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Thread: Meltdown 6: Fantasy vs. Crowe | Live from Seoul | ☢ RESULTS ☢

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    Meltdown Meltdown 6: Fantasy vs. Crowe | Live from Seoul | ☢ RESULTS ☢


    Meltdown 6 opens to a front stage in a small room. In between two long tables draped in Meltdown banners is a podium with the FWA logo on it, and below that a sign that says “The Stand Off”. A few microphones are set up across both tables. Behind the stage set up are three massive projector screens, the middle one longer than both the left and right ones. Captain Fantasy, holding the newly acquired FWA North American Champion is on the left side facing the right with Chris Crowe staring at him from the left side. “The Stand Off” logo is between both men. The leftmost screen shows Cap (title in tow) in a front pose, smiling as earnestly as ever, while the rightmost screen shows Crowe in a front pose, arms folded, and a gruff look.

    We cut to Meltdown Brand Consultant Jon Russnow making his way onto the stage and getting behind the podium.

    Jon Russnow: “Ladies and gentlemen, tonight we have a MASSIVE main event. The North American Championship is going to be defended in a singles match between two of Meltdown’s finest, most promising wrestlers. A pair of remarkable talents who’ve stepped on the stage not many months ago and have proven themselves capable of not only hanging with the best, but wielding the gold to go with it. First, I’d like to introduce the reigning and defending champion, the man who ended Cyrus Truth’s reign of over 250 days, the one and only Captain Fantasy!”

    The new FWA North American Champion steps onto the stage taking his time to waive at the interviewers, to shake Jon Russnow’s hand, and to pose briefly - flexing in his trademark way.

    Jon Russnow: “Cap’s opponent has been on a tear here on Meltdown, obtaining singles victory after singles victory and making of his Closing Act finisher one of the most dangerous moves here on Meltdown right now. Some will argue if it’s too soon to deserve of an opportunity, but I say the results will speak for themselves. Let’s bring out Captain Fantasy’s challenger, accompanied by his good friend Crazy Harry… the Showman, Chris Crowe!”

    Though Captain Fantasy presents an interesting look in his superhero uniform, Crazy Harry and Chris Crowe also stand out in their own way. Crowe looks as if he came straight from his trailer park a lengthy flight away from where they are now in Seoul, South Korea. He wears a cut off Metallica t-shirt, and some jean shorts. Harry manages to stand out even more with his all-red suit and a black tie. Crazy Harry takes a second to observe the big screen behind the tables where Crowe cuts an impressive and intimidating figure. He insists on Crowe taking in his impressive presentation, but the challenger has his eyes more so on Captain Fantasy across the stage.

    Jon Russnow: “We’re going to take a few questions ahead of the main event later today…”

    Another cut, several minutes into the press conference. Crowe is seated with his arms folded and his feet sprawled out, sipping water (though he appears as if he might prefer a different sort of beverage) as another question comes his way.

    Reporter: “Chris Crowe, how do you feel about the success you’ve had in a short three month period here in FWA?”

    Crowe stays in his comfortable position, clearly showing he isn’t a PR guy.

    Chris Crowe: “To tell you the truth, I haven’t really thought much about it at all. I come out, win, and climb up the rankings. I am no stranger to being a champion. I think I would have gotten this title match a lot quicker if I wore a goofy mask and pretended to save the world like my buddy over here.”

    Crowe throws shade at his opponent as the crowd gasps at the answer. Captain Fantasy chuckles on his end though Crowe pays him no mind. The reporter follows up.

    Reporter: “Can you elaborate on that last statement?”

    Crowe remains unchanged in his position, feet still sprawled out, arms crossed.

    Chris Crowe: “It’s quite simple. Me and Harry…we’re freaks…we’re different. We get it. Everybody knows it. We see how everybody looks at us out here-it’s the same look we get in the locker room. The look you get when you know you don’t fit it. Nobody wants us here. And that’s fine, really. We wouldn’t want it any other way. We’re just gonna keep on doing what we’ve been doing since we got here…win big matches on Meltdown, and this week is no different.”

    We get a second cut with the focus on Captain Fantasy on the left-side of the stage.

    Reporter: “Cap, you managed to upset the odds with a win over Cyrus Truth, how do you prepare to defend your title so soon after winning it?”

    Captain Fantasy: “I’ll let you know how if I succeed! I don’t have as decorated a history as Mr. Crowe has. I may have arrived here sooner, and I might be champion, but I’ll admit there’s a difference in experience between me and Crowe. Much the same way I did against Mr. Truth, and against Mr. Maskell and Ms. Montgomery before, I’m going to use this as a learning opportunity. The only thing I’m prepared to do tonight is the same thing I’m prepared to do every night, to be here.”

    There’s the slightest shake of a head from Crowe at the champ’s tag line. We get another quick cut, the focus still on the champion.

    Reporter: “The Pacifier was your key to winning the North American Championship in Tokyo, are you going to rely on that even more going forward?”

    Captain Fantasy: “Haha, I would say yes but that might give away my gameplan against Mr. Crowe. He’s an incredibly tough wrestler, and I think I’ll be spending as much time trying to avoid The Closing Act as I’ll be trying to lock in the Pacifier. As proud as I am of the Pacifier, what I think Mr. Crowe should be most weary of is the Fantasy K.O. It may not have the track record of The Closing Act, but it’s advantage is that it can be used at any point and when you least expect it.”

    We get one final cut to the end of The Stand Off.

    Jon Russnow: “Thank you! Thank you for all those great questions, and thank you to the champion and the challenger for those informative answers. That’ll be all the questions for today. I’d like to invite Captain Fantasy and Chris Crowe to the front here to stand opposite one another for The Stand Off ahead of tonight’s main event.”

    Captain Fantasy stands up first, holding the North American Championship on his shoulder. He circles around the table to stand in front of the podium and await his challenger. Crowe is in no rush to stand up, in fact letting Cap get there first. He takes his leisure time to get around the table with Crazy Harry accompanying him, a big grin on his face, and his hands clasped behind him. Crowe comes to stand in front of Cap. The two are of nearly similar height but Cap’s of a much more muscular build. The champion offers out his hand for a handshake. There’s slight tension in the air but Crowe doesn’t hesitate much and shakes the champion’s hand. Harry laughs heartily behind him though Crowe’s own face is expressionless, meeting Cap’s eyes. Cap offers a genuine smile but that’s when Crowe’s eyes move away from the champion, and towards the championship. Flashes threaten to blind either man but Crowe has his eyes firmly on the belt, and Cap is steadfast in his regard. The press conference comes to an end there with a final shot of the champ shaking the challenger’s hand and the laughing Harry behind.




    from the KSPO Dome in Seoul, South Korea

    October 18th, 2021

    Meltdown 6 opens in the KSPO Dome with a rather peculiar set up here in Seoul, South Korea. Although there's still a gap between ringside and the barricades, the fans still seem to surround the ring here a lot more than usual. It's the sort of environment cultivated when thousands of hands are desperate to reach onto the stage for stars. The camera catches a few stars in VIP sections, of note are the members of CONpro with "Jin-ho" signs for their leader's debut later tonight.

    Broc Lobster: "Meltdown fanatics, welcome to Meltdown 6 from Seoul, South Korea! We are here at the gorgeous KSPO Dome with a sold out crowd tonight."

    Rod Sterling: "This building is electric, Broc! They're ready to see Meltdown's best go at it and we've got our line up here that will give them the most bang for their buck! Two title matches! Two number one contendership matches! A showdown between the rising star Sawyer Xavier and one of Meltdown's most recent signings, the mysterious Eclipse. That's not to mention the debut of South Korean star Jin-ho of CONpro!"

    Broc Lobster: "I hear we're going to get an EXCLUSIVE performance tonight... although word of mouth is you'll have to be in the arena to be able to witness it. But the biggest match of the night might not have any prize on the line besides respect... it's going to be The Exile Cyrus Truth in a rematch against Dreamer Michelle von Horrowitz!"

    Rod Sterling: "We're also going to get our first look at the new FWA World Heavyweight Champion, The Astonishing Chris Kennedy!"

    Broc Lobster: "It was an absolute brutal match in Tokyo, Japan but there HAD to be a winner, and Chris Kennedy was able to overcome MvH to win his SIXTH World Championship in the FWA."

    Rod Sterling: "Chris Kennedy is a legend of our sport. It's a shame he's not competing here tonight, but with a series of tough matches set for him on Fallout, he's going to need all his energy to make it to Mile High Massacre still a championship."

    Broc Lobster: "That wasn't the only championship to change hands! Captain Fantasy won a triple threat match with Cyrus Truth and Eli Black to win his first FWA North American Championship. But tonight, his reign is going to be put to the test in our main event against The Showman Chris Crowe."

    Rod Sterling: "It's October, Broc, and I've been hearing word everywhere that that means it's the month of freaks and weirdos. That's for people like you and Chris Crowe! Luck might just be on his side tonight!"

    Broc Lobster: "But before all of that, we're going to find out the #1 Contenders to the FWA World Tag Team Championships! Gang Stars did what few thought would happen and put an end to Golden Rock at Lights Out! We haven't heard word from Devin Golden since, but the show MUST go on, and Brand Consultant Jon Russnow has made no secret his desire to make sure Gang Stars aren't champions for long."

    Rod Sterling: "It'll be up to either Legends Evolved or New Breed to ensure Gang Stars don't make it to Mile High. Whichever team can get the win up next will face off with the champions in our main event for Meltdown 7. It's time to get this show on the road, Broc!"

    "Ultimate" by Denzel Curry ft. Juicy J hits and the crowd turns its collective focus to the stage. Johnny "The Legend" Johnson is out first with his arms raised to the air. "The Reaper" Logan Darwin, his father, is right behind him in a cool and collective fashion. Johnny Johnson is mouthing off while Darwin nods his head in approval.

    Rod Sterling: "We saw at Lights Out how Legends Evolved truly became a team. Logan Darwin aligned properly with his son and all the dastardly aspects. And then, in another shocking twist, they added ANOTHER person to their group."

    Broc Lobster: "Tommy Bedlam, the person on the side of Reagan Cole, turned after the match!"

    Rod Sterling: "Now they have a #1 contendership match in front of them and a real chance to earn a huge opportunity against the new FWA Tag Team Champions!"

    Broc Lobster: "And we'll get to the new champions later! What a moment for them against Golden Rock."

    Darwin and Johnson reach the ring as the music slowly fades away. Johnson and Darwin seem confident after Lights Out and the monumental progress they made as a father-son duo. Johnson seems more confident in his father's abilities and even fist bumps into the chest before agreeing to let him start the match.

    "Giving In" by Adema hits. The New Breed come from the back with the crowd giving some minor cheers. "The Protege" Sean Hughes is first with "The Prototype" Damian Lynch right behind him at a few inches taller.

    The New Breed even have about a mixed response from the crowd, possibly due to their opponents and the recent transgressions against victimized Reagan Cole. Lynch and Hughes come to the ring.

    Broc Lobster: "The New Breed are former champions so this is a huge test for Legends Evolved. New Breed even challenged for the tag team titles around a year ago. They took Golden Rock to the limit."

    Rod Sterling: "They'd be an interesting test for the Gang Stars."

    Broc Lobster: "A test? You don't think they can win?"

    Rod Sterling: "The Gang Stars are on a roll. Who is picking against them?"



    (damian lynch & sean hughes)


    (johnny "the legend" johnson & logan darwin)


    "The Protege" Sean Hughes starts for The New Breed against Logan Darwin. A quick grapple leads to a side head lock from Darwin. Next is a whip to the ropes followed by a shoulder tackle. Darwin goes off the ropes and blind tagged by Johnny Johnson, who goes low on the legs from behind as Darwin clotheslines up high for a slick double-team maneuver.

    Johnson covers with a forearm against the throat, but Hughes kicks out right away. Johnson then whips Hughes into the turnbuckle but misses on a short-arm clothesline in the corner. Hughes then lands a kick to the gut and hammerlock DDT. Hughes then tags in Damian Lynch, who steps his big leg over the top rope in an impressive nature.

    Broc Lobster: "The Gang Stars are impressive but would you want to get in the ring with this guy?!"

    Lynch lands a big punch to drop Johnson to the mat. Then a second one. Then a short-arm clothesline. He whips to the ropes and lands a ripcord knee. Lynch covers but Johnson kicks out at one.

    Damian Lynch tags Hughes back in and Lynch scoop slams while Hughes hits a plancha from the top rope. He then covers!

    ........1.............2..broken up by Logan Darwin!

    Hughes then shoves Darwin into the turnbuckle and throws a right hand but Darwin blocks it and shoves him back. Johnson then rolls up with a school boy!


    Johnson ducks a short-arm clothesline and hits one of his own. Then tags in Logan Darwin. Jumping knee to the back of the neck. Then a cobra clutch slam. He kneels down and hooks the far leg!

    ..............1.................2............Shoulder up!

    Darwin tags Johnson and the two land a double suplex. Johnson then hits a standing senton and covers! But this time Damian Lynch stomps on the back to break it up!

    Rod Sterling: "Back-and-forth action in our opening match with the stakes Mile High. We've got a title shot up for grabs here on Meltdown as the FWA Tag Team Championships are represented here on the best brand in the wrestling world."

    Broc Lobster: "Finally. The Gang Stars are on our turf now. This is tag team ACTION at its finest! Those Fallout teams know nothing."

    Johnson whips Hughes to the ropes and attempts a brainbuster but it's countered into a twisting neckbreaker! "The Protege" is on the mat and slowly crawls to a tag. "The Prototype" then lifts his big leg over and hits a running boot to the nose. He lands a big punch to Logan Darwin, who flies off the apron.

    Damian Lynch whips Johnson to the ropes and lands a running knee strike into the ribs. He then sees Logan Darwin enter the ring and lands a big punch to the forehead. Now it's a two-on-one that is being handled by the solo in the ring. Eventually, though, Johnson dives into the back of the knees. Logan Darwin goes to the outside as Johnson makes the tag. Logan Darwin enters and then double team whip to the ropes, only for both of them to be taken down with a flying double clothesline!

    Broc Lobster: "Damian Lynch is carrying The New Breed tonight!"

    Rod Sterling: "And Hughes is ready to close! Look at his arm outstretched! He wants in!"

    Johnny Johnson rolls to the outside as "The Prototype" lifts Logan Darwin onto his shoulders and gets a tag on the shoulder from Hughes! "The Protege" goes to the top rope and they hit the Doomsday Device double team clothesline while Darwin is propped up!

    Damian Lynch then locks a rear waist lock and Hughes lands a superkick right as Lynch hits a massive German suplex, for the "Superkick-plex" finisher! "The Protege" Sean Hughes then covers as Johnny Johnson steps to the apron but is cut off by Lynch!


    Winners and #1 contenders to the FWA Tag Team Championships: The New Breed via pinfall at 9:43

    As The New Breed celebrate their well-earned win and number one contendership, the sound of slow clapping starts to echo through the speakers before Katie-Lynn Goldsmith can even announce their win. The expression of victory on Prototype & Protege's faces fade slightly as the titantron bursts into life, displaying a bright orange banner with the words 'CONGRATULATIONS LEGENDS EVOLVED' written haphazardly on it, before panning down to reveal who else but the FWA Tag Team Champions themselves, The Gang Stars, to a very loud pop - although to be fair there's pools of discontent among the crowd. Small pools, but pools nonetheless. Probably from the more tribalistic fans. Who knows. Anyway, sitting at a table adorned with various office-like knickknacks, their multiple golden championships displayed proudly before them - FWA Tag Team, CWA Tag Team, and CWA World Heavyweight - Blacky Dos Belts & Krashy Three Belts applaud the victors - though it seems more like a golf clap than genuine applause. Alyster Black, the Masked Mauler of Malice, is dressed in a casual black hoodie, the kind that seems a bit well-worn, as he ditches the golf clap and splays his hands across the table, taking care not to hide his name etches on either the FWA or CWA Tag Team Titles. Meanwhile, Krash, the Moustached Maverick, has his typical waistcoat & tie attire adorned as he wordlessly reaches across the table for a mug of - presumably - tea, brushing his fingers against his stack of titles as he does so.

    Suddenly, Alyster Black slaps the table with his hands, jolting a notable portion of Krash's drink from the mug and spilling it across the table on what are hopefully non-important papers.

    Alyster Black: "Round of applause for our winners right there! Congratulations to the team who fought so bravely, so fiercely, all for the eternal prize, a trophy of all trophies! Ladies and gentlemen, give it up for Sean Hughes and the other one, The New Breed!"

    Alyster Black applauds again, this time obviously mockingly. Krash, looking forlornly at his spilled drink on the desk, takes out a flask of something from his pocket and starts refilling his mug.

    Krash: "So tell us, Mr. Black, what our lovely contestants have won? What have Sean Hughes and Damian Lynch fought so hard for?"

    Alyster sweeps his hands across the desk, sending papers and pens flying. Luckily Krash is quick enough to pick up his mug before it gets sent careening into the void as he continues to fill his drink.

    Alyster Black: "I’ll tell you what they’re going to get! They get to take a shot, Mr. Krash! They get to take a swing at the gods for glory and gold! They get to be the first to step up to our line of defence, Mr. Krash, they get to swing for the fences, and they get to miss!"

    Krash pauses his refill, nodding, as inside the ring, Sean Hughes visibly scoffs, elbowing Damian Lynch in mock terror.

    Krash: "How delightfully rich, Mr. Black. Mr. Hughes and Mr. Lynch here get to be number one with a bullet point. Number one in the soon to be expansive list of those who tried and failed to take away our FWA Tag Team gold and rapidly realized that it’s going to take a hell of a lot more than being the best in a barren division if they want these championships. They get to be the first hurdle, the first stepping stone, the first to step up and the first to fall. And I commend them for it, Mr. Black, I truly do. No-one wants to be the first to fall, but Mr. Hughes and Mr. Lynch have bravely, heroically, stepped up to fall down. Truly commendable. I would start applauding again, but as you can see, my hands are presently occupied."

    Krash goes back to pouring his drink, as Alyster shrugs.

    Alyster Black: "See, Meltdown’s a good show. Fine roster. Lotta talent floating around here."

    Krash: "Like Chris Crowe, for example. That guy is on a roll, and might just put the cap in one hell of a debut year later tonight against your hero and mine, Captain Fantasy."

    Alyster Black: "Or what about Tommy Bedlam? That there’s a great prospect, someone I’d love to scrap with. Two outlaws, scrapping in the dust of a setting sun."

    Krash: "What about Joe Burr? That dude’s made a lot of waves."

    There’s a long silence. Even the New Breed feel the awkwardness, as Sean Hughes stifles a cough.

    Alyster Black: "… No comment."

    Krash: "Or even the people you, New Breed, just beat - Logan Darwin and Johnny Johnson. Meltdown is brimming with fresh, new talent, diamonds in the rough, just waiting to break through. I’m not one for tribalism, I’m not looking to turn this into Fallout vs Meltdown, I’ve had quite enough of those sorts of petty squabbles for a lifetime, but the fact of the matter is no-one from either brand can touch us. No-one from Fallout, no-one from Meltdown, and certainly no-one from The New Breed."

    Alyster Black: "And that goes for any other lucky winner who wins the chance to take a swing at us. It doesn’t matter if it’s two vs two or a Mile High Massacre clusterfuck-"

    Krash: "Language."

    Alyster Black: "- when you’re swinging at the Gang Stars, you’ve got two options - you miss and you fall, or you hit, get hit harder, and fall."

    Having finally finished pouring his drink, Krash raises his mug towards the two in the ring.

    Krash: "Congratulations, boys. I’ll give Mike your regards."

    He takes a long drink. Alyster glances behind them, finally noting the ‘CONGRATULATIONS LEGENDS EVOLVED’ banner.

    Alyster Black: "… So how long have we had the wrong banner up?"

    Krash promptly spittakes.

    Krash: "Motherfu-"

    The video cuts to black. In the ring, Sean Hughes is quick to boast and re-hype himself and Damian Lynch, verbally brushing off the Gang Star’s speech, while Lynch nods stoically, eyeing the video screen with suspicion.


    Katie Lynn-Goldsmith: "Ladies and Gentleman, please welcome a man who I'm sure to you all needs no introduction. He is a starring member of CONpro and he hails from Pohang, South Korea... JIN-HO!"

    While the final beats of "Jopping" by SuperM play out, an ecstatic Jin-Ho continues to performance quite the impressive dance routine for his home crowd. The audience in attendance very much voice their appreciation for the effort put in by the rapper and dancer. Wearing a particularly garishly colored tights over white boots as well as matching white gloves and elbow pads. Jin-Ho once his theme comes to an end begins to clap his hands in the hopes of getting the crowd to rally around him until the lights in the building go out. As they do so both Rod Sterling and Broc Lobster begin to speak up for the first time since Jin-Ho made his entrance.

    Broc Lobster: "Ladies and Gentleman it appears that we maybe experiencing some technical difficulties. I'm sure if you are all willing to bare with us, we will be right back up and running shortly."

    Rod Sterling: "I hate to say it but with the form that Dan Maskell has been on as of late. This might be a mercy for Jin-Ho, a few more extra moments to bask in the appreciation of his fans."

    Broc Lobster: "If you ask me, with what Dan has done as of late to Michael Garcia, Boulder and others... He's lucky to still have a job. You might think this is a mercy Rod, but potentially this could be the best shot Jin-Ho has to truly get his home crowd behind him and give him that extra burst to upset the Heretic like we've seen other's do before."

    Just then however in the darkness it soon becomes apparent that this isn't a technical glitch. As on the titantron shots of a dimly lit alleyway are shown. With a flickering and damaged light illuminating this desolate, dingy scene. A haunting cackle can be heard as a piercing sound of scraping can be heard in the background. From a shadowy silhouette we see only the makings of a person wearing a hat. Slowly through the shadows of the darkness, the silhouette reveals the individual is in possession of a spike fingered glove reminiscent of one Freddy Krueger. With one swipe of the glove, the titantron screen goes black before among a trio of cut marks is an oozing blood effect. From the darkness then a creepy, childish sing along tone begins to sound.


    As the official theme of the Nightmare on Elm Street begins to play. The arena goes from darkness to a blood ref effect thanks to the strobe lighting in the building. Slowly emerging out onto the stage in "The Heretic" Dan Maskell. Wearing a torn Red and dark green striped jumper over a pair of dark green jeans as well as black shoes. Dan is also wearing a black hat on his head and has on a spiked glove reminiscent of the monstrous Freddy Krueger. On his walk down to the ring Dan has a sinister smirk on his face as he continues to raise the gloved hand up to his face. In the ring Jin-Ho appears to be a little caught off guard if not anxious at what he is witnessing while Dan makes a point of dragging the bladed glove over the ring steps to recreate that scraping sound. Once he's in the ring and the lights begin to revert to normal, Dan slowly removes his glove and tosses it to the canvas before he removes the hat on his head. Here we see now the hat is removed the ear piece and small headset microphone Dan is wearing in his promise to commentate over his own matches. While Dan removes his jumper, Katie having snapped out of her horror at this haunting entrance begins to speak.

    Katie Lynn-Goldsmith: "And his opponent, hailing from London, England. He is "The Heretic" Dan Maskell!"

    The crowd in attendance showers Dan with boos while The Heretic just begins to smirk. Meanwhile across from him Jin-Ho bounces up and down on his toes hoping to get his head back in the game. As the referee goes to call for the bell, Dan begins to adjust his headset in one last second touch.

    Broc Lobster: "I still can't believe he is actually going to do this. There is no way Dan can commentate his own match while he wrestles it."

    Rod Sterling: "Honestly if there is one thing I've learned.. It's best not to doubt what this man is capable of."



    (class b jobber)


    Once the bell rings to kick start the match it appears that Jin-Ho has been enlivened by the reaction to him by the crowd in attendance. This is shown by the plucky upstart very much going on the offense right from the jump against his much larger opponent. Very much looking to pepper Dan with shots as he would elect for a stick and move approach, Jin-Ho in the early going seemed to actually have some effect with this strategy. This would be shown when he not only was able to land some nice little short punches to the body but also connect with a nice little spin kick to the side of Dan's head which staggers the Heretic and puts him against the ropes.

    Dan Maskell: "You are going to pay for that you pathetic, little bastard."

    Broc Lobster: "And this ladies and gentleman is why I've questioned the decision to have Dan commentate his own matches. Parents if you have kids watching at home, I'd suggest you hit the mute button now."

    Rod Sterling: "Regardless of the language or not, Dan appears to be caught off guard by this early attack by Jin-Ho. Whether Jin-Ho can keep up this tactic however remains to be seen."

    Frustrated at his lack of success, Dan takes a wild swing at Jin-Ho who is able to duck underneath. From here Jin-Ho hits the ropes and he is able to spring off with the Jopping (Superman Punch). Dan is dazed from this shot but he doesn't go down. Jin-Ho then tries to hit the ropes for the jopping again but this time Dan is able to side step before he tries for the wrath of lamb (wrist clutch Olympic slam). To his credit however Jin-Ho manages to drop down behind Dan before he again attempts Jopping but this time Dan side steps before he connects with a nasty headbutt right to the side of Jin-Ho's head knocking him to the ground. With a booing audience looking on Dan then follows up with a soccer kick right to the stomach of Jin-Ho.

    Dan Maskell: "Speed baby... That's what this is! You thought you could stick and move on me you little prick. Try and move out of the way of this you little..."

    Grabbing for Jin-Ho's legs as he talks trash, Dan is quickly met with an upkick by Jin-Ho but this only appears to anger Dan further. Instead of releasing his grasp on the leg, Dan begins kicking and stomping right away at Jin-Ho's leg. Satisfied with the damage he's doled out thus far Dan steps back while Jin-Ho begins to sit up on the canvas. In a flash Dan then pounces on him with The Texan Funeral (sliding lariat). Remaining on top of Jin-Ho, Dan pounds away at Jin-Ho with punches before he goes right back to the leg of Jin-Ho. Again Jin-Ho begins to struggle much to Dan's disgust.

    Dan Maskell: "Hold still fucker."

    After landing some nasty punches right to the face of the grounded Jin-Ho which appear to rock if not completely knock out the hometown hero. Dan doesn't hesitate in clamping on the Orange Wednesday (Stretch Muffler). Hoisting Jin-Ho in the air for further punishment with this hold, Dan's torturous submission soon becomes too much for Jin-Ho to bare as he verbally surrenders leading to the referee to call for the bell.

    Winner: Dan Maskell via submission at 4:01

    Katie Lynn-Goldsmith: “The winner of the match, Dan Maskell!”

    The crowd boos as the announcement is made and despite being the winner Dan is in no hurry to release the submission.

    Broc Lobster: "What a pathetic display! Let the poor man go! Haven't you done enough?"

    Rod Sterling: "After what he's done to his last few opponents, I'll be impressed if Jin-ho walks out of this arena on his own two feet. I sure hope his agency has good health insurance."

    With the referee threatening to overturn the result if he doesn't Dan drops Jin-Ho to the canvas before he backs the referee into the corner and through the headset he can be heard ordering the referee out of his fucking ring. With that Dan again turns his attention back to Jin-Ho who with great anguish etched on his face, is trying to crawl himself to the ropes. Unfortunately for him Dan again pounces on Jin-Ho this time clamping on a move known as The Killing Field (Grounded Hammerlock half nelson), with Jin-Ho's arms trapped Dan doesn't hesitate in the slightest at firing off some vicious knees directly to the side of Jin-Ho's face. Security and officials rush down to the scene while Dan eventually releases his grasp before crouching down beside him. With a proud smirk on his face, Dan lightly slaps a now bleeding Jin-Ho's face before he speaks to him via the microphone.

    Dan Maskell: "Cheers for the scrap kid. Out of respect for the fight you put up boy, you can be my first guest on the Heretic's Corner!"

    Standing up with a big smile on his face, Dan stands proudly in the ring while the officials and medics tend to Jin-Ho. The audience in attendance loudly boos while Dan slowly makes an exit from the ring and heads backstage.

    “The Showman” Chris Crowe and his trusty sidekick Crazy Harry are seen walking down a hallway backstage. The two are looking for a certain room. They point to a door on the left-hand side which reads “The Showman.” The two knock on the door and are greeted by Meltdown’s Brand Consultant - Jon Russnow!

    Jon Russnow: “The Showman! And if it isn’t the most distinct of Harrys, Crazy Harry! Come on in, come on in! This ain’t for me boys, this is for you two!”

    Crowe and Harry look at each other before entering the room. As they head inside, they are met with a luxurious barroom setting, complete with a personal bartender. The bar is stocked to the top with the finest alcohol Crowe and Harry have ever laid eyes on.

    Jon Russnow: “Now a little birdie told me that October is the month of freaks and weirdos, and who would I be, as the caretaker of Monday Night Meltdown… if I didn’t honor the celebrations of Meltdown’s finest! I know you have a big night tonight, but there’s still a while until the main event. In fact, there’s a match of relative importance to you about to happen right now, The British Apprentice Reagan Cole versus Tommy Bedlam. Could be you’ll be facing one of those two men… if you walk away with the North American Championship… of course.”

    Crowe ponders that observation while the personal bartender greets the two as he waits to take down their drink order.

    Chris Crowe: “I’m not drinking before my match. I’m not throwing away this title opportunity.”

    Harry has his eyes on the drinks and seems tempted by that little devil on his shoulder.

    Crazy Harry: “Ahh, come on, Chris. One beer? You’ve performed in much harsher conditions.”

    Crowe is adamant in his answer, as he is completely locked in tonight. Harry nods his head and quickly obliges. Russnow smiles as he pats Crowe on the shoulder.

    Jon Russnow: “That’s a champion’s mindset! Driven! Focused! I love that! Let’s save these drinks until after you win the North American Championship later on tonight. Or maybe to drown your sorrows. That part’s up to you, big man.”

    Russnow leaves the room with Crowe considering the Brand Consultant’s words. He gazes over to the screen showing a graphic for the #1 contendership match that’s about to start, a #1 contendership match for the prize he’ll be fighting for.

    Broc Lobster: “After what we witnessed earlier with Dan Maskell I think I want to take a little trip down to Russnow's special bar in the back. There's no time for that though, up next we’ll be seeing Tommy Bedlam taking on Reagan Cole in a number one contender’s match for the North American Championship! Considering what went down after their match with Legends Evolved at Lights Out, you can bet that Reagan Cole will be looking for some retribution against Tommy Bedlam!”

    Rod Sterling: “I wouldn't be surprised in the least bit, Broc, but he can’t let his hunger for vengeance blind him from what’s really important in this match, and that’s a future title shot against the North American champion. To be honest, I applaud Bedlam for doing what he did at Lights Out. He did all of the work in that match and even scored the pin, while Cole tried to take the credit!”

    Broc Lobster: “We’re we watching the same match, Rod? I was there and I clearly saw Cole doing his fair share of heavy lifting in the match. I think this is all about the wrong place, wrong time for Cole and Bedlam would have pulled that stunt regardless of who was in there with him. Whatever the case may be, whoever wins here tonight will be one step closer to possibly wearing some gold in FWA!”

    “Alone” by Jonathan Young & Lee Albrecht hits and the crowd comes to their feet and shows their support for Reagan Cole as he makes his way out. Cole usually looks a bit more carefree and happy to be there, but tonight it’s personal and Cole looks like he’s all business.

    Katie Lynn-Goldsmith: “Making his way to the ring, from Essex, England and weighing in at 215 lb, he is “The British Apprentice”...Reagan Cole!”

    Rod Sterling: “Who is Cole an apprentice to anyway? Who would want him as an apprentice?”

    Broc Lobster: “I could say the same for you Rod, but that’s neither here nor there. Cole is ready for action by the looks of it and I don’t blame him.”

    Cole’s music fades out and is soon replaced by the familiar tune of “Wanted Dead or Alive” by Bon Jovi, and the fans aren’t as welcoming for Tommy Bedlam, who steps out with both his father Sammy Bedlam and his manager/mentor Rocco Sullivan on each side of him. Bedlam looks out at the fans that aren’t happy to see him and shakes his head before walking to the ring.

    Katie Lynn-Goldsmith: “and his opponent, being accompanied by Rocco Sullivan & Sammy Bedlam, from Sweetwater, Texas and weighing in at 244 lb...Tommy Bedlam!”

    Broc Lobster: “At Lights Out, Bedlam unleashed his mean streak that he’s shown before, on an unsuspecting Reagan Cole. Bedlam and Cole won the match together, but Bedlam was the only one left standing out of two, along with his new cohorts, Legends Evolved. What brought Tommy and those two together remains to be seen however.”

    Rod Sterling: “In due time Broc, in due time! Bedlam has bigger things on his mind right now and that’s disposing of Reagan Cole and earning himself a shot at the North American Championship!”

    Broc Lobster: “Well, you can bet that Cole will not make it easy because even though he’s seething with rage, he wants that title shot just as much.”

    Bedlam enters the ring and removes his black leather vest while referee Larry Stevens does his best to keep an eager to fight Cole at bay, and Bedlam is sort of egging him on much to the dismay of Stevens.





    (w/ Rocco Sullivan & Sam Bedlam)


    The bell has sounded and Cole darts across the ring and pummels Bedlam in the corner! Cole with a full-on attack with various strikes to Bedlam, but Bedlam to his credit manages to hold his own and fires back with strikes of his own and specifically a headbutt that knocks Cole back a few steps. Bedlam with a thesz press takedown and he starts to wail away with wild punches, but Cole brings his submission expertise into play and counters with a guillotine choke, wrapping legs around Bedlam’s torso! Unfortunately for Cole, Bedlam was able to reach out for the bottom rope to break the hold. Cole curses himself while Stevens keeps him back while checking on Bedlam.

    Broc Lobster: “That fire from Reagan Cole is something we are not used to seeing! He is seeing red and he wants nothing more than to rip off Bedlam’s head!”

    Rod Sterling: “Clearly, but all that’s doing is clouding his judgement and causing him to make mistakes like that!”

    Broc Lobster: “Bedlam made this personal, Rod. Bedlam and his new pals made this personal when they jumped Cole at Lights Out. His son was in the front row and watched his father get ganged up on, so forgive Cole for making some mistakes but I really think that’s the least of his worries!”

    Rod Sterling: “Oh boo-hoo! Cry me a river, Broc! Cole’s recklessness will come back to haunt him, trust me on that!”

    On the outside, Sammy Bedlam is berating the referee while Rocco Sullivan is shouting encouragement at Tommy. Bedlam brushes Stevens away from him and stands up and tells Cole to bring it, and Cole is more than happy to oblige him and charges in at Bedlam but Bedlam catches him and drops him with a falling powerslam! Bedlam then mounts Cole and drills Cole with several punches to the head until Stevens breaks it up, but Bedlam pushes aside the referee and continues his relentless assault on Cole with vicious stomps!

    Broc Lobster: “Speaking of recklessness, if Bedlam isn’t careful here he could get himself disqualified!”

    Bedlam drags Cole back to his feet and tosses him in the corner, and Bedlam starts to go off on Cole multiple corner punches and then he follows up with stomping a mudhole on Cole! He drags Cole away from the corner now and lifts him up for a suplex, but Cole out of nowhere flips out behind Bedlam and counters with a dragon suplex on Bedlam!

    Broc Lobster: “What a counter from Reagan Cole! That could be exactly what he needed to get himself back in this fight!”

    Cole sucks in some air, catching his breath and stands up just as Tommy sits up, and Cole strikes with a running knee to the mush! Cole with a pin attempt!



    Bedlam gets a shoulder up but Cole catches him by the arm and applies an arm lock submission and cranks back on the hold! Cole with extra added salt in the wound with multiple back elbows to the head of Bedlam! Cole relinquishes the hold and gets back on his feet while Bedlam tries to recover, holding his shoulder. Cole runs in for a soccer style kick, but Bedlam catches it and takes down by the leg and transitions it into another thesz press followed by some punches! Bedlam refuses to let-up on the punches until he finally abides by Stevens’ demands and removes himself away from Cole, while Stevens checks on Cole, who has a busted lip but otherwise appears to be okay.

    Bedlam drags Cole back up and he has Cole in position for The Bullseye, but Cole blocks it and attempts a waist-lock bridging suplex, yet that’s blocked Bedlam who then counters with a bridging fisherman’s suplex!




    Cole with a kick-out! Bedlam wastes no time with another relentless attack, this time the stomach and torso area with stomps to Cole! Cole has rolled over on his belly, feeling the brunt of these attacks and for good measure, Bedlam stomps down on Cole’s lower back before applying a Boston crab! Bedlam wrenches back, adding extra, unnecessary pressure to Cole’s lower back and Cole gritting his teeth, trying his best to fight through the pain he’s experiencing while trying to reach out for that bottom rope and just when it looks like he may have it, Bedlam reels him back in!

    Broc Lobster: “Reagan Cole is in dire straits here! If he can’t hold out much longer this could spell the end for him!”

    Fortunately for Cole, Bedlam’s grip starts to slowly slip and this allows Cole to inch his way to the ropes, but Bedlam catches himself and reels Cole right back in again! However, Cole won’t let that second wind go just yet and flips Bedlam off of him and counters with a single leg crab submission on Bedlam! It’s Cole’s turn to crank back and add extra pressure to Bedlam’s spinal area, and eventually Cole transitions it into an STF hold! Bedlam is trying to reach out and grab that bottom rope, which seems to be so far away for him but he just can’t get to it! Cole is refusing the let-up and he wants to inflict as much torture on Bedlam as he did him just mere moments prior!

    Broc Lobster: “Cole putting his technical prowess on display at the expense of Tommy Bedlam!”

    Rocco Sullivan is shouting encouragement at Tommy, and referee Stevens orders him to get back and while Stevens is briefly distracted, Sammy Bedlam pushes the ropes in closer for his son and Tommy eventually grabs the rope to break the hold!

    Broc Lobster: “If it wasn’t for Sammy Bedlam’s blatant disregard for the rules, Tommy Bedlam may very well have given up!”

    Rod Sterling: “Brilliant play by Sammy Bedlam! Give the assist to Rocco as well, he couldn’t have done it without Rocco!”

    Broc Lobster: “Judging by Rocco’s reception to Sammy’s actions, I don’t think Rocco knew that was going to take place.”

    Rocco Sullivan does seem less than thrilled with what just occurred, but back in the ring Reagan Cole has released his hold but he hasn’t held back on his offense as he hits Bedlam with a back suplex on the turnbuckle! Bedlam bounces off and staggers forward, and Cole strikes with a clothesline to the back of the head! Bedlam drops down to one knee however, but Cole finishes him off with a swinging neckbreaker! Cole with a pin!




    Cole proceeds to climb up top and goes for a diving double foot stomp, but Bedlam rolls out of the way in time! Fortunately, Cole had the wherewithal to catch himself and he rolls through on the landing, but just as he turns around he’s met with a spear from Bedlam! Bedlam with the cover this time…




    Cole rolls over after kicking out and tries to roll underneath the bottom rope to the apron, and he makes it but Bedlam grabs him by the hair and tries to drag him back inside of the ring, but Cole headbutts Bedlam away! Cole re-enters the ring and tries for an inverted suplex but Bedlam flips out of it behind Cole...The Rough Ride! Bedlam with the angle slam! He makes the pin!




    Winner: Tommy Bedlam via pinfall at 9:52.

    Katie Lynn-Goldsmith: “The winner of the match and new number one contender for the North American Championship, Tommy Bedlam!”

    Broc Lobster: “What a match that we just saw, Rod! These two brought it to each other!”

    Rod Sterling: “You can say that again, Broc! Tommy Bedlam ended up being the better man though.”

    Broc Lobster: “That’s true, which is unfortunate for Cole, but it appears that Bedlam isn’t through yet...and what are Legends Evolved doing out here?!”

    Rod Sterling: “Don’t be so quick to judge, Broc! Maybe they’re here to congratulate their new friend!”

    Bedlam has already begun his post-match assault on Cole while Sammy Bedlam claps for his son and Rocco Sullivan looks on disappointed, meanwhile referee Larry Stevens tries to stop Bedlam but he’s pushed away as Darwin and Johnson join in on the attack.

    Broc Lobster: “What is the point of this?! What does this achieve?! Attack a defenseless man!”

    Bedlam has Darwin and Johnson hold up Cole in position and just as he begins to line him up for The Buckshot superkick…

    Broc Lobster: “It’s Marcus McClain! What’s he doing here?!”

    Rod Sterling: “I don’t know but he’s not empty handed!”

    McClain runs down the ramp with a singapore cane in hand and slides in the ring and starts swinging for the fences! Singapore cane shot to Johnson’s midsection! Then to Darwin! Then Bedlam and McClain breaks the cane over Bedlam’s back before Darwin and Johnson drag Bedlam out of the ring and the trio retreat for higher ground!

    Broc Lobster: “It’s pretty clear now what McClain is doing out here, he came to the aid of his former rival!”

    Rod Sterling: “But why, Broc?! Why?!”

    Broc Lobster: “Because it’s the right thing to do, dammit!”

    McClain watches as Legends Evolved and Bedlam retreat while the referee checks on Cole as the show cuts to a promotional ad.

    Custos and Occisor stand behind a rectangle table in a dim room. The room has nothing else in it but the table and a light overhead. Custos and Occisor have the masks on defining them. On the table are two separate pieces of paper.

    Custos: "Do you know what these are?"

    Custos words pierce the silence as Occisor stands silent and no motion next to him.

    Custos: "These are contracts. They are contracts for Meltdown. They are doorways. They are our openings."

    Occisor reaches and picks up his contract paper off the table. He crumples it up and then stretches it back out, showing wrinkle on it. But it is still whole and legal binding.

    Custos: "No matter what, Custos and Occisor are members of Meltdown. No one can take this from us. The signatures are represent of that."

    Custos walks up and grabs his contract from the table. He stares at it.

    Custos: "I don't think you all know what has happened here. You thought it was over? No tag teams are safe."

    Custos similar crumples up his contract into a ball and then stretches it back out. He holds it to camera as Occisor throws the table over in violence.

    Rod Sterling: "That was Meltdown's newest tag team, Broc. They call themselves Osos Locos!"

    Broc Lobster: "Does that mean crazy bears? More freaks and weirdos to celebrate the month of October, Rod, I love it! If only they were here tonight to wrestle!"

    Rod Sterling: "We'll if you want some freaks and weirdos, I think we're about to see one of them right now!"

    The sound of Godsmack’s hit “I Stand Alone” blasts through the sound system of KSPO Dome in Seoul, and it’s a resounding negative reception for the man accompanying the music. Eclipse steps out on stage and pays no mind to the response from the fans, he begins his walk down to the ring, cracking his neck along the way.

    Katie Lynn-Goldsmith: “Making his way to the ring, from Parts Unknown and weighing in at 220 lb...Eclipse!”

    Broc Lobster: “I hear that Parts Unknown is nice this time of the year.”

    Rod Sterling: “Well, I’ll tell what won’t be nice, and that’s the mood that Eclipse has to be in after coming up short in his PPV debut at Lights Out in a Gauntlet Championship match against Fallout’s El Demente!”

    Broc Lobster: “You would be correct there, Rodney. Eclipse did prove that he can hang though, but at the same time, like you mentioned, he's likely in a foul mood so I don’t envy his opponent tonight.”

    The theme song slowly fades out as Eclipse slowly paces inside of the ring…

    “No Glory” now fills the KSPO Dome and it’s a bit of a mixed reaction for Sawyer Xavier, who is followed by his manager George E. Brilliant. Xavier is feeling energized and ready for action as Brilliant is doing his best to give advice to his client as they walk down the aisle.

    Katie Lynn-Goldsmith: “and his opponent, being accompanied by George E. Brilliant, from Savannah, Georgia and weighing in at 176 lb...Sawyer Xavier!”

    Rod Sterling: “Sawyer Xavier, the former Saus-X, was also unsuccessful at Lights Out after being eliminated in the Gunfight Battle Royal after being eliminated by the eventual winner, Quiet.”

    Broc Lobster: “Despite the loss he did have an impressive showing in the aforementioned match at Lights Out, nearly lasting to the end! No doubt that he’ll want to make up for that loss with a win over Eclipse tonight.”

    Rod Sterling: “That will certainly be easier said than done, especially if Eclipse has anything to say about it!”

    Xavier hops over the rope and into the ring, then he runs up a turnbuckle and poses for the crowd. He hops off and removes his entrance jacket and hands it off to the ring attendant, while George E. Brilliant is shouting out last minute instructions. Eclipse remains unfazed, although to be fair it is a bit difficult to tell what he’s feeling considering he’s wearing a mask.




    (w/ George E. Brilliant)


    The bell rings and the two participants begin to circle each other, and they immediately lock up and right away Eclipse sends Xavier to the ropes and off the rebound Xavier ducks underneath a clothesline attempt from Eclipse and makes a beeline for the opposite ropes, and then Xavier propels himself off the ropes and hits a springboard crossbody on Eclipse for the early pin!



    Eclipse kicks out forcefully and he rolls away immediately and pops back up, this time Xavier charges at Eclipse but Eclipse sidesteps his opponent and counters with a German suplex with a bridge!



    Xavier kicks out! Eclipse wastes no time quickly applying a headlock, doing what he has to do to keep his opponent grounded. Eclipse grinds away for over a minute as Xavier is trying to find a way free. Xavier is starting to rise up while the hold is still applied, and eventually he’s able to barely cling onto the middle rope to break up the hold! Eclipse reluctantly releases his grip and backs away a little, but then comes rushing back in yet Xavier was ready with a spinning back elbow! Eclipse is stunned and stumbles back, holding his jaw. Eclipse shakes it off and turns back towards Xavier, but Xavier connects with a pele kick! Then Xavier follows up with a frankensteiner! A pin attempt from Xavier!



    Another kick-out from Eclipse, who sits up and tries to shake off the effects from the offense on display by Xavier, and Xavier from behind goes for his Brain Squasher knee to the back of the skull, but Eclipse had the wherewithal to duck it and pops up and clubs Xavier in the back with a forearm shot before dropping Xavier with a back suplex! Eclipse follows up with a soccer kick to the lower back of Xavier! Xavier winces in pain from the kick as Eclipse lays down more stomps and kicks to his downed opposition. Xavier tries to crawl away but Eclipse grabs him by the foot before he can get any further, then he scoops up Xavier and drives him down with a bridging german suplex!



    Xavier kicks out this time! On the outside, George E. Brilliant is trying to will on his client and shouts out some advice. Whether or not Xavier has heard the advice is another question as Eclipse quickly applies a sleeper hold on Xavier.

    Broc Lobster: “Wise move by Eclipse to keep the speedy and high-flying superstar Xavier off of his feet and wear him down with a sleeper.”

    Xavier is trying to inch his way to the ropes and stretching out his hand as far as humanly possible, but Eclipse uses his power to keep Xavier away from the ropes. Xavier looks like that he may be fading away, but soon enough he starts to show some signs of life and some rallying support from the fans has Xavier slowly rising up while Eclipse does is best to keep his hold applied but Xavier fends him off with a few back elbows to the midsection forcing Eclipse to release his grip. Xavier drills Eclipse with a few forearm shots for good measure before running the ropes and Xavier goes for a tornado DDT but Eclipse manages to counter that into a spinebuster! Eclipse with the pin attempt hooking the far leg!




    Xavier just barely kicks out before three!

    Broc Lobster: “Eclipse nearly put away Xavier but it just wasn’t enough!”

    Rod Sterling: “Xavier seems like one of those annoying little gnats that just won’t go away no matter how much you try to swat them away, they keep buzzing around in your face!”

    Eclipse calls for the end as he drags Xavier back up and has him locked in for the Lights Out flatliner, but Xavier blocks the attempt and fires off several back elbows to the head! Eclipse is stunned now and Xavier hits the Lay In Waste! Pumphandle spinebuster!

    Broc Lobster: “Oh, that’s just what Xavier needed! Now if he can just finish off Eclipse!”

    Xavier is indeed looking for the end as he climbs up top and hits The Genesis of Truth! Xavier with the cover!



    Winner: Sawyer Xavier via pinfall at 7:31.

    Katie Lynn-Goldsmith: “The winner of the match, Sawyer Xavier!”

    Sawyer Xavier has his hand raised by the referee and can’t help but have an elated expression as he slides out of the ring, and rejoins his manager George E. Brilliant, who gives his client a pat on the back while Eclipse pounds the mat with his fist in frustration.

    Broc Lobster: “A win for Sawyer Xavier is just what the doctor ordered! Unfortunately that’s the second loss in a row for Eclipse, who seems to have hit a bit of a rough patch.”

    Rod Sterling: “This could have been anyone’s match really, Broc, but Xavier was the one lucky enough to squeak out this victory over a very game Eclipse.”

    The fans blow the roof off the arena as "Bittersweet Symphony" by the Verve starts to play over the arena's sound system and our new FWA World Champion, Chris Kennedy, makes his way down to the ring.

    Rod Sterling: "He is a SIX TIME World Champion, former North American Champion, former X Champion, former Tag Team Champion, winner of the GP, Carnal Contendership winner, Golden Opportunity winner, a multi-time wrestler of the year, undefeated at Back in Business. Broc Lobster, he is quite possibly the best wrestler in FWA history."

    Broc Lobster: "At the very least he is the best wrestler in the FWA today and he has the most prized possession in this company to prove it. He went into Lights Out in a Japanese Death Match, and after a most violent affair, he emerged the victor against Dreamer Michelle von Horrowitz, and for that, he can call himself the best in the world today."

    With the championship belt over his shoulder, he's wearing a pair of aviator sunglasses, a Tom Brady Tampa Bay Buccaneers jersey under his black leather jacket, a pair of light blue skinny jeans ripped at the knees and a pair of red, white and black retro Jordans. He struts down the ramp, tapping the title on his shoulder before stopping midway down the ramp to take his sunglasses off and place them on the face of a young fan holding a Chris Kennedy for President sign. The fan is delighted and Kennedy matches that enthusiasm with a smile of his own before high fiving everyone as ha makes his way down the ramp and into the ring. As he slides into the ring, he waits for his music to die and the fans to calm down before speaking into the mic.

    Chris Kennedy: "South Korea what the FUCK is up!?!"

    The crowd pops wildly as the brand new FWA World Champion lovingly panders to them. He takes a few moments to let them get their cheers out of their systems before nodding his head in approval.

    Chris Kennedy: "You know man, I've been up and down this silly little planet but this is the first time I've ever been to Seoul and I gotta say, you people really know how to welcome a guy."

    More cheers from this sold-out arena as Chris Kennedy begins tapping on his newly acquired championship belt.

    Chris Kennedy: "This feels good, man. You all got me feeling like Tom Brady walking out into Raymond James Stadium. Shout out to another world champion from the City of Pirates that I call my hometown. You know, When I came back to the FWA a few months ago, there was one question I kept hearing over and over again. "Does he still got it? Does Chris Kennedy still have what it takes to keep up with this current crop of FWA performers and perform at an elite level" and you know what? I think I can fairly say that the 30 pounds of gold and leather hanging over my shoulder is adequate proof that I most certainly do "still got it" babe, and you can bet your asses that this is only the beginning. It wasn't easy, mind you. That first match, when I lost to Alyter Black, even I doubted myself. Everyone in that locker room was banking on me seeing that this was a different FWA than the one I was accustomed to, and that I'd fuck off back to Japan. That's not what happened. That first match back was the only time I've lost since returning. I recalibrated and I adapted, and since that happened I've beaten Krash. I've beaten Dan Maskell. I beat Devin Golden, I beat Saint Sulley and Jack Severino, I beat Cyrus Truth, twice in one night. I've won handicap matches and I've won Battle Royals. Most importantly, I beat Michelle von Horrowitz for the very same championship belt hanging over my shoulder right now. A lot of MvH's fanboys in that locker room didn't think I'd do it, and the Danny Toners of the world who'll never dream to achieve a fraction of the success I have were all quick to tell me, straight to my face, that she had my number. It wasn't enough for me to politely disagree with those piss-ants who think that after a career full of being do-nothing, underachieving fuckboys, they had some sort of right to assess The Astonishing Chris Kennedy just because they'd finally started showing up to work on time for the better part of a year. No, I had to let my actions do the talking because actions speak louder than words and when the proof is in the pudding, the cream always rises to the top. So look at me now, doubters. I don't need you to acknowledge me or apologize for being wrong, I just need you to understand that your words are hollow and meaningless. and if you tell me I CAN'T do something, It just motivates me to work harder, just to spite you. Now, just as MvH had her supporters who came out in droves to tell me "I'm not that guy", there is a whole-ass locker room full of Fallout guys who don't want to see me on the Purple brand, a bunch of curtain-jerking nobodies who want Fallout to remain as a safe-space for them. I hate to break it to them, but while I hold this championship belt, I'll be here, I'll be there, I'll be everywhere, and they're just going to have to deal with that on their own time BECAUSE THE ACE THAT RUNS THE PLACE IS BACK."

    The crowd can hardly contain themselves as he raises his championship belt high above his head and shows it off to everyone.

    Chris Kennedy: "I had to go through HELL to get this. I'm not going to mince words here, I was lucky to have survived that match with Michelle von Horrowitz. She is one hell of a competitor and I'm not foolish enough to take that win lightly. I had to go to a very dark place to pull that off, but I did what I had to do. We did everything short of actually killing each other, though even that was attempted multiple times from both of us. I am sure Michelle is in line for a rematch eventually and I'll gladly give her one, but if that's the last we see of each other for the foreseeable future I'll be just as happy. At this point, I don't care if I've earned her respect or not, I did to her exactly what I said I was going to do, and I don't think she's the type to make excuses so that L she was handed should be more than sufficient in confirming to her exactly who the hell I am and what I'm capable of. And now, just to show you how much of a polarizing figure I am to the people who keep the lights on around here, we have FWA Shareholders treating me like some golden goose, while management tweets that they wish MvH would break my neck while booking me in a handful of title defenses between now and the next PPV. And you know what? I'm fine with that. I'm a fighting champion, babe. Make no mistake about it, I won this championship for myself, but I'll be defending it for ALL of you. For far too long, you people have had to endure selfish "champs" like Saint Sulley, Michael Garcia and Michelle von Horrowitz, people who could care less about any of you. They were all in business for themselves, but me? I'm in the business of fan service. I'm in the business of YOU, because it's you people that give me the strength and motivation to come out here, week after week, and just murder everyone who stands in my way. So bring on Danny Toner, Randy Ramon, Nova Diamond, Konchu Hao, Mike Parr, Shawn Summers, and bring me the Mile High Massacre. By the time I walk out of Mile High, one month removed from winning the belt to begin with, I'll have defended my championship against a third of the collective FWA roster and I will STILL stand tall as YOUR FWA World Champion. The thing you need to understand about Chris Kennedy, is that for me, winning isn't everything. Winning is the ONLY thing. But that being said, A champion needs a motivation above and beyond winning and that is where you people come in. As your new champion, I won't let you down. You will be happy to know that every match I'm involved in will end with Kurt Harrington declaring "Your Winner: Chris Kennedy." The knuckleheads in the locker room will not share the same happiness in hearing that, but you know what I have to say about that?"

    "Fuck 'em" he says, dropping his microphone while the crowd pops once more. As his music plays again, he raises his championship belt yet again before we cut to commercial.

    There's a blast of negativity in Seoul as the theme music of Michelle von Horrowitz begins to play. She comes out onto the stage, of course, without her championship belt, and looks somewhat lost as she stands at the top of the ramp and surveys the assembled audience.

    Katie Lynn-Goldsmith: "Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall, with a twenty minute time limit. Introducing first, from Rotterdam, the Netherlands... she weighs in tonight at sixty seven kilograms... Dreamer... Michelle von HORROWITZ!"

    There's another boo for MvH when her name is read, but she does her best to ignore it and continues to stomp down towards the ring.

    Rod Sterling: "This is, of course, the first time that we have seen Michelle von Horrowitz since she lost her FWA World Heavyweight Championship to Chris Kennedy at Lights Out. The Japanese Death Match was as barbaric and horrifying as it promised to be, and it was The Astonishing One that emerged triumphantly in Tokyo. Leaving Michelle to pick up the pieces..."

    Broc Lobster: "And tonight is not really ideal circumstances for her to do that. Any match against Cyrus Truth is a difficult prospect, as Michelle found out herself a month ago in Cairo. But to face The Exile when Michelle is almost certainly not in the best state, physically or mentally? This may be too much for her..."

    Rod Sterling: "Of course, Michelle was scheduled to take part in the ongoing BWW tour, but no-showed her match on Lost Treasures #1, where she was slated to team up with Shannon O'Neal. O'Neal lost the resulting handicap match, and the tour has recently stalled and been hit with delays. Whether Michelle will eventually re-board the Slammer and see out her commitments with BWW remains to be seen -- but she's here tonight, fulfilling her FWA obligations. Can Michelle afford to slump to three straight losses?!"

    Michelle has climbed into the ring. She doesn't take up her standard position, seated in the corner with her head propped up against the second turnbuckle. Instead she stands sort of awkwardly in a corner, shuffling from side to side and staring up at the entrance to the arena...

    There's a roar of cheering for the Exile as he walks out onto the stage, looking focused and stoic and ready for action. Of course, he also is without a belt, having given up the FWA North American Championship at Lights Out also. He looks strange without it, but begins his walk down the ramp and towards the ring regardless.

    Katie Lynn-Goldsmith: "And her opponent... he weighs in at two hundred and twenty seven pounds... from the Long and Winding Road... CYRUS TRUTH!"

    Broc Lobster: "Cyrus Truth is looking to bounce back from disappointment also, in the form of his North American Championship loss to Captain Fantasy at Lights Out. Truth was never pinned in the match, with long time rival Eli Black taking the fall instead. The important takeaway, though, is that Cyrus comes to Seoul without a belt, an obvious parallel with the woman he shares the ring with tonight..."

    Rod Sterling: "It is an odd thing to say, considering the fact that we are talking about two former world champions here, but it is the case that both Truth and MvH really need a win here tonight. Both are without plans for Mile High, with the titular Massacre a Fallout exclusive entity this year. That means some time in the wilderness for both Cyrus and Michelle, and that begins here tonight in Seoul."

    Truth has climbed up the ring steps and through the ropes. He waits in his corner as his music fades out. The official makes his final checks and then, contented, he calls for the bell.






    The two competitors stand across the ring from one another as the opening bell sounds. Michelle has a few muttered but mostly inaudible words for Cyrus, who simply ignores them and starts to circle the ring. This one begins as a mostly technical affair, somewhat surprisingly, with the two wrestlers exchanging holds for the first few minutes of the match. Each exchange seems to follow a similar trajectory: a few reversals as the pair move from hold to hold, with Michelle seemingly initially managing to outmaneuver Cyrus... only for the Exile to use his superior strength to bring the interaction to an abrupt halt. One such exchange sees Truth put MvH in a hammer lock, before she reverses into one of her own... then a reversal into a headlock take down from Truth, and he keeps the move in when she's down... reversal from MvH into a head scissors... Truth uses his weight to force Michelle's shoulders down to the mat for a two count... both wrestlers scramble to their feet after the count and Michelle locks In a headlock of her own... no! Truth wraps his hands around her waist and takes her down with a side suplex!

    ONE... TWO... NO!

    Broc Lobster: "Michelle von Horrowitz with the kick out there... and that's not the first time we've seen her down during the technical exchanges at the start of this one..."

    Rod Sterling: Yes, earlier we saw a two count after a DDT from Truth... and Michelle decides to take a breather here. She rolls under the bottom rope to escape Cyrus...

    Broc Lobster: "The Exile won't let up that easily! He follows Michelle out onto the outside..."

    Truth settles into a rhythm and uses the environment to his advantage. He first Irish whips Michelle backfirst onto the barricade and follows up with a series of knife edge chops... and then a snap suplex on the outside! He rolls in and out of the ring to break up the count, and then hoists Michelle to her feet by her wrist... before hurling her into the steel steps!

    Rod Sterling: "Heavy impact there for MvH! She collides with the steel steps shoulder first, and now Truth smells blood in the water."

    Truth lifts her up again and throws her under the bottom rope. He hooks the far leg this time...

    ONE... TWO... NO!

    Michelle kicks out, but instantly Truth moves into a grounded sleeper hold. Michelle seems to be fading initially, which prompts the official to come in close and check her condition. She is at first able to verbally refused to submit, but soon enough she is incapacitated to the point where she can't answer the official. Instead, he lifts up her hand and drops it...

    Rod Sterling: "No! There's still life left in MvH!"

    Broc Lobster: "Much to the chagrin of this Seoul audience, Rod! They are firmly on the side of Cyrus Truth here..."

    If is Michelle though who is fighting back to her feet, first up to her knees and then to a vertical base. Truth let's go of the sleeper and locks in a headlock instead. Michelle fights with elbows to the gut, but Truth holds onto the hold. Michelle forces him back into the ropes and throws her off him and into the apposite set. She goes for a big clothesline... ducked by Truth! Truth hits the ropes again... he goes for a discus punch... ducked by MvH! Truth hits the ropes once more as Michelle goes for a standing dropkick... but Cyrus checks his momentum by holding onto the top rope! Michelle hits the mat!

    She gets to her feet but Truth is waiting for her... running STO!

    Rod Sterling: "Truth isn't through... he picks Michelle up... Fisherman's suplex! With a bridge..."

    ONE... TWO... T -- NO!

    MvH kicks out, but Truth is relentless. He hoists her up and backs her into the ropes him a series of knife edge chops. He tries to whip her across the ring into the opposite corner, but MvH reverses and sends Truth in with force instead. He bounces back towards her, and she flies across the ring with another attempted clothesline... it's wild though, and Truth floats beneath before transitioning into a reverse face lock...

    Rod Sterling: "Dragon Sleeper!! Truth kneels down, and again he's attempting to drain the life away from MvH... "

    MvH senses that the situation is urgent, and tries to scramble towards the ropes whilst still in the hold. Eventually, she is able to reach out with a boot and touch the middle rope, prompting the rope break. The damage has been done, though, with Michelle slumping down to the mat as soon as Cyrus releases. Truth picks her up... forearm strike... step up enziguri... DISCUS PUNCH!

    Broc Lobster: "Truth lays her out! And another cover!!"

    ONE... TWO... TH -- NO!

    Rod Sterling: "MvH able to kick out... and before the match we questioned the condition of von Horrowitz given the recent loss of her world championship... but I don't think we really expected THIS..."

    Broc Lobster: "I didn't, Rod! We are more than nine minutes into this match and, so far, it's been ALL Cyrus Truth..."

    Rod Sterling: "And Truth, with a title loss of his own to avenge, now lifts Michelle up... into a fireman's carry!"

    Broc Lobster: He's going for Journey's End, Rod!

    But Michelle is wise to it, and straight away she begins to drive her shoulder down into Truth's head. He's forced to drop her, but not after he stumbles towards the ropes, which allows Michelle to land on the apron. Truth is adjacent and she grabs him by the head, before bringing him down throat first over the top rope! Cyrus is staggered back into the middle of the ring... Michelle tees him up...

    Rod Sterling: "Springboard cross body! Michelle takes Cyrus down, and this could be exactly the chance she needs..."

    Broc Lobster: "She's straight up to her feet in the corner, and she watches on as Cyrus does same..."

    Rod Sterling: "Busaiku knee kick! And now, for the first time in this match up, it is Michelle who hooks the leg..."

    ONE... TW -- NO!

    Broc Lobster: "Barely even a two for Michelle there... but she's going for an arm bar! Truth senses the danger, and scrambles to the ropes..."

    He manages to hook onto one, and the official comes between the pair. It is four before she lets go, and as soon as Truth is up to his feet she charges at him again, looking to clothesline him over the top rope... no! Truth ducks beneath it and back body drops her... Michelle lands on the apron and nails the turning Truth with a forearm! And then a second! She reaches in through the ropes and pulls Truth out onto the apron with her. She boots him in the midsection... front face lock... double underhook...

    Rod Sterling: "Double arm underhook DDT! Truth planted face first onto the apron!"

    Truth doesn't move, and Michelle momentarily sits on the apron, adjusting her knee pads. Eventually, she steps down onto the floor and grabs Truth by the head. She pulls him away from the apron in a front face lock, and positions him so Truth's feet are still on the apron... apron-hung DDT! Truth dropped on his head on the outside!

    Broc Lobster: "We usually see Truth utilizing a variety of DDTs, but Michelle has that in her arsenal too. A devastating one two punch there from Dreamer..."

    MvH rolls in and out of the ring, just as Truth did earlier, and then she lays into Truth with a series of stomps. After this, she picks up Truth's feet whilst he still lies on his back... catapult! Cyrus is sent face first into the steel post! Michelle lifts up Cyrus's dead weight and rolls him under the bottom rope. This takes her some time and allows him to recuperate slightly. Rather than rolling in after him, Michelle hops up onto the apron before beginning to climb up towards the top rope...

    Rod Sterling: "Is Michelle thinking about her 450 splash for the first time in the match? We are past twelve minutes here, and now it looks like she is thinking about how to finish the Exile off..."

    Broc Lobster: "But Truth showing off some resilience, fighting back to his feet before cutting her off at the pass..."

    Michelle is stood on the second rope (outside of the ring) when Truth cuts her off with a forearm. She is staggered and teeters on the ropes, and Cyrus begins to follow her up. He applies a front face lock, maybe looking for a superplex... but Michelle begins to fight back with right hands to the ribs. Eventually it causes some separation, but Truth stops himself from falling off by holding onto the top rope. Michelle follows up with a European uppercut... and then a headbutt! Cyrus is knocked from the ropes...

    He lands on his feet, however, and Michelle realizes this when she steps up onto the top rope. She leaps off...

    Broc Lobster: "Hurricanrana connects!"

    Truth does his best to climb up quickly, but Michelle is waiting for him with a series of knife edge chops to back him up into a corner. She follows up by teeing off on Truth with kick to the gut after kick to the gut, a dozen and a half in total, before grabbing him by the wrist. She looks as if she is going to whip Cyrus into the opposite corner, but reverses his momentum and sends him back where he came from... drop toe hold! Truth hits the second turnbuckle face first!

    ... and then Michelle rolls him up with a schoolboy!

    ONE... TWO... T -- NO!

    Truth kicks out, and MvH hoists him up quickly. She boots him in the midsection and applies a front face lock, and it looks as though she's going for her patented brainbuster...

    Rod Sterling: "Truth wants none of this brainbuster! He blocks it by placing a boot behind Michelle's calf... and then he uses a small package! Michelle's shoulders are down in a pinning predicament..."

    ONE... TWO... T -- NO!

    Michelle forces her way out of it, and both wrestlers are quickly up to their feet. Truth connects with a mule kick! Michelle is doubled over and instantly Truth hits the ropes... swinging neckbreaker!

    Broc Lobster: "Truth neglects the cover, though, instead picking Michelle up onto her feet..."

    Rod Sterling: "And now he has her up in an Argentinian rack... we know what this means..."

    Broc Lobster: "Exile's Edge! Truth has success with the neckbreaker! And now he does hook the leg..."

    ONE... TWO... THR -- NO!!

    Truth almost can't believe it when Michelle gets a shoulder up, and he takes a moment to contemplate his next move. He hoists MvH up and holds her dead weight in front of her... before returning the favor from earlier in the match with a headbutt of his own! Michelle is turned around by the heavy strike... and Truth follows up with a stomp to the back of her knee!

    Rod Sterling: "That is the first half of Broken Path... and here comes the second half... Truth hits the ropes and goes for his big boot..."

    Broc Lobster: "But Michelle ducks beneath it! And she fires herself into the ropes as Truth turns around... BUSAIKU KNEE KICK! For the second time in the match!"

    Michelle waists no time in picking Truth up and connecting with a mule kick of her own. She applies a face lock again, hooks the arm, and - with a roar of exertions - hoists Truth up off his feet... and drops him on his head with a brainbuster!!!

    Michelle hooks the leg...

    ONE... TWO... THR -- NO!

    Broc Lobster: "Truth kicks out again!"

    Rod Sterling: "Just four minutes left in this one and we still don't have a winner!!"

    Michelle spits a few barbs in the direction of the official over a perceived slow count and then, seeing that Truth has remained in position, begins her slow ascent towards the top rope once more...

    Broc Lobster: "Now she senses the end! Michelle going for her 450 splash again..."

    It takes her longer than usual to get to the top rope, and she steadies herself on it for a moment. She looks out over the arena, and then down at Truth, before she leaps off...

    Rod Sterling: "Beautiful 450..."

    Broc Lobster: "Would've been picture perfect, Rod... IF CYRUS HADN'T MOVED AWAY AT THE LAST MOMENT!!"

    Rod Sterling: "Michelle crashes and burns!!"

    Truth is up and on her in an instant. He lifts her up by the scruff of the neck and hoists her straight up into a fireman's carry...

    Truth centres himself in the middle of the ring...

    Rod Sterling: "Here comes Journey's End..."

    Broc Lobster: "NO! Michelle slips out the back... SUNSET FLIP!!"

    Rod Sterling: "Truth's shoulders are down!"

    ONE... TWO... THREE!

    Winner: Michelle von Horrowitz via pinfall at 17:28.

    Michelle instantly rolls under the ring as Truth gets to his knees. He looks at the official, but it is himself that he is frustrated with...

    Broc Lobster: "You can sense the disappointment in Cyrus Truth! Again, the Exile was looking for Journey's End... and again Michelle von Horrowitz was able to find a reversal for it..."

    Rod Sterling: "Only moments after Michelle once more failed to hit her 450 Splash on The Wayward Warrior... I could watch these two wrestle forever, Broc! Counter after counter!"

    Broc Lobster: "But it's Michelle von Horrowitz who is able to get back to winning ways here tonight in Seoul... and Truth slumps to a second consecutive loss..."

    Rod Sterling: "And it looks as though MvH has something to say... more gloating, perhaps?"

    Michelle has indeed collected a microphone, but her facial expression suggests she's not in the mood to goad her beaten opponent. There's no smile, playful or derisive, and instead her pale face is racked with fatigue and a sort of distant despair. She walks around the ring, looking up at Truth as she goes. The Exile is standing with his hands on his hips, watching Dreamer carefully.

    In Dreams fades out as Michelle reaches the ramp. She turns to face Truth, all the while slowly backing up the ramp as she talks.

    MvH: "Mr. Truth, I don't think we have properly met. Of course, I know you and you know me, but that's not quite the same thing, is it?"

    Her breathing is labored after the exertions of the match, and each sentence is punctuated by a longer than usual pause to accommodate this.

    MvH: "And the fact that we haven't actually said more than two words to one another, at least not face to face, is even stranger when you consider the parallels between our careers. The onlookers just LOVE to point these out, don't they, tulip? Both CWA in a long-gone era. Both eventually made their way over to this place. Both won the Carnal Contendership in our first year. Both former world champions..."

    As she speaks, you can tell the word 'former' in that sentence stings.

    MvH: "Now, I don't presume to compare myself to the great, incomparable Cyrus Truth. At least, not yet..."

    Another pause and a glance up at Truth, as if this last comment is meant in a more pointed way than it first seems.

    MvH: "But it has been wonderful to finally measure myself up against you. And it appears that we are at an impasse. One win each. I would suggest a third go around. A tie breaker. But, something tells me that this wouldn't be enough to settle the issue. The last two weeks of Meltdown have only proven that we can beat each other on our best day, and lose on our worst."

    She lowers the microphone, as if she has finished what she intended to say. There is no question here. Not even a proposition, really. But her musings hang in the air between them.

    Truth, meanwhile, after staring at Dreamer for what feels like a really long time, slowly moves to the side of the ring to ask for a microphone. Katie Lynn-Goldsmith obliges, and the Exile stares up the ramp at Michelle, who is now on the stage, as he addresses her.

    Cyrus Truth: "You are right about a number of things, and wrong about a great deal of others. But I will keep my response limited to the matter at hand. You call this an ‘impasse,’ and that’s not entirely wrong. I beat you in Cairo, you beat me here in Seoul. As far as matches go... at the moment, we’re equally balanced. But no such equilibrium can sustain itself for too long. Eventually, this must be decided one way or the other."

    Truth is also breathing heavily, the effects of the match still heavy on him.

    Cyrus Truth: "But one more match? What exactly will one more match accomplish? Not much. Nothing decisive. And if closure is what you seek, Dreamer...and we both know that it is, then I have a suggestion..."

    It's Michelle's turn to wait patiently, and she does - with curiosity on her face and her hands on her hips.

    Cyrus Truth: "We've already had two matches, Michelle. And it’s not as if either of us have anything better to do while we wait for Fallout’s boys and girls to get their chance at the World Title. That being the case, why not roll this onwards... into a best of five series!!"

    The audience seems on board with the idea, cheering to show their approval. The camera cuts to a close up of Michelle, who is thinking the idea over whilst never taking her eyes from the Exile.

    Broc Lobster: "Well, what will it be, Michelle?!"

    For the first time in the evening, a smile creeps onto Michelle's face. It is not sinister or deceitful. It is... hopeful. She nods her head in agreement. The fans cheer again at the reciprocation.

    Rod Sterling: "Looks like we've got our answer! That means we have Michelle von Horrowitz versus Cyrus Truth Parts III and IV ahead of us, and maybe even a Part V too!"

    As her music begins to play, Michelle carefully puts the microphone down on the floor before making her way out of the arena. We fade away from the scene and to black.

    Rod Sterling: “We aren’t too far off from our penultimate match of the night where we will be seeing the first of two championship matches! It’s going to be a triple threat match with Fallout’s El Demente looking to make defense number four of the FWA Gauntlet Championship.”

    Broc Lobster: “He’s got two determined and focused challengers waiting for him! The Crimson Ghost Aka Yurei will be making her FWA debut meanwhile the intimidating and massive Juggernaut James Douglas will be having his second match after the Gunfight Battle Royal at Lights Out.”

    We cut away to the titantron where one of the gauntlet competitors, Aka Yurei, faces a mirror.

    Aka Yurei: “An old haiku reads: “When we fight to win, what are we willing to lose, to gain victory?” I wonder what my opponents are willing to sacrifice for Shōri - Victory. For me, it is everything.”

    Cut to James Douglas’s massive frame dominating the landscape of Seoul in the window in front of him.

    James Douglas: “Have you ever wondered what it takes to break a bone? I have. Have you ever studied anatomy just to know where all the weak points on the human body are? I have.”

    El Demente stands in front of a grave with a shovel in hand, an eerie look to him.

    El Demente: “I will say I am not looking past Aka and James. On the contrary, I am very much looking forward to the match with them. My favorite match so far was the Last Man Standing match where I decimated Stu Grimes. I was allowed to do whatever I wanted, and tonight, on Meltdown 6, I can do it all over again.”

    To Yurei in front of her mirror.

    Aka Yurei: “Zenbu za zero ka… All or nothing. For me, victory is only obtainable if I am willing to sacrifice everything I’ve got because I have nothing left to lose.”

    To Douglas in front of Seoul.

    James Douglas: “Now imagine what it’ll be like when I get the opportunity to focus on just two opponents, what it’ll be like when I use my power with scalpel-like precision.”

    To Demente in the graveyard.

    El Demente: “ A triple threat match is in nature a No Disqualification match, which is something management may have forgotten about. I don't think they realize they signed the lives of Aka and James over to me. Their very existence is in the hands of El Demente.”

    The Juggernaut one last time.

    James Douglas: “Tonight, the world will get to see what I can do without the clutter of a battle royal and you’ll realize that the Juggernaut stands out in every way, mentally AND physically. You’ll see that James Douglas will always stand out among the chaos.”

    Demente stands between the two grave stones of Aka Yurei and James Douglas

    El Demente: “If my past is any indication of my future, Meltdown might just turn into a bloodbath. The only salvation my opponents will have is to use their brains and realize it is better to prolong their demise and lie down. The only problem with that is, will I let them live to fight another day? Death comes to Meltdown, and lives will be claimed.”

    Aka Yurei has the look of The Crimson Ghost for all to see. A crazed expression on her face.

    Aka Yurei: “Shōri igai ni nani mo nokotte imasen… There is nothing left other than victory. Itami no sekai ni hairu. Enter the world of pain.”

    Rod Sterling: “For Meltdown’s stars it’s been a huge experience being here in Seoul, South Korea for Meltdown 6 as FWA continues to be the frontrunning wrestling company not just in the U.S. but in the world.”

    Broc Lobster: “For a lot of the guys backstage it’s their first time ever coming here, and for almost all of our fans here, its their first time getting to see the stars of the FWA live and in person. It’s a huge experience for everyone! A give and take! A cultural exchange!”

    Rod Sterling: “The Fan Access ahead of Meltdown 6 was special to be sure. A lot of tears were shed. For a lot of fans, the wrestlers backstage are heroes. They’re as die-hard fanatics of the FWA as any other fan you might find elsewhere in the world. We caught up with one of these heroes who maybe holds that title more dearly than a lot of other wrestlers do, Captain Fantasy, as he signed some autographs ahead of the show.”

    We cut to snippets from right before the show began. The KSPO Dome is being filled to the brim with tonight’s full capacity attendance. A crowd has gathered around the uniformed wrestler, Captain Fantasy, holding the FWA North American Championship on his shoulders. Fans clamor to touch him, and many hand over varying objects to be signed: masks, posters, copies of FWA 2K22, t-shirts, shoes, action figures, and comics. Captain Fantasy smiles all the while, offering a few words of wisdom when he can and doing his best to give each fan ten seconds of undivided attention knowing how rare of an opportunity this is for each of them.

    Eventually, Meltdown’s resident interviewer Katie Baxter manages to capture Captain Fantasy’s attention in a brief respite from the autographs. The fans are in view behind the pair.

    Katie Baxter: “Captain Fantasy! Congratulations on your huge victory at Lights Out. You haven’t had much time with the championship before your first defense, what does it mean to you to have your first gold here in this company, especially one as prestigious as the belt you’re holding.”

    Captain Fantasy: “It’s good to see you, Katie! You’re right, it’s been a short turnaround between now and Lights Out, but I’m not one to complain. The FWA North American Championship is a title with an incredible history and incredible prestige. To be able to call myself the FWA North American Champion, I feel incredibly honored, it’s still hard to believe. But whenever I start doubting it, I begin to feel the weight of this belt on my shoulders and I’m reminded of what needed to happen for this belt to become as important as it is now.”

    Cap adjusts the gold on his shoulders.

    Captain Fantasy: “It’s because of how hard the people that came before me fought for it. It’s about how much people sacrificed to try and win it. I want to live up to those that came before me, Katie. I want to proudly defend this championship with every ounce of strength I have, and I want to do it here tonight in Seoul. I want to do it in November in Singapore. I want to do it everywhere in the world for as long as I can.”

    There’s a nice contingent of cheers behind this proclamation, especially at the mention of tonight’s defense.

    Katie Baxter: “We saw you go face to face with Chris Crowe in The Stand Off, do you have any worries heading into this match with The Showman?”

    Captain Fantasy: “Many, Katie. Mr. Crowe is a formidable opponent, I’ve said it many times. The Closing Act can put away anybody. It would be a shame to lose this championship on my first defense. But those worries are just part of being human, part of being a wrestler. All of these people here carry similar worries into every obstacle they face. I’m no different. The only thing you can do faced with an obstacle, is meet it without hesitation… to stand proudly before this foe… and to let it know with no uncertainty that I-”

    The crowd seems to pick up on the catch line being said and join him in finishing it - AM HERE! Captain Fantasy smiles at the accented declaration while Katie thanks him for the interview and allows him to return to signing autographs.

    The Crimson Ghost steps through the curtains in a white kimono and her trademark crimson-colored hannya mask. Her expression is unreadable behind the mask but the debutante is quite energetic and unpredictable on her way down to the ring. She half-dances, half-struts to the squared circle in a bizarre but entrancing display.

    Rod Sterling: “The Crimson Ghost Aka Yurei arrived in the FWA at Lights Out in Tokyo, Japan to put the entirety of Meltdown on notice! Well, tonight is time to deliver, and boy does she have a challenge ahead of her.”

    Broc Lobster: “Aka Yurei may be the smallest competitor in this match Rod, but have you seen The Crimson Ghost in action? If there’s anyone who can take the punishment her opponents are going to dish out AND give it back, it’s The Crimson Ghost!”

    Rod Sterling: “I’ll give credit where credit is due, Broc. El Demente has shown that size isn’t everything against Stu Grimes but-”

    Broc Lobster: “Just wait till that bell rings, Rod, you’ll be singing a different tune.”

    The Juggernaut James Douglas is through the curtains next, arguably the biggest competitor we’re going to be seeing in the ring all night. He marches on with a solitary mission in mind, winning on his Meltdown debut and adding gold to his name.

    Rod Sterling: “This guy has to be the favorite, Broc! Eight total eliminations in the Gunfight Battle Royal. It took the entire field coming together to get him out of that ring.”

    Broc Lobster: “He certainly impressed and made a name for himself at Lights Out but a triple threat match is a different ball game than a battle royal. For example, we know that both his opponents are very willing to get violent and extreme if the rules permit, and in a triple threat match, the rules definitely permit.”

    Rod Sterling: “Broc, Broc, Broc. You’ve got to remember, if Aka and El Demente are allowed to get their hands on weapons, that means James Douglas is too. That’s all I’ve gotta say on that.”

    And lastly, dressed in all black leather, masked, and wearing the FWA Gauntlet Championship, El Demente steps through the curtains to make his arrival on Meltdown. El Demente eyes the crowd and turns his focus on the two challengers in the ring.

    Rod Sterling: “El Demente comes into tonight as the longest reigning FWA Gauntlet Champion! But he still has to do something that no other Gauntlet titleholder has done, defend it successfully five times. That means he’s going to have to not only win tonight, but also next week to get himself a guaranteed shot at the FWA X Championship on Fallout.”

    Broc Lobster: “I’m not going to say I’m cheering for his opponents, but obviously we’d much rather see one of the talented Meltdown stars succeed through the gauntlet than anyone else.”

    Rod Sterling: “You can say it, Broc! El Demente may have beat Stu Grimes but he was a big softie of a monster, he’s facing a real monster in James Douglas and like you said, a vicious opponent in Aka Yurei. El Demente may have had it easy on Fallout but Meltdown is the home of the World Champion for a reason. This is where the stars wrestle.”

    Broc Lobster: “I wouldn’t be too loud about that if I were you, Rod.”

    El Demente hands the FWA Gauntlet Championship over to the official with the confidence of a man who believes he will retain it for a fourth time. He steps into his corner, opposite James Douglas and with Aka Yurei to his right.

    Katie Lynn-Goldsmith: “Ladies and gentlemen, this is a triple threat match set for one fall to a time limit of thirty minutes and it is for the FWA Gauntlet Championship!”

    The official stands in the center of the ring to hold up the FWA Gauntlet Championship for the world to see.

    Katie Lynn-Goldsmith: “Introducing the first challenger, weighing in at one hundred and twenty-seven pounds, from Seattle, Washington… she is THE CRIMSON GHOST… AKA YUREI!”

    Aka Yurei nods at the FWA Gauntlet Championship as its presented to her, briefly grabbing it to get a good look before relinquishing it.

    Katie Lynn-Goldsmith: “Introducing the second challenger, weighing in at three hundred and thirty five pounds, from Lexington, Kentucky… he is Kentucky’s Finest, THE JUGGERNAUT… JAMES DOUGLAS!”

    James Douglas steps forward, towering over the official, smirking at the belt, and then glancing at the two opponents he’d have to go through to acquire it.

    Katie Lynn-Goldsmith: “And the reigning and defending champion, weighing in at two hundred and fifty pounds, from Aokigahara, Japan… he is EL… DE… MENTE!”

    El Demente lays his piercing gaze on both the Juggernaut and the Crimson Ghost, promising to dish out as much suffering as he did to his opponents over on Fallout. With the introductions finished, the official hands the FWA Gauntlet Championship to a ringside agent, and the bell rings.





    EL DEMENTE (c)




    Aka Yurei is quite cognizant that she’s disadvantaged physically, squatting down so she can be quick on her feet. Demente and Douglas are both standing tall, eyeing each other from across the ring. As the two approach each other for a square off, seemingly ignoring The Crimson Ghost, Yurei concedes and slides out of the ring.

    Rod Sterling: “Maybe the Crimson Ghost knows she’s out of her depth in this battle of behemoths!”

    Broc Lobster: “I think she knew what she was getting into tonight, Rod. She’s definitely got a plan in mind.”

    Douglas and Demente immediately start pouncing on one another with hard lefts and rights. Demente tosses in an uppercut which Douglas responds with a headbutt. Demente falls back onto the ropes and rebounds with a big boot. The impact sends Douglas reeling back on the ropes as well, and on the rebound a steel chair catches him unexpectedly right in the face. Demente looks over his shoulder to see the source of the attack and finds Yurei diving at him with a dropkick.

    Broc Lobster: “Look at that, Rod! Demente and Douglas took their eyes off of Yurei, and she reminded her all what a triple threat means.”

    Rod Sterling: “I’ll credit her for evening the odds with a chair, Broc. But Demente and Douglas are tough individuals, it might take more chair shots than she’s capable of dishing out to take these two down.”

    The Crimson Ghost doesn’t relent knowing neither of her foes have gotten off their feet. She hurries back to a vertical base and unleashes a huge roundhouse on Douglas! She spins around and hits a reverse roundhouse on Demente! Then a roundhouse on Douglas! Then a reverse roundhouse on Demente. Still, the two big men keep a steady but wobbly feet.

    Aka rushes towards the corner, uses it as leverage and jumps off to go for a hurricanranna on Demente in hopes of sending him to the outside! Demente uses his strength advantage to resists the pull despite Yurei’s tremendous leg strength. Yurei reaches up to strike at Demente’s head but Demente strikes back! Yurei is caught aback by the strike but unloads one right back, and Demente again, and Yurei - and Douglas rushes in behind to toss Demente overboard! The two crash land on the apron then to the outside! Yurei got her hurricanranna up but perhaps not quite as she intended!

    Rod Sterling: “Douglas showing he’s not just big but he’s intelligent, Broc. He picked his spot right there to maximum effect.”

    Kentucky’s Finest James Douglas slides out of the ring to follow his opponents with a dismantling on his mind. He goes after Aka Yurei first. Charging recklessly at her with a POUNCE that hurls her into the barricade. Douglas takes a moment to look at his handiwork, then turns his attention towards El Demente.

    He hits a knee to the gut of Demente but gets a quick uppercut as a retort. Douglas reels back and Demente charges at him only to be countered into a SPINEBUSTER at ringside! Douglas sneers down at Demente only to be wacked across the back with a steel chair by Aka Yurei!

    Broc Lobster: “The Crimson Ghost refuses to relent. Take her down, she’s right back up, Rod!”

    Rod Sterling: “But even that isn’t enough to knock Douglas off his feet! The Juggernaut is still standing!”

    Douglas shows some impressive resilience, stumbling to his feet away from The Crimson Ghost but not letting her get a second shot in. Aka tries to charge after him but she’s floored with a big boot from the Juggernaut. Again, there’s little room for reprieve for Douglas. Demente chops at one of his legs, getting him down to a knee again, and then drilling his skull into the mat with a DDT!

    Aka Yurei is back to her feet again, tossing a steel chair down at Demente’s head and partially on Douglas. Demente’s head bounces hard against the steel. He crawls away slightly though holding onto the chair for good measure. As soon as he turns around, Yurei flies in with a hip attack, flatting Demente against the chair and the barricade.

    Broc Lobster: “Aka Yurei certainly has a variety of ways to use that steel chair.”

    Rod Sterling: “She’s made good use of her equalizer, Broc. It might be time for her opponents to take similar advantages.”

    The Crimson Ghost gets to a vertical base, barely acknowledging the impact of the chair on her own hip. Though standing behind is the massive Juggernaut. She turns around sensing his presence and is caught with a hand around her throat. Douglas lifts her up for a chokeslam but she’s able to get a handle on her environment and land on the steel steps of the corner nearby, using the rope to keep her balance. She chops at James Douglas’s arm repeatedly then hits a massive but unbalanced roundhouse kick to rock Douglas and get him to release her.

    Rod Sterling: “Yurei must’ve sensed she was in danger there. Got out just in time!”

    Broc Lobster: “Insane instincts, Rod!”

    Douglas turns his back to Yurei, a grave mistake against the woman known for her Early Grave submission maneuver! Aka leaps atop the back of Douglas and attempts to for the Crossface Chicken Wing she’s used to put many people out before. It’s a tougher job trying to lock in the massive arm of Douglas. Demente seems to come to her aid, once again, chopping at Douglas’s knee and allowing Yurei to gain a solid base to lock the Early Grave submission. Douglas is beginning to waver though Yurei has to put ever ounce of strength she has to keep the submission locked in.

    Demente who has walked away from the pair to grab the steel chair that had been used against him earlier, calmly walks over to the pair and BRAINS YUREI WITH THE STEEL CHAIR. Yurei falls back first off of Douglas.

    Broc Lobster: “OH MY GOODNESS!”

    Rod Sterling: “El Demente showing absolutely no remorse with that chair shot on Aka Yurei and she isn’t moving an inch after that. She was playing with fire, Broc, she’s finally gotten burned!”

    Demente gets ready for a second shot on James Douglas but the Juggernaut reacts fast enough to punch the chair out of the way, it falls with a clatter not too far away. Douglas massages his hand allowing Demente to pounce. He strikes him with an uppercut, then lifts him up quickly, desperately, and with incredible effort, instantly dropping him right back down ONTO THE CHAIR WITH THE FALCON ARROW! Demente lies back for a second, the maneuver having taken a decent bit of energy out of him.

    Rod Sterling: “What a display of strength by the FWA Gauntlet Champion! I don’t think Douglas is used to being sent flying like that! He’s usually the one sending others flying! What an impact!”

    The FWA Gauntlet Champion sits up and sets his sight on Aka Yurei who he struck earlier with the chair. He lifts her limp body up and rolls her back into the squared circle. He follows shortly after, sliding into the squared circle… and then quickly realizing Yurei is already back up and standing in front of him. He’s struck with a roundhouse kick that cracks him in the skull. Demente struggles back to one knee though still quite dazed, and is struck with a reverse roundhouse kick! The Crimson Ghost backs slowly away, though still fully gauging when Demente will get back up again.

    Demente struggles to one knee and then the other but can do nothing as Aka Yurei launches herself at him and strikes with The Living End!

    Broc Lobster: “This might be it, Rod! We might have a new FWA Gauntlet Champion! I’ve not heard many people kick out of The Living End!”

    Rod Sterling: “This could well be a win for Meltdown. Of that there is no doubt!”

    The leg strike catches Demente right in the jaw and he falls flat onto his back, finally seeming down for the count. Yurei dives on top of Demente, hooking the leg.

    ONE… TWO…

    Rod Sterling: “The Juggernaut’s back in the ring after that Falcon Arrow earlier!”

    Douglas grabs Yurei from behind, instantly breaking up the pin attempt! He locks her in a cobra clutch, elevates her high and plants her to the mat with Sleep Tight. Yurei bounces off the ring mat with the impact of it.

    Douglas turns his attention to El Demente and drags him to his feet by the wrist. He reels him, then spins him around and smashes the FWA Gauntlet Champion’s face in with A Taste of Bourbon! Douglas hooks the leg! Yurei tries to reach but she’s too far across the ring, and all too depleted by now!


    Winner: “The Juggernaut” James Douglas via pinfall at 13:22

    Katie Lynn-Goldsmith: “And your NEW FWA Gauntlet Champion… the Juggernaut James Douglas!”

    James Douglas smirks to himself, though not without groaning at the pain he had to endure to get to this point. He massages his back but turns his attention to the FWA Gauntlet Championship when it’s handed to him. Both Aka Yurei and El Demente who have retreated to the outside stare daggers at James Douglas, a look that says both felt they could still go on now.

    Rod Sterling: “And the FWA Gauntlet Championship is once again Meltdown gold, Broc! El Demente was certainly an impressive champion, but it looks like James Douglas was just a step ahead.

    Broc Lobster: “And you can’t take anything away from Aka Yurei in her debut. It was The Living End that left El Demente vulnerable enough for Douglas to take advantage and hit the devastating Taste of Bourbon.”

    The unfamiliar theme song echoes across the KSPO Dome and the man who’d revealed himself as Meltdown’s Brand Consultant stepped through the curtain. He seemed quite jovial, certainly in part to celebrate Meltdown’s victory.

    Jon Russnow: “Wow, what a hard-hitting match! A brilliant debut by The Crimson Ghost, Aka Yurei, who I have no doubt will be salivating at her next chance at the FWA Gauntlet Championship. And you can’t take anything away from El Demente, it was a pleasure to have you on Meltdown. And hey big man, if you get tired of swimming in the small pond, we’ve got a spot for you over here on Meltdown, and a man I’m sure you’d like another go at.”

    Neither El Demente nor Aka Yurei pay the brand consultant much attention as they make their way to the back along the side of the ramp.

    Jon Russnow: “In the end, there could only be one winner. James Douglas, congratulations on becoming the new FWA Gauntlet Champion. As much as I’d love to give you time to celebrate… the FWA Gauntlet Champion doesn’t get an easy ride around these parts, let me tell you that. Which is why I’ve found a massive first challenger for your FWA Gauntlet Championship at Meltdown 7. It was tough to come up with the right opponent, but I’ve found a man with the acumen, the skillset, the know-how to push you to your absolute limits. James Douglas, may I present to you, your opponent at Meltdown 7!”

    Everyone waits as the unfamiliar music begins to play through the speaker systems. Suddenly, the large screen above the stage comes to life and a security guard knocks on a door to a locker room. The camera focuses on the door, and it swings open after a couple of seconds... but no one is there.

    Rod Sterling: "What the hell is this supposed to be? Russnow said he'd found James Douglas his first challenger, but who is it?"

    The camera swings from side to side in the locker room, showing that no one is inside. However a pair of hands come into view to grab the camera and they pull it downwards... revealing Joe Burr! There is a cheer in the arena as Burr motions for the cameraman to move out of the way, and the security guards follow him as he walks towards the gorilla position backstage.

    Broc Lobster: "It's Joe Burr! Joe Burr is getting a Gauntlet Championship Match on Meltdown 7! Who better to face a beast like James Douglas than "The Giant Killer" himself?"

    Rod Sterling: "Is that a rhetorical question?"

    The camera catches James Douglas's reaction to this reveal in the ring, and the new Gauntlet Champion is unsurprisingly unimpressed by this choice by Russnow. Burr then emerges onto the stage and stands next to Russnow, and snatches the microphone away from the authority figure. Burr paces on the stage for a moment, wearing a vest and camouflage shorts and his cap on backwards - casual, as he was not scheduled to compete tonight. He waits for a moment until his new music fades out, before immediately pointing in Douglas's direction. Burr continues to pace as he addresses the man he will be challenging on Meltdown 7.

    Joe Burr: "James Douglas... James... Douglas. "The Juggernaut", huh? Guess what? I've faced plenty of men who called themselves things like that before... "The Boulder", "The Huge Guy That Got Cryogenically Frozen"... and guess what? I beat them."

    Despite Joe listing off his own accomplishments, Douglas is still not in any way intimidated. However, the fans in Seoul seem to be in support of Burr, and he nods his head at the mild cheers received for his statement.

    Joe Burr: "I'm gonna beat you too."

    More cheers. Douglas laughs.

    Joe Burr: "Go on, James. Laugh it up! Enjoy that Gauntlet Championship whilst you can. In the year since that title came into existence, no one has even come close to defending it five times. Yuna, Peacock, Toner, Reagan, El Demente... Tommy... but you're not even going to make it to one!"

    Douglas shakes his head, but Burr nods his. Russnow seems impressed with the confidence being exhibited by the man who he selected to be the first man to challenge "The Juggernaut".

    Joe Burr: "Because you're facing me. I look at you, and well, you're a giant. I think these people can tell you what I do to giants..."

    Burr simply tosses the microphone over his shoulder and cups his ears for the fans, and a "JOE'S GONNA KILL YOU!" chant breaks out from some of them. Departing with a final smirk in the direction of the new Gauntlet Champion, Burr shrugs and leaves back through the curtain as his music plays. In the ring, James Douglas has gone from uninterested to straight up unhappy at the audacity of the man who will challenge him on Meltdown 7.

    Broc Lobster: "Where I'm from, those are fighting words, Rod!"

    Rod Sterling: "Where I'm from, they'd lock you away for doing something so crazy. I think Joe Burr has bitten off more than he can chew this time... James Douglas may not be able to make it five defenses of the Gauntlet Championship, but Joe Burr won't be the man to stop him."

    Some jolly music can be heard as we cut to the backstage area. There the crowd lets out a small pop as Saint Sulley can be seen for the first time since his injury on Meltdown 5. There is a brace around his ankle, but it's a big step up from the protective boot and crutches he was spotted with just a few weeks ago.

    The camera zooms in on Saint Sulley who is sitting in a chair backstage with a smile. He immediately gets up looking jolly as ever.

    Saint Sulley: "Hey there! Great to see you all again. I'm Saint Sulley...but you already know that. What you might not know is that coming soon on the shelves is FWA 2k22!"

    Saint Sulley suddenly pulls a copy of the game out from behind him and holds it up to the camera with a smile.

    Saint Sulley: "Why should you buy FWA 2k22 you ask? Well, just look at the cover...look at that handsome guy. No I'm not talking about Mike Parr. I'm talking about the guy front and center. It's only fitting isn't it? The guy that had a stronghold on the entire roster for a solid two years gets to be smack in the center of the cover. Sure, MvH won at Back in Business...but she already dropped the title to Chris Kennedy! A true champion retains their title...hell, at least once! Nova Diamond, Alyster Black, Mike Garcia, and Gabrielle all failed to take my title away from me. I successfully defended it every single time...what does Michelle do? She loses to Chris Kennedy on her very first defense. She pulled...well she pulled a Mike Garcia. And no, I'm not talking about cheating off of someone's test in History class.

    Never the less, I digress. Everyone knows I'm the greatest, including 2k games who put this wonderful game together.

    So why should you buy it?

    Should you buy it because it features one of the biggest rosters in wrestling game history?

    Should you buy it because it has almost 40 wrestling arenas you can play in, as Saint Sulley, one of the highest rated characters in the game?

    Or should you buy it for it's ten unique game modes, one of which includes the raved about Saints and Sinners mode featured in a recent video from IGN? Yeah that's right...Saints and Sinners mode. You can play as me where I start out as a lowly SMASH superstar in 2012, and work my way up the roster to becoming the first and only Triple Champ King in FWA history. Oh man and this game is so great, you can wear all my attires! The Redemption, King Sullivan, and even my gear I wear today.

    So my question is...what are you waiting for? Go onto Amazon, Walmart, Gamestop, or even and preorder your copy of FWA 2k22 today! It comes on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and PC! So go...pull up your phones and go now!"

    The camera fades out with Saint Sulley's smile being the last thing we see.

    Rod Sterling: "We are moments away from our main event of the evening, Broc Lobster, but we've got word of a few matches being announced for Meltdown 7."

    Broc Lobster: "Straight from Jon Russnow's office! Meltdown 7 is going to be a bit of a tag extravaganza, Rod! Three massive tag team matches!"

    Rod Sterling: "We've already heard of one - The Gang Stars are going to defend the FWA World Tag Team Championships in the main event against New Breed! But we're also going to see both the return of the legendary Saint Sulley after an injury suffered in ring at Meltdown 4 against Legends Evolved. Saint Sulley is going to be teaming up with the mysterious Eclipse to face off against the DEBUTING team of Osos Locos!"

    Broc Lobster: "Imagine having your first match against Saint Sulley of all people! It's going to be a real test for the crazy bears, Rod!"

    Rod Sterling: "And we can't forget the third tag team match of the night! It's going to be The British Apprentice Reagan Cole teaming up with Big Mack Marcus McClain in a SINGAPORE CANE MATCH against the team of Legends Evolved!"

    Broc Lobster: "We've seen Legends Evolved take advantage of the numbers game on Reagan Cole time and time again, he's got back up this time though, and there won't be anything stopping either team from hurting each other as much as they can. I guess that also means Legends Evolved will have other priorities than helping out Tommy Bedlam in his title match!"

    Rod Sterling: "Broc, I've also gotten word of a singles match between two of the Gauntlet division's finest, Aka Yurei and Sawyer Xavier! Aka showed us her incredible tenacity in the Gauntlet match, and Xavier has made his intentions of going after the gold clear! They'll both be motivated to prove who should get a shot first in this one."

    Broc Lobster: "And we're already going to be treated to the THIRD match in the Best of Five Series agreed upon by Cyrus Truth and Michelle von Horrowitz. It's one and one between the former World Champions and this third match is going to be all-important to swing the momentum one way or another."

    Rod Sterling: "And we just found out earlier that it's going to be new FWA Gauntlet Champion Juggernaut James Douglas against The Giant Killer Joe Burr for the gold! I think we've mentioned two title matches set for Meltdown 7, but we also know we're going to have a third title match."

    Broc Lobster: "Tommy Bedlam is going to be watching closely, Rod! He's going to be challenging either Captain Fantasy or The Showman Chris Crowe at Meltdown 7 for the FWA North American Championship, and I think he means business!"

    Monday 1st November 2021
    Meltdown 7 | Marina Bay, Singapore

    Sawyer Xavier vs. Aka Yurei
    Best 3 out of 5 - "The Exile" Cyrus Truth vs. "Dreamer" Michelle von Horrowitz
    Saint Sulley & Eclipse vs. Osos Locos
    "The Heretic" Dan Maskell in action
    Gauntlet Championship - "Juggernaut" James Douglas (c) vs. "The Giant Killer" Joe Burr
    Singapore Cane Match - "Big Mack" Marcus McClain & "The British Apprentice" Reagan Cole vs. Legends Evolved
    North American Championship - Captain Fantasy/Chris Crowe (c) vs. Tommy Bedlam
    World Tag Team Championship - Gang Stars (Krash & Alyster Black)(c) vs. New Breed (Damian Lynch & Sean Hughes)

    “The Showman” Chris Crowe steps through the curtains into the KSPO Dome with his good friend and closest ally Crazy Harry right behind him. The two are as happy as they can possibly be here tonight. The Showman is able to keep his composure better than Harry who is losing it for this momentous occasion.

    Rod Sterling: “The journeyman Chris Crowe made his debut at Meltdown 2 and has been on a roll here for a while. Three singles victories and finished just second in the Gunfight Battle Royal.”

    Broc Lobster: “And would have won if not for some unfair advantages for the eventual winner. Crowe is deserving of this North American Championship shot, Rod. He may not have been here long but he’s been impressing and if there’s anyone doubting him, this is his chance to prove them wrong.”

    Rod Sterling: “Meltdown is the land of opportunities, Broc! Crowe is getting results. There’s no doubt he deserves this match. Hey may be slated as an underdog going into this, but I think he’s going to prove he belongs. Not only that, I think that if he gets that Closing Act off, I’m not sure Cap will be able to get up.”

    Broc Lobster: “It's October, Rod, it's Chris Crowe’s special month, Rod, and you can see it. The man looks completely focused. He looks confident. He looks ready. He looks like the Showman!”

    Captain Fantasy emerges from a hole at the front stage. He’s back to his de facto uniform here in Seoul. He has a big smirk on his face, his hands on his hips, and the FWA North American Championship glimmering around his waist.

    Rod Sterling: “I have to admit, I did not think Captain Fantasy would be the one to dethrone Cyrus Truth for the FWA North American Championship, but at Lights Out, he proved that he could hang with The Exile.”

    Broc Lobster: “Never count a superhero out, Rod! Of course, it helps that the match was a triple threat, odds that rarely favor the defending champion. But Cap had as many chances of winning that match as Truth did when it comes down to the math, and he pulled it off.”

    Rod Sterling: “The question is, can he do what Truth was able to do for months with that belt, and consistently defend it when his name is called? I think Mr. Russnow is interested in finding out with this defense the first show after Lights Out and for whoever emerges with the belt, another defense at Meltdown 7 against Tommy Bedlam.”

    Captain Fantasy has entered the squared circle after taking some time signing some autographs at ringside. He hands over the FWA North American Championship belt and offers some positive words to the fans closest to his corner.

    Katie Lynn-Goldsmith: “Ladies and gentleman, this is your MAIN EVENT… of the EVENING! It is a singles match set for one fall to time limit of sixty minutes and it is for the FWA North American Championship!”

    The official of our main event holds the FWA North American Championship up in the center of the ring.

    Katie Lynn-Goldsmith: “Introducing first, the challenger, weighing in at two hundred and forty pounds… he hails from the Badlands Trailer Park… he is the Showman… CHRIS CROWE!”

    Chris Crowe pats the FWA North American Championship as he’s approached with the gold he’s competing for. He’s got a confident grin in his first Meltdown main event, looking past the official to his costumed opponent. Captain Fantasy responds with a genuine smile of his own.

    Katie Lynn-Goldsmith: “And his opponent, he is the reigning and defending FWA North American Champion, weighing in at two hundred and fifty-one pounds… he comes from Nowheresville, Fantasyland… he is HERE. HE IS CAPTAIN FANTASY!”

    Captain Fantasy nods to the official and raises two fists in the air, performing his trademark flex to remind Seoul one last time that he is indeed here. He takes a step back, staring across the ring as Chris Crowe, awaiting the bell to ring.





    (w/ Crazy Harry)


    The FWA North American Champion Captain Fantasy and his challenger the Showman Chris Crowe circle around the ring for a moment, before meeting in the middle of the squared circle in a lock up. It’s only a brief test of strength before Fantasy’s side advantage lets him back Crowe all the way into a corner. The official is quick to get between the two. Crowe lifts his hands up to concede he’s not resisting and Cap backs away as well.

    Once again, the pair meet in the middle for a lock-up but Crowe is quick on the take this time, landing a heavy knee into Cap’s gut to end the power struggle quickly. Crowe hooks one arm around Cap’s head and grabs his tights with the other elevating him way high up for what’s looking like a brainbuster… but Cap’s wiggling his legs and manages to find his feet back to the mat. He reverses Crowe’s fortunes with a suplex attempt of his own. He delays it at the apex of the suplex but Crowe wiggles his own legs and gets back to his feet. As soon as he does, he kicks Cap in the gut and drills him with a DDT! He hooks the leg…


    Rod Sterling: “Crowe’s not wasting time going for a pin there!”

    Broc Lobster: “It’ll take a bit more than that to put down Captain Fantasy, though!”

    Crowe gets on top of Cap and lets loose some stiff forearms to Cap’s jaw. He gets to his feet and stomps down on the champion to wear him down some more. Crowe drags Cap to his feet and quickly backs him into a corner. He hits a few hard back elbow strikes to daze Cap and keep him fixated on the corner. The official once again tries to get the two away from the corner. Crowe backs off though less to listen to the official and more to make his way to the opposite corner. Once there, he charges full speed ahead towards Cap and hits a HUGE CLOTHESLINE that lifts Cap off his feet!

    Rod Sterling: “Crowe has a huge reputation for the viciousness of his lariats and his clotheslines! He may have made a name for himself taking to the skies, but today, Crowe is one of the hardest hitting man in the business because of shots like those!”

    Cap collapses down in the corner, seated and helpless. Crowe kicks at the champ’s head, shoving his feet as far into his jaw as he can with Cap hardly able to resist. Crowe backs off after some warning from the official but it’s much the same as before. He’s in the opposite corner and bursts out of there to fly towards Cap and hit the CORNER CANNONBALL! Cap’s flattened in the corner and Crowe drags him out of it for another pin attempt.


    Crowe chuckles at the kick out but doesn’t seem too deterred by it. He stands over Cap, waiting for him to start getting up and winding up his arm for one of his trademark lariats. When he feels Cap is about to get to his feet, he rushes to the ropes only to be grabbed by his shorts. Cap hooks both arms, he’s going for The Pacifier that won him the belt! Crowe reels back with his head, snapping it against Cap’s nose and forcing him to let go. The Showman wraps an arm around Cap’s head and rushes out for a running bulldog!

    Rod Sterling: “Chris Crowe has had an impressive handle on Captain Fantasy so far. He’s matching the champion in terms of power, and I think he’s bringing even more aggression! Look at him smashing Cap’s head into the mat over and over again. He’s dragging him up to his feet now - CAP GRABS HIM BY THE ANKLES AND TRIPS HIM ONTO HIS BACK!”

    Broc Lobster: “I know what he’s going for, Rod! IT’S THE GIANT SWING!”

    The challenger knows what’s happening as well, waving his hands around to warn Cap off but Cap refuses to concede. With impressive strength, he lifts Crowe off the ground by his legs and SWINGS HIM AROUND AND AROUND AND AROUND! The crowd delights in the spin, letting out “OOOOHHs” as if they’re on a roller coaster themselves. Crowe can only try to wrap his hands around his head to keep his brain steady but all sense of self is lost until he’s sent flying across the ring!

    Broc Lobster: “I know Crowe is used to getting his head knocked loopy, but he’s definitely never been helplessly swung around the ring like that!”

    Rod Sterling: “It’s fun for the fans, Broc but it’s going to take a bit more than making your opponent dizzy to beat a tough man like the Showman!”

    Crowe rolls out of the ring to safey but while Cap briefly has to gather his sense of balance once more, he’s not too far behind Crowe on the outside. Crowe strikes him with an elbow smash but Cap retorts with a stiff headbutt that gives Crowe a pause. Cap takes advantage to get a grip on Crowe and lift him up in a military press! Cap displays his impressive strength, doing lifts with Crowe in hand. ONCE. TWICE. THREE TIMES. FOUR TIMES. FIVE TIMES. SIX TIMES! AND FINALLY HE DROPS HIM ONTO THE APRON!

    Rod Sterling: “Impressive display of power from the champion but he’s got a count to beat!”

    Cap slides into the ring and back out to reset the impending count of the official. The official attempts to urge the superhero back into the ring but even Cap doesn’t listen to every micro-rule of wrestling. Crowe dishes an elbow to the gut of Cap, catching him off guard. He grabs him by the wrist and angles to whip him towards the steel steps but Cap’s able to reverse and Crowe goes shoulder first colliding with the steel with such force it moves several feet.

    The champ gets an exhausted Crowe back to his feet and lifts him up into the ring, sliding into join him. He hooks the leg with enough distance from the ropes…


    Rod Sterling: “A bit too much time outside allowed Crowe to recover there. Cap is going to have to focus on putting his man down in the ring, not on the outside.”

    Broc Lobster: “Crazy Harry looks like he’s urging Crowe not to let the match get out of hand. That early momentum has gone to the wayside here thanks to Cap’s strength. ”

    Cap shakes his head, glances at the referee briefly but doesn’t let himself take his eyes off Crowe. The Showman shoves Cap’s face away and forces his way to a vertical base. Cap smiles, admiring his opponent’s fighting spirit and goes for a forearm! Crowe reels back but shakes his head, and hits Cap with a forearm of his own. Cap goes for an uppercut! Crowe hits a back elbow! Cap goes for that hard hitting headbutt! Crowe comes back with a STIFF LARIAT! Cap maintains his footing and hits another HEADBUTT! Crowe stumbles back, and charges with a LARIAT! Crowe sees that Cap is about to rebound off the ropes and sprints back to the ropes behind him. The pair meet in the ring with a DOUBLE LARIAT DROPPING THEM BOTH!

    Both men lie on the ground groaning at the pain. Crowe smacks the mat with his fist and fights through the pain to be the first man up to his feet! He doesn’t have great balance, falling back to the ropes but still in a more advantageous position than his opponent.

    Rod Sterling: “Chris Crowe is showing us all he’s one of the toughest men in this company. He’s up before Cap, and that might prove fatal for the North American Champion!”

    Broc Lobster: “He has the advantage in formulating his next move, Rod. That lariat took a lot out of both men, but it’s like you said, Rod. Crowe’s been in his share of lariat exchanges, and it’s a rare occasion when he loses one!”

    The Showman Chris Crowe leans back on the turnbuckle, observing the champion struggling back to his feet, seemingly unaware that the challenger is lying in wait. Cap stumbles to a vertical base and is instantly booted in the gut! The Showman hooks one arm, he tries to hook the other but Cap quickly twists out of it to get behind Crowe and hook both arms in a surprisingly smooth motion!


    Cap is going for the Pacifier! He’s trying to lock in the full nelson! Crowe, sensing he might not be able to power out of this, rushes towards the corner while still in the full nelson and reminds everyone of the athleticism he doesn’t display too often! He runs up the turnbuckle, using it as leverage to back flip over Cap and behind him. He’s not quite able to get his balance on the landing, falling back onto the ropes but bouncing off it, spinning around and TURNING CAP INSIDE OUT WITH A DISCUS LARIAT!


    The challenger gets back to his feet with a mixed reaction from Seoul! There’s no mixed reaction from Crazy Harry at ringside who is living up to his name and feeling every ounce of excitement from Crowe’s situation. The Showman smashes his head against the top turnbuckle to psyche himself up then marches up to the champion. He drags him to his feet, hooks the arm, and IS DRIVEN INTO THE TURNBUCKLE TO RELEASE THE HOOK!

    Rod Sterling: “Cap has the Closing Act scouted out and manages to get out of it once again…”

    Crowe kicks at Cap to send him back and goes for a lariat but is hit with a STRAIGHT PUNCH TO THE JAW! It stops Crowe dead in his tracks, wobbly on his feet! He roars at himself to gain back some footing and tries to charge at Cap a second time - FANTASY K.O.!


    It’s not got a lot of momentum behind it and Crowe doesn’t fall to his back!

    Rod Sterling: “The Showman is still on his feet even after that!”

    He stumbles back into the ropes, highlighting his resilience, but when he bounces off the ropes, he’s too helpless and dazed to get out of the way when Cap launches himself forward and HITS A SECOND FANTASY K.O.! Chris Crowe finally drops to the mat and Cap hooks the leg! The official dives to the mat to make the count!

    ONE… TWO…





    Winner: Captain Fantasy via pinfall at 15:52

    Katie Lynn-Goldsmith: “And still your FWA North American Champion… CAPTAIN FANTASY!”

    Captain Fantasy makes it back to his feet with the official passing onto him the belt that he fought to defend. He stares at it with admiration and holds it up proudly to the Seoul crowd.

    Broc Lobster: “And Captain Fantasy manages to make defense number one of the FWA North American Championship in a hard hitting main event!”

    Rod Sterling: “Did we watch the same match, Broc? Chris Crowe had his foot on the ropes! That’s a kick out in every professional wrestling rulebook!”

    Broc Lobster: “I’m not sure about the logistics of a rope break when a third party put your leg on it.”

    Rod Sterling: “And that’s why you’re not an official, Broc! Crazy Harry is absolutely unhappy with the official’s decision here, and he's got every right to be!”

    The unhinged manager of Chris Crowe is barking at the official and pointing down at the ropes, insisting that the match be appropriately restarted. The official claims he didn’t see any sort of rope break. Captain Fantasy looks bemused, uncertain at what’s being discussed. When Crowe gets to his feet, Harry quickly relays the controversial ending to the match. Crowe matches Harry’s anger at the official’s mistake and also begins arguing with him. The official is a lot more intimidated with Crowe barking his complaints at him.

    Captain Fantasy puts a hand on Crowe’s shoulder to try and reason with his former opponent -


    The champion has no chance to react, he lays limp on the mat with Crowe standing over him, red-faced and furious.

    The guitar strums we heard earlier tonight marking the next challenger to the FWA North American Championship echoes in the KSPO Dome once again. At the front stage, Tommy Bedlam is in a black t-shirt and his usual gear. He’s got his cowboy hat on and walks to the ring with a purpose, unhurried, but focused on Chris Crowe. He has no Legends Evolved with him, no Rocco Sullivan, and no Sammy Bedlam.

    Rod Sterling: “Earlier tonight we watched this man earn his shot at the gold Captain Fantasy currently holds at Meltdown 7, but his opponent might not even make it to Meltdown 7 at this rate.”

    Broc Lobster: “What’s he coming out here to do, Rod? I’ll say it’s a good sign that Legends Evolved aren’t accompanying him here. I’m not sure that’s something either Cap or Crowe would be pleased to see.”

    The Showman who has briefly acknowledged Bedlam’s presence, remains focused on Captain Fantasy, stomping at the champ, removing the belt, and then WHIPPING IT across Cap’s back. The official tries to wave him off but it does little to satiate the anger of The Showman!

    Bedlam climbs up the steel steps slowly and enters the ring, taking off his cowboy hat and letting it sit on the turnbuckle. Crowe finally turns his attention away from Cap to stare at Tommy. Harry stays gingerly out of the way, a rabid look on his face, unsure how he’ll need to react. Crowe holds the belt in his hand which Bedlam gets a good look at. Bedlam crouches down next to Cap and lifts him up by his head. He gets him to his feet, hooks both arms, and gets a good look at the Showman while he does it - DRILLING CAP IN THE MAT WITH THE BULLSEYE!

    Broc Lobster: “Oh, come on! Isn’t that enough? What’s he proving here?”

    Rod Sterling: “Maybe Bedlam is proving that his Bullseye is even better than Crowe’s Closing Act!”

    Tommy Bedlam is back to his feet, staring down at Cap. Crowe hasn’t said anything of the display, only staring holes at the cowboy.

    It’s only starting to be a familiar tune for Meltdown fans, Jon Russnow steps through the curtains once more, as jovial as ever, even witnessing the North American Champion being brutalized in the ring.

    Jon Russnow: “Gentlemen, gentlemen, gentlemen! I had no intention of saturating Meltdown with my presence but it seems we've got a little problem on our hands. I understand how furious you both are right now. You never want to see a championship match end so inconclusively and with controversy! That’s NOT the sort of show I’m trying to run here or that the Executive Board is paying me to run. Chris Crowe, I understand your frustration. A mistake… nay… a GREAT INJUSTICE was done to you, and that’s simply not right. In fact, if Captain Fantasy was conscious right now, I think he’d be inclined to agree with me. As for you, Tommy… it’s obvious to me that you couldn’t just sit in the back and see the belt you’re competing for be desecrated with a result such as that.”

    Bedlam doesn’t seem like he necessarily agrees with Russnow. He’s put his cowboy hat on and aside from keeping an eye on Crowe and glancing at the champion he downed, he’s expressionless. Crowe stands by the ropes, in anticipation of ‘justice’ being dished out.

    Jon Russnow: “There’s only thing to be done here. To ensure there is no other controversy… and to ensure we get a definitive finish and a definitive victor… and that that belt belongs to who has rightfully earned it... next week to open Meltdown 7… Tommy Bedlam, your match against Captain Fantasy for the North American Championship will OFFICIALLY become a TRIPLE THREAT MATCH involving THE SHOWMAN… CHRIS CROWE! How do you guys like the sound of that?”

    Chris Crowe seems to nod. It’s not the match restarting but its another shot at the belt, and that's still a win in his book, even if it's not the most optimal win. Harry is a lot more ecstatic that Crowe is going to get his second go of it than the Showman is. Tommy Bedlam frowns, not so pleased knowing that his singles opportunity has turned into a much harder to win triple threat match.

    Broc Lobster: “Should Chris Crowe really be rewarded with another shot after his uncalled for attack on Captain Fantasy?”

    Rod Sterling: “Of course, he does! Crowe was acting out on a grave injustice, and Jon Russnow is experienced enough to recognize that and let cooler heads prevail.”

    Broc Lobster: “And you've got nothing to say about Tommy Bedlam assaulting the champ?”

    Rod Sterling: “Go talk to Rocco Sullivan about that, Broc. I'm not sure what was in Bedlam's mindframe, but the match has been made, all Bedlam can do now is adjust his game plan for a triple threat match! And boy what a triple threat match that'll be.”

    Crowe and Bedlam stare at each other, acknowledging that they’ll be standing in each other’s way of the belt Crowe still holds. Crowe lifts the championship up to Bedlam, signaling what may transpire at Meltdown 7. Bedlam gets a good look at the belt. Cap lays unconscious on the mat. Russnow is happy with himself at the top of the stage.

    Rod Sterling: “All three of these men will be in the ring to start Meltdown 7, and it’s going to be with the FWA North American Championship on the line, Broc! A bombshell announcement to end Meltdown 6. I’m Rod Sterling, here with Broc Lobster and we’ll see you all at the Marina Bay in Singapore in November for a blockbuster night with not one, not two, but THREE championships on the line! Good night folks!”
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    Re: Meltdown 6: Fantasy vs. Crowe | Live from Seoul | ☢ RESULTS ☢

    Chris Crowe Segments - BattleTank
    New Breed vs. LE - The Golden One
    Gang Stars - Wolfie & Rawr
    Dan Maskell vs. Jin-ho - Shade
    Cole vs. Bedlam, Xavier vs. Eclipse - Jimmy King
    Osos Locos Seg - Calypso
    Kennedy Seg - Jiggy
    MvH vs. Cyrus Truth - SS
    MvH/Cyrus Seg - SS/Cyrus
    Gauntlet Seg - taken from Grim/JB/Demente promos
    Burr Seg - Man
    Sulley Seg - Sulley

    I would spend more time with this post but I’ve got a promo to write. Hopefully everyone enjoys the show. I will be posting reviews tomorrow, I swear to god (okay no promises but I will try my best, I’ve read every promo so just a matter of getting it written). PM if you’d like grades. They’ll be sent your way sometime Tuesday/Wednesday if so. I will be posting grade averages for Meltdown 6 through MHM after the PPV much like Fallout. If anything needs fixing, let me know! Reviews are beloved and make the heart grow fonder.

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    Re: Meltdown 6: Fantasy vs. Crowe | Live from Seoul | ☢ RESULTS ☢

    This deserves more love. I really enjoy the formatting update here. The presentation is awesome.

    Really love how much focus was given to Chris Crowe/Captain Fantasy, starting off with the cold open. Love the booking at the end, too. Gonna enjoy the triple threat.

    Big wins for Sawyer Xavier, Tommy Bedlam, The New Breed, James Douglas, and Michelle von Horrowitz. With MvH and Cyrus in a feud, Maskell doing something with jobbers, Sulley in tag stuff, and Golden retired, it feels like Meltdown has A LOT of room for some of the newer sign-ups/rookie characters to shine really bright. I'm looking forward to this crop:
    James Douglas
    Sawyer Xavier
    Tommy Bedlam
    Reagan Cole
    Chris Crowe
    Aka Yurie

    Would be awesome to see this group sort of grow together and become a new crop rivaling the current upper-card squad on Fallout.

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    Re: Meltdown 6: Fantasy vs. Crowe | Live from Seoul | ☢ RESULTS ☢

    I'll post some behind the scenes show thoughts for the heck of it.

    - Still trying to figure out what the start of Meltdown will look like going forward. I enjoyed the press conference and would like to do something like that regularly to give the main event the spotlight. So I suppose I'll be checking with Wolfie / Parr / Rawr to see if they'd be interested in doing something similar for Meltdown 7. This time was rather tame but obviously I'm borrowing from UFC (& AEW in their rare pressers) for this so would love to see some more dramaz for the actual "Stand Off" moment.

    - Congrats to Parr / New Breed on becoming #1 contenders to tag champ. Parr & Krash are very intimate obviously, and while New Breed have fallen by the wayside in the tag divisions, Prodigy is still Prodigy and main evented BIB for a reason. Will be really cool to see what we get out of New Breed against Gang Stars at the top of their game. Unfortunate no show for LE but they've got other fun stuff going on so as long as OJ is still into it, I dont think he'll be lacking for stuff to sink his teeth into. Loved the GS segment after the fact and thought it was delightful as a set up to their showdown next week. I'm sure GS would've preferred a break till MH, but sadly I'm a huge GS fan and won't hesitate to get more GS promos if I can.

    - Really digging what Shade's got going on with Dan Maskell. When he proposed his plan to me it felt very much like something he'd do in one of his BTBs with one of the characters he tends to favor. Very much a Shade kind of idea. This was one half of the idea (complete with a fun intro) and I think we'll see the second half next promo. My only regret is not finding more time to write the entrance for Jin-ho because it could've been a very fun moment but we'll pretend the fans at home got a private showing.

    - Hot match between Cole & Bedlam with Cole being suitably angry but having to deal with Bedlam's associates (specifically Sammy). I think there's potential for more between Cole & Bedlam down the line and a lot more that could've been said by both about their opponents (given how strongly each are tied to parental relationships) so I'd somewhat like to see those aspects explored a lot more. McClain comes out post match to save Cole from Bedlam & LE and in Hollywood-style me booking, McClain brought singapore canes because we're in singapore next show and we got to set that up. I really want to see a Cole/Legend singles match at some point as well! I think the tag next show should be fun and Gip better not give my boi Jimmy a headache getting that promo done e_e I've mentioned it in promo reviews but I think Bedlam had the edge here due to Cole's promo being from Jason's perspective and that was the big difference maker.

    - Osos Locos debut! Can't wait to see what the masked duo get up to in their debut promo!

    - Good win for Sawyer Xavier though it would've been fun to get an Eclipse promo. I'm disappointed I wasn't able to get anything going for Xavier on Meltdown 6 but it's my pledge to get something going for him as of Meltdown 7 no matter what.

    - Chris Kennedy made no friends with that promo but it's a great statement promo post title win and I would hope everyone lined up to challenge him are going to be motivated to be the one to give him his first significant loss since Alyster Black pre-BIB. Kennedy won't be very busy on Meltdown going forward but I'm looking forward to getting to book him once he's done with his foray in Fallout land. I think we might see him in a match earliest Meltdown 9 depending on how his title defending adventures go.

    - Truth vs. MvH II was very fun! With Kennedy gone, they're a step ahead as the best on Meltdown I think so they're very tough folks to book. While they'll be engaging in a competitive af Best of Five series, I'd love to see some of the newer crop, especially Crowe who had a great main event showing get a shot at some of these guys. Thought the match was well done with MvH struggling initially, neither being able to hit their finishers once again, and MvH needing a sunset pin to nail the win. Both promos for this match were really fun and I think I graded them .5 apart? Truth edged it on QoC with .5 (enjoyed the match selling on his end a bit more with a conversation that felt fully centered on MvH) but MvH's character development which Come Kid praised as well. That's not to take away from Truth who I think did well in discussing his perspective on MvH's dilemma and having a low key locker room leadership sort of view on his responsibility regarding that match. Both promos were sweet reads & I especially loved Maskell's appearance in the MvH one and digging into Truth's history that I wasn't aware of.

    - Triple threat match was very very close. To me it came down to tiny subjective preferences given the similarities between the promos. I tried to make Aka Yurei look tough for never really going away despite Douglas/Demente's best attempts. And Demente takes the pin here but after taking two straight finishers to justify the defeat and keep him looking strong. Douglas wins his debut match with a strong performance. After the match, Russnow announces Burr as the next challenger for Douglas. Burr is the Giant Killer so I'm going to be happy seeing him face any of the giants. A part of me also wanted to see Burr vs. Demente for the Grimes connection. Fun fun fun Burr promo and JB is going to have a real challenge facing a game Man for the belt.

    - Sulley FWA 2K22 Commercial! This is something I'm going to hope to wrangle out of people towards Mile High. If you want to do a FWA 2K22 commercial please feel free. Very easy way to get yourself on the show too even if you don't have a straight up segment idea in mind.

    - The main event match was REAL close with .4 separating and needing 5 graders ultimately. Chris Crowe promo was a great conclusion to his storyline with Carnivale & the presentation for that was top shape. No doubt in my mind BattleTank's got it in him to compete with the higher rung of Meltdown. I think that if he wouldve managed to integrate Cap/match somehow into the main narrative stuff a bit more, he would've been walking out with the belt. Though given I didn't grade it, I can't say for sure what was the missing ingredient for him. In any case, that aspect was obviously taken into account with how the match ended and Crowe is going to get a second chance at the gold on Meltdown 7. Closing Act was protected for obvious reasons and remains a tough finisher. Bedlam comes out post match and it was a fun discovery to me while writing this that they both had the same finishers (though Bedlam has 2 others). It'll be fun to see what their dynamic is in the triple threat match.

    - Possibly a bit too much Russnow on this show and I'll do my best to find the balance and try to slip in more announcements via commentary and the like. I think one of the better parts of Meltdown 1-5 was pushing forward stories & hoping to keep that trend going with Meltdown 6-9. The ideal is that everyone has some sort of angle going on.

    Shout out to all the people who contributed to the show & encouraging people to send in segments + work with who they've got storylines with to push those angles in segments on the show. I'm happy to contribute to ideas/facilitate things as needed. & If there's any issues with how your characters are presented on the shows, feel free to PM me here or on discord. I'm not an instant reply xD but Im for sure going to work on it. Okay thats all.

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    Re: Meltdown 6: Fantasy vs. Crowe | Live from Seoul | ☢ RESULTS ☢

    I just got to finish reading the entire show. Absolutely awesome work on all the matches and segments. I love how much effort goes into these things behind the scenes.

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    Re: Meltdown 6: Fantasy vs. Crowe | Live from Seoul | ☢ RESULTS ☢

    I love the new format and all of the new angles and stories that are developing for this next cycle of shows. It’s going to be a fun time for Meltdown leading into Mile High.
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    Re: Meltdown 6: Fantasy vs. Crowe | Live from Seoul | ☢ RESULTS ☢

    Great show all round. Will put some quick thoughts down as I run through it but good job to everyone who put it together.

    I like the focus at the start of the show with Fantasy and Crowe. Crowe, not to echo what everyone else has said, has been great from what I have caught from him since he started. It was a cool way to start the show – I’m generally a fan of an introductory pieces although would save it for bigger main events as such. A NA Champ match (or a tag champ match lol) would be fitting but you want to keep it ‘special’ and not just for every main event of every show. This was great though.

    I don’t know what my problem is about the commentary team but I don’t like Broc Lobster on there, don’t know why!

    Sorry that OJ couldn’t get something in this week, understandable. I think I had the same problem in our first match so we are 1-1 on Meltdown. Look forward to a third at some point in the future. Happy NB have been able to get some sort of momentum back, I just enjoy writing them without any of the ‘pressure’ (relative) that is the case whenever I have to write for Parr, it’s a good contrast. Gang Stars though will be, to say the least, a challenge. Loved their post match promo though, the chemistry is spectacular.

    Really enjoying Maskell, always enjoyed him in general but having read a couple of the reviews and hints in the discord I’m assuming this is going to carry us through another few weeks but it’s thoroughly entertaining.

    Big win for Tommy Bedlam for a shot at the NA Championship. The post match attack was good and nice to see a few guys that maybe needed some more direction/story to be put in one together and could lead to some exciting stuff.

    Shame we didn’t see much from Eclipse, but good for Sawyer Xavier to get the W. I like the improvement, the fleshing out of the character from what Saus X first was to what we are looking at now. Definite improvements is all anyone hopes for and its evident here.

    Nice to hear hear from Kennedy although I would say very mixed vibe, the reactions were babyface but there was a lot of heel vibes in there. Sure its probably confidence and elation but definitely, whether intentional or otherwise, just gave me more of those vibes than usual. Solid stuff regardless though, and hey, if it wasn’t intentional nothing wrong with some blurred lines once in a while.

    All in for a MvH and Cyrus series. Feels really stupid to say but MvH given what SS has achieved but definitely needed the win here. Without the win we also don’t get to do it 2 or 3 more times. Interesting direction that I didn’t see coming through, both off the back of losing championships I was curious as to what was next and this is a great series to carry through. Will be interesting, out of character, to see how they manage to keep it fresh for up to 5 times consecutively – hell of a challenge.

    Ahead of promos being posted, I thoroughly expected El Demente to reach the magic 5. Saying that, it’s most definitely time for El Demente to move on from the division I would say. I think I saw someone say it on the discord at some point but I’m a big fan of this championship as it approaches the year – its attainable, it’s a unique challenge and it’s something that can reward you very early on when its easier for the newest people to become disinterested while trying to make an impact. Really good, and the fact that nobody to my knowledge has reached 5 makes it even better. Congrats to James Douglas on the win.

    Meltdown’s roster, now that I think about it, has completely transformed since the draft. I recall at the time thinking it was very solid established upper card/main eventers with a chasm in the middle. Now there are so many people pushing and slowly closing that gap its exciting to see.

    I like the touch of promoting the next show and having matches booked ahead of time.

    Great NA Championship match, I had read both promos and thought it would be insanely close. Crowe was not hurt at all by this loss with the post match angle in particular very strong. Very good stuff all round.

    Can’t remember where I saw it written but too much Russnow hit me at the end, he came out and I did actively think ‘not again’ haha.

    Overall, really really good show. First of the ‘new’ era as such in terms of changes and a really promising start. Lots of promising angles where you look, thought it was great. Great work everyone.

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    Re: Meltdown 6: Fantasy vs. Crowe | Live from Seoul | ☢ RESULTS ☢

    Quote Originally Posted by TheProdigy View Post

    Nice to hear hear from Kennedy although I would say very mixed vibe, the reactions were babyface but there was a lot of heel vibes in there. Sure its probably confidence and elation but definitely, whether intentional or otherwise, just gave me more of those vibes than usual. Solid stuff regardless though, and hey, if it wasn’t intentional nothing wrong with some blurred lines once in a while.
    Thanks, Prod. He's often been compared to The Rock and Shawn Michaels, and I fancy himself an anti-hero babyface in the same vein as Stone Cold and Jon Moxley, so I'm just running with that. He loves the fans, but runs his mouth off at the opposition. He's also respectful of his opponents he's clashed with, but dismissive of those who haven't proven themselves to him yet, which is on brand with all of the sources of inspiration I'm drawing from.

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