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Thread: BATTLECARD 2 -- Round #1 -- Mandalorian v Broc

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    BATTLECARD 2 -- Round #1 -- Mandalorian v Broc


    Big Boi Wrestling presents...

    Singles Match:
    'Stone Cold' Steve Austin vs. Kevin Federline

    Handcuffs on a Pole:
    The Mountie vs. Nick Gage

    Promo Battle:
    Ahmed Johnson vs. Yoshi Tatsu vs. Vladimir Kozlov

    Hardcore Orgy of Violence Match:
    Ho vs Balls Mahoney vs Yoshihiko vs James Dick vs Chad Dick

    The Jeremy Stephens 'Who Da Fook is Dat Guy' Memorial Trophy Finals Match:
    "Towel Boy" Eric Tuttle vs. Kekoa the Flyin Hawaiian

    Singles Match:
    Gillberg vs. Bo Dallas

    Singles Match:
    Drew Carey vs. Shaggy 2 Dope



    Beau Beverly vs Blake Beverly - Lana on a Pole Match
    The Beverlys notice Lana backstage and are both attracted to her. It causes a riff between the brothers, and the only way to settle it is by tying Lana to a pole and the first to retrieve her earning the right to ask her out. Little do they know that whoever wins is going to get rejected anyway. And probably kicked in the nuts. It was all part of Lana’s master plan.

    Marty Jannetty vs. King Maxel

    Rather than prime Marty Janetty, we have current dementia filled Marty Janetty. Janetty has been calling out Matt Hardy for weeks. No one really knows why, Marty probably doesn’t even know why. But he wants a match with Matt. And tonight he calls out Matt one more time, but he is surprised by the appearance of King Maxel instead who comes out and squirts him with a water gun and they have a match.

    Eric Angle vs. Kung Fu Chicken Noodle
    Because… reasons. Idk.

    The Ascension vs. Boogeyman- 2 on 1 Handicap Match
    The Ascension are on a tear, beating teams in record fashion as they did oh so long ago in NXT. But lately every time after they win a match, the lights go out, the red smoke enters, and then worms drop from the ceiling onto the heads of the Ascension. And finally, Boogeyman emerges from the red smoke to say “I’M THE BOOGEYMAN. AND I’M COMING TO GET YOU”

    Adam Rose vs Heidenreich- Lumberjack Match
    Heidenreich randomly assaulted one of the rose buds, because he's an angry boy. Rose is looking for revenge, Heidenreich read some poetry or whatever the fuck it is he did. All of the rose buds are lumberjacks.

    Main Event: ButterBean vs. Lawrence Taylor- Street Fight
    A true hass fight if there’s ever been one. Lawrence Taylor announces he’s ready to take on any and all challengers, but he doesn’t want to play by wrestling rules, he wants a street fight. Anything goes. ButterBean accepts the challenge, coming down to the ring with his boxing gloves on. Before the match starts LT snorts a line of cocaine, which means he’s ready to fuck up anybody in his way

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    Re: BATTLECARD 2 -- Round #1 -- Mandalorian v Broc

    Damn me for not being bothered to do match write ups

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    Re: BATTLECARD 2 -- Round #1 -- Mandalorian v Broc

    Quote Originally Posted by Mandalorian View Post
    Damn me for not being bothered to do match write ups
    For what it's worth, I personally think you had the better card, and I would definitely vote for you if it had write-ups. It's hard to be sold on matches alone, though. Broc's stories are, well, strange to say the least, but they exist and they are good enough to sell me on his show. But in fairness to both of you, you guys had some of the harder rosters to work with imo. I still enjoyed both cards thoroughly.

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