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Thread: ECW: Under The McMahon Empire

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    ECW ECW: Under The McMahon Empire


    Following the success of the popular “Rise and Fall of ECW” in 2004, the WWE allowed held a reunion show for Extreme Championship Wrestling dubbed ONE NIGHT STAND the following year, a show that was critically acclaimed and commercially successful. Because of the success generated from the pay per view and DVD sales of the event and documentary, Vince McMahon and company began pondering a potential future for the ECW brand. Shane McMahon, son of the billionaire promoter and avid fan of the original ECW, saw potential in streaming the brand online, freeing them from television restrictions in hopes of keeping the integrity and spirit of the promotion’s original identity while also aiding in developing up and coming talent, a next level developmental system to their Ohio Valley Wrestling, as well as freshen up veteran talent.

    June 11 2006, one year to the day of the original One Night Stand, ECW would not only be delivering an encore performance, but giving a second life to the blood and guts promotion emanating from a Philadelphia bingo hall. Securing a television deal with the Sci Fi Network, ECW would be airing every Tuesday night for one hour starting at 8 o clock. Although Vince McMahon would consult and influence the new third brand under his sports entertainment juggernaut’s umbrella, he would allow Shane McMahon and Paul Heyman a lot of creative freedom and liberty. While Vince admired Heyman’s drive, vision, and passion for what he created in ECW’s initial beginnings, he trusted his son far more and believed this to be a test for the billionaire progeny if he could one day take over the family empire.

    On this night, the ECW faithful witnessed Olympic gold medalist and wrestling machine Kurt Angle have his first foray into the land of extreme against Monday Night Raw superstar Randy Orton, welcoming him open arms. Another newcomer to the hardcore promotion, Big Show showed an intense and vicious disposition decimating The FBI one by one after Tony Mamaluke and Little Guido, formerly Nunzio, defeated Super Crazy and Yoshihiro Tajiri in a tag team bout. Sabu and Rey Mysterio put on a jaw dropping, car crash like spectacle for the World Heavyweight championship that nearly ended on a doctor stoppage after a falling DDT through a table out on the floor. However, the man who was identified as “Homicidal, Suicidial, and Genocidal” refused to be carted out or even let the World champion opponent leave. Rey Mysterio would emerge victorious after a West Coast Pop through a table laid out in the corner, earning Sabu’s approval. In the main event, the moment people waited years to witness, Rob Van Dam dethroned John Cena, who- as Joey Styles referenced- a Christian being lead to lions den of Roman coliseum, to become WWE World champion. After Edge speared Cena through the table, receiving a chorus of applause from the delighted fans.

    With Van Dam as the new WWE Champion, ECW will travel to the same cities as SmackDown, making appearances on the blue brand to help drive awareness, but the land of extreme’s television will be broadcast from smaller venues to give the brand a unique feel. Shane’s idea of being a springboard for new talent and freshening veteran talent will remain true.



    I’m taking some time from my Wrestling Grand Prix project and doing something a little different. This project has White Rhyno consulting on it, acting as my version of Vince McMahon. He’s given me the initial things he wants to see me cover and will throw curve balls at me along the way.
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    ECW Re: ECW: Under The McMahon Empire



    Paul Heyman (Head ECW Writer/ On air “Representative”)
    Shane McMahon (Vince liaison/ writing consultant)
    Joey Styles (Play by Play commentator)
    Tazz (Color Commentator)


    Matt Striker
    Kelly Kelly


    Al Snow

    Balls Mahoney
    Big Show
    CM Punk
    Danny Basham
    Doug Basham
    Elijah Burke
    Justin Credible
    Kevin Thorne
    Kurt Angle
    Little Guido
    Mike Knox
    The Miz
    Monty Brown
    Rob Van Dam
    Shane Helms
    Shannon Moore
    Slyvester Terkay
    Stevie Richards
    Super Crazy
    The Sandman
    Tommy Dreamer
    Tony Mamaluke


    The Bashams (Danny & Doug Basham)
    FBI (Little Guido & Tony Mamaluke)
    Psicosis & Super Crazy
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    ECW Re: ECW: Under The McMahon Empire



    Rob Van Dam ECW One Night Stand '06

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    Re: ECW: Under The McMahon Empire

    Hoping for the best with this, Gambit! 2006 ECW is the ultimate clean slate and something you can really make into your own. I will be paying attention to this.

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    Re: ECW: Under The McMahon Empire

    Very excited to see where this goes. Infinite potential with this concept, hoping to see some out of the box ideas with some of the talent.

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    WWECW ECW on SCI FI: Episode 1

    Starland Ballroom
    Sayreville, New Jersey

    The first episode of ECW opens with Paul Heyman, wearing a Cheshire Cat smile, as he holds a velvet sack in his hand as the crowd showers him with “Thank You, Paul” chants. ECW Representative dismisses this notion.

    Paul Heyman: No, this is all you… but without further ado. Ladies and gentleman, your ECW World Heavyweight champion ROB-VAN-DAM!!!

    “One of A Kind” by Breaking Point blares through the speakers of the Starland Ballroom to deafening cheers from the ECW faithful. Rob Van Dam, wearing the WWE World title strapped over his shoulder, comes out smiling ear to ear. He points his thumbs towards himself to the fans yelling his name.

    Joey Styles: Welcome to ECW on Sci Fi. We’re coming to you live from the Starland Ballroom in Sayreville, New Jersey, and what better way to start off our first episode than with Rob Van Dam?

    Tazz: You know, Joey. I gotta say, I’m on a high right now. Our guy, the ECW crown jewel, Rob Van Dam, beat John Cena on our own pay-per-view. It’s tremendous.

    Joey Styles: You’re right, Tazz. For years, Rob Van Dam was on the precipice of becoming a World championship in the biggest sports entertainment company in the world! Now, he’s the WWE- or, I guess now, ECW World champion!

    Tazz: What do you think he’s going to do with that thing anyway?

    Joey Styles: Hopefully melt it down.

    Tazz: We could only be so lucky!

    Joey Styles: I would be remised if I didn’t let you know tonight “The Wrestling Machine” Kurt Angle will be in action tonight, facing Shannon Moore. Also, in action the FBI in tag team action against Super Crazy and Psicosis. And in our main event, its a three way dance between Sabu, The Sandman, and Tommy Dreamer.

    Rob Van Dam enters the ring, shaking hands with Heyman, and poses in the center of the ring with the WWE championship with raucous approval from the audience. As the music dies down, Paul Heyman with the velvet sack resting in his arms and a smile on his face, holds the microphone up to his face.

    Paul Heyman: I’ll say it one more time because I think it bears repeating: Rob Van Dam ECW Champion!

    Once again RVD is showered with fan approval. The WWE Champion grins as he places the championship back over his shoulder as he makes the logo in the center piece spin.

    Paul Heyman: With that being said, Rob, I couldn’t ask for a better champion for our company to usher in this new era. Your talent, your ability; what you did for the original ECW, what you’re doing now for us, and what you will do for ECW in the future. It is my honor and privilege to present to you with something I always knew you would hold. I hereby present to you the new ECW World Heavyweight championship!!

    Paul Heyman holds out the ECW World Heavyweight title towards an emotional Rob Van Dam, who takes in a deep breath before taking the championship from Heyman. RVD stares down at it for a moment before showing it off to the happy New Jersey crowd, who have begun a “You Deserve It” chant.

    Rob Van Dam: Yeah, I know.

    The crowd, as well as Paul Heyman, laughs. The new ECW Champ continues to admire his prize as he exchanges some off microphone words with Heyman.

    Joey Styles: I’ve never known Rob Van Dam to be short on confidence. What a historic moment.

    Tazz: I couldn’t be happier for the guy. He held the ECW Television championship for nearly two years! And had to forfeit the title due to injury! This is phenomenal!

    Rob Van Dam slides the ECW championship over his other shoulder before striking a pose.

    Rob Van Dam: Honestly, I couldn’t think of a greater honor in my career than this right here.

    Van Dam points to the ECW World title then to his heart, letting Heyman know that he is sincere. Paul Heyman, the extreme genius, fights back his emotions, nodding in approval to RVD’s gesture as he says, “Thank You. It’s my honor.”

    Paul Heyman: Now, Rob, I’ve got to get down to business with you. Per the orders of one Vincent Kennedy McMahon (crowd jeers), we cannot simply absorb the WWE World championship. It must remain active. And Mr. McMahon wants to know one thing. With your obligations to ECW, and being our flag bearer, our champion: will you relinquish the WWE title?

    An incredulous look appears on the face of Mr. Monday Night. He looks at both championship for a moment. Van Dam takes on hard look at the WWE belt.

    Rob Van Dam: Are you kidding, Paul?

    Heyman shakes his head “No”.

    Rob Van Dam: No, Paul, you’re joking, right? I mean, you have to be. For years, I called myself “Mr. Monday Night” and I BARELY appeared on Monday Night Raw! Now? I’ve got the most prestigious title in the world. How can I not show up on Raw wearing it? Oh, and I’ve got this thing here that spins.

    RVD makes the center plate spin once again.

    Rob Van Dam: If there is anybody who can pull of being a dual Heavyweight champion, it’s none other than Rob-Van-Dam! Speaking of which, let’s talk about the guy who I beat to become a dual Heavyweight Champion… John Cena.

    Instant jeers from the ECW faithful. Van Dam feigns surprise at the crowd’s response to WWE mega star’s name.

    Joey Styles: I don’t think he’ll be winning in fan appreciation awards from the ECW fans.

    Tazz: Nope. Not likely.

    Paul Heyman: As a matter of the fact, Rob. Last night, as I appeared on Raw, John Cena claimed he was going to come down here tonight.

    Rob Van Dam: Really?

    Paul Heyman: Yes, sir.

    Rob Van Dam: Well, I hope you charged him for a ticket. But seriously though. I hope he is here. I really do. He can do the right thing and help us celebrate ECW’s return! He can also witness, once again, what it’s like to be in front of a crowd not brain washed and manipulated by a crazy old man billionaire into think a guy like Cena is a good wrestler. Hell, I may even give him a thank you for being there for my crowning achievement.


    The sounds of “Metalingus” fill the Starland Ballroom accompanied by the shock as well as a mixture of delight and disdain for the appearance of “The Rated R Superstar” Edge. Lita walks out first, receiving jeers for her arrival.

    Joey Styles: Well, here’s a guy I didn’t expect to see: Edge, from Monday Night Raw!

    Tazz: Does he not know it’s Tuesday, Joey Styles? This guy is a bigger diva than the broad he’s walking out here with.

    Joey Styles: He sure is taking his sweet time coming out here.

    Tazz: Probably getting his ass powdered or something. I dunno. Who cares?! Where the hell is he?

    Rob Van Dam and Paul Heyman stand against the ropes wondering where The Ultimate Opportunist is. Suddenly, behind them crouched down is Edge, who stares with a crazed sadistic look in his eyes. Heyman turns around and instantly speared.

    Joey Styles: Oh my God! Edge- Edge just appeared from the crowd behind both Van Dam and Heyman.. and speared Paul Heyman!

    Tazz: That damn cowardice son of a bitch!

    RVD turns around, shocked at the sight of Paul Heyman lying on the canvas favoring his ribs. It takes the Double World Heavyweight champion a moment to process what has transpired before he drops the titles and charges towards Edge, who’s standing in the ready for a fist fight.

    Van Dam charges at Edge and the two begin to unload at one another. Mr. Tuesday Night is starting to get the better of Edge, who is taking more shots than he is giving. Lita gets a chair, slides into the ring and hits Rob Van Dam right across his back. The Double Champ drops to his knees. The Rated R Superstar throws a few more punches before security and ECW stars Big Show, Sabu, Tommy Dreamer, Kurt Angle, and Sabu hit the ring. Edge and Lita swiftly exit the ring and up the aisle with security acting as blockade as Tommy Dreamer and Sabu look to pursue.

    Joey Styles: Well, of course! Edge, being the gutless coward that he is, is gonna flee when the calvary arrive.

    Tazz: That’s how they operate over there on Raw and Smackdown. Edge didn’t want The Big Show, or Angle, to get their hands on him.

    Big Show and Sabu tend to Paul E. As Rob Van Dam gets up favoring his back one of the security guards wearing a cap stands behind RVD. As Van Dam turns around—


    Joey Styles: Oh my God!

    Taz: He’s here?!

    After the maneuver is executed the security guard pulls the hat off to reveal JOHN CENA. The Starland Ballroom comes alive with the sound of jeers. Sabu charges at Cena trying to throw a haymaker, but John Cena slides out of the ring and hopes the guard rail making a swift exit. The ECW stars are visibly upset and angry about what all has transpired.


    ECW on Sci Fi returns to the Joey Styles and Taz standing in front of an ECW logo backdrop.

    Joey Styles: Welcome back to ECW on Sci Fi, and if you’re just tuning in you missed a chaotic scene. Rob Van Dam, the only dual Heavyweight champion under the McMahon’s “sport entertainment” juggernaut, was attacked from behind by Edge! But not before The Rated R Superstar speared Paul Heyman out of his Yankee’s cap!

    Taz: Ya know, not for nothing here. Edge is calculated. I’ll give him props for that. However, he had not right to put his hands on Paul Heyman. Heyman ain’t a wrestler, brotha.

    Joey Styles: Not only that, Taz. The former WWE Champion, John Cena, impersonated a security guard and hit Van Dam with the Attitude Adjustment.

    Joey Styles continues to talk, but stops talking as he presses his finger against his ear piece.

    Joey Styles: I’m told we’ve got a camera crew in the back as medics are tending to Paul Heyman and Rob Van Dam. Let’s go to that.

    EMTs are pressing against Paul Heyman’s ribs while another one tries to shine a light into Rob Van Dam’s eyes, but he shoves them away.

    Rob Van Dam: Paul… Paul… Listen, I don’t know who you gotta talk to whether it’s Coach, Vince, or whoever. Get me Edge. For either title or both, I don’t give a damn! And Cena! If he wants a fight, I’ll give him one. He’s gonna pick a hand.

    Paul Heyman: Rob, you have my word I’ll make it happen. At least a bout with Edge. Cena, no you’ve beaten him already- he can fight his way up the ranks. As a matter of fact…

    Heyman turns his head to Sabu standing besides the EMTs with a sadistic and scheming smile.

    Paul Heyman: John Cena can try and overcome the homicidal, suicidal, genocidal Sabu! He “won” your match at the Head to Head show by disqualification, so let’s see if he can up the ante. And let’s see how Raw likes it when we invade their house… again..

    Kurt Angle vs Shannon Moore

    Our night of sanctioned action kicks out with “The Wrestling Machine” Kurt Angle taking one a punk rock looking Shannon Moore. Angle waste no time, shooting in for a single leg takedown that sends Shannon Moore flat on his back. Moore tries to scramble away from the Olympic Gold medalist, but Angle wraps his arms around Shannon Moore’s waist. Shannon tries to stand up, but Kurt Angle launches him through the air with a German Suplex. Even after they land, The Wrestling Machine keeps ahold of his grip on Shannon Moore, picking him up for another German Suplex. Shannon Moore practically lands on his head, but Angle isn’t done, executing one more German Suplex before going for a lateral press that only gets a two count. Kurt Angle shows off more of his amateur background, showing the fans and Shannon Moore himself that The Olympic Gold Medalist will do whatever he wants when he wants.

    Shannon Moore is able to fight back before ascending to the top rope, a place he’s comfortable being as he is regarded as a fine Cruiserweight wrestler. However, Angle shoots up to his feet, leaps to the top rope.


    Shannon Moore hits the canvas with authority. Kurt Angle rips the straps of his singlet off of his shoulders and crouches down. Shannon Moore, on spaghetti legs, gets back up to his feet.


    The Wrestling Machine could go for a cover, but he has something else in mind. Angle flips Moore over onto his stomach and applies the Ankle Lock. Angle wrenching in deep. Shannon Moore reaches out for the ropes, but he’s too far away, leaving him no choice but to submit.



    Referee Brad Armstrong cautiously raises the hand of the intense Kurt Angle.

    Joey Styles: Not bad for our first match on ECW television, huh?

    Tazz: No doubt, but I don’t think Shannon Moore will agree!

    Joey Styles: Kurt Angle, still following “the three Is”, definitely lived up to the intensity part of his mantra.

    Tazz: I’m telling you, Joey. Kurt Angle has been rejuvenated since joining up with ECW. I haven’t seen Angle this focused, this intense, this dominate since… maybe ever!

    Joey Styles: He’s certainly on his way to ECW Heavyweight championship contendership. The next guy we’re about to see follows an “I”, but it doesn’t stand for intensity, integrity, or intelligence. It just stands for “me, me, me”

    Tazz: Yeah, this arrogant little punk got a name off of some crappy MTV reality show. Now, he wants to be a wrestler… (Scoffs) please. Especially in ECW? Give me a break.

    Joey Styles: Let’s meet The Miz.

    The scene transitions to fast pace B-Roll of New York City. The words “MIZ WORLD” appears in the style of MTV’s Real World logo. Finally, we settle on The Miz casually strolling down the side walk of Time’s Square flanked by a film crew.

    The Miz: Ever since word got around the WWE locker room that I, The Miz, would be a new member of the ECW roster; I could feel the animosity, the pure unadulterated hatred. Believe me, I know what the boys in the back think about The Miz. They see me as Johnny Come Lately, a flash in the pan. A reality show scrub desperately trying to hold on to their fifteen minutes of fame. Trying to stay relevant in this pop culture driven world.

    As he’s talking we cut back and forth from the various camera as well as spliced in shots of The Miz taking pictures with people and being childish around typical tourist spots.

    The Miz: The thing is, I don’t need to try. The cameras follow me everywhere I go. The world can’t get enough of me. And if I wasn’t me, I would hate me, too! I didn’t need to toil away in bingo halls for thirty dollars and Coors Lite. I took over an entire television station! I was the star of the Real World! And they’re jealous of that, whether they want to admit it or not. They hate me because I am everything they will be. Successful, powerful, and the most good looking.

    The Miz seemingly flirts with a woman and trying to invite her to go with him somewhere. The girl shows a shy smile. We cut to them at a bar taking shots. Eventually, more women and a few buddies of The Miz are present as they party, trekking through all the night life hot spots.

    The Miz: I’m going to make ECW my playground. You all will be bit players in the life and times of Mike Mizanin! I’m the Miz, and you’re not!

    The screen goes black before a picture of eyes with the words “Be Miz” underneath it.

    Back to the Starland Ballroom, Joey Styles is perplexed while Taz sits back in his chair with disdain.

    Joey Styles: Well… we did warn you about The Miz being an egomaniac.

    Tazz: Yeah, it’s one thing to run your mouth, but what are you going to do when you’re standing across the ring from a guy like The Sandman, Dreamer, or Sabu? He thinks he runs this house? Well, he’s in for a rude awakening. I’ll tell you that much!

    Joey Styles: Stay tuned because when we come back from the break it’s The Full Blooded Italians taking on “The Extreme Luchador” Super Crazy and Psicosis!!


    FBI(Little Guido & Tony Mamaluke) w/ Trinity vs Psicosis & Super Crazy

    Two thirds of the Full Blooded Italians are in action with their manager Trinity to cheer them on. Joey Styles notes that Big Guido, who appeared at One Night Stand, seems to be missing. Super Crazy and Little Guido start off the bout. Little Guido, one of the most proficient mat technicians in ECW, tries to ground the high flying Super Crazy. This tactic works fairly well for a bit, but Super Crazy rolls out of the way of a clothesline and makes Little Guido eat his boots from a Leg Lariat. At this point, the pace quickens with Super Crazy and Psicosis making quick tags as well as performing Lucha Libre style maneuvers to keep The FBI off balance.

    Momentum shifts in the FBI’s favor as Trinity trips up Psicosis as he runs towards the ropes, thus allowing her boys to take over control. Mamaluke and Guido cut off the ring, keeping Psicosis in their corner as they take turns beating down Tijuana native. Super Crazy at several points shouts words of encouragement in hopes of Psicosis gets a second wind. He even reaches out to him, but either Psicosis is cut off as he gets close or the FBI knock Super Crazy off of the apron, drawing him into the ring to force the referee to turn their back to allow The FBI to do nefarious things without being disqualified.

    After taking Tony Mamluke down with a Tornado DDT from the corner, both men are down, and Psicosis gets the hot tag to Super Crazy.


    Super Crazy kips up, hitting Little Guido with a back elbow to the chest, following up with a STANDING MOONSAULT. Tony Mamaluke tries to take out Super Crazy with a clothesline, but Super Crazy ducks underneath leaps on to the second rope, spins around and takes Mamluke down with a hurricanrana. The Extreme Luchador drags Mamaluke to the corner.
    Stands on the bottom rope MOONSAULT


    The crowd rumbles alive with a chorus of “Oohh” as Super Crazy ascends to the top rope.

    Joey Styles: One more for the hat trick.

    Tazz: This is it, Styles. I’m telling you. If he hits this, it’s over.


    Super Crazy hooks the far leg as he goes for the cover.




    Little Guido batters Super Crazy across the back with forearms before setting up his version the Single Arm DDT called “Arrivederci”, but Super Crazy blocks it and goes for a brainbuster. Little Guido manages to bring himself back down as The Insane Luchador hoisted him up and drives a knee into the stomach.




    Super Crazy waist no time going for the cover.




    Tony Mamaluke applies the Sicilian Necktie (Guillotine Choke), but Psicosis forces him to release his grasp with an enzugiri to the back of the head. Psicosis proceeds to take out Tony Mamaluke with a TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER!!Psicosis fires up the crowd, but walks into a boot to the stomach from Little Guido, setting up and executing the Kiss of Death (Unprettier).

    Tony Mamaluke rolls out of the ring, leaving Little Guido and Super Crazy. Super Crazy gets the upper hand and sets up for the Crazy Bomb once again, but gets distracted as Trinity climbs up to the apron attempting to seduce Super Crazy. Super Crazy smiles for a moment before pleading with her to get off of the apron. The referee tries to do the same. Tony Mamaluke is back in with a dough roller and hits Super Crazy upside the head.

    As Super Crazy doubles over, Little Guido climbs to the second rope leaping off for the SICILIAN DROP (LEG DROP BULLDOG).

    Little Guido quickly hooks the leg, Trinity gets down off of the apron, and the referee turns around to make the count.





    WINNERS: FULL BLOODED ITALIANS (Little Guido & Tony Mamaluke)

    Tony Mamaluke and Trinity help Little Guido to his feet as they start to celebrate the cheap victory.

    Joey Styles: Seriously, Dough roller?! Haven’t they perpetrated the Italian stereotype enough?

    Tazz: Hey, you gotta take time to bust some heads in between making some pies. Who cares?

    Joey Styles:
    Little Guido is the only Italian in the FBI!! And they just stole this victory from Super Crazy and Psicosis.



    Joey Styles: And now I think The Big Show is going to steal their life! He decimated them two nights ago at One Night Stand.

    Big Showmarches out dragging the unconscious of Big Guido out with him.

    Taz: He took out Big Guido!

    Joey Styles:
    If Big Guido couldn’t fend off The Big Show, who can?!

    The remaining FBI members along with Trinity stand in the middle of the ring like deer in the head lights. Big Show lets go of Big Guido as he stomps down to the ring. As soon as he climbs over the top rope, the FBI begin to back pedal as they plead for mercy from The Big Show. Super Crazy gets up only to receive a boot to the gut followed by the Cobra Clutch Backbreaker.

    Psicosis springs boards off the ropes and—


    Psicosis crumbles to the mat. The FBI stare in shock. An expressionless Big Show stares at them for a moment before cracking a smile. Tony Mamaluke and Guido trade looks at each other before consulting with Trinity. They all smile and applaud Big Show’s efforts. Big Show laughs and gives a big thumbs up. The FBI approach and GET DOUBLE CHOKESLAMMED!!!

    Trinity swiftly exits the ring, calling out to her faction in tears. Big Show stands in the middle of the ring to mixed reactions from the ECW faithful. Big Show poses

    Joey Styles:
    Big Show is a forced to be reckoned with. I just don’t think anyone wants to bring that reckoning.

    Taz: It’s like Godzilla making his way through Tokyo: destruction.

    After Big Show makes his exit, a screeching tires sound plays over the speakers to mixed reaction.MICK FOLEY, sans the red ripped sleeved flannel dressed in a tailor made suit, walks out throwing up his finger gun gesture along with the toothless smirk.

    Taz: Another uninvited guest? C’mon. He doesn’t work for ECW.

    Joey Styles: And in a suit? Being the frugal individual I know Mick Foley, I can’t believe he really bought that suit. Is it a gift from Vince for him and Edge beating Tommy Dreamer and Terry Funk? Did Edge splurge?

    Taz: Well, I know he didn’t beat up a hobo to get it.

    Mick Foley enters the ring and grabs the microphone from ring announcer Stephen DeAngelis. The music fades away, but chants from the crowd begin- chanting “Shut The Fuck Up” to Mrs. Foley’s Baby Boy. Foley flashes his jovial smile once again.

    Mick Foley: I would be remised if I didn’t remind you third rate, gutter trash, demented psychos Paul Heyman calls “The ECW Faithful”, but we’re live on a national television network called The Sci-Fi Channel, so this behavior is unacceptable.

    FUCK THE NETWORK (two claps and repeat)

    Mick Foley: You keep this up and you’re going to get your little social club canceled once again. Now, I will conduct the business I came here to do. You see, I’m sure you thought after Edge and I defeated and embarrassed Tommy Dreamer and Terry Funk you believed I would be done with ECW. At first, I thought about it. I was ready to clean my hands of this disgusting, vile blood and guts promotion. HOWEVER, Mr. Vincent Kennedy McMahon called me up yesterday morning. He told me Paul Heyman may think he’s in charge of ECW, but it’s Vince McMahon who foots the bill!

    Again, the fans show their displeasure with that statement.

    Mick Foley: You’re booing that? Why are you booing that? You should be celebrating that! What, do you think Paul Heyman can manage money? That’s why they were bought out, people. Vince McMahon allowed ECW to be resurrected. He did it for you- the people- right here in Sayreville, New Jersey!

    Foley throws up a thumbs up with another cheesy smile.

    Joey Styles: Always has to get in a cheap pop, doesn’t he?

    Mick Foley: Vince McMahon maybe be a diabolical billionaire at times, but he is a saint and charitable more often than not. Hence this program. And because this promotion lives and breathes under the beautiful banner of the sports entertainment juggernaut known as World Wrestling Entertainment, there’s going to be some changes around here.

    More jeers from the crowd.

    Mick Foley: Nostalgia can only last for so long people. We have to move forward, change and adapt. ECW will adapt and conform if I have anything to say about it. Vince McMahon shared this sentiment with me. He knows Paul Heyman will rebel, going against the grain as only he can, so he has to be shown the path. I am the one who’s going to show him that the hardcore, extreme style needs to die and embrace sports entertainment!!

    The boos grow louder.

    Mick Foley: I am not alone in this crusade, ladies and gentlemen. Actually, gentlemen because I don’t think any woman with dignity and good looks would dare sit amongst you dirty ECW fans it’s just gentlemen. But I digress. I have men who share mine and Mr. McMahon sentiments. Some are outsiders and maybe even some of your heroes. These hardcore icons who you cherish may have finally seen the light. One by one I shall introduce you to them all. Now, give a warm welcome to the first of many, Sylvester Terkay!!

    Music plays as Sylvester Terkay comes out in a black warm up suit and an intimidating snarl.

    Taz: Take a look at this guy. He’s huge!

    Joey Styles: No kidding. He definitely fits Mr. McMahon’s.. appreciation from massive, muscular men.

    After Sylvester Terkay enters the ring, he shakes hands with Mick Foley. Terkay stands next to Foley with his arms folded, drawing the ire of The Human Suplex Machine on commentary.

    Mick Foley: You see, this man is a real shooter. A former amateur wrestling standout, who gave Kurt Angle a ran for his money in the 1992 NCAA Heavyweight Tournament. A three time All American NC State Champion, 4 National Heavyweight championships and a litany of other accolades that are too long to mention. He’s also well versed in boxing and many forms of martial arts. It’s because of these accomplishments and ability he’s referred to as “The Predator” in his training gyms. He also, foolishly tried to please you people by pattering himself after Brusier Brody. However, the need of weapons made Sylvester Terkay sick. He would rather be a man not maimed by barbed wire or thumb tacks. He doesn’t want to lose an ear like I did just for you sick, perverse entertainment. No, he’s going to entertain you with his sport. He’ll show you why those who follow the ideals and philosophy of Vince McMahon will succeed in this business and in the WWE.

    Mick Foley places his arm around Sylvester Terkay in a friendly manner.

    Mick Foley: Slyvester, we’re going to transform you into the perfect sports entertainment Superstar. You’ll be more than a wrestler. All you need to do is listen to my guidance and instructions degreed to me by Vince McMahon, you should have no problem earning your stripes and getting out of this cesspool of ECW!! Bang, bang!

    Mick Foley raises Sylvester Terkay arm high in the air, only to be showered with the audience disdain.

    Joey Styles: Well, looks like ECW will be bastardize with sports entertainment thanks to Mick Foley… this is fun.

    Taz: Yeah, I thought they wanted us around to bring some variety to the sanitized cookie cutter mold that Raw and Smackdown brings everyone each and every week. Far be it from them to leave well enough alone.

    Joey Styles: But who would side with Mick Foley and his “sports entertainment” followers? I can’t imagine a Sabu wanting to be involved. None of the ECW Originals as a matter of fact, but we’ll shall see what happens next. Don’t go anywhere, folks. Up next our Three Way Dance Main Event: Tommy Dreamer, The Sandman, and Sabu!!


    The Sandman vs Sabu vs Tommy Dreamer

    No catch as catch can wrestling styles, nor Lucha Libre or traditional professional wrestling found in this one. Just pure violence with their bodies or any weapons they could get their hands on. The Sandman cracks both Dreamer and Sabu over the head with the kendo stick, or Singapore Cane as it has been identified in ECW. He proceeds to repeatedly smacks Sabu across the back, leaving welts and cuts. The Sandman is in full control of the bout for the opening minutes. It isn’t until Tommy Dreamer and Sabu work together to take him out. Dreamer places a trashcan over his had as Sabu leaps off of a chair to perform AIR SABU (HEEL KICK).

    Tommy Dreamer and Sabu trade shots and maneuvers for a bit. Dreamer shows why he earned the nickname “The Innovator of Violence” by battling Sabu into the crowd before he places Sabu on the gib cam, swinging it around, and waits for Sabu to make one revolution around before hitting him with a drop-kick with the help of a trashcan lid. This only gets Tommy Dreamer a near fall. The Sandman reenters the fray, using the kendo stick to perform The White Russian Leg Sweep on the concrete floor. It hurts Sandman just as much as it hurts Dreamer. Sandman trades punches with Dreamer until he gets the better of the Heart and Soul of ECW before springing him back over the guard rail to ringside. Once back into the ring, Sandman pulls out a HEINEKEN-RANA, much to the delight of both Joey Styles and Tazz that Sandman’s hurricanrana doesn’t have the same grace a Super Crazy or Psicosis has.

    Tommy Dreamer is forced to fight underneath as he fends off both his opponents. On commentary, it’s noted that Tommy Dreamer was the perennial underdog in his early career in ECW, not fitting the companies new found image, but eventually earning everyone’s respect, and that it seems like he’s giving the same fight now. However, his battle comes to an end with a Arabian Facebuster (somersault leg drop) from Sabu.


    Sabu gets bashed in the head with a beer by Sandman. The Sandman pulls another beer out from his left pocket, opens and guzzles it down before hitting Sabu over the head with it once more. The Sandman does his best to keep the aerial daredevil grounded, seemingly the only chance The King of Extreme of defeating The Modern Day Kamikaze. However, the Original Sheik’s nephew doesn’t stay down for long. He rallies back and disorients Sandman with a barrage of fist, a Tornado DDT, and the Arabian Press- all near falls for Sabu.
    Sabu sets up the chair, appearing to be setting up for the Arabian Skullcrusher or Facebuster. Until something out of the corner of his eye catches his attention—IT’S JOHN CENA!!
    The reappearance of The Leader of Cenation draws the ire of the crowd. He comes into the ring, throwing a huge lariat—


    John Cena stumbles into the ropes. Cena tries his best to shake it off before he realizes Sabu is charging at him, wildly swinging. Cena gets a few shots in but Sabu uses the edge of a broom handle to double over John Cena. Sabu sets up for a triple jump moonsault when SANDMAN FLAPJACKS SABU!!!

    The Sandman Sabu on the ladder he dragged out from the corner before climbing another one set up not too far away and—








    The celebration for Sandman doesn’t last very long as John Cena spins him around and delivers The Attitude Adjustment. The crowd boo and even hurl trash, beverages, or whatever they can find that isn’t nailed down. An angry John Cena looks over at the battered and beaten Sabu.

    Tazz: Oh yeah, Mr. Goodie Two shoes is suddenly a bad ass when he jumps people from behind! Where’s the respect here, John? How can the kids by into this crap?!

    Joey Styles: Regardless, John Cena is none too happy about losing the WWE Championship in ECW’s background. I guess he’s going to take out his frustrations on everyone before he gets to Van Dam?
    A rage filled expression surfaces on Cena’s face as he stares down the battered and beaten Sabu, who’s still trying to fight his body and continue the fight. John Cena violently drags Sabu to his feet before hoisting him up on his shoulders for the Attitude Adjustment when


    He isn’t alone either. Tommy Dreamer and various other ECW roster members come running out. Once again, John Cena bails out of the ring and over the guard rail where he’s immediately flanked by security.

    Joey Styles: John Cena runs out of here like a thief in the night, and even has his own security team here, Taz!

    Tazz: Of course, Joe. Vinny Mac doesn’t want his most prized “Superstar” getting his ass whooped by some ECW fan.

    John Cena back pedals smiling, motioning to his waist as if to say he’ll get the WWE title back. Rob Van Dam perches himself over the top rope begging for John Cena to come back and fight him. RVD even motions for the ECW wrestlers to leave. Cena gives Van Dam the middle finger before making his exit. Meanwhile, Sabu is pacing around the ring in a rage, throwing whatever he can find as the likes of Al Snow (holding Head) tries to talk to him down. The final shot of the night is Rob Van Dam holding up both his World championships to applause.

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    Re: ECW: Under The McMahon Empire

    I can remember being excited when WWE was going to revive ECW as a third brand...and then it quickly wore off when I realized it was WWE and there was no way they could capture the spirit of ECW in the long run no matter how great the first One Night Stand was and even having Paul Heyman involved. So I'll be interested to see how you take this and how "realistic" you take it.

    First of all, where the fuck is my Zombie?! Negative twenty points for no Zombie.

    All kidding aside, I think this first show kind of mixes the worlds well. The fact that its in ECW territory certainly helps give the ECW feel, but I wonder how that continues to be captured when ECW begins hitting other locations outside of ECW territory. Glad to see it'll at least be sticking to smaller venues but once you leave the Northeast, I'm not sure the same rabid fanbase this show caters to would actually be there. Interested to see how Miz plays out in the ECW world as well.

    Starting out with RVD makes sense and this one played out mostly how it did in real life - the "look it spins" is a classic line so no complaints on rehashing that. Edge and Cena showing up, albeit differently than real life, still hits the marks and makes the show have a bigger feel to it, but again it'll be interesting to see the show once the novelty of the premiere episode is gone and we don't have Cena and Edge to bring that "star power."

    Speaking of star power, I always loved the idea of "The Wrestling Machine" Kurt Angle in ECW. It's unfortunate it didn't last too long in reality due to Angle's health/personal situation but I hope it plays out better here.

    Was surprised FBI got the win, but it was kinda disappointing that they just ended up being fodder to The Big Show - making everyone in the match look a little worse. But I do get wanting to make The Big Show

    Also love anti-extreme Mick Foley...Terkay, well not so much. Foley has his work cut out from him to make me interested in that guy.

    A Sandman/Sabu/Dreamer main event certainly gives us the ECW feel but ultimately it felt like the match didn't have much stakes to it other than being ECW nostalgia, which is fine - but then Sandman immediately gets laid out by Cena and the match itself is a bit of an afterthought to add fuel to Cena/RVD.

    Still, I think it's a good/fun start. The stuff with Cena and Edge are kind of obligatory starting out because of the stories going on that lead to ECW being created. I'm more interested in what happens after that plays itself out so we can get more into just the ECW brand itself.

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    Re: ECW: Under The McMahon Empire

    Got me hyped for this show the second I saw Starland Ballroom, that seems like such a great venue for an ECW type show.

    Thought the opening segment was nicely done in just dressing the scene to what is happening with this re-introduction of ECW. I am personally not big on John Cena and Edge being apart of things, but I understand you have to get through those stores to really begin the ECW franchise and push your own stars.

    Random thought but I will be watching to see if you follow real life with Rob Van Dam and Sabu being arrested.

    Enjoyed this Kurt Angle match and thought you made him look great here. I always thought he might be the star of this brand if none of the real life issues happened, so I am excited for how else you book him.

    Pretty interested in choosing to bring The Miz into ECW, think he will be the perfect hatable person.

    The FBI win was surprising but I like it, will teach me to stay on my toes for the outcome of the action. Match seemed great with ton of action and I loved the dough roller as the lead into the finish.

    Man I loved that Mick Foley segment, I thought all of that hit real well. I am not sure how I feel about Sylvester being that first choice to bring in, but this is a great start to it.

    Thought the main event was fine to starting off ECW in giving people a piece with their originals. The Sandman winning was a surprise to me only for the way that WWE booked him, but I guess he's already on the right track compare to IRL. I don't know if Cena needed to be there for all of this again but it works in the end.

    Overall I really enjoyed this first show and you're setting up a lot of openings to bring progress and an actual identity to ECW as a third brand.

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    Raw Re: ECW: Under The McMahon Empire

    Rochester, New York

    RAW opens with Jonathan Coachman being surrounded by a dozen or more security guards and uniformed police officers.

    Coachman: Alright, listen up. Per orders of Mr. McMahon NO ECW superstars are allowed in the building. Is that understood?

    The men all nod.

    Coachman: These men have to learn they are not above the law of the WWE. They can’t just run amuck. We have rules and standards to uphold as the top sports entertainment organization in the world.

    JOHN CENA approaches The Coach to a mix reaction, but there are more cheers than boos.

    John Cena: Say what now? ECW isn’t allowed in the building?

    Coachman: Yes, John. Mr. McMahon feels its necessary to protect his assets. I.e You in particular.

    The Man of Hustle, Loyalty, and Respect is taking back by Coach’s words. Cena scoffs at the notion.

    John Cena: Protection? I don’t need protection! I’ve never backed down from a fight in my life and I’m damn sure not going to start now, Coach! So you let RVD in. You let Sandman in. Hell, let Sabu tear up the concourse of the Blue Cross Arena, and let him do whatever he needs to do to psych him up to look me in my eyes like a man. I want them here, and I don’t give a damn what you, or Vince, think bout it. If they want some, they can come get some!!!

    Cena storms away. Coachman is exacerbated.


    The Blue Cross Arena is quiet until it fills with the sounds of the familiar trumpets, signifying the arrival of John Cena,who once again receives much of a mixed reaction.

    JR: Well, here he comes. John Cena. Last week on ECW, Paul Heyman promised he and his superstars would show up here on RAW to seek some sort of retribution for the actions of John Cena and Edge.

    Jerry Lawler: Superstars? Did you just refer to those off brand, bargain bin, Bingo Hall lovin’ parody of Sports Entertainers “superstars”?! If anything, Heyman should be appreciative of John Cena and Edge sacrificing their valuable time to even show up to that dump known as ECW.

    Still images of Edge spearing Rob Van Dam at the beginning of ECW is shown. It’s followed up by images of John Cena delivering the Attitude Adjustment to the Dual Heavyweight champion as well as his assault on Sandman and Sabu.

    JR: Be that as it may, the rivalry between Van Dam and Cena is likely far from ever. And Edge has been a thorn in the side of both men. It’s going to be interesting how this situation plays out.

    John Cena is handed a microphone after his poses. The music dies down as Cena stares out to the sea of humanity occupying the Blue Cross Arena. As he does, a “vocal minority” begin chanting Rob Van Dam’s nickname “The Whole F’N Show”.

    John Cena: Well, I guess it’s safe to assume we’ve got some Van Dam fans in the house.

    A chorus of cheers from the crowd followed by ECW chants. The amused former WWE champion nods his head as if to say “alright”.

    John Cena: And I guess it’s safe to assume some of you guys may have watched ECW last week, right? Some of you are under the impression my actions in regards to RVD, Sandman, and Sabu were unwarranted. Possibly… uncharacteristic of John Cena. There are people who believe the man who comes out here each and every week on Monday Night Raw- is a fraud. A phony. A charlatan parading around as a goodie two shoes. Well, allow me to set the record straight. I did what I did because Monday Night RAW is my home. The WWE is my home. I’m all for ECW being resurrected and finding new life here in our wacky world of sports entertainment. Believe it or not, I’m a fan of ECW. I used to love watching RVD tear it up with Jerry Lynn for the World’s Television title. I loved seeing the Dudleys put everyone through tables. I love it all. But above all else: I’m a man.

    The Cena fans cheer.

    John Cena: Yes, Edge may have been a factor in me losing the WWE title at One Night Stand. Paul Heyman may have been the one to make the three count. I won’t belabor the point of Heyman being able to make the three count. That’s not the kind of man I am, but if the men and women of the ECW locker room think I’m just going to allow myself to take an ass whooping and not respond? Well, they’ve got another thing coming!

    More cheers from the Cenanation. John Cena adjust his hat as he paces around the ring for a second.

    John Cena: So I proved a point last week at ECW. I made a statement. I went into their home as they have come into mine. I heard what Paul Heyman said after I left his champion laying. He promised Sabu was going to get a piece of John Cena. Well, I let the Death Defying Sabu get all of John Cena. More than he bargained for. But I’m done with these guerrilla warfare tactics. Let’s meet face to face. Right here, right now. SABU! Come on out and get some!

    Cena drops the microphone to the canvas before he removes his hat and shirt, throwing them both into the crowd. The (former) Champ readies himself for the potential arrival of Sabu. When suddenly…




    The ECW theme song plays to a chorus of mixed reactions. John Cena, a bit surprised, looks up to the top of stage as Paul Heyman, smiling manically, marches out with a microphone in hand.

    Jerry Lawler: Well, I’m sure Sabu didn’t paint himself white and gain a ton of weight in a week.

    JR: Astute observation, King. The self processed “ECW Representative” is here. Sans his follower Sabu. I’m curious to here what Heyman has to say.

    The music fades and chants of “Paul E” fill the arena. The Extreme Genius smiles before asking the crowd to quiet down. As they do, Heyman raises the microphone to his mouth to speak.

    Paul Heyman: John, I offer you apologizes, I am not the man you wanted to see. I can see you’re itching for a fight. And so is The Sandman (cheers), who you attacked last week. Same as Sabu (cheers), who also suffered an Attitude Adjustment by you. Not before making your face become acquainted with a steel chair, but none the less you went tic for tat with the Modern Day Kamikaze. And by the way, the reigning, defending, EXTREME WWE/ECW World Heavyweight Champion- Rob Van Dam- also wants a piece of you, John. Personally, Mr. Cena, I’m surprised how you handled your lost to Van Dam last week. Don’t get me wrong, I love the attitude, but from you John? Like you said, it was “uncharacteristic” of the man who follows the mantra of Hustle, Loyalty, Respect. Where the respect in your actions last week? You showed your loyalty to the WWE and Vince McMahon. You damn sure hustled your way in and out of the building. And I’m not mad about that, you fulfilled the promise you made to me last week on Raw. But this grit, John. This John Cena who isn’t afraid to get down into the dirt and get his hands dirty. The man who showed up to ECW last week and blindsides guys and beat them up at will… that John Cena hasn’t been seen since his days on Smackdown. And who knows about that John Cena better than me? After all, I was there in the locker room of SmackDown. I watched the Dr of Thuganomics rise through the ranks. That John Cena would have fit perfectly into ECW with no problems.

    Cena stares intently at Paul. Occasionally peaking over his shoulder to see if any ECW contingent may have snuck up on him.

    Paul Heyman: You know what last week tells me, John? That you still have a bit of that guy in you. That guy wants to come out. That guy is dying to come out. That guy needs to come out if he even fathoms SURVIVING a fight with Sabu or The Sandman… that’s the guy that very well could rip the WWE title away from Rob Van Dam… but Vince McMahon doesn’t want that man unleashed. After all, he’s got corporate sponsors and happy meals to sell. That wouldn’t fit his image of a marquee name. Perhaps, and this is just me speculating, maybe YOU don’t want that side of you to come out. Because it will show the world, and all the little Cenanation members, just how much of a lie you have fed to them. How much of a manufactured persona this man who stand before me is.

    John Cena sternly points his index finger at Paul Heyman, yelling some sort of warning to him.

    Paul Heyman: You may not realize it now, John, but I can see it. Sabu can see it. The Sandman realizes it, too. You want to become unleashed. How couldn’t you? After all, the New York fans who filled the Hammerstein Ballroom booed you out of the building. In a way you, or anybody else in this company, has heard. Surely, somewhere deep down in your soul, that must have hurt. It must have eaten you alive in some way that you wanted to lash out, but had the weight of the sport entertainment behemoth on your shoulders. You needed to keep the image that you and Vince McMahon has crafted. Even in the face of the ECW faithful.

    Heyman pauses. The WWE die hards begin a “asshole” chant towards The Extreme Genius.

    Paul Heyman: I’m an asshole? Really? For giving him the truth? For telling him all the thinks he needs to hear, and deep down knows is right? Can you keep that beast contained John? You want to go toe to toe with ECW? Well, my friend, your challenge is accepted! How about this: tomorrow live on ECW, broadcasted world wide on the Sci Fi Network, it’s Rob Van Dam and Sabu…. Versus John Cena…. And Edge

    JR: That’s going to be one hell of a slobberknocker, King.

    Jerry Lawler: You’ve got that right, JR. But can Edge and John Cena coexist? I mean, I feel like they have to for the sake of Monday Night Raw and the WWE as a whole!


    Edge, accompanied by his girlfriend Lita, storms out from behind the curtain and gets directly into the face of Paul Heyman.

    Edge: Just who in the hell do you think you are, Heyman?! You think you can put me in a match against your guys on your show? You think I would even show up again?! I don’t give a damn about ECW, or John Cena! What I want is the WWE championship!! I sent Van Dam a message last week. I’m going to be the man who takes that title from me. Hell, maybe he can put up the ECW title, too, and I’ll turn it to ash the next night on RAW!!

    The fans jeer Edge’s words.

    Edge: Sabu isn’t on my level. Rob Van Dam isn’t on my level! He needed you and the rest of those basement dwelling, double chinned, Cheeto crust covered virgins backing him to finally win the big one. I don’t need anyone!


    The WWE/ECW World Heavyweight champion walks out, wearing the ECW title on his waist with the WWE title slung over his shoulder. RVD does this thumb pose to the thrill of the crowd.

    Rob Van Dam: I’m not on your level? You’re right. I’m not on your level… I’m above your level!

    The crowd cheers as Edge becomes irate. He takes a step towards RVD, but Lita holds him back and attempts to calm him down.

    Rob Van Dam: You want a shot at the WWE title? It’s cool, man. I don’t have a problem with that. Maybe we can mix it up at the next Pay-Per-View Vengeance?

    The crowd comes alive with anticipation.

    Rob Van Dam: And let’s get something straight right here and right now, Edge. I didn’t need your help to beat John Cena at One Night Stand. I’m Rob-Van-Dam. I guess you thought I would be easy pickings compared to Cena. Maybe you’re scared of John Cena, who knows? What I do know is you can get beaten and embarrassed by a “scrub” like me. And I’ll walk out with the title. But first, why don’t you team up with your friend over there tomorrow night. You can prove me wrong and make me eat my words.

    Edge takes a glance at both John Cena and Rob Van Dam. The confident, cool, and collected Rob Van Dam shrugs and says, “What do you got to lose”. Lita whispers something into Edge’s ear that makes him smile. He responds back to Lita, who nods in agreement at whatever was said between the two.

    John Cena: I’ll give you my answer. I’m a man of my word. I said if you wanted some, you could come get some. I’ll be there.

    The crowd cheers.

    Jerry Lawler: I don’t know about this, JR. It could be a trap.

    JR: Van Dam may be ECW, but he’s not coward, King. He’s going to fight these man straight up and honestly. I don’t doubt that.

    Edge glances back and forth at his enemies once more.

    Edge: Fine. I’ll team with Cena against you and Sabu. But know this, Rob. We’re competing under your rules, right? You’ve seen the lengths I’ve gone to in order to get what I want. You’ve seen what I’m willing to risk over the years to be a champion and stay a champion. Tomorrow night, ECW on Sci-Fi, what do you think I won’t do to you?

    Rob Van Dam: Beat me!

    Van Dam surprises Edge with an uppercut. Edge stumbles back, dropping the mic and covers up as RVD starts to unload on him. John Cena is climbing out of the ring when….


    John Cena drops to the apron before crashing to the floor. The Sandman gives chase to Cena. Sandman fires off repeated strikes with the cane. The Sandman swings the Singapore Cane like a baseball bat. Cena catches the Cane and punches The Sandman in the face. The Singapore Cane falls to the ground and Cena unloads on the Philly native. John Cena drives Sandman into the corner post before throwing him head first into the steel guard rail. John Cena stomps away Sandman. Sandman is able to catch Cena’s foot, push him back, gets up and lariats The Leader of Cenation. As they trade shots back and forth to the roar of the crowd.

    As they brawl, Edge and Rob Van Dam are fighting down the ramp way.

    In the ring, SABU slides in with a steel chair!!

    The ECW Evil Knievel use the chair to leap on to the top rope before diving out to the floor with a SOMERSALT PLANCHA, wiping everyone out. Sabu focuses in on Cena, unleashing a flurry of kicks and punches. Sabu reaches under the ring and finds a steel chair. John Cena delivers a forearm that makes Sabu drop the chair. Cena begins get the better of Sabu. As John Cena turns around, he sees The Sandman coming at him swinging the Singapore Cane. Cena ducks-


    Sabu crumples to the ground. Rob Van Dam yanks on Sandman’s arm, demanding to know what happened. Sandman insists it was an accident when—


    The Dual Heavyweight champion crumples to his knees. Edge (with a chair given to him by Lita) cracks RVD in the back, too, causing the Champion to fall face first into the guard. Cena and Edge share a long hateful stare. Edge points to Cena as if to say, “You’re next!”

    Sabu is staggering to his feet and begins to wildly swing on Edge. The Rated R Superstar pushes him back with Edge and Cena delivering a chair shot to spot sides of Sabu.

    JR: Good GOD Almighty!!

    Jerry Lawler: I guess Edge and Cena can get along!!

    Edge and John Cena stand tall over the ECW contingent. Edge poses to the crowd to a chorus of boos as he back pedals up the ramp, leaving John Cena to watch him exit before he looks back down at the three fallen members of the ECW roster.


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    Re: ECW: Under The McMahon Empire

    Opening segment with the cross promotion acknowledges that despite the nostalgia; the old ECW will still very much be influenced by the WWE. It's a fact most ECW diehards would lament, but I’m glad to see you tackling that in your first ECW show. Edge was both a surprise and very apt. The only small ding I can see is Big Show and Angle suddenly becoming ECW stalwarts, but this is a good step in conditioning fans to accept them as part of the brand.

    The Angle squash match was really just a vehicle to showcase his work and allow a decent segway to The Miz. His promo was pretty standard heel fare, but it will be interesting to see how you flesh him out.

    The FBI vs. Crazy and Psicosis sounded like a pretty good match. I don’t know if you are going to make them the workers of your tag division or they are just going to become fodder after the squash run in by Big Show and Foley neatly diverting attention away from the segment with his affable goofy schict debuting Sylvester Terakay (sans Ellijah Burke!)

    Terekay is an interesting guy that could fill a killer heel role in your midcard with chances to move up. With a guy like Foley introducing him...that may give him a good rub moving forward.

    The main event was great and nostalgic, but had another Cena heel spot that would have been nuclear in real life. The problem with it, in my opinion, was that almost every segment featured a run in of some sort. When something happens too much it ceases to have effect.

    The Monday night RAW spot was a car crash of an event that I’m sure would have had everyone in a frenzy on a live RAW (especially considering how hot ECW was coming off ONS.)

    This is off to a good start as you lay the groundwork for your programs.

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    Re: ECW: Under The McMahon Empire

    I really enjoyed the first show, so thought I’d check out what you do with the ECW involvement with Raw as well. Right off the bat, after ECW threatening being at Raw to get back at Cena, it makes perfect sense for The Coach to be setting up a way to keep them out of the arena. Perfect booking. You captured Cena’s fire, and never back down attitude really well with his little bit of dialogue as well. Good start.

    Cena doing the call out later on in the show worked and Heyman’s stuff was solid. A couple of little typo’s here and there that were a little frustrating, but in general, the idea of Heyman talking about the old Cena and how this is all an act was done really well. Not necessarily a ‘new idea’, but I think in this time period it is, so it works well. Edge and Van Dam getting involved here was solid enough, but Cena/Edge was the highlight. Not sure about Heyman just being able to book guys like Cena and Edge on ECW though. Interesting to see how this develops over time, and the carnage at the end worked well to hype the pending tag match.

    With the first full ECW, and now this bit of Raw, you’re off to a very solid start. Really hoping to see more from this, has the potential to continue to be very enjoyable.

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