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Thread: 1992 Royal Rumble What if

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    1992 Royal Rumble What if

    What if the 1992 Royal Rumble was won by an underdog.
    Here is a ideals of mine.
    #1 winner of the royal rumble is piper.
    well if piper wins the royal rumble piper doesn't get involved with the mountie becuase i don't think you're going to have a double champion and have the i/c vacant right after having the WWf Title being vacant so the mountie defends the i/c title against someone else.
    i can see the mountie vs big boss man for i/c title at the royal rumble.the big bossman already beat the mountie and did win at wrestlemania 7 when he got a i/c title and never got another i/c title shot so he can be the number contenter.being mountie vs bret hart can't happen so mountie vs big boss man would make sense being it would against else mountie fueded with.
    mountie beats big boss man to retain i/c title.
    Some of the matches at Wrestlemania 8 if this happens.
    mountie vs bret hart for i/c title
    Piper vs Ric Flair for WWF Title
    hogan vs sid justice
    macho man randy savage vs jake the snake roberts
    undertaker vs ???
    #2 winner of the Royal Rumble is Jake the snake Roberts.
    jake the snake Roberts then defends WWF Title against the Macho Man RAndy Savage at Wrestlemania 8.

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    Re: 1992 Royal Rumble What if

    The problem with having Piper win, who I wouldn't even call an underdog, is that he was going to be done at Wrestlemania 8. It wasn't Wrestlemania practice to have a heel leave with the belt like it'd have to happen if you book Flair vs Piper.

    I don't mind extending the Roberts/Savage program by bringing the WWE Title into the picture, but they wanted to wrap up the feud quickly and move on.

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