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    Fallout Shawn Summers


    American Strong Style (Technical Strong Style)

    1. Technical | 2. Brawling | 3. Charisma | 4. Power | 5. Speed

    Basic Moves
    - "Wipe Out" (Overhead Belly To Belly Suplex)
    - "Lights Out" (Roundhouse Kick to Opponent's Head)
    - Inverted lifting DDT
    - Axe Kick
    - Sit-Out Double Underhook Powerbomb
    - Shining Wizard
    - Stalling Brainbuster-Rolling Elbow
    - Bridging Fujiwara Armbar
    - Triple Rolling Double Underhook Suplex

    Signature Strikes
    Red King
    Description: Shawn mounts the chest of a downed opponent and delivers continuous rights and left hand strikes, incorporating elbow strikes throughout)

    The Bee's Knees
    Description: Charging knee strike to the chest of a downed, cornered opponent

    Signature Submission Move:
    Coat of Arms (Cross Armbreaker)
    Best F'n Ankle Lock Period(Ankle lock)
    • Shawn will occasionally grapevine around his opponents leg to apply more pressure.

    Finishing Maneuver
    Midsommar (Double underhook facebuster)
    Alpha Male
    (Guillotine choke)

    • On occasions, Shawn will wrap his legs around the body of his opponents to apply more pressure)


    by Lana Del Rey
    Shawn makes his way from behind the curtain onto the stage - head down, taking deep breaths. He stands on the stage swaying back and forth to the beat of the song before looking up. As Lana sings "Come on baby, let's ride," gold pyro rains down from the top of the entrance way behind him as he spreads his arms, eyes closed, making his way down the ramp mouthing the lyrics to the song. Halfway down the ramp he opens his eyes, focusing on the ring, while continuing to mouth the lyrics to the song. Shawn slowly makes his way up the ring steps pausing and surveying the audience in the arena before entering. He makes his way to his corner, closes his eyes, and takes a deep breath before letting out an almost primal like roar as he opens his eyes and paces back and forth in the ring, shadowboxing as he awaits the start of the match.

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    Re: Shawn Summers

    Love how smooth this profile looks! I can't wait to see this debut.

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    Re: Shawn Summers



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    Re: Shawn Summers

    HELL to the YES.

    Welcome back!
    Credit to Comeback Kid for the GFX

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    Re: Shawn Summers

    As the bulbs from the camera flash distort the vision of the three men attempting to exit the room, a solution of voices clamoring for answers, shuffling of bodies, clicks and clacks from camera shutters, and a high pitched ringing sound disrupts their hearing. The three men use their hands to gently guide the inquisitive individuals away from them as they make their way to an agape door off to the side of the platform they descended. One by one, the three men make their way through the door, which quickly closes behind them, leaving the individuals trapped in the room with only wonder and the hurried shots that they were able to take.

    As the door shuts firmly behind the three, one drops to his knees, clutching his lower back. He opens his mouth to shout in pain, but the screams of anguish resist departing from his body. The other two men whip around and drop to assist their third, who grips his hand onto their shoulders. They attempt to lift him but to no avail. The pain too bearable for the man to stand on his two feet. They gingerly reclined him on the ground as one of the signals for assistance. The high pitched ringing sound grows louder and louder as medical help arrives. They bring a gurney, lower it down next to the man, and direct the other two men to plank him on top. The two men lift the third onto the gurney, looking down at him and then back at one another as the medical professionals rush him into a room. Once in the room, the professionals turn the man on his side and lift his shirt, exposing his back. They spray a brownish-red solution on the lower center of his back and step away. The man grips the side of the gurney and closes his eyes as he feels the hand of an individual resting on his lower oblique. A stinging stab of a needle hits the man in the area where the brownish-red solution had been applied, causing immediate discomfort followed by almost instant relief. The high pitched ringing begins to subside as the man on the gurney slowly makes his way to an upright sitting position.

    The medic washes her hands as the man on the gurney breathes a sigh of relief. She turns her attention to him and shakes her head.

    Medic: Noah, we cannot continue to give you these cortisone shots. You need surgery, time to recover, and a mental break. You and I both know that you shouldn't have competed tonight. A suicide attempt is serious and should be handled immediately.

    Noah Stocke: I'm...I'm fine.

    Medic: No, you're not. You tried to kill yourself because you couldn't control your reality. That is not fine. You should have been put under a psychiatric hold.

    The medic pulls out her phone and begins typing on the screen as Noah carefully lifts himself off of the gurney and pulls his shirt down. His phone, tucked into his wrestling shorts, dings and he pulls it out to examine the notification.

    Noah Stocke: A rehab facility?

    Medic: Yes. They specialize in rehabilitation for individuals who are recovering from surgery and they also help with mental health issues. Now, I know you all did your press conference and announced that you were taking time off but let me be clear, I will not clear you to compete until you get your back taken care of and you see a mental health professional.

    The medic opens the door and signals for the other two men to enter as she makes her way out. Trevor Ocean and Shawn Summers enter the room as Noah turns his attention to them.

    Trevor Ocean: Guess we announced our "break" at the perfect time, ey? (Laughing) You could barely make it behind closed doors before you fell apart.

    Noah Stocke: Not sure what happened. I guess the weight of carrying both the team and the whole damn tag-team division for so long finally caught up to me. Did you go get your dog back?

    Trevor looks at the floor and winces before looking back up at Noah with a smile.

    Trevor Ocean: We thought it best if she stayed with Yuna.

    Noah Stocke: Oh, did you? That's impressive that the two of you were able to come to that understanding with the whole language barrier.

    Trevor Ocean: Language barrier? I wasn't talking about me and Yuna. I was talking about Bella and me.

    Noah Stocke: I'm aware.

    Trevor playfully jabs at Noah as Shawn Summers stands in the doorway of the room checking his phone. He glances up from the screen and smiles at the two before putting his phone away.

    Shawn Summers: Alright, well...I think tonight calls for a celebration of sorts, yeah? Let's meet in my hotel room in about half an hour. You two just picked up a huge victory.

    Noah Stocke: I wouldn't call it "huge". It was us against a make-believe pirate and her bird.

    Shawn Summers: Well, true. But, think about it like this. You two put a message out there with that match stating that no matter how small or big the threat is, it's still a threat and the Division doesn't take threats lightly.

    Trevor Ocean: Ayman to that. Alright, let's get the hell out of here before we have to watch that Sulley/Chris Kennedy match. I mean, can you believe the ball on this guy? Taking a match with Kennedy just to extend his title reign until the pay-per-view. Who's booking this shit?

    Noah Stocke: I would say Sulley, but that just seems too obvious. Maybe Sulley has something on Blackbird because I don't think anyone was calling for this match.

    Shawn Summers: Well, at least the main-event scene is getting a fresh face added to it.

    The three burst into laughter as they exit the medical room, turn the light off, close the door, and the scene slowly fades to black.

    Summers Energy International, Inc. World Headquarters

    A grey overcast hangs over the sky of downtown Los Angeles the forming clouds blocking out the sun. The reflection of the Los Angeles skyline appears superimposed on the face of former CWA wrestler Shawn Summers. Summers, dressed in a charcoal grey colored suit with a white button-up shirt tucked into his slim fitted suit pants help up by a black leather belt, stands confidently overlooking the city that he once called home in the room his father made his millions. The door of the room opens, drawing the attention of Summers to that of a middle-aged woman who walks with an air of confidence that only Shawn could match. Although this woman was what some would call middle-aged, her face and the way that she carried herself oozed attractiveness. Think, Jane Fonda.

    Shawn smiles and hugs the woman, taking in the flowery aroma of her perfume - Chanel Number 5, of course.

    Shawn Summers: Mum, they didn't tell me that you would be here.

    Jacqueline Summers: I know how you boys get when you all get together, so I thought it would be best if I supervised. *Gesturing* Come, sit in your father's old seat.

    Voice: No, that's my seat as the CEO and President of Summers Energy. Shawn will sit in one of the seats surrounding the table.

    Shawn grimaces at his mother as she hooks his arm and pats him on the shoulder.

    Shawn Summers: Anything to show that you're the head of the family, ey Taron?

    A man who appears to be in his mid to late thirties walks into the conference room, dressed in an Armani suit, and flanked by a woman dressed in a khaki pantsuit and her hair pulled into a bun. He pulls out the seat at the head of the table and directs the woman to take a seat near his.

    Taron Summers: Head of the family, head of this company, head of the table. Someone had to step up and lead after dad passed. Alex couldn't do it, and you wouldn't do it. Alex was dealing with his "problems," and you were doing your "wrestling thing."

    Shawn clenches his fist but releases. He takes his seat at the table next to his mother - opposite the woman that entered with Taron.

    Shawn Summers: Dad never had a problem with my "wrestling thing."

    Taron Summers: Dad never had your "wrestling thing" interfere with the brand or image of the company. Dana, hand him the forms, please.

    Dana opens the folder that she entered with, carefully reviewing the documents within, before handing them to Shawn. Shawn looks over them rather quickly before gesturing his hand at his brother as if to say, "okay, and?"

    Taron Summers: Shawn, that's the morality clause that was included in the contract that you signed when Dad made us board members...while*clears his throat* ran for office. Dana, if you don't mind?

    Dana lays out forms with highlighted dates and phrases in front of Shawn and his mother.

    Taron Summers: These documents are excerpts from tweets, interviews, and casual comments you've made in the past couple of years and most recently during your appearances on Fox News.

    Shawn looks over the documents reliving his words about women, Asians, Hispanics, and members of the LGBTQ community. He quickly snaps his attention to his mother.

    Shawn Summers: Mum, what the hell is all of this?

    Jacqueline quickly looks away from Shawn shaking her head as Taron waves in two security guards.

    Taron Summers: Shawn, your comments and behavior have been magnified by news organizations and bloggers that have associated them as a reflection of the views and values that Summers Energy holds. As a member of the Summers Energy board of directors, you are held to a certain moral standard - as evident by the morality clause in your contract. Your comments and behavior do not reflect those held by the company or those of the members of our board of directors. Therefore, we are removing you from your position within the company effective immediately.

    Shawn Summers: What the fuck?!

    Taron Summers: Since the homes and cars that you possess were provided by the company, we will acquire those assets.

    Shawn Summers: Taron, you can't do this! *looking at his mother* MUM, HE CAN'T DO THIS!

    Taron Summers: With you being family, assets won't be seized until the first day of the new year.

    Jacqueline Summers: This is not personal, Shawn. It's what's best for the company.

    Shawn Summers: What's best for the company?!?! What about what's best for your SON?!?!

    Jacqueline Summers: You may not see it now, but this is what's best for you.

    Shawn Summers: Taron, come on. You know that I don't mean or believe any of that shit that I've said. I was doing it to get attention and to keep people talking.

    Taron Summers: Shawn, people talked, and it wasn't what was beneficial to our brand. We thank you for your service to Summers Energy and wish you well in your future endeavors. These two gentlemen will escort you out. I look forward to seeing you at Thanksgiving.
    Taron reaches out his hand in an attempt for a friendly handshake, but Shawn stands up as a clap of thunder rattles the glass panes of the board room. Shawn looks down at his mother in contempt before looking at his brother smirking at him before gesturing to the door.

    Shawn Summers: You just made a huge mistake, Taron.

    Shawn shrugs off the security guards and exits the room as the scene fades to black.


    Trevor has dressed in a black long-sleeved "Elite Division" graphic t-shirt, seven-inch khaki shorts, and black and white Nike tennis shoes. He lays back first on a sleek white leather couch, staring up at the popcorn ceiling of the office. He taps his index finger on his chest as he replays the recent events that occurred after Adrenaline Rush. He had been berated by his best friend, tricked into paying for a meal for a bunch of kids and had his belongings stolen. When did wrestling become so stressful? What happened to it being an entertaining sport that he'd loved? When did it become a circus where pirates could kidnap your dog, and masked men were zipping and flying around the ring instead of meeting in the middle of the mat to show who was superior?

    A calm serene voice breaks Trevor's train of thought, drawing his attention towards a middle-aged woman wearing large round glasses, her hair cut into a shoulder-length bob, and wearing a very conservative outfit. She rhythmically taps her pen on a notepad as she raises a curious eyebrow at Trevor.

    Trevor Ocean: I'm sorry, Anna. What was the question again?

    Anna W.: I was following up on the comment you made in one of our previous visits where you said you "couldn't see yourself competing as a singles wrestler because you and your friends were a team." I wanted to know if your friends, Noah and Shawn, feel the same way.

    Trevor Ocean: Ummm...well...they're a little different than me. They have their aspirations...and we all support one another in what we want to achieve.

    Anna W: Yes, but that doesn't sound as if they are too dependent on you, or anyone else for that matter, to accomplish their aspirations. They sound like they can accomplish their goals and thrive independently from you, but you do not feel you can do the same.

    Trevor Ocean: What? Anna, I think you're offbeat with your assumption.

    Anna W: Well, let's take a second and think about this for a second. When Shawn left Strikeforce Wrestling to go to CWA, you quickly convinced Noah to step in as your tag-team partner to take the place of Shawn. Noah gave up his singles career, for the time being, to be your partner. When Noah decided he wanted to resume his singles career, you quickly decided to leave the company and move to CWA to help Shawn, who was in a slump. When Shawn stepped away from CWA and wrestling due to the death of his father, you again convinced Noah to be your partner. Noah again gave up his singles career and joined you as a partner.

    Trevor Ocean: But, we're all a team. We interchange tag-team partners all the time.

    Anna W: That may be true, but allow me to continue. You were lonely in your home when you'd come off the road so you decided to buy a dog, Bella. She'd keep you company, accompany you on your workouts, trips to the market, and other places. When you and Noah had your small falling out recently, you sought the comfort of strangers who abandoned you, leaving you to pay the tab. Upon their abandonment, you found yourself in the comfort of the young woman that ultimately robbed you. You have an issue with being alone. You depend on the companionship of others and have little to no idea how to operate as a single individual.

    Trevor sits up on the couch in a dumbfounded manner. She couldn't be right, could she? Of course, he knew how to operate as a single individual. He could accomplish things on his own. He didn't need the assistance or direction of others to get things done. He opened his mouth to retort her assessment but couldn't find the words. He couldn't think of a recent example of him competing or doing something significant without one of his friends or his dog alongside him.

    Anna W: Codependency is something that many athletes in team sports struggle with. It's also something that young men struggle with as they navigate their way through adulthood. It's very common.

    Trevor Ocean: do I become more...independent?

    Anna W: The first step is to figure out who Trevor Ocean is and what are his goals and aspirations. Then you'll have to figure out how YOU want to accomplish them and what YOU need to do. Unfortunately, we're out of time.

    Anna stands to her feet smiling at Trevor as he slowly rises off of the couch. She pats him on his back as she opens the door leading him out of the office.

    A star skates across the night sky as Shawn Summers stares out at the reflection of the Vancouver skyline in the Burrard Inlet. The silence of the city is deafening to the former self-professed "God-King" as he sits with his thoughts. For the past three years, he'd looked down on this city from his high-rise unappreciatively, but tonight was different. Tonight, he looked down upon the city with sorrow and longing for the opportunity to spend one more night here. One more night at home.

    Shawn slowly opens his mouth, allowing for the smoke to seep from within his mouth out into the frigid Vancouver atmosphere. A tap brings Shawn back to reality and he turns his attention to the left, noticing Trevor Ocean with his hand stretched outward.

    Trevor Ocean: Look, I'm thankful as hell that you decided to get us this parting gift but we can't really "enjoy" the gift if you don't pass the joint to either of us, Shawn.

    Shawn smiles and passes the joint to Trevor who takes a deep inhale and holds, smiling coyly at Shawn before exhaling.

    Trevor Ocean: Thank you, Mr. Summers. I forgot just how good this felt after a big win.

    Noah Stocke: *playfully scoffing* A big win? We fought a chick pretending to be a pirate for the custodial rights to your dog...that you didn't even want anymore. *laughing* This is the shittiest win we've ever had.

    Trevor laughs as he passes the joint to Noah who takes a hit and holds it out to eye level. He admires it before turning to Shawn and Trevor.

    Noah Stocke: But, this weed makes up for it.

    Shawn Summers: How's your back feeling?

    Noah Stocke: A lot better now that I don't have to hold the division and this team on it anymore.

    Trevor playfully tosses a pebble at Noah as he smiles and passes to Shawn.

    Trevor Ocean: I give you a week. You'll be calling me, begging to get back in the ring and win back our titles.

    Noah Stocke *laughing*: I think this time's going to be a little different, Trev. My...body's not...cooperating with me and I gotta get back in control of it.

    Trevor Ocean: A couple of weeks of rest, some stretching, and maybe some yoga and you'll be good as new.

    Noah shakes his head in disagreement as Shawn passes the joint to Trevor.

    Noah Stocke: That'll help the physical aspects of my body but...I've gotta work on the mental aspects of it too.

    The three sit in somber silence as Noah grimaces at what the future holds for him. For the first time since he started wrestling, he'd be out for an extended amount of time. For the first time since leaving home for college, he'd have to wrestle his thoughts.

    Shawn Summers: Yeah, well, a suicide attempt will do that to ya.

    The three erupt into laughter as they attempt to lighten the tense moment. Trevor lets out a deep sigh as he flicks the joint over the edge, spiraling down to the streets below.

    Shawn Summers: What're you gonna do while Noah's getting better?

    Trevor Ocean: Ughhhhhhh...I'mmmmm self-reflection....alone...throughout the country.

    Shawn Summers: You gonna get a new dog while you're at it? You know, so you can turn this little self -reflection journey into Lewis and Clark adventure?

    Trevor Ocean: Ugh, no. It's not alone if I bring a dog, Shawn. And since you want to make jokes, what the hell are you going to do? I'm sure you've got tons of Fox news segments lined up with this whole election shit.

    Shawn lets out a deep sigh and leans back before answering.

    Shawn Summers: Yeah...well, they kind of fired me.

    Noah Stocke: They fired you? For what? It's Fox News! As long as you're not a liberal or an aging woman your spot is secure. What did you do?!?!

    Shawn Summers: I ain useful to them anymore. I'm not currently wrestling and my brother fired me from the company. Fox News has no interest in an unemployed, statistically broke, faux misogynist.

    Noah Stocke: Damn...

    Shawn Summers: Well, I'm technically not broke until the start of the new year....shit, I just realized...I'm gonna be homeless too.

    Shawn laughs to himself as his new reality finally sets in for him. The three sit in somber silence until the service door to the rooftop opens and a beam of light hits their backs. The three turn around squinting their eyes at the harsh beam of light coming from the building security officer's flashlight.

    Security Officer: Hey, what're you three doing up here?

    Noah Stocke *dryly*: Smoking a joint and celebrating a victory. Turn that light out, will you?

    The officer turns out his flashlight and approaches the three.

    Security Officer: Your show was over a couple of hours ago. You three need to pack up your stuff and get out of here. Now! Come on, move it.

    The officer motions for the three to get to their feet as they all take one more look at the Vancouver skyline. The three rise to their feet and reluctantly follow the officer towards the door. Shawn stops and looks back at Vancouver and grimaces at the thought of the future before walking through the door, allowing it to close behind him.

    As the door closes, a dark-haired Shawn Summers walks towards the building's edge with a smirk on his face. He cracks his neck and stretches a bit before exhaling deeply - the smile still on his face.

    Shawnathan Summers: Time to make the donuts.

    Shawn spreads his arms apart and slowly leans forward before taking a slight hop off the building as the scene fades to black.

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    Re: Shawn Summers

    Thats a fantastic return promo. Really set the stage for a different look Shawn Summers and left me wanting to see where he goes from here, and just who he'll be as a character now.

    Just an observation, not a suggestion; that GFX at the top for Summers would be so cool if everyone had one.
    Credit to Comeback Kid for the GFX

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