On August 1st, 2021, the wrestling business changed forever. IMPACT Wrestling has some new competition, and perhaps most surprising of all is that it came from inside. It all started when Alex Shelley and Kevin Nash decided to get the band back together and reboot their Paparazzi Productions. Nash and Shelley's first order of business was buying a set for their new business endeavor, and they decided that there was no better option than purchasing the Wrestle House, which included not only the house, but the backyard ring and the cameras as well.

The issue of course came when they realized that the Wrestle House was empty. There was nobody and nothing to film, and that simply wouldn't work for Paparazzi Productions. So they announced an #August1Warning, saying that had a plan in the works and that their financial backer would be revealed on that date on the IMPACT Emergence PPV, and that all their plans would be clear. According to Shelley and Nash, there would soon be a Big Bang in IMPACT Wrestling, one that was 20 years in the making.

At Emergence, the mystery backer was revealed to be none other than Scott Steiner! But that was only the beginning. It was also revealed that not only had Scott helped in the purchase of the Wrestle House, but also 50% of IMPACT Wrestling! IMPACT would be one brand, and TNA would be a second, separate brand, with their own championships and roster, with all wrestlers living and fighting in the Wrestle House 24/7, all available to watch at any time on TNA Plus! Big names would be signed and invited to stay in the Wrestle House shortly after, and they would all be competing on TNA's Big Bang PPV in September.

Jimmy Yang vs. Shannon Moore

Vacant TNA X-Division Championship Match
Winner gets to tattoo the loser

Ever since entering the Wrestle House, contestants have either loved or hated Jimmy Yang's constant crooning of old Elvis songs. One night, during a rendition of Blue Suede Shoes at 3 o'clock in the morning, Shannon Moore had had enough. He crawled out of bed and confronted the Flying Elvis, saying that he needed to "shut up with that old people music". Yang responded by saying that the Prince of Punk was nothing but a hound dog, and that he was free to sing whenever he wanted to. From seemingly out of nowhere, Kevin Nash showed up and announced that their conflict would be settled at Big Bang, and to ensure that this would not be a recurring issue, the loser would get tattooed by the winner as a permanent reminder of their loss! In addition, since all the championships were vacant in the new company, Nash declared that the match would also be for TNA's version of the X-Division Championship!

Gail Kim vs. Su Yung

Vacant TNA Knockouts Championship Match

Being the only two women in the house, Gail Kim and Susie quickly connected and became friends. It wasn't long before things got weird, however. While on a video call with her husband, celebrity chef Robert Irvine, Gail Kim noticed that Susie was gazing at her with a vacant stare, as if she was someone else. Later that week, Gail went to turn on the water for a bath, only to find that the faucet was filling the tub with blood. When Gail confronted Susie about it, Susie claimed that it sounds like the work of Su Yung, upset about Gail's happy marraige that she feels was robbed from her. The only way to rid the house of the evil being would be to defeat her in the match. Fortunately, Kevin Nash happened to be standing in the corner of the room while this conversation was happening, and booked the match between Su Yung and Gail Kim for TNA Big Bang, which would also crown the new TNA Knockouts Champion.

Helms Dynasty (Trevor Lee & Andrew Everett) vs. Rock N Rave Infection (Jimmy Rave & Lance Hoyt)

Ultimate X Match for the vacant TNA Tag Team Championship

The Wrestle House has proven to not only tear apart alliances, but also reunite old ones. Such was the case for not one, but two teams entering the Wrestle House. Trevor Lee was to the moon with excitement upon seeing his long time friend and partner, Andrew Everett, greeting him in the Wrestle House. The duo quickly reconnected and decided to play a game of Guitar Hero. Unbeknownst to them, however, Guitar Hero was not one of the provided forms of entertainment. Rather, it was brought to the house by another reunited team, that being of course the Rock N Rave Infection! Jimmy Rave and Lance Hoyt were not happy to see their game being messed with, but cooler heads prevailed when Lee apologized and challenged them to a friendly rock-off challenge. All was good after that, but the peace was short lived when Hoyt discovered his green button had become sticky with peanut butter. When Hoyt and Rave brought up the issue to Kevin Nash, Nash launched a full investigation. The following week, thanks to footage captured by Alex Shelley's own handheld camera, it was shown that Andrew Everett and Trevor Lee were both eating peanut butter directly out of the jar with their fingers. The evidence was damning, and both Lee and Everett were sentenced in Wrestler's Court to fight Rock N Rave in a match of Rave and Hoyt's choosing, and to make things more interesting, it would also be to crown the new TNA Tag Team Champions. Rock N Rave decided on an Ultimate X match, and the contract has been signed for both teams to face off at TNA Big Bang.

Kenny Omega (c) vs. Matanza Cueto

Exploding Last Rites Match for the AEW World Heavyweight Championship

The Forbidden Door has been the talk of the wrestling world over the past few months or so, and it has now been open to IMPACT's second brand as well. Thanks in part to the brilliant business mind of Don Callus, Kenny Omega has signed with TNA, but as part of his contract, he will be the only wrestler who is not required to live in the Wrestle House. This was not much of an issue, as most of the House didn't want to be constantly annoyed by his attempts to get them to film skits for BTE with him. Kenny wasn't the only one to have a special clause written into his contract by a remarkable representative, though. Dario Cueto convinced Nash, Steiner, and Shelley that the only way his brother would sign on to stay in the house would be to get a world title shot. They agreed, and were originally going to put him in a match for the vacant TNA title. However, Dario argued that since it was a new company, the TNA title was no longer recognized as a world title. The only title in the company that could be considered a world title would be Omega's AEW World Title. After much back and forth debate between Nash, Dario, Kenny, Don, and Tony Khan, Tony and AEW decided it would allow the match to take place, but ONLY under one condition: there had to be explosions. A lover of violence, Dario argued that he should be allowed to add a stipulation as well, and thus the Exploding Last Rites Match was born. A casket will be lowered from the lighting rig, and the only way for Matanza or Omega to win shall be to lock their opponent in the casket and detonate the explosives it is rigged with by hitting a red button that is definitely not just a repainted Dummy Button. Certainly not.

Kevin Nash vs. Scott Steiner

Vacant TNA Legends Championship Match

From a recent interview with Kevin Nash for tnawrestling.com: "Scotty and I are closer than ever! Look, it goes like this. There's so much young talent. Guys doing better technical stuff than we ever had, guys doing more flippy s***, guys hitting harder etcetera. But no one stands out. It's like that bad guy from the Incredibles said, "when everyone's special, no one is." But these young guys that we do have, they're all gonna be huge names in a few years. But they're never gonna get there if no one is watching them. And how do you get eyes on them? You get people to buy the show for the current big names. And what bigger names are out there than Big Sexy and Big Poppa Pump?
So yeah, we're not putting this on because of ego. We booked this match just to get people to watch the show, so that they can get to see all the young cats do their thing and thanks to me and Scotty, wrestling can live on through them, because of us. Look at what we did when we were working for Eric. Me and Scotty? We're not going out there to steal the show, or put on a classic. We're out there for iconic moments. Maybe we go out there and do a little basic match or whatever. Or maybe we go out there and I win another title with a fingerpoke. Who knows? All I know is you don't want to miss the show all these guys have in store for you."

Alex Shelley vs. Black Machismo vs. Swoggle vs. Johnny Swinger vs. Rockstar Spud vs. Richard Justice

King of the Dixieland Doomsday Steel Asylum of Blood and Barbed Wire Mountain Match for the vacant TNA Championship

First off, the match stipulation. Mr. Nash claims to have invented this match for the original Big Bang that was being planned for WCW before it was purchased by Vince McMahon (although said claims have not been backed by anyone besides Nash). It's actually quite simple: The 6-sided ring will be covered by the red dome of the Steel Asylum, which will be wrapped with barbed wire. In order to win, you must climb out of the Asylum structure through a hole at the peak of the dome. Then you have to retrieve the title belt from a referee, set up and climb a ladder at the entranceway/backdoor of the Wrestle House, and finally hang the title from a flagpole attached to the roof. However, in order to be eligible to hang the title and win the match, you must first gain a pinfall or submission victory over one of your opponents, and the opponent must be bleeding before the fall can be counted.
Next, the participants. Upon bringing back the Wrestle House, Nash and Shelley decided that there would be no physical fighting until the first PPV. But with TV time needed to fill, they had to think of other ways to have the participants compete. And so the second ever Paparazzi Championship Series began. Any House member who wanted to compete was able to, and there were six qualifying competitions to determine the finalists.

-To start things off, there was a talent competition, the return of Paparazzi Idol. To many people's surprise, Black Machismo blew away the judges with his spot-on impression of Jay Lethal.

-The next competition was What Number is Nash Thinking Of?, which Alex Shelley managed to miraculously guess that Nash was thinking of 69 before anyone else.

-Although some say there were shenanigans, Johnny Swinger managed to out-Lizimbo Swoggle, much like he did against Tommy Rich down in Atlanta.

-Swoggle would get his ticket punched shortly after, however, upon winning a slam dunk contest after getting advice from Kevin Nash, a former basketball player himself.

-Rockstar Spud outlasted all the remaining house guests (except Matanza and Omega) in the Musical Chairs competition

-The final spot was reserved for a non-Houseguest, who would be determined by a fan vote. The last spot in the PCS finals would be filled by Kazuchika Okada. Unfortunately, unlike AEW, NJPW was not as supportive in opening their Forbidden Door to the second IMPACT brand, and therefore Okada would not be competing in the title match. Luckily, all this time there was a Standby Wrestler doing squats by the mailbox, just waiting for someone to drop out so that he could fill their spot in the House. Considering Nash got this bad Okada news via mail, the timing could not have been more perfect, and Richard Justice was told he would officially be filling in for the former IWGP Heavyweight Champion.



TNA Presents: Delete or Default

TNA World Heavyweight Championship- Delete or Default Match
Jeff Jarrett vs. Matt Hardy

This match will take place on the Hardy Compound, and will be contested for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. The Delete or Default Match stipulations are quite simple- If Jeff Jarrett loses, he will default his share of TNA. If Jeff Jarrett wins, he will become the new owner of The Hardy Compound. If Matt Hardy loses, he will literally become “Broke” Matt Hardy and will be forced to give over possession of everything he owns to Jeff Jarrett. Jarrett already has plans for a re-named Hardy Compound- “Planet Jarrett!”

“Be A Man” Tag Team Street Fight I Quit Match
Macho Man & Diamond Dallas Page vs. Booker T & Alberto El Patron

Fresh off his Platinum Rap Album “Be A Man,” Macho Man returned to TNA to help his long-time friend Diamond Dallas Page fend off an attack from Booker T and Alberto El Patron (a tag team known as Crown Royale). Macho Man came back with a fury, putting both Booker T and Patron on blast, questioning their manhood on several occasions. The result? A “Be A Man” Street Fight that can only end when a participant suspends their manhood, accepts defeat and shouts “I Quit!”

Monster’s Ball Match- Demons of the Past Challenge

Abyss vs. Judas Mesias vs. Dr. Stevie Richards

Abyss will be facing demons of his past in a Monster’s Ball Match. The 7 foot monster has quite the history with both Judas Mesias and Dr. Stevie Richards, and the two will return for one night to see if one of them can finally put the Monster Abyss out of his misery. Expect thumbtacks, barbed wire, and everything else in between.

First Ever Hoss Fight Tournament- For the Inaugural Hoss Championship
Round 1-
Rhino vs. Tomko
Moose vs. Matt Morgan

Finals- Rhino/Tomko vs. Moose/Matt Morgan

In the first ever Hoss Fight Tournament, four of the biggest and baddest members of TNA will square off for the inaugural Hoss Championship. All four men have made a living on relying on their brute strength, and a potential Rhino vs. Moose finals has everybody buzzing.

TNA Knockouts Championship
Lacey Von Erich vs. Miss Tessmacher

Lacey Von Erich carries a historical last name, and will look to put that name to the test as she battles one of the most talented Knockouts Division stars in Miss Tessmacher.

Ultimate X Match
Michael Shane vs. Johnny Devine vs. Sheik Abdul Bashir

We can’t have a dream TNA card without an Ultimate X Match! Three former X-Division Champions will battle it out in the most famous match TNA has- Ultimate X! Who will cross the red cables and capture the X-Division Championship?