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Thread: [From 4EST/9GMT] FWA Mile High | Live Results Thread!

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    FWA [From 4EST/9GMT] FWA Mile High | Live Results Thread!

    Fallout and Meltdown invite you to…
    December 26, 2021
    LIVE from Ball Arena
    in Denver, Colorado.

    Schedule of bouts:

    World Tag Championships Mile High Massacre: 4.00 EST / 9.00 GMT
    Snowmantashi vs. Kennedy: 4.20 EST / 9.20 GMT
    Summers vs. Knox vs. De Santos: 4.40 EST / 9.40 GMT
    McClain vs. Crowe: 5.00 EST / 10.00 GMT
    Secular Spectacular: 5.20 EST / 10.20 GMT
    Peacock vs. Parr: 5.40 EST / 10.40 GMT
    Cyrus Truth vs. MvH: 6.00 EST / 11.00 GMT
    Burr vs. Harry: 6.20 EST / 11.20 GMT
    World Heavyweight Championship Mile High Massacre: 6.40 EST / 11.40 GMT

    Live, only on the W

    Note: results will appear in separate posts. Careful when scrolling!
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    Re: [From 4EST/9GMT] FWA Mile High | Live Results Thread!

    Fallout and Meltdown present…

    December 26, 2021
    LIVE from Ball Arena
    in Denver, Colorado.

    ’A million little pieces…’

    As our screen comes to life, we are treated to some of the locations that the FWA circus has rolled through in its lengthy period away from American soil. First, fireworks explode high above Le Parcs des Princes in Paris, France at Back in Business, and then we see some of the other stadium venues for the world tour: the Melbourne Cricket Ground in all of its colossal glory, Union Berlin’s forest-bound football stadium, the Johan Cruyff ArenA in Amsterdam.

    Next, some of the more peculiar venues chosen: a wide shot of Machu Picchu in Peru, followed by a sweeping shot of some Greek ruins in Sparta, and the abandoned city of Pripyat near Chernobyl in the Ukraine. The city square in Freetown Christiana is shown, along with the Sydney Opera house, and the Arena Mexico - home of the luchadores - in Mexico City.

    After a second or two of nothing on our screens, we view the Statue of Liberty from a boat that is bound for New York City. The Rockies are shown from above as we snake our way towards tonight’s location: Ball Arena in Denver, Colorado. We are back in the United States of America for the first time in over half a year, and the stage for the homecoming is set.

    The Gang Stars vs. The Hollywood Saints vs. Deathswitch Initiative vs. Osos Locos vs. The New Breed.
    Mile High Massacre Match. FWA World Tag Team Championships.

    The guitars begin to kick in on the back-in track, and after very brief establishing shots of each of the five teams making their entrances to the ring, we are shown snapshots of important points in the run-up to this historic match, the first ever tag team Mile High Massacre. We see The Gang Stars triumphing over Golden Rock at Lights Out, the last FWA pay-per-view, and then Alyster Black and Krash celebrating with their newly won championship belts. Their defense against the New Breed is shown, with Sean Hughes getting nailed with the One Shot Kill prominent in the montage. The other teams are featured heavily, too, with the closing moments of Osos Locos’ victory over The Hollywood Saints displayed, as well as Burr and Sulley’s confrontation (and eventual victory) with the newly-formed Deathswitch Initiative. A graphic featuring all ten competitors in the match, as well as the Mile High Massacre structure, is briefly displayed at the end of the clips.

    Jon Snowmantashi vs. Chris Kenendy.

    BROCKHAMPTON loses the drums, and the screen remains black for some intertitles…

    Quote Originally Posted by Shake Meltzer, PWOutsider.
    “A match for the ages.”
    Quote Originally Posted by Ty Johnson, Nuances of Wrestling
    “A dream match where worlds collide.”
    Quote Originally Posted by Allen Price
    “Jon who?”
    After these quotes are shown on the screen, we see Jon Snowmantashi making his way to the ring with ‘COURTESY OF THE CLIQUE WRESTLING ALLIANCE’ shown in the corner. Brief and very violent snippets are shown of in-ring action: first, he throws Krash across the ring with a belly-to-belly overhead release suplex, before folding Dan Maskell up with a Hailstorm. Finally, Snowmantashi thuds into Michelle von Horrowitz with repeated headbutts at 2016’s Five Star Attraction event. With ‘COURTESY OF DYNASTY JAPAN PRO WRESTLING’ replacing the subtitle, we see a younger Chris Kennedy and a timeless Jon Snowmantashi making their way to the ring, before the two hook it up as part of the company’s annual tournament. Brief clips of the match are shown, culminating in Snowmantashi hitting Kennedy with a moonsault, followed by him picking up the win. After a brief moment of silence, we cut to Snowmantashi’s assault on Chris Kennedy on Meltdown 9, including both of the vicious Hailstorms delivered in Bolivia. A graphic illustrates this match, the two warriors staring at each other from opposite sides of the screen.

    Shawn Summers vs. Kleio De Santos vs. Kayden Knox.
    Triple Threat Match. FWA X Division Championship Number One Contendership.

    ’A million little pieces…’

    Shots of the three competitors in this match-up are shown, with them having competed in various permutations dating back to the Fallout Eliminator Tournament. We see Shawn Summers eventually overcoming Kleio De Santos in the quarter finals stage of this tournament, followed by all three of these wrestlers standing next to each other on the apron of 008’s CIBERNETICO! match. Finally, shots of the three in the middle of the ring at the conclusion of 009’s tag team match are shown, the trio engaged in a Mexican stand-off (in Peru) and looking at one another with apprehension.

    ’What’s the occasion?’

    Chris Crowe vs. Marcus McClain.
    FWA North American Championship.

    ’What’s the occasion?’

    We are shown McClain losing his FWA Gauntlet Championship and the effect that this had on Big Mac. He is shown in the ring following the match, on his knees and distraught at his loss. Contrast this with Chris Crowe, who we see overcoming Captain Fantasy with his 450 Splash, and then celebrating in the middle of the ring with his FWA North American Championship. His victory over Michelle von Horrowitz is also shown, along with the beatdown from Deathswitch Initiative following that match on Meltdown 9. But we end on an image of hope, as Marcus McClain overcomes Reagan Cole to earn his shot at Crowe and Meltdown’s singles championship at Mile High. As has become routine (and will be continued throughout the opening package), a match graphic ends the montage with McClain and Crowe ready to lock horns.

    Gerald Grayson vs. Aka Yurei vs. Reagan Cole vs. Nate Savage vs. Jackson Fenix vs. Sawyer Xavier vs. Greg vs. Ratin Makitchin vs. Charles Leroi.
    The Secular Spectacular.

    After some odd images of poles and Christmas presents, which the viewer discerns must be a preview of the props to be used in the night’s fifth battle, some of the wrestlers features in The Secular Spectacular are given the limelight in the montage. First, Gerald Grayson hits a devastating Anything Springboard during 008’s CIBERNETICO! match, followed by Reagan Cole laying into Marcus McClain with a series of forearm strikes. Aka Yurei makes her way to the ring with a focussed look on her face, and Sawyer Xavier poses on the second rope under the bright lights at Meltdown 8. The Undisputed Alliance’s dastardly and devastating attack on Konchu Hao and Epsilon on 009 sees them putting the masked minion through a table, and finally a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it shot of Ratin Mikitchin flossing precedes an image of the full, nine-person line-up for tonight’s most unique match-up…

    Mike Parr vs. Chris Peacock.

    ’... but I’ve been feeling alone.’

    Chris Peacock is in the ring following his tag team match with Kayden Knox against Kleio De Santos and Shawn Summers. We can’t hear him, but our memory tells us that he is declining the opportunity to compete in tonight’s number one contendership match. His altercation, brief but tense, with Mike Parr backstage is also shown, as well as the two men going head to head earlier in the year as part of the Golden Opportunity match. The match’s graphic is shown, Peacock hoping to cross a name off his list, whilst Parr eyes up redemption following his championship loss to Randy Ramon on 008.

    Cyrus Truth vs. Michelle von Horrowitz.
    Best of Five Series: Match V.

    ’A million little pieces… all add up to nothing lately….’

    Clips of the first four encounters between Truth and MvH are shown quickly, first as a series of pinning combinations, some unsuccessful and others deciding the outcomes of matches one, two, and three.

    ’What’s the occasion?’

    We see Truth’s successful school-boy roll-up on Meltdown 5, MvH’s Journey’s End reversal with a sunset flip on Meltdown 6, and her rope-assisted school-boy that ‘earned’ the victory on Meltdown 7.

    ’What’s the occasion?’

    Also featured is Truth nailing MvH with a Journey’s End outside the ring during Meltdown 7’s wild match, as well as von Horrowitz missing a 450 splash during Meltdown 8’s time limit draw. Finally, the two competitors stare at one another, MvH on the stage and Truth in the ring. This footage is from the commercial break after Meltdown 8’s match, the two aware of the ramifications of the tie and the importance of Mile High’s decider.

    We go to the piano, all dramatic and tense and foreboding, for…

    Joe Burr vs. Harry the Sane Wizard.
    FWA Gauntlet Championship.

    Joe Burr’s FWA Gauntlet Championship reign is recounted in clip form: first his victory over James Douglas that won him the title in the first place, followed by the victory roll and the school-boy roll-up that saw off Sauce Man and Stu Grimes respectively.

    ’What’s the occasion?’

    Burr’s face drops, though, as Harry makes his way down to the ring following the Grimes defense on 009, and the two share some tense words in the middle of the ring

    ’What’s the occasion?’

    Randy Ramon vs. Konchu Hao vs. Jeremy Best vs. Krash vs. Gabrielle.
    Mile High Massacre Match. FWA World Heavyweight Championship.

    The crescendo comes, the guitars screeching back onto the track…

    ’A million little pieces…’

    The CIBERNETICO! qualification process is recapped, starting with fleeting images of Uncle J.J. JAY! and Krash selecting their teams on 007. Next, we see some of the eliminations from the match on 008, culminating with Alyster Black and Ryan Rondo’s double elimination, followed by Krash earning his qualification over Chris Peacock and celebrating in the ring afterwards.

    ’What’s the occasion?’

    On 009, we see Jeremy Best defeating Gerald Grayson in the evening’s main event, Gabrielle overcoming Ryan Rondo in a match-up of legends, and Konchu Hao hitting Rasputin’s Revenge on Jackson Fenix to secure his place in Mile High’s main event.

    ’What’s the occasion?’

    Intercut with this, we see Randy Ramon’s route through the Fallout Eliminator Tournament. Shots of Remix Kicks (or attempts thereof) against Yuna Funanori in Round One, Gerald Grayson in the Quarter Finals, Shawn Summers in the Semi-Finals, and then in the time limit draw against Danny Toner in the final. Next, we see Randy scoring the pinfall over Chris Kennedy on 007, the FWA World Heavyweight Championship belt presented to him afterwards, the Rockstar overcome with emotion in the middle of the ring. His successful defense on 008 is shown next, with Mike Parr on the receiving end of a Remix Kick and then staring up at the lights as the official counts three.

    Finally, we return to the Ball Arena, but now we are inside. As the music swells to its finish, the audience gradually packs into the stadium, the filling of the arena sped up until thousands of FWA fans sit in their seats, staring at the stage in expectation, waiting for the final FWA show of 2021 to begin.


    Christian Quinn: "Welcome ... to ... MILE HIGH, or as J.J. JAY! says 'one-point-six-zero-nine-three-four kilometers HIGH!'"

    Broc Lobster: "I have more of these prepared. Five thousand two hundred and eighty feet high. One thousand seven hundred and sixty yards high. Twenty-point-three blocks high!"

    Christian Quinn: "That's great, Broc. Lovely that you prepared for tonight. An

    yways ... we have quite the card for one of the FWA's oldest and most celebrated pay-per-views. Mile High has been a staple of this company since the George W. Bush presidency, as long as Gabrielle Montgomery as been in the FWA and even longer!"

    Broc Lobster: "Meltdown has its drama conclusions, as does Fallout. And it all climaxes with the Mile High Massacre..."

    Christian Quinn: "Don't say climax. It's weird.

    Fallout is on display in tonight's main event, an epic conclusion to Chapter Two, which already has seen the World title shift from Chris Kennedy to first-time holder Randy Ramon. Will he walk out of Mile High with the belt in tow after facing Gabrielle, Krash, Jeremy Best AND Konchu Hao?!"

    Broc Lobster: "Meltdown's pinnacle story reaching its own climax is ..."

    Christian Quinn: "Again, stop saying it."

    Broc Lobster: "You sound like a prude Christian mom. The fifth and FINAL match of Michelle von Horrowitz versus Cyrus Truth. The best-of-five series took a twist on Meltdown episode 10 when they went to a time limit draw. This puts the series at two wins for Michelle, one win for Cyrus, and one stalemate. Can Cyrus even the series in the ender, or will Michelle take a firm lead to win?"

    Christian Quinn: "'Disco's Last Warrior' Chris Peacock goes to war against 'The Prodigy' Mike Parr, while two men and one woan tapped together in a CIBERNETICO team -- Kleio de Santos, Shawn Summers, and 'The Atoning' Kayden Knox -- fight for a shot at the X Championship! Chris Peacock has a short list of names to cross off, and it begins with Mike Parr tonight. Meanwhile, Kleio, Shawn, and Kayden couldn't work together as a team in CIBERNETICO so now they get a bit of a consolation prize. A pretty nice one, too."

    Broc Lobster: "The Secular Spectacular match is one of two cross-brand contests tonight. It's going to be a prize-heavy ending with Reagan Cole, Aka Yurie, both members of Undisputed Alliance, Gerald Grayson, Sawyer Xavier, Greg, Ratin Mikitchin, and Charles LeRoi vying for a shot at one of the non-World title belts! And the name is ... well it just ROLLS off the tongue. Secular ... SPEC---TACULAR!

    The other cross-brand encounter is Harry the Sane Wizard's shot at Gauntlet Champion Joe Burr, representing Meltdown proudly!"

    Christian Quinn: "I think the Gauntlet Championship match might be the least athletic display of all time. Can we bring back the Television Championship and bury this belt so we can bury people like Joe Burr and Harry, too?"

    Broc Lobster: "I won't even credit a response to such disrespect for the 'Giant Killer' Joe Burr.

    Meltdown's own Chris Kennedy will go one on one against CWA legend and invader ... Jon Snowmantashi. Kennedy got licked up pretty good by Snowmantashi on Meltdown 10 so the questions have started, but you should never ever count out a former six-time World Champion.

    And lastly, from Meltdown-only contests, "The Showman" Chris Crowe defends the FWA North American Championship against "Big Mack" Marcus McClain.

    And in an almost-Meltdown-only match ... FWA Tag Team Championships ... with the Gang Stars against a whole gaggle of tag teams from the best wrestling show for tag team wrestling, Meltdown. And you know what Why not start the show with a Mile High Massacre match and END it with one. The FWA Tag Team Championships are on the line, and there's NO need to wait."

    Christian Quinn: "Bring the belts home, Gang Stars! Let's go. Krash and Alyster Black put Golden Rock in the ground at Lights Out. I think it's going to be a BIG BIG night for Krash tonight. He's walking out with two FWA championships to go with his two CWA championships. Krashy Cuatro belts. You heard it from me!"

    All eyes turn to the big screen, where a second video promotes the evening ahead...

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    Re: [From 4EST/9GMT] FWA Mile High | Live Results Thread!

    When we return to the arena, Kurt Harrington stands in the ring with a microphone.

    Kurt Harrington: “For our opening contest of the evening… the first ever tag team Mile High Massacre match…”

    Run-DMC’s iconic anthem echoes around the Ball arena to start off the night here in Denver, Colorado. It’s not a familiar theme song here in the FWA but when Joe Burr excitedly hustles out of the entrance tunnels with that big Gauntlet Championship belt of his, there’s a very fond reaction for the little man. As with the countless fans in Denver, he’s completely hooked himself to the beat of the track and when the camera closes up on him, it’s obvious he knows just about every single line on the song.

    Broc Lobster: “Joe Burr probably didn’t see himself wrestling in a Mile High Massacre match with the host of Ground Zero for the FWA World Tag Team Champions a year ago, but he’s done everything possible to earn this spot tonight, you’ve got to feel a little bit proud of him.”

    Christian Quinn: “He substituted for Saint Sulley’s absentee partner because no one else wanted to team with him. Joe Burr is an opportunist, but let’s not pretend he’s earned his opportunity. Right time, right place, that’s it, Broc.”

    And out from the tunnels is one of the most decorated wrestlers in FWA history. Saint Sulley slowly walks to the top of the stage where he offers a solitary nod to his partner tonight, and takes a long glance at the Mile High Massacre structure that has settled down. A lot of memories are being brought about by that structure, and likely few he is very fond of.

    Broc Lobster: “Four time X Champion. One time North American Champion. Two time World Champion. Not just a Triple Crown Champion, but a former Triple Champ. Tonight, he’s going for the only accomplishment that still eludes him… a FWA World Tag Team Championship reign to finally become a Grand Slam winner. The question is - can he do it?”

    Christian Quinn: “Ordinarily, Broc. I’d say no. He’s not had a good run as a tag team wrestler, and pairing up with Burr isn’t going to bring him up to the level of tag teams we’ve seen in the past year, some of the best tag teams in FWA history. But… this is a Mile High Massacre match and all it takes is the right moment… you never know.”

    Saint Sulley and Joe Burr make their way up the ramp with Joe Burr excitedly slapping outstretched hands and occasionally exchanging bars with some of the more lyrically capable fanatics. He’s eager to take photos with the Gauntlet championship and his growing support in Denver.

    Kurt Harrington: “Introducing first… one of our FOUR challenging tag teams… from New York, New York, and weighing in at one hundred and thirty two pounds… he is the current FWA Gauntlet Champion… he is the Giant Killer… JOE BURR!…

    And his partner… from Dublin, Ireland, and weighing in at two hundred and ten pounds… SAINT SULLEY!

    At a combined weight of three hundred and forty two pounds… they are the HOLLYWOOD SAINTS!”

    There’s a positive reception in Denver for Saint Sulley and Joe Burr. A fondness for Sulley’s willingness to partner with Burr and for Burr willing to put himself in the firing line to help the former Triple Champ. Joe Burr is stunned by the cell that surrounds the ring, and by the massive Ball arena, his first appearance in his home country in a long, long time.

    The next song that plays is much more familiar to the FWA crowd and accompanied by a resounding chorus of boos for the New Breed who’ve never done much to appeal the FWA audience with plenty of heinous behind the back attacks characterizing their time in the company. Sean Hughes and Damian Lynch step through the curtains with Hughes sporting a lighthearted grin while Lynch is all business.

    Broc Lobster: “The New Breed are an incredibly experienced tag team. They’ve been at the top of the mountain before. They know what it takes to win… but recently, they haven’t found much success. You could say they’ve been eclipsed by the tag teams that have risen up lately.”

    Christian Quinn: “Everyone’s said it, they’re lost without Mike Parr. And given Prodigy was on the verge of retirement on Fallout, you could say Parr’s been lost without them too. But this is a completely different sort of match. The New Breed have never competed in a Mile High Massacre, it’s new territory for all tag teams, including one as experienced as them. On the flipside, maybe this new shake-up to the formula is just what they need, Broc.”

    Hughes is a bit busy trash talking a few of the fans on the way up the ramp but Damian Lynch has his eyes on the first of many tag teams they’ll be squaring off with in this one.

    Kurt Harrington: “Introducing second… weighing in at two hundred pounds… “the Protege” SEAN HUGHES…

    And his partner… weighing in at two hundred and seventy five pounds… “the Prototype” DAMIAN LYNCH…

    At a combined weight of four hundred and seventy five pounds… they are the NEW BREED!”

    Hughes and Lynch make their way into the cell now to find a corner of the ring that is already getting crowded with just two teams in the squared circle.

    The lights dim as the screen shows an old throw switch in the off position. A hand raises the lever, locks in the switch with a loud crack and a burst of sparks.

    From the rafters a small firework whistles toward the ramp and triggers a bright boom of red Pyro on impact! The "Deathswitch Initiative" logo flashes to the beat as "Lights Out," by PoD starts and the crowd erupts with boos.

    Tommy Bedlam strolls onto the stage wearing his signature cowboy hat with a Deathswitch tshirt and a black armband with the letters DI on his bicep.

    Broc Lobster: “The Deathswitch Initiative has made an impact over on the Meltdown side of things and you could say that they’ve been a faction brewing ever since Lights Out. Bedlam’s a former Gauntlet Champion, he’s shown a wicked mean streak, and while it’s his second PPV wrestling a tag team match, I think he has a lot more faith in his tag team partner tonight.”

    Christian Quinn: “DI looks pretty good, Broc. And maybe in a Mile High Massacre, they can do something special tonight, but they’ve got experience going against them. This is just their second match together.”

    James Douglas is out next in black tactical pants, a cut off Deathswitch shirt, black gloves, and the same DI armband.

    Christian Quinn: “On the other hand, this is the biggest team in the match. James Douglas weighs more than Hollywood Saints combined. You don’t want to be locked in a cage with a guy like that.”

    Broc Lobster: “James Douglas made his name in the Gunfight Battle Royal from Lights Out and then quickly captured the Gauntlet Championship afterwards. He may not still be holding, but make no mistake, the Juggernaut is a dangerous man. We’ve seen these two along with Chris Crowe with uncalled for attacks on Reagan Cole, Marcus McClain, they’ve put Captain Fantasy out of commission, they attacked Dreamer. There’s no limit to what these guys are willing to do. They said they wanted to flip the switch on the old guard, Christian, tonight’s their chance!”

    The duo bask in the heat for a moment before trading smirks and fist bump. They mosey down the ramp, mouthing off to the crowd occasionally until Tommy rolls into the ring while James steps over the top rope.

    Kurt Harrington: “And the third challengers, from Sweetwater, Texas, and weighing in at two hundred and forty four pounds… he is Tommy Bedlam!

    And his partner, from Lexington, Kentucky and weighing in at three hundred and thirty five pounds...”The Juggernaut”...James Douglas

    At a combined weight of five hundred and seventy nine pounds… they are DEATHSWITCH INITIATIVE!”

    The two stand in the center of the ring, James is holding up one index finger over his head until Tommy tells him to "Flip the switch!" James flicks his finger down, raises his middle finger up while Tommy slowly raises the double birds over his head.

    The sync'y guitar intro pipes in the Denver arena as the lights shut off. "Black Hole Sun" by Soundgarden is the symbol for only one team: Osos Locos, the reigning team of secrecy and enigma in the FWA, specifically for Meltdown's mad tag team dash. They've won every match since coming to the brand, although they've never shown their faces to anyone on FWA television. Still, they've built quite the fanfare in such a short amount of time.

    Such fanfare that the song elicits vocal support from the highest and deepest-back sections of the arena. The crowd begins singing along the opening lyrics, only interrupting for a brief cheer as one dark figure emerges from the entrance.

    "In my eyes...
    In disguiiiiises no one knoooows
    Hiiiides the faaace
    Liiiiiies the snaaaaake.
    And the sun in my disgraaaaace."

    Occisor is out first, a green and white mask over his face with long blonde hair hanging back down behind his head and shoulders. He doesn't have the usual body armor suit with skulls for pads. Rather, he has a black jacket vets with no sleeves and tight black pants down to his ankles.

    Occisor pauses at the top of the stage, perfectly timed and positioned to wait for his partner. Custos slowly appears, smaller in stature and lighter in strength than Occisor. However, he walks with an air of elderly confidence. The red, white, and blue mask is missing the rest of the one-piece body suit. He simply has a black T shirt and tights. Nothing more.

    Christian Quinn: "The most mysterious team of the grouping! Osos Locos are three of three in tag matches since coming to Meltdown right after Lights Out. There have been rumors and rumblings of who it could be but..."

    Broc Lobster: "They don't have on the usual suits! I don't know what it means, but it's giving me a little bit of chills. And the crowd notices, too."

    Christian Quinn: "They're undefeated in normal tag matches but this is a bit different. Plus, the champs."

    Broc Lobster: "And if Osos Locos find a way to win ... that means our new champions are unknown. Tee Bee Dee. It could be the Olympians. The Sin City Vultures. Hell, Ghost Dog."

    Christian Quinn: "None of those three. They were imitated. It's someone else."

    Occisor and Custos come side by side as "Black Hole Sun" slowly fades out. The crowd's anticipation is made apparent with loud dialogue amongst the viewers.



    The arena turns from murmurs to a deafening screech. There excitement is driven part by surprise, part by questions they hope to get answered. Is this truly "them"? Well, the answer is beneath the masks.

    And with a synchronized movement, both Custos and Occisor remove their face coverings to reveal the true identities of Osos Locos. The true identities are matched with the theme music.

    Broc Lobster: "WAIT WHAT?!"



    Christian Quinn: "Where are those in charge? Where is Rupert? Where is Russnow?"

    "Rockstar" Randy Ramon, without his FWA World Championship, drops the green mask to the ground. "The Rotten Gold" Devin Golden drops the red and blue covering -- his purple highlights of bangs once again visible to the audience. The heavy bass beat with the drums leads right into the first stanza. The crowd, like always in the past, joins in.

    "Aaaaaaaanoooooother head hangs loooooowly
    Child is sloooooowly taken
    Aaaaand the violence, caused such siiiiilence
    Whooooo are we mistaaaaaken?

    But you see, it's not me
    It's not my ... fa-mi-ly
    IN YOUR HEAD, IN YOUR HEAD, they are fightiiiiiing

    With their
    And their
    And their
    And their
    In your head,
    in your head,
    they are cryyyyying

    In your heeeeeead, in your heeeeeead
    Zombie, zombie, zombie-ie-ie
    What's in your heeeeeeead, in your heeeeeeead



    Golden and Ramon sprint from the top of the stage down the rampway and into the ring, joining the other teams out already. Golden Rock has the other entered teams rattled by their presence in this match. They are the only two-time FWA champions among the five teams and one of two challenging teams to ever win the titles at all. They're also most recently, among the four challenging teams, the champs.

    Broc Lobster: "And what if they WIN tonight?! What if Golden Rock win?!"

    Christian Quinn: "Let's not even CONSIDER it. Why NOW?! Why are Golden Rock done with the ruse now?"

    Broc Lobster: "Maybe they want everyone to know ... to know who beat them. Maybe they want to see it on the Gang Stars' faces! Maybe that's all this is about ... this moment right here. The crowd's reaction. The opponents' reaction. Our reaction. YOUR reaction. Hah-HAAAH!

    Golden Rock is ambitious. Boisterous. Grandiose. Maybe this is just the next iteration of those things. It FITS."

    Christian Quinn: "I thought we were done with them. Now they're back, like a damn roach."

    Broc Lobster: "Amid the excitement, I must mention a sub-thread. We begin the night now with Krash and Ramon opposed each other. For the FWA Tag Team Championships. And we will END the night with the opposed one another. For the FWA World Championship. Both in Mile High Massacre matches!"

    It may not have the same sing-along appeal of Zombies, but the massive reaction for the Gang Stars back in the U.S. is no less deafening. Krash and Alyster Black step through the curtains wearing the FWA World Tag Team Championship belts around their waist and stopping at the top of the stage to get a good look at the capacity crowd Ball Arena. Their eyes then lock on two specific pairs of eyes in the Mile High Massacre structure right now… the eyes of the two men they defeated to become champions… the eyes of Golden Rock pairing Randy Ramon and Devin Golden.

    Broc Lobster: “The Gang Stars walked into Lights Out believing that after they defeated Golden Rock, that was it. That was Game 7. They were moving to new challengers… but tonight they find that their war that is stretching back a year now… is not over. It was at Mile High last year that we saw The Gang Stars began their series of masked attacks on Golden Rock, some would say unprovoked. And tonight, Osos Locos, the masked and rising Meltdown tag team have just revealed themselves as Golden Rock! You have to think they must’ve had this in mind when they began calling themselves Osos Locos-”

    Christian Quinn: “I don’t care what they had in mind, Broc. I don’t care what excuses they’re going to come up with. They were supposed to be done! DONE! Randy Ramon shouldn’t have been wrestling on Meltdown! He’s contracted to Fallout. They should not be in this match. Rupert Watkins should be out here right now forcing Golden to wrestle this on his own.”

    Broc Lobster: “I think Rupert’s business sense might win over in this one. These fans to see Golden Rock in this match!”

    The White Wolf Krash slaps outstretching hands on his way up the ramp but Aly’s dead focused on Devin Golden in the squared circle. Though, Krash’s own eyes linger on the man he will face in the night’s main event.

    Broc Lobster: “For Krash… two victories tonight would firmly establish him as one of the biggest stars of his generation. He’s got two world tag team championships to his name, he’s got a world championship to his name… he could become a four belt holder if he gets the sweep. You add the X Championship that Alyster has… it’s an incredible list of accolades these two have acquired this year.”

    Christian Quinn: “Absolutely, although we know Aly’s time with the X Championship is short lived if he takes a trip down you know where. But tonight, if he can seal the deal, then he gets to call himself Aly Tres Belt for a few more nights.”

    The tag team champions finally get close to the stage and unstrap their belts to hand over to the referee who promptly begins getting it set up to be hauled up to the top of the cell.

    Broc Lobster: “No tag team has ever had to defend their belts in a match like this. A multi-man is already a tough match, but a Mile High Massacre match… and two of these men will have to wrestle a second one in our main event. The Gang Stars are a formidable tag team… but as good as they are… the odds are against them in this one.”

    Christian Quinn: “The odds are against everyone, Broc. But they are the champs for a reason, so when it comes down to it, they’ve got better odds than everyone else in that ring, including the tag team they beat fair and square to get those belts in the first place.”

    Kurt Harrington: “And introducing last… the reigning and defending FWA World Tag Team Champions… first weighing in at two hundred and twenty pounds… from San Dimas, California… he is the FWA X Champion and one half of the FWA World Tag Team Champions… BLACK JESUS… ALYSTER BLACK!

    And his partner… weighing in at two hundred and five pounds… from Melbourne, Australia… he is one half of the FWA World Tag Team Champions… THE WHITE WOLF… KRASH!

    At a combined weight of four hundred and twenty five pounds… they are the GANG STARS!”

    And the crowd erupts for the men who are pursuing all of the gold in professional wrestling. There are eight pairs of envious eyes on them… some filled with a great deal of hatred. Though Krash’s grin and the menacing aura of Alyster Black show the pair as being more than ready to deal with the adversity.

    FWA World Tag Team Championships.
    The Gang Stars[Alyster Black and Krash][c] vs. Deathswitch Initiative[James Douglas and Tommy Bedlam] vs. Hollywood Saints[Joe Burr and Saint Sulley] vs. The New Breed[Damian Lynch and Sean Hughes] vs. Osos Locos[Custos and Oscissor]
    Mile High Massacre Match.
    (Match writer: Jon).

    Broc Lobster: "It’s the final event of the year, ladies and gentlemen, and with the sound of that bell ringing, we are officially on our way with the first match of the night. A ten-men Mile High Massacre Tag Team match. We’ve never seen anything like it!

    Many of these men have experience in a Mile High Massacre match, many are coming into this match completely fresh-faced. But even the veterans in this match, some who will go on to compete in a second Mile High Massacre match tonight, have never participated in a match where the body count is effectively doubled. The ten men line up on the edges of the ring. The tension is high with everyone at odds as to how to begin this one. There’s eye contact between Ramon and Krash who will do battle later tonight in a similar structure. There’s a look of death exchanged between Devin Golden and Alyster Black who have brutalized each other across 2021. The New Breed are focused and determined in their corner, intent on redeeming themselves after their last missed opportunity. That same concentration can be found in the eyes of Deathswitch Initiative who view themselves as the underdog in a setting where they have the least combined FWA experience. And Sulley has an unreadable expression though his eyes seem to linger on the former Osos Locos with an obvious unimpressed shake of the head is given to the pair.

    Joe Burr, by far the youngest wrestler in this match, decides to take the initiative and slides right out of the ring. Everyone has their eyes on the Giant Killer as he folds up a ladder. He struggles to get it horizontal with the ladder nearly flattening him and earning a slight look of embarrassment from his partner. It just so happens that he’s also grabbed the longest ladder around the ring, only making his endeavor even tougher. Once he finally manages to catch his balance, he then tries to maneuver it about. Surprisingly, the rest of the roster members on that side of the ring - Sulley (unsurprisingly), Alyster, Krash - choose to move out of the way. Joe Burr nudges the lengthy ladder into the ring with every ounce of strength he has and is able to follow up behind it. He gets in the ring and stretches his shoulders a bit, then takes on the task of lifting it up again. Once more, he nearly loses his balance but manages to get a strong foot down and stop himself from spilling over until Douglas BLASTS HIM WITH A PUMP KICK!

    Christian Quinn: "I’m glad someone finally got tired of seeing Joe Burr running around. If we’re lucky, he doesn’t even make it to that Gauntlet Championship match.”

    Broc Lobster: "Burr will surprise you, Quinn. He’s beaten that very man twice already.”

    Joe Burr goes spilling over into the outside alongside the long ladder flattening him there. That pump kick is an instant signal for the match to truly and officially begin! Saint Sulley, as well as Krash and Alyster Black, go after the big man James Douglas though Tommy Bedlam hurries to back his partner up. The New Breed find themselves competing with Golden Rock, now knowing this is the pairing they lost to on Meltdown 8, and the champions they couldn’t beat in their pre-brand split title challenge of many many months past. The camera struggles to keep up with the hectic brawl! Gang Stars are working the Juggernaut with knife-edge chops in a corner. Bedlam and Sulley are exchanging stiff blows, Bedlam more haphazard but hard-hitting, Sulley’s more precise and calculating.

    Broc Lobster: "Here we go, the match is on the way, everyone’s pairing off. I’m sure they’re all going to be playing it pretty loose as far as the game plan goes. How can you even game plan with a match like this?”

    Ramon pairs up with Hughes, while Golden pairs up with Lynch. For both Golden and Hughes, the size-mismatch is a case of who can last longer against the bigger man. Alas for the Prototype, it's the FWA World Champion who clotheslines Hughes out of the ring first, leaving him ripe for the handicap affair. Golden has Lynch in the corner, holding onto his waist while the Prototype lands hard knee strikes to Golden’s abdomen. It’s cut short by Rockstar flying in with a clothesline! It takes only a glance between Golden and Ramon before they start unleashing stomps and strikes on Lynch until he’s seated in the turnbuckle and then forced out of the ring. Devin Golden rushes the ropes without thinking twice and launches himself through the ropes SUICIDE DIVE ONTO THE NEW BREED AND INTO THE STEEL WALL!


    Christian Quinn: "He was never gone, Broc! It was all a sham. More theatrics by Devin Golden, give it a rest.”

    Randy Ramon nods at his partner and turns around only to spot Krash rope-walking, leaping off, and catching him in a picture-perfect hurricanranna. Ramon slides across the ring and quickly rolls out, opting for the safer decision.

    Alyster Black’s focus is still firm on James Douglas and we’ve already got a Violence Party early on in the night here in Denver! Black Jesus is completely unloading on the Juggernaut. Knife-edge chops! Forearm smash! Elbow strike! Rinse and repeat! Douglas’s big frame is being rocked by every strike. Black shoves the first two out of his routine for a barrage of elbow smashes - left, right, left, right, left, right. He’s got to reach up a bit against the bigger man but an elbow smash is an elbow smash, and it does damage. Then he transitions into headbutt after headbutt after headbutt! He tries to drag out Douglas for his patented knee strikes but Douglas blocks the first and turns the table on Alyster. He shoves the masked man into the corner and with his massive palm, chops right at Aly’s chest! He does it again and the slap echoes across the Ball Arena. He goes for a third but Krash comes flying in with a springboard dropkick that gives Aly a bit of reprieve.

    Alyster Black and Devin Golden aren’t the only ones fortunate enough to have a partner come to their rescue. A premature Bullseye attempt from Bedlam is stopped by the one hundred or so pounds of Joe Burr latched onto his back. Sulley slips out of the double underhook, and is quick to rock Bedlam with a jab, a hook, an uppercut, and a superman punch lodged right in Bedlam’s jaw! The cowboy slides instinctively out of the ring, and we’re left with five men in it.

    Juggernaut narrows his eyes when he realizes he’s in the ring with both the Hollywood Saints and Gang Stars after taking a Krash dropkick earlier. Joe Burr gestures to his partner and the Gang Stars that he’s the Giant Killer and he’s got this! He charges somewhat mindlessly at James Douglas who effortlessly stops his momentum and tosses him out of the ring like a ball. Joe Burr goes crashing into the steel wall on the outside then drops on top of the New Breed who were in the midst of working on Ramon at ringside.

    Christian Quinn: "I genuinely want to see how far James Douglas can physically throw Joe Burr."

    Broc Lobster: "I imagine if it wasn’t for the cage, you would’ve seen it this match!”

    Douglas sneers at Burr but as he turns around, he finds that all three of the other men in the ring have found a corner. He mistakenly turns his attention to Sulley, the man he bears a grudge against the most, and the Gang Stars rush in his direction - ONE SHOT KILL & ONE HIT KILL COMBO! The Juggernaut falls to a knee - SHINING WIZARD BY SAINT SULLEY! Denver goes wild for the San Estrellas Combination!

    Broc Lobster: "What a trio! Say, Quinn! When’s Thomas Princeton coming out with those Warehouse Trios tapes, I’ve been killing to see some San Estrellas action!”

    A reunion of the Warehouse Trios we will probably never see! Of course, we’re reminded of that infamous saying “there are no friends in a mile high match” almost immediately when Krash spears Saint Sulley to the ground about a split second afterward. There’s only the barest flash of regret on Krash’s face but the Gang Stars know what’s on the line, they know that the odds are against them, and they’re not about to take their chances.

    Alyster Black slides out of the ring to go grab a ladder but is met with the sight of Devin Golden. There’s a great big pop in the arena as the two men staredown… and promptly begin striking against each other. Their early fiery exchange slows down into knife-edge chop battles with Golden’s skin visibly getting redder and welt-y though Black often brings his palms to his covered chest after a chop. A mistimed chop on Black’s end sees his hand hitting against the steel post, but likewise, Golden suffers the same fate after he chops the steel cage himself.

    Within the squared circle, Krash has already mounted the top turnbuckle in the hopes of a high-risk maneuver to aid Black but Ramon promptly slides in the ring and with a calculated shove, sends Krash flying into the steel cell. The White Wolf manages to catch himself though, fingers lodging themselves into the holes of the cell, and feet finding a grip. Ramon is momentarily stunned by the feat, long enough for Krash to even be able to do something, but when Lynch launches a smaller ladder at Krash, his momentum comes halting and he falls limply to the ground at ringside. Lynch, with murderous intent, bashes Krash in the gut with the ladder over and over again.

    Broc Lobster: "Damian Lynch has one heck of a mean streak. I think he recalls what happened last time he and Krash were in the ring.”

    The Protege chooses to take advantage of the distracted Randy Ramon, springboarding off the ropes for a crossbody! Both men are quick to their feet, though a bit lighter, Sean Hughes is up faster and hits a dropkick to Ramon’s leg, getting him down to one knee, and following it up with a swift Enzuigiri! There’s only one man who remains standing tall in the ring, and it’s none other than the Protege. He’s got a gleeful smile on his face like his luck is finally running upward. Of course, that bit of running luck can only run so far when you’ve got eight enemies to worry about. Saint Sulley slides into the ring in no hurry and Lynch warns his partner that he would do well to turn around.

    Sulley approaches Protege with the fighting stance of a Muay Thai expert. Protege is careful as he approaches Sulley as well. The former Triple Champion unloads an array of strikes but Hughes is surprisingly well learned and manages to avoid many of those strikes before maneuvering around Sulley and attempting to lock on an armbar, highlighting his own technical acumen. The armbar is mis-thought though and leaves him in stagnant enough a position for Sulley to start hammering at the Protege with hard hooks to the jaw. It only takes two before Protege lets go and then Sulley is on top of him unleashing stiff strike after stiff strikes. There’s no one around to quite stop him initially, and in a match like this, he can go on forever. Protege stops resisting under those battering fists and the ground and pound becomes barbaric with Protege beginning to bleed from a cut nose and Sulley’s hands bloodying, a very heartless and merciless look on his face as he hammers down at the Protege.

    Christian Quinn: "He’s f***cked him up!”

    Broc Lobster: "Saint Sulley’s a man on a mission tonight… but you don’t see that mean streak come out of him too often.”

    Damian Lynch is naturally worried for his partner and takes his eyes off Krash intending on helping out Hughes but he gets sideswiped by Tommy Bedlam for his efforts. The two hosses go at it but Bedlam’s blindside attack gives him the advantage. He shoves Lynch into the steel post, dazing the big man. He goes on to lift him up by the legs and drives him into the cell, then spine-first into the steel post, then again spine-first into the steel cell, and finally a spinebuster onto the ladder Lynch had been using to abuse Krash! The sound of flesh on steel echoes across the ball arena and Bedlam roars out his domination.

    Elsewhere in the ringside chaos, Joe Burr has awoken from his slumber to slap James Douglas right in the cheek. For some reason, Joe Burr finds himself unnaturally attracted to face-offs with the Juggernaut, but Douglas is intent on rewiring these instincts in the little man. He lifts him onto his shoulder without even needing some setup offense because Burr is Burr. Joe tries to hammer down at Douglas, to pull out at his mouth, to do anything to get out of his predicament but his efforts are eradicated when he’s charged into the steel door! The door rattles with the impact and Douglas seems to grin as a thought comes across to him. He keeps hold of Burr who no longer has the wits about him to resist and crashes into the locked door a second time. It nearly pops with the impact but not quite. Douglas takes a few steps back and runs full speed ahead, a Ferrari with a tank engine as he crashes into the Mile High Massacre cell door, breaking it down with the body of Joe Burr and the power of his momentum as the two go scarcely sliding outside the Mile High Massacre on the broken steel door.

    Broc Lobster: "You might just get your wish, Quinn! Joe Burr just got powerslammed through a goddamn door! What power by James Douglas!”

    Christian Quinn: "I’m loving it! Maybe Joe Burr being in this match isn’t so bad after all.”

    James Douglas stands up tall and smacks his chest with the crowd awed at his strength, though somewhat sympathetic to Burr’s plight here. Douglas stares down at Burr and shakes his head. He turns around only to get popped with a Discuss Punch from the Rockstar Randy Ramon. Douglas stumbles back but the biggest man in the match doesn’t go down from that. Ramon only allows himself a brief moment to be impressed before rocking him with an uppercut. Douglas stumbles but is still on his feet. Ramon takes a few steps back and charges at him with a running clothesline, causing both men to crash into the barricade outside the cell.

    Within the cell, Devin Golden and Alyster Black are still going at it! Both men are showing the effects of their ringside exchanges with Golden’s hair completely disheveled, his skin a blistering red, though Aly has the benefit of his black attire making him look slightly tamer as far as looking beat up goes. Devin Golden has Alyster Black’s masked head being grated on the steel cell and then slammed over and over again into it. It’s only when Krash, holding his gut together from those Lynch ladder shots, rushes into the ring, right past a momentarily bemused Saint Sulley, rebounds off the ropes, and comes barreling into Golden with a Triangle Cannonball that the Zombie finally has to cease his murderous efforts.

    Within the squared circle, it occurs to Saint Sulley that the priorities are up above him, the two FWA World Tag Team Championships dangling from the cell’s ceiling. He relinquishes his offense on Sean Hughes who seems unmoving and his face a bit of a bloody mess from his cut nose. He has the barest instinct to roll out of the ring though no one will be needing to prioritize him for now. Saint Sulley is cautious to slide out of the ring to the nearest ladder. He takes a momentary glance at Joe Burr who is still down by the steel door he was driven through. There’s a brief sympathetic gaze but he focuses on the match at hand. He grabs a ladder and slides it into the ring. There are definite memories for Sulley of what happened the last time he was in this sort of match, but he doesn't let those regrets distract him and plants the ladder in the dead center of the ring to begin his climb to the last accomplishment he needs to notch under his belt. When he finally reaches the top, he’s disappointed to discover Bedlam has rushed in to meet him.

    Broc Lobster: "There’s no love lost between Deathswitch Initiative and the team that beat them on Meltdown 9, the Hollywood Saints. Bedlam would love nothing more than to get one up on Sulley, I’m sure. And that’s without considering Sulley’s individual pedigree.”

    Bedlam and Sulley are once again exchanging hard strikes against one another. Bedlam has a bit more strength to him and bashes Sulley’s skull hard off the top of the ladder. He tries to reach for the tag belts, a bit too early, and gets a stiff punch to the head courtesy of Sulley. Before either man can figure out who will be the winner of this duel, the Gang Stars saunter into the ring. They glance at each other and seem to come to a quick consensus on what needs to be done. Both approach the ladder and despite Bedlam and Sulley’s protest against it, they tip it over! Bedlam bounces off the ropes while Sulley lands crotch first before bouncing off it, to the apron, and then to the outside.

    Aly gestures for Krash to re-adjust the ladder while he keeps watch. The Prototype Damian Lynch climbs into the ring but is cut short by Aly! Lynch has the size advantage but Alyster is as rabid as ever and the two catch themselves in a corner exchanging strikes. The underlying tension of Aly simply needing to keep Lynch at bay and Lynch desperately needing to cut Krash short makes this exchange quite desperate with Aly often just trying to hold Lync in the corner, and Lynch being too concerned with getting to Krash to properly deal with Black Jesus.

    Fortunately, he’s got some assistance in his quest to stop Krash!

    The crowd’s elated when Joe Burr has stumbled to his feet, noticed Krash climbing the ladder, and hustled back into the cell. He springboards on top of the rope, and leaps onto the back of Krash! An ordinary man might’ve dragged Krash down with that attempt but Burr is a bit too light for that and Krash finds himself still able to climb up. Although, that might’ve been part of Burr’s plan all along. As they get higher up on the ladder, Burr has an easier time reaching the tag belts than Krash does. The White Wolf ponders his strategy, even hesitantly taking a step down to make sure the belt is just out of reach. He tries with one hand to get Burr off him but it’s to no avail! It isn’t until Tommy Bedlam who had remained in the ring earlier, rushes in to get underneath Krash and hits a SIT OUT POWERBOMB ON BOTH KRASH AND BURR! Their bodies bounce off the mat with the impact!

    Broc Lobster: "Look at the sheer power from Tommy Bedlam, Quinn! These Deathswitch Initiative boys are big guys. Real old-school brawlers, you don’t want to mess with them.”

    Christian Quinn: "Sure, but Burr is like half-a-man.”

    No longer having to worry about the ladder, and Aly stunned by his partner’s fate, Lynch kicks Black away! Black Jesus tries to turn that into a spinning forearm smash but Lynch blocks it with such force, Black is spun around and then launched into the turnbuckle they’d been fighting by with a dragon suplex! Black reaches for his head and upper neck with a groan and rolls out of the ring.

    On the outside of the cell, the FWA World Champion Rockstar Randy Ramon and the Juggernaut James Douglas have been brawling all around the cell. Douglas has used his power to launch Ramon into the cell, into the barricade, and hit a loud resounding scoop slam right onto the steel ramp. But Ramon is one of the toughest men you’ll find in all of pro wrestling and he’s able to get back up after every onslaught of offense. He lands a stiff uppercut to Douglas that gives him a break but Douglas returns with a big boot that plows Ramon over the barricade and into the front row fans. Douglas turns around to bark out his domination over the FWA World Champion but Ramon is already back on his feet, a trusty steel chair in his hand and a shake of the head at the arrogance of Douglas. Douglas turns slowly around only to be CLOBBERED OVER THE SKULL WITH A STEEL CHAIR!

    Christian Quinn: "James Douglas took his eyes off Ramon. The thing with Golden Rock, you’ve always got to expect them to take the cheapest route possible. It’s a given he’s going to take a chair from a crowd member in that situation.”

    Broc Lobster: "But James Douglas is a tough man, he’s not even going down after that chair shot!“

    The Juggernaut seems completely dazed for a second, turning away from Ramon and stumbling to who knows where. Ramon hops over the barricade, lifting up the steel chair to a raucous cheer from Denver, and unloads another shot at Douglas’s back! The crowd is enamored with Rockstar and his name is chanted around Ball Arena. Yet, one cannot ignore the fact that Douglas refuses to fall from these strikes. Steel chair hammering against his spine and he stumbles away, grimaces, nearly even to one knee, but he’s not going down. Ramon is relentless with the shots, even viciously throwing it at the Juggernaut’s back all the way up the ramp when he stumbles out of reach. At the top of the stage, right by the entrance tunnels, Randy Ramon picks the chair up again and once more tosses the steel chair at the Juggernaut but this time the Juggernaut catches it - ONLY TO GET ROCKED BY A REMIX! James Douglas goes falling into the tunnel and Randy Ramon stands at the center of the stage, for a second catching his breath, then only for a moment, guitar strumming to tag glory, the Ball arena cheering Rockstar on!

    Christian Quinn: "Give me a break.”

    Broc Lobster: "The crowd is loving Rockstar Randy Ramon!”

    Within the squared circle, Bedlam and Lynch are going strike for strike. But as they wear themselves down, Saint Sulley slithers into the ring. He bides his time, waiting for one man to show a moment of weakness and when Bedlam hits a huge Discuss Lariat that gets Lynch off his feet, he sees his spot. Sulley charges at Bedlam with a Bicycle Kick and floors the man he’d beaten just a few weeks ago. Though as he kicks Bedlam out of the ring, he turns around to find Lynch is back on his feet, and Sean Hughes who’d he’d absolutely battered earlier on, has his nose taped up thanks to the wonderful FWA medical crew who jumped on the task.

    Lynch and Hughes charge at Sulley like rabid dogs, hammering down with numbers more than technique. When Sulley has been chopped down enough, Hughes advises Lynch to lift him up. The Protege climbs up the top rope while Saint Sulley is lifted into an electric chair position on Damian Lynch’s shoulder. Hughes manages his balance and leaps for the DOOMSDAY DEVICE! Sulley is laid flat on his back, flipping off of Lynch’s shoulders!

    The New Breed aren’t satiated with that and head off to the outside of the ring. Joe Burr is the first one floored with a running knee strike from Prototype that lifts him off his feet and leaves him struggling for oxygen. Hughes gets Krash into a suplex position, makes sure he knows what’s behind him, and suplexes Krash right onto a ladder!

    Broc Lobster: "The New Breed are determined not to let this be their third failed shot at the tag title belts. They're trying to take everyone out!”

    Christian Quinn: "In a match like this, the moment you take your eight guy out, the first is finally getting back up. It’s not the best strategy, Broc.”

    Alyster Black and Devin Golden who’ve somehow found themselves brawling for the umpteenth time, unable to resist their attraction for hurting one another, find themselves now fixated on the oncoming wrath of New Breed! Black is clever enough to shove Devin towards the New Breed who is caught into Damian Lynch’s grip and drilled to the mat with a Tiger Suplex! Aly floors Hughes while Lynch is occupied with a roaring elbow! With Hughes down, he hits a loud knife-edge chop on Lynch, and another, and another! But Hughes doesn't stay down for long, he spits blood aside and hammers at Black from behind. Black Jesus tries his best to resist but with New Breed hounding him with wildfire punches and stomps, there’s little he can really do. Hughes and Lynch grab Aly by either wrist and then whip him with as much strength as possible into the steel steps! He stifles a bit of the damage by turning on his back but still falls limply to the ground, aching at the pain.

    New Breed turns their attention to Devin Golden again, seeing that Randy Ramon is making his way back up the ramp. Lynch shoves Devin Golden’s face against the steel structure, grating away at it, and making sure Ramon gets a good look. When they spot Ramon starting to speed up his way down, Lynch and Hughes decide to rush to meet him outside of the cell. Hughes is the first out and he’s floored by Ramon but Lynch catches him with a running clothesline that stops his momentum dead. Lynch and Hughes drill Ramon with strikes to the skull and stomps, doing whatever they need to wear him down. Lynch eventually grabs the downed Ramon by the legs, positions himself to have his back to the steel cell, and catapults him face-first into the steel step.

    They’re not done with the FWA World Champion who, as resilient as ever, tries to use the steel cell to get back to his feet. Lynch grabs him by the hair though Ramon shoves him away, forcing Lynch to strike him in the gut with a knee strike. Rockstar coughs deeply from the strike and tries to crawl away from Lynch and gain some reprieve but Hughes hits a low dropkick that forces Rockstar onto his back. He’s all alone out here with the New Breed and Devin Golden is far from being capable of helping him. The Prototype drags Randy Ramon to the side of the structure facing the top ramp, and closest to Devin Golden within the cell. He wraps his arms around the waist of Ramon while Protege positions himself in front of the bound Ramon. He takes a step back for momentum and hits a SUPERKICK SQUARE IN THE JAW INTO A GERMAN SUPLEX WITH RAMON FLATTENED AGAINST THE CELL! A brutal Superkick-Plex from the New Breed! Golden tries to reach out between the cell to check on his partner, but Ramon is folded in half and in no position to respond

    Christian Quinn: "You love to see it, Broc. Ramon absolutely getting squashed by the New Breed. I take back what I said, maybe they’ve got the right strategy after all.”

    Broc Lobster: "Wait a second, Quinn! Is that - James Douglas is back from that Remix… it looks like he’s dragging something with him!”

    Up the top of the ramp, at the top of the stage, the Ball arena is surprised to see that James Douglas is back out on the stage. But he’s not alone! The massive man is dragging a cart with several stables piled up on it. Damian Lynch and Sean Hughes have barely finished assaulting Randy Ramon when they notice the Juggernaut steamrolling down the ramp with his huge cart and CRASHING RIGHT INTO THE NEW BREED! He flattens them against the steel cell with Lynch noticeably taking the brunt of that crash. The entire structure rattles with the impact and everyone within it are briefly horrified by the presence of the Juggernaut and his array of furniture weaponry.

    Broc Lobster: "What’s he going to do with all those tables?”

    Christian Quinn: "I don’t know but I’m crossing my fingers he puts Joe Burr through each and every single one of them!”

    James Douglas takes a table off his cart and drives it right into the gut of Randy Ramon, making sure the FWA World Champion knows that it would be best if he stays down. Then, as table-users are wont to do, he begins unfolding the tables, one after the other, and lays them out around the steel cell, five total. Sensing the impending disaster, the New Breed stumble and crawl out of the way and back into the steel cell, taking advantage of Douglas being distracted by his table setting. No one wants to step out of the cell to stand up to Douglas, though given the parameters of the match, that’s the logical and smart thing to do… for everyone but the man who calls himself the Giant Killer. Joe Burr mutters to Saint Sulley that he can take care of this, as battered and broken as he already is, he is the Giant Killer. He shakes his head at the retreating New Breed and walks out of the cell to meet Douglas.

    Broc Lobster: "Don’t do this, Joe! Sometimes you have to know when to pick your fights!”

    Christian Quinn: "My wish is coming true!”

    James Douglas and Joe Burr stare at each other with Douglas shaking his head at the Giant Killer’s audacity. Burr charges, full steam ahead, and is stopped dead in his tracks by Douglas. The Juggernaut lifts him up effortlessly and LAUNCHES HIM INTO THE FIRST TABLE! It breaks down, more due to the velocity that Douglas threw him at than the weight. Burr is unmoving but Douglas doesn’t care one bit. He scoops lifeless Joe up and slams into a second table! What sympathy there was for Burr seems to go out the window as a roaring “ONE MORE TIME” chant starts echoing in the Ball arena. A slight grin appears on Douglas’s face. He gets Joe Burr up once more, wrapping his hand around Burr’s neck, lifting him to heights he ever-dreams of reaching, and CHOKESLAMMING HIM ONTO A THIRD TABLE. “ONE MORE TIME!” the chant keeps going.

    Christian Quinn: "ONE MORE TIME!”

    Broc Lobster: "You can’t endorse this Christian!”

    Christian Quinn: "I sure as hell can, Broc! ONE MORE TIME!”

    The Juggernaut chuckles at the demands but is all the more willing to oblige. Saint Sulley within the steel cell, seems to know better than to get out of the cell to intervene in this, his priorities largely on what’s inside the cell, and not outside of it. As for everyone else, no one thinks there’s any reason to intervene in Douglas’s workmanship. So, James Douglas plants Joe Burr between his thighs, lifts him up into a powerbomb position, and PUMMELS HIM DOWN INTO A FOURTH TABLE!

    Broc Lobster: "Enough! Enough!”

    Christian Quinn: "Just enjoy the show, Broc! He signed up for this. ONE MORE TIME!”

    “ONE MORE TIME!” Well, it just so happens there’s a fifth table lying about! James Douglas drags Joe Burr by the hair, quite easily, over to the last standing table. He stands Joe Burr up, stares back into the cell where Saint Sulley can’t help but throw a glance and helps Joe Burr SLEEP TIGHT ONTO A FIFTH TABLE! James Douglas rattles the cage while a sea of broken tables and debris surrounds him.

    Broc Lobster: "Oh, thank God there are no more tables. We need to get one of our doctors to check on him, surely.”

    James Douglas circles around the steel cell to make it back within. He glances at the FWA World Tag Team Champions high above and turns his attention to the longest ladder he can find. With much less effort than Burr needed, he tosses the ladder into the ring and follows swiftly behind it. He unfolds the latter and places it in the dead center of the ring. Douglas takes a deep breath and begins climbing it, though when he reaches the top, he realizes there’s something on his back. It’s not Joe Burr this time, but his partner, Saint Sulley!

    The former Triple Champion has more than just his weight in mind to deter Douglas though. He’s got a Rear Naked Chokehold firmly locked in. Douglas tries to resist at first but he’s got a bad angle! He tries to push on to climb to the top of the ladder and to ignore Sulley but the consciousness quickly leaving his mind is quite the deterrent. When he gets to the top of the ladder and reaches, he finds himself barely touching the belt but not having the energy to get a firm grip on it. Sulley wrenches with the chokehold, so much so that Douglas loses a handle of the ladder with one hand. He wrenches even more and finally Douglas tips over and falls back first into the mat!

    The impact of it forces Saint Sulley to let go of the hold… but just as soon he’s got it locked back in, determined to put Douglas out of commission for this match. He holds on tightly and Douglas’s early resistance quickly fades until he’s not resisting at all, and Sulley, still bloodied with the impact of his strikes on Hughes, carries a very dark look on his face. A dozen seconds after Douglas last moved a finger, he finally releases the chokehold.

    Broc Lobster: "Saint Sulley has just put the Juggernaut to bed! This isn’t the first monster he’s faced off within a Mile High Massacre, he knows how to deal with them.”

    Christian Quinn: "What? Wait till their back is turned? Maybe he should’ve offered those tips to Joe.”

    Saint Sulley decides to begin his own climb of the ladder but just as soon as he does start, James Douglas’s partner Tommy Bedlam has slid into the ring. Sulley doesn’t tunnel vision on the ladder, instead, appearing man possessed, he soccer kicks Tommy Bedlam’s head off before he can even get to his feet.

    He shakes his head at Bedlam’s efforts and begins to climb the turnbuckle again, though his head drops when he sees Krash struggling to get in the ring. Krash has a half-hearted grin on his face as he notices Sulley’s disappointed glance, but Sulley ushers him on. Krash rushes in his direction but Sulley showcases his technical skills with a roundhouse leg sweep that forces Krash onto his back. Krash tries to get back to his feet though a knee drop ceases those efforts quickly. He shoves his friend out of the ring with a reluctant sigh.

    Saint Sulley turns around and again glances at the FWA World Tag Team Championship belts hanging overhead. This is his moment. He puts his feet on the first step and audibly groans when Alyster Black gets into the ring. Whatever friendship they have, he’s no longer willing to give his allies a fair shot. He grabs Black by the head before he can even get up and hits a gorgeous suplex, even as tired as he is. He doesn’t let go and gets Black to his feet, signaling he’s going for the Three Rivers. He hits a second one, just as perfectly executed as the first. When he puts in the effort to get to his feet with Black for the third time, he spots Devin Golden sliding into the ring as well. He catches the exhausted Golden with a boot to the gut and gets him in position as well - DOUBLE SUPLEX and completing the THREE RIVERS!

    Broc Lobster: "Sulley is completely in control. We saw him at the start of this match hammering on Sean Hughes. He’s got incredible focus, he wants that last accomplishment he needs under his name.”

    The King kicks his usurpers out of the ring and glances once again at those illustrious FWA World Tag Team Championships. He doesn’t even take a step on the ladder this time when he spots the New Breed, having recovered from their cart crash, getting into the cell. Hughes is the first one in and Sulley hurries where he’s entered, grabs him by the tights, and sends him right back out of the ring on the other side. Lynch is in next, but Sulley’s luck finally runs out as Lynch clotheslines him over the top rope with such ferocity, both men fall to the outside.

    “ROCKSTAR! ROCKSTAR! ROCKSTAR!” the chant echoes across the arena when Randy Ramon begins making his way back into the steel cell (himself relying on the steel cell to keep on a vertical base). He takes a heavy breath as he gets into the Mile High Massacre structure, no doubt trying to ignore the fact that he will have to go through this a second time in tonight’s main event. He bends over to grab a ladder and slides into the ring without the same energy he had in the early goings. He slides into the ring and picks up the ladder. When he looks up, his eyes widen momentarily before TOMMY BEDLAM SPEARS RANDY RAMON AND THE LADDER OUT OF THE RING FLATTENING THEMSELVES INTO THE STEEL CELL!


    Christian Quinn: "Better yet, he broke Randy Ramon!”

    A resounding “HOLY SHIT!” echoes around the Ball arena. Tommy Bedlam and Randy Ramon are a mess at ringside with the ladder nearly folded thanks to the impact of that Bedlam spear.

    In the ring, one-half of the FWA World Tag Team Champions slides back in. He remains a moment on his back to gather his breath, then stands to his feet. He spots the tall ladder still in the center of the ring and dares to hope for just one second. He puts a solitary foot on the ladder before noticing Damian Lynch, Saint Sulley, and even the once-sleeping giant James Douglas getting to their feet. He thinks to himself, then decides to reposition the ladder before climbing it. When he feels he’s sufficiently made his climb, as indicated by repeated looks over his shoulders and an eventual satisfied glance, he makes a silent prayer then at the top of the ladder hits a MOONSAULT TO THE OUTSIDE! THE WHITE WOLF CRASH LANDS ONTO COUNTLESS BODIES!

    It takes a moment, but these numerous bodies begin using ladders, aprons, and steel cell to get back to their feet. On the other side of the cell, The Golden One has slid into the ring, and without a second thought, he rushes to the ropes, springboards off, and hits a springboard plancha onto the recovering corpses of his competitors… including his partner, but sometimes casualties are necessary!

    These bodies must do what they did before, recover their wits, and try again to get back to vertical bases, with Devin Golden adding himself to this crew. Not among them is Alyster Black who is also in the ring. Alyster Black stands tall in the squared circle. He takes a glance at the FWA World Tag Team Championships, and a glance at his opponents (and a partner) trying to stand up in the mess that is the ringside. He doesn’t think through his next decision much more than that glance. With an incredibly rare showing of athleticism, Alyster Black leaps over the top rope and lands a FOSBURY FLOP! The crowd’s delighted with the disarray and a resounding “THIS IS AWESOME” chant follows all over the Ball arena.

    There is only one man (besides the still dying Joe Burr) who remains and it’s the Protege Sean Hughes. He doesn’t even consider the ladder inside the ring, or the belts hanging atop. He rushes straight for the turnbuckle without even getting into the squared circle. He turns his back on his opponents and then jumps off the turnbuckle with a CORKSCREW MOONSAULT! Like a bowling ball, he knocks down every pin in his way! He stands to his feet, and though there’s not much adulation for him, his grin says it all.

    Broc Lobster: "Everyone’s going flying, Christian!”

    Christian Quinn: "But Hughes was smart here! He went in last, and there’s no one else to stop him from focusing on the big prize now.”

    With the mass graveyard of bodies on the outside, Sean Hughes is the first man to climb back into the ring. His face is still a bloody mess but with the doctor’s work at hand, he’s not bleeding profusely anymore. He looks up at the title hanging in the air and scrambles looking to grab the tall ladder that is now out of opposition, only to turn around and receive a kick straight to the balls!

    It’s Joe Burr!


    Christian Quinn: "How the heck is he still standing? He got put through five tables! What’s Sulley feeding him?

    The little man has finally made it back into the ring after being put through an umpteenth amount of tables outside the cell! His eyes go wide, he’s now the only man in the squared circle, the title his for the taking, but how can he possibly do it! The answer is, he doesn’t. The Juggernaut marches into the ring, grabs Burr by his tiny wrist, reels him in, then out then back in for A TASTE OF BOURBON! Burr flips 720 degrees before landing with a splatter on the mat.

    Christian Quinn: "Please tell me that’s the last we’ll see of Burr!”

    James Douglas turns around only to be met with a clean superkick from another hoss in the match, the Prototype Damian Lynch! After all Douglas has been through this match, he tips over and falls out of the ring from that one. Tommy Bedlam slides in to replace his partner he’s got Damian Lynch square in his sights. Lynch only has a moment to flex on the Juggernaut before he’s clocked with the BUCKSHOT SUPERKICK! He falls spread-eagled on the mat. Bedlam shakes his head at Lynch’s audacity. The Cowboy turns around to get a lay of the land and is struck with the ONE HIT KILL! The knee strike causes both Krash and Tommy Bedlam to barrel over from the impact.

    The White Wolf uses the ropes to get back to his feet first, shaking the cobwebs out of his head. But just about as soon as he gets his balance - REMIX SUPERKICK BLASTS HIS HEAD OFF!. Ramon isn’t even done there, he ravages the downed Krash with stomps but the White Wolf’s not quite moving after getting his head kicked off anyways. Still, Ramon’s lack of control leaves him prime for Saint Sulley to slide into the ring, wait in a corner, and anticipate the FWA World Champion turning around. When he does, SHINING WIZARD CATCHES RAMON SQUARE IN THE JAW!

    Broc Lobster: "The former FWA World Champion has just floored the current FWA World Champion! You think we might see that happen on Meltdown 10?”

    Christian Quinn: "You think he makes it out of tonight, Broc? After going through all of this? Ramon’s tough, I’ll be the first to admit, but is he that tough?”

    As one might expect, it’s not the end of this rampage. Devin Golden has slid into the ring, his eyes on Saint Sulley, and seemingly intent on tapping into a maneuver he doesn’t like using very often but is quite willing to do so on the right occasion. REMIX SUPERKICK - but Joe Burr, the unbelievably durable Gauntlet Champion, has slid back into the ring and desperately pushes Sulley out of the ring and catches the Golden Remix! He flips inside and out again as if the man hasn’t done enough backflips tonight! Golden is stunned by the sacrifice, leaving him open for a ONE. SHOT. KILL! Alyster Black takes Golden’s head off with the killer lariat!

    Christian Quinn: "God I love it when Alyster does that to Devin.”

    Alyster Black and Saint Sulley find themselves the only men remaining in the ring, with the rest of the competitors having rolled out to lick their wounds or even recover consciousness. Sulley goes after Black first, recalling that Gang Stars will have no such reservation about giving the first go. He hits a left jab, Black hits a knife-edge chop, Sulley hits an elbow smash, Black retaliates with one of his own, Sulley goes for an uppercut, Black reels back then hits a hard-hitting headbutt, Sulley clocks Black with a right hook. Both men are stunned by the impact of their respective assaults though not quite finished. With the short distance between them, they spin around and land spinning elbow strikes that floor each other!

    Broc Lobster: "These two may be friends now, but they’re no stranger to each other. Alyster once had a shot at Saint Sulley for the FWA World Championship. These two used to be rivals and they were some intense battles.”

    Their fierce fight is all for nothing. The New Breed slide back into the ring, ready to pick what’s left of Black and Sulley. Though on the outside, it appears both Ramon and Golden have gathered at ringside - both battered and bruised and communing on their asses and not on their feet - are talking strategy with Golden gesturing to a pair of ladders and a deadly nod from Ramon. Back in the ring, Sean Hughes hits a Hammerlock DDT on Saint Sulley, drilling his skull into the mat, while Damian Lynch lands one of those neck-snapping dragon suplexes of his onto Alyster Black. Both men smartly roll out of the ring to get out of New Breed's path.

    Damian Lynch turns his attention to the ladder and repositions it into the center of the ring for Hughes to climb. Golden Rock chooses this moment to attack with Golden going for the smaller New Breed member and grabbing onto Hughes leg to prevent the climb and Ramon going head to head with Damian Lynch. The Prototype gets the best of Ramon with a stiff knee to the gut and then rushes the ropes to clothesline him over but when he does so, Ramon reverses and sends him flying overhead and crashing into a ladder prone against ring apron and cell! It appears Golden Rock were busy before they made their way back into the ring.

    Hughes kicks at Golden desperately, spotting Ramon having dealt with his partner, but by the time he gets Golden to let go, Ramon pops him up and uppercuts his nose bandages loose. Hughes rolls out of the ring on instinct, but given that on that side of the ring there is another ladder prone against steel cell and ring, that might actually be a terrible idea. Ramon and Golden nod to each other and hit opposite sides of the ring, both exiting the squared circle. Ramon makes sure Lynch is still on the ladder with some hard strikes to ensure he doesn’t move while Golden lifts Hughes onto the other ladder. The two members of Golden Rock then get back onto the apron and climb the top ropes. The former FWA World Tag Team Champions stare at each other, nod sternly, and leap! The Golden One hits The Golden Touch, crashing through Hughes and the ladder, breaking both in half! Randy Ramon soars for his patented leg drop, his weight snapping both Prototype and ladder!

    Broc Lobster: "Christian, some would say that’s the best team in the world in action! Golden Rock putting everything on the line for the FWA World Tag Team Championships!”

    Christian Quinn: "A lot of idiots would say that. I know who the best team in the world is.”

    The crowd is completely enamored with the team they have not officially seen since Lights Out months ago! Once again, a resounding “HOLY SHIT!” echoes in honor of Golden Rock’s sacrifice.

    However, leaping to crash land on a ladder isn’t a great way of getting yourself a victory in this sort of match. As such, a lone solitary ladder remained in the ring! Tommy Bedlam gets into the ring in the aftermath of those risky moves and reaches for the ladder. He only stops to spot Joe Burr, climbing up the side of the cell though without much speed and drained of energy from everything he’s been put through. Bedlam dismisses Burr as a competitor, seeing how slow his journey is going and begins his climb up the ladder that will get him to the belt much faster.

    Christian Quinn: "He’s gotta give it up! Hasn’t he hurt himself enough?”

    Broc Lobster: "Joe Burr never says die, Christian. That’s how he earned his name. That’s how he became a champion here in the FWA. He refuses to give up!”

    He makes it to the top of the tall ladder, and reaches out for the two belts hanging from the ceiling - only to have his leg pulled out from underneath him - RKO!

    Saint Sulley is in the ring and he urges Joe Burr to keep climbing! He spots James Douglas entering the ring as well and without waiting for Douglas to even make it fully in the ring hurries at him for back-to-back RKOs! Sulley uses the rope to get back to his feet all the while yelling at Burr to keep going, particularly when he notices that Alyster Black and Krash are both climbing into the ring.

    Broc Lobster: "Saint Sulley is doing everything he can to clear the way for his partner! He’s putting his hopes and dreams on Joe Burr. I think I am too, Christian!”

    Burr is now hanging, back to the floor, from the ceiling of the cell. Every reach is difficult, and often, he seems to be losing his balance entirely, scaring the hell out of Saint Sulley. His attention is split between his Hollywood Saints partner and his San Estrellas partners. He rushes towards Krash first, attempting to catch the White Wolf with an RKO midway through the ropes but Krash is able to shove him out of the way right into the grip of Alyster Black who lifts him up and drops him on his head with Satan’s Spike!

    Christian Quinn: "He’s not getting up from the Satan’s Spike, Broc.”

    Broc Lobster: "He doesn’t have to, look at Joe go! There’s nothing anyone can do about it!”

    And as Sulley lays on his back, staring at the ceiling lights he spots Joe Burr hanging with one hand, the other reaching out to the belt. He leaps and grabs both belts! He’s dangling from the ceiling and all the FWA World Tag Team Champions can do is watch!

    “JOE! JOE! JOE!” The fans want to see it!

    Burr starts to unstrap it…

    Christian Quinn: "He’s actually going to do it…”


    He’s hanging on with one hand!

    He tries to reach back with the other….

    but he doesn’t have the strength…

    Broc Lobster: “NO!”


    His small frame bounces off the ring mat and he’s practically unmoving Saint Sulley and Joe Burr both blink deeply, far too exhausted to move now.

    Relieved, Krash and Aly kick the Hollywood Saints out of the ring and turn to set up the ladder in the middle of the ring but the rising cheers from around Ball arena signal it won’t be that easy. Golden Rock slides back into the ring to stare down the Gang Stars. A resounding “LET’S GO GANG STARS! LET’S GO GOLDEN ROCK!” dueling chant can be heard throughout the Ball arena. Without much more motivation needed than the belts on the line, the duos charge at each other.

    Broc Lobster: "Here we go! Golden Rock and Gang Stars are back at it again. Love it or hate it, these are two of the absolute best teams in the world, and that’s what fighting for a championship is all about!”

    Krash and Randy Ramon exchange strikes while Aly and Devin Golden recommence the duel they’ve had throughout the night! Both Aly and Krash don’t waste time going for their trademark moves - the One Hit Kill and the One Shot Kill but Ramon and Golden are on their game and manage to duck underneath and block the attempts. Unbalanced, Golden Rock promptly toss Gang Stars on either side of the ring. Golden urges Ramon up the ladder, and there’s not the slimmest moment of hesitation in Ramon’s mind. He starts to climb the tall ladder to the top.

    Christian Quinn: "Clearly Rockstar has complete faith in Devin. But Broc, I know other people who had complete faith in Devin, and Devin failed them. Randy should know better.”

    The Gang Stars hurry back into the ring but Devin Golden tries to take the fight to them instead. He rushes for the perpendicular side of the ring to Alyster’s entrance and hits a triangle dropkick to get him off the apron! Krash ignores Devin and rushes straight for the ladder, hurrying to catch up to Ramon. Just as Ramon is about to start reaching for the belt, he gets a strike to the jaw that stalls his attempt. He strikes back down at Krash and Krash returns it. The Golden One, now back on his feet, rushes slightly up the ladder to grab Krash’s leg. Rockstar smacks down at the disadvantaged Krash. He begins to once again reach up for the belts with Krash trying to split his attention between stopping Ramon and ridding himself of Devin. Ramon just about reaches to grab the belts but he’s having a hard time unstrapping it due to Krash’s efforts!

    Broc Lobster: "Every single man in that ring feels that it might be all or nothing. They refuse to let go! They’re giving it all they’ve got!”

    Alyster Black dives into the squared circle and attempts to help his partner by rushing towards Devin Golden and tugging at his waist, but Golden is holding onto to dear life for Krash! Black Jesus reconsiders his strategy slowly climbs the ladder beneath Devin until he’s able to lift Devin into a fireman’s carry and midway up the ladder - ALYSTER BLACK DOES THE RIGHT THING AND RIDES THE BOMB TO HELL! Devin Golden is dropped on the back of his neck but in his efforts, he’s dragged the ladder down - and KRASH IS HOLDING ON TIGHTLY TO RAMON’S WAIST!

    Rockstar Randy Ramon struggles to unstrap the belt as he hangs from the ceiling. Krash, like a monkey, is crawling up Ramon, it’s a wonder the belts can bear their weight! The White Wolf makes progress up the Rockstar ladder while Ramon wonders if he has the strength to let go of the belt with one hand so he can smack Krash off - but he thinks better of it. Krash just about reaches for the belt though with his head within reach...







    Winner: Golden Rock via unhooking the belts at 52:62.

    Randy Ramon drops next to Krash… but it is he that has the two FWA World Tag Team Championships in his possession and not the White Wolf. Krash struggles to mask both despair and pain as he looks to his side to spot Devin Golden reaching over to Ramon and bringing his head to him. Alyster’s masked face is unreadable as he puts a comforting shoulder on his partner, forced to sit just feet away from their rivals, and resisting every instinct to rip the belts away from their hands. The Gang Stars may understand more than anyone that this is not the end of the world.

    Kurt Harrington: "Here are your winners... and NEW FWA World Tag Team Champions… Devin Golden and Randy Ramon… GOLDEN ROCK!"

    Randy Ramon and Devin Golden hobble out of the ring and out of the cell on the pathway with the least amount of bodies between them and the broken door. They’ve got the two belts in hand and Ramon is handed over the FWA World Championship title as well. He’s got everything he can possibly want in the world, but as he glances over his shoulder within the ring, he knows one man will do everything in his power to kill that dream tonight.

    Christian Quinn: “This… this isn’t how tonight was supposed to go, Broc. Golden Rock should not have been allowed to compete in this match.”

    Broc Lobster: “But they did, Christian. Every single team in this match had a fair shot at those belts. Every single one of them. And tonight… tonight it was Golden Rock that were the best team. Tonight it’s Golden Rock that is the best team in professional wrestling. How can you argue against that?”

    We survey the wreckage that has been this Mile High Massacre. The outside of the cell is littered with broken tables with Joe Burr incapable of getting back up and Sulley doing his best to stifle his disappointment. Though he has a hard time masking it as Burr glances his way, and seems on the verge of tears when he sees the expression on the face of his partner. He failed Saint Sulley. He was so close. So close.

    Broc Lobster: “You have to feel for Joe Burr. He did everything he needed to. He took more damage than anyone else in this match. It’s going to crush a young man’s heart, but he’s gotta look past that. Saint Sulley needs to use his veteran experience to let him know there’s always another opportunity.”

    Christian Quinn: “I gave him a hard time in this match, Broc. I still don’t know if Joe Burr belongs in the tag team division that guys like me built. But he had guts. I’ll say that much.”

    Tommy Bedlam kicks at the cell door while James Douglas’s eyes are locked on Golden Rock circling on the outside of the ring and then on Saint Sulley. It was two rapid fire RKOs that put them out of commission long enough for Golden Rock to climb up. They wonder what they could’ve done differently. But in this sort of match, even a war general will have a hard time navigating the trenches.

    And the New Breed are still aching from having been respectively put through ladders, hardly able to stand up. Sean Hughes face bandages received mid-match aren’t there anymore, and another doctor is within the cell trying to patch things up.

    At the top of the ramp, Golden Rock turns around to raise the championship belts they’ve just won high in the sky.

    Broc Lobster: “What a way to start Mile High! Last year, we saw this team win their first ever FWA World Tag Team Championship… tonight… they win their third FWA World Tag Team Championships. But the night is not over for Rockstar Randy Ramon. He will have to defend his other belt against four other men in our main event in that same structure that has stolen so much for him. It’s time to lick his wounds, clear his mind, and get ready for the hardest match of his life.”


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    Re: [From 4EST/9GMT] FWA Mile High | Live Results Thread!

    Randy gotta expect a big corporate fine after these shenanigans. Rupert will be booking that ruffian every show.

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    Re: [From 4EST/9GMT] FWA Mile High | Live Results Thread!

    Rupert can eat a butt

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    Re: [From 4EST/9GMT] FWA Mile High | Live Results Thread!

    Quote Originally Posted by SupineSnake View Post
    Randy gotta expect a big corporate fine after these shenanigans. Rupert will be booking that ruffian every show.

    What power would hell have if those imprisoned here would not be able to dream of heaven?

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    Re: [From 4EST/9GMT] FWA Mile High | Live Results Thread!

    There is an excited rumble from the Denver crowd as the Ball Arena is plunged into total darkness. The unexpecting crowd grows louder in noise as the large screen begins to hue above the stage. Kitschy show music begins to play and an unmistakably Welsh voice booms over the PA system.

    “Ladies and gents, lads and girls, it is my pleasure to introduce you to the MILE HIGH LOUNGE!!! Presented to you by..

    the one…

    the only…


    The Denver crowd roars in approval as the red, yellow and green coloured “Mile High Lounge” titlecard flashes on the titantron. The crowd gets even noisier when this image fades away and is replaced by an image of a wildly smiling Danny Toner - dressed in a light-grey Stone Island tracksuit - sitting on a purple bean-bag with his feet resting on a small, low-to-the-ground, coffee table. He pops his feet down and leans forward in his seat and grins.

    Danny Toner: “You guys didn’t really think they could keep this handsome mug off pay-per-view, did ya!?”



    Danny animatedly pops up to his feet and cuts the crowd off mid-chant.

    Danny Toner: “Look guys, I appreciate it, really I do but it’s been made very clear Watkins and the boys didn’t want this show to be about me so I think it’s best if we just respect their wishes and crack on with the show without any of the usual fanfare…

    AWH who am I kiddin’, let’s fuckin’ here ya!”




    Danny Toner: “That’s right it’s motherfuckin’, chess-playin’, gun-slingin’, wildin’ out whenever the freakin’ hell he wants; DANNY. FUCKIN’. TONER. And this? This is the Mile High Lounge. Now that I’m up on my ones and twos, lemme introduce the first - that’s right; this right here is what Uncle would call a recurring segment; we got multiple guests - guest of the night! A man that aul Unc’ actually knows quite well, a man that is hoping tonight is the night he gets his hands on a championship that I hold very dear to my heart. Ladies and gentlemen, the number one contender for the FWA Gauntlet Championship… Harry The Sane Wizard!!!”

    There is a decent reaction for Harry as he cautiously walks onto the set of the “Mile High Lounge” and eyes the black beanbag adjacent to Danny’s purple one. Danny fixes Harry a wink and slumps into his beanbag, Harry slowly and awkwardly sits on the edge of the beanbag.

    Danny Toner: “Haz, my man! You gotta loosen up a little! Big match got ya’ll tripped out?”

    Harry shifts a little on his beanbag.

    Harry The Sane Wizard: “I mean… I guess a little-”

    Danny Toner: “Speaking of tripped out, why don’t we get a little high, Harry?”

    Harry The Sane Wizard: “Can you set yourself up like that? I’m not sure if Unc-”

    Danny Toner: “Harry, listen to me, bud. This little beauty right here is Purple Incan Kush.”

    Danny holds up an expertly crafted joint which gets a low pop from sections of the crowd.

    Danny Toner: “We are LIVE on the Mile High Lounge. You know what you’ve gotta do… you’ve gotta smoke this blunt.”

    Danny hands Harry the joint who handles it as if it’s live TNT. The crowd begin a chant. It’s small but rapidly grows.




    Danny begins banging the table and staring at a panicked Harry with an eager look on his face and shouting alongside the crowd.




    A very concerned looking Harry quickly blurts out a response.

    Harry The Sane Wizard: “Isn’t this a smoke-free arena?”

    Danny Toner: “Boooooooooo!”

    The crowd are quick to join in alongside the host but Danny is quick to wave them down. He pops his head off screen and whistles. Owen The Intern comes scurrying onto the set with an aluminum tray full of delicious looking brownies. Harry immediately yelps and jumps up from the beanbag before backing up against the wall of the set. He shakily points a finger at Owen.

    Harry The Sane Wizard: “What the… why aren’t you… where’s the flip piledriver!?”

    Danny and Owen look at each other quizzically.

    Danny Toner: “Well I can’t say I know anything about a flip piledriver! I’m 34, you know. I can’t really… flip. As for Owen? Well… Owen can’t even wrestle! So then… how about a nice, totally safe brownie, pal?”

    Danny looks at the hard camera and comically bounces his eyebrows but then looks genuinely shocked as Harry responds.

    Harry The Sane Wizard: “Sure thing Danny, they look delicious!”

    Owen quietly backs off the set as Harry pops the rest of the brownie into his mouth. Danny retakes his seat on the beanbag and Harry takes a huge chunk out of a brownie. Danny nods, a sly smile on his face and begins eating one himself.

    Danny Toner: “That good, huh?

    Harry The Sane Wizard: “Damn they’re great! But I really shouldn’t have had two brownies before my big match tonight.”

    Danny Toner: “Uh… did you say two?”

    Harry nods his head as Danny uncomfortably chuckles as he throws an arm around Harry.

    Danny Toner: “Aight, buddy… you’re gonna wanna strap in because in about 45 minutes you’re gonna be in outer fucking space.”

    Harry The Sane Wizard: “I don’t think Uncle’s going to take me on an adventure right before my big match, Danny!”

    Danny side-eyes a sheepish looking Owen who stands in the background as the first of the “Mile High Lounge” segments abruptly ends.


    Back in the arena...

    A slow-rolling fat beat, a pomp and circumstance violin loop sets in, bringing quite the roaring reaction from the crowd. The drum loop follows after about four violin loops, and a soft "ooooooh" slices in right before the vocals take over.

    "'Cause it's a bittersweeeeeeet symphooooony, that's liiiiiife
    Tryna maaaake ends meet, you're a slave to money then you dieeeeee."

    Christian Quinn: "Broc, you witnessed it firsthand. I watched on television. Chris Kennedy came face to face with Jon Snowmantashi on Meltdown. It DID NOT go well. "Kaiju" brutally beat Kennedy down until he accepted the challenge for Mile High. So what should we expect from Chris Kennedy?"

    Broc Lobster: "We should expect what we always should expect: him to rise to the occasion. Chris Kennedy always finds a way to at least equal his opponent. People doubt if he has enough for new challengers ALL THE TIME. Michelle von Horrowitz, who knows Jon Snowmantashi quite well, experienced the Rise of Chris Kennedy at Lights Out herself. Did she underestimate Kennedy? I don't know. What I do know is Chris Kennedy is placed in old-hat groupings to insinuate he is past his prime. I find that to be a silly description."

    "The Astonishing" Chris Kennedy pops through the curtains with his trademark white jacket shining under the arena lights. There are specks of silver and gold scattered on the open-vest jacket, which matches his all-white pants and the long light blonde hair. The six-time FWA World Champion has been through the highest of highs and some low lows in his most recent FWA run, but he'll always garner quite the stir from the fans.

    Who join in for singing the rest of the opening stanza.

    "I'll take youuu down the ... oooonly road I've ever been doow-yooownn
    You know the oooone that takes you to the places where all the veins meet, yeeeeah."

    Kennedy reaches the ring and pauses right in front, offering a smile to the thousands of fans snapping photos and vocalizing their adoration for arguably the "Greatest of All Time." Kennedy then leaps forward head-first as he slides under the ropes and stretches his arms out side to side in the middle of the ring.

    Christian Quinn: "Is Chris Kennedy 100 percent for this ... after Meltdown? Remember, he had to wrestle Osos Locos -- who we know now was Golden Rock -- right after the Snowmantashi encounter!"

    Broc Lobster: "Even if he isn't, Chris Kennedy makes up for it with grit and determination."

    Christian Quinn: "You sound like an internet forum Chris Kennedy fanboi. What's your username?"

    Broc scoffs at the suggestion as the lyrics again get the shine of the entrance, with a few fans seen singing along to themselves and their own groupings of co-singers.

    "I let the melody shiiiiine, let it cleanse my miiiind,
    I feel free now


    But the airwaves are clean and there's nobody singin' to ...
    meeee nowwwww."

    Kurt Harrington: "Introducing first ... in a one-fall match ... the SIX-TIME ... FWA ... WORLD CHAMPION ...

    From Tampa, Florida ... 6 feet, 3 inches tall ... and weighing two hundred and thirty pounds ..."

    The crowd's cheering rises in anticipation.

    Kurt Harrington and Crowd: "CHRIS ...


    Chris Kennedy removes the white jacket as "Bittersweet Symphony" fades with another violin loop. The crowd is buzzing at the sight of the former champion, set to face another challenge from someone looking to prove a point with Kennedy as the measuring stick.

    When Kennedy’s music fades out, there’s a lengthy pause as those in control of the PA system allow the anticipation to build. The levels of suspense are high in the audience, with the fans still hot from the madness they just saw in the first of tonight’s Mile High Massacre match, heightened by the entrance of Chris Kennedy, and now reaching fever pitch thanks to the anticipation of the FWA debut of the kaiju.

    They wait…

    … and they wait …

    … and they wait …

    The crowd lose it to the opening wails of the song, the lights going out but for a rhythmic white flash that infrequently casts the arena in a strange, otherworldly glow. We get a shot of Chris Kennedy in the ring, staring down the ramp in expectation, and… is that apprehension? He takes a deep breath and we’re back in wide shot…

    And then Jon Snowmantashi walks out onto the stage, the same pulsating lighting effect only illuminating him for brief moments.

    Even though he is, some might say, on away turf, Snowmantashi has large pockets of support in the Ball Arena. With John Duncan standing at his side and nodding his head at the chant that’s beginning to circulate, Snowmantashi begins his descent of the ramp.

    “.... kaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiijuuuuuu … kaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiijuuuuuu…”

    Snowmantashi ignores the front row fans who are leaning out towards him with expectant hands. Instead, he just stares ahead of himself, occasionally looking down to check his footing, but always with a surprisingly serene and almost passive countenance on his face.

    Kurt Harrington: “And his opponent… accompanied to the ring by John Duncan… from Tokyo, Japan… he weighs in tonight at two hundred and ninety pounds… he is Inhuman... he is kaiju... he is JOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON SNOWMAAAAAAAAAAANTAAAAAAAAASHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!”

    The kaiju reaches the foot of the ramp and stares with dead eyes up at ‘The Astonishing’ Chris Kennedy in the ring.

    Christian Quinn: “An incredible ovation for this man, who many of our fans will know for his historic tenure in the Clique Wrestling Alliance. He was a multi-time World Heavyweight Champion over there, breaking records for the amount of days holding that belt, and he amassed a ridiculous win streak that lasted years in singles competition. Chris Kennedy and Jon Snowmantashi have met once before in Japan’s DJPW as part of its annual flagship round robin tournament…”

    Broc Lobster: “That’s right, Christian: Jon Snowmantashi actually defeated Chris Kennedy in the pool stages of that competition, but it was ‘The Astonishing’ Kennedy who emerged triumphantly in the overall tournament. Snowmantashi may have never appeared in the FWA before, but he has a lot of history with some of its top talent: Kennedy, Krash, Shawn Summers, and Michelle von Horrowitz to name but a few…”

    Christian Quinn: “This audience can’t quite believe their eyes, Broc: the kaiju has just climbed into an FWA ring! Historic scenes!!”

    Jon Snowmantashi stands on the opposite side of the ring to Chris Kennedy, with his manager John Duncan applauding him from the outside of it as his music fades out. The audience don’t let up, though, their volume remaining high as the lights come back up and the two men gaze at one another from actross the squared circle.

    The official stands between them and busies himself with his final checks. Afterwards, after one more tentative look at the two legends about to engage, he calls for the bell…

    Chris Kennedy vs. Jon Snowmantashi
    Singles Match.
    (Match writer: SS).
    The two men stand motionless for a second after the bell, and then it’s Chris Kennedy who begins circling the ring. Snowmantashi reciprocates, his face still passive and calm, and then Kennedy comes towards him. They lock it up with a collar and elbow tie-up, Kennedy doing his best to force Snowmantashi backwards… only for the kaiju to just throw Kennedy off him! Chris rolls backwards and is quickly up to his feet, but thinking twice about charging straight back in again…

    Christian Quinn: “Chris Kennedy gets his first taste of the sheer power of Jon Snowmantashi in this match-up…”

    Broc Lobster: “Yeah, I’d question the logic behind going for a test of strength against the big man. Just playing right into his hands…”

    The two once again circle the ring, and - for a moment - it looks as if Chris Kennedy is coming in for another collar and elbow. Snowmantashi raises his hands to reciprocate… only to receive a stiff kick to the thigh from Kennedy! The kaiju seems to absorb the first one, but Kennedy lashes out with a second one to precisely the same spot, which does seem to rock Snowmantashi somewhat.

    Christian Quinn: “Kennedy managing to have some effect on Snowmantashi’s calm shores with that pair of kicks, and now he follows up with some forearm strikes to the kaiju!”

    Broc Lobster: “Three… four… five forearms from Kennedy… but Snowmantashi blocks the sixth, and delivers a headbutt!! Kennedy sent reeling!”

    Indeed, Kennedy goes down under the heavy blow, but quickly rolls back up to his feet and charges in at Snowmantashi, hitting him with a low dropkick to the knees. The kaiju falls down onto one knee, and CK nails him with a side kick to the head! Snowmantashi teeters, but Kennedy grabs him in a front face lock and drags him up to his feet, perhaps going for a DDT… but Snowmantashi drives him back into the corner with his shoulder, and when Kennedy hits the corner he is forced to release his front face lock. Snowmantashi takes him by the wrist and whips him HARD into the opposite corner. The force is enough to bring Kennedy stumbling back towards the kaiju… who runs through him with a shoulder block!

    Snowmantashi is not done there. He hoists Kennedy back to his feet and lays into him with a trio of thudding European uppercuts, and then an overhand chop sends Kennedy reeling into the corner. The kaiju grabs him in a bearhug, and looks about ready to throw him across the ring with a belly-to-belly. Kennedy senses the danger, though, and he drives the point of his elbow into Snowmantashi’s forehead to cause separation… and then stamps on the big man’s foot! The kaiju reaches down for it, but is nailed with a step-up enziguri that rocks him into the corner!

    Broc Lobster: “Some momentum here for the former FWA World Heavyweight Champion, who whips Snowmantashi into the opposite set of turnbuckles and follows him in with a clothesline!”

    Christian Quinn: “The kaiju stumbles into the middle of the ring, and Kennedy waits for him to turn and face… running STO! Kennedy hooks the leg.”

    ONE… NO!!

    Broc Lobster: “Barely even one!”

    Kennedy locks in a grounded headlock, but it doesn’t take long for the kaiju to work his way back up to a vertical base. He pushes Kennedy into the ropes and then flings him off him into the opposite set. Snowmantashi goes for a clothesline upon reapproach but Chris ducks beneath it and continues on to the opposite set. The kaiju leaps up, looking for a miraculous standing dropkick…

    Christian Quinn: “Nobody home!! Snowmantashi looks to show off his athleticism there with a standing dropkick… but Kennedy hooks onto the top rope to check his momentum, and the big man hits the mat!!”

    Broc Lobster: “Kennedy is almost stalking Snowmantashi now, and comes up from behind to apply a full nelson! Chris Kennedy tries to wrench the move, but he can barely hold on… Snowmantashi is just too big!”

    Snowmantashi reaches for Kennedy’s head and gets himself out of the full nelson by bringing him over with a snapmare, before lashing out with a stiff kick to the back. Kennedy roars after the blow and gets up to his feet, challenging the kaiju to give him what he’s got. Snowmantashi acquiesces quite happily, and hits three hard knife edge chops, followed by a European uppercut, a forearm strike, a Mongolian chop… and then a heabutt! Kennedy is wiped off his feet, but again he roars and climbs up! He beats his own chest, staring the kaiju down…

    … who simply takes Kennedy in a bearhug, and throws him across the ring with a belly-to-belly overhead release suplex!! Snowmantashi sits up, still looking calm and passive, adjusts his ring gear, and then slowly gets to his feet. He turns to face his opponent…


    Broc Lobster: “What the - -”

    Christian Quinn: “That’s… ?!”

    Broc Lobster: “That’s Michelle von Horrowitz!!!!”

    The bell is already being rung as MvH stands over Snowmantashi. Kennedy is up to his feet in the corner, though still groggy from the belly-to-belly, but he spots his former foe…

    … and comes at her, shaping up for a Bittersweet Chin Symphony …

    … but MvH hurls the steel chair into his face!!

    The bell is still being rung, the match thrown out as Kennedy scrambles to his feet…

    Result: No contest declared at 06:12.

    Broc Lobster: "We were just getting started!!"

    Kennedy, who blocked the worst of the corner of the thrown chair with his hands, has managed to climb up and turns to face his assailant… but he doesn't see the Busaiku knee kick coming! CK rolls beneath the bottom rope, allowing MvH to turn focus onto the kaiju…

    Christian Quinn: "We alluded to the history between Michelle von Horrowitz and Jon Snowmantashi at the start of this match. It appears that history isn't quite finished!"

    Snowmantashi has managed to make it up to his knees, but Dreamer has already picked up her chair. She rounds on the kaiju… and brings the chair crashing down onto his cranium…




    Broc Lobster: "Michelle von Horrowitz has been unstable to say the least in the weeks since her championship loss at Lights Out… but there's no excuse for torpedoing a pay-per-view match like this!"

    The kaiju has been opened up, and he slumps onto his back with a trickle of blood running down his face.

    Christian Quinn: "It appears MvH is going to give us those excuses anyway, Broc… she's demanding a microphone from Harrington!"

    Kurt obliges, and Michelle von Horrowitz proceeds to take a seat… atop the kaiju's chest! The audience lets her have it, chants of BULLSHIT raining down upon her as she lifts the microphone to her lips.

    MvH: "Oh, I agree, tulips, this is bullshit! But don't worry, I wasn't about to stand by and let this bullshit go on a second longer. It's been fucking years, kaiju… years of begging, of goading, of scheming, and of politicking, to try and get you back into a ring with me. And after all my tireless effort - selfless, too, I might add, for each and every one of you would've been blessed to witness such a rematch - what do I get? Twenty minutes on a frozen lake in the middle of Siberia, with nobody watching but those Vladimir Putin and Noah Hanson decided were worthy? No. Fuck that.”

    She pauses to soak in the derision of the crowd. There’s a smile on her face. She is looking only into the glazed over eyes of Jon Snowmantashi.

    MvH: “And then I’m forced to watch on as Chris fucking Kennedy gets the match that I’ve been asking for, for five god damned years?! Sixty minutes on FWA pay-per-view. Semi-main event, until your idiot manager fucked up your flights. No fucking chance. This is my match!”

    Snowmantashi is starting to stir, somewhat, and Michelle leans forward to stroke his bloody hair.

    MvH: “If I can’t have you here, kaiju, then I will wait until March. I hear that you are signed up for one last hurrah at the CWA show. They want me there, too. So much so, in fact, that Hanson has let me pick my match.”

    She smiles sweetly, and then for the first time looks up from Snowmantashi.

    MvH: “And as for you, Kennedy, don’t think that just because your name hasn’t been on my lips, that it hasn’t been on my mind. At Lights Out, you took from me the thing that I prized most in this world. The thing that I had worked for years to make mine. You took that from me. So, at Back in Business? I intend to do exactly the same thing to you.”

    Kennedy has climbed onto his feet on the outside, and rolls back into the ring. This prompts a quick getaway from Michelle, who throws the microphone to the mat and slides out under the bottom rope on the opposite side to CK. She hops over the barricade and, with her back turned towards the ring, makes her way through the crowd.

    Broc Lobster: “Was that… was that a pair of challenges?!”

    Christian Quinn: “I’m not quite sure, Broc, but it looks like Michelle has made her intentions plain for the biggest show of next year…”

    Kennedy leans over the top rope, watching on as Michelle von Horrowitz makes her way to a nearby turnstile. There’s a thoughtful look on his face, his breathing slightly laboured after the exertions of his match, as we fade away from the scene.


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    Re: [From 4EST/9GMT] FWA Mile High | Live Results Thread!

    Love and trickery wins in the end. I'm actually happy for Golden Rock. It's hard to maintain a long-distance relationship between two men who clearly care deeply for one another.

    And of course MVH continues to drive herself off the deep end. Some folks just end up breaking the second they become World Champion. Real shame...
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    Re: [From 4EST/9GMT] FWA Mile High | Live Results Thread!

    Let's go Babyyyy


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    Re: [From 4EST/9GMT] FWA Mile High | Live Results Thread!

    Love the Danny Toner seg here and the recurring segment he mentions is a highlight throughout the show for sure.

    Big win in the opening tag for GR in a match that for me was close between the champions and Golden Rock. I had GR edging this match and it'll be interesting to see the Fallout from them taking unilateral action here.

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    Re: [From 4EST/9GMT] FWA Mile High | Live Results Thread!

    Michelle segment so far is my moment of the night. I love a BIB challenge this early -- and one with legitimate animosity, too. Kennedy BIB matches are often tossed together. This won't be that.

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    Re: [From 4EST/9GMT] FWA Mile High | Live Results Thread!

    The feed shifts to the backstage of the arena, as a cameraman jogs along a hallway to catch up with someone walking in the other direction at a slower pace than the jog. It's obvious the camera operator is jogging by the bouncing of the lens and our perspective, which causes a slight dizzying sensation.

    As the camera closes in on the walker, we can see the no-shirt and black tights. Then the black hair from behind all messed up. And the edge of what appears to be a championship strap.

    By the time we get to his side, the crowd roars at the sight of "The Rotten Gold" Devin Golden -- who looks beat down and bruised, but happy as can be.

    "Heheeeee ... Miiiiile High. Krash 'n Aly thought they haaaaad us, but ... nah-nah-naaaaah-uh.

    Golden aaaaaaalways comes up big at Mile High. The moment Ramon and I took those masks off, y'all should'a been running to the bookies with your bets."

    Golden slaps the FWA Tag Team Championship slung over his left shoulder, which is nearest to the camera. He continues walking right to left, as the camera moves sideways in lockstep with Golden. The vet every so often shifts his head from looking straight ahead to turned to his left toward the camera.

    "Now, I'm gonna head on to be with the wife and kid. Ramon is fine. Tonight is family time. I've been away too long. But I'm glad the camera found me 'cause I do wanna make one comment.

    In Berlin, on Fallout 005, I stood in the ring and told the WHOOOOOOLE damn world what was gonna happen. I said Randy Ramon would be World Champion after Fallout 007. I was damn right.

    Then I said whenever Golden Rock would make its way back to Fallout after Mile High ... we'd still have the Tag Team Championships.

    I know 'ole Krash 'n Aly thought they had us. They thought they did it in after Lights Out. They thought they moved on from ... all of the glow and mystique and grandiose of Golden Rock."

    Golden makes a wild, uncontrolled hand gesture when he says "glow and mystique and grandiose." He looks straight ahead once more, smiling and even letting out a "heh" half snort-half chuckle as he shakes his head once.

    "Y'all thought Golden Rock was dead ...
    but y'all were wrong.

    Now everyone's gonna be mad and say we cheated the rules and 'Oh, it's so unfaaaaaaair' for Golden Rock to do this to the Gaaaang Staaaars. Golden Rock should just goooooo awayyyyyy. Ooooooooh. Why can't they let a new team come alooooong.'

    Dadadadadaaaaaa, no one caaaaares.

    I said we'd be the champs when we got back to Fallout ... and despite a little hiccup at Lights Out ... there's only one thing left to say ...

    I ...


    I ...


    I ..."

    Golden leans in closer to the camera and whispers...

    "told y'all so."


    “Ladies and gents, lads and girls, allow me to welcome you back to the MILE HIGH LOUNGE!!! Presented to you by..

    the one…

    the only…


    The crowd cheer loudly as the titantron is once again occupied by Danny Toner and his “Mile High Lounge” set. This time, he’s wearing a headset and is smoking a massive joint. He speaks in a low growl, intended to be somewhat seductive as lofi, jazzy, rnb plays in the background.

    Danny Toner: “Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Blaze Up Hour, I’m your host D-to-the-tizzle-”

    ???: “What the hell are you doing?”

    Danny looks to his right and utters to someone off-screen.

    Danny Toner: “What?”

    The crowd pop quite loudly as the camera pans to reveal Danny is joined by the greatest podcast host in the universe; Thomas West. Thomas - who of course, is also wearing a headset - shakes his head disapprovingly at Danny.

    Thomas West: “This is all wrong, man.”

    Danny Toner: “The fuck you mean, how?”

    Thomas West: “How? How!? Danny, everything is wrong! The voice, the music, the show name-”

    Danny Toner: “Hey! The freakin’ hell are you talkin’ about? The Blaze Up Hour is a fuckin’ great name!”

    Thomas West: “On what planet - and trust me, I’ve been to my fair share, so I know! - is The Blaze Up Hour a great name?”

    Danny takes a puff of his joint and stares at Thomas West.

    Danny Toner: “Oh, I dunno… maybe the same fuckin’ planet that ‘Fire and Oil’ is considered a great tag team name?”

    Thomas West: “The fuck? Dude! Weak!”

    Danny Toner: “You fuckin’ started it, are we doin’ this shit or what?”

    Thomas West sighs in what seems like protest but resigns to his fate in record-quick time.

    Thomas West: “I mean… I am the podcast guy. Alright… let’s do The Blaze Up Hour!”

    Danny smiles and punches Thomas on the arm.

    Danny Toner: “That’s the spirit! You know the rules though right? You gotta do this shit baked.”

    Thomas West: “You saying, man?”

    The crowd pop and Danny nods his head approvingly as somehow Thomas has changed outfit completely. He was wearing a Cthlhu’s Nephews tracksuit but was suddenly decked out in board shorts and a Bob Marley tee-shirt, a lit joint somehow having found his way into his hand. He takes a toke and slowly exhales before breezily speaking into his headset.

    Thomas West: “Ladies and gentlemen… welcome to… The Blaze Up Hour! I’m your host Thomas-”

    Danny Toner: “I’m the host!”

    Thomas West looks at Danny, annoyance on his face. He takes a small toke of his joint as he eyes Danny up.

    Thomas West: “Fine then… if you’re the host… what are we going to talk about?”

    Danny Toner: “I dunno… weed and shit.”

    Thomas West: “Really?”

    Danny Toner: “Yup.”

    Thomas West: “You’re not going to use the time to shoot on FWA management or to hype up the warehouse match with Alyster Black?”

    The crowd pop loudly at this interlude but Danny goofily shrugs his shoulders and looks at Thomas, innocence plastered across his face.

    Danny Toner: “I ain’t got a gun and I’m pretty sure I’m not scheduled to face Alyster anytime soon. Let me just check my schedule.”

    Danny produces his phone from his pocket and thumbs through it for a few seconds.

    Danny Toner: “Oh, whattya know? I ain’t freakin’ scheduled for anything! What a surprise. Main event Back in Business, drag the tag titles to relevance, carry Fallout on my back, go the entire year without being pinned or submitted but nah… big blank schedule for Dan the Man!”

    Thomas shifts a little on the beanbag, his eyes glazing over some as he continues to toke on the joint.

    Thomas West: “You know that is a little fucked, man…”

    Danny looks up at West, genuine surprise on his face.

    Danny Toner: “Yo, thanks dude. You’re alright, you know? If-”


    Danny lazily turns his gaze to the direction of the intruder and West clenches his teeth a little. There is a huge mixed reaction as the camera pans out to reveal Uncle standing at the edge of the set. He has a queasy-looking Harry by the ear and looks outraged.

    Uncle: “Thomas! Take Harry to the sickbay of the Octopi at once. It’s parked outside. I need to have a little word with your new friend.”

    Thomas hurriedly takes Harry off-set and away from the “Mile High Lounge”. Danny grins at Uncle who marches over to him.

    Uncle: “What did you give Harry?”

    Danny Toner: “Just some brownies.”

    Uncle eyes Danny in a mega suspicious fashion.

    Uncle: Just brownies?”

    Danny smiles slyly.

    Danny Toner:Sure.”

    Uncle: “Danny, I swear to Cthulhu, if you spiked Harry-”

    Danny bounces up from the beanbag and immediately goes head to head with Uncle drawing a HUGE pop from the crowd.

    Danny Toner: “You’ll fuckin’ what?”

    Uncle holds Danny off with his own head momentarily before jumping back, clapping and smiling.

    Uncle: “Oh nothing, Danny… I never do anything. You have nothing to worry about… for now. But if you interfere with my Nephews again… you’ll be hearing from me.”

    Danny scoffs and throws up a middle finger to Uncle who shakes his head and walks off the set as the segment draws to a somewhat confusing close.


    The feed returns to the arena once more, with a split second of silence interrupted by light acoustic guitar strumming patched with a southern rock-style guitar cord held for emphasis every so often.

    The crowd belts out "They call me useless" just as "The Atoning" Kayden Knox appears from the entrance way. The former X Champion, the man who defeated Michael Garcia at Back in Business, and the former friend and ally of the Undisputed Alliance ... has his sights set on the ring, and his sights set on another shot at the X Championship.

    Broc Lobster: "2020 was a bit of a coming-out party for Kayden Knox -- or the teaser of it. He rose up and earned a slot in The Affliction group. Then in 2021 became X Champion and earned a massive win against Michael Garcia."

    Christian Quinn: "But the target on his back from Jackson Fenix and Nate Savage has been more than he could handle. I think pressure of being champion, rather than the allure of chasing gold, was a bit too much."

    The crowd is behind Knox in support, cheering and offering hand shakes and hand slaps as he passes by on the narrow entrance aisle. Kayden Knox reaches the ring, just as Natalie Rosenberg begins her spiel.

    Kurt Harrington: "The following contest ... set for one-fall ... is a triple threat match with the WINNER becoming the ..."

    Kurt and the crowd: "NUMBER ONE CONTENDER ..."

    Kurt Harrington (on his own): "For the FWA X ... CHAMPIONSHIP.

    Introducing the first competitor ... from Siiiiin Ciiiiiity, Las Vegas, Nevaaaada ... standing 5 feet, 11 inches, and one hundred and eighty five pounds ... "The Atoooooning" ...


    Christian Quinn: "He might be below 6 feet and 200 pounds, but Kayden Knox is pound for pound one of the strongest on the FWA roster. He can withstand a lot of punches and kicks, and he has the daredevil style to execute a lot of power moves in a short time."

    Knox steps through the ropes. He hasn't let a smile cross his face once in his entrance. Not even the thought of a smile. His white singlet comes from a tightly around his neck down to his ankles. There's some gold lines going vertically through the singlet, which is sleeveless.

    The violin starts, eliciting a surprising pop from the crowd. As the cheers die with time, all's left is groans and boos for the inevitable appearance of "Der Bastard" Shawn Summers.

    Christian Quinn: "I don't think the crowd is too in favor of this next man ... by stark comparison to the crowd's temperament for Kayden Knox."

    Shawn makes his way from behind the curtain onto the stage -- head down, taking deep breaths. He stands atop the stage, swaying back and forth to the beat of the song. Shawn slowly lifts his head, face void of emotion, as Lana sings.

    "Ah, he's in the sky with diaaaamonds
    And he's making me craaazy (I come alive, alive)
    All he wants to do is paaaarty with his pretty baaaaby


    Come on, baby, let's ride"

    Gold pyro rains down from the top of the entranceway behind him as he lifts his head all the way up and spreads his arms. Shawn begins to make his way down the ramp mouthing the lyrics to the song, intentionally ignoring the hands and verbal assault from the fans.

    Broc Lobster: "This man is maniacal. He's grotesque. And he's one win from being one win from being a champion in the FWA. Once Fallout drafted him, there was always a chance he'd shine on the brand. A few losses have kept him hindered a bit from a stark rise up the ranks, but this is quite the opportunity."

    "I fall asleep in an American flag
    I wear my diamonds on Skid Row
    I pledge allegiance to my dad
    For teaching me everything he knows"

    Kurt Harrington: "Our next competitor ... from Laguna Beach ... California ... 6 feet, 1 inch, and weighing two hundred and twenty-five pounds ...


    Christian Quinn: "You could hardly hear Natalie over the crowd's noise. They are letting Shawn know how they feel."

    Broc Lobster: "Reminds me of their feelings toward Dan Maskell over on Meltdown."

    Christian Quinn: "Let's not forget what Shawn Summers can do in the ring. He's an American Strong Style artist. He was a semifinalist in the Eliminator tournament!"

    Halfway down the ramp, he stops and focuses on the ring. Shawn slowly makes his way up the ring steps pausing and surveying the audience in the arena before entering. He passes Kayden Knox on his way to the corner, closes his eyes, and takes a deep breath before letting out an almost primal-like roar as he opens his eyes. He then begins shadowboxing, with his eyes set on Knox all throughout the ordeal.

    "dun, dun, dun, dum, bum, bum, bum, bum, bum, dun, dun, dun, dun-nun-nuh-nuh, nuh-nuh-nuh-nuhhhh..."

    The furious drum beat follows as the crowd explodes into cheers at the sight of the teenage girl often known simply as "KDS." Kleio de Santos, with her MMA-style compression shorts and sports bra top, has her hair tied into a ponytail behind her head. She sports MMA-style punching gloves and slick shoes to go with the Muay Thai and Jiu-Jitsu in-ring styles.

    Christian Quinn: "If there ever was an opposite to Summers in personality and even style, this is it! Kleio de Santos elicits some sort of ... nasty side of Shawn, a nastier side than we've seen normally even."

    Broc Lobster: "Kleio eneds to watch herself. I think Kayden will defend her. I really do. But there's history between those two as well, yeah? They were all partners in CIBERNETICO. Then Kleio and Shawn were partners in a losing effort with Kayden Knox and Chris Peacock. I don't think the failed team has left any remnants of love among any of these three."

    Kleio reaches the ring and steps through. She keeps her eyes on Summers while Knox is in the corner. The trio that once tried to earn places in Mile High Massacre is left to fighting for an X Championship opportunity. Kleio is well aware of what's at stake.

    "I see a line of cars
    And they're all painted black
    With flowers and my love both never to come baaaack
    I see people turn their heads and quiiiiickly look awaaaaay
    Like a new-born baaaby, it just happens every daaaaay."

    As the stanza finishes, Kurt takes it away.

    Kurt Harrington: "Lastly ... from Rio de Janeiro ... BRAZIL ...

    Weighing one hundred and fifteen pounds, and standing 5 feet, 4 inches tall ... 'The Boa Constrictor' ... 'The Sinner' ... 'The Sphinx' ...




    Kleio raises her arms in the air as the crowd cheers. Shawn Summers looks like he's watering at the mouth to get his hands on someone so much smaller than himself. Kleio is ready, though, with her fists balled up and her feet on her toes, prepared to fire off as many MMA-style kicks and strikes as she has in her bag. Kayden Knox is expressionless in the corner, keeping an eye on both Kleio and Shawn.

    FWA X Division Championship - #1 Contendership
    Kayden Knox vs. Kleio De Santos vs. Shawn Summers
    Triple Threat Match
    (Match writer: TGO)

    When the bell rings, Kleio de Santos hunches down with each hand gripped to the ropes. Kayden Knox stands upright with his hands straight down to his side, perfect posture and feet planted to the canvas. Shawn Summers bounces and sways side to side as he slowly edges his way out of the corner, eyes shifting from Knox to Kleio.

    Knox looks momentarily toward Kleio, then back to Summers. He boulders forward and lunges for a grapple at the self-titled "Bastard", who shifts to the side and separates with a forearm to the middle of the back, his arm muscles against the spine.

    Kleio watches as Summers lands a forearm to the jaw. Then tries a whip, but Knox's frame allows "The Atoning" to flip the script on it and hit a back body drop on the rebound off the ropes.

    Christian Quinn: "Knox is getting quite the vertical on that move!"

    Knox whips Summers into the ropes a second time. A second time with a back body drop. A third whip. And a third back body as Summers rolls out of the ring! Knox watches with pride as Shawn Summers, who seemed so confident and sure of himself before the bell rang, is now scurrying to safety.

    Christian Quinn: "Kayden Knox is sending Shawn Summers into orbit with these!"

    Broc Lobster: "Kayden Knox is pound-for-pound the strongest of the trio in this match. Shawn Summers certainly knows he won't be able to use whips to the ropes a ton on him. It'll go backwards quick."

    Knox then remembers the third in the match -- turning too late as Kleio de Santos hits a jumping double roundhouse kick! Knox stumbles back three steps, then meets a jumping spinner roundhouse. Knox stumbles a little further back. Kleio with a spinning elbow strike. Then a front snap punch. Knox is against the ropes, close enough to the turnbuckle to reach out and touch it. Kleio steps on the adjacent middle rope, jumps into the air, and comes down with a forearm across the face!

    But all this time, Shawn Summers has waited patiently and watched the momentum shift against Kayden Knox -- and towards someone he can overpower. So he slides back into the ring like a snake, and strikes from behind with a forearm to Kleio's head.

    "Wipe Out" follows as he flings Kleio overhead with a belly-to-belly suplex. The teenage girl, the youngest member of the roster, hits and rolls to her stomach on impact.

    Broc Lobster: "Shawn Summers is a technical masterpiece of wrestling. Knox is the powerhouse. Kleio has the MMA-style kicks and strikes. It's quite the dichotomy and contrast of styles."

    Christian Quinn: "It's like rock-paper-scissors. Kleio's strikes are best against Knox, countering his strength advantage. But Kleio's strikes can be easily countered by someone as technically gifted as Summers. However, "Der Bastard" won't be able to hit his power moves on Knox because Knox is just able to withstand a lot! So Kleio beats Knox, Knox beats Summers, and Summers beats Kleio!"

    Broc Lobster: "I admit, I didn't know where you were going with this, but it worked in the end. Bravo, Quinn."

    Summers then back kicks Knox right in the ribs. "The Atoning" slumps a bit lower to the ground, his butt pressed against the middle rope and his knees bent as if he's sitting. Summers steps back and delivers a penalty kick right into the exposed stomach, which has Knox slump forward face-down.

    Summers walks across the ring and grabs Kleio by the hair, laughing in the face of someone he clearly doesn't respect. He then calls her "a little girl" and slaps her hard across the face, putting a cherry-colored mark on the cheek. Shawn Summers then whispers, "I hope you like it", but Kleio headbutts him, which affects both.

    Summers grows angry as Kleio bends down, hand to her forehead. He whips Kleio to the ropes and misses the discus elbow smash. Kleio's front snap kick to the ribs bends Summers down enough to think of trying a flying jumping scissors kick. When she runs off the ropes, though, Kayden Knox grabs her in a bear hug hold from behind!

    Christian Quinn: "Oh no ... not a good spot for Kleio right now! I think the men are ganging up!"

    Shawn Summers sees Knox's face egg him on to strike at Kleio, who has a concerned expression. She tries breaking free and wiggling a limb loose, but Kayden has his arms folded across Kleio's chest like a straightjacket.

    Summers says, "Welcome to the team, Knox! I knew you were a good one!"

    As he steps forward, Summers lifts the chin of Kleio and says, "I'm going to enjoy it." Kleio spits in his face, which only gets a wry smile from Summers.

    Knox flings Kleio to the side before anything substantial is done to her, though, and explodes through Summers with a shoulder tackle!

    Broc Lobster: "Kayden Knox had a plan the whole way!"

    Christian Quinn: "He used Summers' twisted misogynistic mind against him!"

    Then a clothesline from Knox to Summers. Then a spear through the gut!

    He kneels and covers, the first of the match.

    ONE... TWO... NO!

    The kickout happens just as Kleio flies off the turnbuckle with a flying elbow drop ... landing onto Summers' chest! Knox rises off in time to avoid it from Kleio!

    Now it's Kleio and Knox face to face. Kleio tries a front jab but Knox brushes it off. Kleio with a front snap kick. A wince is all Knox offers.

    Kleio is backed into the corner as Knox catches the next front punch thrown his way.

    "You're a good fighter, Kleio, but that is MY X title and MY shot. I'm sorry, but ..."

    Knox's statement is interrupted, as is his massive right forearm set to come down toward Kleio, as Summers runs into the back of Knox, who squishes Kleio against the turnbuckle.

    Knox is hardly affected and turns around. Summers tries to escape but Knox stops him before he gets through the middle and top ropes. From there, Knox hits a reverse STO! He then covers, for a second time, on "Der Bastard"!

    Broc Lobster: "Kayden Knox in full control and is picking on Summers right now!"

    ONE... TWO... TH--NO!

    Knox grabs Summers and begins showing off his eclectic athleticism. First it's the inverted hurricarana, which has Summers flipping backwards and landing face-first onto the canvas. Second is rolling to the apron and catching Kleio with a "Crowning Moment" front-flip over the ropes into a lariat clothesline!

    Knox has put both Kleio and Summers down, choosing now to cover Kleio!

    ONE... TWO... THRE---NO!

    Christian Quinn: "I think that's the smarter pin choice. Kleio is smaller and Knox could just overpower her shoulders to the mat like a weighted blanket."

    Broc Lobster: "That sounds far less comfortable than a weighted blanked, Quinn."

    Christian Quinn: "Well ... maybe not the best analogy."

    Broc Lobster: "You were doing so well after rock-paper-scissors. You should've quit while you were ahead."

    Knox lifts Kleio up and whips to the ropes. He uses her momentum to fling her over the ropes, but she lands on the apron. Knox then picks Summers up but doesn't notice Kleio with a diving crossbody! She tries going across both, but Summers and Knox catch her in their arms, like a small child. However, both Summers and Knox argue over who gets to do the damage to Kleio. As they pull harder in a game of tug-o-war, Kleio wraps her legs around Summers' head and her arms around Knox's neck. She hits a head-scissors takedown on Summers while a jawbreaker/stunner on Knox ... at the same time!

    Broc Lobster: "THAT WAS INCREDIBLE!"

    Christian Quinn: "An amazing moment of athleticism and on-the-fly offense from Kleio. She had to be unorthodox and found something deep in the bag."

    Broc Lobster: "Like you said earlier, Quinn, if Kleio thinks she's the underdog then that's all the motivation she needs."

    Chrisian Quinn: "She's driven by motivation of being counted out and not believed in. I've watched her on Fallout for two chapters now. Nine shows. When she beat Krash in the opening round of the Eliminator tournament, that was like the peak accomplishment of who she is and what she lives for. So to win this match and challenge for the X Championship ... just more of her overcoming what she perceives is gigantic odds."

    Broc Lobster: "Even though you think she's more than capable of winning this match!"

    Christian Quinn: "Well, yeah, she is capable, but I wouldn't put money on her."

    Kleio soccer kicks Knox in the ribs to keep him grounded. Garvin stomps given to Shawn Summers. Kleio goes back and forth until her divided attention allows both to slowly get from the canvas to their knees, then one knee. Kleio feels the walls closing in as Summers and Knox step forward. Kleio uses all the kicks and strikes she can but is backed against the ropes. She's able to get a leg sweep on Knox, but there's another adversary. She tries one last kick to Summers, who catches it into "The Best F'n Ankle Lock PERIOD" submission!

    But before he can really begin twisting Kleio's ankle, Knox stomps into his chest!

    "The Atoning" then lifts Kleio up and whips her to the ropes. His "Peace of Mind" leaping double knees to the chest might DO it!

    ONE... TWO... THREE---



    Summers' message is clearly for Kleio, whom he had to save at the last second to save his own chances.

    Knox grabs Summers, but "Der Bastard" drop toe holds him face first into the middle turnbuckle. Summers looks at Knox as if he's a discarded body, finally allowed to focus on an exhausted Kleio de Santos. He positions her properly and hits a double underhook sitout powerbomb!

    Kleio's legs are propped up over Summers' right shoulder, and he still has the arms locked under her back, shoulders on the mat, so the ref recognizes it as a pin attempt!

    Christian Quinn: "Shawn Summers seems to have Kleio's shoulders locked to the mat!"

    ONE... TWO... THREEE----


    A shoulder pops up just as the ref's hand was closing in on paydirt for Shawn Summers. His eyes widen, the look of a maniac going to his maniacal internal existence.

    He sits atop Kleio and throws rights and lefts continuously, which he calls "Blitzkrieg"! The elbows are sprinkled in as Summers lays into Kleio, with obvious glee on his face.

    Summers lifts Kleio to her feet and again applies a double underhook behind her back. He hits a vertical suplex and rolls into a second one!

    But Knox interrupts the third from happening with a backstabber to Summers!

    Kleio falls to her knees as Knox stands above both now! He sees Summers roll to his stomach and in perfect position.

    Christian Quinn: "Here comes 'Final Atonement'! Here comes the foot stomp!"

    As he closes his foot in on Summers' head, "Der Bastard" grabs the foot by the ankle and sweeps Knox's balance away! Summers has "The Best F'n Ankle Lock PERIOD" applied! The crowd all rises, buzzing loudly and urging Knox to find a way to the ropes.

    Kleio de Santos is still AWOL from the action, laying under the ropes. Knox reaches to his left and right for the ropes -- but nothing is within a grasp. Summers has fallen to the mat and grapevined around Knox's lower half to put more pressure. Kleio is finally getting to her feet.

    When she sees the action, Kleio tries to sneak in with a flying elbow from the top to Knox! Then covers as Summers has the ankle submission in!

    ONE... TWO... THREE... Summers releases the hold and grabs Kleio by the hair!

    Christian Quinn: "She's been caught!"

    Broc Lobster: "She almost got a sneaky win but you KNOW Shawn won't like that try."

    Summers has a fist full of hair as Kleio bends backwards. Summers comes in closer to say something but Kleio pulls herself up and BITES THE NECK!!!

    Broc Lobster: "You'll turn into a vamp now, Summers!"

    Shawn lets go and Kleio goes for a crescent kick. Summers eats it right to the head.

    But a clothesline from Knox over the ropes and out of the ring.

    Summers sneaks in with a kick to the gut and ... "MIDSOMMAR" faceplant!

    Knox goes face first and Summers rolls him over. Leg hook! Kleio sees it and crawls back in with all the energy she has.

    ONE... TWO... THREE!

    Kleio's save is a second too late!

    Winner and NEW X Championship #1 Contender: Shawn Summers via pinfall at 19:14

    The crowd is extremely displeased at the ending. Shawn Summers rolls away from the saving-too-late Kleio de Santos, who lays head down next to Kayden Knox.

    Christian Quinn: "Shawn SUMMERS is the number one contender for the X Championship. This is the WORST outcome, I imagine, for many watching."

    Broc Lobster: "Well ... does this mean we get Shawn Summers against Alyster Black?!"

    Christian Quinn: "It is a long-standing rivalry from CWA's glory days, now coming over to the FWA for arguably the most-desired championship with the most unique personality."

    Shawn Summers' hand is raised as Kurt Harrington spouts off her usual "And youuuuuuure winnnnnnnnnnnnner ..." over the crowd's continuous and seemingly neverending vocal display of disgruntledness. Summers' wry smile at the fans concludes with a wry smile toward Kleio de Santos, who is still laying stomach down across the ring with her head tilted up to watch "Der Bastard" in his celebration.

    Kayden Knox now has his eyes opened, looking up to the lights of the arena, unsure of what's next after a disappointing end to his first quest for a reclamation of the X Championship.


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    Re: [From 4EST/9GMT] FWA Mile High | Live Results Thread!

    Toner and Uncle stuff continues to be good shit. Two have great chemistry.

    Summers winning is massive and sets up Summers vs. Black as main event of 011: Nailed to the X. Given their history that's a huge match and gonna be a highlight of the Third Chapter I imagine.

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    Re: [From 4EST/9GMT] FWA Mile High | Live Results Thread!

    Congratulations to CK a hell of a promo and a hell of a character


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    Re: [From 4EST/9GMT] FWA Mile High | Live Results Thread!

    The Shawn Summers Era has begun.

    3x FWA World Heavyweight Champion
    1x FWA World Champion
    2x FWA X Champion
    7x FWA Tag Team Champion

    2020 North American Sports Poster Of The Year

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    Re: [From 4EST/9GMT] FWA Mile High | Live Results Thread!

    “Ladies and gents, lads and girls, for the penultimate time tonight, welcome to the MILE HIGH LOUNGE!!! Presented to you by..

    the one…

    the only…


    The crowd are loud once again but quickly fall silent as they see nothing but a humongous glass bong on the table and two empty beanbags. The camera slowly pans up to show Danny Toner standing, pointing at the bong.

    Danny Toner: “So, basically… we just go hit for hit until one of us pass out. That cool? You got it?”

    The crowd give a loud reaction as the camera pans up to reveal Danny is speaking to the masked Quiet. Quiet nods in affirmation and sits down in the beanbag as Danny picks up the bong.

    Danny Toner: “Aight, I’ll go first. This thing is a right fuckin’ beast of a- what is it, pal?”

    Danny looks at Quiet who has his arms folded and is shaking his head.

    Danny Toner: “You want me to do somethin’?”

    Quiet points at his face and circles it with a finger and then points at Danny and gives a thumbs down. Danny is very stoned and more than a little confused.

    Danny Toner: “I don’t know what you mean, dude? I don’t know how anybody fuckin’ does. Why don’t you take off that mask? I’m sure Uncle wouldn’t mind!”

    Quiet animatedly pulls at his own mask and then points at Danny’s face. Danny thinks for a second and then his face lights up.

    Danny Toner: “Oh, I got ya!”

    Danny runs off screen with the bong in hand. Quiet awkwardly stares at the camera for a minute before Danny remerges… wearing the Donny mask. The crowd cheers loudly and Quiet gives Danny a thumbs up. Danny sits down and takes a massive hit from the glass bong before passing it to Quiet. Quiet removes his mouth covering and experely clears the bong in one hit. The crowd pops loudly and Danny’s eyes bulge behind the Donny mask. He looks a bit embarrassed as he sheepishly turns to the hard camera.

    Danny Toner: “Uhhh… this might take a little longer than I thought… uh… cut?”


    The familiar sound of a mack truck blares out through the sound system of the Ball Arena, and then the opening to “Indestructible” blasts out to a big pop from the crowd for Marcus McClain. He’s alone this time though, no advisor with him at his side as he stands on the stage soaking it all in. He nods to the crowd that cheers him on and begins his walk down to the ring.

    Broc Lobster: “It’s been quite the road for Marcus McClain to reach this point, and of course there were some bumps along the way, but despite all that he’s here tonight with a huge opportunity!”

    Christian Quinn: “I’ve done some research and from what I can tell Broc is that Marcus seems to be his own worst enemy. He’s his own worst critic. He doesn’t feel like he belongs or that he deserves this opportunity. He needs to get over that pronto if he wants to walk out of Denver with the North American Championship!”

    Broc Lobster: “He has had his fair share of doubters and critics, but you’re right that he’s been the worst of them all. You’re also right that he needs to put that past him and focus on the opportunity that he’s been presented with. Despite what he thinks, he has earned this and he does deserve to be here.”

    Christian Quinn: “Another interesting note is that apparently he opted to do this alone. He asked to have his advisor stick back because he wants to conquer this on his own. It remains to be seen if that was a wise choice on his behalf.”

    Marcus is in the ring now and paces around a bit before standing in one corner as he awaits the arrival of his opposition.

    The opening chords of Nirvana’s “Come As You Are” play out and once the song gets going, Chris Crowe emerges from the back amidst some emanating from the stage. At the side of Crowe is his best friend and manager, Crazy Harry, and around Crowe’s waist rests his North American Championship along with his attire of a "Back in Black" AC/DC shirt with the sleeves cut off, jean shorts, black boots, and a knee brace on his right leg. He's also sporting a DI arm band to represent his allegiance to the Deathswitch Initiative faction he announced his allegiance to last Meltdown. The crowd boos the duo of Crowe and Harry as they make their down to the ring, but there are a number of people in favor of Crowe in the crowd that are showing their support.

    Broc Lobster: “Chris Crowe has been on an absolute tear since arriving in the FWA back in July. He’s run roughshod on Meltdown and has victories over some big names, most notably the former World Champion, Michelle von Horrowitz. He’s also responsible for the demise of Meltdown’s former resident superhero, Captain Fantasy. He also has a win over his opponent tonight, can he make it 2-0?”

    Christian Quinn: “The fans certainly aren’t in favor of him despite you listing off his accomplishments thus far in such a short amount of time. I can’t argue any of that which is why I think he has Marcus McClain’s number and he will be retaining his championship.”

    Broc Lobster: “You can also factor in his new running mates, Tommy Bedlam and James Douglas, who will no doubt be keeping a close eye on this match in case things get out of hand for Crowe. Also, there’s Crazy Harry. He has that name for a reason because he is in fact crazy and will do anything to ensure that his man leaves with the championship. The last time Marcus and Crowe met, Marcus left Harry with a receipt in the form of a spear so you can bet that Harry hasn’t forgotten that either.”

    Crowe is in the ring and stands across from McClain, the two men staring daggers at one another while Kurt Harrington gives the opening announcements.

    Kurt Harrington: “The following contest is set for one fall and it is for the FWA North American Championship! Introducing first the challenger, from Tampa, Florida and weighing in at 265 lb…”Big Mack”...Marcus McClain!"

    The crowd shows their support for McClain as he remains stoic and motionless in the corner.

    Kurt Harrington: “His opponent, accompanied by Crazy Harry, from The Badlands Trailer Park and weighing in at 240 lb. He is the reigning and defending FWA North American Champion…”The Showman”...Chris Crowe!

    Boos ring out for the champion. but there’s a decent sized contingent of fans that let themselves be heard in support for the champion.

    Crowe hands over his title to referee Tommy Palmer, who holds it up for the crowd before handing it off to ringside. He checks both competitors once more before signalling for the bell.

    FWA North American Championship.
    Chris Crowe [c] vs.Marcus McClain
    Singles Match.
    (Match writer: Jimmy).

    The two men circle each other for a bit while the crowd is buzzing with anticipation. Marcus holds his arm out and urges Crowe to reach out, and Crowe feins like he’s going to reach out but instead delivers a swift boot straight to the gut! Marcus is doubled over, clutching at his midsection and Crowe pounds away at his back until Marcus drops to the mat! The crowd boos Crowe for his cheap shot but he finds pleasure in it as he stomps on McClain now before he briefly postures for the fans. He turns his attention back to McClain, who has since risen up to one knee, and Crowe starts clubbing away at Marcus some more but they don’t seem to have the desired effect on McClain who starts to rise up and shoves Crowe back into the ropes, and off the rebound, Marcus catches Crowe with a shoulder block that knocks Crowe right off his feet! Marcus runs the ropes while Crowe pops back up but he’s leveled with a running clothesline by McClain! McClain feeds off the energy from the fans as he charges in again at Crowe, who is rising up, but Crowe was ready this time and stops Marcus dead in his tracks with a sharp uppercut! Crowe lays into Marcus with several forearm strikes before sending him off the ropes and then catches him with a back body drop!

    Broc Lobster: “This has been fairly evenly matched so far and fast paced, but Crowe regains the advantage now!”

    Christian Quinn: “It was only brief but McClain wasted too much with his fan pandering if you ask me, and that’s what allowed Crowe to regain control.”

    Marcus sits up, cringing from the impact of his back coming in contact with the mat, but he doesn’t have much of a chance to recuperate as Crowe applies a rear chin lock and places his knee deep in the lower back of McClain for extra added torture! Marcus is doing what he can to fight through this pain as he desperately reaches out for a rope and he just barely manages to snag a rope in time for a break, much to the dismay of Crowe, who reluctantly releases the hold but he maintains controls as he takes Marcus by the head and he drills him with several more uppercuts and forearm strikes! Crowe then drives his knee right into McClain’s midsection! He takes McClain in position and looks for a suplex, but McClain showing that there’s still some fight left in him blocks the suplex attempt and quickly counters with his own snap suplex! Marcus uses this brief moment for some reprieve before turning to Crowe and gets him in a front headlock and transitions into a gator roll before hoisting Crowe up from the mat and he holds him up high before dropping him down!

    Broc Lobster: “Nice delayed vertical suplex from McClain!”

    Marcus makes the quick pin attempt!



    Crowe kicks out! Crowe rolls to his side and near the apron where Harry is at ringside, possibly talking strategy with Crowe. McClain approaches Crowe and mouths off at Harry, who holds up his hands in defense. Marcus brings Crowe up but Chris strikes with a quick rake of the eyes! Marcus is momentarily blinded as he stumbles around and Crowe hits a running bulldog! This it’s Crowe making the pin!



    Christian Quinn: “McClain’s problem is that he’s too easily distracted. First it was too much posturing for the fans and now running his mouth at Crazy Harry, if it’s not his confidence that will be his downfall then it’ll be his lack of focus!”

    Broc Lobster: “You’re not wrong there, Christian. Marcus needs to keep his focus and emotions in check if he wants to win tonight.”

    Crowe regains his control and slows down the pace with a rear headlock, keeping Marcus grounded and looking to wear him down. Crazy Harry is close to the ring now to where he’s face to face with McClain and Harry throws some trash talk at Marcus.

    Broc Lobster: “Now if you ask me that’s unnecessary actions from Crazy Harry!”

    Christian Quinn: “A little bit of trash talking never hurt anyone, Broc! If you can’t take the heat then get out of the kitchen!”

    Crowe laughs as Harry continues throwing barbs at McClain, but all of that trash talk may come back to bite Crowe as Marcus is getting fired up with a little help from the fans, and he starts to rise up while Crowe tries maintain his hold but Marcus proves to be too strong as he drives several back elbows into Crowe’s midsection forcing Crowe to relinquish the hold. Marcus runs the ropes and hits a running shoulder tackle on Crowe! Marcus is feeling it now but he manages to keep his focus on Crowe and just as Crowe is up, Marcus catches him with a sidewalk slam into a pin!




    Crowe kicks out!

    Marcus is still feeling some momentum though, he’s still riding high as he takes Crowe by the head and sends him off the ropes and catches him with a spinebuster! Marcus is feeling it now more than ever and he’s signalling for it, he has Crowe set in his sights for the Chin-Checked superman punch but from outside the ring Crazy Harry holds onto Marcus’ boot to keep him from moving. Marcus reaches out over the ropes and tries to drag Crazy Harry in, but Crowe tackles him in the corner!

    Broc Lobster: “If it wasn’t for Chris Crowe, that could’ve been disastrous for Crazy Harry!”

    Christian Quinn: “That’s what friends are for, Broc! You probably wouldn’t know considering you don’t have any friends!”

    Broc Lobster: “I’m sorry I’m not friends with Danny Toner and Ryan Rondo, but I am family with a former two-time world champ!”

    Christian Quinn: “He probably barely even knows that you exist, come on Broc, focus on the match! You’re almost as bad as Marcus McClain is at keeping focus!”

    Back in the ring, Crowe is raining down on Marcus with multiple body shots, wearing down the challenger. Crowe viciously drives his knee into Marcus’ midsection and then follows up with some shoulder thrusts to the same area into which McClain is downed in a prone position and Crowe hits a corner cannonball! Crowe then drags McClain back up and he has him positioned for The Closing Act, but Marcus counters with a back body drop that sends Crowe crashing to the mat behind him!

    Broc Lobster: “Marcus McClain will not go down without a fight!”

    Marcus catches his breath and finds his bearings. He’s fired up now more than ever he’s ready to end this and walk away with the title. He has Crowe set in his sights again but this time it’s clear that he has a spear with Crowe’s name on it! Crowe is slowly rising up, ignorant to the fact that Marcus is ready to strike, and just as Crowe is back on his feet, Marcus charges towards him…


    Christian Quinn: “Talk about taking one for the team! Wait a minute, Broc, Harry seems reasonably fine but McClain seems to be in pain for some reason!”

    Crowe helps Harry back up and Harry reveals barbed wire wrapped underneath his shirt! Harry cackles madly and quickly exits the ring…

    Broc Lobster: “Harry with the barbed wire!”

    Christian Quinn: “The man came prepared this time, Broc!”

    McClain is writhing around on the mat clutching at his shoulder, and Crowe wastes no time taking advantage of this time and brings McClain up…The Closing Act! Crowe hooks the leg!




    Winner: Chris Crowe via pin fall at 14:16.

    Kurt Harrington: “The winner of the match, and STILL the FWA North American Champion, Chris Crowe!”

    Harry re-enters the ring and hands Chris the title and the two of them celebrate.

    Broc Lobster: “Chris Crowe retains but you can definitely give the assist to Crazy Harry! If it wasn’t for him we could have a new champion right now!”

    Christian Quinn: “Crazy Harry did what any good friend would do!”

    Broc Lobster: “If you say so, Christian…wait, what’s going on now?”

    Crowe and Harry begin to assault McClain, who is still down. Both men lay into him with stomps and kicks. Harry signals towards the stage and from the back emerges the rest of Deathswitch Initiative, Bedlam and Douglas!

    Broc Lobster: “What is the meaning of this?! The damage has been done!”

    Bedlam, Crowe, and Douglas beat down on McClain while Crazy Harry watches on with sick glee. Eventually the three of them bring him and Crowe lays out McClain with another Closing Act! Crowe then places his North American title on the mat as Douglas picks up McClain and sends McClain crashing down head first onto the title with a tombstone piledriver! McClain is busted open as they kick him aside and wipe some of his blood on the title before making their leave.

    Broc Lobster: “Reminiscent of what happened to Captain Fantasy at the hands of Chris Crowe! Marcus McClain just got mugged by three no good thugs!”

    Christian Quinn: “It’s all about sending a message, Broc. Unfortunately for Marcus McClain, it was at his expense.”

    Broc Lobster: “McClain needs some help out here right away. We’re going to cut away for a moment while we get everything sorted out here.”

    Medical personnel arrive on the scene to tend to McClain as the feed cuts to a promotional ad for the next set of Meltdown and Fallout shows.


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    Re: [From 4EST/9GMT] FWA Mile High | Live Results Thread!

    Another big win for Chris Crowe and a dominant, ambitious roleplay from BattleTank to secure it. It's going to be hard to take that belt off him until MvH decides she wants it.

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    Re: [From 4EST/9GMT] FWA Mile High | Live Results Thread!

    Backstage, we see FWA's resident pirate and interviewer Yuna Funanori, all decked out in her finest captain's attire. However, the normally friendly and cheery joshi finds herself in a somber mood as she raises her microphone to speak.

    Yuna Funanori: "Please welcome at this time...'The Mad Wizard,' Konchu Hao."

    The camera zooms out to reveal Konchu Hao, standing as still as a statue. His attire is definitely far more intimidating than usual this evening...his black robe and mask accented by dark, blood-red colors and runes. Konchu's hands are folded in front of him as he takes deep, measured breaths. His eyes are like lasers, boring holes into whatever he deigns to cast his gaze upon.

    Yuna Funanori: "Later tonight, you'll compete in your first Mile High Massacre for the World Title...but I think many of us would like to know about Epsilon's status. Can you...can you update us on his condition?"

    Yuna's question seems to strike and chip away at Konchu's stoicism, as the Mad Wizard looks at Yuna and gives her the slightest of slight smiles.

    Konchu Hao: "You are...kind to ask, Miss Yuna. Unfortunately, I do not have much in the way of news on that front. Epsilon suffered grievous damage at the hands of that swine Nathaniel Savage on Fallout 9, and while I have the finest people working to heal him? The current prognosis is uncertain. I can say that he is stable, for the time being. But he is...unresponsive. I would like to thank all of the FWA fans for sending their best wishes via Twitter and other forms of social media. Your condolences at this point mean the absolute most to me. Of that, you can be certain."

    Yuna Funanori: "A good captain always looks out for their crew. You are a good captain, Konchu."

    Konchu, a bit choked up, swallows as he regains his composure and nods in appreciation. However, a look of righteous fury replaces his sombre, mournful visage as he stiffens up.

    Konchu Hao: "But I would be remiss if I didn't mention that there are quite a few individuals on Fallout who have said nothing in light of what happened to Epsilon. Neither Mr. Robinson nor Mr. Watkins have even made a statement on the assault, much less punished the Undisputed Alliance for their heinous, unwarranted assault on my dear minion. And the other participants in tonight's Mile High Massacre, several of whom have had the audacity to call me their friend? Not a peep from any of them.

    "And I know what everyone will say. That it's my fault that Epsilon was there in the first place. That I should've known that something like this would've happened. This is the same justification cretins will give whenever a spouse is battered by their significant other, or a woman is accosted in the middle of the night. Now, I won't deny that Epsilon's presence at ringside has been of great aid to me in the past...but Epsilon's interference has always been...benign. He has never, NEVER stooped to the level of savage and brutal violence that Nathaniel inflicted upon him save for once, at Back in Business. And only then, it was to SAVE ME from that squid-faced disappointment's oversized mute! I will bear my share of the responsibility for what happened to Epsilon, but to suggest that I was solely to blame? Oh, no...

    "As it seems that our 'esteemed' brand managers refuse to do what's right and just in punishing the Undisputed Alliance, and everyone else inside of Mile High Massacre is too self-absorbed to speak out against the injustice suffered by my closest and dearest friend? Then the onus falls upon me to exact justice. Jackson Fenix and Nathaniel Savage will be dealt with...but first? I will carve a bloody path and secure the World Heavyweight Championship."

    Konchu turns away from Yuna to face the camera. His robe, which had been closed very tightly, ever-so-slightly opens to show that his ribs are still taped up, a painful reminder that he, too, suffered a table-assisted powerbomb at the hands of Nate Savage at the end of Fallout 9. However, it's clear that the Mad Wizard doesn't give a damn about that.

    The fans are used to seeing Konchu act and speak with a certain level of whimsy and playfulness.

    Tonight, they see just how utterly intimidating and frightening Konchu Hao can be.

    Konchu Hao: "'Mile High Massacre,' is it? Not tonight. Because tonight, they may as well call it the 'School of Hard Knocks.' Four undisciplined, selfish, and greedy children who cannot see beyond their own wanton desires are about to be educated in what it truly means to be a champion, to be a paragon who fights for a cause and for a person other than themselves. I will teach them just how utterly inept they are to bear the responsibility of being a right, just, and proper World Heavyweight Champion and rise above them all. Because FWA deserves a champion better than the ones we've had! Fallout deserves a champion who'll bear the responsibility that comes with carrying that title! And Epsilon...Epsilon deserves to see a better world than the one we have right now.

    "Understand this...Gabrielle, Jeremy, Krash, and Randall...I see you for the base, weak, and deficient creatures that you are. And I will teach you all the meaning of loss. But rest assured...once I'm done tearing you apart and claiming the prize? You won't be alone in oblivion for too long. You'll be joined in short order by a pair of reprobates who have dodged consequence for far too long. Vae victis, children. My friend needs me...and I will return to his side as the new World Heavyweight Champion."

    There's a long, painfully tense pause. The only sound is Konchu's breathing, ragged and grim. And the eyes...the eyes burn with a hateful, baleful fire.

    The Mad Wizard gives Yuna a polite nod, one that she returns as he walks off screen...


    “Ladies and gents, lads and girls, for the final time tonight, welcome to the MILE HIGH LOUNGE!!! Presented to you by..

    the one…

    the only…


    The crowd begin booing loudly as the titantron first cuts to static and is then replaced by an image of Uncle on screen. He’s holding a pink-misted Tom Jones by his tie and glares into the camera.

    Uncle: “Apologies everyone, but the Mile High Lounge has been discontinued. It was a trash-ass, lame, recurring segment anyway! It was shoddily done, a rush job, executed poorly, and despite an all-star line-up, the host couldn’t even make the thing a single bit interesting. This was poor. Real poor. Taxi Driver poor. But what should I expect, really? Danny Toner’s an overhyped piece of shit. Always has been, always will be. Danny Toner is real sneaky. I don’t mean Osos Locos sneaky, I mean reaaaaallllll sneaky. PAJ sneaky. I see what he’s doing.”

    Uncle nods his head as he finally releases his grasp on Tom Jones, who quickly scurries away.

    Uncle: “Creating his own crew, going on adventures, challenging the powers to be… Danny Toner is joining the long line of people trying to do an Uncle cosplay! Now that the last star is dimming, he’s finally embracing all fucking gimmick, no fucking fist. WELL LEMME TELL YOU SOMETHING, DANNY BOY! You can’t roleplay this. You can’t roleplay me. It didn’t work out for GiGi against Ramen, it didn’t work out for Dreamer at Lights Out, it ain’t work out for Agent Peacock! You’re out of your depth with your rip-off Nephews and piece of trash tracksuit-”

    Danny Toner: “This tracksuit is Stone Island, show some freakin’ respek!”

    Uncle snarkily looks at Danny but quickly quips back.

    Uncle: “More like trash island! Fuck outta here with that yuppie bullshit.”

    Danny Toner: “You’re a real piece of work, you duckin’ motherfucker.”

    Uncle: “COME ON! I didn’t duck you!”

    Danny Toner: “Well, buddy. We’re both here. No match on the card. You want to settle things right now? You think they’re gonna cut away from Danny fucking Toner and Uncle? Or is the little ducky gonna start quacking again?”

    Uncle takes a step towards Danny, and Danny’s got an all but inviting look to him.

    Danny Toner: “Take the first shot, Uncle! Have at it. I can take a punch from a cosmic bitch.”

    The Cosmic Horror pulls a fist back as if he might - and there’s not a blink or movement of a muscle on Danny’s face when he does - but then he stops short and gives Danny a friendly pat on the shoulder.

    Uncle: “Quack... Quack... You got me, Chessmaster. Tonight’s not Uncle’s night… it’s not your night either. Tonight is semi-main event Harry’s night. I’m not going to take that away from him. He deserves this.”

    Danny chuckles and shakes his head. Uncle shrugs and turns to leave though over his shoulder, Danny calls.

    Danny Toner: “You go look after Haz, man. Make sure he’s all ready for his big moment. I like the kid, wouldn’t want to take that away from him either. And hey, do me a favor… Owen’s been missing for a hot second. If you see him… you’ll let me know won’t you?”

    Uncle looks over his shoulder to spot a hint of a smirk on Danny’s face, and he starts to leave with a bit more urgency.


    The ring area has undergone somewhat of a makeover following the last match, with each ring post now having a metal pole affixed to it. At the top of each pole is a briefcase hung from a hook atop each pole. Broc Lobster speaks quickly as Kurt Harrington stands in the ring, ready to make the announcement of the upcoming match. Greg is also in the ring.

    Broc Lobster: "Welcome back to Mile High 2021, folks. It is now time for the inaugural Secular Spectacular Match, which will feature competitors from both Fallout and Meltdown, as well as a couple of faces not assigned to a brand who I am sure you will recognise. Let's head over to Kurt to explain the rules and make the introductions."

    Kurt Harrington: "The following contest is the Secular Spec-tacular! In this match, competitors will compete for the four briefcases suspended from the poles surrounding the ring, and the match will end when each case has been claimed. Inside each of the four cases are different championship opportunites; a shot at either the X Division Championship or North American Championship depending on brand, a shot at the Gauntlet Championship and the remaining two cases contain an opportunity to compete for the FWA World Tag Team Championships. The winners of these two cases will team with each other at an undisclosed date in the future against the FWA World Tag Team Champions...

    Introducing the competitors... First, already in the ring... GREG!"

    Greg flashes his goofy smile and waves to the fans, but the crowd has no issue in voicing their opinions towards him.




    The reaction is not as negative as it was for Greg, however the crowd is displeased nonetheless to see The Undisputed Alliance make their entrance into the arena. Jackson Fenix is the first through the curtain and he brashly turns around and motions to the back of his jacket which reads "Mile High Club Member". He then turns around and motions for the cameraman and viewing audience to fellate him. Behind him is the former X Division Champion Nate Savage, who has a more serious aura about him than that of his tag team partner.

    Kurt Harrington: "At a combined weight of four-hundred and seventy-six pounds... "The Sin City Bad Boy" Jackson Fenix and "Nasty" Nate Savage... THE UNDISPUTED ALLIANCE!"

    Broc Lobster: "I for one am interested to see the Undisputed Alliance's approach to this match; there is a tag title opportunity up for grabs here, but they both need to grab cases from the poles, and then it is just luck of the draw. We could see Nate Savage having to team up with Reagan Cole, or Jackson Fenix and Ratin Mikichin! Not only that, but does Nate Savage have one eye on getting the X Division Championship back? Is that where his priorities lie?"

    Christian Quinn: "I don't think that either of these two have proven themselves to be the most trustworthy people given their actions towards Kayden Knox a couple of months ago, but I'm not sure if their duplicity would extend to turning on each other. In fact, I'd quite like to see these guys back in the hunt for the tag titles. They've had their focus on singles success and nothing has seemed to stick. Although, they might have bigger problems to worry about in their near future."

    Broc Lobster: "Are you referring to a certain wizard?"

    Christian Quinn: "I am. It was one hell of a statement made by these guys when they took out Konchu Hao and Epsilon, frustrated at their repeated defeats at the hands of "The Mad Wizard", but in doing so, they have likely made a very powerful enemy. We understand that Epsilon will not be here tonight at Mile High and there are question marks over whether Konchu Hao will be at one-hundred per cent for tonight's main event where he will challenge for the FWA World Championship."

    The UA enter the ring and they do win some support from the crowd for their bullying of Greg; Fenix demands that he waits outside the ring once they enter. Both Savage and Fenix posture for the fans and shout verbal abuse at them, before their music fades out.

    The fan reception flips on his head and the crowd show their support for Reagan Cole, the former FWA Gauntlet Champion. Cole walks out, adjusting the tape around his knuckles and wrists and he nods his head along to his music and smirks at the positive reaction from the crowd. Despite seemingly his best attempts to hide it, Cole is showing some of the effects of his recent cage match with Marcus McClain.

    Kurt Harrington: "From Essex, England and weighing in at two-hundred and fifteen pounds... "The British Apprentice" REAGAN COLE!"

    Broc Lobster: "Reagan Cole arrived in the FWA at the beginning of this year after his stint on Ground Zero in late 2020, and whilst he does have a Gauntlet Championship and an appearance at Back in Business to show for it, he has found himself missing out on opportunities to move further up the ladder, with his recent defeat to Marcus McClain on Meltdown 9 being yet another missed chance at earning a match with Chris Crowe for the North American Championship."

    Christian Quinn: "Well, this match is probably his best chance at coming away with something to end the year on a high. It might not be that North American title shot that he's been chasing, but another run with the Gauntlet Championship might be on the cards. I'd take Reagan Cole over either of the idiots that will be competing for that later on tonight."

    Broc Lobster: "Are you referring to another wizard?"

    Christian Quinn: "I am. This one is much less of a threat than the other one I was talking about before."

    Cole has no issue stepping into the ring with both members of the Undisputed Alliance, not intimidated about being temporarily outnumbered. Greg attempts to regain entry into the ring, but Cole motions for him not to.

    There is a mixed reaction this time, as Sawyer Xavier walks out onto the stage with his arms by his side. The young Meltdown star is backed up by his manager, George E. Brilliant, who follows him down towards the ring. Brilliant is in the ear of his charge, who looks over the men in the ring already with an unimpressed expression on his face.

    Kurt Harrington: "Accompanied by George E. Brilliant, from Savannah Georgia and weighing in at one-hundred and seventy-five pounds... SAWYER XAVIER!"

    Broc Lobster: "Here we have another promising talent from Meltdown, who could use the boost that a match like this would provide. Saywer Xavier has improved a lot over the course of 2021, and the addition of George E. Brilliant as his manager and adviser has only helped his star rise higher. Tonight, he looks to convert that potential into a championship opportunity."

    Christian Quinn: "I like Sawyer Xavier a lot, Broc. I see he's been having some trouble with Aka Yurei over there on Meltdown, and tonight could be a chance to settle some scores with each other."

    Broc Lobster: "They might even end up earning a FWA World Tag Team Championship match together! We saw in their match with The New Breed on Meltdown that their teamwork would need a lot of work, though."

    Greg attempts to get into the ring before Xavier and Brilliant can but George E. Brilliant pulls the perennial loser down from the ring apron and tells him to wait in order for his client to get past him and enter the ring. Sawyer climbs onto the apron and then vaults over the top rope and lands on his feet. He removes his jacket and throws it out of the ring, where it lands on Greg's head.

    Sawyer Xavier removes his sunglasses as he looks to the stage where Aka Yurei makes her entrance to Metallica, with the popular song getting a good reception from the fans. "The Crimson Ghost" emerges from the back wearing her crimson hannya mask with a white kimono covering her body. She slowly walks down to the ring, with those already waiting in there slightly unnerved by her presence.

    Kurt Harrington: "From Seattle, Washington, weighing in at one-hundred and twenty-seven pounds... "The Crimson Ghost" AKA YUREI!"

    Christian Quinn: "Here I am thinking that Fallout was the place for the freakshows, with the likes of Uncle, Konchu and Peacock over on our side. This Aka Yurei is something like I've never seen, Broc."

    Broc Lobster: "There is a definite air of intrigue surrounding the mysterious "Crimson Ghost", although she is yet to turn the psychological advantage she can hold over her opponents into a string of victories since arriving on Meltdown. Things could change for her tonight though."

    Christian Quinn: "If she can keep her eyes on the prize, and not let these issues with Xavier get in the way, maybe the rest of these guys will just let her walk away with one of the cases!"

    Yurei glides past Greg at the base of the steel steps, with everyone's least favourite wrestler not even trying to introduce himself to Yurei out of fear. "The Crimson Ghost" enters the ring and allows her kimono to drop to the floor, showing us her wrestling attire underneath. She slowly removes her mask, revealing her white and red face paint underneath. Her eyes, white as ice, are zoned on Sawyer Xavier. The two recent rivals share no love lost and Brilliant curses Yurei from behind Xavier, not wanting to confront her directly himself.

    Xavier and Yurei's staredown is interrupted by a loud and shrill cheer from the teenage girl demographic of the fans, as Charles LeRoi walks out onto the stage with his hands in his pockets and surrounded by at least fifteen young women who are fawning over his every move. "Le Mec" himself is very uninterested by his surroundings, and he shuffles his feet towards the ring down the ramp.

    Kurt Harrington: "From Luxembourg... "LeMec" CHARLES LEROI!"

    Broc Lobster: "This match marks "Le Mec"'s second venture into an FWA ring, with the first resulting in him catching a one-sided beating from Dan Maskell and a subsequent guest slot on The Heretic's Corner. You see Sawyer Xavier and Aka Yurei are not pleased to see him either, after his followers accosted them backstage on Meltdown 10."

    Christian Quinn: "I want to know what this guy's secret is."

    LeRoi urges his fans to wait outside of the ring, and he slowly enters it with his hands still in his pockets. The girls are disappointed at this, even more so when Jackson Fenix gestures towards his penis in their direction, but are flat out disgusted by Greg.

    The upbeat music gets the crowd on their feet, and there is a good cheer from them as Ratin Mikichin walks out onto the stage. The man from Kazakhstan is dressed as none other than Santa Claus, although he is lacking the long white beard. Ratin waves to the fans and throws out some sweets from his pocket.

    Kurt Harrington: "From the great nation of Kazakhstan... RATIN MIKICHIN!"

    Ratin rolls into the ring and takes a position in the middle of the growing crowd of people inside of the ring... and he removes his Santa suit in one swift action, revealing a candy cane themed mankini! This reveal generates no response at all from the crowd and Charles LeRoi's female fans are retching at the sight of this hairy man barely covered by a thin strip of fabric.

    Christian Quinn: "The quicker we move on from this, the better."

    The loudest and most positive reaction from the crowd is reserved for the final man to enter the match, Gerald Grayson. Grayson immediately begins to psyche himself up on the stage and bring the spirit levels of the fans higher too. Once he’s confident that he has achieved this, he sprints down the ramp towards the ring, slapping hands with fans in the front row.

    Kurt Harrington: “Finally, from Raleigh, North Carolina and weighing in at two-hundred and twenty pounds… GERALD GRAYSON!!”

    Christian Quinn: “Fallout’s Gerald Grayson is the firm fan favourite in this one, and likely the bookmakers’ favourite too to walk out of here with one of the briefcases suspended around the ring. He was a whisker away from earning an opportunity in the main event of tonight’s show, but fell short to Jeremy Best and found himself in this match instead.”

    Broc Lobster: “Grayson’s high-flying expertise could give him a distinct advantage over everyone else in the match. Like you, Christian, I’ve got to say that Grayson is the favourite to get something out of this match. Could it be a chance for a second X Division Championship? Or after his previous attempts to become a tag team champion - including a loss at last year’s Mile High event - with Michelle von Horrowitz, he might find the key to success with a new partner.”

    Grayson slides into the ring, and the looks from the others confirm the belief that he’s the one to look out for in this match.

    Christian Quinn: “Well we are about to find out as the Secular Spectacular looks set to get underway. Everyone is in the ring-“

    Broc Lobster: “Apart from Greg!”

    Greg is ushered towards the ring by the ringside officials and the least popular person in the FWA grabs onto the bottom rope to pull himself onto the apron, but his leg gets yanked and he’s brought down to the floor! The unknown intruder has a steel chair in his hand… AND HE BRINGS IT DOWN ON THE TOP OF GREG’S HEAD!!!

    Broc Lobster: “Who is THAT?”

    Christian Quinn: “That’s Guy Jordan! He’s Fallout’s most recent signing, and it looks like he is entering himself into this match in Greg’s place! Apparently one is allowed to do that now!”

    The crowd cheer for Jordan for taking out Greg, but Jordan flips them off and demands that they shut up before he enters the ring. Inside of the ring, Jordan stands in the middle with the chair still in his possession. He motions for everyone to bring it on, but given he has a weapon that he’s not afraid to use, no one fancies their luck just yet.

    The Secular Spectacular
    Aka Yurei vs. Charles LeRoi vs. Gerald Grayson vs. Guy Jordan vs. Jackson Fenix vs. Nate Savage vs. Ratin Mikichin vs. Reagan Cole vs. Sawyer Xavier
    The bell rings and immediately all eight competitors who are not Guy Jordan make a dash for the nearest pole to make an early grab for a case which contains a guaranteed title opportunity. However, this leaves a lot of backs open for Guy to swing his steel chair at! A shot to the back from Jordan sends Jackson Fenix falling to the mat from the second rope as he tussled with Ratin Mikichin. Mikichin then takes one himself, just when he believes to be left with a path to Case #2!

    Nate Savage headbutts Charles LeRoi to knock him away, causing “Le Mec”’s supporters at ringside to shriek. However, Savage also takes a chair shot to the back from Jordan! Then LeRoi turns around and eats one right in between the eyes to a shrill shriek from his fans!

    Broc Lobster: “Someone has got to get this chair from Guy Jordan! He might end up taking all four briefcases home with him at this rate!”

    Christian Quinn: “Well, not if Charles LeRoi’s fan girls have anything to do with it - they’re swarming the ring to get some revenge!”

    Indeed, Jordan finds himself on the verge of being mobbed by the young women, but the first one to get close to him takes a chair to the top of the head! This is enough to scatter the others, but Sawyer Xavier and Aka Yurei put their battling to one side to get some revenge together on the girls who attacked them on Meltdown! George E. Brilliant has his head in his hands; his preference being that his client stays focused on the task at hand.

    Xavier and Yurei get in as many shots on the fans as they can before they have all been cleared from the ring, before they return to exchanging punches between themselves! However, there is still the issue of Guy Jordan being in possession of a steel chair to deal with. However Gerald Grayson quickly bursts onto the scene and dodged a chair shot, and hits Jordan with a Savate Kick to the midsection! Jordan drops the chair, and then eats a Clothesline from Reagan Cole!

    Broc Lobster: "Gerald Grayson does the sensible thing and nudges the chair under the bottom rope and out of the ring, but it leaves him open to an ambush from behind by both members of the Undisputed Alliance!"

    Savage and Fenix knock Grayson down to the mat and put the boots to him, but Fenix gets spun around by Reagan Cole. Cole cracks him with a stiff punch to the face, but Savage cuts Cole off with a knee into the midsection. Savage attempts to bring Cole up for the Nasty Bomb, but a couple of right hands to the temple from Cole is enough to cause Savage to drop him. Cole lands on his feet...

    Christian Quinn: "SUPERKICK ME BABY ONE MORE TIME! Fenix DROPS Cole!"

    The Superkick from Fenix hits its mark and Cole slumps back against the bottom turnbuckle underneath Case #1. A cheer rouses from the crowd as Ratin Mikichin rises to his feet and looks around the arena nodding his head. Savage and Fenix watch on in confusion and awe as Ratin reaches back and hikes his mankini up! Ratin backs it up... AND REAGAN COLE IS THE UNLUCKY RECIPIENT OF A STINK FACE FROM RATIN MIKICHIN!

    Christian Quinn: "What the fuck is going on right now? What the fuck is this shit?"

    Ratin walks out from the corner, but Guy Jordan is back... so is the steel chair... and he CRACKS THE CHAIR OVER THE TOP OF RATIN'S HEAD!!

    As Cole does his best to keep his lunch down, the strange man from Kazakhstan stumbles back and falls through the ropes and out of the ring. Jordan follows him, and starts stomping down into him all over his body. The action in the ring comes to a standstill with everyone watching Jordan take it to Ratin. Sawyer Xavier tries to take advantage and claim one of the briefcases, but Aka Yurei grabs him by the boot to stop him! Sawyer attempts to kick Aka away from him, but she refuses to let go.

    However what Yurei cannot do is stop George E. Brilliant, Sawyer's manager, climb onto the apron and then up onto the turnbuckle... and Brilliant takes the case from the top of the pole! Yurei lets Sawyer's leg go, but Brilliant jumps down and rams the briefcase into her face! This is enough to allow Sawyer to take the case from Brilliant and get out of dodge along with his manager!

    Case #3 claimed by Sawyer Xavier at 3:44

    Broc Lobster: "Sawyer Xavier claims the first briefcase, but he owes a big assist to George E. Brilliant! It looks like the rest of the competitors have wised up once again, and the dash to claim one of the three remaining cases gets underway!"

    Guy Jordan slides back into the ring, giving poor Ratin some momentary reprieve from his assault, and he goes after Grayson, who cut short his previous stint in the ring along with Cole. Cole is trying to get past both members of The Undisputed Alliance to get to case #4. Aka Yurei is still smarting from the blow to the face she took from Saywer Xavier's manager, who stands on the stage with his client watching the rest of the action unfold.

    Case #2 is unattended and this is noticed by the fangirls of Charles LeRoi who managed to avoid the most severe attacks from Jordan, Xavier and Yurei. The girls lift up the limp body of their idol and prop him against the turnbuckle. "Le Mec" slowly looks up, blood trickling from his forehead after the earlier chair shot he received from Guy Jordan. LeRoi, notices the briefcase which is ripe for the taking and with the minimal amount of urgency as to not hinder his image which he has cultivated so perfectly, he starts climbing up towards the case.

    Gerald Grayson leapfrogs over Jordan to get his hands on Case #1, but Jordan grabs him by the leg to stop him climbing up. Grayson boots Jordan in the face to knock him back, and Grayson opts not to grab the case but he takes flight and knocks Jordan down with a Diving Cross Body!

    The impact of Grayson landing on Jordan causes the ring to shake, and the case which Charles LeRoi is slowly removing from the hook to fall from his grasp... and into the arms of Aka Yurei! Yurei's face lights up and she shuffles under the bottom rope with her case!

    Christian Quinn: "Hey Charles, you know what isn't cool? Looking like a geek like you do right now."

    Broc Lobster: "Aka Yurei was in the right place at the right time, and she takes the second briefcase! Just two left now, Christian!"

    Case #2 claimed by Aka Yurei at 4:20

    Aka marches towards the ramp and has to shove some fangirls out of the way to do so, and she takes her place on the stage next to Sawyer Xavier placing her case on the second pedestal.

    Charles LeRoi is disappointed that his moment was taken from him, but he shows very little indication that he is actually going to do anything about it. In fact, Reagan Cole shoves Jackson Fenix into the turnbuckle that LeRoi is standing on, which causes the Luxembourgish to tumble into the ring, where Nate Savage catches him on his shoulders... AND SAVAGE PLOUGHS LEROI INTO THE MAT WITH THE NASTY BOMB!! Savage stands over LeRoi for a moment, but this leaves him open for Reagan Cole to approach him from behind and drive him into the mat with THE RHINO'S RAGE!!

    Cole looks to get up to his feet, but he is actually left in perfect position for JACKSON FENIX TO HIT HIM WITH THE SIN CITY HANGOVER!!

    Broc Lobster: "It is all breaking down in the Secular Spectacular!"

    Rising to his feet, Fenix thinks he has a clear run to one of the last two remaining briefcases, but he's spun around by Guy Jordan... KILLER STUNNER!!

    Fenix massively oversells the move, flying into the air after the move connected with his jar, and Jordan makes his own beeline for Case #4, but once again he is cut off by Gerald Grayson! Guy Jordan doesn’t waste a second throwing a hard right to Grayson’s temple. The risk-taker responds with a forearm! Stiff right! Forearm! Stiff right! Forearm! Stiff right! Forearm! Guy hits a knee to the gut to cut short the battle. He throws Grayson over the ropes to get rid of him and dusts off his hands. Just as he begins to make his way to Case #4 once more, he’s blindsided by Gerald Grayson who landed on the apron and front flipped his way back into the ring! He clotheslines Guy Jordan’s head off with the Extreme Impact!

    It’s a stiff one with Grayson falling on top of Jordan with the effort. Grald’s slow to turn around until he realizes that Ratin Mikichin is climb up the turnbuckle to reach for Case #4.

    Gerald kip-ups to his feet and reaches for Ratin’s leg! Ratin tries to kick away at him but Gerald’s got a tight grip. The Kazakhstan native tries to maneuver around so that he no longer has his back to Gerald but his lack of balance allows Grayson to tug at his leg and clock him with a high knee right to the temple! Gerald makes one effortless leap up to the top of the turnbuckle! He unlatches Case #4 uncontested and holds it up to a cheer from the Ball arena!

    Case #4 claimed by Gerald Grayson at 6.15

    Gerald lifts up the briefcase for all to see with Guy Jordan planking on his forearms, and sneering at Grayson having got the better of him. Gerald heads out of the ring and to the top of the stage at the farthest pedestal.

    In the squared circle, Charles LeRoi is laying down in a corner, Guy Jordan is using the ropes to get back up, Ratin Mikichin is on his knees, Nate Savage and Jackson Fenix are on the outside looking in, and so is Reagan Cole on the other side of the ringside. All of the remaining six men look on at the last prize remaining in this match… one which Charles notices he’s the closest to. With his fans urging him on, he lethargically tries to get to his feet to make an attempt at the briefcase. Before he’s even halfway up to his feet, Nate Savage and Jackson Fenix have dragged him out of the ring. Their accosted by his fans though Nate sneers at them and Fenix’s lewd gestures put them off getting any closer. There’s nothing they can do when Charles LeRoi is carried up by both men and unceremoniously dropped with Undisputed Ending!

    In the center of the ring, Guy Jordan clocks Ratin with a stiff right that drops him. When Reagan Cole tries to make his way into the ring, Jordan knees him, dropping him onto the apron. Jackson Fenix and Nate Savage decide to make their try at getting back into the squared circle. Guy goes for the bigger man first, grabbing his head midway through getting back into the ring and drilling him with a DDT. Jackson Fenix tries to make a go for the last case while his partner is being downed but Reagan Cole has made it back into the ring and using his elevated position lifts him up and drops him down with an Olympic Slam!

    Before he can rise to his feet, Guy Jordan is stomping on him! He only stops to spot Ratin Mikinchin trying to sneak over towards the case. Jordan spins him around, kicks him in the gut, and hits the KILLER STUNNER! Ratin Mikichin drops dead on the stunner and Jordan is quick to kick him out.

    Nate Savage has gotten back to his feet by this point though and is rightfully pissed at Jordan. The two jaw at each other until they start throwing lefts and rights. Nate grabs Guy’s wrist and tries to go for a short-arm lariat but Guy matches him with a clothesline of his and its a hard body to body collision. The two keel over momentarily to catch their breath - and that’s a devastating mistake! Reagan Cole charges towards the two bent over men and hits a double RHINOS RAGE! He hurries to his feet with the urging of Denver and rushes towards the turnbuckle for Case #1!

    Jackson Fenix grabs Cole’s leg midway up, stopping Cole! Cole kicks down at Fenix, catching him right in the jaw and forcing him to let go. Reagan climbs the last turnbuckle, unlatches the briefcase, and the bell rings!

    Case #1 claimed by Reagan Cole at 8.01

    With the four cases having been claimed and those who failed to acquire their own having exited the stage, it is Aka Yurei, Gerald Grayson, Reagan Cole, and Sawyer Xavier who stand in front of pedestals, waiting to discover what opportunities they’ve won. Before the first of them can, a familiar theme song echoes in the Ball arena.

    Jon Russnow steps out onto the stage, a proud smile on his face as he watched three of Meltdown’s own lay claims to championship matches. He mouths compliments to Aka, Reagan, and Sawyer, neither of which seem very eager to receive them.

    Broc Lobster: “That’s our Meltdown Brand Consultant, I think he’s just as eager as the rest of us to see what’s inside those cases.”

    Christian Quinn: “I don’t want to see that man’s face until we get an explanation for what happened earlier tonight in that Mile High Massacre match. You know he must’ve had a hand in getting Osos Locos onto Meltdown, he knew what he was doing!”

    Jon Russnow: “I’m not at all surprised that the Secular Spectacular was completely dominated by Meltdown. It’s always been obvious we have the best brand in the FWA… and I promise you… next year, we’re going to hit even greater heights. We’ve got a huge… HUGE announcement later tonight… but right now. Right now it’s about you four. The prizes you’ve won. The opportunity you’re about to get. Sawyer Xavier… you grabbed the first briefcase… would you do the honor?”

    George E. Brilliant is right by Sawyer Xavier’s side and his client allows him to open the briefcase for him. It takes a second but the case is opened and the titantron shows that Sawyer Xavier will be getting a… FWA Gauntlet Championship match! The very belt that Xavier’s been vying for for a long time now, is finally going to be within his reach.

    Jon Russnow: “And you’re not going to have to wait for that match… you keep an eye out for our semi-main event tonight Sawyer, because on Meltdown 10, you’re going to be facing whoever walks out with that Gauntlet Championship.”

    Xavier nods in appreciation, a date with either Harry the Sane Wizard or Joe Burr is the next thing he has to focus on, and George E. Brilliant already seems to be coming up with strategies.

    Jon Russnow: “Well, why don’t we move on to the individual right next to you. Aka Yurei, I know you were going for a Gauntlet Championship opportunity too but it looks like you might have to wait a while longer. Let’s see what the Crimson Ghost won a shot at…”

    Aka Yurei unlatches her own briefcase with quite a bit of dramatic flair… and unveils a FWA World Tag Team Championship shot. Yurei seems deep in thought, and her eyes glance over to the other side of the stage where Reagan Cole and Gerald Grayson are. She will have to team with one of these men to go after that tag team title shot.

    Jon Russnow: “Golden Rock are going to be one heck of a tag team to beat… but Crimson Ghost, if there’s anyone who’s got the mean streak to take on Devin Golden and Randy Ramon, I’d be willing to bet on you. But a tag team match requires a partnership, so we’ll see who that partner might be. Let’s move on to the other side of the stage. The British Apprentice Reagan Cole… what’s in your future? A shot at the FWA North American Champion to avenge Marcus McClain… or a shot at the FWA World Tag Team Champions and your friends Golden Rock? Open the case, Gipper, the world is waiting to know!”

    The British Apprentice takes a deep breath. While either shot will be appreciated, Reagan probably doesn’t want to face off against his two friends. He closes his eyes and opens up the briefcase…

    Jon Russnow: “And there we have it, it’s going to be Reagan Cole and Aka Yurei teaming up for the first time to go after the FWA World Tag Team Championships held by Golden Rock!”

    Aka Yurei and Reagan Cole glance at each other across the stage though both their expressions are unreadable. The Crimson Ghost and The British Apprentice are both experts in their respective style of wrestling, could they find a commonality in their unique skillset.

    Jon Russnow: “Which brings us to our last briefcase. I know… I know… you might think there isn’t much anticipation here. Gerald Grayson, by law of elimination, you know that briefcase gives you a shot at your brand’s top belt.”

    A bit anticlimactically, Gerald Grayson opens the briefcase to reveal he will indeed be getting a shot at the X or North American Championship depending on the brand he’s in.

    Jon Russnow: “What you don’t know… is that the brand you walked in to tonight believing you were representing… is not the brand that you are representing right now. Tonight, in the Secular Spectacular… it was a COMPLETE sweep for Meltdown… do you understand what I’m saying? Meltdown’s Brand Consultant was out wheeling and dealing and I can officially confirm that Meltdown has acquired the services from Fallout of the former X Champion and NEW Number one Contender to the FWA North American Championship… Gerald Grayson!”

    There’s actually a small smile on the face of Gerald Grayson, it’s a bit unsurprising he might be happy to hear this given that it means he will be reunited with his old partner Michelle von Horrowitz, though what this means with his alliance with J.J. JAY!, it’s hard to tell.

    Christian Quinn: "ARE YOU KIDDING?! After that b.s. with Golden Rock, you're telling me they're taking Gerald Grayson from Fallout? Who the heck is Russnow bribing?"

    Broc Lobster: "I'd be as mad as you are if we lost a man with the skillset of Gerald Grayson, Christian, I don't blame you! But this also means we're in line to see a reunion of the MvH and GG Connection! As a fan of wrestling, you've gotta be excited for that!"

    Russnow is grinning from ear to ear, unbelievably satisfied with his capture.

    Jon Russnow: “Which means that I can also confirm that at Meltdown 10… Gerald Grayson you will be going one on one with “The Showman” Chris Crowe for the North American Championship!”

    Gerald nods his head with a certain grimness. Chris Crowe has earned a bit of reputation for himself, last beating Gerald’s own friend Michelle in the main event of Meltdown. He knows he’s going to have his work cut out for him if he wants to add a new belt to his collection.

    Jon Russnow’s theme song plays again as he grins and nods to himself. He even unfurls a Meltdown shirt out to hand over to Gerald Grayson and though the risk-taker grabs it, he places it on his shoulder instead of wearing it. Russnow pretends not to notice, instead hyping up Reagan Cole, Aka Yurei, Sawyer Xavier, and Gerald Grayson for having won all four cases for Meltdown.

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    Re: [From 4EST/9GMT] FWA Mile High | Live Results Thread!

    The way the cases were done where it was all a mystery was so good. Really enjoyed it happening "out of order" in terms of prestige. I 100% assumed case #1 would be X/NA, case #2/3 tags, and case #4 gauntlet. Writing for that match was stellar. Maybe the most "fun" so far on the show. Man/Jon really went with it there.

    Chris Crowe-Gerald Grayson is my favorite booking in a long long long time. Two guys who joined the FWA recently'ish with their first characters getting a really big moment together for a prestigious belt.

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    Re: [From 4EST/9GMT] FWA Mile High | Live Results Thread!

    Jon Russnow making some moves and maybe Gerald can try and fix Michelle before she completely self destructs.

    Looking forward to see how the winners make the most of their title opportunities. A very interesting cast of characters, for sure.
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