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Thread: nGw Spotlight: Shinji Mikami

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    nGw Spotlight: Shinji Mikami


    Character name: Shinji Mikami

    Height: 5'11

    Weight: 197 pounds

    Age: 26 years old

    Hometown: San Francisco, California
    Currently Residing: Kyoto, Japan

    Face/heel/tweener: Face

    Non-FWA accomplishments:
    3x DJPW World Heavyweight Champion
    1x DJPW Junior Heavyweight Champion
    3x DJPW Tag Team Champion

    FWA accomplishments: TBD (set to debut at nGw Back to School II)

    Style of wrestling (brawler, high flyer, technical, etc.): Technical Submission Specialist / High Flyer

    Rain Trigger (Wrist lock transitioned into a short-arm bicycle high knee)
    Bow and arrow hold
    Cross armbreaker while hanging on the rope
    Diving clothesline
    Diving crossbody
    Diving headbutt
    Rolling overhead mule kick
    Headscissors takedown
    Judo throw
    Moonsault, sometimes to the outside
    Alpha-Plex (Overhead belly-to-belly suplex)
    Exploder Suplex
    German Suplex
    Bridging Tiger Suplex
    Bridging / Release belly to back Suplex
    Bridging / Release / Rolling German Suplex
    Overhead belly to belly, sometimes from the top rope
    Double leg takedown, often transitioned into a pin or a suplex
    European uppercut
    Frog splash
    Rear naked choke
    Triangle choke
    Wrist Lock
    Arm Wrench
    Headbutt To Shoulder
    Arm Drag
    Wrist Clutch & Elbow
    Knife Edge Chop
    Pendulum Backbreaker
    Dragon Screw
    Torture Crab (Boston Crab with a knee to the back)
    Forearm smash
    Running lariat
    Springboard Clothesline
    Suicide Dive
    Tombstone Piledriver (sometimes from the top rope)
    Cloverleaf leg laced Boston crab
    Diving Legdrop
    Reverse frankensteiner
    Inverted STF
    Military Press Slam
    Tilt–a–Whirl Backbreaker
    450 Splash


    Katayoku no Tenshi / One-Winged Angel
    The Fourth Wall (Walls of Jericho)
    Shinji's Wrath (Electric chair dropped into a bridging German suplex, sometimes from the second rope)


    Shinji Mikami is an American born professional wrestler currently residing in Kyoto, Japan where he is finishing the final year of his 6 year long contract with Dynasty Japan Pro Wrestling as the reigning DJPW World Champion. While Mikami's contract with DJPW technically ended back in July, he is currently on a match-by-match contract with the company while he still holds the world title. In August, it was reported that Mikami had signed a contract with the FWA to appear on the nGw developmental brand. This move sparked controversy within the internet wrestling community who collectively felt Mikami should have debuted on the main roster.

    The son of two Japanese immigrants, Mikami was born in San Francisco during the mid-90's. Shinji spent his younger years getting in trouble wherever he could find it. At the age of 16 years old, Mikami was arrested for vandalism and sentenced to a week in juvenile detention. His parents, fearing that the western world had a negative influence on him, sent him to their native town of Kyoto, Japan to live with his strict, old fashioned grandparents. Shinji would spend the next 10 years there, getting in touch with his roots and learning to appreciate his culture. Shinji sites his relationship with his grandfather as the catalyst for him learning to become a man, later stating that it was his tough love and guidance that set him on the right course.

    At age 17, Shinji Mikami entered The Kerry Kennedy Dungeon, a training center in Dobuita, Japan, where Shinji learned to wrestle from Yōichi Takahashi and Kerry Kennedy. At the age of 19, Shinji would make his debut in Japan's leading pro-wrestling promotion, Dynasty Japan.

    Between the ages of 19-22, Shinji would hold the tag team titles 2 times with his mentor Yōichi Takahashi before a blood feud between the two culminating in a match at DJPW Chanpionzuraizu 13 was named Shake Meltzer's 2017 International Match of the year.

    At 2017's DJPW Fight For Your Life, Shinji would win the DJPW Junior Heavyweight Championship to Hiroyuki Owaku and he'd spend the rest of the year feuding with Hiroyuki Owaku, Makoto Tomozawa and Tiger God. He eventually lost the title to Ando Kojima at DJPW Shōri Fantasy in the beginning of 2018 before winning the DJPW World Heavyweight Championship. Shinji's 373 day title reign came to an end when he lost the title to Makoto Tomozawa at DJPW Starcast, and in the following year, Shinji would reunite with his former tag team partner Yōichi Takahashi for a 3rd tag team title reign. 7 months later, the team were forced to vacate the titles as Yōichi Takahashi suffered a career ending neck injury at the hands of Cyros and Jethro Warren at DJPW Forever.

    In 2019, Shinji would capture his 2nd DJPW World Heavyweight Championship in an incredible match with Isao Ōishi and he'd have another lengthy, year long title reign where he feuded with the likes of Akira Yamaoka, Shu Takumi and Hiroyuki Kobayashi.

    In late 2020, all the buzz was on the Dynasty Japan Pro-Wrestling Triple-Crown Summit, and more specifically, on Chris Kennedy who had returned to the promotion after an 11 year hiatus which included a lengthy stint in the FWA where he became a 5 time world champion. Kennedy, the son of Shinji's trainer and mentor Kerry Kennedy, returned to DJPW in October as a surprise entrant in the Triple-Crown Summit where he would end up winning the A block, finishing with 14 points, defeating Isao Ōishi, Kenichi Iwao, longtime rival WOLF, Takahiro Arimitsu, Tokuro Fujiwara, Masami Ueda, and DJPW Heavyweight Champion Shinji Mikami. Kennedy's only two losses came from FWA alumni Jonathan Snowmantashi at the Triple-Crown Climax and Makoto Tomozawa. He went on the defeat the winner of the B Block, former FWA Young Lions champion Juan Lopez, in the finals to win the tournament. This resulted in a rematch between Kennedy and DJPW Heavyweight Champion Shinji Mikami at Shōri Genesis in Tokyo, this time for the championship. Kennedy won the match and earned his 2nd Dynasty Japan World title, bridging an 11 year gap between his two reigns.

    Shinji would win the championship for a 3rd time at the Quest For Gold ppv from Kennedy, and shortly after that Kennedy would sign a new contract with the FWA. In the time since then, Shinji would go on to feud with Takahiro Arimitsu, Tokuro Fujiwara, Masami Ueda.

    In July, Shinji signed a contract with FWA to join their nGw brand. His first official match will be a DJPW Title Match at nGw Back To School II against rival and fellow nGw signup Tokura Fujiwara thanks in part to FWA's new working relationship with DJPW that's seemingly kicked the forbidden door wide open. Many speculate that Shinji's time on the nGw brand will be short, as he's already being looked at for a potential spot on the Fallout roster.

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