Harry interfering when Gerald is set to win.

    Chris Crowe fans begin a "SHOOOOW-MAAAAAN, SHOOOOW-MAAAAAN" melodic chant ringing through the Garland, Texas arena. Once it subsides, Gerald Grayson fans emerge with a "COOOOOOORN-FLAAAAAAKES" chant. That doesn't last long because it takes a few levels of thought-processing to get it. Then it shifts to "GIIIIIII-GIIIIIIII, GIIIIIIIII-GIIIIIIIII."

    Broc Lobster: "Seems like the crowd is more backing the newest member of Meltdown tonight! Chris Crowe's alignment with Deathswitch Initiative, plus what they did to Marcus McClain, probably soured the fans on this carny king!"

    Rod Sterling: "Fans can't get involved physically, whereas Crazy Harry can. The edge is still with the champ."

    Gerald Grayson seems energized by the fan support. He doesn't have the Nephews in the arena, but he knows Michelle is nearby and keeping one eye on the proceedings. So he should have some backup. Grayson grapples with Crowe, who wasn't expecting the challenger to burst across the ring. Grayson locks his foe's head under his armpit and walks him around the ring. GiGi then straightens Crowe up and tries a whip, which is reversed into a knee up to the gut after Chris Crowe yanked Grayson toward him.

    In terms of matchup physics, they're the same height (6'2) and Crowe is only 20 pounds heavier. It's about perfect. Grayson is whipped to the ropes and meets a fallaway slam, executed to perfection.

    Crowe immediately has in mind to muck this match up, rolling out of the ring and grabbing Gerald's wrist to pull him under the ropes. Gerald uses an Uncle trick with the eye rake to get his hand loose. Then, rolling back into the ring, he runs the ropes and leaps through for a suicide dive that lands right through Crowe's upper body!

    Rod Sterling: "Chris Crowe wants to make this match a hardcore-style encounter but he can't get disqualified. So he wants it outside the ring. Unfortunately, outside the ring allows Gerald to go more high-risk."

    Broc Lobster: "Which is his M.O.!"

    Gerald grabs the neck of Chris Crowe and slams his face into the ring apron once. Then he whips Crowe back first into the side of the announcer's table, causing Broc Lobster to get up from his chair. Rod Sterling does the same as Grayson lunges with a forearm to the jaw, toppling Crowe over the table and rolling onto the floor near the announcers' cheap, fold-up steel chairs.

    Gerald walks around and drags Chris Crowe back toward the apron and ring, lifting him under the armpits like a dead-weight child. Gerald sort of half-assed tosses him onto the padded mat covering the floor around the raised ring. Grayson resets the ref's count at 8 and then stomps twice into Chris Crowe's back as he tries getting up. Gerald steps up to the apron and walks away from Crowe. He turns as Crowe is rising and charges, leaping off for a lariat but is met with a discus lariat from Crowe, who takes Gerald out with it while he's in mid-air!!!


    Broc Lobster: "Gerald went high-risk and left himself in a super vulnerable position."

    Chris Crowe rolls Gerald back into the ring and rolls under as well. First up is an STO, planting Gerald face first into the ring. He watches as Gerald rolls onto his back on his own, and Crowe scoots to his left to get closer, hooking the near leg and yanking it back toward the chest.

    ONE... TWO... a kick out from Gerald!

    "The Showman" gets verbal encouragement from Crazy Harry, who urges him to "keep his foot on the gas."

    "It's like our case races outside your trailer," shouts Harry. "When you get a lead on me, you never let up until you've finished your case!"

    Crowe digests the coaching and follows with a swinging neckbreaker, who gets a hearty laugh from Harry. Crowe then covers a second time, with another two-count kickout from the challenger.

    Crowe this time tries a running bulldog but Gerald shoves him toward the turnbuckle. No damage done as Crowe stops himself with his hands, turns, and delivers a feisty side kick into the waist bone. Gerald hunches over and Crowe steps behind, locks in a cobra clutch, and lifts Grayson up before slamming him down hard into the mat!

    Broc Lobster: "The champion is in full control as he goes for a third pin! ONE ... he may ... NO! Kick out from Gerald!"

    Rod Sterling: "Grayson is expending a ton of energy kicking out, in addition to getting hit with move after move. He needs a rally."

    Chris Crowe pulls Grayson up by the neck and tries a brainbuster. As he lifts Grayson upside-down into the air, Grayson falls back on his feet and quickly hits a snap suplex! The speed of the move is what ignites a cheer, as no one expected it to come with Crowe slowing the pace down. Grayson's snappy snap suplex is a significant change of pace.

    Next is a series of chops from Gerald across the chest, as "The Showman" backs up with his long, wet, curly hair ricocheting with each smack on the chest skin. Gerald then hits 10 forearms in the corner, with the crowd counting at 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Crazy Harry begins rubbing his face with his eyes at the momentum swing.

    Gerald whips Crowe across the ring and follows quickly behind with a running high knee right under and up into the jaw bone! Crowe spits out some saliva into the air, noticeable on the feed. Grayson walks Crowe to the center of the ring and delivers one more chop, this one with force, to put Crowe on his back!

    Gerald then kneels down and hooks the far leg!

    ONE... TWO... T..Kick out from the champion!

    At the 12-minute mark into the match, Gerald pulls Crowe up to his feet. He knows he needs to do more if he's going to win this thing. So he grabs the champion and whips him into the ropes, meeting him with a nasty turning powerslam! Crowe immediately rolls out of the ring after, at the approval of his manager on the outside. Crowe falls to his knees as Crazy Harry scurries around the corner to check on him. Gerald Grayson stands in the ring as the fans boo, but the former X Champion is now veteran enough to know what to do next.

    Grayson rolls out of the ring on the opposite side and ducks below the apron, so Crowe and Harry can't see him when they pop up. Gerald gets the crowd cheering as he army crawls around the outside of the ring, out of sight of Chris Crowe.

    Broc Lobster: "This feels like a J.J. JAY! trick! A parlor trick worthy of UNCLE's praise!"

    Rod Sterling: "Gerald Grayson is looking very Nephew-esque right now!"

    Gerald peeks around the corner of the ring's exterior with the apron drape peeled back slightly. Crowe and Harry are looking under the ring and cannot find the challenger anywhere. Grayson sneaks past their vision and jumps onto the fan guard railing. When Crowe turns, Grayson is already blindsiding him with a flying DDT, a la a springboard maneuver except from tightrope-walking the guard railing. The crowd explodes into another "GiGi! GiGi!" chant and then begins a "ONE OF US! ONE OF US!" rendition. Broc comments on how it feels Gerald has graduated to honors class status of the Nephews now.

    Rod Sterling: "He's getting extra credits!"

    Gerald rolls Chris Crowe back into the ring and steps to the apron. This time it's a true, old-fashioned springboard dropkick to the chest. Crowe is sent backwards a bit and falters. Crazy Harry sprints around the ring and pulls him BACK under the ropes. Gerald again slides out the other end and ducks, like a game of cat and mouse.

    This time Harry and Crowe each take one side around the ring, like they're playing capture the rabbit. But when Harry jumps out one end, Gerald isn't there. When Crowe jumps out the other, the same!

    Broc Lobster: "Gerald went under the ring!"

    Sure enough, he went under the ring apron and crawled all the way to the other side, popping out where Harry and Crowe initially huddled. Gerald sneaks up behind Chris Crowe and just as Crazy Harry shouts, "SHOWMAN!" GiGi lands a facewash boot to Crowe's unsuspecting, vulnerable face!

    The crowd is absolutely loving the ace-in-the-hole tactics shown by GiGi tonight.

    Rod Sterling: "If I ever need a teammate for an obstacle course -- or someone to help me hide from a bear -- I'm calling GiGi!"

    Gerald rolls Crowe back into the ring and this time doesn't wait -- hooking the far leg!

    ONE... TWO... THR... shoulder up! Gerald refuses to let this get him frustrated. He continues the offense by lifting Crowe up and shoving him into the nearest turnbuckle. He follows with a punching combination to the exposed stomach and ribs. Then a whip across the ring.

    The running high knee misses this time, as GiGi hits knee-first and comes up limping. He hobbles around 180 degrees, where Crowe is waiting for a kick and then a piledriver!

    Crowe now covers!

    ONE... TWO... THREE... NO!

    GiGi sticks in the match somehow as we've reached the 21-minute mark. Chris Crowe pulls GiGi up and begins kicking him in the injured knee. GiGi is hobbled and Crowe grabs the head and neck, preparing for "The Closing Act" double underhook DDT!

    GiGi fights out by somehow lifting Crowe with only one good leg and flipping him over the nearby ropes! Crowe goes crashing to the outside floor as Crazy Harry squeals and runs over to mend him. GiGi then hobbles over to the turnbuckle, shakes his pained knee a bit, and comes close to 100% just from straightening it out and loosening it up.

    Grayson goes to the top turnbuckle as Crazy Harry is coaching up a bent-over "Showman." GiGi then flies off from the top with a crossbody, knocking over BOTH of them!

    Rod Sterling: "GiGi has just ICED Crazy Harry out of this match I feel!"

    GiGi rolls Chris Crowe back into the ring, with the crowd feeling that it's now HIS to lose since it's 1v1 and Harry is sidelined from interfering.

    Gerald Grayson runs off the ropes and delivers a spinning backfist, sending Harry down! He points to the top turnbuckle, getting a roar from the fans. He then jumps up, and jumps once ON the turnbuckle before leaping off, to get MORE hangtime than anyone else. The "Sky High" double-jump moonsault is photogenic!


    GiGi crashes on the canvas as the crowd's mood drops down about four levels from the sudden turn. Chris Crowe wastes no time in hammerlocking GiGi's arms behind his back, locking his head under the armpit, and delivering "The Closing Act" double underhook DDT!

    And for good measure, Crowe lifts GiGi back up to his feet, goes through the same routine -- albeit slower this time -- and delivers a SECOND "Closing Act" DDT finisher!

    He rolls GiGi onto his back as the crowd groans and boos, with Chris Crowe's stringy, spaghetti-like hair hanging over the motionless Gerald Grayson. He places his left forearm across Grayson's chest, right over what might be the esophagus, and uses the right hand to pulls Grayson's far leg up to the chest.

    ONE... TWO... THREEE!



    Winner and STILL FWA North American Champion: "The Showman" Chris Crowe (via pinfall at 23:12)

    "The Showman" Chris Crowe rolls off Gerald Grayson and retrieves the North American Championship belt from the referee. He doesn't wait for the hand-raising ceremony and rolls under the ropes where Crazy Harry is sitting against the ring steps with his hand over his chest. Chris Crowe shows him the belt and mumbles something to his manager about "still got it."

    Rod Sterling: "Somehow, some way, Chris Crowe is still the reigning FWA North American Champion. Crazy Harry was isolated and not a factor, but Chris Crowe avoided the "Sky High" frogsplash and hit the Closing Act. He turned it one last time on GiGi and survived."

    Broc Lobster: "GiGi's debut on Meltdown could've been one to remember, ending as North American Champion, but ... well, where will he go now?"

    Rod Sterling: "His night isn't finished. He can rebound with Michelle in their Tag Warz encounter against Cyrus and Chris Kennedy. For now, though, yes, this has to feel like a missed moment."

    Gerald Grayson finally sits up and takes a breath. He rolls out of the ring to the cheers and favoritism of the crowd. He walks past Chris Crowe and Crazy Harry. The champion keeps his eye on GiGi and even turns to get guarded, but Grayson continues walking on by as he comes to acceptance with the result.

    Rod Sterling: “Chris Crowe is just one of three wrestlers defending a championship tonight. Later on, we’ll see Fallout’s Harry the Sane Wizard defend the FWA Gauntlet Championship against Sawyer Xavier and throughout the evening… we will see Krash… or whoever is FWA World Champion, defend the belt until the end of the show.”

    Broc Lobster: “Krash had to go through four other men in a Mile High Massacre match last month to win this belt, now comes an incredible test. Five former FWA World Champions have their eyes set on him due to a bounty set out by Jon Russnow. Now, from what we understand, these former champions have agreed to keep their hands off of whoever is champion until their turn in the stand-off. Which will be at once disadvantage because some might have less time to compete, but as well advantageous because they’ll be fresher.”

    Rod Sterling: “We know that Saint Sulley is set to the first stand-off, thereafter “The Exile” Cyrus Truth, “Dreamer” Michelle von Horrowitz, Devin Golden, and lastly “The Astonishing” Chris Kennedy. Not to mention three of those challengers will be in a Tag Warz match-up later in the evening.”

    Broc Lobster: “First off is Saint Sulley. Let’s head backstage now.”

    The camera transitions backstage where an area has been set out for the evenings stand offs. There’s conspicuous weapons around the area: chairs, tables, garbage can filled with kendo sticks, and such. A marker is set for the champion and another for the challenger about ten feet apart. There’s a big banner with wanted posters, some are of Krash, but given the other competitors might well find the bounty on them should they claim the title, there are also wanted posters of the rest of the competitors. In between the two markers is an official that’s been designated to over see the stand off.

    The FWA World Champion Krash arrives to the champion’s marker first with the FWA World Championship around his waist. He looks appropriately weary of the first encounter of his night, a very dangerous one at that.

    Broc Lobster: “As of this moment, Krash is going to need eyes at the back of his head. We weren’t sure if Saint Sulley was going to participate but as he arrives to stand opposite of his friend Krash, dressed for a fight, we now know that Saint will be trying to become a three time FWA World Champion tonight.”

    Saint Sulley is in his wrestling gear and he stands opposite of Krash. He’s got a stern expression on his face, and doesn’t match the welcoming smile Krash offers him. “As a friend, I’ll let you have the first shot,” Saint Sulley says, gesturing for Krash to take his chance and between him in between both markers. Krash steps forward and raises a fist. He stares at it and at Sulley. Saint Sulley urges him on and Krash clocks him with a straight right. Sulley reels back. Spits. And then hits a hook back towards the Moustache Maverick.

    Broc Lobster: “Sulley showing a bit of honor here. It’s no secret that some of these former champions feel at odds with the stipulations set out by Jon Russnow, but none of them can deny their desire for that belt.”

    Rod Sterling: “Sulley’s also one of the best strikers in the game, Broc. I don’t think he was afraid of taking one from the world champion.”

    Krash falls to the ground from the force of that strike. He’s a tremendous wrestler, but Sulley is a brawler at his core. Krash is on his knees, and then stumbles back to his feet. Sulley trails after him. Krash attempts to catch him off guard with an uppercut but Sulley sneers and comes right back with a stiffer one that forces Krash into a production box. He winds back for a backhand chop but the White Wolf moves out of the way and Sulley’s hands bounce off the box. Krash capitalizes instantly, grabbing Sulley by the back of the head and bouncing it hard off the top of the box.

    Rod Sterling: “And that’s the key tonight. There are no rules. You have to pin someone or make them tap out, and if you do, the title is yours. Besides that, it’s a basically falls county anywhere, No DQ match.”

    Broc Lobster: “We’ve seen the title be defended in dangerous stipulations before. Just this past Lights Out we watched Michelle von Horrowitz defend it in a Japanese Death Match against Chris Kennedy. Heck, we could see that reignited later tonight. But we’ve never seen the title defended like this.”

    The White Wolf removes the championship belt from around his waist and places it on the production box before grabbing Sulley by the head and SPIKING HIM WITH A DDT into the hard floor. He wraps his legs around Sulley’s waist and transitions into Discordant Serenity! There’s no tapping out here but if the White Wolf can force him to pass out he might be able to get away and get some momentary breather.

    Saint Sulley uses his strength to force himself onto his knees, and then on one foot, and finally on the other. He stumbles back, carrying Krash and still locked in the devastating hold, and charges full speed ahead into the box! Krash relinquishes the hold, holding his lower back and grimacing in pain. Sulley hasn’t let go of Krash though and lifts him back up in a double leg takedown onto the hard floor.

    Broc Lobster: “That’s the last position you want to be in against Saint Sulley. I had a first row seat to seeing Sean Hughes rocked in that position at Mile High.”

    Sulley is positioned atop Krash who quickly puts his guard up when Sulley begins unleashing his trademark ground and pound. He tries to find the right angle to strike Krash, more calculated than wild in his striking. Krash does his best to guard, but it’s obvious Sulley is a precision grappler and striker and he’s getting his shots off perfectly, often angling for body shots to force Krash to lower his guard. After a hard strike, Krash surprisingly retaliates with an open palm strike that catches Sulley off guard. He hurries out of the tough position as soon as Sulley relents.

    Rod Sterling: “Desperation strike from Krash gets him out of a lethal spot!”

    Saint pursues close behind him, grabbing him by the waist but Krash strikes him with a back elbow to create some space. As soon as Sulley closes in again, Krash has a kendo stick pulled out of a nearby trash can and cracks it against Sulley’s collar bone. Sulley turns away, reaching for the assailed spot and Krash strikes him across the back and Sulley falls onto his knees. Krash winds back and swings a third time, the kendo stick cracks in two and Saint Sulley groans as he falls to the ground. Krash tosses the kendo stick away, and goes to grab his FWA World Championship.

    Broc Lobster: “I think Krash is hoping to bail now that he’s got Sulley on the ropes.”

    Rod Sterling: “He knows it’s going to be a long night, but he’s going to have to make sure he puts Sulley down for good if he wants to escape.”

    Saint Sulley struggles to his feet, and yells out “we’re not done here”, much to the champion’s chagrin. He places the champions back on the production box hands on his hips. Krash and Sulley grapple again with Sulley executing a swift judo throw and then kicking Krash across the back. He turns away from his San Estrellas partner and turns his attention to a steel chair. He smacks it on the ground once and then approaches Krash who is back on a vertical base, swinging wildly and wide! Krash ducks under the chair shot and retaliates with an enziguri that causes Sulley to let go of the chair.

    The White Wolf climbs up the production box and looks over his shoulder to see Sulley getting back to his feet. He leaps up and hits a beautiful moonsault, flooring both himself and his challenger. The two men writhe on the ground for a moment, but it’s Krash who gets to his feet first. He stumbles over to the production box again and grabs FWA World Championship. He turns around and spots Sulley on his knees again. He returns the belt on to the production box and measures the former World Champion. Sulley gets to his feet and KRASH RUNS HIM OVER WITH THE ONE-HIT KILL! His knees crashes right into Sulley’s skull, barreling him over.

    Broc Lobster: “You don’t get up from that knee strike! Sulley’s floored, and he’s not moving, Rod.”

    Rod Sterling: “Krash might have survived his first encounter of the night! But he’s got four more champions, and whose to say Sulley won’t want more!”

    Krash gets back to his feet, and without turning away, grabs the FWA World Championship and puts as much distance between himself and Saint Sulley as he can.

    Katie Lynn Goldsmith: "Ladies and Gentleman it is now time for our next contest of the evening and this is our open challenge to the badlands match. So allow me to introduce you all to the man accepting this challenge. He hails from the Badlands and is a well known worker at the Badlands liquor store. Standing at 6 feet 1 inches tall and weighing in tonight at 185 pounds. Fresh out of jail and looking for a fight he is "Nasty" Nate White."

    There is applause from many of the Badlands residents as Nasty Nate paces back and forth while shaking his arms out. Dressed in what is described as a blood stained, white wife beater. Dark blue Jean shorts and a pair of very worn in White sneakers. Ned gives a slight nod to the crowd in attendance as he clearly appreciates the turnout for his match. Right before her next introduction, we are shown a irritated Katie being pestered by Nathan Miles Anthony. Thanks to his persistence an unenthused Katie soon begins to read from a cue card which Nathan has provided her with.

    Katie Lynn Goldsmith: "And now introducing his opponent. He hails from London, England and he stands at 6 feet 3 inches tall. Weighing in tonight at 238 pounds. He is the self proclaimed King of the underground. The count of monte cristo and the master of disaster. The host of the Heretic's Corner and FWA's most controversial and must see superstar... Dan Maskell."

    The audience in attendance explodes into boos while an elated Nathan tries to encourage them to clap along with him. Slowly the lights in the building begin to flicker. The eerie sounds of deep, masked breathing can be heard from the titantron. Slowly a minimovie then begins to play. This time the scene opens up in what looks to be an abandoned mine shaft. A young couple in their late teens appear to be fleeing for terror, as this breathing sound begins to come closer. A weird scraping sound also appears to be drawing closer to them as they find in the dark recesses of the shaft a large collection of barrels to hide behind. Once they've taken cover the couple begin to hold one another tightly and attempt to be a quiet as possible. While they do so the sounds begin to stop and for a moment it appears that the couple are safe. This is until a head lamp shines directly on them and we see before them stands a miner wielding a pickaxe and just as he swings the video draws to a close.

    While the Harry Warden theme begins to play slowly before the booing audience emerges "The Heretic" Dan Maskell from the back. Dressed fully in a black miners' garb and wielding a large pickaxe. Dan trudges his way slowly down to the ring, all the while deep breathing sound effects can be heard from the set. In the ring Nasty Nate is not the slightest bit intimidated as he just waves Dan on. Once Dan reaches the ringside area he removes his mask and hands it over to Nathan before beginning to remove his overalls. After doing this Dan finally enters the ring.

    Broc Lobster: "I got to say and I keep saying this, I'm getting awful sick of Dan's antics. The entrances, the shows, the opponents and now the lackey. Thank god tonight we have someone more than capable of taking the fight to Dan."

    Rod Sterling: "You may not like it but Dan is drawing attention. All we here is talk about what he's doing. Be it on these shows or with his own. However I will say, while I don't know much about Nasty Nate. What I've heard indicates that Dan better have his eye on the task at hand."

    Broc Lobster: "My only hope is Nate shatters Dan's jaw quickly so we don't have to hear much of his commentary."





    The bell rings to start the match and it appears despite Broc and Rod's warnings, Dan is too busy affixing his headset to pay full attention to Nate. This allows Nate to begin firing off a series of wild haymakers right at Dan's head and body. As he backs up onto the ropes, all Dan can do is cover up as a uppercut by Nate connects and sends Dan falling through the ropes and out to the floor. The audience in attendance erupts into cheers for their hometown son while Dan scrambles to his feet groggy from the blows landed.

    Broc Lobster: "That is just what the doctor ordered. For too long Maskell hasn't taken his opponents seriously and now he's going to pay the price."

    Rod Sterling: "I did say Nate from the stories was tough. I'll be interested to see if Dan makes any adjustments now."

    Dan Maskell: "That was a lucky fucking shot and it'll be your last one."

    His mouth seemingly busted from the uppercut, Dan spits a little blood outside of the ring before he slides back in under the ropes. Nate looks to continue his offense by charging at Dan but he is swiftly double legged by Dan who takes mount and begins firing off a series of hard lefts and rights to the head of Nate. Dan is clearly enraged as he fires these shots off with ferocity and a tirade of expletives with every landed shot.

    Dan Maskell: "You think you can come in here and fuck me up! Boy you must think I'm someone else. You people like to squeal like pigs... Then consider me the fucking slaughterhouse. It's your turn in the grinder."

    Standing up from Nate, Dan begins to stomp away on his foe.

    Broc Lobster: "Ladies and gentleman, we're hearing word that Saint Sulley has cornered Krash backstage and is making a play for the bounty! We'll cut away to picture-in-picture so we don't miss the moment."

    Saint Sulley is on top of Krash on a catering table! Krash has his arms up to protect himself while Sulley hammers down at him with lefts and rights. Krash manages to use their elevated position to shove Sulley off. Sulley goes for a Machka Kick but Krash ducks beneath it while getting off the table and tosses a charcuterie tray to Sulley to distract him. He continues trying to make his escape, seemingly heading to one of the arena's exits.

    Rod Sterling: "He's not allowed to leave the building. Is he already calling it quits? Russnow said he has the authority to strip the champion if they leave."

    Broc Lobster: "Maybe Krash is willing to test that authority."

    Krash kicks open the exit... but he doesn't leave, instead the door is held open and in steps Black Jesus Alyster Black! Saint Sulley stares at Alyster with Krash smirking. Krash waves off at Saint Sulley. Sulley makes a step to follow but Alyster gets in the way as the picture cuts away.

    Dan Maskell: "Focus on my goddamn match!"

    A game Nate finally catches his foot and shoves Dan back. Dan's attempt to charge Nate is met with a punch to the midsection before Nate follows up with a quick headbutt. Once he's up to his feet Nate clobbers Dan with a vicious forearm strike backing him onto the ropes. The fired up Nate then charges Dan only for Dan to hoist him up using his own momentum before he drops him across the top rope with a stun gun. White whiplashes back into the ring while Dan begins to smirk menacingly. As Webb roles onto his stomach and starts to get on his hands and knees. Yet as he does so Dan drives him into the canvas with the Long Road Back (Curb Stomp). A confident smirk then appears on Dan's face as he stands over White and spits some of his own blood into White's face.

    Broc Lobster: "That's disgusting. Is there no line he won't cross?"

    Rod Sterling: "Dan has always said he'll do whatever it takes. Unfortunately he more than proves that everytime."

    Dan Maskell: "I hear around here you fuckers have an incest competition. You entered your sister right? Or was it your mother? I mean hell, knowing you fucking inbreds, it was probably both."

    The audience continues to erupt into boos and some even throw some debris at the ringside area causing Nathan to actually take cover by the steps. Meanwhile in the ring Dan looks to possibly end things as he sets up Nate for the Big Ben Bash. Yet Nate still has fight in him as he fires off a series of punches to Dan's midsection. Dan's grip loosens and Nate spins out before he kicks Dan to the midsection. From here Nate readies Dan for the Welfare Check but Dan spins out and counters with a big headbutt of his own. A groggy Webb is then met with the Final Moment (Superkick) which puts an ornery Webb on a knee. From here Dan follows by spiking Webb into the canvas with the Better Luck Tomorrow (Ace Crusher). Wasting no time in following things up, Dan clamps on the Last Impression (Bulldog Choke) which renders Webb unconscious and causes the referee to call for the bell.


    Winner by pinfall... Dan Maskell - 7:58

    Katie Lynn-Goldsmith: And the winner of the match "The Heretic" Dan Maskell!"

    The audience explodes into boos as the announcement is made and quickly a livid Dan rises to his feet. Shoving the referee to the side, Dan quickly calls for Nathan to join him in the ring. From here Dan has his associate raise his arm in the air in victory before he turns his attentions back towards Ned. While Nathan pushes the referee aside, Dan stands over Ned and slaps him across the face.

    Dan Maskell: "Normally I'd put you in the hospital, but today is your lucky day Forest. I'm gonna let you walk out of here... Better yet I'm gonna let you run forest run out of this shithole and deliver a message for me. Tell your little showman that what I did here... is nothing compared to what's coming."

    The Heretic finally slides out of the ring, marching back up the ramp while the official checks on the health of "Nasty" Nate White.

    Broc Lobster: "Some vile words and vile actions from Dan Maskell. I'm not sure why any of Crowe's friends from the Badlands would want to take Dan up on his open challenge."

    Rod Sterling: "The opportunity of a lifetime, Broc! To be on Meltdown television!"

    Broc Lobster: "In any case, Rod. I'm hearing word from backstage that one of Meltdown's guest competitors for the night has arrived."

    One Night in Meltdown: Texas heads to the parking lot where a Toyota Camry pulls in! Out the backseat door is… Harry the Sane Wizard dressed in Chtlhu’s Nephews tracksuit. The front windows open and a couple waves him off but Harry ignores the pairing. He holds his FWA Gauntlet Championship proudly and heads into the building. However, the moment he steps inside, he stops dead in his tracks and widens.

    Chris Crowe: “Well, well, well, if it isn’t one of those cultists from Fallout. You know, James and I, we still remember what you and those asshole friends of yours did to us at Lights Out. I’ve already dealt with one of you guys tonight, what’s the harm in dealing with another one? Right, boys?”

    Crowe has the rest of Deathswitch Initiative at his side and Harry is visibly squirming. The only one who seems uncomfortable with this situation is Rocco Sullivan who is shaking his head. Just as the group make a step forward in the unbelievably uneven situation, Gerald Grayson (still wearing the battle scars from the opener) and Michelle von Horrowitz wrestle through them to get to Harry’s side. Harry suddenly seems a great deal more confident with the pairing with him.

    Chris Crowe: “Back for more?”

    Grayson glares at Crowe and takes a step forward.

    Gerald Grayson: “You’re not getting the best of me twice, Showman.”

    Michelle von Horrowitz: “We all have bigger priorities tonight. Are you sure this is what you all want?”

    Michelle proves to be a rare voice of reason as Douglas seems to consider it.

    Rocco Sullivan: “We’ve got a main event to get ready for. You’ll get your hands on them eventually. This Tag Warz is a marathon, not a sprint.”

    Tommy Bedlam sneers at Rocco but James Douglas whispers in his ears, perhaps remembering the night’s priorities, and the Deathswitch Initiative decide to part ways and leave a gap for Michelle, Gerald, and Harry to get through. Harry walks confidently at the head of the trio, though one glance at the humongous James Douglas and he starts keeping his head down.

    Rod Sterling: “We’ve already seen Krash survive one of his assailants tonight, partially thanks to the help of a rogue guest here on Meltdown, one Alyster Black. I’m sure Jon Russnow will ensure Alyster is escorted out of the arena but Krash still got a long road to go for him.”

    Broc Lobster: “Saint Sulley might well have to put his title hopes to rest. He’s got Tag Warz to prepare for against the team of Devin Golden and Lizzie Rose up next, meanwhile, “The Exile” Cyrus Truth is arriving for the stand off as we speak. These two are no strangers to each other, and I’m sure Truth has some qualms about this, but few value the FWA World Championship as much as that man.”

    Backstage, Meltdown returns to a similar set up as earlier in the night with Saint Sulley. There’s a board in the background with the wanted posters of the contenders in tonight’s bounty and a marker for champion and challenger to stand ten feet apart. Cyrus Truth arrives early, a deadly serious look on his face. The setting around him already bares the marks of the brawl earlier with a broken kendo stick and a steel chair laying about.

    Krash arrives with the FWA World Championship on his shoulder and wearing the effects of his earlier duel with Saint Sulley. Truth wearily looks around and asks “Where’s Alyster” but only gets a shrug from the champion. The FWA World Championship is tossed aside. Krash asks “are you going to let me get the first shot, too?” Truth shakes his head. “Not this time, kid.”

    The two men approach either, it’s not exactly a traditional setting for a match but the two meet between both markers and engage in a lock up. Cyrus Truth gets the best of Krash and puts him in a headlock. The White Wolf shoves Truth off of him and into the nearest wall but Truth puts a foot up to stop his momentum. When he turns around, Krash hurls himself as The Exile with a One-Hit Kill but Truth ducks in time and Krash crashes knee first into the wall. He holds his knee in agony. Stumbling away on one foot to get some space from Truth.

    Broc Lobster: “That One-Hit Kill is going to be an important way for Krash to survive the night, but just now it may have cost him! A knee right into that concrete wall is going to make putting weight on it a tough task and we’re only two matches into the show.”

    Rod Sterling: “And all those other bounty hunters are watching and sniffing blood in the water, Broc… that’s if he even survives Truth.”

    The Vagabond King trails after Krash and charges at him with a knee strike that barrels him over. Krash made enough headway there that he’s left the area partially and some road agents and backstage staff members have to dodge out of the way as he rolls through in pain. Truth jumps onto Krash with a knee drop, completing the Wanderer’s Wrath. He pays no mind to the staff members, grabbing Krash by his hair, pulling him to his feet, hooking one leg, and then sending him overhead with a Fisherman’s Suplex! Krash bounces against the hard floor in pain and even Truth agonizes over the move, but he gets to his feet, a man focused on his mission.

    Broc Lobster: “Again, this bounty backstage is like nothing else. These moves they’re doing are landing on hard floors, not the ring they’re used to competing in. It’s going to take a toll on their bodies. Suddenly, a suplex hurts not just your opponent, but yourself as well. You’ve gotta reconsider your whole offense.”

    Rod Sterling: “Cyrus Truth’s never been afraid to get hurt to hurt his opponent a little more. That’s not going to change here.”

    Krash manages to get on his front and he tries to crawl away to get some breathing room for Truth down the length of a hallway. Truth grabs him by the hair again and lifts him to his feet. Krash tackles him desperately against the wall but Truth hammers down at his back with clubbing blows. Krash is forced to relent while Truth strikes him in the gut with more knee strikes. He then drags him over to the nearest door and tosses him into it. The door’s forced open with the impact and the camera spots Jon Russnow sitting behind his desk, reading glasses on, and browsing who knows what on his laptop.

    “Whoa, whoa, not here! Not here!”

    Rod Sterling: “I’m not sure Russnow was expecting the bounty to spill into his office.”

    Broc Lobster: “I don’t think anyone’s going to have any sympathy for whatever mess is made in there.”

    Cyrus Truth doesn’t quite care. Krash crawls over to the couch and Truth stomps his head into it. Once! Twice! Three times! Four times! Five times! The First Five Steps are done and Krash looks like quite the mess. Truth lifts him to his feet, and almost purposefully, tosses Krash across the desk and into Jon Russnow, laying both men out.

    Rod Sterling: “That had to be intentional! Russnow has to reprimand Cyrus, no respect for our management.”

    Broc Lobster: “It’s collateral damage, Rod! Russnow wanted a Meltdown start to take the FWA World Championship, we all have to make sacrifices. Some our honor, others our bodies.”

    The Exile reaches over the desk and drags Krash across it till only he’s feet remain on and DDTs him into the carpet covered floor! Krash seems unmoving and Cyrus Truth may well be on the driver seat to a new FWA World Championship reign if he can seal the deal.

    He gets a limp White Wolf to his feet and lifts him onto his shoulders for the Long Road to Nowhere! Krash gets a second shot of life and starts struggling and wriggling, shifting Truth’s balance. He reaches desperately and grabs Russnow’s laptop, smacking it on Truth’s side and forcing Truth to finally relent and drop him. As soon as Krash is on his feet, he charges Truth and spears him into a book shelf!

    Broc Lobster: “That spear may have just saved Krash from losing his belt! A last second desperation spear!”

    Rod Sterling: “I thought that shelf might fall over from how hard he crashed into it! Look at all the books that spilled over.”

    Broc Lobster: “I’m pretty sure those are all the same copies of Russnow’s Ratings Rules Rasslin’. The vanity!”

    Krash struggles to his feet, using the desk as leverage. He aches there for a second, then makes his way towards the office exit but finds Truth grabbing his ankle to prevent an escape. Krash kicks away at his feet to force him to let go. He grabs Truth by the head and helps him to his feet, pushing him ontop of Russnow’s desk. He joins him ontop of it and wraps his arms around Truth’s head, intending on going for the DDT but Truth gets a knee down to prevent Krash from spiking him.

    The champion clubs down on Truth and once Truth eases up, he tries again for a DDT - but Truth lifts him high overhead and Krash lands hard back first on the edge of the desk!

    Broc Lobster: “OH GOD! That may have broken Krash’s back! What an awful way to land!”

    Rod Sterling: “It’s not over yet, Broc! Truth wants to make sure he’s got this on lock!”

    Truth drags him back on top of the desk, knees him in the gut and lifts him onto his shoulders. He stands facing the camera and lands the JOURNEY'S END ON THE HARDWOOD DESK!

    He hooks the leg on top of it and and the official drops to the floor to make the count…


    Broc Lobster: “And we have our first… perhaps ONLY title change of the night. Cyrus Truth is officially the Interim World Champion, but he has to make it to the end of the show still champion to enter the record books!”

    Rod Sterling: “And Krash still has a chance to get the belt back, on top of Saint Sulley, and the other three former champions that still have stand offs later in the night!"

    Truth has taken the championship from Krash and is officially the Interim World Champion! His terse face makes it clear that he knows that it’s far from the end of the night for him. Not only will Krash, as beaten and battered as he is, want more, but there’s four other former champions who will want his head by the end of the night. He grabs the FWA World Championship from the official, and only glances once at Krash who is limp on the desk but glaring at the man who has taken his title. Truth leaves the office as the camera cuts away.

    "Sympathy for the Devil" by The Rolling Stones welcomes Saint Sulley, who is followed by the hat-wearing hooligan "The Giant Killer" Joe Burr. Saint Sulley is shirtless with wrestling tights, a beefy beard, and taped fists.

    Rod Sterling: The Hollywood Saints nearly won the FWA Tag Team Championships at Mile High. I'm sure the Osos Locos reveal left a sour taste in their mouths but now ... we're seeing them get a shot at one half of the Golden Rock villains!

    Broc Lobster: I know Saint Sulley from way back. I can tell, from hearing his comments since Mile High, that he is really motivated to get one over on Golden tonight. He's out to prove something.

    Rod Sterling: If he does, it's a huge boost for the Hollywood Saints. They've been mixed in results since forming the night of the Osos Locos "debut" match, on Meltdown 7. A win here and they become a contender for the Tag Warz finals!

    The Hollywood Saints seem in sync, with Joe Burr removing his hat to show off his wild, curly hair. He wears a black shirt underneath an open jean jacket. Saint Sulley is expressionless, talking strategy in the corner with his partner.

    Broc Lobster: I think Sulley is just happy and content to have a partner now. It was a long road here. Even if Joe Burr is ... not a superstar ... he's holding his own. And he has heart. Sulley loves that aspect. He can work with that aspect.

    The melodramatic guitar rift of "Zombie" by The Cranberries hits. "The Rotten Gold" Devin Golden comes out with one of the FWA Tag Team Championship belts around his waist, tied tightly. He sports a gold and white robe down his sleeves and nearly to his ankles. The rest is just gym shorts and pink shoes.

    Broc Lobster: And this ... this will be interesting.

    Golden makes it about 10 steps, swaying a bit back and forth left to right. Then "Zombie" stops playing, right as the lyrics get to "IN YOUR HEEEEEAD". The crowd boos and groans in the silence, and Golden stops and turns back, eyes wide.

    A synthesized keyboard beat pops in, followed by an EDM-like tune. "The Rave" Lizzie Rose jumps through the curtains, a smile appearing as the fans all cheer for her entrance. Golden is unamused, his eyes wide and leering, like a silent scold from a school teacher. Lizzie passes by, attempting to ignore Golden's gaze.

    Broc Lobster: So Devin Golden was without a partner in the days -- even hours -- leading up to tonight. Then ... he chooses ... of all people ... Lizzie Rose.

    Rod Sterling: I forgot Lizzie Rose was ON the roster. She was drafted by Meltdown last May but was ... unmemorable.

    Broc Lobster: How was she even in the arena?

    Rod Sterling: I heard she was about to be fired, and then Golden sort of chose her as his partner by happenstance in a prove-it moment. He was just proving some point.

    Broc Lobster: Well, we'll see how well that works for him!

    Golden enters the ring as Lizzie Rose does a circle on the outside, pointing to all the fans as her music keeps playing. Joe Burr has to hold Sulley back, which gets a chuckle out of Golden.

    TAG WARZ 1 OF 3

    "the golden one" devin golden & "the rave" lizzie rose


    "the giant killer" joe burr & saint sulley

    "The Rotten Gold" Devin Golden starts out for Gold 'N Roses, which has been aptly named by corners of the internet and a lonely fan-held sign in the back edge of the Curtis Culwell Center.

    When Golden makes himself known as the starter, Saint Sulley insists on joining him for Hollywood Saints. We're getting a dream matchup of former World Champions right out the gate.

    Golden and Sulley circle one another before locking, with Sulley tightly locking a head lock. Sulley releases and yanks Golden in for a short-arm clothesline lariat. Sulley then kneels and locks a ground choke hold as Golden lays on his side, his arm reaching out to the ropes or Lizzie's tag.

    Sulley continues the offense with elbow strikes to the face. He whips Golden hard to the ropes and lands a spinning elbow strike, knocking Golden down.

    "I'm not you!" Sulley screams down to Golden. "I'm BETTER than you!"

    Sulley pulls Golden up by his scraggly hair and Judo Throw takedown. Then places his forearm over Golden's jaw for a one-count pin attempt. Sulley again applies a rear naked choke as Golden now is sitting up but far from the ropes. He tries prying the hands apart but Sulley sends an elbow into the side of Golden's head. Sulley then gets up and soccer ball kicks Golden in his lower spine. Then Garvin stomps before tagging in Joseph Burr.

    Joe Burr quickly sunset flip pins Golden while he's still down, but it's a two count. Joe Burr runs off the ropes and dropkicks Golden in the chest, as Golden goes back into the ropes. Burr runs off the ropes a second time and Golden explodes back at him with a leg lariat takedown! Saint Sulley groans and closes his eyes, dropping his head down into his arms as he stands on the apron.

    Rod Sterling: It was going so smoothly for Hollywood Saints until Joe Burr got a little too greedy!

    Golden whips Burr to the turnbuckle and hits a corner splash. Then tags in Lizzie Rose, who runs to the opposite side gleefully and follows Golden's corner splash with one of her own, mimicking "The Rotten Gold" moves.

    Lizzie turns to Golden and says, "What now?!" Golden, confused by the question, just motions with his hands. To Lizzie's credit, the hand motion was random and wild.

    Lizzie doesn't know what to do next so she twists the arm of Joe Burr.

    Broc Lobster: I don't think Lizzie knows what to do!

    Rod Sterling: No wonder they were gonna fire her!

    "No, that's not right," she says. Then she transitions to a wrist lock. Will she hit the sideout slam to follow? Nope. She stops and again gets in her head.

    "No, no, no. This is all wrong. I am rusty!"

    "A move!" Golden shouts. "A moooooove."

    Lizzie has a bit of a lightbulb-over-the-head moment as she points a finger to the ceiling. She then backs up a step and tries an arm drag, a buildup that didn't meet expectations. Joe Burr counters by locking in a rear waist lock and taking Lizzie down on her side. Joe runs off the ropes after and hits a shoulder block.

    Rod Sterling: He knocked her down!

    Broc Lobster: A first!

    Rod Sterling: "Broc, we're getting word that Krash is getting on the move backstage. He may have lost the title, but I'm sure he's going to be on a mission to get it back."

    We head back into the office of one Jon Russnow! Krash is just about getting up from the Journey's End that spiked him on the hardwood table. Alyster Black kicks the door open and helps Krash to his feet. Russnow is disturbed the presence of the masked wrestler who seems to sneer at him through his mask. Russnow stays as far from him as possible.

    Jon Russnow: "Didn't I kick you out of the arena?"

    Alyster Black: "Yeah. And you thought I wouldn't come back?"

    Krash looks over his shoulder to Black, grimacing through the pain.

    Krash: "You didn't just put a target on my back. You put a target on everyone here's back. And The Gang Stars are going to collect every single bounty if that's what it'll take for me to walk out with my championship."

    Alyster helps Krash out of the office as the pair walk towards camera, seemingly staring into the arena where two of those bounties are currently competing. Russnow swallows deeply, still trying to gather his wits from having Krash thrown across him earlier.

    Rod Sterling: "Russnow should be making sure Alyster gets kicked out!"

    Joe Burr doesn't know how to follow up after his shoulder block put Lizzie on her back. He decides to tag in Saint Sulley, who is more than ready to finish this match off. He backs Lizzie into the ropes as Golden looks on in horror for the inevitable result and his new tag team's early doom in this Tag Warz setting. Sulley instead asks Lizzie to tag in Golden.

    Lizzie walks over as if she's going to do so, but then surprises Sulley with a foot stomp! Then a tag!

    Golden goes to the top turnbuckle and flies off for a blockbuster, flipping over Sulley's head! He follows with a vertical suplex into a faceplant, two big-impact moves as Sulley takes a hit here.

    Golden grabs Sulley by the neck and whips him to the turnbuckle. He misses a corner splash and eats a high left kick from the former "King of the FWA." Sulley whips Golden to the corner and hits a bicycle kick after a running start. Golden stumbles out the corner and Sulley kicks the gut. Then a snap vertical suplex!

    Broc Lobster: HERE IT IS! THREE RIVERS!

    Rod Sterling: That was one!

    He twists Golden back up and hits a second snap suplex.

    Broc Lobster: TWO

    Rod Sterling: And ...


    Sulley's ode to his hometown gets a nice ovation from the fans. He pins Golden, who kicks out at two and a half. Lizzie is unsure of whether to intervene, one leg through the ropes and the other on the apron.

    Sulley lifts Golden up and says to him, "It's about time luck turned against you." This is all a precursor to the RKO finisher, but Golden shoves Sulley to the corner, where Joe Burr tags in. Sulley sprints back out but Golden hits a back body drop. Then he meets a diving crossbody from Joe Burr! Who covers with a leg hook!

    ONE... TWO... THRE...NO!

    Lizzie again didn't help, as Joe Burr gets Sulley's approval. Joe grabs Golden and rolls him into a school boy!

    ONE... TWO... THREE...NO!

    Then a small package.

    Broc Lobster: Joe Burr is using every roll-up move he knows!

    ONE... TWO... THREE...NO!

    Burr turns to Sulley. "I only have one more left to try!"

    "GO FOR IT!"

    Burr tries a victory roll pin, hopping on Golden's shoulders. Golden slaps Lizzie Rose's hand for a tag. Joe Burr is caught on the shoulders and Lizzie leaps off for a diving clothesline to Joseph!

    Lizzie hops up as Golden turns to her. "GET IN IT!" Lizzie is still unsure what to do.

    "FOR GABBY!" Golden screams. Lizzie almost responds to stop yelling at her, but she knows it comes from a place of help. Plus, this last direction did help. Lizzie then hits an ode to her mentor with the IZ-T-T double-arm DDT!

    Lizzie then turns."Do I pin? What do I do next?"

    Rod Sterling: She's helpless!

    Golden reaches for a tag, which Lizzie offers. Saint Sulley steps off the apron and sprints around the ring as Golden yelps.


    "What are you saying?!"

    "CHEESE! CHEESE! IN THE HOUSE! Parmesan. American. You love cheese, little mouse!" he yells, pointing to Sulley trying to intervene.

    Lizzie then sees Sulley charging toward Golden on the outside.

    "Are you ...?"

    Lizzie's instincts take over as she baseball slides and kicks Sulley right in the left shoulder area, knocking him down!


    "Was that supposed to be a warning or something?"

    Golden then leaps off for his "Golden Touch" frogsplash onto Joe Burr!

    And covers!

    Rod Sterling: You've gotta be kidding me!

    ONE... TWO... THREEE!


    Winners: Gold 'N Roses ("The Rotten Gold" Devin Golden and "The Rave" Lizzie Rose) via pinfall at 14:57

    Golden gets up off Joe Burr as Lizzie Rose excitedly enters the ring, skipping and jumping around. She warmly embraces Golden, who doesn't pay a lick of attention to her.

    Rod Sterling: That wasn't a wrestling match! We witnessed Saint Sulley taking it to Golden for five minutes. Then it turned into a circus!

    Broc Lobster: Regardless, Golden and Lizzie Rose win tonight! They start Tag Warz strong.

    Golden looks out to the crowd and video feed -- intentionally the video feed -- and raises his wrist to his left ear. He then taps his wrist with his other hand's index finger, like there's an invisible watch.


    Lizzie Rose then leans in front of Golden with a big goofy smile and starts singing the opening lyrics of "Every Rose Has Its Thorn" while pointing to Golden for the word "thorn." Golden is a bit thrown off by this karaoke occurring in the middle of the ring. He then backs up a step and points to Lizzie.

    Devin Golden: "Alllllriiiiiiight."

    Lizzie went from smile to frown to smile in the matter of three seconds. Golden leaves the ring as Saint Sulley rolls in to check on Joe Burr. Lizzie Rose sees she's outnumbered, squeals slightly, and exits, calling for Golden to "WAIT UP!" Golden instead just runs away faster.

    Rod Sterling: "Those two are going to have their eyes on what we're about to witness now. Michelle von Horrowitz and the Interim FWA World Champion Cyrus Truth are set to meet backstage for a stand off right now, the third of the night already. We've seen a title switch in a brawl that reached all the way into Jon Russnow's office. Now these two know each other incredibly well, they've been facing each other nearly every week for the past couple of months, and they'll be facing each other later tonight."

    Broc Lobster: "Cyrus Truth has made no secret his feelings on Dreamer, and I think he'll be especially motivated to prevent Michelle from getting the championship back."

    Rod Sterling: "They'll both have to keep an eye out for the Gang Stars! Unless Jon Russnow does something about it, they're going to be out loose in the Curtis Culwell Center."

    The cameras head backstage to the stand off spot we saw Krash and Truth as well as Krash and Sulley square off in before. Cyrus Truth is once again early and prompt but now he's got the gold belt in his grasp. He passes it onto the official while Michelle arrives to meet him from the challenger's side. There's no love lost between the two rivals, but it's clear that Michelle is more motivated by the FWA World title she keeps eyeing than by victory over Cyrus Truth this time around.

    The two stand across from each other in their designated spots, and for a moment they seem slightly cautious to engage… until MvH grabs a nearby chair, folds it up, and hurls it in Truth's direction! Truth ducks beneath it, but as he clambers up to his feet he's caught with a Busaiku knee kick! Michelle grabs an adjacent kendo stick and brings it crashing over Cyrus' back, and then winds up as if to crack him over the skull with it… but Cyrus lunges at her and drives her backwards… right into the concrete wall! Michelle is momentarily disarmed, and Cyrus puts her in a front face lock before taking her up and over with a snap suplex!

    Rod Sterling: "A vicious start to this one! Michelle looking to overwhelm Truth with foreign objects, but the Exile takes Michelle down with a simple snap suplex…"

    Broc Lobster: "But it looks like Truth has something more in mind -- now it's the Exile's turn to make the most of this No DQ environment!"

    Truth notices a table lying nearby and unfolds its legs, setting it up nearby Michelle. He unloads with a pair of knife edge chops, followed by a forearm strike, and then a European uppercut! Truth grabs a nearby trash can and brings it down over Michelle's head!! She falls to her knees, and Cyrus pulls her in close in a front face lock before spiking her onto her head with a snap DDT!

    Broc Lobster: "Right on the top of her head! An ugly landing there for Michelle von Horrowitz!"

    Rod Sterling: "And there's a sinister look in Truth's eye. There's a bitter history between these two, and Truth might very well be looking for some revenge here…"

    Truth collects the nearby kendo stick and meanders over to Michelle, hoisting it up in the air as if he intends to strike her with it. She drives a fist into his abdomen, though, and a second causes him to drop the foreign object. Michelle follows up with a mule kick, and then drags Cyrus over towards the table in a front chancery. She then sets up as if to suplex Truth towards the table, but the Exile drops to a knee so as to block it. He then breaks out of the face lock with another European uppercut… and then throws Michelle away from the table with a belly-to-belly overhead release suplex!

    Rod Sterling: "Another suplex from Truth! Perhaps a little over zealous from von Horrowitz, there."

    Broc Lobster: "Maybe too eager to drive Cyrus towards that table, yes… and now the interim champion finds himself back in control…"

    Cyrus looks at the table, and considers his options. With one look at Michelle, who is still reeling from the suplex, he shakes his head and then makes as if to leave the area. Sensing his escape, Dreamer makes a charge and leaps onto his back, holding onto him with a sleeper hold whilst wrapping her legs around his waist. Truth grabs her and throws her over him with a snapmare, and then follows up with a stiff kick to the back. He hoists Michelle up and then looks to be trying to place her in an Argentinian rack… only for Michelle to slip out the back… rear waist lock… German suplex! Dreamer spikes Truth on the back of his head!

    Rod Sterling: "A suplex back in the other direction from Michelle von Horrowitz! High angle German from Dreamer…"

    She doesn't yet go for the cover, though, and instead looks over at the table that has been set up… before promptly setting up a second right next to it! She picks Truth up and throws him face first onto one of the table, before pushing him up into a prone position across the two of them. She collects a ladder from nearby and sets it up near the table, before beginning her ascent up one side of it…

    … Truth is wise to it, though, and he begins to climb up the ladder on the opposite side to Michelle. He meets her at the top of it and hits a couple of forearm strikes, and then places her in a front facelock, perhaps looking to suplex her down through the tables. Dreamer fights out with some forearms, and then a headbutt! Truth is teetering on the ladder, and Michelle takes another step up towards the top of it before throwing herself over Truth…

    Rod Sterling: "SUNSET FLIP POWERBOMB!!"

    Broc Lobster: "THROUGH THE TABLES!!"

    Michelle eventually fights up to her feet and then reaches amongst the debris for Truth. She pulls him up into a pumphandle position…

    Rod Sterling: "Psycho Driver #2!!!"

    Broc Lobster: "We're going to have a new interim champion!!"

    Michelle slumps into the cover…


    Michelle rolls off Truth and climbs up to her feet, looking around herself for her newly won prize. When she sees it in the hands of the official, she immediately snatches it away from him and clutches it to her chest.

    Rod Sterling: "Michelle pins Cyrus! She's taken the FWA World Championship away from him!!"

    Broc Lobster: "But for how long, Rod?! This is chaos! Michelle von Horrowitz is the interim champion, but how many more of those are we going to see tonight?!"

    MvH doesn't seem like she wants to stick around to find out. Her championship clutched at her side, she takes one more look at Cyrus Truth before exiting the shlt. Cyrus is pulling himself up to his feet amongst the debris of the broken tables as we fade to black.

    The walls' chipped paint mostly congregates to the corners of the wall. This is much much much better since it's really hard to notice. The center paint is still faded from the bright grey once filling the lively warehouse. The city's name is unknown, and this doesn't need to change. The where of this warehouse is unessential. It's the warehouse that's most curious.

    It smells old. Musty. Like rain crept through ceiling cracks and formed mold years back, only to be taken care of over time. It still smells, though.

    Yes, once lively. Once upon a time? Maybe decades ago? Doesn't matter how many except to explain how faded the walls are in color, how depressing and unenergetic the space is now. It's bleakness and blandness is only pulled up from being metaphorical backyard dirt in the quality of setting. That's fine, because sometimes the most important element of a setting is the person in the setting.

    Devin Golden: "Dooo, doo-doo-doooooooooo..."

    The gold FWA Tag Team Championship belt is hidden from the lack of lighting, but damn it's presence cannot be ignored. You feel it, and you know who stands center stage of the 50-yard-by-50-yard space.

    The title belt is far from the only elements of Devin Golden's current design. Instead of the black My Chemical Romance t-shirt, he has a black felt derby hat, plus a wooden cane giving him some stability on his right side, which seems a little flimsy via an awkwardly bent knee.

    There's no shirt at all, and only a black pair of dress pants and black loafers, like he's about to begin tap dancing. It's far from the usual "emo" look Golden has thrown to the public since late 2014.

    Devin Golden: "Sulleyyyy, Sulleyyyy, Sulleeeeyyy
    Someone's got quite the frooooooooooooown.
    Oh Joey Joey BUUUUURRRRRRRR ...
    don't be glum on MONDAY NIGHT MELT---DOOOOOOWN!"

    Golden's eyes fixate on the pavement floor, which has small puddles of water and cracks running from wall to wall, certainly a safety risk if the floor gives way on a larger scale. His singing voice picks up in the final verse, then quiets back down.

    Devin Golden: "I think someone ... is a little miffed about something called ... reality. It's easy to make-believe and be in a dream world. Too bad we can't stay, right? Sulley Sulley, our "Saint", thought the Hollywoods were the answer to alllllllllllllll of life's little problems. It's just too bad and too damn sad he couldn't find the battleship."

    Golden twirls the cane in his hand as he remains looking down, his face hidden in the darkness.

    Devin Golden: "Shoulda guessed E-10. I'm so sorry that you're so disappointed, Sull. So sorry. So so so soooooooooooooorry. You were just SO hopeful Osos Locos was a completely NEW team that somehow knew how to imitate ...




    And I'm so so so sorry ... the Hollywoods ... couldn't beat The Rotten Rave. Gold 'N Roses. The Lizzie One. Tag Warz ... off to a stellar start!"

    Golden lifts the cane and taps the ground, causing small splashes of water off the ground.

    Devin Golden: "Also, 'poser', as 'ole Sullz called me? Heh. Nooooooooo. Not a poser. Nada un poah-zaaaaah.

    But I don't need to get int it. A ruse had to be had. A trick needed to be tricked. A plan needed planning. It wasn't by choice. We did what we had to do. To survive. It was survival. Game 7 is ... survival. And I ... find myself ... in control ... and knowing how.

    Now I'm not just surviving. I'm ... THRIVING. There's a new big boss in the video game, and he's on a secret level no one has figured out how to reach yet. Why?

    Because it's his game. He designed it. He made the characters. Now he's having a grand 'ole ball playing it."

    Golden does a slight, 180-degree spin, putting his back forward.

    Devin Golden: "It was never about logically making a point on being a poser, right? It was a defense mechanism. From disappointment. Disappointment that you were going to lose ... at Mile High. You say you're not like me. You're right. You'll never be up there with me. But as long as you can point a finger, eh? It's like a mouse caught in a trap. 'Oh, but it's just not RIGHT!' It's reality.

    And here's reality again: I said on the final Fallout before Lights Out ... we ... Golden Rock ... would be the tag team champions when we returned to Fallout. I said it ... and I meant it.

    I fuckin' told you so.

    Because no one ... no one ... decides when Golden Rock ends.

    Not Alyster and Krash. Not you, Sulley, and your little pal, Joey Burr. Not Danny and Ryan. No one.

    But me. I decide. Because I'm in control. Maybe Golden Rock decides on Fallout XI. Maybe not until 2023. It's ... IN MY HEEEEEAD, IN MY HEEEEEEEEEAD.

    That's reality.

    And if you don't get it yet ... you're comin' down the slippery water slide. You might be standin' outside watchin' me ride away tonight ... with two belts over my shoulder.

    Sulley and everyone else whom this applies to -- whether it's Michelle, or Cyrus, or Krash, or Kennedy -- you're gonna be wondering just how in 2022 I'm still here, still relevant, still on the very top.

    The only advice ... the only answer I can give you ...

    is ...

    heh ... I'm Devin Golden.

    It's just what I do."

    Golden turns 180 degrees again, and a close-up shows a devilish smile as he softly tilts the denim bowl hat up from his eyebrow-level. Golden looks ... not like he has. But before the details of difference can be pinpointed ...


    The opening bell to Metallica’s “For Whom The Bell Tolls” begins to play throughout the Curtis Culwell Center, and once the song kicks into high gear, “The Crimson Ghost” Aka Yurei saunters out on stage to the delight of the fans. Aka postures on stage and then waltzes down to the ring with her eccentric mannerisms that get the crowd hyped up for the next contest.

    Katie Lynn-Goldsmith: "The following contest is set for one fall and it is to determine the number one contender for the Gauntlet Championship! Introducing first, from Seattle, WA and weighing in at 127 lb, she is “The Crimson Ghost”...Aka Yurei!"

    Broc Lobster: "As from Katie in the introduction, this is to determine who will face either Sawyer Xavier or the current Gauntlet Champion, Harry the Sane Wizard, at Meltdown 11. Aka earned her first ever win here in FWA at Mile High where she won a briefcase that ensures her an opportunity at the tag team championships, along with Reagan Cole, but first she gets an opportunity tonight to compete for the Gauntlet Championship."

    Rod Sterling: "It’ll be interesting to see if Aka can keep this momentum going with another win tonight. This is a big opportunity for her and she can’t risk squandering it."

    Aka has entered the ring and continues to pose on the turnbuckle, and then she slowly removes her mask to reveal her signature face paint adorning her facial features before hopping off the turnbuckle and she removes her kimono as her music fades out.

    The hard, heavy metal is soon replaced by the more light, upbeat sounds of Andrea True Connection’s “More, More, More”, and newcomer Tobias Blume trots out on stage, grooving along to his theme music as he makes his way down to the ring.

    Katie Lynn-Goldsmith: "and her opponent, from The R-V, he weighs in at 180 lb, “The Experience”... Tobias Blume!"

    Broc Lobster: "You mentioned how this is a big opportunity for Aka Yurei, Rod, but the same can be said for this young man who is making his FWA debut tonight."

    Rod Sterling: "His first match in and he’s already competing for a title shot? What is Russnow smoking giving out opportunities like this? Wait, are you dancing?!"

    Broc Lobster: "Come on Rod, feel the groove!"

    Rod Sterling: "Could you please try to be professional?!"

    Broc Lobster: "Don’t be a square!"

    Tobias Blume is in the ring now still dancing and grooving along to his theme music while Aka Yurei wears a more serious demeanor beneath the facepaint, unphased by the carefree and easy-going nature of her opposition. Blume eventually removes his jacket and hands it off to the ringside attendant as referee Theodore Strickland calls for the bell.







    Aka and Tobias spend the opening seconds of the match sizing each other up, and Blume seems a bit aloof and wants to have a good time as he grooves and dances while circling Aka. Blume tries to get Aka going but she’s not having any part of it and she charges at Blume with a clothesline attack, but Blume was ready for that and counters with an arm drag! He follows that up with a series of arm drags until he finishes with the takedown. He uses the opportunity to posture for the fans, but all that does is allow Aka a quick recovery time as she strikes with a running hip attack knocking Tobias in the corner! Aka unleashes a flurry of strikes upon Blume before taking him out of the corner and hits a monkey flip on Tobias that sends flying across the ring!

    Broc Lobster: "Blume not feeling any grooves now thanks to Aka Yurei!"

    Rod Sterling: "The only thing he’s feeling right now is the after effects of his back hitting the mat with brutal force!"

    Blume is starting to rise to a knee and just barely manages to avoid disaster after Aka went for a roundhouse kick! Aka goes for a reverse roundhouse kick this time and Tobias catches her and tries for a dragon screw leg-whip, but Aka counters with an enziguri! Tobias stumbles back a bit into the opposite corner now and Aka charges in at him full speed, but Tobias rolls out of harm’s way in time causing Aka to hit the corner. Aka quickly gathers herself though and charges back Tobias once more but this time he counters with a back body drop! After catching his breath, Tobias quickly falls down on top of Aka for the early cover but only manages a one count!

    Rod Sterling: "We're hearing that Saint Sulley is back on the prowl backstage! He's found Dreamer in the parking lot! Let's get to it in picture in picture!"

    Saint Sulley whips Michelle HARD into a car door in the parking lot. Michelle agonizes and falls over. Sulley walks over to her and grabs the FWA World Championship, admiring it for a moment before turning his focus back onto Michelle. He gets Michelle onto her feet and positions himself so as to have his back to the car hood. He gets her into suplex position - and drops her hard on her back into the car roof! He doesn’t let go though! Instead, he drags Michelle off the car, turns around again and SUPLEXES HER A SECOND TIME! The car hood is indented with the impact as Michelle struggles to hold back her pain. Saint Sulley drags her off the car again, keeps his back to it and hits the THREE RIVERS ONTO THE CAR HOOD! He finally lets go and Michelle falls off the car.

    Broc Lobster: “Saint Sulley is completely in control of Dreamer! He might be on the verge of his third World title reign!”

    Rod Sterling: “We might see a title switch in the middle of another match!”

    Saint Sulley sees Michelle struggling to get on her knees and gets on top of her, wrapping his arms around her throat and then twisting onto his back! He’s got the Rear Naked Chokehold in! Her face is turning red with the pressure. Saint Sulley might be choking the life out of her. The door to the parking lot opens and a referee rushes to Sulley and Michelle’s side. He approaches Michelle and lifts a hand to see if she’s still conscious.

    It drops…

    He lifts a hand again…

    It drops…

    He lifts a third hand…

    A boot crashes into Sulley and Michelle, breaking the submission!

    Rod Sterling: “It’s Cyrus Truth! He may have inadvertently saved Michelle just there!”

    Sulley gets back up and shoves Cyrus after he cost him the belt. Cyrus retaliates with a Discus Punch! Michelle is coughing her lungs out and crawling away. Cyrus makes a step to go towards her but Sulley tackles him into the car!

    Broc Lobster: “Gerald is coming to Michelle’s rescue! He’s getting Dreamer out of there while Truth and Sulley are distracted with each other!”

    Rod Sterling: “Looks like Michelle lives for a stand-off of her own, Broc!”

    Broc Lobster: "Tobias Blume focused on his own championship opportunity. Going for a rear chinlock..."

    But Aka slips away from his grip and rolls underneath the bottom rope to the apron for a brief reprieve. Tobias tries to bring Aka back in the ring as he grabs her by the head but Aka strikes back with a headbutt that sends Tobias back a few steps. Aka readies herself and goes for a springboard clothesline, but Tobias ducks underneath and Aka barely manages to catch herself and rolls through, yet as soon as she springs back up she’s taken down with a standing dropkick by Tobias! Aka is a bit slower on this occasion, allowing Tobias to pick her up and he hits a twisting suplex on Aka! Tobias isn’t done yet though as he hits a senton for good measure before dropping down again for another pin fall attempt!


    Aka shows some force with her kick-out and Tobias applies the rear chinlock this time. Aka, however, wisely reaches out and is able to grab hold of the bottom rope, forcing the hold to be broken.

    Broc Lobster: "Bad luck for Blume as Aka breaks the hold."

    Rod Sterling: "If Blume wants to win, he has to keep the pressure on Aka."

    Broc Lobster: "That’s proven to be easier said than done though, Rod."

    Tobias takes Aka by the head and has her in position for a neckbreaker. He takes a moment to pinch his fingers together and puts them near his lips, but that comes back to bite him as Aka throws back a hard elbow! Then she spins out and connects with a roaring forearm to the back of Tobias’ head, knocking him silly before she hits a teardrop suplex on him! Aka is feeling it now as Tobias slowly rises back up once more only to be hit with a bridging german suplex!


    Tobias kicks out! He rolls over on his stomach, which leaves him wide open for Aka to apply an STF submission! She cranks back on the hold while Tobias is desperately flailing about!

    Broc Lobster: "Aka has that STF cinched in tight! This could spell disaster for Tobias!"

    Tobias begins to fade away but only briefly as he shows a second life! He’s mustering up all of his power to reach out and he’s just barely able to reach out and grab the bottom rope in time!

    Rod Sterling: "He remains in the match, but for how long? That had to have worn him out!"

    Aka waits as Tobias begins to rise up and Aka has him in her sights as she attempts Vengeful Strike, but Tobias has the wherewithal to counter with a forward roll through into a pinning attempt!


    Aka kicks out and rolls through and immediately hops up on the rope and then turnbuckle, she’s thinking Hell from Above and she leaps off, Tobias catches her but he stumbles forward and she slips out from behind and she attempts another german suplex, but this time counters out of it and he strikes with a discus elbow! Aka is rocked and Tobias hits the Peace Treaty! He makes the cover!



    Winner: Tobias Blume

    Tobias Blume has his hands risen by the official while Aka Yurei rolls out of the ring. She glances back at Tobias, clearly disappointed that she lost a chance to compete for a championship, but perhaps reassured by a future date she’ll have with the FWA World Tag Team Championships.

    Rod Sterling: “Tobias Blume with an impressive debut, and a guaranteed shot at the FWA Gauntlet Championship at Meltdown XI, against either Harry the Sane Wizard, or more likely, Sawyer Xavier.”

    Broc Lobster: “Aka Yurei is no slouch, Rod. That’s a very impressive win for Tobias and whether it’s Harry or Sawyer, they’re going to have their work cut out. But as for Aka, she’s gotta put this behind her. She’s had a rough start in the FWA, but it only takes one victory to turn everything around.”

    Tobias Blume slides out of the ring and enjoys slapping hands with the fans as he makes his way back up the ramp.

    Rod Sterling: “It’s already been a night full of twists in the bounty! We saw Cyrus Truth take the FWA World Championship from Krash after a Long Road to Nowhere on Jon Russnow’s hardwood desk. But he was only able to hold onto the title for so long. Later on he was planted through tables by his hated rival Dreamer, and then drilled to the floor with a Psycho Driver #2. Now, it is Michelle von Horrowitz who finds herself on the precipice of her second FWA World Championship reign.”

    Broc Lobster: “But up next… possibly the most unknown factor tonight… Michelle will square off with Devin Golden. And Rod, Devin really seems a different man tonight, doesn’t he?”

    Rod Sterling: “What we saw earlier between Gold ‘N Roses and Hollywood Saints, it wasn’t much of a wrestling match, Broc. I don’t know what to make of Devin Golden. You’d think he’d be worn down after his match, but I think Michelle might be bearing more scars from her stand off with Truth than Devin is, and that’s without mentioning the fact that she’s got a Tag Warz match soon after.”

    Broc Lobster: “And of course, if Devin Golden manages to make it out of tonight with the FWA World Championship… not only would it be a monumental accomplishment in the career of one of FWA’s all time best… it would make him the most decorated man in FWA history, passing his former partner… and former friend Ryan Rondo.”

    Rod Sterling: “But to do that, Devin will have to beat one of FWA’s best today… Let’s head backstage for the fourth stand-off of the night.”

    Michelle von Horrowitz arrives in her oversized hoodie and wrestling shorts with the FWA World Championship held tightly. A grinning Devin Golden arrives opposite of her, dressed much as he was earlier in his interview, with dress pants. Neither of their partners for the night seem to be around. Dreamer glares at Devin, while Golden comments on her being a little worse for wear. The area is littered with broken garbage can, the debris of the table she went through earlier, and the chairs that’s been tossed.

    Devin Golden slowly unveils a pipe he’s had in the back of his pants, already improving the odds for himself, and likely bringing back painful memories for Dreamer. Michelle is on the balls of her feet, seemingly ready to bail already. Devin makes one stride forward - AND IS LARIAT’D INTO OBLIVION WITH THE ONE-SHOT KILL!

    Rod Sterling: “What the hell is going on? Is this even legal?”

    Broc Lobster: “The rules on these stand-offs weren’t exactly clear, but I don’t think the Gang Stars care!”

    Alyster Black stands over a floored Devin. He glances slowly up at MvH, who realizes soon enough that whatever relationship she has with Black Jesus, it’s superseded by his relationship with another wrestler. She turns around and KRASH RUNS HER OVER WITH THE ONE-HIT KILL! Michelle falls sprawled to the floor with her FWA World Championship falling out of her grasp.

    Rod Sterling: “How is Alyster Black still in this building? Why hasn’t security kicked him out? He shouldn’t be here!”

    The Gang Stars target Devin Golden first, knowing that they’re better off putting each of their competitors through hell if they want to make it out of the night. Krash gets Devin Golden up and for once tonight, Golden seems out of his depth. Black starts the Violence Party with his barrage of forearms and elbows, eventually rocking Golden’s head back and forth with left and right elbows, then drilling into his skull with vicious headbutts! Krash lets go of Devin, and Alyster starts laying into him with knee strike after knee strike, and toe punts straight to the skull.

    Rod Sterling: “They’re completely ignoring Gerald Grayson escaping with Michelle. They’ve got their set sights on Devin completely.”

    Krash leaves Alyster to it and wanders through the wooden debris to grab a new table, evidently looking to pick back up on Michelle’s furniture-destroying work from earlier in the night. Alyster lifts Devin Golden up to his feet and then off of it… and HITS SATAN’S SPIKE ON THE HARD FLOOR! Devin Golden isn’t moving but based on the table that’s been set and the ladder that Krash is placing it near it, they’re not done with the Rotten Gold.

    Rod Sterling: “Satan’s Spike is one of the deadliest finishers in this company, and he just did that on the hard floor! Russnow can’t be standing for a Fallout wrestler putting a Meltdown wrestler out of commission.”

    Broc Lobster: “They’re not done yet. I think they want to make sure Devin isn’t a problem for the rest of the night.”

    Alyster Black gets the lifeless body of Golden onto his shoulders and places him on the table. He makes sure Devin won’t move but it’s virtually pointless after that Satan’s Spike. He’s hardly conscious! Krash stands stall at the top of the ladder, the look of a killer, and LEAPS FOR THE DAYBREAKER! He crashes through Devin Golden and through the table! Krash is in obvious pain from the drop. Alyster Black helps him to his feet, but both of them are already aware that Michelle von Horrowitz has high tailed it with the help of Gerald Grayson.

    Broc Lobster: “I guess that’s it, Rod! Michelle has a Tag Warz match next, and she’s got amnesty during that match. No one will be able to lay their hands on her.”

    Rod Sterling: “That doesn’t mean Truth and Kennedy can’t do as much work as possible while they can. And you’ll note Kennedy is the freshest man in that tag team match.”

    There's a loud pop in the arena for Cyrus Truth, the fans showing their respect for the former world champion as he walks out onto the stage. He surveys the crowd solemnly before making his way down the ramp, his eyes intent on the ring and a look of focus about him.

    Katie Lynn-Goldsmith: "Ladies and gentlemen, the following is a Tag Warz match-up, scheduled for one fall with a thirty minute time limit. Introducing first… from the Long and Winding Road… he weighs in tonight at two hundred and ten pounds… The Exile… CYRUS TRUTH!!"

    Rod Sterling: "These fans show their appreciation for The Exile as he arrives here in Garland, Texas, for one of several opportunities he'll have tonight to get his hands on old rival Michelle von Horrowitz…"

    Broc Lobster: "Yes, and after his short lived reign as Interim Champion tonight, Cyrus will no doubt be looking to exact some revenge over the woman who took the belt away from him just a short time ago. Truth may have come up short in his recent Best of Five with MvH, but we know he's learned enough about Dreamer through all of those battles dating back to before Lights Out."

    Rod Sterling: "A different time, of course, when both Truth and von Horrowitz called themselves champions. Dreamer can call herself that again, and although this match will see a 24/7 amnesty in place, I doubt the bounty will be far from Cyrus' mind throughout."

    Broc Lobster: "Maybe more than just Cyrus'…"

    Truth stands in the ring, loosening up his joints in a corner and awaiting the arrival of his partner. His music fades out, and is soon replaced by…

    Another loud and positive pop for Chris Kennedy as he walks out onto the stage, a smile on his face as he nods his head and looks out over the crowd in Garland. He begins his descent of the ramp, slapping hands with the front row fans as he goes.

    Katie Lynn-Goldsmith: "And his tag team partner… at a weight of two hundred and thirty pounds… from Tampa, Florida… he is The Astonishing… CHRIS KENNEDY!"

    Rod Sterling: "You were, of course, referring to this man, who also has the right to challenge for the bounty here on Meltdown X. Kennedy is already a six-time FWA World Heavyweight Champion, will he add a seventh reign tonight?"

    Broc Lobster: "Kennedy is another man with recent history with MvH, and if Michelle has it her way they'll be reunited soon enough for Back in Business. Kennedy still hasn't weighed in on that challenge one way or another, but we won't have to wait until Back in Business to see him and Dreamer lock it up again…"

    Rod Sterling: "A lot of combustible elements coming together in this Tag Warz match-up, and worth noting the long history shared by this pairing. They've fought over that World Championship many times, and you'd think this partnership will be built on respect earned through those wars."

    Kennedy and Truth stand in one corner of the ring, muttering unheard words at one another as The Verve gradually fades out. There's a long pause, until…

    There is almost complete darkness for a moment as the drums and discordant crackling of Tom Morello's guitar is heard. Darkness... but for a pair of spotlights that seem to be searching amongst the crowd. Finally, they cocentralise on the stage, just as the squealing guitar rift hits…

    And on the stage, now illuminated by the spotlight, are Michelle von Horrowitz and Gerald Grayson. She is sat cross legged on the floor, her wrists rested upon her knees. He is stood behind her, nonchalantly. They are visible only in silhouette.

    At the same moment as the spotlight finds the pairing on the stage, the fireworks begin. A relentless cascade of bright and LOUD rockets that pierce their way into the air before exploding in plumes of green and navy blue and orange…

    "Well I've been watching, whilst you've been coughing! I've been drinking life, whilst you've been nauseous!"

    All of a sudden, bright lights are turned on behind MvH and GG, covering the whole staging area and suddenly illuminating the team as if they were dear in the headlights of a wall of monster trucks. The World Championship belt glistens on Michelle's shoulder beneath the bright lights. At this moment, the pyrotechnics unrelenting behind them, Michelle gets to her feet and begins her walk towards the ring. Gerald Grayson remains on the stage, hyping up the crowd by going to each corner of it in turn and beating his chest…

    Katie Lynn Goldsmith: "And their opponents, from Rotterdam, the Netherlands and Raleigh, North Carolina… at a combined weight of one hundred and sixty one kilograms... Gerald Grayson… and your Interim FWA World Heavyweight Champion Michelle von Horrowitz… the Grayson & von Horrowitz Connection!!!"

    The crowd go wild as Gerald makes his way towards the ramp, readying himself to slap the hands of as many front row fans as he can on his path down it. Michelle has already made her descent, and now stands at the bottom of the ramp. She stares up at the two men in the ring for a moment before beginning to make a circuit of the ring.

    "Go on and save yourself… and take it out on me…"

    Rod Sterling: "It's been over a year since this pairing has teamed up, due mostly to the effects of last year's brand split. But that hurdle has been overcome thanks to Russnow's acquisition of Gerald Grayson… and tonight the Connection rides again!"

    Broc Lobster: "We'll have to wait to see if that chemistry that took them all the way to the final of The Elite Tag Team Classic is still there… it's been a big night for MvH already, as indicated by that World Championship on her shoulder, but remember that an amnesty takes place during this match. For once tonight, Michelle can breathe easily knowing that her opponents are directly in front of her…"

    Rod Sterling: "True enough, but there are two bounty hunters in front of her, one of whom we know to be very interested in the prize she's carrying… and several more circling nearby. I doubt it'll be long after the bell when that parade starts again."

    Gerald has reached the bottom of the ramp as Michelle completes her circuit, and after a nod at each other he climbs the steps whilst she slides beneath the bottom rope.

    "Drown… if you want… and ill see you at the bottom…"

    Grayson hops over the top rope as Michelle gets to her feet, the pair of them sharing a hug in the centre of the ring as the rockets relent (only momentarily) for softer gold pyrotechnics to emerge from each corner of the ring. We see the pair through this light show in a wide shot of the arena.

    "And put the blame on me…. So you don't feel a thiiiiiiiing!"

    One more cascade of rockets emerge from the stage, this time all gold and erupting in a cocktail of light and noise. Grayson and von Horrowitz have separated, Michelle taking a seat in the corner opposite Truth and Kennedy. Grayson, meanwhile, enjoys Audioslave's final refrain and the climactic display of unquestionably ostentatious display of pyrotechnics by climbing to the second turnbuckle and hyping up the crowd once more…

    When the song and the fireworks end, Gerald gives Michelle a helping hand to her feet. Finally, all four competitors stand in the ring, each pairing discussing their tactics for the match or (more specifically) who is going to kick off proceedings. Gerald Grayson has already climbed out of the ring, and it takes a little longer for Kennedy to vacate to the opposite apron. Truth turns to face Michelle, who is pacing slightly this way and that, as the official issues some final instructions, before finally calling for the bell…

    TAG WARZ 2 OF 3



    gerald grayson & "dreamer" michelle von horrowitz


    MvH and Cyrus immediately start to circle the ring, both looking across it at one another in a reproachful and careful manner, as if fully aware that the person across the ring is a dangerous opponent. They bring it together as if for a collar and elbow, but - quickly and smoothly - Cyrus transitions into a rear waist lock. He takes her wrist and wrenches it behind into a hammer lock, but Michelle rotates out of it and goes behind into a hammer lock of her own. She slaps on a side headlock, but Truth quickly backs her up into the ropes and throws her into the opposite set. Truth looks to be shaping up for a shoulder block upon reapproach, but Michelle hooks onto the ropes to check her momentum. Cyrus charges in at her…

    Rod Sterling: "Drop toe hold! Michelle hangs Truth up on that second rope!"

    Broc Lobster: "And now she drives a knee into the Exile's back, choking him out on the ropes! The official is in quickly for the rope break…"

    Rod Sterling: "Michelle not too quick to let go, though, waiting until four point nine before she does so… and then she drags Cyrus from the ropes with a schoolboy! Truth's shoulders are down…"

    ONE… TWO… NO!

    Truth kicks out! Both are up quickly, and Michelle looks to hit him with a mule kick… but Cyrus catches her foot, and then throws it away to turn her around. Truth puts her in a rear waist lock… German suplex! With a release! Dreamer is sent across the ring and Cyrus gets slowly and walks over to Michelle, lifting her up by the hair and then throwing her across the ring into a set of turnbuckles. She hits them with such impact that she bounces back towards Truth, who is waiting for her with a flapjack! Cover from Cyrus…

    ONE… TWO… NO!

    Rod Sterling: "Kick out from Michelle! But now Truth slaps on a side headlock, and he drags Dreamer over to his corner…"

    Broc Lobster: "Tag in from Kennedy! Here comes the most decorated man in FWA history…"

    Cyrus has placed Michelle in a front face lock and Kennedy does the same thing on the other, allowing the pair to take her over with a double snap suplex. Cyrus rolls beneath the bottom rope and onto the apron as Kennedy hooks Michelle's leg…

    ONE… TWO… NO!

    Kennedy hoists Michelle up to her feet and hits a trio of European uppercut, backing her up into the corner. He tries to Irish whip her into the opposite one, but Michelle reverses it and sends Kennedy to the corner. Michelle follows him in, but CK grips the top rope with his hands and leapfrogs over her, causing MvH to hit the turnbuckles chest-first! Kennedy grabs her in a full nelson, perhaps looking for a dragon suplex…

    Rod Sterling: "That's one way to block it! Michelle stamps down hard on Kennedy's foot, causing some separation…"

    Michelle looks to charge Kennedy with a discus forearm, but CK ducks beneath it… backslide pin!

    ONE… TWO… NO!

    Michelle kicks out, and she's quick to scramble up… but she's taken back down by a deep arm drag by Kennedy… and then a leg lariat! This time, she thinks better of charging up to her feet again, and instead rolls beneath the bottom rope…

    Broc Lobster: "Michelle looking to take a breather here, but watch out! Here comes Kennedy!"

    Rod Sterling: "Suicide dive! Michelle gets knocked into the barricade, and listen to this crowd!"

    Garland is indeed giving it up for Kennedy, who is quick to roll Michelle back into the ring. He neglects going for the cover, instead hurling her into a seated position in his corner and driving a boot into her throat. Truth, meanwhile, tags himself in, and CK climbs out of the ring whilst the Exile lays into Michelle with stomps. He then hoists her to her feet and pulls her close into a bearhug…

    Rod Sterling: "Belly to belly suplex from Cyrus! Dreamer hurled across the ring, there…"

    Broc Lobster: "Almost all the way to Grayson, who leans in over the top rope… almost!"

    But Truth is over in time, and he drags Michelle into the middle of the ring. He picks up one of her legs, perhaps looking to turn her over with a single leg Boston crab… but MvH lashes out with a trio of kicks with the free leg! And then a rake of the eye! The official admonishes her for the tactic, but she allows her to get to her feet, and she nails Truth with a mule kick. She follow up with a European uppercut, and then a forearm backs Cyrus up into the ropes. Michelle whips him across the ring and looks again for a discus forearm, but Truth ducks beneath it, and lifts the turning Michelle into a fireman's carry…

    Rod Sterling: "Going for Journey's End here! Truth trying to wrap this one up!"

    Broc Lobster: "But MvH drives the point of her elbow into Cyrus' head, and he's forced to drop her… step-up enziguri! Michelle connects!"

    Both the Exile and Dreamer now crawl to their respective corners, and both are able to make the tag! Kennedy climbs in as GG hops over the top rope, and he runs through CK with a clothesline! And then a sligblade! Kennedy fights to his feet, but Grayson hits the ropes, springboarding from the second one… to land a cutter on Kennedy! Grayson notices Truth is charging at him, and manages to lift him up over the top rope with a back body drop. Cyrus lands on his knees on the apron, and does his best to fight to his feet… only to eat a triangle dropkick from Grayson!!

    Rod Sterling: "Truth is sent tumbling to the outside! Just listen to this audience! They're going wild for Gerald Grayson!"

    GG rises to his feet and pumps his fist, nodding his head whilst he looks down at a staggered Cyrus. You sense that there's finally some self belief in him, and he turns around to face the legal man…

    Rod Sterling: "... BITTERSWEET CHIN SYMPHONY!!!"

    Broc Lobster: "OUT OF NOWHERE!"

    Rod Sterling: "Kennedy with the cover!"

    ONE… TWO… THRE -- NO!!

    Rod Sterling: "Michelle breaks it up! She drops a double axe handle on Kennedy!"

    Dreamer lifts Kennedy up to his feet… and pokes him in the eye! She follows up with a boot to the midsection… double arm underhook DDT! The official is telling her to get out of the ring, but she first drapes GG over the top of Kennedy. The official ensures she's back on the apron, and then slides to the cover…

    ONE… TWO… TH -- NO!

    Kickout from Kennedy! CK gets the shoulder up, and both men lay in the middle of the ring for a moment before slowly beginning to stagger up to their feet. Grayson clobbers into Kennedy with a forearm, but Kennedy comes back with a European uppercut… then a second… and a third backs Grayson up into the ropes. CK tries to whip him into the opposite set but Gerald reverses, and attempts a clothesline on the returning Kennedy. Chris ducks beneath it and hits the ropes again…

    Rod Sterling: "Snap scoop powerslam! Gerald connects on Chris Kennedy, and now he seems to think he's in perfect position…"

    Broc Lobster: "GG thinking Sky High here? He's shaping up for that moonsault… there he goes…"

    Rod Sterling: "Knees up from Kennedy!"

    Gerald bounces across the ring, and Kennedy quickly gets to his feet. He grabs Grayson by the head and pulls him in, hoists him up…

    Rod Sterling: "SITOUT POWERBOMB!"

    Kennedy doesn't go for the cover, instead getting to his feet and shaping up for the killer blow. He can't follow up, though, with Dreamer storming the ring…

    Broc Lobster: "BUSAIKU KNEE KICK!"

    Michelle gets to her feet, but Truth is waiting for her. He lifts her up into an Argentinian rack, before nailing her with a neckbreaker!

    Rod Sterling: "EXILE'S EDGE!"

    It's Grayson’s turn, and he's up on the apron, waiting for Truth to rise. He springboards in off the top rope, and nails the Exile with a hurricanrana! Truth rolls away to the apron as Grayson focuses on Kennedy. GG climbs out onto the apron and waits patiently for CK to get up, before his somersaults over the top rope and attempts to take Kennedy's head off with his Extreme Impact clothesline… but CK ducks beneath it! Kennedy continues to the ropes, and Truth tags himself in. CK continues to charge at Grayson, and he turns him inside out with a lariat!

    Truth climbs into the ring, and it looks for a moment as if he and Kennedy have a two on one advantage over Grayson. But Michelle has made it to her feet, and she bombards into Kennedy with a clothesline, taking him over the top rope and onto the outside! The two go sprawling to the floor and continue to brawl! Meanwhile, in the ring, Truth lifts Grayson up into a fireman's carry…

    Rod Sterling: "Going for it again! Truth looking for Journey's End! But Gerald Grayson grabs onto the top rope, and he pulls himself onto the apron and to safety…"

    Gerald grabs Cyrus and pulls him down throat first over the top rope, sending him stumbling into the middle of the ring. Grayson waits for him to get to his feet…

    Meanwhile, Michelle takes Kennedy by the hair and throws him down face first onto the announcer's table! She busies herself in removing the cover and the monitors…

    Back in the ring, Gerald springboards up onto the top rope, and it looks as if he hits a cross body…

    … but Truth rolls all the way through, and onto his knees, with Gerald in his grasp. He throws GG up onto his shoulders, back into the fireman's carry!

    Broc Lobster: "What strength by Truth!! And now… JOURNEY'S END!!"

    Rod Sterling: "Truth gets all of it!! Middle of the ring!! He hooks the leg…"

    ONE… TWO… … …

    … Michelle pulls the referee out of the ring!!! The official is giving her an earful, but Dreamer isn't even looking at him. Instead, she has eyes only for Truth, who is still in the cover, staring out at her in return, and she's…

    Rod Sterling: "She's laughing, Broc! Dreamer finds this funny…"

    Broc Lobster: "Cyrus Truth finds it anything but, I'd wager…"

    Indeed, the Exile has made it to his feet, and he walks over towards Michelle, glowering at her from inside the ring. MvH continues to stare back at him… until she's leveled by a forearm from CK! She tries to fire back with one of her own, but he blocks it, and then throws her over the announcer's table! She lands in a heap at the feet of Broc and Rod, whilst Truth inspects the scene fondly from inside the ring…

    … for a split moment too long, as Gerald rolls him up with a schoolboy! The official has slid back into the ring…

    ONE… TWO… THR -- NO!

    Kick out from Truth, and the two scramble up to their feet. Cyrus with the clawhold… Memento Mori! Truth is successful with the STO, and now he hooks the leg…

    ONE… TWO… THR -- NO!

    Rod Sterling: "Gerald kicks out! Unbelievable!"

    Truth tags in Kennedy, who hoists Gerald up and throws him into the corner, before driving his shoulder into GG's gut. He throws Grayson into the opposite corner and follows him in with a clothesline, causing Gerald to stumble into the middle of the ring.

    Broc Lobster: "Running STO! Kennedy hits it… and now the guillotine choke!!"

    Grayson looks sundered in the middle of the ring, and he does his best to fight the hold. At first, he squirms towards the ropes, but then realizes they're too far away, and tries to force Kennedy's shoulders down to the mat. CK is wise to it, though, and rolls them off, until GG looks like he's finally fading…

    Rod Sterling: "But look at MvH! She's climbing to the top rope! The official is preoccupied with Grayson!"

    Broc Lobster: "450 splash!! Kennedy bore the brunt of that, but it looks like she might have hit Grayson with it too…"

    Rod Sterling: "Either way, it's Kennedy's shoulders that are down, and Grayson is on top of him…"

    ONE… TWO… THRE -- NO!

    Broc Lobster: "Broken up by Truth!!! At the last second!!"

    MvH lifts Truth up and connects with a forearm, but Cyrus hits one back… headbutt from Michelle! And then one from the Exile!! Michelle is staggered, but she hits back with a HUGE discus forearm! Truth rolls to the outside, and Michelle tees him up from inside the ring as he gets up…

    Rod Sterling: "SPRINGBOARD SHOOTING STAR PRESS!! Michelle takes Cyrus out on the outside!"

    Broc Lobster: "But look inside the ring! Kennedy is teeing Grayson up…"

    Rod Sterling: "He goes for Bittersweet Chin Symphony! Ducked beneath by GG. And Grayson has him in a rear waist lock."

    Broc Lobster: "GG bundles Kennedy into the ropes… O'Connor Roll!!"



    Winners: The Grayson & von Horrowitz Connection via pin fall at 13:50.

    And Kennedy kicks out a moment later!

    Rod Sterling: "He got him!"

    Broc Lobster: "Grayson pins Kennedy! That's three!"

    Kennedy is frustrated in the ring as GG spends a moment celebrating, the Psychedelic Porn Crumpets blaring out as he realizes what's just happened… he rolls out of the ring, locating his tag team partner and dragging her up to her feet.

    Rod Sterling: "A huge win to start off their Tag Warz campaign -- over a year since their last match, but the Connection returns with a hard fought win here tonight over Cyrus Truth and Chris Kennedy!"

    Broc Lobster: "I'm sure the Exile will point at some less than honorable tactics from Michelle von Horrowitz, but the history books - and the points standings - will chalk this up for another win for Dreamer over the Exile, even if neither of them were involved in the climactic pinfall…"

    Grayson is helping MvH up to her feet, trying to hurry her up the ramp with more than a sense of urgency. He takes her championship belt from the timekeeper and then the pair begin their way up the ramp.

    Rod Sterling: "And, of course, tonight is not over for MvH. There's a long way to go here on Meltdown X, and I'm sure there are bounty hunters waiting for her between now and the end of the show…"

    Broc Lobster: "But, for now, tonight could not be going any better for Dreamer!"

    Rod Sterling: "After that big tag team match, we've got a special Homecoming segment for you all up next! We are in the home of one Tommy Bedlam! It's here that he wrestled for many years before getting noticed by one of our agents, Rocco Sullivan! And it was only fitting he was given a moment to speak to his fans.

    The ring mat is covered with a large red carpet, and a table containing multiple bottles of Douglas Bourbon is set in the far corner. Chris Crowe’s manager, Crazy Harry is seen standing in the middle of the ring in a brightly colored orange suit, black shirt, and a matching tie and shoes.

    Crazy Harry: "Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of allllll ages. Tonight, one of Texas’ native sons has come home. Tonight, for the first time since joining the FWA and going on a rampant tear through the roster, the pride of Sweetwater, Texas has returned home to the Lonestar State. That means that tonight, you are all invited to the celebration, jubilation, homecoming extravaganza for TOMMMMMMMMY BEDLAAAAAAAAM!"

    The Texas Longhorns fight song begins to blast over the PA system, as Chris Crowe, James Douglas, and Sammy Bedlam emerge at the top of the entrance ramp. Following several feet behind them is Rocco Sullivan, who seems to be a reluctant participant.

    Everyone is wearing jeans, except for James Douglas who is wearing an expensive suit and a black tie. As the four men make their way into the ring, a lovely young woman steps in and begins pouring them each a glass of Douglas Bourbon. They all clink their glasses together and begin to sip.

    Crazy Harry: "Ladies and gentlemen, tonight, we come together to celebrate one of the greatest things to ever come out of Texas. From the same state that gave us the joys of Fritos, 3-D printers, frozen margaritas, and breast implants, the greatest thing to come from this state was born in 1990. Tommy Bedlam came from humble beginnings, a young man who was raised on a cattle farm. The only son of his mother, but not the only child of his father, sorry Sammy, Tommy Bedlam developed a passion for wrestling at the end of his teen years. It was then that he became the World Champion of Longhorn Championship Wrestling. His time there served as a steppingstone, a preparation if you will for the fame and glory that was to come. It was his performance in Longhorn Championship Wrestling that caught the eye of Rocco Sullivan who immediately signed Tommy to a contract and gave you all access to your favorite wrestler.

    Before the pride of Texas makes his way to the ring, I would like to welcome some very special guests who are with us in attendance. In addition to his father, Sammy, tonight we are joined by Larry and Tammy Tackett, the owners of Larry’s Longhorn Bar and Grill in Sweetwater Texas."

    The spotlight beams onto the smiling faces of Larry and Tammy who Tommy invited to the show as his guests.

    Crazy Harry: Now, without further ado, I introduce to you straight from the heart of Texas, TOMMMMMMMMMMY BEDLAAAAAAAAAM!

    Bon Jovi’s “Wanted Dead or Alive” begins to play from the PA system, as Tommy comes out to a bit of a mixed reaction. The hometown crowd seems largely willing to cheer for their native son, but there are some who insist on booing him based on recent behavior.

    Instead of his usual ring attire, Tommy is wearing a sports coat that is buttoned, a button-down shirt, jeans and boots. He steps into the ring, hops up onto the turnbuckles to play to the crowd a bit, before stepping down and being handed his own glass of Douglas Bourbon. He makes his way around the ring and clinks his glass against the glasses held by all of his cohorts.

    Two stagehands bring out a large chair and set it up on a small platform in the center of the ring. Sammy and Crazy Harry motion for Tommy to take his seat as the guest of honor, which he quickly obliges.

    Crazy Harry: "Tommy Bedlam, the men and women who spent their hard-earned money to be here tonight, did so for one reason: to see their native son come home. While we don’t have time to let each and every person in this building give you your proper due, the members of Deathswitch Initiative have all prepared statements in honor of the Pride of Texas."

    Sammy Bedlam steps forward first and pulls a folded-up piece of paper out of the pocket of his blue jeans.

    Sammy Bedlam: "Tonight, I stand here as a proud father. I do not claim to be a perfect father, and there probably aren’t a lot of coffee cups out there that celebrate dads like me. Years ago, Tommy, you drove to Georgia to meet with me, and I told you that any son of mine better be a wrestler. I had no idea at the time that you would be what you are. The success that you’ve experienced goes beyond anything that I did in my Hall of Fame career. I’m honored that I get to be a part of what you’re doing today, and can’t wait to impart even more of my knowledge about the wrestling industry to you."

    With that, Sammy raises his glass toward Tommy and both Bedlams take a sip simultaneously.

    Crazy Harry: Next up in tonight’s program, the FWA North American Champion, and a man who I am proud to call my best friend, “The Showman” Chris Crowe!

    Before "The Showman" takes the mic, he looks over at Tommy and signals at him to bring it in for a hug. Crowe holds Tommy's hand high in the air. He grabs the mic and begins to speak.

    Chris Crowe: "What a great homecoming this is, huh?"

    Crowe plays into the crowd.

    Chris Crowe: "Y'know, I've been thinking about what to say about this man right here all day. I searched for the words. Hell, I even scribbled a few words down on a piece of paper. I knew there would come a time where I'd be put on the spot to say something nice about one of my closest friends here in FWA. But those words don't do Tommy Bedlam justice, so I've decided to wing it, and speak from the heart, if you will..."

    Crowe paces back and forth as Tommy looks on.

    Chris Crowe: "My first match here on Meltdown, this son of a bitch punched me square in the jaw! Now, a normal man would take this as a serious insult and lose their mind. But not me. No. Instead, I felt the punch Tommy threw at me and knew instantly that he and I would be the best of friends! It was at that moment that I officially knew Tommy and I were going places here on Meltdown. I knew right then and there we would become a destructive force the likes nobody in FWA history has ever seen! And boy was I right! I mean, look around, who is tough enough to mess with us right now?"

    Tommy nods in approval as Crowe continues.

    Chris Crowe: "So tonight. We honor this exceptionally tough man in his home state. And deservedly so. Tommy Bedlam is a living Texas Legend! And because he is a legend, and this is his homecoming, I decided to go out and get you a small gift, Tommy. It's nothing crazy, but just a little token of my appreciation..."

    Crowe motions over to Crazy Harry to hand him the box that is placed in the corner of the ring. Harry hands Crowe the box as he holds it up.

    Chris Crowe: "They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, Tommy, my brother, hang this up wherever you damn well please. When things get tough and you find yourself with your back against the wall, think of this picture... and always remember who runs shit on Meltdown!"

    Crowe, not big on giving gifts, decides to open the box himself. The camera pans in to show a picture of Tommy Bedlam kicking Reagan Cole in the head! ​It's not the shiniest gift, nor the most expensive, but by damn it is the most thoughtful gift Crowe could give his fellow Deathswitch Initiative bud. Crowe hands the picture over to Tommy...

    Tommy can't hide the sheer excitement on his face as the moment he truly took a step forward in his development is captured in the large, framed photo. He once again hugs "The Showman" to show his appreciation for the gift as he holds the picture up for the crowd to get a good look at him kicking Reagan Cole in the head.

    Crazy Harry: "Very well put, Chris. The next speaker of the night has become a tag team partner and trusted confidant of Tommy. “The Juggernaut” James Douglas!"

    James Douglas steps forward wearing a suit so large it could hold two average sized men and holding a glass. His cheeks are a little flush as he adjusts his tie.

    James Douglas: "There's a lot to be said about Tommy Bedlam. Some would call him a prick and others would call him an asshole for telling them that this event was formal."

    Tommy and Chris burst into laughter.

    James Douglas: "Yea yea, you won't be laughing when I let someone you've mouthed off to beat your ass for a second or two longer than usual."

    The other members of Deathswitch Initiative stifle their laughs, but they don't hide it well.

    James Douglas: "Anyway, Tommy is one of the reasons I'm even here. He saw me wrestle a few years back and told me I had a shot if I knew the right people. I guess I do know them, even if he's a sociopath with a drinking problem. Welcome home buddy!"

    Douglas raises his glass and kills off his contents as he goes over and has the lady in the corner pour him another drink.

    Crazy Harry: "Last but not least, the man who is responsible for Tommy Bedlam being a valued member of the FWA. A man who has long had an eye for talent, Rocco Sullivan."

    Rocco Sullivan: "A little more than six months ago, I saw a video of a young man who was performing here in Texas. The ferocity, the brutality, and sheer power of the unknown performer caught my eye. It was then-"

    Rocco looks away from the paper and rolls his eyes a bit.

    Rocco Sullivan: "It was then that I knew that I had to make Tommy Bedlam a part of the FWA. Since that day I have seen him become an even even greater performer than I could have ever imagi...."

    Rocco suddenly wads up the paper in his hand and throws it to the mat.

    Rocco Sullivan: "Since then, I have seen him become the most egotistical, self-absorbed, self-promoting, arrogant son of a bitch that I have ever had the displeasure of knowing. The young man who walked into my office in June was a humble, excited, unknown wrestler. What that young man has devolved into is nothing more than a slightly better version of the bastard who fathered him."

    Tommy jumps out of his chair and takes two giant steps toward Rocco.

    Rocco Sullivan: "I am sorry. I am sorry that I ever ran across your video, and I’m sorry that I ever brought you into this company. You have proven to be nothing more than a piece of shi-"

    Tommy rips the microphone out of Rocco’s hand.

    Tommy Bedlam: "Listen up, old man. You may have run across a video of me, but I would’ve been here whether you got involved or not. You run around here with your little suits, your dress shoes, and act like you’re better than everyone else. What you don’t want to admit is that this industry forgot you six times over until me. I fucking made you relevant. Nobody, absolutely nobody gave a shit about what Rocco Sullivan was doing when you were kissing ass in the corner office, fixing Dinorah coffee, and pushing papers around a desk. It wasn’t until me that your name started showing up on TV. It wasn’t until me that people started inviting you to be on podcasts. It wasn’t until me that anybody gave a shit about a man who isn’t even a has-been, you’re a never was."

    Tommy looks beyond Rocco’s face at “The Juggernaut” James Douglas and nods. Suddenly, with no warning, Douglas grabs Rocco Sullivan and hoists him over his head in a gorilla press slam. The crowd lets out an audible gasp.

    The look of terror on Rocco’s face is undeniable. With Douglas’ arms fully extended, Rocco is suddenly hanging somewhere between 9 and 10 feet in the air. For a moment that feels like an eternity, James and Tommy stand there staring at one another. Is Tommy going to give James the go-ahead to slam Rocco?

    Tommy takes a sip of his bourbon and shakes his head at the giant. With that, James Douglas leans down and sits Rocco back down on his feet. Sullivan begins fixing his clothes back, adjusting his lapel and collar.

    Tommy Bedlam: "You, you think you made me, but I made you. Not only did I make you, I just saved your old, ungrateful ass. Now, get the fuck out of my ring. And get the fuck out of my state."

    Sullivan, with a disgusted look on his face briskly walks away.

    Tommy Bedlam: "Now that we’ve gotten rid of the weight that has been holding me back since day one, I can show my appreciation to you, Texas. I’m not who I am because of Rocco Sullivan. I am who I am...well, because of me. And who am I? Along with these men who now share this ring with me, I’m a part of one of the hottest acts in the world of professional wrestling. Until The Juggernaut came aboard and tied my record, I’m the only person in FWA history to win a championship in his second match. And most of all, I am still a champion. I am the Longhorn Championship Wrestling World Champion. I am without question the greatest professional wrestler to come out of this state."

    Tommy snatches the button of his sports coat open revealing the title that he never lost in the company he started in.

    Tommy Bedlam: "Along with “The Showman” and “The Juggernaut,” I am part of an initiative that has shaken this company to its very core. I’ve had a hand in destroying lesser men such as Reagan Cole. We put Captain Fantasy on the shelf, and no one has seen Marcus McClain since the night we smeared his blood on Crowe’s North American title. Don’t mess with Tommy Bedlam, don’t mess with Deathswitch Initiative, and don’t mess with Texas!"

    Tommy walks over to the table where all the Douglas Bourbon is sitting, grabs a bottle, pops the top off of it, and takes a huge drink straight from the bottle. He holds the bottle high in one hand, and pops the LCW championship belt from his waist and holds it up with the other. He nods his head toward the ramp, as Crazy Harry, Chris Crowe, James Douglas, and Sammy Bedlam walk out of the ring behind him as the University of Texas fight song begins to play over the PA system again.

    Broc Lobster: "That's not a way to treat a guy like Rocco Sullivan who does so much selfless work backstage and helped Tommy Bedlam even make it to the FWA."

    Rod Sterling: "Rocco was becoming a crutch. You can't be indebted forever. Tommy's proved himself in his own right here in the FWA. I don't think he needs Rocco anymore. He's got Deathswitch Initiative now."

    Broc Lobster: “I’m a bit disappointed we didn’t have the bounty to interrupt Deathswitch Initiative’s self-congratulatory homecoming.”

    Rod Sterling: “You hate to see a veteran like Rocco Sullivan treated that way, but I do think he was holding Tommy Bedlam back. Deathswitch Initiative needs to have some bite to compete with the best of Meltdown, you’ve seen the bounty throughout the night, they’re going to be better off not letting morals hold them back.”

    Broc Lobster: “We have the final stand off of the night up next, but with two matches left, it’s far from over, isn’t it?”

    Rod Sterling: “Chris Kennedy may have found himself on the wrong end of the pinfall in the Tag Warz, but he can turn his entire night around by getting one over on Dreamer here. We’ve seen these two brawl all over Meltdown before, we saw them brutalize and mutilate each other in a Japanese Death Match, I can’t imagine what we’re going to see up next between these two.”

    And as we head backstage, the area has become increasingly disastrous throughout the night. There’s even more wood debris than before. Michelle is hobbling towards her champion’s marker while Chris Kennedy arrives in his wrestling gear with a tank top on. He looks particularly pissed after he was pinned a match ago. Michelle glares back at him with her own venomous gaze. The two of them slowly take their attention off each other, and glance off camera.

    Rod Sterling: “Don’t tell me it’s the Gang Stars again…”

    But it’s not the Gang Stars… still carrying bourbon in hand, the Longhorn Championship belt, and the North American Championship belt, it’s Deathswitch Initiative stepping into the camera’s view.

    Broc Lobster: “They’ve got no business with the bounty!”

    Rod Sterling: “The way they were downing that bourbon, I don’t think they much care what is and isn’t their business right now, Broc.”

    “Are we interrupting something?” Tommy Bedlam mouths. Michelle and Chris glance at each other, and both seem to realize there’s only one way this is going to work out for them, and for once they may have to put their differences aside. Michelle lays out Crazy Harry with the FWA World Championship belt and Chris Kennedy pops one of his patented Bittersweet Chin Symphony on Sammy Bedlam! But the most dangerous part of the faction are left standing!

    Broc Lobster: “I don’t know if this was the right move! Maybe there was still a diplomatic way out of this?”

    Rod Sterling: “You’ve ever known Kennedy or Dreamer to talk their way out of fights?”

    James Douglas charges into Michelle von Horrowitz with a pounce and she goes flying into the wall and dropping hard on the ground. Crowe and Bedlam are launching wild fists and kicks at Chris Kennedy and the Astonishing is quickly overwhelmed. Tommy cracks the man across the back with one of the bottles of bourbon and it smashes into pieces, many of them sticking into Kennedy’s back. He drops to the floor but the two assailants have no mercy. Bedlam swings the Longhorn belt across the back of Kennedy and Crowe follows by swinging his own North American belt across the back of Kennedy, leaving red welts on top of the spots of blood from the glass. .

    Kentucky’s Finest gets Michelle back to her feet, ripcords her in and GIVES HER A TASTE OF BOURBON! Michelle practically flips 720 degrees with the force of that elbow smash. She coughs out blood while Douglas circles around her like a shark.

    Broc Lobster: “Michelle’s title may well be in jeopardy… but I don’t know if there’s anyone who would want to take the chance just now.”

    Crowe gets Kennedy up to his feet, gets the underhooks in and hits the CLOSING ACT on the hard floor. The impact of Kennedy’s skull drilling into it is heard loud and clear by the nearby camera. Tommy Bedlam helps a lifeless Kennedy up and gets his own underhooks in. “Kennedy, give us a few pointers, which one of ours is better?” Bedlam drills him with the Bullseye! Kennedy’s hardly moving at this point.

    “Yo, Juggernaut, come over here. Maybe when we put the big shark on the shelf, these people will finally realize Deathswitch Initiative is serious.”

    Broc Lobster: “I don’t think I like the sound of that, Rod. They’ve already put a former Gauntlet Champion and a former North American Champion out to pasture. Surely they won’t do it to Chris Kennedy?”

    James Douglas who seemed halfway through giving Michelle his Sleep Tight finisher, decides to toss her aside instead (which given the size difference, still sees her tossed a fair distance).

    Rod Sterling: “Look at Gerald Grayson! He’s sneaking in once again to get Michelle out of harm’s way. He’s really making the most of his presence on Meltdown.”

    Broc Lobster: “It’s good to have friends, but where’s Cyrus Truth?”

    Crowe and Bedlam lay their gold on top of one another, the North American Championship atop the Longhorn Championship. They get Chris Kennedy onto his feet but it’s really the strength of Crowe and Bedlam that are keeping him up. Juggernaut positions himself next to the belts and his partners-in-crime send Chris Kennedy stumbling his way! James Douglas lifts him into the air, tilt-a-whirls him and hits the SNAP TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER - THE DEATHSWITCH RIGHT ONTO THE TWO BELTS! Kennedy’s busted open with the impact, and as with the blood of Marcus McClain and Captain Fantasy before, it drips onto the North American Championship.

    Rod Sterling: “Chris Kennedy is a bleeding mess! We need to get some medical help out there.”

    Broc Lobster: “I don’t think he’ll be able to compete for the bounty any more than that.”

    The trio stand over the body of Chris Kennedy with Crazy Harry helping Sammy Bedlam stand. They quickly back off when Cyrus Truth comes rushing in with a chair. They hold hands up innocently, backing out of Truth’s reach who stands in front of Kennedy like a bulldog. EMTs hurry to arrive behind him to check on the condition of Chris Kennedy after receiving a finisher that’s put several others out of commission already.

    Rod Sterling: “And you’ve got to wonder, what does this mean for Cyrus Truth and Tag Warz. Will Kennedy still be able to compete after going through that?”

    Broc Lobster: “Chris Kennedy is a hell of a competitor, Rod, but he’s still human!”

    Sawyer Xavier steps through the curtains in the Curtis Culwell Center with his manager George E. Brilliant at his side. Xavier stops at the top of the stage to listen to some words of wisdom for Brilliant before nodding and swaggering down the ramp. He doesn’t pay much attention to the fans or any outreaching hands but walks with renewed confidence after his successes at Mile High.

    Rod Sterling: “Sawyer Xavier has been pining for an FWA Gauntlet Championship for a while now, and he was able to secure that shot by getting the right briefcase in the Secular Spectacular at Mile High. Tonight, he’s gotta deliver on his ambitions.”

    Broc Lobster: “Sawyer’s come a long way. He’s had shots at the Gauntlet belt in the past, and tonight is perhaps his best opportunity against our guest from Fallout here. He’s worked hard over the past year plus to round out his skills, I think tonight could be his moment.”

    Rod Sterling: “I’m sure George has been coaching him all month long as to how to take advantage of the experience and size gap, something that isn’t often on Sawyer’s side. We’ll see if that pays off.”

    The challenger makes his way into the squared circle, climbing up to the top turnbuckle and mouthing off promises of a swift victory, signaling that he’s going to have a belt around his waist before the night is up

    The harmonica echoing across the arena signals the arrival of the Fallout guest of the evening (well, one of two), Harry the Sane Wizard. Though attention is first placed at the top of the ramp, a rousing ovation from the crowd absorbs the camera’s attention. Harry steps through one of the exits/entrances in the stands. He tries his best to be confident in enemy territory but there’s not much brand allegiance among the fans and many of them are actually enthusiastic for the youthful underdog.

    Rod Sterling: “Many have criticized the fact that Harry the Sane Wizard is an FWA Gauntlet Champion, and I count myself among them. He’s hardly a wrestler. I still question the legality of him competing. And he’s really desecrating the belt by holding it. Not just because he’s a Fallout wrestler, I sincerely hope Sawyer does quick work of this fraud.”

    Broc Lobster: “Don’t be too hard on him, Rod.”

    Rod Sterling: “He beat a sauce dispenser who’s no longer even employed, and then fluked his way against a man who’d gone through five tables to even get this championship. He shouldn’t be competing in an FWA ring.”

    Harry the Sane Wizard is roused by the support from outreaching hands and makes his way to the barricade after signing some autographs. He climbs over and stops at ringside to stare up at Sawyer. He looks down at his Gauntlet Championship, the one Sawyer is pointing out, and frowns back at the challenger. The champion slides into the ring and hands over the belt to the referee while Natalie Rosenberg makes her introduction.

    Katie Lynn-Goldsmith: “Ladies and gentlemen, the next contest is scheduled for one-fall, with a twenty minute time limit and it is for the FWA Gauntlet Championship… introducing first, he is teh challenger… being accompanied by George E. Brilliant, from Savannah, Georgia and weighing in at one hundred and seventy six pounds...Sawyer Xavier!”

    Sawyer Xavier takes some high knee leaps as his name is called, stretches a bit and then pats the Gauntlet Championship when the ref shows him what he’s fighting for.

    Katie Lynn-Goldsmith: “And his opponent, he is the reigning and defending FWA Gauntlet Champion… from an Alternate Universe and weighing in at one hundred and twenty-six pounds… Harry The SANE Wizard!”

    Harry the Sane Wizard kisses the FWA Gauntlet Championship belt as its presented to him before the referee lifts up in the center of the ring, and then passes it on to a road agent at ringside. The bell rings and the match is set to commence.




    (w/ george e. brilliant)


    Harry the Sane Wizard and Sawyer Xavier circle about in the ring. Sawyer’s got a confident glint in his eye as he tries to bait Harry into a lock up. They close in one another and just as Sawyer and Harry are reaching out their hands for a test of strength, Harry moves swiftly to get behind Sawyer and roll him up!


    Broc Lobster: “He calls himself a pinfall wizard, and he’s already living up to his name.”

    Sawyer gets to his feet in a hurry, his eyes widened by the sudden pin and retreating to the ropes. George warns him not to let his guard down. Harry knows he’s close but tries to keep cool. Sawyer slaps himself in the face and instead of playing around, rushes towards Harry with a knee to the gut. Harry is too slow on the uptake to block it and finds himself kneeling over. Xavier gets him to his feet and irish whips him towards the ropes. On the rebound, he floors him with a picture perfect dropkick. Xavier showboats a tad, grinning and already feeling fully in control of this one.

    Rod Sterling: “He better not let his guard down. That’s how Harry became a champion in the first place. Sawyer’s gotta take this as seriously as he would any other competitor.”

    Harry crawls over to the ropes and uses that to get to his feet while Xavier lingers around, stalking him. When Xavier approaches him, grabbing him by the head, Harry goes for a chop to the chest. Xavier chuckles then forces Harry’s arms around the ropes before letting loose a stiff knife edge chop of his own. Harry caresses his chest, stumbling about into the corner. Xavier approaches him there and lets loose another stinging chop. He then strikes with an uppercut, and a haymaker, and a very stiff closed fist right the referee has to warn him about.

    Broc Lobster: “A one sided match so far. Xavier is in complete control. He’s never dominated a match this one sided before.”

    Rod Sterling: “He’s just gotta seal the deal.”

    He pleads innocence to the official, backing away from Harry into the opposite corner. He measures his opponent and charges full speed ahead, nailing the Sane Wizard with the Shining Wizard. He poses there for a second, knee still under Harry’s chin, and nodding off to a crowd. He grabs Harry by the head and charges off into the middle of the ring with a bulldog. Xavier turns Harry onto his back and confidently shoves his forearm into Harry’s face as he goes for the pin, nodding off to each count.


    Rod Sterling: “Hook the leg, damn it! There’s a title on the line!”

    Xavier didn’t hook the leg there, perhaps underestimating the rookie a bit too much. He stands up and questions the official on the count there, but the official is quite clear that it’s a two count.

    Rod Sterling: "I'm hearing we've got an update on the condition of Chris Kennedy, let's go backstage in picture-in-picture to see what's going on."

    In the parking lot, Chris Kennedy is on a stretcher being wheeled into an ambulance. Cyrus Truth looks on, concerned and angry at once. Jon Russnow is also present, clearly disappointed to see one of Meltdown's biggest stars and one of his bounty hunters out of the competition.

    Jon Russnow: "You just had to be cursed, didn't you?"

    Cyrus Truth takes a step towards Russnow and Russnow lifts his hands up innocently. Truth shakes his head and walks away. He still has an FWA World Championship to get ahold of, and he'll have to put his concerns about the Tag Warz aside for the moment.

    Rod Sterling: "We're hearing word that Saint Sulley has once against closed in on Dreamer! Let's move elsewhere backstage!"

    Saint Sulley and Gerald Grayson are mid-brawl, throwing lefts and rights at each other, a striking exchange that Sulley is able to eventually get the best of before clocking Gerald with a roundhouse kick. Grayson falls to one knee, but then shows some fighting spirit, getting back to his feet and striking Sulley with a roundhouse kick of his own. Sulley nearly drops but he keeps his balance and hits a Spinning Elbow Strike to finally floor Gerald.

    Broc Lobster: “He’s turning his attention on Michelle now who is laying up a flight of stairs.”

    Rod Sterling: “Michelle is taking a running leap-”

    Suicide Dive down the flight of stairs and crashing into Sulley! That took as much out of Michelle as it did out of Sulley!

    Rod Sterling: “It looks like they’ll need time to recover, Broc. We’ll get back to them after the Gauntlet Championship match.”

    Harry ceases his opponent and goes for a school boy pin, once again catching Xavier off-guard.


    Broc Lobster: “Sawyer Xavier nearly lost it there. He would’ve kicked himself if he let it slip through his fingers.”

    Rod Sterling: “Maybe that’s the wake up call he needs.”

    That was a close one! Both men make their way to their feet off the momentum of that kick out and Xavier hits a bicycle kick that flips Harry inside out. Xavier shakes his head at Harry’s tenacity and gets him up to his knees. He places his head between his legs and signals to the crowd that this one is just about done. Xavier sunset flips foward with a powerbomb, following through with a pinfall.


    Broc Lobster: “Another kick out! I think Harry is a bit more resilient than we were giving him credit for.”

    Rod Sterling: “Sure, but he can’t have much more left in the tank.”

    Xavier sneers and shoves Harry off and onto his knees, gets back to his own feet, and CLOCKS HIM WITH A SUPERKICK! Harry falls flat on his back. Sawyer decides to move on towards the turnbuckle, patiently climbing it. He stands tall at the very top. Points to the air - and pirouettes in sky with a PHOENIX SPLASH - CRASH LANDS ON THE MAT!

    Rod Sterling: “Oh no!”

    Broc Lobster: “High risk maneuvers don’t always pay off!”

    Harry capitalizes instantly, hitting a quite sophisticated jacknife pin!


    Harry is first to his feet this time and he gets close to the ropes, having some offense in mind here. Sawyer is a bit slow to get up after the failed Phoenix Splash, and a bit dazed. Just as Harry starts to charge, George E. Brilliant grabs his foot and trips him up. The referee doesn’t quite notice it but the sudden screeching and yelling at ringside catches her attention. George E. Brilliant finds himself accosted by several fangirls (and boys) who were behind the barricade. They’re assaulting the managing with quite weak strikes.

    Rod Sterling: “What the hell are those fans doing at ringside! Get security out here! They’re jeopardizing the sanctity of this match!”

    Broc Lobster: “I believe those are Charles LeRoi’s fans, Rod! They also got involved in the Secular Spectacular, but there’s no Guy Jordan to scare them off this time. I think they still hold a grudge against Sawyer Xavier for what happened at Meltdown 9.”

    Rod Sterling: “Charles isn’t even competing tonight. They’ve got no business being here.”

    The fans are urging the referee to notice that George E. Brilliant was cheating but the official is more concerned with throwing them out. Xavier who was plotting to capitalize on Harry, finds himself also distracted by the commotion on the outside.

    Harry gingerly moves behind Xavier and hits a LOW BLOW!

    Rod Sterling: “The official needs to keep his eyes on the competitors. Let security deal with the fans.”

    Broc Lobster: “Harry’s learned from people who shy away from following the rules. Xavier let his guard down!”

    Xavier crumples to the ground holding his family jewels. By the time security has begun ushering the fans out, the official has completely missed the illegal shot, and so has George. Harry has backed away into a corner. He’s tired but he urges Xavier to his feet. Sawyer uses the ropes to get up and as soon as he does - Harry is off to the races with a BUSAIKU KNEE KICK!

    Broc Lobster: “He learned that move from the Interim FWA World Champion, Rod! A Busaiku Knee Kick is a part of MvH’s signature arsenal!”

    Harry the Sane Wizard goes for the pin attempt-



    Winner AND STILL FWA Gauntlet Champion - Harry the Sane Wizard

    Rod Sterling: “That official needs to be given his papers! What a disastrous performance! Is he on the Fallout payroll?”

    Harry rolls out of the ring almost immediately and hurries to grab the FWA Gauntlet Championship. Sawyer Xavier’s eyes are completely wide, and George E. Brilliant who is finally recovered from the fan assault is equally stunned. Xavier tries to plead his case to the referee, berating them for completely missing the illegal pin.

    Rod Sterling: “Xavier can’t be happy with that. He shouldn’t have even given Harry a chance to compete here. This is a joke, Broc. A joke. George has gotta sit with Xavier and re-evaluate his priorities.”

    Harry is already up the ramp, holding the FWA Gauntlet Championship tightly. But just as he arrives at the top of it, he turns around to find himself staring at Tobias Blume!

    Broc Lobster: “He may have survived against Sawyer Xavier, but he’s got another challenge already lining up. It’s the Tobias Blume Experience, and I think he’s coming to get a good look at the champion.”

    The #1 Contender to the FWA Gauntlet Championship has a joint in his mouth, and a grin on his face. He glances at the belt Harry is carrying and nods at it. He takes his joint out of his mouth and places it in Harry’s mouth. Harry is a bit too stunned and possibly scared to react. Tobias pats him on the shoulder as he turns back around to leave the stage, having had a good look at his second opponent on Meltdown.

    Broc Lobster: “Meltdown XI is set to see Harry the Sane Wizard defend the FWA Gauntlet Championship against Tobias Blume. Will Harry wrack up another singles victory on Meltdown, or will his luck run out.”

    Within the squared circle, Sawyer Xavier has grabbed a microphone and he doesn’t look happy at all with what just occurred.

    Sawyer Xavier: “This wasn’t supposed to happen! I’m supposed to be a champion right now! I’ve busted my ass for an entire year to get that belt. It should be mine. You should all be chanting MY name! Tonight I was supposed to be making history. This is all wrong. You know what the problem is? You people cheer and support the wrong people. Just like those idiots who cost me my match. For what? A guy who can hardly even get a match on Meltdown? You know what? Charles LeRoi! I want a match with you next Meltdown. After I’m done with you, you’ll never, ever step into a wrestling ring again. And I hope all your fans are front row again to see me ruin you permanently.”

    Sawyer tosses the microphone down, red-faced and very much pissed off.

    Rod Sterling: “You know, Broc. Maybe this is what needs to happen. Sawyer needs to get that monkey off his back and he can move on to focusing on the FWA Gauntlet Championship again. The belt’s sticking around to Meltdown for two more shows, he could still get another shot before it heads off to Fallout.”

    Broc Lobster: “I don’t know if security will even let those Charles LeRoi fans at ringside again.”

    Rod Sterling: “We’re getting word that things have exploded backstage. The clock is ticking towards the end of the night, and with the exception of Chris Kennedy who we saw leaving the arena in an ambulance, the rest of the bounty hunters are after Michelle von Horrowitz and her FWA World Championship!”

    Broc Lobster: “We saw Saint Sulley ambush Michelle, and if it wasn’t for Gerald, he might even have gotten the best of her after all she’s been through tonight!”

    We do indeed head backstage in a set of stairs just in time to spot Gerald Grayson nailing Saint Sulley with a high knee! Michelle von Horrowitz scrambles to go up the stairs while Grayson advises her that she’ll keep Sulley busy so she can make her escape. Grayson climbs up the stairs and walks over to the barricade that would prevent one from plummeting down. He waits patiently for Saint Sulley to get back to his feet and then springboards atop the barricade. Just as he does so, the exit door nearest to him is kicked open and Joe Burr runs in behind Grayson! He shoves him off and Grayson has lost control of his flight - SULLEY CATCHES HIM AND DRILLS HIM WITH THE RKO!

    Broc Lobster: “AN RKO OUT OF NOWHERE!”

    Rod Sterling: “It looks like Michelle isn’t the only bounty hunter with an ally to count on! Perhaps Saint Sulley & Joe Burr are looking to make up for their loss earlier in the night.”

    Joe Burr’s eyes are wide as to what he just contributed to and Saint Sulley has a sick look on his face, both a merciless one, and perhaps a little shock as to his own actions. He meets Joe Burr’s eyes, and both realize quickly enough that they need to track down Michelle!

    Dreamer has made it up the stairs, clutching her championship and pushing the door into the Curtis Culwell Center’s top floor concession stand area. As soon as she does, a steel chair is launched her way and she drops to the floor. Cyrus Truth walks towards her menacingly, giving her a taste of her own medicine from their showdown earlier in the night. Truth takes his attention off her momentarily and ignoring a complaining concession stand worker, pushes a pizza cart in front of the door Michelle just came out of, hoping to delay Saint Sulley and Joe Burr just that little bit more.

    Broc Lobster: “A smart move by Cyrus Truth, making sure he’s got Michelle all to himself.”

    Michelle has grabbed the steel chair that was tossed her way though, and swings wide at Truth who ducks beneath it and then kicks her in the gut, causing her to drop the chair. He grabs her by the throat and hits the Memento Mori on the hard floor! “Where’s the ref?” He looks around for the ref but finds one sorely missing and shakes his head. The door nearby is being kicked open by Sulley and Cyrus knows he’s running on a timer before he has to deal with more bodies.

    He lifts up Michelle and gets her onto his shoulders for the Journey’s End but just as he’s about to execute it, HE’S BARRELED OVER WITH A POPCORN STAND! Both Michelle and Truth are run over by the efforts of the Gang Stars who stand over their handiwork!

    Broc Lobster: “It’s the Gang Stars again! They took out Devin Golden whom we heard had to get medical attention. Maybe they’re looking to finish the rest of the bounty hunters here.”

    Rod Sterling: “Get security out there! Get Alyster out of this building! Why is he still here? He took out our FWA World Tag Team Champion!”

    By the door, Joe Burr manages to sneak through a tiny sliver of opening thanks to Saint Sulley, and he gets on the other side. He goes to work on pushing the pizza cart away, but stops when he notices two shadows around him. He turns into Krash, then thinks better of it and goes the other way - ONE-SHOT KILL FLIPS BURR INSIDE OUT!

    They toss Burr aside and Krash and Alyster move the Pizza Cart themselves, staying at either side of the door to keep Saint Sulley unawares. Once the door finally gives, Sulley rushes out. He makes it a short distance before noting the popcorn stand with Michelle and Truth down, and then Burr crawling not too far away. He turns to spot Krash and Alyster on either side of him. Part of him perhaps considers appealing to their past friendship, but he sneers instead and catches Krash with a roundhouse kick!

    Broc Lobster: “Saint Sulley doesn’t back down from rights, Rod! Caught Krash clean in the temple with that round house!”

    Rod Sterling: “Now take care of the invader!”

    Alyster Black tackles Saint Sulley and the two strikers unload on one another! Elbow smashes, forearms, headbutts, right hooks, left jabs. Saint Sulley hits a spinning elbow strike. Black manages to keep his footing and retaliates with a discuss elbow of his own! Sulley keeps his footing, but before either can choose to do anymore, they turn around to see Truth standing atop the popcorn stand and LEAPING AT THEM WITH A DOUBLE CLOTHESLINE!

    Krash is back onto his feet from the roundhouse kick and he rushes at Truth with the One-Hit Kill! But Truth dodges out of the way once more! He gets behind Krash and hooks the arms for a German Suplex - but Krash lands on his feet unbeknownst to the Exile. The moment Truth turns around - he’s STRUCK WITH THE ONE-HIT KILL!

    Rod Sterling: “No! Krash is the last man standing! He’s going to take back the belt!”

    The White Wolf struggles to his feet and turns his attention towards where Michelle von Horrowitz lays… and is smacked in the skull with the FWA World Championship belt. Michelle takes one last look at the laid out Moustached Maverick and hurries away.

    Broc Lobster: “It looks like Michelle has made it out of there at the last second once again. She might leave the night with the belt!”

    “Lights Out” by P.O.D. hits, which indicates the arrival of Death Switch Initiative, Tommy Bedlam and James Douglas. Tommy gets a lot of the cheers from his home state, making him feel right at home as he can’t help but smile at that. Bedlam and Douglas then bump fists and walk down to the ring together.

    Katie Lynn-Goldsmith: "The following contest is your main event and it is a three way elimination match! The final team left standing at the end of the match will be the winners! Introducing first, weighing in at a combined weight of 579 lb, first from Lexington, Kentucky he is “The Juggernaut” James Douglas and his tag team partner is Texas’ own, Tommy Bedlam! Together they are Deathswitch Initiative!"

    Broc Lobster: "Tommy Bedlam receiving a hero’s welcome here in his home state, and I’m sure that he’d like nothing more than a win tonight in front of his friends and family."

    Rod Sterling: "With a man the size of James Douglas at his side, there’s a very possibility of that happening, Broc!"

    Broc Lobster: "Bedlam and Douglas didn’t walk out of the Mile High Massacre as the victors, but they sure as heck left their mark on not only that match, but at the conclusion of the North American title match along with their running mate Chris Crowe, they ensured that Marcus McClain would not be able to compete in tonight’s match!"

    “Giving In” by Adema now fills the arena and Damian Lynch walks out on stage. Lynch wastes no time with posturing or anything, and just makes his way to the ring.

    Katie Lynn-Goldsmith: "Making his way to the ring, weighing in at 275 lb, “The Prototype” Damian Lynch!"

    Broc Lobster: "It’s an unusual sight to see Lynch without Sean Hughes at his side, but tonight he’ll have someone else watching his back."

    Rod Sterling: "Someone that the FWA fans are familiar with."

    Labrinth’s “Growing Up Nate” plays out and the fans are unsure of how to react at first given the unfamiliarity to the music, but soon enough they are greeted by Noah Stocke, former tag team champion and one half of The Division. Stocke doesn’t pay any mind to the reception he gets as he shadow boxes on his way to the ring.

    Katie Lynn-Goldsmith: "and his tag team partner, from Vancouver, B.C., Canada, weighing in at 205 lb, Noah Stocke!"

    Rod Sterling: "A former tag team champion when he was one half of The Division, Noah Stocke makes his return tonight!"

    Broc Lobster: "Lynch is a former tag team champion in his own right as well, Rod. Despite the oddness of it all, given that their respective associates over on Fallout have had their issues, it’ll be interesting to see if they can co-exist enough to get the job done tonight."

    Stocke enters the ring and joins Lynch in a corner as his music fades out.

    “Alone” hits and Reagan Cole marches out on stage. He looks down at what faces him, takes a deep breath, and makes his way down to the ring.

    Katie Lynn-Goldsmith: "Making his way to the ring, from Essex, England and weighing in at 215 lb, he is “The British Apprentice” Reagan Cole!"

    Broc Lobster: "As noted earlier, Cole’s originally scheduled partner, Marcus McClain was taken out of this match after that assault from Deathswitch Initiative. No one knows who is here as a substitute for McClain, but we’re about to find out."

    Rod Sterling: "Cole has to know who it is, right?"

    Cole doesn’t enter the ring yet and stands at the bottom of the ramp as he waits for his partner, a smirk begins to form as his theme music fades out.

    The crowd is buzzing with anticipation before the opening to a familiar theme song begins to play.

    Broc Lobster: "No way!"

    “Go to Sleep” plays as Eminem’s opening lyrics get going and soon enough “The Wildcard” appears on stage.

    Broc Lobster: "Randall is back! “The Wildcard” Jason Randall is back!"

    Rod Sterling: "I can’t believe it! We haven’t seen him in over a year!"

    Randall takes a drink from a bottle of water, then dumps the rest of it over his head before slamming the empty bottle on stage emphatically and he makes his way down to the ring.

    Katie Lynn-Goldsmith: "and his tag team partner, from San Diego, California and weighing in at 234 lb, he is “The Wildcard” Jason Randall!"

    The crowd is going bananas as Randall joins his partner at ringside. They give each other a look, nod, and enter the ring together as the other combatants spread out. Bedlam and Douglas are on the outside now while Lynch and Stocke remain in their corner, unphased by this.

    Broc Lobster: "Would you listen to this crowd?! They are going crazy for the return of Jason Randall!"

    Rod Sterling: "He’s the last person I expected to see show up tonight!"

    Randall removes his vest and tosses it ringside and then joins Cole in their corner. Bedlam and Douglas remain on the outside deciding who starts the match while Stocke and Lynch discuss strategy. The referee for the match, Gracelynn Guerrero, checks each team before calling for the bell.

    TAG WARZ 3 OF 3

    "the juggernaut" james douglas & tommy bedlam
    (w/ sammy bedlam & rocco sullivan)




    (w/ sean hughes)


    It’s Randall starting things off for his team while Douglas starts off for DI while Stocke and Lynch bide their time a little. Randall wastes no time trying to take the big man down as he charges at him with a Thesz press in mind, but Douglas doesn’t even budge, yet Randall isn’t deterred by that and starts wailing away at Douglas until the big man shoves him off. Douglas is a bit irked by that now and he goes for a big boot, but Randall avoids danger and slides behind Douglas and clips him at the back of the leg, forcing Douglas down to one knee. Randall sees this opening and starts pounding away at Douglas’ spine with whatever he can throw at him. With Douglas still on one knee, Randall fires off a flurry of forearm strikes. Randall then runs the ropes and goes for a DDT on the exchange, but Douglas turns it around on Randall and bullrushes him straight into the corner with a massive shoulder thrust straight into Randall’s gut! Douglas unloads more shoulder thrusts to Randall until he feels like he’s had enough. Douglas backs up and comes barrelling down the ring with a mighty roar and smashes Randall in the corner with a splash!

    Broc Lobster: "Douglas welcoming Randall back in his own unique way it seems."

    Rod Sterling: "Yeah, the hard and painful way! I bet he wishes he stayed home now!"

    Douglas drags Randall to his corner and tags in Bedlam, and Douglas holds Randall in place so Bedlam delivers a swift boot to the gut! Bedlam then hits a swinging neckbreaker on Randall! Bedlam tags Douglas back and Douglas drags Randall to the corner near Lynch and Stocke, and it’s there that Stocke tags himself in by making the blind tag on Douglas. Stocke enters the fray and starts unloading a barrage of strikes on Randall.

    Broc Lobster: "This is not the comeback Randall had in mind, he is looking worse for wear right about now!"

    Randall is slumped in the corner now while Stocke backs up, mouths off at Cole before charging at Randall for The Bees Knees, but Randall rolls out of the way just in time and Stocke hits his knee on the turnbuckle! Randall pops up and nails a corner clothesline on Stocke before going to town on Stocke with some mudhole stomps! Randall drags Stocke away from the corner and hits a snap suplex on Stocke! Stocke is back up however, but instantly regrets it as he eats a ripcord lariat from Randall! Randall makes the tag to Cole and Cole takes advantage of this opening and hits a running elbow to keep Stocke down! Cole opens up with some grounded elbow strikes to Stocke before bringing him back up and takes him down with a bridging northern lights suplex!


    Stocke kicks out and immediately crawls over to his corner and tags in Lynch. Lynch runs towards Cole and tries to take his head off with a clothesline, but Cole avoids it and counters with a roll-up from behind!


    Lynch kicks out and rolls through back to his feet and before Cole even react, Lynch takes Cole’s head off with a big boot! Cole is on the mat and Lynch unleashes holy hell with vicious stomps to the chest! Cole tries to crawl over to his corner to the outstretched hand of Randall, but Lynch pulls him back in and hits him with a dragon suplex! Lynch then irish whips Cole to the corner where Bedlam tags himself in with a blind tag to Lynch after Lynch hit a corner clothesline to Cole.

    Broc Lobster: "Bedlam wants Cole to himself and Douglas, he wants to finish what’s been started with Cole after being a thorn in Cole’s side for months now."

    Bedlam unleashes several strikes in the corner before taking Cole out of the corner and throws him across the ring with a hip toss!

    Cole is still trying to crawl to his corner but it’s Bedlam keeping him away and Bedlam throws Cole back to his corner and tags in Douglas. The two friends double team Cole in the corner, much to the dismay of the referee. Douglas tags Bedlam back in and Tommy takes Cole up for a vertical suplex, but Cole drops out behind Bedlam and hits a back suplex onto the turnbuckle! Bedlam bounces off of that right into Cole’s arms and Cole takes him down with an olympic slam! Cole finally makes the tag to Randall and Randall waits as Bedlam is up and takes him down with a Thesz press followed by wildly thrown punches! Randall is fired up now as he takes Bedlam’s arms in a surfboard position facing up and then unloads with a barrage of stomps to the face!

    Broc Lobster: "Randall dishing out the punishment!"

    Rod Sterling: "The middle finger to Douglas is uncalled for though."

    Randall does flip the bird to Douglas before finishing off Bedlam with one more stomp to the face. Douglas is irate and enters the ring without a tag and levels Randall with a lariat! Douglas is escorted back to his corner while Randall tags Cole back in just as Bedlam tags in Douglas and Douglas hits a pump kick to Cole! Douglas is calling for the end and has Cole in position for a chokeslam, but Cole slips out of it behind Douglas and jumps on Douglas’ back attempting a sleeper hold, but Douglas counters by flipping Cole off of him! Douglas takes up and hits him with Sleep Tight!

    Randall is about to make the save but he’s pulled off the apron by Bedlam while Douglas covers Cole…


    Katie Lynn-Goldsmith: "The team of Reagan Cole and Jason Randall have been eliminated!"

    Broc Lobster: "A tremendous from Reagan Cole and Randall, but unfortunately it was all for naught!"

    Rod Sterling: "Randall is leaving Bedlam with something to remember him by though!"

    Randall had been fighting with Bedlam and he tossed him into the steel steps! Randall looks back at Douglas in the ring, flips him the double bird this time and walks back up the ramp.

    Rod Sterling: "Randall isn’t going to check on his partner at least? Seems rude."

    Douglas is irate and he’s yelling at Randall that he’s not through with him. Meanwhile, Lynch sneaks up on Douglas from behind with a double axe handle taking him down! Lynch stomps away at Douglas while Cole is helped out of the ring and Bedlam is still knocked out on the outside. Within the referee distracted, Stocke joins in and helps Lynch stomp and kick at Douglas. Stocke quickly exits back to the apron before the referee is none the wiser. Lynch irish whips Douglas to the corner and tags in Stocke. Stocke opens up with repeated strikes on Douglas before dragging him out and kicks him in the midsection, bringing Douglas down to a knee and Stocke goes for a running knee strike, but Douglas comes back to life and counters with a grip around Stocke’s throat and sends him crashing down with a thunderous chokeslam!

    Both men lay out in the ring while Bedlam is getting back to his apron and he starts to will on Douglas, who eventually makes the tag and Bedlam enters the match and stomps on the back of Stocke before applying a cobra clutch submission! Bedlam has it cinched in but Lynch breaks it up with a running big boot before the referee makes him get back to his corner. Bedlam is up on his feet first and has Stocke in his sights, he goes for The Rough Ride, but Stocke slips out of it and tags in Lynch and Lynch nails an unsuspecting Bedlam with a superkick! Douglas runs in for the save but eats a superkick for his troubles, and it sends him stumbling back and from the outside Stocke trips him up and pulls him out of the ring while Lynch has Bedlam in position…Genesis! He makes the pin!



    Winners: "The Prototype" Damian Lynch & Noah Stocke
    Katie Lynn-Goldsmith: "The winners of the match, Damian Lynch and Noah Stocke!"

    Rod Sterling: “Noah Stocke & Damian Lynch start the campaign with an impressive win in our main event three way elimination match.”

    Broc Lobster: “We’ve got three teams at the top, three teams at the bottom, and one team in between here with Deathswitch Initiative getting a key pinfall on Reagan Cole.”

    Noah Stocke and Damian Lynch roll out of the ring, making their way up the ramp. Deathswitch Initiative on the other hand are forced to lick their wounds. James Douglas helps Tommy Bedlam out of the ring. While they're certainly happy to have gotten one pinfall here, it's clear they would've preferred collecting both of them.

    Rod Sterling: “We’ll get the board up for the current standings.”

    Competitors Pts
    Noah Stocke & The New Breed 1
    Gold 'N Roses 1
    Grayson & von Horrowitz Connection 1
    Deathswitch Initiative .5
    Hollywood Saints 0
    Reagan Cole & Jason Randall 0
    Chris Kennedy & Cyrus Truth 0

    Roy Orbison’s “Dreams” echoes across the arena and Michelle is still clutching the FWA World Championship, and she has Gerald Grayson at her side! She’s making her way through the crowd in a hurry to get to the ring.

    Rod Sterling: “The clock is ticking for Michelle! If she can hold just that much longer, she’s going to become a two time FWA World Champion.”

    Broc Lobster: “But she’s not alone! Some of the other bounty hunters are in hot pursuit!”

    "Back in Town" by Matt Dusk hits and Krash, the most recently former FWA World Champion, appears in front of the crowd. He has masked Alyster Black a step behind him. The crowd cheers the Gang Stars' entrance as everything picks up further.

    Broc Lobster: “The Gang Stars have done a ton of damage tonight. They took out Devin Golden! They got in the way of both Cyrus Truth and Saint Sulley’s title hopes. They’re going to be hoping to take the belt back home to Fallout while they still can.”

    Rod Sterling: “Dreamer and Gerald are in the ring waiting for them though!”

    "Sympathy for the Devil by The Rolling Stones hits and the entire crowd EXPLODES. Saint Sulley comes out with Joe Burr a half step behind him. The former triple champion -- the only triple champion -- slowly walks to the ring.

    Broc Lobster: “Saint Sulley has been in pursuit of the FWA World Championship since the start of the night, and he’s enlisted his Hollywood Saints partner to help him seal the deal!”

    Rod Sterling: “Everyone recognizes this is their last chance at the belt, Broc!”

    And Cyrus Truth is hustling down through the crowd as well. Unfortunately for him, he doesn’t have any friends to help him out like the other four bounty hunters do. But that’s not going to stop him from going after the greatest prize.

    Broc Lobster: “Cyrus Truth tasted the FWA World Championship once today, but he doesn’t want that to be the only time. He wants to be back at the mountain top!”

    Rod Sterling: “That’s everyone around the ring. They’re all about to enter the squared circle! Is Dreamer ready?”

    The other seven wrestlers enter the ring and it immediately devolves into an all-out brawl! Burr gets clotheslined by Cyrus Truth! Krash is going toe to toe with Sulley! Gerald Grayson is facing off with the holder of his former X Championship!

    Michelle sees everyone occupied and sees the opening to the back. She then sees Jon Russnow standing at at the bottom of the ramp, looking at the wild scene in front of him. Michelle then leans over the ropes and says, "It's back to me." Russnow smiles and shrugs.

    "I guess so."

    Michelle is smiling but the lights dim a slight bit. Then the low strumming of an acoustic guitar begins playing. And ...



    Rod Sterling: What ...

    Broc Lobster: There is ... ONE MORE ... World Champion.



    The arena goes into an uproar -- of boos and cheers together as "Zombie" by the Cranberries plays. The excitement level reaches a fever pitch as a figure appears, slowly walking through the curtains and peeking his head around the corner. Michelle's eyes are fixated on who she is sure is "The Rotten Gold" Devin Golden, a three-time World Heavyweight Champion from the era of Crossfire. Their showdown earlier in the night was cut short by the Gang Stars.

    Golden -- sure enough, it's him -- walks to the ring with his gold and black robe covering his arms and sleeves. He has gold wrestling tights and boots. He has bandages around his head from the Satan’s Spike he took earlier in the night, and some around his waist from the Daybreaker. Then he walks to the ring in a slow saying motion, his arms moving a bit from his waists outward and then back inward towards his body.

    Rod Sterling: Devin Golden … it seemed he might’ve been taken out for the night by The Gang Stars but he looks like he took a trip to the medical room.

    Golden rolls under the ropes and pops up with his left leg on the mat and right leg bent. He has an elbow resting on the bent leg as he remains sort of crouched down and eyeing the holder of the belt.

    The referee remains in the ring. All the other bounty hunters are in the squared circle with Alyster Black, Gerald Grayson, and Joe Burr inside as well. It’s chaos all around. Within the squared circle, Krash, in particular, is off about Golden's presence.

    Rod Sterling: There are only a few minutes left in the show!

    The action goes as you'd expect, with a bruhaha leading to people getting sprawled about in different directions. After taking a few forearms and kicks from the men chasing the belt, Michelle hits a swinging neckbreaker on Cyrus, who just landed a backbreaker on Golden.

    Krash hits his deadly lariat on Saint Sulley, but Michelle with a Busaiku knee kick to Krash! The action feels disjointed and sporadic, up until Gerald Grayson enters with a steel chair. He's acting as guardian and protector now, standing alongside Michelle.

    Rod Sterling: Gerald Grayson is here now and Michelle is SPENT of energy!

    Broc Lobster: The show is gonna end in like six minutes!

    Joe Burr is first, getting a chair from GiGi to the gut. Alyster Black steps forward and blocks the chair to the midsection before ripping it from Grayson's grip! Alyster then throws the chair down on the canvas and backs Grayson into the turnbuckle. Alyster can't challenge for the belt, but Krash enters!

    Rod Sterling: The Gang Stars against the Michelle and Grayson Connection! What a moment!

    Alyster and GiGi begin throwing blows while Krash and Michelle do the same. Alyster backs GiGi into the ropes and tries to clothesline him. Instead, GiGi ducks and sends Alyster out, but he lands on his feet. GiGi then gets hit with Alyster's "One Shot Kill" lariat finisher!

    Krash doesn't have the same luck, going for his "One Hit Kill" after getting a running start toward Michelle, but he misfires. Michelle picks up the steel chair in one motion and


    Then a WHACK to Alyster Black over his head! And a clothesline to Alyster out of the ring!

    Michelle is AGAIN the only one standing as she drops the dented chair and kneels down to check on GiGi.


    Michelle is still the holder of the belt.


    She's still the champion, if the night ends.


    She's still ...


    Broc Lobster: OH MY GOD!


    "The Rotten Gold" Devin Golden stands over Michelle, who has fallen to laying down on her side. Golden then drops his FWA Tag Team Championship belt and steps to the turnbuckle, like a trance has taken over. With the crowd watching and everyone on the outside not with their eye on him ... Golden leaps off!

    Broc Lobster: GOLDEN TOUCH!


    Broc Lobster: THREE!!!

    When the bell rings and the crowd reacts with a "THREE" followed by groans and cheers meshed together like a soup, everyone on the outside looks inward. Cyrus, Saint Sulley, Alyster Black, and Joe Burr, all look and see Golden kneeling in the ring, his hand raised.

    And Golden feels their stares. So he does the only thing he can and rolls out of the ring, in front of the announce table, where there's currently no one.


    Golden, seeing every avenue blocked and everyone looking at him, does the only thing he can.

    He grabs the World Championship belt from the timekeeper ... and hops the guard railing.


    Golden begins running through the semi-hostile crowd as Alyster Black jumps over after him. Krash joins in the chase, too. Michelle turns to Jon Russnow and has a look of pure fury. Everything in their exchange is off-mic but loud enough to be caught by the cameras nearby.


    "What do you want me to do? I'm not going to call a disqualification for the final Bounty match!"


    "I can't make the title be defended when there isn't a champ in the ring. You'll have to bring him back here!"

    Michelle then rolls out of the ring and sprints up the rampway. Cyrus Truth has jumped the railing and into the crowd as well, along with Saint Sulley and Joe Burr. Gerald Grayson is left in the ring with the chair next to him.

    The cameras then catch Golden getting through the crowd finally and running into the main concession corridor. He springs past a popcorn stand while holding the FWA Championship belt. Before he can make it to the elevator and possibly close to the door exits of the small two-story venue, out pops Cyrus Truth with Saint Sulley close by. Golden then sees the Gang Stars behind him. SO ... he springs BACK INTO THE CROWD! A new section of fans get their close contact as Golden scurries down the steps and toward the guard railing again. Krash, Alyster, and Sulley chase after while Cyrus goes down the elevator.

    Golden hops over the guard railing and races to the back. He goes left down the nearest hallway. There's a front entrance to the Curtis Culwell Center, with two sets of entrance doors on either end of the main entrance area, which has glass window panes from the floor to the ceiling. There's also an exit in the back left of the venue, with a small parking lot connected to a one-lane road.

    As Alyster closes in, Golden turns to his right around a corner with a vending machine. He pulls it down in front of Alyster, who is affected and rerouted just enough for Golden to gain some free space. Krash, Alyster, Cyrus, and Sulley continue chasing after.

    Down the hallway from Golden, in the direction of his mad dash, is Lizzie Rose, waving at him and generally too calm for the events unfolding.

    She sees the World Championship belt and gasps, placing her hands over her mouth.


    "I ... I did," Golden says back, out of breath, slowing down as he nears Lizzie.

    "What ... what do I do???"

    "Are you on this train or not?!" Golden says as he passes by, turning to ask the question and giving her one more look back.

    "I ... I ...


    I'M IN!"

    Lizzie Rose then springs after Golden, a few steps behind but noticeably fast. Like ... insanely fast. Track star-level fast. She catches up to Golden, who is an old man with a bum knee carrying a FWA Tag Team Championship belt in one hand and the FWA World Championship in the other, the straps dangling in the air and sometimes touching the floor.

    There's a front entrance to the Curtis Culwell Center, with two sets of entrance doors on either end of the main entrance area, which has glass window panes from the floor to the ceiling. There's also an exit in the back left of the venue, with a small parking lot connected to a one-lane road.

    Lizzie reaches the exit doors in the aforementioned back left of the arena and pushes them open with gusto.

    "Where to?!"

    As Krash closes in on Golden, he slips through the door opening and then shoves it shut ... slamming into Krash's face! The man who entered Meltdown X as the World Champion falls backwards as Cyrus Truth steps around him. Saint Sulley isn't far behind, trying to correct this if only because it cannot be Golden leaving on top.




    Cyrus Truth is close enough to possibly reach out and grab "The Rotten Gold", so Golden turns as Cyrus gets close and swings both belts like baseball bats -- or chain weapons. The straps smack Cyrus in the face, and Cyrus is caught off guard so much that he leans his upper body back and loses his balance. Golden then finds a trash can and -- while holding both belts with his left hand -- flings the plastic trash can with his right hand toward Sulley, who isn't hit by it but does have to stop running momentarily.

    "LET'S GO!" Lizzie shouts from the driver's seat through the passenger side window!


    Lizzie hits the gas as Golden times his jump and LEAPS onto the back hood of the car. With Lizzie Rose at the wheel, the four-door black Toyota Camry drifts away from the crowd of Krash, Alyster Black, Cyrus Truth, and Saint Sulley at the speedy pace of 15 mph. Golden gives out a "Hah-haaaaah" after landing it.

    Michelle von Horrowitz, who went a different direction in the chase scene, pops out from the exit doors in time to witness the final scene:

    "The Rotten Gold" Devin Golden sitting on the back hood of a car that is driving away from a group of bounty hunters giving up.





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    Re: Meltdown X | One Night in Meltdown: Texas | ☢ RESULTS ☢

    Will post longer review later but yeah.

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    Re: Meltdown X | One Night in Meltdown: Texas | ☢ RESULTS ☢


    Homecoming Segment - Tommy, JB, & BT
    Match writing - TGO, Jimmy, SS
    Opening Segment - Wolfie <3
    Golden Egomaniacal Segment - Egomaniacal TGO

    This was a really fun show to get to do! I'm a critic so there's things I may have done differently.

    The stand-offs themselves I wasn't sure and still am not sure about the execution. Initially I almost imagined mini promos happening before each stand-offs. The show was meant to be "western" themed so to speak so the stand off was a play off that. But I think it gave me a good excuse to space out the interactions and not have it be an all out brawl from the get go. I also thought it worked in that most of the guys would have been reluctant to win the title in this situation so they were fine with the stand offs premise. It was almost an elongated Elimination Chamber match in a sense.

    I had the idea to sort of have Gang Stars killing off everyone a bit too late in the game. And I think if I had the help of Wolfie/Rawr to capture those characters, the execution might've been cooler. I had lots of fun having them murder Golden though.

    Jiggy wasn't able to promo for wonderful reasons but it gave me a way to have Deathswitch Initiative continue to be a menace. I 100% wanted them involved in the bounty in some way or another & getting Kennedy's scalp is a great reward for them. I'm sure Jiggy will be back when he's a bit more settled down and I look forward to it.

    I loved Gerald helping MvH escape throughout the show.

    I'm not super sure if I did enough service to Saint Sulley who I wanted to be a pest throughout the show. And I also wasnt too sure how to depict him in the context of San Estrellas. Sulley's a complicated character so it was tough.

    I enjoyed having mid match picture in picture stuff. This was all done last second. Some of them are smaller than others. And I enjoyed teasing that the title might actually switch mid match of one of them. It may not flow really well since the match writers weren't really aware I was doing it, but nevertheless. I thought it was a fun experiment.

    And lastly. TGO sent me a hypothetical final segment. It didn't necessarily jibe with what I had in mind since I probably didn't communicate my view of how the show would work out, but I was able to alter it and make use of the bulk of it which was really fun. TGO's gone off the deep end with The Rotten Gold hahaha. The only thing I would've changed was perhaps have more teasers at the end to make it less predictable who would eventually walk out with the belt. I was getting very tired alas.

    As an aside from that. I think this show could've used a segment from Reagan Cole ahead of his mystery partner reveal, and a segment from Noah Stocke & New Breed. Stocke & NB get a big win in the main event but I kinda felt bad because it ends up overshadowed by the spectacle that followed with the bounty. I'd love to get these guys in an on-screen segment next show. All the other teams were spotlighted by the bounty so the lack of segment wasn't as noticeable. I wrote a Sawyer Xavier segment to give him something to keep going off of for the next show. Nothing was done for Aka Yurei but I think she'll have a big match next show either.

    Also enjoyed the homecoming segment by Tommy and I'm happy he made use of the home state setting, which is the reason why we're doing this in the first place. Tommy's character finally gets to move forward past Rocco Sullivan & the Texas locale helped him get through that.

    Tough loss for Gerald Grayson in the NA title match. It was a split result as evidenced by how close the match-up write-up was. And I'd love to see these two butt heads again eventually when we're past Tag Warz.

    I will attempt to post promo reviews when I feel more energetic. I really enjoyed all of the bounty promos! They were all great and it was a very competitive match. I feel really bad for Wolfie for putting him through hell on his first title defense. It would've been incredibly hard for anyone to win that match, especially coming off the MHM. And I'm very grateful for all the effort that was put in by the guys competing, especially since most of you end up doing two promos.

    Congratulations to TGO. Didn't expect him to be the bounty winner when I announced this whole thing. But I think he's effectively established himself as the GOAT at this point, no?

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    Re: Meltdown X | One Night in Meltdown: Texas | ☢ RESULTS ☢

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    Re: Meltdown X | One Night in Meltdown: Texas | ☢ RESULTS ☢

    Easily an 8.5/10 for me, would have been 10 if I would have won lol

    The World Title stuff was very well done, I was concerned with how that would feel throughout the show but I think writing it out as segment stuff in between the rest of the show was a good idea and it had a vibe that made it stand apart from the rest of the card. The picture and picture stuff was cool but I would have liked for a bit of a better transition between them. Otherwise, the whole Bounty Hunt was great!

    The NA Title match was a show stealer and I had no clue who was gonna come out on top in that one. Both writers put up great pieces and to echo a previous statement "I'd love to see these two butt heads again."

    Tag Warz had a lot to it. Some characters were pulling double duty and there were a couple unknown factors thrown in the mix. I thought the right teams won and the promos from all involved were good showings. All in all, I look forward to seeing this event play out!

    Now on to the part that I was most interested in, Deathswitch Initiative. We managed to gain a little traction here with a pinfall for .5 point to keep us in fight for Tag Warz. Tommy's homecoming was fun to be a part of and I'm glad Tommy got to offload Rocco (he's been saying he was gonna do it for months lol). I was not expecting DI to play such a major role in the Bounty Hunt and that was awesome. I look forward to facing the repercussions very soon lol.

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    Re: Meltdown X | One Night in Meltdown: Texas | ☢ RESULTS ☢

    Well, the opening was absolutely excellent. Krash is such a good character. "Never been one to keep destiny waiting, Jon. It's showtime." Such a good line from a popular and OVER face-aligned character to end the segment and lead into the show.

    I had A LOT of fun writing the opening match between GiGi and Crowe. I tried making GiGi look special as sort of a daredevil of sorts, hiding from Crowe and Crazy Harry by sneaking under the ring and army crawling around the outside. I think I had GiGi by a hair in the promo grades. Like 0.5 points. Not much between them but GiGi had me with his character development I think.

    These two should have a rematch in time. Big win for Crowe. Not much in the promos. GiGi's effort was good, imo. It'll need to be a great effort to take that belt from Crowe.

    Sulley-Krash starting the bounty showdowns was a good pick, imo. It gives Sulley some needed limelight.

    Good stuff from Maskell here to build to an inevitable with Crowe. Idk how the heel-heel dynamic is gonna feel.

    A little Deathswitch Initiative-GG&MvH teaser here is fun. If anything, the Tag Warz are causing a lot of these pairings to confront in fun ways.

    I don't know if the interim title changes were done based on grades but it was fun to see the title change hands. Adds some of the unpredictability/sports entertainment I talked about in Discord.

    Lizzie/Golden vs. Hollywoods was fun to write. I tried having Sulley dominate the entire time.

    MvH has the belt! Big hype!

    Golden is weird.

    Tobias with a debut win. Awesome.

    I enjoyed the split screen shots during the matches. I think one of the interim title changes should've been saved for one of these spots.

    I loved loved loved the Gang Stars taking out Golden and wish they did that other times throughout the night. Alyster Black comes off looking like a king in the first 60% of this show.

    I think MvH and GiGi are the leaders of the pack for winning Tag Warz, tbh. They're the favorites. Most experience and chemistry as a pairing in the FWA. And, yeah, just skill. They made the finals of The Elite Tag Team Tournament.

    Deathswitch Initiative getting the Kennedy takeout spot was interesting. Idk if I would've rather it to go to Gang Stars instead. The hometown segment seemed like enough for DI.

    I have a feeling Harry gets to at least 3 defenses and might actually get to all 5. I just don't know how many times Sawyer Xavier can go back and forth with Gauntlet Championship shots without getting a meaty blood feud angle, so it's good to see something develop here.

    Awesome triple threat to end the night with Stocke/Lynch going over, while Deathswitch Initiative keeps looking strong.

    And that's it!


    Well ...

    I enjoyed all the times when Michelle was able to evade the bounty hunters -- with GiGi's help -- and then this end-scene of Golden just beelining throughout the arena.

    Poor Lizzie Rose getting all wrapped into this.

    I said it in Discord: This is, easily, the most sports entertainment'y show I can remember FWA doing in a long long time. It was a huge concept. Not the same type of concept as the Fallout Musical. That was more pomp and circumstance. Just theater. This was based on wrestling, so it tapped into what made the Monday Night Wars so great. The bounty came off a little clunky at times with the standoffs. I actually thought the intramatch split-screen idea was the best part of them, tbh.

    9/10. I admit potential bias, though.

    Golden-MvH segments are gonna be fun in the upcoming shows. I do wish Krash got a longer reign. I also hope Krash can find a way to stick around on Meltdown. More Krash is a good thing and a proper Krash-Golden 1v1 could be a lot of fun.


    Golden broke two records:
    1. Longest amount of time between first and last/most recent World title reigns (11 years, 2 months, 4 days; previously held by Chris Kennedy)
    2. Longest amount of time between consecutive World title reigns (6 years, 2 months, 24 days; previously held by Stu)

    He has both of these records as they relate to the X Championship (first reign in 2009, second/last in 2015) and Tag Team Championships (first reign in 2010, last in 2021), fwiw. This is just a product of a character whose career was broken apart (2008-2013, 2014-2015, 2019-present) with significant time between each run.
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    Re: Meltdown X | One Night in Meltdown: Texas | ☢ RESULTS ☢

    Okay, this show was pure insanity.

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    Re: Meltdown X | One Night in Meltdown: Texas | ☢ RESULTS ☢

    Quote Originally Posted by The Golden One View Post
    I don't know if the interim title changes were done based on grades but it was fun to see the title change hands. Adds some of the unpredictability/sports entertainment I talked about in Discord.
    It was loosely based on grades for sure. If I were to redo it, I might have gone for more title switches. Overall, I would've liked to increase the unpredictability throughout the night.

    Quote Originally Posted by The Golden One View Post
    I enjoyed the split screen shots during the matches. I think one of the interim title changes should've been saved for one of these spots.
    It would've been cool. I'm not sure if this ever happens again given there was uncertainty going into it but if it did, I'd like to see a switch during a match if it hypothetically did.

    Quote Originally Posted by The Golden One View Post
    I loved loved loved the Gang Stars taking out Golden and wish they did that other times throughout the night. Alyster Black comes off looking like a king in the first 60% of this show.
    I also wish it happened more! Love Alyster Black. He's the sort of guy who I'd be fantasy booking to the top and oversaturating as fuck.

    Quote Originally Posted by The Golden One View Post
    Deathswitch Initiative getting the Kennedy takeout spot was interesting. Idk if I would've rather it to go to Gang Stars instead. The hometown segment seemed like enough for DI.
    One of the spots I definitely wouldn't change. The homecoming segment was great but I didn't want DI to be isolated from the rest of the show. Getting Kennedy's scalp is a step above Cap/McClain & w/ Kennedy coming back at some point, theres room for retaliation there unlike the other two. Something like Crowe vs. Kennedy would be really huge to see when Jiggy's back. And of course DI vs. Nephews as teased in the opener is something else I'd like to see.

    Quote Originally Posted by The Golden One View Post
    I said it in Discord: This is, easily, the most sports entertainment'y show I can remember FWA doing in a long long time. It was a huge concept. Not the same type of concept as the Fallout Musical. That was more pomp and circumstance. Just theater. This was based on wrestling, so it tapped into what made the Monday Night Wars so great. The bounty came off a little clunky at times with the standoffs. I actually thought the intramatch split-screen idea was the best part of them, tbh.
    I agree the stand offs were clunky in execution. Probably one of the parts that would be done differently in hindsight. Next time I'll give them guns and it can be a real stand off I think.

    Congrats again on the title win!

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    Re: Meltdown X | One Night in Meltdown: Texas | ☢ RESULTS ☢

    Opening Segment:
    Absolutely loved the opening segment between Russnow, Krash, Aly, and Violet. Obviously, the Bounty Hunt is the biggest thing going on right now, and making sure that the stage was set properly for it was an obvious choice for the opener. However, the way it was done took it from being the obvious key theme to something that felt like you had to see what was going to happen next. Russnow and Krash with their contrasting personalities played off each other really well.

    Crowe vs. Grayson
    Obviously, this could’ve been a main event match. Loved the back and forth action, and I really wasn’t sure who was going to win. At the point in the contest where GiGi his Crowe with a flying DDT off the railing, I kinda thought we were getting near the end. Really creative spot to incorporate into the match there. When Harry got taken out, I was even more certain that Grayson was going to win. Obviously, happy to see my stablemate get the win here, but I’d love to see another match between these two down the road. Loved the way it was presented, and it set the show up for a great start.

    The First Standoff
    I wasn’t sure how the Standoff concept was going to work, but I really like the wrinkle that it added to the entire Bounty Hunt setup for the evening. Sulley trying to win the title while Krash had to try to basically leave Sulley debilitated really made everything work the way it needed to here.

    White vs. Maskell
    Felt like this one did what it was intended to do, which was have Maskell go over as a badass with an arrogant streak a mile wide. I laughed some of Maskell’s lines during the match, especially the line about “entering your sister.”

    The Bounty Hunt picture in picture here was obviously the more important thing going on. Thought it was a bit interesting that Black was present after Russnow had prohibited that during the cold open, but Krash finding a way to get someone in there to watch his back makes sense.

    The post-match stuff which seems to be setting up for a Maskell/Crowe angle really got my attention. I feel like those two could put on a banger, so I’m looking forward to that.

    Segment with Harry, DI, Grayson, and MVH
    Alright, I’m sure my personal bias is sneaking in, but I got excited when DI was involved in something that none of us knew was going to be part of the show. On a personal level, I appreciated how Rocco not being comfortable with what was going on was worked in there, as it made the events of later in the evening even more sensible. The added layer of tension between Tommy and Rocco was subtle, but perfectly executed.

    The Second Standoff
    Truth winning the belt here surprised me. I don’t say that because I didn’t enjoy the promos, but I guess I’ve been lulled into years of watching wrestling where nothing that significant happens that early in the show. It served as a good reminder that anything was possible within the framework of the Bounty Hunt.

    Gold N’ Roses vs. The Hollywood Saints
    So, while I was reading this match, I didn’t think there was a chance in hell that Gold N’ Roses was going to win. I like comedy in wrestling, so the way this was presented didn’t bother me, it just shocked me.

    The Third Standoff
    Remember how I said the Second Standoff made me think that I was ready for anything to happen during this thing? I wasn’t ready for this either. Really cool to see how unpredictable this entire thing was presented.

    Devin Golden Segment
    I’ll be totally transparent here and admit that I’m not sure what it means that Golden “looks different” here, but I’m excited to follow where this one goes.

    Yurei vs. Blume
    I’m really into the Blume character and thoroughly enjoyed the promo for this one. I really liked the promos from both handlers here, but would’ve had Blume with a slight edge if I was grading them too. Once again, the picture in picture gave the show a very “pro wrestling in 2022” feel. Seeing MvH get the strap back just added to the chaos of the night, as I’ve been waiting for her to get back into that position. It’s one of those things that has seemed inevitable.

    Kennedy and Truth vs. MvH and GG
    With these four in the match, this felt like the second match on the card that could’ve been a main event. As one of the handlers who was in the actual main event, this one felt a bit bigger than our match, even though we had three teams. The match was presented well, and I wasn’t sure who would win it.

    Homecoming Segment
    I could rave on and on about how I thought this was the highlight of the show, but it just seems self serving. I kid, I kid. Huge thanks to BT and JB for helping me put this thing together. I wanted a way to write the Rocco character off without doing it in a promo. This opportunity was perfect, and getting to do it in Tommy’s home state just made all the sense in the world.

    Harry vs. Xavier
    Really starting to think Harry is going to pull of the five defenses. If so, I’m even more excited to see where that development goes. This was the only Picture in Picture scene that I didn’t really feel like contributed much. I’m sure there was some reason for putting it in there, but it just didn’t do anything to further the story for me.

    Deathswitch Initiative vs. Cole and Randall vs. Lynch and Stocke
    As a relative “newbie” this was my first real exposure to Stocke and Randall. I had messaged JB earlier in the week and told him that I expected Lynch and Stocke to win. I liked how everything was presented, and I’m certainly glad to walk away with half a point.

    The Real Main Event
    Making sure that the show ended with a major change in the Bounty Hunt was the only thing that made sense for this show, and this was perhaps the best one of the show. Tying Lizzie Rose into the final sequence made it a bit humorous, and I like comedy in my wrestling. Although I will say the “back hood” of a Toyota Camry is called the “trunk.” Golden ending the night as champion wasn’t what I was necessarily expecting, so the surprise element was cool.

    Overall, this was my favorite Meltdown to date. I mentioned in the Discord that it felt like an episode of Nitro during WCW’s heyday where everything that went on felt big. I’d give it a 9/10.

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    Re: Meltdown X | One Night in Meltdown: Texas | ☢ RESULTS ☢

    The intro was very fancy and very cinematic. Strong writing to set the town for a pretty monumental show. Liked the idea of Krash bringing in Aly and VD as back up and also liked Russnow trying to be a roadblock to their invovlement.

    The opening Double Header was fine and fun even though I still really struggle with grasping the concept of the opening double header thing. Maybe its just a fancy way of saying "the first two matches" and I'm looking too much into it but anyway, I digress. I thought GG/Crowe was a great opener and I ever so slightly fancied Crowe after reading the promos. The GG brand-switch is attention grabbing but it still doesn't make a ton of sense to me. GG is a cracking face but that brand switch seemed a bit cowardly tbh. Maybe it's just me. GG had no good reason to up and leave Fallout in my mind. The Krash/Saint segment was a fun intro to the bounty concept and was well written, though I never really expected the first encounter (irrespetive of who it was) to be a title change. Still, set the rules/concept well. Maskell contiues to entertain and Shade shows his writing prowess once again but I still am a little meh on Shade/Maskell being on standby mode for so long.

    CN Meltdown Branch vs DSI: Miami hype is hype.

    I rated and graded the Cyrus Truth promo particularly well but was still surprised to see this title change happen when it did. I was thankful for it though, as it made the whole scramble aspect of the night very unpredictable in my mind. This was well written and Cyrus was a good choice as interim champ as he was somebody I kind've wanted to see escape with the belt.

    I absolutely adore the Devin Golden character. Hollywood Saints dissension is something I can get behind but overall I can't say I'm a massive fan of this match, even though I appreciate the craft in the write-up.

    I didn't expect a switch here exactly. I did expect MvH to gain possession and maybe I sort expected her to be the overall winner but I didn't forsee this change in this manner. Good stuff.

    Golden continues to be weird and continues to be great. Solo Golden stuff is aces for me atm. When there's extras it doens't hit as hard.

    Thought Blume was a deserved winner and I really liked his intro promo. The video in video stuff was fun and creative and agree with the idea that at least one title switch should've happened in that format.

    Golden gets taken out. Yh right m8

    Despite the no-show CK/Cyrus vs vH&GC was pretty brilliantly written and I think given the circumstances, delivered.

    The DSI seg with Tommy ditching Rocco was pretty great. Really felt like a pivotal moment and something we will look back on in a couple of cycles time. Bedlam is a player. Douglas is a player. Crowe is a player. Really enjoyed this segment. DSI doing Kennedy is fantastic shine.

    Owen's gonna fuck Harry.

    Sulley the persitent thwart was fun. I think if I was booking promos aside, Krash takes it back here, but I slightly had MvH and Golden ahead on grades so MvH holding it was fitting.

    As much as I praise DSI, and as much as I love the tandem of Cole/Randall + thinking Jimmy nailed the Randall promo, I think The Stocke Market are fucking bomb and deserved thier win here. Great main. Excited af for Stocke Market and lowkey annoyed its on Meltdown so Toner can't get involved as I think that'd be a fearsome stable.

    Ohhhhh boy howdy. What a fucking end. It was super unexpected but I can't say it was undeserved. This is why TGO is considered among the GOAT, if not THE GOAT. When it really matters OR if TGO just decides to be arsed, he can take it to anyone. The Golden character is sick. This was really well done. I like the Lizzie/Golden tag team but the Lizzie invovlement did feel a *little* forced but it still worked for me. Smashing end to a smashing Meltdown.


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    Re: Meltdown X | One Night in Meltdown: Texas | ☢ RESULTS ☢

    Man that show-ending scramble is maaaaad shit.

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