ft. J.J. JAY!

Because the original, you know, post, episode, whatever, wasn't long enough. We've got more.

Big views this is gonna get.

Yeah. So letís do a draft.


Iím Fallout, your Meltdown.

Okay. What are the rules?

I donít know weíll figure it out as we go.

Okay. Who starts?

You can start if you want.

Okay. Well Meltdownís first pick is obviously Uncle, Cosmic Horror, The Nightmarer, The Chairman - J.J. JAY!.

Yeah, that doesnít surprise me. Thereís a lot of great guys on the roster top to bottom. But really that pick makes a lot of sense. You know, Saint Sulley is retiring. Youíre gonna go Parr or Michelle right? You think that. But one of them is a champion so you get them for free. The other is a loser. You know. The other made it all the way to the biggest match at Back in Business and just choked. Itís kinda a lose lose option. Youíre not going to draft Cyrus Truth.

Old news.

Thatís right, old news. Heís old news. What are you gonna say?

And thatís not hating. I love Cyrus Truth. Weíre best friends. You know heíll deny this because he doesnít trust anyone but heís also an honorary member of Chtlhuís Nephews. He doesnít get that betrayal within the Chtlhuís Nephews is like, monday, you know, you dread it but you know it happens, itís not that big of a deal. Hereís the thing with us, you donít need trust.

Good pitch.

I wouldnít draft him #1 to my brand but Iíd draft him #1 to Chtlhuís NephewsÖ except I wouldnít because we donít conscript, everyone joins us willingly.



Okay so now, youíve effectively drafted the X Champion.

Absolutely, because J.J. JAY! is winning the whole thing. Killing Chris Peacock. Slapping Gerald for betraying me-

You donít know this yet, we recorded this before the Pulp Fic-

Naw, fuck him. You know. Congrats on beating Michael Garcia. But really. Not impressed. Iíll slap you at Back in Business man. Either him or Konchu Hao. And like I said, Iím not worried about The Hack Wizard. Not all. Easy that guy. So Iíve got the X Champion.

I guess I basically get Cyrus Truth for free. Depending on what happens.

Yeah, that could mean Eli Black instead.

Well, Eli Black or Cyrus Truth, thereís no point in me drafting them.

Okay. Who you got?

Captain Fantasy.


Captain Fantasy!

Naw, he just got beat by Gabby.

Gabbyís a legend. Ainít nothing wrong with losing to Gabby.

Youíre not gonna pick him over Chris Peacock-

You hate Chris Peacock.

No, I love him.

You said you wanted to hurt him.

Did you miss the point of my whole speech.

What did I miss about you wanting to hurt someone you love.

You werenít paying attention.

You know you like to go on.


I like Captain Fantasy. He can be the face of the brand. I like him.

Over Krash.


Over Gerald Grayson.

He might be my second pick.

No. No! I pick Gerald Grayson.

Ah ha. I knew you would.


You fell for my trick. I knew youíd pick whoever I told you I want to pick. Youíre petty like that.

Thatís not true. Gerald Graysonís my best friend, I was always going to pick him.


If I did fall for that, I wouldnít fall for it again.


Your pick.

Right. Quiet.


What? Why not?

Heís not. Heís with me. You canít pick him.

Heís a part of the roster.

Heís not on the roster page. No.

Okay. Thomas West.

Youíre not on the roster page. Come on.

Fine. Fine.

You tricked me so you could draft Quiet or yourself.

If you think Gerald Graysonís more valuable than those guys than we really have different points of views.


Let me think. Okay. Okay. Randy Ramon. The manís a star. He's a World Champion contender. Give him a good shot. I think he could take it.

Heís pretty good, but I wouldnít draft him.

Heís underrated man. You all sleep on him.

Naw. Naw. The manís a duck. I was X Champion, I told him to shut his mouth about owed title match, and come fight me. Where was he? Duck. Duck. Iíd say get me in the ring with him but you drafted him. Good riddance. Heíd probably find a way to stay away from me even if I had picked him.

You know, maybe he wouldíve accepted the match if you donít lose the title in two weeks.

It was more than that.

Oh. Okay. Sure. Go look it up people. Go look how much more than that it was.

My pick.


My pick. Okay. Third pick. Michelle von Horrowitz.

Youíre going to that.

Yeah. I know its a risk, maybe sheís world champ and we lose her every other month or whatever theyíre doing, eh. Or maybe she loses, but come on, itís the Dreamer. Plus GG likes her, and thatís three friends. Three Chtlhuís Nephews comrades on the roster now.


And your picks werenít that.

No, those were honest, well thought-out picks.


So, my next pick, you know, going down the line of dark horsesÖ Lizzie Rose.

Oh, interesting.

Sheís on a roll. She beat Maskell. Girl beat Maskell. You know Maskell thought me how much of an ego a man can have. He got beat by that lilí girl, doesnít give a fuck, heís still talking like heís the baddest man on the planet.

Yeah. Heís fucking vile.

Absolutely vile.

I donít really wanna mess with him but if he wants to join Chtlhuís Nephews, you know, offer is on the table.


Yeah. I donít think I like him but heíd be cool.

Heís vile, dude.


Alright. Fourth pick.

Danny Toner. Tonerville. The Warehouse. Is coming to Fallout.

Are you Fallout?

Coming to Meltdown.


Danny Tonerís the hottest guy on the roster.

Not you.

After me. I think Michelle likes him. Right? Thatís why they did that thing in the cage match. The New Breed. Right?

I donít know. I guess.

So yeah. And you know. Danny Toner will say yeah to Chtlhuís Nephews. Bingo Bango. Weíve got four guys there.

Yeah. Youíre running the roster.

Running it.

Okay. You know, I told you I like underdogs. Iíve got a big big underdog for Back in Business.

Chris Peacock.

No. Not Chris Peacock.

Biggest underdog in the whole show.

No. Iím talking about Kayden Knox. The manís gonna get the upset at Back in Business and become a star man.

Garciaís going to be motivated.

Itís an underdog call for a reason but I like it.

Alright. Last pick.

Last pick.

Thereís a lot of big names left. Parr. Krash. Alyster. Kennedy.


*grins* Golden.

Just name the whole roster and youíre bound to come up on my pick.

Yeah thatís whatíll give it away. Naming the whole roster.

Pick man.

Donny Toner.


Donny Toner.

Christian Quinn? You donít even like that guy.

Eh. Heís an ugly guy. Rubs me the wrong way. Also, maybe heís not actually Donny Toner.

Why are you drafting him?

Danny will like me more. Heíll be more inclined to join Chtlhuís Nephews.

Really man.

Thatís an all-star team.

Okay. Let me wrap up. My fifth pick is Gabrielle.


She got a huge win over Captain Fantasy. Sheís beating everyone sheís facing. Yeah. Absolutely Gabrielle. She should be competing for a world championship again anytime now. Why not? She was still the last challenger before this. Sheís gotta be #4 on the list right. Who beat her to get above. Easy pick. Gabby is top.

I think youíre doing that because people wanna hear it.

No, Gabbyís a great pick. Again, big win over Captain Fantasy, my #1 pick, it only makes sense.


Well, I was going to pick Kennedy first but you named him.

So you changed picks just for that.

Keeping it unpredictable.

That's cool, I'd just pick him next. So Meltdown?

Thatís right.

Meltdown: J.J. JAY!, Gerald Grayson, Michelle von Horrowitz, Danny Toner, Donny Toner aka Christian Quinn maybe.

And. Fallout: Captain Fantasy, Randy Ramon, Lizzie Rose, Kayden Knox, Gabrielle. You know, if I go on, obviously I draft guys like Devin Golden, the Gang Stars if I can. Kleio.

More Chtlhuís Nephews. Dan Maskell, I think I can convince him. Alyster Black and Krash are fucking bonkers, you know theyíd-

I took them.

You donít know that.

Imagine I did.

Fine, youíve got them. You know, Ill pick Shawn Summers, heíd probably reject the offer but then weíd all beat the shit out of him every week and heíd be the only one left out.

Thatís bait.

What. No. Iím just kidding Shawn. I donít want nothing.


Sometimes you shit talk just to shit talk.

Baitís bait.

Oh, fuck. Dude.


The colors are wrong.

You only now noticed it?

No, but I didn't want to distract us. So I waited till the end.

I just did it for fun man. I wonder if anyone will care.