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Thread: CWA presents its West-Coast Tour (2022).

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    CWA CWA presents its West-Coast Tour (2022).

    CWA announces 2022 tour information, matches for California shows, Tag Team Classic details…
    By Shake Meltzer for PWOutsider.
    24/12/2021. 21:11 PM.

    The much delayed CWA West Coast tour has, at long last, been finalised, with tickets going on sale this morning and promptly selling out in 48.62 seconds. The three shows announced for the tour, due to take place in Seattle, Portland, and El Segundo, L.A., will take place in late February and early March, and we believe has been organised to deliberately coincide with the end of Fallout’s Canadian tour and a host of associated independent shows in the Pacific North-West.

    The Tag Team Classic, announced during CWA’s South Pacific event by then-FWA Tag Team Champions Golden Rock, will take center stage in these shows, and is the first event to be co-promoted by the CWA and FWA since 2016’s supershow, held in association between the two goliaths of pro wrestling at the time. Although the FWA and CWA will organise themselves into separate brackets for this tournament, the final - between the winners of each promotion’s bracket - will be the first FWA-CWA co-branded match in five years. Much of Noah Hanson’s announcement surrounded his half of the tournament, although a full list of participants was unavailable at the time of publishing. We do know, though, that Murder, Inc will get their chance at The Gang Star’s CWA World Tag Team Championship as part of the tournament’s First Round, with the match due to take place at the City Lights event in Seattle.

    This will be the only match in the tournament that will be for either CWA or FWA’s tag team belts, though the prize for the tournament is an opportunity at either of those prizes at an as-of-yet undetermined date. Unless, of course, the winners already hold one (or both) set(s) of belts, in which case they can choose their own challenger, or go for the other promotion's prize should they wish to.

    Both of those sets of championships are at the moment, of course, held by Krash and Alyster Black, but all of that could change before the tournament’s conclusion. Not only do the Gang Stars have the challenge of Murder, Inc to worry about, but this Sunday sees them defend their FWA World Tag Team Championsbhips in a Mile High Massacre match, before the winners go on to face Stu Grimes and Cornelius Aurelius Caesar of the Men Out of Time on Fallout 010. The question of whether the Gang Stars will still be double champions could well become MOOT by the time we even get to Washington.

    The biggest event in CWA’s upcoming trifecta is its finale in El Segundo, California, and that card is shaping up as well, with three matches already announced in Hanson’s press release today. We will see Krash defend his CWA World Heavyweight Championship, won at South Pacific at the climax of last year’s Gold Rush tournament, against the woman who held that championship until shortly before the company’s demise in Lilith. The Mother of Ravens defeated Ashley Adams back at 2020’s One Night Only, before taking part in the bizarre Heart of Darkness match along with Michelle von Horrowitz at South Pacific. MvH remains unbooked and unannounced for 2022’s shows.

    Also in El Segundo, we’ll see Shawn Summers and Dan Maskell compete for the opportunity to become the next challenger for the CWA World Heavyweight Championship, as well as the finals of the aforementioned Tag Team Classic. Hanson also announced that Jon Snowmantashi would have a match at the California event, though has not yet revealed who this will be against.

    Full information about the upcoming slew of shows, as well as the Tag Team Classic, are below:

    The Gang Stars.
    The Echo.
    The DiMiaco Brothers.
    The Undisputed Alliance.
    The Diamond Dogs.
    Murder, Inc.
    The Tokyo Godfathers
    The Balinese Decepticons.
    Jason and Jimmy Bedlam
    Fox Hound.
    More TBA...
    Cthulu's Nephews.
    Gerald Grayson & MvH.
    Osos Locos.
    Deathswitch Initiative.

    The Brethren.
    The Alchemists (GZS3).
    Eye of the Beholder (GZS3).
    Captain Fantasy and Fantasy Girl.
    The Men Out Of Time.
    More TBA...

    CWA Bracket First Round Matches on…
    Pro-Wrestling Chimpanzee [PWC]: "Gorilla Warfare" [Long Beach, California - February 1st]
    SoCal War & Wrestling [SCWW]: "Winter Sun" [Santa Monica, California - February 3rd]
    Xtreme Championship Wrestling [XCW]: "Barbarism Begins at Home" [Vancouver, British Columbia - February 6th]
    Black Widow Wrestling [BWW]: "Recreational Use" [Edmonton, Alberta - February 10th]
    [Seattle, Washington - February 9th, 2022]

    Tag Team Classic - CWA/Independent Bracket: First Round Match:
    The Gang Stars [c] vs. Murder, Inc.
    (CWA World Tag Team Championships)

    Tag Team Classic - CWA/Independent Bracket: Second Round Matches.

    More TBA...
    [Portland, Oregon - February 23rd, 2022]

    Tag Team Classic - CWA/Independent Bracket: Semi-Final Matches.

    More TBA...
    CWA: "I Left My Wallet in El Segundo"
    [El Segundo, LA, California - March 9th, 2022]

    Krash [c] vs. Lilith.
    (CWA World Heavyweight Championship).

    Tag Team Classic - CWA/Independent Bracket: Final Match.

    Dan Maskell vs. Shawn Summers
    (Number One Contendership for the CWA World Heavyweight Championship).

    Jon Snowmantashi vs. ????.


    Declare your interest for the Tag Team Classic (either the FWA or CWA bracket) in this thread! We have a lot more tag teams now, so hoping more will be involved. One promo would be needed for the FWA or CWA bracket, and then a second at a later, undetermined date for the final (if you win your bracket), most likely on an FWA show.


    The Tag Team Classic.
    ** requires one promo for the entirety of the bracket **
    Promo thread goes live: January 1st, 2022 (both CWA + FWA brackets).
    Promo deadline: January 30th, 2022 (both CWA + FWA brackets).

    “I Left My Wallet in El Segundo”.
    Promo thread goes live: January 17th, 2022.
    Promo deadline: February 13th, 2022.
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