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Thread: NBA 1999 Post-Jordan Era

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    Re: NBA 1999 Post-Jordan Era

    Intra-division Mini Tournament

    (October 2006)

    West Coast

    Round 1

    Seattle SuperSonics (bye)

    Vancouver Grizzlies vs. Sacramento Kings (Kings win)
    Portland Trail Blazers vs. Los Angeles Lakers (Lakers win)
    Los Angeles Clippers vs. Golden State Warriors (Warriors win)

    Round 2

    Seattle SuperSonics vs. Sacramento Kings (Kings win)
    Los Angeles Lakers vs. Golden State Warriors (Lakers win)

    Round 3

    Sacramento Kings vs. Los Angeles Lakers (Lakers win)


    Round 1

    Phoenix Suns (bye)

    San Antonio Spurs vs. Dallas Mavericks (Mavericks win)
    Las Vegas Aces vs. Denver Nuggets (Nuggets win)
    Houston Rockets vs. Utah Jazz (Jazz win)

    Round 2

    Phoenix Suns vs. Utah Jazz (Jazz win)
    Denver Nuggets vs. Dallas Mavericks (Nuggets win)

    Round 3

    Utah Jazz vs. Denver Nuggets (Nuggets win)

    Eastern Conference


    Toronto Raptors (bye)

    Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Detroit Pistons (Cavaliers win)
    Minnesota Timberwolves vs. Chicago Bulls (Timberwolves win)
    Milwaukee Bucks vs. Indiana Pacers (Bucks win)

    Round 2

    Toronto Raptors vs. Minnesota Timberwolves (Raptors win)
    Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Milwaukee Bucks (Cavaliers win)

    Round 3

    Toronto Raptors vs. Cleveland Cavaliers (Cavaliers win)

    East Coast

    Round 1

    New York Knicks(bye)
    Washington Wizards (bye)
    Miami Heat (bye)
    Boston Celtics (bye)
    Philadelphia 76ers (bye)
    Charlotte Hornets (bye)
    New Jersey Nets (bye)
    Orlando Magic vs. Atlanta Hawks (Hawks win)

    Round 2

    New York Knicks vs. Miami Heat (Knicks win)
    Washington Wizards vs. Philadelphia 76ers (Wizards win)
    Boston Celtics vs. Charlotte Hornets (Hornets win)
    New Jersey Nets vs. Atlanta Hawks (Nets win)

    Round 3

    New York Knicks vs. Charlotte Hornets (Knicks win)
    Washington Wizards vs. New Jersey Nets (Wizards win)

    Round 4

    New York Knicks vs. Washington Wizards (Wizards win)

    2007 Intra-division Mini Tournament Results

    The Los Angeles Lakers are the 2007 West Coast Intra-division Mini Tournament Champions.
    The Denver Nuggets are the 2007 Midwest Intra-division Mini Tournament Champions.
    The Cleveland Cavaliers are the 2007 Mideast Intra-division Mini Tournament Champions.
    The Washington Wizards are the 2007 East Coast Intra-division Mini Tournament Champions.
    If the Lakers, Nuggets, Cavaliers and Wizards make the 2006-07 playoffs, they play at home in game 1 of the first round.
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    Re: NBA 1999 Post-Jordan Era

    2006-07 NBA Season Standings

    Western Conference

    1. Denver Nuggets (62-20)
    2. Seattle SuperSonics (61-21)
    3. Phoenix Suns (60-22)
    4. Houston Rockets (58-24)
    5. Los Angeles Clippers (58-24)
    6. Golden State Warriors (58-24)
    7. Vancouver Grizzlies (57-25)
    8. San Antonio Spurs (57-25)
    9. Los Angeles Lakers (55-27)
    10. Dallas Mavericks (55-27)
    11. Sacramento Kings (50-32)
    12. Portland Trail Blazers (50-32)
    13. Utah Jazz (45-37)
    14. Las Vegas Aces (41-41)

    Eastern Conference

    1. Toronto Raptors (65-17)
    2. Cleveland Cavaliers (59-23)
    3. Boston Celtics (58-24)
    4. Washington Wizards (55-27)
    5. Indiana Pacers (55-27)
    6. Charlotte Hornets (55-27)
    7. Minnesota Timberwolves (54-28)
    8. Detroit Pistons (50-32)
    9. Philadelphia 76ers (50-32)
    10. New York Knicks (50-32)
    11. New Jersey Nets (50-32)
    12. Milwaukee Bucks (50-32)
    13. Atlanta Hawks (48-34)
    14. Orlando Magic (47-35)
    15. Chicago Bulls (43-39)
    16. Miami Heat (40-42)

    2006-07 NBA Playoffs

    Western Conference First Round

    1 - Denver Nuggets vs. 8 - San Antonio Spurs (Nuggets win 4-1)
    2 - Seattle SuperSonics vs. 7 - Vancouver Grizzlies (SuperSonics win 4-2)
    3 - Phoenix Suns vs. 6 - Golden State Warriors (Warriors win 4-3)
    4 - Houston Rockets vs. 5 - Los Angeles Clippers (Clippers win 4-3)

    Eastern Conference First Round

    1 - Toronto Raptors vs. 8 - Detroit Pistons (Raptors win 4-1)
    2 - Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Minnesota Timberwolves (Cavaliers win 4-3)
    3 - Boston Celtics vs. 6 - Charlotte Hornets (Celtics win 4-3)
    4 - Washington Wizards vs. 5 - Indiana Pacers (Wizards win 4-3)

    Western Conference Semifinals

    1- Denver Nuggets vs. 5 - Los Angeles Clippers (Nuggets win 4-3)
    2 - Seattle SuperSonics vs. 6 - Golden State Warriors (SuperSonics win 4-3)

    Eastern Conference Semifinals

    1 - Toronto Raptors vs. 4 - Washington Wizards (Raptors win 4-2)
    2 - Cleveland Cavaliers vs. 3 - Boston Celtics (Celtics win 4-3)

    Western Conference Finals

    1 - Denver Nuggets vs. 2 - Seattle SuperSonics (SuperSonics win 4-3)

    Eastern Conference Finals

    1 - Toronto Raptors vs. 3 - Boston Celtics (Raptors win 4-3)

    NBA Finals

    1 - Toronto Raptors vs. 2 - Seattle SuperSonics (Raptors win 4-3)

    2006-07 NBA Playoffs Recap

    Nash and his SSOL Suns would surprisingly lose in the first round against the Warriors. Duncan would only win one game in round one against the Nuggets. Kidd, Marion, Rashard and Abdur-Rahim would only win two round one games against the SuperSonics. Grant Hill and Stackhouse could only win one round one game against the Raptors. While Agent 0, DWade and KG showed up big to take their teams to game seven before being sent home.

    The Clippers and Warriors showed up in the playoffs this season, as Vinsanity, Brand and JWill would take their Clippers to a game seven against the Nuggets. And BDiddy, Jamison, Wagner and Howard would take their Warriors to a game seven against the SuperSonics. Carter and Davis would lead their teams in scoring, but it wouldn’t be enough against Dirk and Manu’s Nuggets and Yao, Parker and Bosh’s SuperSonics.

    One team that was a favorite to get to the Eastern Conference Final, The Washington Wizards, would only win two second round games against the Raptors, who clearly looked like the better team in this series. C-Webb and BG did what they could to lead their teams offense while Big Ben and Sheed held down their teams defense. Still, T-Mac, The Truth, Mr. Big Shot and AK47 were better on both ends of the floor and would get by the Wizards in six games.

    LeBron James put his Cavs on his back and nearly took them to the Eastern Conference Final after taking the Walker and his Celtics to seven games. LeBron put up historic playoff stats for a twenty-two year old, but he and his Cavs would be enough to get by Walker, Francis, Davis, Magloire and the Celtics.

    It’s become an NBA tradition now as Dirk, Manu and the Nuggets would meet Yao, Parker, Bosh and the SuperSonics in the Western Conference Final yet again. And again, it would take a game seven to decide who’d come out of the West. A huge game changer was a Dirk shot that was originally ruled as a three until it was reviewed and decided that Dirk’s foot was just inside the three-point line, causing the shot to be ruled a two-pointer. This would cause the Nuggets to be down one point instead of tying the game, where Parker would score an and-one on the other end while also hitting his free-throw shot to put the SuperSonics up four, late in the fourth. The Nuggets would never close the four-point gap as a four-point loss would send them home.

    Antoine Walker and the Celtics nearly knocked the reigning champs from the playoffs, after a valiant effort of pushing them to seven games. Ricky Davis, Stevie Franchise and Jamaal Magloire all showed up big to help their team win, but the best four in the NBA, McGrady, Pierce, Billups and Kirilenko would be better to close out the series.

    Move over Montreal! Toronto is Canada’s new championship city! Well...not quite. But...the Toronto Raptors do it again! One, two, three, four-time NBA Champions now! After the three straight times the Raptors and SuperSonics have met in The Finals, this was their best championship series yet. Each team would trade wins, with the SuperSonics winning games 2, 4 and 6 and the Raptors winning games 1,3,5 and 7. Toronto would find themselves down twelve points with thirty-seven seconds left to go in the fourth until T-Mac would score an impressive thirteen points in thirty-five seconds! Now joining the recent four-peat Los Angeles Lakers of just a few seasons ago, the Toronto Raptors, are now in the same mention as those and other great Laker teams, along with the Celtics and Bulls.
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    Re: NBA 1999 Post-Jordan Era

    2006-07 NBA Season Award Winners

    NBA MVP - LeBron James 28.2ppg 7.1rpg 7apg 1.8spg 1.1bpg

    Finals MVP - Tracy McGrady 27.4ppg 6.1rpg 7.5apg 1.2spg 1bpg

    Defensive Player of the Year - Marcus Camby 3.3bpg

    Most Improved Player of the Year - Eddy Curry 21ppg 8.5rpg 1apg 0.4spg 1bpg

    Six Man of the Year - Luol Deng 15ppg 7.1rpg 2.5apg 1.3spg 0.7bpg

    Rookie of the Year - Brandon Roy 18.4ppg 4.5rpg 4.2apg 1.2spg 0.2bpg

    Coach of the Year - Rudy Tomjanovich (HOU)

    All-NBA 1st Team - Steve Nash - Kobe Bryant - Kevin Garnett - Dirk Nowitzki - Tim Duncan

    All-NBA 2nd Team - Baron Davis - Allen Iverson - Tracy McGrady - Pau Gasol - Yao Ming

    All-NBA 3rd Team - Gilbert Arenas - Dwyane Wade - LeBron James - Carmelo Anthony - Amar’e Stoudemire

    All-Rookie 1st Team - Rajon Rondo - Brandon Roy - Rudy Gay - Paul Millsap - LaMarcus Aldridge

    All-Rookie 2nd Team - Kyle Lowry - J.J. Redick - Adam Morrison - Tyrus Thomas - Andrea Bargnani

    All-Defensive 1st Team - Bruce Bowen - Ron Artest - Kevin Garnett - Tim Duncan - Marcus Camby

    All-Defensive 2nd Team - Kobe Bryant - Andrei Kirilenko - Tayshaun Prince - Jermaine O’Neal - Ben Wallace

    2007 NBA All-Star Weekend

    Slam Dunk Champion - Gerald Green (Other contestants: J.R. Smith, Nate Robinson, Josh Smith, Dwight Howard, Andre Iguodala, Tyrus Thomas)

    Three Point Champion - Jason Kapono (Other contestants: Gilbert Arenas, Damon Jones, Quentin Richardson, Mike Miller, Dirk Nowitzki, Jason Terry)

    Skills Challenge Champion - Dwyane Wade (Other contestants: Tony Parker, LeBron James, Chris Paul, Steve Nash, Deron Williams and Kobe Bryant.)

    2007 NBA All-Star Teams

    Western Conference


    Steve Nash
    Kobe Bryant
    Vince Carter
    Tim Duncan
    Yao Ming


    Tony Parker
    Baron Davis
    Amar’e Stoudemire
    Jermaine O’Neal
    Peja Stojakovic
    Dirk Nowitzki
    Pau Gasol

    Eastern Conference


    Allen Iverson
    Dwyane Wade
    LeBron James
    Kevin Garnett
    Ben Wallace


    Stephon Marbury
    Antoine Walker
    Gilbert Arenas
    Tracy McGrady
    Paul Pierce
    Carmelo Anthony
    Ray Allen

    All-Star Game Score: East 150 West 140
    All-Star Game MVP: Dwayne Wade 23pts 3rbs 5ast 6stl 1blk

    2007 NBA Rookie All-Star Team

    Western Conference

    Brandon Roy
    LaMarcus Aldridge
    Rajon Rondo
    Paul Millsap
    Jordan Farmar
    Tyrus Thomas
    Craig Smith
    P.J. Tucker

    Eastern Conference

    Kyle Lowry
    Rudy Gay
    Andrea Bargnani
    J.J. Redick
    Randy Foye
    Ronnie Brewer
    Adam Morrison
    Jose Juan Barea

    Rookie All-Stars Game Score: West 151 East 135
    Rookie All-Star MVP: Adam Morrison 20pts 2rbs 3asts 1stl 0blk
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    Re: NBA 1999 Post-Jordan Era

    2006-07 NBA Season Retirements

    Alonzo Mourning (MIA)

    Mark Strickland (MIA)

    Rex Walters (MIA)

    Kenny Anderson (MIA)

    Terrell Brandon (MIA)

    Brooks Thompson (NY)

    George Lynch (WAS)

    Dikembe Mutombo (ATL)

    Zan Tabak (BOS)

    Scott Burrell (PHI)

    Eric Piatkowski (IND)

    James Robinson (IND)

    Jim Jackson (MIL)

    Latrell Sprewell (MIL)

    Mitchell Butler (CLE)

    Greg Graham (CLE)

    Lucious Harris (CLE)

    Charlie Ward (DET)

    David Wesley (DET)

    Clarence Weatherspoon (DET)

    Lindsey Hunter (DET)

    Malik Sealy (DET)

    Litterial Green (MIL)

    Tim Breaux (MIL)

    Doug Christie (TOR)

    Oliver Miller (TOR)

    Reggie Slater (TOR)

    Byron Russell (TOR)

    Adam Keefe (UTAH)

    Stanley Roberts (MIN)

    Sam Mack (VAN)

    Lee Mayberry (VAN)

    Ivano Newbill (VAN)

    Hubert Davis (DEN)

    Eric Riley (DEN)

    Bryant Stith (DEN)

    Stephen Howard (SEA)

    Robert Horry (LAL)

    Brooks Thompson (PHX)

    LaPhonso Ellis (PHX)

    Popeye Jones (PHX)

    Walt Williams (POR)

    Lawrence Funderburke (SAC)

    Kevin Salvadori (SAC)

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    Re: NBA 1999 Post-Jordan Era

    2007 NBA Draft

    * Draft order of teams with identical records will be determined by head-to-head records.

    * The second round won’t be included yet in this story yet.

    First Round

    1. Miami Heat - Kevin Durant
    2. Las Vegas Aces - Greg Oden
    3. Chicago Bulls - Marc Gasol
    4. Utah Jazz - Mike Conley
    5. Orlando Magic - Aaron Brooks
    6. Atlanta Hawks - Al Horford
    7. Milwaukee Bucks - Thaddeus Young
    8. New Jersey Nets - Jeff Green
    9. New York Knicks - Arron Afflalo
    10. Phildaelphia 76ers - Nick Young
    11. Detroit Pistons - Rodney Stuckey
    12. Portland Trail Blazers - Carl Landry
    13. Sacramento Kings - Al Thornton
    14. Minnesota Timberwolves - Wilson Chandler
    15. Charlotte Hornets - Glen Davis
    16. Indiana Pacers - Ramon Sessions
    17. Washington Wizards - Corey Brewer
    18. Dallas Mavericks - Spencer Hawes
    19. Los Angeles Lakers - Marco Belinelli
    20. San Antonio Spurs - Joakim Noah
    21. Vancourver Grizzlies - Mirza Televic
    22. Boston Celtics - Yi Jianlian
    23. Golden State Warriors - Brandan Wright
    24. Los Angeles Clippers - Acie Law
    25. Houston Rockets - Julian Wright
    26. Cleveland Cavaliers - Sean Williams
    27. Phoenix Suns - Jared Dudley
    28. Seattle SuperSonics - Rudy Fernandez
    29. Denver Nuggets - Tiago Splitter
    30. Toronto Raptors - Alando Tucker

    Draft Night Trades

    The Aces trade Josh Smith to the Pacers for Adam Morrison.

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    Re: NBA 1999 Post-Jordan Era

    2007 NBA D-League Draft

    * Draft order based on the draft order of their NBA affiliated teams’ NBA Draft order.

    * The second round won’t be included in this story yet.

    First Round

    1. Miami Beach Gators - Gabe Pruitt
    2. Reno Jackpot - Morris Almond
    3. Evanston Wind - Petteri Koponen
    4. Provo Avalanche - Sun Yue
    5. Winter Park Shine - Dequan Cook
    6. College Park Funk - Javarris Crittenton
    7. Madison Brews - Jason Smith
    8. Atlantic City Dice - Marcus Williams
    9. Brooklyn Lights - Nick Fazekus
    10. Camden Liberty - Jermareo Davidson
    11. Sterling Heights Rhythm - Josh McRoberts
    12. Salem Lumberjacks - Kyrylo Fesenko
    13. Stockton Royals - Chris Richard
    14. St Paul Lakes - Derrick Byars
    15. Gastonia Coins - Trey Johnson
    16. Carmel Speed - Courtney Sims
    17. Georgetown Capitals - Andre Ingram
    18. Irving Mustangs - Gary Neal
    19. Burbank Stars - Anthony Tolliver
    20. Von Ormy Rangers - Joel Anthony
    21. Richmond Wild - Gustavo Ayon
    22. Cambridge Cannons - Courtney Sims
    23. Berkeley Goldminers - Cartier Martin
    24. Santa Monica Bearclaws - Bobby Brown
    25. Sugar Land Caravan - Dominic McGuire
    26. Parma Rock ‘N’ Roll - Aaron Gray
    27. Prescott Cacti - Jameson Curry
    28. Tacoma Rain - Taurean Green
    29. Boulder Mountains - D.J. Strawberry
    30. Markham Altitude - Mario West

    Draft Night Trades


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