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    FWA FWA Lights Out | RESULTS

    Meltdown and Fallout present...

    Date: Sunday, 3 October 2021
    Location: Tokyo Dome, Tokyo, Japan

    The camera sweeps over a jam-packed Tokyo Dome, tens of thousands of FWA fans crammed in all the way up to the rafters as Zack de la Rocha launches into his second verse over the PA system. The opening video continues to play on the huge screen, which sits at the end of the long long long ramp. On the stage, a huge pyrotechnic display is launched, green and gold rockets exploding high in the arena and getting the audience incrementally more amped for the night of action that's to come.

    Jean-Luc Watkins: "Good evening, wrestling fans, and welcome to LIGHTS OUT! We've been on the road to this magnificent event for months, now, and finally the FWA Big Circus has arrived here in Tokyo, Japan... for a four-hour extravaganza of professional wrestling! It is my absolute honour to be joined her tonight by Broc Lobster, as Fallout and Meltdown come together in front of a packed Tokyo Dome!"

    Broc Lobster: "It's my pleasure to be here, Jean-Luc! What a venue... what a crowd... and what a night we have in store for you tonight! Every piece of gold in the FWA will be on the line tonight: that's five championship belts, five opportunities to crown new kings and queens, and five huge match-ups from the home of professional wrestling in Japan!"

    As the commentators introduce the evening, the camera pans over the front row crowd. We spot a large group of young people in CTHULHU'S NEPHEWS t-shirts in a long line, staring at the camera in a vacant fashion as it goes by. An excited fan of about ten years old holds a sign that reads MvH IS MY SPIRIT ANIMAL and stands next to them. Her father is reading Chainsaw Man absently in the seat next to her. We are shown other signs being waved proudly: DANNY, DONNY, KAYDEN: EACH A-TONER, SACK PRICE AND QUINN, GAME SEVEN, I WALKED THE PLANK ON YUNA'S SLAMMER, GAME EIGHT, NOVA'S A BITCH, JOSH DRAKE RETURNS TO BEIJING, GAME NINE, ANZU-SAN QUEEN OF HEARTS AND MINDS, ALLEN PRICE SUCKS, OCTOPI #3 PILOT, SUMMER'S OVER, GAME TEN, SYNC OR SWIM, ECLIPSE IS KAIZEN, WORLD'S OLDEST PRODIGY,GAME ELEVEN, and ECLIPSE IS GABRIELLE can all be seen by those quick on the pause button. Finally, we see five Asian men without their shirts on, who are proudly taking on the mantel of K R A S H guys for their continent.

    Jean-Luc Watkins: "Our main event, of course, will see Chris Kennedy challenge Michelle Von Horrowitz for the FWA World Heavyweight Champion, but before then we'll see El Demente, Kayden Knox, and Cyrus Truth defend the Gauntlet, X Division, and North American Championships. Of course, as 'a Fallout Guy', I'm intrigued to see whether El Demente can maraud onwards to three defences tonight at the expense of the mysterious Eclipse. Kayden Knox will have his first defence of his X Championship against Nate Savage, a man who - alongside his Undisputed Alliance partner Jackson Fenix - has plagued Knox for months now."

    Broc Lobster: "Over on the Meltdown side of things, Cyrus Truth faces a tough challenge to his North American Championship against two men who have individually tried to take that gold from Truth in the past. Captain Fantasy and Eli Black will both be gunning for Cyrus tonight, but The Exile is on a hot streak at the moment, culminating in his victory against the FWA World Heavyweight Champion last week in Cairo."

    Jean-Luc Watkins: "Speaking of the World Heavyweight Championship, we know that Shawn Summers will have the opportunity to wrestle for a shot at that prize against Konchu Hao aboard Yuna's Slammer on Fallout 006... but if Mike Parr can defeat Der Basterd tonight, that match will become a triple threat, and Summers' chances of earning a championship match on Fallout 008 dramatically decrease. But even without the championship aspect of that match, Parr and Summer's battle tonight is a highly anticipated match-up between two of the most decorated technical performers in the FWA... but something tells me that one isn't going to be pretty..."

    The camera has settled on the announcer's desk, behind which Watkins and Lobster sit. Jean-Luc has an amiable smile on his face, whilst Lobster reclines casually in his chair.

    Broc Lobster: "Another contest I'm not expecting to be pretty is Maskell vs. Garcia. A combined 15 years of excellence and prestige rolled into one match. One match for bragging rights. The first one-on-one encounter between bitter rivals driven apart at first by a desire for victory inside the ring but now by a mutual hatred. The death of a dream... making this meeting between the two that much more in the spotlight, with that much more of a story told in the weeks leading, and intended for all the pain and violence and destruction fitting for the end of something so great."

    Jean-Luc looks at Broc in accusation.

    Jean-Luc Watkins: "Are you re-using old pay-per-view intros?"

    Broc Lobster:
    "... no."

    Jean-Luc Watkins:
    "Yes you are. Most of that is from Back in Business 2014. It's pretty iconic."

    Broc Lobster:

    Jean-Luc Watkins
    : "... the penultimate match of the evening will be the much-hyped Gunfight Battle Royale, with the unique prize of a non-title match of the winner's choosing. There are zero restrictions on this prize, aside from scheduling concerns, and it's no surprise that a large number of men and women and infantile wizards have thrown their names into the hat in this one. A peculiar mix of rising stars and returning legends will vie to be the last person standing and name their next opponent. And another contest with big stakes is the trios clash between the teams of Danny and Donny Toner with Christian Quinn against Chris Peacock, Allen Price, and Sauce Man. With one man in this match a debutant, another a cripple, and a third Sauce Man, don't expect Shake Meltzer to be showering this one in stars, but the future of the Fallout commentary booth is at stake..."

    Broc Lobster:
    "It's only unfortunate that Price will still be in a job regardless of the outcome. Unless he breaks his neck or something."

    Jean-Luc Watkins:
    "Don't get our hopes up, Broc."

    Broc Lobster:
    "That's not the only tag team action here tonight: we'll see the team of Legends Evolved squaring off against Tommy Bedlam and Reagan Cole. With the FWA World Tag Team Championships coming to Meltdown for the second cycle of shows, both teams will be looking to show off their credentials and put their name in the conversation for the next shot..."

    Jean-Luc Watkins:
    "But what team will be coming to Meltdown as champions? Right now, wrestling fans, is the time to find out!!"

    "Sonne" by Rammstein blares through the PA speakers and the crowd rises to its feet for the first theme music of the night. Within a few seconds, Alyster Black slowly appears from the backstage with his green and black robe matching his horned mask covering his face. The crowd is entirely behind in support of Alyster, who shows gratitude with arms and fists raised into the air in a singular pose at the top of the stage.

    Broc Lobster: "Tonight ... Alyster Black and Krash, known across the globe by their tag team name the Gang Stars ... could add yet another pair of gold championship belts to their legacy. They've never been FWA Tag Team Champions. They've never fought for them before. Tonight ... this could all change."

    Jean-Luc Watkins: "The Gang Stars are the reigning CWA Tag Team Champions. This all began due to what they viewed as overlooking on the part of FWA when determining the tournament participants a year ago. Instead of Krash and Alyster being paired together, they were separated. Now, after re-joining, they stand here as the challengers and threat to Golden Rock's year-long run in the division."

    Kurt Harrington: "First ... the challengers to the FWA Tag TEEEEEAM CHAMMMPIONSHIPS

    ... one half of the tag team the Gang Stars ... from San Dimas, California, standing 6 feet, 1 inch and weighing 220 pounds ...

    ALYSTER ...


    Alyster Black waits for his theme music to subside as he remains at the top. He doesn't need to wait long. The arena is buzzing during the silence until the funky drum beat interrupts the pause and sends the arena into a frenzy.

    "Back in Town" by Matt Dusk begins with the dance-inspiring drum beat, followed by the horns and trumpets piling in about 20 seconds deep. Krash, with the yellow tights and the infamous mustache, joins his partner on the stage with a solemn fist bump, slight enough not to be a huge thing but noticeable enough to notice.

    Broc Lobster: "You could easily argue Krash is one of the best wrestlers in all of the FWA. But since the brand split, he really hasn't been top form in singles action. He lost in the Golden Opportunity match at the Anniversary Show. He lost in the opening round of the Eliminator tournament to Kleio de Santos. His main success? Tag team matches with his best friend, Alyster Black, who just so happens to be his biggest rival of all time."

    Jean-Luc Watkins: "The dynamic and relationship of the Gang Stars is nearly impossible to understand. You can try and just get confused, wondering just how these two are still able to walk to the ring side by side like they are now ... and be one of the greatest tag teams ever. Yet, here they are."

    The crowd watch in awe as the Gang Stars, a pairing so different in appearance from one another, make their way to the ring. Krash is the mustached maverick with an offensive arsenal resembling a technical magician, while Alyster is the demonic masked wrestler with a taste for hardcore violence.

    Kurt Harrington: "Aaaaand his partner ... from Melbourne, Australia ... at 5 feet, 11 inches and weighing 205 pounds ... the reigning CWA World Champion ... The White Wolf ...


    They reach the ring together, with Krash sliding under the ropes while Alyster steps through with the robe looking daunting to anyone considering to challenge him. He removes it as "Back in Town" subsides and the pair take their spot in the corner.

    A few seconds of silence take over the Tokyo Dome ... followed by ...


    Get yourselves togetheeeerrr"


    Stand up and live your liiiiiiife"


    Get yourselves togetheeeeerrr"



    The entire arena goes into a massive frenzy as "Rockstar" Randy Ramon slowly trots out with one of the FWA Tag Team Championship belts slung over his shoulder. He sports sunglasses, a black top hat, a black leather vest with no shirt beneath, exposing his six-pack abs, black biker shorts down to his ankles fitting tightly around his thighs ... and a nose ring, a bit of a new addition to the look. The long blonde hair bounces behind his neck and down to just below his shoulder blades.

    Jean-Luc Watkins: "One of the men who WILL challenge the FWA World Champion on Fallout 007 ... Randy Ramon has been the opposite of how you, Broc, described Krash. Randy has been absolutely deadly in singles matches. Deadly. He rolled through Yuna Funanori to open the Eliminator. Then it was Gerald Grayson. Then Shawn Summers. Then he went ... THIRTY MINUTES ... in a classic with Danny Toner. And his second "Remix" kick landed on the mark, but he didn't have enough time to get the pinfall and win."

    Broc Lobster: "So he and Danny will face the World Champion in a triple threat on Fallout 007. It will be both of their first chances to win the FWA World Championship. Their story is as intertwined at this point as Krash and Alyster."

    Ramon reaches the ring and steps up the ring steps, standing on the apron as the crowd sings along to his theme music in the background. He smirks as he catches glares from Krash and masked Alyster Black (we presume a glare). Ramon doesn't enter the ring, though. He parks himself right on the apron, nearest his corner, as "Rise" finally comes to a pause.

    Kurt Harrington: "Their opponents, first ... from Detroit, Michigan ... standing 6 feet, 5 inches ... and weighing 235 pounds ... one half of the FWA Tag Team Champions and one half of Golden ROCK ... "Rockstar"...

    RANDY ...


    Ramon lifts his arm in the air with the championship belt held in the other, the strap dragging on the canvas of the apron. Ramon smiles as he looks across the ring at Gang Stars.

    The fans are expecting the bass guitar to hit, followed by the adrenaline-pumping "ZOOOOOMBIE" notorious for The Cranberries version. However, similar to Back in Business, they get a far different version.

    Instead, there's a slow-yet-matching piano beat. It's soothing as an open to the song. Then ... a trumpet? But matching in tune and beat, signifying the end of the instrumental intro to the song. No "ZOMBIE" comes. It's soul. Slow. Melodramatic. Symbolic.

    "Another ... head hangs lowly
    Child is slowly ... taken"

    The crowd hold up what looks to be thousands of cell phones, all illuminating the otherwise pitch-black Tokyo Dome. This is the only light we see as "The Rotten Gold" appears from the curtain.

    "The violence ... causes silence
    Who are we ... mistaken?"

    Golden sports his usual black t-shirt, black jeans, black shoes, purple bangs coming down around his eyes, black eyeliner, and pale skin. He looks akin to a ghost, or an extra in the "Helena" music video about to break into a dramatic dance during a church funeral. He doesn't do that, though, instead walking very slowly to the ring with his eyes set on the two opponents waiting for him and the tag partner on the apron. The FWA Tag Team Championship belt, the one he has held many times before, is around his waist.

    Kurt Harrington: "Aaaaand his partner ... from New Orleans, Louiiiiisiana ... at 6 feet, 1 inch and weighing 184 pounds ... the SIX-TIME ... FWA Tag Team Champion ... the Hall of Fame inductee ... 'The Rotten Gold'



    Broc Lobster: "We haven't discussed the true implications for this match, Jean-Luc. We haven't even MENTIONED what this means, and everything that has happened. Everything it means for the FWA as a whole. If Golden Rock lose ..."

    Jean-Luc Watkins: "If Golden Rock lose, they are done. This is Game 7. They've said it many times already. They said it before Back in Business, when it was the same situation. A loss isn't just the tag title belts. This is the end of the team. They got drafted to separate brands as the champs. They are only a team so far as they're the champs, or something happens where they are on the same brand. So this is it. It can always be it. Every match for the titles ... these are the implications."

    The version of "Zombie" is so soothing and somber it's easy for the commentary to not get drowned out. But the entire crowd explodes into sing-along for the chorus.






    Golden reaches the apron as the song finally closes. He then looks across at the Gang Stars, who share the same glare back his way.

    Broc Lobster: "There's so much history and animosity here. Do we forget NOLA, when Golden carved glass into Alyster's chest?"

    Jean-Luc Watkins: "What about all the attacks when Alyster and Krash were masked up, ruining Golden Rock's tag championship win at Mile High last year and adding salt to the wound at Desert Storm when they lost to Danny Toner and Ryan Rondo?"

    Broc Lobster: "And all the verbal shots back and forth, especially at Fallout 004. This has been a long time coming. Golden Rock beat the Gang Stars in a Gauntlet match months ago. Krash and Alyster got one back at NOLA. It's 1-1. This is to settle the score."


    Golden Rock [Devin Golden and Randy Ramon] [c] vs. The Gang Stars [Alyster Black and Krash].
    Tag Team Match.
    FWA Tag Team Championships
    (Match writer: TGO)
    Golden starts out for the reigning FWA Tag Team Champions while Krash takes the lead for the challengers. When the bell rings, both men stand completely still for what seems like a full minute. Its rather just seconds, as Broc and Jean-Luc remind of some forgotten history.

    Broc Lobster: "Two years ago ... these two were aligned. Golden came to the defense of Krash and Cyrus Truth two years ago amid all the drama of Krash getting a World title shot. That led to Golden coming OUT of retirement, off the announcer's table."

    Jean-Luc Watkins: "If you recall, Golden was pinned by Sullivan, who then got and won a World title match against Gabrielle and Cyrus Truth. Krash and Golden faced one on one in a fallout from the match!"

    Golden and Krash come closer together and finally lock up in a grapple, with Golden backing Krash into the ropes with an overabundance of power. Krash eventually twists and turns Golden to reverse the control but Golden kicks the inner thigh and lands a forearm blow to the side of the head. Golden lands a second one. Then a quick whip to the ropes and an elbow to the exposed ribs when Krash tries to grapple on the rebound.

    Golden walks Krash to the middle of the ring and tries a vertical suplex into a faceplant! Krash, the reigning CWA World Champion himself, lands behind Golden and rolls backwards into a bridging pin! But Golden quickly kicks out before even a one count.

    Golden lands a double leg takedown quickly and mounts on top for furious forearms while Krash puts his hands up to block. Golden gets off and slaps the hand of "Rockstar" Randy Ramon, who enters and applies a side head lock on hunched-over Krash. Ramon squeezes tighter and tighter to subdue any resurgence from the mustachioed maverick.

    Broc Lobster: "Golden Rock is showing a power offense here as they have ground the pace to a halt really early on."

    Jean-Luc Watkins: "Ramon has the "Remix" superkick but this is from the Golden playbook of meticulously wearing down an opponent. Golden has evolved from the high-flying X Champion to this style."

    Ramon is shoved into the ropes after Krash lands three elbows out of self-defense. Ramon hits a shoulder block on the rebound and runs off the ropes. Krash ducks a clothesline and runs off the ropes himself, getting a shoulder tag from Alyster Black. Ramon lands a spinning wheel kick to Krash but gets a forearm smash to the upper back from Alyster!

    Alyster follows with a body slam into the center of the squared circle. He kneels next to Ramon and applies a shoulder wrench, kneeling while Ramon is face up on the canvas. Alyster slowly leads Ramon upright with the arm still tucked under his armpit. Then lands a few standing forearms, followed by a headbutt. Ramon stumbles back and Alyster hits a Russian leg sweep!

    Alyster then covers! ONE... TWO... NO!

    Alyster tags in Krash, who goes to a springboard crossbody when Ramon rises up. Krash then covers with a leg hook!

    ONE... TWO... TH---NO!

    Krash doesn't waste any time, hitting a few backhand chops to the exposed chest as Ramon stumbles to his own corner. Golden makes a blind tag but Krash meets him with a forearm to the jaw, knocking him off the turnbuckle just a split second after becoming the legal man!

    Krash tries to exit the ring but Ramon grabs him around the waist and pulls him to the middle of the ring. He's about to land a German suplex but Alyster comes behind Ramon and HE lifts "Rockstar" into the air, while Krash is lifted as well, showing the RAW power of Alyster Black! It's a German suplex to Ramon while Krash is hit with a German as well!

    Broc Lobster: "Did you see THAT?! Ramon hits a German on Krash while Alyster hits a German on Ramon! And it happened all together! A chain of German suplexing!"

    Alyster is ordered back to his corner while Krash reaches and makes a tag. Alyster then sees Golden on the outside and lands a suicide dive through the middle and top ropes, sending Golden back first into the steel barricade!

    Alyster, a wild man here, lands furious closed-fist punches to the exposed forehead of Golden, who slouches down with each one. Golden is now seated against the barricade as Alyster resets the ref's out-of-ring count.

    He turns and gets kicked in the shins by a playing-possum Golden. "The Rotten Gold" lands an uppercut to the jaw, followed by a smash of the face into the apron. Then a face smash into the steel ring steps, causing a loud smashing sound as the ring steps' two parts come unconnected.

    Golden grabs Alyster by the back of the head and sends him into the fan barricade, back first. Then repeated kicks into the stomach. Now it's Golden's turn to reset the ref's count. Golden tries to face smash Alyster into the nearby ring post but Alyster puts his hands up to block it. Golden then lands a punch to the ribs and a jawbreaker, a very unique move from the veteran of 13 years in the FWA.

    Golden sits next to Alyster, who is laying on the ground, while Krash and Randy are in their respective corners. Golden is within reach and pats the chest of Alyster, before saying, "This is fun, buddy. This is fun. I'm glad we're doing this. Gettin' all the disdain out. Anniversary ... just wasn't enough."

    Golden pulls Alyster up and rolls him into the ring. Then he follows and presses his forearm into the face of Alyster Black. The crowd begins groaning and booing as "The Rotten Gold" smiles amid his heavy breathing and breath-catching moment.

    Broc Lobster: "Alyster Black is in trouble here, getting overtaken by Golden since the suicide dive really. What has to change?"

    Jean-Luc Watkins: "Alyster needs a big physical move, usually from a whip to the ropes or some separation. I doubt Golden lets him have that any time soon, though. Golden is going to keep Alyster close to him."

    He then walks up to his feet and has Alyster next to him. Tag made to Ramon, who lands an immediate forearm. Then a snap DDT into the middle of the ring and a cover!

    ONE... TWO... TH--NO!!

    Broc Lobster: "Now it's Randy Ramon putting the screws to Alyster. Meanwhile, Krash is on about six minutes of rest and he's ready to go."

    "Rockstar" Ramon whips Alyster to the ropes and ducks a clothesline from the masked sadist. Ramon then hits a spinebuster into the middle of the ring!

    Tag made to Golden, who goes to the top turnbuckle with his face to the crowd! He looks behind him and sizes up where Alyster lays in the ring. Then falls into a split-legged moonsault!!!


    Jean-Luc Watkins: "That's the exact thing the Gang Stars needed, and what Golden Rock didn't need. Golden always goes for that split-legged moonsault and it's high risk, high reward. He needs to hit it in the road to a win. He just didn't get it this time!"

    Alyster and Golden lay on the mat with Alyster catching his breath and Golden nursing his lower spine from the knees. Golden gets up to his feet as Alyster is about to one knee. Golden charges and Alyster uses the momentum for a pendulum backbreaker!!! It's more pain to the lower back of Golden, as Alyster stumbles over and tags Krash!!!

    Krash waits for Golden to get to hunched over before hitting the Famouser! He then covers!

    ONE... TWO... THR--NO!

    Ramon teased interrupting it but Golden kicked out in time. "Rockstar" Randy Ramon retreats to his corner and is now the most fresh person waiting to enter. Krash pulls him to the Gang Stars' corner. This neutralizes "The Rotten Gold" as Ramon awaits his next chance.

    Krash pushes Golden into the corner for repeated backhand chops. Krash lands a flurry of right hands before tagging in Alyster, who puts a boot into the throat of Golden. Alyster then teases a whip to the Golden Rock corner and 180s into a whip back to the Gang Stars' corner. Golden stumbles out as Alyster hits a snapmare and dropkick to the back of Golden's head, plus his upper spine.

    Krash tags in and covers, with Ramon sprinting into the ring to break it up at one and a half!

    Alyster and Ramon get into a verbal spat now from across the ring. Krash then bemoans at the ref for "Rockstar" entering. Krash refocuses on Golden and whips to the ropes. He hits a dropsault to the chest. Then covers a second time!

    And for a second time, Randy Ramon breaks it up! This one was barely at a two count.

    "Rockstar" and Alyster get into more of a verbal confrontation. Krash is watching as he pulls Golden to his feet, only for Golden to small package into a roll-up!


    Broc Lobster: "Hey ... this could be a bit hypocritical!"

    The hypocrisy is on point as Ramon points at Alyster and laughs. Golden and Krash are separated by the referee, who then makes a point of asserting himself, telling Alyster and Ramon to go to their corners. Golden slaps the face of Krash, who slaps Golden back. This leads to a scuffle and wayward, wild punches between the two. Krash knees Golden in the ribs and backs him into the turnbuckle.

    Krash whips Golden across the ring and follows with a "ONE-HIT KILL" running knee to the chest! This takes all the wind from Golden's chest cavity as he leans forward and gasps for air. Krash then tags Alyster, who does his "Violence Party" set of punches, slaps, chops, and jabs! Golden is completely stunned as Alyster walks him to the middle of the ring and hits a "Gamma Bomb"!

    He kneels down and covers as Krash watches for Ramon, who stays in his corner with one leg in the ring and one leg on the other side of the ropes...

    ONE... TWO...

    Broc Lobster: "This could be it! We could have new champions!"


    Golden kicks out at the final moment, as the match seems to be leaning more in the favor of the Gang Stars now. Krash tags back in and whips Golden to the ropes. He tries another "ONE-HIT KILL" knee but Golden ducks and sweeps both legs as Krash goes face first into the canvas. Golden then hits a German suplex right after!!!

    And keeps the hold around the waist, from the rear, as he walks Krash up and hits a SECOND German suplex. He leads Krash up as the crowd all rises and shouts, "THREEEEE!!!" with Golden lifting Krash from behind and throwing him backwards for the third of the triple German suplexes!

    The crowd shouts in approval as Golden lays face up, breathing heavily, with Krash laying on the canvas right under the bottom rope nearest to Randy Ramon.

    Golden rolls to his side and eventually his chest as he crawls over and makes a much-needed tag to "Rockstar" Randy Ramon.

    Jean-Luc Watkins: "This has been about 13 minutes of Randy Ramon waiting for a tag! Here he comes, completely fresh! This is one of the best in the FWA right now and he's at near-100% energy while the Gang Stars are all moderately spent!"

    Ramon lands a clothesline to Krash. Then a running knee to the face. He leads Krash up and hits a brainbuster right after going for the cover as Alyster Black watches from his corner with held breath!

    ONE... TWO...

    Broc Lobster: "Could this be it?! Could Golden Rock retain?!"

    THR---NO! Krash kicks out!

    Alyster Black is able to breathe again as Krash lays next to "Rockstar", who takes a second to re-center himself.

    Ramon grabs Krash and leads him to his feet. He whips him to the ropes and tries "The Remix" superkick. He doesn't see the blind tag from Alyster as Krash goes off the original ropes and goes with a clothesline as Alyster goes low with a shoulder to the back of the legs! This double-team move puts Ramon on his back as Alyster is now the legal man!

    Alyster grabs "Rockstar" as Golden begins shouting whatever he can to distract the masked CWA Tag Team Champion. Alyster ignores him and teases "Satan's Spike" but Ramon drives Alyster into the ropes. Golden then tags on the back with a blind decision and rears back with Alyster caught by Ramon and ...

    Broc Lobster: "REMIX! REMIX FROM GOLDEN!"

    Jean-Luc Watkins: "Golden did a superkick!"

    Alyster looks completely out of it as Golden lets him fall to the mat, with a leg hook pin to follow!




    Broc Lobster: "GOLDEN ROCK WILL LIVE ON!"



    The crowd explodes as Golden leans against the ropes, needing to catch his breath. Ramon tags in on the shoulder and immediately sizes Alyster up and prepares for HIS "Remix" superkick!

    When he goes for it, Alyster ducks and surprises Ramon with "Alyster Does the Right Thing and Rides the Bomb to Hell" avalanche death-valley driver! The ring shakes on impact as Alyster lays across the seemingly unconscious Randy Ramon!

    Broc Lobster: "COULD IT BE?!"


    Broc Lobster: "This is the end of Golden Rock!"


    Broc Lobster: "This is THE END of Golden and Ramon!"



    The crowd is electric now as Krash and Golden both reach over the ropes for tags. The dual tag is made as Golden meets a running elbow from Krash. Then a forearm. Krash runs off the ropes but Golden meets him with a jumping cutter! Golden then goes to the top turnbuckle as Krash lays on the mat and teases the "Golden Touch" frogsplash ... but Alyster knocks him in the leg and makes him lose his balance!

    Golden lands on his feet and Krash surprises him with an enzuiguri to the side of the head! Now it's Krash's turn to go up top!

    Broc Lobster: "This is gonna be Daybreaker!"

    Krash removes the elbow pad and leaps off for the diving elbow ... LANDING IN THE CHEST! And he covers!

    As Alyster Black slaps the canvas three times!






    Jean-Luc Watkins: "What must they do to finish this?!"

    Krash is beside himself as Alyster charges to Ramon and lands a forearm. Eventually, they roll out of the ring ... both falling awkwardly to the floor. Krash is in the ring but gets surprised when Golden hits a kick to the gut and ...

    Vertical suplex into a faceplant! "The Rotten Touch" perfected move! Golden kneels and covers!




    Golden leans back and is now the one feeling like he doesn't know how to finish it. Krash pulls himself up using the ropes as Golden pulls him to the middle of the ring. He grabs both legs and tries to turn Krash onto his stomach for a liontamer submission! The crowd begins rooting for Krash to fight out ... as Golden tries everything he can to twist Krash both ways to get him onto his stomach.

    Krash eventually pulls Golden towards him and lands a stiff punch to the face. Krash gets up as Golden tries a kick to the gut but it's caught as Krash as Golden is on one leg now! Outside the ring, Alyster has shoved Ramon into the ring post!

    Golden tries a desperation enzuiguri with the one free leg but Krash ducks. He allows Golden to go face first into the canvas! Krash then leads Golden to his feet and hits ...

    Broc Lobster: "RAZZLE DAZZLE!"


    Golden is lights out, pun intended, as Krash knees next to him and covers! Just as "Rockstar" flips Alyster over the ring steps to counter on the outside!


    Broc Lobster: "FOLKS!"


    Broc Lobster: "THIS IS THE END ..."


    Broc Lobster: "OF GOLDEN ROCK!"

    Winners: Gang Stars via pin fall at 24:58.

    As the ref's hand hits the mat a third time and the bell rings, "Rockstar" Randy Ramon gets to about halfway under the ropes. He completely freezes, his eyes big and bulgy as reality sets in. He watches Krash get the hand raise and the crowd go wild with cheers and jubilation. He then sees Golden, his tag team partner, was the man pinned. Ramon hoped it was anyone else, maybe a third team randomly inserted at the final moment. Or maybe Krash somehow pinned Alyster. He just hoped it wasn't Golden under the pin, the one targeted with the count.

    But it was.

    Golden Rock lost. "Rockstar" can only hang his head in disappointment and look to the canvas as Krash receives one of the FWA Tag Team Championship belts, while Alyster stumbles around the ring and gets the second of the pair.

    Broc Lobster: "Golden Rock ... have lost ... the FWA Tag Team Championships. Game 7 ... is done. Golden and Ramon are on separate brands, so the team is done. There is no tomorrow, no next match."

    Jean-Luc Watkins: "Barring a trade or something, I don't see how this can continue. You can't have a formidable, working tag team across brands since you aren't competing weekly. This was always a tentative pairing after the draft. It finally reached the ending point, at the hands of the Gang Stars. Like many other title reigns in wrestling. It's inevitable."

    Golden remains on the canvas as Ramon slowly scoots towards him, consoling him with a hand on the chest. Golden is looking up to the rafters the bright lights shining down on him. He can only trace back his mistakes in his memory and wish for them, dream them, to be different. But that's a dream and this is reality.

    Broc Lobster: "What a run for Golden Rock. From the random pairing in The Elite Tag Team Tournament to the undefeated stretch through the bracket ... they became tag team champions, defining the division in 2020. And even in the first half of 2021, they were part of the apex rivalry with Danny Toner and Ryan Rondo, going back and forth with the titles at Desert Storm and arguably the greatest tag team match ever at Back in Business Fifteen. And now ... due to the semantics of the brand-split draft ... Golden Rock must end ... here ... after doing everything they could to keep going, but coming up against a two-headed legendary monster that was not to be stopped tonight in the Gang Stars."

    Krash and Alyster leave the ring with the titles, in full emotions of joy and happiness, as the announcers stop talking. The crowd then is left looking into the ring at Golden Rock, who are ... in a state of shock. Golden finally sits up as Ramon gets to his feet. A hand is offered as Golden rises up to his feet and looks out to nothing in particular with his hands on his hips.

    Broc Lobster: "If this is the end, and it feels like it, what a run for Golden Rock. And possibly a career for Golden. He came back two years ago, unsure of his future and how he'd fit back in the FWA. He became a five- and then six-time FWA Tag Team Champion. I'd call it a successful return from retirement, and now he's at another crossroads. The fans feel it."

    Ramon offers an embrace as Golden leans in, needing full support of his partner. Ramon then says, "It's alright. It's alright. Good shit. Good shit." Golden is emotionless, though. He's not crying, not anything. Ramon finally leaves the ring, allowing Golden to get a bit of a "moment" from the crowd.

    But he doesn't want much. He simply offers a hand up in the air as the crowd rises and cheers for him. It's out of respect for a great career spanning 13 years, starting in 2008 and supposedly ending here at Lights Out in 2021. "The Rotten Gold", who now looks more like "The Golden One", simply mouths a "thank you" to the Tokyo crowd before exiting the ring himself, holding his lower spine in pain as he leaves the ring.

    There's not much more to view here as Golden slowly walks up, cameras following him for possibly the last time leaving an FWA, or any wrestling fed's, ring. Finally, the cameras cut away from Golden and the ring area to the next segment, with emotions overflowing but Golden somehow keeping his cool amid the weight of the moment.


    We cut backstage and immediately the Japanese crowd comes unglued as the big screen in the Tokyo Dome and millions of televisions across the world are filled with the image of the number one contender to the FWA World Championship, ‘The Astonishing One’ Chris Kennedy. Kennedy’s hair lies perfectly atop his handsome face, and he flashes an award-winning smile.

    Chris Kennedy: “I’ve only got one thing to say… tonight… is about coming home!”

    The crowd pops loudly and immediately begin a loud chant.




    The Japanese crowd is getting loud and the excitement in the arena is pulsating. Chris raises a hand, and the vocal fans respectfully quieten down to allow Kennedy the chance to speak ahead of his massive match tonight.

    Chris Kennedy: “I only have one thing to say but it has a few meanings. Tonight… I am coming home. I am back in Japan, a country I hold near and dear to my heart. A country where I not only made my start… but revived my whole damn career. It feels only right that it’s in the Tokyo Dome where I truly come home. Not just to Japan, but to the FWA.”

    The crowd politely begin clapping Kennedy. His tone is calm, yet he speaks with a ferocious undertone. He’s not a man who speaks in a way that allows him to be easily dismissed.

    Chris Kennedy: “Returning… being the number one pick in the draft… defending the streak at Back in Business… winning the Meltdown Royal… putting an end to the Cyrus question…”

    Kennedy has his hand held up and flicks up four digits and a thumb as he recalls his recent achievements.

    Chris Kennedy: “It’s been great, but…”

    Kennedy clasps his hand into a fist and stares at the camera, his eyes scarcely hiding the burning fire they contain.

    Chris Kennedy: “I still don’t feel like I’ve come home. I’m not going to feel like that until the FWA World Championship comes home and I think every single person in this arena agrees that the FWA World Championship’s home is right around my waist!”

    The crowd pops at Kennedy’s declaration.

    Chris Kennedy: “I know you’re listening to this Michelle, and I suggest-”

    ???: “She ain’t listenin’, pal.”

    Kennedy glares off-screen at the interruption and as the camera pans out, the Japanese crowd treat us to another huge pop. Standing with a cheeky grin on his face, in his best Nike tracksuit, is Danny ‘Fucking’ Toner. The crowd are cheering loudly as Kennedy and Toner come face to face for the first time in years… and probably the first time meaningfully, ever.

    Danny Toner: “You think Dreamer’s sweatin’ you? You think she’s sittin’ in the back pouring over old footage, makin’ notes and meticulously plannin’ for a showdown… with you? Heh. You’re not who Dreamer’s worryin’ about… you’re nothin’ more than a roadblock, a distraction, an unwelcome side-story. I know that ain’t somethin’ you’re used to but maybe it’s time you and I had a little talk and I brought you up to speed on the current lay of the land. See the hierarchy changed while you’ve been gone bud-”

    Chris Kennedy: “Firstly, I ain’t your bud or your pal.”

    Danny actually looks a little taken back. Not at the revelation that Kennedy isn’t his friend but… just that somebody cut him off mid-sentence, rather than the other way around.

    Chris Kennedy: “Secondly, the hierarchy can change, hell, the hierarchy can be teared down and rebuilt in whatever goddamn fashion you can imagine, and it still doesn’t matter one iota. You know why? Because whenever the hell I decide to get back in the game, it doesn’t matter what the hierarchy is… I return and immediately retake my place at the top. I wouldn’t expect you to understand… we’re talking about something you’ve never actually experienced after all…”

    The crowd “oooooh” Kennedy’s comment but ‘The Astonishing One’ has found his flow and isn’t quite done, he seems to only be getting started.

    Chris Kennedy: “Thirdly… if I’m a… what did you say? Side-story… what the hell are you? You’re in an exhibition match with two commentators and Sauce Man, while I’m fighting in the main event for the World Championship. Again, two things you don’t really know a lot about-”

    Kennedy isn’t cut off, but he stops speaking as Danny begins laughing in an over-the-top fashion. Kennedy burrows his eyebrows as Danny doubles over and leans against the wall for support. Finally, the over-acting stops and Danny fixes Kennedy with a death stare.

    Danny Toner: “You’re a funny guy, Chris, I’ll give ya that… you actually think you’re going to beat Dreamer tonight, don’t ya? Look… I don’t wanna hurt your feelings, I think you’re an alright guy! But… you ain’t gettin’ near that FWA World Championship tonight. You ain’t good enough to beat Dreamer.”

    The crowd again “oooooh” but this time it’s Kennedy on the receiving end. Danny smiles broadly, changing up from his momentary seriousness.

    Danny Toner: “But don’t worry, man, don’t despair! You ain’t all-in yet! You ain’t got a chance against Dreamer, so I ain’t sweatin’ you at Fallout 007 but… you still got a chance. All you gotta do is win the Carnal Contendership and I’ll make sure to drop by your yard at Back in Business with my FWA World Championship.”

    The crowd explodes at this statement and the buzz reaches fever pitch as Danny goes to take his leave… but not before shoulder-bumping Kennedy on his way. Kennedy immediately grabs Toner by the arm and spins him around so he’s facing him, both men know seem angered. Kennedy gets right into Danny’s face and begins jutting a finger at him.

    Chris Kennedy: “Hold up, son. We’ve got a date a lot sooner than that and if you somehow survive Chris Kennedy at Fallout 007, you don’t have to wait until Back in Business to come to my yard. I’ll gladly go to your warehouse any time you fucking want. Just say the word.”

    Danny snarls at Kennedy and grits his teeth before pushing his head against Kennedy’s. Kennedy is quick to push his head back against Toners and suddenly, Toner and Kennedy looks like it’s about to turn volatile much to the delight of the Japanese fans. Before it can kick off however, dozens of backstage officials begin pouring out to the hallway and separating the two. The fans boo loudly as the two get dragged off in separate directions. But they won’t have to wait long… as both Toner and Kennedy are in action, tonight!


    With the lively crowd in attendance beginning to grow restless as they await the next contest of the evening. Yet they are soon in for a surprise as all of a sudden the lights in the building begin to slowly shut off. Once the arena is encapsulated by darkness, several emergency sirens play over the PA system. This causes both the crowd and the announcers to come to a complete halt as a women's voice begins to speak over the PA system.

    "This is not a test. This is an emergency broadcast system announcing the commencement of the annual purge. Sanctioned by the US government. Weapons of class four and lower have been authorized for use during the purge. All other weapons are restricted. Government officials of ranking ten have been granted immunity from the purge and shall not be harmed. Commencing at the siren, any and all crime including murder will be legal for twelve hours.... Blessed be our new founding fathers!"

    Demetrius X's The Purge Rebirth then begins to play as the arena remains consumed by complete darkness. This is until a series of dark green and red strobe lights begin to appear and disappear in time with the beats of the music. The crowd in attendance seem a little caught off guard by these effects until all of a sudden at the top of the now pitch black entrance ramp lights up a black neon purge mask. The orange lights exemplify the creepy smile and crossed out eyes of the mask. As this masked individual walks to the ring the lighting effects behind him project an image of blood spatter behind every step he takes. Thanks to the lights as well as the graphic on the titantron it soon becomes apparent that this entrance belongs to "The Heretic" Dan Maskell ahead of his match with Michael Garcia.

    Kurt Harrington: "Ladies and gentleman, this match is scheduled for one fall with a thirty minute time limit. Already in the ring, the Carnegie Carnivore... Michael Garcia!"

    There's not much of a positive reception for Garcia who stays in his own corner, focused on the man who sidelined him and took out his brother.

    Kurt Harrington: "And his opponent, weighing in at two hundred and twenty five pounds... from London, England... THE HERETIC... DAN MASKELL!"

    And even more torrential hatred for the Heretic as his name is called.

    Jean-Luc Watkins: "Dan Maskell has been an absolute nightmare for Michael Garcia recently on Meltdown, leaving not only him with a concussion, but arguably ending the career of his younger brother Malik Garcia."

    Broc Lobster: "Dan Maskell is ruthless, Jean-Luc. All he wants to do is hurt people. It's barbaric. And the way the man is looking right now, I'm down right terrified of what he plans to do."

    Jean-Luc Watkins: "Maskell has very few friends, but I think he likes it that way."

    As he draws near the ringside area thanks to the lights we see that Dan is wearing a black hooded top and a pair of dark black jeans. Once he nears the ringside area the lights completely turn to a darker shade of red as Dan climbs into the ring. While several phone cameras can be seen lighting up parts of the crowd, slowly the lights in the building begin to switch on. Pacing back and forth in his corner as he stands across from Michael Garcia, Dan appears like a man possessed as his mutters can be heard from under the mask. Coming to a complete halt, Dan stands with his body to the side not even facing Mike face on as he lowers his hood and removes his mask revealing a cold stare. Tilting his head to stare at Michael Garcia, Dan's focus doesn't break while he removes his jacket and tosses it to the ground. Once he does so, this eerie calm is broken as a frenzied Dan rushes across the ring in order to kickstart this match.

    Dan Maskell vs. Michael Garcia.
    Singles Match.
    (Match writer: Shade)
    With Dan Maskell rushing Michael Garcia before the bell has even rung, this match gets right underway with absolutely no feeling out period. Having got the jump on his opponent with his charge, Dan is able to connect with several hard punches on Michael Garcia until he backs him up into the corner. It is from the corner however Garcia is able to start firing back at Maskell as he connects with some punches of his own which allows him to shove Dan backwards in order to gain a reprieve. Looking to continue this aggressive approach Dan rushes back to charge Garcia but he is met with a big boot directly to the jaw which rattles the Heretic.

    Seemingly groggy as he takes a step back, Dan is then met with a push kick right to the chest by Garcia which causes Dan to fall to the canvas before he rushes to his feet. Charging towards Garcia, it appears this over aggression has backfired against Dan as Garcia catches him for an attempt at the Pittsburgh pendulum unfortunately for Garcia however Dan has this move well scouted and is able to drop down to the side of Garcia before he blasts him with a tramp stamp. This nasty northern lariat appears to do serious damage to Garcia as he falls to the canvas in a heap and thanks to a camera close up is shown to be looking quite glazed over in his eyes.

    Jean-Luc Watkins: "That looked like a very hard lariat, Broc."

    Broc Lobster: "I'm not sure Garcia is back to feeling himself ever since Maskell caved his head in with the steel chair."

    Trying to pull himself to the ropes, this glazed look in Garcia's eyes doesn't go unnoticed by the official who attempts to check on his well being. However the referee's attempt to check on Garcia is intercepted by a rabid Dan who literally dives onto Garcia like a predator attacking it's prey. Raining punches and elbows directly to the temple and skull of Garcia, standing up from Garcia it soon becomes apparent that Dan isn't about to give Garcia anytime to recover as he begins to fire off some vicious soccer kicks towards Garcia's head and despite Michael's attempts to cover up, Dan would even sneak in some stomps directly to the head.

    Again the referee attempted to try and get between the two, this time however it appeared more so that some serious damage had been suffered by Garcia. This time however Dan shoves the referee to the side as we see somehow Michael Garcia muster some strength to pull himself up using the ropes. But even as it does so it becomes apparent that Garcia is practically out on his feet. With Garcia in the ropes Dan begins to punish him with the Welcome to Blunderland knee strikes which he follows up with the grand slam boot directly to the side of Garcia's head putting him back down on the canvas.

    Broc Lobster: "Dan Maskell isn't giving Michael Garcia any chance at getting back in this one. I've never seen him manhandled like this before."

    Jean-Luc Watkins: "Maskell is on a mission tonight, Broc. He wanted to hurt Garcia, and I don't think he's going to let anything stop him from doing that."

    The audience who would usually delight in seeing Michael Garcia receive such a beating, can only express their concern at the well being of the former FWA champion. Showing absolutely no remorse despite the damage done, Dan drags the deadweight Garcia to his feet and drives him down into the turnbuckle with Home by Midnight. Again a conflicted official looks to check on Garcia as he clearly is considering calling a stop to the contest. But this time the official finds himself cornered by Dan Maskell, the enraged Heretic clearly has a point to prove as he can be heard demanding that the referee stand in the corner until he is needed or else!

    Broc Lobster: "I know the official has to do his job but when Dan threatens you, he usually means it, damned be the consequences."

    Jean-Luc Watkins: "Over on Fallout, we'd suspend someone for this kind of behavior."

    With Garcia down in the corner, Dan uses this moment to pin Garcia's arms by his side as he fires off several nasty headbutts towards Garcia only increasing the damage he has already doled out. Rising to his feet a snarling Dan is frothing at the mouth as he begins to pace back and forth all the while barking at Garcia that this is his purge night. Coming to a complete halt Dan soon however goes from erratic to a state of eerie calm as he drags Garcia to his feet one more time. Looking over at the referee and giving him a nod to inform him that it's time, Dan then proceeds to spike Garcia into the canvas with the Big Ben Bash before making a cover. 1! 2! 3!

    Winner: "The Heretic" Dan Maskell via pin fall at 5:28.

    Kurt Harrington: "And your winner by pinfall, "The Heretic" DAN MASKELL!"

    "EVERYBODY KNOWS" by Wildfire begins to play throughout the arena while a horrified crowd remains silent at what they've just witnessed. Having picked up this disturbing yet still impressive victory, one might expect Dan to be all smiles as he climbs to his feet. Yet as the referee goes to raise his arm in the air, in a stunning moment not only does Dan quickly pull his arm away but he also fires off a flash left cross directly to the jaw of the official. While the referee falls to the canvas in a heap having been badly stunned if not completely knocked out from the shot, it is clear by Dan's expression and body language that he is not entirely finished with Michael Garcia.

    Broc Lobster: "Somebody oughtta get the official out of the ring. You're wrestling again, Jean-Luc, go help him out!"

    Jean-Luc Watkins: "I'm afraid I've gotta stay fresh for Fallout 006, Broc."

    This is firmly on display as Dan again pounces on a defenseless Garcia and just proceeds to batter him with punches to the head. Continuing this vicious beatdown Dan drags the lifeless Garcia to his feet before he proceeds to connect with that swift combination of punches he knows as the fantastic five. It sends Garcia falling out through the ropes and out onto the ring apron. With a look of sheer menace in his eyes, Dan climbs out onto the ring apron before he hoists Garcia to his feet. Similar to what he did to Kai Urigawa, Dan then hoists Michael Garcia in the air and in one swift move spikes Garcia head first into the ring apron with the Big Ben Bash!

    Broc Lobster: "I'm not sure we're going to see Michael Garcia again anytime soon, Jean-Luc. The last man Dan Maskell did that too is still recovering as far as I'm aware, and that was months ago."

    Jean-Luc Watkins: "I think Maskell has sent a message tonight and the Meltdown roster must surely be paying attention. I believe we're going to get some medical personnel there, and here's to hoping Dan Maskell lets them go through."

    There is a collective gasp from the audience in attendance as Michael Garcia falls to the floor with a loud thud. While Garcia is motionless, Dan takes a seat on the ring apron and he looks down at his work. Slowly a feint smile appears on Dan's face as he is seemingly proud with what he has accomplished here. As doctors and paramedics rush down to the ring to check on Michael Garcia who hasn't moved a muscle, Dan finally begins to make his exit by walking up the ramp. Yet as he reaches the top of the stage, Dan again turns back around and looks at Garcia who is being tended to by doctors. The smile on Dan's face only grows broader as he then disappears satisfied with his work.

    We cut to the commentators, sat at ringside and ready to introduce the next match-up...

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “Up next we have what is both a grudge match but also an X Championship match. This is a match that has been long in the making, stemming from Kayden Knox’s affiliation with The Undisputed Alliance in the now defunct Affliction faction. To Nate Savage, this match is about putting Knox down, but as if the stakes needed to be any higher in a Parking Lot Brawl, when Knox managed to beat Uncle J.J. JAY! for the X Championship, it was only natural he’d have to defend the gold at Lights Out. Let’s head backstage where our two competitors are just now arriving.”

    We now switch to the parking lot of the Tokyo Dome where we quickly find one end of the parking lot brawl setup where Nate Savage arrives first. He’s without Jackson Fenix on this rare occasion but it’s hard to believe his partner won’t show up in some shape or form this match. Nate is in semi-street wear for this one on account of the setting. Several cars are parked in a semi circle which some few fans and many lower card wrestlers surround. There’s a semi-trailer-truck nearby, some tables, various planks, and plenty more if the two competitors choose to get creative in their opponents suffering.

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “Nate Savage just recently competed in the fatal four way match to capture the X Championship, but it was Knox who impressed the most in that match to get a singles opportunity.”

    Broc Lobster: “I’m sensing a lot of jealousy from TUA and Nate Savage. Kayden Knox has been on a roll since leaving The Affliction. He’s a better man, Jean-Luc! Meanwhile, TUA lost the #1 Contendership for the FWA World Tag Team titles, Jackson Fenix lost in Round 1 of the eliminator, Nate Savage lost the X Championship match. And then at Fallout 005, they lost to the debuting Alchemist. Meanwhile…”

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “Kayden Knox has just won his first singles championship in the FWA. Nate Savage has promised to do everything he can to end Kayden Knox tonight. We’ll see if he manages that.”

    Kayden Knox makes his own appearance on the other side of the parking lot. He’s also in semi-street wear, but he’s got two things that make him stand out all the more. He is wearing the X Championship proudly around his waist… and there’s also some bandages there from Uncle’s back work on Fallout 005.

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “It’s been a long time coming for The Atoner Kayden Knox, but he perhaps felt that all his efforts and attempts at change were vindicates when he was able to defeat J.J. JAY! and become an X Champion after coming so close, so many times since his arrival here in the FWA.

    Broc Lobster: “I love a feel-good story, Jean-Luc. It warms my heart. Knox has done his best to make up for past mistakes, to become a better person and I hope that victory showed him that he’s on the right track.”

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “We’ve seen the X Championship bounce around quite a bit this year. We’ve had 8 different champions across these past ten months. It’s a tough belt to defend, and it’s certainly not helped by the intensity and danger that naturally comes from the X Rules match this belt is usually defended in. Knox is no stranger to these sort of violent match-up, but Savage has been in his fair share of tough conditions. I think this is going to be a very close, and very brutal fight.”

    Kayden Knox [c] vs. Nate Savage
    Parking Lot Brawl.
    FWA X Division Championship
    (Match writer: Jon)
    The defending X Champion Kayden Knox and the challenger Nate Savage gingerly circle around each other. The concrete they’re walking on, the various Japanese-brand cards surrounding them, there’s a table in between some cars, some recycling bins, an FWA production truck, all there ripe for the two competitors to hurt each other with.

    Knox has the size disadvantage against Savage, and the challenger’s quite aware of it. He approaches Kayden carefully but with intent. Knox decides to meet his fate head on and they lock up. Nasty Nate uses his strength to overpower Knox and send him falling onto his back on the concrete.

    He rolls back to his feet but his back’s bruised from rolling across the concrete, it’s certainly not the convenience of rolling on a ring mat. Savage also doesn’t give him much reprieve. He charges into the Atoner, forcing his lower spine into the edge of a car’s hood. Knox groans at the pain into his lower back.

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “J.J. JAY! put a great deal of focus on Knox’s lower back at Fallout 005, and in this sort of environment, Knox is going to see his durability tested. Savage is not going to have any mercy on that back.”

    Nasty Nate hammers down onto the floor with clubbing blows until Knox is seated, doing his best to protect himself against further damage though not succeeding very well. Nate unloads few boots until Kayden stops resisting.

    He backs away from Kayden with the blood hungry crowd of lucky fans and as well lower midcarders around the makeshift ‘ring’ urging him on. Savage judges he’s made enough distance and barrels forward towards Knox, launching himself at the X Champion with a CANNONBALL SENTON… STRAIGHT INTO THE CAR’S BUMPER! Knox dove out of the way just in time! Savage lands awkwardly, the top of his head and part of his neck crashing into the concrete floor, with his back taking a huge brunt of the damage.

    Jean-Luc Watkins: "A big risk from Nate Savage, and I'm not sure the right move this early going in the match."

    Broc Lobster: "A Parking Lot Brawl means bigger risk, Jean-Luc, and a lot of times those risks don't pay off."

    Knox drags him into a pinning predicament.


    The Atoner launches some forearms down at Savage to wear him down and helps him get to his feet. He grabs hold of Savage’s head and makes a running start towards the car - uses it as leverage to back flip and DUDLEY DOG ONTO THE CONCRETE! It hurts Knox quite a bit too who doesn’t get to land on the ring mat like he usually does but Savage takes the brunt of the damage for landing face first. The official is quick to check on Savage and though his face is bruised with many thin cuts on it, he’s still fine to carry on.

    Knox has brought over a wooden plank and urges the official out of the way before he snaps it across the back of Nasty Nate! It splits in half and Knox launches the remaining piece in hand at Savage’s head. Knox decides to go retrieve a second weapon, not realizing that the first one pissed Nasty Nate off quite a bit. The challenger has forced his way back to his feet and he rushes in behind Knox, grabs him by the waist - BRIDGING GERMAN SUPLEX! WHAT A HARSH LANDING! Knox barely had a second to realize what was happening to him.


    Unfortunately, the bridging German Suplex on concrete wasn’t the best idea and Savage is holding the back of his head in pain. He gets to his feet first in any case and doesn’t let Knox rest up. He gets him to a vertical base, packages him up and POWERBOMBS HIM INTO THE HOOD OF THE NEAREST CAR!

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “Nate Savage’s offense is centered around power moves. Power moves that often have you landing on your back. Knox is really feeling it now. This is the pain he has to go through to defend a title in this company.”

    Broc Lobster: "Nasty Nate is a mean, mean man, Jean-Luc. I would not want to face him in a Parking Lot Brawl. He's got the power advantage and it makes such a huge difference when there's so many things he can throw you on."

    Knox can’t help but yell as he rolls off the hood of the vehicle. Savage opens the car hood after Knox rolls off and then tries to drag him into it. Knox resists, trying to keep himself out of there but his efforts are cut short when Savage rams the car hood into his arm, then into his upper body, his lower back, until eventually Knox is fully in. He slams the hood down a couple more times for good measure. Nasty Nate walks up to the back of the car and climbs atop. He’s got an expressionless look on his face, solely concerned with doing his duty, killing Kayden Knox. He makes a running start across the roof of the car and then LANDS A SENTON ON TOP OF THE HOOD, SQUASHING THE X CHAMPION FLAT!

    Broc Lobster: "Nasty Nate just pancaked the X Champion! That is not a position you want to be in!"

    It takes a lot out of the challenger but Kayden Knox doesn’t seem to have his wits about him after this flurry of offensive blows. Savage leaves him there and walks over to one of the tough Japanese tables laying about. He drags the slightly narrow table over to where Knox still lays under the car hood and places it parallel to it. Nasty Nate helps Knox out from underneath the car hood and onto the table. The X Champion seems out of it enough that Nate doesn’t have to struggle much to get him there. The former FWA World Tag Team Champion climbs onto the car he’d senton’d onto earlier and measures the distance between him and the table. Nasty Nate and his two hundred and nearly seventy pounds MOONSAULT OFF THE CAR AND LANDS CROSS THE TABLE!

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “Once again, Savage’s preparation works against him! Kayden Knox moved out of the way just in time to avoid a potentially title-clenching moonsault from Nate Savage.”

    Broc Lobster: "Nasty Nate needs to avoid the risk in this sort of match. Just focus on overpowering your opponent."

    The notoriously sturdy Japanese table holds on, even with Nate landing with such velocity. Nate holds onto his chest as he bounces off it and stumbles to the ground. When he tries to get to one knee, Knox barrels in with a SHINING WIZARD! Again, the impact of falling onto his back on the concrete means Savage isn’t the only one reeling from that move. Still Knox is able to use the car to struggle to his feet. He moves over to where the table is and folds the legs in so that he can leave it leaning against the front of a car. Knox notices Nasty Nate’s used another vehicle to get back to his feet and sprints at him with A HELLUVA KICK!

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “Knox is keeping a close eye on Savage now. Nate took advantage of him earlier with that German Suplex. A Parking Lot Brawl is a dangerous, dangerous match and staying on offense is of paramount importance. I think Knox is quickly realizing that.”

    The Atoner drags a dizzy Savage over to the leaning table and places it against it. He strikes Savage with a few forearms to make sure he stays put and then walks away. He gets a running start, leaps up and HITS THE PEACE OF MIND ONTO SAVAGE AND THROUGH THE JAPANESE TABLE! It’s a hard landing for both men but Savage looks laid out after taking this flurry of offense from the champ. Knox drags Savage out of the corner and hooks the leg.


    Broc Lobster: "So close to retaining the championship!"

    Jean-Luc Watkins: "Nate Savage isn't ready for his PPV match to end yet, Broc. He's still got a lot left in the tank, I think."

    Nasty Nate’s been through his share of beatdowns and shows his resilience with a kick out. Knox is shocked but not discouraged. He gets Nate up to his feet but Nate desperately elbows him to get some distance. He stumbles away from Knox to get a breather but Knox pursues him. Nate his an eye poke to keep Knox at bay and stumbles past two vehicles, and some crowd members. He doesn’t seem unsure of where he’s going, arriving near the lengthy semi-trailer truck marking one end of the alloted arena. The gathered crowd “wow’ing” catches Nate’s attention, he turns around to spot Knox having finished running across a car to leap off with a JUMPING HIGH KNEE that floors them both. It’s a harsh landing for Knox but he shows his immense resilience by rolling onto his feet and taking in the adulation from surrounding fans and wrestlers.

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “The Atoner is keeping on top of Nate Savage no matter what. He’s sacrificing his body to make sure Nasty Nate doesn’t get a moment to breathe.”

    Broc Lobster: "Smart strategy! Nate's a big guy. He can take a lot of offense. You can't let him catch a break."

    Knox takes stock of his environment and turns around to see the semi-trailer truck standing behind him. He looks down at Savage, and then spots several tables piled onto each other. Knox looks at Savage again, and it’s clear he’s making some mental calculations. The champion walks over to grab one of the tables and lays it out parallel to the semi-trailer truck. He walks over to Nasty Nate and dishes out a few forearms but at this point, Savage has taken quite a bit of offense since failing to hit his moonsault and isn’t in much of a position to defend himself. Knox leads the challenger onto the table and places him on top.

    The Atoner walks over to the trailer and with an impressive bit of athleticism, runs up the trailer briefly to catch the edge of the top. He pulls himself up while there’s obvious worry and silence for everyone watching.

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “This is as high risk high reward as you get in professional wrestling. Kayden Knox gave it his everything to become X Champion and I think he’s decided he’ll do everything in his power to keep it but. This is… quite a bit of a risk.”

    Broc Lobster: "I don't think he should do this, Jean-Luc. I really don't. This is the one situation where I'm not sure the reward is worth the risk."

    Kayden Knox stands atop the production truck. Below him. Far below him, is Nasty Nate Savage on a table. The surrounding crowd is staring on intensely but still mum, hopeful but fearful. The officials know this is perfectly legal but still encourages the X Champion not to do something so reckless, begging him to come down. The Atoner looks down at Nasty Nate and JUMPS - 450 SPLASH - CRASH LANDING THROUGH THE TABLE AND ONTO CONCRETE!

    Broc Lobster: "OH NO!"

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “Nate Savage rolled off the table at the last second and Knox took all of that himself. I’m not sure if he still has anything left in him to continue this match and I think the official feels the same way. What a horrifying sight!”

    Knox is unmoving in a debris of wood chips. Savage lays on his back only feet away from the Atoner! The official rushes towards Knox to figure out if he’s still capable of continuing the match but Savage gets to his feet and pulls the official out of his way. Savage has a mean look on his face, he’s in quite a bit of pain, scarred and bruised from Knox’s offense. Kayden is far too helpless to do anything about it, that 450 Splash might well have him down for minutes. Nasty Nate grabs Knox by the arm and drags him across the parking lot, scraping his knee and limp body against the concrete towards center of the parking lot. Nasty Nate drags Kayden towards the nearest vehicle and lifts his body onto the hood of the car. He climbs up behind him and proceeds to drag him onto the roof of the vehicle.

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “Quite frankly, after that 450 Splash, I think Nate could’ve gone for the pin, but the challenger wants to leave nothing to chance. And if I can guess what he has in mind…”

    Nasty gets Knox to his knees but Knox still seems near incapacitated and can’t hold up after that fatal drop. Nate Savage packages Kayden Knox up, on the roof of the car, gets a short running start AND HITS SAVAGED RIGHT ONTOP OF THE FRONT WINDOW! It nearly shatters entirely beneath the weight of Savage and the head of Knox drilled into it but the window just manages to hold on.

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “I don’t think anyone in this company would survive Savaged… let alone on a car window. But it doesn’t look like Nate’s interested in a pinfall just yet.”

    Broc Lobster: "The official has to check if Knox can even continue. His head was drilled into the window!"

    Nate Savage shoves Knox off the vehicle and his limp body rolls onto the concrete. “I said I’d him permanently.” Nate points beyond the camera and Jackson Fenix who has been surprisingly absent from the match thus far pops out from the crowd with a grin on his face. He’s all too happy to participate in its conclusion. Nate viciously rips off the bandages around Knox’s waist and tosses it aside. Fenix approaches Kayden Knox and drags him onto his feet while Nate sets himself up next to the car. He mouths some insults to the man who can’t quite catch any of it and then makes sure Nasty Nate is ready. Fenix tosses Knox towards Nate, Nate pops him up - NASTY BOMB THROUGH THE FRONT WINDOW! It shatters entirely beneath the impact!

    Nate Savage drags him out of there and onto the hood again. He hooks the leg on top of the vehicle…


    Winner: Nate Savage via pinfall at 12:42.

    Nate Savage has a dark snicker on his face as the three count hits and he realizes that he's officially won his first singles championship in the FWA. The official approaches him with the X Championship but Jackson Fenix rips it out of his hands and comes to present it to his best friend himself. Knox remains unmoving on the car hood amidst the broken glass from the car window.

    Jean-Luc Watkins: "There are few championships harder in this company to defend than the X Championship, and unfortunately Kayden Knox just found out why tonight."

    Broc Lobster: "He was facing a man who was determined to hurt him, and I mean hurt him real bad. That 450 Splash was a big risk that just didn't pay off, Jean-Luc."

    Jean-Luc Watkins: "And Savaged and the Nasty Bomb would take any man, on their own, out in a wrestling ring, on top of a car? There was no getting up from that."

    Nate Savage and Jackson Fenix celebrate with the championship. Fenix mainly holds it while Savage limps at his side out of the parking lot area, a somber mood among the fans who might've hoped the result went differently. Several officials are checking on Kayden Knox who is showing signs of life now. Though distraught, the former champion seems to be trying to gather his bearings more than anything here.

    Broc Lobster: "It was a long road for Kayden to get here, and I'd like to paraphrase the legendary Cyrus Truth here... professional wrestling is a long and winding road. Things don't always go the way you want it to. But you gotta pick yourself back up. I'd love to see Kayden Knox get another shot at Nate Savage, Jean-Luc."

    Jean-Luc Watkins: "I hear you, Broc, but you're telling the wrong Watkins."


    We cut to the backstage area, where Natalie Rosenberg is on duty with a microphone in her hand and a smile upon her face. It seems no bother to her that she has been left off ring announcing duty for another pay-per-view… she looks quite happy to be included in any capacity. Next to her, with a more sullen and abstracted expression on her face than Rosenberg’s cheery and simpul disposition, is the FWA World Heavyweight Champion. There is some audible booing from the arena, which has no effect on either the interviewer or interviewee.

    Natalie Rosenberg: “I’m standing by, ladies and gentlemen, with one of the two competitors who will take part in our Japanese Death Match main event, from which - surely - neither the challenger Chris Kennedy or the champion Michelle von Horrowitz will emerge in quite the same state that they enter. Michelle, you’re no stranger to barbaric gimmick matches, having reigned in the X Division for some time, but tonight you go up against an opponent who will arguably give you the biggest challenge of your FWA career. Are you ready?”

    There’s a pause, and it seems for a moment that maybe von Horrowitz isn’t happy with the question. Then, though, it becomes clear that she’s staring past Rosenberg, as if an interloper or two has just approached and is standing just out of shot.

    When the camera pans out, we note that an interloper or two has just approached and is standing just out of shot.

    Natalie turns to face the new arrivals, and is greeted with the sight of ‘Rockstar’ Randy Ramon standing directly next to her. He looks fairly glum, given his earlier involvement in the evening’s proceedings…

    MvH: “Randy… it’s nice to see that you’re still with us. I felt sure that you’d be in some dive bar toilet sniffing coke, and your life-coach at an antenatal class by now. But life is full of pleasant little surprises. Randy… you are looking well. Have you lost weight? You seem about…”

    She surveys his shoulder, where a championship belt would’ve once have sat, whilst adjusting her own.

    MvH: “... five pounds lighter?”

    Now, she glances over at the space next to him.

    MvH: “Now you just have to drop the other one hundred and ninety eight pounds of dead weight, and you’ll be ready for Melbourne. I’m sorry… enough barbs. I know, tulip, that this is a very sad day for you. Game Seven, and all that. I mean, what will you do without your mouthpiece? Maybe the Rockstar will finally find his own voice? And how will your cheerleader possibly survive without his pet project? Without a purpose here he might actually have to commit himself full-time to parenthood. How dull. Either way, I hope you work things out and get it together soon, Randy. You only have about a month. And then? That little opportunity you’ve been dreaming of disappears for another seven years.”

    She smiles, and allows the retort.

    ’Rockstar’ Randy Ramon: “I expected you to be flippant. You’re always flippant, Michelle. And I would expect nothing less given what happened earlier on tonight. But… well, I remember hearing you speak, just before you won that...”

    He nods at the championship belt on her shoulder. His face is serious and solemn. Michelle listens carefully.

    ’Rockstar’ Randy Ramon: “About how many years it had taken for you to get to this point. You will understand, then, what Fallout 007 means to me. To the other guy, too, but he isn’t the main character in this story. A moment may be waiting for him at some point in the future. But this is not it. I wanted to give you fair warning…”

    He takes in a deep, thoughtful breath. The champion’s eyes don’t leave his as he continues.

    ’Rockstar’ Randy Ramon: “If you’re planning on going life and death with Kennedy tonight, I would advise against it. It will all be for nothing, anyway. I’ve been waiting for Melbourne for a very, very long time. And it doesn’t matter who is in my way. They won’t be for long.”

    With that, R3 wanders out of the shot. The interviewer looks momentarily perplexed, before trying to get things back on track.

    Natalie Rosenberg: “So, um… Michelle… any thoughts on Chris Kennedy?”

    Michelle continues to stare after the former tag team champion for a moment, and then walks out of shot in the opposite direction. We fade to black.


    Broc Lobster: "Coming up next on the Meltdown side of things, we’ll see Legends Evolved, Logan Darwin and his son Johnny Johnson, take on the team of Reagan Cole and Tommy Bedlam!"
    Jean-Luc Watkins: "Correct me if I’m wrong Broc, but wasn’t Lizzie Rose originally scheduled to be the partner for Cole?"

    Broc Lobster: "You would be correct, Jean-Luc, but due to a heinous assault by Johnny Johnson, Lizzie Rose will be out of action for an undisclosed amount of time."

    Jean-Luc Watkins: "Bedlam brutally assaulted a man on the last Meltdown as well, yes?"

    Broc Lobster: "Correct again, so I wouldn’t blame Cole if there’s some hesitancy on his end in wanting to team with Bedlam."

    Jean-Luc Watkins: "At the same time though, after seeing the ruthlessness that Bedlam is capable of, Cole may be lucky to have Bedlam on his side if he wants any chance of settling this score with Johnny Johnson."

    Broc Lobster: "There’s also the factor of Johnny and Logan working together as a team. We’ve seen it done before despite the tension between them, but will all that tension come to a head tonight?"

    Jean-Luc Watkins: "Well, we’ll find out all the answers to those questions right now!"

    “Can’t Stop Me” by State of Mine begins to play and Logan Darwin makes his way out to a well received reception. He stands on stage and looks out at the fans in the sold out Tokyo Dome before making his way down to the ring.

    Kurt Harrington: "The following tag team match is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from Philadelphia, PA and weighing in at 230 lb, “The Reaper” Logan Darwin!"

    Just as Logan reaches the ring his music is replaced with “Ultimate” by Denzel Curry feat. Juicy J, and the crowd’s mood changes to immediate jeers as Johnny Johnson arrogantly steps out. Johnson wastes no time strutting to the ring, and mocking fans along the way.

    Kurt Harrington: "and his tag team partner, from Philadelphia, PA and weighing in 230 lb, “The Legend” Johnny Johnson! Together they are known as Legends Evolved!"

    Johnson reaches the ring and brushes off his dad as he goes to pose on a turnbuckle, much to the dismay of fans in the front row that yell at him and curse him in japanese.

    ”Alone” by Jonathan Young & Lee Albrecht hits and Reagan Cole walks out on stage. Cole is eager to get this match going as he quickly walks down to the ring, not even waiting for his partner.

    Kurt Harrington: "Introducing their opponents, first from Essex, England and weighing in at 215 lb, “The British Apprentice” Reagan Cole!"

    Cole is in the ring and the referee holds him back from getting any closer to Johnny Johnson, who is egging him on with his taunts and trash talking while Logan tries to get his son to focus.

    “Wanted Dead or Alive” hits with a bit of a mixed reaction for Tommy Bedlam, as he’s joined by Rocco Sullivan and his Dad, Sammy Bedlam. Tommy briskly walks down to the ring while Rocco and Sammy do their best to keep up.

    Kurt Harrington: "and his tag team partner, being accompanied by Rocco Sullivan and Sammy Bedlam, from Sweetwater, TX and weighing in at 244 lb, Tommy Bedlam!"

    Rocco is trying to give Tommy a last minute pep talk while Sammy shouts out instructions as well, much to the annoyance of Rocco.

    Tommy joins his partner, Reagan in their corner and Cole goes over some strategy with Bedlam. Meanwhile, on the opposite end, Darwin is trying to do the same with his son, but Johnson brushes him off and steps out on the apron.

    Broc Lobster: "It appears it’ll be Darwin starting off for his team and it’ll be Bedlam for his team."

    Jean-Luc Watkins: "Reagan Cole seemed eager to get this match going but he’s taking a backseat to Bedlam by the looks of it."

    Broc Lobster: "Cole’s issues are with Johnny Johnson, so surely he wants Johnson to himself so he’s allowing Bedlam to start with Darwin."

    Legends Evolved [Johnny Johnson and Logan Darwin] vs. Reagan Cole and Tommy Bedlam
    Tag Team Match.
    (Match writer: Jimmy)

    The bell has sounded and Darwin and Bedlam circle one another before locking horns, and Bedlam gets Darwin in a side headlock before shooting Darwin off to the ropes and Darwin returns to a shoulder block from Bedlam! Darwin pops back up however and swings wildly with a right hand, but Bedlam ducks underneath and sends Darwin to the ropes again, yet this time Darwin ducks Bedlam’s attempt off the rebound and he comes back off of his own rebound with a running high knee taking down Bedlam! Bedlam springs back to life immediately though and there’s a brief standoff with the two men. The crowd buzzing with anticipation and they lock up again, Bedlam once again shoots Logan to the ropes and this time Johnson tags himself in with a slap on the back of Logan, and Bedlam takes down Darwin with a thesz press!

    Johnson enters the ring however, and rips Bedlam off of Darwin and shoves him into his corner. Johnson tears into Bedlam with rapid-fire forearms in the corner, and Johnson goes to whip Bedlam to the opposite corner, but Bedlam counters and sends Johnson to the corner and as soon as Johnson hits the corner, he’s leveled by a corner clothesline from Bedlam! Bedlam then tags in Cole and the crowd comes alive as Cole comes in like a house of fire and hits a running corner splash on Johnson! Cole continues to unleash fury upon Johnson with forearm clubs to the chest! Cole drags Johnson from the corner and is about to go for a northern lights suplex but Johnson blocks it and counters with a jawbreaker! Cole is stunned and Johnson hits him with a snap suplex! Cole, still reeling from that jawbreaker, is back up on his feet but he’s met with a dropkick from Johnson and Johnson follows up with a running back senton! Johnson makes the cover!



    Cole gets a shoulder up and Johnson drags Cole over to his corner, and lays into Cole with some stomps and kicks before Darwin tags himself in, much to Johnny’s annoyance who delivers one last kick to Cole in the stomach for good measure before going back on the apron.

    Broc Lobster: "Johnson with the unnecessary cheap shot on Cole!"

    Jean-Luc Watkins: "Johnson letting his Father know he doesn’t like this turn of events, at the expense of Reagan Cole unfortunately."

    Darwin drags a groggy Reagan Cole from the corner and levels him with a short arm clothesline! Logan quickly follows up with a cobra clutch sleeper on Cole and Cole flailing his arms about wildly! He’s trying desperately to keep himself alive in this match and out of sheer desperation on his part, Cole is able to push himself backwards sending him crashing into Darwin in the corner! More damage done to Darwin and Cole finds himself a reprieve as he takes Logan from the corner and hits a half nelson wrist clutch suplex! Pin attempt from Cole with the lateral press!


    2 ½!

    Darwin kicks out and Cole makes the tag to Bedlam, and just as Darwin is starting to get up, Bedlam levels him with a clothesline! Darwin is slow to his feet after yet another clothesline from Bedlam, but he has enough energy left to charge at Bedlam but he’s caught and Bedlam hits a spinebuster into a pin on Darwin!


    2 ½!

    Darwin with another kick-out!

    Jean-Luc Watkins: "Johnson yelling at his father to tag him in!"

    Broc Lobster: "I know that we’re supposed to be unbiased, and excuse my language, but that kid is a real dickhead!"

    Jean-Luc Watkins: "Tell us how you really feel, Lobster!"

    Broc Lobster: "I’m just saying that if he were my kid, I would have slapped some sense into him a long time ago!"

    Jean-Luc Watkins: "Well, Darwin made the tag and Bedlam might have a chance to slap some sense into Johnson!"

    Johnson ducks underneath a clothesline from Bedlam, hits the ropes and comes back with a float over DDT! Lateral press with the leg hooked!




    Bedlam kicks out! Johnson can’t believe it! He slaps the mat in frustration before climbing to the top and he has Bedlam in his sights for Just Legendary (blockbuster neckbreaker), but just as he leaps off, Bedlam has popped up and turns around in time to hit Johnson square in the stomach with a closed fist! Johnson doubles over in agony and Bedlam strikes with a swinging neckbreaker! Both men lay on the mat as we are nearing the final push of the match...

    Bedlam eventually starts to stir and crawls his way over to his corner to tag in Cole, and Cole comes in hot just as Johnson starts to get up and Cole sends him right back down with a running dropkick! Then a clothesline! Cole then sends Johnson to the corner with an irish whip and Darwin tags himself in unbeknownst to Cole, who comes charging in and hits a running splash on Johnson! Cole is feeling it now and he’s feeding off the energy from the crowd but little does he realize that Johnson isn’t the legal man. Before he turns around he’s on the receiving end of a running knee to the back of his neck! Logan then connects with a hot shot suplex and then hits Logan’s Last Rites on Cole!

    Jean-Luc Watkins: "Logan’s Last Rites! This may be all she wrote for Cole!"





    Broc Lobster: "Not so fast there, Jean-Luc! Cole still has some fight left in him!"

    Logan brings Cole back up and goes for an irish whip, but Cole counters with his own and sends Logan into his corner and Cole immediately strikes with a running high knee in the corner! Logan stumbles from the corner and Cole is feeling a second wind but Bedlam tags himself back in!

    Broc Lobster: "Bedlam taking it upon himself to tag in and thinking he can finish the job, but it certainly takes the wind out of Cole’s sails!"

    Bedlam comes in and clobbers a stunned Darwin with a discus lariat! Johnson enters the ring but Cole tackles him and the two tumble to the outside! Bedlam is inside with Darwin and he has Logan set in his sights...The Bullseye! Double underhook DDT! Bedlam makes the pin!




    Winners: Reagan Cole & Tommy Bedlam via pin fall at 14:32.

    Kurt Harrington: "The winners of the match, the team of Reagan Cole & Tommy Bedlam!"

    Broc Lobster: "Well, I’ll admit that I had my doubts about them as a team, but Bedlam and Cole proved me wrong and made a solid team!"

    Jean-Luc Watkins: "A big win for both men indeed!"

    Tommy Bedlam marches out of the ring almost immediately. He heads for the back to the tune of his own song, not bothering to celebrate with his tag team partner. Spotting Cole alone, Johnny charges at the physically exhausted Reagan Cole. He blasts him with a lariat. Johnny gets up right away and then grabs Reagan Cole, pulling him to his feet. Then Johnny yells over at Logan who at the moment is leaning up against the closest turnbuckle.

    Johnny Johnson: "It’s either him or me! Make your damn choice, old man! You’re either gonna be a winner, or a chump like this fraud!"

    Johnny then throws Reagan forward, who stumbles down to his knees. Logan then looks over at Johnny, then down at Reagan, and back at Johnny once again. Obviously weighing the choice set before him. Johnny is just screaming, “DO IT”. Over and over again, really goading Logan into finishing him off. Logan stumbles forward to Reagan. Logan grabs Reagan by the bicep and helps him to his feet. As Logan is doing this you can start to see the fire in Johnny’s eyes burn even more than they were a minute ago.

    Johnny Johnson: "What the hell are you doing?!"

    Logan then looks at his son, then back at Reagan. He then spins Reagan around and spikes him with a DDT. Johnny’s rage turned to laughter and excitement in mere seconds as Logan put Reagan to the mat. Once Logan gets back to his feet he looks over at Johnny with a slight grin, giving him a look as if asking him what is he waiting for. Then the two begin to start stomping and kicking the hell out of Reagan. However, the pair forgot about the fourth man in the match as he was trying to make his way to the back. Seeing the pair though made Tommy Bedlam sprint back into the ring. But before Tommy could get his hands on either Johnny or Logan, both slide out of the ring and regroup a the ramp to the backstage. The pair looking back into the ring, a huge smile on Johnny’s face and a look of anger on Logan’s mug. Both determining if they want to go back into the ring and have a go at Tommy and he is looking over Reagan to see what damage has been done.

    Broc Lobster: "Tommy Bedlam doing the right thing and preventing any further damage done to Reagan Cole, what has gotten into Logan Darwin?!"

    Jean-Luc Watkins: "Your guess is as good as mine Broc, but I don't think we'll be getting any straight answer to that question tonight."

    Bedlam helps Cole to his feet while Legends Evolved remain on the outside. Bedlam checks on Cole once more and turns his back, but then out of nowhere he connects with The Buckshot superkick!

    Broc Lobster: "What in the world?! What is Bedlam doing?!"

    Johnson is laughing while his Dad grins sinisterly, and they re-enter the ring and join in on the attack on Cole. More referees arrive on the scene and the three men exit the ring, pleased with their handy work while Cole is tended to.

    Broc Lobster: "What the hell is this?! Bedlam is in cahoots with Johnson and Darwin?!"

    Jean-Luc Watkins: "I definitely did not see that coming, unfortunate luck for Reagan Cole."


    There is a cheer in the arena as we see the interior of a locker room and a black leather shoe, with the fans immediately knowing who the designer footwear belongs to due to the purple trousers being worn above them. The camera pans up to the face of Chris Peacock, who looks around the room before clearing his throat.

    Chris Peacock: "Okay guys, this is it. The Tokyo Dome. This place is where legends have competed and tonight, we join them. Tonight, we become legends."

    The camera zooms out from Peacock to see that Allen Price and Sauce Man are the two men that he is addressing. There is some clear nerves from both of them, given that neither have had the big game experience that Peacock has had in his time with the FWA.

    Chris Peacock: "There is more than just pride on the line tonight. We are standing and fighting together to show that bullies don't win. Christian Quinn got this match because he complained. He's shown that he doesn't deserve this opportunity. Allen deserves this. Allen has earned this. Every week, he's improved. He's shown that you don't give up, and that is exactly what we are going to do tonight in that ring. We will not give up!"

    Sauce Man nods his head; he is on board. It is however Allen Price himself that seems unsure. Noticing this, Peacock drops down to a knee and looks into his friend's eyes.

    Chris Peacock: "Allen, we've got this, buddy. That spot is yours. You're growing into it. I heard you called a Brainbuster the other week. That's awesome, man."

    Price slowly nods his head.

    Chris Peacock: "So, are you gonna get ready?"

    Price nods his head with some more enthusiasm now, and the three in the locker room begin to grin - clearly having something big planned - as we fade away.


    "I Stand Alone" by Godsmack hits as the new-age metal song blasts through the loudspeakers. The heavy guitar riff blows the ears off of everyone in the Tokyo Dome as Eclipse appears with a spiderman-like mask over his face, although the color is more of a grey or black look. Eclipse makes his way to the ring as the crowd all watch mostly silently at the newcomer, whose identity is still in question.

    "Now I've told you this ... once ... before
    You can't ... control meeeee
    If you try to take me down ... you're gonna breeeeaaaaak"

    Broc Lobster: "I know Eclipse has made a statement here after joining the FWA, and some people wonder whether he is anyone from the past. I just focus on the present with him, and the present includes a Gauntlet Championship match tonight! What a chance for him."
    Jean-Luc Watkins: "It's a masked identity versus masked identity. Who has done it better?"

    Kurt Harrington: "First ... the challenger ... from parts ... un---known ... at 6 feet, 2 inches, and 220 pounds ...


    The crowd then pipes in with a raucous "IIIIIII STAND ALOOOOOONE, IIIIIII STAND ALOOOOOONE!" Eclipse reaches the ring and enters as his theme music softens into a silence. The lights return briefly, and then go back to complete darkness.

    "Redemption" by Gackt hits and the strobe lights appear when the pace picks up in the song's intro. Sporting his usual horned mask with the leering, troubling eyes through the two holes ... El Demente comes out with a white and black design on his face covering. He has no shirt and black wrestling pants down to his ankles.

    Broc Lobster: "El Demente looks for his THIRD defense of the Gauntlet Championship. Four is the most anyone has made, and that was Eli Black way back before Back in Business. El Demente looks up to the task through his first two, though. He's coming off a dominant win against Stu Grimes recently."

    Jean-Luc Watkins: "I get the privilege of seeing El Demente work regularly on Fallout and he's the real deal. He is cutting through challengers and truly just seems so focused every match on his opponent. There aren't any lapses. We've had lapses from every past Gauntlet Champion. Even Danny Toner had a lapse and lost to Chris Peacock in his third attempted defense. El Demente doesn't seem to have the personality to let his focus slip. It'll be really tough to beat him."

    Kurt Harrington: "NOW ... the FWA GAUNTLET CHAMPION ... AIMING FOR HIS THIRD ... title defense ... from Aokigahara ... JAPAN"

    The city and country announcement gets a loud ovation from the crowd, as a bit of hometown flair is boosted here for El Demente walking to the ring from the top of the stage.

    Kurt Harrington: "At 6 feet, 7 inches ... and 250 pounds ...

    EL ...



    El Demente reaches the ring with his black leather jacket in his hand. He flings it to the corner, underneath the ring post, as the logo for the Japanese singer Gackt is shown by the feed. El Demente then enters the ring by stepping over the top turnbuckle and hopping into the ring, handing off the belt to the referee.

    El Demente [c] vs. Eclipse
    Singles Match.
    FWA Gauntlet Championship
    (Match writer: SS [match], TGO [entrances/post])
    El Demente and Eclipse circle the ring, and it looks like they’re going to come together in a collar and elbow… but Eclipse ducks beneath it, and then hits a stiff kick to the back of the legs. El Demente stumbles forward, and Eclipse leaps on his back with a headlock. Eclipse is no small man himself, and soon enough El Demente drops to his knees. Eclipse wrestles him to the ground, still in the headlock, and it looks for a moment like El Demente may be fading…

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “A clear statement of intent here from Eclipse… already, El Demente looks like he’s losing some steam, Eclipse taking him down to the mat in this textbook headlock…”

    El Demente continues to struggle, and for a brief moment it looks like he’s going for the ropes. Eclipse applies a grapevine body-scissors whilst still maintaining his headlock, and the champion therefore makes it difficult to move towards the ropes and force the break. El Demente resolves, then, to get to his feet, and he first rolls onto his front, then onto his hands and knees, then up to one knee, and finally to a vertical base… before pulling Eclipse overhead with a snapmare! Eclipse is quickly back to his feet and he charges at El Demente… but the champion is waiting for him, and he lifts his challenger up and over with a BIG back body drop!

    El Demente swiftly moves over to Eclipse, hoisting him up and then beginning to rock him back towards a corner with a series of right hands. He Irish whips him across the ring into the opposite set, and then follows him in with a clothesline! Eclipse falls forward onto his knees… and El Demente connects with a vicious kick to the back of the head! El Demente goes for a cover…

    ONE… TWO… NO!

    Broc Lobster: “Kick out from Eclipse, there, but that was a brutal strike from El Demente to the back of the challenger’s head… I’m not sure how many more of them he’ll be able to sustain…”

    El Demente slowly picks Eclipse up to his feet, and backs him up into the ropes with a series of knife edge chops. He Irish whips Eclipse across the ring, and goes for a big boot… Eclipse ducks beneath it and hits the ropes. This time, El Demente attempts a lariat, but against Eclipse is able to duck beneath it, and continues onto the original ropes. El Demente is sick of the perpetual motion, and charges across the ring as Eclipse bounces back towards him…

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “BIG BOOT! Eclipse is taken off his feet!”

    Broc Lobster: “No pin attempt, instead El Demente hoists Eclipse back up to his feet…”

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “Michonoku Driver! And now El Demente hooks the leg…”

    ONE… TWO… NO!

    Eclipse kicks out, and this time it’s El Demente’s turn to apply a rest hold. He places Eclipse in a sleeper, and is successful in grinding the smaller man down with the move. It looks as if Eclipse is fading away, and the official is forced to move in to check if he is still awake. He lifts his hand into the air and allows it to fall… and Eclipse stops it from hitting the mat! The audience have mixed loyalties in this one, but cheer the comeback none-the-less thanks to their general disdain for the current champion. Eclipse fights up to his feet… and then starts to hit some elbows into El Demente’s ribs! The fourth causes separation… kick to the midsection from Eclipse… and then a DDT!

    Eclipse hooks the far leg…

    ONE… TWO… NO!

    El Demente kicks out, but Eclipse doesn’t let up. He hoists the champion up to his feet… mule kick… and then a heel kick! El Demente is staggered… and Eclipse drops him with a step-up enziguri!!

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “The big man goes down! Eclipse having his best period of offense here, and he’s managed to sweep the champion off his feet…”

    Eclipse lifts El Demente up to his feet, and, with a roar, throws him back down with a capture suplex! The audience are suitably impressed by the move, and Eclipse again goes for a lateral press…

    ONE… TWO… T - - NO!

    Eclipse has a momentary look of frustration about him, but then he retreats to the corner and watches on as El Demente gets to his feet. The challenger moves in for the kill, looking for his ‘flatliner’ finisher…

    Broc Lobster: “He’s going for Lights Out… at Lights Out!!”

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “But El Demente blocks it and stands firm… HEADBUTT!! He rocks the challenger!!”

    El Demente boots Eclipse in the midsection, applies a front face lock… falcon arrow!!

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “Pin him! That’s gotta be it!!”

    The champion isn’t so sure. He lifts Eclipse up once more, and then goes into a pumphandle position… he hoists the challenger up, and delivers a devastating spinning piledriver!”

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “Shibōshasū!!”

    Broc Lobster: “That’s it!!”

    El Demente agrees. He hooks the far leg…


    Winner: El Demente via pin fall at 09:16.

    El Demente rises up from the fallen Eclipse as he gets a hand-raise from the referee. The masked champion receives his Gauntlet Championship stoically as the crowd mostly silently watches him in the ring. El Demente lurches around the ring as Eclipse rolls out of the squared circle.

    Broc Lobster: "The third title defense goes to El Demente, and we are just TWO from him earning an X Championship opportunity. He needs to hit five defenses and he'd be the first to do so! But, those two defenses are going to come in rival territory over on Meltdown 6 and Meltdown 7"

    Jean-Luc Watkins: "The crowd is seeing this as just a standard sight: El Demente with the win and the Gauntlet Championship belt."

    El Demente holds the belt high in the air as Eclipse looks on from outside the ring with a disappointed posture.


    The show here in Tokyo has been rolling along and this crowd is eager to head onto the next match when suddenly the lights cut out. Jean-Luc Watkins and Broc Lobster express their confusion at the situation, as it appears power may have been cut on the arena. This crowd isn't sure what to think of it either...


    A deafening gong hits the arena as this crowd immediately perks up and starts to cheer. When the lights go back on, the crowd goes into a fever dream. In the middle of the ring, with an ominous white kimono and Hannya mask, stands a woman. Red haired and covered by the mask, she moves eccentrically and poses in the middle of the ring, slowly taking off the Hannya mask to reveal ghostly and terrifying white face-paint. This crowd knows exactly who it is, after so many years, she finally arrives at the big time

    Jean-Luc Watkins: "Broc Lobster! Do you know who that is!?"

    Broc Lobster: "I know exactly who that is, Rod! I cannot believe she's here!"

    Jean-Luc Watkins: "If ever there was a place for the "Crimson Ghost" Aka Yurei to arrive in the FWA, it's here in the Tokyo Dome! But that begs the question, is she coming to Meltdown or is she coming to Fallout?"

    The Crimson Ghost is lapping up the adulation from the crowd and is giving her iconic manic grin for all the world to see on the big stage. She walks over and asks for a microphone and steps back into the middle of the ring, her Hannya mask in one hand, and microphone in the other. She slowly brings the mic close to her mouth, leaving the crowd in anticipation, and she finally speaks in a guttural tone, full of excitement and confidence.

    Aka Yurei: "Koko ni iru yo! Kite kure! Itami no sekai ni hairu!"
    [Here I am! Come get me! Enter the world of pain!]

    Yurei tosses the microphone down as another gong hits the arena, and "For Whom the Bell Tolls" by Metallica starts playing, letting the moment sink in that The Crimson Ghost Aka Yurei has come to fight in the FWA!




    THE FAME....


    The crowd explode into rapturous cheers as the face-melting riff of Don Bronco’s “Money, Power, Fame” threatens to blow the arena speakers. No time is wasted as Danny ‘Fucking’ Toner and ‘The Instant Classic’ Christian Quinn stride out onto the stage, bursting with energy. Quinn still has a noticeable, slight limp but aside from that the brazen duo look every bit as good as they did in their heyday as a tag team. The two share a quick fist-bump in the center of the stage before Quinn slaps his knee to show it’s holding up alright, while Danny just let’s lose a primal roar from the depths of his stomach. The crowd respond loudly to that one.

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “Ladies and gentlemen, Danny Toner and Christian Quinn! Just take a moment to appreciate these two men, this fine tag team. Former FWA World Tag Team Champions. They defended the championships at Back in Business X. They have been accredited as being major parts of the rise and then the demise of Executive Excellence. Quite simply, these two men are one of the greatest tag team duos to ever grace the FWA ring. Let’s not forget that only a few short months ago at Fight Night: Steel City, Danny Toner and Christian Quinn defeated the always formidable New Breed inside a steel cage!”

    Broc Lobster: “Let’s not forget that back then, Quinn didn’t have a bum leg! I’ve respect for Quinn for getting in that ring tonight but I’ve gotta say… he’s the obvious weak link in this trios team! Speaking of trios… aren’t they short one?”

    Broc delivers the comment in a jokey manner, but Quinn and Toner have taken up position at the end of the ramp and their music slowly drowns out and is replaced by a loud chant. There is but one word that echoes around the Tokyo Dome, the sound seemingly building with every reverberation. Closer inspection reveals that there are a lot of masked crowd members tonight.





    The crowd absolutely explodes into a frenzy as the bouncy grime track kicks in. They are going wild as the intro kicks in.


    The camera zooms in on a group of grown men with their arms around each other bouncing up and down, all clad in Donny masks.


    The camera cuts to a group of young women, around college age, fan-girling a couple of rows back from ringside.


    We see a middle-aged man with a child wearing a Donny mask perched on his shoulders. A solitary tear of happiness runs down his cheek.

    YA GET ME JME???


    NAWH! NAWH –








    Silver and teal pyro goes off on the stage as the masked marvel, Donny Toner bounces out onto the stage. He sprints down one side of the ramp, slapping hands with a never-ending sea of outstretched hands. He shoots over to the opposite side and places his head against the head of a young fan clad in a Donny mask. He keeps the crowd energies levels up before finally reaching Danny and Christian at the end of the ramp. He nods heads at both of them and the three climb up onto the apron. They all raise their hands and form an “A” hand-sign before taking up position in the ring.

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “Executive Excellence, The Toner Brothers, TxR, The Pussycats, NTR, Familiar Drugs, The Class A’s… nobody can quite pin down a name on this… this grouping of men but everybody in the world of wrestling knows who you’re talking about. This is quite an assembly of men, no doubt… and I must admit I hope they win.”

    Broc Lobster: “Uh… coming across a little biased there, Baby!”

    The crowd are still hyped from the previous entrances and give a hearty, rousing cheer when Sauce Man comes out. Strangely, Sauce Man seems to be empty handed and there is visible disappointment on the faces of those in the first few rows. Sauce Man seems oblivious as he bounces along to his entrance music. Suddenly, he stops, and it seems like he’s realized something. He begins stroking his chin, trying to recall something. As the music begins picking up tempo, he has his light-bulb moment and points to the back. A MASSIVE Hot Sauce Bottle mascot comes out to a huge roar from the Japanese crowd. He’s pushing a cart full of hot sauce packet and comes to a halt in the center of the stage. He fist bumps Sauce Man just as-


    The crowd scream the line and it’s not long before the Hot Sauce Bottle mascot and Sauce Man are showering the fans with Hot Sauce packets. The camera flashes to the commentary booth and Broc Lobster is standing on the announcers table, clapping his hands in appreciation and screaming into his headset.

    Broc Lobster: “WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU, BABY!? You’re against this guy!?”

    Jean-Luc sighs and motions for his commentary partner to come down and join him back in the booth. Broc, with a pout, joins him just as Sauce Man reaches the end of the ramp. He looks at Quinn, Toner and Donny in the ring, holding their gazes. Slowly, he breaks into a smile and points up above their heads. The trio look up, and the arena plunges into total darkness.

    A mechanical whirring can be heard and suddenly there is light in the form of a dazzling, sparkling disco ball!

    The crowd explode into cheers as the ramp gets lit up in vibrant multi-colour from ring to stage and dozens of Asian men and women clad in pearly white, flared jumpsuits file out in two lines filling up the stage and shimmying down towards the ring. The crowd grow even louder as the Hot Sauce Bottle mascot begins disco dancing and strutting his way back up the ramp, the dancers filed out along the ramp break out into a synchronized routine.

    "OH WHAT, WOW!




    One of the biggest pops of the night as Chris Peacock comes grooving out onto the stage. He fist-bumps the Hot Sauce Bottle mascot and then the two break into an impromptu dance on the stage.

    "OH WHAT, WOW!




    Suddenly the Hot Sauce Bottle mascot tears off the over-sized costume and IT’S ALLEN PRICE!!! The crowd cheer loudly in approval as Price and Peacock nod in unison, their eyes never leaving the other, they’re ready. The two continue dancing down the ramp towards Sauce Man.

    Broc Lobster: “This is incredible! Why the hell don’t you want to work with this guy?”

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “I quite like Allen, honestly, I do. It’s just Christian affords a… ehm… a more professional insight on the commentary booth and he is rather over in the female demographics-”

    Broc Lobster: “Yeah, yeah – I’ve heard enough! You want a pretty boy with an ivy-league college education just like you! Ain’t you ever heard of diversity over there on Fallout?”

    Jean-Luc seems to be about to respond but Peacock’s music dies out and before he can Broc speaks over him.

    Broc Lobster: “I know a little bit about this but really… this seems to be a particularly specific Fallout deal so I’m gonna just let you handle the intro to this one, Baby!”

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “Well… I was about to respond before… never mind. Simply put a ridiculous squabble between my current co-commentator Allen Price and the previous Fight Night commentator Christian Quinn has somehow managed to find it’s way on to Fallout’s television time. Price’s buffoonery may be unbecoming but Quinn’s incessant habit of forcing his way onto the commentary booth to call his friend’s matches quite simply, cannot continue. It’s been quite a cumbersome distraction, to say the least. However, it has somehow snowballed to involve Danny Toner, Chris Peacock and Ryan Rondo. Three of our top assets. We needed to put an end to this and restore order to the Fallout production end of things… so this trios was made. If Quinn’s wins, he’s on the booth full-time. If Price’s team wins… that’s the end of this quarrel and Quinn goes back to his interviewing duties. Quinn is injured and Price isn’t a trained competitor, so naturally they needed teams. Danny and Christian go back a long way and initially the match was announced as Quinn teaming with Danny and Ryan Rondo. However, Rondo pulled out and was replaced by… Donny.”

    Broc Lobster: “But… isn’t Donny-”

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “I know, I know! Peacock was an obvious partner for Price but he had trouble securing a third-”

    Broc Lobster: “He should have asked me!”

    Jean-Luc Waktins: “I’ll be sure to tell him. Anyway, after quite an annoying month or two of him… what’s the term? Fangirling over Sauce Man, Sauce Man agreed to join his team… and that’s how we’re here.”

    Broc Lobster: “Oh……………………”

    Kurt Harrington very possibly spares the consummate professional Jean-Luc Watkins any further embarrassment. For a man who carries himself with an air of superiority, his ship, at least the commentary side, was in a far greater state of disarray than Sterling and Lobster on Meltdown, and it seemed like Broc had picked up on the fact. The trios teams stand in opposite corners as legendary ring announcer Kurt Harrington takes center stage.

    Kurt Harrington: “Ladies and gentlemen, this contest is scheduled for ONE FALL and is a TRIOS MATCH! Introducing first at a combined weight of six hundred and six pounds… The masked marvel, DONNY TONER! The Man They Call Deus, CHRISTIAN QUINN! Aaaannd Daaaaannnnny FUCKING Tonerrrrrrrrrrr!”

    The crowd cheer loudly as Donny stands with his arms crossed, staring down the trios opposite him. Reminiscent of their old tag team days, Danny is bouncing up and down, a bundle of energy, as Quinn stands with his back to his opponents fully focused on Danny Toner. Quinn’s lips never stop moving and even still we can see how this particular duo work as Danny nods along to what Quinn’s saying. Quinn gets psyched up and slaps Danny hard on the chest. Danny lets out a loud snarl and begins pulling out of the top ring rope and stomping his foot against the canvas fired up. Sauce Man has taken it upon himself to engage in the stare-down with Donny and the Price and Peacock set-up mirrors Quinn and Toner. There’s one difference however, both men are calm and Peacock has a reassuring hand on Price’s shoulder, giving him a last minute pep talk. A strange role reversal for the two.

    Kurt Harrington: “And introducing their opponents… weighing in at a combined weight of 603 pounds… Fallout commentator, ALLEN PRICE! Mister swag himself, SAUCE MAN! Aaaandddd Discooooooooo’s LAST Warriorrrrrrrrrr… CHRIS PEACOCK!!!”

    Another massive cheer fills the Tokyo Dome before the ominous bell rings around the arena. The fate of the Fallout commentary booth hangs in the balance. Playtime is over.

    Allen Price, Chris Peacock and Sauce Man vs. Christian Quinn and The Toner Brothers [Danny Toner and "Donny Toner"]
    Trios Match.
    (Match writer: SS [match], Tig [entrances)

    We start the match with Danny Toner and Chris Peacock opposite the ring from one another, and the audience is delighted by the prospect of these two once again tying it up. They do just that, coming together in a collar and elbow tie-up. Chris Peacock quickly shifts into a rear waist lock, and then transitions to a full nelson. Toner is privy to his game, though, and manages to reverse into an arm drag. Peacock is quickly up to his feet and tries to level Toner with a clothesline, but Danny ducks beneath it… SAITO SUPLEX! Toner goes to cover Peacock, but Disco’s Last Warrior squirms and struggles over to the ropes to stop the attempt. The official ensures a clean break, and Peacock gets himself up to his feet using the ropes… only for Toner to charge at him with an attempted clothesline… Peacock ducks and lifts him over with a big back body drop… Toner lands on the apron! Peacock turns into a forearm, and then Danny takes him by the scruff of the neck and brings him down, throat-first, over the top rope. Peacock stumbles into the middle of the ring and Danny quickly hops up to an adjacent top rope...

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “DIVING CROSSBODY! And now Toner goes for the first pinfall attempt of the match-up…”

    ONE… TW - - NO!

    Peacock kicks out before two, and Danny Toner quickly applies a grounded headlock. Peacock fights up to his knees, and then up to his feet, before backing Toner up into the ropes. He throws him off into the opposite set and goes for a shoulder block… but Toner absorbs it! Danny then throws himself off a set of ropes and goes for a big clothesline… Peacock ducks beneath it… straight right hand! Then a second! And a third!

    Broc Lobster: “Chris Peacock striking a move mid-match!”

    Peacock finishes up his shapes… and then levels Toner with a fourth punch! Danny goes down, but Peacock instantly lifts him up and Irish whips him into his team’s corner. He tags in Sauce Man…

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “Sauce Man offering the tag there to Chris Peacock… but notice that Price didn’t really want to be introduced into proceedings…”

    Broc Lobster: “Can you blame him? Danny Toner is a killer. This shouldn’t be Allen Price’s first professional wrestling match…”

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “Tell me about it. And I abhor three-man booths. I’m to put my faith in Price? I’ve seen the man bumble his way through a paragraph… God knows how he’ll contend with a wrestling match…”

    Sauce Man has entered the ring and hits some stomps on the cornered Danny Toner. Toner falls into a seated position in the corner, and Sauce hoists him up and Irish whips him into the ropes. He connects with a spinning wheel kick! The commentators reliably inform us that he calls that one ‘Ketchup’, and before they’ve finished musing that move name Sauce has been successful with his ‘Hot Sauce’ hurricanrana. Sauce hooks the leg…

    ONE… TWO… NO!

    Sauce Man applies a hammer lock, and it takes Toner a while to fight up to his feet. Eventually, he begins to fire elbow strikes to the side of Sauce’s head, the third of which causes some separation. Toner attempts a straight right, but Sauce ducks beneath it and hits a kick to the midsection. He applies a front face lock, maybe going for a snap suplex…. But Toner blocks it, and then rolls him up with a small package!

    ONE… TWO… NO!

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “Sauce kicks out! A quick shift in momentum, there!!”

    Both men quickly scramble up to their feet, and Sauce goes for a wild clothesline. Toner ducks beneath it and continues onto the ropes, propelling himself back at Sauce Man…

    Broc Lobster: “SPEAR!! Toner connects! But he doesn’t go for a cover… instead, he applies a front face lock, and tags in his brother!”

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “Here comes Donny Toner! He hops over the top rope, and applies a front face lock himself… double suplex!!”

    Now, Donny goes for the cover…

    ONE… TWO… NO!

    What follows is a lengthy period of dominance for the Toners and Quinn, with Danny and Donny Toner sharing the workload. Donny hits a wide variety of suplexes when in the ring, including a German release, a belly-to-belly overhead, a Regal-plex, and eventually a fisherman’s, which he bridges for a two count. Danny works on Sauce’s head and neck, mostly with heavy strikes. At one stage, he is following Sauce Man around the ring, laying into him with rights and lefts to the head. When Sauce is in the corner and gets a hasty guard up, Toner transitions to working the body. The official insists on a rope break, and Toner eventually relents. He throws Sauce into the opposite turnbuckle with force so that he bounces back towards him… and then hits a spinebuster! Danny goes for a cover…

    ONE… TWO… T -- NO!

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “Some impressive resilience on display from Sauce Man here… but you have to question how much longer he can take this isolation for…”

    Broc Lobster: “Chris Peacock at least looks desperate to get into the ring… but Sauce is in no position to be tagging him in right now…”

    Christian Quinn is briefly tagged in at this point. After Toner tags him in, he enters the ring and stalks Sauce from behind. He applies a hammer lock… and then hits an adapted Northern Lights suplex! Quinn bridges for the cover…

    ONE… TWO… T - - NO!

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “Quinn showing us that he’s still got it, there… an exquisite wrestling move from The Instant Classic… before he tags himself out again…”

    Donny comes into the ring and applies a sleeper hold, and the fans begin to will Sauce Man back into the match. He fights up onto his knees, and then up to a vertical base… he backs Donny up into the ropes and throws him off into the opposite set… Sauce goes for a lariat… but Donny ducks beneath it and hits him with a kick to the gut. Donny applies a frost face lock and lifts Sauce up… but Sauce slips out the back and lands behind Donny Toner.

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “Toner turns around… Sauce hits the lariat! Toner is taken off his feet…”

    Broc Lobster: “Surely Sauce Man should be going for a tag, here?! Instead, he climbs up to the top rope…”

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “Donny Toner gets to his feet and turns to face Sauce Man… who connects with BBQ Sauce! Toner is nailed with the double knees!”

    Broc Lobster: “Sauce Man with the cover!”

    ONE… TWO… NO!

    Donny kicks out, but Sauce is able to get the tag to Peacock. Peacock slows things down with a grounded headlock, and when Donny Toner is finally able to make his way to a vertical base, Peacock shifts his position and hits a back suplex. He follows up with his Scissor King Famouser, and then goes for a cover on Donny…

    ONE… TWO… T - - NO!

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “Donny kicks out, but the tables have truly turned in this one!”

    Indeed, it is now Peacock and Sauce Man who divide the ring in half, keeping Donny on their side of it and working through a large part of their offense. Indeed, even Price is invited into the ring at one stage. He hits a few stomps to the cornered Donny Toner, much to the chagrin of the crowd, the commentators, and his opponents, before tagging himself back out again. Chris Peacock follows up with a stalling vertical delayed suplex, for which he gets a two-count, before he locks in a head-scissors to the grounded Donny.

    Toner seems to be fading, and eventually the official is forced to check on his consciousness. He lifts Donny’s hand into the air, before letting it fall towards the mat…

    … but Donny clenches it into a fist! The audience pops as the masked Toner shows signs of life, and then he begins to shift his weight whilst still in the headscissors. Eventually, he is able to force his way into a headstand… before he skillfully escapes the headscissors by propelling himself backwards… and then he hits a dropkick to the seated Peacock!

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “Both men are down in the centre of the ring, but it’s clear one man is in far greater need of a tag right now…”

    Broc Lobster: “Donny Toner has been on the end of quite a lot of Peacock and Sauce Man’s offense in the second half of this match, but now he edges over towards his corner…”

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “And he tags in his brother!! Here comes Danny Toner!!”

    Chris Peacock tags in Sauce Man at the same time, and Sauce comes into the ring. He charges at Toner… but gets turned inside out by a clothesline!

    Sauce gets to his feet immediately… but is dropped onto his face with a flapjack!

    Meanwhile, Peacock hasn’t quite vacated the ring yet, and looks to be perhaps sizing up some involvement… but Donny spots him, and charges across the ring… he clotheslines him over the top rope! And Toner goes out with him! Donny Toner and Chris Peacock land on the outside… and immediately begin trading blows!

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “Meanwhile, inside the ring… Danny Toner seems to be shaping up for the finish here…”

    Broc Lobster: “He’s stalking Sauce Man… maybe he’s thinking Equalizer?! And that invariably means the end…”

    Price realises this, too, and apprehensively he climbs through the ropes… It would be almost brave, if he didn’t cut a forlorn and pitiful figure…

    … but before he can confront Toner, Quinn is in the ring, too! He charges across the ring and takes Price down with a double leg take down. He lays into Allen with some forearms, but Price is able to roll him over… and the two disappear beneath the bottom rope and onto the outside…

    Broc Lobster: “Which just leaves Danny Toner and Sauce Man…”

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “Sauce gets to his feet… EQUALIZER!!”

    Broc Lobster: “Danny Toner hooks both legs…”


    Winners: Danny Toner, Donny Toner, and Christian Quinn via pin fall at 13:15.

    Once the bell rings, all of the activity on the outside of the ring comes to a halt as 'Greenback Boogie' plays inside of the Tokyo Dome. Donny Toner slides into the ring and puts his arm over Danny's shoulder, as Danny kneels over the fallen Sauce Man. Chris Peacock has his hands on his head, looking across the ring in shock. Christian Quinn and Allen Price both get up to their feet; they both have ruffled hair and show signs of the scuffle they were just involved in at the conclusion of the match.

    Kurt Harrington: "Here are your winners... Christian Quinn and The Toner Brothers!"

    It is only when Kurt Harrington announces the result of the match that the realisation of the result sets in for both of them. Quinn becomes a beacon of ecstasy, raising his arms up into the air and slapping his hands together. Price gives Quinn a dead-eyed stare as Quinn now starts pointing and laughing in his face... and PRICE RESPONDS BY KICKING QUINN IN HIS BAD KNEE!! Quinn drops to the floor in agony, and without a word, Allen Price stomps on his knee too!! Everyone in the arena is shocked, but Price ignores all of this and starts storming up the ramp!

    Broc Lobster: "Ow! Who would have taken Allen Price to be such a sore loser?"

    Jean-Luc Watkins: "This is what I'm talking about. The man lacks the professionalism required for this job. He should have just offered Christian a handshake and that would have been that. They can move on. Alas, that was not the case. What is already going to be a nauseating experience has likely just been made much worse."

    Broc Lobster: "Well... good luck with all of that, I guess."

    Jean-Luc Watkins: "He never even tagged into the match. Ugh..."

    JLW's pained sigh plays over the groans of pain from Quinn, who has now been joined by the Toner Brothers on the outside of the ring. Peacock strides around the ring and as he passes them, Danny rises to his feet and gets in his face.

    "That just isn't on, man. Sort it out before Fallout," is Toner's plea to his friend/rival. Peacock doesn't offer a response greater than "Don't you have more important things to worry about?" He follows this up by just brushing past Toner in pursuit of Price up the ramp. Toner frowns as he watches Peacock leave, but then turns to the referee and demands help for Quinn.

    Christian Quinn might have won his place on the Fallout announce team, but it seems that Allen Price is the last man standing, literally.


    J.J. JAY!: “Nephews!”

    Lights Out heads backstage where we find the four principal members of Chtlhu’s Nephews standing before a plain brown door with nothing behind it. Uncle is a bit ahead of the Nephews but they stand side by side right behind him. Uncle J.J. JAY! is in his trademark pink and black tracksuit with the words “Chtlhu’s Nephews” etched on it. He wears his mask prominently, a shiny, slightly newer mask, the keen observant will notice. Behind him are Thomas West, Quiet, and Harry the Sane Wizard all wearing the Chtlhu’s Nephews tracksuit. West is grinning, Harry looks a bit nervous but tries to look serious, Quiet is very, very still.

    J.J. JAY!: “Some people will say it’s a shame that the Cosmic Horror is not competing tonight in Lights Out, I know I have many fans here who want to take my tentacles, but it’ll have to wait till the next time I stop by. Me not competing here is of no importance. Uncle J.J. JAY! lives within you all, you understand that. When you compete tonight, you’ve got me fighting within you, and with that, you are capable of ANYTHING! They will send soldiers out to hunt you down, but fear not, Nephews. People have tried to assassinate me six thousand three hundred and twenty two times before, it comes with the territory. But the assassinations have never succeeded because the Nephews have each other, and no one can get through that.”

    Uncle turns around to face the Nephews.

    J.J. JAY!: “Tonight, Nephews, is the beginning of Hot Nephews Fall. It begins tonight when you three walk into that Gunfight Battle Royal… along with our dear friend THE MACK… Marcus McClain… and earn me a match against ANYONE I want to… oh the possibilities: Chris Peacock won’t be able to reject me and he certainly needs me now after another sad, sad loss… or could it be Devin Golden… would it even be worth it? Maybe Dreamer can stop by her favorite brand again… or I can grace Meltdown with the Cosmic Horror! I could give Aly what he wants deep inside, not a shot at the X title but a shot at the Nightmarer! Heck, Yuppie Ass Danny Toner is even a possibility after his recent transgressions. I’d even demand the fallen star, but I couldn’t stand behind ghosted.”

    Thomas West: “Do you even know if Marcus McClain’s going to let you get his match?”

    J.J. JAY!: “Thomas… Thomas… please. I don’t even know if you’re to let me have the match.”

    Thomas West: “Well…”

    J.J. JAY!: “Of course, the real prize here is that to the victorious Nephews comes the right to team up with me and win The Elite Tag Team Classic defeating all the great tag teams of the world… the Murder Incs and the Gang Stars!”

    Harry the Sane Wizard: “Golden Rock! The Gerald Grayson and von Horrowitz Connection! TEE-EX-ARE!”

    J.J. JAY!: “Yesterday’s tag teams, Harry! We live in the present! And in the future! Tonight, you’re not just fighting to win the Gunfight Battle Royal, you’re fighting to prove how effective it is to fight with Uncle at your side! Fallout is filled with egomaniacs and psychopaths who won’t be able to set aside petty grudges when we have to fight together on Fallout 008, side by side in a Cibernetico match. But if they see just how credible my leadership is, between this and Cosmic Playground, they’ll have no choice but to heed my wisdom! And if they do, if they defer to Uncle… while they may not be as reliable as you Nephews, they’ll be more than good enough to ensure that at Mile High, it’ll be the Cosmic Horror executing a massacre. But… just in case you guys don’t have it in you, though I have FULL confidence, one can never be too safe… WE WILL CALL ON LILITH’S DEMONS FOR BACK UP! Thomas! Have you prepared the door!”

    Thomas looks quite nervous about this but smiles through it.

    Thomas West: “Of course, Uncle! Whenever you’re ready!”

    The Nephews step aside and Uncle moves towards the standalone door. He clears his throat and then swings the door open to reveal… Captain Fantasy standing with his back turned dressed in what seems like a different outfit though he quickly tries to cover himself up with a towel, the yellow helmet he’s wearing gives it up anyways. There’s a very loud reaction from the Tokyo Dome who seem know what Cap’s going for.

    Captain Fantasy: “Uncle… Nephews… can I help you guys? I’m just getting prepared for…”

    J.J. JAY!: “Your North American Championship match. Of course. The superhero gets a title match against Cyrus Truth and I don’t even make the card.”

    Captain Fantasy: “That’s absurd, Uncle! It’s like you always say, your spirit carries into the Nephews. I’m sure they’ll work hard to win the Gunfight Battle Royal in your honor. Small tip guys, if only one feet touches the ground, you’re still safe.”

    Harry the Sane Wizard: “Wow, thanks for that, Cap!”

    J.J. JAY!: “Yeah, thanks Cap! We weren’t aware. Alright, bye now.”

    Uncle slams the door closed. He glares at Thomas.

    Thomas West: “Creative science isn’t exactly exact… try it again.”

    Uncle opens the door once again and spots Megalodon Man and Gator Guy!

    Megalodon Man: “PAY-PER-VIEW DEBUT!”

    Gator Guy: “YAY!”

    J.J. JAY!: “Well, if it isn’t future victors of hit competition show Ground Zero 3 - The Leviathans, Megalodon Man and Gator Guy. I sure do hope you enjoy these ten seconds of spotlight. Bye.”

    Megalodon Man: “BYEE-”

    Uncle slams the door shut again. Thomas West tries to innocently shrug. Uncle pops open the door once more. This time around, two young women are hanging around on the Slammer.

    J.J. JAY!: “ÑŒ-I… Maid of Death… I assume you’re both enjoying the start of Yuna’s Sea Shanty Slammer! You future icons of BWW, you.”

    ÑŒ-I: “UNCLE! Of course we are! Maid of Death promised to show me her Death Lariat if we spot Owen in a wig.”

    J.J. JAY!: “Isn’t it too soon for the Death Lariat?”

    Maid of Death steps forward and slams the door shut herself. Uncle sighs and mutters Death Lariat to himself. He opens the door again, perhaps simply curious to see where it might lead this time. He finds himself starring at several Japanese men and one woman with an eye patch within a makeshift tent in front of a projector showing Lights Out. Behind them is the burnt remains of what looked like a dojo. Uncle’s eyes go wide as they spot the Kaiju, Jon Snowmantashi looking over his shoulder.

    J.J. JAY!: “Whoa! Is that who I think it is? The man who’s going to be headlining Dinorah Redgrave’s Halloween Homecoming 2021 - Jon Snowmantashi himself!”

    The Kaiju gets to his feet, seemingly unhurried, grabs the garden chair he was sitting on and launches it at the door, though Uncle closes it just in time.

    J.J. JAY!: “What a temper on that one.”

    Thomas West: “Uncle, I’ve got no idea what’s going on, maybe try it one more time. It’s bound to lead us to Lilith’s realm this time.”

    J.J. JAY!: “I’m going to give it one last try, Thomas, but I’m running out of things to shill here.”

    Thomas West: “One last time, it’s gotta be it.”

    This time, it might well be that we landed in the fearsome Lilith’s realm. We find ourselves staring at hell, fire, and brimstone, as if the apocalypse itself might have happened.

    Thomas West: “Would you look at that! We found it, Uncle!”

    J.J. JAY!: “Thomas! That’s not Lilith’s realm… that’s Hell! Just one of the countless nightmarish and dreamesque places you can visit in FWA 2K22’s revolutionary new mode, the wrestling simulator SLASH fantasy RPG hybrid Chtlhu’s Nightmare! Recruit new Nephews, earn people’s love and affection by destroying everything they care about, fight in a Cosmic Playground! And can you believe that’s just one of many insane modes in FWA 2K22? Unbelievable, wouldn’t you say, Thomas?”

    Thomas West: “Wait, am I in the game too?”


    Uncle slams the door shut, satisfied with his promotional work.

    J.J. JAY!: “Thomas, did you sabotage my plans?”

    Thomas West: “Look, Uncle, it’s just I don’t think we need Lilith’s help. I mean her help would be AMAZING… but I think we have more than enough power between us three. Trust us. We’re going to win the Gunfight Battle Royal.”

    J.J. JAY!: “Trust you, huh? Well, Thomas, when you put it that way… how can I even doubt you. COME IN HERE, NEPHEWS! GROUP HUG! HOT NEPHEWS FALL!

    Harry the Sane Wizard: “HOT NEPHEWS FALL!”

    Thomas West: “HOT NEPHEWS FALL!”

    Quiet: “… ……. ….!”

    The Chtlhu’s Nephews jump up and down in celebration as the camera cuts away from Uncle and friends.


    Captain Fantasy rises up from the front stage of the Tokyo Dome with an interesting get up tonight. He’s not dressed in his usual Captain Fantasy uniform but instead wears a full body costume of principally blue, white and red colors with his gloves, boots, and chrome helmet a sunny yellow. The Tokyo Dome goes wild for the All Might edition of Captain Fantasy. He has two fist up in a flex and a gleaming smile as he arrives on the stage.

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “Captain Fantasy hasn’t been in the FWA long but it seems his positive attitude has earned him a fair share of fans in the audience.”

    Broc Lobster: “He’s a superhero, Jean-Luc! A superhero! And I think he’s come out here representing one of Japan’s own superhero, All-Might!”

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “I’m impressed you’ve done your research, Broc.”

    Broc Lobster: “I’m a huge fan of superheroes, Jean-Luc, and my favorite superhero is Captain Fantasy!”

    The superhero has a long list of fans trying to get his autograph, including many holding My Hero Academia mangas and merchandise hoping to get a signature from All Might.

    Broc Lobster: “CAP! OVER HERE!”

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “Really, Broc?”

    Captain Fantasy obliges and even signs something for Broc Lobster. He spends most of his time still signing signatures when his song comes to an end.

    Father Eli arrives on the stage in black and purple preacher’s robes. He stops at the top of the stage to take in his audience and his moment. The fans aren’t very high on Eli Black, and there’s an opposite reaction to what Captain Fantasy just received. Cap pauses signing autographs to get a look at the Liberator.

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “Eli Black has been chasing the North American Championship for almost ten months, and one man has stood in his way of that… The Exile Cyrus Truth. The Liberator had a recent change in attitude after having to disassociate from the Church of 9 after a loss at Back in Business and with that attitude has come a renewed focus and a rivalry with Captain Fantasy, a man he attacked at Meltdown 2 after he had his shot at the North American championship and also came up short.”

    Broc Lobster: “Eli has become his own man since parting ways with the Church of 9, and he has a new vision for Meltdown. But he also hates superheroes, Jean-Luc, so there’s no way I’m cheering for him.”

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “You could stand to be unbiased.”

    Eli Black makes a slow arrival to the ring, finding a corner of the squared circle and getting rid of his robes. He pays little attention to Captain Fantasy signing autographs though his face contorts into anger the moment his song is replaced with another.

    Cyrus Truth is out to the ring. He steps through the curtains with the North American Championship he’s held since January at the start of the year.

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “The Exile. The Wayward Warrior. The Vagabond King. Cyrus Truth is one of the best professional wrestlers our industry has ever seen. He’s held the FWA World Heavyweight Championship for longer than anyone. He’s been a champion longer than any other champion here. On Meltdown 5, he defeated the FWA World Champion in a singles match. Tonight, he defends the North American Champion 254 days into his reign.”

    Broc Lobster: “You’ve said it, Jean-Luc. Cyrus Truth is a guy who comes along once in a lifetime. He’s beaten just about everyone there is to beat. Every time you think he’s going to slow down, he shows you something new.”

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “Of course, tonight he’s got a tough challenge ahead of him. Remember, he does not need to be pinned or submitted to lose the North American Championship. He’s beaten both these men in the past, but he knows how different it is to be in a Triple Threat environment. After all, it was in a fatal four way that Cyrus Truth won this belt, tapping out Alyster Black and not the defending champion, Krash.”

    Cyrus Truth enters the ring and it takes an official to prevent Eli Black from getting too close to the Exile. Truth simply stares him down but Eli is jawing at the man he can’t even stand to name. Truth hits the corners to raise his belt up at the crowd who are huge fans of the storied champion and FWA legend. Truth eventually hands the belt over to the official while Kurt Harrington steps into the center of the ring.

    Kurt Harrington: “Ladies and gentlemen… the following contest is scheduled for one-fall, with a sixty minute time limit, and triple threat rules… and is for the FWA North American Championship!”

    The official holds the North American Championship up and both challengers stare at it though Truth seems focused on both his challengers instead.

    Kurt Harrington: “Introducing the first challenger… he weighs in at two hundred and fifty one pounds… from Nowheresville, Fantasyland… tonight he is ALL MIGHT… CAPTAIN FANTASY!”

    Captain Fantasy flexes both arms, an impressive display, and gets a very positive reception from the Tokyo Dome, grinning proudly at them.

    Kurt Harrington: “And the second challenger… he weighs in at two hundred and fifteen pounds… from Brooklyn, New York… FATHER ELI BLACK!”

    And those cheers are replaced by jeers for the Liberator. He smiles though and behaves as if those jeers are in fact the opposite. He raises both arms in acceptance of their adulation.

    Kurt Harrington: “And the reigning and defending North American champion… he weighs in at two hundred and twenty-seven pounds… from The Long and Winding Road… THE EXILE CYRUS TRUTH!”

    Cyrus Truth steps out of the corner and glares at both of his opponents before returning to his corner. Eli is quick to bark out more insults to Truth but as the official passes the belt to the ring, he becomes quite serious. All three man stand in their corners, waiting for the bell to ring.

    Cyrus Truth [c] vs. Captain Fantasy vs. Eli Black
    Triple Threat Match.
    FWA North American Championship
    (Match writer: Jon)
    There’s a tense staredown between the three competitors as the bell rings, as there tends to be in these sort of triple threat matches. Either one person gets ganged up on, or one person is free to stand aside while the other two hurt each other. Eli Black decides to make the first move and charges and has long time rival Cyrus Truth. The Exile is ready for him though and blocks a punch with one of his own. Eli drops and rolls out of the ring before Truth can capitalize any further. Truth considers pursuing his opponent but rising cheers from the crowd convince him to turn around where Captain Fantasy is predictably waiting for a showdown with the North American Champion.

    Cyrus takes a good measure of Captain Fantasy, loosening up - but he gets grabbed by the foot and drops to the mat. He’s dragged out of there and struck with one european uppercut after another. Eli then plants his feet, grabs Truth and launches him over the shoulder with a T-Bone Suplex! Captain Fantasy slides out of the ring to join the fray but the Liberator cleverly slides back in. The superhero doesn’t hesitate trying to follow him but that gives Eli a chance to stop down onto him several times.

    Cap tries to power through the stomps. Although each stomp stalls his progress, he keeps struggling to get back to his feet. Eli eventually has to resort to more of his patented uppercuts to keep Fantasy’s momentum from mounting, backing him into a corner. There, Eli pushes Cap’s arms behind each rope and then aims for his chest with a powerful open handled chop! Captain Fantasy proves resilient to the strikes, gritting his teeth but not showing much more sign of pain. Eli goes for another chop! Still nothing! And another! Still nothing! And ano-DRAGON SUPLEX FROM CYRUS TRUTH. Eli lands hard on his neck, top of his back.

    The Exile turns around and there’s a momentary staredown between Cap who is still in the corner and Cyrus who is next to him. Truth decides to unload with a knife edge chop that echoes around the Tokyo Dome. Cap grits his teeth a bit harder but he’s still willing for more. Cyrus unloads another! And another! And another! Captain Fantasy steps out of the corner, still resisting chop after chop. Cyrus boots him in the gut and goes for a DDT but Captain Fantasy sends him flying over head. Truth hurries to his feet but Fantasy is there to grab him and whip him towards the ropes. Truth has been here many times and he returns with a Discus Punch to knock down Cap!

    Cyrus looks down at Cap only for a moment before Eli’s right back on him with an Olympic Slam! With both men down, Father Eli takes a moment to bask in his current domination to a wave of boos from the Tokyo Dome. He grins at the reaction and swaggers over to Captain Fantasy, leaping up and dropping down onto him with a knee drop. He rolls onto his feet off the landing, leaps up again, and this time hits a knee drop on Cyrus Truth. Eli Black drags Cyrus Truth up to his feet, wailing on him with a pair of European Uppercuts, and a few open handed chops before the two men are backed into the ropes. Eli gains a firm grip of the North American Champion, glances briefly over his shoulder and then tosses Truth over the ropes with an EXPLODER SUPLEX! The Exile crashes on the elevated ramp.

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “Smart strategy by Eli Black here. A triple threat match is always tough, and the best thing you can do is often make sure one opponent is out of the way so you can start picking on the other.”

    Broc Lobster: “But you gotta keep an eye out on the third man the entire time. I think Eli is focusing on Cap because he feels Cap is the weaker link and he’s struggled to get one in on Truth, but you have to wonder if focusing on the champion might be the better idea, he’s the biggest threat after all.”

    Captain Fantasy gets up to his feet now but is quickly floored with a picture perfect standing dropkick. He hustles back to his feet again, another standing dropkick! And back to his feet, and once again, another standing dropkick. This time when Cap gets to his feet, Eli approaches him hurriedly to whip him to the ropes but it’s easily reversed by his powerful opponent. Eli runs the ropes and on the rebound leaps up to tackle Cap down with a Lou Thesz Press. He unloads fists down on Captain Fantasy who tries to get his arms up to protect himself until he’s able to shove Eli Black off. The pair hustle to their feet and CAP TAKES ELI’S HEAD OFF WITH A LARIAT! The crowd pops huge as Eli is turned inside out and Cap goes for the first pin of the triple threat.


    Meltdown’s superhero nods to the referee in acceptance of the call and makes to grab Eli before Truth sprints in with a KNEE STRIKE TO CAP’S HEAD! He follows it up with his patented knee drop and Tokyo Dome is an awe of the Wanderer’s Wrath! Hook of the leg-


    Truth’s undeterred and brings Cap to a vertical base. He hooks one leg and tries to go for the fisherman suplex but Cap’s got a firm base and is able to prevent the Exile from going through with it. Instead, he’s able to reverse their circumstances and lift up Truth for a suplex! He holds the Exile at the apex of the move, delaying his descent. The crowd begins to chant with each second that passes by - “ICHI, NI, SAN, SHI, GO, ROKU, SHICHI, HACHI-” Eli breaks it up with a kick to Cap’s gut and Truth is able to land softly. There’s a very, very brief moment of understanding between the Exile and the Liberator and they work together to suplex Cap!

    Broc Lobster: “Seeing these two work together, even for a split second, is always going to make you wonder what could’ve happened if they’d managed to stick together.”

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “Some people just don’t mix, Broc. Eli’s gone right back on the attack the moment he was given a chance here.”

    The Liberator does indeed pounce on Truth instantly, but the Exile has gotten to know him quite well over the past ten months and is more than ready for it. He manages to wiggle his way out of a grapple from Eli and after a couple of knife edge chops, hits the MEMENTO MORI! He hooks the leg-


    Cyrus Truth snarls but turns his attention over to the recovering Captain Fantasy. He drills him with a boot to the gut and hits a snap double underhook DDT. He shifts back to Eli Black who stumbles over to him and goes for an uppercut. Truth takes the blow and comes back with an elbow smash! Black responds with an uppercut, though lacking full strength. Truth with a vicious elbow smash! Uppercut! Elbow smash! Uppercut! Elbow smash! Black finds himself back into a corner when Truth unloads elbow smash after elbow smash, eventually holding onto the ropes for balance as he drives vicious stops into Black’s gut until he’s seated in the turnbuckle! He then carefully places his vicious stomps, smashing Father Eli’s face into the turnbuckle! The crowd chants along with the First Five Steps - “ICHI! NI! SAN! SHI! GO!”

    Eli looks quite laid out there in the corner. The mounting cheers from the crowd are unusual and Cyrus Truth turns around to find Captain Fantasy and his two hundred and fifty pounds of heft crash landing onto him with a corner splash! Eli’s positioning seems to have just left him out of firing range from that attack. Cap shoves Truth out of the corner, hoping to sit onto the turnbuckle himself.

    Broc Lobster: “I’ll tell you something, Jean-Luc! I’ve never seen Cap take any sort of high risk before.”

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “And is a title match the place to take these unusual risks?”

    It’s not as much of a high risks as our commentators are making it out to be. Captain Fantasy leaps off his seated position to grab Truth’s head and plant him with a bulldog! Captain Fantasy stands to his feet and marches around, feeling the momentum angling his way. He walks over to Eli Black and gets him back to his feet, placing him between his legs and lifting him up high for what’s looking like a powerbomb until a boot to the back of his leg puts an end to those ambitions. Truth is already back to his feet, refusing to let the energy of this match lean Cap’s way. Eli is able to fall off of Cap and stumble out of the ring and onto the apron for a breather. Truth runs the ropes and charges at Cap with the Broken Path! The Exile falls to a knee, slight exhaustion showing, and hooks the leg on the hero.


    A sudden burst of strength and energy for the superhero! He rolls onto his feet with Truth in his grasp. Truth tries to resist with some elbows that shake up Cap until ELI BLACK FLIES IN WITH A DIVING CROSSBODY… that Captain Fantasy somehow catches and rolls through on! Cap is struggling with the weight he’s carrying but with adrenaline-infused strength, he lifts both men up into a fireman’s carry position! Captain Fantasy then begins spinning around, a double airplane spin here in Tokyo Dome.

    Broc Lobster: “He’s spinning around holding over four hundred pounds, Jean-Luc! What power from the Meltdown superhero!”

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “It’s impressive, Broc, I’ll give you that much, but I’ve never seen anyone win a match with an airplane spin.”

    After several rotations, it becomes too much for even Captain Fantasy to handle and all three men fall to the mat, trying to gather their bearings but the feat of strength certainly has the crowd stunned. Captain Fantasy crawls over to Cyrus Truth to hook the leg.


    He sighs but goes for the Liberator this time around…


    It’s not quite meant to be!

    Captain Fantasy gets to his feet first and opts to target Cyrus Truth. He drags him to his feet and scoops him up onto his shoulders. He lifts Truth up to the sky in a military press and begins marching over to the ropes, seeming as if he might actually throw the North American Champion out of the ring but he’s clipped in the knee by Eli! Truth catches his footing on the apron, grabs Cap by the head and jumps off to force Cap’s neck against the ropes! Cap stumbles away from the ropes and into an Olympic slam from Eli Black!

    The Liberator has little time to celebrate, he runs over to the ropes to clock Truth with a European uppercut! He then drags Cyrus in between the top and middle rope until his feet are at the edge of the ropes and drills his skull into the mat with a Hangman DDT! Again, Eli Black has found full control of the match-up with a series of strong moves to take out the superhero and the Exile. Truth is smart enough to slide out of the ring, recovering down at ringside.

    Eli Black focuses on the superhero once more. He heads for the top rope and measures his man before gaining great height in the air and hitting THE ART OF FLYING! A beautiful spiral tap he quickly turns into a pinfall attempt!


    Jean-Luc Watkins: “A close one here! Eli Black nearly made his ambitions of becoming a singles champion in the FWA come true!”

    Broc Lobster: “Eli doesn’t go to the top rope too often, but considering how beautifully he hits the Art of Flying, you’d almost think he should more often.”

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “You’re not going to have me advocating for him to change to a more high flying style, Broc. I’d disagree and say that Repentance of his shows his breadth as a technical wrestler, and that’s what he should highlight in his gameplan.”

    Father Eli gets back to his feet and drags Cap along with him. He places Captain Fantasy between his thighs, and he signals for The Book of Eli, his devastating piledriver! The brief showboating from the Liberator is costly though, Cap grabs him by the legs and trips him onto his back. Eli quickly tries to wave Cap off but the superhero’s eyes are wide and the Tokyo Dome is cheering him on! With a firm grip of Eli’s two legs, Captain Fantasy starts the wonderful ride that is the giant Swing! Cap rotates and rotates and Eli is helpless, only able to hold his head tightly to stall off the dizziness. Cap keeps spinning and spinning with no sign of stopping and the mounting excitement and “wow’s” from the fans at the superhero’s steady strength is all too encouraging. Faster and faster, Cap rotates around until he spots the Exile sliding back into the ring!

    Captain Fantasy drops the Liberator, and he flies across the ring, quickly rolling out in his dizziness. Cap swiftly manages to do a takedown on Truth, going low for the waist and tripping up his legs. He doesn’t waste anytime engaging in another giant swing! Truth has no choice but to mimic the Liberator’s decision making. He holds onto his head but there’s nothing he can do about being swung around the ring helplessly while the Tokyo Dome goes wild, even if it’s being done to the fan favored Exile. Cap spins and spins and spins until even this much spinning is too much for him and he finally drops Truth! He stumbles over the ropes to catch his balance after that dizzy spell.

    Broc Lobster: “Immense strength from Captain Fantasy! Super heroic strength, you might say, Jean-Luc.”

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “I’d say that if I was as strong as Captain Fantasy is, I’d probably find more efficient ways to use that strength.”

    Meltdown’s hero clenches his fist, takes a good look at it, and turns his attention to the Vagabond King.

    Broc Lobster: “I think Cap wants to go for the win here! He’s pumping up the Fantasy K.O.!”

    Truth is using the ropes to get back to his own feet, shaking the cobwebs out of his head but unaware that Captain Fantasy has him dead in his sight. Truth stumbles around, Cap charges in for the Fantasy K.O., Eli Black HITS THE DIAMOND CUTTER ON CAPTAIN FANTASY! The Exile is momentarily shocked by the near fatal strike but only momentarily. He charges at Eli Black getting back up and clotheslines him with such momentum they both go over the rope and land on the elevated front ramp! It’s a hard fall but certainly a bit safer than if they’d landed right on the outside.

    Once again, the vicious strike exchange that’s occurred all match between these two men, continues here on the ramp. European uppercut retorted with an elbow smash, knife edge chop with an open handed chop! These two have gone to battle all year and have felt the pain of those deadly strikes far too many times to count. Eli is able to hit a hard enough European uppercut to stun Truth for a second. He grabs hold of his wrist, aiming for the Blitzkrieg - but gets caught with an elbow smash on the ripcord! Truth maneuvers behind Eli and hooks both arms. He looks over his shoulder to see the ringside far beneath him and the Liberator.

    Broc Lobster: “I’m not sure I like where this is going.”

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “It looks like he’s going for a Tiger Suplex off the ramp! This isn’t going to be pretty if he gets it off, Broc, but Cyrus Truth has never cared about being pretty.”

    Eli Black tries to hook the leg of Truth, he tries to struggle and wiggle out but Truth has a very firm grip and with no remorse, no care for his own safety, TRUTH HITS THE TIGER SUPLEX OFF THE RAMP AND TO THE FLOOR! Eli Black hits the ground hard, his body bouncing once before laying in a heap. Truth has taken a lot of damage from it as well and he’s holding on to the top of his head.

    Captain Fantasy is back on his feet to find that his other two opponents have just about killed themselves on the outside. He knows this is his opportunity though, and there’s a strong contingent of fans urging him on! Cap slides to the outside and tries to figure out which of the two is the better target for him. He opts to grab Eli Black, lifting his limp body onto his shoulders and rolling him into the ring. But just as he goes to follow him into it, he spots Eli continuing to roll and roll, right onto the opposite of the ring and to the outside. Cap tries to rush into the ring to catch him before he gets out but its too late for him.

    The superhero is disappointed at his inexperience coming to bite him here, but that disappointment proves to be worse than his slowness in grabbing Eli! Truth slides into the ring and rushes to the unaware Captain Fantasy, rushing onto his back and locking in the LONG ROAD TO NOWHERE!


    Broc Lobster: “Cyrus Truth beat Captain Fantasy once via a submission, Jean-Luc, he might be finding himself beating Captain Fantasy twice in a row via submission!”

    Cap is fortunately right next to the ropes but with triple threat rules, that’s not going to be enough to break it. Still, it’s enough for the powerful hero to use it to get to his feet. Truth wrenches on the neck of the hero and Cap groans, doing everything he can to resist the urge to tap out, to keep conscious. He rushes his back into the nearest turnbuckle but Truth holds on tightly. He stumbles forward a few steps, then crashes into the turnbuckle again! Truth still holds on! Cap then charges out of the corner and jumps up, landing back first on top of Truth and forcing him to relinquish the hold!

    Captain Fantasy and Cyrus Truth both roll away from each other. They each use the ropes to get up but it’s Truth who is just one step ahead, with Cap still recovering from the Long Road to Nowhere. Cyrus charges towards Cap but is sent flying over the rope and crash landing hard on his back onto the ramp! Eli Black slides into the ring, having took his time at ringside to recover from the murderous Tiger Suplex earlier. He rushes towards Cap, doesn’t hesitate for one second to showboat this time and HITS THE BOOK OF ELI! PILEDRIVING CAPTAIN FANTASY IN THE DEAD CENTER OF THE RING! He hooks the leg-


    Fantasy just manages to get an arm up. Eli has frustration written all over his face, once again so close yet so far from becoming a champion. He stands over Captain Fantasy, still holding his neck and still very much feeling the effects from the Tiger Suplex. He grabs one of Cap’s arms, then the other. The crowd jeers Father Eli but he ignores it. He tries to get himself set up for the Eye Opener but Captain Fantasy gets the crowd exploding when he powers out of Eli’s grip with such force the Liberator flips forward. Eli doesn’t get to his feet as quick as he might want, and when he does - FANTASY K.O.! Captain Fantasy hooks the leg…


    Just in the nick of time! Cyrus Truth gets to his feet with Captain Fantasy alongside him and after a few elbow smashes, Cyrus Truth shows his own impressive strength by lifting the much heavier man onto his shoulders.

    Broc Lobster: “I think I know what he’s going for, Jean-Luc! Last time he wasn’t able to hit it and it nearly cost him the match!”

    Truth has Captain Fantasy balanced for the Journey’s End but the heavy weight causes him to stumble back a bit too much and onto the ropes where Cap is able to safely slide off of and onto the outside. Truth sneers but turns his attention to Eli Black. He drags Father Eli to his feet and lifts him onto his shoulders. The camera gets a good look on the face of the Exile before he HITS THE JOURNEY’S END ON ELI BLACK, DEAD CENTER OF THE RING!


    A fraction of a second away there for Cyrus Truth! There’s a look of both exasperation and frustration on the face of the North American Champion, the trickery of a triple threat match is hard to plan against. Truth drags Cap to his feet and unloads FIERY ELBOW SMASH AFTER ELBOW SMASH TO CAP! Cap bounces off the ropes from the sheer impact of the strikes and on the rebound HITS A FANTASY K.O. ON TRUTH! It’s not a very strong one but it does the deed! Truth is swift to roll out of the ring and onto the apron. But he’s also well aware that there’s a man he just planted with the Journey’s End in the ring and he can’t leave Cap alone with him! He uses the ropes to get to his feet whilst on the apron, already fiercely recovering from the Fantasy K.O. - and ANOTHER FANTASY K.O. strikes him in the jaw! This time Captain Fantasy is able to get all of it and Truth drops to the ringside.

    Captain Fantasy turns his attention to Eli Black who has crawled to the ropes, one hand on it but still too tired to pull himself up. Captain Fantasy marches right behind Father Eli and hooks both arms before dragging him to the center of the ring and LOCKING IN THE PACIFIER! He’s using his massive strength to swing Eli Black around with the swinging full nelson! The Tiger Suplex! The Fantasy K.O. The Journey’s End! It’s all adding up to this moment! The official seems to hear the word from Father Eli and he signals the referee…



    Winner: Captain Fantasy via submission at 18:31.

    The Tokyo Dome is ecstatic when the bell finally rings and Captain Fantasy drops Eli Black knowing that his fight is over for tonight. Cyrus Truth is halfway reaching into the ring but it’s already too late. His face is unreadable as he has his hand on his hips.

    Kurt Harrington: "Here is your winner... and the NEW FWA North American Champion... 'ALL MIGHT'... CAPTAIN... FANTASY!!"

    Captain Fantasy straps the North American Championship around his waist and poses proudly, flexing each arm to a very positive crowd reception.

    Broc Lobster: “He did it! Captain Fantasy has just won his first championship here in the FWA! The FWA North American Championship!”

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “Cyrus Truth had an incredible reign with the belt, but the triple threat match is such a tricky go around, Broc. Truth wasn’t pinned or submitted but he’s no longer FWA North American Champion. Where does he go from here?”

    Broc Lobster: “Champion or not, he’s Cyrus Truth, Jean-Luc, he’s good enough to compete at any level. He’s never long without gold on his waist. I’m not sure what’s next, but it’s like he always says, it’s a Long and Winding Road.”

    We cut away from ringside with a final shot of Captain Fantasy in the center of the ring and Cyrus Truth marching up the ramp while Eli Black still recovers at ringside.


    The PPV feed shifts backstage to Natalie Rosenberg, who is standing in front of a door with a label showing "GOLDEN ROCK" in gold and red lettering for each appropriate word. Natalie Rosenberg has a serious expression on her face with no one around her.

    Natalie Rosenberg: "Ladies and gentleman, I am here in front of Golden Rock's locker room because ... word is 'The Rotten Gold' has LEFT the arena tonight. He is nowhere to be found and has apparently left the arena immediately following the tag team's loss to the Gang Stars. There is no word on the future but the rumors I'm hearing from anonymous sources is this WILL BE the final match of Golden's career. He apparently has a one-way flight to the United States to be with his family permanently.

    The word from management is they're aware of Golden's plans and we will get an announcement from him in the coming days."

    Natalie Rosenberg finishes her report and sort of calms down, relaxing a bit, but before the feed shifts back we see "Rockstar" Randy Ramon appear from the right side of the camera screen. Natalie glances at the camera and regains her composure.

    Natalie Rosenberg: "Rockstar ... Rockstar ... can we get a word on ..."

    "Rockstar" Randy Ramon looks frustrated and irritated. He then stares at the camera briefly before looking right back to Natalie and the microphone in front of his face. He then leaves without saying a word.


    Somewhat surprisingly, there are moderate cheers in the Tokyo Dome as Mike Parr’s music hits, and the mostly-positive reaction continues when The Prodigy walks out onto the stage. He takes a moment to survey his surroundings before beginning his walk to the ring…

    Kurt Harrington: “Ladies and gentlemen the next contest is scheduled for one-fall, and with a thirty minute time limit… introducing first… weighing in at two hundred and forty pounds… ‘The Prodigy’... MIKE PARR!”

    Broc Lobster: “It’s been a rough few months for The Prodigy, all beginning on that fateful night in Paris when Parr came up just short in his attempts to claim that FWA World Heavyweight Championship. Since then, he’s been plagued by the very man that he goes up against here tonight in Tokyo…”

    Jean-Luc Watkins:Plagued might be a bit of an understatement, Broc! Shawn Summers was responsible for the attack on Mike Parr on the second night of Back in Business, and profited directly from this by taking The Prodigy’s spot in the Fallout Eliminator Tournament. Der Basterd wasted no time in claiming responsibility for this assault, but wasn’t anywhere near finished.”

    Broc Lobster: “It was at the Anniversary Show during Mike Parr’s in-ring return that Shawn Summers hit again, resulting in The Prodigy’s elimination from the Golden Opportunity match. That’s two potential opportunities at the FWA World Heavyweight Championship that Summers has cost Parr in a matter of weeks…”

    This fact doesn’t seem lost on Mike Parr, who has climbed into the ring and paces slightly whilst staring back at the stage. His music fades out, and a heavy torrent of booing descends when it is replaced by...

    Shawn Summers has a slight smirk on his face as he walks out onto the stage, lapping up the derision that is being flung freely at him by the Tokyo audience. Eventually, his eyes come to rest on the man in the ring, and the smile quickly disappears. With a look of focus emerging on his face, Summers begins to stride down the ramp…

    Kurt Harrington: “And his opponent… from Laguna Beach, California… he weighs in tonight at two hundred and twenty five pounds… ‘Der Basterd’... SHAWN SUMMERS!”

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “This arena, like any other, is showing Shawn Summers with hatred, but it’s like water from a duck’s back. When you act without honour to the extent that Summers routinely does, you can’t expect anything else other than this sort of reaction. And Der Basterd has lived up to that moniker and more in recent weeks, seemingly constantly getting the better of Mike Parr in their physical and verbal exchanges so far in this rivalry…”

    Broc Lobster: “But tonight is a great opportunity for Mike Parr to redress that balance slightly. The announcement following Fallout 005 from executives Rupert Watkins and Cal Robinson handed Shawn Summers a number one contendership match-up against Konchu Hao… but Mike Parr will be added to that Fallout 006 contest if he is able to triumph here in Tokyo…”

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “And it would be somewhat fitting if it was The Prodigy who stood in Shawn Summers’ way as he looks to earn a shot at the FWA World Heavyweight Championship, given Der Basterd’s constant scheming to keep The Prodigy away from that very same title…”

    Summers has climbed into the ring and stands in the opposite corner from Mike Parr. Both men are now fully concentrating on their opposite number. Summers is motionless other than the slow, methodical loosening of his joints. Mike Parr is a bundle of energy, staring down Der Basterd as he paces this way and that. The official makes his final checks and issues some instructions to the combatants, but it appears clear that neither man is really listening to him. They have eyes only for one another. Finally, with the audience reaching fever pitch in their anticipation of this one, the official calls for the bell…

    Mike Parr vs. Shawn Summers
    Singles Match.
    (Match writer: SS)
    As soon as the bell is rung, Mike Parr charges across the ring in the direction of his opponent. The Prodigy tries to take his head off with a clothesline, but Summers ducks beneath it and transitions into a half nelson. He tries to lock in the other half and make it a full nelson, but Parr fights back with an elbow to the side of Summers’ head. Der Basterd manages to keep his hold applied, but only until Parr reaches through his own legs and picks Summers’ leg by the ankle. Shawn hits the mat, and Parr tries to step through into a Figure 4 Leg Lock. Summers is wise to it, though, and lashes out at Parr with a kick to the hindquarters when he’s turned around, thus causing a little separation… and immediately Summers rolls The Prodigy up with a schoolboy…

    ONE… TW - - NO!

    Parr kicks out, and both men are immediately up to their feet. Der Basterd attempts a short-arm lariat, but The Prodigy ducks beneath it, and then hits a backslide!

    ONE… TWO… NO!

    This time, Summers is able to kick out, and again the pair are straight up to a vertical base… SMALL PACKAGE FROM PARR!

    ONE… TWO… NO!

    Summers kicks out again!

    Broc Lobster: “A frenetic opening here from these two, and we see them exchanging quickfire pinning combinations, there…”

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “It’s interesting to see that Parr was the one who came out swinging… Summers rolls under the bottom rope here to take a breather, and it’s noteworthy that Der Basterd tried to take the sting out of proceedings early on, maybe looking to turn this one into a technical affair…”

    Broc Lobster: “I’m not sure that’s the best idea… Mike Parr is one of - if not the - best technical wrestlers we have here in the FWA…”

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “Shawn Summers is no slouch in that department himself. I think Der Basterd fancies himself as able to humble The Prodigy in his own wheel-house. A bit more of Summers’ trademark arrogance on display there…”

    Summers has completed a full circuit of the ring as the official begins a count, and the man in black and white has made it up to six by the time Summers rolls back into the ring. Parr is on him in an instant! He begins to stomp away at Summers before Der Basterd can make it to his feet… until Summers takes him down with a double leg takedown! Parr immediately throws up a hasty guard, as if he’s certain that Summers’ next move is to pummel him with lefts and rights. Der Basterd, however, instead applies a grounded headlock. He has the move locked in for a few moments before Parr is able to start to fight his way to his feet. He is slowly up to his knees, and then up to a vertical base… but Summers keeps the headlock applied! Parr fights out with a trio of elbows to the ribs, but Shawn refuses to let go.

    Parr wraps his arms around Shawn’s waist, and it looks like he might be going for a side suplex. Summers senses this, though, and instead goes behind into a rear waist lock. He bundles The Prodigy forward into the ropes, and then takes him down with an O’Conner roll! The official slides in…

    ONE… TWO… T -- NO!

    Parr is up to his feet quickly, but Summers is there first. Der Basterd applies an inverted front face lock…

    Broc Lobster: “Looks like he’s going for a reverse DDT here… no! Parr able to shift his weight and reverse into a front facelock of his own… snap suplex!”

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “Parr not going for the pin, though… instead he picks up Summers’ leg… is he going for his inverted sharpshooter?! Already?!”

    Summers senses the danger, and he immediately scrambles towards the ropes, hooking onto them with both hands. The Prodigy is forced to relinquish his hold and back away from Summers, who then uses the ropes to lift himself up to his feet… only for Parr to charge at him! The Prodigy looks like he’s trying to clothesline Summers out of the ring… but Der Basterd ducks, and then lifts his opponent up and over the top rope with a BIG back body drop! Parr lands in a heap on the outside…

    … and, whilst the Prodigy is busy lifting himself up to a vertical base, Summers is already hitting the ropes… before connecting with a baseball slide! Parr hits the mat again, but Der Basterd immediately lifts him to his feet… and runs him face-first into the steel ring post!!

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “And just like that, Shawn Summers’ gameplan as well as the momentum in this match-up shifts dramatically…”

    Der Basterd has a shit-eating grin on his face as he surveys the audience, nodding his head in approval of himself and his own actions. Eventually, as the official reaches six, Summers hoists Parr up to his feet again and throws him beneath the bottom rope. He follows The Prodigy in and lazily goes for a lateral press....

    ONE… TWO… NO!

    Broc Lobster: “It’s unlikely that Shawn Summers thought he was going to get the three-count, there… I imagine a lot of that pinfall attempt, and the elbow that Der Basterd was driving down into Parr’s face as he covered him, was about mind games…”

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “Absolutely, which is unsurprising for Shawn Summers. He is all about winning the psychological advantage and using that to his advantage. And now he has the physical advantage to go alongside that… Der Basterd is in complete control!”

    After a series of stomps, Summers lifts Parr up to his feet and applies a front face lock. He tries to lift The Prodigy to his feet, perhaps going for his stalling brainbuster, but Parr anchors himself down to the ground by wrapping his leg around Summers’ calf. Then, the Prodigy fights out with some straight rights to Summers’ side, and eventually Der Basterd has to afford him some separation… but he follows up with a hard knife edge chop! The second and third such strikes back Parr up into the corner, and Shawn Summers takes him by the wrist and whips him HARD into the opposite corner. Parr hits the turnbuckles WITH IMPACT and bounces back towards Summers… who hits him with a flapjack!

    Parr, to his credit, fights back to his feet… but he’s met with a kick to the gut, a front facelock… and then…

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “BRAINBUSTAAAAAH~! Shawn Summers stalls before dropping Parr onto his head! What a beautiful move!!”

    Rod Sterling: “And now he hooks the leg…”

    ONE… TWO… T -- NO!

    Parr kicks out!

    Summers applies a sleeper hold, and for a while it looks as if The Prodigy is fading away. The audience is doing their best to support Parr (or, more closer to the truth, to deride Summers), but it doesn’t appear that their cheering is doing anything for his cause…

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “Summers with a look of mad, frantic glee on his face! I think he can feel the life disappearing from Parr’s limp body!”

    The official is in close, asking Parr if he wants to give it up. The Prodigy is refusing, but each and every one of his refusals is delivered with a little less fervour than the previous one…

    Broc Lobster: “I think this might be it, Jean-Luc!! Don’t forget that Shawn Summers beat Jon Snowmantashi very recently by making him pass out… he could be trying to do the same thing here to Mike Parr!”

    Finally, when he can no longer hear The Prodigy’s answers to his questions, the official comes in close and lifts his arm, before allowing it to drop towards the mat…

    … but The Prodigy clenches his fist and stops it from doing so! The audience lets out a cheer as, with MAXIMUM EFFORT, Mike Parr begins to fight back up to a vertical base… first onto his knees… and then to his feet! He pushes Summers into the ropes, and then pushes him off into the opposite set… Mike Parr winds up…

    Broc Lobster: “Discuss clothesline attempt from Parr! NO! Summers ducks beneath it…”

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “... and Der Basterd floats straight into a rear waist lock… German suplex!! With a bridge…”

    ONE… TWO.. T -- NO!

    Parr kicks out! Summers isn’t willing to let the momentum dissipate, though, and he pulls Parr up to his feet by the hair. He nails him with a trio of forearms, and then a kick to the gut… double-underhook suplex!!

    But Summers doesn’t release, instead rolling through, hoisting Parr up, and delivering a second suplex!!

    One more time! A third double-underhook suplex for Parr! And now Summers goes for the pin…

    ONE… TWO… TH -- NO!!

    Again, Parr kicks out!

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “That looks like frustration on Shawn Summers’ face… he’s hitting Mike Parr with some BIG moves here, but The Prodigy is equal to each and every one of them so far… he’s refusing to give up on this one!”

    Summers glares at the official for a moment, and after a shake of the head he lifts Parr to his feet. He is slow to follow up, and holds Parr by the hair at arm’s length for a moment. The Prodigy tries to hit him with some punches to the midsection, but they lack power and don’t have much of an effect on Der Basterd, other than eliciting a smile…

    Then, Summers boots him in the midsection, pulls his head into position, and hooks both of Parr’s arms…

    Broc Lobster: “Shawn Summers going for his double underhook powerbomb here… he hoists him up…”

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “But Mike Parr breaks an arm free… and now he begins to rain blows down onto Summers! Der Basterd still had him up on his shoulders…”

    Broc Lobster: “Mike Parr inverts his position… VICTORY ROLL!”

    ONE… TWO… TH - - NO!!

    Shawn Summers kicks out! Just about! Both men scramble to their feet, and Summers goes for a BIG rolling elbow smash… only for Parr to take him out at the knees with a low dropkick!! Summers goes down to a knee, and The Prodigy quickly hits the ropes…

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “SHINING WIZARD!! Parr hooks the leg!”

    ONE… TWO… TH - - NO!!

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “Shawn Summers kicks out, but Mike Parr is sensing that perhaps the tide is shifting in this one… he’s stalking Summers from the corner… looks as though The Prodigy has something big in mind…”

    Broc Lobster: “But Summers rolls beneath the bottom rope to escape Mike Parr! He wants no part of The Prodigy’s comeback!”

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “But here comes Parr… he hits the ropes… SUICIDE DIVE!”

    Parr takes Summers out on the outside! Summers sprawls to the ground whilst Parr lands on his feet, and The Prodigy wastes no time in immediately hoisting Summers to his feet. He takes him by the scruff of the neck… and throws him face-first onto the top of the steel ring steps! The official begins a count towards ten, but Parr simply picks Summers up again… and flings him over the Japanese announcers’ desk! The commentators disperse as Summers lands in a heap amongst the chairs and broadcast equipment!!

    Parr breaks up the ten-count by rolling into the ring and then out of it again, before moving around the announcers’ desk to address Summers again. He mounts Der Basterd… and then begins to rain down straight right hands on him! One after the other… bruising, clubbing blows… Shawn Summers is trying to get a guard up to shield himself, but Parr’s pummeling is finding its way through…

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “This is relentless!! The official needs to get in between these two! This is meant to be a wrestling match!”

    Broc Lobster: “The referee is too busy with his ten-count, it seems!”

    Eventually, the official does sense a need to get in between the two of them, climbing out of the ring and threatening to disqualify Mike Parr before starting a five-count. The Prodigy relents at four and moves away from Summers… and the camera picks up that Der Basterd has been busted wide open! His eyes are slightly glazed from the onslaught, and the official does his best to reprimand Parr. The Prodigy lifts Summers up, and he throws him under the bottom rope before hopping onto the apron. He climbs into the ring and then begins to make his ascent up towards the top rope…

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “Mike Parr perhaps thinking about his X Marks the Spot finisher here… but Summers is showing signs of life! He fights up to his feet… and he clocks Parr with a clubbing blow to the back!”

    The Prodigy almost loses his footing, and is in a seated position on the top rope. Shawn Summers starts to climb up after him and, when he’s stepped over the top rope, he places Parr in a rear waistlock… Summers braces himself, and then goes for a top rope German…

    … but Parr over rotates, and lands on his feet! Meanwhile, Summers has attempted to keep his legs wrapped around the top rope to avoid an impact himself, and finds himself in a tree of woe of his own making!!

    Parr sees this, charges in… basement dropkick! Right to the face!! Summers falls into a heap on the mat, and Mike Parr instantly lifts him to his feet…

    Broc Lobster: “Double underhook backbreaker!! And another pin attempt from Parr…”

    ONE… TWO… THR -- NO!!

    Summers kicks out… and Parr is straight up to his feet… he grabs Der Basterd by the ankles…

    Broc Lobster: “Looks like The Prodigy is going for that inverted sharpshooter again!”

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “Once more, Shawn Summers scrambles over to the bottom rope… and he’s able to hook onto it! The referee wants a clean break… but Summers lashes out with a boot to the face!”

    Parr stumbles backwards, and Summers is on him immediately. He pulls his head in between his legs and hooks the arms…

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “Summers going for Midsommar here…?! NO! Parr reverses with a back body drop!”

    Broc Lobster: “Summers fights to his feet… and Parr is waiting for him… he goes for that rolling cutter… but Der Basterd pushes him away…”

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “And then a mule kick from Summers! Parr is doubled over… double-underhook sitout powerbomb!! Shawn Summers plants him!”

    Broc Lobster: “And now he hooks both legs…”

    ONE… TWO… THR - - NO!!!

    Parr kicks out!! And Summers can’t believe it! He spends a moment remonstrating with the official, and goes so far as to back him up into the corner, almost frothing at the mouth with his rage. Eventually, he turns away from the referee and focuses on The Prodigy…

    Summers mounts Parr’s chest… and now he unloads with right hands! A right… and then a left… and then another right! Summers doesn’t let up, and occasionally punctuates the straight hands with elbows strikes!!

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “This is brutal!! Mike Parr can’t defend himself!!”

    Broc Lobster: “I think he’s opened up now, too! Both of these men sporting war wounds after this brutal encounter…”

    The referee is remonstrating with Summers, insisting that he stop his tirade, but Summers is in a world of his own. Right hand follows left hand follows right hand… until the official finally starts a count towards five…


    Jean-Luc Watkins: “Shawn Summers looks enraged, here… I don’t know if he can even hear the official!”


    Broc Lobster: “Well, he better start listening soon! Or this one’s going to be thrown out…”


    Jean-Luc Watkins: “And now with the elbow strikes! Mike Parr looks out!!”


    Broc Lobster: “No let up! Shawn Summers is going to get himself disqualified!!”


    Rather than throw it out immediately, the official takes matters into his own hands, acting with bravery but, perhaps, stupidity, in wrapping his own arms around Summers and attempting to stop the blows!!

    Summers, a little confused, stops his pummeling and stands to his feet. The official does the same, with The Prodigy rolling over onto his front…

    Shawn Summers(off-mic): “What the fuck do you think you’re doing?!”

    Official (off-mic): “That’s it, Summers! I’m disqualifying you…”

    But before the official can do exactly that, he feels a tug on his pants, and looks down to see Parr. The Prodigy shakes his head, telling the official that that’s the last thing he should do…

    Summers, a look of glee on his face, takes Parr by the head and pulls it into position between his legs…

    Then, he stares out over the arena for what feels like a really long time, a grin on his face…

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “Shawn Summers can taste victory here! All he has to do is drop Mike Parr with Midsommer, and this one will be over…”

    Summers hooks one of Parr’s arms, and then beats his chest with his free, clenched fist…

    Broc Lobster: “More showboating from Summers! He needs to focus on finishing this one off…”

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “Double leg takedown!! Parr takes Summers to the mat… INVERTED SHARPSHOOTER!!!”

    Broc Lobster: “In the middle of the ring!! Just listen to Summers’ agony!!”

    Summers recognises that his situation is perilous, and then begins to fight, hand over hand, towards the ring ropes…

    … only for Mike Parr to drag him into the middle of the ring!!

    And Shawn Summers has no choice but to tap!!

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “THAT’S IT! He got him! Shawn Summers is tapping out!!”

    Winner: Mike Parr via submission at 17:38.

    Mike Parr relinquishes his hold and stumbles back into a corner, using the top rope to support his weight and remain on his feet after the hard-hitting match-up…

    Kurt Harrington: “Here is your winner… ‘The Prodigy’... MIKE PARR!!”

    There’s a loud cheer in the arena as Shawn Summers rolls out of the ring. Mike Parr is keeled over, his hands on his knees, sucking in some laboured lung-fulls of oxygen. Eventually, he’s able to stand on his own two feet, and the official lifts his hand into the air as a symbol of his victory…

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “What a back-and-forth encounter that was… we knew there wasn’t much to separate these two competitors, and it’s Mike Parr that emerges triumphantly…”

    Broc Lobster: “Shawn Summers had many points in this match himself when he was close to coming away with the victory, but he just couldn’t quite put The Prodigy away… and now he’ll have to deal with Mike Parr again in the very near future…”

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “That’s right, Broc… on Fallout 006 in Brisbane, Australia, in fact… Mike Parr joins Shawn Summers and Konchu Hao in that number one contender’s match, the winner of which will face the FWA World Heavyweight Champion on Fallout 008 in Mexico City!”

    Broc Lobster: “And, of course, by that stage the champion could be any one of five people… the championship scene in the FWA has never been busier!!”

    Parr stands in the centre of the ring, a look of solemn satisfaction on his blood-covered face. After taking one more glance around the arena, he climbs out of the ring and begins to walk up towards the stage, the camera fading to black as he goes.


    Inside the arena and at home, the screen fades into a promotional package for the forthcoming Fallout 006: Yuna's Sea Shanty Slammer...

    The Fantasy Wrestling Alliance
    Fallout 006: Yuna's Sea Shanty Slammer.
    Live from Brisbane, Australia on Friday 22nd October, 2021.

    Part of the Lost Treasures tour.
    In association with Black Widow Wrestling.From the Slammer, docked in Fisherman's Island Harbour.
    Announcers: Jean-Luc Watkins, Allen Price, Christian Quinn.

    Matches Announced:

    Main Event:
    The FWA World Heavyweight Champion &
    Golden Opportunity Winner Nova Diamond
    'Rockstar' Randy Ramon &
    Chris Peacock
    Danny Toner &
    Ryan Rondo


    Konchu Hao
    Shawn Summers
    Mike Parr
    ​(The winner receives an FWA World Heavyweight Championship shot in Mexico City on Fallout 008: 'CIBERNETICO!')

    Alyster Black
    Jean-Luc Watkins
    (If Black wins, he earns a shot at the FWA X Championship in Melbourne on Fallout 007: 'Danger Down Under'.)

    More TBA...


    Returning to the arena, and we can see that the ring has been filled with a very wide array of characters, ranging from behemoths such as The Boulder to the three members of The Bad Boys Boy Band. The bell rings, and attention turns to Kurt Harrington at ringside, who is standing by with a microphone.

    Kurt Harrington: "The following contest is the Gunfight Battle Royal! Thirty-two competitors will enter the match and will be eliminated once they have been thrown over the top rope and both feet touch the floor below. The winner will be the last competitor remaining in the ring and they will earn the opportunity to have a match of their choosing on either Meltdown or Fallout!"

    The fans cheer at the announcement made by Kurt as the camera catches some of the competitors in the ring undergoing some final preparations; Ratin Mikichin does some lunges which seems very off-putting to those around him, The New Breed talk some final tactics and Cornelius Aurelius Caesar looks stoically around the arena.

    Everyone in the ring turns to the stage where after a few seconds, Joe Burr walks out from the back once the music has kicked in. Joe slowly struts into the middle of the stage, playing an air guitar along to his entrance music. Before he embarks down the ramp towards the ring, he points in the direction of the ring and shouts that he's going to win this match. As smirks as he picks up a faint "JOE'S GONNA KILL YOU!" chant being made by some vocal members of the crowd in the Tokyo Dome.

    Kurt Harrington: "Making his way to the ring... from New York City... weighing in at one-hundred and thirty-two pounds... JOE BURR!"

    Broc Lobster: "Joe Burr was the first to announce his participation in this match, although the basis for his entry was a motivation for revenge, which it would seem he is no longer going to be be able to pursue... one wonders who he will cash in that opportunity for a match of his choosing against now."

    Jean-Luc Watkins: "If I was Joe Burr, I would not concern myself with what I'd be doing in the eventuality of winning this match. I'd put my efforts into ensuring that I actually won the match."

    Broc Lobster: "Stranger things have happened. Remember, it is not the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog that counts, Jean-Luc!"

    It would seem that Joe's diminutive stature has resulted in him being written off as a threat by the majority of the rest of the field, despite his recent successes in the ring on Meltdown.

    There is a mixed reaction in the arena as the man who now goes by the name of Sawyer Xavier walks out onto the stage with his ominous-sounding entrance music playing behind him as he appears out onto the stage. Xavier is accompanied by his new manager, George E. Brilliant. The veteran former competitor appears to impart some last minute advice to his charge, and Xavier takes it in with a nod of the head, before he starts walking down towards the packed ring.

    Kurt Harrington: "From Savannah, Georgia... weighing in at one-hundred and seventy-eight pounds... SAWYER XAVIER!"

    Jean-Luc Watkins: "I can't say that I have had the pleasure of getting to see Sawyer Xavier in action in person yet, however from what I have seen of this young man... I'd be lying if I said that I was not impressed. Xavier's career in the FWA has been very much stop-start since he arrived on the scene a year ago, however the introduction of George E. Brilliant as his manager could be the heralding of a new stage in this young man's career."

    Broc Lobster: "We've not had a chance to see too much of Xavier on Meltdown since he decided to bring Brilliant into the fold... but what we have seen is a shift in attitude. What I saw before in the days of Saus X was a young competitor trying to find his place in a busy world. As for now... this Sawyer Xavier seems much more sure of himself and I wouldn't write off his chances of winning this whole match, Jean-Luc!"

    Jean-Luc Watkins: "I certainly would not dream of doing such a thing. Someone who possesses the level of comfort on the ropes and flying around the ring as Sawyer Xavier does should consider themselves one of the favourites in a match like this. Anomalies such as losses to Joe Burr need to be ignored."

    As Xavier gets into the ring, he notices Joe Burr eyeing him up. The two exchange a couple of words which appears to consist of Joe reminding Xavier of the victory that he holds over him on Meltdown 4. Nonetheless, Xavier puts his arms in the air in an 'X' symbol to another reaction from the fans.

    The popular music gets a good cheer from the crowd in the arena, and we see some shots of the fans in attendance huddled together and swaying from side to side whilst singing the Randy Newman classic. Jeremy Best then walks out onto the stage, beaming from ear to ear and enthusiastically waving to the crowd. He pauses for a moment to take in the atmosphere inside of the Tokyo Dome, and then makes his way down to the ring, slapping and shaking hands with as many of the fans in the front row as he can.

    Kurt Harrington: "From Friendship, North Carolina... weighing in at one-hundred and eighty pounds... he is "Your New Best Friend" JEREMY BEST"

    Jean-Luc Watkins: "We are getting to see a number of FWA debuts in this match wrestling fans, but the one that I think has gotten the fans the most excited is Fallout's newest signing. He calls himself "Your New Best Friend", and from the looks of things it would seem that Jeremy Best is trying to make several thousand new friends inside the Tokyo Dome."

    Broc Lobster: "Don't let that smile fool you though! From what information we have on him, it is clear that this guy is no slouch in the ring once the bell has rung. I don't think it is in his nature to try to lull anyone into a false sense of security, though."

    Instead of getting into the ring, Best continues working his way around the ringside area and interacting with as many of the fans as he can. His music fades out and everyone now waits for the next entrant.

    There is not much of a reaction at first as the unfamiliar music begins to play, but the crowd is instantly wowed as "The Juggernaut" James Douglas stomps out onto the stage and wastes no time marching down towards the ring. There are some shots of the other competitors watching on in awe at the size of Douglas; Ratin Mikichin visually gulps, but Joe Burr rubs his hands together at the prospect of having another giant to slay.

    Kurt Harrington: "From Lexington, Kentucky... standing 6 feet and nine inches and weighing in at three-hundred and thirty-five pounds... "The Juggernaut" JAMES DOUGLAS!!"

    Broc Lobster: "Here comes someone who has to be considered an instant favourite for this match... six-nine, three-thirty-five... it could take an entire army to get James Douglas over the top rope!"

    Jean-Luc Watkins: "Much like how Godzilla once brought destruction to Tokyo, "The Juggernaut" is looking to do just the same. We saw back at Back in Business how much of an impact that a man of a larger stature can make in a match like this; however James Douglas will be looking to go a step further than El Demente did."

    Broc Lobster: "I feel sorry for whoever James Douglas picks to face should he win this match!"

    Douglas reaches the bottom of the ramp as Jeremy Best has finished working his way around the entire ringside area, and both men go to walk up the steel steps at the same time. Ever the gentleman, Best stands aside and allows Douglas to go first, offering his fellow newcomer a handshake at the same time... but Douglas looks down at Best disapprovingly, rejecting Best's offer of friendship. Douglas walks onto the apron from the steps and steps over the top rope into the mass of wrestlers in the ring. They part as he walks through them, and stretches his arms out. Best also enters, and graciously accepts Jimmy Boom Boom's offer of a high-five.

    There is a large reaction in the crowd - mixed would be the best way to describe it - as "The Showman" Chris Crowe walks out onto the stage. The man who could be described as one of the standout performers on Meltdown since Back in Business slowly walks out and down towards the ring, wearing an AC/DC Back in Black tee over his denim cut-offs. Emerging from the back is Crowe's manager, Crazy Harry, who casts an eye on the remainder of the field before slinking back to the backstage area.

    Kurt Harrington: "From the Badlands Trailer Park... weighing in at two-hundred and forty pounds... "The Showman" CHRIS CROWE!!"

    Broc Lobster: "Chris Crowe has been nothing short of impressive since arriving on the scene on Meltdown. I'm not one to play favourites, but this is my pick to win this match."

    Jean-Luc Watkins: "I've been extremely impressed with what I have seen from Chris Crowe. I'd be lying if I said that I wouldn't like to see him perform on every other Friday night."

    Broc Lobster: "Hands off!"

    Jean-Luc Watkins: "We saw Crowe's manager, Crazy Harry, briefly just then. As with Sawyer Xavier's manager, George E. Brilliant, Crazy Harry would have been instructed that he is not permitted to be at ringside for this match. As was the ruling made by both the Executive Boards of Meltdown and Fallout."

    It seems that Marcus McClain should be coming through the front stage but he's nowhere to be found. After a while of his song playing, it seems he's found coming through a door in the stands. "Big Mack" Marcus McClain is also decked out in a Chtlhu's Nephews tracksuit, looking as confident as ever heading into this Gunfight Battle Royal. He stays put where he is though.

    Kurt Harrington: "From Tampa, Florida... weighing in at two-hundred and sixty-five pounds... "Big Mack" Marcus McClain!!"

    Broc Lobster: "Marcus McClain is a former Gauntlet Champion and one of the toughest competitors on Meltdown, though it seems that he won't be relying on Meltdown help tonight."

    Jean-Luc Watkins: "There have been rumors of an alliance between Marcus McClain and Fallout's Nephews, it looks like the rumors are in fact true!"

    Thomas West steps through the curtains next, a joyous grin on his face, hearing his theme song for the first time in the FWA. He gyrates at the top of the stage and palms Marcus McClain's fist awkwardly. He hugs the man at his side who remains stoic and serious in contrast.

    Kurt Harrington: "From Everywhere... weighing in at two-hundred and ninety pounds... "He's a Podcaster" Thomas West!!"

    Jean-Luc Watkins: "This is Thomas West's second match in the FWA, his first being a victory at Cosmic Playground although he was eliminated in that match."

    Broc Lobster: "Thomas West is also the host of the best wrestling podcast in the game, Jean-Luc. And he's a big, meaty guy. If Marcus and him are working together, I feel real bad for a lot of these guys."

    Harry the Sane Wizard is the third man out representing Chtlhu's Nephews. He seems slightly timid in such a grand spotlight, but when he hears a high pitched "HARRYYYYYYYY" scream, he seems to gain some confidence and comes to stand next to West and McClain.

    Kurt Harrington: "From An Alternate Universe... weighing in at one hundred and twenty six pounds... "The Sane Wizard" Harry!!"

    Broc Lobster: "So he's like Konchu?"

    Jean-Luc Watkins: "Konchu Hao is a World Championship contender, Harry the Sane Wizard is the Nephews's annoying tag along. He's going to be alive in this match as long as one of his comrades there feel like babysitting him."

    The crowd gets increasingly loud for the arrival of Quiet and J.J. JAY!. Quiet is out first, solemnly walking to stand next to Harry. J.J. JAY! is out behind him, proudly wearing his tentacle'd mask, the Book of Cosmos in one hand, and in his other "LIMITED FWA 2K22 CHTLHU'S NIGHTMARE EDITION" with the Nephews on the cover.

    Kurt Harrington: "From Everywhere... weighing in at well built... "The Silent Type" Quiet!!"

    Jean-Luc Watkins: "Quiet has had two other matches in the FWA, and so far he's two and oh. If there's anyone you don't want to sleep on in this match, it's the man who accompanies J.J. JAY! everywhere."

    Broc Lobster: "More than anything, it's the numbers game really. Four people on one side in a battle royal is going to be really helpful."

    Jean-Luc Watkins: "Perhaps, Broc, but you've gotta remember. Only one man can win this match and when it comes down to it, I'm not sure Thomas West, Marcus McClain or Quiet are going to be happy to give up the win."

    The Chtlhu's Nephews begin descending on their way to the ring. Many of them stop to sign autographs on the way there, quite in love with whatever adulation they can get here in the Tokyo Dome. There's plenty of masks for Uncle in particular to sign. Quiet's the only one who remains focused on getting to the ring and in fact gets there much sooner than the rest. Marcus McClain arrives afterwards and the two enter the ring, quickly taking a corner for themselves. Soon afterwards Harry the Sane Wizard reluctantly joins them, hiding behind the two Nephews. Thomas West and Uncle are the last at ringside. West enters the ring and helps clear some space out for those in his corner. There's clear wariness on the other competitors for the four man alliance.

    J.J. JAY! circles about and joins the commentary's table, scooting in between Broc and Jean-Luc.

    J.J. JAY!: "Jean-Luc! I know you're going to be suffering as of next Fallout when you have to deal with both Price and Quinn but I'm here to give you good memories about what it's like to have a solid voice at your side. Plus, they won't let me stay at ringside."

    Broc Lobster: "The alliance in this match wasn't enough."

    J.J. JAY!: "C'mon, don't get snippy Broc. You know I'd be lonely backstage without the Nephews."

    Anzu Kurosawa vs. Bob Bob Bob vs. Boston Elric vs. Chris Crowe vs. Cornelius Aurelius Caesar vs. Damian Lynch vs. Derek Hunter vs. Donovan Moore vs. Greg vs. Harry the Sane Wizard vs. In-Sync vs. James Douglas vs. Jeremy Best vs. Jimmy Boom Boom vs. Joe Burr vs. Josh Drake vs. Kung Fu Karl vs. Lancelot Powers vs. Luna Piper vs. Marcus McClain vs. Mike Stand vs. Owen the Intern vs. Quiet vs. Ratin Mikichin vs. Sawyer Xavier vs. Sean Hughes vs. Spooder-Man vs. Steve the Techno Vampire vs. The Backstreet Boy vs. The Boulder vs. Thomas West vs. Wesley Elric
    Gunfight Over-the-Top-Rope Battle Royal.
    (Match writer: Man)
    The bell rings, but there is not an immediate rush for everyone to pile on each other. There is a gap in the middle of the ring, and Josh Drake is the man to walk forward and occupy it... and he has requisitioned a microphone from somewhere!

    Jean-Luc Watkins: "Well, it would seem that Josh Drake has something that he needs to get off of his chest as this match gets underway..."

    J.J. JAY!: "I'm pumped! This guy has broad appeal. He's competed in Pakistan and Rwanda - both places where I have a legion of loyal fans - and he's popular over in Papua New Guinea!"

    There is intrigue from everyone else in the ring, as they all wait on Drake to says what he has to say. Ratin Mikichin stands with his hands on his hips, and Jeremy Best has his hands clasped together, eager in his anticipation.

    Josh Drake: "Don't worry about me not giving 100%, because Xi Jinping happens to be a huge FWA fan. When he's not saving every person in China from absolute poverty, he's reading up on every single wrestler in this company, and he has trained me to the fullest. I will reign you in harder than Xi reigned in Tencent last week. You're going to be a guinea pig in the demonstration of the power and influence of Eastern anti-imperialism!"

    Drake non-chalantly walks over to the ropes to return the microphone after delivering his monologue, proud of himself... although the relevancy of his words seems to be escaping the rest of the characters in the ring with him. He walks back into the middle of the ring and stands with his arms outstretched, pleased as punch with how he managed to deliver his speech.

    He fails to notice Anzu Kurosawa walking up from behind him though, and her home country's fans cheer loudly as she spins Drake around and punches him straight in the face! Drake stumbles into the path of Chris Crowe, who rattles him with a punch too! Anzu and Crowe aren't the only ones to get a shot in though, as Josh Drake is pinballed around the other competitors, with many getting in a strike to the face. Derek Hunter! Caesar! Piper! Sawyer! Ratin! After Ratin's Mongolian Chop, Drake staggers towards Marcus McClain, who jacks his jaw with a huge Uppercut!

    Drake falls to his knees in the middle of the ring and a figure emerges from the back of the pack. Greg stands over Drake and slowly pulls him up to his feet, nodding his head as the other competitors encourage him. Greg holds Drake's face in front of his own... and aggressively introduces himself! "HI, MY NAME IS GREG!" is the shout from Greg... and it is the last thing that Josh Drake hears before Greg takes him around the back of the neck and throws him over the top rope!!

    Elimination #1: Josh Drake by Greg

    Broc Lobster: "There goes Josh Drake! You can almost hear the tears from down in Papua New Guinea!"

    Jean-Luc Watkins: "At least when he gets knocked down, he gets back up again..."

    Greg is extremely pleased with himself after scoring that elimination, and he turns around to the crowd consisting of everyone else in the match and raises his arms in victory. Much to Greg's surprise, everyone joins in with his celebrations and congratulates him. He is slapped on the back by Sean Hughes and Jeremy Best gives him a hug.

    J.J. JAY!: "Let's hear it for Greg, everyone!"

    Greg is then lifted up into the air by The Alchemists and The New Breed collectively... with everyone holding onto him as well, wanting to share in Greg's moment. However, what Greg fails to realise is that he is being held in the air by thirty other people in a Battle Royal. By the time he does notice, it is too late, and he is crowd surfed towards the ropes and then thrown out by everyone else!

    Elimination #2: Greg by Everyone Else

    No sooner has Greg landed on the floor with a loud splat has the rest of the field immediately turned on each other in a mass brawl! The crowd cheer as people begin to pair off with each other.

    Jean-Luc Watkins: "And we are underway, wrestling fans!"

    Despite working together in Greg's elimination, The Alchemists and The New Breed have turned on each other and paired off to fight each other. Chris Crowe is backed into a corner by Jimmy Boom Boom and he along with Kung Fu Karl attempt to lift up the legs of "The Showman" to get him out of the match. The old rivalry between Sawyer Xavier and Donovan Moore appears to have reignited itself, with the two of them exchanging blows against the ropes on one side of the ring. Joe Burr has escaped onto the apron, and he sits on top of the steel steps out of harm's way. This is picked up by the cameras and the fans cheer for "The Giant Killer", who presses a finger against his lips.

    Jeremy Best is looking to make some friends, and he walks Ratin Mikichin in the process of being lifted over the ropes by Luna Piper; the two participants from CWA pairing off with each other immediately. Best narrowly avoids being caught up in Marcus McClain working over Lancelot Powers with some hard body shots. In doing so however, he walks into the middle of The Bad Boys Boy Band, who quickly surround him.

    Broc Lobster: "Look out! Jeremy Best could be in trouble here... those bad boys are bad news!"

    The boy band drop Bob Bob Bob, who they had been tormenting. Best extends a hand to The Backstreet Boy, but the trio laugh in Best's face. TBB mockingly accepts Best's handshake, but Best pulls him in and cracks him with an Enziguiri! Best releases The Backstreet Boy's hand as he connects with the move and the impact sends TBB into the ropes, where he tumbles over the top and down to the floor!!

    Elimination #3: The Backstreet Boy by Jeremy Best

    Jean-Luc Watkins: "What was that you were saying about Jeremy Best not lulling anyone into a false sense of security, Broc?"

    Best rises to his feet and looks at a shocked In-Sync and Mike Stand, who wait a moment before advancing towards him. Best sidesteps In-Sync who runs into the ropes. Stand follows him and Best meets him with an knee to the midsection, and sends him into In-Sync... Stand slides over the top of his partner and lands on the floor eliminated, but In-Sync only topples down onto the apron!

    Elimination #4: Mike Stand by Jeremy Best

    Stand lands down next to TBB, and Best starts unloading a series of rapid kicks on In-Sync through the ropes. He finally relents and In-Sync limply drops down on top of his partners... The Bad Boys Boy Band have been eliminated by Jeremy Best!

    Elimination #5: In-Sync by Jeremy Best

    The crowd cheers wildly for Best as he turns around from the eliminated group and fixes up his hair. He goes and meets Luna Piper with a punch to the midsection, allowing Ratin Mikichin a temporary reprieve from "TheTranceQueen". However Ratin soon finds himself being accosted by Anzu Kurosawa instead.

    Elsewhere, Owen the Intern is seen wading through the crowd, wearing a "NEPHEW HUNTER" t-shirt and he attempts to sneak up on Thomas West from behind as The Nephews are working together in an attempt to eliminate Derek Hunter. However, West is unmoved by Owen's attempt and the podcast host turns around, no-selling the attempted elimination by Danny Toner's associate. Owen's eyes widen as West and Quiet advance on him... with Harry backing them up behind them.

    J.J. JAY!: "Let this be an example to anyone who wants to take on the Nephews... this kid is in way over his head!"

    Broc Lobster: "If the rumours are to be believed, Uncle, should Owen win this match he wants you."

    J.J. JAY!: "Then he's even stupider than he looks."

    Jean-Luc Watkins: "Not sure there will be many that will dispute that."

    However before West and Quiet can carry out a punishment of sorts on Owen, the intern is swept away by James Douglas, who grabs him around the head... and Headbutts him squarely in the back of the head! Owen drops down to his knees and then rolls out of dodge. There is a moment where Douglas seems to be inviting The Nephews to take him on, but Harry smartly ushers West and Quiet away. The trio then return to attacking Derek Hunter, but "Mister Europe" has had a chance to recover whilst Owen and Douglas had their attention, and he boots Harry in the midsection and grabs West, throwing him into the corner. Before Hunter can damage West any further, Quiet knocks him down with an elbow to the back of the head.

    Having not been able to engage The Nephews, Douglas turns around to see perennial victims Spooder-Man and Steve the Techno Vampire just doing their own thing by themselves, not interacting with anyone else and just having a conversation with themselves. They do quickly find themselves in the midst of the action though when Douglas charges forward and runs through them both with a Double Clothesline!! Both hapless men start picking themselves up, but they needn't as Douglas grabs both by the scruffs of their neck... and launches them both out of the ring at the same time!

    Elimination #6: Spooder-Man by James Douglas
    Elimination #7: Steve the Techno Vampire by James Douglas

    Broc Lobster: "That could have been The Nephews!"

    J.J. JAY!: "That would not have been The Nephews."

    Douglas glares at his victims for a moment and looks around to see what else is going on and he is attracted to the same thing which the fans are... and that is Jimmy Boom Boom and Kung Fu Karl on the precipice of eliminating Chris Crowe!

    Douglas marches up behind the team collectively known as Kung Fu Boom and grabs them both by the hair, pulling them away and allowing Crowe the chance to correct himself and get back to his feet. Karl and Jimmy attempt to fight Douglas off, but he is easily able to hold them away at arm's length. With a very loud roar, Douglas charges them both backwards by their heads across the ring, with wrestlers parting as to avoid getting trampled... and Douglas forces them both over the top rope and out onto the floor! A consecutive double elimination by James Douglas!

    Elimination #8: Jimmy Boom Boom by James Douglas
    Elimination #9: Kung Fu Karl by James Douglas

    Jean-Luc Watkins: "We've already lost over a quarter of the field that started this match, and most of it has been at the hands of the two newcomers - Jeremy Best and James Douglas!"

    After surviving his elimination attempt at the hands of Kung Fu Boom, Crowe now turns his attention to Caesar... "The Showman" and "The Roman" begin exchanging shots with each other. The Nephews are still working away on Derek Hunter, but unbeknownst to them Owen the Intern is on the prowl once more... UNTIL MARCUS MCCLAIN ALMOST CUTS HIM IN HALF WITH THE MACK ATTACK!!


    J.J. JAY!: "YES! I've always believed that Marcus McClain has phenomenal taste, and we consider him a keen ally. Were any of my Nephews unable to walk out victorious here, that is who I would be helpi- I mean, pulling for!"

    Owen rolls away clutching his ribs... and Thomas West noticed the save provided by "Big Mack", and McClain is then invited to join the rest of The Nephews in working on Hunter, with McClain graciously accepts.

    James Douglas stands alone in the middle of the ring, simply watching as everyone continues brawling around him. A large cheer emerges from the crowd though as someone approaches him from behind... and it is the only man in this match that can match him for size; The Boulder. The two very large men go eye-to-eye for a moment, with Higgins throwing some trash talk in Douglas's direction, but Douglas cuts him off with a Throat Thrust, causing The Boulder to gasp for air!

    Douglas piefaces Higgins away from him, and Higgins falls down across the top rope, leaning over it as he holds onto his neck. This is when Joe Burr chooses to strike, coming from his perch atop the ring steps and applying a Front Facelock on Higgins, standing on the bottom rope so he can reach. Burr yanks with all of his might on The Boulder's neck... and manages to pull him down over the top rope... where The Boulder's momentum takes him down and he spills hard onto the floor!

    Elimination #10: The Boulder by Joe Burr

    Jean-Luc Watkins: "What did I just see?"

    Broc Lobster: "That was "The Giant Killer" Joe Burr doing what he does best, Jean-Luc!"

    Burr is ecstatic and he begins flossing on the apron in celebration, wowing the fans with his ability to copy internet trends. However the fun does not last much longer as Douglas has approached Burr from behind and he lifts him up into the air from the apron (Joe never having gone over the top rope in the first place), and he puts him into a Military Press. With Joe elevated above his head, Douglas turns into the ring and throws him into the warring New Breed and Alchemists... knocking all four of them down, using Joe as a projectile!

    Lancelot Powers is surprisingly still in the match, and he sneaks up on Ratin Mikichin from behind... and rolls him up! Ratin's legs flail wildly in the air, giving us much more than we wanted to see of him. In what mus be a natural instinct, Bob Bob Bob drops down to the floor and looks to go and count a pin, but he catches himself when he realises where he is. Bob 3x slowly rises to his feet and looks down at his hands. The hands which have been forced to count so many pin falls in the pursuit of others wanting to be 24/7 Champion. Ratin finally kicks out and Lancelot Powers rises to his feet and asks him what is going on... but Bob Bob Bob snaps, and floors Powers with a right hand!

    Bob Bob Bob is on a rampage now, hitting anything that moves. Ratin takes a punch to the face, as does Donovan Moore and Sawyer Xavier! Feeling the surge of adrenaline coursing through his veins, Bob Bob Bob charges forward at Powers... and Clotheslines him over the top rope!!

    Powers stays in it though, landing on the apron. Bob goes to follow up... but finds himself being grabbed by Thomas West, who throws him over the top rope and out of the match! Bob lands in a heap in front of the announce table, and Uncle rises to his feet and starts applauding.

    Elimination #11: Bob Bob Bob by Thomas West

    J.J. JAY!: "Wonderful! That 24/7 title stooge was never going to have a chance in this match; that championship is almost as worthless as the Gauntlet Title."

    Broc Lobster: "That's the one you couldn't win, right?"

    J.J. JAY!: "It is an irrelevant title! What matters is that one of those Nephews is going to win this match!"

    Harry the Sane Wizard rubs West's shoulders as he flexes for the crowd and Quiet raises West's arm triumphantly. They go to follow up on Lancelot Powers, who is easy pickings on the apron, but McClain beats them there and Clotheslines Powers, who lands hard on his back on the apron and then rolls off down to the ground!

    Elimination #12: Lancelot Powers by Marcus McClain

    The Nephews congratulate McClain, who grunts and nods his head. The quartet now looks at the final man remaining from that exchange between members of the 24/7 division, Ratin Mikichin. The mankini-clad Kazakhstani Reggae enthusiast rises to his feet with a cheesy grin on his face and attempts to curry favour with The Nephews, trying to join in with celebrating and raising West's arm, which confuses him somewhat. The general vibe among the Nephews is that Ratin is not welcome to team up with them, but in an attempt to prove himself... he walks over to Derek Hunter down in the corner, and stomps on his chest!

    Ratin looks for approval from the Nephews, but it still doesn't come... so he motions that he has an idea and he hikes his mankini up as far as it will go... AND HE GIVES HUNTER A STINKFACE!! The crowd cheer, and the Nephews appear amused by it all.

    Jean-Luc Watkins: "So, is that enough to let him in?"

    In fact, the Nephews are looking over at Uncle, as is Ratin, expectantly... and Uncle stoically gives a thumbs down! This spells doom for Ratin, as the Nephews act on Uncle's instruction... and it is West in the end who bundles him over the top rope!

    Elimination #13: Ratin Mikichin by Thomas West

    J.J. JAY!: "He didn't have what it takes. Being a Nephew... it takes so mu-"

    Broc Lobster: "HERE COMES OWEN!"

    Whilst the Nephews were watching West eliminate Ratin, OWEN THE INTERN MANAGES TO HIT QUIET WITH A FLIP PILEDRIVER!! BUT QUIET RISES STRAIGHT BACK UP TO HIS FEET!! Owen's eyes widen again as he faces certain doom... and Quiet jumps on top of him, slapping him around! West, Harry and McClain manage to pull Quiet from Owen and the group backs into the corner in front of Hunter, who is wiping his face with his hand... AND THIS LEAVES THEM OPEN TO BE SANDWICHED IN THE CORNER BY AN ONCOMING JAMES DOUGLAS!!

    Douglas crushes all of the Nephews in the corner, knocking them all down. Hunter staggers out of the corner and Douglas clasps him around the back of the head and sends him towards the ropes where Chris Crowe is catching his breath... and Crowe instinctively low bridges the top rope, ensuring that Douglas can eliminate Hunter with relative ease!!

    Elimination #14: Derek Hunter by James Douglas

    Jean-Luc Watkins: "It would seem that Crowe has repaid the favour that he owed Douglas from earlier on in the match!"

    Crowe offers a nod to Douglas, and whilst Douglas does not reciprocate fully, he does decide not to attack Crowe and rush Joe Burr into the corner instead. Crowe attempts to help Luna Piper take Jeremy Best out of the match. They manage to get him over the ropes and onto the apron... and Best connects with a Gomenguiri to Piper from the apron, knocking her down to a knee. Best slingshots himself over the ropes and catches Crowe with a DDT!! The crowd cheers for Best as he steadies himself again, and he attempts to help Anzu eliminate Caesar on the other side of the ring.

    The New Breed and The Alchemists have continued their fighting, and Moore and Xavier are still going at it. Moore shoves Sawyer in the direction of the battling tag teams... and they push him back towards Moore, who catches him with a Dropkick to the chest! Moore rises to his feet and slaps his chest, but his smugness comes back to bite him, as he has now united the two tag teams! Moore looks confused but he doesn't have time to react to Boston Elric of The Alchemists scooping him up onto his shoulder... and connecting with a Go-to-Sleep!!

    Moore stumbles down and lands across the second rope... which allows Wesley Elric to connect with The Philosopher's Stone! Wesley's boots connect with Moore's face and he staggers back again, into the clutches of Sean Hughes... DAMIAN LYNCH CONNECTS WITH A SUPERKICK, AND THE NEW BREED TAKE MOORE DOWN WITH THE SUPERKICK-PLEX!!

    There is a rising cheer from the crowd as Sawyer Xavier has used the time that the New Breed and Alchemists spent working on Moore to climb up onto the top turnbuckle, a dangerous place to be in a Battle Royal... and he jumps over the heads of Lynch and Hughes as they look to knock him down, and he lands a Double Foot Stomp across Moore's back!!

    Broc Lobster: "The Genesis of Truth! Sawyer Xavier is on a roll right now!"

    Xavier rolls through after his landing on Moore and leaps into the air, taking out both of the Elric brothers with a Double Flying Clothesline! He rises to his feet and points out to the crowd as Moore is getting back up to his feet with the assistance of the ropes... and Xavier charges across the ring and Clotheslines him over the top rope, eliminating him!!

    Elimination #15: Donovan Moore by Sawyer Xavier

    Xavier is pleased to have eliminated his former rival, but he now has an angry New Breed to contend with, and the tag team work together to force the former Saus X over the top rope, but Xavier holds on as tightly as he can.

    James Douglas has meanwhile been pummeling Joe Burr in the corner, and the big man puts his finger up to his mouth to shush the crowd... and his massive hand slaps down across Joe's chest!! Burr's chest goes a bright shade of red instantly, and "The Giant Killer" drops to his knees in the corner. Douglas gets Burr up to his feet and biels him across the ring!

    As Douglas goes to follow up on Burr, he finds Anzu Kurosawa in his path. The fans cheer their countrywoman, and Anzu shows no sign of backing down as she proceeds to begin attempting to cut down the massive tree trunk-like legs of Douglas. The blows don't have too much impact at first, but a Chop Block to the back of Douglas's left knee by Caesar brings the big man down onto one knee, and this allows Anzu to get in a few strikes to the face as he is down at her level. Luna Piper joins her, and the two women in the match start working together on the largest man left in it.

    Anzu and Luna share a nod and both run back against the ropes, and they come back with a forearm each to the head of Douglas! The big man stirs for a moment, but then actually looks as if he is starting to get back up to his feet... but here come The Nephews! Harry the Sane Wizard's clubbing strikes to the back of Douglas's head do not do anything, however the big man is clearly rocked by a Spinning Backfist strike from Quiet to the jaw!

    That knocks Douglas back down to his knee, and this leaves him in place for Jeremy Best, who starts repeatedly kicking Douglas in the chest!! Each blow appears to wear down the big man more and more. Best finishes his combination, and now some room is cleared for Thomas West, who runs across the ring past Douglas back at him - but Douglas bursts into life and flattens West with a body check!!

    The sight of a large man in West being flattened by Douglas is enough for anyone to take notice... and The Alchemists try their luck, but Douglas runs through them both with a Double Clothesline! Boston Elric is then grabbed by Douglas, and thrown over the top rope to the floor, eliminated!

    Elimination #16: Boston Elric by James Douglas

    Upon seeing his brother be eliminated, Wesley Elric is infuriated. He jumps up and attempts to strike Douglas in the face, but he is swatted out of the air by the 6'9 monster! Wesley lands hard on the mat... and this puts him in position for Douglas to be able to pick him up from the mat and elevate him into the air in a Military Press. Douglas then launches Wesley out of the ring, and he lands on Boston waiting below!

    Elimination #17: Wesley Elric by James Douglas

    J.J. JAY!: "Damn it! You know, I was thinking about recruiting the Elric's. Mainly Wesley. I hear Konchu's been scouting them but I think Wesley would make a great Nephew!"

    Everyone else watched on as Douglas dispatched of The Alchemists, but everyone who is able to then bundles on top of Douglas and begins beating him back down to his knees next to the ropes. The Nephews, McClain Anzu, Caesar, Piper and Joe Burr are all trying to wear down the big man as much as they can. Owen the Intern stays down in one corner, licking his wounds.

    Chris Crowe is trying to get Jeremy Best out of the match, and The New Breed are still attempting to oust Xavier from the ring. The pile of people surrounding Douglas suddenly gets broken up though as the big man once again rises up to his feet and explodes out of his predicament. Enraged, Douglas grabs the first person which he can, which happens to be Anzu, and he ragdolls her over the top rope and she falls all the way down to the floor! The hometown favourite is out!

    Elimination #18: Anzu Kurosawa by James Douglas

    The crowd in the Tokyo Dome aren't happy to see Anzu go, but Douglas cares not for their sentimentality; racking up his EIGHTH elimination of the match. The field has noticeably thinned since the beginning of the match, with over half of the competitors which started the match being eliminated. Douglas finds himself staring down Marcus McClain, and the two hosses start exchanging bombs in the middle of the ring! McClain shows no fear of the larger man... happily exchanging as many strikes with him as he can manage.

    Meanwhile, The Nephews have left McClain to his own devices, and they turn their attention to Caesar, Joe Burr and Luna Piper. Caesar and West jostle with each other in the corner, Piper and Quiet are choking each other and Joe Burr and Harry the Sane Wizard are having the most pathetic exchange of blows. Burr stomps on Harry's foot and tries to knock him down with a Shoulder Block, but both men end up on the floor after Joe's attempt.

    J.J. JAY!: "IT'S THE WIZARD VERSUS THE GIANT KILLER! What a clash of titans! Look at Harry go, Jean-Luc! Aren't you proud?"

    Jeremy Best has turned things around on Chris Crowe, and Crowe is in danger once again, with Best forcing him out onto the apron. Crowe digs deep though and ducks a swing from Best and meets him with a shoulder to the gut through the ropes. He slingshots himself over the ropes and lands in front of the doubled-over Best, and drops him with a Piledriver!!

    Crowe slaps his knee as he rises to his feet, shaking it out. He watches as McClain and Douglas continue to relentlessly exchange heavy blows in the middle of the ring. Crowe decides to intervene and he grabs McClain from behind and tries to force him over the top rope. This forces The Nephews into action, and they all rush to defend McClain! Douglas piles in as well, having seemingly formed a loose alliance with Crowe.

    J.J. JAY!: "HEY! They're working together! They can't do that!"

    Those who were previously accosted by the Nephews - Luna Piper, Caesar and Joe Burr - decide to enter the fray as well. The New Breed leave Sawyer Xavier too, joining in with the growing melee against the ropes along with almost everyone else left in the match. The ropes seem like they might give way due to the sheer weight leaning on it.

    Owen the Intern rises to his feet from the corner and charges in, just running into Quiet. He pulls the masked Nephew out from the pack… AND HITS HIM WITH ANOTHER FLIP PILEDRIVER!! Quiet once again rises to his feet instantly, and he gives chase to Owen! The young man slides under the bottom rope and runs around the ring… but Thomas West had also exited, and he flattens the incoming Owen with a Clothesline!! Quiet and West look to Uncle for approval and the leader of The Nephews rises to his feet and applauds his charges.

    J.J. JAY!: "That's my Nephews! Look at that! Brilliant! WAIT! TURN AROUND! FORMATION H324!"

    Seeing what Uncle pointed out to them, West and Quiet run around the ring as Lynch shoves Harry from the apron… but West catches him!! Thomas West holds Harry and carries him around the ring, rolling him back in. Quiet slides in and immediately starts trying to take on both members of The New Breed. He meets Hughes with a kick to the midsection and connects with a Spinning Backfist to Lynch! “The Prototype” recoils back after the impact and this allows West to tip him over the top rope and he lands on the floor!

    Elimination #19: Damian Lynch by Thomas West

    Hughes sneaks past Quiet and attempts to send West over the ropes, but Quiet and Harry spring into action. Quiet manages to hold Hughes back and Harry pulls Thomas back into the ring. Hughes manages to get in a couple of shots on Quiet, but the combined forces of all three Nephews is enough to bundle Hughes over the top rope… and Quiet hits him with a Running Big Boot on the apron, knocking Hughes down to the floor!

    Elimination #20: Sean Hughes by Quiet

    J.J. JAY!: "Teamwork! Those are former tag team champions we just eliminated! My boys are better than yours Prodigy! Look at that!"

    The New Breed are eliminated, meaning that there are just 12 competitors remaining; the three Nephews, Douglas, Best, McClain, Crowe, Piper, Caesar, Burr, Xavier and Owen the Intern down outside of the ring following West’s Clothesline. A natural break seems to occur with McClain and the Nephews standing together, Douglas and Crowe leaning on their assists to each other throughout the match and then the others (Caesar, Piper, Burr, Best and Xavier) standing in a group together.

    Jeremy Best attempts to rally those standing with him to his cause, and for the most part they seem content to go along with him, apart from Burr, who charges across the ring towards Douglas, desperate to take down the giant, but Douglas runs through him with a boot to the chest!! Burr drops to the mat, and that is the impetus for everyone else to pile in, and the 10 left standing in the ring begin to melee in the middle of the ring, much to the pleasure of the crowd!

    Anyone is hitting anyone that they’re not seemingly aligned with, and Harry the Sane Wizard’s screams of terror can be heard as James Douglas advances on him. Douglas grabs the wizard around the neck and holds him high into the air. Harry’s legs flail around… but Douglas drops him as a result of MCCLAIN TAKING HIM DOWN WITH THE MACK ATTACK!!

    J.J. JAY!: "MACK ATTACK BABY! Look at that! That big idiot James Douglas is messing the wrong people. Stick to someone your own size, Dougy."

    Not for the first time in the match, McClain comes to the rescue of a Nephew. He pulls Harry up to his feet and then goes to help West with Jeremy Best.

    “TheTranceQueen” Luna Piper has abandoned any potential alliance with Caesar, and she now pummels the Roman in the ropes, before trying to force him over the top rope. Caesar does his utmost to hold on, kicking Luna with his free leg. This sends Luna backwards into the path of Chris Crowe… who spikes her head down into the mat with The Closing Act! “The Showman” snaps back up to his feet and grabs Luna from the mat. He runs her towards the ropes and throws her over the top!!

    Elimination #21: Luna Piper by Chris Crowe

    Crowe gets up to his feet but finds himself being caught by Best, who had evaded the Nephews… who scoops him up onto his shoulders… and he connects with the BFF!! Crowe drops to the mat like a stone, dazed.

    Best seems very pleased with himself, but he fails to see Xavier charge up from behind him and catch him with the XCUTION!! Best’s face is rammed into the mat under Xavier’s leg, and Xavier slaps his chest to assert his dominance. However he's hooked up from behind by Caesar... CROSSING THE RUBICON!! The Rolling Cutter plants Xavier on the top of his head.

    Caesar rises up to his feet and looks around, half-expecting someone to go after him as he did to Xavier and Xavier did to Best before him. James Douglas is the man who rises up, getting up with help from the ropes. Douglas is in a clearly foul mood, and he favours his ribs following the Mack Attack from McClain a couple minutes ago. Douglas walks in Caesar's direction, but Joe Burr runs in his path, and Douglas grabs the small competitor and throws him over the top rope... but Joe holds on!!

    This isn't noticed by Douglas initially, but Joe daring him to come and finish him off is enough to get Douglas to approach him. However, with Douglas's back turned, Caesar attacks him from behind, hitting him with a Chop Block! It isn't the first time that Caesar has got Douglas with one of these in this Battle Royal.. but with Douglas down to a knee, Caesar is at a height where he can attempt to lock Douglas in The Triumph! Caesar strains as he attempts to hook the behemoth in the Full Nelson, but the sheer size of Douglas's shoulders makes applying the hold difficult.

    The time taken for Caesar to negotiate Douglas into the submission is detrimental to his own cause as it allows Douglas to rise back up to his feet with Caesar on his back, and the big man backs towards the ropes... and Caesar sits on the top rope, still trying to get The Triumph locked in. However, Douglas breaks Caesar's grip, and the Roman is now a sitting duck on the top rope - AND DOUGLAS SWATS HIM OFF OF THE TOP ROPE LIKE A BUG, AND CAESAR TAKES A NASTY SPILL TO THE FLOOR!

    Elimination #22: Cornelius Aurelius Caesar by James Douglas

    Douglas glares at Caesar as one of the ringside officials check on him, as replays show that Caesar landed neck-first on the ring apron as he fell from his position on the top tope. There is no sincere concern from Douglas, and he turns around to face everyone else left in the ring. However, what Douglas does not see is Joe Burr approaching him from behind, having skirted around on the ring apron, and Joe climbs up the ropes and jumps from the top... and he lands on Douglas's back!

    J.J. JAY!: "He's going for the Sleeper Holder! Burr's a wrestling genius! That's what I use against big men too! TAKE HIM OUT GIANT KILLER!"

    Burr attempts to cinch in the Sleeper Hold on the much larger man, and Douglas has more trouble grabbing onto Burr than he did Caesar due to the difference in size between them. Joe's legs swing around wildly as Douglas tries to grab him, with Burr's boot catching Harry the Sane Wizard in the face, knocking him down. Quiet and West look on in disbelief as Harry holds the side of his face.

    J.J. JAY!: "OH MY GOD! Is Joe working with the giant? Was that a tandem attack on Harry?"

    Infuriated, Thomas West grabs Joe Burr's leg and pulls him down from Douglas. Douglas turns around, glad to have rid himself of the pest. West flattens Burr with a Clothesline, but then directs his finger in the face of Douglas, as he’s not completely devoid of blame for Harry getting hurt. Douglas finds himself being surrounded by The Nephews, as well as honorary Nephew Marcus McClain, and he goes to attack West, but McClain manages to bulrush him towards the ropes! Douglas leans across the top rope and McClain, West and Quiet begin the arduous task of tipping him over the top rope.

    They get some much needed support from Jeremy Best and Sawyer Xavier, and the five men work together to get both of Douglas’s feet off of the mat and have him teetering on the brink of being eliminated. Even Joe Burr, still smarting from the Clothesline from West, does what he can to help… and it would seem that it is “The Giant Killer”s involvement is enough to finally get Douglas out onto the floor, eliminated!

    Elimination #23: James Douglas by Harry the Sane Wizard, Jeremy Best, Joe Burr, Marcus McClain, Quiet, Thomas West and Sawyer Xavier

    J.J. JAY!: "Wow who did that! I've got Nephews offers waiting for all of them. JB, other JB, The Artist Formerly Known as X. Look at them go! Goodbye Dougy!"

    Everyone involved in Douglas’s elimination takes a moment to catch their breath following the gargantuan effort taken to remove him from the match. Douglas is not happy about being ejected from the match, and he slams his fists on the ring apron. As Douglas stomps around ringside, pacing back and forth, officials surround the ring and demand that he leaves the ringside area as he’s no longer in the match.

    Douglas kicks the steel steps, dislodging them completely and rips part of the ring barricade off. Marcus McClain watches on with a smirk as Douglas is ushered up the ramp. Douglas points at him and has some angry words, but McClain waves him off, sarcastically motioning for him to leave.

    This enrages Douglas, who marches back towards the ring and is heavily restrained by the referees and officials on the outside of the ring. McClain motions for him to get back into the ring to face him, but this allows Chris Crowe - the one man that did not help eliminate Douglas - comes up from behind McClain and dumps him out over the top rope!!

    Elimination #24: Marcus McClain by Chris Crowe

    The crowd gives off a loud reaction for that elimination, with McClain going into this match as one of the favourites. “Big Mack” rises to his feet and looks at Crowe astonished, and then back to Douglas who is now backing up the ramp with a smirk on his face. McClain puts his head in his hands and then makes his way up the ramp as well.

    J.J. JAY!: "Aw no, Marcus! Big Mack! I'm getting a little tired of this Crowe guy, Broc."

    Crowe turns around and comes face to face with the three Nephews. It is clear that Quiet, West and Harry are not pleased with their ally McClain being eliminated… and the trio advance towards Crowe, who seems slightly concerned.

    West motions for them to get him, BUT HE’S SMACKED IN THE BACK OF THE HEAD WITH A STEEL CHAIR!!


    Thomas drops to his knees and then onto his front after the chair hits him. Quiet instinctively goes to avenge West, but Owen is quicker and he meets Quiet with a chair shot to the mid section, and then another to the back! Quiet is hunched over, and Owen places the chair on the floor… OWEN THE INTERN HITS QUIET WITH A FLIP PILEDRIVER ON TOP OF THE STEEL CHAIR!!!

    The crowd pops wildly for the unknown “Nephew Hunter”, and Owen rises to his feet after hitting the move, having somehow managed to take out both West and Quiet on his own. He points at Uncle on the commentary table, motioning that he is a target too…

    J.J. JAY!: "You are messing with forces that you could not possible hope to understand, nephew!"

    …and then moves his finger in the direction of Harry the Sane Wizard, who begins quivering and putting his hands up into the air as an apparent beg for mercy. Owen is not interested in that at all, and he charges at Harry, and the two begin exchanging weak-looking strikes, and their brawl heads towards and then onto the ropes, and both fall out onto the ring apron! Whilst on the apron, both Harry and Owen seem unsure of what to do, but Owen decides to attack Harry, and kick him in the shin!


    Harry reaches down and rubs his shin, and this allows Owen to measure him up... FLIP PILEDRIVER ONTO THE RING APRON!!! The Sane Wizard is SPIKED on his head, and he falls to the floor, eliminated and possibly unconscious!

    Elimination #25: Harry the Sane Wizard by Owen the Intern

    Owen looks down at Harry's convulsing body on the floor with a look of shock and surprise, unable to actually believe that he was able to eliminate one of his targets from the match. The clunking sound of a headset being removed is heard...

    Jean-Luc Watkins: "Uncle, what are you.."

    The intern's joy is short-lived, as J.J. JAY! has abandoned his post at the commentary table - and he grabs Owen's leg and pulls him from the apron down to the floor!!

    Elimination #26: Owen the Intern by J.J. JAY!

    The crowd is not pleased to see Uncle interjecting himself into the match and actually eliminating one of the competitors, especially since The Nephews came into the match with a sizeable numerical advantage anyway. However, there is a vocal section of the crowd that did cheer Uncle getting physically involved in the match. Eliminating Owen was not enough for "The Cosmic Horror", as he pulls Owen up from the ground by his throat - AND PLANTS HIM WITH A CHOKESLAM!!!

    Clearly hurt, Owen gets checked over by a referee and Uncle rejoins the commentary table, and puts his headset back on.

    Broc Lobster: "And what exactly do you have to say for yourself?"

    J.J. JAY!: "..."

    Jean-Luc Watkins: "I thought that was Quiet's gimmick."

    There are just six men left in the match at this point; Jeremy Best, Joe Burr, Sawyer Xavier, Chris Crowe and the two remaining Nephews - Quiet and Thomas west. Although Uncle's associates are clearly smarting still following Owen the Intern's assault on them with the steel chair.

    The events with Douglas, McClain and Owen have allowed the Non-Nephews to regroup somewhat, each allowing themselves some time to catch their breath and in the case of Best, Burr and Xavier, talk amongst themselves about what they are going to do next. The trio all gather in the middle of the ring; Best is ecstatic to have been given the opportunity to work together with others. Burr decides to adopt the role of the leader, and he motions that Thomas West will be the best way to progress.

    Jean-Luc Watkins: "It seems like a needy child ordering his parents around and dictating exactly how they should play with them, Joe Burr is directing traffic here."

    J.J. JAY!: "This guy isn't just like a child, JL. Look at the size of him! You could barely call him a man."

    Broc Lobster: "I would not say that you are exactly blessed in the height department, either."

    J.J. JAY!: "..."

    Best decides to take the lead and he approaches West, who is still down from the chairshot from Owen, and he begins bringing him up to his feet. Joe orders Xavier to go and join in. Xavier appears to be on board with the plan, and Burr nods his head, turning to go and assist Best in his pursuit of West. However, Xavier has other ideas, and he takes down Burr with THE BRAIN SQUASHER!! Sawyer finds himself not being the most popular person in the Tokyo Dome as a result of turning on the underdog.

    With Burr not moving, and also not weighing much at all, it does not take much effort at all for Xavier to lift him up from the mat and throw Burr out of the ring over the top rope!!

    Elimination #27: Joe Burr by Sawyer Xavier

    Broc Lobster: "That is revenge for Meltdown 4, as Joe Burr has been reminding anyone who would listen that he holds a victory over Sawyer Xavier... and we're also down to our final five!"

    Seeing that Xavier had eliminated Burr sets something off in Best, and he drops West in place and turns to face Xavier. The cheery demeanour we had seen from Best up to this point has evaporated, as he seems legit PISSED. Xavier doesn't seem to care that Best is not happy with him, writing him off as a threat. He goes to follow up on West as he had before he attacked and eliminated Burr... but Best grabs him by the shoulder and turns him around!

    There is a moment where Xavier is unsure what to do, and this feeling only increases when Best grabs him and brings him in for a hug! In the middle of a Battle Royal, Best is hugging one of his opponents. Sawyer is completely taken aback by this, and he tries to escape the hug... but can't! Xavier's eyes bug out as he realises that Best is holding him there intentionally... and Best takes Xavier over with a Belly-to-Belly Suplex!!

    Jean-Luc Watkins: "I think this Jeremy Best is a wolf in sheep's clothing, wrestling fans!"

    Best rises to his feet and pulls Xavier back up and hooks him up, and takes him over with a Vertical Suplex! Best rolls his hips and keeps Xavier hooked as he rises to his feet, and he takes him over with another Suplex! Once again, Best rolls his hips and brings Xavier back up, but he catches Thomas West approaching from the corner of his eye!

    Best drops Xavier and meets West with a boot to the midsection, and Best musters the strength to take West over with a Suplex as well! Again, he rolls his hips and pulls West back up, but it takes a lot more than it did to get Xavier up. Once there, he sends West over with another Suplex!

    J.J. JAY!: "How is he doing this?!"

    The fatigue is setting in now for Best, but he does not allow himself to be stopped from getting West up for a third time, until he spots Chris Crowe... and quickly drops West, and meets Crowe with a kick to the midsection as well! There are cheers from the crowd as Best restarts the process this time with Crowe, and takes him over for the first Vertical Suplex! Everyone knows the routine by now, and Best drags Crowe up to his feet once again... and the second Suplex follows.

    Once Best has rolled his hips and brought Crowe up to his feet, he takes a cursory glance around him to see whether there is anyone that will prevent him from completing the trifecta this time, but he doesn't see QUIET STRIKE HIM IN THE BACK WITH THE STEEL CHAIR!!

    J.J. JAY!: "Best part of a battle royal is it's basically X Rules! Quiet's the only one smart enough to take advantage."

    Best drops to his knees and Quiet stands over him for a moment. Crowe is holding his back after the two Suplexes from Best... AND QUIET SMACKS HIM IN THE FOREHEAD WITH THE CHAIR!!

    The masked Nephew throws the chair out of the ring and then pulls Best up from the mat... and throws him out over the top rope!!

    Elimination #28: Jeremy Best by Quiet

    J.J. JAY!: "His middle is actually Jeremy FIFTH Best. Did you guys know that?"

    The crowd do applaud Best's efforts on his debut with the company, and Quiet now turns to West and he pulls his fellow Nephew up to his feet. Their target is Sawyer Xavier, and there is no chance for the high-flyer to get any offence in on either of them, as they bundle him over the top rope. However, Xavier hangs on and manages to catch West with a right hand to the face!

    West is knocked back, and Xavier attempts to springboard into the ring, but Quiet pivots, and hits him with a Spinning Backfist!! Xavier falls from the ropes, and lands on the floor next to Best!

    Elimination #29: Sawyer Xavier by Quiet

    J.J. JAY!: "Impressive showing from my first rival, The Artist Formerly Known as X!"

    Xavier's night ends in disappointment (and probably a bruised cheek), and the Nephews regroup together and look at the final man left in the match that is not affiliated with them - "The Showman" Chris Crowe. The fans inside of the Tokyo Dome are fully in support of Crowe from Meltdown, as he has two Fallout acts advancing on him.

    It can be seen from the blood on Crowe's forehead that the chair shot from Quiet busted him open, and given the heavy blow he sustained, he is not completely with it. His eyes are glazed over, but somehow he is conscious, and in the process of pulling himself up to his feet.

    Jean-Luc Watkins: "We are down to three. This is a similar situation to that in the previous Gunfight Battle Royal at Back in Business. Two allies left in there with one other."

    Broc Lobster: "We all know what happened there; Captain Fantasy overcame the odds and eliminated both members of The Undisputed Alliance!"

    J.J. JAY!: "There will be no such fairytale tonight. Waste no time, get him out of there!"

    Quiet drops down onto a knee and begins striking Crowe with forearms to the head, and he pulls him up to his feet. The Nephews bundle Crowe over the top rope as they did to Xavier.

    West starts clapping his hands and bobbing up and down, trying to rile the crowd up... and he runs off of the ropes and comes back at Crowe with a head of steam... AND CROWE LOW BRIDGES THE TOP ROPE, AND WEST FLIES OVER, CRASHING INTO THE SIDE OF THE ANNOUNCE TABLE!!

    Elimination #30: Thomas West by Chris Crowe

    After West spills out on the floor in front of the commentary table, the clunk of J.J. JAY!'s headset being discarded is heard for the second time, and Uncle is then seen grabbing onto the boot of Chris Crowe! Crowe puts up a greater resistance than Owen the Intern, as he does not allow himself to be pulled off of the apron by Uncle.

    Crowe kicks out with his other foot at the former X Division Champion, but Uncle refuses to let go! However as Crowe is focused on Uncle, he neglects Quiet, who races across the ring and delivers a boot to the face of "The Showman" - causing him to fall down to the floor!!

    Elimination #31: Chris Crowe by J.J. JAY! and Quiet

    Winner: Quiet at 18:53

    Kurt Harrington: "And you winner... QUIET!"

    "No Love" blares out across the Tokyo Dome and there's a mixed reaction for how the result came about, but one had to suspect Chtlhu's Nephews were more concerned with winning than the method by which they won. J.J. JAY! slides back into the ring to jump on top of Quiet and throw his hand up. Crowe is pissed off at ringside but as Thomas West rejoins the duo in the ring, he decides against getting back in the ring.

    Broc Lobster: "This is why the Executive Boards agreed not to have anyone at ringside. J.J. JAY! should not have been allowed to be on commentary."

    Jean-Luc Watkins: "I didn't hear you tell him to leave. In any case, Chtlhu's Nephews have won the second Gunfight Battle Royal by dubious means and with the numbers advantage, but a win is a win. Quiet... or I suppose Uncle J.J. JAY! will get to choose an opponent of their choosing any time between now and Mile High."

    Harry the Sane Wizard is helped into the ring by an official while he holds an icepack to his head and is barely able to stand up. Uncle points backstage where Marcus McClain slowly steps out. He urges him to come to the ring and celebrate. Marcus McClain decides to oblige and heads up the ring back into the ring. The five man assembly gather together in the center of the ring chanting "HOT NEPHEWS FALL" though McClain doesn't chant that much and Harry the Sane Wizard is too hurt to jump or yell very loudly.

    Chtlhu's Nephews pose to wrap up the match. J.J. JAY! laying down with the Nephews squatting behind him, enjoying the photo op.


    Jean-Luc Watkins: “Well, we’re not far away now from our main event of the evening, “The Astonishing” Chris Kennedy vs. “The Dreamer” Michelle von Horrowitz for the FWA World Championship.”

    Broc Lobster: “A wonderful all-Meltdown main event, might I add.”

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “We’ll see if we’re saying the same thing come Mile High, Broc. Though I hear that one of your coworkers Katie Baxter is backstage right now in front of the offices of the Meltdown Executive Board! Maybe they’re going to apologize for announcing to the whole world they wanted the World Championship challenger to have their neck broken."

    Broc Lobster: “Our executive board are fans, Jean-Luc, like you an I…I think they’re still getting used to the impact their voices have in their new position.”

    Lights Out heads backstage where we find Katie Baxter in front of an office that says “Executive Board” on the door.

    Katie Baxter: “I’m backstage here with word that we’re to expect some announcements from the Meltdown Executive Board on what’s to come from Meltdown on the road to Mile High.”

    Katie knocks on the door but doesn’t get an immediate answer. She knocks a second time and the door swings open with a short black man adjusting his suit.

    ???: “Katie Baxter! I assume you’ve heard the rumors of some major announcements for Meltdown.”

    Katie Baxter: “Uhm… who are you?”

    ???: “Who am I? I’m Jon Russnow!… Author of Rating Rules Rassling!… I used to work here like four years ago…”

    With the confusion becoming clearer and clearer on Katie Baxter’s face, Jon Russnow does his best to not be aghast at the insult.

    Katie Baxter: “…Sorry, doesn’t ring a bell.”

    Jon Russnow: “Well you better remember the name then because I’ve got a new important title here in the FWA… I’ve just been hired as Meltdown’s Brand Consultant. Dinorah, Sally, Alana are groundbreaking businesswomen in this industry, and you know what brilliant people do… they hire other brilliant people… because good leaders delegate. And my bosses here at Meltdown are not nepotist, talent is what matters here on Meltdown, not what last name you have, which is why I was hired. So while my bosses are seeing to the big picture, I’m here to ensure the Meltdown ratings do one thing only, Katie… they keep going up! I’m here to make good on the Executive Board’s investment. It also brings me to my next point… Meltdown 6...”

    Katie Baxter: “You’ve got some news on what we can expect from Meltdown 6?”

    Russnow smiles smugly, happy to be the voice for exciting news.

    Jon Russnow: “Of course, Katie. First off, I’d like to formally congratulate Captain Fantasy on beating Cyrus Truth. Bad luck for the Exile, maybe if he spent less time criticizing his bosses on twitter and more time focusing on his game, things would’ve turned out differently. Now, Captain Fantasy really impressed me tonight. You know who else impressed me? A certain man who went all the way to the finals of the Gunfight Battle Royal before he was CHEATED out of his hard-earned victory. I’m talking about “The Showman” Chris Crowe, whom, need I remind you, has won three straight matches on Meltdown 3, Meltdown 4, and Meltdown 5. And after that Gunfight Battle Royal showing, Chris Crowe has more than proven himself, so… on Meltdown 6, Captain Fantasy is going to defend the North American Championship against The Showman in the main event!”

    Katie Baxter: “No rest for the champ?”

    Jon Russnow: “He’s a superhero, Katie. No rest for the champ! In fact, we’re also going to figure out the challenger for the North American Championship on Meltdown 7. “The British Apprentice” Reagan Cole and the bad, bad man Tommy Bedlam impressed everyone tonight with their victory but I think it’s pretty clear neither of them are going to be challenging for the tag team titles anytime soon… so we’re going to settle whatever beef they’ve got on Meltdown 6 with a different opportunity on the line, a shot at Meltdown gold.”

    Katie Baxter: “You’re not worried the Legends Evolved are going to get involved in that match?”

    Jon Russnow: “C’mon, Katie! You think I didn’t think about these things? Patience! The Legends Evolved will have other things to worry about on Meltdown 6. Before we get to that, why don’t we talk about the Gauntlet Championship. El Demente is a HECK of a monster… and he did a good job against Eclipse but… he’s not going back to Fallout with the Gauntlet Championship. He beat a big softie like Stu Grimes but Meltdown has just acquired a real monster… he’s 6’9, he’s three hundred and thirty pounds, he’s the Juggernaut, James Douglas. And you saw just a GLIMPSE of his power in the Gunfight Battle Royal. But that’s not all Meltdown’s been up to…we also signed THE CRIMSON GHOST… Aka Yurei, one of the most brutal fighters you’ve ever seen. On Meltdown 6, let’s see how El Demente gets through that.”

    Katie Baxter: “Not exactly hiding your intentions there.”

    Jon Russnow: “Not exactly hiding my intentions? Katie, either Michelle von Horrowitz or Chris Kennedy are going to walk out of a Japanese Death Match tonight and be put through hell for the rest of the year on Fallout. Title defense after title defense! A Mile High Massacre match. Now, I have full confidence in our Meltdown champion to get back to Meltdown safe and sound with the big gold in hand, but it’s not right. It’s not right. Even so, TWO can play at that game. The Gang Stars, I’d like to welcome you to Meltdown where at the end of the year awaits for you the FIRST EVER… MILE HIGH MASSACRE MATCH FOR THE FWA WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIPS! Four other tag teams, eight other men. Good. Luck!”

    Katie Baxter: “Wow, what a huge announcement! We’re going to get two Mile High Massacre matches this year!”

    Jon Russnow: “The Mile High Massacre match is an FWA staple! Fallout got to hog five-sixths of the spotlight at the Anniversary Show, I’m not letting them do that again with Mile High Massacre. But as amazing as that match is going to be featuring the best and brightest tag teams… the Gang Stars shouldn’t look that far ahead, because they might not even make it to Mile High with the tag belts. On Meltdown 7, the Gang Stars will defend the FWA World Tag Team Championships against the winner of a #1 Contendership match on Meltdown 6 between The New Breed and Legends Evolved. Now, Katie, I hear Alyster Black might have an X Championship to worry about that week, but that’s sort of what happens when you try to bring two belles to the ball. Now, I hope that was enough announcements for one interview. But hit me up again on Meltdown 6 and I might just have more. If you'll excuse me, I've got to go watch the two best wrestlers in the world kill each other.”

    Russnow winks at Katie Baxter and walks away though Katie side eyes the wink. We’re given a brief graphic card for the matches for Meltdown 6 that have been announced so far.

    Meltdown 6 | Seoul, South Korea.

    #1 Contendership to FWA World Tag Team Championship at Meltdown 7 - Legends Evolved vs. New Breed
    #1 Contender to North American Championship - Reagan Cole vs. Tommy Bedlam
    Gauntlet Championship - Aka Yurei vs. El Demente (c) vs. James Douglas
    North American Championship - Captain Fantasy vs. Chris Crowe


    It's pandemonium in the Tokyo Dome as the first few notes of The Verve's "Bittersweet Symphony" begin to play over the arena’s sound system, signalling that it's time for "The Astonishing Chris Kennedy" to make his way out. However, after a few seconds, the iconic string arrangements of Bittersweet Symphony are cut short and interrupted by the sound of a record scratch queuing up a different song entirely, one that hasn't been played in an FWA arena in nearly 9 years.

    When Chris Kennedy comes out, he’s wearing the La Muerte Blanca mask which gets a huge pop. The surprised crowd goes wild for Chris Kennedy as the evening’s challenger walks out onto the stage in the Tokyo Dome. Another huge cheer circulates as he is shown on the big screen, nodding his head and surveying the stadium with a look of supreme confidence about him. He begins walking down the ramp, his eyes focused on the ring as he makes the long stride towards the evening’s final match…

    Broc Lobster: “Can you believe it, ladies and gentlemen!?! We’re not getting “The Astonishing” Chris Kennedy, we’re getting “La Muerte Blanca” Chris Kennedy! The sadistic, relentless, X-Rules specialist who hasn’t shown his pale white face in almost a decade!”

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “Broc, you have to imagine our challenger is pulling out all the stops. It's the evening’s main event here in Tokyo, and the challenger makes his way to the ring to a huge ovation here in Japan’s capital. Of course, ‘The Astonishing’ Chris Kennedy is a popular figure here thanks to his run in Dynasty Japan Pro-Wrestling. Kennedy was a superstar in this country, whilst his opponent tonight struggled to scratch out a living here in Japan…”

    Broc Lobster: “Kennedy was wrestling in Japan before he ever set foot in an FWA ring, and although the same can be said of his opponent tonight I think this audience almost sees Chris Kennedy as one of their own... whereas I don’t think the champion can expect the same sort of reaction.”

    “La Muerte Blanca” Chris Kennedy has climbed into the ring and stands in the middle of it, absorbing the energy of the crowd… before hyping them up further, climbing up to the second rope and whipping them up into a frenzy. He traces the line of an invisible championship belt around his waist and then points into the camera, telling the audience at home his prediction for the match...

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “It’s been quite the ride to this main event on Meltdown, Broc, and you were there to see all of it…”

    Broc Lobster: “That’s right, Jean-Luc, and from the moment Chris Kennedy walked out onto the stage in Pripyat for the battle royale, this match always seemed like it was written in the stars. Kennedy emerged triumphant in Aztec Warfare, and has since gone from strength to strength, picking up victories over Devin Golden, Cyrus Truth, the New Breed in a handicap match, and the team of Saint Sulley and Jack Severno. An impressive hot streak for Kennedy, who has bounced back from his defeat to Alyster Black with a sizable collection of scalps…”

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “A hot streak that also features a victory over Krash at Paris’ Back in Business event, of course. Kennedy has all the momentum in the world leading into this one, with his opponent faltering at the final hurdle on the road to Lights Out…”

    Speaking of which, Kennedy’’s music fades, and the lights in the arena dim. Then, replacing the challenger’s entrance theme is…

    Suddenly, deafening boos are heard around the arena, the volume in the Tokyo Dome reaching record levels as Michelle von Horrowitz strides out onto the stage. She has her championship belt on her shoulder, and adjusts it slightly whilst standing otherwise motionlessly at the top of the ramp.

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “Here comes the FWA World Heavyweight Champion, preparing for her second defense of that title here in Tokyo… and Michelle von Horrowitz walks down to ring fresh off the back of a rare loss on Meltdown 5.”

    Broc Lobster: “That’s right, Jean-Luc… MvH was unable to overcome Cyrus Truth in her beat the clock challenge match in Cairo, losing to The Exile a handful of seconds before the twenty-minute time limit expired. This was Michelle’s first loss in an FWA match since Fight Night: NOLA back in April, and it’ll be interesting to see whether that defeat will have an effect on her confidence…”

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “We’ve seen during both of her runs here in America that confidence and momentum are big factors for Michelle von Horrowitz, so it wouldn’t surprise me if that is a concern here in Tokyo… and just listen to this crowd, Broc! Japan is hot for Michelle von Horrowitz, and not in a good way!!”

    The often tepid and tame Tokyo Dome audience has come alive, raining down boos at the reigning champion. A small but noticeable SNOW-MAN-TASH-I chant can be heard, explaining some of the source of the derision…

    Broc Lobster: “It seems like, just as with yourself in Berlin, Michelle’s murky past in this nation is coming back to haunt her! Kennedy has a reputation here, true, but Jon Snowmantashi is a legend, and it doesn’t seem like these fans have forgotten the long, often bitter rivalry between the kaiju and Dreamer…”

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “As a minor bit of side-history, Chris Kennedy also has a past with Snowmantashi… the two competed in the same edition of DJPW’s annual tournament, with Snowmantashi emerging triumphant over the Astonishing One in the pool stages, before Kennedy won the overall tournament...”

    Michelle has climbed up onto the apron, and stares over the top rope at her challenger. He is standing in the corner with his mask still on, a look of supreme focus about his person.

    Broc Lobster: “It’s time, folks! Our main event is just about ready to begin!!”

    Michelle climbs through the ring ropes. Yet more boos. She takes her championship belt from around her waist and looks down at it. Her breathing seems heavy, despite the fact that the match hasn’t even begun yet. There’s a sense of anguish about her… loss is painted upon her face… as she regards the gold plating of the championship belt. Eventually, she hands the object to the official, and then takes a seat in the corner with her head propped up against the second turnbuckle.

    Kurt Harrington stands in the ring, his microphone in his hand. After Roy Orbison has faded out, he allows the cauldron of noise to simmer for a few moments before finally lifting the microphone to his lips…

    Kurt Harrington: “Ladies and gentlemen… the following contest is your main event... is scheduled for one-fall, with a sixty minute time limit, with no disqualifications and no countouts… and is for the FWA World Heavyweight Championship!!”

    The official lifts the belt up into the air. Kennedy’s eyes are transfixed on the belt. Michelle’s are on Kennedy.

    Kurt Harrington: “Introducing first… the challenger… he weighs in at two hundred and thirty pounds… from Tampa Bay, Florida… he is a five time FWA World Champion and the two-time DJPW Heavyweight Champion of the World…”

    A huge cheer circulates at the mention of Japan’s premier promotion.

    Kurt Harrington: “... he was the 2010 FWA Rookie of the Year… the Wrestler of the Year in 2012 and 2013… having the Match of the Year in 2012 and 2013… he was the 2011 Golden Opportunity Winner, the 2013 Carnal Contendership Winner, and the 2018 World GP Winner…”

    Michelle’s breathing is becoming more laboured, and she sits forward into a cross-legged position to almost glare at Kennedy. A smirk creeps over the challenger’s face…

    Kurt Harrington: “He is undefeated in nine matches at Back in Business… a Triple Crown Champion… a Grand Slam Champion… a former North American, X-, and two-time World Tag Team Champion… he is the man who unified the Crossfire and Fight Night World Championships…”

    Michelle stands to her feet and begins to pace slightly. Chris Kennedy remains motionless.

    Kurt Harrington: “He is La Muerte Blanca… Odorokubeki kurisukenedi...”

    One more cheer from the faithful in response to Harrington’s butchering of their native tongue…

    Kurt Harrington: “... ‘The Astonishing’... CHRIS KENNEDY!!!!”

    Another huge ovation for Kennedy, who laps it up in a virtually stationary manner, the simple smirk the only expressive feature in his otherwise passive and patient face. Von Horrowitz, whilst the audience continues to holler in support of her challenger, paces over to Harrington and issues a short, harsh, inaudible instruction. The ring announcer looks momentarily taken aback, but then nods.

    The crowd’s volume begins to subside, and Kurt once again steps forward to speak. He extends a hand in the direction of the champion….

    Kurt Harrington: “… Michelle… von… HORROWITZ!”

    The audience turns one-eighty, the cheers for Kennedy disappearing in an instant and being quickly replaced with a second torrent of booing. Michelle turns and climbs to the second turnbuckle, faces the fans, and barks some words at them. We hear only a small fraction of it over the noise that the audience flings back at her…

    Kennedy continues to watch her as she launches her verbal tirade at the fans… as she hops back down from the turnbuckles… as she turns to face her challenger…

    The official completes his final checks and then, at long last, he calls for the bell…

    Michelle von Horrowitz [c] vs. Chris Kennedy
    Japanese Death Match.
    FWA World Championship
    (Match writer: Jiggy and SS)
    There is a little back-and-forth jawing as the two competitors step forward into a more central position in the ring… and it’s Kennedy who attempts to strike first, going for a forearm shot, which MvH is able to duck underneath. Chris Kennedy turns around… into a knife-edge chop from Michelle! The champion hits a second, and a third backs Kennedy up into the ropes. Von Horrowitz goes for an Irish whip across the ring, but the Astonishing One is able to reverse it and send Dreamer across instead. She hits the ropes and comes back at the challenger… who takes her off her feet with a shoulder block! MvH hits the mat, Kennedy hops across her to hit the perpendicular ropes, and MvH is quickly to her feet. She leapfrogs over Kennedy, who continues onto the opposite set of the ropes… von Horrowitz connects with a standing drop kick! Kennedy goes down, but is straight back up… and is caught in a small package from Michelle…

    ONE… TWO… NO!

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “First pinfall attempt of the match there from Michelle von Horrowitz, with Chris Kennedy able to escape the small package at two… and the pair stand up in a brief, tense standoff…”

    Broc Lobster: “Doesn’t look like either of them want to give up an advantage in the early goings of this main event, and they begin to circle the ring now, watching each other intently and tentatively… before coming together in a collar and elbow tie up…”

    Kennedy clearly has the strength advantage, and he begins to back Michelle up towards a corner. Before they get there, though, Michelle slips out of the collar and elbow and into a rear waist lock. She clubs at the back of Kennedy, and then bundles him forward into the ropes, attempting an O’Conner roll. Kennedy hooks onto the ropes with his arms, though, and Michelle rolls back without him. She stands up…

    Broc Lobster: “BITTERSWEET CHI -- no! Michelle ducks beneath it… and then delivers a step-up enziguri!”

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “Kennedy manages to stay on his feet, but he’s staggered backwards… and von Horrowitz launches at him with a shotgun dropkick! Kennedy falls into a seated position in the corner…”

    Broc Lobster: “The champion begins to stomp away at the challenger in the corner… but we just came very close to seeing Kennedy’s finisher very early in this one…”

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “As already mentioned, MvH has fallen prey to that move on many occasions in the build up to this one, and it looks as if Kennedy knows that success with his super-kick would spell the end for von Horrowitz. The last few weeks have proved that.”

    Von Horrowitz, after half a dozen stomps, lifts Kennedy up to his feet. She throws a forearm into his jaw, and then Irish whips him with force across the ring. He hits the turnbuckles and bounces back at her, and Michelle bends over as if ready to hit a big back body drop… no! It’s telegraphed by Kennedy, who lifts a hard boot up into her jaw. Michelle staggers back… running STO! Kennedy connects… and now he tries to lock in a Fuiiwara armbar!!

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “MvH senses her peril, and wants nothing to do with this armbar. She scrambles towards the ropes, but remember that they provide no sanctuary in this match-up! Japanese Death Match Rules means no rope breaks!!”

    Michelle knows this, and after struggling over towards the ring ropes she doesn’t bother to hook one of them with an outstretched limb. Instead, she continues to crawl beneath them, rolling onto the outside. She drops to the mat, and is able to gain some separation from Kennedy. She struggles onto her feet, favouring her arm… the Fujiwara armbar was never quite locked in, but the challenger wrenching at it has done some damage regardless…

    Meanwhile, inside the ring, Kennedy has risen. He hits the opposite set of ropes to the ones Michelle just escaped beneath, and watches on as the Dutchwoman gets to her feet…

    Broc Lobster: “SUICIDE DIVE!!”

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “Chris Kennedy torpedoes into Michelle von Horrowitz, and somehow manages to land on his feet!!”

    The audience give Kennedy some applause for the feat, and he wastes no time in continuing his attack on Michelle. He lays into her with a series of stomps, before throwing her back-first into the barricade. He proceeds to hit three knife-edge chops, and then takes her by the wrist… Irish whip over the steel steps! It’s a nasty bump for Michelle, who hits them hip-first and then lands in a heap on the opposite side…

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “This Tokyo audience continues to show its whole-hearted support for Chris Kennedy, and the challenger is now in complete control of this one!”

    Kennedy slowly walks over to von Horrowitz, who hasn’t moved since her collision with the steps.

    Kennedy slowly walks over to von Horrowitz, who hasn’t moved since her collision with the steps. He grabs a handful of her hair and attempts to pull her up but Michelle hits him with a stiff palm to the bridge of his nose, coming alive out of nowhere. Michelle slaps Chris across the face with such velocity that Chris' head spins on an axis. He puts one hand to his jaw as a wide smile appears on the face of his opponent. Slowly, he turns back to see Michelle laughing at him. With blistering speed, Chris launches at Michelle with an attempted clothesline but Michelle ducks it when Chris passes her, she tackles him into those same steel steps he threw her into just moments ago. While downed on the steps, Michelle immediately begins hammering away at him with a series of strikes to the head. Lefts, rights, jabs and elbows. She then grabs Kennedy by the hair and Irish whips him into the barricade! The crowd behind the barricade collectively wince and stand a few steps back as Michelle approaches Kennedy, who's still reeling in pain. Wasting no time, she then Irish Whips him into the side of the ring and Kennedy lets out an audible gasp. Michelle slides Kennedy into the ring and follows him in. She sizes Kennedy up and stalks him as he wills himself back to his feet, using the ring rope to help himself up. He does, and he turns around to Michelle launching at him with an attempted Busaiku Knee Kick but Kennedy evades it at the last second! When she turns around, Chris nails her with a picture perfect Step Up Enziguri, knocking her to the canvas. Chris looks furious and intent on doing something about it. Michelle begins to crawl away from Chris as he slowly paces after her towards the corner of the ring. Stalking her as she sits in the corner, he mouths something at her, though we can't quite make out what he's saying as his trash talk isn't picked up on the camera's mic. He attempts a baseball slide towards Michelle, but with lightning fast quickness she rolls out of the ring and Kennedy slides crotch-first into the corner ring post. Michelle takes a moment to collect herself before entering the ring again. Chris has now brought himself to knee now, holding his stomach as if the slide into the post sent his testicles into his lower intestines. Michelle heads his way and begins hitting him with another series of strikes to the head. A defiant Kennedy looks her in the eyes and eats each shot as he brings himself to his feet. A futile effort on his behalf as Michelle just hits him with a stiff elbow to the jaw and then, OUT OF NOWHERE, she hits him with a beautiful Dragon Suplex!! Michelle drops to pin him, trying to put this to bed already.

    ONE… TWO… NO!

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “Dragon Suplex by Michelle von Horrowitz but a Kick Out by Kennedy at two with no time to spare! Michelle von Horrowitz tried to end it then and there but to no avail! What a hotly contested back-and-forth we have so far, Broc.”

    Broc Lobster: “These two are doing all they can to inflict as much pain as possible, Jean-Luc. They look like they are literally trying to KILL EACH OTHER”]

    Michelle gets back to her feet and wipes the sweat from her brow; smiling brazenly as she does so. The crowd begins booing her heavily and she just nods at them with a sly grin. A huge roar of disapproval goes around the arena as Chris struggles to get back to his feet but Michelle seems to care very little. She grabs Chris by the hair and drags him across the ring towards the ropes. Tossing him into the far ropes, Michelle nails him with a beautifully executed spinning Swinging neckbreaker when he returns' an impact that rocks Chris leaves his head bouncing off of the canvas like a basketball. Michelle gets back to her feet as soon as she possibly can and moves towards Chris. Picking Chris up once again, she pulls him towards the ropes. She gives the fans a quick taunt and then proceeds to drag the face and eyes of her opponent across the ropes. The crowd offer a shudder of horror as Michelle continues to drag his eyes, dragging him all the way to the ring post and smashing the side of his head into it. Chris staggers backwards and quickly loses his balance, ending up seated in the middle of the ring. Michelle quickly nails Chris with a beautifully executed running slap that rrberates around the arena. Michelle rapidly crawls on top of Chris for the cover!

    ONE… TWO… NO!

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “Another kick out from Chris Kennedy. I can't believe just how dominant the champion has been in this match so far, Broc. But then again, this is Michelle von Horrowitz we are talking about!"

    Broc Lobster: "She is stopping at nothing to break Chris Kennedy down. This match isn't about honor; it's about defending the biggest prize in all of professional wrestling and she's defending it with her life."

    The crowd cannot believe what they are seeing as Michelle seems to be in complete control of this match. Michelle gets to her knees; still sporting that irritating mocking smile that she has had plastered to her face all match. She slowly moves around Chris and finally grabs at his legs. With absolutely no hesitation whatsor, Michelle locks in the grapevined Ankle Lock! The immense pain of the hold is plain to see on the face of Chris as he lets out a yell of sheer agony. Michelle continues to smile in the face of Chris as he struggles to break free from the hold. Slowly, Chris crawls across the canvas; reaching out for the bottom rope as he does so, forgetting that he isn't afforded the reprieve via rope break in a Japanese Deathmatch. He then plants both hands on the mat and pushes himself up, rotating his body 90 degrees to where his abdomen is no longer facing down, but up. He flips Michelle over in the process, kicking her in the side of the head with his free foot and the two of them just lay down with their backs on the mat, both seeing stars. Michelle's smile is now very much gone and replaced by an agonising expression.

    Slowly, both competitors get back to their vertical basis; each of them moving with all the urgency of coma victim awakening. As they rise to their feet, launches herself at Chris, clawing and striking at him and driving him back towards the corner of the ring. Once there, Michelle looks to completely reclaim the momentum in this match by mounting the turn-buckle. She gives the crowd a taunt by raising her arms out to her sides but Chris is in no mood to surrender his position in this match and the FWA World Championship along with it. Grabbing the legs of Michelle, Chris moves out of the corner with his opponent resting upon his shoulders. The crowd get anxious as Chris staggers around the ring with Michelle begging him not to bring her back to Earth with a crash. But the pleading falls on deaf ears as Chris slams Michelle into the canvas with a beautiful Sit-Out Powerbomb. He drapes himself over her lifeless body and covers her.

    ONE… TWO… NO!

    Although winded, Michelle manages to get the shoulder up after a count of 2. Chris wastes little time as a look of hideous anger can be seen through the holes in his mask. He spins out of his position and grabs Michelle by the hair; dragging her towards the edge of the ring. There, he positions her with her head hanging over the apron and grabs her legs. Chris Rallies the crowd behind before catapulting the neck and throat of Michelle into the bottom rope. Quickly, he pulls Michelle back inside the ring and covers her for the fall.

    ONE… TWO… NO!

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “Michelle manages to roll the shoulder out!"

    Broc Lobster: "I thought that was it!"

    Jean-Luc Watkins: As did I, Broc. After taking a hell of a beating Chris has managed to pull himself back into this match but he's still not done enough put Michelle von Horrowitz away!"

    Chris gets to his knees as Michelle continues to nurse her throat and finds it very difficult to catch her breath. Slamming his fists onto the canvas, Chris looks utterly bemused. Not wasting any time though, Chris slowly gets back to his feet; possibly still feeling the effects of the earlier Angle Lock. Chris silently considers his next move before moving back to Michelle who is beginning to get to her knees. Grabbing the hair of the FWA World Champion, Chris begins to pull her to a vertical basis. But Michelle knows that she needs to turn this match in her favour once again, she puts her hands around the back of Chris and rather unceremoniously drags her finger nails down his back with no remorse whatsor. Chris lets out a pained yell as he straightens up immediately. Michelle stumbles backwards towards the ropes but is soon joined by Chris; who looks as though he is in no mood to allow Michelle back into this match after gaining a reasonable amount of momentum. But the dirty tricks of Michelle continue as she pulls Chris towards her; through the ropes and crashing out to the unprotected matted area on the outside. The crowd takes a collective sharp intake of breath as Chris collides with the hard floor. The referee immediately shoots outside of the ring and checks on Chris who is looking very shaky as he gets to his knees. Chris grabs the referee and uses him to get back to his unstable feet. But Michelle is not messing around and has made her way onto the ring apron. She checks her position and then suddenly launches herself off of the ropes with a startling Moonsault. Seeing Michelle at the last moment, Chris rolls out and Michelle lands face first onto that same cold hard ground she sent Chris spiraling towards.

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “Brilliant scouting by Chris Kennedy and now Michelle von Horrowitz is in a world of pain!"

    Broc Lobster: “It may be Lights Out for Michelle after that one, Jean-Luc!"

    Michelle comes to the side of the ring as Chris slowly makes his way back to a vertical basis. Judging by the expression on her face as she scans the situation, she cannot beli what has just transpired. Clutching at the security barrier at ringside, Michelle tries her best to get back to her feet but she, too, seems as though she is in a shaky relationship with stability. But getting back to her feet is not a problem as Chris makes his way towards his opponent and grabs her by the hair. With no hesitation or mercy, Chris takes the head of Michelle and slams it into the security barrier with surreal force, his chest puffed out as he now as he seizes control of the match. Michelle recoils with the impact of her face meeting the barrier but Chris is after her quickly. Grabbing her arm, Chris whips Michelle towards the steel steps at the side of the ring yet again and Michelle can do nothing about it but accept the heavy impact as she tumbles over them. Chris moves towards her again as Michelle struggles to get back into this match. Grabbing her again, Chris looks down at Michelle as she uses him to slowly get back to her feet; the sinister look in his eyes doing nothing to reassure the challenger. Pulling her towards the barricade once again, Chris picks up his opponent in a full press before letting her fall onto the barricade with devastating impact to the torso and gut. Michelle slumps over the barrier and out of sight as Chris begins to enjoy himself.

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “How long can Michelle von Horrowitz last with the offence that Chris Kennedy is dishing out?”

    Broc Lobster: "Michelle is an impressive wrestler for sure, one of the best if not THE best. But no one can withstand this aggression and sustained attack for much longer, from Chris freaking Kennedy no less!"

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “With one shot, Chris gets closer to winning the FWA World Championship; that's for sure"

    Chris leans over the security barrier to find where Michelle is lying on the ground, clutching at her ribs. Grabbing her by the hair, Chris begins to pull her back to her feet. Holding her hair with his left hand and punching Michelle on the face with his right repeatedly; the crowd shuddered with every stiff shot. Over and over, the punches come towards Michelle but she may just be too exhausted and hurt to block them. Finally, the outright aggression La Muerte Blanca comes to an end as he pulls Michelle towards him and some way over the barrier; only so far until her feet are hanging on it and she is suspended with a headlock. Chris stops for a moment, steadying himself and allowing the fans to get a good look at what happens to anyone that dares to cross him. Then, without mercy, Chris brings Michelle back down to Earth with a drilling DDT that sends shockwaves around the arena and, more importantly, bursts open the forehead of Michelle!

    Broc Lobster: "Michelle von Horrowitz has been busted WIDE OPEN! BLOOD, JEAN-LUC!!! BLOOD EVERYWHERE!"

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “I can't look, Broc! Tell me when it's all over! That was absolutely savage!"

    Chris gets back to his feet slowly and surveys the damage he has caused. But he is not done there. With Michelle at his mercy, he begins dragging her towards the time-keepers area, right next to the commentary table. Setting Michelle up against the security barrier, Michelle looks completely out of it. Chris backs away, nr taking his eyes off of the champion. Suddenly, he runs at Michelle and dives at her, hoping to put her through the security barrier. But just as Chris did before, Michelle moves out of the way at the last second and Chris goes through the barrier himself with an almighty crash!

    Broc Lobster: "This is awesome! This Tokyo Dome crowd are losing their minds as Kennedy goes through that barrier.”

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “This match has just been turned on its head once again! Chris was so firmly in control of this match and now he has potentially let Michelle back in!”

    Neither competitor looks like a winner at this point in time as both lie motionless on the outside of the ring. It is Michelle who is first to spring into life; rolling over onto her stomach and trying to find any support back to her feet; blood dribbling down her face from before. As she grabs the ring apron and begins to pull herself back to her feet, Chris Kennedy begins to make a move from the wreckage. After what seems like an eternity, both competitors are back on their feet and struggling towards each other; the effects of this match playing heavily with their stamina reserves. They trade right hands with rything they have left until Michelle finally comes out of it as the victor. Driving a knee into the gut of her opponent, Michelle grabs at the head of Chris and finally tosses him back inside the ring. She walks over to the ring and begins pulling weapons out! First, she pulls out a steel chair and throws it into the ring! Then, she pulls out a bale of barbed wire, throwing that into the ring as well. Finally, she pulls out a Singapore cane but keeps that in hand as she heads back into the ring. By the time Michelle is back inside, Chris has slowly squirmed to his feet and is looking to regain the advantage in the match but before he can do anything, Michelle cracks the Singapore cane over his head and the crowd gasps!

    Broc Lobster: "Singapore cane to the head of Chris Kennedy and you could hear that one all the way from the cheap seats!"

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “A relentless assault from Michelle von Horrowitz! She could put Chris Kennedy away right now if she wanted to, all she had to do is drop for the cover!"

    But Michelle von Horrowitz does NOT drop for the cover. Instead, she just starts beating Chris Kennedy with the Singapore cane over and over and over again! The marks on his body left behind from the cane start as pink welts and become purple lashes with each swing of the cane. She doesn't stop. Shot after shot, attacking the head, chest, back and stomach, covering him in lashes before finally, she hits him so hard that she breaks the Singapore cane in half over his back!!

    Broc Lobster: "OH MY GOD!"

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “Sweet Jesus, do you know how hard you have to hit someone with a kendo stick to actually break it in half!?! He's going to be pulling the splinters out of his skin for the rest of the year!"

    Broc Lobster: "That's if he even has any skin left by the end of this match, Jean-Luc!"

    Michelle is far from finished. With both halves of the broken cane in each hand, she continues attacking him with them, striking faster, and faster, and faster, before throwing the remnants of Singapore Cane out of the ring in frustration and leaning down to PULL THE LA MUERTE BLANCA mask off of Chris Kennedy's face!!!

    Broc Lobster: "WHAT!?!"

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “Michelle von Horrowitz just pulled the La Muerte Blanca mask off of the face of her opponent and now he's "The Astonishing One" once again!”

    Broc Lobster: "I gotta tell you Jean-Luc, He doesn't look all too astonishing right now!"

    Michelle taunts the crowd as she holds the La Muerte Blanca mask in one hand and raises it above her head in conquest before spitting on it and tossing it out of the ring.

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “What an utter showing of disrespect from Michelle von Horrowitz! Can you believe this, Broc??"

    Broc Lobster: "I wouldn't if I wasn't seeing it with my own two eyes, Jean-Luc! Michelle is running roughshod over Kennedy!”

    Now she's really feeling herself. She heads over to the chair she threw into the ring and picks it up. As she does this, Kennedy springs to life and kips up off the mat to a huge pop from the crowd. When Michelle turns around holding the chair, Chris Kennedy dropkicks the chair and Michelle, sending her back a few steps, though she remains on her staggering feet. He hits the opposite ropes and runs at Michelle and nails her with a Flying Scissor Heel Hook! Michelle hits the canvas hard and Chris has her in the hold. Michelle screams in agony as Kennedy has her tightly in the hold....

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “And now it’s Chris Kennedy’s turn to wrench at his submission hold, and Michelle’s caught in the middle of the ring…”

    Broc Lobster: “She’s squirming… struggling… crawling towards those ropes, but Chris Kennedy isn’t going to let her off easily! He drags her back into the middle of the ring!!”

    Michelle realises that the ropes may not be her best chance of escape, and instead lashes out at Kennedy with her free leg… a boot catches him in the face! And then a second!! Finally, Kennedy is forced to relinquish his hold, and Michelle is quick to get to her feet… and then she connects with a mule kick! Chris Kennedy is doubled over, and MvH takes him by the scruff of the neck, before running towards a corner… she hurls Kennedy through the second and third ropes, causing The Astonishing One to collide with the post shoulder-first!! The crowd gasps audibly, and Kennedy just sort of hangs there amongst the ropes for a moment. Michelle climbs out of the ring and approaches the corner that Kennedy is hanging from. She grabs him by the wrist, and then drives his arm into the steel post! She repeats the gesture a second time! And then a third!

    Kennedy finally falls into the ring again, and Michelle takes the opportunity to look under the ring for some hardware of her own…

    Broc Lobster: “Uh oh!!”

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “Michelle looks under the ring apron… and she re-emerges with a set of light tubes! How many is that? Three or four?!”

    She pushes these into the ring, and then goes back beneath the apron for even more! There’s maybe ten light tubes in total, and MvH rolls in after them. She takes the vast majority of them and begins to prop them up in the corner. They are at a forty-five degree angle with the top of them propped up on top of the second turnbuckle. All but one of the light tubes are stacked up in such a way, and Michelle grabs the last of them. Kennedy is just about rising to his feet, but looks haggard, and stumbles towards Michelle…

    … who brings the light tube crashing down over Chris Kennedy’s head! The object pops and shatters into a thousand pieces, the audience letting out a huge OHHHHH! upon impact. Kennedy instantly slumps to the mat, his face instantly covered in blood, and Michelle looks down at him with a smile on her face…

    Eventually, she picks Kennedy back up to his feet, and backs him up into a corner (the opposite one from her light tube arrangement) with a series of knife edge chops. Then, she takes Kennedy by the wrist, and Irish whips him towards the light tubes…

    … Kennedy realises he’s headed towards them, and stops his momentum a pace away…

    … he turns around, just in time to see MvH charging towards her…


    Broc Lobster: “What a reversal from Chris Kennedy! And just listen to this crowd!!”

    The audience is hot for the ultraviolence, but Kennedy is on his back for a few moments before he can do anything to properly capitalise. Eventually, he begins to stir, fights up to his feet, and then he drags Michelle away from the corner in order to hook the leg…

    ONE… TWO… TH - - NO!!

    Michelle kicks out! Kennedy looks a little frustrated, but refocuses on the champion in an instant. He drags Michelle up to her feet… and then unceremoniously dumps her over the top rope! Michelle - her back cut to pieces by the shards that she was just powerslammed through - lands in a heap on the floor, and Kennedy casually climbs onto the outside with her.

    He lifts Michelle up to her feet again and takes her by the scruff of the neck, before driving her face-first onto the announcer’s desk! Watkins and Lobster scatter immediately…

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “Nope! I don’t want any of this…”

    Broc Lobster: “This one is spilling out of the ring, and it was only a matter of time before we saw that! Michelle von Horrowitz and Chris Kennedy have already shown that a wrestling ring… an arena… hell, a city isn’t big enough to hold these two!!”

    Michelle is slumped over the announcer’s desk, and Kennedy pulls her close in a rear waistlock…

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “German suplex! On the outside! Michelle von Horrowitz is dropped at an ugly angle on the back of her neck…”

    Broc Lobster: “And now look at Kennedy! He’s taking apart our desk!!”

    Kennedy removes the cover and throws it to one side, before doing the same thing with the monitors. He takes a deep breath, before turning back to Michelle. He hits a trio of stomps, and then hoists Michelle up to her feet, doubles her over with a boot to the midsection. He pulls her into position…

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “Looks like Kennedy is going for a powerbomb through that table, Broc!”

    Broc Lobster: “But MvH fights out! Straight right hands to the top of Kennedy’s dome! And then she slips out over the back…”

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “Michelle lands on her feet… Kennedy turns around… INTO A BUSAIKU KNEE KICK!!”

    Michelle senses the momentum shift and lifts Kennedy up to his feet. She throws him onto the table and hits him with a trio of forearms to further incapacitate the challenger. Then, she rolls into the ring and begins to ascend one of the corners. It seems to take her an age, the blood running steadily from the cuts on her back and shoulders as she goes, but eventually she manages to steady herself up on the top rope…

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “We’ve seen MvH attempt this move many times…”

    Broc Lobster: “... but hit it on far fewer occasions!!”

    Michelle is steady, and takes a deep breath, before leaping off the top rope…

    … she flies through the air with an attempted elbow drop…

    … and Chris Kennedy moves out of the way!!! MvH slams into the table, which explodes beneath her weight!!

    The audience erupts, and Kennedy crawls back over to MvH and the exploded table. He moves into a lateral press…

    ONE… TWO… THR -- NO!!

    Michelle kicks out!

    Standing on one knee, Chris pleads with the ref, insisting that it was a three-count. The referee insists that it was two and a frustrated Chris Kennedy stands up on wobbly knees. He walks over to ringside and pulls a large glass pane from under the ring. The crowd pops wildly as Chris Kennedy slides it into the ring, before making his way to Michelle and picking her up off the ground.

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “What's Chris Kennedy doing with that glass pane?!?”

    Broc Lobster: “Nothing good, Jean-Luc! That glass pane looks like it's from a sliding door, measuring in at about 6 feet. We have no idea what Kennedy plans to do with it but I'm almost too afraid to look!”

    Chris positions the long glass panel in the corner of the ring, standing it up and leaning it in the corner. He makes his way back to the downed Michelle before noticing the bale of barbed wire Michelle had tossed into the ring earlier. He picks it up and walks to the turnbuckle directly opposite to the one he'd propped the glass panel in. He begins wrapping the barbed wire all around the turnbuckle and the Tokyo Dome crowd are losing their minds. He just wraps the barbed wire all around it until he has no more barbed wire in hand.

    However, As he is doing this, he doesn't see Michelle von Horrowitz bring herself to her feet and though she is on wobbly legs, she stands tall and waits for Chris Kennedy to turn around. When he does, she hits him with a hard kick to the gut BEFORE IRISH WHIPPING HIM INTO THE GLASS PANEL IN THE CORNER!!


    Jean-Luc Watkins: “Chris Kennedy's best laid plans have come to bite him in the ass as Michelle von Horrowitz fights back, sending him crashing through that glass panel.”

    Broc Lobster: "BROKEN GLASS EVERYWHERE! Michelle von Horrowitz just refusing to let Chris Kennedy execute this sadistic maneuver and turns it on him instead.”

    Michelle collapses to the mat, falling on her ass after throwing Kennedy into the glass. Chris lays there in this glass, his body cut up and beginning to bleed in several places.Michelle looks at Kennedy with a look of utter hatred and disgust, her face covered in so much blood she barely looks like herself. She looks behind her to see the barbed wire wrapped turnbuckle Chris provided and thinks that she'd like to once again use his weapons against him. She walks over to Kennedy and picks him up off of the pile of shattered glass he's currently laying in. As she pulls him to his feet, Chris comes alive, defiantly refusing to let her irish whip him into the barbed wire turnbuckle. He hammers hits her with a hard strike to the face and she stumbles back a bit. He goes in for another strike but she catches his fist and pushes him back a step. Michelle hammers away at Chris with hard lefts and rights. He is backed into the ropes but after a few seconds he shakes his head out and gets off the ropes and they tie up. Chris gets the upper hand, capitalizing on Michelle over committing on her move, and works a side headlock. He takes her down with a slick move, getting behind her and forcing her to the mat. Chris tries a dropkick but misses after a swift dodge from Michelle. She launches towards him with a kick of her own, but Chris rolls away, but neither connects and the crowd cheers at the quick display. The bloodied Chris nods in approval at the bloodied Michelle as she readies to fight again. She closes the gap and slips behind Chris after a wild punch. She grabs a neckbreaker and he goes down hard. Immediately, Michelle pops to her feet and waits for Chris to stand and grabs him and hits a European uppercut. He staggers a bit and Michelle springboards off the ropes and connects with a knee to the side of Chris' head. She quickly makes the cover...

    ONE...TWO… NO!!!

    Chris kicks out. Michelle stands and tries to get Chris to his feet, but on his way up he grabs her legs and pulls them right from under her, reversing the encounter into an attempt to lock in a single legged crab but Michelle kicks him away and scrambles to her feet. Chris and Michelle walk to the middle of the ring. Chris tries for a lock up, but Michelle has other ideas and pushes him away, then kicks him in his sliced up ribs! Chris is reeling in pain as he stumbles back from the kick, but before he can react further, Michelle is on him with a couple elbows to the jaw, then drops him with a discus elbow strike!

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “Michelle von Horrowitz fighting back yet again. This match has been a back-and-forth unlike anything I've ever seen in my time in the FWA. This is absolutely incredible!"

    Broc Lobster: "The mat is absolutely covered in the blood of both Kennedy and von Horrowitz! It's a good thing this match went on last because I'd hate to be the cleanup crew tasked with cleaning this up, Jean-Luc."

    Michelle continues to take it to Chris, following him to the ropes, and connecting with a jumping knee to the head, before clotheslining him over the top rope and to the floor! The fans seem surprised as Michelle is rolling now and Kennedy stumbles to his feet on the floor, as Kennedy runs across the ring, bounces off the ropes...but as she runs across the ring to try and dive, she gets popped with a right hand to the face from Kennedy! Michelle drops dead in her tracks, and falls to the mat as the fans loudly cheer Kennedy, who rolls back into the ring, dragging Michelle away from the ropes and connecting with an elbow drop across her chest!

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “Just like that the momentum shifts for the 100th time in this historic match!"

    Broc Lobster: "After that stiff right hand, Michelle has dropped! Now we'll see if Kennedy can slow down the match to a pace he's more comfortable with and take control of the action."

    Kennedy indeed slows down the match, putting a headlock on Michelle to keep her on the mat. The hold is cinched in as Chris tries to wear down Michelle, who fights to her feet slowly, but Chris releases the hold before she can break it, and chop blocks out her knee from under her, knocking her back down to the mat just as quick as she got up! Kennedy grabs the leg of Taylor, and quickly locks her into a single leg Boston crab.

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “Chris already seems to be wearing down the leg of Michelle for the crab, this could be trouble for Michelle."

    Michelle looks frustrated and in pain on the mat as Kennedy leans back, yanking on the leg, and Michelle starts crawling to the ropes, looking to get out of this hold as soon as possible, forgetting that this is a deathmatch with no rope breaks. When she grabs the ropes and sees that the ref isn't forcing the break, Chris laughs maniacally, looking like a mad savage with his face covered in blood. Michelle improvised AND STABS KENNEDY IN THE LEG WITH ONE OF THE BROKEN SHARDS OF GLASS LAYING AROUND THE RING!



    Kennedy falls down to the mat, screaming out in agony. The Glass shard is two inches deep into Kennedy's leg and he pulls it out immediately, blood pouring from his leg. Michelle springs up and goes to grab his hair but Kennedy pokes her HARD in the left eye! She stumbles back and Chris Kennedy stands up, though it's clear that it's very painful to put any weight on his stabbed leg. He runs over to Michelle but is slowed with a slight limp. He attempts a clothesline, but Michelle ducks it and rolls up Kennedy for a school boy pin looking to steal one here!

    ONE...TWO.... But Kennedy escapes the surprise pin attempt!

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “I thought for a split second Michelle was going to take this one there!

    Broc Lobster: "Big same, Jean-Luc! This match doesn't seem to have an end in sight!"

    Both competitors get to their feet at the same time, and lock eyes with each other before Michelle fires off a couple quick chops to the chest of Kennedy, who shakes them off and hits a big chop of his own! Michelle stumbles back a bit, the much stronger Kennedy being able to put more behind his chop, but she comes back at him with a chop of her own, followed quickly by three more, and Chris stumbles away this time, and Michelle yells at him asking if that's all he has, which causes him to turn back towards her, and fire off a strong chop, this time knocking her off her feet!

    Michelle recovers, and looks up at Chris while on all fours in the ring, and shakes her head before rolling out of the ring, it seems she wants more time to recover. Michelle walks around ringside as Chris shakes his head in annoyance, and follows her out of the ring. He walks up to her at ringside, but Michelle sees him coming and rolls into the ring! Chris really looks annoyed now, as he follows her back into the ring, but as soon as he gets to his feet, she strikes with a headbutt! It seems Michelle was baiting him in and had a plan the whole time as she drags Kennedy away from the ropes, and hooks the leg for the pin.

    One...Two...NO! Kennedy kicks out!

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “Well that was a good plan by Michelle, but she's gonna need to do more than that if she wants to put Chris away."

    Broc Lobster: "Michelle is pulling out all the stops to try and win this match, but so far she hasn't been able to do it. We'll see what she has in mind next."

    Michelle drags Kennedy into the middle of the ring, and attempts to lock in some sort of submission hold....but Kennedy shoves her off him! Michelle looks angry as Kennedy begins getting up, but she connects with a kick to the side of his head! Michelle isn't done there though, as she pulls Kennedy to his feet slowly, expending a lot of energy to get him up, but she has him up, he comes alive out of nowhere and Irish Whips HER INTO THE BARBED WIRE TURNBUCKLE!!!


    Jean-Luc Watkins: “Sweet god in heaven, this is uncalled for! Regardless to how you feel about Michelle von Horrowiz, NOBODY deserves this!"

    Michelle is stuck to the turnbuckle, the sharp barbs of the wire dug firmly into her skin. She screams out in agony, crying out to the heavens. Chris gets in her face and screams with her, trying to scream even louder, before his crazed scream trails off into a laugh as he grabs her by the head and RIPS HER BODY FROM THE BARBED WIRE, using his strength to throw her onto the mat. He sizes her up and circles her, stalking her as waits for her to find her footing. She's slow to stir, but eventually finds herself standing on shaking legs. Chris Kennedy taps his knee, signalling that it's time for The Bittersweet Chin Symphony. However, as he launches at her, MICHELLE VON HORROWITZ DUCKS and avoids the Symphony…

    Michelle hits the ropes, and Kennedy turns to face her… BUSAIKU KNEE KICK?! … NO! Kennedy evades…

    Michelle scrambles to her feet, turns around…


    Jean-Luc Watkins: “He’s been trying all night, unsuccessfully, but he just landed it! MvH falls victim to Chris Kennedy’s superkick yet again...”

    Broc Lobster: “And now the lateral press…”

    ONE… TWO… … …

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “Her foot’s on the ropes!! Michelle’s still alive!!”

    Broc Lobster: “Chris Kennedy can’t believe it! The frustration is all over his face!”

    Kennedy simply looks at the official, almost longingly, and then leans back on his knees. He has his head in his hands, clearly wondering what it is going to take to put this woman away…

    … and then he retreats into a corner, his breathing heavy, struggling to even stand… and he wills MvH to get to her feet…

    … slowly, surely, Michelle von Horrowitz begins to rise. Her face is a crimson mask, and the krovvy is dripping from her face onto the mat below…

    … she pushes herself up onto her knees, and then battles to her feet, just as Kennedy comes in for the kill…

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “Here comes the challenger… going for another Bittersweet Chin Symphony… NO! MvH ducks beneath it…”

    Broc Lobster: “Mule kick!! MvH doubles Kennedy over… and then lifts a boot up into his chest! And then an enziguri!!”

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “Kennedy is staggered… Michelle winds up… DISCUSS FOREARM! Kennedy goes down!”

    Michelle lets out a battle cry, adrenaline running through her veins, before hoisting Kennedy up to his feet. She applies a front face lock…

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “BRAINBUSTAAAAAH~~~~!!!”

    Broc Lobster: “Michelle able to lift the much larger Kennedy up, and she drops him on his head with the brainbuster!!”

    And now, it is Michelle’s turn to stalk Chris Kennedy from the corner. She wills him to get up to his feet, and sluggishly The Astonishing One does just that…

    Michelle comes towards him…

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “SUPERKICK!! Michelle nails Chris Kennedy with a superkick!!”

    Broc Lobster: “Have we ever seen Michelle von Horrowitz employ a superkick before?!”

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “Not here in the FWA, no… but the eagle-eyed amongst you wrestling fans will remember Michelle von Horrowitz using this move against Jon Snowmantashi a number of times, a reference to the kaiju’s long-time friend-slash-rival Jonathan McGinnis’ use of the superkick. But obviously its use here is pointed in another direction…”

    Broc Lobster: “I’m glad you’re here, J-L!”

    Meanwhile, MvH has been climbing up towards the top rope…

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “And now she looks to finish it off! 450 splash coming right up!!”

    Michelle gets to the top turnbuckle and surveys the arena once more. Finally, her eyes rest on the prone Chris Kennedy.

    She takes a deep breath. And then she leaps.

    She rotates through the air, time seemingly slowly for the move…

    … and then Chris Kennedy gets his knees up!!! Michelle crashes and burns!!

    She skids across the ring, and Kennedy scrambles quickly to his feet before pulling her in close and hoisting her up…

    Broc Lobster: “SIT-OUT POWERBOMB!”

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “Kennedy isn’t done there. He lifts Michelle’s limp form up to her feet… inverted headlock backbreaker!!”

    Broc Lobster: “And now a pin?! No! Kennedy still not finished! He’s hoisting her up again…”

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “Double arm DDT!! And now he covers…”

    ONE… TWO… THR - - NO!!

    Broc Lobster: “Still no! Michelle gets a shoulder up!!”

    As if there’s nothing else to do, Chris Kennedy retreats to the corner, and once more waits patiently for Michelle to rise.

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “Kennedy going back to the same well, here… he senses the end…”

    Michelle gets to her feet, and stumbles around to face Kennedy…


    Broc Lobster: “Kennedy hooks BOTH legs!”

    ONE… TWO… THRE - - NO!!!

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “What?!?”

    Broc Lobster: “How does she have anything left?! Tokyo can’t believe it… Chris Kennedy can’t believe it…”

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “Wrestling fans, I can’t believe it! Baby is lost for words… forty-something minutes of action are behind us, and still we go on…”

    Broc Lobster: “But for how much longer, Jean-Luc?! Michelle hasn’t moved since she kicked out…”

    Kennedy slowly gets up, and he realises that MvH isn’t going to get up under her own volition.

    With a deep breath, he lifts Michelle’s near-dead weight up to her feet…

    … and delivers one more Bittersweet Chin Symphony!

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “That’s the third! Kennedy with the cover…”


    Winner: Chris Kennedy via pin fall at 44:44.

    For a moment, he doesn't move an inch. The crowd erupts, another 'KEN-NED-DY' chant rising up as the Tokyo crowd finds its voice again. But the man himself - the champion - doesn't yet move. We can see his ribs expanding, and then the volume of his ribcage decreasing again as the difficult, haggard breath is expelled.

    Kurt Harrington: "Here is your winner... and the NEW FWA World Heavyweight Champion... 'The Astonishing'... CHRIS... KENNEDY!!"

    The audience redoubles its volume for the announcement, The Verve's Bittersweet Symphony sounding out around the Tokyo Dome to herald the new champion's coming...

    Jean-Luc Watkins: "You heard it, wrestling fans! Chris Kennedy emerges from what I'd barely even call a wrestling match as your NEW champion... OUR new champion!!"

    Broc Lobster: "And most importantly... Meltdown's new champion!!"

    Jean-Luc Watkins: "But for how long, Broc?! Randy Ramon and Danny Toner wait in Melbourne, and then Hao, Parr, or Summers in Mexico City... and Mile High Massacre is on the horizon, too!"

    Broc Lobster: "And don't forget Nova Diamond, J-L... the Golden Opportunity winner is always lurking, just out of shot..."

    Of course, all of these things are concerns that will eventually enter the consciousness of the new champion, but for now it is labour enough to roll of the vanquished former one. When he manages this Herculean feat, he stares up at the lights on the arena ceiling, his eyes closed as he listens to the crowd chant his name...

    Eventually, with great difficulty, he sits up. His face is covered in blood: both his and Michelle's. The official is now in front of him again, but now he holds the FWA World Heavyweight Championship in front of Kennedy.

    With blood dripping from his forehead to the mat, Chris Kennedy takes his prize from the referee.

    Jean-Luc Watkins: "For the sixth time, 'The Astonishing One' can call himself the champion of the world!!"

    Kennedy forces his way up to his feet and, with the referee lifting the hand that holds the belt, he raises his new championship to another ovation from the audience. He roars with passion and emotion, and it is clear for all to see what this victory means to him.

    Meanwhile, Michelle von Horrowitz has rolled into a corner. She lifts herself up to her feet, using the ring ropes to help her. She almost stumbles and falls, and has to lean on the turnbuckle for a moment to catch her breath. Chris Kennedy watches her carefully. The official has left the ring to give the new champion his moment, but it seems that MvH is not ready to do so.

    Finally, she turns to face Chris Kennedy.

    He extends a hand. The look on his face still suggests disdain. But he wishes to show respect for what has just happened.

    Jean-Luc Watkins: "Will we finally see respect shown towards Chris Kennedy from the now former World Champion?!"

    Michelle looks at Kennedy's outstretched hand. The scene is similar to that in Madrid back on Meltdown 2. Kennedy waits for a moment, slightly adjusting his newly won prize on his shoulder.

    Then, Michelle spits a large amount of blood onto the mat. With a shake of her head and a look of sheer anguish pointed at the new champion, she climbs out of the ring. The official attempts to help her to the back, but Michelle pushes him away and begins to stumble up the ramp.

    In the ring, Chris Kennedy is looking at his championship belt again, the interaction already fading from his mind. Covered in the blood of his defeated bane, The Astonishing One climbs up onto the second rope. Tokyo roars for Kennedy. For a new champion. The camera pans around him, the Tokyo Dome a cauldron of noise as we go off the air.

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    Re: FWA Lights Out | RESULTS

    Damn, what a great show: new champs, top matches, and some promising segments.
    Congrats to Krash/Black, Savage, Captain Fantasy, and Kennedy. Delmonte, you are the only one that could hold on.

    Main event
    Tag match(heartbreaking)
    The after match beatdown of Cole
    Quiet winning Gunfight

    Top stuff. I'm interested to see where this Legends Evolved/Bedlam alliance goes!

    Also can't believe MVH has been dethroned. I thought she would have a long reign. Also in happy for Jimmy but sad for OMB, but you will be back soon!

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    Re: FWA Lights Out | RESULTS

    Hell of a show from top to bottom. Almost every match was wonderfully written and a lot of work went into this show and it shows. Congratulations to Jimmy, Jon, Rawr and SJW on their big wins. Happy to see the Gang Stars with the gold but at the same time a bit gutted to see Golden Rock being forced to part ways. Their tandem was the last lingering thread from the pre-brand split FWA.

    I'll be honest, when SS and I were writing the match together, I didn't know the result, and I'd assumed MvH was going to win, and I wrote the match with that outcome in mind. I was so proud of my promo, I'd have been happy either way, win or lose. Working with SS these last few weeks on this feud has been a hell of a ride, a lot of fun, and an experience I'll treasure. Can't wait for us to work together again.

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    Re: FWA Lights Out | RESULTS

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    Re: FWA Lights Out | RESULTS

    This was a really fun show to work on and really happy with how it turned out. We'll be integrating this with a Fallout 006 review pod in the future (if we remember any of it) so will give fuller thoughts then.

    Just wanted to give a big congrats to Jiggy. I was very happy with my promo and wouldn't change it if I had another chance, just lost out to a great role-play here I think. Gutting how close it was, but can't argue with the result. Was a very fun program to be involved in, especially kicking around ideas for segments etc with Jiggy. I hope he can keep hold of the belt until Back in Business so I can take his streak after winning CC next year.

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    Re: FWA Lights Out | RESULTS


    Backstage inside the Tokyo Dome, a lone figure walks through a hallway. The tall man has his head down, with his long hair flowing down in front of his face. In his hand he holds a red bandana, which he drops on the floor without even really noticing or reacting to. “Rockstar” Randy Ramon is for the first time since returning to the FWA in 2020, alone.

    Already smarting from his earlier exchange with Michelle von Horrowitz, Ramon seems to be further dejected following his learning that Devin Golden had left the arena… without so much as a word for his now- former tag team partner.

    Someone comes pacing quickly down the main hallway in Ramon’s direction, looking down each of the walkways crossing across it. As a result of this, Chris Peacock fails to see Ramon in his path, and he bumps straight into him. Ramon snaps his head up and brushes his hair back, ready to bark at whoever had walked into him… but he calms when he sees Peacock standing in front of him.

    No words are exchanged between the two of them, and they look at each other for a few seconds. Much like Ramon, Peacock was alone too. Allen Price hadn’t been seen by anyone since their match, and Peacock was looking for his lost friend as a result… but fate had placed another in his path.

    “You got a new partner for the ship yet?”


    “You do now.”

    Peacock extends a hand and Ramon looks down at it for a second, considering the offer. After thinking it over, recalling how Golden was happy to leave him on his own after losing tonight, Ramon accepts the handshake.

    “Yes I do. This have something to do with Toner?”

    "Oh, I never even thought about that side of it."

    A small smirk cracks on the face of both men, and Peacock seemingly abandons his search for Price to stand with Ramon. Knowing that there is still someone who has his back, Ramon straightens himself out. Peacock reaches into the chest pocket of his white suit jacket and pulls out the purple pocket square from it, which he passes to Ramon. Ramon ties the large pocket square around his head and nods at Peacock before they walk away.

    The camera trains on the red bandana that Ramon had dropped… before the scene fades to black.

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    Re: FWA Lights Out | RESULTS

    Disco Rock !!!!


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    Re: FWA Lights Out | RESULTS

    Obviously a bit heartbroken at the tag title result but the Gang Stars had a great promo. Disappointing result but not a flawed one by any means. We were outdone by a really good promo. It was close, an edge towards GS, and I can be proud of our Golden Rock promo. It's fitting for Golden's career to end in this manner. Doesn't need the big fanfare like the first time. Just quietly going out after the run.

    The entire show was really great. Superb promo output and hats off to the mod team for their work on this. Props to Kennedy, Savage, and Cap for winning titles. It was a show packed with title changes, alignment turns, and more. Hats off also to El Demente for being the only champ to survive and making it to his third title defense. Big dub for Mike Parr, too. Parr-Summers was arguably the best feud of this first chapter/cycle post-brand split. Really engaging stuff from Comeback Kid and Prod.

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