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Thread: Desert Storm (2021) RESULTS

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    Desert Storm (2021) RESULTS

    Katie Baxter
    “Mike…Mike….can we have a moment please?”

    Katie Baxter, camera crew flanking her, has been positioned at the talent entrance of the AT&T Centre since midday waiting for this moment. In the doorframe stands Mike Parr, arguably the most reluctant participant of tonight’s proceedings. He sighs and exhales loudly at the sight of Katie and her tech crew awaiting him. Mike drops his bags as Katie approaches without an invitation to do so, sticking a microphone under his nose.

    Katie Baxter
    “Mike…we’ve been waiting to hear about what stipulation you have chosen for your match tonight against Miche-“

    Mike raises his hand, forefinger raised in a “shush” motion towards Katie’s face. Naturally being a gentlemen, and in an ironic contrast to the match later this evening, he wouldn’t actually physically lay his hand on Katie. However, the effect of raising his hand had the intended one.

    Mike Parr
    “I don’t care, Katie.”

    Baxter looks quizzically at Parr, who returns a reigned looked of confusion back at her. To Mike, it should not be that unexpected that he is unhappy with the situation having not even wanted the match in the first place.

    Katie Baxter
    “I…err…whether you care not Mike, the choice is yours. It’s what Blackbird decl-“

    Mike Parr
    “I couldn’t care less what Blackbird did or did not say, Katie. Would you like to slow down to allow you the time to absorb that or are you going to get this microphone out of my face?”

    Being a backstage interviewer for a wrestling promotion, intimidating body language is certainly an occupational hazard at the best of times, so Katie well versed in how to cope with this exact situation. She takes a step back, takes the microphone back a couple of inches and pauses before retorting.

    Katie Baxter
    “OK Mike….the FWA fans have been dying to know what stipulation you are going to choose to punish Michelle tonight? What have you chosen?”

    Katie is good at her job, that’s for sure. She phrased the question in a way that definitely leans towards massaging the considerable ego of Mike Parr, and instead of the open hostility that reflected in the early part of this interview she now has engaged him.

    Mike Parr
    “Dying to know, have they Katie? I’m not stupid you know…I know what the whispers are. The last time I chose a stipulation for a match I ended up in Tokyo in a Death Match that ended……”

    A pause as Mike has touched back on one of the major sore points of his 2020.

    Mike Parr
    “....well, it definitely ended. So they are wondering what I have up my sleeve…do I want to make her bleed? Do I want to beat her down so she cannot make it to her feet? Do I want to beat her multiple times on the same night? Do I want to be able to beat her up and pin her anywhere. The excitement Katie…..if you breath in deep enough, you can almost taste the excitement. I’m a man of the people Katie and you know what…you’re OK at what you do too. So let’s put them all out of their misery. Tonight, it is the Prodigy stepping into the ring with Michelle von Horrowitz in…..”

    Another pause, usually one that you would attribute to dramatic effect. Parr makes an over the top, cheesy gesticulation to reflect it.

    Mike Parr
    “A singles match.”

    You can hear the boos in the arena, Katie looks nonplussed as Parr has a glow in his eye that tells you he is pleased with his work this evening thus far.

    Mike Parr
    “You don’t listen Katie…I told you. I. Don’t. Care.”

    Mike brushes past Baxter and her camera crew as the scene fades and cuts.

    ON MARCH 6th, 2021

    The video package highlighting the yearlong buildup to the FWA World Championship has the fans in the arena whipped into a frenzy as the camera pans around the sold-out AT&T Center as the show comes to an open. The camera focus stops in front of the announce booth where Rod Sterling, Daniella Kennedy, and Christian Quinn stand at the ready

    Rod Sterling: Ladies and gentlemen we are moments away from the start of our first match of the evening, and we're kicking off with a HUGE one, some may say the biggest of the card.. A match nearly a year in the making. It was at this very event last year where the then Dave Sullivan began his historic championship reign – defeating Gabrielle and then champion Cyrus Truth.

    Daniella Kennedy: I can't believe we're getting to see this main event match open the show!It’s been one hell of a year since Saint Sulley began his reign. He managed to defend his championship against the toughest of competition that included legends, former world champions, and wrestlers who were on the run of a lifetime.

    Christian Quinn: Yeah, but their runs and success all came to screeching halt when they stepped to the king, the Saint, Sulley. He’s been unstoppable. He’s been on a tear, but that’s not to say Gabrielle hasn’t been at the top of her game either. She beat Cyrus Truth, she formed a successful tag-team with Alyster Black, and she secured her championship opportunity here tonight by winning that Golden Opportunity after Back in Business.

    Rod Sterling: The accomplishments and success of both of these two wrestlers is something that entire careers could be based off of and tonight we will finally get to see who is the better of the two. We get to see who will have the Cinderella ending for this almost yearlong feud. Will it be the champion, Saint Sulley? Or, will it be the challenger, Gabrielle. Let’s take it to the ring with Kurt Harrington for introductions.

    The camera pans to Kurt Harrington standing in the center of the ring in one his trademark suits. He raises the microphone to his mouth and the fans in the arena begin to cheer with anticipation for this match.

    Kurt Harrington: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is for the FWA World Championship!

    The lights in the arena dim down and a light fog begins to cover the entrance way and ramp as the intro to This Moment by The In-between begins to play. The fans in the arena erupt into cheers as the lights in the arena flash bright red to the beat of the song. As we get to the chorus of the song Gabrielle makes her way out onto the stage to an ovation from the fans.

    Rod Sterling: A Goddess in the flesh. Gabrielle makes her way out here to almost complete adoration from the fans here in attendance.

    Christian Quinn: Ehh, I hear some boos out there. Not everyone is happy to see her tonight.

    Gabrielle holds her head high as she slowly makes her way to the ring. Her entrance attire, reminiscent of something you would see on the Greek Goddess Athena, draws awes from those in attendance as she makes her way down the ramp. She surveys the audience as she makes her way up the ring steps and calls for the referee to lower the rope. He hurries to the ropes and bends them down allowing for her to enter the ring. She strikes a model like pose in the middle of the ring as her entrance theme slowly fades out.

    The camera shifts to the Saint Sulley walking down a corridor backstage adorned in a black opened robe with gold accents reminiscent of what a saint would wear. His World Championship belt wrapped around his waist; he taps a couple of times as he walks with his eyes closed taking in a deep breath.

    Daniella Kennedy: The champion is getting in the moment for this match up. Gabrielle is going to be the biggest challenge that he’s had to date.

    Christian Quinn: A bigger challenge than Mike Garcia? The man who ended Sulley’s championship reign? *scoffs* I think not.

    The fans in the arena erupt into a mixed reaction as “The King of Saints” makes his way through the curtain out onto center stage. His eyes still shut he takes in the moment, arms spread wide, as the fans in attendance continue to split between jeers and cheers for the champion. He opens his eyes with a smirk as the camera pans up from the championship belt to his face. He confidently strolls down the aisle not taking his eyes off of Gabrielle. The fans reach out to touch and grab at the champion who graciously allows for them to touch him as he makes his way to the ring steps. He pauses for a moment, eyes closed, a small smirk almost permanently etched onto face as he takes it all in.

    Rod Sterling: When you talk about legendary years, when you talk about those career defining title reigns, when you talk about the best…this man’s name HAS to be in the conversation.

    Daniella Kennedy: Saint Sulley is most certainly a name that professional wrestling will never forget. He defined his legacy when he was a dual champion. He has had one of the longest reigns in recent memory. He has defeated a who’s who of opponents. He has defied the odds so many times.

    Christian Quinn *interjecting*: Except for at Mile High when Big Mike ended his title reign.

    Daniella Kennedy:…and tonight he’s here to settle a feud that has been almost two-years in the making.

    Saint Sulley steps into the ring and carefully removes the championship title belt from around his waist. He holds it in the air, staring at it as if it were a deity before resting it on his shoulder as Kurt Harrington steps back into the ring for introductions.

    Kurt Harrington: Introducing the challenger, she is a two-time FWA World Champion, three-time FWA Tag-Team Champion, two-time FWA Womens Champion, the 2019 Quest for the Best winner, and the winner of the 2020 Golden Opportunity…Ladies and gentlemen…THIS…IS…THE MOTHER OF THE FWA…THE CARAMEL COATED GODDESS…. GABRIELLE!!!!

    The fans are on their feet as Gabrielle removes her entrance attire and casting a sly wink at her opponent, Sulley before posing for the fans.

    Kurt Harrington: And the champion, from Dublin, Ireland by way of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - weighing in 210 pounds and standing six foot two. He is the reigning, defending FWA World CHAMPION… THE KING OF SAINTS…..SAAAAAIIIIINNNNTTTT SULLLEYYYYYY!

    The world champion walks towards Gabrielle with the championship held high as the referee gets between the two. Sulley continues to have a smirk on his face as he holds the championship higher than Gabrielle before backing back into his corner – removing his entrance attire and handing the World Championship to the referee. The referee holds the title up for the audience to see before handing it to a ringside crew member. He points at Gabrielle and asks if she’s ready – she nods her head yes. He turns his attention to Sulley and asks the same – he nods his head yes. The referee calls for the bell and this match is on the way.

    FWA World Championship
    Saint Sulley (c) vs. Gabrielle Montgomery
    Sulley and Gabrielle circle one another in the ring as the crowd cheer in anticipation for the first connection between these two. The circle grows closer and closer and Sulley attempts a lockup with Gabrielle. She dodges out of Sulleys lockup attempt moving behind him. As Sulley turns around his met with a targeted right-hand punch from Gabrielle that lands square in the temple of the champion sending him falling face first into the ring canvas.

    Rod Sterling: OH MY GOD!!!

    Christian Quinn: WHAT IS HAPPENING!?!?!?!!

    The decibel level from the crowd reaction is through the roof as Gabrielle quickly turns Sulley and goes for a pinfall. The referee, in disbelief as to what we just saw, quickly drops down and begins the count. One…Two…Three…NO, Sulley manages to bench press toss Gabrielle off of him before the referee’s hand can come down for a three count. He quickly rolls out of the ring as the fans continue remain on their feet after that stunning start to the match. Sulley paces on the mat outside the ring looking up at Gabrielle who motions for him to bring it on.

    Fan at ringside: You alright, Sulley? You’re alright. Fuck her up, champ.

    Sulley looks at the fan and nods his head before carefully sliding back into the ring. Gabrielle has her guard up as Sulley gets into the ring and carefully approaches her with his guard up as well. He attempts another lockup but Gabrielle avoids again and attempts another overhead right hand counter on the champion. Sulley ducks under the attempt and hits her with a spear like double leg takedown and immediately gets to a mounted position where he rains down rights and lefts on the challenger. Gabrielle manages to push herself from underneath Sulley and attempts an up kick but Sulley moves out of the way giving Gabrielle the opportunity to get to her feet. As she does Sulley immediately puts her back down with a roundhouse leg sweep and follows up with a running knee drop that connects. Sulley reaches down to pick Gabrielle up and hooks her head under his arm before lifting her up and dropping her with a stalling suplex. Sulley backs away to the corner as Gabrielle attempts to get up but is immediately met with a running clothesline/lariat strike sending her back down to the ground. Gabrielle manages to get her self to a seated position as Sulley charges at her for a soccer ball kick. She immediately drops her back to the mat avoiding contact and rolling to a crouched position. Sulley turns around after missing the soccer ball kick and is immediately met with a jumping knee strike that connects under the jaw of the champ. Gabrielle hits Sulley with chopping leg kicks brining him down to a knee before bouncing off the ropes and connecting with a running hurricanrana. She attempts to finish the hurricanrana but Sulley holds onto her and lifts her up into a powerbomb position. Gabrielle punches down at Sulley but he fights through the pain and hits a devastating buckle-bomb and immediately goes for the pin.

    Referee: One…Two..Th..

    Daniella Kennedy: Gabby managing to get her shoulder up breaking the pin attempt, and I’ve gotta just say that this has been a hard-hitting match up from the moment the bell rang.

    Rod Sterling: I completely agree. Sulley was rocked early and now were seeing him get into his groove as this match continues.

    Sulley gets to his feet and lifts Gabby up by her hair before clubbing her back sending her down to the mat. He bends down again and lifts her to her feet, striking her with a backhand chopped followed by a whip into the turnbuckle. Gabby hits back first into the turnbuckle and Sulley immediately follows with shoulder block. Sully turns her around in the corner and clubs at the challenger before locking his arms around her waist and pulling back for an overhead belly to back suplex. Almost instinctively, Gabby grabs hold of the ring ropes to stop the move from succeeding. Sulley attempts again but Gabby holds on tight to the ropes. She pulls her head forward before forcefully yanking her head backwards into the nose of Sulley who releases his grip. Gabby looks behind her before scaling the turnbuckle as a trail of blood follows the champion as he stumbles backwards. She dives off for the Head Over Heels (diving hurricanrana) and connects sending a stream off blood over the canvas. She holds her back as she gets back to her feet and the camera focuses in on Sulley who’s nose is pouring blood down. We see him wipe the blood as he attempts to get to his feet. Gabby charges at him and hits a spiked hurricanrana followed by a split legged leg drop into a pin.

    Referee: One..Tw..

    Sulley is able to get his shoulder up. As Gabby attempts to get to her feet, Sulley is able to grab her leg and drag her down to the mat into a single legged Boston crab. He applies pressure to the lower back by driving his knee into it.

    Christian Quinn: We’re seeing that championship mentality of Saint Sulley. He’s been incorporating that MMA background of his into this match and is really working Gabrielle.

    Rod Sterling: Gabrielle had grabbed at her lower back earlier in the match and you just know that Sulley noticed that. That’s why he’s been targeting it.

    Sulley digs his knee deeper into Gabby’s lower back as she writhes in pain. Gabby claws and crawls towards the ring ropes as Sulley’s grip starts to loosen on the hold. Gabby is mere finger tips away from the bottom rope as she reaches out for a reprieve. Sulley looks behind and notices her about to grab the ring rope and he immediately breaks the hold, turns to Gabby and stomps on her hand repeatedly. She screams out as the fans boo the champ’s actions before he drags her back to the ring and reapplies the single legged Boston Crab. Sulley continues to apply pressure but Gabrielle refuses to give up, much to the annoyance of the champ. Sulley breaks the hold and backs away from Gabby as she holds her lower back in pain. Sulley takes a swipe at the blood coming down from his nose and looks at it on his hand before smearing it onto his chest. He points at Gabby who is on her hands and knees. He cockily walks towards her and playfully kicks at her head. She swipes at him but misses. He does it again before posing to the fans with his hands outwardly stretched. He points down at Gabby before beginning.

    Saint Sulley: “Is this my competition? Is this who you think is going to break ME tonight? I’M THE APEX PREDATOR IN THIS HUNT!”

    He tuns his attention back to Gabby and reels back for a soccer kick to her head but Gabby is able to trip Sulley sending him down to the mat and lock in Mother Knows Best (modified STF).

    Rod Sterling: Gabby’s got that modified STF she calls Mother Knows Best locked in on the champ. He’s in the center of the ring! Nowhere to go. This could be exactly what she was needing.

    Christian Quinn: Her grip doesn’t look tight though. I think Sulley may have broken a finger or two of her when he went and stomped on her hand.

    Gabby winces in pain as she applies more pressure and demands that the referee ask Sulley if he wants to give up. Blood drips down from Sulley’s nose onto the canvas as he darts his eyes back and forth looking for a way out. He shouts “no” as the referee continuously asks him if he wants to submit. He attempts to crawl toward the ropes but doesn’t get far as Gabby continues to apply pressure.

    Daniella Kennedy: You can see Gabby’s grip starting to loosen. I think the combination of her hand not being at 100% now and Sulley’s blood making things slippery is impacting her ability to keep the hold.

    Almost on cue, Gabrielle releases the hold and positions herself appropriately before locking in the Lotus Lock.

    Rod Sterling: This is GENIUS! Her hands may not have the strength needed but her legs one-hundred percent do. Sulley is in trouble.

    Gabrielle is pulling back to apply pressure and Sulley is seething with anger as he writhes back and forth to get out of the hold. He refuses to submit or admit defeat as the referee asks him if he can continue. Sulley starts flexing his body as he is able to slowly get himself to a crouched position. He lets out an animalistic yell as he lifts himself up to a standing position with Gabby refusing to let go of the hold. The fans in the arena are on their feet as Sulley takes a deep breath before turning Gabby’s Lotus Lock hold into a back-to-back double underhook piledriver ( Sulley exhaustedly hooks the leg of Gabrielle.

    Referee: One..Two..Three

    No, Gabrielle is able to get her shoulder off of the mat at the very last second and Sulley looks in disbelief. He slaps the mat before getting to his feet and quickly getting into position, grabbing Gabrielle in a lockup position and starting the Three Rivers (three amigos). He hits one and gingerly follows up with a second. As he goes for the third Gabby is able to knee him in the head, drop down and hit a jumping cutter planting the champ face down in the ring. Gabby lays exhausted next to him as the fans in the arena jump and cheer at this moment.

    Christian Quinn: THAT’S ONE OF SULLEY’S MOVES!!!! We haven’t seen him use that in while but…wow…

    Daniella Kennedy: Gabrielle showing that she is FULLY versed on Sulley and everything he brings to this match. This is incredible!

    Gabby holds her lower back as she crawls towards Sulley. She drapes her arm over his downed body as the referee drops down for the count.

    Referee: One..Two…Th…

    Sulley raises his shoulder off of the mat and holds his arm up in the air as Gabby can be seen muttering an expletive as she lifts herself off of his body. She gets to her feet and stomps down on the champ before lifting him up and hitting split legged hangman’s neckbreaker. She turns her attention to the turnbuckle and winces as she gets to her feet and slowly exits the ring, using the ropes as she walks on the apron towards the top turnbuckle. She lays in wait as Sulley slowly starts to get to his feet. Gabby, seething with anger and disgust at the champion leaps from the top rope for another Head Over Heels on the champion. Sulley REFUSES To allow for this move to connect and lifts Gabby stomach first onto his shoulders. She squirms and move erratically as the champion coldly looks out into the crowd.

    But before he can connect on anything, Gabrielle rolls off...and she gets him with a roll up pin! The referee quickly drops to the floor now for the count.




    NO! Saint Sulley is able to get out of the surprise roll up, and Gabrielle is fuming now. She wants this match to end, and she'll do whatever it takes. Without taking any calculations, Gabrielle runs at Sulley full speed for a clothesline! But Sulley anticipates it, and ducks out of the way!

    Gabrielle turns around now, and gets hit with an RKO! Gabrielle goes face first into the floor, but the RKO was so forceful that Sulley also takes some damage. Both Gabby and Sulley now lay on the mat, and Sulley can't capitalize on it because he is down and out too! The match that has been two years in the making, now hangs in the balance. The first time these two fought was on February 8th, 2019 when Gabrielle defeated Sulley in the Quest for the Best tournament. It was the last time Saint Sulley lost a one on one match. Then later that year at Desert Storm in October 2019, Sulley got one over on Gabrielle when he defeated her and Cyrus Truth in a triple threat match to capture the FWA World Championship.

    We are at Desert Storm one year later. It's a tie, 1-1...and we're looking to see who will come out on top. Saint Sulley gets to his feet, but Gabrielle is up right next to him.

    Gabrielle throws a right hook, but Sulley grabs her hand and puts her back in the fireman's carry! Gabrielle can't go anywhere, as Sulley smirks. He throws her off his shoulders, and hits her with a GTS! Saint Sulley's knee hits Gabrielle's head as her eyes roll back. She hits the mat, as the champion hooks her leg for the cover.




    Winner and STILL FWA World Champion: Saint Sulley

    "Sympathy for the Devil" by the Rolling Stones begins to play throughout the arena, as Saint Sulley rolls over off of Gabrielle. He's done it, he has beaten The Mother of the FWA in a singles match. Sulley looks as though he can't even believe it himself, as he rubs the sweat out of his hair.

    Rod Sterling: And the King will continue to reign!

    Daniella Kennedy: This is a tragedy. The world has seen enough of Saint Sulley, it is time for a change!

    Christian Quinn: Not time yet I guess! It looks like Sulley is even surprised he lost this one. He looked like he was totally prepared to take the loss going into this and move on to different pursuits. He won't be doing that any time soon though, he's in all likelihood on his way to main eventing his second straight Back in Business.

    Gabrielle doesn't move as she stares back first up into the rafters.

    Sulley continues to celebrate outside the ring. He is joined by Kleio De Santos, who gives him a hug. The third member of Saints and Sinners is not present following that knee injury on Fight Night, but Kleio and Sulley embrace as Sulley remains World Champion of the FWA.

    Cut to the backstage area where Katie Baxter is standing by in a casual blue dress with a backdrop featuring the Desert Storm logo plastered on the center.

    Katie Baxter: Folks, my guest at this time is “Big Mack” Marcus McClain!

    Big Mack walks into the frame and smiles at Katie. Mack is wearing a black t-shirt with the FWA logo on it as well as black track pants and some black Nike Air Jordans, and he has his long hair tied back in a ponytail.

    Katie Baxter: Mack, tonight you are not scheduled to compete but it is being reported that you have been entered into the upcoming Carnal Contendership. What can we expect to see from you in that match?

    Marcus McClain: Well Katie, I guess the cat is out of the bag, I am indeed in the Carnal Contendership match. As for your question, this is a match that I’ve never, ever experienced. To be fair, my career in FWA is still in its infancy stage, but to answer that question I don’t know what you can expect other than what I’ve already shown what I’m capable of in that ring.

    Yeah, I’ve been in multi-person matches before, in the Ground Zero finale, but this is different. This is different because it’ll be more than what I dealt with in that match. Much like that match there will be many other hungry competitors vying for a shot at the big prize, the FWA World Heavyweight Championship. Only one of us can walk out with that chance, and I will do everything in my power to ensure that it’s me that walks out.

    It won’t be easy but nothing in life ever is, life is filled with challenges and obstacles, to which I’m certainly no stranger to so I welcome this challenge. I look forward to showing the world why I’m here and why I deserve to be here. I’m here to cement my legacy and leave a lasting impression that no one will ever forget, and to do that I must succeed, and I will succeed inside of the Carnal Contendership.

    Marcus winks at Katie and walks off, as Katie looks back at the camera and motions back to ringside.

    “He’s The Greatest Dancer” hits and the disco machine himself, Chris Peacock dances his way out to the ring while slapping hands with some fans along the way.

    Kurt Harrington: Making his way to the ring, from Boogie Wonderland and weighing in at 210 lb, “Disco’s Last Warrior” Chris Peacock!

    Rod Sterling: Here he is! Chris Peacock, the now former Gauntlet champion after losing the championship to Yuna Funanori, and now tonight he gets an opportunity to earn the right to fight for a different championship!

    Daniella Kennedy: That’s Rod, it’s been quite a meteoric rise for Peacock in his young career coming off a great reign as Gauntlet champion, and now he could be well on his way to becoming X-Division champion

    Christian Quinn: He’s not quite there yet Daniella, he still has some hoops to jump through before he gets there!

    “The Resistance” replaces the groovy sounds of Peacock’s entrance music, and Saus X quickly makes his way and sprints down to the ring and hops up on the turnbuckle looking out at the fans.

    Kurt Harrington: and his opponent, first from Savannah, Georgia and weighing in at 176 lb, Saus X!

    Daniella Kennedy: This young man is no doubt looking for his first taste of championship gold and a win here tonight could get him one step closer to doing just that!

    Rod Sterling: Big opportunity tonight for Saus X!

    “L’arena” now plays and Brian Zewbowski makes his way out and he doesn’t waste any time on his way to the ring as he quickly slides in.

    Kurt Harrington: and their opponent, from Minneapolis, Minnesota and weighing in at 265 lb, Brian Zewbowski!

    Daniella Kennedy: Is this really Brian or is this Humanity?

    Rod Sterling: Well the theme music is for Brian but surely Humanity is lurking about deep within Brian and will make its presence felt in this match soon enough

    “Man of the Hour” now hits and Donovan Moore arrogantly struts out, taunting and showing off for the jeering fans.

    Kurt Harrington: and their opponent, from Seattle, Washington and weighing in at 210 lb, “The Man of the Hour” Donovan Moore

    Rod Sterling: Coming off of a big win over Humanity, Donovan Moore has a chance to continue his winning ways and a move on up in the rankings!


    X Championship #1 Contendership
    X Rules match (no DQ, no countout)

    "Disco's Last Warrior" Chris Peacock vs. Saus X vs. Humanity vs. Donovan Moore
    Moore is up on the apron and he’s too busy flaunting his stuff to notice Saus X coming up behind him and knocking him off the apron with a running dropkick! Moore topples to the outside but quickly composes himself yet he’s still not ready as Saus X now leaps over the ropes with a fosbury flop taking out Moore! Meanwhile, in the ring, Zewbowski is watching Saus X and Moore and he doesn’t notice that Peacock sneaks up behind and quickly rolls him up, but Brian kicks out and immediately a switch is flipped and Humanity has taken over, Peacock looks slightly concerned but ultimately he doesn’t back down and goes for a clothesline, which Humanity ducks underneath and Humanity returns the favor with a throat jab! Humanity then takes Peacock down with a snap suplex and then follows that up with a back suplex! Peacock crumbles to the mat upon impact!

    Meanwhile, on the outside, Moore has taken control after throwing Saus X into the barricade and clotheslines him over it into some fans! Instead of sullying himself by mingling with the peons in the crowd, Moore opts to reach over the barricade for Saus X but X was ready and counters by slamming Moore’s face on the barricade! Moore stumbles back covering his money maker aka his face, and X props himself up on the barricade and leaps off with a clothesline! X tosses Moore back in the ring underneath the bottom rope and then looks underneath the ring for a toy and finds a trusty steel chair! X isn’t going to take a seat with the chair though, he has more devilish intentions in mind as he slides back in the ring and swings for the fences as Moore just narrowly avoids having his head taken off and the chair connects to the back of Humanity! It doesn’t seem to have phased the monster however, as Humanity slowly turns to face X, who tosses the chair right at Humanity, but Humanity swats it away like it’s a fly and X runs at Humanity but he’s caught and Humanity throttles him by the throat and he drives X down on top of the steel chair with a chokeslam!

    Daniella Kennedy: Ouch, that can’t feel good for Saus X!

    Moore slaps Humanity on the back and is thanking him for solving his Saus X problem, but Humanity hasn’t forgotten about Moore defeating him on Fight Night and throttles him by the throat, but Peacock inadvertently saves Moore’s life for the time being by clubbing Humanity from behind and after Moore finishes gasping for air he helps Peacock as the two beat down the monster until he’s down on one knee and then they both hoist him up for a double team suplex! The Moore/Peacock alliance comes to an end before it really ever had a chance to begin as Moore sneaks up on Peacock with a roll-up!


    Peacock kicks and rolls through springs back to his feet and turns to face Moore and throws a punch, but Moore slides underneath and he’s behind Peacock and attempts a russian leg sweep but Peacock counters it! He strikes the Night Fever pose and then strikes with a backfist! Fight Fever to Moore! Peacock seems pleased with his work but as he turns around he’s met by springboard dropkick from Saus X! X then exits the ring and retrieves a trash can and tosses that in the ring over the ropes. He also finds a table and sets it up outside the ring for no reason at all before re-entering the ring and upon entering he avoids a trash can to the head from Humanity and instead he hits a low kick to the gut of Humanity before following up with a pedigree lock, which is then transitioned into a fujiwara arm bar!

    Rod Sterling: Nice take down from Saus X on Humanity!

    Christian Quinn: It is certainly wise to keep the big man off of his feet

    The submission is broken up however by Donovan Moore, who stomps on X to break it up! Moore then places the trash can over X’s face and climbs to the top and leaps off with a leg drop crunching the trash can on top of X’s face while hurting himself in the process but he manages to hook the far leg!


    It’s broken up by Peacock! Moore tries to crawl away while still reeling from the effects of his own leg drop onto a trash can and he doesn’t sense that Peacock is lying in wait...famouser onto the already crumpled trash can! Peacock with the pin!


    It’s broken up by Humanity this time, the big picks up Peacock but Peacock tries to fight back with a punch, but Humanity blocks the punch and counters with a headbutt! Humanity then plants Peacock to the mat with a double arm DDT! Meanwhile, X has slid out of the ring and has found more goodies, another steel chair, a fire extinguisher, a mystery bag, and an official FWA action figure of Saint Sulley? Whatever, X enters the ring with his newfound toys and right away he tosses the action figure at Humanity, which has little to no effect on Humanity besides angering him even more. X sprays the extinguisher at Humanity, temporarily blinding him, X drives the end of the chair into Humanity’s gut and then cracks the chair across his back! Humanity drops to one knee and X strikes with a superkick! He makes the pin this time!


    Broken up by Moore this time, who drags X off of Humanity to the outside and Moore irish whips X into the barricade! Moore then retrieves the mystery bag and begins to untie and dumps it on the outside floor to reveal...legos?

    Christian Quinn: Legos? Really?

    Daniella Kennedy: Bruh, have you ever stepped on those things barefoot? It is quite possibly the most painful thing I’ve experienced

    Rod Sterling: Can confirm, I have stepped on them barefoot and it is not a pleasant experience

    Moore looks just as confused as the rest of us do but he shrugs and turns back to X, and chops him on the chest for good measure before looking for a suplex on the outside floor on top of legos, but X counters it and flips behind Moore, scurries between his legs and nails a low kick and follows up with a sunset flip powerbomb on the legos! Moore is driven back first on the legos! X now takes Moore and sets him up on the table from earlier, then X climbs up top and leaps off...PHOENIX SPLASH THROUGH THE TABLE!

    Rod Sterling: Oh my god!

    Daniella Kennedy: Neither of them are moving!

    Christian Quinn: Don’t forget about the action in the ring!

    Humanity has come to and is no longer blinded and he has Peacock on the ropes, literally, he shushes the crowd and then delivers a mighty chop across the chest! Peacock holds in chest but as he tries to fight through the pain he runs the ropes but on the rebound he’s countered by Humanity who has him up for a pop-up powerbomb, yet Peacock is refusing to go down without a fight as he pounds down on Humanity’s head with hard strikes until he’s dropped, and Peacock delivers three punches, disco pose, and then a final punch! Humanity falls to the mat! Peacock now lies in wait and begins to disco dance as Humanity is slowing rising up...The Strut! Shining wizard to Humanity! Peacock with the pin!


    Winner: "Disco's Last Warrior" Chris Peacock

    Rod Sterling: Talk about a hard fought victory for Chris Peacock, who dances his way to another shot at gold!

    Daniella Kennedy: Look at the carnage! What these four were willing to put themselves through!

    Peacock is helped up and after he has his arm raised he makes his way to the back, while more officials check on Saus X and Donovan Moore

    The lights in the arena go dark and the screens around the arena come to life with a graphic.

    I Quit Match
    Krash vs Alyster Black

    A promo video begins to play, highlighting the long and storied history of Krash and Alyster Black. The ups together, winning the tag team championships on numerous occasions... And the many, many downs. From Krash taking away Alyster's only World Championship titles in OWW and APW, to Alyster returning the favor earlier this year in FWA. A rise and fall of a partnership many hoped was everlasting, all set to a somber song.

    The video vignette comes to a close. And soon afterwards...

    The jazz bop of Matt Dusk’s Back In Town hits the speakers, and a wave of adoration echoes across the crowd as none other than The Heartbeat, The Moustache Maverick, The White Wolf, Krash, makes his entrance! There’s noticeably less spring in his step, and the smile is a little bit tighter than usual, but considering the grim task laying before him tonight, that’s to be expected.

    Kurt Harrington: The following contest is an I QUIT match! Entering first, from Melbourne, Australia, weighing in at two-hundred and five pounds, he is ‘The White Wolf’, Krash!
    A few hands are slapped as Krash passes the fans at ringside, before rolling in to the ring. There, he paces near a corner, unable to keep still as his eyes lock on the entrance, the smile growing thinner with each passing second.

    The jazzy beat fades away, rapidly replaced by the familiar German 10-count, before screeching into the iconic metal riffs of Rammenstein. The cheers give way to jeers, as the Shrouded Sadist, The Faceless Fiend, Black Jesus himself, Alyster Black hits the stage, revelling in the sheer contempt of the fans. He flips a few people off, seemingly laughing to himself, as he makes his way down the aisle.

    Kurt Harrington: And his opponent, hailing from San Dimasm California, weighing in at two-hundred and twenty pounds, ‘Black Jesus’, ALYSTER BLACK!
    Alyster reaches the end of the entrance ramp and turns his attention to the ring steps but as he walks toward them he’s taken down by a flying Krash! The forced patience has snapped at the mere sight of his opponent, Krash diving between the top and second rope like a missile! The music abruptly cuts out and Krash goes to town, mounting Alyster and pounding away at his face with a series of relentless rights! But Alyster manages to shove Krash off, scrambling to his feet, thrown off his game and quickly fighting on defense, a position not unfamiliar to him. Krash is quick to follow, catching him with a kick to the gut, then whips him toward the guardrail! But Alyster has the presence of mind to reverse it and send Krash hurtling towards the guardrail instead! Before Alyster can even catch a breather, Krash uses his momentum to jump onto the guardrail in an amazing show of agility, before leaping backwards in a twisting crossbody, taking Alyster down!

    Rod Sterling: We’re starting off at 100%! Krash with zero patience at the mere sight of his frenemy, barely giving Alyster an opening in this beginning encounter.

    Christian Quinn: It’s rare that we see Krash be so reckless on the offense, even more so to see Alyster Black on his backfoot in the opening moments. How much of this is a strategy to prevent Alyster from building a momentum base, and how much of it is emotions running wild?

    "I Quit" match
    Krash vs "Black Jesus" Alyster Black

    The referee has called for the bell and with a microphone in hand exits the ring and keeps a safe distance from the competitors, ready to receive the sign of surrender at a moment's notice.

    Again, Krash starts battering Alyster with lefts and rights, doing everything he can to not give the masked man a moment to breathe. After a few seconds of taking hits to pretty much his entire upper body, Black slips a hand through, and catches Krash with a quick thumb to the eye, before pushing him away and finally gaining some separation. Alyster gets to his feet, shrugging off the early blows as he cracks his neck, left then right, before catching Krash with a knee lift to the gut, before throwing a few forearms at Krash’s jaw. He finishes with an open-palm slap to the face, before whipping his opponent directly into the ring steps! Krash hits it hard, the horrific sound of flesh and bone smacking against hollow steel echoing across the arena, and tumbles head over heels! Alyster finally has a chance to take off his robe, having been so under attack that he never got the chance to, but instead of passing it to a ringside attendant or putting it in a corner, he pauses, and instead twirls the robe into a long strand. As Krash climbs back to his knees, Alyster walks up on him from behind, and wraps it around his neck, strangling the life out of him!

    Christian Quinn: Already, we’re seeing the differences in the fighting style between both men. Krash started with a full head of steam, running on pure emotion, throwing as many fists as possible with little care where they landed. Meanwhile Alyster’s showcasing a pointed, precisely cruel strategy that can change the dynamics of this match in an instant. It doesn’t get more cruel than trying to choke another man into unconsciousness.

    Daniella Kennedy: And I feel like that’s going to be a big deciding factor in who survives - not wins, survives - this match. Not who can throw the most punches, but who can do the more expressively sadistics acts to the other.

    Alyster drags Krash around the ring, keeping the robe stranglehold tight, but Krash is soon able to throw a wild elbow, catching Alyster in the side of the head, and Alyster instinctively releases his grip. Krash lets out a cough before charging at his former partner and tackling him, driving Alyster back first into the ring apron. Krash follows up with a hard European Uppercut then with a series of shoot kicks to the chest. Alyster scrambles away, trying to create distance but Krash is in hot-pursuit, he lays into his former partner with some vicious clubbing blows to the back of the head and neck. Alyster springs up and spins around, striking Krash with a vicious elbow that staggers him. Black follows up with a forearm shot and quickly gets a receipt. Knocking him loopy for a moment. Krash then takes a slight run up and hits his partner with the One Hit Kill, his knee just landing right on the tip of Alyster’s chin. Krash takes Black down with a snapmare then gives him a sharp kick to the back. He casually steps in front of Black and boots him in the face. As Alyster reels back, Krash grabs him by the neck, and deadlift suplexes him back-first onto the harsh outside floor!

    Christian Quinn: Krash with an impressive show of strength!

    Daniella Kennedy: We’ve not seen this level of intensity from the White Wolf since his matches with Mike Parr last year.

    Krash looks under the apron for a brief moment and pulls out a kendo stick. He spins it around then gives it a swing, making a nice swoosh sound. Satisfied with his choice of weapon he points the tip at Alyster and waits for him to get up to his feet. Krash then swings wildly and cracks the kendo stick over the cranium of the masked man! A sharp CRACK echoes throughout the arena, and Alyster staggers, reeling. Krash follows with another swing to the back! One to the torso! Alyster falls to a knee - Krash backs up, winds up for a massive swing, and like a baseball player hitting the ball out of the arena, snaps the kendo stick in half over Alyster’s face!

    Krash turns to the referee and screams at him. “Ask this sonofabitch if he's had enough!”

    The second Krash takes his eyes off of Alyster, Alyster launches himself with a vicious uppercut to the groin! As Krash crumbles, Black promptly tells the referee to fuck off.

    Alyster lays into Krash with a flurry of strikes, forearms, chops, elbows and then drops him with a DDT on the floor. Alyster springs up to his feet and starts to stomp all over the moustached maverick. Black presses his boot on the side of Krash’s face and lifts his other leg into the air, raising his hand up to the side to keep his balance. “Ask him!”

    The referee drops down to Krash’s eye level and holds the microphone out. Krash swats it away then grabs Alyster’s leg and throws him off balance. Alyster lands on the mat with a thud. He gets up quickly as does Krash, they begin to trade right hands. Punch after punch hitting it’s mark. Black seems to be getting the better of the exchange until Krash ducks a punch and hits Black with another jumping knee to the jaw. Krash then grabs Alyster and whips him into the guardrail. Alyster hits it hard. Krash charges after him but Black ducks and sends Krash overhead into the front row. Krash lands on his feet. Black turns around and eats a forearm shot to the jaw. Black staggers back, Krash springboards off the guardrail and takes Black down with a flying clothesline. Krash grabs Alyster and pulls him up to his feet. He whips Black into the turnbuckle and Alyster hits it hard, his skull striking the metal with a sickening sound.

    The two continue to brawl on the outside, Krash is absolutely relentless and doesn’t give Black a fighting chance. Everytime Black manages to hit him, Krash just fires back with a strike that’s twice as vicious. Black manages to fight Krash off with a rake to the eyes and a roaring elbow that knocks him flat on his ass. Black picks Krash up and throws him into the ring to create some distance and catch his breath.. Krash quick to his feet hits the ropes then dives but Alyster throws a chair at him and Krash hits the floor hard! Finally with some free space, Alyster massages his jaw, cracking the cricks out of his neck, before climbing onto the apron. With Krash dazed and seeing stars underneath him, Alyster leaps off, coming down with both feet and his entire weight crushing Krash’s fingers! A startled shriek echoes through the arena, as Krash clutches his fingers, rolling away, and Alyster flexes, satisfied. He grabs Krash specifically by the fingers, bending them the wrong way for added emphasis, and drags him towards the guardrail. He snaps Krash up into a belly-to-belly suplex, and sends him careening into the guardrail! Krash collapses in a heap, and Alyster turns to rummage around underneath the ring, letting out a shout of delight as he unearths a bat wrapped in barbed wire!

    Rod Sterling: Oh, this isn’t going to be pleasant to watch.

    Alyster smacks the bat against the steel steps, listening to the vicious echo, before he approaches Krash… And stops. He studies the barbed wire bat in his grip, and with one hand, starts to rip and tear strands of barbed wire off of the bat!

    Christian Quinn: What on earth is-

    Wincing only slightly to the wire, Alyster finally tears out a long strand, and tosses the bat aside. He wraps the barbed wire around his fist…

    Daniella Kennedy: Oh christ no…

    Alyster drags Krash back to a vertical base, and slumps him over the guardrail, so the lucky fans in the front row get the perfect view for what’s happening next. With his free hand, he grips Krash by the hair, yanking his head back… And with his hand wrapped in barbed wire, begins grating the face and forehead of Krash!

    A groan of disgust, echoed with a cry of pain from Krash, reverberates among the arena. The very unlucky fans with a seat right in front of the action visibly cringes away from the scene, and who can blame him? Alyster finally relents, stepping back to let his work speak for itself. Krash is openly bleeding, busted wide open, thin strips of skin and flesh hanging free from an ugly would just above his left eye. Alyster applauds, and takes a bow, thanking the now-traumatized fan in the front row for his honest feedback. He then grips Krash by the neck, drags him towards the ring, and slams his face against the apron, leaving an ugly smear of blood on the white canvas. He drags Krash across the apron, leaving a bloody stain in his wake, before wrecking him with a ferocious forearm. Krash rolls himself into the ring, more out of instinct than any sense of self-preservation, and Alyster follows. For the first time since this match began, both compeditators are in the ring. Alyster snatches the microphone from the referee, and tosses it at a woozy Krash, where it lands next to him with a loud ‘THUD.’

    Daniella Kennedy: The intention is clear. ‘Quit now, or you’ll regret it.’

    Rod Sterling: I imagine he already is.

    Alyster retreats to a corner, and waits… The referee can be heard asking if Krash wants to quit...

    Krash limply pushes the microphone away-

    Alyster sprints forward and nails a soccer kick right to the ribs of Krash! Krash gasps in pain, but Alyster does not relent, unloading with stomps and knees to the downed man! He drops to his knees and follows with forearms, elbows, the odd headbutt! It’s a Violence Party! He finally stops, if only because of Krash’s blood staining the face of his mask, and kicks him out of the ring.

    Alyster flips off a booing crowd, exiting the ring just in time to spot Krash crawl beneath the ring, his feet disappearing through the curtain. Alyster stares in disbelief, shaking his head as he mutters ‘coward’, before bending down to snap Krash’s foot, and drag him back. Krash slowly comes back into view - legs, torso, head… and hands, clutching the handle of a hammer! He swings the hammer at Alyster’s leg, catching him just above the ankle!

    Christian Quinn: Keep in mind Alyster Black suffered an awful ankle injury that took him out of competition for an extended period of time! Something like that is never something you can completely heal from.

    Swearing loudly, Alyster hops away. Krash rises, dropping the hammer, and throws a kick to the gut! He goes for the Reverse Tornado DDT, using the guardrail as a spring instead of the ropes, but Alyster snatches hold of the ring post and stops momentum, throwing Krash off, hitting the guardrail rib-first. Shaking his head, Alyster snatches Krash into position for a brainbuster, signalling for Satan’s Spike!

    Rod Sterling: A Satan’s Spike on the outside won’t just end a match, it’ll end a career!

    Alyster lifts! But Krash counters, landing behind Alyster and pushing him away. Alyster stumbles, and turns- BAM! Right into a One-Hit Kill! Alyster slumps, leaning into the guardrail for support, and Krash goes for another One-Hit Kill! A running knee right to the jaw! Alyster is woozy, dead on his feet, and Krash just keeps going with a third One-Hit Kill! The only thing keeping Alyster up right now it his unsteady grip on the guardrail! Running a hand through his sweat-slicked hair, Krash backs up all the way to the commentary table, before launching himself at top speed with a forth and final One-Hit Kill! Alyster crumbles in a heap!

    Daniella Kennedy :FOUR One-Hit Kills in a row! One alone is enough to knock a man unconscious, imagine what four can do!

    Christian Quinn: Even if he wanted to, I don’t think Alyster physically CAN quit right now!

    The referee waves a mic near Alyster’s face, but doesn’t even get a response. Because, y’know. Unconscious. Krash groans in annoyance, staggering over to the timekeeper’s position and snatching a bottle of water. He rips it open, pouring a small amount on his face in a vain attempt to wash the blood from his eyes, before unending the rest over Alyster’s face. Alyster gasps, coughing and spluttering, not resisting as Krash rolls him into the ring. Alyster rolls dead center of the ring, and Krash follows, asking for the mic again - only to receive a sudden headbutt to the groin! A desperation move by Alyster, as Krash crumbles to the mat. He follows this with a sudden Shining Wizard, knocking Krash flat on his back! Rising to his feet, Alyster stumbles, and glances at the turnbuckle, then back at Krash, then back at the turnbuckle. He staggers, and slowly hoists himself onto the top turnbuckle?!?

    Alyster pantomimes removing an elbow pad!

    Rod Sterling: Daybreaker?!? By Alyster Black?!? Surely not!

    Alyster leaps, diving with a pointed elbow to the heart of Krash! Alyster kneels, hands on his hips, shrugging, as if to say how easy that was. The referee offers the microphone - and Krash feebly pushes it away. Shaking his head, Alyster grabs Krash by the neck, and - Krash bites him! Bites down on Alyster’s hand! Alyster leaps away, dragging Krash to a vertical base, and yet Krash still holds on! Alyster open-palm slaps at Krash once, twice, three times, and Krash finally lets go - only to unleash a massive superkick! Alyster goes down! Krash also goes down, onto his hands and knees next to Alyster, visible exhaustion. The referee offers the microphone again, but Krash pushes it away again!

    Daniella Kennedy: After getting hit with his own stolen finisher, I don’t think Krash is going to let Alyster get out easily.

    Indeed! Krash stumbles over to a corner, and climbs into the top turnbuckle! He removes the elbow pad, throwing it at Alyster, and leaps! He connects! The Daybreaker right to the black heart of Alyster! But Krash isn’t done, oh no. He slowly but surely gets back to his feet, returns to the turnbuckle, and does it AGAIN!

    But Alyster moves! Krash hits nothing but mat! Both men are down!

    Rod Sterling: Once again, Krash’s emotions are getting the better of him. The first one could’ve ended it, but that second attempt went downhill for him.

    Seconds pass, then minutes. Soon, both men stir, and start to get up at roughly the same time, throwing weak fists as they do. As Alyster gets to his feet first, Krash strikes with a slap, Alyster slaps back, then it’s a full-on hockey-esque fight of wild blows thrown without any real strategy or planning! Just rights and lefts as hard as possible until someone comes out on top. And that someone, unsurprisingly, is Alyster, who dazes Krash with a headbutt, and nails the One-Shot Kill! Krash goes down! Alyster drags him back up, and hits another One-Shot Kill! And another! Capping it off with the Satan’s Spike! Krash it out of it, dead to the world, and as the icing on the cake, Alyster locks in the STF!

    Christian Quinn: Does tapping out count as quitting?

    Rod Sterling: It’s the referee’s discretion. Either way, Alyster has that STF applied tight, with no sign of letting go.

    Krash weakly grasps at the ropes, slowly inching himself closer. He wraps a hand around the bottom rope, but as Alyster gleefully reminds him, there isn’t a rope break to take advantage of, and clinches the hold in tighter. Instead, Krash continues to drag himself using the ropes, and drags himself through the first and second rope, dropping himself and Alyster to the floor outside, where Alyster releases the hold. Swearing, Alyster punches at the jaw of Krash, before spying something underneath the ring that may be of use. Crawling towards the apron curtain, Alyster grasps, and pulls out a table! Laughing, he sets it up outside the ring, as Krash slowly tries to get back to a vertical base. Alyster drags Krash onto the apron, and positions himself above the table. Taunting Krash with a cry of ‘You’re going down with me, friend!’, Alyster goes for the infamous Russian Legsweep, aiming to send himself AND Krash through the table below! But Krash blocks it, holding on to the top rope in desperation! Alyster yanks, desperate to drag his friend down to hell with him, and with a sudden burst of energy, Krash springs up, and locks in the Discordant Serenity! A guillotine chokehold, as both men are standing on the apron! Alyster falters, scrambling to grab the ropes, but his balance shifts! Both men fall, the table exploding beneath them!

    Rod Sterling: I don’t know who got the worst of it there! Perhaps neither man!

    But as the dust clears, Krash still has Discordant Serenity locked in tight! He wraps his legs around Alyster’s torso for extra oomph, and constricts as much as possible! Alyster struggles, flailing, his free hand grasping for anything that may help, before curling around a wooden shard from the table! He raises it, jabbing it in Krash’s direction, but the motion is weak! His grip falters, the shard drops from his grasp!

    And in a barely audible whisper, with the last of air in his lungs, Alyster speaks.

    “I quit.”

    Winner: Krash


    Mercifully, this one is over.

    Krash releases the hold, as Alyster slumps next to him. The jazzy bop seems positively dissonant as the ‘winner’ doesn’t move, as he stares into the bright lights above. Blood, wet and dried, covers nearly his entire face, dripping down his chest. Shakily, Krash pushes himself away from the carnage, away from the body of a man he once called a friend. He may have won, but at what cost?

    After a minute, Alyster finally shows signs of life, lifting his head to stare at Krash. His expression is unreadable, incomprehensible. Krash stares back, breathing heavily.

    Krash nods once, a nod of hesitance, of hopefulness. A nod that hopes, that prays, that this is it. This is the end of the road they went down.

    Alyster stares.

    Barely nods back.

    Then rests his head back down.

    “Popular Monster” plays out and Kayden Knox slowly walks out wearing his signature mask with a crack in one eye of the mask.

    Rod Sterling: Here comes the right hand man for The Afflicted Alliance and as usual he looks ready for war

    Daniella Kennedy: Tonight he has the opportunity of a lifetime getting a shot at the Gauntlet championship

    Christian Quinn: He’d be doing the Afflicted Alliance proud walking out of here with the gold

    Knox enters the ring and removes the mask, then he tosses it aside and awaits the arrival of his opponent.

    “New Adventure” plays and the mood in the room changes as Yuna Funanori struts out with the FWA Gauntlet Championship wrapped snugly around her waist.

    Daniella Kennedy: Here comes the new Gauntlet champion, Yuna! Now a two time Gauntlet champion, her first reign she was the inaugural champion before dropping it to Danny Toner in her first defense

    Christian Quinn: For her sake I hope she can right the wrong of that previous defense but she’ll have her hands full with an extremely focused Kayden Knox

    Rod Sterling: I know this sounds odd, and incredibly random, but do you remember that woman that was Blackbird’s assistant, Cheryl? Doesn’t Yuna bear a striking resemblance to that woman?

    Christian Quinn: Cheryl? That doesn’t ring a bell, what are you even on about Sterling? Forget about that! There’s a gauntlet championship match about to take place and you’re sitting here rambling on about some non existent woman!

    Rod Sterling: I swear that she exists! Why won't anyone believe me?!

    Daniella Kennedy: Can we just move on from this, please?

    Yuna is in the ring and stands atop the turnbuckle looking out at the sea of fans cheering her on. She hops down and hands over her championship before removing her coat and hat while announcements are made.

    Kurt Harrington: The following match is scheduled for one fall and it is for the FWA Gauntlet Championship! Introducing first the challenger, from Sin City, representing The Afflicted Alliance…”The Afflicted” Kayden Knox!

    Mixed reaction for the challenger who hasn’t taken his eyes off Yuna.

    Kurt Harrington: and his opponent, from Tokyo, Japan by way of the Isle of Tortuga, and weighing in at 114 lb, the current reigning FWA Gauntlet Champion, she is “The Last Great Adventurer”...Yuna Funanori!

    The fans shower Yuna in more praise while she remains focused on Knox. The referee has the championship and holds it up high before handing it off to ringside and calls for the bll.

    FWA Gauntlet Championship
    Yuna's 1st Defense
    "The Last Great Adventurer" Yuna Funanori (c) vs. "The Afflicted" Kayden Knox
    Knox makes a beeline for Yuna but Yuna is ready and the two trade blows until Knox pushes Yuna to the corner and begins to stomp away at her! Knox backs away and gains himself some distance before charging in for a corner clothesline but Yuna slides out of the way in time and clubs Knox on the back with several forearm strikes! Yuna attempts a rear waistlock takedown, but Knox reverses that and spins behind Yuna with a rear waistlock of his own and immediately drops Yuna to the mat with a german suplex! Yuna feels the effects of that as she stumbles her way back to her feet right into the hands of Knox, who then brings her right back down to the mat with a belly to belly suplex! Knox makes a pin attempt but only gets a one count when Yuna gets a shoulder up and Knox quickly applies a side headlock in an attempt to keep the fast moving Yuna grounded and hopefully wears her out.

    Daniella Kennedy: These two did waste any time at all to get the action going!

    Christian Quinn: You got that right Daniella, but now Knox is playing it smart and trying to keep Yuna off her feet where she’s at her most dangerous with her quickness and agility

    Yuna is trying to fight her way free from the clutches of Knox, but Knox refuses to let her escape and tries to tighten his grip and attempts to choke the life out of her but somehow Yuna manages to squirm her way to the ropes and breaks up the hold with grab on to the bottom rope. Knox releases the hold but then he proceeds to stomp at her while using the ropes as leverage for his stomps. Knox grabs Yuna by her hair and drags her to her feet and goes for a suplex but Yuna flips out of it behind Knox and nails him with a standing dropkick to the back that sends him spiraling into the ropes! He bounces off the ropes and on the rebound Yuna hits Knox with an Anchor Drop! Spiked hurricanrana and Yuna quickly make the cover!



    Knox kicks out and rolls away from Yuna to try and find his bearings. Yuna lies in wait ready to strike and goes for Tsunami Fist, but Knox ducks underneath it and he counters with an inverted spike hurricanrana! This time he makes the cover hooking the leg.


    Rod Sterling: Knox dishes out a taste of her own medicine to Yuna with his variation of a spiked hurricanrana and just like he takes back control of the match!

    Yuna is crawling on all fours now in a daze while Knox stalks her and he thinks about going for Malice Intent, the curb stomp of his that has put away so many others in the past, but instead he drags her by the hair and tosses her in the corner and stomps away at her. Then he drags her away from the corner and he has her set up now for DOA, but Yuna scrambles off of him and from behind she shoves him towards the ropes with an o’connor roll rebound pin attempt!


    Knox kicks out and rolls through and quickly bows out to ringside to catch his bearings. He’s about to re-enter the ring but Yuna knocks him back with a baseball sliding kick! Then she hops on the apron and propels herself off the ropes and lands a picture perfect asai moonsault on Knox! Yuna composes herself and tosses Knox back inside the ring, and she’s back up on an apron and lies in wait as he gets up and she goes for the Black Pearl Forearm, but Knox avoids it and ducks underneath as Yuna catches herself and rolls through and just as she turns around Knox drills her with a jumping high knee strike! Yuna is stunned and Knox has her in position...DOA! Dead on Arrival detonation kick! He makes the cover!


    Yuna kicks out!

    Daniella Kennedy: The resilience of Yuna is on display! She refuses to stay down much to the dismay of Knox who thought he had it in the bag!

    Knox pounds the mat in frustration while Yuna is trying to get back on her feet as she’s in a corner now and Knox goes for a helluva kick, but Yuna slides out of the way and Knox hits the corner hard! Yuna hits Knox with a dragon suplex! That seems to have taken some wind out of her sails however as she is slow back to her feet and climbs up top looking to end it with Davey Jones Elbow drop, but Knox manages to knock her off and crotches her on the corner! He drags off the corner and tosses her to the mat. He’s thinking Malice Intent and as Yuna is slowly on all fours he goes for it, but she pops up just in time and catches him with Pirate’s Plunge! Spanish fly!

    Rod Sterling: Yuna must have been playing possum there and she came back with an amazing counter with the spanish fly!

    Christian Quinn: Can she capitalize on it?!

    Yuna proceeds to climb up top and leaps off...the Davey Jones elbow drop finds its mark! Yuna hooks the far leg for the pin!


    Winner and STILL Gauntlet Champion: Yuna Funanori

    There’s a positive reaction as the first of our three newcomers makes his way onto the stage. Kai Urigawa surveys the audience, a determined and focused look on his face, and the reaction is mostly positive as the fans have quickly become enamoured with his hard-hitting style. He nods his head in self-belief and begins walking down towards the ring.

    Rod Sterling: “Here comes Kai Urigawa, the first of our six competitors here in this tag match, who came up just short in a recent triple threat match on Fight Night against Dan Maskell and Reagan Cole…”

    Daniella Kennedy: “That’s right, Rod. And those are the two men that Urigawa will have to team with here tonight, and against three hungry adversaries in the Afflicted Alliance.”

    Kai has climbed into the ring and stands in the middle of it, loosening up his joints and staring off towards the entrance. His music fades out and is replaced by…

    Reagan Cole has a smile on his face when he looks around the arena, but when his eyes are locked onto the man in the ring his expression shifts into an uncertain one. He begins to stomp down the ramp, towards his pay-per-view debut...

    Rod Sterling: “A finalist on Ground Zeroes and an immensely popular one at that, Reagan Cole makes his way to the ring for his first appearance on FWA pay-per-view…”

    Christian Quinn: “The British Apprentice has a lot to prove tonight, also failing to secure victory in his debut triple threat match against his partners here tonight…”

    Cole slides into the ring and walks straight past Kai before climbing up to the second rope to pose for the fans. He appreciates their appreciation. Finally, he hops down into the middle of the ring and stands in the corner, eyes off up the ramp whilst his music fades out…

    Dan Maskell appears to boos raining down into the arena. He doesn’t seem to care, and slowly saunters to the ring with a sneer on his face. He ignores the jeering fans as he continues down the ramp, looking at the two men already in the ring with distaste.

    Rod Sterling: “Well, if there’s any one of these three men who surely enjoys this concept least, it’s Dan Maskell…”

    Daniella Kennedy: “Well, I don’t think any of these men are enamoured with the idea, but Maskell in particular looks dumbfounded at the prospect of two men he went to war with very recently.”

    Maskell climbs into the ring and eyes up his two partners reproachfully from the opposite corner of it. As his entrance music begins to fade, the three of them look up to the ramp…

    There’s an instant wave of booing as the opening chords of the song play, and this is doubled down upon when three men saunter into the arena. There is Michael Garcia in the middle, confident and assured of himself and huge. Either side of him is one member of The Undisputed Alliance. Jackson Fenix nods his head in self-approval as the audience jeer.

    Behind them, a few moments later, appears Lord Vincent. The three antagonists barely seem to notice him, and have eyes only for their opponents. They begin to slowly walk down to the ring in single file.

    Rod Sterling: “It’s been an interesting few weeks for Michael Garcia and the Undisputed Alliance. Of course, Garcia won and lost the championship since tying himself to the group, and now the group finds themselves in a match against three newcomers with nothing to tie them together but their debut match.”

    Christian Quinn: “And it’ll be interesting to see what role Lord Vincent plays in this match. He cuts an almost cuckolded figure as he follows The Afflicted Alliance to the ring, waiting outside it as his charges climb in. I wonder how much power Lord Vincent still has, with Mike Garcia pulling his strings…”

    Daniella Kennedy: “One thing is certain: The Afflicted Alliance NEEDS to return to winning ways tonight, if they are to reassert themselves as a force in the FWA.”

    The Alliance is in the ring, and when their music fades out their three opponents climb into the opposite corner. The official has words with all six men as he makes his final checks, and then when he is happy he calls for the bell.

    Six-Man Tag Team Match
    The Afflicted Alliance (Mike Garcia, Nate Savage, Jackson Fenix) vs. Kai Urigawa, Dan Maskell, and Reagan Cole.
    This one starts off with Nate Savage and Kai Urigawa, and the two engage in some heavy strikes to open up the action. Savage hits a trio of hard European uppercuts, but Kai fights back with forearms and a headbut, only for Savage to rock him with a headbutt of his own, and some stiff kicks to the sides. Savage is eventually able to overwhelm Urigawa with his striking game, and then pulls the newcomer over to his corner and tags in Fenix. Fenix jumps over the top rope and nails a few boots to Urigawa as Savage holds him in an abdominal stretch, and then he takes him over with a snap suplex. Fenix goes for a cover in the middle of the ring, but Urigawa gets a shoulder up at one, and Fenix slaps on a headlock.

    Rod Sterling: “The Afflicted Alliance, and more specifically the Undisputed part of that, showing off why they’re multiple time tag team champions in multiple companies, and they seem to already have Kai Urigawa where they want him…”

    Christian Quinn: “But Urigawa was already proved a lot in his short stay here in the FWA. He’s not one to be counted out…”

    Indeed, Kai fights up to his feet, and then he backs Fenix up into the ropes, before throwing him into the opposite set and then hitting him upon re-approach with a standing dropkick! Fenix is straight up and attempts a clothesline, but Urigawa ducks it and picks Jackson’s wrist, and then hits him with a ripcord overhand chop! Fenix goes down to a knee, and Urigawa follows up with a gut wrench suplex! It earns him a two-count, and then Kai tags in Dan Maskell.

    Daniella Kennedy: “As we see the Heretic introduced in this one, it’s time to remark upon the strange bedfellows nature of this match. We say these three men - Maskell, Urigawa, Cole - do battle against one another a short time ago, and now they are expected to team up against the experienced trio of Garcia, Fenix, and Savage…”

    Maskell is straight over to Fenix, hitting him immediately with the XYZ crash (Regal-plex) and going for a cover. He gets a two, and then tries to slap on an armbar, Fenix forced to get to the ropes and force a break. Maskell is straight back over to him, and Jackson tries to fire off with a kick to the side, which Maskell catches… only for Fenix to hit him with an enziguri! The Heretic goes down to one knee, and Fenix tags Savage back in. Savage quickly climbs in and charges, towards Maskell… who hits him with a flapjack! He lifts Savage to his feet, and then drops him back down with his Ready or Not neckbreaker! Again he goes for a cover, but Nate Savage is able to force a shoulder up. Maskell gets to his feet, and makes a tag to Reagan Cole. Cole gets into the ring and instantly picks Savage’s legs as if going for a Boston crab. Nate kicks him away and then scrambles to his feet, going for a wild clothesline on The British Apprentice. Cole ducks it, and then hits a belly-to-back suplex! Reagan lifts Nate up and throws him into the ropes, before nailing a single leg drop kick! Nate Savage hits the mat and the audience gives Cole a round of applause!

    Rod Sterling: “You mentioned that these three might be harbouring some ill will towards one another, Daniella, but we haven’t really seen much of that so far…”

    Daniella Kennedy: “Indeed, another quick tag brings Kai Urigawa back into the match, and Kai goes back to work with some stomps on Savage…”

    Afterwards, Urigawa lifts Savage up by the scruff of the neck and doubles him over with a boot to the midsection. He applies a front face lock and hooks an arm, perhaps going for a suplex. Savage blocks it by dropping to a knee, and then he takes Urigawa over with a suplex of his own… and then he makes the tag to Garcia!

    Savage rolls under the bottom rope as Garcia climbs over the top one, and instantly Urigawa charges over towards the big man as if to catch him off balance. Big Mike simply lifts up a leg, taking Kai down with a big boot! Maskell charges the ring, but Garcia has a lariat for him! He turns around to see Cole on the top rope, and the Brit leaps off it with an attempted crossbody… but Garcia simply catches him in mid-air, and then he throws him over with a fall-away slam!!

    Kai Urigawa is back to his feet, and he charges over to Mike Garcia, who catches him about the throat. He looks to be shaping up for a chokeslam, but Urigawa fights out of it through a stiff kick to Garcia’s shins. Urigawa then charges at the ropes… but Garcia lifts him up and slams him down with a Samoan drop! He gets a two-count!

    What follows is a lengthy period of domination from the team of the Afflicted Alliance. In time-honoured fashion, they divide the ring in half and punctuate their attacks with frequent attacks, keeping each man fresh as they continue to wear Kai Urigawa down. Mike Garcia hits a few of his favoured power moves, each one taking a heavy toll on Kai. Most notably, the Monster of the Midway hits his full-nelson bomb, which would’ve surely got close to a three if not for the cocky pin employed afterwards. Later on he nails his military press into a Samoan drop, which very nearly wins the match for them, but for an interruption from Dan Maskell at two and a half. The official quickly backs The Heretic over into the corner, and in the ensuing confusion both members of the Undisputed Alliance take to the ring in order to lay a beatdown on Urigawa with a flurry of stomps and forearms…

    Speaking of ganging up, the Undisputed Alliance manage to move through a large portion of their double team repertoire during the match. Their frequent tags allow them to utilize the ensuing five count very well, and the duo are able to get near-falls with double-team DDT as well as their atomic drop followed by a superkick from Jackson Fenix. Additionally, they wear him down as individuals, focusing a lot of their attack on the neck and head area. Fenix’s highlight reel includes a picture perfect Michinoku driver and a second rope Falcon Arrow, both of which earn him two counts. Savage, meanwhile, focuses on the ground and pound, striking away at Kai’s neck with boots and elbows and headbutts. Garcia punctuates this with lengthy restholds, including a reverse chin lock that seemingly goes on forever.

    It is after this chin lock that Kai manages to nearly escape for the first time. Using the crowd’s enthusiasm as motivation, he forces himself up to his feet and Garcia to the ropes, flinging him into the opposite set only for Big Mike to take him down easily with a shoulder block. When Garcia lifts him up and looks to be going for a suplex, though, Kai surprises him with a small package that gets him two and a bit. Afterwards, Urigawa ducks an attempted clothesline and goes into a rear waistlock, showing impressive strength with an O’Conner roll German suplex. He releases, and begins to crawl to his corner… only for the Undisputed Alliance to appear and drag him back to their own! Maskell and Reagan are furious, and try to enter the ring, and the official does his best to keep order…

    Rod Sterling: “And now the dogs descend! A double suplex from the Undisputed Alliance, and they scarper away as the referee refocuses himself…”

    Garcia picks up the pieces, and the trio continue to dominate. At another stage, Urigawa manages a dropkick out of nowhere on Jackson Fenix, but Fenix recovers and is able to hit a Dragon suplex on Kai as he attempts to reach for a tag. At another stage, Kai DOES get a tag, but the referee doesn’t see it, busy with Nate Savage on the other side of the ring, who is trying to come in when he senses Urigawa is about to escape their clutches. The referee forces Dan Maskell out of the ring, which enrages him, but again The Afflicted Alliance are able to keep their momentum.

    That is until, though, Jackson Fenix somewhat uncharacteristically climbs the top rope, and crashes and burns when attempting an elbow drop. The commentators and the fans alike sense that it’s the opportunity that Kai has been waiting for, and he crawls towards his corner…

    But in comes Savage, who picks his boot and drags him away… but Kai hops to his feet, and then nails Savage with a step-up enziguri!!

    And then he tags in Cole! Just as Fenix tags in the big man!

    Cole leaps over the top rope and takes out Garcia at the knees with a low drop kick! Garcia stumbles forward, and Reagan hits the ropes, before nailing him in the side of the head with a single leg drop kick! Savage is back into the ring, charging at Cole, but The British Apprentice hits him with the Kickstart! The front chop block has Savage down and holding his knee joints in agony. Cole is back to his feet, and he notices Fenix is on the outside… so he hits the ropes… suicide dive! He takes Fenix out on the outside, and then rolls back into the ring… Kickstart for Garcia too!!

    Rod Sterling: “What a burst of energy from Reagan Cole! He was perpetual motion there!!”

    Christian Quinn: “And now he’s sizing up Mike Garcia… he’s been waiting to get into this match for a long time…”

    Rod Sterling: “And in comes Savage!! But he’s wiped out by Dan Maskell!! A big clothesline has both men sprawling on the outside…”

    As Savage and Maskell trade blows on the outside, Garcia is up to his feet, and in comes Cole with a series of clubbing forearms to the chest… and then he charges to the opposite set of ropes…

    Rod Sterling: “The Rhino’s Rage!! He nails the Kotaro Krusher!”

    Daniella Kennedy: “He goes for the cover…”

    Christian Quinn: “NO!! Jackson Fenix slides into the ring and leaps onto the pin! He breaks it up at two!”

    And then on the outside, we see Savage hurl Maskell first into the barricade, and then secondly over the steel steps! He tumbles over them and into a heap on the floor!

    Savage slides into the ring, where Fenix has lifted Cole up to his feet. Savage signals that it’s time for this one to end, and busies himself with lifting Cole up into position…

    Rod Sterling: “Looks like they’re going for the Undisputed Ending! There’ll be no way back from that for Reagan Cole!”

    Daniella Kennedy: “But look at Lord Vincent… he’s up on the apron!”

    Christian Quinn: “What is that idiot doing now?!”

    Whatever his intentions, he succeeds only in distracting Jackson Fenix for long enough for Kai Urigawa to reach his legs from under the bottom rope. Fenix falls face-first onto the mat, and then Urigawa drags him out. Kai takes him by the scruff of the neck and launches him into the steel ring post!”

    Rod Sterling: “And it looks like that may have been Kai Urigawa’s very last bit of energy! He slumps to the ground after the exertion!”

    But back in the ring, Cole has wriggled free of Savage’s grasp, and reverses his half of the Undisputed Ending into a DDT! Savage is spiked head-first into the mat, and the crowd goes wild! Reagan Cole shakes away the cobwebs before getting to his feet…

    And he’s taken out by a huge big boot from Michael Garcia!!

    Rod Sterling: “Out of nowhere!”

    Christian Quinn: “You should never forget about Michael Garcia!”

    Reagan Cole learns that the hard way, and he’s lifted up by Garcia only to be slammed back down to the mat with a hellacious chokeslam. Garcia isn’t done there, hoisting Cole up to his feet once more…

    Rod Sterling: “The Pittsburgh Pendulum!!”

    Daniella Kennedy: “You might as well count to a hundred…”

    The referee only does the first three, and then he calls for the bell…

    Winners: The Afflicted Alliance by pinfall at 13:46.

    Cole rolls out of the ring as Mike Garcia gets to his feet. Eventually, he is joined in the ring by Jackson Fenix, who rouses his tag team partner. The three men stand in the middle of the ring as Mike Garcia’s music begins to play once again. The official lines up next to them, and lifts their hands into the air.

    Rod Sterling: “An unhappy ending her for the FWA fans, but there’s no denying that the Afflicted Alliance looked mightily impressive here tonight…”

    Christian Quinn: “I don’t think anyone would deny that, Rod. But for a flourish of offence at the end by this team of newcomers, Mike Garcia’s team were pretty dominant in that encounter…”

    Daniella Kennedy: “We saw glimmers of teamwork from the newcomers here tonight, but you’d have to think that battle the three of them had just a few weeks ago was still weighing heavily on their minds…”

    We get a shot each of the defeated combatants: Kai in a heap on the outside, Cole finally coming to with the official standing over him, and Dan Maskell raging as he walks up the ramp. We return to the three victorious men in the ring, sharing fist bumps as we fade to the back.

    When we return to the arena, we find ourselves with the commentary team at ringside…

    Rod Sterling: “Well, ladies and gentlemen, we will indeed be returning to in-ring action now, but… with a twist…”

    Christian Quinn: “Oh boy…”

    Rod Sterling: “Oh boy, indeed… it’s now time for the Madman’s Mayhem Match…”

    Daniella Kennedy: “And none of us are exactly certain what that will entail, but a press release from Konchu’s legal team, which was written on what appeared to be medical paper, said that it would be brought to us live from an undisclosed location…”

    Rod Sterling: “That’s right, Daniella… and the time for us to go there is right now…”


    We cut to exterior shot at dusk, the moon rising above a large but unspectacular building. It is white and cubic and looks vaguely Soviet. In front of it, a sign reliably informs us that we are at EAST SPRINGS SANITORIUM. Some of the windows are smashed, and none of the lights are on.

    A Ford Focus arrives at the location and parks in the lot. Out of it steps FWA official Jed Hutchins, but instead of the regular black-and-white uniform he is wearing a white lab coat. He steps up towards the building, feigning confidence, and from his pocket he takes out a set of old keys on a large ring. He pushes open the door and turns on the lights, and inside is revealed a huge hospital ward. There are beds lining the walls… but in the middle is an old, decrepit, but fully-functioning wrestling ring. Jed leaves the key next to the door and walks towards the ring.

    Back outside, a motorbike pulls up next to the Ford. A man gets off it and removes his helmet: it is Gerald Grayson. Back in the arena, we can hear a loud pop for Grayson, but he looks hesitant as he walks into the ward and surveys his surroundings. Slowly and cautiously, he climbs into the ring in the middle of the room.

    The next exterior shot shows a spaceship next to the Ford and the motorbike, and walking towards the building are two figures. One wears a defaced championship belt around his waist. As Uncle J.J. JAY! walks into the ward he looks thoroughly unimpressed at his surroundings. Quiet, at his side, shakes his head in disapproval. JAY! walks with both purpose and confidence towards the ring and climbs into it.

    Finally, Konchu appears out of a door, and for a moment we see a long corridor behind him. He is wearing a white coat too, but his is covered in large red stains. He laughs happily to himself as he closes the door, and begins to wander towards his opponents.

    When Konchu is in the ring, he nods at the referee and allows him to get on with his final checks. He does so and seems satisfied, collecting the belt from J.J. JAY! and parading it around for the fans to see. Finally, he places the belt on the apron, has one more look around the eerie main ward of the sanatorium, and then signals that the match has begun.

    Madman’s Mayhem Match
    X Championship
    ‘Cosmic Horror’ Uncle J.J. JAY! (w/ Quiet) [c] vs. ‘The Mad Wizard’ Konchu Hao vs. Gerald Grayson.
    All three men step forward from their corners, and circle it tentatively, trying to keep an eye on each of their opponents. They come to another halt when they are in different corners, and again look on in an uneasy fashion at each of the other competitors in the match in turn. Gerald takes a deep breath, suddenly quite unsure of himself and his surroundings as he contemplates the uphill battle in front of him. Afterwards, he decides to ignore the usual opening formalities of a more traditional match, and just launches himself at Konchu Hao, he hits him with a stiff kick to the side, followed by a European uppercut and then a kick to the midsection. It doubles Hao over, and JAY! - clearly quite happy with how the opening is progressing - takes a step back to his corner. Grayson backs Hao up into the ropes and hurls him to the opposite set. He goes for a clothesline, but Hao is able to duck it and continue his run… and gets hit with a dropkick upon re-approach! Grayson is straight back to his feet, lifting Hao up in a front facelock, and then sending him over with a snap suplex!

    Rod Sterling: “The way that Grayson popped the hips there was beautiful. A textbook maneuver there from the man from Raleigh… It appears that, despite being surrounded by the sterile white walls of a sanatorium he’s quite happy to return to basics with a classic wrestling move... And now he’s into the lateral press…”


    Hao is able to get a shoulder up, and at the same time (or very shortly afterwards) JAY! emerges from his corner and drags Grayson off by the ankle. He proceeds to drop and elbow to Hao, which sends the Mad Wizard rolling towards the ropes. Uncle JAY! focuses on Grayson, who has scrambled back to his feet, but JAY! rocks him with a knife-edge chop… and then a second… a forearm rocks Grayson backwards, and The Cosmic Horror throws himself off the ropes… charging headbutt! Grayson hits the mat, and JAY! is on him with a cover…


    T - - NO!

    Christian Quinn: “Grayson gets the shoulder up, there, and this is an interesting dynamic between these two. Uncle J.J. JAY! and Gerald Grayson have teamed together in the past, and I think it’s fair to say that The Cosmic Horror has expressed an interest in a more regular partnership…”

    Daniella Kennedy: “I’m not sure Grayson is quite so enamoured, though, and when the X Division Championship is on the line, I think all such alliances go out the window anyway…”

    JAY! has lifted Gerald up to his feet and throws him with an Irish whip into a corner. The champion wanders over towards him, but before he makes it Konchu Hao turns him around and nails him with an overhand chop, then a stiff forearm, and finally a boot to the midsection. He hooks both of The Cosmic Horror’s arms and takes him over with a butterfly suplex. He neglects the cover, instead focussing on Gerald Grayson, who is still prone in the corner. Hao hits him with a knife edge chop, and then a forearm, and then another chop… he repeats this perhaps a half-dozen times, before unleashing a heavy headbutt on Grayson, sending him into a seated position in the corner. Hao charges off the ropes, perhaps going for a low drop kick… but JAY! comes out of nowhere! He takes him out with a clothesline, and then drags Grayson to his feet from the corner. The Cosmic Horror hits him with a European uppercut, which sends Gerald reeling towards the ropes. JAY! charges off the opposite set, and then sends him over the top and to the outside with a clothesline! Gerald sprawls about on the concrete flooring, using a nearby hospital bed to get himself to his feet.

    JAY! turns around to address Hao once more, but Konchu is waiting for him with a double-leg take down. The Mad Wizard is on him quickly with a heavy series of forearm strikes, and afterwards he begins to try and lock in an arm bar. JAY! realizes his peril and begins to squirm over towards the ropes, but even when he’s able to reach them it doesn’t matter: Madman’s Mayhem means no disqualifications, and the count doesn’t begin. JAY! continues to squirm, and eventually falls out of the ring. Hao has to release the hold, but he rolls under the bottom rope with The Cosmic Horror and lays in a trio of stomps. He picks up the champion and throws him towards the nearby steel ring steps, JAY! hitting them heavily and flying over the top! Hao takes no time to celebrate, instead walking around the steps towards his prone opponent…

    And Grayson comes out of nowhere, nailing him upside his head with a bedpan!! He must have found it beneath one of the beds...

    Rod Sterling: “Konchu may be out cold!! Gerald is taking this one extreme and introducing a foreign object into proceedings!”

    Daniella Kennedy: “Somewhat surprising, Rod… You may remember in a tag match between Grayson, MvH, and I think Parr and Krash, where Gerald stopped his partner from using a steel chair when the referee was incapacitated…”

    Christian Quinn: “That’s true, Daniella, but this is a former X Division Champion that you are talking about. Gerald Grayson has no problem getting a little hardcore when the rules of the match allow it… And it doesn’t really appear as if this match has any rules!”

    Grayson immediately pins Konchu. Even though they’re on the outside on the floor of the ward, the referee is there to make the count…




    JAY! breaks up the pinfall attempt with a stomp. He is straight back onto Gerald, lifting him up and Irish whipping him hard into an adjacent plaster wall. It threatens to budge under Grayson’s weight, but just about manages to stand firm. JAY! follows up with knife edge chop after knife edge chop, perhaps a dozen in total until Gerald’s chest has an obscene red handprint across it. JAY! grabs him in a front face lock and drags him away from the wall in between two hospital beds. He doubles him over with a boot to the midsection, and then hooks both of GG’s arms…

    Rod Sterling: “Uncle JAY! perhaps looking for his patented double underhook DDT here… but Gerald Grayson drops to a knee to block it. He knows it could be lights out if this hits… and then he reverses with a Northern Lights suplex! Bridges into a beautiful cover…”




    JAY! is able to get a shoulder up, and Grayson takes a moment to shake loose the cobwebs. When he gets up, he decides to re-focus his attention on Hao. He lifts Konchu up, and attempts to start dragging him around the ring. Hao is wise to it, though, and he quickly lifts a knee into Grayson’s toreso… and then a reverse DDT! On the outside! Hao is up to his feet and staggering over towards JAY! on the other side of the ring. He takes a moment to compose himself… and then Uncle JAY! rolls him up with a small package!




    Daniella Kennedy: “Uncle JAY! almost stealing one there with the roll-up, and both men are quickly to their feet now…”

    Uncle JAY!, almost manic, reaches for a nearby medical cabinet… and emerges with a syringe! He charges at Konchu… but fortunately Konchu lifts him off his feet, and drops him face first onto the ring apron. The syringe flies out of sight and, back in the arena, the audience breathes a collective sigh of relief.

    Hao grabs Uncle by the wrist and tugs him towards him, trying to hit a short arm lariat, but JAY! ducks it, and then he nails the turning Hao with a straight right hand. He takes him by the scruff of the neck and throws him into the plaster wall that Gerald hit earlier… and Konchu flies straight through it!! He lands in a bizarre room that is brightly lit, and looks almost as if one might be subject to the Ludovico technique had the sanatorium been operational. Violent imagery is being projected onto one of the large white walls. In the middle of the room, a chair (apparently on wheels) waits for its occupant, straps on the arms and the legs to fix the unlucky soul into place. JAY!, almost as if he expected it to be there, lifts Konchu up immediately and drags him towards the chair… but Konchu fights out, nailing a series of elbows to Uncle’s side. JAY! is forced to release the hold… but before Hao can follow up, JAY! nails him with a kick to the stomach, and then a DDT!

    Konchu rolls away towards the ring, and JAY! rummages around for something fun to work with. Eventually, he finds an orbitoclast! He meanders towards Hao, who has rolled into the ring. JAY! climbs up the steps and follows him into the ring, but Hao rolls away from him and under the opposite set of ropes. Uncle follows him out, his lobotomy tool still in hand. Konchu lands in a heap just in front of one of the hospital beds, and JAY! follows him out. He lifts Hao to his feet and throws him over the bed. JAY! follows Hao around and gauges at Konchu’s temple with the orbitoclast! Hao does his best to fight him off, and eventually JAY! gives up the assault… but not before a thin stream of blood is opened up from Hao’s head.

    JAY! stands up straight, and even through the mask we can see he is smiling.

    Christian Quinn: “It looks as if Uncle JAY! has some bad ideas in mind, but I guess this is the sort of bedlam we’ve come to expect in the X Division…”

    JAY! is back around and on Konchu, and he hoists him to his feet before placing him onto the bed. He stands on it, and then lifts Hao up to a vertical base as well. It seems rickety beneath them. There are no mattresses on any of the beds, and we can only see the steel framing. JAY! lays in a pair of forearms, and then doubles Konchu over with a boot to the sternum. He hooks both arms, going for his double underhook DDT again, but Konchu senses danger and begins to struggle. He fights out of the front face lock and emerges with wrist control, dragging JAY! towards him once for a shoulder block, and then a second time with a clothesline. JAY! goes down to one knee, the two still precariously positioned on top of the hospital bed. Konchu looks down at JAY!, wondering what he is to do with The Cosmic Horror…

    When Gerald Grayson appears from nowhere, grabbing Konchu by the ankles and pulling him off the bed. Hao lands face first against the steel framing, before Grayson hurles him into the nearby steel ring post! Konchu lands on the mat, and Grayson turns towards JAY!. He drags the X Division Champion off the hospital bed and throws him into the ring apron, and then takes him in a front face lock. He quickly hoists JAY! up into the air… BRAINBUSTER! On the concrete ward floor!! Back in the arena, the crowd goes wild as the champion lands in a heap and Grayson gets up to his feet…

    Rod Sterling: “That devastating move, coupled with Hao currently being incapacitated on the outside, could result in Gerald Grayson becoming a two-time X Division Champion here tonight…”

    Christian Quinn: “But it doesn’t look like Grayson is going for the cover?”

    Daniella Kennedy: “No he isn’t! Instead, he lifts JAY! to his feet and places him onto that steel bed frame… What does Grayson have in mind here?!”

    Just to be sure, GG grabs a nearby IV drip and wraps the wire around JAY!’s throat! He chokes him out for maybe fifteen seconds, and then turns towards the ring. He climbs up onto the apron and then through the ropes, before going to the corner near the prone JAY!…

    Christian Quinn: “This could end very badly for both Uncle JAY! and Gerald Grayson…”

    Rod Sterling: “There’s high-risk and then there’s suicide!”

    Grayson’s movements are slow after the exertions of the match, but eventually he is up onto the top rope. He takes what seems an eternity to stand up, staring down at JAY!’s prone body. He takes a moment to survey the sanatorium, taking a pair of deep breaths, before time seems to slow… he leaps through the air… and he nails a beautiful elbow drop! Straight into the champion’s heart, and the pair crash through the bed frame! Back in the arena, the crowd goes crazy, and after we get some intense shots of the two bodies amongst the debris, we finally see Grayson roll over and place an arm across JAY!’s shoulders…



    TH - - NO!!

    Rod Sterling: “Konchu Hao breaks it up!! Can you believe it?!”

    Christian Quinn: “Grayson almost had it, but now you’ve got to wonder if there’s any way that Konchu Hao can lose! He has BOTH men exactly where he wants them!”

    Konchu lifts Gerald up and throws him under the bottom rope into the ring. He takes one more look at Uncle JAY!, shakes his head, and then climbs in after Grayson. Hao looms over the former X Division Champion for a second, and to his credit GG rolls over onto his front and begins to crawl towards the ropes. He places his hands around the middle one and then drags himself to his feet. He turns around and observes Hao, and the two men come together…

    Hao goes for a clothesline, but Gerald is able to duck it and go behind into a hammer lock. He wrenches at the joint, but then Konchu begins to fight out with a stiff elbow to the side of Gerald’s head. GG releases the hammer lock, but maintains a rear waistlock, and then bundles Konchu forwards towards a set of ropes. He is looking for an O’Conner roll, but Hao hooks onto the ropes with his arms and GG rolls backwards without him. Gerald is back to his feet… and Hao turns him inside out with a clothesline!! Gerald lands on his front somehow, and in the arena the crowd roars with appreciation at Hao’s hard-hitting style! Konchu lifts Gerald up again… a trio of Mongolian chops… and then the Savate Kick! Grayson hits the mat, and Konchu goes for a cover…



    THR - - NO!

    Rod Sterling: “Gerald somehow gets a shoulder up!”

    Daniella Kennedy: “Impressive resilience on display from Grayson there, and Hao must once again go to the well…”

    Konchu sucks in a couple of deep lung-fulls of oxygen before he is able to get to his feet. He proceeds by stomping on Grayson a few times and then backing up into the corner. He is waiting patiently for Grayson to return to his feet, on his haunches and ready to pounce. Gerald turns over to his front and then slowly, excruciatingly slowly, gets up to a vertical base… Konchu charges in, looking to take Gerald’s head off with a second clothesline, but Gerald ducks it! Konchu turns around into a step-up enziguri! Konchu is staggered, and Gerald hits the ropes… shining wizard!! He gets all of it, and Hao is on his back! Gerald hooks the leg…



    TH - - NO!

    Hao powers out! Gerald can’t believe it, and he looks at the official with a wild look in his eyes. After he lets his frustration be known, he rolls out of the ring, the opposite side to where JAY! still lies on his back looking at the lights. Grayson pulls up another hospital bed, and its noticeable that this one has a very thin mattress upon it. He sets it up about a metre from the apron and parallel to it. Afterwards, he rolls back in and takes Hao by the scruff of the neck, lifting him up to his feet. He pulls him over towards the corner and slams him head first onto the top turnbuckle. He follows up with a pair of forearms, and then climbs out onto the apron, dragging Hao out with him. Grayson doubles him over with a boot to the stomach, and then pulls Hao’s head between his legs, gripping him around the sternum…

    Rod Sterling: “I don’t know what Grayson is thinking here?! Perhaps a powerbomb? Piledriver?”

    Christian Quinn: “Whatever it is, it looks dangerous… This could end VERY badly for Konchu Hao…”

    Konchu seems to know that too, and he drops down onto his knee… Gerald releases his hold, and then lifts a knee up into Konchu’s face! Hao is staggered again, and Gerald takes him in a front face lock… DDT onto the apron! Hao hits it hard-first and lands in a heap! Grayson takes him by the scruff of the neck and drags him off onto the outside, and then places him onto the bed...

    Rod Sterling: “Is Gerald Grayson thinking the same thing again? One for Uncle JAY!, and now one for Konchu too?!”

    Daniella Kennedy: “He had success before, but I wonder if maybe Grayson is going back to the same well once too often…”

    GG does indeed roll back into the ring. He climbs, more slowly than ever, towards the top rope and eventually he finds himself standing on the top. Hao is still laid out on the bed, and it doesn’t look like he’s going to be ready to move any time soon. Just as he did before, Grayson looks out over his opponent’s body slowly and takes a deep breath, preparing himself mentally for the leap…

    … but JAY! comes out of nowhere and throws himself to a nearby set of ropes, knocking Grayson off balance and causing him to land in a heap amongst the ropes in the corner! JAY! is quickly on him, gripping the top rope and nailing stomp after stomp until Grayson finally falls down onto the mat. JAY! isn’t done there, lifting Grayson up and dragging him to the centre of the ring… Double Underhook DDT! He finally manages to hit the move, and now he goes for a cover…



    THR - - NO!!

    Christian Quinn: “Konchu Hao rolls back into the ring and throws himself onto the pin!! This one seemed over!!”

    Rod Sterling: “Two and ninety nine one hundredths there for Uncle JAY!!! I thought his reign with the, um, Triple J Championship was going to continue, but Konchu Hao plays the great rescuer and this one isn’t over yet…”

    Hao is slowly up to his feet, and he tries to lift JAY! up to his too... but the champion fires off a forearm, and then a big headbutt! Hao is staggered, and tries to fire back with a headbutt of his own… but JAY! almost seems to absorb it! He hurls himself into a nearby set of ropes… discus clothesline! Hao is taken off his feet, and JAY! takes a moment to survey his handiwork, the crowd showing their appreciation for the three men in the ring…

    And then JAY!’s eyes focus on the bed set up on the outside. After a moment’s pause, he climbs out and walks around it, Quiet emerging at his side. He hands over a small bottle, and JAY! takes it in his hands, loosening the cap, and then pouring a clear liquid over the bed’s mattress... The crowd back in the stadium goes manic as they realise what’s about to happen!

    Rod Sterling: “Is that?!”

    Daniella Kennedy: “Oh NO, Rod! This is going too far!!”

    JAY! looks at Quiet and nods his head before beginning to walk back to the ring via the steel steps. Quiet steps up to the bed and takes out of his jacket pocket a matchbox, lighting one and dropping it onto the mattress. It takes up in flame immediately, and JAY! looks back at it before climbing through the ropes…

    Where Hao is waiting for him with an STO!! JAY! is taken over, and Hao is able to get to his feet, finding that Gerald is stirring too…

    And then both of them see the bed on fire...

    They charge at one another, almost instinctively, on nothing but adrenaline, and Gerald goes for a wild clothesline. Hao ducks it and goes into a rear waistlock, lifting Grayson up and dropping him onto his head with a German suplex. Hao gets up and hoists Grayson up in a front facelock… he drags Grayson over towards the set of ropes nearest the flaming bed! The arena-bound crowd gasps, and when Hao drags GG out onto the apron they reach fever pitch. Hao hits him with a trio of European uppercuts, staggering Grayson and forcing him to use the top rope to stop himself falling backwards into the fire. Hao mixes it up with a boot to the stomach, and then takes a step back to the corner and drags GG with him. Hao climbs up into a seated position on the top turnbuckle, his feet on the second rope. He drags GG towards him and into position with his head between his legs. He tries to lift GG up after hooking both of his arms…

    Rod Sterling: “Is Konchu thinking of a double underhook piledriver here?! That bed is a little too close to comfort… Is there no fire extinguisher in this sanitorium?!”

    GG fights out of the hold, dragging himself down onto the apron after hooking his arms around the top rope. He fights back with a palm thrusted up at Hao, which rocks Konchu atop the top rope. Grayson wastes no time in climbing up with him, and then places Hao into a front face lock…

    Christian Quinn: “Gerald has ideas of his own, here… perhaps a superplex?!”

    Konchu hits half a dozen stiff right hands to Grayson’s side, and Gerald is eventually forced to release the hold. Hao rocks him with a big headbutt, and Grayson falls from the second rope and back onto the apron, taking a step back from Hao…

    … and then JAY! comes out of nowhere with a spear through the ropes!! THROUGH THE BURNING BED!! The frame smashes beneath the pile but the mattress continues to blaze!

    The crowd go absolutely crazy, a strong and vocal majority engaging in a HO-LY SHIT chant as Quiet emerges with a long overdue fire extinguisher. He first lets it loose on her client, and then shortly afterwards - as a mercy - on Grayson. With the damage done, he puts out the remnants of the fire amongst the debris…

    And then Hao solemnly climbs down from the top turnbuckle onto the apron. He uses the steel steps to reach the floor, and then slowly saunters over towards JAY!’s body…

    Rod Sterling: “And once again, Konchu Hao finds himself in a great position after Gerald Grayson and Uncle JAY! damn near kill each other!!”

    Hao lifts JAY! to his feet by the back of the neck and drags him around the ring. He eyes up the Ludovico room, and without thinking he throws JAY! into the chair.

    Konchu busies himself with the straps, all the while a maniacal laugh emerging from him. After a short time, he has Uncle fully strapped in, his arms and legs shackled in the chair.

    Konchu slowly walks around to the back of him, clicking off the brake and beginning to push JAY! in his chair. As if he has all the time in the world, Hao does a complete circuit of the ring, his demonic laugh echoing around the sanitorium as he goes.

    Christian Quinn: “Well, you say the battered body of Gerald Grayson as Konchu Hao completes this sordid little tour of the ward… I don’t think there’s anything standing between Hao and the X Division championship now!”

    Hao carts JAY! towards the end of the room, and he pushes it open. In front of them is a long corridor, and Konchu begins to push Uncle down it, towards an open door at the other head. He continues to throw back his head and laugh as he goes.

    Konchu Hao: “Kehahahaha! … Time for your treatment, you wretched little nutcase!”

    He arrives at the open door and pushes JAY! into it. As we pass, we see the number ‘101’ on the door It appears to be empty, but for a bucket and a cage, both of which are partially shrouded in shadow. There is a small fire in one corner of the room…

    Rod Sterling: “This isn’t like anything we’ve ever seen in the FWA before! What on earth has Konchu got in mind?!”

    Hao lifts up the small cage from the shadows and holds it in front of JAY!’s face. A rat begins to stir inside it. Hao laughs again, and then he lights a torch. Holding it up to the cage so that he can see what he is doing, he pours the rat into the bucket. He holds the bucket in one hand and the torch in the other, and then turns towards JAY! again...

    And Grayson comes out of nowhere! He takes Hao out with a shoulder block! The torch rolls away and so does the bucket, and the camera picks up the rat scuttling away to safety…

    Grayson picks Hao up and takes him back into the corridor. He throws him into the wall on one side of it, and then the wall on the other, all-the-while leading Hao towards the main ward. Konchu eventually falls into a heap inside the room, and Gerald takes him by the scruff of the neck. He throws him into the nearby steel ring-steps once again! Hao slumps into them, and Gerald drags him back into a clear space on the concrete floor with a front face-lock…

    Daniella Kennedy: “Is he thinking brainbuster again?! This could be devastating, and Uncle JAY! is seemingly out of contention…”

    No! Hao drives Gerald back into the steel ring post!! GG is forced to release the hold, and Hao doubles him over with a boot to the midsection… BACKDROP DRIVER!! On the concrete!!

    Rod Sterling: “Gerald Grayson was damn near broken in half with that move!!!”

    Christian Quinn: “But it doesn’t look like Hao is done there, Rod…”

    Indeed… Hao lifts Gerald up to his feet once again… he has wrist control… and he nails the ripcord rolling elbow smash!!

    Daniella Kennedy: “RASPUTIN’S REVENGE!! Konchu Hao gets all of it!!”

    Rod Sterling: “He hooks the leg!!”




    Ding ding!!

    Winner AND NEW X CHAMPION: Konchu Hao via pinfall at 22:46.

    Konchu Hao slumps into a heap next to Grayson, and it takes him quite a while to realize where he is and what he has just accomplished. The official is trying to shake him back to life as his theme music plays back in the arena…

    Rod Sterling: “Well, I don’t quite know how to describe what we just saw…”

    Daniella Kennedy: “But there’s only one thing that matters, Rod: Konchu Hao is the NEW FWA X Division Champion!!”

    Konchu looks down at the championship belt that the official is handing to him, and he takes it from the man in white. He looks at the gold for what feels like a long time. Then, almost reluctant to drag his eyes away from it, he looks around the sanatorium, his eyes finally resting on the main door…

    Rod Sterling: “It looks like Konchu Hao is just remembering about the existence of Uncle J.J. JAY!!”

    Christian Quinn: “Unfinished business…”

    Konchu gets up to his feet and stomps out of the main ward. He is holding his championship belt at his side as he wanders down the corridor, finally into Room 101 where he last saw JAY! … And he finds it empty. He looks back up the corridor, but already he knows that both JAY! and Quiet have scarpered.

    The footage ends with Hao looking down at his newly won belt, an open window behind him, the moon high above a quiet, still scene.

    Backstage now, we cut to Todd Salum who has a huge smile on his face. Todd is dressed in his normal suit, and he has his signature microphone in his hand.

    The camera zooms out to reveal who is standing next to him. The retaining FWA World Champion, Saint Sulley. Saint Sulley is alone, without either Kleio De Santos or Kujo next to him. However, he does still have that FWA World Championship hugged tightly against his now clothed chest. The champion is dressed in a pair of Adidas pants, and a black tank top.

    Todd Salum: Ladies in gentleman, for the first time in a long time, I am here with Saint Sulley! Sulley is coming off one of his biggest title defenses of his career so far, and quite arguably one of his toughest challenges yet. My question for Sulley is, what's next?

    Saint Sulley: Look Todd, you can say it was my toughest defense. I say that Gabrielle had no idea what she was getting into. There was a reason she taunted and danced around with that briefcase for the majority of the year. It was because she was afraid to fight me. I knew it, and I exposed it. Was she my toughest challenge yet? I don't know, look at the list of people I've beaten...Cyrus Truth, Nova Diamond, Alyster Black, Mike Garcia, and Gabrielle. All of them couldn't keep up, and some of those names are considered the best on the roster.

    Todd Salum: We've got Carnal Contendership coming up in the very next show. Who are you expecting to win, and who are you rooting for?

    Saint Sulley: I'll tell you who I'm rooting's Cyrus Truth. I would love to fight Cyrus again, because it'd be the easiest fight of my life. I already beat Cyrus, twice. I've proven I can beat him, and I've proven I'm better than him. But Cyrus has proved something too, and it's that he can't win at Back in Business. He's starred in three straight Back in Business main events, and he lost in all three of them. He lost to Ryan Rondo in the title unification match. He lost to Shannon O'Neal the year after, and then he lost to Chris Kennedy the year after that. Three straight losses at Back in Business. Do you know my record at Back in Business? It's 3-0. So yes, I'd love to have the guy who's 3-0 at the big show go up against the guy who's choked three straight times and is 0-3. So Cyrus, please win...please.

    Todd Salum: I see, so you are rooting for Cyrus? Who do you expect to win though, is it Cyrus still?

    Saint Sulley: No. Cyrus has been exposed too. There's a reason why he's down there and I'm up here. He can keep having his little feuds with jobbers like Eli Black to inflate his ego. Based on everything I see on social media, based one everything I see on Sportscenter, I'm expecting Krash or Michelle to win. Wrestler of the Year? Krash? Seriously? Did Krash hold the FWA World Championship for the entirety of the year minus 27 days? Did Krash slay Cyrus Truth, Mike Garcia, and Gabrielle? Did he do any of that?

    Explain to me how he was the better wrestler.

    I have dominated this company for two years.

    I get you're sick of me.

    I get you're sick of seeing my face...

    But to vote him over me is a downright lie. Everybody knows who the man on top is.

    It's not Krash.

    It's not Michelle.

    But people seem to think they're better than me. They better prove it.

    Nova Diamond thought he was better than me last year too. Look at where we're at today, he isn't even on the roster. I'm looking forward to doing the same thing to Krash or Michelle. People want to see them get a title shot so bad...

    Well Todd, be careful what you wish for.

    With that, smug Saint Sulley storms off leaving Todd bewildered.

    Todd: Be careful what I wish for?

    Kurt Harrington: Ladies and gentlemen...this match is scheduled for one fall, and is for the FWA North American CHAMPIONSHIP!

    Eli Black emerges from the back. He has a look of determination on his face like no other as he storms down to the ring.

    Rod Sterling: And here comes a man who's been rising through the FWA ranks. I don't know if a year ago anybody would've expected him to be going toe to toe with Cyrus Truth for a championship, but here we are.

    Christian Quinn: You're damn right Rod, and it's not even like Eli is the underdog going into this one. I mean yeah, Vegas Odds still have Cyrus over by just a tad, but Eli BEAT Cyrus already one on one at Mile High. That happened. Cyrus got one back over in the fatal four way match when he won the North American title, but by no means should we think that Cyrus has an easy go at it here.

    Daniella Kennedy: I actually picked Eli to win this one and become North American Champion. He reminds me a bit of James Hughes. We'll see what happens...

    Eli slides underneath the ropes and heads into the corner.

    And now here comes Cyrus Truth, looking even more determined.

    The North American Championship is proudly around his waist, and he doesn't look like he particularly plans to lose it tonight.

    Rod Sterling: What's been Cyrus' shortest title reign in the FWA?

    Daniella Kennedy: Well...not counting the FWA World Heavyweight Championship which he lost to Ryan Rondo in the title unification match later that night, his shortest title reign would be 129 days. That was his third world championship reign. His other two title reigns lasted over 300 days both.
    Christian Quinn: Right, those were WORLD title reigns. We can only imagine how dominate Cyrus has the potential to be with this belt...

    Rod Sterling: Eli BEAT Cyrus just a couple months ago. This is not an easy match for him...

    Christian Quinn: We'll see I suppose...

    Cyrus enters the ring on goes into the opposite corner of his former tag team partner.

    They stare each other down as the referee gets this one underway.

    FWA North American Championship
    Cyrus Truth (c) vs. Eli Black
    Truth and Black sized each other up, before the action began. Black hit Truth across the chest with an open handed chop, who responded with a knife edge chop to Black's chest. Neither man backed down from each other. Truth eventually ended up hitting Black with an Elbow Smash, before irish whipping him into the ropes. As Black came back though, Truth went for a Discus Punch. Black ducked under the move though, before bouncing off the ropes and hitting Truth a Disaster Kick.

    Truth stumbled around a bit after the move before Black picked him up and sent him flying with an Exploder Suplex. Now that Black was in control, he walked over to the downed Truth. Eli stared at Cyrus, before hitting the Garvin Stomp. A stomp to the legs and arms, before arriving at the head. And Eli brung his foot and up and down. Before Eli's foot could hit the floor, Truth rolled out of the way.

    Cyrus got to his feet and hit Eli with an armdrag as Eli tried to get ahold of Cyrus. Cyrus hit Eli with an Enzuigiri before Cyrus would follow it up with a brutal DDT, before going for a cover.

    1 ...

    2 ...

    Eli kicked out at two, which resulted in him being picked straight up and took down with a Tiger Suplex. Cyrus bridged the move as he covered Eli.

    1 ...

    Eli kicked out at one this time, before finally stomping on Cyrus' head as he rolled out of the pin. As Cyrus rolled onto his stomach, Eli wrapped his arms around Cyrus' waist. Eli would then lift Cyrus up, going for his Gutwrench Neckbreaker. Cyrus however slipped out of the move at the last second, looking for a Dragon Suplex. As Cyrus picked up Eli and looked to slam him into the ground, Eli shifted his legs so that he would land on his feet. And he does. Eli escapes the grasp of Cyrus again, before running at a now sat up Cyrus.

    Eli managed to lift Cyrus straight up and came down with an Olympic Slam onto The Exile. Eli hooked the legs for a cover.

    1 ...



    Cyrus barely kicked out at two, mere moments away from the three count. This wasn't a problem for Eli as he would simply hit Cyrus with a Theory of the 9! Eli looked to cover Cyrus, but instead decided to pick The Exile up. Eli would then hit a standing dropkick, which caused a dazed Cyrus to stumble through the ropes.

    Now that Cyrus was on the floor, the referee began the count. He got to four before Eli decided to head outside with Cyrus. Cyrus was almost out of it as Eli stood over The Exile. The count was reset as Eli began to pull Cyrus up, Cyrus' head in between his legs. The referee got to 2 as Eli went for the BLITZKRIEG onto Cyrus. As he turned Cyrus to clothesline him, Cyrus snapped into a short burst of momentum, catching the clothesline into a Fireman's Carry position. The referee hit 6 as Cyrus came down with a JOURNEY'S END onto Eli. Cyrus falls backwards after the move, but is able to recollect himself and get to his feet.

    He picks up Eli, and throws him back into the ring, following right behind him.

    For months Eli Black and Cyrus Truth competed as the tag team Black Truth in the FWA Tag Team Tournament. They nearly won. They nearly went on to become tag team champions together. Now, they're enemies as they fight it out for the North American Championship.

    Eli Black tries to get up, but Cyrus Truth kicks him back to the mat. Cyrus grabs Eli by his trunks and throws him into the corner turnbuckle. Cyrus then goes to run up to Eli with a clothesline, but Eli puts his feet up and hits Cyrus with a drop kick instead.

    Cyrus stumbles backwards, and Eli comes out of the corner and hits him with a diving crossbody! Cyrus is out on the ground now, and momentum has totally swung back into Eli Black's way. Just like momentum was with Eli Black at Mile High when he defeated Cyrus Truth the first time, Eli Black is on the cusp of beating Cyrus Truth again and taking his claim to the North American Championship's history. There have been 53 North American Champions in FWA's history. That is Cyrus Truth as #53. Will Eli Black be 54, or will Cyrus hold off?

    Could it be 300 more days until we see 54?

    Cyrus tries to get up from the crossbody, but Eli Black is not finished yet, hitting Cyrus with an Olympic slam! Eli promptly hooks the incumbent champion's leg for a pin attempt and the referee gets to the floor.





    Just TWO!

    The match will continue. Eli doesn't waste any time, he picks up Cyrus by the hair and throws him to the ropes. Cyrus bounces off the ropes and Eli Black jumps on him for the lou thez press!

    After several punches Eli Black gets off of Cyrus, and goes to continue his assaults. He picks him up, but Cyrus hits back with an elbow to Eli's gut. Eli Black stumbles backwards, and Cyrus looks to get some control but, but suddenly Eli changes the direction of the momentum once more. Eli hits a standing drop kick on Cyrus out of nowhere, and they both go to the floor! It's a race to see who gets up to their feet first, but Eli does it. He hits Cyrus with a scoop powerslam, and once again goes for another pin attempt.





    Cyrus has kicked out again.

    Eli is losing patience now. He's had the patience necessary to keep up with this future hall of famer all match, but he's start to lose it now. He wants the match to be over. He wants to be North American Champion.

    So Eli is going for it.

    He picks up Cyrus, and he's looking to hit the Theory of 9 Diamond Cutter! He's got Cyrus set up for it...





    Cyrus now crawls over to Eli, and throws his arm over him for the pin attempt.

    The referee goes down...




    Winner and STILL North American Champion: "The Exile" Cyrus Truth

    Rod Sterling: Cyrus Truth retains in his first defense!

    Daniella Kennedy: It's already his second longest title reign, Rod.

    Cyrus rolls off of Eli. He is handed the North American Championship which he holds up high! Eli Black meanwhile is fuming as he rolls under the ropes.

    He tips over the steel steeps, and heads up the ramp.

    Christian Quinn: We've seen how deadly Cyrus can be as a champion. I'm going to make a bold prediction here...he's not losing this title in 2021.

    Rod Sterling: That is a bold prediction.

    Cyrus continues to celebrate with the title, as Eli disappears to the back.

    The upbeat drum sequence for "Greenback Boogie" gets the entire crowd to its feet. Fans begin cheering wildly and clapping in unison as Danny "F'n" Toner emerges first with the masked Donny Toner right behind. Danny is the main character, standing front and center stage with his hands high to the sky. He's completely zoned in on the ring, with Donny Toner nodding his head and walking a few inches to the side.

    Rod Sterling: The crowd ... is in LOVE with these two. Specifically with ... the man in front.

    Christian Quinn: DANNY ... DANNY ... DANNY EFFIN' TOOOOOONER!

    Danny Toner then begins bouncing and with a kick in his step jogging to the ring. Danny slides in and lets out a primal scream as the crowd rallies around his energy.

    Daniella Kennedy: We know allllllll about this feud. We know all about the Toner Brothers and Golden Rock. We have watched Danny Toner and Randy Ramon make their CAREERS off of their rivalry with one another.

    "RIIIIIISE" and the crowd EXPLODES for "Rockstar" theme music. Randy Ramon emerges with his sunglasses, long hair, black leather jacket, black rockstar pants. His slow strut with the FWA Tag Team Championship is symbolic now.

    The arena goes dark and the opening chords of "Zombie" begins. The crowd explodes for a third time as "The Golden One" Devin Golden is last out. He holds the title belt with his left hand, the straps hanging down to nearly the floor.

    Rod Sterling: Now it's the FWA Tag Team Championships, just as it was way back in 2015 when the rivalry first started.

    Golden looks around the arena with the face paint on his eyes and the medium length, busy, uncombed, messy black hair going in wild directions. Golden walks up to the side of his partner, "Rockstar" Randy Ramon, and holds up the title belt in the air before pointing at the ring and making a MAD DASH towards the challengers. Ramon does the same, with the belts dropping on the ground!


    FWA Tag Team Championships
    Golden Rock (c) vs. The Toner Brothers
    Golden and Ramon slide in, with the former trading blows with the masked Donny Toner while Ramon and Danny begin throwing wild haymakers at one another. The crowd stays standing and cheering for the brawl. Golden ducks a right hand from Donny and begins landing jabs to the ribs. Then he clotheslines Donny over the ropes and launches himself over the ropes for a flying forearm! This leaves Danny and Randy in the ring, where they're grappling and scratching and jabbing one another.

    Finally, the referee establishes Ramon and Danny as the two legal men to begin the match. The decision gets a pop from the crowd, as the energy picks up yet again. Randy versus Danny right in the middle of the ring for the FWA Tag Team Championships.

    Danny backs Ramon into the ropes and begins throwing aggressive forearms. He walks him to the middle of the ring and lands a big uppercut forearm. Then he tries slamming his head into the turnbuckle. Ramon blocks it and instead smashes the face into the turnbuckle padding. Ramon kicks and kicks and kicks and kicks the ribs until Danny is slouched and almost sitting against the second turnbuckle. Ramon lands a knee thrust into the jaw. Then he whips Danny across to the other turnbuckle and hits a corner clothesline. Ramon whips Danny across to the original turnbuckle and lands another corner clothesline. Danny spits on impact and "Rockstar" steps back and tries a discus punch but Danny ducks and hits a knee to the ribs!

    Rod Sterling: This is a brawl. This isn't a wrestling match! This is just a fight between Danny and Randy.

    Daniella Kennedy: Meanwhile, Donny and Golden are watching, hoping their partner can land the biggest punch!

    Danny looks and tries to tag in Donny, but Ramon tackles him into the ropes. Donny throws some quick punches at the upper back and locks in a front head lock. Danny tries to tag in Donny but Ramon won't let him. He pulls Danny back to the middle of the ring and lands a big pop of a punch to the jaw. Then a discus punch to knock him down!

    Christian Quinn: Randy got the discus punch but this style plays right into Danny's approach!

    Randy Ramon whips Donny into the ropes and looks to be about to hit a spinebuster, but Danny tightens around the head for a front head lock and leans against the ropes. Ramon is still locked in the front head lock and Donny reaches for a tag and finally slaps the shoulder! Danny holds the rabid Ramon in the spot for Donny to land some free kicks into the ribs. Donny then whips Ramon to the ropes and hits a spinning heel kick! He goes for the cover!

    .........................1......................2...Golden breaks it up!

    Donny Toner grabs Ramon again and hits a quick snap suplex. Donny then looks to go for "Three Amigos" by twisting and bringing Ramon up to his feet for another snap suplex. But Ramon hooks the leg to block the move and lifts Donny up and drops him stomach-first onto the ropes. Ramon then stumbles back and makes the tag to "The Golden One" Devin Golden!

    The fans cheer as Golden enters the ring and hits a dropkick to Donny's chest. Then whips Donny to the ropes and a belly-to-belly suplex, throwing Donny through the air and onto the canvas! Golden goes for the cover!

    .....................1...................2....Danny breaks it!

    Danny is sent packing to his corner and Golden finally locks eyes with the man who beat him 1 on 1 on Fight Night. Golden then slaps his hands and points at Danny. He mouths, "Come on. Let's get it."

    Golden then lightly shoves Donny towards Danny, allowing the tag to be made. Golden looks motivated specifically to face Danny Toner. He looks almost rageful.

    Golden watches Danny slowly enter the ring and the two half circle. Danny poses for a hand-wrestling tie-up. Golden meets him and the two try to win the battle of the wrists. They lock the other wrists and now it's like a bridge with their arms between them.

    Finally, Golden's veteran wiseness wins the day with a stomp on the right foot of Danny. Golden then twists the wrists and transitions to a neckbreaker! Golden sits atop Danny and begins throwing right hands right into the jaw. Repeatedly, over and over, with the crowd cheering the aggression!

    Rod Sterling: Devin Golden wants Danny Toner and THIS IS WHY! HE WANTS TO PUMMEL HIM! It's NOT just about Danny and Randy anymore!

    Golden grabs Danny and tags in Ramon. Golden Rock back Danny into the turnbuckle and begin kicking the ribs over and over again. Golden props Danny on a seated perch on the turnbuckle. Ramon then hits a brainbuster from the top turnbuckle! Ramon tags in Golden and goes to the top turnbuckle.

    "The Golden One" looks to the crowd and tries his split-legged moonsault! And hits it!

    He then covers!


    Donny Toner tries to interrupt it and the referee steps to confront him. The count stops as Golden gets off the pin position and begins barking at Donny.

    He turns to face Danny again and gets a low blow from the former Gauntlet Champion!! "The Golden One" hunches over and Danny lands a DDT in the middle of the ring. He then tags in Donny with the ref's permission!

    Donny Toner goes to the top turnbuckle and hits a hurricarana when Golden gets up! Donny covers!

    ...................1...................2..............Kick out!

    Ramon enters the ring to break it up but he's not needed. Danny considers stepping through but the ref orders him back. Ramon also returns to his corner. Donny backs Golden against the challengers' turnbuckle and begins kicking the ribs. Golden fights back with kicks of his own and lands a big uppercut to the jaw. Golden then whips Donny into the ropes and lands a kick, then the vertical suplex into a faceplant! Golden goes for the pin, his first try of the match!

    ........................1......................2..................KICK OUT

    Golden grabs Donny around the neck and whips him into the champions' corner. Donny explodes out with a clothesline. Golden goes down after such a run of offense. Donny regains control. He tags in Danny, who enters with repeated elbow thrusts into the jaw.

    Danny then headbutts Golden right in the nose. Once, twice, and a THIRD time. Golden is now bleeding from the nose as Danny looks like a pitbull walking around the ring. He says something snarky to "Rockstar" and then turns back to Golden, who's leaning over in the challengers' corner. Danny tags in Donny, who runs to the middle of the ring, turns, and hit a running crossbody against Golden in the corner. The move presses Golden back against the turnbuckle, knocking the wind from his chest. Donny then runs off the ropes and hits a lariat and covers Golden!

    ...........................1.....................2...............KICK OUT AGAIN!

    Donny tags in Danny and the duo hit a vertical suplex on Golden. The double team plants Golden right in the middle of the ring. Danny then grabs the wrist and twists, payback for earlier. He hits "The Closing Statement" facebuster and stalks around the downed Hall of Famer.

    He whips Golden to the challengers' turnbuckle but is surprised when Golden hits the corner and elbows right in the jaw on the rebound. Golden jumps to the second rope and hits his own flying crossbody! He rolls off Danny's body and quickly tags in Ramon!

    "Rockstar" hits the ring and lands a snap DDT right away on Danny. Ramon then covers but Donny breaks it up! Golden spears the holy HELL out of Donny and the duo go outside the ring, away from the action.

    Ramon grabs Danny and whips him into the turnbuckle. He meets a boot from Danny that stops him in his tracks. Ramon stumbles back and Danny hits a Regal-plex! The crowd explodes as Danny goes for the pinfall!


    Danny hits a German suplex with a bridge at the end but Golden breaks it up! The referee is about to lose control of the match and begins barking at Golden to go to his corner. Donny Toner tries to get involved and now it's a big shouting match. Meanwhile ...

    Rod Sterling: REMIX! REMIX!

    "Rockstar" Randy Ramon superkicks Danny Toner right in the jaw! The crowd's energy goes through the roof. The mood is a mixture of jubilation and distraught. Ramon then kneels next to Toner and goes for the cover!

    But the referee is too distracted! Golden is yelling and POINTING at the cover. Donny Toner quickly kicks Ramon in the back before even a ONE count.

    Golden then tackles Donny Toner AGAIN to the ground. Golden grabs Donny around the waist and hits one of his German suplexes but instead of doing the triple rolling Germans, he releases and Donny rolls to the apron. Golden rolls with him and drags out of the ring. Ramon is laying next to Toner and Golden yells from outside, "HIT ANOTHER REMIX!"

    But Donny Toner shoves Golden face-first into the ring post. Golden is doozy and Donny Toner hits a jumping cutter!

    On the outside, onto the padding!

    Ramon tries a second "REMIX" superkick but Toner evades and kicks Ramon right in the side of the kneecap!

    Ramon is now kneeling, hurting, and Toner hits "The Equalizer" V-trigger knee! The crowd explodes with another mixture of distraught and elation! Danny Toner kneels next to "Rockstar" Randy Ramon and looks out of the ring. He is expecting to see Golden about to make the save, but .... it's Donny Toner standing tall outside.


    And he does just that.

    .............................1...........GOLDEN BLINDSIDES DONNY WITH A FOREARM TO THE BACK OF THE HEAD.............2.................




    Winner and NEW FWA Tag Team Champions: The Toner Brothers

    The crowd's pop is deafening. Danny Toner rolls off Randy Ramon and towards the apron. The crowd watches as "The Golden One" looks down to the canvas with his eyes closed, his fists just 3 inches from his partner's side.

    Donny Toner is kneeling and barely able to look above the edge of the apron into the ring. He smiles as the referee raises the hand of Danny Toner. He retrieves the FWA Tag Team Championships and drops them for the rabid dog, the unchained brawler, the fan-favorite.

    Rod Sterling: The Toner Brothers ... DID IT! Danny Toner ... DID IT!

    Christian Quinn: I ... TOLD ... YOU! I TOLD YOU! I TOLD YOU! I TOLD YOU!

    Donny Toner rolls into the ring, bypasses Golden Rock, and kneels next to Danny to celebrate with the belts.
    Daniella Kennedy: An all-out brawl, a fight. That's what this was. Nonstop fists, kicks, everything. Golden Rock was just a split second too late. Their run atop the tag team division started in the tournament ... and it seemingly ends here. What a run. You can feel their disappointment.

    Ramon rolls to his stomach and realizes what transpired. He and Golden lock glares and they both want to apologize, but neither one does. Instead, Golden helps "Rockstar" up to his feet. They choose to stand tall after the loss and accept the result.

    Randy and Devin exit the ring and take a breather on the outside as Danny and Donny celebrate with the titles held high. The crowd is losing their minds for the twins, showing their appreciation for them, and who can blame them? The brothers embrace in the ring then make their exit, walking up the ramp and slapping hands with fans at ringside. Meanwhile, Randy is sitting at ringside, his back to the post as Devin squats down and talks to him. At the top of the ramp Danny takes a brief moment to look back at the defeated pair at ringside, locking eyes with Randy one last time and giving him a nod in acknowledgement before he and Donny exit through the curtain. The Toner’s music dies down and Golden Rock are still at ringside. Devin helps Randy to his feet and begins to walk up the ramp together. You can hear some words of encouragement being uttered by Devin as they casually walk. Suddenly the lights go out...

    Christian Quinn: What the hell is this?

    There’s a commotion and the sound of body’s falling! When the lights come back on Golden Rock are down on the floor and standing over them are the Leather Boys! Decked out from head to toe in motorbike gear. Jackets, gloves, helmets... and wielding a set of lead pipes.

    Rod Sterling: These...cowards have jumped Golden Rock again. After such an intense match and after losing the tag team titles. Who the hell are these guys and why are they targeting Golden Rock?

    The Leather Boys look at each other then out to the crowd. There’s a murmur amongst the audience, a low rumbling of boos and an anticipation. The Leather Loys look at each other once more and then reach for the bottom of their jackets and begin to unzip them. Their jackets open and around their waists sit the CWA Tag Team Titles! The crowd perks up, the rumbling growing louder as the two biker boys remove their helmets... Revealing a mask and a moustache!

    Daniella Kennedy: Oh my God!

    Christian Quinn: WHAT?!?

    Rod Sterling: IT’S KRASH AND BLACK! THE GANG STARS! They were behind all of this...they overshadowed the tag team tournament finals...and now they're overshadowing the Toners title win too.

    Krash has a bandage around his head, bloodied and raggedy-looking, while the state that Black is in is hidden by his mask, it’s safe to assume that he looks as rough as his partner does following their I Quit match earlier tonight. Indeed, as the two sway unsteadily on their feet, they look and feel like two patients who just got released from a back alley surgeon… And yet, here they are. They take a moment to look out amongst the crowd, giving everyone a good view of just who they are and as they do. Some are booing the pair, while some are cheering, and Devin...

    Devin Golden gets up to his knees, grasping at the leather pants of Krash. Krash kneels down next to him, and looks him in the eyes, smiling as he would an old friend, and offers a hand. Knocked loopy, Devin doesn’t realize the danger he’s in as Krash helps him to his feet, brushing the grit off of Devin’s shoulder’s. Devin’s eyes finally focus on the leather garb, the leap pipe in one hand, and the face of Krash in front of him, and his eyes narrow in confusion, before widen in shock-

    Right before Alyster Black strikes with a leap pipe to the chin! Devin goes back down, his hand falling free of Krash’s, who looks on with an unreadable expression. Randy Ramon throws himself at the duo, pushing Alyster back, only to catch a snap superkick to the just by Krash! He’s down again!

    Rod Sterling: These two killed each other earlier this night… And now they-

    Christian Quinn: They said the I Quit match would either put an end to their issues with each other… Or an end to their allyship all together. I guess they worked out their issues…

    Rod Sterling: I get the feeling this isn't about the tag team titles either. They're after Golden Rock...

    Daniella Kennedy: I… I don’t believe it…

    Believe it or not, Daniella. Alyster Black and Krash high-five each other, before walking up the aisle, limping slightly. Pausing at the head of the ramp, the two take off their CWA Tag Team Titles, clink the faceplates together, and turn back to face Golden Rock with a grin... Before disappearing behind the curtain.

    When Adelitas Way’s “Shock” hits around the arena, there’s an instant wave of derision. Fans are on their feet, for sure, but they rain down only boos and vitriol as ‘The Prodigy’ walks out onto the stage, flanked at either side by his New Breed cronies.

    Kurt Harrington: “Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is your... MAIN EVENT! Introducing first, accompanied to the ring by ‘The Prototype’ and ‘The Protege’ of The New Breed… weighing in at two hundred and forty pounds… ‘The Prodigy’... MIKE PARR!”

    Parr begins his descent down the ramp towards the ring, snarling at each of the front row fans (especially the children) that he passes on his way.

    Rod Sterling: “Well, this one was billed as A Long Time Coming, and that is just about the perfect way to describe the upcoming encounter. The dispute dates back all the way to Summer, just after Michelle von Horrowitz’s successful X Division Championship defense against Kevin Cromwell and Jason Randall in May of last year…”

    Christian Quinn: “That’s right, Rod. After ten months of build, we are finally going to see Michelle von Horrowitz attempt to get some modicum of revenge for the underhanded attack that she received before her would-be championship defense against Gerald Grayson and Eli Black…”

    Rod Sterling: “That championship match went ahead without MvH, and Grayson became the X Division Champion that night. Michelle’s ill-fated attempts to hunt down her assailant spanned the entirety of The Elite Tag Team Classic…”

    Daniella Kennedy: “Eli Black… Krash… Ty Jordan… Bell Connelly… even Grayson himself… all of these people were prominent suspects in that manhunt, but it turned out that Michelle was just flailing in the wind. And doesn’t Mike Parr look happy with himself about that…”

    Parr is stood in the ring, running through his preparations, whilst watching a video on the big screen that replays some of the more violent moments in his shared history with MvH. He smirks to himself as footage is played of he and the New Breed taking a lead pipe to Michelle once again, only this time in the centre of the ring and in December.

    Just then, Parr’s music fades out, and it is replaced by “In Dreams” by Roy Orbison. Shortly afterwards, Michelle walks out onto the stage, a strange and unconfident countenance plastered upon her pale face. She looks around the arena slowly, clearly rather unsure of herself, before her eyes finally rest upon the three men that are standing in the ring. The audience seems almost overwhelmingly positive towards her, which again is not something she expected or particularly wanted, and the odd environment sits at odds with the weight of her experience.

    Kurt Harrington: “And his opponent… from Rotterdam, the Netherlands… she weighs in tonight at sixty seven kilograms… ‘Dreamer’... Michelle… von… HORROWITZ!”

    There’s another loud cheer as her surname is read out, and as Michelle stomps down the ramp she is visibly taken aback by one of two of the bolder fans offering out a hand for her to tag on her route. Instead of reciprocations, she shouts some illegible obscenities in their direction and continues on her way.

    Rod Sterling: “Well, as we’ve already spoken about, it was a long hunt for Michelle von Horrowitz, and ultimately an unhappy one. Regardless, she has the match that she wants here tonight, but Parr and von Horrowitz will be fighting under circumstances far from desirous to the European…”

    Christian Quinn: “That’s right, Rod: it’s undeniable that Mike Parr has something of a mental advantage going into this one. Not only did Parr consistently outwit MvH throughout the tail end of 2020, but she was on the receiving end of another savage attack at the hands of The Prodigy and The New Breed on the Fight Night after Mile High.”

    Daniella Kennedy: “What followed was a lengthy period of soul-searching for von Horrowitz, who visited Japan and took an elongated break from competition. She seemed to return with singular purpose, and that purpose is currently standing in the ring…”

    Rod Sterling: “... though not it seems for long!”

    Sterling is referring to Mike Parr and the New Breed quickly climbing out of the ring and onto the floor, staring up at the woman as she climbs through the ropes and into centre stage. The fact that she is standing in such a huge arena seems lost on her, and she has eyes only for Parr and the two goons either side of him. The Prodigy saunters around the ring, keeping a reproachful eye on her as he does a complete circuit thereof, Roy Orbison continuing to play in the background.

    Eventually, the lights come back up, and when the music fades out we suddenly realise how loud the crowd is. The Protege and The Prototype look about themselves in awe at the cauldron of noise that is being produced, but it seemingly has little effect on Parr and von Horrowitz.

    Spurring the audience one octave further, The Prodigy begins to climb up the steel ring steps. He enters the ring through the ropes, and the official stands between the two competitors. They are in opposite corners, ready for the start of the match. The lights are up. The audience is at fever pitch. The official has no reason left to not start the match, and so start the match he does…

    Main Event
    Singles Match
    Michelle von Horrowitz vs. Mike Parr [w/ The New Breed]
    The two competitors continue in their staring contest for a few moments longer, and then Mike Parr - seemingly insistent on adopting a technical approach even given the circumstances - begins to circle the ring. Michelle observes him as he slowly moves from one corner to another, and then she silently follows suit. The circle gets smaller and smaller, the audience baying for the oncoming collar and elbow tie up… just something...

    … and then Mike Parr quickly backs away with a smile. He drops to the mat, and rolls under the bottom rope…

    Rod Sterling: “More mind games here from Mike Parr. It appears he’s content to let Michelle von Horrowitz wait.”

    Daniella Kennedy: “I think everyone in this arena can agree that she has waited long enough to get her hands on Mike Parr, and now she’s left with them on her hips as he confabs with his hired guns.”

    Indeed, Mike Parr is standing next to The New Breed, engaging them in conversation, ostensibly about how the match should ideally start. Eventually, when the referee’s count has already reached five, he nods his head and pats them on the shoulders. He begins to walk around the ring, staring up at Michelle with a devious grin on his face. Eventually, when he’s half-rounded the ring once more, and the referee has reached eight, he slides back in...

    Michelle comes towards him, potentially looking to take advantage of him as he rises…

    … but Mike Parr again rolls under the bottom rope!

    Rod Sterling: “Again?!”

    Christian Quinn: “There’s a look of sheer frustration on the face of Michelle von Horrowitz, and you’d have to think that this is by design. She doesn’t want to let herself get out of her game plan here, and that’s what Mike Parr is attempting to do.”

    Daniella Kennedy: “And it looks like he has more to say to The New Breed, rounding the ring slowly once more in order to converse with them over by the ramp…”

    He does indeed make his way over to his henchmen, and seems to think he has all the time to do so…

    … but Michelle has other ideas, throwing herself off one set of ropes, and through the others with a suicide dive!!

    The crowd goes wild at the first explosion of action, but when the camera finally catches up with the events we see that Mike Parr apparently managed to get himself out of the way, and von Horrowitz is sprawling atop The New Breed. Parr lifts her up in an instant, and throws her into a nearby barricade! MvH hits it back-first and her face contorts with agony, and Parr is instantly on her with a trio of knife edge chops. He winds up for a straight right hand, but Michelle ducks beneath it! And then a step-up enziguri to Parr! He falls to one knee, and Michelle takes him in a front facelock. She tries to hook his arms, perhaps going for a Double Underhook DDT on the ramp… but Parr is able to rotate out of it, and he comes out of the situation with wrist control. He drags Michelle towards him and sends her down on the ring ramp with a clothesline!!

    Parr looks up at the referee, and realises that the count is already at six, and so he scarpers to the ring. The official continues to count, and has reached eight when Michelle is back to her feet. She sidesteps the New Breed and slides in at nine, and immediately Parr is on her with a series of stomps.

    Rod Sterling: “Michelle von Horrowitz may have forced Parr into action, but it seems like his exploits at the start of this match have ultimately paid off.”

    Christian Quinn: “That’s right, Rod. Parr was trying to draw her into doing something stupid, and it seems it worked. She took out The New Breed temporarily, sure, but Parr is in control of this one now…”

    Mike Parr has her in a grounded front face lock, but the crowd are firmly behind MvH. She would certainly deny using this to channel some adrenaline and force her way up to her feet, but that’s what she managed to accomplish, and eventually she backs Parr up to the ropes. She throws him off her and towards the opposite set, and upon re-approach she tries to take him down with a clothesline. Parr ducks it and hits the ropes again. MvH leapfrogs over him, and he continues his momentum, hitting the original set of ropes once more… MvH leaps off her feet, going for a standing dropkick… but Parr has held onto the ropes, checking his momentum! Von Horrowitz hits the mat, and she scrambles up to her feet, but Parr is on her with a pair of European uppercuts. She’s backed up into the corner, and Parr Irish whips her HARD into the opposite one. She hits it and bounces back towards The Prodigy, who is waiting for her with a big back body drop. Michelle, to her credit, does manage to fight up to her feet once again, but Parr hits her with a boot to the midsection, and then a snap suplex! He goes for the cover…




    Rod Sterling: “Michelle gets the shoulder up but there’s no denying that Mike Parr has got the better of these opening exchanges…”

    Daniella Kennedy: “And now again he places Michelle in a submission hold, this time a hammer lock, looking to grind her down piece-by-piece until he can pick up the win…”

    Michelle is in a seated position with Parr behind her, and she forces her way up to a vertical base. Parr manages to maintain the hammer lock, and then MvH hits him with an elbow to the side of the head! Parr is rocked by it, but keeps the hammer lock in place. Michelle winds up for a second elbow, but Parr telegraphs it and ducks. Michelle swings round and Parr lifts her up, hitting an atomic drop that stuns her. She’s still standing, but Parr hits the ropes, and takes her down with a clothesline! And then straight back to the hammer lock!

    Michelle writhes around on the mat for a moment, the referee coming in close and asking her if she wants to give it up. She shakes her head and tries to get to her feet… but Parr shifts his body in such a manner so that she can’t, keeping his weight on her. The best she can do is to squirm and stretch towards the ropes, eventually managing to reach a boot over to the bottom one. Parr releases the hold at four and a bit, and the referee ensures Michelle is able to get up after the break…

    It looks like the pair is going to come together in a collar and elbow tie up, but Parr instantly manoeuvres himself into a rear waistlock. He goes for a German suplex, but Michelle places her boot behind Parr’s leg to block it. She tries to pry his wrists loose, but his grip is too strong, and so she staggers him with a quick elbow to the side of the head, and then goes behind into a rear waist lock of her own. She bundles Parr forward into the ropes, going for an O’Conner roll… but AGAIN Parr wraps his arms around the top rope and Michelle rolls backwards without him. She is up on her feet and sees him charging in for another clothesline, but ducks beneath it… and then Parr turns into a hurricanrana! Parr hits the mat and skids towards the ropes, and noticing that he is near the side where The New Breed are encouraging him, he rolls beneath the bottom rope again…

    … but Michelle has other ideas, instantly climbing to the top rope, and then leaping off with a crossbody! She crashes down onto all three men on the outside!

    Rod Sterling: “Picture perfect crossbody from Michelle von Horrowitz right there! She sensed a shift in momentum and didn’t want to let Parr get away…”

    Christian Quinn: “And instantly she lifts up The Prodigy… and hurls him into those steel steps!! And now she rains down right hand after right hand on Mike Parr! This is what she’s been waiting for!”

    Realising the referee is already on six, Michelle lets up in her onslaught and lifts Parr up to his feet, rolling him under the bottom rope. She climbs up to the apron and waits patiently for him to get up to his feet… springboard clothesline! Parr hits the mat and she instantly hooks the leg…




    Rod Sterling: “Well, what Michelle von Horrowitz made clear there was that, although she definitely wants to get her hands on Mike Parr and draw blood, she certainly wants to win this match too…”

    Daniella Kennedy: “Yes, Rod: I was concerned that Michelle might allow her rage to get the better of her, but it seems that she’s primarily focussed on defeating Mike Parr in the middle of the ring. Perhaps sending a message to the field ahead of next week’s Carnal Contendership…”

    Christian Quinn: “I don’t think Michelle will be thinking about the Contendership match right now, Daniella. This is all about her and Mike Parr.”

    Michelle places Parr in a headlock, and it takes The Prodigy a few moments to recuperate to the point where he can get up to his feet. He backs Michelle up into the ropes and grabs her by the wrist, forcing his way out of the headlock and trying to Irish whip her across the ring. She reverses it and throws him into the opposite set of ropes, and then takes him down with a leg lariat! Parr gets to his feet quickly and attempts to nail her with a forearm, but she floats beneath it and hooks his arm, dragging him around for a double-arm underhook DDT! She turns Parr over and hooks a leg again…



    T - - NO!

    Michelle circles Parr with perhaps a half-dozen stomps, and Parr eventually turns himself onto his front and begins to crawl towards a corner, perhaps looking to use the ropes to help him up. Michelle follows him, and lifts him to his feet… before nailing a Russian leg sweep! She drives Parr’s head into the second turnbuckle! She takes him by the boot and drags him into position, and she begins to climb up towards the top rope again…

    Rod Sterling: “And now we see Sean Hughes up on the apron! He’s not meant to be in this match!”

    Daniella Kennedy: “Yes, Mike Parr told us he wanted a regular singles match tonight, but not one free from the usual shenanigans we see from The New Breed, it seems…”

    It does the trick, though. The official is instantly over to Hughes to get him off the apron, and Michelle’s attention is drawn away to the situation occurring… for just long enough for Parr to get to his feet, and hit Michelle with a forearm! She loses her balance on the turnbuckles, and Parr follows her up from the inside of the ring. He places her in a front facelock, and then throws her overhead with a massive superplex! All the way from the top rope!!

    Christian Quinn: “Any momentum Michelle von Horrowitz had quickly dissipated with that move! Beautiful from Mike Parr…”

    Rod Sterling: “Beautiful from Mike Parr indeed, but a huge assist to Sean Hughes…”

    Parr doesn’t go for the cover, and instead backs up away from Michelle. He waits patiently in the corner, not capitalising on the high-impact move, and eventually Michelle is able to get up to one knee…

    … and Parr takes out the other one with a vicious chop block! To the back of the knee! Michelle screams out in agony and slumps face-first to the mat. Mike lifts her up immediately and has her in a double underhook position… he lifts her up and drives her down with a backbreaker!

    Rod Sterling: “And now it looks like he’s going for it!! The Inverted Sharpshooter!”

    Christian Quinn: “Mike Parr has put away many competitors with this exact move!! Michelle von Horrowitz senses that the end could be drawing near!”

    Indeed, she begins to squirm desperately towards the ropes, Mike Parr fighting to keep control of her legs… and then she manages to clasp her fingers around the bottom rope!!

    Parr is forced to let go, and he immediately stamps on Michelle’s wrist, causing her to let go of the rope. He drags her up to her feet in the middle of the ring once more… flying knee to the face! Michelle is turned around, and then nailed with a belly-to-back suplex! Parr bridges for the cover…



    TH - - NO!!

    Michelle kicks out, and for a moment Mike Parr looks at the official desperately. He shakes his head, standing up and taking a step towards him. This backs the official up to the corner, and immediately the ref points at the FWA logo on his shirt as if it’s meant to give him some sort of authority. Parr spits a few inaudible words at him and then turns to MvH. She is on her hands and knees, and he drags her up again…

    Rod Sterling: “Looks like he’s going for the Rolling Cutter! This’ll be over if he hits it…”

    Christian Quinn: “No! Michelle pushes him off her… straight into the official!!”

    Rod Sterling: “He gets wedged against the turnbuckles, and the referee goes down hard and fast!”

    Parr looks down at him for a moment, and it’s quite clear from his countenance that this was not part of his plans. Focussing up, he turns around towards Michelle… who takes him out with a Busaiku knee kick! Parr hits the mat!

    And Michelle is straight up and over to the ropes… slingshot crossbody to the outside! She takes out The Protege! When she gets up, The Prototype is on her immediately, charging over for a clothesline. She ducks it, and when he turns she nails him with a mule kick! And then she throws him shoulder first into the steel ring post!! The Protege is back up, but he eats a drop toe hold onto the steel steps!!

    Rod Sterling: “I think MvH was able to react to that ref bump a little quicker, and she knew that if she didn’t take out The New Breed immediately they’d be swarming her in an instant…”

    Christian Quinn: “I think she reacted to the official going down a little TOO quickly, as if she had it planned all along!”

    Rod Sterling: “I’m not sure about that, Christian, but it’s fair to say she’s benefited from it…”

    Parr has rolled out of the ring and rounded the body of The Proteger, and he comes at Michelle with an attempted short arm lariat… she ducks it, and then hits a boot to the midsection, before hoisting him up in a fireman’s carry…

    Rod Sterling: “Death Valley Driver! On the outside!!”

    Daniella Kennedy: “An impressive show of power there from MvH, lifting the much larger man up and driving him down with that devastating move…”

    Christian Quinn: “And now she’s looking under the ring apron!! Classic von Horrowitz tactics!”

    She produces a steel chair, and notices that The Prototype is on his way to recovery. She winds up, and nails him upside the cranium with the chair! He instantly hits the floor! Michelle throws the chair down, and observes her handiwork for a moment…

    Rod Sterling: “You can just tell that this is MONTHS in the making. MvH has to be savouring this…”

    Daniella Kennedy: “But she can’t savour it for too long… she still has work to do…”

    Michelle notices that Parr has begun to crawl away and around the ring, and she follows him before laying a few stomps to his back. She picks him up by the scruff of the neck and throws him first into the ring apron, and then into a nearby barricade! Parr stumbles forward and into a boot to the midsection, which doubles him over. She applies a front face lock, and then takes him over with a snap suplex! Right in front of the Turkish announcer’s desk! The audience are chanting MvH’s initials, willing her on in her vengeance. She smiles to herself, shaking her head at how fickle they are, and then picks Parr up off the floor again. She simply hurls him across the table, and the announcers behind it disperse quickly as Parr flies into their chairs…

    Rod Sterling: “It looks like this rage you spoke about earlier is finally making an appearance… Michelle with sinister ideas here…”

    She is dissembling the table, taking off the cover and then throwing the monitors onto the ground. Then, she goes to the ring and looks under the apron… retrieving a lead pipe!!

    Christian Quinn: “The weapon that has come to symbolise this rivalry! But finally it’s Michelle who has that pipe in her hand…”

    She rolls it into the ring, perhaps having ideas in mind for later on, and then turns back towards Parr…

    … who clocks her upside her head with the ring bell! It’s ‘lights out’ for Michelle, who hits the ground immediately, and then Parr regards her handiwork with the announcer’s table. He lifts her up and rolls her onto the top, and then climbs on with her. It seems to take him a while to get her back up to her feet, and the audience has taken a quick and quiet turn when he finally gets her into position. He is holding her up to a vertical base, and staring into her eyes… and then he nails her with a Rolling Cutter!! Straight through the announcer’s desk!!

    Rod Sterling: “OH MY GOD! That is it!!”

    Christian Quinn: “I have to agree, Rod! This one’s done!”

    The camera quickly zooms in to show the two competitors amongst the remains of the exploded table. Both seem to be momentarily incapacitated by the move.

    Daniella Kennedy: “But I don’t think Mike Parr is in any position to finish this one off! He’s down too!”

    Christian Quinn: “And so is the referee!”

    And then over comes The Protege! He lifts Mike Parr up and carries him to the ring, rolling him gently under the bottom rope. He then focuses on MvH, the camera cutting between him and his partner, The Prototype, who is still down after his chair shot. He lays in a few stomps and then lifts her to her feet, throwing her under the bottom rope too. He then enters the ring himself…

    Rod Sterling: “I guess it was only a matter of time before one of these two got involved…”

    Christian Quinn: “They’ve been involved the whole match, Rod… and if we’re honest, it was MvH who involved them!”

    In the ring, The Prototype lifts Parr up and places an arm over Michelle’s supine torso. He then busies himself in awakening the referee, who does eventually come round under heavy duress. The Prototype points towards the cover, and the official crawls towards it…

    The Prototype exits the ring, a huge grin on his face...


    Rod Sterling: “No! Not this way!!”


    Daniella Kennedy: “MvH has been robbed!”

    THRE - -


    Rod Sterling: “She kicks out!!”

    The crowd can’t believe it, and neither can Mike Parr. He looks at the official for a moment, enraged at what he perceives to be a slow count, but the official is pretty out of it and has his own affairs to attend to (most notably the difficulty of standing on jellied legs). Parr shakes his head in disgust and stands up, waiting patiently for Michelle to get to her feet…

    He stalks her from the corner…

    She gets up…

    Standing knee to the face! And now he goes for the Rolling Cutter again!!

    NO!! She catches him before he can deliver the killer blow… REVERSE DDT!!

    Parr is down in the middle of the ring, and Michelle rolls onto her front… The official is back to his feet, and The Protege has his head in his hands on the outside of the ring… MvH uses the ropes in the corner to get to a vertical base, and turns around to see that Parr is climbing to his feet too...

    Step-up enziguri! Shining wizard!

    This time it’s her turn to stalk him from the corner…

    BUSAIKU KNEE KICK! She takes Parr’s head off with the move!!

    But she’s not done there, and now it’s her turn to drag him up to his feet. She doubles him over with a boot to the midsection, and applies a front face lock… She hurls Parr up, her last expenditure of energy…

    Rod Sterling: “BRAINBUSTER!!”

    Daniella Kennedy: “The tables have well and truly turned here! It looks like Michelle is on the edge of victory!!”

    Rod Sterling: “And now she eyes up the corner… she has Mike Parr right where she wants him!”

    Michelle, in a state of extreme fatigue and unending grogginess, slowly climbs out onto the apron, and then busies herself in ascending towards the top rope…

    Every single fan is on their feet as she makes her ascent…

    She has one foot on the top rope, the other on the second, her hands gripping the top one as she hunches over, ready to force herself up…

    The audience can almost SEE the 450 Splash that has Mike Parr’s name on it!!

    But out of nowhere, The Prototype slides into the ring, and he hurls a steel chair into Michelle von Horrowitz’s face!!

    The crowd lets out a communal groan, and the referee has zero choice but to call for the bell…

    Winner: Michelle von Horrowitz by disqualification at 18:36.

    But even though the bell is rung, this one is far from over… Michelle has fallen, first landing heavily onto the apron and then rolling onto the floor…

    Where The Protege is waiting!

    Rod Sterling: “This is not how we wanted this match to end!”

    Daniella Kennedy: “Or this night, Rod!”

    Christian Quinn: “We commented earlier that Michelle von Horrowitz clearly wanted to win this one-on-one match-up with Mike Parr. I’m not sure the same can be said of The Prodigy himself…”

    She lands right at The Protege’s feet outside the ring, and instantly he picks her up. He takes her by the waist, and hits her with a German suplex!!

    Rod Sterling: “This is just a dastardly attack from Mike Parr! But we are used to nothing but these tactics from The Prodigy nowadays…”

    Daniella Kennedy: “We know that Mike Parr didn’t want to take this match, but his hand was forced by Lord Vincent… I question whether he ever had any intention of seeing this one through to a proper conclusion…”

    The Protege lifts Michelle up and throws her under the bottom rope and into the ring. The Prototype, meanwhile, has been busy getting Mike Parr to his feet, and The Prodigy is slowly sauntering over to the side of the ring… where the lead pipe introduced earlier is waiting, in slumber, under the ring ropes!

    Rod Sterling: “Not this again!”

    Christian Quinn: “You forget that it was MvH who brought pipey into proceedings earlier on!”

    The New Breed are holding Michelle von Horrowitz up, an arm around either of them, as Parr slowly walks back over to the trio. He again has a smile on his face, and he winds up with the lead pipe…

    … and drives it right into MvH’s gut!!

    She does her best to slump to the ground, but The New Breed are still holding her up, and Parr drops the pipe to the mat. He looks down at Michelle, her head bowed, beaten, and then up at a sign that has been erected at the north end of the arena:


    He smiles to himself, and then delivers one last Rolling Cutter in the centre of the ring.

    Desert Storm ends how nobody wants it to, with Mike Parr standing tall in the ring, flanked either side by his insipid goons, lifting his trusty lead pipe high into the air.

    Rod Sterling:”This is a god-damned disgrace, and I’m sick of this horse shit.”
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    Re: Desert Storm (2021) RESULTS

    The most amazing thing about this recent conversation is that I've learned AON is even more of a waste of space than I thought he was previously

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    Re: Desert Storm (2021) RESULTS

    First, hella congrats to Tig and [redacted]. Hella awesome win here and the promo you put out was title-worthy. We stole the show.

    I think there are some ... logical issues with the Gang Starz being the leather men. That being said, it could be a very fun feud and I'm looking forward to dancing.

    Congrats to all winners, including the other new champ. I dont have a big issue with the MvH-Parr match ending like that aside from card positioning. I actually like the ending. Furthers the story, etc.
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    Re: Desert Storm (2021) RESULTS

    Lots of interesting stuff from this show. Honestly? Surprised both Truth and Konchu ended up strapped.

    Wanna give a big shout-out to my boy, Franchise. I know Eli came up short, but I agree with everybody in the Promo Discussion thread that you've come a long way since our team-up in the tournament and I'm super proud of how much your promo game has improved. If this is the end of the Black/Truth feud, it's been one of the most rewarding ones for me. This feud allowed me to explore more of Truth's character than ever before, and I'd like to humbly think that I helped Eli out in the process, allowing the character to be a much bigger presence on the card.

    Hats off to you, dude.

    I don't mind the DQ main event finish as long as we get both characters in a scenario for a bigger match, and while I am a bit concerned about the Gang Starz being the boys behind the Golden Rock assault, I have confidence in Krash and Alyster to work this in a way that's engaging and entertaining. And besides...Krash/Alyster/Golden/Ramon is a very sexy quartet capable of very sexy matches.
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    Re: Desert Storm (2021) RESULTS


    -I’m noticing a defo pattern with Mr. Parr; He is the king of teasers before shows

    “I have a plan”

    “What is it?”

    “I’ll never tell; Tee-hee-hee”

    -Dart dare pretty posters, boy howdy

    -Oh shit, well this a surprise; opening the show with the Dave/Gabby match hell of a way to go about things

    Mixed reactions; urg. Fucking tweeners are a plague.

    -As Sulley turns around his met with a targeted right-hand punch from Gabrielle that lands square in the temple of the champion sending him falling face first into the ring canvas.

    Rod Sterling: OH MY GOD!!!

    Christian Quinn: WHAT IS HAPPENING!?!?!?!!
    ...I’m i missing something here?...this was awkward. Why are we treating Gabby hitting Sully in the face like Sully was just hit in the face with a hammer?

    Fan at ringside: You alright, Sulley? You’re alright. Fuck her up, champ.

    Sulley looks at the fan and nods his head before carefully sliding back into the ring

    Well this was a fucking weird 90 seconds.

    The rest of the match was that good shit, it was fun back and forward and just generally a nice thing, but holy Christ do we need new blood in the main event scene

    -Big match Mack, I’m behind him, please for the love of god save us

    -MAN-! Had my money on Saus X. YOUR TIME IS COMING MAN, I BELIEVE IN YOU, but yeah to be honest Chris Peacock is on one hell of a streak at the moment and I consider him a sleeper fav for the CC and holy shit is that title feud going to be fun.

    -Is Krash unable to have a bad match at this point? He is on a hell of a hot streak, and honestly? He’s like the obvious choice, the number one baby face to face Sully at BIB WE’RE ALL BEHIND YOU KRASH!!! But yeah I love this feud, Al and Krash work so well off of each other, they clearly have a mad charisma with each other and this is thd match of the night by far. Good stuff.

    -I don’t like to comment over my own stuff, just because it sounds like “LOOK AT ME! HA! I’M GREAT” but I’m enjoying the feud such as it is, slightly disappointed to see no post match stuff possibly with Lord Vinny losing his mind. IT WAS RIGHT THERE GUYS COME ON! In fact a lot of this show seemed to be lacking in post match angles. Not really a fan of that.

    -Aw man, Mike Garcia is his natural state; beating fresh interesting new people in all seriousness I love the trio of new guys, in their own little way and honestly? I hope Kai/Dan or Cole win the CC.


    Also congrats to Cy, first time ever someone has held two titles at the same time?

    -God I hate you Dave Sullivan so much, please someone beat him

    -Cyrus is Cyrus and will continue to do Cyrus things, as good as Eli is...Cyrus is Cyrus and he will hang on to belts like the jaws of life….

    ..and he has two belts.

    Good luck everyone

    -YES! DANNY! DANNY FUCKING TONER! What a year this man have been having and this title win is absolutely deserved, as good champs as golden rock are The Toners deserve this moment and I’m looking forward to this reign..

    ...And here we go



    -Oh wow. Ok. Where do I begin;

    This is hard, because I like both rawr and Krash, and I’m trying to phrase this in a way that maybe is constructive and maybe isn’t so harsh. Ok, lets get the positives out of the way, this was a very well done mystery angle.’s very hard to pull a mystery attacker off in wrestling because in wrestling it’s always the person you think it is, so you’ve worked me. And I dare say you’ve worked everyone else.

    But there’s a reason for that; I hate this. and I don’t want to say that but I’m trying to think of something that disagreed with me more in the last year. Super Garcia in the summer was pretty bad. Garcia going over in a situation where someone new should have in the Chamber was worse...but yeah I think this is worse.

    So lets break this down

    So first off; this is a heel turn, straight up, attacking people from behind with iron pipes is pretty much fucking evil. So that’s a thing

    “Hello friend Krash” Alyster Black presumingly said at some point “I don’t want to fight you; I love you.”

    “I love you too” Krash said back “let’s be friends and challenge for the tag team champions. Should we challenge them to a match like fucking rational human beings?

    “We could! Or we could just be generally weird and confusing with the whole thing”

    What was the goal here? What was the master plan here? Why did they hide who they were Like was there a reason for the whole leather thing? And for that matter why did they have a crazy brutal fight to throw everyone off the scent? Like was the past three months just an elaborate ruse to fool everyone? I’ll probably wait till Fight Night where no doubt a rational explanation can be given fight night but right now, this sounds fucking demented logic “HA. WE FOOLED YOU! WE WERE PUTTING EACH OTHER IN THE HOSPITAL! AND THAT IS IN SOMEWAY AN EVIL PLAN; HAHA-!

    I’m sure that Krash and Al will knock this out of the park, because of course they will, but I’m just low man, the reason I believe Krash won so many awards was because he was such an amazing baby face, and not just a baby face a PURE one, and that’s so fucking rare, and that’s what made Krash special...and now he’s another heel in a sea full of them, and that sucks to see truly, it’s a fucking hell of a gamble, turning the undisputed number one top baby face into a heel RIGHT before BIB. I’m sure that he’d nail it...but we didn’t need to see another heel man. Like...who do we have now?

    Well I’m sad forever. Mike; Take the wheel, take me to Jesus. Let me forget my struggles.

    I mean; this was a blood feud and it certainly came off like that, I honestly had MVH winning it, so I was a little offset by the fact that it’s a DQ finish, never like to see those and….we’re setting up MVH vs Mike Parr for BIB? Huh, this show really took a left turn on me guys not going to lie, going into CC there was two clear favs. This year belonged to two people with the most build and the most hype possible; Krash and MVH and now? Both of them are seemingly not going to be in the main event where - I can not stress this enough-, we NEED new blood.

    So if it’s not Krash’s time

    And it’s not MVH time.

    Whose time is it?
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    The most amazing thing about this recent conversation is that I've learned AON is even more of a waste of space than I thought he was previously

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    Re: Desert Storm (2021) RESULTS

    Holy fuck what a show, congrats to Tig and Cyrus on the title wins!

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    The only time WWE came close to a good story line post Attitude Era was Undertaker/Mordecai - Dakstang
    [06:01 PM]Dakstang
    Yeah I guess you are right. And I only want to be Daddy to my own kids. Sorry.

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    Re: Desert Storm (2021) RESULTS

    Quote Originally Posted by An Original Name View Post

    So if it’s not Krash’s time

    And it’s not MVH time.

    Whose time is it?

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    Re: Desert Storm (2021) RESULTS

    Also congrats to Man on the win, that was an insanely good promo

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    The only time WWE came close to a good story line post Attitude Era was Undertaker/Mordecai - Dakstang
    [06:01 PM]Dakstang
    Yeah I guess you are right. And I only want to be Daddy to my own kids. Sorry.

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    Re: Desert Storm (2021) RESULTS

    Desert Storm Review
    The cold open with Parr making the wait on the actual match anxiety-inducing

    The World Title match opener didn't expect that!

    Wow, this was a well-written match. Great story told of Sulley's strength vs. Gabby's speed and technique. Surprised by the winner, but Sulley's promo was a winning caliber promo. So the reign continues.

    X division number one contender
    This was a fun match. Everyone got a bit in, and Peacock gets the big win and is moving up the card as well.

    I quit match
    Two friends who are putting themselves through hell. A great read and a cool ending I've never seen before.

    Gauntlet title
    It hard-hitting, fun match. The ending was a cool visual.

    Six-man tag.
    Another fun match. Traditional three-way with everyone getting their shine but the Big Mike coming through in the clutch. Reagan Cole spot was my favorite part of this. Injected a bunch of energy

    X division title match
    This match was insane. Spot after spot. Needles, lobotomy, rats, bed frames, and fire. These guys need three weeks off, lol. The mad wizard winning the match he invented but the x title. Glad to see it focused on again.

    NA title match
    Congrats Cyrus

    Tag Title match
    Holy smokes. Toners did it! What a match! Fast-paced, physical, and emotional.

    Wtf the gang stars? Krash heel turn? What kind of M Night shit is this?

    MVH vs. Parr. Boooooooooooo DQ Main event

    This was an interesting show. Obvs X title and the tag titles were highlights. Everything else was ok. That Main event Gang stars?WOW

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    Re: Desert Storm (2021) RESULTS

    I don't mind pay-per-views ending with DQs, but I would say that seeing as I wrote the finish. I don't know, it's realistic, a good way to further feuds, and build heat for the heel. Prod and I wanted to do another match for our story and if MvH just goes over clean in a singles match after nearly a year of building to this point, it would've undersold the magnitude of it I think.

    The ending, with Parr looking at the BiB sign, was meant to hint slightly at perhaps him facing MvH again there, but more-so at him taking her out a week before the CC match. AoN asks 'if not Krash and if not MvH then who?' The ending is Parr answering that very question.

    I can see the complaints with it being at the end of the show. We had the finish devised before Sulley told us that and we considered changing it for a couple of days. But to be honest no other ending fit the progression of the story we wanted and satisfactorily tied up the show any better than what we had.

    I enjoyed this show, and to be honest I found myself agreeing with essentially every winner. The only one I was 50/50 on was the JJJ Konchu match. I think I just slightly preferred JAY! but given the content and how meta it gets in the second half I could see it scoring poorly and I don't think Konchu was an unworthy winner at all. That match was seriously fun to write and I'm very glad with how it came out! Big congrats to Cyrus Two-Belts, the program with Eli has thrown up a lot of my favourite stuff on recent shows and I think has cemented Black as an upper tier star just in time for CC. The match write-up for this was good but I felt could've given us a bit more (probably in terms of quantity) given that this feud dates back to the Elite Tag Classic too.

    The world championship match. I did have Sulley winning this. I guess I found his parody more accessible despite not really having direct knowledge of either of the shows being pastiched. I do think that if you'd have put this Sulley promo up against any ETE pay-per-view promo from 2020 Gaby would probably have won, but that's not how it works. The match itself was very well written, and a satisfying end to this program for me. I really wanted Gaby to win this match (sorry Sulley) but I find I can't argue with who went over all things considered.

    I think it's unfair to complain about Garcia's booking in that match, but then again I am once more being defensive about a match I wrote :P. I think to complain about him getting the win would be unfair, as a decision was obviously made that Sayer's promo was the best one on the winning team. The match itself followed a pretty standard tag team match progression with the heels isolating one of the faces, until we get another hot tag with the other face (the one judged to take the pin) coming in, almost turning it around, but is in the end overcome by the eleven foot tall powerhouse. I think the match would be more objectionable if we end with Garcia winning with a quick roll-up. That's not what the character is.

    Completely agree that Man is the Dark Peacock for the upcoming CC match. Another impressive win and an impressive promo to earn it. Saus X deserves a shout out here too. I personally feel he's done enough to earn another go at the Gauntlet belt.

    And the tag team match, was SO difficult to pick a winner in. I thought Tig was probably in-between the two promos from Shawn and TGO and I just about agree with the winner here. Tig's promo was outstanding and this is a deserved win. I hope to see him continue with the belt long past BiB! The Leather Boys (lol)... I don't know how I feel about this at all at the moment really. I half-expected The Echo, if only because of the super kicks, but I know AON has said they'll never step foot here and he has his own eleven characters to concentrate on right now (x) so I didn't really feel sure of that. I liked the shock value, and I wouldn't have guessed it was The Gang Starz. Loved seeing the CWA straps here ahead of South Pacific. The angle itself was well written. I do see AON's point about Krash being the huge fan's favourite going into the CC match but that's no reason really to deny Krash his heel turn at the point where he wants it for the story. I just feel at the moment it is very random, and I think it's going to take some explaining next time out. Then again, this was the main complaint levelled against Parr's reveal as MvH's attacker, so I am quite happy to reserve judgement in that regard until we've had chance to read the justification.

    I do love it for giving Black something interesting to do. I'm hoping that the character is given a chance to shine in this quartet. Thinking back to the 4-man promo, I actually found Black's contributions to that to be the highlight in that particular dynamic and think he'll be good here too.

    My main objection here is how much it takes away from the championship win for the Toners. I must admit that I did have to read a couple of times to check whether the Toners actually exited the arena before this went down. I don't know, after such a huge redemption arc for Tig and the Toners, everything at play here between Donny and Golden, between Danny and Ramon... I just don''t know if cutting straight to the next angle makes sense here. I think if Golden Rock had gone over this would've worked better, but with The Toners picking up the straps I wonder if maybe this reveal would've been better held off until next week, though I am certainly hugely interested in both GR v Gang Stars and seeing what The Toners do with their newly won belt.

    It is odd for a PPV to serve as much as build for Fight Night as a PPV in its own right but I felt that this was a satisfying conclusion to some arcs, an unsatisfying conclusion to others, and a delicate tickling of the balls ahead of the Carnal Contendership.

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    Re: Desert Storm (2021) RESULTS

    Just noticed the Mountain Goats are in the show so +5 to that

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    Re: Desert Storm (2021) RESULTS

    I want to give credit and appreciation to SS, Prodigy, SJW , Rawr, Comeback Kid, and Blaine who all wrote matches or segments in some form. Help like this is what contributes to getting shows up on time, and making them look as good as they do so thank you all. This show was light on segments, but it was made up for in just back to back quality matches and action.

    I made the call to have the MvH/Parr match main event and the Saint Sulley/Gabrielle match open. Had Saint Sulley lost, Gabrielle winning the title would've closed the show and been the main event. But I felt like that match with it's result was better suited to open, and also a nice change of pace, where as the Parr and MvH match got the benefit of the closing spot due to the hype of the feud. Both matches still get showcase spots, but in different ways. MvH did ask me if the DQ finish was okay after learning his match was the main event, and I green lighted it. At the time of doing that I was 50/50 on it, but figured if that's how he wanted to do it after a win then why not. Since the show has been up and I can see it overall more, that finish has really grown on me. With the cold open at the beginning of the show, where Parr is asked what match he wants...and he makes it a boring singles finish, and then it coming full circle for one of the most anti-climatic finishes in a huge pay per view main's different. It's not your traditional pro wrestling climatic pay per view finish. It intentional goes against the grain and stands disappoint. It was all what Mike Parr wanted, and it totally fuels this story even more. As long as Prod and SS can continue to develop this back and forth between the two to an intense level, this finish works big time.

    I loved the match writeup that CK did with Gabby-Sulley as well, and felt like that knockout punch was very different at the beginning and memorable. I get the suggestions for that to someday be a real finish, where someone gets a knockout punch like that to open the match and win, but the issue there is if someone RPs and tries their best...they deserve a close match, and if it's a squash like that it could basically demoralize a writer. It'd be a good fit for a no show though.

    Lastly, I just want to say I loved doing The Gang Stars angle. It was difficult to book for, especially as Golden Rock vs Toner plans were being drawn. The two of them insisted that TGO and Jimmy did not know it was them, and I had to keep it like that the entire time. In that time Krash and Alyster actually got booked together in that four on four tag team match WITH Golden Rock, which I totally didn't push but found hilarious, and then Krash and Alyster even got booked to feud against each other. I did check in with them to make sure they were alright with this feud happening in the middle of their Gang Starz angle, and I like the way it all played it. Krash wishes things were a little different, but I'm okay with it. This show definitely had some controversy all the way around, but I feel like it's in a good way. A controversial show like this stands out. It goes against the grain, and makes it memorable. The Gang Star attack angle, the main event finish, these are controversial things yes and not everyone likes them, but that's what is part of making the show fun and memorable. We're not talking Montreal Screwjob here, but I think what this show did was made a statement that it's okay not make everything play out like generic wrestling TV.

    Congratulations to those who have won their titles. Pretty much every match on this card was difficult to grade, short of the couple no-shows. Anyone could have won on any side, and there were a handful of matches that required extra graders and average crunching to determine a clear winner. The Toners winning the tag team titles is huge for Tig, and he's worked so hard that it's well deserved. Konchu winning the X Championship is also big, as he's the first Ground Zero winner to win a title. He and Cyrus holding both the NA title and the X Championship is interesting. Good luck to everyone in the Carnal Contendership!

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