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Thread: MILE HIGH 2020 RESULTS (11/28/2020)

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    MILE HIGH 2020 RESULTS (11/28/2020)

    There is no opening video. No ballyhoo and pyro. No grand announcement. Not the usual start to an FWA Pay-Per View. FWA's most newly-minted champion, Danny Toner comes into shot carrying his luggage for tonight. He stops outside a locker-room with the words "THE TONER BROS" printed on a plaque hung on the door.

    Danny Toner: "The fuck?"

    Danny bends down and picks up a simple, black gift bag. He pulls out a carton of Camel cigarette and a litre of Jameson whiskey. Dannhen he does turn he has a huge grin on his face and he holds up the whisky and cigarettes.

    Danny Toner: “Uh … am I right in sayin’ a ‘thank you’ is in order?”

    The camera pans out and the crowd pops massively when they see ... Michelle von Horrowitz. She is dressed in her wrestling attire and eyes Danny, cautiously as always, before quickly nodding her head and there is a flicker of what perhaps is a faint smile on her face.

    MvH: "Happy birthday, Danny."

    Danny positively beams at her.

    Danny Toner: "How'd you know?"

    MvH: "For a man that is quite complex, it seems I was correct in my assumption. You have surprisingly simple taste."

    Danny Toner: "Hey I may be simple but I know a good thing when I see it ..."

    Danny look sat Michelle for a second then gazes at his own FWA Gauntlet Championship on his shoulder. He snaps back into the conversation.

    Danny Toner: "But somethin' is tellin' me I'm going to get turned down if I ask you to crack these presents open with me, huh?"

    MvH: "Maybe it is the fact that I'm booked not only against Bell Connelly tonight but also against Devin Golden and your old running buddy..."

    Danny Toner: "Ohhh I get it. And here I thought you were warming up to me with the presents! You've thought more on our little chat a few weeks ago huh?"

    MvH: "How could I forget?"

    MvH delivers the line completely dead-pan and the live crowd cheer it.

    MvH: "Despite trying to push the thoughts from my mind, our 'little chat' - as you so eloquently put it - has been quite unwilling to be forgotten. One thing in particular, actually. You mentioned - well, it was more of a brag then a mention, was it not? - that you've ample experience being hit with Randy Ramon's fabled Remix?"

    Danny Toner: "Ample experience not being hit. I wouldn't be a very good coach if I told you to just take his boot on ya chin like a sucka' now would I?"

    MvH: "While I seriously doubt your coaching credentials I figured that it couldn't hurt to hear what you have to say about Ramon's Remix. So here I am and I'm asking."

    The crowd "ooooo" loudly as the camera focuses on Danny mulling his options. One one hand he's tight with Randy and Devin and they've helped him out of things before. On the other hand Randy Ramon and Danny have been career long rivals and Randy's always been considered that bit better than Danny. But now? Now Danny had the flex of saying he'd won more championships than Randy and here he was with a golden opportunity to keep that in tact by parting with some inside information to Michelle in regards to Randy's infamous finishing move the Remix. Randy had put down everyone since he came back with that move but Danny? Danny stood across from the man so many times that he knew when it was coming. He gazes longingly at his Gauntlet Championship and then turns, mind made up.

    Danny Toner: "Aight ... but only cause I like ya."

    Michelle cocks an eyebrow at Danny knowing that is most certainly NOT the only reason.

    Danny Toner: "Aight, I'll tell ya how to avoid the Remix."

    The crowd elicit a large mixed reaction at this. This visibly unnerves Danny as he looks up and down the hallway.

    Danny Toner: "Now the FWA Gauntlet Champion can't go exposing all his tricks to everybody can he? We gotta get away from the cameras. Let's go for a smoke."

    Michelle nods her head as the two begin to walk off to discuss Ramon's Remix. Danny eyes the carton of smokes he received from Michelle.

    Danny Toner: "Your freakin' blood smokes. Your bribery cigs."

    Michelle doesn't look back at Danny but talks as he follows after her off-screen causing one last pop from the crowd.

    MvH: "I sent the present before I asked for advice now come on ... I've got an old score to settle and a set of tag championships to win."


    FWA Presents...

    Live from Rogers Place in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

    Mile High
    Saturday, November 28, 2020

    A shot of Rogers Place in Edmonton is shown with snow coming down in the dark sky, before the cameras cut to the inside to show the fireworks going off and the fans going off! Some fans are wearing Edmonton Oilers gear, and others are wearing Golden Rock t-shirts (even though that isn't the tag team's official name), but they're all excited to be here never the less.

    Rod Sterling: Welcome all to Mile High! We're live from Edmonton, and this show is packed. A Mile High Massacre is set to occur where we'll see Saint Sulley defend the FWA World Championship against four other men in a deadly match. Only one man may come out alive.

    Daniella Kennedy: Not only that match, but we have so many others that result in this show being one of the most anticipated events of the entire year. A CWA Classics match between Krash and Cyrus Truth. Will Krash finally overcome his long time CWA colleague, or will Cyrus Truth for the first time become a North American Champion?

    Rod Sterling: You know I'm excited for Cyrus Truth to get a chance to be in that match. We all know that Cyrus is a lock for the Hall of Fame, and had in his first few years already cemented his legacy with the FWA's World Titles. But what if he never gets to call himself a Triple Crown Champion? Or even a Grand Slam Champion? If he can secure a North American Championship tonight, to add to his resume, people might be arguing whether he's more accomplished than the likes of Wolf or Chris Kennedy even.

    Christian Quinn: I think you can already make that argument, Rod, but I get what you're saying. Something worth noting as well, the FWA is debuting new designs for all of those titles! We'll see the new designs tonight for the Tag Team titles, North American Championship, and the FWA World Championship. So much is on the line...

    Daniella Kennedy: Last but not least, we have the one time return of Belle Connelly, who will face off against Michelle von Horrowitz later tonight...but this won't be MvH's only match...because her and Gerald Grayson are set to kick off the show as they face Golden Rock in a match that could or could not determine the FWA Tag Team Champions!

    Christian Quinn: That's right Daniella! If Devin Golden and Randy Ramon win, they will be the new tag team champs...TONIGHT. But, if MvH and Grayson win, then they push this thing to one more match where the winners will be crowned for sure. So it's possibly we may see the new champs crowned tonight, and it's possible we don't...we're about to find out, because here they come!

    In Dreams begins to play as Michelle von Horrowitz enters the arena.

    She storms down the ramp with a confident look on her face.

    Christian Quinn: Here she comes, MvH!

    Daniella Kennedy: It's always the females that are the warriors in the FWA, isn't it? Look at Michelle doing double duty here tonight.

    Rod Sterling: How in the world will she be able to fight against Belle Connelly tonight, after going through this match though? This is going to be tough.

    Daniella Kennedy: If anyone can do it, it's her.

    Gerald Grayson now enters at the top ramp, and jobs down to the ring.

    He takes his time on each turnbuckle before embracing Michelle and getting hyped in the ring.

    Rod Sterling: Gerald Grayson is one of just two on the card tonight who fought last Friday night. He had to defend his X Championship in a brutal empty arena match, which he did so successfully against Eli Black.

    Christian Quinn: Yeah that was a hard fought match, and Eli Black was close, but Grayson held on. But did Eli wear Grayson down enough for this week, in this match?

    Daniella Kennedy: One thing worth noting, if Gerald Grayson wins here tonight with MvH, and they win again in the grand finale match, then Grayson will be the first double champ since Saint Sulley did it last year.

    Rod Sterling: That's assuming he is still X Champion by the time they face Golden Rock again, but right now there aren't any signs he won't be!

    Christian Quinn: HERE COMES RANDY RAMON!

    Rod Sterling: The "Rock" part of Golden Rock, Randy Ramon has certainly been hot lately. The Rockstar is on pace to win his THIRD Tag Team Championship. He's got title reigns with Ayla El and Danny Toner separately. Will Devin Golden be his third dance partner?

    Daniella Kennedy: I just checked the Vegas Odds, Rod...

    Rod Sterling: What do they say?

    Daniella Kennedy: I wish I could tell you, I can never understand how these things work.

    Zombie by the Cranberries begins to play, as "The Golden One" Devin Golden appears at the top of the ramp to a pop from the crowd.

    "Another head hangs lowly

    Child is slowly taken"

    Golden walks down the ramp, giving some fans high fives on the way down.

    He enters the ring, and gives his partner Randy Ramon a nod as the ref gets ready to begin the show.

    Rod Sterling: And last but not last, here comes Devin Golden! Combined, he and Ramon have had six different tag team title reigns! Seven! But never with each other.

    Daniella Kennedy: Rod, Devin Golden is already a four...let me repeat that, FOUR time Tag Team Champion...all with four different men too. Those to have shared a tag team title reign with Golden include Mike Curtis, Moira Crawford, Ashley O'Ryan, AND Ryan Rondo...will Randy Ramon become the fifth tonight?

    Christian Quinn: Not if von Horrowitz and Grayson have anything to say about it!

    The Division Tag Team Tournament

    "The Golden One" Devin Golden and "Rockstar" Randy Ramon
    Michelle von Horrowitz and Gerald Grayson

    (*if Golden and Ramon win, they win the tournament and the FWA Tag Team Championships; if MvH and Grayson win, there will be a winners-take-all rematch at a later date)

    It looks like we're starting with Devin Golden and Gerald Grayson, as Ramon and MvH are on the apron. The bell rings, and both Golden and Grayson begin to circle each other. Golden goes in first with a clothesline attempt, but Grayson ducks and Golden misses! Golden turns around and gets taken down with a big drop kick!

    The crowd pops as Grayson hops back up to his feet! Grayson then jumps on the turnbuckle, and goes for a FROG SPLASH...But Golden puts his knees up and Grayson rolls off now. Both men climb to their feet and go back at it in the middle of the ring, grappling with one another before Golden gets control, and hits an inverted suplex!

    Golden goes for a quick cover as MvH holds her breath on the side.



    No! Just one as the quick pin attempt goes as expected this early in. Golden goes to pick up Grayson, but Gerald Grayson elbows Golden in the gut! Golden groans and steps back, as Grayson then IRISH WHIPS Golden into the turnbuckle. Ramon is about to tag himself in, but he just misses slapping Golden on the back as Grayson Irish Whips Golden into the opposite corner featuring MvH! He tags in MvH, who goes up on the top turnbuckle. Meanwhile Grayson hits a quick DDT on Golden and lays him in the middle of the ring, and MvH follows it from the turnbuckle with a LIONSAULT!

    MvH hooks Golden's leg now for the quick pin attempt.




    NO! It's only two, as Golden avoids falling to that tag team move from Grayson and MvH. Michelle picks Golden up now, but puts him back down with a dragon screw leg whip. It appears like she has all the control, up until Devin Golden now hits a charged UPPERCUT! This sends Michelle stumbling back groggy, and allows for Golden to hit Michelle with a snap suplex! Michelle doesn't stay down for long, but it's enough time for Golden to get over to Randy Ramon and make the tag as Ramon comes in fresh. Golden rolls to the outside floor to catch his breath.

    MVH is back on her feet now following the Golden suplex, but she gets knocked down with a Randy Ramon discuss punch!

    Michelle looks groggy, as she tries to get back up from the punch...and here comes Ramon with THE REMIX SUPER KI-NO! NO Ramon was going for the super kick, but Michelle catches his leg!

    Michelle winks at Ramon, who is trying to balance staying up on his feet, when Michelle von Horrowitz knocks him down with a clothesline. von Horrowitz then gets on top of Ramon and starts to hit him with some ground and pound punches, before eventually letting up.

    Rod Sterling: Michelle went to Danny Toner for advice on avoiding The Remix superkick! I guess she got what she needed! It worked!

    Daniella Kennedy: This is a HUGE betrayal of frienemies!

    MvH drags Ramon to his feet, but Ramon suddenly goes after her with a takedown! Now the two are brawling on the ground, trying to grapple and gain control over one another. It looks like Randy is trying to put Michelle into a submission hold, but Michelle is too quick. She transitions out of it, and then instead puts Randy Ramon in a cross face chicken wing hold! She's got it locked in tight as Randy Ramon screams out in pain. Golden looks like he wants to go in and help, but the referee signals for him to stay on the apron as Michelle tightens her hold.

    She keeps the hold locked in for another solid 30-45 seconds, every one of those agonizing for Ramon...but finally, she can't keep it anymore and she lets go! Randy Ramon showing his pure resiliency as he refuses to tap out. Ramon rolls over holding her arm, and is about to go for Golden and get a tag...but Michelle pulls Ramon back with a rollup pin!

    The referee counts...




    NO! Only three now as Ramon kicks out of it just in time. MvH smacks the ground, as Ramon scurries off to tag Golden as quick as he can. MvH tries to stop it but can't in time as Golden comes running in with a SPEAR on MVH! Meanwhile Randy Ramon is off on the side nursing his arm.

    Golden and MvH both lay on the ground after that spear from Golden knocked them both hard to the mat. MvH is close enough to Grayson now that she's able to reach forward and get the tag in. Golden gets up right in time to get ready for him as we're back to where we started now with Golden and Grayson facing off.

    This time, Golden gets the upperhand with a hurricanrana! He follows it up now with a single leg boston crab now that Grayson is on the ground! Grayson screams out in pain just like Ramon did in that cross arm chicken wing that MvH had him in. Why all the submission holds are named off delicious foods I have no idea, but Golden's boston crab looks like it's getting tighter and tighter.

    Gerald Grayson tries to crawl to the ropes. He's trying to reach his hand out to get there, and he just can't do it...when...when...he's almost there! Gerald Grayson is about to get to the ropes and break up this submission...but no! NO Devin Golden has dragged Grayson back, and he's now hooked Grayson's other leg! Devin Golden now has Gerald Grayson in a full on Boston Crab!

    Both of Grayson's legs are hooked, and there is nowhere to go! Earlier, Randy Ramon was able to get out of his hold...showing his grit. Showing his determination to win the FWA Tag Team Championships!

    Does Gerald Grayson have that same determination?

    Can Gerald Grayson power out of this hold, and keep his and Michelle's hopes at winning the tag team championships alive?

    Suddenly, Gerald Grayson uses his arms to push himself up on the mat...he uses his arms now to push both him and Golden up...and...and...

    GRAYSON LIFTS HIMSELF UP AND FLIPS HIM AND GOLDEN OVER! Both Grayson and Golden have flipped over, and now Grayson has Golden in a roll up pin off of the reversal from the Boston Crab!

    The referee gets to the mat and counts...





    Golden has narrowly escaped a drastic turn of events. He quickly tags in Ramon now, who runs in and elbows Grayson back down to the ground. He then throws a couple of stomps Grayson's way. But just what determination from Grayson to get out of the Boston Crab, and not only that, but to turn it into a pin attempt. Incredible, but this match is still going on and the momentum still appears to be in favor of Golden Rock as Ramon continues to stomp away at Grayson. Grayson now needs to tag in his partner MvH, but will Ramon let him do so?

    That question was rhetorical obviously, but it doesn't change the fact that Grayson has now hit a SLING BLADE on Ramon, and then followed it up with a HIGH KNEE. Ramon now is recovering in the middle of the ring, as he quickly hobbles over to tag in Michelle. Meanwhile, Grayson goes to the outside...clearing favoring his right knee after that devestating Boston Crab from Golden earlier. Von Horrowitz goes at Ramon right away with some kicks to the knees, as well as some high kicks to the chest.

    It looks like she's getting control swinging back her way, as Ramon falls to the ground following the kicks. She paces around the ring to decide her next move, but when she turns out...SHE'S HIT WITH THE AYLA'S BITCH BROGUE KICK! MvH looks like she's "in dreams" herself as she falls limp to the mat. Ramon took so much energy to do the kick, that he falls backwards the other way. Devin Golden is shouting at Ramon to get the cover as Ramon tries to come to, looking dehydrated and in need of some water. It takes him what seem to be a long several seconds, but Ramon is able to crawl across the ring and cover Michelle for the pin.

    The referee counts once more...


    The ref counts for one.


    The ref counts for two.


    And yet once more, another kick out.

    Randy Ramon is smacking himself on the head for taking too long to get the cover. He goes to tag Devin Golden now, who hops up on the turnbucke, and hits a FROG SPLASH ON MVH WHO WAS STILL ON THE GROUND RECOVERING FROM EARLIER!

    Golden now hooks the leg for the cover!

    Could this be it?




    NO! AGAIN! AGAIN Michelle von Horrowitz as kicked out! Golden can't believe it as he starts to question just what he has to do to put MvH down. He looks over at Grayson, who's managed to get back on the apron, and realizes his best strategy is to not put her down. Instead he picks her up, and he Irish Whips her into her own corner! Grayson takes advantage, and tags himself in! MvH is grateful as she rolls out to catch her breath. She lays back first on the ground pondering how she's going to compete later against Belle Connelly as well.

    Grayson is now in the ring, and he runs full speed at Devin Golden. Devin tries to dodge whatever Grayson was doing, but he zigs when he should've zagged and gets hit with EXTREME IMPACT! This match suddenly has just tipped in momentum once more as Golden looks dazed. Grayson goes for the quick cover on Devin Golden now!




    NO! Golden kicks out AGAIN. Grayson is upset, and out of breath. He looks over at his corner, but MvH is still on the ground outside the ring. Meanwhile, Devin Golden has just gotten over to his corner, and he's tagged in Randy Ramon! Randy Ramon comes storming in the ring! Grayson sees him in time, and he tries to go for second Extreme Impact, this time on Ramon...but Ramon ducks. Grayson goes full speed into the empty turnbuckle, hitting it hard.

    He stumbles back to the middle of the ring and turns around to get hit with....THE REMIX (Superkick)!

    Rod Sterling: Michelle learned how to avoid it, but Grayson didn't get the message!

    Daniella Kennedy: He was defenseless!

    Ramon has just superkicked Gerald Grayson to the ground. Golden is now up on the apron and ready to go. Ramon gives him a quick tag, and Golden goes up to the top turnbuckle...


    Golden confidently hooks the leg of Grayson as the ref goes for yet another count...




    Winners and NEW FWA TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS: "The Golden One" Devin Golden and "Rockstar" Randy Ramon...GOLDEN ROCK!

    Rod Sterling: They did it! Devin Golden and Randy Ramon have become the new tag team champions! Devin Golden himself now has tied a record held by Vodka and Venom for most tag team title wins, with an incredible five reigns!

    Gerald Grayson and Michelle von Horrowitz collect themselves outside the ring. Grayson appears to be struggling with the outcome and Michelle offers a sort of ... awkward ... pat on his back. Like a hesitant pat from someone who doesn't know how to be sensitive.

    Grayson shakes his head as he receives his X Championship and clutches it close to his chest. Michelle then says, "Alright, well, good run, I guess" and walks away. But not before giving a "go to hell" mumble towards "Rockstar" Randy Ramon, who holds the championship in the air while looking over the ropes at her. "The Golden One" is kneeling in the ring with his championship belt and digesting the start of his FIFTH tag team title reign.

    Daniella Kennedy: And Randy Ramon has his third! Combined, the two have now had eight different tag team title reigns...but this is their first time as a team. "Rockstar" hit his Remix superkick on Gerald Grayson! Michelle von Horrowitz blocked it, probably thanks to Danny Toner's help, but Gerald Grayson was unable to do the same!

    Rod Sterling: How long will the team of Golde- Wait, what is this?

    Grayson has turned his back and headed up the rampway by this point. Michelle is into the darkness of the backstage, unseen again.

    As Ramon and Devin continue to celebrate with their titles held high, two figures jump the barricade. Clad in motorbike helmets, gloves, boots, jackets and pants, decked head to toe, with not a bit of flesh showing. They slide into the ring, behind the new champions. Golden is the first to turn around, he eats a stereo superkick right to the jaw, knocking him flat on his ass. "Zombies" by the Cranberries is cut off, the crowd has started to jeer loudly.

    Ramon sees his partner fall and turns around only to be hit with a pair of superkicks also. The unknown attackers each walk over to the FWA Tag Titles and step on each of them. Facing the downed champions. They both give a crotch chop then bail as fast as they can while security scrambles to get to the ring.

    The crowd is livid! Booing the pair as they make their hasty escape.

    Christian Quinn: What was that?! Who was that?!

    Rod Sterling: I can't tell! They're covered from head to toe. Two unknown assailants have just attacked the new tag team champions!

    Danielle Kennedy: These two cowards have hit and run on the champions and are now making their escape through the crowd and OHMYGOD!

    The unknown tandem have just taken out a fan who has tried to stop them from leaving. Laying him out in his seat. They take out everyone who tries to get in their way, security guard, event staff, even a few other fans are punched in the face.

    Meanwhile in the ring, Golden and Ramon have stirred. Sitting upright in the ring, clutching their jaws. Looking around and wondering what just happened. They get up to their feet and are understandable disappointed as their big moment has just been ruined, nontheless the crowd in support begins to chant for them. "GOLDEN SHOWERES!" CLAP, CLAP, CLAP CLAP CLAP! Repeat over and over again, cheering the pair up somewhat. The champs are still incensed but raise their titles up high, the crowd explodes with fanfare and "Zombies" by the Cranberries kicks back in.


    Mile High Massacre cuts to J.J. JAY! backstage with a plain FWA backdrop behind him. He's dressed top to bottom in his entrance gear: his mask, overcoat, napsack, and Book of Cosmos all in hand.

    J.J. JAY!: Today is Danny Toner's birthday. Some people out there are celebrating today's event - One point Six Zero Nine Three Four Kilometer High. Some people are celebrating mass genocide. I choose to celebrate Danny F'n Toner's birthday. What a man. What a man among men. There are few with more wondrous tales than me, and Danny Toner isn't one of them, but he's certainly closest. Uncle J.J. JAY! wouldn't simply say happy birthday to just any of the losers on this roster, but Danny Toner is a special brand of loser, the Gauntlet Champion of losers, if you will. One of my pals, the Eldritch Entity of Debauchery, wanted to pass you along a special message for your birthday because he feels a keen sense of kinship with you Danny. Here's his message. Oh, and once again, Happy Birthday, Danny.

    We cut away to a clip of the being in question, in what amounts to some sort of Cosmic Cameo clip. Unfortunately, being that it is a cosmic entity, it's largely disorienting to see and nearly inaudible.

    Eldritch Entity of Debauchery:
    Dear danny toner. J. J. Jay! informs ya cahf today c' ah celebrating ymg' yah'or'nanah ot birth. Iiahe
    being ahf' mgep celebrated ph'nilgh'ri amounts ot yah'or'nanah ot births, h''s ya pleasure l' congratulate ymg' llll
    ymg' yaor. Ymg' mgep done l' vulgtmnah, ymg' mgep bled l' much, ymg''ve swam ph'nglui deepest psychedelic gn'thshgorrr. Ymg',
    vulgtmnah sir, would fit perfectly llll c' cosmic beings, llll ahagl ah soth ymg' ah'lloigshogg. Y' ymg' kadishtu mgep ehyeeog ahog y'or'nahh ot
    ah'n'ghayarr l' wage ph'nglui fwa, mgng ahhai ymg' ah ready l' ph'nglui ln'ghanah finest cosmic mushrooms ng ahogog acidic ot
    cosmic acids, feel l' na'ah'ehye ah'kn'a j. J. Jay! llll ya info.
    Ehye ephaii, lloigehye birthday lad.


    Mike Valander and Louis Valander are already in the ring strategizing about the upcoming match. Mike Valander is giving orders to Louis Valander, who nods in agreement every two or three seconds.

    Mike suddenly stops and Louis looks to the side, almost as if he's trying to think of how to ask a question. He then taps his brother's shoulder and says,
    "Can you repeat everything? I wasn't paying attention."

    Before Mike can scold his brother like usual, "Greenback Boogie" hits and the crowd ROARS in approval. The Toner Brothers, Danny "F'n" Toner and the masked Donny Toner, come to the entrance. Danny has his FWA Gauntlet Championship belt around his waist. Donny Toner has his mask on, covering his true identity.

    Rod Sterling: The Toner Brothers have A LOT to be thankful for and happy about. Danny Toner is the Gauntlet Champion. It's also his birthday! Donny and Danny are about to re-enter the tag team division if they can win tonight.

    Daniella Kennedy: I think the teams at the top, like the New Breed, the Undisputed Alliance, and now the current tag team champions Golden and Ramon, need to be wary of the Toner Brothers!

    The Toner Bros. vs. The Valanders

    Donny Toner starts the match for his side while Mike Valander is the man of choice for the other brother tandem. Donny and Mike lock up in the ring with Donny winning the battle, turning it to a side waist lock. Donny lands a back suplex and runs off the ropes for a handspring spinning elbow. Donny Toner whips Mike Valander into the ropes and hits a running knee to the gut. Then a saito suplex! Donny Toner goes for a quick cover but Louis Valander quickly breaks it up at just one.

    Donny tags in Danny, with the crowd roaring for his entrance and first action. Danny lands a headbutt and whips Mike into the turnbuckle. He misses a corner elbow and Mike Valander begins stomping into the stomach repeatedly. Mike grabs Danny around the neck and tags in Louis, who lands a jab to the eyes. The referee scolds Louis, who pretends like he didn't do anything wrong. Louis hits a snap suplex and covers Danny, but it's only a one count.

    Danny Toner reaches for a tag but instead Louis smashes his face into the turnbuckle. Mike Valander tags in blind and the two Valander brethren stomp and kick into the stomach until Danny Toner is sitting in the corner, on the ground. Mike lifts Danny up and tries a scoop slap but Danny slides off the back and lands a big uppercut to the jaw! Danny hits a regal-plex and tags in Donny!

    The masked warrior goes to the top for a crossbody and hooks the leg right after. It's only a two count as Louis is slow to break up the pin! Donny grabs Mike and whips him to the ropes, but he eats a return clothesline. Mike then shouts at Louis for not coming in to help after the crossbody. Louis shrugs and Mike says, "That's not part of the plan!" Unfortunately, his distraction scolding his brother leads to a school boy from Donny!

    But Louis is there this time to break it up!

    Danny Toner flies in with a right hand to Louis Valander, who falls out of the ring. Danny then follows and smashes his back into the ring steps. Inside the ring, Mike Valander tries a neckbreaker but Donny counters with a German suplex! Mike's head bounces off the canvas and Donny goes to the top turnbuckle. Danny Toner is still outside laying into Louis Valander with clubbing forearms. Louis is somehow able to reverse a whip and sends Danny hard into the apron. Louis then jumps onto the apron to distract Donny...

    Mike Valander runs to the ropes to try and knock Donny's balance off, but he accidentally knocks into Louis!

    Donny hops off the ropes in time, and Mike Valander is stunned and stumbling after banging heads with his equal-height brother.

    Donny then hits a cutter that causes Mike to go face first into the canvas. Danny Toner hops up to his team's corner and asks for a tag. "FOR MY BIRTHDAY!" Donny obliges and Danny, with the crowd in full support, locks in "The Clincher" sharpshooter submission!

    Louis Valander is laying outside the ring as Mike Valander withstands the pain for about 15 seconds. He taps out.

    Winner via submission: The Toner Bros.
    Danny Toner celebrates with a bright-eyed and wide smile. Donny Toner offers a hug and the referee raises both hands! Danny receives his Gauntlet Championship again and the crowd begins a "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" chant.

    Then it's a full-on song!





    Danny and Donny enjoy the moment while the crowd cheers their efforts. The Valanders are outside the ring. Mike is scolding Louis, per usual, and Louis is hardly giving it any attention now.


    The feed goes backstage at Mile High. We are standing in the office of the general manager, Lord Vincent Takaab Blackbird. He has on his usual get-up, of an Assassin's Creed-like video game character. He doesn't look like a general manager but that's alright. No one is bothered at this point.

    Standing behind him is "The Affliction" Kayden Knox, his longest-tenured ally. Knox is moments from his match with "The Arteest" Eli Black.

    "Tonight ... a big night. Tonight we take complete control. Tonight ... tonight is the FWA ... in MY vision. Kayden, if you can win tonight ... and if..."

    Jackson Fenix and Nate Savage enter the locker room, two more of Vincent's allies.

    "Ah yes, I'm looking forward to your match with The New Breed tonight ..."

    The trio before Vincent all look pleased. But there is one more person left to appear.

    "You rang?"

    "The Carnegie Carnivore" Michael Garcia appears last. He joins the room and takes a spot right next to Kayden Knox, his friend and ally and tag team partner from the tournament.

    "You sent for me ... and I come here to find a group session."

    "Yes ... we have ... well, I have ... some stuff to discuss with the four of you. I think ... well ... let's just say ... without the cameras here..."

    Vincent quickly ushers out the camera crew, which can no longer see the faces of the four in the room. But they can pick up faint voices, and the last we hear is Vincent's reassurance.

    "The Saints & Sinners are taken care of."


    “Popular Monster” hits and Kayden Knox slowly makes his way out, he stares out at the crowd that greets him with jeers. He walks down to the ring and scowls at some fans along the way…

    Kurt Harrington: Making his way to the ring from Sin City, Las Vegas, and weighing in at 200 lb, he is “The Afflicted”...Kayden Knox!

    Rod Sterling: Knox can’t be feeling good after all he went through at the last Fight Night, losing not only once but twice in just one night…

    Christian Quinn: That certainly can put a damper on anyone’s self-confidence but tonight is a new opportunity for him to bounce back from that rather disappointing setback

    Bartholomew by The Silent Comedy plays but instead of Eli coming down the ramp he's walking down through the crowd stopping to shake reluctant hands with fans.

    Kurt Harrington: and his opponent from Brooklyn, New York, and weighing in at 215 lb, he is “The Liberator”...Eli Black!

    He hops over the barricade, walks up the steps, he takes off his jacket, and just stares at his opponent with a smile.

    Daniella Kennedy: This is a rather...interesting change from Eli Black. This isn’t typically the behavior that we see from him…

    Christian Quinn: Sometimes a change is all that is needed to propel to that next level, and I firmly believe that Eli is on the cusp of reaching that next level

    Rod Sterling: Well, he certainly came close to reaching that next level in his most recent battle with reigning X-Champion, Gerald Grayson. Unfortunately for Eli, he came up just short in that match but now he’s looking to redeem himself here tonight against Kayden Knox

    Christian Quinn: Knox is no slouch himself though Rod, but as we mentioned before he has to be feeling slighted and discouraged following what transpired at the last Fight Night

    Daniella Kennedy: He can’t allow that to trouble him through this match if he wants to pick up the win here tonight, either way, neither can afford a loss here

    "Thee Arteest" Eli Black vs. "The Afflicted" Kayden Knox


    Right away as the bell rings, Knox’s eagerness to get this started is set off with an immediate attack in the corner, pummeling away at Eli with several wildly thrown punches until the referee forces him to back off. Knox reluctantly backs away at the referee’s discretion, Eli uses this brief reprieve to gather himself, but Knox will have none of it and darts back in for the attack yet manages to just barely sidestep him allowing Knox to get trapped in the corner. Eli peppers Knox with a few forearm strikes of his own before dragging Knox away from the corner, then a sharp but quickly executed uppercut that staggers Knox a little, and then Eli takes him down a side headlock and rather fast he applies a headlock rest hold to keep Knox grounded. Knox however, manages to power out of it, rising to his feet while Eli still has his headlock applied but Knox doubles Eli over after several back elbows strike to the midsection. Knox throws back another elbow strike for good measure before sending him to the ropes and Knox clobbers Eli with a standing clothesline off the rebound…

    Eli rolls over to his side, trying to bring himself back to his feet but Knox with a kick to Eli’s lower spine prevents that and Knox then drops a knee down on Eli’s head before applying a neck crank submission on Eli….

    Daniella Kennedy: I was not expecting a slow pace to start this match off

    Christian Quinn: Knox is playing this smart, working at his own pace. Knox is known to take things a bit slow before really tearing down an opponent

    Eli does manage to grab hold of a nearby middle rope to break up the hold, and Knox is forced to let go, albeit reluctantly so. Knox waits as Eli helps himself back up and Knox charges in with a running high knee, but Eli had it scouted causing Knox to miss and stumble forward a bit, and as he spins around he’s met with a Pele kick! Knox is stunned now and Eli goes for Theory of the 9 but Knox shoves him away, however manages to propel himself off the ropes and nails Knox with a disaster kick! He drops down on Knox for the pin but only gets one count as Knox throws a shoulder up, but that backfires on Knox as Eli grabs hold of his free arm and applies a Fujiwara armbar and he immediately begins to crank back on the hold while Knox is desperately trying to fight his way free…

    Rod Sterling: Quick thinking on Eli’s part to grab Knox’s arm and apply that hold

    Daniella Kennedy: Look at the way that Eli is pulling back on Knox’s arm! The human body part is not supposed to bend that way!

    Eli is showing zero intentions of relenting on the hold but eventually Knox just barely grabs a nearby bottom rope forcing it to be broken, and Eli lets go of it and hops up and begins to circle Knox and proceeds to Garvin stomp Knox…

    Eli looks out at the crowd and there’s a mixed reaction to what he’s doing, meanwhile, Knox is using this as an opportunity to recover and he notices Eli is momentarily distracted, so he lies in wait, and just as Eli turns around Knox levels him with a jumping high knee! Eli stumbles back into the ropes and Knox knocks him over and out of the ring with a clothesline. Eli lands on a knee outside and he gathers himself, and just as he’s standing up he’s met by Knox’s suicide dive through the middle rope! The impact sends Eli colliding back first with a barricade, and Knox immediately tosses Eli back inside the ring, hops up on the ring apron, and just as Eli is stumbling back on his feet...slingshot spear! Knox makes the cover…


    Rod Sterling: Knox is beginning to pick up the pace now after taking advantage of a distracted Eli

    Eli rolls over on his side, clutching his ribs after taking that spear, meanwhile Knox has evil intentions in mind and he’s thinking of ending it already with his Malice Intent curb stomp as Eli on all fours now…

    Eli moves out of the way in time and quickly rolls Knox up for a pin…!

    Kick out by Knox who rolls through as Eli kips up, and he notices Knox running towards him and instinctively he jumps split-legged over Knox and just as Knox turns around...Theory of the 9! Eli with the cutter on Knox! He makes the pin hooking the far right leg…

    One...two...NO! Knox kicks out!

    Daniella Kennedy: Oh, I thought that for sure he had him there!

    Eli wastes no time climbing up top and he immediately leaps off, looking for The Art of Flying...but Knox gets his knees up in time to block it and kills off Eli’s wave of momentum, and he immediately wraps his legs around Eli’s lower body and applies a sleeper hold. Eli is slowly beginning to fade away and just when it looks like that might be the end, Eli shows signs of life and grabs a rope to break up the hold…

    Knox lets go and stalk Eli now, once again thinking about Malice Intent, and this time he connects with it but by the looks of it he doesn’t get all of it...he makes the cover anyway…


    Eli with a foot on the rope and Knox is beside himself, and now he’s arguing with the referee for just doing his job. Suddenly, Eli rolls up Knox from behind…


    Knox rolls through after the kick-out, as Eli pops up and avoids a clothesline in a Matrix-esque way and turns and grabs Knox by the wrist...Blitzkrieg! Eli now has Knox where he wants him as he sets him up for his version of a curb stomp as he stands over Knox, grabs both of his hands, pulls them back...Eye Opener! Eli makes the pin…


    Winner: "The Arteest" Eli Black

    "The Arteest" Eli Black rises off his opponent and holds up both hands. The only finger lowered is one thumb, signaling the number "9." The Church of 9 is highlighted on FWA programming, just as Eli's new mates wanted.

    The religious zealot holds the 9 symbol up for all three sides of the ring with fans in front of him. Then he shouts, "Gold is coming."

    Rod Sterling: A big win here tonight for Eli Black, bringing himself one step closer to being back in the title hunt

    Daniella Kennedy: Meanwhile, another disappointing setback for Kayden Knox, who can't be happy after this

    Eli has his arm raised and quickly he makes his exit and heads back to the locker room without looking back, while Knox looks understandably distraught and pounds the mat with his fist in frustration as the shows cuts to a promo for the next Fight Night.


    We cut backstage and the crowd begin cheering loudly as The Toner Brothers appear on the screen walking through a hallway. Danny is clad in a full Nike tracksuit which is navy in color, his FWA Gauntlet Championship proudly slung over his shoulder. Donny is wearing denim jeans and a black tee-shirt which has a huge arrow pointing up and the name “DONNY” in big white letters at the bottom. Both men still seem pumped coming off their victorious match with The Valanders but Danny particularly seems extra excited about things …

    Danny Toner: “I mean really Donny, what more could I guy ask for? I got this beauty on my shoulder.”

    Danny shifts the belt slightly on his shoulder and casts a smirk in its direction.

    Danny Toner: “We’re back on the radar in the tag team division.”

    Donny Toner: “I don’t know man, beating The Valanders might not get you as much attention as you think.”

    Donny casts an accusatory look directly at the camera as Danny continues rambling.

    Danny Toner: “And, aaaaaand, the cherry on top; it’s our motherfuckin’ birthdays brother! That means one thing and one thing only-”

    Donny Toner: “Presents.”

    Donny finishes Danny’s sentence for him and rolls his eyes as if he’s been through this before.

    Danny Toner: “Man I just don’t get why you aren’t psyched presents.”

    Donny Toner: “Oh, I don’t know Danny – maybe it’s because you told everybody that I said that in lieu of presents this year I wanted people to donate money to a charity.”

    Danny Toner: “Oh … yeah.”

    Donny Toner: “Oh yeah.”

    Danny and Donny have stopped outside the doors to the canteen and the camera rests on them as they face each other.

    Danny Toner: “Yo, at least we got this sick bash waitin’ for us, right?”

    Donny Toner: “This ‘sick bash’ as you put it, is this the same ‘sick bash’ where you’ll be opening all your presents?”

    Danny Toner: “Hey, hey, hey! Don’t be gettin’ ratty on me Donny, besides, nothin’ is going to top the present we got last week!”


    The video suddenly cuts and in the bottom corner of the screen it says “LAST WEEK BEFORE FIGHT NIGHT”. A black cab pulls up outside the arena and The Toner Brothers emerge from the car. The two are in street clothes and have gym bags slung over their shoulders. As they approach the arena they are intercepted by a courier near the authorized personnel entrance.

    Courier: “Danny and Donny, right?”

    The two share a quick glance at each other before nodding at the courier who immediately hands Donny a docket to sign before thrusting a box into Danny’s hands. He takes the docket back off Donny and makes his way into the crowded street. Danny begins opening the box as Donny reads out the attached note.

    Donny Toner: “To Danny and Donny, consider this an early birthday present. Love, The Elite. The freaking Elite? Why are they sending us a birthday present.”

    Danny Toner: “Dude …”

    Donny’s jaw drops as he looks up from the note and sees Danny standing there holding the FWA World Tag Team Championships. Danny slowly hands one to Donny and the brothers gaze at the beautiful championship belts. They make eye contact and share a wry smirk.

    Donny Toner: “And the NEW!”

    Danny Toner: “FWA Tag Team Champions of the worrrrrlddd.”

    Donny Toner: “DANNY!”

    Danny Toner: “AND DONNY!”

    Danny & Donny Toner: THE TONER BROTHERS!!

    Donny Toner: “And the crowd goes wild!”

    The two brothers run around outside the arena holding the championships up and imitating a crowd a cheering in mock celebration. The camera pans to show Fight Night General Manager Vincent Blackbird standing in the near distance at the doors of his arena slowly shaking his head at two adult members of his rosters run around like children. The video cuts back to The Toner Brothers still outside the canteen.

    Danny Toner: “Oh yeah … I forgot about that.”

    Donny Toner: “Doesn’t Randy have one of them belts now?”

    Danny Toner: Swiftly moving on.”

    Danny suddenly pushes open the doors to the canteen and a big cheer is let out as Danny and Donny walk into the canteen which is decorated with purple and silver streamers and two big number 3-shaped balloons. There is a two-tier cake and a table with an assortment of alcohol on it. There is a pile of presents on a table in the middle of the room. 50 Cent and Mobb Deep’s “Outta Control” is playing loudly on a speaker and people seem well on their way with the drinking. Gathered among numerous production and backstage workers are some FWA jobbers and a few more notable faces; Danny’s ex tag team partner Marcus Thane, FWA interviewer Katie-Lynn Goldsmith and – gaining a large pop – Devin Golden. Devin approaches Danny and Donny and hands Danny a wrapped rectangular box.

    Devin Golden: “I can’t hang around for obvious reasons but … happy birthday Danny. Donny for some reason I knew what I was going to get you but then I heard you wanted donations so I donated a hundred bucks to a charity for homeless children in Glasgow.”

    Donny smiles and through gritted teeth utters a low “thanks” as Danny eyes up Golden.

    Danny Toner: “No Randy huh?”

    Devin laughs lightly as he begins walking off to prepare for his match.

    Devin Golden: “I don’t think he’s taking to kindly to you talking strategy with MvH!”

    The gathered laugh loudly as Danny shakes his head and chuckles. He opens up his present from Devin to reveal a copy of FIFA21. He smiles happily to himself and places it on the table. Good old Devin. Danny looks at the rest of the presents longingly and then at Donny. Donny sighs and throws his hands up in the air in resignation.

    Donny Toner: “Go on so – get it over with!”

    The last we see is Danny Toner diving head-first into the stack of presents. We'll be back to see the glee and joy of the group later.


    "The Malevolent One" Mac Michaud is stomping down to the ring with his theme music fading into the background. "The Wrangler" Bronco Wells has his cowboy get-up in the ring waiting for the remaining competitors.

    "Disco's Last Warrior" Chris Peacock comes out doing the patented disco dance move, with his hand going up to the sky in a diagonal motion. Chris Peacock has the crowd joining in as he dances his way to the ring.

    Rod Sterling: Here is one of TWO of the Ground Zero competitors in this match, making their DEBUT.

    Daniella Kennedy: Chris Peacock must not have gotten word that disco is dead. It has been dead for nearly 40 years now!

    Chris Peacock reaches the ring and smiles at his competitors. His mood changes, though, when Marcus McClain's recognizable music begins over his disco-dancing groove.

    "Big Mack" Marcus McClain stomps to the ring as Chris Peacock watches from inside. Mac Michaud sees a man equal to his stature and power and also takes notice. "The Last Wrangler" Bronco Wells stays in the corner, trying to keep out of sight of the disco-dancing madman and the two towers.

    Rod Sterling: Marcus McClain might have the edge. He defeated Chris Peacock in Ground Zero!

    Christian Quinn: Bronco Wells needs a big win tonight, as does Mac Michaud. As does this person...

    "Vroom Vroom" by Charli XCX hits and Alexandra Marie comes out from the backstage. She sprints to the ring and teases like she's going to slide in and begin throwing right hands. Instead, she stops short and smirks at the four.

    Alexandra asks the referee to back Marcus McClain and Mac Michaud up, allowing her to enter the ring.

    FWA Gauntlet Championship #1 Contendership
    Alexandra Marie vs. "The Malevolent" Mac Michaud vs. "Disco's Last Warrior" Chris Peacock vs. "Big Mack" Marcus McClain vs. "The Wrangler" Bronco Wells

    The bell rings and the five competitors size each other up, nobody wanting to make a bogey first move with such a dangerous group surrounding them. The most experienced man in the match, Mac Michaud, looks to make the first move but as soon as he does “BIG MACK” MARCUS MCCLAIN FIRES OUT OF HIS CORNER AND NAILS HIM WITH A JAW JACKED RIGHT OFF THE BAT! Reacting nearly instinctively, Bronco Wells turns the stumbling Michaud inside out with a Western Lariat! Marcus charges and tackles Bronco and himself to the outside of the ring! The crowd are cheering loudly at the hot opening when Alexandra Marie nearly takes Michaud’s – who had struggled to his knees despite the impact of the moves – head off with a Hollywood Dreams roundhouse kick! The crowd cheer their loudest as “Disco’s Last Warrior” Chris Peacock shows the crowd some groovy moves before nailing a shining wizard and running splash combination on the big man!

    Rod Sterling: “He calls that THE STRUT! Check out Peacock’s moves!”

    Christian Quinn: “His dancing or his wrestling?”

    Rod Sterling: “Both! And Daniella, your old associate not looking to hot out here as the four other competitors have teamed up to take out arguably the biggest threat in the match!”

    Daniella Kennedy: “No comment.”

    Chris Peacock uses his feet and the ropes to unceremoniously push Mac from the ring and tumbling to the floor. Peacock immediately breaks into some dance moves which are short-lived as Alexandra Marie chop blocks him from behind taking him to one knee. The crowd are booing having been robbed off their glorious disco moves from Peacock but it doesn’t faze Alexandra Marie who bounces off the ropes and crumples Peacock to the ground with an impactful dropkick. Alexandra trash talks the crowd but they begin cheering as Peacock gracefully kips up to his feet. Alexandra turns around and gets met with one, two, THREE stiff punches in a row before Peacock pops the crowd with a quick disco pose before sending Alexandra Marie flying with a vicious overhand right. The crowd pop loudly as Peacock leaps onto the middle rope and begins disco dancing on the top rope.

    Christian Quinn: “This idiot! Alexandra Marie nearly punished him for this show-acting earlier yet as soon as he gets a second – he’s right back to it! No urgency, no game-plan just plain, old showboating. This ain’t Ground Zero man, you ain’t going to do shit in the FWA with that sort of tactic!”

    Daniella Kennedy: “Oh yeah? Well if he wins tonight maybe he’ll do something against your boy Danny next week, huh?”

    Christian Quinn: “Pfft. Danny’s going five and oh.”

    Rod Sterling: “And we’ve got a BIG development on the outside and I do mean – BIG!”

    Bronco and Wells had gotten into it a little earlier which resulted in a nasty fall to the outside but both men are now on their feet and staring each other down on the outside as the fans cheer the oncoming hoss battle. Bronco comes swinging but “Big Mack” gets his guard up and deflects the blows before sticking Bronco with a massive uppercut of his own which sends Bronco stumbling back. Enraged, Bronco charges McClain but eats a boot to the face for his trouble which staggers him backwards once more. Bronco abruptly charges again BUT MCCLAIN HOISTS UP AND DRILLS HIM INTO THE GROUND ON THE OUTSIDE WITH A BACK-SHATTERING SPINE BUSTER!!!

    Rod Sterling: “Oh the crowd liked that one!”

    Christian Quinn: “DAMN! That’s gotta hurt!”

    “Big Mack” soaks in the cheers before turning his attention to the ring where … Chris Peacock is standing and motioning for McClain to bring it in the ring! The crowd cheer loudly as McClain nods his head at his fellow former Ground Zero contestant, having previously clashed with him. OUT OF NOWHERE ALEXANDRA MAIRE ROLLS PEACOCK UP!

    ONE …

    TWO …


    Daniella Kennedy: “Big Mack with the big save!!”

    Marcus McClain drags Alexandra to her feet and hoists her up for a powerbomb BUT ALEXNADRA COUNTERS WITH A SICK HURRICANRANA! She goes for the quick pin BUT CHRIS PEACOCK COMES FLYING ACROSS THE RING FROM THE TOP ROPE WITH A MASSIVE ELBOW DROP!!! The pin from Peacock!

    ONE …

    TWO …


    Christian Quinn: “Big kick out from Alexandra Marie!”

    Daniella Kennedy: “Hey guys ... MAC IS BACK!!”

    Indeed on the outside a ravenously irate Mac Michaud has risen to his feet after being hit with four finishers and dumped to the outside. He sees Bronco Wells recovering on the outside and clobbers him with a vicious Killshot punt kick to the head. He picks up Bronco and tosses him into the steel steps on the outside which immediately causes the fans to start booing him as he climbs up the steel steeps and onto the apron. Alexandra Marie charges but Mac aggressively grabs her by the hair and TOSSES HER TO THE OUTSIDE WITH A THUD! Mac enters the ring and Peacock charges but eats a massive powerslam for his troubles. Mac with the cover.




    Mac argues with the ref momentarily before lifting Chris high in the air and holding him above his head in display of raw power before slamming him down with a big suplex. Mac lazily rolls into the pin.




    Mac is getting angrier by the second and the crowd boo mercilessly as he says he’s “HAD ENOUGH OF THIS ROOKIE PIECE OF SHIT!” and delivers a sit-out powerbomb to Peacock.

    Christian Quinn: “Mac Michaud personally welcoming Chris Peacock to the big leagues here tonight!”

    Rod Sterling: "An absolutely vicious onslaught from Michaud here ladies and gents and he doesn't seem to be relenting!"

    Mac keeps his position for the pin and the referee drops to his knees again.

    ONE …

    TWO …



    Rod Sterling: “Unbelievable staying power from Chris Peacock on his FWA main roster debut tonight!”

    Daniella Kennedy: “I know what I’m talking about when I say MAC IS GOING TO SNAP!”

    Mac Michaud begins stomping relentlessly at the downed Peacock and even pushes off the match official who tries to restrain him. He drags Peacock to the corner and leaves him in a seated position against the turnbuckle. Mac backs up and it looks like he’s lining up his broski boot as he charges across the ring and HE’S ABSOLUTLEY SAWN IN HALF BY A SPEAR FROM “BIG MACK!”””

    Rod Sterling: “MACK ATTACK! MACK ATTACK!”

    Christian Quinn: “McClain ain’t done here!”

    Marcus McClain huffs and puffs and the crowd pops huge as he hoists the monstrous Mac Michaud over his head and holds him in a military press position. The crowd are chanting “MACK! MACK! MACK!” as he does a small circle of the ring before charging and TOSSING MAC MICHAUD OVER THE TOP ROPE! He cleared it!!!

    Daniella Kennedy: “WOW!”

    Christian Quinn: “Jesus Christ … that’s over 300 pounds he’s just tossed outta the ring like it was nothing.”

    Rod Sterling: “These Ground Zero boys sure can hang!”

    Alexandra Marie sneaks up behind “Big Mack” and goes for her Hollywood Dreams roundhouse kick but McClain swats her away and shoves her against the ropes catching her on the rebound with…


    Just as McClain goes to make the pin that dastardly Bronco Wells slides into the ring after a period of down-time on the outside. McClain notices but it’s too late to do anything as Wells connects with his vicious Western Lariat. Wells goes for the cover BUT HERE COMES PEACOCK!!! Wells instinctively goes for the Western Lariat but Peacock does a disco splits under it to a huge pop! Peacock grabs Wells and runs his head into a turnbuckle, then another, and another AND ANOTHER!!! Bronco is woozily being kept upright by Peacock but not for long as Peacock finishes the sequence with a massive spinebuster in the middle of the ring!

    Rod Sterling: “THE ROLLER DISCO!!!”

    ONE …


    TWO …

    Christian Quinn: “I guess I was wrong …”


    Winner: "Disco's Last Warrior" Chris Peacock

    Chris Peacock rises up exhausted, but he begins dancing in his usual disco manner. Parts of the crowd join in with their own disco moves in their confined spaces. "Disco's Last Warrior" grooves his way to the ropes and out of the ring, giving a spin right before rolling through the ropes and landing on his feet.


    "Big Mack" Marcus McClain frustratingly accepts he didn't win. He watches Peacock leave with a tinge of annoyance and disdain. McClain, who got a win on Peacock during Ground Zero, could not do it again in his FWA debut.

    The rest of the competitors, from Alexandra Marie to Mac Michaud to Bronco Wells, all have similar frustration.


    The reverent vocals echo throughout the Rogers Place arena and signals the arrival of the independent wrestler turned national star Saus X. The quiet but gifted high flyer takes a moment to let his PPV debut for FWA sink in before he hauls ass in a mad sprint for the squared circle. Once in the ring, it takes only a single leap for X to find himself on the top turnbuckle, eyeing the massive crowd around him.

    Rod Sterling: Two matches. Two wins. You cannot ask for a better start than that in the FWA. And rightly so, Saus X has earned himself a number one contendership match for the X championship.

    Daniella Kennedy: From his wrestling style to his name, Saus X seems destined for a date with the X championship.

    Christian Quinn: The assumption being that taking big risk and having an X in your name automatically qualifies you for the belt.

    Daniella Kennedy: The assumption being that winning deserves rewarding and Saus X knows nothing besides winning here.

    Saus X puts his wrist together for his trademark “X” signal until the arena unexpectedly sinks into a deep darkness.

    A second pink filter follows the darkness, rendering a distorted visual of the Rogers Place. The camera crew races across the arena, checking entrances one after the other until the “Cosmic Horror” J.J. JAY! is finally spotted! J.J. JAY! waits patiently for the camera to lock onto him before finally moving. Wearing his trademark Chtulhu mask, equipped with a spiked overcoat, and holding a brown napsack that could just as likely have a snake inside as it could have thumbtacks, he begins his slow walk to the ring.

    Rod Sterling: J.J. JAY! had a chance to become Gauntlet champion in his debut on Fight Night but came just short. Now, he’s got a chance at becoming X champion.

    Christian Quinn: Look… as… cute as this guy’s shtick is - how long do we have to keep taking him seriously.

    Daniella Kennedy: He did win on Fight Night and Gerald Grayson has made it clear he is a fighting champion. In the end, only one of these two guys can challenge the X champion. Whoever really wants a shot at the belt will have to earn it. And after seeing Grayson and Black go to war, they should already know just how tough it’ll be to unseat him from the top of the X ladder.

    J.J. JAY! is signing autographs in section B4. He moves on to take a picture with a baby crying horrified at the sight of his mask. Saus X is having a conversation with the referee about the duration of the entrance.

    Christian Quinn: Does he realize we’re running on a schedule here. These people came here to watch a wrestling show, not a red carpet.

    Rod Sterling: I’m not sure we have official guidelines on how long he can take.

    Daniella Kennedy: Maybe he’s just taking the time Saus X leftover in his sprint.

    J.J. JAY! is finally at the barricade, he stares up at the ring where Saus X is by the ropes, leaning over and gesturing for his opponent to get in. J.J. JAY! is unflinching, staring through the mask at his opponent.

    Christian Quinn: Someone tell the referee to start the count out. That’ll get him in the ring.

    The referee tries to get involved as well, ordering J.J. JAY! into the ring. “Cosmic Horror” finally places his napsack at ringside and gingerly hops over the barricade. He picks the napsack back up and walks around the ring, stopping again for an autograph. Saus X attempts to leave the ring but the referee manages to convince him to stay in.

    Christian Quinn: Why is he stopping Saus X from starting the match. Let them fight!

    J.J. JAY! drops his napsack off on top of the steel steps and begins his slow mounting of it. He stops at the top of the ring and slowly, dramatically, removes his Chtulhu mask. Saus X does not care for the theatrics and moves to sit on the middle rope if it’ll help his opponent get on with it. To spite him, “Cosmic Horror” goes for the adjacent ropes. And finally, he’s in the ring.

    X Championship #1 contendership match
    "The Cosmic Horror" J.J. JAY! vs. Saus X

    The bell rings to signal the start of this #1 Contendership match but J.J. JAY! is still in his corner removing his overcoat. The referee and the bellkeeper clearly didn’t care to indulge him any further. Saus X is polite enough, shockingly, to allow his opponent to remove his overcoat. That proves to be a mistake. J.J. JAY! gets on his knees and takes his time folding the overcoat before gently placing it on the steel steps.

    Daniella Kennedy: If I’m Saus X, the bell rung, I’m competing in a #1 contendership match, I’m not playing this guy’s game, I’m attacking.

    Christian Quinn: Maybe that’s his trick Daniella. J.J. JAY! clearly has no qualms with nefarious tactics, maybe Saus X is on guard.

    Rod Sterling: Well, unless J.J. JAY! has another stalling tactic on the book, I think he might have no choice but to actually wrestle now.

    The two contenders circle around the ring finally, and the crowd is elated that the match gets to begin. They lock up dead center in the ring, struggling for power, until the shorter J.J. JAY! manages to shove Saus X down. J.J. JAY! takes the immediate opportunity to flex. Saus X kip ups in an instant, unimpressed with those antics. J.J. JAY! gives him credit and applauds exagerratedly. He turns his back on Saus X entirely to get the crowd to clap as well and as soon as he turns back around, a SUPER KICK clocks him right in the jaw. He falls limp on his back. Saus X instantly hooks the leg.




    Christian Quinn: And that’s what he gets for not taking this match seriously.

    Saus X isn’t disappointed at all. He lifts J.J. JAY! up and hits him with a STIFF knife edge chop to the chest. “Cosmic Horror” hustles away, clutching his chest, but Saus X won’t let up. He follows “Cosmic Horror” to a corner, turns him around, and strieks him once again with a VICIOUS knife edge chop. The tour continues to the next turnbuckle, Saus X shushes the crowd this time, but perhaps takes too much time. J.J.J! ducks under the chop, forces X in the corner, spins him and EYE POKE!

    Rod Sterling: Of course.

    Saus X clutches at his eyes while J.J. JAY!, half-clutching his chest, laughs at his briefly blinded opponent. The referee admonishes him but J.J. JAY! offers a weak excuse in return. J.J. JAY! tries to grab Saus by the hair but gets a hard elbow to the gut for his efforts. Another attempt, another elbow! J.J. JAY! is doubled over, Saus X burts towards the ropes, and returns to hop on top of “Cosmic Horror” and lands the Sunset Flip Powerbomb!


    J.J. JAY! got an instant and instinctual hand up to break the count but Saus X doesn’t miss a single beat. He’s already back up, sprinting to the ropes, returning to the sitting up J.J.J! and hitting a concussion inducing Shining Wizard! He doesn’t go for the pin though, he’s riding the tide of that momentum! He hustles over to the top turnbuckle.

    Daniella Kennedy: Saus X is going for his first big risk of the night, and perhaps the only risk he’ll need?

    J.J. JAY! gets on his knees. Saus X sets himself up for The Genesis of Truth! And… J.J. JAY! rolls out of the ring on the opposite side. Saus X hops off the turnbuckle but doesn’t let his disappointment show. He slides out of the ring opposite of the recovering Cosmic Horror. Again, Saus X is off to a sprint and with three ringsides worth of momentum behind him, he clips the unsuspecting J.J. JAY! from behind! Cosmic Horror goes down clutching his knee and rolling around in agony.

    Rod Sterling: I’m not sure this one is going quite the way J.J. JAY! anticipated.

    Saus X acts like a man possessed, grabs J.J. JAY!’s hurt leg, lifts it up and kicks at it repeatedly and angrily. The referee tries to convince him to get back in the ring but X pays him no mind. Saus X locks in a Single Leg Boston Crab and outside of the ring, there’s nowhere to go.






    Saus X lets go of the submission and lifts Cosmic Horror up to send him in the ring and break the count out. A clearly pained J.J. JAY! uses the ropes to get up, but he’s not the only one. Behind him, on the apron, Saus X springboards himself into the ring and lands a SICKENING DROP KICK TO THE BACK OF J.J. JAY!’s leg.

    Christian Quinn: You know, Saus X is taking risks here, but they’re all extremely, calculated, precise risks. When he flies, there’s intent behind it.

    Saus X reaches for J.J. JAY’s head, in full control of the match, but in a desperate bid for survival, Cosmic Horror grabs X’s hand and SNAPS HIS FINGERS to the disgust of the entire arena. X clutches at his hand in huge pain but J.J. JAY! can’t really stand to even try to capitalize. Instead, he crawls over and rolls X up!




    X is back up! J.J. JAY! Tries to use his momentum to get back up but instead stumbles back to the corner. X refuses to relent and charges in! Cosmic Horror manages to duck at the last second, seemingly playing possum, and again rolling up!






    Rod Sterling: J.J. JAY!’s illegal tactics coming to haunt him, maybe he would’ve succeeded if he hadn’t gone for the leverage.

    Christian Quinn: I’m beginning to think he’s only made it this far by cheating and he’s being found out.

    Again, the two competitors hustle to their feet. Cosmic Horror once again using a corner because of a bum knee, but this time he’s not fast enough to avoid a sprinting X who slides out of the ring while grabbing J.J. JAY!’s foot causing him to fall face first. X, still clutching JAY!’s foot from the outside, SWINGS IT AGAINST THE STEEL POST! Cosmic Horror hustles back to the center of the ring clutching his leg. X stares at him from the outside with a very calculated look in his eyes.

    He slides back in the ring, grabs J.J. JAY!’s leg and LOCKS IN THE KNEE BAR in the DEAD CENTER! J.J. JAY! is immediately desperate to get out of the hold but there’s no rope within reach for him. At first he tries kicking at X with his free leg but its no good! He desperately tries rolling around instead! Still nothing- wait! In the midst of rolling, J.J. JAY! has come away with X’s boot! He tosses it aside and to the exposed foot - SNAP! X lets go instantly, clutching his foot and the snapped toes there.

    Daniella Kennedy: Have you ever seen someone get out of a submission like that before, Rod?

    Rod Sterling: I never had, but it’s keeping his title hopes alive, Daniella!

    Cosmic Horror is back in a corner trying to get to his feet but he’s a one-legged man and it’s anything but easy. When he’s finally up, J.J. JAY! decides to start unknotting the top turnbuckle.

    Christian Quinn: What’s he got planned now? You finally have an advantage and that’s what you do?

    It wasn’t much of an advantage. Saus X has recovered, now with just one boot, and is right behind J.J. JAY!. If he’s getting tired of his opponents antics, his masked demeanor says nothing of it. Like a Horror movie villain, he locks in a sleeper hold on the completely unsuspecting JAY! - but JAY! Quickly manages to fall onto his back and ontop of X, then to roll through. As soon as X sits up - JAY! locks in his own sleeper hold!

    This time X is in an awful predicament, dead center in the ring, a sleeper hold locked in! X tries to grab at JAY!’s arm to unlock his grip but it’s no good. JAY! holds it in even tighter! X rolls to his side to reach for the ropes, but there’s no chance from that distance. Slowly, ever so slowly, X’s light begins to fade.

    Daniella Kennedy: That’s thing about submissions, it only takes one at the right time and at the right moment, and the entire momentum of a match can go the opposite way!

    X stops reaching! The referee grabs his hands to see if there’s still any life left in the contender. It goes up - and it goes down! The referee tests it a second time - it goes up… and it goes down.

    Rod Sterling: If X can’t show a sign of life here, the official will have to call this match.

    The referee tests it one last time… it goes up… AND IT STAYS UP! J.J. JAY!’s eyes go wide - he lets go of the Sleeper Hold, grabs that lifted hand and SNAP! X is completely awake now, rolling around the ring holding more torn fingers.

    Christian Quinn: He can’t expect to win with these kinds of moves!

    J.J. JAY! stumbles to his feet. He does some mental calculations and goes over to the turnbuckle he had began unknotting.

    Christian Quinn: Not this again.

    The referee quickly interrupts him but he’s finished the job by then and it’s off. The referee is forced to figure out how to attach the turnbuckle himself. While the referee fixes the turnbuckle, J.J. JAY!, a smooth operator, walks up to X using the ropes to get up and KICKS HIM IN THE NUTS! X is right back on the ground holding the family jewels. The roar of the crowd stirs the referee who immediately checks up on X. The official knows something is wrong because why else would X be clutching his most prized possession in the middle of the match.

    The official tries to talk with JAY! about what transpired but JAY! gesticulates he has no idea, the official should ask X. Saus X recovers while the official tries to get an idea of what happened. JAY! isn’t about to let his illegal tactics be a waist and walks up to X spinning him around and PINK MIST! BUT SAUS X DUCKED UNDER AND IT’S BLINDED THE REFEREE!

    Saus X kicks at JAY!’s bothered knee, immediately causing him to fall on all fours where he quickly walks away. X tries to talk to the blinded referee, but it’s no good, and he’s taken his eyes off JAY!. The Cosmic Horror crawls over, both for the sake of subtelty and because he can’t walk. He’s got a very specific corner in mind, one with steel steps, his overcoat, and most importantly, the napsack he left at ringside.

    Rod Sterling: I think he called whatever is in there his MacGuffin! But what’s he want with that in the middle of a match.

    Daniella Kennedy: I don’t know, Rod. A blind referee. A distracted opponent. You do the math. Whatever is in there, is no good.

    JAY! admires the napsack containing his MacGuffin but makes sure to keep an eye out on X who is still troubled by the blind referee. Cosmic Horror is up to his feet in the corner with the napsack, eyes fully locked on X. He begins a limping start towards X, and as soon as Saus X turns around


    - CLOCKS HIM RIGHT IN THE SKULL WITH THE NAPSACK. Whatever’s in there echoes in the arena and X falls limp on his back. JAY! tosses the napsack outside and hooks both legs… the referee seems to have rid himself of enough miss to make the pin…





    Winner and X Champion #1 Contender: J.J.JAY!

    Rod Sterling: WOW! What a match!

    Christian Quinn: What a match indeed. Saus X with his best performance so far, and JJJ too! But Jay comes out on top!

    Daniella Kennedy: And now Gerald Grayson better be on his toes, because the Cosmic Horror is coming for him!

    Saus X continues to roll on the floor as J.J.Jay celebrates in the ring!


    Kleio De Santos and Kujo of Saints and Sinners are shown outside of the arena, talking with a security officer at the front door. Kujo looks like he is getting heated as he is arguing with the security officer.

    Security Officer: I'm sorry sir, I just don't have either you or Ms. De Santos on the list for authorized personnel allowed in the arena tonight.

    Kujo: What the hell do you mean we're not authorized to be here? We're on the roster! Kleio and Kujo!

    Security Officer: I don't have you on the list. If I don't have you on the list, you can't come in.

    Kleio is getting annoyed too now.

    Kleio De Santos: We're with Saint Sulley, he's the champion. Do you really want to anger the champion?

    Security Guard: I don't care about the champion, I care about angering my boss...

    Kujo: And who is your boss...LET ME TALK TO HIM!

    Suddenly, a familiar voice can be heard from behind the security guard. As the man behind the voice emerges, it's revealed to be the GM of Fight Night...Vincent Blackbird!

    Vincent Blackbird: I'm his boss. Hello Kleio, hello...Kujo.

    Kujo: Vincent, explain why we're not allowed in the arena.

    Vincent has an exaggerated look of shock on his face.

    Vincent Blackbird: What, you're not allowed in? Who told you that?

    Kleio points at the security guard, who is beginning to look defensive. Vincent grabs the clipboard out of the security guard's hands.

    Vincent Blackbird: Hmm...let's see here...oh, huh...well, it looks like you're not on the list.

    Kujo: This must be some mistake!

    Vincent Blackbird: It must be. But, nevertheless, if you're not on the list you can't come in. Have you guys considered buying tickets?

    Kleio: You're the GM! Couldn't you just tell him we're allowed in.

    Vincent Blackbird: Yeah, I suppose I could, couldn't I? Well anyway, you guys have a great night. Feel free to go back to your hotels, and order the show from PPV.

    Blackbird walks back inside, leaving Kujo and Kleio furious as they stare down the security guard outside.


    The crowd begins booing loudly as the dastardly New Breed make their way out onto the stage. Sean Hughes has a sly smirk on his face while The Prototype is stoic in expression.

    Kurt Harrington: “The following is a tag team match scheduled for one fall and is to determine the number one contenders for the FWA World Tag Team Championships! Introducing first, at a combined weight of 475 pounds, ‘The Protégé’ Sean Hughes and The Prototype … THE NEW BREED!!!”

    The fans elicit a toxic reaction, heavily booing the two as Hughes taunts in the ring with The Prototype standing menacingly behind him.

    The crowd reaction is warmer but it is still mostly booing for the duo of Jackson Fenix and ‘Nasty’ Nate Savage. Some fanbases are warm to the duo but their recent behavior and business relationships left a lot to be desired. The two men in massive favour with the general manager strut down to the ring like they own the place and really, you’d be amiss to say otherwise given who they’re in bed with. Fenix crotch humps at a row of fans as Savage jaw-jacks The New Breed from ring-side

    Kurt Harrington: “And their opponents at a combined weight of 476 pounds, from Las Vegas, Nevada, Jackson Fenix and ‘Nasty’ Nate Savage … THE UNDISPUTED ALLIANCE!!!”

    It’s about 90/10 in favour of booing from the Canadian faithful.

    Rod Sterling: “And … this is an interesting dynamic for sure.”

    Daniella Kennedy: “Both these teams are heavily disliked by the FWA audience and-”

    Christian Quinn: “Idiots.”

    Daniella Kennedy: “AND it’s hard to say who these fans in the Rodgers Place Arena are up for here in this number one contender match.”

    The match official finishes the probably futile exercise of going over the match rules with the two teams and it’s over to the timekeeper to officially get this one underway.

    FWA Tag Team Championships #1 Contendership
    The Undisputed Alliance
    The New Breed

    The bell sounds and it’s the louder member of both teams starting things off as ‘The Protégé’ Sean Hughes slowly circles The Undisputed Alliance’s Jackson Fenix. The two lock up in the middle of the ring and jostle for an advantage which Hughes momentarily gains by twisting Fenix into a hammerlock variant but the joy is short lived as Fenix manages to wrangle out of the hold and get Hughes into a side-headlock. Fenix runs Hughes into the ropes, breaking the hold and Hughes uses the momentum to run the opposite set of ropes but Fenix baseball slides through the onrushing Hughes legs and this time he bounces off the ropes, the crowd surprisingly voicing approval for the display from the two. Hughes has The Sin City Bad Boy’s number and leap-frogs the charging Hughes and turns around RIGHT INTO AN EYE-POKE BY JACKSON FENIX! The crowd’s momentary burst of cheering changes swiftly to a negative reaction.

    Daniella Kennedy: “What a disappointing way to end an exciting opening sequence to kick off this clash to determine the number one contenders for the FWA World Tag Team Championships!”

    Rod Sterling: “Fenix taking a short-cut here in Edmonton, hardly surprising given that The Undisputed Alliance rarely play by the rules!”

    Christian Quinn: “Nor do The New Breed…”

    After a crotch-thrust in the direction of the blinded Hughes, Fenix quickly follows up with a fore-arm smash and spinning heel kick combination which sees Hughes on his back. Fenix goes for the quick cover, making sure to force his fore-arm into Fenix’s face whilst covering.

    ONE …


    Hughes unsurprisingly makes the kick-out but it seems that Fenix was merely trying to frustrate and keep The Protégé down. Fenix whips Hughes into Nate Savage’s corner, trying to cut off the ring and backs into the opposing corner flipping off Hughes from across the ring. Fenix looks like he’s about to charge across the ring when THE PROTOTYPE PUNCHES FENIX SQUARE IN THE BACK OF THE HEAD! Fenix turns around and starts jaw-jacking with The Prototype just as Hughes nails the unsuspecting Nate Savage on the apron with a vicious elbow and sprints across the ring and rolls Fenix up, feet on the ropes for leverage!!!

    ONE …

    TWO …


    Christian Quinn: “What did I say!?”

    Daniella Kennedy: “It hasn’t taken long for these two teams to resort to the under-handed tactics in this one!”

    Rod Sterling: “Fenix made the first move and The New Breed respond in kind!”

    Christian Quinn: “Fenix was just quicker, both these teams will do anything to the other to guarantee that big-time World Tag Team Championship match!”

    Fenix and Hughes have swapped out for Savage and The Prototype and the two bigger men have a stare-down which gets the crowd hot again. Prototype has five inches on Savage but it’s ‘Nasty’ who strikes first with a vicious headbutt and Prototype instantly responds with a right hand and WE’RE OFF! Just like that the two men have the equivalent of an Ice Hockey brawl, slamming closed fists, elbows and forearms into each other as they battle around the ring. The referee tries to separate the two but it takes Hughes and Fenix interjecting themselves into the match and pulling their partners apart to break up the brawl. As the referee tries to restore order the crafty Jackson Fenix absolutely levels Hughes with a cheap superkick!

    Rod Sterling: “A sneaky superkick from Jackson Fenix!”

    Daniella Kennedy: “OHH! And one for himself!!!”

    Fenix hadn’t but a split-second to appreciate the beauty of his superkick when he was nailed almost instantly with one from The Prototype! The Prototype turns around and runs at Nate Savage WHO ABSOLUTELY NAILS HIM WITH A URANAGE!!! 'Nasty' pins!

    ONE …

    TWO …


    Christian Quinn: “The Prototype absolutely POWERED out of the pin attempt!”

    Indeed, The Prototype actually got to his feet BEFORE Nate Savage and that spelt disaster for ‘Nasty’ as he felt the full force of The Prototype’s running knee as he raised to his feet. The Prototype then dragged Nate to his feet by his hair before unceremoniously dumping him over the top rope and to the floor! The crowd begin booing loudly as The Protégé quickly mounts Nate Savage and begins raining punches on the downed brawler. The referee slides to the outside and begins trying to force Hughes back to his corner, Fenix comes flying off the ring apron taking down Hughes. The Prototype uses this time to undo the covering on the top turnbuckle and shouts at the referee to get the match back in the ring.

    Rod Sterling: “Is this guy serious? He’s the one who dumped Nate Savage to the outside in the first place!”

    Christian Quinn: “You’ve never laced a pair of boots, have you Rod?”

    As the referee and Savage roll back into the ring The Prototype strikes instantly, clubbing Savage as soon as he is under the bottom-rope. The Prototype pulls him up and is surprised by an uppercut from ‘Nasty’! The Prototype recoils towards the ropes, screaming in pain and clutching his jaw! Savage caught him flush! Nasty looks to follow up but Prototype grabs him and smashes his head into the exposed turnbuckle! The Prototype was playing possum! Prototype hoists Savage into position and IT’S A MASSIVE TIGER DRIVER! THIS IS IT!

    ONE …

    TWO …


    The Prototype pleads with the referee going as far as to grab him by his shirt and screaming “IT WAS THREE!” at him. Savage has managed to crawl to his corner and tag in Fenix – the first of which The Prototype knows about this is when the referee points to the corner and announces “TAG!” to indicate he’s seen it occur but at this stage it’s too late as Fenix is already in the ring and MASSIVE SUPERKICK!

    Daniella Kennedy: “Damn! That had to feel good after The Prototype turned Fenix inside out with the same move earlier!”

    Rod Sterling: “CHECK OUT HUGHES!!!”

    The Protégé is on the top rope and launches himself off with a missile dropkick to indented target Jackson Fenix but Fenix rolls out of the way and Hughes can’t stop his momentum as he sends the referee crashing to the outside of the ring! The crowd rise to their feet and cheer at the unexpected spot. Fenix and Hughes eye each other from across the ring before slowly looking to the outside at the downed official. Both men immediately scarper to the outside and begin rooting under the ring as the crowd start cheering loudly.

    Rod Sterling: “Did you guys think that either of these teams thought they would EVER be cheered by FWA fans?”

    Christian Quinn: “If there’s one thing I’ve learned on this Canadian tour it’s that the Canadian people … aren’t quite as nice as they’d have you think!”

    Jaxon Fenix hops up onto the apron, kendo stick in hand as his opposite Sean Hughes slides into the ring with the oul’ reliable steel chair. Hughes charges at Fenix but Fenix is able to evade the wild charge and CRACK THE KENDO STICK IN TWO OVER THE PROTÉGÉ’S BACK! Hughes rolls to the outside in agony as Fenix quickly helps Nate to his feet and points at The Prototype who still hasn’t fully recovered. They close in on Prototype who stumbles right into THE UNDISPUTED ENDING!!! THAT HAS TO BE IT! FENIX LEAPS ON THE PROTOTYPE!

    ONE ..

    TWO ..


    The crowd chant but to no avail!


    Christian Quinn: “Hughes is back … AND HE HAS THE CHAIR!”

    Jackson Fenix breaks his own pin just in time to see Hughes slam a steel chair across Nate Savage’s back and gets to his feet just in time to see the steel chair be jabbed right into his own stomach. Fenix doubles over as Hughes seems to be shouting instruction to his recovered partner. The Prototype clutches Fenix in a belly to back hold and even though he knows it’s coming he’s helpless to do anything as Hughes NAILS FENIX WITH A SUPERKICK AND THE PROTOTYPE TURNS INTO A BEAUTIFUL GERMAN SUPLEX!!!


    Daniella Kenendy: “Not quite! The ref is still down!”

    The New Breed don’t go for the pin and instead go straight to the outside and then forcibly throw the match official into the ring. The Prototype follows and immediately pins Jackson Fenix as the referee groggily and slowly makes the count.

    ONE ..

    TWO ..

    THREE … NO!!!!!!!!!!

    Rod Sterling: “Jackson Fenix JUST manages to get his foot on the bottom rope!”

    Daniella Kennedy: “Both these teams have done everything they can to put the other team down but they both keeping managing to stay alive!”

    Christian Quinn: “They’ve even done some thing they’re NOT meant to and we STILL can’t separate them; we’ve exposed turnbuckles, weapons, double-teams and two teams going HELL for leather. What’s it going to take?!”

    The Prototype doesn't waste a single moment. He grabs Jackson Fenix and hoists him to his shoulders. "Genesis" (one-winged angel) follows as The Prototype smashes Fenix down into the canvas, causing it to bounce and give way a bit.

    The Prototype covers, and the referee counts to three with Fenix only offering a slight leg kick that is fleeting and faint.

    Winners: The New Breed

    The Prototype and "The Protege" Sean Hughes celebrate a massive victory with arms raised in the air. The crowd boos as the two, the attackers of Michelle von Horrowitz, move on to a future title match for the FWA Tag Team Championships.

    Rod Sterling: The New Breed ... against "The Golden One" and "Rockstar"! This is going to be a massive matchup, between a newly formed dynamic team and a long-standing force in the division.

    Daniella Kennedy: Can The New Breed find a way to overcome the wrecking ball that has been Golden Showers, or Golden Rock. Wait ... what is their name?

    Christian Quinn: I think they're just Golden and Ramon right now.

    The Undisputed Alliance recovers outside the ring as The New Breed continues their celebration. They appear to be "back" at the top of the division for the first time since losing the belts.



    The scene slowly fades into pyro striking the center of the Clique Wrestling Alliance (CWA) Adrenaline Rush stage, followed closely by a display reminiscent of what we once saw during the height of company. The camera pans around the arena showing the thousands of fans in attendance - their smiling faces, shirts adorned with the logos of their favorites, and custom made signs made to get the attention of wrestlers in the arena and viewers at home.

    A montage of CWA’s top wrestlers and moments begins to play, transitioning with each crash of the instrumental beat that plays in the background.

    Prerecorded Voice of CWA Play-by-Play announcer, Jim Taylor: Welcome to the premier band of professional wrestling, CWA!

    The screen switches to show Krash holding up the CWA World Championship in victory over Chubby Carlos. The Echo and Jonathan McGinnis stand tall in the ring staring up at Jon Snowmantashi who stares back at them from the ramp way. Confetti rains down on Mr. Showtime as he celebrates winning the WrestleRoyale match. Ashley Adams poses sultry like for the camera before the scene transitions to Cyrus Truth making his entrance into the arena. The screens final switch shows Lilith holding up the CWA World Championship belt as the Dark Order stand at her side. This final moment is accompanied by a voice over (VO) from CWA Play-by-Play announcer, Jim Taylor.

    Jim Taylor (VO) - One day, we were on top of the world. Then, we were all stranded in Japan wondering where we went wrong.

    The fans in arena continue to disappear as the pyro comes to a halt and the camera pans around the empty areas.

    Adrenaline Rush - February 5, 2018
    Dash Carlisle - CWA is under a new leadership and I can assure you that this is just the beginning.

    The scene switches to CWA legend Clint Sheppard sitting in a seat, his head down shaking his head.

    Clint Sheppard - Carlisle lied about a lot of things, but one thing he was honest about was that this was just the beginning. However, he failed to finish the sentence because he left off the “of the end” part.

    Thundershock 2018
    “As she [Lilith] realizes what has happened she lets out a blood-curdling shriek that seems to go on for over a minute. She shakes her head no and smacks her face before letting out another shriek. She runs from corner to corner in the ring, ripping the turnbuckles pad covers off of the turnbuckles. She stumbles to the middle of the ring, falling to her knees and letting out another long shriek. Thomas West hands her the World Championship and attempts to lift her to her feet. She pushes him away and motions for the cameraman to approach her. She continues screaming as the cameraman approaches.


    The Dark Watch lift Lilith on their shoulders and slowly carry her out of the ring as she continues to shriek and scream “Blood”.”
    Tim Coleman VO - We were optimistic. I mean, there was no way they could fuck things up on their first night. Boy, were we wrong.

    Thundershock 2018
    Lindsay Monahan: Here is your winner and the final High Voltage Champion, KRASH!

    Winner and Still High Voltage Champion: KRASH

    The crowd cheers but not as loud as before when he came out. They sense a difference in Krash's demeanor and actions. He takes the title and looks down at it and shakes his head in disgust? Disbelief? Who knows?”
    Fitzgerald (Fitz) Marshall VO: It started immediately, us not being able to agree on almost anything, and the one idea we compromised on ended up being complete garbage.

    Adrenaline Rush - February 5, 2018
    Krash - The latest addition to CWA's rich legacy. The savior to the misdoings that befell the High Voltage Championship. This, my friends, is the CWA Pure Championship.

    The camera zooms in as Krash unveils the successor to the now defunct High Voltage Championship, The CWA Pure Wrestling Championship.

    Adrenaline Rush - April 18, 2018

    Trevor Ocean and Noah Stocke are barely able to stand as they are handed their tag-team championships. They attempt to lift them in the air until they are attacked from behind by Nate Savage and Jackson Fenix. Jackson and Fenix pummel both men with rights and lefts, shouting profanities at them as they do. Jackson Fenix grabs the tag-team championships from off the mat and hands one to Savage. The two pose with the championships and Savage can be heard yelling "you two will get these back when you EARN them". Savage and Fenix exit up the ramp with the tag-team championships as the show comes to a close.
    Lindsay Monohan VO: When I raised that microphone to my mouth, I knew that it was over. I knew I needed to dust off my resume and start looking for a new gig because there was no way we were going to survive after this.

    Under-Seige 2018
    As he [Brayden Bridges] locks in the Mercy Kill the camera pans out to a wide angle view of the ring and the arena. As the camera pans out we can see Dash Carlisle out of his seat shouting at someone. As the shouting continues, the ring bell rings and the arena is in utter shock. Clint Shepherd and Dash Carlisle are shouting at one another until Dash pushes Clint and can be heard saying "I'm in charge and we do what I SAY". The members of the CWA roster can be seen pouring into the arena from the back, led by Krash. Krash enters the ring and immediately asks the referee what's going on. The referee is as confused as Krash. Lilith sits in the ring staring at Dash Carlisle while Brayden Bridges extis the ring and approaches the GM. Dash reaches down at the timekeepers area and snatches the championship. He places the title on Braydens shoulder and yells "SAY IT" at Lindsay Monohan.

    Lindsay Monohan (reluctantly) - Ladies and gentlemen, your winner of this match via a forfeit....Brayden Bridges.

    Bridges looks upset and confused as Dash Carlisle is escorted out of the arena by security. Lilith sits in the, staring at Carlisle as he is escorted to the back, while Krash and other members of the roster can be seen yelling at Clint Shepherd. The broadcast comes to an end with the fans yelling and throwing debris in the ring.

    The scene cuts to show Krash sitting in casual wear, sitting in a chair as a graphic with his name appears below him. He smirks and shakes his head in disappointment.

    Krash: When Noah and Trevor gave no notice to anyone and signed contracts with FWA, and Fitz passed everything over to Carlisle…I knew that it was only a matter of time before we…we were going on out of business.

    The scene returns to the empty Adrenaline Rush arena, the camera panning around showing the last remnants of the CWA before focusing on the titantron. The camera closes in on the titantron that begins to light up with a graphic as the scene comes to an end.



    When ‘’Subconscious (Entry Version)” hits, there’s a positive reaction around the arena. Cyrus Truth steps out onto the stage, full of confidence and intent, and he stares directly at the ring as if visualizing future events whilst walking down the ramp.

    Kurt Harrington: “Ladies and gentlemen, the next contest is scheduled for one-fall, and is for the FWA North American Championship…”

    We cut to a wide shot of the arena, and a graphic of the newly redesigned FWA North American Championship belt is shown.

    Kurt Harrington: “Introducing first, the challenger… from the Long and Winding Road… he weighs in at two hundred and thirty two pounds… ‘the Exile’... Cyrus… TRUTH!!”

    Truth pauses momentarily at the bottom of the ramp before pacing towards the steps, beginning his ascent towards the ring.

    Rod Sterling: “What a North American championship match we have here at Mile High tonight… here is your challenger, none other than ‘the Wayward Warrior’...”

    Daniella Kennedy: “One of the most decorated stars of this generation, undoubtedly. You only have to look at his list of accolades: a four-time world champion here in FWA, coupled with his two reigns in CWA. Nobody has been at the peak of this industry for longer than Cyrus Truth.”

    Christian Quinn: “And tonight he will be looking to add the FWA North American Championship to that list of accomplishments. But standing in his way is an old foe…”

    Cyrus Truth waits patiently in the middle of the ring as his music fades out. When “Back in Town” hits there’s loud cheering from every corner of the arena. The audience double down on this positivity when Krash walks out onto the stage, eyes fixed upon his challenger in the middle of the ring. With his belt around his waist, Krash begins to walk down the ramp, slapping hands with some front row fans as he does.

    Kurt Harrington: “And his opponent… from Melbourne, Australia…. He weighs in tonight at two hundred and five pounds… he is the current, reigning, and defending FWA North American Champion… ‘the Moustached Maverick’... KRASH!!”

    Rod Sterling: “Krash cemented himself as the champion of this division following his bloody war with Mike Parr earlier in the year, and nobody can deny that Krash is a top tier competitor. But it’s been several months since we last saw this championship defended, and you have to wonder if that is perhaps playing on the mind of the champion here.”

    Daniella Kennedy: “You’d better hope that’s not the case. Even giving Cyrus Truth an inch could prove catastrophic. But I think Krash will have his head in the game here tonight. Neither he or Truth could help their schedules over the past few weeks, and I’m sure Krash would’ve loved the opportunity to defend his gold more often.”

    Christian Quinn: “Both of these competitors were in teams that crashed out of the Elite Tag Team Classic at the final hurdle, and I’d wager that is more present in their minds than the duration of time since the last title defense. Both will be looking to prove a point here tonight at the other’s expense, and get themselves back onto winning ways…”

    Krash climbs into the ring and then up to the second turnbuckle to pose for the fans. They give him another ovation, and when he hops down he carefully removes his belt, stares at it lovingly, and then hands it over to the official. The referee holds it up into the air, allowing the fans to observe the brand new belt. Eventually he hands it out to the time-keeper, and performs his final checks on each wrestler in turn. Eventually, with the crowd hyped for this one, he signals for the match to begin…

    FWA North American Championship
    Krash (c) vs. Cyrus Truth

    After the bell rings, the two men stand in opposite corners for a moment, eyeing each other up from across the ring. Krash loosens his wrists eyes only for Truth, who stares back at him with a blank expression on his face. Cyrus is motionless, letting the anticipation of the crowd build and build around him. They have reached fever pitch, ready for these two legends to tie it up once again. When a dueling chant breaks out, Krash nods his head in appreciation of the support for him and for his respected opponent.

    The two begin to circle the ring and finally come together with a collar and elbow tie-up. Cyrus is quick to go behind into a rear waist lock, and follows up with a trio of clubbing forearm blows to the lower back. He turns Krash round and places him in a front facelock, perhaps going for a snap suplex. Krash blocks it by dropping down to a knee… and so Cyrus releases the hold and hits a spin kick to the champion’s gut. Krash keels over but, before he is able to hit the mat, Truth re-applies his front face lock and takes him over with a fisherman’s suplex. He bridges for the cover…


    TW - - NO!

    Krash kicks out, but immediately Truth slaps on a headlock. Krash fights back to his feet and then drags Cyrus over to the ropes. He bounces him off them and launches them into the opposite set. Upon re-approach, Truth attempts to take his head off with a discus clothesline, but Krash ducks it… and then the North American Champion hits a step-up enziguri! Truth is rocked back towards the corner, and Krash charges in with an attempted clothesline. Truth ducks it and Krash hits the turnbuckle chest first and then stumbles backwards… right into a dropkick to the back of the head from Truth! Cyrus slaps on a full nelson hold… and then takes him over a dragon suplex! Cyrus isn’t done there, he picks Krash up and nails a tiger suplex, hooking a leg straight after…




    Rod Sterling: “Krash again able to kick out, but Truth has come out of the blocks strong here.”

    Christian Quinn: “That’s right: it doesn’t look like the Exile is in any mood to mess around tonight.”

    Daniella Kennedy: “When is he ever? Truth means business and I don’t think that can be anything but a bad thing for our current FWA North American Champion.”

    Truth picks Krash up and backs him to the corner with a series of forearm strikes. He Irish whips him into the opposite set and charges in with a big splash. Krash stumbles into the middle of the ring and Cyrus doubles him over with a boot to the midsection, preceding to hit the ropes and nail a swinging neckbreaker. Truth surveys Krash as the champion turns over to his front, and when the champion is almost back to his feet he charges past him to hit the ropes once more. Krash turns round… into a big discus forearm! The champion hits the mat, but at least has the ring awareness to roll towards the bottom rope… and then under it onto the outside.

    Truth doesn’t relent, following Krash out of the ring and nailing a pair of stomps to his back. He lifts him to his feet and throws him into the barricade, Krash’s spine crashing hard against the steel and causing an audible gasp from the audience. Truth hits a quartet of knife edge chops, and then takes Krash by the scruff of the neck, dragging him away for the barricade. Truth looks like he’s going to Irish whip Krash into the barricade again… but the Moustached Maverick reverses! The champion sends Truth into the steel instead! The referee is on seven already, and Krash doesn’t have the energy to continue the attack. Instead he rolls into the ring… and then back out again..

    Rod Sterling: “We can see there that Krash has no intention of winning this match by countout, breaking up the ten so that he had the time to get Truth back into the ring…”

    Christian Quinn: “Yeah, it’s obviously a sporting move, and something that we would expect from our North American Champion. But you’ve got to question the logic there. He needs to focus on winning the match and not get bogged down in the details.”

    Krash has dragged Truth back towards the ring and drives him back first onto the apron. The Mavericks hits a couple of knife edge chops of his own and then rolls Cyrus back under the bottom rope. But rather than follow him in, Krash begins to drag Cyrus by the legs towards the corner of the ring. He wraps his legs around the turnbuckle post… and then applies a figure four leg lock! The official is immediately over and begins a five count, and Krash relents when the referee gets to four. The official tells the champion to get back in the ring, and Krash obliges… but not before taking Cyrus by the boot and driving his knee into the steel post!

    Krash climbs back into the ring and drags his opponent into the centre of it, applying a cover and hooking the near leg…




    Cyrus forces a shoulder up, but the champion is on him immediately. He picks him up to his feet and hits three forearm strikes, followed by an overhand chop that rings out around the arena. Cyrus turns his back on Krash as he winces, and the champion seizes the opportunity to apply a rear waist lock. He tries to lift him over with a German suplex… but Truth resits. Cyrus nails a pair of elbows to Krash’s head, and then goes behind into a rear waist lock of his own. He tries for a German too, but Krash blocks it by placing his boot behind Cyrus’s calf. He then wrenches Cyrus’ wrists loose and goes behind into a reverse hammerlock, and then smoothly transitions into a reverse face lock… followed up by a reverse DDT! Krash tries to lock in an arm bar, but Truth immediately gets to the bottom rope and hooks his free arm around it.

    Rod Sterling: “A burst of offense here from Krash, and after the initial success that Truth had it’s clear that the champion is coming back into this one…”

    Daniella Kennedy: “He has Cyrus on the retreat a little, but we know from experience that this never lasts long with the Wayward Warrior…”

    Krash picks Truth up in a front face lock and looks to be going for a DDT, but Cyrus drops to a knee to block it. The challenger attempts to drive Krash back towards the turnbuckles, but the Maverick checks his momentum and then lifts three consecutive knees into Truth’s abdomen. Krash hooks his arm and then takes him over with a snap suplex. The champion isn’t done there, listing Truth up and hitting a hard Irish whip into the corner. Cyrus bounces from the turnbuckles and Krash hits the ropes behind him. Truth seems disorientated, but when it becomes apparent that Krash is going for a spear, he’s able to sidestep it and Krash keeps charging. The champion bounces from the ropes again, and Truth tries to wipe him out with a discus forearm. But Krash ducks it, and then Truth turns into an enziguri! Krash lifts him up as if going for an atomic drop… but instead he places the challenger split-legged over the rop rope.

    Rod Sterling: “It looks as if Krash has something lined up here, positioning Truth over the top rope and then mounting that adjacent turnbuckle.”

    Christian Quinn: “We’ve seen this before from Krash, it looks like he’s going to walk that top rope… hurricanrana!!!”

    Daniella Kennedy: “The crowd goes wild! They can’t believe what they just saw! Krash hooks BOTH legs…”



    T - - NO!!

    There’s still fight in Truth yet, and Krash shakes his head in frustration. He gets up groggily, the exertions of the match plain on his person. He walks over to the top rope and begins to ascend them again, perhaps looking for his top rope elbow drop finishing move. Truth, though, spots the danger coming, and he rolls onto his front before climbing up to a vertical base. He stumbles to the corner and knocks Krash off the top rope with a forearm, and then proceeds to climb up towards the top rope with the champion…

    Rod Sterling: “Cyrus Truth locking in a front face lock, and it looks as if he’s going for a superplex here…”

    Christian Quinn: “But it’s clear Krash wants no part in that… he’s using that free arm to just clobber Cyrus in the ribs. Truth has no point to give up his hold.”

    Daniella Kennedy: “The Exile isn’t going to give in that easily, though… he rocks Krash with a right hand!!”

    Rod Sterling: “But Krash gives him one right back! Truth teeters but holds onto the top rope to keep his balance… and then fires back with a second right hand! And another one from Krash!!”

    Daniella Kennedy: “Would you just look at this?!”

    The two of them, both on the second turnbuckle with Truth on the inside and Krash on the outside, proceed to exchange perhaps a dozen blows each. The audience show their appreciation for the heavy trade-off, and eventually - directly after it looks like a savage forearm blow from Krash might knock him off his perch - Truth resorts to a vicious headbutt. It rocks Krash to the point where Truth is able to apply a front face lock… Krash steps up to the top rope… and Truth steps up with him…

    Christian Quinn: “SUPERPLEX!!”

    Daniella Kennedy: “All the way from the top rope!!”

    And Truth goes for the cover…



    TH - - NO!!

    Truth, on his knees, signals that it’s time for this one to end, and he lifts Krash up into an Argentine Rack. It takes him slightly longer to get Krash into position with the champion fighting it every moment. It looks like he’s about to hit the Exile’s Edge neckbreaker… but Krash wriggles from the Rack… and he takes Truth by the waist…

    Rod Sterling: “German suplex!!”

    Daniella Kennedy: “Finally Krash is able to hit it! He bridges for the cover…”



    TH - - NO!

    Rod Sterling: “Truth gets the shoulder up! Krash can’t believe it!”

    Krash looks down at Truth in frustration, but then decides it’s time to bring out the big guns. He waits in the corner, willing Cyrus to get up to his feet… when the Wayward Warrior has regained his virtual base, Krash charges in…

    Christian Quinn: “ONE-HIT KILL!!”

    Daniella Kennedy: “That running knee strike has just put Truth’s lights out!!”

    Krash stumbles away from Truth, as if he can’t quite immediately capitalise on the advantage. When he’s shaken lose some cobwebs, he climbs out onto the apron and begins to mount the turnbuckles. It seems to take him longer than usual to get up to the top one, the crowd’s anticipation building with the ascent. Before he stands up straight, he perches and surveys the audience, nodding his head in appreciation. Finally, he takes his elbow pad off and throws it into the crowd…

    Rod Sterling: “That can only mean one thing!”

    Christian Quinn: “He’s going for Daybreaker!”

    Finally, Krash stands up straight and takes a deep breath, before launching himself from the top rope. The hangtime is a thing of beauty, the entire audience seemingly on the edge of their seat, collectively holding their breath…

    Daniella Kennedy: “He nails the diving elbow drop!”

    Rod Sterling: “Daybreaker connects!!”

    Krash hooks both legs…




    Winner: Krash by pin-fall at 23:12

    Krash rolls off of Cyrus and rubs his hands through his hair. He is handed his old North American Championship, as well as the brand new North American Championship.

    He holds both titles up in the air with pride.

    Rod Sterling: He's done it! Krash has defeated Cyrus Truth! In this clash of CWA vs CWA, Krash has come out on top.

    Daniella Kennedy: In what may have been the North American Champ's best performance all year, maybe the best performance of the entire night, he defeats Cyrus Truth and has certainly proven he belongs right where he is.

    Meanwhile, Cyrus gets up to his feet and strares down Krash who's celebration stops in it's tracks.

    The two give each other a look...

    Before Cyrus extends his right hand. Krash takes it, and the two shake as the crowd cheers. There's a mutual respect between the two CWA legends, who are now either already FWA legends or making a legendary mark here.

    The two long-time friends finally had their classic one-on-one encounter, and it certainly didn't disappoint anyone.

    Christian Quinn: What absolute respect I have for both these gentlemen. Two of the realest men in that entire locker room. I don't think this is the last time we'll see them face off either. Next time? It might be for a world championship instead. But regardless what it's for, where it is, when it is, I WILL be here watching it as a true fan. I am giddy thinking about Cyrus-Krash II in the FWA. God knows how many we're at in totality, including the CWA.


    We're back at Danny Toner's BIRTHDAY BASH! Donny unscrews a bottle of beer as Danny is still knee deep in the pile of presents and unwrapping them. He goes for the biggest present in the group and reads the note attached to it.

    Danny Toner: “From … Uncle?”

    Danny rips open the present to reveal a beautifully framed poster of popular animated series Rick and Morty.

    Danny Toner: “NICE! Schwifty gift J.J. Jay!!”

    Danny picks up a small package and reads the message again.

    Danny Toner: “Dear Danny, I think you’ll appreciate this. Happy birthday. Parr.”

    Danny laughs and nods his head as he unveils a hardback sports biography titled “Dublin: Five in a Row”. Most gathered around looks confusingly at each other as Donny mutters for people to “not think about it too much." Danny picks up his next present.

    Danny Toner: “Happy birthday. Cyrus … Cyrus Truth got me a birthday present?

    Danny confusingly opens his present and it’s a DVD of an old wrestling company. It’s called “Best of XCW: Volume 3”.

    Danny Toner: “Man this is awesome. Yo Donny, this is what I was telling ya about – the company where Cyrus, Surge, Maskell and all them boys got their start! This is such a tight gift.”

    Donny comes over and plucks the DVD out of Danny’s hand to study it as Danny slowly picks up an envelope he hadn’t noticed before that has a Japanese symbol stamped on the front of it.

    Danny Toner: “Must be Yuna …”

    Danny opens the envelope and when he does a single white sheet of parchment flops to the ground. Donny swoops down and picks it up looking at it. Donny’s breathing quickens and his hand shakes ever so slightly.

    Donny Toner: “Who sent you this?”

    Danny Toner: “Uh … bit of a strange one considering what happened last week but I think … I think it was Yuna?”

    Donny Toner: “This isn’t good Danny … check it.”

    Donny hands Danny the piece of parchment and Danny looks down and sees a big black spot on the parchment and nothing else – the infamous pirate ritual that marks someone for death. Danny and Donny share a worried glance but Danny pockets the black spot and moves onto his final present at Donny's urging. It’s a simple box-shaped present and it looks rather hastily put together. Danny unwraps it as the crowd gather around. In the box is a blank CD with a sticky note attached that simply says "Play Me!" Danny shrugs his shoulders and chucks the cd to the DJ who pops the cd into his laptop. Immediately the sounds of Earth, Wind & Fire blasts around the canteen as the lights go down and as the funky beats continue as a disco ball lowers from the ceiling and starts lighting things up.

    Danny Toner: "What the fu-"


    The crowd cheer as the canteen doors fire open and Chris Peacock comes grooving into the canteen. He starts dancing right in front of Danny and Donny. He points at the FWA Gauntlet Championship before going into a groovy routine. The crowd cheer as Peacock motions for Danny to bring it ... on the dancefloor. Danny stares at the number one contender to his championship and slowly shakes his head. It looks like Donny is going to start dancing but mercifully (ecstasy driven-raves isn't dancing) Danny steps forward and puts his hands out peacefully.

    Danny Toner: "Yo, yo, yo calm down Peacock. We're gonna dance, you can be sure of that but right now, it's my birthday so what you say we crack a bottle tonight and then next week we can crack each other over the head ... for my championship. Sound good?"

    Danny unscrews two bottles of Corona beer and hands one to Peacock who after a moment of consideration takes it.

    Chris Peacock: "We drink tonight, we dance next week baby!"

    Danny Toner: "Oh we gonna dance man ... we gonna dance for sure."

    Danny Toner and Chris Peacock, champion and challenger, clink bottles which pops the crowd. Their work for tonight is done but next week presents a whole new challenge ... in the form of each other.


    A candy-colored clown they call the Sandman…

    It’s a typical mixed reaction as Michelle von Horrowitz’s theme music begins to play, and when she walks out onto the stage the more negative portion of the audience doubles down and almost wins out over the smattering of cheers. Von Horrowitz surveys the massive arena with a look of indifference on her face, eventually settling her eyes on the ring before her. With a determined countenance, she begins to stomp down towards the ring. The bell rings to herald the forthcoming contest.

    Kurt Harrington: “Ladies and gentlemen, the next contest is scheduled for… ONE FALL! Introducing first, weighing in at sixty seven killograms… from Rotterdam, the Netherlandds… Michelle… von… HORROWITZ!!”

    Michelle has paused half way down the ramp to read a fan’s sign heralding her as the second coming of the antichrist. She smiles fondly at the sentiments, nods her head, and then continues on her way to the ring.

    Rod Sterling “Well, it’s now time for the one that many in this audience have been waiting for. This match has been in the making for months...”

    Christian Quinn: “Months?! Try years! This has been a dream match that has been on the cards since both of these women debuted in North America. But it’s never quite happened… until now!”

    Daniella Kennedy: “But we’ve already seen Michelle compete once here tonight at Mile High in the finals of the tag team tournament, surely that will have an effect on her ability to perform tonight…”

    Rod Sterling “But she’s facing a woman that, whilst a former world champion, hasn’t wrestled in several years. There are so many dimensions to consider here…”

    Christian Quinn: “Ring rust and fatigue only conspire to make this one more interesting. I can’t wait!”

    Von Horrowitz has climbed into the ring and, after standing in the centre of it and surveying her surroundings for a moment, she takes up position, sat down in the corner, with her head rested up against the second turnbuckle. Patiently, she waits...

    No music. No spotlight. No special attraction, but after awhile, the crowd begins to awkwardly mutter among themselves, but after a bit, almost reluctantly Bell Connelly eventually does, dragging her feet walk onto the stage, looking almost embarrassed to be there; Dressed all in black work out gear, almost generically so, ignoring the cheers of the crowd excited to see this dream match, she’s clearly the only person in the building not enthused about what’s to come. She practically jogs down the ramp, her head down to the ground as if she wants to get this over with as fast as she possibly can, she rolls into the ring and quickly makes her way to the corner, not even gracing MvH with eye contact, she instead starts making gestures to the ref twirling her finger at him as if to say “Let’s speed things up. Ring the bell. Get this over with."

    Rod Sterling “Well, considering how...dramatic we’ve come to expect from a Bell Connelly entrance...that was anticlimactic.”

    Daniella Kennedy: “She’s been saying this for months, she doesn’t want to be here, and she doesn’t have any intention of letting MvH enjoy the moment…”

    Michelle pulls herself up to her feet, clearly perturbed by Bell’s non-entrance. There’s a scowl on her face as she looks across the ring at her opponent. The official checks on both competitors, and then signals that we’re ready to start…

    "Years in the Making"
    Bell Connelly versus Michelle von Horrowitz

    When the bell rings, Michelle comes out of her corner and begins to slowly circle the ring. Connelly, though, has no such urgency. She simply stands in her corner, her hands at her sides, and her eyes on von Horrowitz. MvH urges her to reciprocate, offering up a hand for a test of strength, but Connelly remains motionless and indifferent. Von Horrowitz stands up with her hands on her hips and shakes her head. She looks at the official and points towards Bell incredulously, but the referee just shrugs his shoulders. With a sigh, MvH stomps over towards her opponent… and Bell takes a step backwards, positioning her body quickly between the second and top ropes…

    Michelle stops awkwardly, looking again at the referee as if for guidance. After settling his initial confusion, the official begins to make a count…


    Rod Sterling “I’m not sure what sort of strategy this is from Bell Connelly…”

    Christian Quinn: “It looks to me like she doesn’t want anything to do with this match.”


    Michelle raises an eyebrow, staring at Connelly as she utilizes the count…


    A smile begins to emerge on Bell’s face, and finally a realisation of what is going on creeps over MvH.


    Von Horrowitz intervened, charging at Bell and bringing her back into the ring, taking her over with a hip toss.

    Rod Sterling “Well, I don’t know about you guys… but to me it looked as if Bell Connelly was quite happy to let this one end with a five-count and disqualification?!”

    Daniella Kennedy: “It looked that way to me, Rod. And look at Bell now: she appears to be waiting for the cover…”

    Indeed, Bell is just waiting on the mat, prone for a pinfall attempt. Michelle walks over to her slowly with a frustrated look on her face, and it is quite clear that this is not how she thought this match would go. Instinctively, she lifts Connelly to her feet and nails an Irish whip into the corner. Bell hits the turnbuckles and then falls to the mat, quickly rolling out under the bottom rope and onto the floor. There, she patiently waits…


    Rod Sterling “This is hardly the spectacle that we all expected to see. We wanted a fifty-fifty encounter… we wanted to see if Bell Connelly still had everything she used to have…”

    Christian Quinn: “Yes, this is undeniably a disappointment for the audience, but imagine what this feels like for Michelle von Horrowitz. She has been scheming for MONTHS to get this match!”


    Inside the ring, Michelle watches on as Bell takes a step back from the ring and places her hands on her hips. Again, she looks rather passive, unwilling to budge an inch from the spot that she has landed in. Shaking her head once more, MvH barks orders towards the ring announcer and collects a microphone.


    Michelle collects her microphone and rounds with a scowl on her face, looking at Connelly directly.


    MvH: “Of course, Bell, I could slide under these ropes and throw you back into this ring. But I see what you’re doing. You are waiting for the first pin-fall attempt or the first submission hold, and then this is over.”


    MvH: “Or at least you think it will be over. But I have told you before and I will tell you again, Bell: this isn’t over until I am satisfied. And I am not finding this experience particularly satisfying.”


    MvH: “Do not forget what I gave to you at the Anniversary Show. You accepted this match through fear of what I will do with this… information. But there is no gagging order on me. Throwing this contest is equally as repulsive as your incessant dodging of me that came before.”


    Bell looks warily at MvH, who pauses to let her words sink in.

    MvH: “So, Bell, either get back into this ring and face me to the best of your ability… or what is left of it… or face the same consequences as you would have if you hadn’t shown your face at all here tonight. The choice is yours. But do not think that this sad little strategy will save you. Only your acquiesce will do that. Throw yourself in, Bell…”


    She throws the microphone down and looks out at Bell, who cuts a conflicted figure on the outside. Connelly looks down at the ground, making the most of the two seconds that she has to think this over…


    AND THEN SHE ROLLS BACK INTO THE RING! She quickly gets to her feet, and the two women come together in a collar and elbow tie-up!

    The two buck for supremacy in the middle of the ring, the crowd now electric once again as we anticipate the result of the test of strength. After a few moments of a stalemate, Michelle begins to push Bell back across the ring and towards a corner. When Connelly’s back hits the turnbuckles, the official is straight in to force a break, and Michelle obliges when he gets to four… but she refuses a clean one, instead nailing a knife edge chop to Bell! It echoes around the arena and there’s an audible, communal gasp, but Michelle wastes no time and throws Bell across the ring with an Irish whip. She attempts to follow her in, but when Bell reaches the opposite corner she places her hands on the top rope and leapfrogs back over Michelle. Connelly lands on her feet and looks almost… confused.

    Rod Sterling “The muscle memory kicking in a little for Bell Connelly there, and she looks almost surprised with how quickly that came back to her…”

    Daniella Kennedy: “But she doesn’t have much time to ponder… Michelle creams her with a forearm smash! Bell stumbles back into the centre of the ring… and MvH knocks her to the mat with a clothesline!”

    Michelle instantly tries to pick the ankle, maybe going for the Ankle Lock that defeated Bell all those years ago at the FWA-CWA Crossover Show… but Connelly instantly scrambles to the ropes and wraps an arm around it. The official begins a count but Michelle continues going for the ankle… and Bell kicks out at her! She connects with a boot to the face and Michelle is sent stumbling into the centre of the ring! And then Connelly nails a dropkick, sending Michelle to the mat. The two are instantly up to their feet and Michelle attempts a quick clothesline, but Bell is able to duck behind it and go into a rear waist lock. She bundles MvH forwards into the ropes, and rolls her up with an O’Conner Roll…




    Rod Sterling “Wow! Bell Connelly almost ending this one early with the roll-up there, almost catching Michelle von Horrowitz off her guard.”

    Daniella Kennedy: “And MvH is a lot more tentative as she gets back to her feet, more wary of Bell than perhaps she was at the start of this match.”

    Bell Connelly offers up a hand for a test of strength, and - with great caution - MvH slowly begins to reciprocate… and then at the last moment, von Horrowitz lifts a boot into Bell’s midsection. Connelly is doubled over, and Michelle takes her down with a double-arm underhook suplex, floating over into a grounded hammer lock. Connelly reaches for the ropes but realises that they are in the centre of the ring, and so instead has to fight back up to her feet. She manages to do so, and Michelle wrenches at the hammer lock… Bell backs her into the ropes and throws her into the opposite set. Connelly tries to take her over with a lariat, but Michelle docks beneath it and hits the ropes again, propelling herself back towards Connelly at great force. Michelle winds up for a huge discus lariat… NO! Bell matrixes right underneath it!! She pops back up to her feet, and again is almost surprised at the sudden show of athleticism and ring awareness….

    Michelle meanwhile, isn’t going to make the same mistake twice, and she approaches Bell from behind to turn her around. She boots Connelly in the midsection and applies a front face lock, maybe going for a snap suplex… but Bell reverses with a Northern Lights, and bridges for the cover…




    MvH gets the shoulder up, but Bell stays on the offensive, placing on a headlock and helping Michelle back to her feet. Connelly hits a trio of knife edge chops on Michelle, backing her up into the corner, and then Irish whips her HARD into the opposite set… MvH hits the turnbuckles with force and stumbles back towards Connelly… who hits her with a flapjack! The crowd show their appreciation for Connelly as she gets back to her feet.

    Daniella Kennedy: “Well, this crowd looks like it’s beginning to remember who Bell Connelly is…”

    Rod Sterling “More importantly, Daniella, I think Bell herself is remembering! An impressive burst of offence there from Connelly!”

    Bell lifts Michelle back up and throws her into the ropes, taking MvH down with a hip toss upon reapproach. Von Horrowitz pops right back up to her feet, but Connelly hits her with a boot to the midsection. The former world champion hits the ropes, and then nails a swinging neckbreaker! She hooks a leg…




    Christian Quinn: “It looks to me like MvH is a little shell-shocked right now. I don’t think she expected this from Bell.”

    Bell hoists MvH up and whips her into the corner. She charges in and hits a running knee strike, and then tries to throw von Horrowitz over with a monkey flip… but MvH over-rotates, and lands on her feet!! Bell is slow to regain a vertical base, and von Horrowitz nails her with a shining wizard!! Bell hits the mat, the momentum truly shifted, and von Horrowitz gets up slowly. She has to shrug off the last few minutes and shake the cobwebs loose before she is able to refocus on her opponent. She lifts Bell up to her feet, and proceeds to hit her with a pair of European uppercuts. Bell stumbles back into a corner, and Michelle backs away from her to hit a charging corner drop kick. MvH darts back to her feet to repeat the process, hitting a second drop kick in the corner… and then a third! This third one takes Bell down into a seated position, and so, just for good measure, von Horrowitz charges across the ring with a fourth dropkick, this time right to the chops! Michelle pulls Connelly away from the corner, and hooks the leg.




    Rod Sterling “Well, part of me expected Bell to stay down, there, but it seems MvH’s words have had their desired effect.”

    Christian Quinn: “Either that or some of those natural competitive instincts are kicking in…”

    Von Horrowitz hits a handful of suplexes, punctuating by stomps and other grounded strikes, beginning to dictate the pace and taking some of the sting out of the match. She first hits a snap suplex, followed up by a belly-to-belly overhead, and then a saito suplex. Finally, she is able to nail a picture perfect sleeper suplex, and then locks on a sleeper hold afterwards to the grounded Connelly. It is quite clear that Bell is beginning to fade, but the crowd begins to boo for an unknown reason…

    … and then we cut to the stage, and we see the Protege and the Prodigy of the New Breed walking out onto the ramp! They have sly little smirks on their faces, and they slowly saunter down towards the ring as the audience continues to boo them…

    Rod Sterling “Well, I’m not pleased to see them, but I can’t say that I’m surprised…”

    Christian Quinn: “The New Breed have made it their business to involve themselves in MvH’s affairs recently, ostensibly under the command of Bell Connelly. It stands to reason that they’d have a vested interest in this one…”

    When the New Breed reach the ringside area, they pause with their arms folded, smirking wryly up at MvH. When she notices their presence, she releases the sleeper hold and goes to confront them, leaning over the top rope and slinging a few insults in their direction.

    Rod Sterling “It’s important that Michelle focuses on the task at hand, here. She can’t allow herself to become distracted by these interlopers when she has Bell Connelly to contend with…”

    Michelle turns back towards her opponent, who is now on her knees, and tries to hoist her up to her feet. Bell, though, fights back with a forearm smash to the sternum, doubling von Horrowitz over. Connelly backs Michelle up to a set of ropes with a European uppercut, and then tries to Irish whip Michelle across the ring. Bell waits for the reapproach… but it doesn’t come, as MvH has hooked her arms around the top rope to check her momentum. Bell charges at her… and Michelle drops to the mat, pulling the top rope down with her, sending Bell tumbling over the top… and onto the New Breed!!

    The Protege starts to try and help Bell up to her feet… but Connelly nails him with a forearm smash!! The Protege is rocked!!

    Christian Quinn: “GLITTERBOMB!! Bell hits the Glitterbomb on the Protege!! What the - -?!”

    Daniella Kennedy: “I guess this throws a spanner in the works! Michelle’s theory that Bell is responsible for the attack on her, and that she hired the New Breed…”

    Bell lifts the Protege up to his feet whilst Daniella is talking, and Irish whips him HARD into the steps!

    Daniella Kennedy: “... I don’t know how Michelle would be able to maintain that line of thinking after watching this…”

    Bell turns on the Prototype, who quickly begins to back away up the ramp. Connelly takes a few steps towards him, but then turns to refocus on the Protege. She notes that he is laid out, stomach-down, over the top of the steel ring steps, and she goes fishing under the ring. She comes out with a steel chair and holds it high above her head, eliciting loud cheers from the audience. She lifts the chair up over her head… and brings it crashing down onto the Protege’s back!! The sound echoes around the crowd, and the audience applaud the attack…

    Bell lifts the chair up again… but the official rips it out of her hands and tells her to get back in the ring. Connelly doesn’t even bother to argue getting back in the ring looking damn right pissed; constantly gesturing to MvH and the The New Breed and shaking her head. “SATISFIED?!” Michelle decides to charge over at Bell… but eats a spin kick! To her credit, MvH is up, but Bell nails her with a boot to the midsection, and then a sit out face buster! Michelle rolls onto her front and Connelly quickly scrambles up to the top rope. She steadies herself… and then nails a diving elbow drop! Bell goes for a cover…



    T - - NO!

    Rod Sterling “Von Horrowitz barely able to get out at two there, but she needs to put a check on this momentum before Bell runs away with this one…”

    Daniella Kennedy: “That might be easier said than done, Rod, Connelly is in complete control, hoisting MvH to her feet, only to slam her back down again with ‘Ringing the Bell’!”

    Bell gets all of the Natural selection, but she decides not to go for a cover. Instead, she slowly circles Michelle, a smile still on her face… and then she begins to undo the turnbuckle cover in one of the corners! The referee is busy checking on Michelle, and he doesn’t see Bell’s dirty work. Connelly has the middle cover off, and she throws it into the audience with glee before re-approaching her downed opponent…

    … but Michelle is waiting for her, playing possum, and she picks the ankle!! Bell loses her footing, and then Michelle manages to apply the Ankle Lock properly! She has it in the middle of the ring and wrenches at the ankle joint, willing Bell to tap. Connelly reaches out towards the ropes, a look of pain on her face and shrieks escaping her lungs.

    Rod Sterling “I don’t think I need to remind you of the relevance of this move!”

    Christian Quinn: “Michelle wants to beat Bell with the same move she used years ago!”

    Daniella Kennedy: “But Bell isn’t taking no for an answer! She is crawling over to that bottom rope…”

    Rod Sterling “NO! Michelle pulls her back into the centre of the ring… and then applies the grapevine!! She has he pinned down in the middle of the ring…”

    Bell has her hand outstretched, as if the thought of tapping is central to her mind. She clenches her hand into a fist, though, and then places both hands on the mat, pushing her torso up and then clawing, centimeter by centimeter, in the direction of the ropes. The going is slow, but the crowd is on her side, not wanting this match to end… but the fight seems to have left Bell! She is reaching out to the bottom rope and finds herself ten centimeters from their sanctuary.

    Connelly seems to almost give up, but rather than tapping, she just seems to go motionless. There is a confused quiet in the arena, and then the official begins to fear that maybe she has passed out…

    The referee lifts up Connelly’s arm, and lets it fall to the mat…

    But Bell stops it from falling! She clenches her fist again, and then, with a mighty roar, she crawls a little bit further and gets her fingertips to the ropes!! The crowd cheers and the official begins a five-count, Michelle finally releasing and rolling away from Connelly.

    Rod Sterling “Well, she might be out of the hold, but you’ve got to ask yourself what sort of effect that has on Bell’s chances in the rest of this match…”

    Christian Quinn: “I’m not sure the ‘rest of this match’ is going to be a particularly long affair...”

    It has taken Bell some time to get back to a vertical base, and she has relied heavily on the ropes to do so. She attempts to turn and walk towards MvH, but instantly the ankle buckles and she’s down to one knee. Von Horrowitz watches with her hands on her hips. Connelly, with a deep breath, forces herself back up to her feet…

    … and then she’s taken over with a Busaiku knee kick!! Connelly hits the mat straight away and rolls over towards a corner… which gives Michelle the opportunity to get up to her feet. She takes a deep bow, which riles up the majority of the audience, but she doesn’t seem to mind. Bell is left crumbled in the corner after the punishment she’s taken from the brutal dreamer, it doesn’t seem to be over yet, MvH gets to her feet, a slightly cocky air to her as she walks over to Bell and tilts her head up, forcing her on her knees.

    MvH: “This all you got?!”


    MvH: “Thing this shit is worthy of my time?!”


    MvH: “This is meant to be MY moment!”


    Bell falls to the ground once again, unable to resist the strikes, as Michelle tuts clearly pissed off by the lack of fight still left in Bell, seemingly done with this, she suddenly takes off from the opposite corner, building up steam…


    Ohhhh-! The crowd groans at the brutal and unexpected hit, MvH just took but none more so then the woman herself who flops to the ground kicking out her feet in clear pain swearing under her breath as Bell stumbles back from the impact and falls into a seated position at the turnbuckle. Surprisingly it’s MvH who recovers first, and goes to make a move…

    ..but freezes, a frown growing on her face…

    ...Is Bell laughing?!

    MvH stands there momentarily stunned, as Bell seems to continue laughing to herself, and in one fluid motion pushes her blond hair out of her face, to reveal a totally different person staring up at MvH...Her face twisted into a maddening smile and any sign of nerves, or trepidation gone from her eyes...instead replaced by a look the FWA is more than used to; a kind of mad glee that had been Bell’s signature look for years.

    MvH freezes only for a brief moment before quickly snapping back into action, going to grab Bell’s feet but Bell has grasped the top rope with one hand on each side of the turnbuckle, and when MvH attempts to pull her off the ropes by her legs, she performs a back tuck, landing on her feet! Ohhh-! Are we sure she has a broken neck?! MvH is momentarily frozen, not expecting the gymnastics she recovers fast and rushes forwards but in one fluid motion Bell snaps to attention and leaps clearly over MvH., MvH runs forward to meet her, now noticeably pissed by her inability to catch Bell MvH is like a raging bull throwing shot after shot but like it’s 2016 Bell uses her naturally flexible body to bend and dodge her way out of every one of her attacks, the more her shots meet air the more MvH gets Angry and the wilder her attacks are forcing Bell actually do a Ballet spin on her toes to avoid a big boot eventually MvH says “Fuck it” and goes for a wild lariat BELLTRIX! No body home! MHV’s momentum carries her into the corner and BELL SUDDENTLY LETS RIP WITH PISTON LIKE STRIKES, ELBOW, ELBOW, KICK, KICK, KICK.AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN! With a ferocity that we haven’t seen from her in about a year, Bell keeps on striking MvH, forcing her to sit down in the corner, but even then there’s no let up from Bell. She rushes to the corner, jumping up on the top pad to build even more momentum and crashes into MvH with a GLITTERBALL! The crowd is all over this as MvH rolls under the bottom rope and onto the outside looking for resbite utterly bamboozled by the sudden shift in Bell. Michelle pulls herself up on the outside barricade and tries to clear her head, Bell in the ring has...TOTALLY regressed mumbling something her eyes twitching and with the same facial expression, runs the ropes and flings herself out of the ring with a huge suicide dive!! Bell spears MvH against the barricade with the dive, sending people seated there scurrying away in shrieks! MvH is hung up on the barricade, and Bell slides back into the ring, runs the ropes again, and lauches herself out for another suicide dive, which catches MvH again flush!!! Bell, with the same crazed look on her face, rolls back in the ring and does it a third time!!!!

    MvH writhes in pain on the floor, having absorbed three suicide dives to the midsection. Bell grabs her by the hair and leads her around to the announce tables, quickly smashing MvH head against the table, to daze her for a second. Bell rolls quickly in and out of the ring to restart the refs count before suddenly stripping the table, ignoring the protests of the ref, she removes the monitors and starts reaching for a thick tv cable which she quickly wraps around a hunched over MvH’s throat and begins to squeeze, trying to strangle MvH with it! Holy shit Bell has snapped!


    The ref has forgotten the ten count at this point who cares about a count out when there’s an attempted murder going on?! MvH’s face slowly begins to turn purple as all the air is choked out of her and it’s only then Bell finally lets her go causing her to flop to the ground gasping for air, but Bell isn’t done yet, with a sinister look to her face to her face she snatches the dented chair from earlier and grabs MvH roughly by the collar and places her against the turnbuckle in a sitting position as the crowd begins to buzz

    Rod Sterling “Oh god, we’ve seen this before. This is the move that ended WOLF’s career. That cracked Shannon O’Neal’s skull. Bell has totally snapped. We need security out here now.”

    ...and in fact several refs have surrounded Bell waving their arms, trying to appeal to her sense of reason only to get a demanded grin on her face. Bell’s beyond reason at this point rambling to herself and staring dead at MvH and back to her chair...she takes a running start, building momentum winding up the chair….

    ...and then stops suddenly, inches before she smacked MvH with the chair, a light apparently going on in her eyes, she stops in her track, her eyes wide looking at the chair like she’s never seen one in her life blinking at it and back to MvH. Slowly a look of horror appears on her face as she snaps back to reality as she drops the chair like it was white hot. Clearly distressed she looked around at the refs surrounding her

    “I didn’t mean-I couldn’t-i’m sorry”

    In a bizarre move she moves forward and looks to help MvH up from her position...AND FOR HER TROUBLES GET RAMMED, HEAD FIRST INTO THE STEEL! She instantly goes limp, and MvH rolls her into the ring…

    Michelle grabs the chair, the dented one that Bell used on her just a minute earlier. She slides into the ring and sizes up Bell' a hurting Bell Connelly, a hurting beast, and rears back in an aggressive and extreme motion!

    Bell kicks her in the gut and grabs the chair from her. Michelle grabs it back, and now it's a tug-o-war between the two. Michelle finally kicks Bell in the stomach and wrestles the chair from her. Bell ... smartly rolls out of the ring.

    Daniella Kennedy: Bell knows Michelle has the upperhand and she needs to create distance. How both are standing right now ... I have NO clue.

    Bell tries to re-enter but Michelle blocks every entrance with the chair in hand, swinging it wildly. Bell must resort to equaling the playing field.

    After the third failed attempt to get BACK into the ring, Bell circles the area and grabs another fold-up steel chair. She looks at it and then looks at Michelle.

    Rod Sterling: The sorrow and remorse she felt earlier for whacking her rival with a chair? She won't feel it again. Not even a smidge.

    Bell points the chair at Michelle, who points her own chair back at Bell. The two begin swinging wildly in the general vicinity of one another, once even smacking the chairs together in perfect harmony.

    Bell is able to CHUCK her chair at Michelle from outside the ring into the ring, hitting Michelle in the face, stunning her enough to allow Bell to slide in. A masterful performance by "The Beauty and the Beast". Bell grabs the chair from the ground as Michelle gains an edge, a split second advantage, and smacks her dented chair down into Bell's back!

    The crowd half groans and half cheers, as Michelle is now stalking her prey in the ring. She rears back again but Bell drives her chair into the stomach, wedging it against the rib bones! Michele is now hunched over. Bell is hunched over as well. The two are completely exhausted.

    Then ... in one motion, both swing their chairs at the other, aiming right for the face and head. The actions occur simultaneously, as if it was all timed to perfection in a play. Bell and Michelle each land perfect-10 chair shots right to the other's face and forehead, WHACKING the steel into the flesh-covered skulls.

    The two perform a rendition of the Leaning Tower of Pisa, rocking to one side or the other. Finally, it's Michelle von Horrowitz who goes down to the canvas. Bell is just a hair of a second after ...

    But her flailing left arm somehow lands just above Michelle's sternum, right above her heart, right over half of her pair of shoulder blades.

    Just enough for the referee to credit her with a pinfall attempt.

    Just enough for the referee to slam his hand into the mat once.


    Rod Sterling: NO WAY! NO WAY!


    And thrice.

    ... The crowd lets out a tame screech, almost as if a few of the fans still expected Michelle to kick out. Their dying-squirrel noise is the result of their expectations being shot. While the rest are just silent and watching, unable to make any sounds.


    Winner: Bell Connelly

    The referee raises Bell Connelly's hand, signaling her the "winner," but she doesn't look the part. Neither looks the part. The final chair shot(s), one from each, did the final number.

    Rod Sterling: Neither could rise for a 10 count, much less a 3 count, and had it not been for Bell's arm draping incidentally over Michelle's shoulder, it would've been a draw!

    Bell Connelly and Michelle von Horrowitz need about a minute before either one moves a muscle. The crowd is waiting on pins and needles to see the aftermath of what they witnessed: two rivals, at the top of their games on this night, giving 110% to win. Not for titles, not for title matches, not for anything but disdain and reputation.

    Rod Sterling “And now both women are moving in the ring, and this audience is giving them a standing ovation…”

    Christian Quinn: “I’m not surprised! What a contest! It’s a shame that only one of them could’ve won it…”

    Michelle von Horrowitz is cradling the back of her neck, whilst Bell is hobbling slightly as they lay next to one another in the ring. There are some murmured words between the two, but the cameras don't pick them up. Then Bell rolls to one side, as Michelle does the same to the opposite.

    There almost seems to be a begrudging sense of respect between the two. Almost.

    Bell Connelly is somehow able to get to her feet, with much-needed help from the ropes. She leans against the ropes with sweat and some blood oozing down her cheek. Michelle is on the other side of the ring, sitting propped up against the turnbuckle.

    Right then, instead of showing any respect or giving this match a nice and neat bow, Michelle puts up two middle fingers right at Bell Connelly.

    Rod Sterling “What the - - ?!?”

    Bell is taken back a bit, but the surprise changes to anger. She takes a step towards Michelle while saying, "You know what?! ... YOU KNOW WHAT?!" Michelle pulls herself up, somehow, using the turnbuckle. She is ready to meet whatever Bell spews her way.

    But once they are just a foot apart, Bell shakes her head and mouths,
    "It's not worth it." Michelle is furious and frustrated. She shouts, "Did you prove anything? Huh? No. You fell on me."

    Christian Quinn: “Bell’s attack on the New Breed mid-way through this match surely convinced MvH of her innocence in the attack back in summer. Apparently, that doesn't matter right now to Michelle.”

    Daniella Kennedy: “Expect the unexpected, boys!”

    Bell leaves the ring, leaves Michelle to come to grips with her anger and frustration, leaves Michele to grip with her loss. Her defeat. Michelle leans over the ropes and mouths, "This isn't over." Bell, within earshot, turns and says, "Yes it is. I'm not risking another injury for your obsession. For MY obsession."

    Rod Sterling “Remember, Bell had to retire because of neck issues.

    Christian Quinn: “I don’t think Michelle cares, Rod…”

    We cut to commercial with Michelle in the ring while Bell walks to the back, victorious but certainly not celebrating anything.


    A preview appears promoting the upcoming CROSSFIRE CHRISTMAS REUNION SHOW, planned for December. Images and clips of Crossfire's heyday quickly bring back nostalgic feelings for the audience.


    The Mile High Massacre structure is in place. Steel chains linked. A pair of ladders standing around the ring. The brand new and redesigned FWA World Championship is hanging beautifully above the ring.

    “The Last Great Adventurer” Yuna Funanori comes out decked in her full captain’s outfit for the biggest moment of her life. With her brass telescope, she gazes to the very depths of the Rogers Place arena. The crowd is elated for The Voyager and her smile is infectious. Patches the Parrot hangs on her shoulder, clearly delighting in the spectacle as well.

    Rod Sterling: Yuna Funanori entered last Fight Night knowing she had her first defense of the Gauntlet Championship, and she left last Fight Night knowing she would have her first challenge of the World Championship.

    Christian Quinn: I’d say Yuna has never been in a match like the Mile High Massacre match, but she was in a sword fight on Fight Night, I think she’s completely undaunted by this.

    Daniella Kennedy: She’s the smallest competitor in this match both in heigh and in weight. But this is also the same person who fought our World Tag Team Champions with a parrot as a partner.

    Alyster Black gets through the curtains in his trademark distinct full-bodied attire. He walks down the ramp with intense focus and only stops to take a look at the Mile High Massacre structure. He has to tilt his head all the way to even grasp how massive it is.

    Christian Quinn: Alyster Black has all the momentum in the world, and all the motivation. I think Black will have two clear motives in this match - win the FWA World Championship and hurt both Saint Sulley and Michael Garcia for what they did to his partner in Black Caramel, Gabrielle.

    Daniella Kennedy: Easier said than done.

    Rod Sterling: But in a Mile High Massacre match, I daresay he won’t have a better opportunity all year.

    “The Prodigy” Mike Parr gets love from a crowd that’s come to only grow in recent weeks. Parr has an uncharacteristic smile on his face, and the camera can’t help to highlight his swooning fans across the stadium. Parr is only momentarily solemn when he has to enter a cell he’s only ever stepped once before in.

    Rod Sterling: Only two competitors in this match have ever participated in a Mile High Massacre, and Mike Parr is one of those men. I’m sure Mike Parr remembers quite distinctly that match. He came so close to winning it before Cyrus Truth put an end to those dreams. Now, four long years since, he gets another chance.

    Daniella Kennedy: Mike Parr has long since been synonymous with the North American championship, but a lot of people might feel he’s long overdue for a greater prize.

    Christian Quinn: If he was long overdue, he’d already be champion.

    “The Carnegie Carnivore” Michael Garcia looks positively excited to murder a man or two tonight. Garcia doesn’t even bother registering the cell when he makes his way to the ring, asserting his lack of fear for the structure. When he steps into the ring, every single wrestler gingerly heads to a corner, and not a single eye leaves him out of sight.

    Christian Quinn: The most intimidating, dangerous, vicious, domineering figure in professional wrestling today. Michael Garcia is big. He is mean. He is strong. He’s got to be the favorite in this match. But like you said, Rod, it’s not his first rodeo.

    Rod Sterling: And as tough as Garcia is, it didn’t go well for him last time. He’s going to have to assert himself in this match and dictate the terms. He’s got a big target on his back, not just because he’s the biggest man in the ring, but arguably the least liked.

    Daniella Kennedy: Michael Garcia has been in the FWA for a long time, and there’s got to want nothing else but to finally win that gold belt. What better chance than this?

    The FWA World Champion Saint Sulley steps past the curtain and a predominantly negative reaction fills the arena though we can’t help but hear the occasional fan cheering the champion. He adjust the gold belt on his waist and eyes the Mile High Massacre cell. There’s no one at his side for this match, it’s Saint Sulley and only Saint Sulley heading to the ring.

    Rod Sterling: Here’s a list for you. Four time X Champion. One time North American. One time World. The only man in FWA history to have held all three singles titles at once. Three and Zero at Back in Business. The only man to have given him a loss in one on one competition this year is Alyster Black. In fact, it's been over two years since Saint Sulley hasn't had some form of championship around his waist. Over 860 days, and quite possibly one of the longest streaks in FWA history. But he may be facing the biggest hurdle of his reign so far, but he’s certainly got the credentials to overcome it.

    Daniella Kennedy: Here’s a question I have: will Saints and Sinners or Blackbird’s boys get involved?

    Christian Quinn: Would they want to? That sets off a chain of events. Saint Sulley and Michael Garcia aren’t the only ones with friends here. Parr and Black were both very successful contestants in the tag team tournament.

    Rod Sterling: And Yuna has Patches!

    Saint Sulley stashes the now Classic FWA World Championship at ringside near the commentary table, and then looks up at that glistening new championship being held high above the ring. Sulley gives a glare to each of them as they get their chance at the belt. The official exits the ring and locks the door the door to the cell, officially signifying that the match is ready to begin.


    Mile High Massacre
    FWA World Championship

    Saint Sulley (c) vs. Mike Parr vs. Alyster Black vs. Yuna Funanori vs. Mike Garcia

    The bell rings signifying the start one of the most painful nights any of the five individuals in the ring will ever have. The moment after the bell rings is everlasting, each competitor considering who will move first. The Carnegie Carnivore doesn’t hesitate too long to find himself in the center of the ring. Surrounded by wrestlers ranging from a foot to two foot smaller than him, it’s no wonder Garcia is unafraid to take center stage. Garcia encourages any of his opponents to step up to the plate. Mike Parr thinks it over. Saint Sulley only sneers but makes no move to even approach. Alyster Black, incensed from their recent interactions, takes a step. One person does not hesitate - Yuna Funanori!

    Rod Sterling: I questioned General Manager Blackbird’s decision to put Yuna in an unfair battle royal match to qualify to be here - but she proved everyone including me and Blackbird to win it.

    Christian Quinn: But this is Michael Garcia she’s trying to take on. Shouldn’t she try to pick her battles?

    The Last Great Adventurer, 5 foot 1, 114 pounds, stands head to stomach in front of The Steel City Slayer, 7 ft 1, 375 pounds. Garcia laughs dramatically until Yuna, a furious look on her face, points to the ropes. She’s urging Michael Garcia to give her the best she’s got. The other three competitors really aren’t certain about this tactic. Garcia asks if she’s serious. She absolutely is. Big Mike shrugs and in only two strides makes it to the rope to CRASH INTO YUNA! The Voyagers takes a great journey FLYING through the bottom and middle rope and landing outside with a thud.

    Christian Quinn: Well, it was a fun journey for Yuna, but the fun and games can only last so long, this is a title match after all.

    Big Mike shrugs at the devastation he’s left behind and is quite ready to move on. Who will be next to take him up for a challenge? Again Alyster Black makes a step but the crowd begins cheering suddenly and it’s not for the masked wrestler. Garcia is (hardly) spun around by Yuna who stands up to him. She’s not done yet. With as much force as she can, she hits a knife edge chop to the gut of Big Mike! Big Mike looks down at his abdomen and chuckles. He gestures for her to actually hit his chest. Yuna is frustrated but urges the other competitors she’s not done yet.

    Daniella Kennedy: It looks like Yuna’s got another idea for dealing with Big Mike.

    Christian Quinn: Unless her idea is to leave it to the guys who don’t give up two feet and almost three hundred pounds, I’m not sure it’ll work out.

    Yuna runs outside and hustles under the ring. It takes a second. Another second. And voila, she has a steel chair in hand! If that isn’t the ultimate equalizer, then what is? The ring tenses. With a chair, anyone becomes an intimidating sight. Garcia isn’t quite willing to back down but obviously he isn’t as certain about this. Yuna slides into the ring but quickly pacifies her opponent by unfolding the chair and placing it right in front of Garcia. Yuna stands on top of the and shushes the entire Rogers Place arena. Michael Garcia shrugs, almost saying give it your best shot.

    Captain Funanori reaches all the way back to get as much rotation as she can and NUT PUNCHES GARCIA! Well, if the chair wasn’t a great equalizer, that certainly was! Yuna follows it up with a SPINNING BACK FIST to the keeled over Garcia. That sends his near four hundred pounds reeling backwards and into the ropes. Yuna turns around on the chair - MOONSAULT… and Garcia catches her effortlessly. He’s done with the games now. He military presses her - AIMS TO THROW HER OUTSIDE… but Parr and Black intervene! The only smart man in the ring, Saint Sulley, was quite happy to have one less competitor to deal with.

    Rod Sterling: I think Yuna might very well have to be stretchered off right now if it wasn’t for Parr and Black.

    Daniella Kennedy: This is every one for themselves. Do Black and Parr not remember that Yuna is after the same thing they want?

    Yuna manages to slide off of Garcia and on to the ring ropes with Black & Parr’s feeble aid. Black & Parr unleash strikes on the big man while Sulley still bides his time in a corner, keeping a sharp eye on his competitors. Garcia manages to shove Black away first but Parr is a slightly bigger individual and manages to briefly hold his own with a barrage of strikes, but even that isn’t much to Garcia and Parr eventually finds himself pushed away as well. Garcia stands tall in front of both Black and Parr, roaring his superiority. The crowd rallies again and Garcia turns around to ONCE AGAIN CATCH A FLYING YUNA FUNANORI. He does not hesitate this time, military presses her up and SENDS YUNA FUNANORI PLOWING INTO THE MILE HIGH MASSACRE STRUCTURE! Yuna flops near lifelessly to the ground. Parr and Black are stunned at the sight.

    Rod Sterling: Oh my god.

    Christian Quinn: I think Yuna may have just gone on her last voyage.

    Rod Sterling: Is Garcia that heartless?

    Saint Sulley, steel chair in hand, SMACKS IT AGAINST THE BACK OF GARCIA! Garcia winces and turns around. Sulley takes a couple of steps back. Garcia is shaking his head. Sulley finds his bravery and goes for another chair shot - GARCIA PUNCHES THE CHAIR OUT OF THE RING! Sulley falls to his ass after the impact. His eyes are wide in both shock and fear. Garcia takes another step. Sulley hustles away under the ropes. Garcia laughs but he’s taken his eyes off his other opponents. Parr and Black clip Michael Garcia’s legs and get him down to his knees.

    Black and Parr eye each other - they run opposite ropes… SHINING WIZARD / ROARING ELBOW COMBINATION! Garcia finally falls to the mat! Black and Parr eye each other once again, the crowd rallies for an exchange between the two but instead they both slide out of the ring. They fold ladders, reminding everyone the conditions of winning this match, and slide back in the ring. It looks as if they might charge at each other but they have a different idea in mind. Black and Parr urge Garcia to sit back up! The giant unknowingly does get back to his knees and gets FLATTENED BY TWO LADDERS! Parr and Black back up. They aren’t done! ONCE AGAIN THEY FLATTEN GARCIA BETWEEN LADDERS!

    Daniella Kennedy: Parr and Black know that the biggest obstacle in this match was Garcia, but this is a Mile High Massacre match. As much as it’s advantageous to a monster like the Carnegie Carnivore, it’s got every tool necessary to bring him down to size too.

    After disposing of their ladders, Black and Parr put some effort in kicking Garcia out underneath the ropes. Black and Parr finally get a chance to turn their attention to the other. Saint Sulley has a very calculated sneer on his face. The champ glares down at Garcia and demands that the referee open the cell door. The referee obliges and as soon as he does, Sulley shoves him down and grabs the keys. He puts it in his trunks and walks over to Michael Garcia. Saint Sulley grabs Garcia by the wrist and drags him outside of the cell. He gets back to the chains and makes sure to lock it tight. With no key in sight, Sulley bids the still recovering Garcia good luck in getting back in this match.

    Christian Quinn: I think Saint Sulley is hoping that he can win this match without ever having to exchange strikes with Michael Garcia.

    Daniella Kennedy: Sulley is just going the whole way with what Parr and Black had in mind.

    Back in the ring, Alyster Black attempts to elevate Parr into a suplex but Parr locks his leg and tries to go for his own. The two end their attempts, taking a quick step back. Black spins around for the Roaring Elbow but Parr anticipates it, latching onto Black’s arm and suddenly locking in a cross armbreaker. This isn’t the type of match that’ll be won with a submission but a bad arm certainly makes it harder to climb ladders and reach for gold.

    Saint Sulley is on the prowl again for his opportunity. He slides into the ring and grabs one of the ladders lying on the ground. Parr is so focused on his submission, he has little time to register the entry of the champion. Sulley drives the flat end of the ladder right into the arm of Black and abdomen of Parr, going for maximum damage. The lock is instantly released and Black clutches his arm so tightly and in so much pain, he rolls out of the ring in the turmoil. Parr isn’t so fortunate and gets the ladder DRIVEN into his gut three times before Sulley gives up on the ladder. Sulley mounts Parr and angrily begins grounding and pounding on the former North American champion. Parr manages to put his arms up long enough for the returning Black to give Sulley pause.

    Alyster Black isn’t in the best of shapes, clutching his arm mightily. Sulley urges him on. These two are some of the best one on one fighters in the game, but one of them was still in near tip top shape, and the other had already begun suffering the horrors of this match. Black lunges for a forearm smash but Sulley ducks under and lands a stiff left jab. Black reels back. Saint Sulley lands a MASSIVE RIGHT HOOK. It sends Black sprawling to the mat though quickly scurrying up to his feet and in the corner. Sulley doesn’t hesitate and lands VICIOUS ELBOW STRIKES one after the other. Black’s practically lifeless there in the corner.

    Christian Quinn: And this, ladies and gentleman, is our World Champion. He may have been picking his spots, but this is still pound for pound the best wrestler in our company, and he’s the one defending this belt for a reason. No one else in this ring has accomplished what he has. This is why.

    Saint Sulley backs down to the opposite corner. He sprints full speed, reckless abandon in his heart - SHINING WIZARD - no! Alyster Black dives out of the way and Sulley, with no hope of stopping himself in his tracks, flies not only over the turnbuckle but into the cage! The Saint’s viciousness finally works against him. Alyster Black spots Mike Parr trying to get in the ring on the outside. He smacks his dead arm a bit, and you can imagine the desperation underneath the mask. As soon as Parr gets to his feet in the ring, Black is too. They charge at each other and BLACK LANDS THE ONE SHOT KILL WITH THE BAD ARM! Parr is turned inside out and Black sits alone in the middle of the ring. He looks slowly up to the ceiling of the cell and spots the FWA World Championship.

    Rod Sterling: And just like that Quinn, the tables have turned and Black now has the best shot to win the Mile High Massacre and be crowned FWA Champion.

    Alyster Black goes over to the ladder, with infinite glory in mind and a useless arm at his side, he slowly sets the ladder up in the dead center of the ring. Black takes another glance at the belt. He begins an all too slow climb up with his bad arm. The crowd suddenly enters into a frenzy and Black looks in front of him to see why. Yuna Funanori is on the apron! The Last Great Adventurer SPRINGBOARDS RIGHT ONTO THE LADDER! They both hurry up the ladder in spite of every ounce of their bodies telling them to stop. At the top of it - war ensues!

    Christian Quinn: How is she even alive?

    Daniella Kennedy: She survived a brawl with Danny Toner and that same night took out the most evil man in the FWA, Kayden Knox, to qualify to be here. I think it’s time enough we all stopped underestimating her.

    Yuna has had more time to recover and begins a CANNON FIRE BARRAGE! FOREARM AFTER FOREARM AFTER FOREARM ON TOP OF THE LADDER. It’s taking everything in Alyster Black not to fall right off, especially with only one good arm to keep him standing. But ironically, it’s Alyster nearly teetering over that gives him the advantage. Yuna’s uncontrollable barrage nearly causes her to lose her balance and Black seizes his chance. IT’S A VIOLENCE PARTY. STIFF FOREARM! ELBOW. KNIFE EDGE CHOP! ELBOW! ELBOW! ELBOW! HEADBUTT! HEADBUTT! HEADBUTT! HE’S KNOCKED YUNA COMPLETELY LOOPY!

    Alyster Black climbs even higher on the ladder. He glances at the belt. Glances at Yuna who refuses to fall. He gazes at the arena through the structure… AND FLIPS OVER YUNA FOR THE SUNSET FLIP POWERBOMB - BUT YUNA HANGS ON TO THE LADDER! Alyster Black tries to force her off, and maybe any other day he might, but with one arm, it’s a fruitless endeavor! Black re-evaluates his strategy and instead… helps Yuna up the ladder. Yuna is confused at what’s going on but decides to roll with it when the FWA World Championship is in sight. She tries to reach for it… but gets elevated past it, nearly right up to the cell. Alyster Black elevates Yuna high - IS HE GOING FOR A SUPER GAMMA BOMB?!

    Rod Sterling: He’s not thinking what I think he’s thinking.

    Daniella Kennedy: The Gamma Bomb ends match. A Super Gamma Bomb… it’s going to end a lot more.

    Yuna seems to realize what’s happening and holds to the top of the cell for dear life! If she falls to this, it could well mean the end of her title hopes! Black TUGS AND TUGS. Yuna’s fingers DIG into the cell chains for survival until she’s forced to LET GO AND BLACK SENDS HER THUNDERING DOWN FOR THE GAM- WAIT- YUNA’S LEGS LOCK AROUND BLACK - SUPER ANCHOR DROP! The impact is so intense Black is rocked back onto his feet then falls back into the outside of the ring.


    Daniella Kennedy: Black showed Yuna what stops you have to pull to win this match, and Yuna met him with her best. Black is going to have to get his head checked after this.

    Captain Yuna Funanori, the Last Great Adventurer, has only a ladder between herself and her wildest dreams. These cheers quickly subside and turn into ravenous boos. Michael Garcia is on the outside of the cell yelling at the referee to open the door. The referee tries to indicate his predicament and gets a BIG BOOT for good measure. Garcia is absolutely furious, and Yuna is perhaps relieved at Sulley’s tactics now. Yuna begins climbing up the ladder. Garcia’s anger only increases. He eyes the Mile High Massacre door, wraps his massive arms around either end… and tugs at it. Yuna looks over her shoulder at the sight, slight horror coming about. Parr and Sulley even lose sight of their own pain to see what’s happening. Sulley stumbles over to the door and tries to hold it shut against him. Parr struggles to his own feet and joins Sulley trying to hold the door shut. Yuna is far too stunned to focus on the ladder.

    Christian Quinn: When Michael Garcia is awake, you can feel the entire room turn to focus on him.

    Daniella Kennedy: Is Michael Garcia seriously going to rip that door open?

    Michael Garcia tugs! Parr and Sulley try to hold the door back! Suddenly ... "The Affliction" Kayden Knox runs down the rampway and grabs a fist full of the steel door and begins tugging on it! Now there are two massive mountains of men trying to RIP OPEN the door!

    And they are successful, yanking it off the hinges as Mike Parr and Saint Sulley stumble forward in exhaustion.

    Rod Sterling: Kayden Knox is out here to help his ally! The Carnegie Carnivore is ready to feast.

    Daniella Kennedy: And I think he wants fine dining.

    Sulley is backing away, but not fast enough! Garcia is a man possessed and CHARGES FOR SULLEY - DOOR IN HAND - PANCAKING HIM BETWEEN STEEL CELL AND STEEL DOOR! Sulley falls limp on the ground. Garcia turns around, steel door still in hand. He’s got just a second to relax when Yuna Funanori, 3/4 up the ladder LEAPS OUT OF THE RING FOR THE DAVY JONES ELBOW DROP RIGHT ONTO GARCIA AND HIS STEEL DOOR!

    The camera surveys the carnage! Alyster Black barely coming to grips after the Anchor Drop! Parr bloodied by the opened cell door. Sulley sandwiched below Michael Garcia, a steel door, and Yuna Funanori. It’s truly reached the point of being a massacre.

    It's absolute mayhem as everyone lays in the ring. Yuna rolls off the steel door and to the outside. Meanwhile, Mike Parr is laying on his back outside of the ring receiving medical attention. Garcia is up on his feet...he picks up the broken steel door from Saint Sulley's chest, and starts whipping it at Yuna. He whacks her in the back, as she falls to the ground. He begins to then beat her over and over again with that steel door. Meanwhile Sulley crawls across the floor and tries to make it to his feet. Garcia goes to turn back to Sulley...but he's hit with a dropkick by Alyster Black! Black dropkicks Garcia THROUGH that steel door Garcia was holding. Garcia's nose is now bleeding. Meanwhile, Saint Sulley is now setting up a ladder in the middle of the ring! We might finally be at the conclusion of this match, as the defending champ begins to climb the ladder.

    Saint Sulley is halfway up. He's got his fingers on that championship belt...BUT here comes Alyster Black.

    Alyster climbs up on the other side, and strikes Sulley with a right hook before he can get that title...Sulley and Alyster now exchanging back and forth fists up on the ladder.

    Alyster hits a right hook.

    Sulley hits a right hook.

    Alyster hits a right hook.

    Sulley hits a right hook.

    Sulley hits another right hook, and another, and ANOTHER. But it doesn't knock Alyster off just yet!


    The former FWA Tag Team Champions grab Saint Sulley and Alyster Black and YANK them down off the ladder!

    Christian Quinn: It was a five-way match at first! Now it's 4 on 1 on 1 on 1 on 1! And Kleio and Kujo cannot get into the arena to help Saint Sulley!

    Saint Sulley and Alyster Black begin fighting back against the Undisputed Alliance! They are able to stymie the two, sending them out of the ring and crashing into the steel cell!

    Kayden Knox is now in the ring, staring at Saint Sulley and Alyster. He tries a double clothesline but the former one-on-one opponents duck and land a double single-leg dropkick that knocks Knox into the ropes. A double clothesline does the trick!

    Saint Sulley and Alyster then eye one another and the ladder again. Sulley pokes the eyes and races to the ladder. Alyster follows. This time Suley is aiting and lands a big right hand at the top. And another. And another!

    Saint Sulley hits one more hook, and Alyster Black falls backwards OFF the ladder and down to the mat. Sulley smiles at him down below...before his smile turns to shock, as he sees the giant Mike Garcia down at the bottom of the ladder instead. Garcia storms up the ladder, as Sulley tries to grab and unhook the title as fast as he can. Sulley has his hands on the clip, but KAYDEN KNOX hits him with a hammer punch into the back!

    This allows Michael Garcia time to reach the top!

    Sulley stumbles backwards, nearly falling off the ladder, but he regains his balance. He kicks Knox right in the face, one swift shot to the jaw!

    Meanwhile, Garcia tries to grab the title. Yuna is trying to make it to her feet now...

    Sulley and Garcia continue battling it out on top of the ladder, when Sulley hits a BIG jab to the throat of Garcia...Garcia stumbles down a couple steps, as Sulley almost climbs up to again unclip that belt...Sulley steps up to the top step now to get more leverage...WHEN MIKE GARCIA HITS HIM WITH A LOW BLOW! The incumbent champ groans as he now falls face first into the TOP of the ladder, but still hanging on...until Mike Garcia then takes the title, still hooked to the top, and bashes Sulley in the head with it...

    Sulley still doesn't budge, so Garcia strikes him again...

    And finally...A THIRD TIME. Which occurs simultaneously with KAYDEN KNOX slipping his head between Sulley's legs and POWERBOMBING him off the ladder! The combination of the powerbomb and being hit in the face with the title leads to the champion crashing into Yuna who just slid into the ring to try and prevent a Garcia victory.

    Mike Garcia unhooks the belt, as the crowd is in absolute silence.


    The crowd is absolutely stunned in horror and silence, as Mike Garcia's screams of joy could be heard from every building down the road. Kayden Knox watches with pride from the canvas below. Jackson Fenix and Nate Savage are finishing off a brawl with Mike Parr, who cannot fend off both at once no matter how great he is.

    No one on the commentary team has anything to say either, as Mike Garcia holds that brand new championship up high. The cell lifts off the ground and into the air. Mike Parr is being helped to the back, and Alyster Black is on the outside of the ring holding his head.

    Sulley had rolled off Yuna and immediately tried to get back to his feet following the fall from the ladder, but he was too late. Garcia smiles at him from up above as Sulley looks at him in anger and disgust...

    Rod Sterling: Is this really happening?

    Kennedy and Quinn still have nothing to say...

    Meanwhile, Sulley has made his way out of the cage and over to the commentary table, where he sat the FWA Championship he came in with before entering the match. He grabs the Classic FWA Championship and holds it tight against his chest as he leans back first onto the edge of the commentary table...

    But Garcia is still holding the new official FWA World Title up high in the ring.

    Daniella Kennedy: Has...has Mike Garcia just dethroned The King?

    Christian Quinn: Saint Sulley has had a championship around his waist for the last 867 days. Quite possibly a record...but now, for the first time in two years, thanks to Michael Garcia, he is no longer a champion.

    Daniella Kennedy: Thanks to KAYDEN KNOX AND THE UNDISPUTED ALLIANCE! Let's be honest about where credit goes!

    Mike Garcia and Saint Sulley stare each other down...Saint Sulley holding the old championship, and Mike Garcia holding the official new championship. Saint Sulley's eyes are wide and shocked, almost like a fit of rage and anger held silent within his pupils.

    Michael Garcia smiles the biggest smile in the world, now joined in the ring by the Undisputed Alliance and "The Afflicted" Kayden Knox. Michael Garcia stands tall, eyes closed, soaking in the biggest and proudest moment of his career and life. Saint Sulley simply says, "This won't last. This won't last."
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    Re: MILE HIGH 2020 RESULTS (11/28/2020)

    -reads Main event results-

    -deletes account-
    The most amazing thing about this recent conversation is that I've learned AON is even more of a waste of space than I thought he was previously

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    Re: MILE HIGH 2020 RESULTS (11/28/2020)

    A lot of people "lost" on this show but certainly didnt deserve to lose. If you were in the tag title match, North American title match, X Championship #1 contendership match, MvH vs Bell match, or Mile High Massacre, you DID NOT deserve to lose. Well done, amazing effort.

    Add in McClain here, too. Didnt deserve a loss.

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    Re: MILE HIGH 2020 RESULTS (11/28/2020)

    I loved everything on the show. Each match felt like it had a satisfying ending, except obviously the X Division #1 Contenders Match. I cringed in pain while reading it, which is saying something.

    My favorite match of the night was Bell Connelly vs MvH, which is shocking since I didn't know what was going on in the build up. Newbie Things I guess.

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    Re: MILE HIGH 2020 RESULTS (11/28/2020)

    Here are the grade rankings based on averages. I'm going to provide thoughts as I list the rankings. Please note that pretty much EVERYONE did incredible with their promos.

    I went into the show thinking I'd grade TOUGHER than in the past, holding people's feet to the proverbial fire a little more. Even so, I feel I graded better overall than any PPV I can remember. On average, just about everyone surpassed my expectations.

    There had to be match winners but I many of the promos that didn't win ... deserved to win. I truly believe that. The effort was there. Wins and losses don't dictate everything. Just keep telling your character's story, and I promise it will resonate and be fulfilling in the end.

    The grade averages are below, along with your average for each of the four categories: quality of content (did you put the feud/match/opponent over?), spelling/grammar/neatness/formatting (is it visually appealing and not distracting), creativity (is it different from other promos?), and character development (do we see some sort of meaningful growth?).

    These averages are not individual graders' grades. They are categorical averages. For that reason, the categorical averages may not perfectly add up to the total average. This is due to rounding up and whatnot. Basically, it's due to sloppy math. You still get a picture of where your promo stood.

    If you have questions about your grades, you can PM a mod and ask. We will do our best to help and provide feedback. Please do not get upset at us or at your grades. Remember, e-fedding is subjective, especially when determining winners and losers based on creative writing. You can either "try to win", or you can have fun. I would recommend doing a mixture of both but not getting too dragged down into the results (wins and losses). Generally, if you're having fun, the results will not matter and will also follow in time.

    Grade averages in order
    Krash -- 35.17 (9.17, 8.42, 8.83, 8.58)
    Golden Rock -- 35 (9.25, 9, 8.25, 8.5)
    Michael Garcia -- 34.65 (8.16, 8.75, 8.75, 8.83)
    Mike Parr -- 34.43 (8.5, 9, 8.32, 8.625)
    Saint Sulley -- 34.19 (8.37, 8.38, 8.16, 9)

    Alyster Black -- 33.75 (8.375, 8.125, 8.93, 8.44)
    Cyrus Truth -- 33.42 (8.75, 8.5, 7.83, 8.33)
    Bell Connelly -- 33.05 (8.75, 7.65, 8.71, 8)
    Yuna Funanori -- 32.92 (8.83, 7.5, 8.42, 8.25)
    Michelle von Horrowitz -- 32.8 (8.55, 8.7, 7.5, 8.05)
    MvH and Grayson -- 32.75 (8.5, 8.25, 8, 8)
    Chris Peacock -- 31.5 (7.75, 7.75, 7.75, 8.25)
    Toner Brothers -- 31.5 (8.33, 8.33, 6.83, 8)
    Eli Black -- 30.67 (7.67, 7.67, 7.17, 8.17)
    Marcus McClain -- 30.25 (7.75, 8, 6.75, 7.75)
    J.J. JAY! -- 29.83 (7, 8.17, 7.17, 7.5)
    New Breed -- 28.5 (7.17, 7.33, 6.5, 7.5)
    Kayden Knox -- 28.5 (6.5, 8, 8, 6)Saus X -- 28.25 (6.83, 7.33, 7.5, 6.92)
    Undisputed Alliance -- 27.83 (7.5, 6.5, 6.5, 7)
    The Valanders -- 18.5 (4.67, 5.17, 4.33, 4.33)
    Alexandra Marie -- 17 (4, 5, 4, 4)
    Mac Michaud -- 0
    Bronco Wells -- 0

    Krash the best promo on the show, in my opinion. I think I graded it a 36. Absolutely stellar. Krash did what many others did as well: He used an alternative/dream reality to depict himself and his opponent(s). What Krash did well that others slightly missed the mark on was making it fluid when going from the universe to talking about the match. It wasn't awkward or forced. It was just perfect, imo.

    I gave Bell a 10/10 for character development. I feel it was absolutely stellar.

    Eli Black made a HUGE improvement on grammar/spelling/neatness/presentation.

    Cyrus had a winning promo but went up against the best on the show. Cyrus went far outside his comfort zone of usual writing for the character. But it wasn't so far outside that it "wasn't" the character. It was still the amazing monologue-driven RP in the end. I just think his intro and the dialogue and the vulnerability shown was so new and fresh for the character.

    The MvH and Grayson score was lower than it should've been, imo. I can't speak on my own work but the Golden Rock promo and MvH/Grayson promo was closer than this gap indicates.

    I think the MvH and Bell averages are lower than they should be due to tiebreakers, who usually grade lower than mods. If not for the tiebreakers MvH and Bell are likely both around 34 or 33.5.

    There's no reason MvH should have a lower average than Yuna (no offense to Yuna). The explanation is SS was one of the fill-in graders for the MHM and he grades pretty positively/high. Meanwhile, the tiebreak/fill-in graders for Bell vs. MvH were generally stingier/tougher.

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    Re: MILE HIGH 2020 RESULTS (11/28/2020)

    This is number one bullshit.I demand a recount.How did MvH go 0-2?!?!?!?

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    Re: MILE HIGH 2020 RESULTS (11/28/2020)

    Great show from top to bottom. My MOTN was Bell vs MVH. No offense to SS(great stuff as usual) I told AON I was going to riot if he lost that match.

    Krash vs Truth was a clinic and X vs Jay! was a nice change of pace. I'm excited to see where we go from here. A lot of people know where they going and others are kinda just lost in the card. Including me but that's fine I have to start from the bottom and work my way up.

    The only match that was disappointing was the tag title match. Thought it be higher on the card considering the tournament engulfed the fed for 6 months but it was a fine match overall

    MHM was insane. Full of great stories and moments. After months of failure, Big Mike prove the haters wrong with an assist with this new stable. I think A stable war is brewing in FWA and I love it
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    Credit to OMB

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    Re: MILE HIGH 2020 RESULTS (11/28/2020)

    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. Franchise View Post
    Great show from top to bottom. My MOTN was Bell vs MVH. No offense to SS(great stuff as usual) I told AON I was going to riot if he lost that match.

    Krash vs Truth was a clinic and X vs Jay! was a nice change of pace. I'm excited to see where we go from here. A lot of people know where they going and others are kinda just lost in the card. Including me but that's fine I have to start from the bottom and work my way up.

    The only match that disappointing the tag title match. Thought it be higher on the card considering the tournament engulfed the fed for 6 months but it was a fine match overall
    Thanks for your feedback!

    Couple things here with the bolded part...

    1. I really really am in support of opening shows with big matches too. In fact I know we've gotten some feedback in the past about big shows actually starting with less hyped matches and it sort of resulting in the show starting off slow. So I think what we've done is try and balance things out and open BIG and end BIG too. That's one of the reasons why this HUGE match took place in the opening of the show. Y

    2. Michelle von Horrowitz had TWO matches on this show. So we had to either make Bell Connelly vs MvH open the show, and have this one later, or vise versa. For several logistic reasons, as well as one I can't disclose right now, it made the most sense to have the Bell Connelly match later in the show...which you said ended up being your MOTN so it fits well, eh?

    Also keep in mind that this wasn't the guaranteed finale for the Tag Team Tournament, and had MvH/Grayson won we'd have had one more match. From a kayfabe perspective, yes after we knew the winners would be Golden/Ramon we could've moved it to make it more climatic, but I like it where it's at.

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    Re: MILE HIGH 2020 RESULTS (11/28/2020)

    I do disagree with the big gap between Jam and I's role-play and Golden/Ramon. I thought it was a lot closer than that. But I know that I'm biased!

    I am a little bit annoyed that I was marked so harshly for creativity for the MvH promo. I disagree that a promo needs to be a pastiche of something else in order to be creative. Writing can be creative without being a homage or a parody. I would argue that this promo was different from most other promos in its structure and its content. I feel like such a dialogue-light promo requires some creativity in the writing, and that creativity has more than one form. The fact that AON got higher for presentation/spelling/grammar (with both Bell and Yuna) than I got for creativity is really confusing to me.

    That being said, I am not overly annoyed about losing both matches. It is disappointing, for sure, but both were very good promos and I'm looking forward to bouncing back on the next card.

    I'll post a full, less solipsistic review a little later!

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    Re: MILE HIGH 2020 RESULTS (11/28/2020)

    Quote Originally Posted by ETE View Post
    This is number one bullshit.I demand a recount.How did MvH go 0-2?!?!?!?
    I agree quite massively with this. Don't feel he deserved to lose both matches.

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    Re: MILE HIGH 2020 RESULTS (11/28/2020)

    I'm still digesting this show but I'll get some quick-fire thoughts out there. I'll get my negative paragraph out of the way first.

    I had voiced my problems and disdain with some of the booking leading up to this event and my kayfabe worries aren't eased really here (MvH being beaten twice, MHM not being booked to it's fullest potential and then a really weak title change with the least interesting member involved.). Golden Rocks getting attacked after their match is meh to me and if they're bringing in an outside team to feud and tag teams are breaking up (MvH/GG, Black/Truth and ParrKrash) I fail to see the overall point in the tag team tournament enhancing teams and creating new ones - what was the point in The Toners, The Valanders, The UA or The New Breed winning their ppv tag matches when a new team has just arrived and looks set to feud Golden Rock? I can say my interest is firmly in a couple of show to show midcard stories and outside MvH/Bell and the tag team tourney stuff I'm stuggling to think of captivating stuff happening. All solid. So consistent. Always a 7.5 or 8/10. It rarely peaks above that. I'm committed as a player but if I'm honest - I'm not that interested as a reader. I know I'm in the minority but that's just the truth. I'm also aware that if somebody wins, they win. Not much can be done about it. Onto all the bountiful good stuff.

    SAYER - As much as I despise Garcia winning the belt on programming because I'm sick to death of the main event scene being the same all year and not being particularly interested in what's happening I am made up for you as a person. It's great to see hard-work and dedication awarded. It shows people that if you stick at this it'll click and it's a great example to new players. Really happy for you man, you were classy in receipt of the honour and I hope you enjoy your reign. Well done on getting there, I salute your dedication and on a personal note if I end up showing half your determination I'll be very proud of myself. Compliments to you Sayer. Congratulations. Make it a big one.

    KRASH/CYRUS - What a sick match and two great promos. Really loved the clash and I don't know if it's feasible but I'd be down to see yous two boys joust again. Krash feels like a super hot product at the moment and Cyrus is obviously a legend. The NA Championship may be in a vice-grip for some time judging by this output from the two. Krash winning feels right at the moment.

    TAG TOURNEY - What a match again. Splendid from top to bottom and as I've said numerous times this should've mained. Such was the quality of output from both teams throughout and it was a hyped match. Scoring gap is super strange but this isn't about scores. The match was beautifully worked and the story told was great. Golden Showers should be great champions and it's very interesting to see where MvH and GG (With his new super high stock) go. Fitting end to a wonderful tournament. I don't like the mystery angle after too much. It felt too obviously The Echo so I reckon that's a red herring.

    SAUS X/JJ - One of my favourite matches on the show and it stood out. JJ is quickly becoming a really fun part of the show and adds to the colourful, creative midcard going on at the moment. Saus X has had a great debut in the fed and I see really big things for him in his future here. Well done dude.

    Big Mack/Chris P - Big Mack should definitely get a Gauntlet Championship match at some point after this. Peacock is so much fun and I honestly wouldn't be in any way shocked if he unseats Toner for the Gauntlet Championship. Ton of fun writing Peacock in this match and in the later segs.

    MHM - The match itself was absolutely brutal and the formation of the stable was one we've all been longing for. Every star got their shine and a massive kudos to whoever put this together. With Bell's massive win and rise, Yuna should return to the midcard for now. She's still new and fresh and doesn't need to be insta main event. Parr and Black should become fixtures and I'd fully buy it.

    Successful return of Bell - It instantly adds a major impact player to proceedings. Bell has been gone long enough that this feels fresh as hell. MvH taking two losses in a net negative for the night but Bell returning successfully here is major. People are gonna jump at me for this but I'd book Bell vs Sulley/Garcia as soon as Sulley has his rematch. Who else?

    NOTE ON THE PRODUCTION OF THIS SHOW - Fucking 10/10 for presentation, layout and turnaround time. You guys (mods) are killing it in that regard. Show was paced well and the idea to have the birthday bash running in the background gave the show some theme and backbone between matches. I know I've been wailing on the booking (from a kayfabe aspect) quite a bit recently so it's fair I fully acknowledge the excellent work you guys are putting in at the moment. Honestly, output has been insane and once the fed becomes a bit more immersive I think we'll be on path to return to the peak times of the WC Era.

    3X World Tag Team Champion (w/Christian Quinn, w/Randy Ramon & w/Ryan Rondo)
    1X Gauntlet Champion


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    Re: MILE HIGH 2020 RESULTS (11/28/2020)

    Thanks for your feedback Tig on the content of the tag team finale match. Match writing in my opinion is my personal weakest area as a mod, and I legit procrastinated writing this for about four hours as I screwed around doing other things with the show instead. My matches generally end up shorter and less detailed, but at least with tag team matches it's easier to drag out because the matchups can change back and forth via tag so it doesn't get stagnant too fast. I'm sure I'll improve with match writing the longer I do it, and I've done it part time for 10 years now, but it's still my least favorite part.

    Jon wrote MHM and I agree it was absolutely wonderful.

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    Re: MILE HIGH 2020 RESULTS (11/28/2020)

    I’d love to give a big long review of this show, that was something this show deserves, but unfortunately; not enough time in the day,

    I will say the things that were great about this show was great, and it always shows when everyone pulls together ad does some great work, nothing here was half-assed in any way shape and that always shows, I feel like the efed is in a really good place at the moment with a lot of creative writers about, a lot of fun new people that I can see being champs in the future and the matches were all in vogue, in particular -and I have a vested interest admittedly- I thought the MVH and Bell match is gonna be a match of the year contender if I’m honest the above talk about MVH grades has really taken from what I thought was a cool story and a cool feud that it’s been my honour to bring to life with SS, and speaking personally, a huge personal win for me; Considering where I was in the summer with Kevin Cromwell, and just thinking I had no creative bullets left in my chamber, and that I was done. I would rank this as one of my most satisfying victories.

    To touch briefly on the main event, while I’m happy for the player and I congratulate Sayer for winning, in character; quite frankly the main event scene is stale, and I don;’t think that’s news to anyone, so I rather got my hopes up, we would get a new champ that would truly shake the foundations of that scene, unfortunately, Michael Garica is not that person, nothing against big mike, but he’s an established main eventer and I was hoping for something truly out of the blue, but here it is; Herein lies the challenge. Prove me wrong. Make me eat my words. You get to be the champ now, how do you make this fun? How do you tackle these issues? What’s something you bring different to the table? You wanted the nod, now you got it. Big Mike has the company on his shoulders. Let’s see what he does with it
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