Postman Dave

Main Event:
Samoa Joe vs. Eddie Edwards
Two stand out performers from company history collide, as the Samoan Submission Machine takes on the current heart of Impact Wrestling. Whilst both guys made their names initially outside the company, both have left an indelible footprint on it's history with the fans, both gents being multi time X Division, Tag Team and World Champions. This is a clear "best of the best" battle, and one neither will want to lose.

Six Sides Of Steel:
Eric Young vs. Tessa Blanchard
The rise of Tessa Blanchard to Impact World Champion was one the biggest underdog stories in company history. Not long after she left though, someone more disturbing and violent than hated foe Sami Callihan turned up and turned Impact upside down. One of the most devious minds in wrestling today, Eric Young has challenged Blanchard to face him in the company's most infamous structure. Who will survive Six Sides of Steel? The World Class Maniac, or the Diamond?

Triple Threat Match:
Austin Aries vs. Michael Elgin vs. Cody Rhodes
Three divisive personalities, one match. No one can deny these men can go, but will be the biggest fan favourite? Aries is a hugely decorated title holder in the company, Cody has unmatched superstardom outside the company, and in one year, Elgin never left the World Title picture. This will be memorable, one way or another.

Tag Match:
LAX vs. FinJuice
Juice Robinson and David Finlay may be one of the best tag teams currently in Impact, but how will the New Japan duo fare against one of the best ever? They battle Homicide & Hernandez, one if the most decorated, and importantly, violent duos to ever grace the six-sided ring. Multi-time tag champs who have gone to war with a host of TNA's finest, and usually come out on top.

Queen Of The Mountain Match:
Allie vs. Madison Rayne vs. Hamada vs. Sienna vs. Taylor Wilde
The first ever QOTM match brings together five Knockouts eager to place their claim to history. Madison is one of the most successful Knockout champs ever, as is Sienna. Taylor and Hamada were the first ever Knockout Tag Champs, will that alliamce return here? And Allie had one of the most popular stints in Knockout history, from being Maria's assistant to her friendship with Rosemary, Allie was always a massive fan favourite. These ladies will collide in one of Impact's most notable original concepts, in what is sure to be a show-stealer

Singles Match:
Jerry Lynn vs. Wildcat Chris Harris
Here we have a collision of two of the forefathers of TNA. Both were Day One guys who'd go on to give massive contributions to the company as it grew. With Lynn, you have someone who was referred to as an "X-Division Pioneer", with Harris, you have one half of the first great original tag team in America's Most Wanted. What better way to open a show than a showcase of these TNA legends?



Main Event
TNA vs. Impact World Title's
Sting (c) vs. Johnny Impact (c)

Backstory: Two different eras for the company as the icon sting who carried the company in it's early days and is considered one of the greatest wrestlers of it holds three letters dear to his heart T-N-A. Sting is the face of TNA itself as he goes on to put his TNA championship on the line against Johnny Impact. Johnny comes in from a different point in the company life the rebrand as Impact Wrestling he is the longest reigning Impact Champion and was the face of the company. The two faces will settle the score once in for all which is better TNA or Impact?

Co Main Event:
"One Last Rodeo"
Texas Bullrope Match
Dusty Rhodes vs. Bully Ray

Backstory: Bully Ray has lead the Ace & Eights and has been destroying the company trying to takeover many of men have tried to do so none have succeeded. Bully would disrespect Dusty spitting in his face and attacking him after Dusty tried to get Bully Ray to come to his senses. Bully refused and Dusty knows that he isn't as good as he once was but this cowboy still got one last rodeo. He tells Bully to be his huckleberry and that the dream gonna turn back time and challenges him to a match. Ray makes it a Texas Bullrope Match.

Impact Tag Titles
"Present Meets The Past"
Good Brothers (c) vs. James Gang (BG James & Kip James)

Backstory: Two Of The Greatest Teams ever in the eyes of many settle things once and for all it started out when the good brothers came out and mocked many good tag teams then they started to mock James Gang. BG & Kip were not going to take it and the four men would throwdown verbal smacktalk among one another. James Gang say the good brothers act and their elite club are nothing more then a cheap knock off of what they did in the attitude era. They say while they are a great team they are two boys that need to be taught respect and they are the ones to teach them. Good Brothers would say that they have heard the same stuff all the time that they are just a knock off of them and said they aren't they say they are better then them and state that the age old question gonna be answered once and for all as the two teams collide for tag titles and the question of whose better?

Impact Women's Championship
"Two Roses Of The Same Name"
Rosita (c) vs. Thunder Rosa

Storyline: Two Girls Ready to prove they are the head of the Knockout Division. Rosita feels disrespected by the fact that everyone in Impact has been talking bout the arrival of Thunder Rosa and that they should be talking about the champion. Rosita states shes a former Knockout's Tag Team Champ and the current champion she goes on to say that Rosa has been here for a cup of coffee. She doesn't deserve a shot however Impact officials have given her one. Rosa states she wasn't handed anything and that it's just Rosita scared cause she knows the result is she's gonna walk out the champion.

I Quit Match
"Cactus Meets a Death Machine"
Sami Callihan vs. Mick Foley

Storyline: Sami claims to be Callihan Death Machine but, when he throws out a open challenge he is rocked to his very core when Hardcore Icon Mick Foley answers the question. Callihan says that while he respects Foley he needs to know that his days in this square circle are over and that if he stays in this ring he's going to take ole yeller out to pasture and put a bullet between his eyes. Foley states that Sami has worked all over the world and he remembers what it was like being the King Of Hardcore he talks about how he take shots to the head from chairs falling off of hell in the cells losing a ear, his flesh burnt. He goes on and on until Sami states that was then this is now and standing in this ring is a flail old man that is trying to hang on so desperately to the glory days. Sami goes onto say that Cactus Jack has went stuff and that words get to him. He brings up a Luntic that got under Foley skin and he cried like a little baby He says the only words Foley is gonna here if he stays in this ring any longer is Sami's lil B****. He then spits on Foley who becomes enraged and states that if Sami wants a fight hes got one slapping him across the face. He states the only words that are gonna be heard is Sami saying I quit.

Single's Match
"Don't Kross Morrissey"
Killer Kross vs. W. Morrissey

Storyline: Killer Kross time in Impact has been well documented the man has made everyone fall & pray to ask not to be his next victim. A injury cost Kross 2 months and he disappeared from TV. W. Morrissey debut and had taken over as the big man on campus running through opponents left and right. W. Morrissey would be attacked after his match by a returning Kross who was trying to send a message. W. Morrissey isn't anyone's victim he is not going to let Kross's actions go unpunished. W. Morrissey says hes only got one word to describe Kross and he's gonna spell it out for him. D. E. A. D. What will happen when these two men collide at One Night Only?

Impact Tag Team Number One Contender's Ultimate X match
" This Generation Likes To Get High"
Generation Me (Max & Jeremy Buck) vs. The Rascalz (Dez & Wentz)

Storyline: Two Young Buck tag teams have risen up the ranks and are now set to face off to see who will challenge for the Impact Tag Team Championship. However much like Edge & Christian & The Hardy Boyz did many years ago these two teams want to put on a show and prove to the world they belong. They agree to put the contract above the ring and put a TNA/Impact spin to it as they agree to a Ultimate X match at One Night Only. These two teams are ready to put their body on the line for a shot at the titles.