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Thread: Gabrielle's Future Uncertain?

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    Gabrielle's Future Uncertain?

    We here at the FWA have straddled a fine line with the continued booking of one Gabrielle Montgomery. We all emphasize with the premise of giving her some time off, and giving her all the help she needs to get through her current mental crisis. We take all of our Employee's mental health very seriously here at the FWA.

    We are in as much contact with Ms. Montgomery as she will allow us, though she is often very hard to reach. We demand that she speaks with an FWA appointed psychiatrist every week, and passes a medical when arriving at the arena ahead of every match.

    She has fulfilled and passed these obligations week after week, and by her own admission and supported by Dr. Fred Longbottom she has a deep seeded need to keep competing for us. There has been a tidal wave of negative press for us ever since Desert Storm and the collapse of Ms. Montgomerys mental health. So from a business perspective we have every desire to send her home and help her heal. But she wont allow this, and all we can do is try and support her.

    Ms. Montgomery is synonymous with the FWA. She is a first ballot Hall of Famer. She is a Legend who has helped shape the current climate of the FWA and indeed this entire Industry. It is largely due to her continued efforts over the years that we can see women like Michelle von Horrowitz among many others competing in Back In Business Main Events without judgement or hesitation. We all have her back here at the FWA.

    So we are deeply concerned by the events that transpired at Fight Night; Steel City. She collapsed in the middle of a match with Captain Fantasy due to sheer exhaustion. Medical personal tended to her in the ring, and despite their advice and best wishes she chose to finish the match, and even won. A testament to the strength of Ms. Montgomery as a competitor and this streak of incredible performances she has been on in the aftermath of Desert Storm.

    That point can not be understated either. Ms. Montgomery has risen to every challenge week after week and put in some incredible performances to defeat a wide variety of opponents week after week.

    She was immediately tended to backstage by medical personal following the match. She had passed all the tests before the match as well, so our team did their job. This was an unfortunate incident. But one that can not be ignored.

    Ms. Montgomery had been advertised to compete at Fight Night; Sin City against North American Champion Cyrus Truth in a throw back to their Epic feud of 2019 and early 2020. But that match has been cancelled, we here at the FWA can not send a Legend like Ms. Montgomery out to the ring in her current state. We are reviewing our medical protocols and tests and realise we need to ensure that our Talents are truly at their peak level before sending them out to the ring.

    At this point we can not confirm when we expect to see Ms. Montgomery back in the ring competing, only that we will require she pass more stringent medical tests to compete going forward.
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    Re: Gabrielle's Future Uncertain?

    Hopefully Gabby is okay. That moment in her match was scary for all involved.

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