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    A fairly quiet evening outside the CHI Health Center is punctuated by the voice of someone who loves the sound of his own.

    Sean Hughes
    “O-ma-ha, New-bra-ska….what a wonderful place….O-ma-ha, New-bra-ska….ain’t no PASSING CRRAAAAZZZZZEEEE.”

    Skipping towards the talent entrance to the arena are The New Breed, with one member in particularly in a seemingly buoyant mood considering the last time that they were seen was losing their most recent shot at the Tag Team Championships. A loss to Golden Rock isn’t the end of the world, but if you were expecting some humility or some contrition then I’m afraid you have arrived at the wrong location. As he slides towards the door theatrically, he continues with his impromptu performance.

    Sean Hughes

    Sean grabs the door handle and pulls with all his might, nearly pulling it off its hinges with his enthusiasm – the very same enthusiasm that is tempered as opening of said door has brought he and Prototype face to face with the waiting, stony faced, Mike Parr.

    Mike Parr
    “You know what would be problem free Sean? If you would shut up and get here on time. Where were you both?”

    You wouldn’t call it concern or panic in Prodigy’s voice, but more of a mild irritation. Pre-match preparation for Mike typically wouldn’t involve checking his watch and waiting on people to arrive at an arena.

    Mike Parr
    “This is not going to be another Mile High. Tonight…….tonight I put an end to Michael Garcia and his illusions of grandeur. Tonight is the night that I complete the impossible of making the biggest laughing stock in FWA history, it’s shortest reigning champion in 13 years and I ma—“

    Sean Hughes
    “Make him long for the days he was just a laughing stock with a 27 day title reign!”

    For all his enthusiasm and inexperience, he does know how to say the right things to Parr on occasion to bring a smile to his face. Probably why he has survived so long. He reaches an arm around the shoulders of young protégé, smiling.

    Mike Parr
    “That’s exactly what we do Sean, exactly. If any one of his goof troop want to get involved, that’s when you shut them down at source. Tonight isn’t Mile High……tonight belongs to The New Breed.”

    With that, we cut back to ringside for the next contest.

    Live from the CHI Health Center in Omaha, Nebraska
    on Friday, January 22nd, 2021

    The fireworks go off in the CHI Health Center as the crowd goes nuts.

    There is no further time for an intro, as Beat Down by Downstrait begins to play in the stadium and the first match of the night is already beginning....

    There’s a subdued reaction as the first of our three debutants makes his way onto the stage. Kai Urigawa surveys the audience, a determined and focused look on the face, and the reaction is certainly more positive than negative. He nods his head in self-belief and begins walking down towards the ring.

    Rod Sterling: “Here comes Kai Urigawa, the first of our competitors here in this triple threat match, where we’ll be seeing what each of these new competitors can bring to the table…”

    Daniella Kennedy: “That’s right, Rod. Kai Urigawa is renowned around the world for his particular brand of shoot-style wrestling, and it’ll be interesting to see if this unique style translates well into an FWA ring.”

    Kai has climbed into the ring and stands in the middle of it, loosening up his joints and staring off towards the entrance. His music fades out and is replaced by…

    Reagan Cole is more instantly recognisable to the FWA fans and elicits a reasonably positive reaction from the assembled FWA faithful. He has a smile on his face when he looks around the arena, but when his eyes are locked onto the man in the ring his expression shifts into a highly motivated one. He begins to stomp down the ramp, towards his debut…

    Rod Sterling: “Here comes a man that is known to the FWA Universe: a finalist on Ground Zeroes and an immensely popular one at that. Reagan Cole makes his way to the ring for his first match for the company…”

    Christian Quinn: “Indeed, the man from the United Kingdom had a lot of eyes on his as he made his way through the weekly stages of our developmental competition, and it’ll be interesting to see if that translates to success inside the squared circle tonight…”

    Cole slides into the ring and walks straight past Kai before climbing up to the second rope to pose for the fans. He appreciates their appreciation. Finally, he hops down into the middle of the ring and stands in the corner, eyes off up the ramp whilst his music fades out…

    Although he has never stepped foot in an FWA ring, the fans are fully ware of who Dan Maskell is. He gets the appropriate reaction, boos raining down into the arena as the Heretic makes his first appearance. He doesn’t seem to care, and slowly saunters to the ring with a sneer on his face.

    Rod Sterling: “It’s the former CWA World Heavyweight Champion, The Heretic, Dan Maskell. Wow, what a debut THIS is!”

    Christian Quinn: “You can say that again, Rod!”

    Rod Sterling: “It’s the former CWA World Heavyweight Champion, The Heretic, Dan Maskell. Wow, what a debut THIS is!”

    Daniella Kennedy: “...”

    Christian Quinn: “...”

    Maskell climbs into the ring and eyes up his two opponents reproachfully from the opposite corner of it. As his entrance music begins to fade, the official busies himself in making his final checks. Finally, he calls for the bell…

    Triple Threat Debut
    "The Heretic" Dan Maskell vs "The British Apprentice Reagan Cole vs Kai Urigawa
    With three well adept strikers in the ring, it is perhaps not surprising that this one starts out with the three of them trying to gain the advantage in that particular facet of wrestling. At first, Maskell hangs back, allowing Urigawa and Cole to trade some of their best blows in the centre of the ring. Kai connects with a series of palm strikes and stiff shoot-style kicks to the sides. Reagan absorbs it and shoots back with a few strikes of his own (mostly forearm clubs to the chest, but eventually a headbutt that rocks Kai back to the ring ropes). Kai seems to be getting the better of the early stretches, but when he goes for a huge overhead palm strike, Reagan is able to grab his arm and drag him down onto the mat, perhaps going for a Fujiwara Arm Bar. Kai starts to scramble in the general direction of the ropes…

    But before he gets to them, Maskell is over to drag Cole off Urigawa and to his feet by the scruff of the neck. He nails a torrent of knife-edge chops, forearm smashes, and then a boot to the midsection, which doubles Cole over. Maskell applies a front face lock, and then pops the hips to take Cole over with a snap suplex! Kai has found his way to his feet, but Maskell charges into the opposite set of ropes, and then takes Urigawa over the top rope with a clothesline! Kai lands in a heap on the outside of the ring, and Maskell is able to apply full focus to Reagan Cole. Maskell has the advantage for a little while, managing to subdue Cole with a series of strike moves and the occasional grapple. He earns two-counts with the XYZ Crash (Regal-plex) and the Ready Or Not (Overdrive Neckbreaker), and there is a vague frustration on his face when the official tells him he is short of the three.

    After a half-dozen more knife-edge chops, Maskell gets Cole in a front facelock and drags him over to the ropes, maneuvering him so that he is draped on the ropes, perhaps looking for a rope-hung DDT. Cole senses the danger, though, and unleashes a series of stiff fists to Maskell’s side. Cole is able to get out of the ropes, and then he lifts Cole up and over with a Northern Lights suplex! The referee begins to count, but Kai slides back into the ring just in time and drops a double-axe handle onto Cole’s prone torso! Kai immediately picks Reagan Cole up and throws him across the ring with a German suplex! He then lifts up Maskell by the scruff of the neck and flings him over the top rope and onto the outside!

    It’s Kai’s chance to show the FWA Universe what he can do, wearing Cole down with an almost overwhelming tirade of stiff strikes. Cole is on the receiving end of a series of kicks, straight right hands, and overhead chops, all of which conspire to force him into the corner. Kai Irish whips him hard into the opposite one, and when Cole bounces back towards him he’s sent overhead with a big back body drop. Subsequently, Kai is able to earn a series of near-falls, first with a Reverse Capture Suplex and later on with a gut-wrench suplex. When Cole gets a shoulder up each time, Kai decides it’s time for a change in tact, and tries to apply a cross armbreaker! Cole frantically scurries over to the ropes, and is finally able to wrap a limb around them. The official forces the break.

    Urigawa is straight back on his opponent with an attempted German suplex, but Cole fights out with a pair of swift elbows to the side of the head. This causes some separation, and Reagan goes behind into a rear waist lock of his own… and then a picture-perfect German! Reagan bridges into a cover… but Maskell is back in for the save. Maskell tries to put it on Cole, but Reagan ducks an attempted forearm… and then sends him over with a drop kick! And then one for Kai Urigawa! And a spinning heel kick for Maskell! Kai is up once more, but he’s met by Cole with a tornado snap suplex! And then an inverted suplex for Maskell! This crowd is electric as Reagan pumps his fist in the centre of the ring!!

    He is teeing up Kai Urigawa, who slowly gets to his feet… and turns round into The Rhino’s Rage (Kotaro Krusher)!! Reagan Cole gets all of his finishing move!! Reagan is slightly slow to get back to his feet and take a pair of deep, haggard breath before going for the pinfall…

    … but before he can, Maskell damn-near takes his head off with The Tramp Stamp! The Northern Lariat to the back of the head completely blindsides Reagan Cole and leaves him face-down in a heap in the centre of the ring! The audience rain down the boos once more as Maskell gets to his feet with a smirk, deciding to pin Kai Urigawa for the three-count. There’s more boos as his music begins to play and the bell is called…

    Winner: Dan Maskell by pin-fall at 11:14

    The official holds Maskell’s arm in the air, much to the audience’s chagrin, as Cole and Kai both roll beneath the bottom rope. The audience lets Maskell know exactly what they think of him and his debut victory.

    Rod Sterling: “Well, Dan Maskell comes out with the W here tonight, but that was an impressive showing from all three of our debutants.”

    Christian Quinn: “I think we can expect big things in the FWA from Maskell, but also from Cole and Urigawa, despite their defeat here tonight.”

    Daniella Kennedy: “That remains to be seen, but there’s no denying that this was the perfect start to The Heretic’s FWA career.”

    The scene opens to show two very large hands clasped together firmly. As the camera begins to pull away, we see the ruggedly handsome face of the former FWA Champion Michael Garcia resting his head against his knuckles. Continuing on out we see that the entire Afflicted Alliance of Garcia, Kayden Knox, Jackson Fenix and Nate Savage are sitting around a large wooden table inside someone’s rather comfortable looking office. Fenix looks rather oddly settled almost as if they are fearing what is about to said. Jackson and Savage sit on one side of the table, while Kayden sits on the opposite and Garcia at the head. Suddenly, the doorknob twists and a rushed, hurried, disorganized Vincent Blackbird bursts through the door as Garcia inhales deeply.

    “Sorry, I’m late but I…”

    “My only concern is your safety, Mr. Blackbird. Good to see that you made it here, disheveled as you are. Really, Mr. Blackbird, you ought to keep up a better image. A man in your position, representing the company that you are representing, ought to look the part, yes?”

    “I appreciate your concern, Mr. Garcia, but I think you should rather focus your attention on winning your matches than my appearance, yes?”

    Garcia nods to Fenix and Savage, who jump from the table, grab Blackbird by his shirt and pin him back against the wall. Kayden Knox is shocked and looks over to Mike, but knows that he needs to stand down.

    “You think what happened at Christmas Cros…You know…that show….was MY fault, Mr. Blackbird? I actually had devised the perfect plan to retain my Championship. Tell me, Vincent, how exactly DID Kujo and Kleio free themselves from the padlocked steel door that YOU were supposed to be guarding?”

    Blackbird struggles to get to a position where Savage’s arm was NOT firmly pressed against his jaw, so he could speak.

    “I…I got a call…about a dis…disturbance outside…I had to check….had to check it out.”

    Garcia stays put, speaking calmly as ever from the table.

    “And what did you find when you went out there?”

    “They’d…they’d already cleared…when I got there!”

    “Do you not think that it could have been, and I say this knowing that it so clearly was, Randy Ramon and Devin Golden making a fool out of you?”

    “It…it was a woman…”

    Garcia rolls his eyes and nods again at Fenix, who slams Blackbird back against the wall. Blackbird staggers out, but then Garcia’s mammoth right hand encapsulates Blackbird’s neck before once again pinning him to the wall. Garcia gets up close to Blackbird, talking in a loud whisper.

    “I will not…refuse to stand for failure! YOU, Vincent Blackbird, Your ineptitude has cost me the FWA Championship and if that weren’t bad enough tonight, I have to go one on one with…”

    “You asked for this match…”

    “I said ‘Mike Valander!’ Look, Vincent, I don’t know how…but somehow, you’re going to make up for your failure last week, and if you don’t straighten this shit out soon, I’ll take you out myself!”

    Garcia motions for the Afflicted Alliance to leave the room as Vincent stumbles down to the floor, clearly shaken. Nate Savage and Jackson Fenix follow, as Kayden Knox stays behind, looking down at Vincent, unsure of what to do. Knox staggers for just a second, before ultimately deciding to follow his mates out the door.

    Daniella Kennedy: Next up will be a match that will be interesting to see considering the different styles that these two competitors possess in the ring; it’ll be Donovan Moore facing Yuna Funanori!

    Rod Sterling: Both of them coming off losses in their respective last matches, so they’ll both be looking to bounce back and move up in the rankings

    “Man of the Hour” plays, and Donovan steps out to a booing crowd, but he doesn’t care at all and chooses to soak it all in and gloats on his way to the ring.

    Kurt Harrington: Making his way to the ring, from Seattle, WA, and weighing in at 210 lb, he is “The Man of the Hour” Donovan Moore!

    Moore has reached the ring, climbs up the turnbuckle, and continues to boast and show off. He unzips his jacket that he was wearing during his entrance and tosses it aside as he waits for his opponent.

    “New Adventure” hits, and the fans respond with cheers as everyone’s favorite pirate princess makes her way out! She does her signature pose on stage and then heads down to the ring.

    Kurt Harrington: and his opponent, making her way to the ring from Tokyo, Japan by way of the Isle of Tortuga and weighing in at 114 lb, she is “The Last Great Adventurer” Yuna Funanori!

    Once she’s in the ring, she’s up on the turnbuckle and peers out at the sea of fans and poses for them once more before hopping off, and she removes her jacket and hat and hands them off to ringside, and turns her attention to her opponent, who looks unimpressed and laughs at Yuna.

    Gauntlet Championship #1 Contenders Match
    Yuna Funanori vs. "The Man of the Hour" Donovan Moore
    The bell sounds, and Yuna offers a handshake to Moore and acts like he’s going to shake hands with her, but at the last second, he throws his hand away behind his head and turns to the crowd and talks trash. Yuna looks pretty steamed and charges at Moore in the corner and begins to slap him with wild punches while he tries to defend himself by blocking each strike with his arms. The referee manages to keep Yuna at bay while Moore composes himself in the corner, but Yuna doesn’t want to wait and charges in at Moore with a clothesline, but Moore slides out of the way in time, and Yuna hits the corner! Moore takes advantage of this with several strikes in the corner before going for a monkey flip on Yuna. Still, Yuna narrowly flips out of it back on her feet, much to the surprise of Moore, and she runs at Moore and ducks a clothesline from him, runs up the turnbuckle and flips back off of the turnbuckle, and takes down Moore with an Asai moonsault!

    Daniella Kennedy: What a tremendous display of agility by Yuna Funanori!

    Rod Sterling: I don’t think Donovan Moore was expecting this from her!

    Moore stumbles to his feet, trying his best to recover as he stumbles into a corner, and Yuna charges at him and pushes her attempt at a monkey flip, but Moore was ready this time and shoves her off, sending her flying back to the opposite end of the ring. Moore wastes no time charging at Yuna and strikes with a high jumping knee! He takes her in a double underhook and then drops her on his knee with a nasty backbreaker! Yuna crumbles to the mat and instinctively sits up, which allows Moore to strike with a running knee to the back of the head! Moore takes her up now and keeps her elevated in a suplex position before dropping her down hard with a delayed vertical suplex followed by a pin, but only one count as Yuna kicks out!

    Christian Quinn: Donovan can’t waste any time he needs to stay on the attack with someone as quick as Yuna

    Moore attempts a sleeper on Yuna, but she can counter that with a standing jawbreaker! Moore is stunned, which allows for striking with a low kick taking out Moore’s legs, dropping him to his knees, and she hits him with a low dropkick! Yuna then positions herself on the apron and is waiting as Moore is getting back to a vertical base...Black Pearl forearm! Yuna, with a springboard forearm smash to Moore, and she drops down for the pin!

    One...NO! Kick-out by Moore, and he rolls to his side while Yuna thought for sure that might have been it. Moore uses the ropes as leverage to bring himself back to his feet as Yuna sneaks up behind him, but Moore senses it and fires off a back elbow! Yuna staggers back, and Moore strikes with a standing dropkick! Yuna stumbles back into a corner, and Moore unleashes a flurry of chops on Yuna before dragging her away from the corner and plants her to the mat with a DDT! He makes the cover…


    Yuna gets a shoulder up, and Moore quickly applies a sleeper hold on Yuna, and this time he makes sure she can’t escape and lies down while using a grapevine across her body with his legs. Moore yells at the referee to check on Yuna, and it looks like Yuna is beginning to fade as the referee raises her arm once, then twice, and on the third time, just as he goes to drop it, she keeps her arm and balls up her fist and raises her arm in defiance! Yuna is still in this; it’s a miracle! Yuna uses her second wind to reach out and grab the bottom rope for the break, much to the dismay of Moore, who begrudgingly releases the hold and berates the referee.

    Rod Sterling: I don’t get this; why are you doing this? The referee did nothing wrong!

    This has allowed Yuna time to recover, and Moore has stopped yelling at the referee in time to turn around...Captain Hook! Running spinning uppercut from Yuna! She’s not done yet as Moore stumbles around, and she has him hooked in for her Spanish fly, but he somehow manages to fend her off with several elbow strikes. Moore then grabs her by the wrist and connects with a jumping high knee strike to the jaw! Yuna might be out cold after that as Moore goes for the cover!


    Yuna kicks out, and Moore can’t believe it! He yells at the referee to count faster next time and then goes to pick Yuna back up, and this time he’s looking for The End of the Hour on Yuna, but she’s able to duck underneath it and counters with Tsunami Fist! Spinning fist has Moore stunned, and Yuna connects with Pirate’s Plunge this time! Yuna then climbs up top...

    Davey Jones Elbow Drop! She hooks the leg!


    Winner: Yuna Funanori

    Yuna rolls off Moore in celebration...

    Rod Sterling: Another win for Yuna! One of the most underrated talents on the roster.

    Daniella Kennedy: And don't forget Patches! One of the most underrated managers.

    Yuna celebrates in the ring as Moore is having an absolute fit at ringside at the loss. He's arguing with the referee claiming he got his shoulder up in time, but the ref is hearing none of it as Yuna continues to hop around in celebration as the pirate music plays in the background.

    We are inside a moderately sized locker room, personally assigned to 'The Prodigy' Mike Parr. Parr is sitting on a bench, his ring gear set out in front of him in preparation for his upcoming match against the former world champion, Mike Garcia. He should be looking focused, but his expression suggests that perhaps his mind is preoccupied with other matters. He stares up at the door to his entrance room where 'The Prototype' is standing, his arms behind his back as if on guard.

    "Where is he? He's been gone too long."

    The Prototype just shrugs, his arms still behind his back. Parr gets to his feet, beginning to pace slightly, staring at the floor and weighing up his next move.

    "How long does it take to take a piss?"

    He shakes his head in frustration, and The Prototype shuffles from side to side uncomfortably. It seems the henchman is awaiting a display of volatility and preparing himself for its oncoming.

    "Don't just stand there... go and find him!"

    The Prototype nods and leaves immediately, the camera following him as he wanders down a corridor. When he gets to the end of it he arrives at the men's bathroom. The camera lingers over his shoulder as he pushes open the door...

    ... to reveal the Protege 'Sean Hughes' sat in a corner, eyes glazed over, his head lolling from side to side. His mouth is ajar, and emerging from a deep gash in his forehead is a steady and substantial stream of the krovvy. At his side is a chair with a dent the shape of his head in the steel. On the mirror, in red and streaked lettering, is written the fraction 1/3.

    The Prototype eyes up his fallen partner and then the message written on the mirror. He shakes his head and we cut back to the arena, leaving him to inform his leader of the bad news and face whatever consequences that beholds...

    “Army of the Night” by Powerwolf plays out to a hugely positive reaction, ‘The Mad Wizard’ walking onto the stage and looking around the audience before continuing on his path towards the ring. The front row fans reach out to slap hands with him as he passes by, and Konchu looks sort of laid back as he prepares to do battle.

    Rod Sterling: “Coming up next we have a tag team match of the ‘strange bedfellows’ variety, and here comes the winner of this year’s Ground Zeroes. It’s ‘The Mad Wizard’, Konchu Hao…”

    Daniella Kennedy: “And since his arrival on the main roster Konchu has been nothing but impressive, and now he finds himself embroiled in the X Division championship picture. Tonight he’ll be across the ring from the two most recent champions in that particular division.”

    Christian Quinn: “That’s right, but he’ll be sharing the corner with another top contender for that title. I predict some chaos tonight!”

    Rod Sterling: “Considering some of the other men in this match, I would say that’s a given…”

    Konchu gets into the ring and nods his head along with the quickly-fading music. He stands in the centre of it as his partner’s theme - “Man With a Harmonica” - begins to play on the arena PA system. The cheers quickly turn to boos as Humanity walks onto the stage, a scowl on his face as he begins his saunter down towards the ring.

    Rod Sterling: “And here comes his tag team partner, a man who was successful in his debut match here in the FWA just last week…”

    Christian Quinn: “And a CWA legend to boot, Rod. There’s no denying Humanity’s pedigree, and I think we can expect an impressive FWA career for this man.”

    Daniella Kennedy: “The expectations are high, Christian, that’s for sure. Let’s see if Humanity can live up to them.”

    Humanity climbs into the ring and shares a brief wordless stand-off with the man designated as his partner for tonight. Without any real conclusion, both men manage to drag their eyes away from each other and direct them towards the entrance. “Battle Cry” by Little V sounds out around the arena to an immediate pop from the assembled fans. Gerald Grayson walks out onto the stage, but - alas - his usual wide, bright smile is not plastered upon his face. After surveying his adoring crowd, he begins a swift walk down the ramp.

    Rod Sterling: “Well, we’re used to seeing Gerald Grayson all smiles and laughs as he makes his way to the ring, but tonight it looks as if he’s all about business.”

    Christian Quinn: “Indeed it does, Rod. And you’d have to imagine that this has a LOT to do with losing his X Division Championship this week…”

    Daniella Kennedy: “And who did he lose it to? The man he’s meant to be tagging with here tonight! This is going to be interesting!”

    Grayson rolls into the ring and his opponents have given him the floor. He doesn’t climb the ropes to pose for the audience: instead he spends a few moments staring out at Konchu and Humanity before allowing his eyes to drift over to the entrance, awaiting his partner. “Battle Cry” fades out and is replaced by Death Grips’ “No Love”. There’s a mixed reaction from the crowd as he comes out holding his championship belt: it is quite clear that the FWA faithful are not yet quite sure what to make of J.J. JAY! Next to him is Quiet, who wordlessly looks at her charge with one hand on a hip. With little thought for the audience, he makes his way down the ramp and towards the ring.

    Rod Sterling: “Here comes the recently crowned X Division Champion…”

    Christian Quinn: “I think you mean the new and first ever JJJ Champion, Rod! Here comes Uncle JJ - and you’re right, Daniella. This is going to be incredibly interesting to see if he can coexist with the man from whom he took that belt…”

    JJJ climbs into the ring and shares a cursory word with his tag team partner. Grayson seems equally unsure of the man he is expected to team with here tonight. Quiet has remained on the outside, leaning up against an apron and keeping her eyes on the protagonists within the ring.

    After Konchu and Humanity have joined their opponents in the ring, there’s a quick discussion about who should start it off. It appears that Humanity and the new X Champion are the ones who are going to tie it up first, and after the official makes his final checks he calls for the opening bell.

    J.J. Jay! (w/ Quiet) and Gerald Grayson vs. "The Mad Wizard" Konchu Hao and HUMANITY
    J.J. and Humanity circle the ring for a moment and it looks as if they are going to come together in a collar and elbow tie up. JJJ ducks beneath the attempted grapple, though, and then gives Humanity a low drop kick to the rear end, sending him face first into the corner turnbuckles. Instantly, whilst Humanity is groggy, JJJ goes to the opposite corner and busies himself in the undoing of a turnbuckle cover. The official is straight over and sends him away, but whilst the ref’s back is turned in order to check the cover, JJJ hits a thumb to Humanity’s eye! Then a roll-up, for which he gets a two. This becomes a recurring theme for the opening exchanges, with JJJ blending a peculiar offense with some underhanded tactics, culminating in a very near fall after a backslide pin. When Humanity gets up to his feet, though, he wipes JJJ out with a massive clothesline! Humanity is able to follow up with a pair of power moves: first a Samoan drop and then an exploder suplex. He gets a two count, and then tags in his partner.

    Konchu patiently waits for JJJ to get to his feet, and the two stare at each other from across the ring. The fans seem excited for the prospect of two of FWA’s oddest competitors linking up, and both men play this up. JJJ in particular is animated, willing Hao on with a series of taunts, seemingly limbering up by doing elaborate stretches (frequently involving the top rope). They do two full circuits of the ring with their circling, the audience reaching fever pitch in their anticipation…

    … and then JJJ tags in Gerald! The crowd don’t see it as cowardly, but rather classic JJJ hi-jinx, and he climbs out of the ring, dusting off his hands as if congratulating himself on a job well done.

    Grayson gets into the ring and has some immediate success against Hao by utilising his speed. At various points, he connects with a standing drop kick, an enziguri, and finally a shining wizard, the last of which gets a two. Grayson slaps on a grounded headlock, the audience clapping along his high octane offense in spite of the rest hold, but Konchu fights up to his feet and whips GG into the ropes, going for a lariat… which Grayson ducks, and then he nails a Pele kick! GG quickly darts up to the top rope, and drops an elbow on Konchu! He picks up a two-count, and then tags JJJ back in.

    Uncle JJ is immediately on Konchu with a series of stomps, driving Hao to get himself up to a vertical base. JJJ nails a few overhead chops which send Konchu into the corner. He irish whips him HARD into the opposite set, and when the Mad Wizard stumbles away from it JJJ goes for a big lariat… no! Konchu ducks it and continues his momentum to the ropes, going for a clothesline of his own… JJJ floats beneath it, and into an Octopus Hold! He calls this the Cosmic Stretch, and he plays sort of a drumbeat on Konchu’s exposed side as he wrenches back on the hold! The official is up in Hao’s grill, asking him if he wants to give the match away… Hao refuses, and with a huge burst of energy he breaks out of the hold and slams JJJ face first into the mat with a spike DDT!! Hao covers, but gets only a two-count.

    What follows is a lengthy period of dominance for the team of Konchu Hao and Humanity. There is little teamwork in the way of double team moves, but the pair are incredibly adept at making frequent tags and keeping JJJ grounded in their half of the ring. At various points, Hao has JJJ very nearly beaten following an inverted DDT, and later on Gerald has to come in to break up a pinfall following an STO. The crowd go wild for a particular sequence where Hao dominates JJJ in the corner with what seems like around fifty consecutive Mongolian chops. Humanity takes his share of the offense, too, picking up nearfalls following a German suplex with a bridge, and later on his Welcome to Hell clothesline, which damn near takes JJJ’s head off. The match also seems close to finishing during a lengthy sequence with Konchu Hao applying his cross-face chickenwing, and it takes an inordinate amount of encouragement from both the crowd and his partner to will JJJ onwards to an eventual rope break.

    The official forces Hao to take a few steps back, and Konchu takes the opportunity to tag in Humanity. JJJ, though, rolls under the bottom rope in order to take a breather. Humanity is having none of this, and immediately he goes to slide out after him.... But JJJ pulls out the ring apron, and Humanity gets caught in between the curtain and the ring! JJJ has limited energy, but he takes the opportunity to unleash with forearms and uppercuts, along with a dozen overhead chops! Humanity finally loses his balance and goes to the ground, hidden behind the apron, and JJJ slides into the ring so that the official can start a count. Devoid of energy, JJJ collapses in the ring, and has to fight to his feet whilst the referee is counting. He is at seven before Humanity rolls out from behind the apron, and it’s nine and three quarters when he slides into the ring. He gets to his feet and attempts to pick the retreating JJJ’s ankle… but Uncle nails him with an enziguri! Humanity lands face down! And JJJ gets the tag!!

    Grayson charges in and nails Humanity with a clothesline, and then a standing dropkick, and then a shotgun dropkick, sending him into the corner! GG backs away into the opposite one, ready to attack, but Konchu has found his way into the ring… only for Grayson to take him down with a slingblade! Hao is back up, and Grayson hits a hurricanrana! Hao rolls under the bottom rope, allowing Grayson to focus on the still-cornered Humanity. He charges in with a clothesline, and then proceeds to nail nine cornered forearms!

    But on the tenth, Humanity ducks underneath it, and when GG turns around he’s the recipient of a raking of the eyes! Gerald is momentarily blinded, and Humanity nails him with his Welcome to Hell clothesline!! Gerald is turned inside out! Humanity isn’t done there, lifting Grayson up to his feet and hoisting him up onto his shoulders in a fireman’s carry. Humanity centres himself in the ring, staring at the camera… he looks as if he’s about to hit his Devil’s Whisper neckbreaker… but GG begins to kick his legs! And then he slips out of the back… high knee to the turning Humanity! Humanity is stunned and GG grabs him by the wrist… ripcord forearm! Grayson waists no time in going to the corner… SKY HIGH! He gets all of it! A picture perfect double jump moonsault!

    Grayson is into the cover… Hao slides into the ring… but JJJ dives on him before he can get to his feet… that’s the three count!

    Winners: Uncle JJJ. JAY! and Gerald Grayson via pinfall at 12:13.

    "No Love" by Death Grip plays as the X Champion and former X Champion celebrate their huge win over Konchu Hao and Humanity who are both left licking their wounds outside of the ring.

    Rod Sterling: A huge win for the X Champion! The next X title match is sure to be intense.

    Christian Quinn: For sure Rod. But I don't know if Gerald Grayson should get caught back up in this...this is his chance now to go above the X Division. He's proven he could contend for higher titles. If he let's Uncle suck him back down to the X Division, he's only going to be stalling his own career progression.

    Daniella Kennedy: A fair point Christian, but there's no doubts...Gerald Grayson isn't happy about losing his title to Jay, and if he can redeem himself, he will.

    Grayson and JJJ stare each other down as Jay throws the X Championship up in the air and in Grayson's face. All the while Konchu Hao is on the outside staring them both down, with his eyes not going off the X title.

    The scene stays as is until the screen fades to a commercial.

    We cut to the back once again, and this time we find Mike Parr standing alongside the Prototype somewhere near guerrilla position. They are walking towards the entrance to the arena, and it seems clear that we are about to get Mike Parr versus Michael Garcia. Suddenly, as if a thought has just dropped itself into his mind, Parr stops in his tracks.


    The Prototype nods and stands still, folding his arms as if to appear menacing to any passers by. The camera follows Parr as he walks up the corridor and round the corner, stopping at a locker room and pushing the door open. We watch on as he reaches into a locker, producing a lead pipe and holding it up under the light. He smiles at the sound it makes when he gently brings it against the top of a railing. In the arena, we can hear the audience begin to boo.

    Rod Sterling:
    "Well, looks like Parr has got more bad intentions, collecting his favourite weapon ahead of his oncoming altercation with the former World Champion..."

    Parr leaves the locker room and begins walking back through the corridors towards where he left the Prototype.

    Daniella Kennedy:
    "Earlier in the night we saw The Protege Sean Hughes taken out by... well, I guess we don't know who, but I imagine we could all take quite a good guess..."

    Christian Quinn:
    "And now he has that lead pipe as an insurance policy in his goon's absense, I guess..."

    Parr rounds the corner with a smile on his face, still gripping the pipe at his side. When he observes The Prototype - lying supine and spread-eagle amongst the debris of a broken table - his smile quickly dissipates and is replaced by a look of consternation. He walks up to The Prototype and lifts his hand into the air, allowing his arm to fall to the ground to check his consciousness. It hits the concrete and The Prototype doesn't move.

    The Prodigy allows his eyes to wander from his fallen comrade to the white plaster wall, where - in a large and bloody font - '2/3' has been written.


    With a shake of the head, Parr disappears from shot, and we return to the arena.

    Rod Sterling: Well, coming up next is a match that will undoubtedly be a hard-hitting affair as representative of The Saints & Sinners, Kujo, will go one on one with relative newcomer “Big Mack” Marcus McClain!

    Daniella Kennedy: Both share similarities, such as competing on Ground Zero, Kujo, then known as Ty Johnson, won the inaugural season while McClain competed in the most recent season but came up short in winning.

    Christian Quinn: There’s also the fact that they’re both formerly convicted felons...

    Rod Sterling: Well, Christian, to be fair to both men, they were both wrongfully accused of crimes that they didn’t even commit.

    Christian Quinn: I was going to say that before you cut me off, Rod. Sheesh, way to make me look like the bad guy here!

    “Indestructible” hits, and “Big Mack” emerges from the back to a solid reception.

    Kurt Harrington: The following match is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from Tampa, FL, and weighing in at 265 lb, he is “Big Mack” Marcus McClain!

    Mack enters the ring and walks around inside of the ring as he waits for his opponent.

    “Gimme Shelter” now plays, and there’s a somewhat hostile reception for Kujo, who steps out and wastes no time on his walk to the ring.

    Kurt Harrington: and his opponent, making his way to the ring from San Antonio, TX and weighing in at 265 lb, he is “The Rabid Dog” Kujo!

    Kujo is in the ring now and glares across at McClain as they both eagerly await the sound of the bell as the music fades out.

    Kujo vs "Big Mack" Marcus McClain
    The bell sounds, and both men circle each other briefly before locking up, and right away, Kujo transitions into a side headlock, keeping Mack trapped momentarily until Mack shoves him towards the ropes, and on the rebound, Mack catches Kujo; with a shoulder block! Kujo immediately pops up and strikes with a sweep of the legs taking Mack right off his feet! Mack quickly gets back up, and he manages to avoid a big running boot from Kujo narrowly and immediately grasps Kujo in a rear waist lock and tries for a german suplex. Still, Kujo blocks it off with several back elbows! Mack releases his grip and staggers back some before Kujo sends him to the corner with an Irish whip!

    Kujo meets Mack in the corner with a huge corner clothesline that nearly knocks Mack out of his boots! Kujo follows up his attack with several rapid punches to the gut and then drags him out of the corner, uses all of his power, and tosses him across the ring with a biel throw! Mack hits the mat back first as he’s sitting up now and cringing in agony; Kujo charges in and looks for a running knee strike to the prone Mack, but Mack can avoid it and surprises Kujo from behind with a roll-up. Still, not even one count before Kujo kicks out and rolls through back to his feet, and he charges towards Mack, but Mack can counter in time and catches Kujo with a spinebuster! Mack falls on top of Kujo and barely hooks the far leg…


    Kujo gets a shoulder up! Mack sits up and catches his breath while Kujo has rolled onto his side and is trying to collect his bearings. Mack is the first one up on his feet, and he tries to collect Kujo by dragging him by the head, but Kujo aggressively shoves him off and hits Mack with a big kick to the gut doubling Mack over and taking him down with a gut-wrench suplex! Mack is refusing to stay down, though, and is somehow trying to get back up until Kujo strikes with a running knee strike straight to the jaw!

    Christian Quinn: Ouch! McClain felt his own jaw getting jacked on that exchange!

    Kujo drops down for the cover on Mack...but only a count of one! Mack is still in this, but Kujo stomps down on his lower back before applying a cobra clutch submission! Kujo cranks back on the hold, adding extra pressure to hold while Kujo tells McClain just to give up already, but Mack refuses. Mack tries crawling to the ropes but availing as Kujo reigns him back in and cranks back even more on the hold. The fans are starting to get behind Mack, and he uses this rally to find his second wind as he slowly starts to rise, with Kujo still keeping the hold intact until Mack falls back, breaking the hold as all of his sizes crushes Kujo!

    Mack rolls off of Kujo and tries to regain his composure before staggering to a vertical base. It seems that Kujo has recovered his composure and the two big men have a staredown of sorts before running at each other, and they start trading blows! Lefts and rights from each man until Mack gain the advantage with an uppercut! He takes Kujo down with a snapdragon suplex! He follows that up with a running power slam and stays on top for the cover!


    Kujo kicks out before three! Kujo then rolls over as Marcus brings Kujo up, but Kujo spins behind Mack and immediately takes him down with a german suplex! Macks holds the back of his head upon landing and starts to rise to one knee while Kujo drills him with a knee strike! Kujo drags Mack to the nearby corner and unloads on him again with rapid gut punches, and Kujo goes for a jab to the throat, but Mack blocks it and strikes with a headbutt! Kujo stumbles back some, and Mack charges out of the corner, going for a running clothesline, but Kujo avoids it and drops Mack down hard with a full nelson bomb! He makes the cover hooking the leg!

    Mack stays in it! Kujo isn’t going to waste any more time now and has Mack poised in position and is about to hoist Mack up for the jackknife powerbomb, but Mack counters and flips Kujo up and over! Kujo lands behind Mack and Mack uses this opportunity and newfound momentum to and lies in wait and attempts his superman punch, but Kujo can duck underneath in time and runs off the ropes, and on the rebound, he hits a spear on Mack! Kujo hooks the leg for the cover…


    Winner: Kujo

    Kujo has his arm raised by the referee and leaves the ring as McClain looks deflated by another loss on his record while clutching his ribs, still feeling the effects of the spear.


    ….We fade into backstage to the sound of a distinctive shrill squawking...and if you don’t know where this is going, there’s no help for you. Of course, the screen opens up on the colourful and beautiful plumage of your friend and mine; Patches the Parrot sitting high and proud on his perch, a pair of reading glasses resting on his nose as he leans down inspecting Yuna who is sat on a bench with a frown on her face studying an American phrasebook quietly mouthing and sounding out each phrase to herself as she tried to internalize them the best she could while her faithful sidekick offers her motivation...but suddenly freezes momentarily staring straight ahead...Yuna looks confused until she turned her head in the direction he was staring and sees….

    Vincent Blackbird: “Not interrupting anything I’m I?

    As smarmy and as smug as the day is long, dressed all in leather like the crazy hardcore fuck he is, he saunters into the room, smiling all the while, as if his presence was something that Yuna would naturally welcome...Not so much Yuna just stares blankly at Vincent Blackbird while Patches head twitches towards Yuna’s sword as if suggesting it. Yuna seems to consider it for a second before shaking her head, willing to let Vinny sit down before stabbing him with her sword.

    Vincent Blackbird: “Oh Yuna, Yuna Yuna, what I’m I going to do with you?

    Yuna: “.....”

    Vincent Blackbird: “See, I like you Yuna; You might not believe this, but I honestly do. You’re damn good, how many people in this sport can call themselves Olympians? As far as I can see there are four pillars of female wrestling in modern-day FWA; Gabrielle, Shannon O’Neal, Bell Connelly and Michelle Von Horrowitz but I wouldn’t be surprised if we can add a fifth…

    Yuna: “.....”

    Vincent Blackbird: “But here’s the thing; This whole pirate thing? Not really working for me..I mean, stealing pets. Starting sword fights jumping off the top of the entranceway trying to run Danny Toner with a sword. That all has to stop right now; You have to learn your place and learn it fast…”

    Yuna: “...”

    Vincent Blackbird: “You’re walking a fine line Yuna. The Affliction hasn’t seen you as a problem yet, because quite frankly we got bigger fish to fry. You know; Major players. But you’re getting to be a problem, And you don’ want to get our attention. You’ve been pissing off Kayden Knox for weeks now. And trust me you don’t want me to let Kayden off the leash because he will crush you.”

    Yuna: “.....”

    Vincent Blackbird: “..So what do you say? You ready to play ball.”

    Yuna blinks momentarily at the general manager as if taking in his words; eventually, she turns to Patches who she jabbers away in Japanese to her parrot seeking his council; eventually, Patches calmly leans down towards the American phrasebook and starts tapping her face against a particular phrase, Yuna leans down to fully example it, tapping her chin, really trying to get the working down as best she could before she calmly turned towards the general manager and speaks.


    The English classes are going well.

    Nate Savage and Jackson Fenix emerge from the entrance way and rag on one another for about five seconds. The former FWA Tag Team Champions get a nice-sized ovation considering they're in the Afflicted Alliance group, allied with Michael Garcia. Savage and Fenix, pranksters, are becoming fan favorites.

    Rod Sterling:
    This is one of the wildest FWA matches we've seen in a while!

    Daniella Kennedy:
    A three-team match for the FWA Gauntlet Championship. I have no clue how this will go.

    Rod Sterling:
    Well, the last time this belt was for the Gauntlet title was right before 2020 ended.

    Christian Quinn:
    The Crossfire Christmas show, where Danny Toner lost the belt without being pinned! It could happen tonight!

    Halfway into the entrance, Kayden Knox's theme music hits and the crowd groans for "The Afflicted" super monster. He's taller and stronger than anyone else in the FWA roster, even stablemate Michael Garcia. And he *could* win the FWA Gauntlet title tonight.

    Kayden Knox gets a pump-up from the Undisputed Alliance as the trio reach the ring.

    Saus X comes out to the entrance with the Crimson Knights flanking on each side. The trio of lovable rookies get positive reactions from the crowd. Saus X gets fist bumps from his longtime friends, who are similar in sentiment to Fenix and Savage.

    Rod Sterling:
    Saus X has been in the FWA for a hot minute but he TOO could win the Gauntlet title!

    Daniella Kennedy:
    He needs the Crimson Knights to come up big for him. They haven't had much success from wins and losses BUT ... they've been competitive the entire time.

    "Greenback Boogie" by Ima Robot plays and the crowd ERUPTS. Danny "F'n" Toner leaps through the entrance and lands in a crouched position with the fans all cheering. Donny Toner walks out calmly behind him with the mask covering his face and identity. Danny looks like a ragged bar fighter, with a five o'clock shadow and cigarette in his ear.

    Halfway down, their music shifts to a more ... dance vibe.

    "Disco's Last Warrior" Chris Peacock does a swift little spin move and some disco spots while the crowd cheers. Danny Toner side-eyes him as Peacock looks like a sore thumb with his bright colors next to the brawler looks of the Toner Brothers. Peacock has the FWA Gauntlet Championship around his waist, which certainly gets a glance from Danny.

    Finally, there's a head nod in unison and the trio sprint to the ring.

    Rod Sterling: This is going to be wild. The Toner Brothers are trying to HELP Chris Peacock retain the Gauntlet title.

    Daniella Kennedy: This is AFTER Peacock beat Danny Toner for the belt just a few weeks ago.

    Rod Sterling: You have any insight, Quinn?

    Christian Quinn: I know that Danny is gonna fight like hell to win. Peacock has respect for him. They fought their asses off in the warehouse.

    FWA Gauntlet Championship
    3-Team, 9-Person Tag Team Match

    The Toner Brothers and "Disco's Last Warrior" Chris Peacock (c) vs. "The Afflicted" Kayden Knox and the Undisputed Alliance vs. Saus X and the Crimson Knights
    (only Kayden Knox and Saus X can win the Gauntlet Championship; only they and Peacock are limited to 1,000-word limits; the Toners, UA, and Crimson Knights can promo as long as they want)
    Written by TGO

    Chris Peacock demands to start the match for his group. Kayden Knox gets the nod for his side, and Saus X is called upon for his group. The three men who can walk out with the Gauntlet title are the ones to face off.

    Peacock and Saus X come to an unspoken agreement to team up against Kayden Knox. The big man isn't impressed, though. He holds his ground and quickly grapples Saus X to the corner. "Disco's Last Warrior" tries a few kicks but Kayden Knox flings Peacock into the turnbuckle against Saus X. Kayden lands an elbow into the chest of both men over and over again, showing off his power and strength. The aggression is on display!

    Kayden whips Peacock to the other turnbuckle, the only one without anyone waiting to tag in. "The Afflicted" whips Saus X to the other turnbuckle as well, crashing him chest to chest into Chris Peacock. Knox tries a corner splash but Saus X moves one way and Peacock moves the other way. Then they hit a double short-arm clothesline to knock him down.

    Peacock and Saus X double team whip Knox into the ropes but both get clotheslined on the rebound. Knox hits a scoop slam on Saus X and covers, but Peacock breaks it up! "The Afflicted" fends off Peacock until Danny "F'n" Toner slaps a tag on the shoulder, jumping over the ropes and throwing right fists and forearms furiously at Knox. He runs off the ropes and hits a running knee to the gut. Then an uppercut to the jaw. Knox stumbles back and a tag is made by Nate Savage.

    Saus X hits a perfect dropkick on Danny Toner from the side. He then tags in AJ King!

    King hits rapid chops to the back of Savage and a roundhouse kick. He then hits a dropkick to the back of the head on Danny Toner. Tag made to Donny Toner, who hits a springboard clothesline on AJ King. The action is furious and hectic, a nonstop showcase of three men in the ring at all times.

    King rolls and tags Zip Strider, who lands a kick to the gut off Donny and tries a bicycle kick but Nate Savage takes him out with a clothesline. Tag made to Jackson Fenix and the Undisputed Alliance duo hit a double snap suplex on Strider. Fenix then covers but it's a one count after Donny breaks it up.

    Donny grabs Fenix around the neck and whips him to the ropes. He tries a northern lights suplex but Fenix blocks it with two fists into the back. Strider tags in Saus X, who hits an enzuiguri kick to both. Saus X follows with a springboard dropkick to Donny. Then an arm drag stunner on Fenix. Saus X covers but Fenix kicks out at two, scaring Chris Peacock a bit.

    Donny reaches and tags in Danny Toner, who begins throwing hellacious right hands at EVERYONE. He takes down Saus X and lands repeated knee thrusts into the ribs. He then whips Fenix into Saus X and back suplexes him across the ring. Danny Toner locks in a crossface on Fenix but Saus X quickly goes to the top rope and hits "The Genesis of Truth" double stomp to the back!

    Saus X covers Fenix but it's a kick out at two!

    Saus X keeps Fenix away from Kayden Knox and his monstrous outstretched arms. He lands repeated chops across the chest until Danny Toner breaks it up. Toner hits a German suplex on Saus X but it's a kick out at two. Jackson Fenix is able to dive and tag in Kayden Knox! Danny Toner quickly is clotheslined to the mat. Knox then grabs Danny around the throat and tosses him against the ropes and lands a sidewalk slam. Knox then hits a big leg drop.

    Knox goes for the cover but Saus X breaks it up! Danny Toner, the most recent former Gauntlet Champion, is struggling.

    Knox hits a big stalling suplex on Saus X while Danny reaches and tries to tag in Peacock. Knox quickly stomps on the back and teases "Disco's Last Warrior." Knox then motions for the Gauntlet title to be around HIS waist.

    However, he is distracted in the crowd when he sees Yuna Funanori in the front row!

    Rod Sterling: Yuna Funanori is banned from the show! She shouldn't be here anymore!

    Kayden Knox is fuming as Peacock notices he's distracted. So does Saus X, who tries the "XCution" finisher! Kayden Knox turns and has Saus X on his shoulders. Knox shoves Saus X into The Crimson Knights, but by now Danny Toner has tagged in Chris Peacock.

    Christian Quinn: Yuna's distraction gave Danny a chance to tag in Chris Peacock, who is fresh as a daisy!

    Toner is stalking Knox and perfectly times a "REMIX" superkick to the jaw! Right after hitting it, he screams "ROCKSTARRRR!!!!" The crowd cheers as Toner makes his intentions known.

    Knox is nearly unconscious, falling to the ground and leaning against the ropes. He is barely able to get up to his feet when Peacock hits "Fight Fever" with a dance pose after the back fist, as Knox falls to his knees, and then hits "The Strut" shining wizard finisher.

    Peacock kneels and covers as Saus X and the Crimson Knights are laying on the ground outside the ring. Danny and Donny tackle Jackson Fenix and Nate Savage immediately when they enter the ring!


    Winners: "Disco's Last Warrior" Chris Peacock (STILL FWA Gauntlet Champion) and The Toner Brothers

    The crowd cheers as Chris Peacock receives the Gauntlet Championship from the official. Danny Toner and Donny Toner look like they just took care of business. The pair don't have the same over-the-top or extravagant celebrations. The crowd cheers as Danny Toner and Donny Toner leave the ring while "Disco's Last Warrior" remains inside.

    Rod Sterling: Danny Toner seems to have his sights RIGHT ON the FWA Tag Team Champions.

    Yuna Funanori is in the front row smiling with her glasses and "costume" to "hide her identity." The crowd cheers as Kayden Knox is held back from confronting her.


    The Toner Brothers head up the rampway during this time and cameras follow them. Danny Toner steps through the curtains first. He takes a deep breath as sweat is visible on his face.

    But his moment of relaxation is cut short quickly.

    "Call us out? Whatever. Hell, you can call me out by name. I don't care. Use my finisher? Second rate."

    "Rockstar" Randy Ramon seems displeased with the ending he just watched. Ramon has the FWA Tag Team Championship around his waist. "The Golden One" Devin Golden is right behind him, trying to interject but never finding the moment.

    "You help Chris Peacock and think it won't escalate things?"

    "Didn't you help Michelle von Horrowitz avoid the Remix?"

    "Alright, well ... what do we do about this? It's like this magnetic force is bringing us together. Forever and ever. Now it's a tag team, just like it was six years ago. Different partners, but you and me, Rockstar, we're the damn same."

    "And we're gonna do this forever and ever. So let's just do it. Didn't you two want a title match? Don't I remember a challenge?"

    "You ready for this after barely getting through the New Breed?"

    Golden tries to interject again but "Rockstar" Randy Ramon answers right away.

    "Any time, anywhere. I guess Desert Storm is the answer for BOTH of those."

    Ramon is held back by Golden as Danny Toner is held back by his masked brother. Finally the two are out of the scene, leaving only "The Golden One" and Donny Toner standing in the camera's view.

    "So, uh ..."

    "Yeah ... this is awkward. Being second to their never-ending rivalry. I guess we're supposed to have words, too."

    "Meh, I ain't feeling it. They have a fun relationship, don't they?"

    "Yeah, but it's not the first fun relationship in the FWA. It's a tale as old as time, from what I've heard. You've been around the block. You should know."

    "This one is next-level, though."

    "Yeah, I guess we'd know."

    We’re backstage and wowy zowy we’re outside standing outside the locker room of Gabrielle Montgomery where we see Katie Lynn Goldsmith standing by with her trusty mic, smiling all perky like at the camera and standing by with a microphone beside...The Great Glorius Goddess the wrestling world had come to know simply as “Gabriella”...but also Gabrielle Montgomery but mostly Gabrielle already clad in her velvety royal purple gear. Nice

    Katie Lynn Goldsmith: “I’m standing by with the number one contender for the FWA World Heavyweight Championship- Gabrielle. Now Gabby, notwithstanding your dream match against Devin Golden tonight; you’ve revealed your intention to challenge St. Sully last week; This...Well, this may be a stupid question; but how confident are you about your chances?

    Gabby can’t help but let out a brief snort of amusement at the implication that she possibly she isn’t confident.

    Gabrielle: “Not only do I believe with all my heart and soul that I can outwrestle Mr Sullivan every day of the week and twice on Sunday but I proved last week that I can out think him too. See, Dave thinks he’s a wrestling genius, but I’ve been doing this a long time, and I know while he plays checkers? I’m a grandmaster at chess. Case in point. Sully has his and Sinners, right?”

    Gabrielle looks to Katie with a quirked eyebrow smiling at she gets confirmation.

    Gabrielle: Cute. Sully has back up. Sully has people watching his back, people who are loyal and will follow his every word...Some people say that gives him an advantage, but I’ve thought ahead; I have a counter for that, He has Kelo? Well, I have someone too. Someone I know that would be a perfect match for her. Someone just as means, just as ruthless-

    “Gabby! Gabby!”

    Bursting from out of Gabby’s locker room comes the colourful visage of her Ground Zero rookie defying all logic and pretty much every higher up in FWA. Lizzie Rose appears on-screen on an FWA fight night, looking to be in some distress and for some reason pointing to her mouth

    Lizzie Rose: “I drank, that soda you gave me, but the bubbles hurt my tongue, and It made me bite my tongue, and now I think it’s bleeding”

    Katie looks over at Gabby as if saying “You’re kidding me” While Gabby rubs her temples.

    Gabrielle: “Lizzie, I thought I told you, to stay in there until I finished introducing you-”

    Lizzie Rose: “I didn’t want to stay in there; I think there’s a bee in there..or possibly a very large fly. I didn’t want to…

    Lizzie pauses for a brief second, maybe realizing she isn’t alone...her bright doe eyes landing on the lens of the camera.

    Lizzie Rose “That’s not on is it?”

    Gabrielle: “...Yeah, it is, Liz. Everyone meet my back up. Say hello Lizzie;”

    Lizzie doesn’t say hello he just stares dead ahead in the direction of the camera, frozen in time and space she stares awkwardly at the camera, maybe realizing she is currently being broadcasted live to billions of people watching all over the world, and this is how she sees her for her debut, she opens her mouth. She closes it again. She opens it….and closes it again until-

    Lizzie Rose: I gotta pee.”

    And boom, she vanishes once again into the locker room to face the wrath of the very big fly…

    Gabrielle: Bladder like a chipmunk that one…”

    Katie Lynn Goldsmith: “With all due respect Gabby...Her?! Seriously?!”

    Gabrielle: “What? If Sully can have his rookie under contract! So can I! Granted she’s not strictly under an FWA contract no one is going to accept that, but she is under a personal contract to me...and while Lizzie isn’t as strong...or...aggressive Kelo she has other qualities like…..



    Gabrielle: “You know what? I’ll look forward to finding them out.”

    We come back from a commercial break to a surprise as Michael Garcia and Mike Parr seemed to have started their match early and are already going at each other in the ring....

    "The Prodigy" Mike Parr vs. "The Carnegie Carnivore" Michael Garcia
    Parr and Garcia circle the ring before locking up in a collar and elbow tie up. Parr manages to get the leverage on Garcia and forces him back into the corner. Parr takes advantage by wrapping his hands around Garcia’s waist, wrestling him into the ropes. Garcia struggles to fight his way out as the referee counts til 4. Just as Parr begins to let go, he presses his forearm against Prodigy’s head, pushing him slightly backwards. Garcia seems agitated as Parr steps back, rubbing his chin. The two men circle again before Parr catches Garcia in a double leg takedown, quickly attempting to lock in his Inverted Sharpshooter! Garcia instinctively pushed himself towards the ropes, again causing the referee to pull Parr away!

    Kennedy: The Prodigy is doing exactly what he needs to do, trying to keep this a wrestling match, and not a brawl. If this becomes a brawl, that obviously is going to swing the momentum in Garcia’s favor. Parr has to find a way to keep Garcia in defense mode.

    Sterling: Easier said than done, Daniella. The Carnegie Carnivore is usually just one big move away from controlling the pace of the match.

    Quinn: I’m gonna say this…the key to Mike Garcia winning this match is to stay on the offensive. If he tries to outwrestle Mike Parr, The Prodigy WILL be victorious. For Mike Parr,the key to winning is to avoid mistakes. There is no man in this company that can capitalize on a mistake and swing the momentum of a match faster by doing so than Mike Garcia.

    The leader of the New Breed stepped back as Garcia got back to his feet. The two men again circled the ring this time with Garcia burying his knee into the gut of the former North American Champion and then following that up with three more knees to the abdomen! The big man shoves the Prodigy down to the mat! Parr uses the ropes to crawl pull himself up, but not before Garcia presses all of his body weight down onto Parr’s neck, looking down with disgust upon The Protégé and Prototype at ringside. The Pittsburgh natie pulled Parr up to his feet and began hammering him with a series of hard right hands from his typewriter like fists before leveling Parr with a big time headbutt! The Prodigy fell back down to the mat, so the seven footer switched his strikes to boots to the abdomen as Parr desperately struggled to defend himself!
    Garcia seemed to be motivated by recent events as he mercilessly continued the assault until Parr grabbed the bottom rope! The big man stepped back for a second before grabbing Parr by the arm, pulling him forward, before leveling him with another ham hock fist. Parr stumbled back into the ropes but Garcia again grabbed his arm and whipped him into the ropes! Prodigy, however, countered, wrapped Garcia up on the rebound and delivered a side Belly to Belly Suplex! Parr immediately gets back up to his feet with Adrenaline surging after that big reversal and screamed out to The Afflicted at ringside. Jackson Fenix told Parr to “Suck it, Bitchboy!”but Parr just smirked in return. Garcia got back up but was propped up against the ropes, so Parr ran towards him and clotheslined him out of the ring! Garcia tumbles out of the ring but lands on his feet!

    The big man reaches into the ring, grabbing Parr by his feet, and pulling him out of the ring. Parr tries to fight, grabbing onto the bottom rope, so Mike G. puts Parr’s legs on his shoulder, as if he were setting up for a powerbomb, but instead swings Parr around from the ring apron into the barricade! The Prodigy grabs the side of his head as Garcia spends a moment taunting the crowd. Big Mike reaches down and grabs his adversary, before tossing him back into the ring. Garcia covers but Parr kicks out at 1 and a half! Big Mike confidently pulls Parr up to his feet, but Parr explodes with some uppercuts that rock Mikey G. Garcia stumbles back into the corner,where The Prodigy meets him with an irish whip to the far corner! Parr follows in with a running houlder but Garcia dodges it! Parr goes shoulder first into the turnbuckle and tumbles out of the ring!

    Garcia gets in the referees as Kayden Knox casually walks by Parr and with everyone distracted, he stomps on his fingers and rolls him back into the ring, well, he tries to but he accidentally sends him into the ringpost instead! Garcia heads to the outside and tosses Parr into the ring steps but the referee admonishes him. Garcia gets back into the ring, as the ref continues to scold him for his actions! Garcia gets fed up and shoves the referee to the side before heading to the outside but he sees Parr is still motionless and busted open from the ringpost! Garcia grabs the referee and forces him to start counting! The referee gets to the count of 5 before a bloodied Parr crawls back into the ring! Garcia with a punch and then a kick to a dazed former NA Champion before he pulls him back up and delivers a hard headbutt that knocks him back down!

    Garcia has a smirk on his face as he drops to one knee and rakes the wound on the forehead of the former champ. Blood starts running down into Parr’s eyes. The ref forces Garcia off of Parr and checks on the former champ. Garcia pushes the ref aside and pulls Parr back to his feet but Parr starts fighting back! Garcia is staggering after about the fifth hard strike,so Parr runs the ropes and runs right into a snap powerslam by Big Mike on the rebound! Garcia immediately gets up and pounds his chest as The Afflicted cheer him on at ringside! Garcia drops down with a rather lacksadaisical cover and gets a 2 count! Main Event Mikey G mounted the former NA Champ in a camel clutch position but instead starting drilling him with forearms across the jaw. While the crowd may not be too fond of Parr right now, they despise Garcia’s bullying just a bit more and seem to be pulling for Parr here!

    Sterling: This is really starting to look a lot like the Gabrielle match here. Garcia just reigning down hard, heavy strikes. Jest BEATING down on the former North American Champion.

    Garcia is standing tall, circling the ring with confidence. Parr is slowly crawling towards the ropes, trying to keep the blood out of eyes. He gets an inch away from the ropes before Mike presses his boot against the spine and then pulls Parr up by the hair. Garcia chops him back down to the mat and then goes back to trying to rip the bloody wound open even more! Garcia takes Parr’s blood and spreads it on his chest like a badge of honor before going back to The Prodigy and drilling him with a right hand as he tried to stand! But whether it was Adrenaline or instinct, Parr shot right back with a right of his own! Then an uppercut, a second uppercut anda third! Irish whip attempt into the ropes, reversed by Garcia! Parr off the ropes, ducks a clothesline, but gets caught with a hard Spinebuster on the rebound! Garcia covers and gets another long two count!

    The big man just stares down at Parr as the mat becomes crimson stained. Parr scoots himself back to the corner as Garcia towers over him, all the way. Main Event Mikey G. lays a few boots to the midsection before pulling Parr up and then lifting him up to a seated position on the top turnbuckle. He steps up to the middle rope but Parr hits him with a right that knocks him back down. Garcia steps back in, but receives another hard strike. The former FWA champion is staggered as Parr grabs him by the head and comes off the top with a Tornado DDT! Garcia is stunned! Parr manages to roll over onto the cover!



    Garcia kicks out!

    Kennedy: Parr has an opening!

    Sterling: Honestly, I don’t know how Mike Parr is still in this!

    Both men are down as the crowd is getting into it! Garcia and Parr share staggering right hands as the crowd compliments it with “Ooohs” and “Aaaahs”. Garcia eventually gets the advantage and knocks Parr to the corner. Gacia follows in with a corner splash but Parr moves out of the way! Big Mike staggers out and right into a Backstabber! Garcia pops back up as does Parr, but The Prodigy runs the ropes and comes right back with running Double knees to the face! Garcia stumbles around and walks into a Double Arm DDT! Parr stalks Garcia as he rises and hooks him up for the Rolling Cutter but Garcia fights out and whips Parr to the ropes before LEVELING him with a running Big Boot! Garcia wastes no time in picking Parr up and dropping him with a Chokeslam! Garcia covers!



    Parr kicked out at 2! Both men fight their way to their feet but it’s Garcia up first! Garcia went for the Golden Triangle Choke for the finish, but Parr fought his way out and hiptossed Garcia to the mat! Running Boot by Garcia gets ducked by Parr, who pops up behind him and hooks him up for the Rolling Cutter!



    Garcia kicks out!

    Quinn: Where is Parr getting this from?

    Sterling: Parr has always had amazing resilience! Why are you surprised?

    Both men again are down but it’s The Prodigy who arises first! Garcia is down and out as Parr gets motivated! Parr is fueled with adrenaline now as the crowd is pumped to see Garcia get put away! Parr motions for it and then locks in the Iverted Sharpshooter! Garcia is screaming in agony but he uses his long body to inch his way towards the ropes! Jackson Fenix leans into the ring and grabs a hold of Garcia’s hand, trying to pull him towards the ropes. Meanwhile, Mike is fingertips away from the ropes but Parr pulls him back in! Garcia tries to counter out of the hold, but Parr has it locked in! Garcia once again starts to crawl towards the ropes, but he’s too far away! Garcia angles his right arm back and manages to get a thumb in the eye of The Prodigy, causing him to release the hold! Parr falls backwards, on his ass,and right into position for Garcia to lock in the Golden Triangle submission! Parr is frantically trying to reach the ropes, screaming out in agony, before countering into an ankle lock! Garcia rolls through and powers forward, sending Parr facefirst into the middle turnbuckle! Garcia awaits for Parr to get up and then charges forward but Parr sidesteps! Garcia crashes into the turnbuckle and then eats a Belly to Back Suplex from the Prodigy! The Prodigy takes a step back, awaiting Garcia to rise, and when he does, he calls for with the Shining Wizard!

    But suddenly, Vincent Blackbird appears!

    Blackbird is now at ringside, and he's distracting the referee! The referee has his back turned now as he's trying to get Blackbird away from ringside. It's quite the sticky situation however, as Blackbird is his boss! Parr meanwhile is clearly frustrated as Garcia is about to get to his feet...with the ref's back turned, Parr shrugs his shoulder as Garcia makes it up...


    The ref turns around a second too late, and sees Parr hit GARCIA WITH THE SHINING WIZARD!

    He goes for the cover as Blackbird puts his hands on is head in shock..




    Winner: Mike Parr

    Garcia rolls on the ground in pain, cursing Blackbird's name. Vincent staggers off, embarrassed and ashamed that he accidentally costed Garcia the match.

    Rod Sterling: I can't believe that! Vincent Blackbird tried to help Garcia win, but he only ended up causing him more pain!

    Christian Quinn: Classic Blackbird.

    Meanwhile Parr raises his hands in the air as his theme once again plays. He quickly grabs a microphone from ringside, and waits for the boos to subside before speaking.

    Just as Mike Parr brings his microphone up to his lips, perhaps ready to unleash another diatribe in the general direction of the FWA universe, all of the lights in the arena go out. There is only darkness, punctuated by the excitement of an auditorium full of wrestling fans expecting to see one of their least favorite characters get their just deserts…

    But there is no run-in forthcoming, and after a few moments some of the excitement seems to dissipate before turning into something resembling confusion. Many of the fans have turned the phone torches on to try and illuminate the room, and under this pale light we can see that Parr still stands alone in the ring.

    As suddenly as the lights went out, the PA system comes back to life and we hear the opening words of a very old and very slow song.



    "Oh my love…"

    The lights do not come back on, but at the end of the first lyric the big screen stirs back into motion. But this does not bring answers. Instead, the series of images that we initially see on the screen only brings up more questions.

    We see some handheld camera footage, seemingly filmed over the back railings of a large cruise liner. We cannot see the person that is recording the footage, but in front of us is a harbour full of life, brimming with people and ships and cafes and bars, and behind it a sunrise is slowly poking its head above the lip of the cold, Winter world. In the foreground of the shot, the ship’s powerful engines force it through the current, sending a plume of displaced water back towards the shore.

    "Look and see…"

    We are still on the boat in the second image, but this time the handheld camera is pointed directly up at the sky, the sun high in its apex. The camera work is not smooth, and it pans down to reveal nothing but the ocean and the sun’s light glimmering off its surface. Upon the horizon, the sea meets the sky, and for more than a moment we linger in order to thoroughly observe this uncertain picture. As birds fly through the shot overhead, the viewer is unsettled by the familiar yet eerie image of The Unknown.

    "The sun rising from the river…"

    One more shot from the ship, this time staring over the forward from its main deck. A vaguely more familiar picture is in front of us. It is another harbour, but the English lettering on the signs as well as the general aura of the picture assures us that we are in North America. The sun is nowhere to be seen.

    "Nature’s miracle once more… will light the world…"

    We leave the boat, but we are still travelling. Now, we appear to be in the passenger seat of what seems to be a taxi, a woman’s boot high on the dashboard and the lens pointed out of the front window.

    "But this light…"

    As the car continues to traverse the road, the camera is pointed out of the passenger window to spy some recognisable landmarks and establish where we are. A group of foreign tourists take their photograph in front of the Royal Ontario Museum. Our lens zooms in on them as they smile, before tracking upwards to behold the building in all its majesty.

    "Is not for those men…"

    We move onto the CN Tower, or rather simply the base of it. A young boy runs into a huddled group of pigeons, his hands lifted either side of him and his face contorted into a manic battle cry. As he encroaches upon their space, the birds fly into the air, and the camera pans upwards across the tower to watch them disappear.

    "Still lost in… an old black shadow…"

    A man sits unhappily in a hot dog stand. In front of the stand, potential customers pass by this way and that, unconcerned with the vendor and his futile attempts to eek out a living. Behind him, across the river, bright and bold lettering spells out the city’s name: TORONTO.

    "Won’t you help me to believe?"

    We sit in High Park in the centre of the city. The camera is set on the ground, and in front of it stands a small white flower. Delicately but deliberately, a hand reaches in front of the camera and plucks the flower from the ground. Solemnly, a second hand appears, and begins to tear the white petals from the stem.

    "That they will see…"

    We are back on the move again, in our taxi with a boot on the dashboard, camera pointing through the front window. We are on a reasonably narrow road, still within the confines of Central Toronto, but away from the immediate hustle and bustle of the city...

    "A day…"

    Overhead, the branches of the trees hang above the road, forming an archway that stretches on perennially into the distance. Our unnamed and voiceless guide plunges onwards, beckoning us to follow…

    "A brighter day…"

    As we cut into a residential area, the car slows to a gradual halt at the kerb. To our left is the same park that we sat in earlier in our video package, and on our right is a series of apartment blocks and residential buildings that seemingly stretch across one whole side of the green space.

    "When all the shadows… will fade away…"

    The camera is pointed out of the open passenger window and slowly zooms in, tracking steadily, almost solemnly, towards one specific window on the second floor. It is still day, and the scene is well lit.

    "That day I’ll cry…"

    Inside the building, we slowly begin to see the form of a woman passing this way and that…

    "That I believe…"

    And in front of her, her young family - husband and child - sit at a dining table, food set out in front of them. The woman is in her late twenties and attractive, with long brown hair that falls in waves around her shoulders and a tanned complexion. She rests for a moment behind her husband, a hand on his shoulder and - as we keep creeping forward to better behold her - a smile on her face…

    "That I believe…"

    The woman is unknown to anyone watching, other than the man standing in the middle of the ring. It is clear that the object of the camera’s gaze, along with her family, are blissfully unaware that they are being watched. She takes her seat at the table and picks up a glass of wine, the voyeuristic quality of our viewership somewhat tarnishing the otherwise humble and homely scene…

    "Oh my love…"

    Still in slow motion, still in handheld, still in stealth mode, we see the woman and her man walking down the street. We see them from behind, the infant sat on his father’s shoulders, trying to take in the world from this new, strange vantage point…

    "High above us…"

    In the park, the man is supine, staring at the sun, whilst the woman is sat up with her back against his side, his hand around her waist. A few metres away, their child chases someone else’s dog in circles. It’s a warm day, despite being in the throes of winter, and the Ontarians are taking full advantage of it. Everyone in the picture is smiling, and it would be a postcard image if it wasn’t for the warning in our hearts…

    "The sun now… Embraces nature..."

    The camera has zoomed in slowly until the woman’s face fills it. When she smiles, dimples show at the base of her cheekbones. Her eyes are first on her child, but are dragged away to behold her man, and both of their visages elicit only joy and contentment in her face…

    "And from nature we should learn…"

    They arrive at home, still painting a most happy family portrait. The woman retrieves a key from her pocket and busies herself in gaining entry to Home…

    "That all can start again…"

    She pushes open the door and allows her family to pass her by. The man goes first, but the infant waits behind. He holds a flower up to his mother, one that he collected from their park on their trip. She goes down to one knee, a wide smile on her face, before taking the flower and giving her son an embrace...

    "As the stars must fade away…"

    Finally, as the woman gets back to her feet, the infant follows his father into the building. Before closing the door, she pauses, looking around at the street on which she lives. There is nothing but satisfaction on her face. Her eyes seem to rest in the camera’s direction, but she doesn’t really see…

    "To give a bright new day…"

    The door closes behind her as the music continues to swell, and the footage comes to a close.


    As the lights go up, Mike Parr is revealed in the centre of the ring. He has his hands across the top rope, and has turned as pale as a ghost. Around him, a general sense of confusion has enveloped the arena.

    Rod Sterling: “What was - -”

    Christian Quinn: “I’m not - -”

    Daniella Kennedy: “... ?!”

    Parr lets go of the top rope and paces around the ring for a moment, his face scrunched up into a scowl and his hands clenched into fists at his side. It appears as if he might be weighing up his next move, but there’s a wild and frantic rage in his eyes that overcomes his capability for rational thought. As the crowd continue to question what they’ve just seen, Mike Parr walks again over to the ropes, kicking the bottom one before climbing out of the ring.

    Rod Sterling: “I don’t think we’re going to get any answers to the obvious questions after that… I’m not sure what that was!”

    Whilst the commentators speak, we see Mike Parr stomp up the ramp with his hands on his hips.

    Daniella Kennedy: “It seems we weren’t the intended targets of that video package, Rod. I think that was Mike Parr, and it certainly seems to have hit the target…”

    Parr doesn’t stop before disappearing into the back, and we fade to black.

    As we come back from commercial break, Saint Sulley and Randy Ramon are already sitting at the commentary table.

    Rod Sterling: Uh, well folks...we have a couple guests here tonight...allow me to intro-

    Saint Sulley: No, ALLOW ME to introduce myself...the FWA World Champion once again. What a great feeling.

    Randy Ramon: Oh that must be nice...being world champion and all. You really have held them all haven't you Sulley? The world title...the X title...the North American've got to be a grand slam champion by now right?

    Saint Sulley: .....

    Randy Ramon: Oh, wait no...that's haven't won the FWA Tag Team Championships yet, have you? That seems to be just one thing you haven't figured out how to part of a tag team. How interesting. Me on the other hand, well this is my third time.

    Saint Sulley: I would've won that tournament if it wasn't for Michelle von Horrowitz interfering, and let me tell you...I'm going to get my revenge. And do you know who else is responsible? Gabrielle. She's the one who told that lie to Michelle, and she's going to get hers too...sooner than she thinks.

    Rod Sterling: Well Saint, she's coming out right now!

    Gabrielle appears at the top of the stage...

    Randy Ramon: Ah, and here comes the next FWA World Champion. The last person to beat Saint Sulley in one on one action...

    Saint Sulley: YES...thanks for pointing that out Randy. Saint Sulley has not lost one on one since February 8th, 2019. That's almost two years boys...

    Daniella Kennedy: And a girl...

    Randy Ramon: Coincidentally, that's also the last time you faced Gabrielle one on one too, right?

    Christian Quinn: These are all great points....

    Rod Sterling: Points that should be saved for the match, because here comes Devin Golden!

    Gabrielle has made her entrance, and enters the ring as Golden's theme begins to play....

    The Golden One appears at the top of the ramp to a large pop from the crowd.

    Saint Sulley: And allow me to introduce, the better half of Golden Rock, DEVIN GOLDEN!

    Randy Ramon: That doesn't insult me. Devin definitely is a big part of the team. See? I know how to be a team player...hence the three tag team wins, and your...lack thereof.

    Rod Sterling: This is going to be a long match....

    Devin Golden hops through the ropes and gets ready to begin his match.

    Christian Quinn: This match has not gotten as much hype as it should. These are two FWA Legends, fighting one on one in a rare occasion. We may not see these two compete against each other ever again. This is like Mike Tyson vs Muhammed Ali. Peyton Manning vs Tom Brady....Jordan vs LeBron.

    Saint Sulley: Okay, let's not get carried away.

    Devin Golden gives a nod to Gabrielle as he backs up into the corner as the match is about to begin.

    "The Golden One" Devin Golden vs "The Mother of the FWA" Gabrielle

    With Saint Sulley and Randy Ramon on commentary
    The bell rings and the match begins. Gabrielle and Golden immediately meet in the center and begin grappling with one another. Golden gets control first as he hits a snap suplex on Gabrielle.

    Saint Sulley: Oh, and Gabrielle getting put on her back! She's been in this position before.

    Golden begins to stomp on Gabrielle, but Gabrielle rolls out of the way and hops back up to her feet, hitting a high kick to the face of The Golden One. She follows it up with a savate kick which sends Golden down to the ground.

    But Golden doesn't stay down for long, as the Hall of Famer and tag team champion quickly hops up to go back at it.

    He throws a quick right hook at Gabby, who in return throws a hook back at him.

    The two of them exchange back and forth fists as the crowd goes crazy at this two legends fighting it out on Fight Night. Together they have won 17 different tiles. Devin Golden has already been inducted into the FWA Hall of Fame, class of 2016, but Gabrielle has not retired long enough to get a nod.

    Now the two face off, and the fans are eating it up as Gabrielle appears to get control after hitting a couple right hooks in a row.

    And another Gabrielle right hook...

    And another...


    It looks as if Gabrielle is about to take full control, but then Golden out of nowhere recovers with a SPEAR on Gabby as the two of them both go to the ground.

    Randy Ramon: Devin better get it together here! We can't afford a big loss right now going into our match against the Toners.

    Saint Sulley: Yeah that'd be a big blow. Sort of like how you guys were undefeated in the tournament, then choked in a meaningless tag team match on the Fight Night before the finals.

    Gabrielle and Golden continue to grapple around on the ground trying to get control. Golden tries to get ahold of Gabrielle, but Gabby is too slick and fast as he is able to transition into different positions on the ground. From the ground she continues to throw a couple elbows and hammer fists at Devin's head, as Devin tries to regain leverage and get into a better position to make a move.

    It looks like Devin is able to do this now as he rolls over and gets on top of Gabrielle's back!

    Saint Sulley: OH YEAH! I've seen enough pornos to know where this is going.

    Gabrielle tries to get out of the vulnerable position by throwing back a couple of elbows, but Devin Golden appears unphased as he continues to go for Gabrielle's right leg...

    Until finally he finally gets an opening! Golden grabs Gabrielle's right leg and puts it into a single leg Boston Crab!

    Gabrielle is now in a bad spot as Devin Golden has that leg locked in for a tight Boston Crab!

    Gabrielle tries to push herself towards the ropes as she yelps in pain.

    Golden however continues to look as determined as ever as he keeps the boston leg in tight.

    Randy Ramon: You know we're both rooting for the same person right? I mean, you want Gabrielle to lose, and I want Devin to win. There's no conflict here.

    Saint Sulley: I'm glad you finally understand.

    Golden's still got Gabrielle in the single leg boston crab....she tries to drag herself over to the ropes, but right before she's able to get her long painted finger nails onto the bottom rope, Devin picks her up and drags her back into the center of the ring.

    A year ago, the fans would have been very one sided in this bout cheering for a fan favorite Devin Golden. But now? Somehow The Mother of the FWA has turned into quite the fan favorite herself, having withstood an attack from Saint Sulley, and cashing in her briefcase to schedule a world title match.

    Now she's on track to become one of the few three time FWA World Champions, and the first woman to do so. A win against Devin Golden going into her match against Saint Sulley would be HUGE for her momentum wise.

    But she's moments away from tapping...


    She rolls out of the ring grabbing her leg as Golden stays in the ring shocked that he wasn't able to get Gabrielle to tap out there.

    Devin doesn't waste much time as he goes to follow Gabrielle outside of the ring. The two time women's champion is still nursing her leg, but Golden doesn't care as he picks her up and tosses her into the security barricade. The fans cringe at the loud thud Gabby's body makes when it hits the barricade.

    Golden then picks her up and hits a belly to belly suplex on the mat outside the ring!

    The referee begins to count, but it doesn't matter too much, as Golden is about to toss Gabrielle in the ring...

    BUT MOMENTUM SHIFTS YET AGAIN AS GABBY HITS GOLDEN WITH AN ELBOW WHEN HE GOES TO PICK HER UP! She throws Golden in the ring and he rolls on the mat.

    Suddenly her knee looks fine as quickly scales up to the top of the turnbuckle from the outside steps, and looks to imitate Golden's signature frog splash finisher.

    Saint Sulley: NO!

    Gabrielle goes to cover Golden now.





    Saint Sulley: YES!

    Golden kicks out now.

    Gabrielle doesn't waste any time, she goes to continue her attack on Golden and keep the pendulum swinging her way. Momentum is absolutely key for these two vets to win this match, and they both know it!

    Golden is still in pain from the frog splash, but Gabrielle doesn't care as she picks up him...


    That looks like it hurt as Devin rolls on the mat holding his head. But Gabrielle still isn't finished. She runs to the ropes to gain momentum, and springs back from them to the center where she hits a SPLIT LEGGED LEG DROP ONTO THE TAG TEAM CHAMP!

    Golden looks like he's losing control, as Gabrielle confidently hooks his leg for a pin attempt.




    NO JUST TWO AS DEVIN GOLDEN KICKS OUT! Devin Golden kicks out again.

    Randy Ramon: This is a nice warm up for Devin honestly. It works either way...if he loses, I can rag on him about it. If he wins, it makes me look good. It's a win win. How about for you Sulley?

    Saint Sulley: Well...if Gabrielle loses, I can rub it in her face that she's a loser. But if she wins, I don't know if I like her having that kind of momentum going into the PPV.

    Gabrielle isn't happy, she wanted to put Golden away here. A win against Devin would be huge going into her world title match, but the longer this match goes on the further she risks an injury, which could be the end for her going into Desert Storm. She needs to stay healthy.

    She picks Devin up by his hair...but Devin pushes her away!

    Gabrielle swings at him, but he ducks and hits A LIONTAMER!

    Gabrielle gets back to her feet fairly quickly, but looks groggy as she stumbles around trying to figure out where she is.

    Golden doesn't waste any time now as he rolls her up with a school boy!

    The ref quickly gets to the mat for the pin count...





    Saint Sulley: DAMN IT!

    Golden isn't finished. He knows this is his best chance to put Gabrielle down, and he can't let momentum slip back her way one more time.

    Gabrielle is about to get to her feet, but Golden kicks her in the gut!

    Devin Golden then hits her with a rolling german suplex!


    Golden hits her with a second ROLLING GERMAN SUPLEX!



    THIS HAS TO BE IT! The Devin Golden fans in the crowd are going crazy, as Devin goes for the pin attempt himself, hooking the leg of FWA's mommy. The ref quickly gets to the mat and counts for Devin this one.





    Neither of these legends are willing to take the loss here as they continue to fight back and forth.

    Gabby may have kicked out, but she still looks like she's about done, and Devin can see it. He looks to the turnbuckle, as he climbs up to the top and points to the sky...

    Randy Ramon: Don't worry Sulley, this is it right here. Devin Golden is about to hit The Golden Touch!

    This is the same move of Devin's that Gabby copied earlier, almost putting Devin down there. Now Devin is going to perform it himself, and put Gabrielle out of her misery for good...

    Golden leaps for the frog splash...............

    BUT GABRIELLE ROLLS OUT OF THE WAY! Golden hits the mat hard.

    GABBY PLAYED POSSUM FOR A SECOND TIME IN THIS MATCH! First Gabby overexaggerated how hurt her knee was after the brutal boston crab, and now she faked out Devin again as she layed on the mat before that Frog Splash.

    With Golden now in severe pain from the missed frog splash, he just did what he couldn't afford to do at all costs...

    And that was let momentum swing back to Gabrielle.

    Randy Ramon: Oh no....

    Saint Sulley: SHIT!

    Golden tries to get up to his feet, but he's clearly stunned as he stumbles around in the center of the ring. He tries to posture up at Gabby and have a chance to get things swinging back his way, but he loses all chances of that as Gabrielle kicks him in the gut...

    Randy Ramon: Oh no....

    Saint Sulley: I can't watch!

    And Gabrielle hits the Double 34 D-DT!

    Devin's skull went crushing into the mat with the DDT. The camera zooms in as Devin's eyes roll straight to the back of his head as the entire arena gasps at the sight.

    Gabrielle crawls over to Golden for one last attempt at a pinfall.

    Randy Ramon: Oh no...

    Saint Sulley: This is bullshit...

    The referee goes to the floor for his final




    Winner: "The Mother of the FWA" Gabrielle

    Gabrielle rolls off Devin Golden as The In Between plays once more.

    Saint Sulley does not look happy now, as he takes off his headset and stares down the ring.

    But Gabrielle wastes to time as she prepares her self with a combat stance in the ring.

    Randy Ramon: FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT!

    Rod Sterling: This has been boiling over for awhile now...

    Sulley looks like he's ready to go a bit early, and so does Gabby who doesn't seem to be phased by the fact that she JUST fought in a brutal match against Hall of Famer Devin Golden.

    Suddenly...Gabrielle begins to point at the world championship that Sulley's had sitting on the commentary table this entire time, causing Sulley to quickly grab it and clutch it against his chest. Sulley's entire aggressive demenaor changes now as he gets an overprotective look. The last thing he wants is for Gabrielle to somehow steal his title, and walk into Desert Storm with it instead of him. He already had to walk into Crossfire Christmas without the title, he wouldn't do that again.

    Deciding not to risk it, he then decides to hop over the security barricade behind him, and leave through the crowd as Gabrielle smirks.

    The Mother of the FWA turns around and hopes on the middle rope, standing high in the air as the crowd cheers her name.

    Randy Ramon: And there goes the champ!

    Gabrielle chuckles as she continues celebrating in the ring.




    The crowd chants.

    Randy Ramon takes off his headset, and goes over to give Golden a slap on the back as we go to one more commercial break.

    Alyster Black is already in the ring as we come back from commercial, and soon enough Eli Black's theme song hits too.

    Rod Sterling: Already in the ring is a man who came sooo close to winning the North American Championship back at the New Year's Adrenaline Rush show. We haven't seen anyone closer to taking the North American title away from Krash, and if anyone can do it tonight, it's him.

    Daniella Kennedy: Meanwhile, here comes The Artist Eli Black, who beat Cyrus Truth himself at Crossfire Christmas. Remember back when Saint Sulley was an X Division star, and upset Cyrus Truth way back at the beginning of 2019? It only took 9 more months for Sulley to become a world champion. Now that Eli has done it, how long until we see him in the main events?

    Christian Quinn: A win here certainly would help further cement that idea...

    Eli makes it in the ring, and stares down Alyster...showing no respect as Cyrus Truth's theme hits.

    Rod Sterling: And now here comes a man who's won many world titles, but never anything less. Could tonight be the moment where Cyrus wins North American Gold?

    Daniella Kennedy: This man doesn't need to. He's already a Hall of Famer when the time comes.

    Last but not last, the North American champion's theme song hits. "Back in Town" by Matt Dusk has the crowd in a roar. The reigning North American Champion comes out with the prestigious belt around his waist.

    Rod Sterling: Krash outlasted Mike Parr in an empty arena in Japan. He withstood Cyrus Truth at Mile High. He beat Alyster Black at the New Year's Adrenaline Rush. He has even beaten Eli Black one on one. I mean... he has beaten every person in this match in the last few months.

    Daniella Kennedy: It's a different game, though. He has them all at once now. And it's a different makeup. You have two personal feuds being combined into one match.

    Christian Quinn: Can Krash overcome all three at once?

    Krash reaches the ring and hands the belt off to the referee. He then immediately comes face to face with Alyster Black. His long time best friend and rival refuses to give Krash even an inch.

    Cyrus Truth is doing the same with Eli Black now, and "The Former Arteest" smirks and chuckles it off as he comes nose to nose with Cyrus, his bitter rival.

    Main Event
    FWA North American Championship

    "The Moustache Maverick" Krash (c) vs. "Black Jesus" Alyster Black vs. "The Arteest" Eli Black vs. "The Exile" Cyrus Truth
    The bell rings, and immediately Krash and Alyster start going at each other, while Eli Black and Cyrus Truth go at each other. Krash gets the upper hand over Alyster and tosses him over the top rope, eliminating him from the match...wait, not his isn't Carnal Contendership, he's still in the match!

    Truth and Eli Black meanwhile are fighting in the corner turnbuckle. Cyrus as Eli pinned as he throws multiple blows his way, looking for revenge after the recent loss at Crossfire Christmas. But suddenly, Krash comes up from behind Cyrus and hits him with a roll up pin!

    The ref quickly counts



    But Cyrus gets out of it, shocked that Krash almost caught him off guard. Alyster Black is now back in the ring, and he goes right after Eli Black now as Krash and Cyrus continue to brawl.

    Black and Black go back and forth now. Hopefully they don't get mixed up, or we might have one of those "Who do I shoot?" situations...of course they don't quite look the same, so I suppose it wouldn't be that confusing. Barring any bizarre scenarios that are possibly being foreshadowed right now.

    Cyrus and Krash are still going back and forth in the ring, as Cyrus Truth hits a dragon suplex on Krash and goes for a pin attempt. The referee counts again



    But Krash kicks out now.

    On the outside, Alyster Black throws Eli Black against the steel steps. Alyster Black goes to continue his attack, but Eli Black kicks him in the gut...and Eli hits the Eye Opener on Alyster! Alyster Black looks out of it now, but he's outside of the ring!

    Eli picks up Alyster, and tosses him into the ring.

    But when Eli goes in to follow him, Cyrus Truth clotheslines him! Eli rolls on the ground in pain as Cyrus goes to pick him up...but Krash knocks both of them down with a dropkick as the crowd goes nuts!

    But instead of continuing his attack on Eli and Cyrus, Krash focuses on Alyster Black. He picks up Alyster, and he hits him with the ONE HIT KILL! Alyster is completely out of it as the crowd cheers.

    Krash goes to cover Black Jesus!




    NOOOO! Eli Black breaks it up with a dropkick of his own straight to the head of Krash. Now Eli covers Krash!



    BUT NO! Cyrus Truth breaks it up now. All three men are now in the ring, attacking each other as Alyster rolls out of the way. Cyrus gets the upper hand on Eli Black first as he hits Eli with MEMENTO MORI!

    BUT IN COMES KRASH WHO TAKES DOWN CYRUS TRUTH WITH A HUGE DROPKICK! Cyrus Truth falls to the mat and lays groggy in the corner, as Krash turns his attention to Eli Black who is still reeling following the memento mori. Krash has an oppurtunity to win it right here with Cyrus still down! Cyrus looks like he's about to get up, but Krash hits him with a JUMPING DDT TO KNOCK HIM BACK DOWN!

    The incumbent North American Champion has all the momentum now.

    And the crowd goes absolutely nuts...AS KRASH TEASES THE RAZZLE DAZZLE! His desperation finisher that has NEVER been used before. Krash has a chance now to end it right he stalks Eli Black who's trying to get to his feet! Krash can do it...

    Eli Black is up, and Krash kicks him in the gut! The champion lifts him up...and HE HITS IT!


    Eli Black is down and out. With Cyrus still down in the corner, Krash drops to his knees, and goes to cover Eli who hasn't moved since being hit with the first Razzle Dazzle in Krash's history. The referee goes for the pin...




    NO! Alyster Black has just dragged the leg of the referee from outside the ring and pulled him down to the ground. That was the match right there! Krash was about to retain, but Alyster Black stopped it! Krash cannot believe it as his frenemy just prevented a Krash victory. Krash appears audibly annoyed as he screams down to Alyster from inside the ring, with Alyster responding with a cocky shrug. But before Krash can do anything else, he turns around to see a Cyrus who's back up to his feet!

    Krash goes to punch Cyrus, but Cyrus ducks, and hits him with JOURNEY'S END! Krash is absolutely finished now, with Eli black on the mat in pain and unable to get back up in time. But Cyrus can't pin him...because Alyster Black is stalking behind him...

    Cyrus turns around...and kick to the gu-NO! Cyrus catches his foot! And Cyrus takes him down with a clothesline. Alyster tries to react quick enough, but Cyrus is too fast! Cyrus puts him into The Long Road to Nowhere (Crucifix Neck Crank)!

    It's in tight, and Krash and Eli Black are both on the side....

    Alyster has nowhere to go...

    HE TAPS!



    Cyrus Truth rolls off Alyster as his theme begins to play. Alyster holds his neck as Krash slams his fists against the mat...

    Eli Black meanwhile is just getting to his feet on the outside. He tries to intercept the referee with the North American title, but the ref simply pushes past quick enough to get into the ring.

    Eli is furious, SCREAMING "NOOOOO" at the official as he sees Cyrus Truth get the belt.

    Rod Sterling: And the reign of Krash comes to an end. A reign that started with controversy, is now over. Cyrus Truth is a North American champion.

    Christian Quinn: A man who's first title win was a world championship...Cyrus has never held any other titles. The FWA World Championship, and the FWA World Heavyweight Championship were the only two reigns, which don't get me wrong are incredibly impressive, but now he can add one more to his resume...the North American Championship.

    Daniella Kennedy: And with a tag team championship win, Cyrus could be a triple crown champion.

    Rod Sterling: His resume is already Hall of Fame worthy, but with each year Cyrus cements his status as one of the greatest. This win only further does it.

    The referee hands Cyrus the title, as he holds it high in the air. "The Former Arteest" is breathing heavily and slams his fists into the apron. He looks up at Cyrus holding the belt and finds a moment to smile. That smile quickly goes away for a grimace and scowl.

    Alyster Black rolls under the ropes, close to where Krash is sitting on the apron looking down at the ground. Alyster has, in a way, cost Krash the North American Championship and the moustached maverick is looking to his right down at Alyster Black with a torn expression between anger and urge to comfort his long best friend.

    Krash hopes off the apron and walks away, just as Alyster looks in his direction but doesn't speak a word.

    It's the last shot we see before Fight Night comes to a close.
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    Anything that's worth havin'

    Is sure enough worth fighting for
    Quittin's out of the question
    When it gets tough gotta fight some more (ohh)
    We gotta fight, fight, fight, fight, fight for this NIGHT
    We gotta fight, fight, fight, fight, fight for this NIGHT
    We gotta fight, fight, fight, fight, fight for this NIGHT
    If it's worth having, it's worth fightin' for, ohh
    Ah, yes starting off with a fav feud going on, and one I take personal joy in; MVH against her arch nemesis Bell C-MIKE PARR AND ALL OF MIKE PARR'S FRIENDS. Small Mike looking to make but a fool, a fool I say out of much bigger Mike and plotting with his friends accordingly. All lovely evil stuff.

    -Oh this match, This is one of the matches where it sucks there has to be two losers, because everyone here, fucking brought it in RP's I love the concept of ONAM'S new charrie. Regan finally biting the bullet and of course, the return of one of the GOATS. I honestly would have had this steal the show, go half an hour, crazy spots. Pop the crowd, standing O afterwards from the crowd, but there had to be a winner and you never bet against Dan The Man. I do hope this doesn't discourage out the other two, All three of these guys had promos that any other day would have smoked their foes, and I'd put money on it that all three are going to be champs at some point. Good job all involved. AON's seal of approval.

    -Oh ho. Oh ho. Do I smell cracks beginning to form in the foundation of The Affliction? Interesting. I do wonder who this woman that screwed over Vinny is. Whose a woman on the roster that likes to fuck with Vinny blackbird and could potentially pick a lock? Tis a mystery

    - After my summer of discontent, I'm always delighted to get a win. So. Yay me. Good match write up, I will say one thing that bothers me; I don't like that Yuna kicked out of End Of The Hour. I appreciate it puts over Yuna's toughness, but I don't think Donny Moore's finisher should be kicked out of in only his second match. I love Donny Moore as a concept and I hope to see more from him

    -Title number 10? 0-0

    -Uh-Oh. I think I can see where this is going; Better start running Mikey. It's Dutch hunting season.

    -This was a fun tag team match between four of my fav guys on the roster, this is a fun combination of people and yeah this was just fun. Nuff fun.


    -HOSSSSSSSSSSSS FIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHTTT Always great to see a big fun ol' hoss fight and this was nice, but I'm beginning to see a problem emerging that worries me; Sully is a top promer, Dave has utterly dominated the fed for a year only losing two matches, and dominating the main event scene.

    ...and now he has two people in the mid card. It happened to me a few weeks ago. It happened to Jimmy this week...I just worry, Sully is going for a monopoly here.

    -I'm easily amused. Sue me.

    -Chris Peacock is going to be a force to be contended with, he's so much fun and when you combine that with the toner brothers, there's only going to be one winner, personally I don't understand what happened afterwards tho. I mean; you SAY that was Yuna at ringside, but Yuna doesn't wear glasses. So I'm confused what the hell you're talking about. All I saw was Kayden getting angry at a random asian woman. Racist.

    -The Golden Rock stars are such wholesome friends

    -Oh look, someone new for Francise to hate :D

    - First off, great match write up, real back and forward competitive stuff, and this might be a good time to mention I do like the box set up and structure , as Mike Parr continues to establish himself as a main event dude, as well he should, and the fractures continue to grow between the group

    -That video was stylist, artistic, well described and ominous. what I'm trying to say is; MVH is defo behind it.

    - Ok, I'm just going to say this; This match write up left me wanting and given this was a bonified dream match between two legends that's disappointing. I understand that and appreciate that match write ups are a thankless task, but I've been noticing a thread in certain matches this and the bar brawl that just seem to be lacking on personality and a focus on spots, and even then it's like "And then this happened, moving on and now this happened. he hit the splash, and then he suplexed him, and then he pins him. he wins" To be perfectly honest (Which I always try to be) This almost made me turn against Sully/Roman considering their dialogue at commentary got full on paragraphs while the action in the ring got sentences. Have your dick measuring contest later lads I wanna read the match this felt like a Dave Sullivan/ Randy interview and a match was having in the background and I can understand that if this was Susie Sue vs Wally The Walrus but this is a dream match with two legends. I know if I promoed as hard as these two did and this happened I'd be pretty annoyed.

    -Ignoring that: I'm glad Gabby got the win and built momentum for the big show, Cool match but would have loved to have seen it fleshed out more

    -This is really why I shouldn't do reviews, because I tire myself out for the big important business of the main event, but needless to say this was the match of the night, during the last little while, it seemed like Cyrus had lost his air of invincibility that for years he has carried with him, but I should have known. Never EVER count out Cyrus. Cyrus is a GOAT. Cyrus is the avatar of this fed, and when he retires a little bit of this section's soul will be lost so it's wonderful to see him still going strong and proving the doubters wrong and that the long and winding road of his is still paved with gold.

    The most amazing thing about this recent conversation is that I've learned AON is even more of a waste of space than I thought he was previously

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    Desperation Finisher:
    Razzle Dazzle - Ki Crusher
    But instead of continuing his attack on Eli and Cyrus, Krash focuses on Alyster Black. He picks up Alyster, and he hits him with the RAZZLE DAZZLE! Alyster is completley out of it as the crowd cheers.

    Krash goes to cover Black Jesus!




    NOOOO! Eli Black breaks it up with a dropkick of his own straight to the head of Krash. Now Eli covers Krash!
    ...Did...yall just use....Krash's last ditch...killer death burning hammer like move as a pin tease, for the first time it's ever been used?

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    The most amazing thing about this recent conversation is that I've learned AON is even more of a waste of space than I thought he was previously

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    If I was booking a BTB, the NA title match would've gone exactly this way, with this winner. So it all worked out like aces. Krash moves up and the Eli-Cyrus feud (which is under-the-radar my favorite one going on) gets a new wrinkle with the NA title now in focus. Plus it goes on Cyrus after Eli got the 1v1 win. Had Cyrus won the 1v1 I think I would prefer the belt going on Eli. So this works out. Plus Eli didnt take a pin or tap here so he was protected from really kayfabe taking a loss to Cyrus.

    Sucks Krash promo wasnt counted but the Cyrus and Eli promos were so so worthy of winning.

    I think this also adds a new wrinkle to Alyster vs Krash. No real shame or negative in tapping to Cyrus' submission finisher. It has been built up a bit lately. But Alyster withstanding a lot and ultimately there is the angle of him taking the tap in losing Krash's belt so how will thay affect their love-hate relationship?
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    Loved the show overall. Every match was enjoyable to read. I'm starting to rack up quite a Losing Streak
    Saus X W/L Record

    Crimson Knights W/L Record

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    Review Time!
    Cold open
    This was cool. It was showing some strife and chemistry between the New Breed and Parr. Some hype for the big match later.

    Maskell vs. Reagan vs. Kai
    Pretty good opener. The style of wrestling between these three was different from most of the matches on Fight Night. Great win For Dan. An excellent showing for Cole and Kai

    Afflicted Promo.
    The winy heel Garcia continues, but he also very scary at the same time, which is pretty good. Pressing the Goof of Blackbird is pretty tense and shows who's been in charge this whole time.

    Yuna vs. Moore
    Entertaining match with it continually going back and forth. Yuna, with a barrage of moves vs. Moore more systematic approach.

    New Breed segment
    Whoa didn't expect this. New Breed member took out viciously.

    JJJ/GG vs. Hao/Humanity
    This was fun. I like the write-up of this match. Everyone got a bit of shine, just surprised by the winner.

    NewBreed 2
    I'm surprised that this got so many segments out of it, but a good build to this match with a horror movie feel of the members getting picked off. Parr not caring shows how much he doesn't care.

    Kujo vs. McClain
    This match was good. Short and sweet. I wasn't sure who would win, but Saint and Sinners pick up a victory.

    Yuna vs. Blackbird segment
    This was great. It tied into Yuna promo and was excellent delivery. Knox vs. Yuna sounds fun.

    Gauntlet title tag match.
    What a hectic match. With distraction too. Everyone got something, and some of these spots were fun. Yuna has a future dance with Peacock, but it looks like Knox may have her in her sights. I like an immediate transition into Toners vs. Golden Rock. That's going to be wild

    I'm marking for Lizzie. This is what Bayley could have started as in her main roster debut and grew to be a role model. I hope that's where you are taking her.

    Garcia vs. Parr
    Another match where Garcia looks monstrous but can't pull it out for some reason other than himself. A great match. I love the drag from the apron to the barricade spot. My only negative is that we were building to the new breed being taken out, but for them to be there didn't quite make sense. Otherwise great match, and both were deserving winners.

    Gabby vs. Golden
    Uh, the match write up here was disappointing. I expected something close to a classic after hearing about how great each was and how they don't face often, but the commentary was the highlight. 4th wall breaking was funny until I realized how short the match was. Also surprised by the victor, but Gabs is deserving of the win.

    Fatal Four Way NA Title match
    Congrats to Cyrus for the big win. He's a champ without the belt, so this just the dressing. Like Gabby vs. Golden, this was a bit disappointing of a match write up. I was very surprised when it ended, and there weren't any notable spots

    Overall this was a good show. A lot of storylines padded, And some weird promo after the Parr win us intriguing. I can't wait to see what is coming next. Also, who attacked Golden Rock? They've been quiet since Division Rules.
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    New Breed being there was a mistake on us and it's being edited out. They shouldn't have been in the match due to the earlier events, and that's not on Prodigy or SS who did a lot of the work writing those angles before the match.

    It was more so a continuity error on our part as a creative team. Erase it from your minds that they were in there.

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    Thats on me, guys. I wrote the match. Sorry, I didnt know.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Main Event Sayer View Post
    Thats on me, guys. I wrote the match. Sorry, I didnt know.
    Nah you didn't know what was planned. It's on us, but we'll get it fixed. No biggie.

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    I read through the show and I think you all do a great job of putting these things together. You have your flow and you have some awesome contributors that help make storylines progress and get their characters over. This is the first show since Division's Rules that I read all the way through and I wanted to give a review.

    Show Opening Segment
    I liked the show opening. I thought it set the tone for the big story of the show which was Parr VS Garcia.

    Triple Threat Opening Match
    Decent match to introduce the three new characters. Nothing that really stands out in this match, since this was an intro match but I really dug how the writer made sure to give equal time to the participants.

    Vince Blackbird Segment #1
    I'm not a fan of this storyline/group. I just don't get it because Vince Blackbird is the General Manager of FWA. He's the boss, right? Why is being ordered around by an employee? That would be like Bryce Harper ordering around the General Manager of the Phillies. It's just not something that would or even should happen. I think the relationship between Blackbird and Garcia's group would come off much better if Blackbird acted as the Heyman or Don Callis to Garcia's Lesnar/Omega. The way it's playing out right now, Garcia runs FWA and Blackbird is his puppet. It also leads me to question, why would FWA just fire Blackbird since he's 100% not doing his job? Also, why was there no commentary reaction to any of the stuff that happened in this scene?

    General Note/Observation
    The entrances throughout the show are so generic and cookie cutter. When/if I come back I'll just write my entrance into my bio (regular/championship version) and y'all can modify it to the moment.

    Third Backstage Segment
    The segment progresses the story that you all are trying to tell but, again, why is there no commentary reaction to what happened in the segment?

    Yuna/Blackbird Segment
    This was a nice callback to the RP that was posted for the Yuna character but it just kind of ended. Did Yuna say "lick my balls" and then Blackbird angrily left the locker room? Did Yuna leave after telling him that? It just ended. Also, this is another example of why Blackbird should be fired and replaced. He has ZERO respect from the members of his roster. There's no repercussions for the actions of anyone that insults or assaults Blackbird...the General Manager...their boss.

    Gabby/Golden Match
    There was too much commentary and not enough...action. I've always thought it was weird/hard to have wrestlers on commentary during a match because it distracts from the action in the ring. Gabby/Golden seems like a big fucking deal but the commentary ruined the moment by lessoning the match.

    LOVED the main-event and all of the action throughout. I'm READY for the Krash/Black rematch. Those final moments were perfect. Glad to see Cyrus winning the belt. Honestly, the North American championship division just became the most interesting thing in the fed, and it's not even close.

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    Blackbird, however, is a spineless coward who is losing control of the roster. Ramon and Golden have been having their way with him, as has "Woman". There's a story being told here with multiple people being involved and it definitely has an endgame with Vincent.

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    Parr and Cyrus were the big standouts from this show. Parrs momentum and his feud with MvH both continuing and Cyrus becoming a Champion again. Though I'm bummed Krash's reign is over, there's just something about that character and the NA Title that go so well together.

    I wont say too much on the Gabs-Golden match, I dont enjoy match writing myself. But this wasnt good, especially for such a supposedly big match.

    Im not sure what exactly to think of the whole Afflicted/Blackbird stuff. I know ultimately Garcia lost the belt and that adds to this but it feels so early for the group to be imploding.
    Credit to Comeback Kid for the GFX

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    Quote Originally Posted by ETE View Post
    Parr and Cyrus were the big standouts from this show. Parrs momentum and his feud with MvH both continuing and Cyrus becoming a Champion again. Though I'm bummed Krash's reign is over, there's just something about that character and the NA Title that go so well together.

    I wont say too much on the Gabs-Golden match, I dont enjoy match writing myself. But this wasnt good, especially for such a supposedly big match.

    Im not sure what exactly to think of the whole Afflicted/Blackbird stuff. I know ultimately Garcia lost the belt and that adds to this but it feels so early for the group to be imploding.
    Is it though? Is that whats happening? Msybe...maybe not. Who knows?

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    Show Update

    The main show post has been changed in a few spots. For starters, Jimmy was able to go in and fix the errors in the Parr vs Garcia match to reflect the fact that the New Breed were not at ringside. TGO meanwhile went in and fixed the annoying spacing issue that happened when the show was posted, and made the overall show look awkward and weird.

    Next, I went in and completely expanded the Golden vs Gabrielle match. I removed some of the unneeded back and forth between Sulley and Ramon, and added a lot more back and forth action between Gabrielle and Golden as well as some fun spots.

    Lastly, I rewrote a bit of the ending for the main event, and changed a few events as well as expanded upon it by a paragraph or two. The original moment where Krash used the Razzle Dazzle on Alyster Black only to have the pin broken up has been changed, as well as Alyster Black getting up a couple paragraphs after. Krash would still go on to use the Razzle Dazzle for the first time, but against Eli Black instead...unlike in the original, the razzle dazzle would effectively put Eli Black out of contention from winning the match as he'd be down and put for the remainder. Please feel free to read what happens after instead. The finish remains the same with Cyrus going on to win with the submission on Alyster.

    Please review these changes and let me know your thoughts, as well as if there's anything else you feel should have been updated or changed.

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    the AON stamp of approval. boom
    The most amazing thing about this recent conversation is that I've learned AON is even more of a waste of space than I thought he was previously

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    Great show guys!

    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

    The only time WWE came close to a good story line post Attitude Era was Undertaker/Mordecai - Dakstang
    [06:01 PM]Dakstang
    Yeah I guess you are right. And I only want to be Daddy to my own kids. Sorry.

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    Perth, Australia
    Rep Power
      Country                    New Zealand


    Some welcome updates!
    Credit to Comeback Kid for the GFX

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