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Thread: FWA 15th Anniversary Show Results

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    FWA FWA 15th Anniversary Show Results

    ‘And Their Eulogies Play Me Too Sleep’ plays softly in the background, as the boo’s…well they don’t fall like Rain. Hell there’s even some cheers, his ‘glory’ days when the Modern Day Anarchist made the World loathe his existence was a long time ago. Now Jack Severino is just a retired Pro Wrestler turned Salmon Farmer.

    Jack Severino: Fifteen years. Fifteen years of the FWA. Fifteen years of the best Wrestling on the planet between some of the best and worst people in the World. I think I know where in that ledger I fall. But hey I’m thankful for everything the FWA has given me, everything the FWA has given all of us over the years.

    I was just a snot nosed young brat when the FWA signed me all the way back in 2006. Strutting down to the ring with the future Caramel Coated Goddess on my arm. I thought I was the bee’s knee’s back then. Of course I wasn’t, but within the FWA I became better than anyone ever imagined. I just had to enslave a Ukrainian woman to do so…imagine doing that and getting away with it in any other workplace.

    The FWA gave me everything I now have, a simple life of relaxation, retired young. In the FWA I became everything I wanted, and something I never dreamed of. So here’s to 15 years, and to 15 more years.

    Jack raises up his glass of whiskey to the camera, and downs it as the small video piece comes to an end.



    On October 9th, 2020...

    FWA's 15th Anniversary Show

    The fans can be heard continuing a chant that was going on through the crowd before the cameras turned on after the Severino cold open...




    A shot of Rogers Arena and also BC Place can be seen from the camera, before cutting back to the arena where the crowd is still going absolutely nuts for this special show.

    The fireworks blast off all throughout the arena as the fans go crazy for this special episode dedicated to the 15th Anniversary of FWA. Fireworks go off at the ring posts, and and then at the ramp, and then a grand finale at the top of the stage.

    Rod Sterling: FIFTEEN YEARS IN THE MAKING! Welcome to a very special edition of our FWA program, where we are celebrating the anniversary of one of the most prestigious wrestling companies in all of sports.

    Christian Quinn: We are in for a highly anticipated show tonight. Jason Randall and Kayden Knox are finally crashing head to head into each other in a crazy barb wired cage match. Even crazier, we are inducting a brand new class into the FWA Hall of Fame. Tonight, three new FWA alumni will be given the title of FWA Hall of Famers. The headline first ballot nominee "The Astonishing" Chris Kennedy makes his return after being gone for so long, and it's to take on the man sitting atop of the FWA throne, "The King" Dave Sullivan! And of course we have two huge tag team tournament matchups as the bracket begins to close in on a winner.

    Daniella Kennedy: And honestly Christian, this might be the most important night for the tag team tournament main event. The winner of that Golden Rock and Black Truth showdown will go on to be the only undefeated team left and just one victory away from the tag team titles. That means even if they lose to the winner of the Retribution bracket, they'll need to be defeated a second time to truly lose this thing. Meanwhile, the loser of the main event will go into the retribution bracket where they'll be forced to win a streak of matches in a row in order to claim the gold.

    Rod Sterling: In other words, you want to win tonight, and honestly...whoever comes out of the main event between Golden and Ramon and Cyrus and Eli Black, I see them being hard to take down. But first up, our first match of the night where we'll see Mike Valander take on Donny Toner! Welcome again to fifteen historic years of legendary FWA Television!

    Prodigal Son by Kid Rock starts blasting through the arena as Mike Valander comes strutting out to the top of the ramp. His brother Louis Valander is right behind him.

    The two brothers make their way down the ramp.

    Mike Valander heads quickly into the ring and awaits his opponent, Donny Toner. Meanwhile Louis waits at ringside.

    There's a moment of silence as the crowd awaits Donny's entrance, and finally "That's Not Me" by Skepta JME goes off.

    The masked Donny Toner comes out to a cheer as he sprints down the ramp and slides in the ring.

    He points at Mike Valander, who isn't intimidated at all, and the bell for the match rings.

    Singles Match
    Mike Valander
    Donny Toner

    The bell rings, as Donny Toner and Mike Valander dance around the ring. Valander goes in first, and him and Donny struggle for control. It looks like Valander gets the upper hand, as he then hits a suplex on Donny in the middle of the ring.

    Valander then picks up Donny and attempts a Reverse DDT, but Donny hits Valander with an upper cut in the gut. Donny then hits Valander with another upper cut, this time to the jaw, and Valander ends up stumbling backwards and falling to the ground.

    Valander quickly gets back up and swings at Donny, but Donny ducks and hits Valander with a SHINING WIZARD!

    Mike falls to the ground.

    Donny gets up on the top rope and looks like he's going to go for a suicide dive, but Mike starts to stir and tries to get up. Donny doesn't risk making the jump, and hops off the turnbuckle. He goes to pick up Mike, but Valander elbows him in the face. Valander then hits a REVERSE DDT.

    He goes for the pin on Donny.



    But now Donny kicks out.

    Mike is angry now, thinking he had Donny there. He goes to attack Donny again, but Donny hits a SPEAR on Valander out of nowhere.

    Valander tries to quickly get up after the spear, but Donny goes at him again with an THE JAWSWINGER! (Clothesline From Hell!)

    Valander looks out of it as Donny goes for the pin!




    Mike Valander lifts his shoulder right after the ref hits the mat for the third time. He signals for the bell!

    Winner (5 minutes, 6 seconds) by pinfall: Donny Toner

    Mike Valander is furious following the match. Donny Toner has left the ring and is celebrating on the ramp, as Mike is wagging his finger at the referee and arguing that he picked out before three.

    Louis Valander is now in the ring, trying to calm Mike down, but to no avail.

    Mike is furious. He's now at ringside, and tosses the steel steps.

    Rod Sterling: I can't believe this! Mike Valander is inconsolable after this loss to Donny Toner.

    Christian Quinn: Louis is trying to help, but Mike is not having it. Mike with a big singles loss here to open up the show. Louis on the other hand has been doing quite well in singles matches.

    Mike is now storming up the ramp, still furious, as Louis attempts to follow him.


    As the familiar chords of In Dreams by Roy Orbison rang out around the arena, a mostly positive reaction emanates from the crowd in expectation of her arrival. Even back in her early days, when her name was resolutely booed in almost all corners of the US save for Louisiana, she could still expect some cheers when the circus travelled to Canada or Europe or Japan. The same was still true now, and when Michelle von Horrowitz walked out onto the stage, all but her most ardent detractors showed some form of appreciation. It had no effect on the woman herself, who marched down the ramp with a singular purpose.

    Kurt Harrington: ”Ladies and gentlemen, would you please welcome at this time… Michelle von Horrowitz!”

    MvH ignores the front row fans, having eyes only for the ring as she descends the ramp.

    Rod Sterling: ”Well, we were promised by this woman that… if Bell Connelly doesn’t show up at the Anniversary Show here tonight, there would be severe consequences, and severe repercussions at the hands of Michelle von Horrowitz.”

    Christian Quinn: ”We’ve had a reporter positioned at the crew entrance all evening, and we’re still yet to see any sign of Bell Connelly at the Rogers Arena here in Vancouver. I expect that MvH is going to be severely disappointed once again in her seemingly never-ending pursuit of Bell Connelly’s attention…”

    Von Horrowitz climbs up the steps and through the ropes, moving over towards the ring announcer and demanding that Harrington gives up his microphone. When he does, she wordlessly tells him that the time has come for him to vacate the ring, and Kurt is immediate in his absolute obedience. When she’s alone in the ring and her music has begun to fade, she takes a seat in the corner, her head propped up against the second turnbuckle, and her eyes on the entrance upon the stage.

    MvH: ”It’s time.”

    And then she lowers the microphone, and she waits…

    Ahs she waits…

    ….and she waits….

    ...and by now the crowd is getting restless, a few scattered boos aimed at the ring when it becomes clear that it's another no show. No amount of waiting or swearing under her breath is going to change that. She looks angry, annoyed but not surprised, and leans into the mic one more time…

    ...but the moment she does, a buzz goes through the crowd, that gets heavier and heavier, blooming into a full on massive pop, MVH looks confused in her seat, unsure why they were reacting the way they were until she looks up towards the entrance way. Recognition creeps over her face. Michelle extends her arms, wraps her hands around the top rope, and pulls herself out of a seated reflection.

    Bell Connelly was striding down the ramp.

    No music, no fanfare. She isn’t milking the reaction in a way you might imagine of a former world champion making her grand return after almost two years out of the ring... if anything she looks downright uncomfortable and clearly not trying to draw this out in any way shape or form. She ignores the crowd (not to mention the light ’HO-LY SHIT!’ chant), and is clad in casual clothes. A pair of dense pair of reading glasses on her nose.

    Bell hasn’t broken stride for a second… until she gets to the apron. She freezes as she’s about to step into the ring, hesitating noticeably. She seems to take a moment for a deep breath, and for the first time in near two years. Bell Connelly steps into the ring, shaking her head, clearly uncomfortable with being here, but she sucks it up and meets MvH in the center of the ring. She looks her up and down, her face neutral, as you can feel the suspense build... Bell stands in front of the girl that had for long sought to ruin her personal life in an attempt to get her to this moment….

    ...and gently extends her hand calmly asking for the mic. Michelle has a somewhat unsettling grin on her face as she passes it across. Afterwards, she takes three or four steps backwards, leaning against the turnbuckle and awaiting a response.

    The mic trembles a little in Bell’s friend. She can’t help but look...almost uncomfortable, letting the reaction over take her, it certainly seems to be energizing her slightly, but it’s almost like she’s trying to resist that., like she’s actively trying to tune out the sounds of the crowd warmly welcoming her back. She takes a beat, a deep breath and seems to mutter under her breath “You can do can do this…” Before opening her eyes up and looking up at MVH


    She opens her arms up her arms as if to invite an answer

    Bell: “Before we go any further, I need to make one thing VERY clear. This isn’t you winning. This isn’t me giving into blackmail. I’m not here out of fear of what you might do if I wasn’t here. If you want to know the truth? I hate myself a little for being here. I smell the ropes, the pyro, I hear the sound of the boards under this ring, and my stomach rolls. I've broken so many promises by just being out here right now. But… but.. but… what else can I do? I’ve tried everything else I could possibly do. I’ve tried ignoring you… I’ve tried confronting it... I’ve tried doing interviews… I’ve even tried legal action which, by the way; I hope you thanked the higher ups of this company because if it wasn’t for them blocking me at every turn and saving you, you wouldn’t be here...”

    She snaps her head at the entrance ramp accusingly, clearly not a fan of how FWA has chosen to protect their own interests rather than punish MVH in any way. But by this point Bell seemed frantic, gesticulating wildly with her free hand as she tries to channel the nervous energy out of her body before turning back to MVH, her face screaming “If I don’t laugh, I’ll cry”.

    Bell: “You know this is insane right? Ten months. You’ve been obsessed with trying to get me in the ring. Spending every Fight Night trying to get me face to face… and that’s the crazy thing.. See, I screwed over a lot of people in this business… like… a lot, and I’d get it if they called me out, because they have a bone to pick… but you? We spent half an hour in a ring four years ago. That’s it. I don’t know you; you don’t know me. We have not spoken, we’ve barely interacted, how could we? You were in CWA while I was here in FWA. The only time we’ve ever spoken is December of last year when all this started… and I’m sick of this, Michelle. I really am, I’m sick of the harassment. I’m sick of you ruining my professional life and my personal life for reasons I couldn’t even begin to understand. I just want to be left alone. I just want a quiet life… away from… from… from anything. So if this is what I need to do to get it. Then fine; get her a mic.”

    Bell suddenly scrambles over to the side of the ring and gestures wildly to aN attendant. Who quickly gets her a second mic. She snatches it up and frantically slams the palm on her mic making absolutely sure it was on before abruptly rolling it towards MVH before retreating back to the center of the ring

    Bell: “Here’s what’s going to happen...”

    She leans forward with her palm outstretched showing off all five fingers

    Bell: ”Five minutes. You get five minutes of my time. No more. No less. Five minutes to tell me whatever it is you’ve been dying to tell me for the last year. I’m sure, it’ll be riveting. I’m fascinated, Michelle. Honestly, I am. You get it all off your chest. All out of your system. Hit me with your best shot...and after five minutes you know what happens?”

    Bell raises a single hand towards the entrance way.

    Bell: “I walk back up that ramp, I get in my rental car, and I go back home, and I’m not going to look back. I’m not going to give you a second thought. You’re going to move on and you’re going to let me get on with my god damned life.”

    It’s clear from Bell’s tone she’s annoyed, angry she’s been forced to come out of hiding and why wouldn’t she be? She isn’t here for some grand return. Some comeback. She’s here to put this to bed once and for all as she encourages MvH to start talking. Michelle is still lent against the corner, and one of the ring side crew is holding a microphone out in front of her. Von Horrowitz, for the moment, simply stares at Bell, her countenance plain and her body language neutral. Eventually, she takes the mic, and - remaining exactly where she is - lifts it to her lips.

    MvH: “Your comments on this whole affair have been seldom but interesting, Bell. I’ve been coming to this ring on a weekly basis - before my match, after my match, hell... sometimes even during my match - and asking that you show just a slither of respect and come here to talk to me. Your response has been telling. You reduce the connection between us to ’one interaction, which happened years ago’... when any trag with a handful of brain cells and a can-do attitude can see that there is much more between us than that. You are referring, of course, to the FWA-CWA Crossover show. This was way back in 2016. Four years, Bell. Can you believe that?! The time flies. But I still remember, Bell. I remember what it was like back then. Do you?”

    She doesn’t move a centimetre from the corner, staring across the ring at Bell. She is still calm, as if this has been thought through clearly.

    MvH: “You make mention of this yourself. We were in separate houses, but the similarities were clear. You, right here in the FWA, had held the now-rightly-defunct FWA Women’s Championship for over two years, and had shown that you were too good for pretty much anyone in that division. You were tired of being seen as a side-show. A novelty act whose only purpose was to fluff up the crowd before the real champions came out. I’ve spoken about the children that they used to send out before the bull-fights. They’d strap a couple of horns to a dog and send it out for laughs. But when a bull was accidentally sent in and caused quite a scene, they quickly put an end to this side-show. They should have done that far earlier in your case, Bell. We both know that. You stagnated for months and months and months at the top of a division that literally nobody cared about. Your best years, maybe. When you should’ve been facing Rondo, or Truth, or St. Clair… you were wasting your time beating the same stale competition week, after week, after week.”

    Bell awkwardly shuffles her weight from one foot to the other, patiently waiting for the conclusion.

    MvH: “But this, as you have said, is ancient history, and what does it have to do with Michelle von Horrowitz? Well, it all changed for you when I made an impression at the other place. I was going toe-to-toe with Jon Snowmantashi at Five-Star Attraction, and although I came up short against the kaiju, I served as a much-needed reminder of the likes of Gabrielle and Jillian Da Silva. Do you think for one second, Bell, that you would have been competing in the main event of that Crossover show - a match in which I broke your spirit and made you tap - if I hadn’t won the Wrestle Royal? If some interchangeable nobody with a y-chromosome had thrown me out of that match, do you think they’d have thrown Bell Connelly opposite PAJ that night? I, for one, do not. And so, in this small way, our fates began to mirror, and anyone with half an eye on the picture could read that much into it.”

    Bell’s expression is difficult to read as the camera settles on her, trying to discern the reaction from the former World Champion. It’s not quite impatience but it’s not quite curiosity, either. Michelle, in a surprisingly collected manner, continues with her diatribe.

    MvH: “But then, directly after I had my first taste of gold, I had to leave, and the feat was scrubbed from the record books. You, meanwhile, finally took the jump into the men’s division, and I could not help but keep one eye on your progress. In many ways, I saw you as an extension of myself. Our paths no longer ran in parallel, but yours was a reasonable approximation of what might have been. Of what could and probably should have been. When I saw you win the world championship - and I was watching, in my shabby apartment in East Berlin - a part of me felt… ecstatic. A removed sense of accomplishment came upon me, which was alien and confusing, but it felt in many ways the closest thing that I’d get to the vindication I craved. And then… a little less than four months later… it was all over, and you disappeared to play the house-wife. You can cite a broken neck all you like, but the theft of your agency was only temporary. And I have no respect for the decision that you made, just a I have no respect for the decision that I had made a few months before.”

    There is almost an eerie silence in the arena, thousands upon thousands of fans leaning forward on their seats to listen in. At home, millions and millions of viewers are doing the same. Michelle still has her forearms atop the ropes, leaning up against the turnbuckles, staring across at Bell. Connelly does the same in return. MvH’s hand rests over her revolver, the sun rising to High Noon, ready for the call to draw.

    MvH: “The day after you retired, I began to train again. A month after, I was competing in matches in Eastern Europe, showing green boys and girls how much they still had to learn. You see, Bell, I felt that I had a responsibility, not only to this ring, but to you. I saw it as my quest, my pilgrimage, to come back here, and to drag you kicking and screaming to the place you turned your back on. I cannot claim to have watched your movies. The idea of doing so gives me stomach pains. But I venture that any happiness that you manage to muster is the product of the sociopathic studying of your peers and contemporaries that Dr. Strangelove told us about back at Payback. Because whenever I’ve seen you… you have seemed lost… confused… a shell. I saw a glimpse of this woman back at the Crossover show, but I thought that you had come through that. It seems that Cyrus shook her back to life. And it makes me sad.”

    Finally, Michelle pushes herself off the turnbuckles, taking a couple of steps towards the other woman.

    MvH: “So I went about making your business my business, but I did so only with my words, and with my mind. My intentions were clearly laid out. For you to listen to me, and then to face me. This has not changed, regardless of the nature of your response. And I must admit, I did not quite expect the scale of response that I received. A lead pipe, a stolen championship, and an attempted hit and run?! Really, Bell… but I suppose that I should expect such extremities, if I kick the hornet’s nest so freely. Your actions have made this inevitable, Bell. You stole something from me, and now you are in my debt. You say this is not me winning... Well, not yet. That comes later. I want my match, and I want it at Mile High...”

    MvH is not a woman that often got a positive reaction… but the suggestion of a match between Bell Connelly and Michelle? The roof almost goes off the building at the prospect of this dream match. The only person not looking enthused by the concept? Bell Connelly. The second MvH laid down her challenge; Bell seemed to wince noticeably, hanging her head like she had just told her dog died. For a moment she says nothing, merely staring down at the ground, a blank expression on her face before it suddenly snaps up... suddenly animated as she takes a step forward.

    Bell: “Michelle… I’m not speaking to your persona. I’m not going to do the “Wrestler” thing right now. I’m not going to mock you, threaten you. Or make jokes. I’m going to speak to you as a person, because I’m about to tell you two things that are going to be hard for you to accept, but you’re going to have to. First off; and you’re not going to believe me, I know. I had nothing to do with the attack on you.”

    A confused buzz goes through the arena. This was a twist. Most people expected Bell to say the exact opposite.

    Bell: “I have never talked to Sean Hughes or the Prototype. I’ve never been in the same room with either of them. Hell, I didn’t even know who they were till my name left their lips! And if I did? I’d be an idiot-! Really that would be the stupidest thing I could possibly do. I’d be the first person you’d go to. Now, have I thought about attacking you? Have I thought about hurting you? I won’t deny it... but I didn’t, because I don’t play those games anymore. I’m a better person now. And hey; if you don’t believe me? If you think I’m bullshitting, I’ll be happy to show you my phone records and show they never called me. Don’t you get it? They’re playing you. They’re giving you the answer you want to hear, so you don’t go digging further. Now you can believe me or not. That’s on you, and it’s really none of my concern...but that leads me on to the second thing, and I want you to really pay attention to this; I really want to make sure you hear this because clearly nothing I’ve done in the last year has had an impact. So I need to spell this out.

    Bell leans forward in place, locking eyes with MVH as draws out her words.

    Bell: “I will never fight you… not now; not ever.”

    The sound seems to drain from the arena, like the air leaving a balloon.

    Bell: “And if you’re honest with yourself? You don’t want that match either. Because you’re picturing some… some kind of match of the year right? Something that will prove to the world that you’re the biggest name in wrestling. That’s what you want, right? You might have got that at some point… but here’s the thing. That person you want me to be? She’s gone now. That insane sociopath? I’m not that person anymore. I’m a recovering addict with medical health issues and a fused neck, and you’re at the peak of your career. There is no scenario where this works out for you. Best case scenario? You beat me in five minutes, and you’ll be left thinking ’is that it? That’s what I spent a year trying to get?’ You’ll be left… hollow… unsatisfied… wanting… and you will have proved nothing.”

    Bell pauses to truly underline this point.

    Bell: “I want this to end. I will give you money. I will give you the glitter bomb, I will look in the hard camera right now and tell the world that you’re better than me in every way. I will give you anything you want. but what you’re asking for? Who you’re asking for? She’s dead. If you want validation if you want some way to get over your inferiority complex? You need to look elsewhere because I can’t give it to you. I’m physically unable to do that anymore...all I owe you is five minutes...and times up. Goodbye Michelle. I hope you find what you’re looking for.

    And with that, just like she promised. Bell made her way to the ropes not looking around even once as she starts departing from the ring.

    MvH: “Just one moment, Bell…”

    Bell stops, midway through the ropes, and Michelle reaches into the pocket of her hoodie. She produces what folds out to be a large white envelope, and again MvH finds herself walking towards Connelly.

    MvH: “Trust me, you just need to see this, my tulip.”

    Against her better judgement, Connelly turns back around to face her would-be opponent. MvH holds out the envelope. Reluctantly, Bell takes the object from her hands. Michelle takes a step away.

    MvH: “You know, you talk a lot, and still almost as eloquently as you used to. A recovering addict with medical health issues?! That could be literally twelve people in the back. But you are wrong about a number of things, Bell. Most notably, though, is the fact that I do want this match. I have already risked much to get it. I have ploughed a lot of time and effort into this endeavour, and there is not even a small chance that I will abandon it, having come this far. Please, take a look.”

    Bell opens up the lip of the envelope, and lifts out a few pieces of paper. Her eyes begin to scan the text before her.

    MvH: “You can keep those, Bell. They’re copies, obviously. One set of many. But you better believe that I have already spoken to the puppet masters. You may say that they have saved me, but they owe me much, given the hostile work environment that the Blackbird has encouraged. Ultimately, he is responsible for what happened, for my championship being taken away from me. And I have arranged for my music to be the first played at Mile High, where I will take to the ring regardless of what happens in the Tag Team Classic. You have two options: Bell Connelly will face off against Michelle von Horrowitz in a one-on-one traditional wrestling match. Or, I tell the tulips and the trogs alike a story.”

    Michelle takes a step towards Bell but, as the former champion continues to read the copies that she has just been given, decides to simply step past her. She climbs onto the apron and, leaning over the top rope, mutters her final words.

    MvH: “It’s up to you, Bell. But if you want my advice? Throw yourself in.”

    Bell doesn’t move for a second, merely looking down at whatever it is in the envelope. She suddenly backs off, tugging at her hair with her free hand and beginning to pace back and forth clearly stressed and shaking her head, muttering to herself over and over again… before her shoulders slump. Taking a deep breath and is unable to make eye contact with her, and when she speaks? It’s like she literally has to force the words out of her mouth opening her mouth a handful of times before they actually come out.

    Bell: “I guess I’ll see you at Mile High…”

    And with that, Bell abruptly rolls out of the ring, clearly distressed and in some kind of state. Looking disguised with herself. Michelle has a satisfied grin on her face as she disappears behind the curtain, leaving Bell alone in the arena. She looks out of place, almost lost, and very alone...


    Cutting backstage there’s a camera crew following Gabrielle Montgomery around. Why you might ask, well that’s just how Pro Wrestling works. Clearly something ‘spontaneous’ is about to happen. The presence of the ‘Goddess of Opportunities’ garners a loud cheer of approval from the FWA fans as she rounds a corner backstage in the Arena and suddenly comes to face with a familiar face. The fans pop loudly for Anthony Jackson, one half of the Hall Of Fame duo Empire X and a man with a ‘romantic’ history with Gabrielle. The pair share a quick embrace before Anthony steps back and admires Gabrielle in her little pink dress.

    Gabs…still turning heads everywhere you go I see.

    Gabrielle: Don’t sell yourself short, you look great as well Anthony.

    Anthony: We’ll have to catch up some time, but hey promise me you’ll drop that oaf Garcia on his head.

    Gabrielle: I guarantee I will, and that we will.

    Another quick embrace and then Gabrielle carries on, on her way. A few turns later she comes to a door with a big Star and her name emblazoned upon it. Her private Lockeroom. She steps inside and once again the fans pop at the sight of a familiar face; former X Champion Cameron Cross. Another individual with some ‘history’ with Gabrielle, he’s even wearing a vintage ‘Gabrielle show me your Tits” T-shirt. They’re all smiles as they share a warm embrace.

    I hope you don’t mind Gabs, I let myself in. Your Assistant said you wouldn’t be long.

    Gabrielle: Assistant? Lizzy? No she’s my Protegee from Ground Zero, I’m just helping her get ahead in the business. But forget all that, what brings you here Cam?

    Cameron: It’s the 15th Anniversary of the FWA of course. How could I not turn up and see some familiar faces.

    Gabrielle: It's great to see you again…you still have one of those shirts I see…

    Cameron: Some guy out there was still selling them, all these years later. Can you believe it?

    Cameron smirks as Gabrielle playfully shakes her head.

    Cameron: What do you think for old times sake…

    He glances down at his shirt making Gabrielle roll her eyes.


    Before anything happens the camera’s cut away to ringside.

    Christian Quinn:
    Cameron Cross trying to take advantage of an Opportunity with the Goddess of Opportunities.


    Rod Sterling: Welcome back from the break folks! We're ready for even more action, as we see the debut of Bronco Wells!

    Daniella Kennedy: And even better, we have someone you and I know very well Rod, "The Malevolent" Mac Michaud.

    Christian Quinn: Let me just tell you guys, I love this match on this card. It's such a statement for the Anniversary of FWA. You have this brand new rookie Bronco Wells coming up here and debuting with his first match of his career, on this huge anniversary show. And who's he going up against? Oh just one of the longest standing members of the FWA Roster, Mac Michaud.

    Rod Sterling: Mac has certainly been around awhile. Longer than most. A win from Bronco Wells here against potentially a future hall of famer would be huge.

    Bronco's music hits as "The Wrangler" comes out to the top of the ramp. He has a lasso in his hand as he waves it around to a boo from the crowd who just aren't feeling the heel after his words on the last Fight Night.

    He angrily points at a few jeering fans as he stomps down to the ring. He tips his hat at an older lady in the crowd, as he jogs up the steel steps and heads into the ring.

    Soon after, The Motherload by Mastodon starts playing.

    "The Malevolent One" Mac Michaud enters at the top of the ramp with confidence. He puts his fist up in the air, and then trucks down the ramp and into the ring.

    He stares down Wells, as he's determined to continue his redemption tour.

    Singles Match
    Bronco Wells
    "The Malevolent" Mac Michaud

    The bell rings. Bronco walks to the middle of the ring and motions with his hand for Michaud to come forward. Mac looks at him with dead eyes, before running out of nowhere and taking down Wells with a clothesline.

    Wells looks shell-shocked, as Michaud has a look of fire in his eyes.

    Mac picks up Wells, and he hits a spinebuster on him!

    Wells looks already done, as Mac covers him for a pin.



    But Wells kicks out! He's not done fighting yet. But neither is Mac. The Wrangler tries to get up to his feet, and throws a right hook at Michaud! But Michaud catches the punch. Mac shakes his head "no" at Bronco Wells, before throwing Bronco's fist down, and throwing a right hook at Bronco of his own.

    Bronco falls to the floor.

    Michaud doesn't wait for Bronco to get up. Instead he walks up to him an immediate F5KO! (F5 into an RKO)

    Michaud pins Bronco...




    Winner (1 minute, 32 seconds) by pinfall: "The Malevolent One" Mac Michaud

    Rod Sterling: MAC WINS! Mac Michaud gets his first win since coming back to the FWA!

    Christian Quinn: I can't help by notice you're happy about this, Rod. And too Daniella!

    Daniella Kennedy: What can I say? Michaud and I have been close. He earned this tonight. Meanwhile, Bronco Wells falls in his first match against a tough challenger. But I see a lot of potential in this guy!

    Rod Sterling: More great matches to come as we continue on the 15th Anniversary of the greatest show on TV!

    Bronco Wells still rolls on the mat as Mac Michaud celebrates in the ring and The Motherload plays in the background.

    The titantron begins to show clips of a wrestler.

    It looks like Saus X.

    Different clips can be seen.

    Clip 1 is Saus X standing on top of a ladder. There is another masked man on a table below. X leapt off the ladder and put the masked man through the table with a shooting star press.

    Clip 2 is Saus X super-kicking someone. After the kick, the person is still standing, dazed. He runs off the ropes behind the mystery person, and hits him with XCution.

    Clip 3 is Saus X locking in the Crippler Crossface on someone. The guy refuses to tap out, so X begins to bridge with his legs, causing pain to the persons neck. He eventually taps out, and Saus X lets go of the hold.

    The clips end, with Saus X walking towards the camera. He does his signature 'X' pose with his arms, and the camera fades...

    Rod Sterling: Wow! This new Saus X guy looks like the real deal!

    Daniella Kennedy: I am excited to see if he can make it with the big boys.

    Christian Quinn: The superkick from clip 2 reminded me of classic Chris Kennedy! This star only has all the potential in the world right here, and what better time than the 15th Anniversary Show to make a statement that you are ready for the FWA. I can't wait to see him debut!

    Daniella Kennedy: Wow, I have to say tonight has more than lived up to expectations.

    Rod Sterling: Absolutely, this has been an amalgamation of everything this company has stood for, for a decade and a half. Fair. Passion. The Spirit of competition-

    Christian Quinn: “And don’t forget, respect for the art of wrestling.”

    Daniella Kennedy: Right, FWA is the home of serious wrestling and treating it with respect.

    Rod Sterling: “Right. Serious wrestling”

    Daniella Kennedy: “Exactly…”

    Christian Quinn: “....The Ladder match is next, isn’t it.”

    Daniella Kennedy: “Yep”

    Christian Quinn: “FUC-”

    “The following contest is a ladder match”!

    Big pop for a big match up first

    The first person to climb a ladder and retrieve the contract will win!

    Now that people are reminded Ladder match rules, we pan back to the stage…

    The sounds of “Kick the door in washes over Canada for an ENORMOUS ovation, the home-country The Division pushes past the curtain and taking in their massive reaction. They actually have to stop for a second and break their near robotic focus and take it all in, both guys getting smiles and maybe a tad emotional. Their walk down the aisle is them trying to refocus while simultaneously taking everything in they seem intense and focused, but they show an intimidation factor when the leap cleanly from the floor to the apron simultaneously, as though they were two Brock Lesnar's, and await their opponents…

    It isn’t long before Yuna Funanori music hits, and the reaction is mixed as best, as she poses happily on the stage, with patches on her shoulder, showing no fear as she steps into the ring.

    Tag Team LADDER Match
    The Division
    Yuna Funanori and Patches the Parrot

    ….And instantly Trevor makes a move, towards Patches. Still, the bird is too fast and flies towards the corner post, behind Yunam who cuts off and protects her best friend from Ocean And its Yuna to get the first blow, hammering at Trevor….Only for Noah Stocke to cut him off with a clothesline! The early working of The Division gives them the opportunity to dive out of the ring and attempt to snatch the ladders at the base of the ramp.

    As both men try to grab both ladders, they look towards the steel steps where Patches now sits...and they share a look before grabbing each end of a ladder and tush towards the Parrot, but Patches hops right over it the momentum of The Division takes them towards the ring, where Yuna is awaiting them with a plancha over the top rope, sending Yuna crashing into the ladder and both men underneath it!!!

    Already a big spot in the match with Yuna tending to his tender rib area now. Patches flap his wings and squawks as he encourages his mistress as she gets the other ladder that’s set up on the ramp now and throw it under the ropes and into the ring. She’s successful, but Yuna is slow to her feet. She set up the ladder center ring looking to climb the ladder, but She doesn’t make it far before her opponents storm the ring and yank her off the apparatus. It’s time to get double-teamed again, as Ocean takes down the ladder and holds it folded in his arms, as Stocke takes Yuna and whips her into Ocean, who flings the ladder into Yuna’’s face, causing her to drop like a stone. The impact of the ladder itself sends it into a corner. With Yuna out, they both make their way to the Parrot, the source of their rage. He holds his ground however and seems to egg on the attack, but They’re both met with a double dropkick that forces them to land on the corner-clad ladder. The ladder crunches and bends on the impact, but doesn’t break. Yuna who’s crawled onto the apron now is veering close to the corner where The Division in. Yuna grabs the base of the ladder and holds it perfectly horizontal now, with the middle turnbuckle and ...Patches climbing the top rope, the ladder is held slightly elevated and With Stokes still on top….-Ocean has rolled off- PATCHES FLIES OFF THE TOP ROPE with a double mule/PARROT stomp right to the sternum! Hey look, it probably doesn’t hurt as much as you think, but Stokes sells it like Woah. Because they’re pros, it’s wrestling. Shut up.

    The crowd is eating it up as Yuna takes this chance to try and climb the ladder himself –



    NO!! Ocean stops her too, as he starts climbing the ladder behind Yuna,forcing Yuna to turn all the way around while still in the ladder to try and fight him off...AND PATCHES SUDDENTLY FLIES FORWARD AND STARTS SCRATCHING OCEAN’S FACE WITH SHARP CLAWS! Ocean screeches totally distracted by the Parrot giving Yuna plenty of time to turn around Seated Senton! Wow!!! Yet another showcase of offence!!

    Yuna nods her thanks to her best friend and he squawks and screeches, as Yuna takes the time to listen. Patches seem to be directing traffic. Yuna seems to agree before taking down the ladder. She does just did that off of out of center ring and set it into a corner just as Patches does direct out of the way. Yuna is able to successfully pull in the ladder Stokes was attempting to earlier, setting it up across the top rope of a different corner. Patches apparently want Yuna to put them down for good before climbing. Yuna takes the stunned Ocean and bring him to his feet, before whipping him into the corner, his head meeting the steel apparatus!! The ladder again lets out a sickening crunch as it meets the skull of Ocean, but she isn’t done yet. As Yuna quickly takes the ladder off the top rope and lays it flat on the canvas, as Patches starts to poke and probe the body of Ocean on top of...What a parrot-! Yuna is now ascending to the top rope, and the audience starts to stand up, knowing where this may be going. Yuna salutes the crowd...getting mostly heat, but she goes to jump but as she gets set to tumble down, Noah Stokes, still outside, pulls Ocean from under the bottom rope, his face impacting the padded outside hard. As that happens, Yuna leaps too late to do anything as Noah saves his partner LEAVING YUNA TO CRASH AND BURN HER MIDSECTION ON THE UNFORGIVING LADDER!!!

    The crowd doesn’t quite know what to expect next, but as Stokes gets into the ring to aid his partner, they instinctively go for two individual ladders and moves to the center of the ring, and they both begin to climb the two separate ladders and seems to be seconds away from victory about to reach the top and the adoption papers to save their beloved dogs...but waiting on Trevor’s ladder calmly, cleaning itself was Patches, both members of The Divison freeze momentarily, staring down the creature that has stalked them for months and maybe foolishly swings at the bird...BUT PATCHES HOPS TO THE OTHER LADDER. So Noah takes a swing. Hop. Hop. Hop. Hop. Over and over again The Division try and lash out at the Parrot, that easily evades the attacks, which just pisses the Division off until Noah leans over too much with one attack and loses balance and falls leg-spread on the top rope, straddling the nads of Noah Stokes!! Noah swears out loud as Noah straddles for a second before falling off, clutching his manhood. We hear Trevor scream out “F*** IT” and pushes Patches off the ladder with a pain-filled streak. Now there’s nothing stopping Trevor from the belt, he reaches up for the contract but takes a hit when the ladder starts to give way and leaves Trevor hanging with two hands his hands clasped on the he looks down at the drop facing him if he lets go, as he tries to figure out where to go from here….and looks up only to see, Patches stood on the contract. Because he’s a parrot, of course, he can fly. With mounting horror, Trevor realizes what was about to happen and begins to shake his head rapidly no, but there is no mercy in Patches cold, emotionless eyes as he begins to pick at Trevor, slowly. Saving the moment, savoring the moment like the sick fuck he is, digit by digit begins to fall away BEFORE TREVOR ROCKETS TO THE GROUND. Patches shake his wings in victory…. As Yuna recovers and sees she has a free path to the contract, not wasting any time she stumbles forward and climbs to the top of the ladder and grabs at the contract not noticing, in the ring, Stokes has ventured close to a corner that’s right in front of the ladder at this point. meanwhile, Ocean stumbles forward and starts climbing underneath Yuna, putting her in a chair drop position. When that happens, Stocke keeps climbing with Yuna on this elevated perch. Ocean has reached the top rope and is level with where Stokes is right now, hanging in an electric chair drop position above the ladder. The crowd is buzzing for what could potentially come next, with Ocean leaping from the top…WOW!!!! WOW!!! DOOMSDAY DEVICE FROM THE TOP ROPE TO THE TOP OF A LADDER

    Yuna tumbles from her neck-break perch onto her face while Patches flies down and checks on her mistress. while Ocean falls onto his side from a loss of balance, but he’s able to get up and walk around while hearing those epic words …


    Ocean, tending to his back now, slides into the ring and sets up the ladder that’s in the ring right under the contract He does so in the view where we can only see one side. Still, he starts climbing the other side, with no one around to stop him, but Ocean unhooks the contract.

    Ocean slips down the ladder with the contract, as Stocke is doing his damndest to try and get into the ring on his own will and power, but he needs a bit of help from Ocean to get to his feet as they hug and take in the ovation for their home town fans.

    Winner: The Division (Trevor Ocean and Noah Stocke)


    Meanwhile, we cut backstage to the locker room. The crowd has mixed reactions as we see none other than the FWA World Champion himself. It's Dave Sullivan! He's sitting on a coach in his dressing room, and he looks upset about something.

    Dave Sullivan: You're my lawyer, I'm not paying you for nothing! You told me that restraining order was guaranteed!

    Sullivan looks visibly upset as he rubs his temples.

    Dave Sullivan: If I had known it was only going to be a temporary thing, I wouldn't have done it in the first place! What is the point of that? Oh hey, here's a two month restraining order just to let you know I don't want you anywhere near me and piss you off a lot, but don't worry you only have to wait two months and then you can stalk me again! This makes me look weak, Tom. It makes me look weak, with nothing in return. I was fine with it when it was keeping that psycho away from me, but now all it did was give her more bulletin board material, as I'm sitting here with my thumb up my ass waiting for her to cash in her briefcase!

    Sullivan waits to hear his lawyer's response, as he stares at his FWA World Championship sitting on the couch next to me.

    Dave Sullivan: forget it. It's not even worth it. I'm not paying you for this, I hope you know that. You really screwed the pooch on this one Tom.

    Tom responds, but we can't he says.

    Dave Sullivan: Don't you worry about where my daughter's at! I sent her off to look for Danny Toner, I hear he loves kids. He always looks thrilled when I bring her around to know what, no, no I don't have to explain anything to you. Don't call me again, Tom. You're fired.

    Sullivan hangs up, and throws his phone down on the couch.

    The camera pans over to show Sullivan's golden crown and velvet robe set up for later tonight.

    He gets up, and walks over to both of them...picking up the crown and holding it in his hands.

    Dave Sullivan: This is it...tonight...the death of a King.

    The crowd stirs at Sullivan's comments, trying to figure out exactly what we mean as we fade out for a commercial break.


    Kurt Harrington: Ladies and gentlemen. This next bount is scheduled for one fall.

    “Sonne” by Rammstein plays and the crowd goes wild. Alyster Black walks through the curtains, wearing a robe with the hood up. He casually walks to the ring as his music plays, ignoring the people in the front row holding out their hands for him to hi-5.

    Kurt Harrington: Introducing first. From San Dimas, California. Weighing in at two hundred and twenty pounds. “Black Jeeeeeeeesus” Alyster Blaaaaaaaack!

    Alyster climbs the ring steps and enters the ring. He drops his hood and raises both middle fingers up high as he circles around the ring. He settles in his corner and disrobes as his music dies down.

    Rod Sterling: This match stems from the Division Tag Team Classic. Black Caramel were responsible for eliminating the Toner Brothers from the tournament.

    Christian Quinn: And when the Toners were given a rematch against Black Caramel they no-showed. Alyster Black has not made it a secret that he’s resented the Toner Brothers for what he believes to be a massive slight.

    Daniella Kennedy: Just look at the way Alyster is conducting himself. No fanfare, just radiating intensity.

    “Greenback Boogie” by Ima Robot hits and the raucous Vancouver crowd reaches a crescendo. Danny Toner makes his way through the curtain to much fanfare. He slaps hands with the front row audience as he slowly makes his way down the aisle.

    Kurt Harrington: And his opponent. From New York City! Weighing in tonight at two hundred and eight pounds. Danny “Effffffffffff Ennnnn” Tonerrrrrrrrrrrr!

    Christian Quinn: Listen to the ovation Danny Toner is recieving here tonight! This crowd absolutely adores him.

    Rod Sterling: Everywhere he goes Danny Toner is adored. That man is the most charismatic person walking the face of the Earth.

    Daniella Kennedy: Try explaining that to his opponent tonight.

    Danny slides into the ring and is face to face with the waiting Alyster. Black steps toward Danny, pushing up against him and going nose-to-nose with him. The referee pushes between the two men, trying to separate them but neither man will budge. Alyster grabs the referee and pushes them aside then throws a forearm right at Danny’s jaw. The referee gives up on starting this match properly and calls for the bell.

    Singles Match
    Danny Toner vs Alyster Black


    Danny throws a jab right back at Alyster and grabs his shirt, pushing Alyster back to the middle of the ring. Alyster grabs Danny by the hair and the two start throwing punches at one another. Standing tall and trading blows, neither man backing off. Danny ducks under a punch and charges Alyster into the ropes, tackling him through the middle and top rope. Both men tumble down onto the apron and then onto the floor. Danny is up first, catching Alyster with a clubbing blow to the back. He grabs Alyster by the side of his mask and pulls him into an elbow smash to the face. Danny whips Alyster toward the guardrail but Alyster reverses, sending Danny into the rail hard. Alyster charges but Danny ducks down and back body drops Alyster into the crowd. Alyster lands on his feet and hits Danny with a forearm just as he turns to face him. Alyster grabs Danny for a suplex. Danny blocks the attempt and throws a few punches at Alyster’s ribs then pulls him back over the guardrail with a suplex of his own onto the floor. The referee’s count has reached 7. Danny rolls back into the ring and Alyster follows him before the count reaches 10

    Daniella Kennedy: This match has started off with a bang!

    Christian Quinn: No kidding? We’re in for a wild one tonight with these two warriors going at it.

    Danny stomps on Alyster’s back as he slides into the ring. He grabs Alyster by the arm and pulls him up to his feet. Alyster hits Danny with a kick to the gut then a headbutt. Alyster throws Danny into the corner and hits a hard knife-edge chop then a forearm to the jaw. He whips Danny toward the opposite corner as hard as he can, dropping down to the mat to add more force. Danny hits the opposite corner sternum first and drops to the mat. Danny rolls onto his hands and knees and pulls himself up to his feet using the ropes, he’s struggling to breathe. Alyster pounces on him, grabbing him around the waist and pulling him to the centre of the ring. He readjusts his hold and throws Danny overhead with a Tiger Suplex. Alyster holds Danny in a pinning position with a perfect bridge.


    Both men get up to their feet. Alyster hits Danny with another chop then invites Danny to throw one of his own. Danny obliges and hits Alyster hard only to quickly get hit by another from Black. Alyster whips Danny into the ropes and runs into the opposite side. He runs through Danny with a stiff shoulder block. Danny practically springs up to his feet and throws a superkick at Black. Alyster catches Danny by the foot and spins him around. He locks his arms around Danny’s waist again and goes for a german but Danny throws a couple of hard back elbows at Alyster. Standing switch and Danny throws Alyster across the ring with his own german suplex. Alyster rolls to the floor. Danny hits the ropes and charges toward Alyster and takes him down with a suicide dive. The crowd is going wild for Danny Toner.

    Rod Sterling: Danny just threw caution to the wind with that suicide dive!

    Christian Quinn: He hit Alyster Black like he was shot out of a cannon!

    Danny lets Alyster get up to his feet before kicking him in the gut and whipping him into the ring steps. Alyster hits them hard, flipping over and landing on the other side of them. Danny follows Black and gives the downed man a boot to the face. He grabs Alyster by the pants and shirt as Alyster gets up onto his hands and knees and throws him back into the ring. Danny scales the ropes, climbing to the top turnbuckle. Alyster is slow getting back up to his feet. He noticed Danny on the top rope, Alyster dives to the side, knocking the ropes and throwing Danny off balance. Danny is crotched on the top rope. Alyster climbs to the second turnbuckle and hits big with a superplex. Alyster sits up, taking a moment to catch his breath before getting to his feet. Toner has crawled across the ring and is sitting back against the corner. Alyster charges at Toner and hits a running forearm. He whips Toner into the opposite corner and follows, looking for a second one but Toner moves out the way. Alster puts on the breaks and turns to Danny, only to eat a superkick. Alyster is left leaning against the turnbuckles. Danny grabs Alyster by the arm and pulls him into a Saito Suplex, dropping Alyster right on his head. Cover!


    Danny grabs Alyster’s arm as he raises his shoulder and turns him onto his stomach. He traps Alyster’s arm in a grapevine and applies the crossface. Alyster prys at Danny’s fingers, trying to break his grip but Danny just won’t budge. Alyster starts crawling toward the ropes, dragging Danny with him. He inches closer to them and manages to grab the bottom rope. Danny lets go of the hold but starts laying into Alyster’s head and neck with elbow shots until the referee’s count reaches four. Danny backs off across the ring and waits. Alyster starts pulling himself up by the ropes, he leans against the top rope and Danny charges, looking for The Equalizer but Alyster drops down, pulling the top rope down and Danny tumbles down to the floor again. Danny is quick to get to his feet and turns around just as Alyster leaps over the ropes and takes him down with the Fosbury Flop.

    Daniella Kennedy: Alyster takes Danny Toner down with some aerials of his own!

    Rod Sterling: These two guys are so evenly matched it's scary! I have no idea which way this match is going to go.

    Alyster shakes the cobwebs off as he grabs the slowly raising Toner and locks him in the cravate. Alyster starts throwing knees at Toner’s head, hitting him with three before turning him around and hitting a Russian leg sweep on the floor. Alyster gets up and rolls back into the ring for a moment, then back out, restarting the referee’s count. He gives Danny a boot to the face then kicks his downed body a few times as Danny starts to stand up. Alyster hits him with lazy kicks and boots until Danny is on his feet. Danny throws a right hand at Alyster and gets an elbow shot right to the jaw in response, knocking him flat on his ass. Danny gets right back up though and grabs Alyster by the shirt, pulling him into a vicious elbow shot of his own. Alyster drops to a knee and would lay down for a moment if Danny wasn’t holding onto his still. Danny nails Alyster with a few more elbow shots to the face before grabbing him in a front facelock and hitting a few knees to the midsection. Danny then whips Alyster to the guardrail and Alyster hits it hard and flips over into the crowd. Danny rolls back into the ring and scales the ropes, standing on the top and watching as Alyster gets to his feet on the outside. The referee is begging Danny to get down.

    Christian Quinn: Danny Toner just threw caution to the wind, diving into the third row and decimating Alyster Black with a thunderous double-axe handle!

    Rod Sterling: What an insane move from Danny Toner!

    Daniella Kennedy: Danny is an absolute monster! He will destroy himself if he has to tonight in order to get the job done.

    Danny throws Alyster back over the rails and follows him. Danny pulls Alyster up to his feet and walks him around ringside. Slamming him face first against the apron, then into the corner post. He pulls Alyster up and gives him a hard slap to the face and whips him toward the ringside steps, Alyster reverses and pulls Danny into a drop toe hold sending him face first into the steps. Danny gets to his feet first, stumbles then grabs Alyster as Black pulls himself up with the aid of the apron. Danny throws a few hard shots at Alyster’s head and neck then rolls him into the ring. Danny follows him inside, stomping on Alyster’s back while Alyster is on his hands and knees. Danny gabs Alyster by the arm, pulling him to his feet and shoots him off the ropes. Danny catches Alyster with a big spinebuster! Danny covers and hooks the leg.


    Daniella Kennedy: Alyster barely popped the shoulder up on that one.

    Christian Quinn: He has some life left in him but looks worse for ware after taking that insane double-axe handle from Danny Toner.

    Danny grabs both of Alyster’s legs, trying to lock in the Clincher. Alyster struggles, pulling his legs back then kicking Danny away at full force. Alyster gets up as quickly as he can only to eat another superkick from Toner that puts him right back down. Danny goes for the Clincher again, he steps between Alyster’s legs but bends down too far. Alyster grabs Danny by the hair and rakes his eyes. The crowd boos as Danny backs away while clutching at his eyes. Alyster gets up to his feet and stumbles toward Danny who’s leaning against the ropes. Alyster throws a couple of forearm shots at Danny and pushes him into the nearest corner. Alyster unloads on Danny with the Violence Party, hitting him with alternating forearm strikes and knife-edge chops. Danny drops down to a seated position and Alyster starts hitting him with slow, well placed stomps to the chest and face. Alyster flips off the booing crowd and then Danny tonger then hits the ropes and lands a running face wash. Alyster pulls Danny out of the corner and lifts him up for a backbreaker. He takes a few steps to the middle of the ring and drops Danny across his knee, hitting him with a pendulum backbreaker. Alyster quickly goes to the nearest corner, climbing to the second rope and dives off with a pointed elbow drop across Danny’s face. Alyster makes the cover.


    Rod Sterling: What a vicious flurry of moves from Alyster Black!

    Christian Quinn: And what a sloppy cover, he didn’t even hook the leg!

    Daniella Kennedy: Both of these guys are getting sloppier as this match has progressed. They’ve really looking to hurt each other.

    Alyster gets up to his feet and raises his arm up, signaling for the One Shot Kill. Danny is slow getting up. When he gets to his feet Alyster boots him in the midsection then whips him into the ropes. Alyster goes for the One Shot Kill but Danny ducks down and takes Alyster down with a vicious spear. Ther referee starts their double count on both men. By the six count they’re both on their knees, facing each other. Alyster throws a forearm shot at Danny and Danny responds with a punch. Alyster throws a punch of his own, Danny responds in kind. Back and forth they trade strikes until Alyster reaches behind Danny’s head and grabs a handful of hair. Danny grabs Alyster’s mask in response. They go nose to nose and stand up together then go right back to throwing rapid fire punches at each other, a hockey fight has broken out. They continue throwing punches, slowing down over time and out of exhaustion. Alyster throws a lazy hook that Danny ducks. Danny then hits Alyster with a headbutt right on the nose that drops Alyster like a bag of bricks. Danny trips back into the corner to rest for a moment, Alyster starts stirring, Danny waves his hand motioning for Alyster to stand up. When Alyster is on his feet Danny charges and goes for the Equalizer but Alyster side steps and sweeps Danny’s leg out from under him. Alyster has Danny’s swept leg in hand, he drops down over Danny’s back and wraps his hands around Danny’s face, locking in the STF.

    Rod Sterling: Alyster Black catches Danny Toner in his rarely seen and seldom used submission!

    Daniella Kennedy: Danny still has some fight left in him! He’s not going down to Alyster’s STF without a fight!

    Christian Quinn: He’s dragging Alyster toward the ropes! At this stage of the match with how intensely they’ve been fighting; Danny Toner is superhuman!

    Danny crawls to the ropes but doesn’t reach out for the bottom rope. He crawls out of the ring, pulling Alyster with him. Both men hit the floor with a thud. Alyster gets to his feet and grabs Danny by both legs, dragging him away from the apron and stepping between his legs. Alyster flips Danny off then crosses his legs and turns him over, locking him in the Clincher! Danny grits his teeth, hissing in pain as his own finishing hold is applied. The camera zooms in on his enraged face as he pushes his body up. Danny powers out of the hold, pushing his legs down and throwing Alyster off of him. Alyster trips down onto the floor and Danny scrambles to his feet. Alyster gets up and Danny drops him again with a vicious right hook. He shakes his hand out, blowing on it then grabs Alyster by the arm, pulling him up to his feet and whipping him into the guardrail. He then hoists Alyster up and drops him chest first onto the rail. The referee’s count is at 8 when Danny decides to roll Alyster back into the ring. Danny slides in behind Alyster who has risen to his feet. Alyster throws another Lariat at Danny but Danny ducks it, grabs Alyster around the waist and hits a picture perfect German suplex, this time with a bridge.

    1...2...Alyster grabs the bottom rope!

    Daniella Kennedy: That was a close one! If Danny had hit that german in the middle of the ring then it very well could have been over for Alyster!

    Alyster is on his hands and knees, Danny grabs him in another waistlock and lifts him back to his feet, looking for another german. Alyster throws elbows at Danny until he breaks his hold. Alyster charges into the ropes and ducks under a clothesline from Danny, hands around the waist and Alyster hits Toner with a german suplex. Toner rolls through and is back up to his feet first, Alyster second, turns around as Toner throws a superkick. Black catches the boot and spins Danny around, Alyster throws a roaring elbow and hits his mark. Danny doesn’t go down! Alyster gives Toner a kick to the gut then goes for a leaping enzuigiri, Danny blocks the kick with both hands. Alyster lands on his face. Alyster gets up as fast as he can, Danny grabs him and goes for a back suplex, Alyster flips over Danny’s shoulder, landing on his feet but tripping backwards to the ropes. Danny charges after Black, clotheslining him over the ropes. Danny runs across the ring, bounces off the ropes and goes for another suicide dive but Alyster nails him with a leaping enzuigiri, leaving Danny hanging in the ropes. Alyster slides back into the ring. He grabs the stunned Danny Toner and pulls him away from the ropes and in position for a powerbomb. Alyster hoists Danny up but Toner starts throwing punches. Danny drops down from Alyster’s shoulder while holding Alyster’s head and hits the Closing Statement!

    Christian Quinn: Danny Toner is an absolute monster!

    Daniella Kennedy: How are these guys still going at it so hard?

    Rod Sterling: Neither man is giving the other a chance to breath here!

    Both men take a minute to compose themselves before stirring. Toner is up to his feet well before Alyster. He moves to the corner nearest Black and starts scaling the ropes. Alyster springs off his knees as Danny just gets to the top, crotching him. Alyster throws a few open hand slaps at Danny before climbing the ropes too. Danny throws a few right hands at Alyster, making him teeter. Danny tries to push Alyster off the ropes but Alyster hits him with a headbutt. Alyster turns around and pulls Danny into a fireman’s carry. Alyster stands up on the second rope with Danny Toner on his shoulders and dives, hitting Danny with an Avalanche Death Valley Driver!

    Christian Quinn: Alyster Black Does the Right Thing and Rides the Bomb to Hell!

    Rod Sterling: This one has to be over!



    Black shakes his head in disbelief. He stands up and waves his hand, yelling at Danny to stand. Danny is slow getting to his feet, his legs wobble underneath him but he manages to get up. Alyster hits him with a knee lift then goes for Satan’s Spike but as he lifts him up, Danny hits Alyster with a knee strike to the top of the head. Danny drops behind Alyster and turns him around then hits him with another superkick. Alyster and Danny both drop to the mat.

    Daniella Kennedy: Unbelievable! How in the hell did Danny Toner manage to pull that one off?

    Alyster rolls toward the ropes as Danny slowly gets up to his feet. He’s out of breath, sweating, eying Alyster as he begins pacing back and forth. Alyster slowly pulls himself back to his feet with aid from the ropes. Danny changes toward Alyster from behind, Alyster turns around and blasts Danny with the One Shot Kill! Danny didn’t see it coming. Alyster pulls Danny up to his feet and hits him with a second one that turns him inside out. Alyster isn’t done there. He grabs Danny in a front facelock and pulls him up to his feet once again. Lifting him up in the air and dropping him right on his head with Satan’s Spike! Alyster hooks the leg.



    Kurt Harrington: Ladies and gentlemen the winner of this match, ALYSTER BLAAAAAACK!

    Winner: "Black Jesus" Alyster Black

    “Sonne” starts playing over the speakers again. Alyster rolls off of Danny and both men spend a while staring at the ceiling as the referee checks on both of them out of concern.

    Everyone appears to be relatively okay.

    Rod Sterling: Black gets the win! Black gets the win!

    Daniella Kennedy: I think this huge win over a tough competitor like Danny Toner proves once and for all that Alyster Black is legitimate. I mean, this man was just going toe to toe against the FWA World Champion a few months ago, and now he just took down Danny "F'n" Toner.

    Christian Quinn: Alyster Black is not an X-Division superstar anymore, that's for sure, and I think its only a matter of time before we see him going up against another champion. Whether than be Krash and the North American Title, or even that World Championship again. It may not be today, it may not be next week, but we'll see this Alyster Black with gold around his waist at some point. In fact, I'm calling it...within the year!

    Rod Sterling: Wow, bold statement Christian! We'll see how it all plays out. Up next...our Hall of Fame induction ceremony, after these commercial messages.


    The crowd cheers as the FWA Hall of Fame logo comes on the screen. GM Vincent Blackbird comes out to a corral of boos, as he waves to the crowd and enters the ring with a smile.

    Vincent Blackbird: How are you all enjoying the show? I've done my best to put together the very best show possible, because that is just the kind of GM I am. I am a GM for the people!

    The crowd boos some more.

    Vincent Blackbird: And for the people, I have decided to bring back our Hall of Fame inductions! It's been four years since we last had a Hall of Fame induction ceremony. It was on that day that "The Golden One" Devin Golden and Stu "The Snake" St. Clair were inducted.

    Now tonight...

    ...On the 15th Anniversary of FWA...

    ...we induct three more stars.

    Please enjoy this video package of all three of our great Hall of Fame inductees. Tonight, you will hear a speech from all three of them as they boast egomaniacally about their accomplishments and accolades.

    Blackbird shuts up and the boos stop as the video package plays, with a narrator talking over career highlights of each of the three inductees.

    Darnell Porter
    Darnell Porter, a man who competed way back in the early days of the FWA, won his first championship in 2008 when he defeated Alexx for the X Championship. Three months later, he became just the second two-time X Champion by defeating Wolf. Porter hit his prime in 2009, when he won the FWA World Heavyweight Championship off of Hall of Famer Stu "The Snake" St. Clair, and then later that year went on to defeat Rocky Creed for the FWA Television Championship. This year, he also main evented Back in Business IV.

    In 2010, Porter also became just the third person to win the Golden Opportunity Match. Darnell Porter's last championship win came in 2012, when he defeated the reigning FWA North American Champion Brian Carter and joined the short list of Triple Crown Champions. Porter retired shortly after and is now seven years later being recognized for his accolades. A Hall of Fame spot is well deserved for this star.

    Saddle Sally
    Born Sally Tetons, Saddle Sally is considered one of the few pioneers of the Women's Division and was one who helped create the Women's Championship, but it wasn't until 2013 when she won it for the first time. Yet after that win, she went on to win the championship two more times the next year when she beat Sara Wolf and Beatrixx Black.

    Saddle Sally has the incredible feat of having won the Women's Championship more than anybody, with three different reigns. Many consider the Wyoming native to be the original face of the Women's division, although that might be contested by Gabrielle or Jenny Ignito.

    In 2016, following a loss at Winter Wasteland, Saddle Sally took a sabbatical that turned into a retirement. She hasn't wrestled in the FWA since. But one thing is for sure, the roughneck cowgirl with attitude surely has earned his spot in the FWA Hall of Fame. With the FWA Women's Championship currently retired, it is unlikely we see anyone beat her record for most title reigns.

    The Headliner of the 2020 Class

    Chris Kennedy

    "The Astonishing" Chris Kennedy caught the world by storm when he debuted in 2010, and defeated the reigning FWA World Champion Rocky Creed in his debut match. That year he went on to win FWA's Rookie of the Year award. Since then he has won 5 World Championships in the FWA. Four of them being FWA World Champion, a record that ties the all time FWA World Championship wins with fellow Hall of Famer Ryan Hall, and also a one time FWA World Heavyweight Champion. His hardware numbers don't stop there, as he is also a one time North American Champion and a one time X Champion...the latter of which he won as his masked alter "La Muerta Blanca". His feats do not stop at singles competition, as Kennedy has two tag team title reigns. His first tag team title reign was won when he partnered with fellow Hall of Famer Jack Severino, and his second was when he joined with Brian Carter to form the Kennedy/Carter Administration. Not only do these feats give him the prestigious recognition as a Triple Crown Champion, but he's also only one of three Grand Slam champions in the FWA.

    Chris Kennedy's accolades do not stop there. Chris has been in the main event of Back in Business three times, and has an amazing undefeated 8-0 record at the grandest stage of them all. He also won Golden opportunity in 2011, Carnal Contendership in 2018, and the World Grand Prix Tournament in 2018, and he was voted wrestler in back to back years in 2012 and 2013.

    Quite possibly the Michael Jordan of the FWA, Chris Kennedy belongs right here in the Hall of Fame.


    With that, the video package ends as the fans cheer.




    The fans shout, hoping to see Kennedy make the first speech.

    But instead, unexpectedly, it's Darnell Porter!

    Porter's famous entrance theme music starts blasting through the arena, one some famous and memorable that it's not even necessary to name it because we all so vividly remember what it was.

    Darnell Porter struts out to the ring in a blue pinstripe suit. His appearance is about as memorable as his entrance theme, but if you had to picture him in your head I'd say ballpark estimate maybe Cam Newton ish? For some reason, Darren Young is also coming to mind. But never the less, here he is!

    The fans cheer as Porter gets in the ring, and takes the microphone right out of a shocked Blackbird's hands.

    Darnell Porter: It's been a long time, FWA.

    Do I feel like I should've been inducted into the FWA sooner? Sure. I'm a world-class athlete, the Kevin Garnett of the wrestling world, and probably over Aut Pax Aut Bellum, or Matthew Robinson. Getting snubbed on the first ballot was hard to take, and so was even getting outshined by Chris Kennedy tonight.

    But I am, in the FWA Hall of Fame.

    A feat that is well earned. I am a World Heavyweight Champion, a World Television Champion, a North American Champion, and a two-time X Champion. When I was at the top of my game, no one was better than "Primetime." No one. And when the lights shined brightest, no one outshined Primetime.

    Y'all know it, too.

    Welcome to the Hall of Fame, Darnell Porter? Nah, Hall of Fame, welcome to me.

    Porter drops the mic as the crowd applauds Primetime's appearance. Some fans are stunned at the cocky speech from Porter, as the now Hall of Famer waves around as the screen cuts to a commercial.

    Camera’s cut backstage inside the Private Lockeroom of Gabrielle once more. She’s not alone, as Aut Pax Aut Bellum; Dan Ward and Andrew Johnson two people who know her very well have joined her. Once again a loud cheer goes up from the fans.

    Andrew Johnson:
    What a night this is going to be, Chris going into the Hall Of fame, well deserved.

    Dan Ward: The Great Siege still taking over!

    Gabrielle: What are we taking over; my lockeroom?

    Andrew Johnson: Touchy subject…

    Dan Ward: They got divorced for a reason…

    Andrew: But then they got back together right?

    Dan Ward: Yeah and then they split up again.

    Gabrielle: I can hear you guys, you know that right?

    Andrew: Of course. Let us get out of your hair, you’ve got a big match to get ready for. Maybe we can have a Great Siege reunion later on though, go out for some drinks.

    Gabrielle: That sounds lovely.

    A couple of hugs later and APAB make their exit with the cameraman in tow, only just as the scene is ready to end in pops another familiar face. The man appeared in an infamous home movie with Gabrielle; the former FWA CEO Matthew Robinson. There’s another round of cheers to greet another familiar face in FWA history.

    Gabs, that skintone never dulls does it.

    Gabrielle: Matt…it’s been so long.

    Christian Quinn: What is this? Some kind of a reunion show for Gabrielle’s ex lovers?

    Daniella Kennedy: To be fair, I think every night in an FWA arena is such an occasion for my former Sister in law.

    Rod Sterling: Last time these two were on screen together…

    Christian Quinn: I don’t think ‘we’ are allowed to acknowledge that.

    Matthew: What an occasion this is for the FWA. Fifteen years now, Hall of Fame inductions, the Elite Tag Team Classic, Dave Sullivan vying to turn back Chris Kennedy. And The Goddess still watching over all before her.

    Gabrielle: Some things never change.

    Matthew: Indeed. Lucy and I would love to take you out for a drink later, celebrate everything.

    Gabrielle: We’ll see, I’ve got to deal with a Giant first.

    Matthew: Good luck out there tonight.

    A warm embrace later and Mathew makes his exit, leaving Gabs to finally prepare for her match. But as her door swings closed Captain El Franko pops his head in.

    Gabrielle: No. You and I, I’ve never stooped that low.

    And with that said her door slams shut and the scene ends.


    At the gorilla position, Mike Garcia is standing behind the curtain waiting for the cue for his music to come on. Suddenly, he feels a pat on his back.

    It's King Sullivan!

    King Sullivan: Hey there know what I mean.

    Garcia looks at him unamused.

    King Sullivan: It's a term of endearment! I always call my little buddies that. Like my 4 year old nephew, I call him champ all the time. I mean...he wasn't won any championships or anything. But, I guess you two have that in common...always the bridesmaid, never the bride. Am I right?

    Look I just wanted to say, go out there and break an ankle! I mean a leg! That's the saying, right? Go break a leg? Although, that ankle of yours does look...oh it doesn't matter.

    Look, I just wanted to tell you that there's no SHAME in losing to Gabrielle. No one is expecting you to win. Nobody expected you to beat Devin Golden, or for that matter. But hey, ya came really close buddy. And there was a split second in that match two weeks ago where I thought you might've had me! But, tis how the story goes for you I suppose. Anyway, sorry to bother you. I see you're warming better get focused.

    And stretch out those ankles!

    Sullivan walks away with a smug smile on his face, knowing exactly what he's doing as he gets Garcia fired up before his match with Gabrielle. Meanwhile, The Carnegie Carnivore is left with a vein popping out of his forehead as he hears his entrance music start to play.

    There’s a loud and negative reaction, a tirade of disdain, as the most recent number one contender for the FWA World Heavyweight Championship walks into the arena. He smiles and nods, beats his chest, and then begins his descent down the ramp.

    Kurt Harrington: “Ladies and gentlemen, this next contest is scheduled for one-fall… from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania… he weighs in tonight at three hundred and seventy five pounds… The Carnegie Carnivore… MICHAEL GARCIA!”

    Rod Sterling: “And here comes the man who recently came this close to defeating Dave Sullivan and taking his FWA World Championship.”

    Christian Quinn: “That’s right, Rod. And after just failing to supplant the King, Michael Garcia almost found himself without a dancing partner tonight. Until, of course, he issued a challenge on social media this past week…”

    Daniella Kennedy: “And boy was his opponent tonight quick to accept…”

    Garcia climbs up the steps and through the ropes, and his music fades out…

    There’s a huge pop in the arena as Gabrielle walks out onto the stage, a smile on her face and one hand in the air. She surveys the audience appreciatively, nodding her head before her eyes finally come to rest upon the ring.

    Kurt Harrington: ”And his opponent… weighing in at one hundred and twenty five pounds… ‘the Caramel-Coated Goddess’... GABRIELLE!”

    Christian Quinn: “Gabrielle was quick to accept this challenge from Mike Garcia, and the holder of the Golden Opportunity briefcase will be looking to add another major victory to her thoroughly impressive 2020 run.”

    Daniella Kennedy: “That’s right, Christian, but there’s no denying that she’s giving up a huge amount of size and strength in this one to the Monster of the Midway.”

    Rod Sterling: “That may be true, Daniella, but Gabrielle has never been one to back away from a fight. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Goddess has a plan to re-balance that disadvantage. I think we’re in for an even match-up here in Montreal…”

    Gabrielle rolls into the ring and doesn’t back away from Garcia, walking straight up to him and entering into a stand-off. Garcia stares down at her, a smile beginning to creep across his face. When Gabrielle’s music fades out, the official orders the two competitors back into their own corners, and then signals for the match to begin.

    Battle of Bragging Rights
    "The Carnegie Carnivore" Michael Garcia
    Gabrielle Montgomery

    When the bell rings, the two competitors stand off for a moment, the anticipation building around the arena. Gabrielle limbers up, loosening her wrists and her neck, whilst Garcia just looms ominously. Suddenly, in a burst of energy, Gabrielle lurches forward like a gazelle, her movements deft and elegant, an arrow fired from the bow of a hunter. Garcia, unmoved and inevitable as time itself, allows only the suggestion of a smirk to pass over his face as he contemplates action. Solemn and decisive, he lunges with an outstretched arm, Gabrielle tamed and broken, the first in a long concession of physical insults played out against the Caramel Goddess. When Gabrielle hits the mat under the sheer force of the clothesline, a resounding chorus of boos plays out around the arena. It doesn’t seem to faze him, and he is instantly back on the offensive. He lifts her to her feet and Irish whips her across the ring, before throwing her across it with a devastating BIG back body drop. Gabrielle lands on the mat and sort of bounces off it, landing in a heap in a corner.

    Rod Sterling: “Well, that’s… quite the opening from Mike Garcia! Gabrielle Montgomery looks in deep trouble, and this match has only just begun!”

    Christian Quinn: “And look at this… Mike Garcia puts the sole of his boot on Gabrielle, instructing the official to begin the count…”



    Gabrielle gets a shoulder up, but it’s not as if Garcia didn’t expect her to to do so. He lifts her up again and doubles her over with a boot to the midsection. He lifts Gabrielle up, going for a powerbomb… but the Caramel Goddess begins to reel off a few right hands! She slips out the back, going for a sunset flip… but Garcia proves too big and too powerful. He refuses to be rolled up, and instead reaches down to plant a double choke hold on Gabrielle. He lifts her up to her feet… and then throws her across the ring! The overhead double choke suplex takes its toll on the Goddess, and she can do nothing more than roll out of the ring…

    Rod Sterling: “It looks like Gabrielle is going to take a breather here, and right now she looks unsure as to how she should approach this match-up…”

    Daniella Kennedy: “Gabrielle is slow to get to her feet, and now she has her hands on her hips, regarding the Monster towering above her from inside of the ring…”

    Indeed, Garcia just paces this way and that, waiting for Gabrielle to get back in. He takes a few steps back, giving her all the space that she could possibly need, and when she rolls in under the bottom rope he allows her to get back to her feet. When she does, they circle the ring, and then come together with a collar and elbow tie up… only for Mike Garcia to throw her backwards across the ring again! He’s back on her immediately, applying a front face lock and dragging her to her feet, before throwing her overhead with a snap suplex. He rolls over into a lateral press…


    T - - NO!

    Gabrielle gets a shoulder up, and Garcia applies a headlock. He drags her back to her feet and then applies a double choke hold. He hoists Gabrielle up to her feet, and then drives her back down with a sit-out choke-bomb! Gabrielle’s shoulders are down…




    Gabrielle again gets a shoulder up, and when Garcia again tried to apply a headlock, she scrambles to the ropes to force the break. When Mike lets go, she rolls under the bottom rope, taking a moment to catch her breath before beginning a steady circuit of the ring…

    Rod Sterling: “This one has been ALL Mike Garcia so far, and Gabrielle knows it. Again the Caramel Goddess is forced to circle the ring, thinking about her next move VERY carefully…”

    Daniella Kennedy: “A perfect start for Mike Garcia, but you can tell he doesn’t plan to let up any time soon. He keeps his eyes on Gabrielle as she slides into the ring… and then nails her with a stomp before she can rise!”

    Christian Quinn: “Garcia doesn’t give Gabrielle a moment’s rest, lifting her to her up into a military press… into a Samoan drop!”

    Garcia is slow to rise, and there’s a torrent of boos heading in his direction when he looks out over the crowd. He puts his hands on his hips, lapping up the animosity and nodding his head as if in approval of it. He picks up Gabrielle, and again lifts her up into a military press… a second Samoan drop! The booing actually lessens as Garcia gets up to his feet once again, as if the fans are beginning to settle down and accept both their and Gabrielle’s fate. Garcia, slowly and deliberately, reaches down to Gabrielle and grabs her by the hair…

    He again lifts her up into a military press…

    But this time he does a handful of shoulder presses! The crowd let him know what they think of that, and he nods his head again as he prepares for yet another Samoan drop…

    But Gabrielle begins to kick her legs… and she slips out of the back! Garcia turns around into a spin-kick to the midsection! Garcia is doubled over, and Gabrielle follows up with two forearms… and then a slap across the face! She hits the ropes… leaps up… she’s going for a hurricanrana!


    Garcia catches her, checking her momentum, and then drags her back up onto his shoulders…

    Christian Quinn: “POWERBOMB!”

    Rod Sterling: “Mike Garcia just PLANTS Gabrielle in the middle of the ring!”

    Daniella Kennedy: “What impact!”

    Rod Sterling: “And now the cover…”



    T - - NO!

    Gabrielle gets a shoulder up!

    Rod Sterling: “Is that a momentary flash of frustration on the face of Garcia?”

    Christian Quinn: “I think he expected this one to be over after that BIG power move… and who can blame him?! I’m just as surprised to see Gabrielle get the shoulder up!”

    Garcia doesn’t let him both her for too long, lifting Gabrielle up and throwing her into a corner. He follows her in, a cornered clothesline almost taking the Goddess’s head off! Garcia isn’t done there, Irish whipping her into the opposite corner HARD. Gabrielle bounces the back of her head off the turnbuckle and stumbles forwards towards Garcia. He wipes her out with a big boot, and once again Gabrielle finds herself splayed out on the mat. Garcia again puts a boot on her chest, demanding the official start the count.


    TW - - NO!

    Rod Sterling: “Even after all that offence, it’s still going to take more than one boot to pin Gabrielle for three… or even two…”

    Christian Quinn: “I don’t really think that was the point, Rod…”

    Garcia circles Gabrielle, picking his next opening patiently. There’s almost a sombre atmosphere in the arena, some of the most ardent fans cheering Gabrielle’s name in an attempt to will her back to life. A lot of them, though, simply watched on in horror, dumbstruck and distressed. Eventually, Big Mike lifts the Goddess to her feet once again and begins a series of European uppercuts. They back Gabrielle up towards the corner, and then she stumbles towards it when Garcia rocks her with a trio of forearms. She tries to use the ropes to hold herself up, but Garcia rocks her with a headbutt! Gabrielle is seeing cuckoos! Garcia throws her towards the ropes, waiting for her to come back towards him… waiting for his Deep Six signature…

    Rod Sterling: “THE SIXTH RING!!”

    Christian Quinn: “Did you SEE that rotation?!”

    Mike Garcia goes for the lateral press…



    THR - - NO!!!

    Rod Sterling: “Gabrielle kicks out again!! Incredible resilience from the Caramel Goddess!!”

    Daniella Kennedy: “Garcia is on his hands and knees… but I don’t think that quite counts as frustration. He has Gabrielle right where he wants her, in the palm of his hands… surely this is just a matter of time?!”

    Garcia gets to his feet and watches on patiently, waiting for Gabrielle to rolls over to her front. She is crawling away from Garcia, placing her hands on the bottom rope, slowly beginning to use them to climb back to her feet. The big man slowly stalks her, and when she’s up onto her knees he pulls her into a front face lock. Garcia lifts her up, holding her in a delayed vertical suplex position…

    Rod Sterling: “We’ve seen this a number of times before! He has all of the blood rushing down into Gabrielle’s head… and then he drops her into a uranage slam! He calls that The Incline!! Gabrielle is damn near broken in two!”

    Christian Quinn: “But it doesn’t look like Garcia is done there! He lifts Gabrielle to her feet by the hair…”

    Big Mike backs her into the ropes, and then hurls her across the ring with an Irish whip, and upon re-approach he looks to be going for the Pittsburgh Pendulum (End of Days)…

    Daniella Kennedy: “NO! Gabrielle floats all the way through… DDT!!”

    Rod Sterling: “Garcia is down!!”

    Christian Quinn: “But so is Gabrielle!”

    Daniella Kennedy: “Come on Gaby!!”

    Gabrielle is slow to turn onto her front… and then she crawls towards Garcia… into a lateral press..




    Rod Sterling: “Garcia powers out at two!!”

    Christian Quinn: “This crowd were daring to dream, but Big Mike gets a shoulder up!”

    Gabrielle is breathing heavily, but she pulls Garcia up to her feet in a front facelock. She looks like she’s shaping up for 34 Double D-DT… NO! Garcia lifts her off her feet, and drives her into a corner! He proceeds to drive his shoulder into her sternum three times! Finally, he hoists her up off her feet… and nails her with a running powerslam! Lateral press…



    THRE - - NO!!!!!

    The crowd can’t believe it, and neither can Garcia! He gets to his feet and walks towards the referee, backing the official up into a corner. Garcia grabs his shirt and gives him a stern talking to, eventually pushing him away and then turning around… into a step up enzuiguri!! Garcia is rocked!

    Rod Sterling: “Gabrielle follows up with a Savate Kick!”

    Christian Quinn: “And then a jumping heel kick!”


    Garcia immediately stalks Gabrielle and hits the Pittsburgh Pendulum "End of Days" finisher! The crowd is STUNNED! He kneels next to her motionless body and hooks the far leg.

    Rod Sterling: “Mike Garcia DOMINATED the match all night ... and he's going to FINALLY do it…


    Christian Quinn: “This crowd can’t believe it!”


    Daniella Kennedy: “This was destruction. The definition of it.”


    Winner: "The Carnegie Carnivore" Michael Garcia via pinfall at 8:56

    The crowd goes absolutely wild buzzing. Michael Garcia rises up, lifts his hands and arms into the air, and then yanks them from the referee's grip. Gabrielle remains on the canvas as Garcia backs away.

    Kurt Harrington: “And here is your winner…MICHAEL GARCIA!!”

    Rod Sterling: “As the official scarpers out of the ring, leaving Garcia, we’re left to reflect upon what was, for large stretches, a rather one-sided affair…”

    Christian Quinn: “That’s right. Mike Garcia really dominated the Caramel Goddess in this one. I don't remember any other time where someone just ... where that happened to Gabrielle.”

    Daniella Kennedy: “Bad blood has certainly spilled over tonight, and it looks like Garcia finally got the big win he needed after the letdowns against Dave Sullivan. And he did it against the Golden Opportunity holder. This may have a lasting effect on the rivalry between Sullivan and Gabrielle, too.”

    Rod Sterling: “I wouldn't count the Caramel Goddess out. One loss does not undo everything she's done.”

    Gabrielle slowly comes to consciousness in the ring, sitting up and completely shellshocked by this. Michael Garcia has already exited the ring, staring back and catching the gaze of the Caramel Goddess. Gabrielle looks on and then looks down at the canvas, wondering how that match got so far away from her.


    Cameras shift backstage to show "The Golden One" Devin Golden walking through the arena doors. The crowd allows for a decent pop seeing the Hall of Famer and partner to "Rockstar" Randy Ramon. He is wearing a My Chemical Romance t-shirt, a leather jacket, black jeans, and has wildly grown-out hair that's uncombed and unkept.

    Golden has the five o'clock shadow to go with the look, plus the eye shadow and light makeup to complete the early 2000s emo vibe.

    As Golden enters the arena, right behind him is "Rockstar" Randy Ramon. The crowd goes BALLISTIC for Ramon, who walks two paces behind and to the right of Golden. Ramon has the usual rock n roll attire, with the white jacket, sunglasses, and long blonde hair down to his shoulders.

    Suddenly, the masked wrestler known as "Donny Toner" appears and halts Golden Showers in their path.

    "Hey ... have you seen Danny anywhere?"


    "Last I spoke to him, he was getting to the DeLor..."

    Ramon's words pause as Donny Toner gives him a quizzical look. Golden just has a smirk going on, and finally shakes his head and puts his hand over his face.

    "Whatever. If you see him, tell him I'm looking for him."

    Before Donny Toner can walk off, Golden grabs his arm and stops him. The camera zooms in on Golden and Donny Toner, who lock eyes.

    "You got a problem?"

    "I feel like ... I know you."

    "Yeah? You don't. I've never spoken a word to you before in my life."

    Ramon grabs Golden and pulls him back. Donny leaves the scene, and Golden looks on with sort of a muddled expression. He's bewildered. He could swear up and down that he recognizes the voice. From somewhere.

    "I promise ... I promise ... you don't know him. I think you're imagining things."

    Golden looks at Ramon and leans away.

    "I knew you've been slipping me acid."

    The crowd laughs and "Rockstar" shakes his head and grins, while mouthing, "What?"

    "I'm hearing this voice. I'm thinking Donny Toner is someone I know."

    "That's not how it works, man. That's not at all how acid works. Have you ever done acid?"

    "Have you?"

    "Do I need to answer that? I'm 'Rockstar' Randy Ramon. Emphasis on 'Rockstar.'"

    The crowd chuckles in unison as Golden gets stern, with his finger to Randy's chest, but in sort of a cute brotherly way.

    "If this shit doesn't wear off before the match, and we lose, I'm going to take a shit on your guitar tomorrow."

    Golden walks off as the crowd laughs harder. Ramon just watches and lets out a "huh" as he follows on in tow.


    FWA’s 15th Anniversary show heads backstage where resident interviewer Todd Salum stands ready and at attention.

    Todd Salum: Ladies and gentleman, I hope you’ve been enjoying the 15th Anniversary of FWA so far, we’re so happy to have you with us. Also with us is a man who is making his televised debut for the FWA. He says he’s from the cosmos, he calls himself the “Cosmic Horror” his name is J.J. JAY!

    The camera zooms out and the man called J.J. JAY! stands next to Salum. Shorter than the interviewer, it’s one of the rare occasions where Salum has to look down on his interviewee. J.J. JAY! is drapped in his eldritch monster mask and stands somewhat ominously next to Salum. J.J. JAY! Seems to say something but Todd misses it. He brings the microphone over to his mouth.

    J.J. JAY!: Ywwwre underrrtd mnn.

    Todd Salum: I’m sorry, what, I didn’t quite pick that up.

    J.J. JAY!: I SDDDD, Ywwwr undrrrrrt mnn.

    Todd Salum: Look, I’m sorry J.J. JAY! But I’m having a hard time hearing you with that mask on.

    “Cosmic Horror” has his hands on his hips, shaking his head. He finally decides to take the mask off, disappointment clear on his face.

    J.J. JAY!: All I was trying to say is, you’re underrated man.

    Todd Salum: Oh, uh, why thank you.

    J.J. JAY!: No, thank you, Todd. You don’t get your due respect often enough. You know man, I watch Fight Night every week, and you know what I noticed? You’re never on it. Haven’t you noticed that?

    Todd Salum: Well, I, uh, I’m here when I’m called for.

    J.J. JAY!: I know, I know, and it’s a damn shame you’re not called more often. Last five Fight Nights, I think you made a cameo once? Look, let me tell you something Todd, the other guys here might not appreciate you, but if I don’t have anything better to do, you can bet your ass you and I Todd, we’ll get ourselves our camera time.

    Todd Salum: Hey, you know, I appreciate that.

    J.J. JAY!: Don’t sweat it. See, I get a bonus every time I show up anyways. And honestly, why are you even here if you don’t enjoy the spotlight, right? But I’m glad I was able to get that out of the way, I told myself if I did anything tonight, I was getting Todd on that 15th Anniversary Show in that interviewer gig where he belongs. Now, onto business number two. I don’t know who’s the web designer in charge of the FWA roster page, but you better write my name how it is legally printed, that’s capital-J-period-capital-J-period, space, capital-J-capital-A-capital-Y-exclamation point. Is that too hard to ask for Todd?

    Todd Salum: It’s a bit of an odd name to say.

    J.J. JAY!: I’ll make it easy for you Todd, you can call me J.J. JAY!, you can call me Uncle-

    Todd Salum: Uncle?

    J.J. JAY!: Sweet and simple, Uncle. You can say Uncle, can't you.

    Todd Salum: Well, I guess I just said it. Uncle.

    J.J. JAY!: Perfect. Or you can call me Cosmic Horror. You take your pick. Either way, I expect that clerical error to be fixed after tonight’s show. Thirdly, I came to FWA because I’m a man on a mission. I’ve got a list of things I’d like to accomplish. In no particular order, #1 on that list: I watched a Dog Collar match recently, it was great, Mike Garcia, I bet I’d beat your ass in a Dog Collar match, if you’re not scared of this short king then Blackbird make it happen. Otherwise you're a coward Mike. That's right, I called you a coward. #2 on that list: Cyrus Truth, I want to face you in a Truth or Dare match. The terms can be negotiated. #3 Chris Kennedy, Back in Business, you and I, Legend versus Legend, Icon versus Icon, God versus God. #4 I’m declaring myself for the Carnal Contendership right here and now. So Kennedy, logically speaking if we want to get our match done you'll have to win the FWA title beforehand. #5 I heard rumors about a Mile High match and I think I deserve a shot at qualifying.

    Todd Salum: Well, that’s certainly an impressive list, is that all? What about an FWA World title shot.

    If there's sarcasm there, Cosmic Horror doesn't seem to catch it.

    J.J. JAY!: The list is ever expanding Todd. My goals are ever-evolving. Sure, why not, let's tack that onto the list. #6 Win the FWA World Championship. Easy Todd. Add anything onto the list. I'll accomplish it. I don't have a ceiling. I'm a giant, Todd. But above all else on my list, there's one priority - on Fight Night, send a message to the FWA that the “Cosmic Horror”, Uncle J.J. JAY! is here.

    J.J. JAY! puts the mask on back on and leaves the spotlight.

    Todd Salum:
    I suppose that's everything from me. You've heard it here first, The Cosmic Horror" J.J. JAY! will be making his debut on the next Fight Fight. And well, he's got big plans!


    Rod Sterling: Earlier this week some stipulations were made for this barbed wire cage match between Randall and's the footage

    We open up inside a empty room where there sits two chairs on the first chair sits Kayden Knox. He is wearing a suit as he sits there he slicks his hair back as moments later a livid and pissed off Jason Randall comes crashing through the doors. Randall gets right in the face of Knox who just looks at him with a cold glare and pulls out a piece of paper that says Jason Randall vs. Kayden Knox.

    Kayden Knox: If you want this match sit down plus you signed this and you know that if either one of us touch one another in any sort of physical altercation that we will be fined 10 K and seeing how I know that money is tight for you and that you have expanses you must pay I suggest you sit your ass down and you listen to what I got to say.

    Jason Randall pulls the chair round and sits staring across at Kayden Knox. Knox folds the paper putting it back in his pocket as he goes on to speak.

    Kayden Knox: All right, Jason you want the match? I am willing to give you this match under a few stipulations. The very first one is easy you have already done it so far and that is up until our match no physical altercation between either of us or anyone in association with us.

    Randall shakes his head at this while scowling at Knox.

    Jason Randall: Whatever, as long as I can get this match I'll play ball. Fine, but what that proves to me is that you're nothing more than a gutless coward. Just know this, that when this match happens, you won't have Blackbird to hold your hand or you won't have that big oaf Garcia to hide behind. It'll be just you and I inside that barbed wire cage, and I'm going to make you beg for mercy. You're going to wish that you hadn't touched Penny. I'm going to make you suffer, you think what I did to you in our last fight was bad? Just you wait...

    Kayden Knox: What you did to me in our last match? Do you not remember who won? Do you not remember who was left standing. Your eye still isn't 100%. You see though that brings us to our second stipulation that there is no escape that you and I will not run away that we will leave parts of our flesh all across that ring until one of us can't stand till one of us puts the other into the ground. Now as for Mr. Garcia. I don't hide behind him you see because he is his own man and no matter how hard he tries I will not be used as some sort of puppet. You keep thinking that I am going off of some marching orders but the fact is I did this all in my own will.

    Randall nods his head in agreement.

    Kayden Knox: Jason speaking of expanses tell me how is Penny? Do I come up in conversation? You see it brings me to our third and final stipulation and that is Penny she be handcuff to the cage on the outside of the ring.

    Randall looking up pissed off by this. Knox though again shows off the contract using it as a shield.

    Jason you see I want her by ringside because I want her to watch what I do to you in that ring I want her to be helpless yet again with no control as this time she is in the same position you were on that night that you say you can't forgot when I kicked her skull and climaxed to the sound of brain hitting skull the sound of you screaming as you were within inches of her. You say it was one of the worst days in your life but, Jason lets be honest you are lying. Jason there is no need to lie because there is no one here it is you and I.

    Randall looks on confused.

    Jason Randall: What are you talking about?

    Knox comes in close to Randall with in inches of his face and whispers in his ear.

    Kayden Knox: Deep down inside you wanted me to kick her in the skull. You should be on your knees thanking me for what I did.

    Jason throws the chair across the room as it crashes onto the ground and you can see he is in this different place now livid so pissed a side of Jason we haven't seen in a long time.

    Kayden Knox: Yes, that is the Jason Randall ! I wanted to see that sick son of a bitch that is dangerous. I mean God Damn look at you Jason you are pissed off. You are pissed off because you know I am telling the truth deep down inside in a place you don't want to go to you know that it is the truth and its one that you will need to learn to accept because if you don't I am going to go into that match and I am gonna be taking much joy in the fact that you as a man could not protect the women you love.

    Jason gets up in Knox's face now, seething with rage and holding himself back.

    Jason Randall: You sorry son of a bitch! You want me to go to that place!? Because I will and I will make you instantly regret for wishing that. The only joy that will come from this match will be from me as I watch the barb wire rip away at your body, and watch you writhe in agony and suffer for your sins. You will be begging for me to stop, you will be on your hands and knees pleading for your life but there will be no mercy, Kayden. There will be no mercy and there will be no escape. You will feel my wrath and the pain you experience will be far greater than anything else that you have ever experienced in your entire life...

    She will be at ringside as she watches you pay for your sins...and WHEN it's all said and done...and you're lying in a pool of your own blood in the center of that ring...clinging on to life...she'll have her vengeance...and if you think what I do to you is bad...just you wait...hell hath no fury like a woman scorned...

    Randall leaves the room as Knox watches him leave with a scowl... Knox sits there for a few moments after before getting up and walking off however he stops dead in his tracks and does a double take as the mirror shows another different man behind him he turns but, there is no one there he walks off as it he has just saw a ghost.

    “Popular Monster” plays and the booing from the socially distanced crowd begins, and after the song plays for a few seconds, Kayden Knox steps out on stage and looks out stoically at the fans that jeer him for everything he’s done recently. Eventually, Knox makes his way down to the ring…

    Kurt Harrington: Introducing first, from Sin City, Las Vegas, NV and weighing in at 200 lb, he is “The Afflicted”...Kayden Knox!

    Knox stops before entering the demonic structure that stands before him, the barbed wire cage with weapons hanging from the cage wall. He scans the cage without showing any emotion, and then slowly steps through the door to the cage and into the ring…

    “Go To Sleep” now plays and the crowd’s reaction is the opposite as it was Knox, they cheer as the one eyed Wildcard steps out and by his side is the love of his life, Penny, who is still in a neck brace after the horrific attack at the hands of Kayden Knox. Randall holds hands with Penny and the two make their way down to the ring…

    Kurt Harrington: and his opponent, being accompanied to the ring by Penny, from Truth or Consequences, NM and weighing in at 234 lb, he is “The Wildcard”...Jason Randall!

    Randall and Penny embrace with a kiss before he enters the cage, while Penny is handcuffed to the side of the cage per the agreement made between Randall and Knox just days before the match…

    Rod Sterling: For months now, Kayden Knox has terrorized and tormented the lives of Jason Randall and Penny. From the assault on Penny to trying to end the life of Jason and even temporarily blinding him in one eye, Knox has made this extremely personal and tonight Randall has vowed that Knox will pay for his sins…

    Daniella Kennedy: I’ve never seen anything like this thing before that they stand in, it’s barbaric looking…

    Christian Quinn: This rivalry has been barbaric in itself so in a way it’s fitting

    Rod Sterling: Randall wanted this and Knox agreed to it, with a few of his own stipulations added such as Penny being handcuffed to the cage so she can see first hand what he does to his own rather abhorrent words...not mine

    Barbed Wire Cage Match
    "The Afflicted" Kayden Knox vs. "The Wildcard" Jason Randall


    Randall makes a beeline for Knox, tackling him to the mat and he begins to pummel him senselessly, swinging wildly with punches as the crowd cheers him on with each hit that connects…
    Jason removes himself from Kayden and soaks in the revel from the crowd, feeding off their energy fuels him even further to strike down his fury upon Kayden, who is trying to get back on his feet and he stumbles a bit as he finally gets there but no time for reprieve for Kayden as Randall shoves him right into the barbed wire cage sides! Randall grabs Knox by the hair and drives Knox’s face into the barbed wire, and Knox screams out in agony as the barbed wire rips away at his flesh and Randall is smiling sadistically while forcing Knox to feel the pain…

    Daniella Kennedy: Kayden Knox wanted Randall to go to a dark place and I think Jason is there now…

    Christian Quinn: I’m sure Knox is probably regretting that strategy right about now!

    Randall bounces Knox’s head off and on the sides of the cage with sickening glee until he feels like Kayden has had enough...for now anyways...Knox drops to the mat and blood is already beginning to trickle from his forehead and some drips onto the canvas as he slowly begins to crawl away...Randall follows Knox with every craw...he’s taunting Knox before kicking at him and then he plays up to the fans a little before scouring inside of a bag hanging inside of the cage on the side and he brings out a steel chain…

    Rod Sterling: You can just see all of the twisted ideas forming in Randall’s head about how he’s going to inflict punishment upon Knox with that chain!

    However, Knox has made somewhat of a recovery and has retrieved a weapon of his own, a steel chair! Randall has wrapped some of the chain around his fist and clenches said fist, but before he can use his new toy, Knox unleashes hell upon him as he cracks the chair right across Randall’s back! Randall drops the mat immediately and instinctively tries to push himself back up, but Knox doesn’t allow that to happen as he smashes the chair once more on Randall’s back! Randall falls flat on the canvas now and Knox swings the chair wildly, connecting with a few more shots to the back before tossing it aside…

    Randall, now tries to bring himself back up using nearby ropes as some leverage, but Knox takes the chain that Randall was going to use and wraps enough of it around Randall’s throat and begins to pull back on it!

    Daniella Kennedy: He’s trying to choke the life out of The Wildcard!

    Christian Quinn: Surely Randall had the same intentions but Knox acted upon them first!

    Rod Sterling: That still doesn’t make it any less barbaric!

    Penny is watching helplessly, crying for Jason to not give up while he tries to fight away from Knox’s grip, but eventually Knox releases it and lets Jason drop to the mat, gasping for air. Knox turns around to face Penny…

    “I want you to see what you’re making me do to your beloved! I want you to hear him beg for his life!”

    Randall has used this time to recover and drills Knox from behind with the chain still wrapped around his fist! Then he places the chain near Knox’s throat and brings him down with a russian leg sweep! Randall drapes an arm over Knox for the cover…


    Knox gets a shoulder up and rolls to his side, now he’s the one gasping for air while Randall rummages through another bag on the wall and finds a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire, and he doesn’t wait a second to use it as he swings it down onto Knox’s body! Knox rolls around and writhes in agony, trying to protect himself with each swing from Randall, and with one hit a piece of barbed wire from the bat gets stuck on Knox’s skin and Randall violently pulls it off and blood pours from the wound as Knox howls in pain…

    Daniella Kennedy: This is sickening!

    Randall kneels down close to Knox…

    “You want her to hear me beg for my life? Funny, the only begging I hear is from you!”

    Randall drags Knox back up and tries to bring him up for a suplex onto the side of the cage, but Knox blocks it with his foot and lifts Randall up for his own suplex right into the side of the cage! The barbed wire now rips away at Randall’s skin and Knox drops Randall on the apron, stuck between the ring ropes and the barbed wire sides of the cage and Knox shoves Randall back first back into the cage! Randall hangs over the top of the rope and Knox puts the chair on the mat nearby and then spikes Randall head first onto the steel chair with a rope hung DDT! Knox hooks the far leg for his first cover of the match…


    Randall kicks out but blood is now pouring from his head, he lays on his side and looks over at Penny, who is having a hard time watching all of this and not being able to do anything. Knox has found some barbed wire in one of the weapon bags, and then proceeds to wrap it around Randall’s mouth and pulls back on it! Blood begins to pour from Randall’s mouth and soon Knox moves it down around Randall’s neck and applies a camel clutch submission with barbed wire tearing away at Randall’s neck!

    Daniella Kennedy: I think I’m gonna be sick!

    Christian Quinn: He doesn’t even seem to care that the barbed wire is also ripping up his hands in the process!

    Rod Sterling: All he cares about is hurting and maiming Jason Randall here tonight, by any means necessary

    Knox releases the hold and stands over Randall, who is still coughing up some blood and nearly on all fours, Knox looks over at Penny and motions to her to watch closely...Knox runs the ropes and goes for Malice Intent curb stomp but Randall manages to just barely get out of the way in time...Knox turns around right into a discus forearm smash, nearly having a tooth knocked out as a Knox stumbles back into a corner and Randall wastes no time mudhole stomping away at Knox…

    Randall then retrieves a smaller bag from inside one of the other bags, and pours out the contents of the small bag...thumbtacks! Randall drives his boot into Knox’s face as he comes back over to the corner before propping Knox up top and he climbs up with him before getting him in position…




    Both men are laid out, well Randall is sort of still on top of Knox and eventually drapes one arm over him…


    Daniella Kennedy: HOW?!

    Randall rolls off of Knox and a sick, bloody smile appears on his face. He forces himself back up and Knox is now on all fours, albeit barely...and Randall is about to give Knox a taste of his own medicine with a curb stomp face first into the thumbtacks...but Knox moves himself out of harm’s way...Knox pops up and levels Randall is a discus lariat! Knox then drags Randall by the feet and flips him right into the barbed wire cage! Randall bounces off it and stumbles back into Knox, who then hoists him up on his shoulders and Knox looks over at Penny and begins talking some more trash to her and he swings Randall around for Leaving Las Vegas fireman’s carry cutter...but Randall manages to slip out of it and behind Knox...spins Knox around and goes for Snake Eyes but Knox shoves him away to the ropes...Randall comes back with a rebound lariat! Randall wills Knox on as Know slowly rises to his feet...SNAKE EYES! The stunner on Knox and Randall drops down on top for the cover…


    Kurt Harrington: The winner of the match, Jason Randall!

    Rod Sterling: My god what a war we just witnessed between these two men!

    Christian Quinn: I don’t think either of them will ever be the same after this!

    Daniella Kennedy: Despite it all, Randall gets his revenge tonight!

    Randall has sat up now and begins to compose himself some, the referee checks on him and Randall asks for the keys to Penny’s handcuffs. The referee hands them over and Randall gingerly gets up, still a bloody mess, and hobbles to the door of the cage but from behind Knox stops him in his tracks with a low blow! The referee tries to get Knox back up but Knox sucker punches the referee, knocking him out cold!

    Christian Quinn: I don’t think Knox is finished yet!

    Knox has the steel chain, wraps it around his fist, and pummels Jason with it while Penny watches on, screaming and crying out for someone to help as she’s still cuffed to the cage. Knox drags Randall over near Penny and holds up his beaten, bloodied face for Penny to see and he laughs at her crying. Knox then wraps the steel chair around Randall’s throat and leaves him on the mat he climbs up to the top rope…

    Rod Sterling: Oh come on, you’ve made your point! Enough is enough!

    Knox leaps off the top rope...MALICE INTENT DOUBLE FOOT CURB STOMP FROM THE TOP ROPE! RANDALL WRITHES AND CONVULSES ON THE MAT! COUGHING UP EVEN MORE BLOOD WHILE PENNY IS SCREAMING FOR HELP...Knox picks up the key and hands it to Penny through the cage...then he finally leaves the cage...hobbling as he walks away while Penny is in the ring holding Jason and screaming for help as medical personnel and more referees finally arrive on the scene…Knox has reached the stage and turns back around to look at the damage he has caused and laughs...

    Daniella Kennedy: Randall did get his revenge...but Knox made sure that he got the last laugh…

    We see Penny holding Randall and the show fades out to a commercial...


    Saddle Sally walks up to the podium as her classic titantron video plays. Normally a commentator but not for this moment, for this moment she is a wrestler again. She wears her signature cowgirl boots, but with them fresh jeans, a button up with a gold belt buckle and silver bolo tie, a gold and white western jacket, and a matching white with tan and gold trim cowgirl hat. She smiles ear to ear as people hold up signs that read "Elk Horn me Sally", "Sweet Sally", and a even a few signs with simply just her head blown up. She waves to the crowd and to all of those around her and raises her arms in victory as they cheer, she cannot help but smile.

    She is handed a mic and soaks it in for just a moment more before she begins to speak.

    Sally: Wow, heh, how ya'll doin' tonight?

    The crowd's applause and woos are answer enough.

    Sally: If you had ever told me that one day I'd be standing where I am, I would've said you were crazier than a rabid squirrel!

    The crowd laughs at Sally's joke, as she continues to speak they cheer, clap and laugh at her words.

    Sally: Growin' up I wrassled a bunch of things, I had to deal with being poor, with not fittin' in with so many of those around me, with feelin' like I always had somethin' to prove. Life can drive you crazy if you let it, and the wild part is the person that will drive you the most crazy on this planet is the one ya' see in the mirror every mornin'. I could be my own worst enemy, it made me scared sometimes, it made me hesitate and second guess myself, but I'm glad that so many years ago I was wrong about myself. See when I joined the FWA there wasn't even a women's championship, there wasn't enough ladies to justify that, we were literally jus' wrasslin' in circles, chasin' our own tails. And hun' lemme tell ya' I had quite the tail to chase!

    I had a chip on my shoulder that had grown to the size of a boulder first chance I ever got to win the women's title, and of course I failed when I tried. I was so caught up in my own actions, like I was someone else controllin' my body. Like one of those giant robots in a Kaiju movie or somethin'. It was not pretty, go watch it back you'll see! That was back when those two slobber knocker of broads Gabrielle and Jenny Ignito pretty much ran the ship, in more ways than one! I still got scars from all the times we tangled!

    But then I got my chance the title was vacated and I fought and clawed my way to becomin' champ and when I did....oh was it sweet! Then I won again, and again, when I left the ring I had held the women's title more times than anyone else in FWA history! But it wasn't easy, I had to do battle with some of the strongest, nastiest, down right diabolical women to ever lace up a pair of boots and bra!

    Women like Ayla El, Aja Melissa, Mackenzie Roberts, Beatrixx Black, Shannon O' Neal, Anyanka....but perhaps my biggest rival the one who I'd really get sweaty in the palms whenever I had to fight....Sara Wolf! Let me tell ya' winning the title from Sara Wolf still remains one of the greatest victories of my life. It's one of those memories, like late night poker with Anyanka and Aja Melissa, or getting lost in Nashville with a very drunk Gabrielle. Memories that will live in my head fer'ever.

    Every match was a battle, every chance felt like it could be my last chance, but I let that fire fuel me, because I knew how quickly it could all be over and so I can look back and say with gratitude and happiness that I savored every minute I had in the ring. I felt like I was makin' that person who used to make me doubt myself in the mirror look stupid and I felt like I was makin' the new me proud, makin' my family proud, makin' my heart proud...

    Speakin' of heart, I cannot stand up here without talkin' 'bout the love of my life the man who had my back and iced it down after every match. My rock and my co-pilot...Zaire Wyoming.

    Sally points to Zaire Wyoming in the crowd equally decked out in fancy cowboy attire who claps and cheers for her. Tears already forming in his eyes.

    Sally: Lemme tell ya'll marriage and wrasslin' are so much the same. Most of the time you got two folks in there...depending...might have more, hey not gonna yuck anyone's yums...but Zaire and I were in that ring every day together, tag team and sparring partners all at once. We've had high points, low points and everythin' in-between but he's never let me forget what it's all about, where I've come from and how far I've come. And I just want to speak to him real quick and say...Baby I love ya', yer' the sun on my skin, the night sky that lulls me to sleep, the fresh Wyoming wind on my face! I wouldn't be standing up here if it weren't fer' ya'!

    Sally blows a kiss to Zaire who smiles and mouths that he loves her back as she turns her attention back to the crowd.

    Sally: When I got the call from the committee about this I was honestly a bit shocked. I didn't think I would find myself here, thought that my time had passed, I have been here for so long, so many transitions, so many new experiences, I've made so many friends here, a few enemies too, but who hasn't? Life is boring without a few rivals, they help push you higher and higher. And as I look at the class 'round me, think about all we have collectively been through and sacrificed. There was a part of me that asked if I deserved all this, but there's my old self tryin' to pull me down. Fact is I worked hard, I fought some of the best and lived to tell the tale, I fought off some of the best in the biz and grappled with legends, and to think I now get to call myself one...well that's just peachy-keen!

    And I jus' want to say to anyone who is havin' a little trouble lookin' in the mirror, a little trouble gettin' up after gettin' knocked down by an Elk's Horn, who dares to dream bigger than what they can see 'roudn them. That it can happen, ya' can do it! I'm livin' proof. So thank you to the hall of fame committee, the wrestlers, the fans, thanks fer' lettin' this little ol' cowgirl live her dreams! Bless ya'll!

    Sally blows a kiss to the crowd raises her hands in the "Elk Hook 'Em" gesture and lets out an elated scream to her fans who stand and applaud her as tears roll down her face.


    Mike Parr walks out onto the stage to a generally mixed reaction. He surveys the audience carefully, taking in both the jeers and the cheers. He wanders down to the ring, loosening up his joints and ignoring the jeers of the front row fans as he passes them by.

    Kurt Harrington: "Ladies and gentlemen, this is a Retribution Bracket match-up in the Elite Tag Team Classic! Introducing first, weighing in at two hundred and forty pounds… MIKE PARR!"

    Rod Sterling: ”Well, ladies and gentlemen, it’s finally time for this Elite Tag Team Classic match-up… and there’s more than just a berth in the Retribution Bracket finals at stake here…”

    Christian Quinn: ”That’s right, Rod, and as this Montreal audience gives Parr a… mixed welcome… it’s interesting to note the symmetry of this particular match-up.”

    Daniella Kennedy: ”Mike Parr, along with his partner Krash, were able to come out of that one victorious, but a lot has changed since then and it will be interesting to see if there’s a change in strategy from either team here tonight.”

    Parr is in the ring when his music fades out, and is quickly replaced by…

    There's a huge pop when Krash walks out on the stage, a smile on his face and his championship belt proudly positioned on his shoulder. He surveys the Montreal arena, nods his head along with his theme, and then walks down to the ring.

    Kurt Harrington: "And his tag team partner… Weighing in at two hundred and five pounds… From Melbourne, Australia… He is the FWA North American Champion… KRASH!!"

    Rod Sterling: ”Here comes the Moustached Maverick, and when you talk about great 2020’s, you talk about Gabrielle, about Alyster Black, about Dave Sullivan… but you can’t leave this man out of the equation. He has reigned over the North American division for months and shows no signs of slowing down.”

    Daniella Kennedy: ”That’s right, and I’m sure the White Wolf will be looking to add this tag team tournament, and the subsequent championship reign, to his list of accolades this year. We’re just heading towards Back in Business season, and doubtlessly Krash will be interested in making a statement as we lead up to the biggest event of the year.”

    Krash has climbed into the ring, and climbs to the second turnbuckle to show off his belt. Krash's music fades out, and the next competitor's theme hits…

    There are boos and cheers for von Horrowitz as she walks out onto the stage. She begins to walk down the ramp as Harrington makes his introductions…

    Kurt Harrington: “And their opponents… introducing first, weighing in at sixty seven kilograms and hailing from Rotterdam, the Netherlands… Michelle… von… HORROWITZ!!”

    Rod Sterling: ”We heard from von Horrowitz earlier, and it seems she will indeed be facing Bell Connelly at Mile High in just a few short weeks… but it will be important for MvH to re-focus herself upon this match.

    Christian Quinn: ”Gerald Grayson told her that she needed to re-balance her priorities ahead of this one, but it remains to be seen if von Horrowitz can accomplish that. We know her to be something of a hot-head, and it’ll be interesting to see if her forthcoming date with Bell Connelly gets in the way of her team’s progress in this tournament.”

    Von Horrowitz has climbed into the ring and taken up her standard seated position in the corner, her head against the middle turnbuckle. Her legs are extended and one is folded over the other. Orbison fades out, and is replaced by…

    There’s a HUGE pop as Gerald Grayson walks out onto the stage. He has the FWA X Division Championship on his shoulder, and pats it three times as he surveys his adoring crowd. After letting out an excitable roar, he begins his descent towards the ring…

    Kurt Harrington: “And her partner… weighing in at two hundred and twenty pounds… currently residing in Raleigh, North Carolina… he is the FWA X Division Champion… GERALD GRAYSON!!”

    Rod Sterling: ”Just LISTEN to this! Montreal is going wild for Gerald Grayson, a hugely popular member of the roster and the current X Division Champion. He has already spoken about his ambitions to become a double champion here in the FWA, but tonight they face quite a sizeable hurdle…”

    Daniella Kennedy: ”And a hurdle that they have fallen at previously. But I alluded earlier to a different von Horrowitz and Grayson as we head into this match-up. We’ve seen them co-exist, perhaps even thrive, over the past few months since their first round defeat to Krash and Parr. And now they find themselves on the cusp of the finals, but with four matches still sitting between them and eventual victory…”

    Grayson is on the second turnbuckle, holding his belt up in the air. Their opponents have slid back into the ring, allowing the referee to make his final checks before calling for the bell…

    The Elite Tag Team Classic: Retribution Bracket
    Mike Parr and Krash versus Michelle von Horrowitz and Gerald Grayson

    When the bell rings, the four competitors cut a stark contrast to their images when these two teams locked it up the last time. Back in June, we were faced with a strange bed-fellows situation, with Krash and Parr barely functioning as a team, and Michelle von Horrowitz in outright refusal to converse with Gerald Grayson. This time, Mike Parr stands on the apron, whispering into Krash’s ear and patting him on the shoulder. Across the ring, MvH and Grayson share a fist bump, the former X Division Champion vacating the ring and allowing the current one to enter it. The two champions begin to circle the ring, the excitement in the arena palpable as this re-match gets under way…

    They come together in a collar and elbow tie-up, rooking slightly before Grayson floats behind into a rear waist lock. He looks to be going for a German suplex, but Krash places his boot behind GG’s calf to block it. He then wrenches at Grayson’s arms, causing separation and transitioning into a wrist lock. Grayson does a forward roll to alleviate the tension on the joint, and then attempts to break with a big clothesline… but Krash ducks it, and moves into a rear waist lock of his own. He bundles Grayson into the ropes, going for an O’Conner roll… but Grayson hooks the top rope with his arms and Krash rolls backwards without him. Grayson attempts to storm at Krash and hit him with a PK kick whilst the White Wolf is in a seated position… no! Krash lays flat on his back, causing Grayson to miss… and then Krash rolls him up with a schoolboy…




    Grayson is quickly up to his feet, and he tries to blindside the North American Champion with a clothesline… and Krash floats beneath it, into a backslide pin attempt…




    Again, Grayson and Krash are both quickly to their feet, and Krash comes at him, attempting a small package… but GG checks his momentum, and - already finding the front face lock applied - takes him over with a snap suplex! He floats over into a lateral press…


    TW - - NO!

    Krash kicks out, and the two men enter a stand-off.

    Rod Sterling: ”Rapid opening exchange here from Grayson and Krash, and this Montreal crowd is telling them exactly what they think of that…”

    The two champions stand in opposite corners, soaking up the atmosphere for a moment. The applause is deafening, and Grayson nods his head, regarding the stage that he finds himself upon with confidence and reverence. He locks eyes with Krash, and then with Michelle von Horrowitz, who he promptly tags in. She hops over the top rope, just as the White Wolf tags in the Prodigy. Mike Parr climbs through the ropes and quickly begins to circle the ring, and when MvH comes at him with an attempted collar and elbow tie-up, he swats her away and instantly puts her in a headlock. He throws her over his body and onto the mat with a judo throw, and then MvH attempts a head scissors. She manages to pry Parr off her with her legs, but Parr deftly escapes with a headstand, and follows up with a dropkick to the chops! Michelle tries to roll away but instantly Parr is on her. He grabs her legs and turns her over in a Boston crab, wrenching away at the submission move for a few minutes… before transitioning into a crossface! Michelle agonizes and then begins a slow crawl over towards the bottom rope… only for Parr to again transition, this time into the Regal stretch! Michelle screams out in pain… and then hooks a foot over the bottom rope!

    Christian Quinn: ”Michelle von Horrowitz manages to save herself by reaching the ropes, but Mike Parr is going to exploit every moment of this five-count!”

    Daniella Kennedy: ”And as he finally allows her out of the hold at four, we’re left to remark upon that technical masterclass from Mike Parr. MvH simply second best in that exchange.”

    It seems Michelle knows this and, biting her tongue, she rolls over to her corner before she gets up, tagging in Grayson. Parr considers doing the same with Krash, but eventually decides that he wants to share the ring with the X Division Champion for a while. It looks as if they are going to come together in a lock-up again, playing to Parr’s strengths, but Grayson instead unloads a stiff kick to Parr’s side. Parr recoils, and straight away Grayson follows up with a trio of European uppercuts, backing Parr up to the ropes. GG Irish whips him across the ring… and then takes him down with a leg lariat! Parr is straight back to his feet, and he charges at Parr. The Prodigy slides beneath his legs and gets up behind GG, going for a rear waist lock, but Grayson unloads a stiff trio of elbows to Parr’s head!

    Rod Sterling: ”Those strikes cause some separation for Gerald, and it’s quite clear that Grayson wants absolutely NOTHING to do with a catch-as-catch-can wrestling match with the Prodigy.”

    Daniella Kennedy: ”You’ve got to play to your strengths, and it’s refreshing to see the X Division Champion doing just that…”

    Parr stumbles back from the elbows, and Grayson follows up with a sling-blade! He’s quick to climb up to the top rope, maybe looking for an elbow drop… but Parr senses his danger, and he darts up to his feet and charges into the corner. He hits Grayson with a palm thrust, and then climbs up onto the second rope with him…

    Christian Quinn: ”Mike Parr perhaps thinking superplex here. That’s one way to bring a high-flying opponent crashing straight down to Earth…”

    Parr has placed Grayson into a front face lock… but GG begins to fight out, unloading with a series of right hands to Parr’s ribs. The Prodigy stumbles and releases the face lock… and then Grayson rocks him with a BIG European uppercut! Parr falls from the second rope and into the ring and is staggered… and GG leaps from the top rope, taking him over with a hurricanrana!!

    Parr is thrown towards his own corner, and Krash has the presence of mind to tag himself in. Parr rolls under the bottom rope and the White Wolf charges over at Grayson… but GG ducks the attempted clothesline and then hits him with a drop kick! Krash stumbles over to the ropes, and Grayson hits the opposite set… he hits Krash at full pelt with a clothesline, sending him all the way over the top rope and onto the floor!!

    Rod Sterling: ”Gerald Grayson is building up a SERIOUS head of steam here! He’s on fire! And he hits the ropes again…”

    Christian Quinn: ”SUICIDE DIVE!!”

    Daniella Kennedy: ”Krash goes sprawling to the floor… and Grayson lands on his feet!!”

    He rolls back into the ring as the crowd cheers his name, and he tags in his partner. Immediately, she begins to climb up to the top rope, staring down at Krash as he gradually gets to his feet… before leaping off and taking him down with a cross-body!! Both competitors hit the ground and again the crowd goes wild. Michelle is slow to her feet, and already the referee is at six with his count, and so she rolls in and then back out to break it up, before lifting Krash up by the hair. She pulls him close, and then Irish whips him into the barricade! Krash hits the steel back-first and then stumbles back towards Michelle… who is waiting for him with a drop toe hold! Krash hits the steel ring steps face first!!

    Rod Sterling: ”Well, battling Mike Parr in a technical wrestling match may not have been Michelle’s wheel-house, but she is certainly more comfortable on the outside!”

    Christian Quinn: ”She’s regarding Krash’s prone body carefully, and I think that’s a smile on her face?!”

    It is, and after a quick lick of her lips, Michelle lifts him up in a front face lock and hooks both of his arms… before driving him down on the outside with a double-arm underhook DDT!! The official is at seven again and, realising this, she lifts Krash up and rolls him under the bottom rope, sliding in after him and hooking the far leg…



    T - - NO!

    Krash is able to get a shoulder up and Michelle, breathing somewhat heavily, tags in Grayson. He climbs through the ropes and finds Krash crawling towards Parr, and so picks his ankle. He is perhaps going for some sort of submission but Krash hops up to his feet… and then GG takes him over with a leg whip! Grayson picks Krash up by the hair and applies a face lock, hooking one arm and one leg… he’s perhaps looking for a fisherman’s suplex, but Krash drops his weight onto the other knee to block the hold. Grayson releases and hits the kneeling Krash with a European uppercut! He then hits the ropes, perhaps looking for a running knee strike… but Krash dives out of the way! The White Wolf is up to his feet and he doubles Grayson over with a boot to the midsection… he hits the ropes...

    Daniella Kennedy: ”FAMOUSER!”

    Rod Sterling: ”Perhaps a desperation move there from Krash… and rather than going for the cover, he crawls over to his corner… and he tags in Mike Parr!”

    Parr comes in with a clothesline for Grayson, and then a second! Michelle tries to storm the ring, but she’s taken over with a big back body drop! And then a flapjack for Grayson! Krash has rolled out onto the apron and is busying himself with returning to a vertical base, but meanwhile Parr cues up von Horrowitz… and nails her with a belly-to-back suplex! Grayson is back to his feet, but the Prodigy has a double-underhook backbreaker waiting for him!! And then a shining wizard for MvH!!

    Rod Sterling: ”An unbelievable burst of offense here from Mike Parr!!”

    Parr waits patiently for Grayson to get back to his feet, keeping one watchful eye on Michelle, who lies face down on the apron. GG is up, and he turns around… Parr creams him with a running standing knee!! Grayson hits the mat, and Parr instantly covers him…



    T - - NO!!

    Christian Quinn: ”Grayson kicks out! How did he kick out?!”

    Daniella Kennedy: ”I thought that was ‘lights out’ for Gerald Grayson! But there’s still fight left in the X Division Champion!!”

    Maybe not for long, though, as Parr motions that it’s time for this one to end… He waits for Grayson to get up… and then nails him with a rolling cutter! Parr gets all of his finishing move!!

    He hooks the leg…



    THRE - - NO!!!

    Michelle dives under the bottom rope and drops a double axe handle onto Parr! The official does his best to get her out of the ring, but she sidesteps him and hits Parr with a busaiku knee kick!! She drags Grayson over to her corner and climbs out onto the apron, dutifully tagging herself in, and then waits patiently for Parr to get to his feet. Michelle springboards off the top rope, and nails Parr with a forearm! He hits the mat, but she drags him back up, pulls him into position… TIGER DRIVER ‘98! Parr is spiked on his head! Michelle climbs to her feet and begins her ascent to the top rope, steadying herself and staring down at Parr’s prone body…

    Rod Sterling: ”I think Michelle von Horrowitz is thinking about finishing this one off…”

    Daniella Kennedy: ”450 SPLASH!!”

    Rod Sterling: ”NO!! MIKE PARR GETS HIS KNEES UP!!”

    Christian Quinn: ”Michelle von Horrowitz is reeling! She bounces of Parr’s extended limbs and rolls across the ring, clutching her ribs…”

    Daniella Kennedy: ”And Mike Parr is on her! ROLLING CUTTER!!”

    Christian Quinn: ”And now he hooks the leg!”





    Rod Sterling: ”MvH gets her foot on the rope!!! The referee stops at two!!”

    Daniella Kennedy: ”Incredible ring awareness there!”

    Mike Parr can’t believe it, and he runs his hands through his hair in frustration. For a moment, he looks at the referee, wondering how best to express his disappointment… but eventually, he instead turns back to his opponent. He lifts MvH up and backs her into the ropes, attempting to throw her across the ring into the opposite set…

    But she just falls to the floor halfway across the ring! She can’t support her own weight, and Parr shakes his head. He lifts her up again in a front face lock and drags her to his corner, where he tags in the North American Champion. Krash climbs through the ropes and takes Michelle’s other side, and the two of them take her over with a double suplex. Rather than go for a cover, the two wait for Michelle to get up to her knees… they hit opposite sets of ropes, Krash coming up behind her with a running knee strike to the back of the head, and Parr from the front with a shining wizard!! Michelle slumps to the mat, and Krash hooks the leg…



    THE - - NO!!

    Rod Sterling: ”Now it’s Gerald’s turn to make the save for the Grayson and von Horrowitz Connection!”

    Christian Quinn: ”But immediately Parr is into the ring to confront him, and he puts Grayson in a rear waist lock…”

    Rod Sterling: ”Krash hits Grayson with a step-up enziguri… and then Parr takes him over with a German suplex!!”

    Grayson rolls under the bottom rope, and Parr retreats to his side of the ring, climbing onto the apron. Krash begins his ascent to the top rope, looking out over the arena as he steadies himself. The excitement has reached fever pitch, dueling chants find their way into every corner of the audience. Eventually, he looks back down at MvH, and then leaps off the top rope…

    Rod Sterling: ”Krash is going for that diving elbow drop… but NO! Michelle von Horrowitz rolls out of the way!!”

    Daniella Kennedy: ”Immediately Mike Parr is into the ring, and he charges at MvH… But she picks his legs… double leg take down… STRETCH MUFFLER!!”

    Christian Quinn: ”She has it locked in! And now come the stomps!!”

    Rod Sterling: ”We saw this last week, as von Horrowitz and Grayson emerged victorious over the Division… stomp after stomp to the back of Parr’s head whilst the stretch muffler is locked in!”

    Christian Quinn: ”But Mike Parr is not the legal man!”

    Rod Sterling: ”Krash is back up, and Michelle is forced to release the hold… the White Wolf charges at her, but MvH is able to duck the attempted clothesline and hit the ropes… BUSAIKU KNEE KICK!!”

    Daniella Kennedy: ”But Michelle’s not done there, she quickly climbs up to the top rope… 450 SPLASH!!”

    Rod Sterling: ”She hooks BOTH legs…”



    THRE - - NO!!

    Daniella Kennedy: ”Mike Parr breaks up the three-count! And now he lifts MvH to her feet…”

    Christian Quinn: ”Rolling cutter!! Mike Parr gets all of it, and Michelle is down!”

    And now Parr finally retreats to the outside, waiting on the apron with his hand out for Krash. The White Wolf inches over to him… and finally makes the tag! Parr gets into the ring just as Michelle is getting up to her knees, and he patiently waits for her to get to her feet… he looks to be going for that rolling cutter again… NO! Michelle pushes him away! Parr hits the turnbuckles chest-first!

    MvH, stumbling towards him, places him in position… Russian leg sweep! Parr hits the mat, and Michelle dives over to her corner, tagging in Grayson! The crowd goes wild as Gerald waits for Mike Parr to get to his feet… he cues him up… SPRINGBOARD HURRICANRA!!

    Rod Sterling: ”Gerald is PUMPED! And so is Montreal!! Parr gets to his feet, but he’s taken back down with a slingblade!”

    Gerald hops over the top rope, landing on his feet on the apron… waiting for Parr to get to his feet… and then he slingshots into the ring, almost taking Parr’s head off with the clothesline!!

    Christian Quinn: ”EXTREME IMPACT!! Gerald creams him with it!!”

    Rod Sterling: ”Michelle is down… Krash is down… Gerald hooks the leg…”




    Winners: Michelle von Horrowitz and Gerald Grayson via pinfall at 19:32

    The crowd goes WILD when the bell rings, and Grayson just slumps onto the mat. The audience aren’t really cheering for one team over the other, but more in appreciation of the fast-paced fifteen minutes they just witnessed. The official is trying to help Grayson to his feet as the announcement is made.

    Kurt Harrington: ”Here are your winners… Michelle von Horrowitz and Gerald Grayson!!

    The referee has finally managed to get Grayson to his feet and he lifts Gerald’s hand into the air in victory. Von Horrowitz simply rolls under the bottom rope and gets to her knees, looking at Grayson as his music begins to play.

    Rod Sterling: ”What a contest that was, and the Grayson and Von Horrowitz Connection have booked their place in the ‘finals’ of the retribution bracket, where they’ll face off against the loser of Eli Black and Cyrus Truth against, um, Golden Showers in tonight’s main event.”

    Christian Quinn: ”This tag team tournament is really heating up as we find ourselves down to just three teams… but what a match we just saw! Some vindication for MvH and Grayson there, returning to face the team that put them in the Retribution Bracket way back in June, and evening up the score between the two teams.”

    Daniella Kennedy: ”It’s true that we saw a more cohesive effort from MvH and Gerald Grayson tonight, but the same can be said of Krash and Mike Parr too. Their dreams of lifting the tag team championships together come to a close here tonight, and it’ll be interesting to see what’s next for this duo. Either separately or alone…”

    Rod Sterling: ”And what’s this?

    MvH and Grayson are standing in the ring and, after sharing a quick fist bump and a nod, they notice that Krash is now on his feet and in the ring. He is standing and looking at the victors, a disappointed look on his face. Next to him, Mike Parr is finally getting to his feet, still feeling groggy after the finish of the match.

    Parr takes a step towards Grayson and offers out a hand, which - after a few moments of contemplation from the X Division Champion - is apprehensively taken and shook. Parr nods at Grayson after the release, and Krash offers a hand to him as well. Gerald takes it, before the White Wolf offers the same courtesy to Michelle von Horrowitz. MvH has her hands on her hips, her breathing still heavy and laboured from the exertions of the match. Her face is unreadable. Eventually, slowly, she takes Krash’s hand, giving it a single shake before quickly releasing it again. Finally, the Prodigy offers a hand to Michelle, perhaps enjoying her discomfort, an eager smile on his face. She gives him the same treatment as Krash, and afterwards the losing pairing take their leave and roll under the bottom rope. Krash retrieves his championship belt, and then the two march off up the ramp.

    Rod Sterling: ”A show of respect there from all four competitors, and finally Michelle von Horrowitz and Gerald Grayson are left to celebrate what surely must be a huge victory for them.”

    Christian Quinn: ”That’s right. There job is still far from over. If the Grayson and von Horrowitz Connection want to become the FWA World Tag Team Champions, they still have three matches to win…”

    Grayson climbs up to the second rope in one corner of the ring, looking out over the arena with his championship belt on his shoulder. Across the ring, Michelle takes a seat in the opposite corner. We fade out on this peculiar visual and go to commercials.


    “Bow Down” I Prevail hits and The Undisputed Alliance make their way out, Fenix in a black dress shirt and black sport coat over it along with black slacks and black loafers, meanwhile Savage is in a red dress shirt with a black sport coat, black slacks and black shoes.

    Rod Sterling: This is a bit of a surprise, Fenix and Savage we’re not even supposed to be here tonight

    Christian Quinn: That doesn’t mean they’re not allowed to be here, Rod! They are looking sharp tonight, even Nate Savage is dressed up!

    Fenix is in the ring and is handed a microphone, waits for the fans to quiet down before speaking…

    Jackson Fenix: Now we don’t have all night, so if you lousy canucks can shut your traps for a second I’d appreciate it…

    This elicits jeers from the crowd before they eventually do calm down

    Jackson Fenix: Frankly, myself and Nate don’t want to be here any longer than we have to be but we have an important announcement that we’d like to make here, and honestly we’d rather it be anywhere else but here is what it is…

    More jeers from the crowd as Fenix smirks it off.

    Jackson Fenix: Tonight is a night about celebrating 15 years of the FWA, legends of the past return to be inducted into the Hall of Fame where I have no doubt that in the many years to come, myself and Nate will be inducted…

    Anyway, I digress. 15 years of the FWA, huh? Can you believe it? Although we haven’t been here in its entirety, we’ve no doubt made some pretty memorable moments that will be looked fondly upon down the road and tonight is no different because we will be making a momentous announcement…

    This is something that you won’t ever forget, I mean after you go home tonight you won’t remember the main event or you won’t even remember all of the hall of fame speeches, no you’ll remember this moment. You’ll look back on it and think to, we witnessed history tonight…

    Nate asks for the microphone and Fenix somewhat reluctantly obliges him.

    Nate Savage: I know how much you enjoy hearing yourself speak, Jackson, but we really should get this moving along so allow me to announce here to the world that tonight we have aligned ourselves with Vincent Blackbird…

    Fenix takes the microphone back…

    Jackson Fenix: What that means is that Blackbird has upgraded from The New Breed to a winning team...and what that means for the rest of this’re all screwed…

    Jackson tosses aside the microphone, and he and Nate take their leave as their music plays them out.


    Suddenly, a fire red 2021 Chevrolet Corvette is seen by the camera speeding down Expo Blvd right outside Rogers Arena.

    The smooth car comes to a screeching halt right in front of the gates to the arena.

    The car door opens, with the camera focusing on the ground...where two brown leather shoes can be seen on the concrete below and getting out of the car.

    The mysterious driver is now full out of the car, and the camera slowly pans up to review his black suit pants, fancy belt, black sports jacket, black dress shirt underneath, and no tie.

    The camera reaches the driver's face now, which is hidden behind a pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses.

    He takes off the sunglasses, and the arena goes crazy.

    The chanting starts up once again...




    As the now FWA Hall of Famer heads straight through the front doors of the arena as we cut to a commercial.


    The Kennedy chants continue as this pumped up crowd is still going after a roughly five minute commercial break.




    As they have non stop.

    And right on cue...

    The arena absolutely explodes at Earthquake level decibels.

    "The Astonishing" Chris Kennedy struts out to the ring, now out of his suit and in his all white ring gear, complete with his white boots with black laces, and his white trunks with "Kennedy" written on the back.

    Kennedy puts his hands up high and wide as he takes in the crowds cheers.

    He then struts down the ramp, giving high fives to random fans on the way down.

    He gets to the steps and jogs up slowly, stopping at the top and looking around the entire arena, before heading into the ring. He takes time one each of the four turnbuckles, before finally grabbing a microphone from ringside.

    Chris Kennedy: So...

    The crowd can't even contain their excitement enough to let Kennedy speak, as they continue to go football stadium nuts. Like your team just won the Super Bowl level crazy.

    They finally get quieted down enough to let Kennedy continue.

    Chris Kennedy: I hear you guys have been calling for me?

    The crowd again just absolutely pops.

    Chris Kennedy: I hear you've been waiting for my...Hall of Fame Speech?

    The crowd once more explodes...











    Chris just stands there, taking it all in with a shit eating grin.

    Eating up every minute of it.

    Chris Kennedy: As we gather here tonight, on the 15th Anniversary of the FWA, and we just...celebrate the history...we celebrate the championships won by those like Jack Severino, and Saddle Sally, and Darnell Porter. We celebrate the amazing moments in history, like Lt. Wyoming winning the X Championship, or G-Rich losing the FWA World Championship after 3 minutes...or Cyrus Truth...coming in from CWA, and becoming one of my biggest foes by winning the 2016 Carnal Contendership match fresh out of CWA.

    That is what this night is about...the history of the FWA.

    And yet I can stand here, and say with pride, that of that history...I am one of the few to have witnessed as much as two thirds of it.

    And let me tell you...that is amazing to say.

    So I can stand up here, and I can talk about how many matches I've won. I can talk about how I have more world championship reigns than any other person to have ever competed in this business, or how I'm one of just three Grand Slam champions because of my North American, Tag Team, and X Championship reigns. How I've won a Golden Opportunity match, and a Carnal Contendership match. How I have an undefeated 8-0 record at Back in Business, and how I've main evented Back in Business three different times.

    I can talk about all of that.

    Or...I can go on to say why I've returned tonight, for one time, for one match, on this one special night. Because one might say that I have just nothing left to prove, and as I've just gone on about, I truly do not. I have literally done and won anything I could have won in this company. I'm not here trying to find a purpose like Devin Golden, or trying to become just a three time world champion like Gabrielle. I'm not here trying to prove to the world I'm a Hall of Famer, because now as of tonight...I've already done that too.

    And tonight, I'm not even here to prove that I am the best in this company. I don't need to do that. David Sullivan can defeat me within a minute of the bell ringing, and he still won't ever come close to being considered better than me. There won't even be a Michael Jordan vs LeBron James type of debate when it comes to the FWA.

    Tonight, I am celebrate the history.

    It is time to celebrate the history of the past.

    To celebrate the history of the present.

    ...and to celebrate the history of the future.

    SO LET'S GO!

    With that, Chris Kennedy throws his mic down and out of the ring, as the fans go absolutely manic.

    He has given his Hall of Fame induction speech, and now he's ready to fight.

    The chanting from before starts up again, and this time even louder.

    We're talking World Cup 2010 loud.






    When all of a sudden, their chanting is interrupted...

    "Hail to the King" starts blasting, but it can barely be heard over the cheers for Kennedy.

    The FWA World Champion emerges at the top as the crowd loudly boos, clearly rooting for his opponent. Sullivan appears unphased.

    He's wearing his signature golden crown, and his black velvet robe with gold trimming. In his hand, a golden scepter, and around his waist...that coveted FWA World Championship. All of which are on top of Sullivan's ring gear, which tonight are a pair of shiny gold trunks, complimented with black boots and black wrist tape. All looking fabulous especially with that gold championship snug around his waist.

    Luckily for Sullivan, that title isn't on the line least in this match.

    Kennedy scoffs at Sullivan's dress up routine, as "The King" spits at the direction of some booing fans.

    Sullivan makes his way to ringside, and walks around the ring and near the commentary table, where he sets down his scepter and then begins to slowly remove his robe, his crown, and the world championship.

    He turns around and smirks at Kennedy who's watching him from the ring.

    The King then hops into the ring, staring down Kennedy the entire time as he goes into the opposite corner.

    Legend vs King
    Non Title Match
    "The Astonishing" Chris Kennedy
    "The King" Dave Sullivan

    Kennedy and Sullivan are in opposite corners, both giving each other smug cocky looks. The bell rings, and both men quickly end up jaunting out to the middle of the ring with their hands up. The action starts with a couple of boxing jabs from both men, but Kennedy quickly gets the upper hand after a few quick strikes to Sullivan's chest and jaw. Sullivan retreats back and a bit, but Kennedy goes at him with a grapple, and the two are no grappling with each other in the middle of the ring. Sullivan goes for a takedown, and now both men are in the ground fighting for control. Sullivan gets control first in a side mount position, and starts throwing blows at Kennedy's ribs and kidneys. Kennedy is soon able to get out of it, and he ends up getting back to his feet. Sullivan is up to his feet well when all of a sudden...


    No...Kennedy tried a quick super kick on Sullivan, but the champion jumped three feet backwards to avoid it at the last second. Kennedy wastes no time as he goes after Sullivan with a barrage of punches. Sullivan ends up going for another takedown on Kennedy, and yet again the two are on the ground fighting for control. It looks like Sullivan is going to get control, but then out of nowhere...

    ANACONDA VISE! Chris Kennedy has locked in the anaconda vise on Dave Sullivan. Sullivan's got nowhere to go, as Chris Kennedy tightens his hold.

    Roughly thirty seconds pass, and Kennedy still has that vise locked in tight. Sullivan is looking like he has to tap...

    ...when Kennedy's hold gets loosened! Sullivan is somehow able to wiggle out of it, and both men are now back up on their feet. Kennedy looks annoyed, thinking he had Sullivan there. They're back to it again in the middle of the ring with the back and forth jabs. Kennedy gets his jab in on Sullivan first, and then Sulley gets a jab in to the ribs of Kennedy, and then to the head.

    Kennedy gets pushed back, but then he goes at Sullivan with a standing drop kick! This knocks Sullivan to the ground, where Kennedy pounces on Sullivan for a ground and pound.

    The crowd is going absolutely wild. They continue the same chant that they've done throughout the entire night.




    Sullivan finally gets Kennedy off of him, and the two roll on the ground to again get control. Now Sullivan is on top for his own ground and pound, try to get every punch he can in on Chris. Right punch, left punch, right punch, left punch, right hook, right hook.

    Yet the crowd will not favor.




    Sullivan finally gets up off Kennedy, and picks him up by the hair. He pushes Kennedy back, and hits a muay thai kick right in Kenendy's side. And then a second kick to Kennedy's legs.

    Kennedy comes back at Sullivan with a spinning wheel kick, but then Sullivan hits Kennedy with a high muay thai kick this time hitting Kennedy right in the high side where that "Carmella" tattoo is inked in.

    It looks like Sullivan is about to get full control of the match when out of nowhere....

    BITTER SWEET CHIN SYMPHONY! Kennedy just super kicked Sullivan square in the jaw.

    Sullivan looks dazed as he fits the mat, and Kennedy hooks the leg for a cover.

    The crowd goes crazy once again with the Kennedy chants.

    "Kennedy!" "Kennedy!" "Kennedy!"

    The ref counts.




    But Sullivan kicks out.

    The crowd groans at the kickout, and begins booing the referee and Sullivan.

    Kennedy smacks that mat with his fist, as Sullivan meanwhile rolls to the outside of the mat, rubbing his jaw. Kennedy follows him to the outside, not wasting any time. He picks up Sullivan, and Irish Whips him into the steel steps! Sullivan looks like he hit the right side of his ribs right into the steps, and grabs them in pain. Kennedy smirks, as he then goes over and proceeds to stomp on Sullivan's ribs with his boot. He picks up Sullivan now, and tosses him into the ring post, shoulder first. Sullivan again screams out in pain, as Kennedy finally tosses him back into the ring, and quickly follows behind him. Now in the ring and on the ground, Sullivan tries to get up, but Kennedy grabs his leg, and hooks him for a single legged Boston Crab! Sullivan yells as Kennedy holds that leg tight! Sullivan tries to grab the ropes but they're too far! Kennedy keeps putting pressure on that hold, as Sullivan waggles his arm to the ropes.

    Still in the hold, Sullivan tries to drag himself further and further to the ropes, he is able to push himself and Kennedy about a foot closer, and then begins to reach out his hand...but he's still too short! His fingers are about a foot away from the ropes, and he can't get there! Kennedy then drags Sullivan back into the middle of the ring, keeping the Boston Crab hold locked in. Sullivan is clenching his fist in pain, it looks like he's contemplating tapping out, but he just won't do it! He again tries to push himself and Kennedy closer to the ropes.

    The crowd all the meanwhile is going nuts once more.




    The Boston Crab is still locked in. Sullivan is so close to the ropes, but he's not quite there.



    Finally, Sullivan's hand wraps itself around the middle rope. The crowd again growns, as the referee begins counting to signal Kennedy to let go of the hold.

    He counts...





    Kennedy finally lets go of Sullivan's leg, as the champ immediately grabs it in pain and crawls into the corner. Kennedy paces around the ring for a moment, before going back and Sullivan and kicking him in those same right side ribs. STOMP STOMP STOMP right on the ribs of Sullivan. Kennedy then stomps on the left knee, the same leg he just had hooked in that long Boston Crab hold. Sullivan is able to make it to his feet, but Kennedy hits him with a flying clothesline right in the middle of the ring! With The King down and laying on his back, Kennedy looks to the top turnbuckle for a move to put Sullivan out. He crawls up there, and there crowd once again roars with excitement as if their favorite team just got a goal.

    Kennedy LEAPS off the top turnbuckle towards Sullivan....


    He blocks the dive from Kennedy, who is now rolls over in pain as he just went belly first into Sullivan's two knee caps. Both men are now racing to get back up on their feet. Sullivan gets their first, but then Kennedy is up out of nowhere and hits him with another SUPER KICK! THIS TIME STRAIGHT INTO THE FACE OF SULLIVAN! The crowd explodes, knowing Sullivan HAS to be out after of it after a second Bitter Sweet Chin Symphony to the jaw. Chris Kennedy falls to his knees, and quickly races over to Sullivan and throws an arm over him for the cover as the crowd starts their Kennedy chants yet again. You can barely hear the referee count as he hits his hand to the mat.




    BUT SULLIVAN KICKS OUT AGAIN! Sullivan has kicked out of a second Bitter Sweet Chin Symphony. Kennedy is furious as he pounds his fists in the mat, and the crowd is even angrier. They want to see Chris Kennedy beat Sullivan. They want to see The King dethroned. Kennedy is up on his feet, as Sullivan is still stirring on the ground. He picks Sullivan up and drags him to his feet, before whipping him into the turnbuckle. Sullivan hits the turnbuckle back first, and yelps as he then ends up stumbling back to the middle of the ring. Chris Kennedy then decides to capitalize with a German Suplex, but Sullivan reverses it in mid air, and then hits Kennedy with an elbow to the back of the head! Kennedy drops to the ground, as Sullivan begins to stomp on each of his limbs. Sullivan stomps on Kennedy's right arm, and Kennedy groans in pain. Then Sullivan stomps on Kennedy's left arm. Then Sullivan stomps on Kennedy's left knee, and then his right knee! Sullivan continues with these precision stomps to Kennedy's limbs, trying to wear down his challenger.

    The crowd starts going off yet again.





    Sullivan looks out to the crowd and taunts them.

    "This man is nothing!" he yells.

    "He's washed up. Finished! I'm going to prove it!"

    With Sullivan facing the crowd and yelling, his back is to Kennedy! Kennedy crawls over to Sullivan, and rolls him up for a quick school boy. The crowd pops as the ref hits the mat to count. ONE! TWO!

    But Sullivan gets out of this one fast. Both men end up back on their feet, and Sullivan gives a "you almost got me" kind of look at Kennedy with a grin. They go at each other once more in the middle of the ring, trying to win the grapple battle. This time the win goes to Sullivan as he gets control, and starts throwing some closed fist haymakers at the top of Kennedy's head. Sullivan then whips Kennedy into the ropes, and when Kennedy comes flying back SULLIVAN HITS HIM WITH A CLOTHESLINE!

    Sullivan goes for his first pin attempt now as the crowd lets out a resounding BOOOOOO.

    The referee counts...



    BUT KENNEDY KICKS OUT AND THE CROWD GOES WILD. The KENNEDY chants start up yet again, and they're clearly starting to get to Sullivan. He screams out at the crowd some mumbling nonsense, before turning back at Kennedy at stomping his boot right in the gut of the Hall of Famer. He picks Kennedy up, but on the way Kennedy surprises Sullivan with an uppercut! Sullivan stumbles backwards, and Kennedy goes for another hook, but Sullivan blocks this one and hits a hook back of his own. Now Dave Sullivan and Chris Kennedy are in the middle of the ring once more exchanging fists back and forth.

    Right hook from Sullivan!


    Right hook from Kennedy!


    Right hook from Sullivan!


    Right hook from Kennedy!


    Right hook from Sullivan!


    Right hook from Kennedy!


    Right hook from Kennedy!

    Right hook from Kennedy!

    Right hook from Kennedy! Right hook from KE-






    NO! Kennedy has kicked out! The crowd goes from disappointment back to excitement as the match continues...

    NO! Kennedy has kicked out! The crowd goes from disappointment back to excitement as the match continues. Sullivan drags Kennedy up, and throws him in the corner. He tries to then go after Kennedy with some corner punches, but Kennedy puts his feet up and kicks Sullivan away. The two are back once again in the middle, and the crowd is once again cheering Kenndy's name. Suddenly, Sullivan knocks Kennedy down with a CLOTHESLINE! Kennedy is out on the ground. Sullivan could pin him right here, but the crowd keeps chanting Kennedy's name!


    Furious, Sullivan exits the ring, and starts screaming at the crowd from the outside. He's pointing his finger in one fan's face.

    "That t-shirt you're wearing is from 2013! Are you too poor to buy a new one?" Sullivan yells at one fan who's wearing an old Chris Kennedy T-Shirt.

    When suddenly the crowd cheers!

    Sullivan looks behind himself too late as he sees Kennedy launches himself out of the ring and onto Sullivan suicide dive style!

    Both men are on the ground outside the ring now, as the referee begins to count.



    Kennedy stirs first, but Sullivan is right behind him.

    Sullivan looks like he's going to get in the ring, but Kennedy stops him and drags him back out.



    The two are now punching each other outside the ring, with the ref still counting. Kennedy then gets the upper hand, and throws Sullivan against the security barricade! He then hopes back in the ring!


    Sullivan is now stirring on the ground outside, he's trying to get back up to his feet in time...


    Sullivan makes it to his feet, but will he get there in time?



    Back on his feet now, and SMACK!


    KENNEDY HIT SULLIVAN RIGHT IN THOSE RIGHT SIDED RIBS WITH THE BITTER SWEET CHIN SYMPHONY! Sullivan is on the ground now holding his ribs in pain, gasping for breath as Sullivan lays on the ground after getting hit with his third BSCS of the night. He's clearly in pain as Kennedy stands over him tall. Kennedy now starts looking to the crowd, signaling that he's about to do The Kennedy Curse on Sullivan. This will put Sullivan out for good surely. Kennedy reaches in towards Sullivan and...



    IT'S LOCKED IN! Kennedy's face is grimicing as he flails his free arm and his two legs around trying to reach the ropes, but they are in the middle of the ring.

    The crowd looks on in horror as Kennedy finds himself in a desperate situation.

    They start chanting his name for motivation...



    But Sullivan's got the hold locked in.




    Kennedy has nowhere to go.

    Sullivan has the kimura locked in tight. That Steel Curtain. The same move he broke Dominik Armistead's arm with a little over a year ago. Kennedy is trying to break looks like he's going to do it. The crowd cheers him on...



    Kennedy is doing it...he's breaking loose, he's getting ou-NO!

    NO! SULLIVAN HAS REPOSITIONED! Sullivan has now locked in the hold even tighter.

    He's got no choice....

    Kennedy TAPS! Chris Kennedy taps his hand on the mat, and the referee signals for the bell!

    Winner by submission (19 minutes, 21 seconds): "The King" Dave Sullivan

    The cheers for Kennedy have abruptly stopped.

    The crowd is silent and in awe. You could literally hear a pin drop right now as not a single person in the audience can believe what just happened before them. They are shocked. They are upset. And they are disappointed.

    There is no "Hail to the King" playing right now, as Sullivan celebrates his ring.

    Chris Kennedy rolls out of the ring holding his arm, as an exasperated Dave Sullivan gets to his feet and holds his hands up high!

    Rod Sterling: ...He...He did it! "The King" defeated Chris Kennedy! He defeated Chris Kennedy!

    Christian Quinn: ...What does this mean? Is Dave Sullivan official the ace of the roster?

    Daniella Kennedy: Dave Sullivan has BEEN the ace of the roster, Christian. He's been for two years. I mean this man had all three titles at the same time. What more did he have to prove?

    Sullivan quickly grabs a microphone from ringside now, and makes his way back into the ring.

    Dave Sullivan: Let's go Gabby!

    Let's FUCKING go!

    The crowd now, who was previously rooting against Sullivan, goes absolutely nuts at the idea that they might see Gabrielle cash in here.

    Get your big floppy ass out here.

    I'm waiting! C,mon. There's no restraining order now, there's nothing holding you back. Next month I fight at Mile High, and there's no guarantee I come out with this title. If you want me...if you want to beat me for this is your chance.

    LET'S GO!

    The crowd starts chanting...

    "CASH IT IN!"

    "CASH IT IN!"

    "CASH IT IN"

    I beat your ex husband. "The Astonishing" more like "The Extinguishing". Look at him...what? Did you expect him to beat me down? Do all the hard work for you, while you can run in and cash in on a hurt champ? Get the easy win?

    Well that didn't happen. I feel great!

    Sullivan says, as he holds his highly bruised right rib cage.

    Nothing? No...that's what I thought.

    You missed your chance. You had months and months to dethrone The King. And now, that chance is gone, because as of tonight...I am no longer King Dave Sullivan. That man was a weaker man.

    The man you're seeing right this ring...there's a Before, and an After. Many people might say that the line that seperates those two times was drawn back in 2018...when I broke my glass ceiling and exploded to the top. But that's not, that line is drawn right here tonight. Because although King Dave Sullivan was one of the bests to ever fight in this ring, he is officially dead tonight.

    And the man being reborn in his place, is even better than King Dave Sullivan. He's a man that just beat a first ballot headline Hall of Famer. A man that had nothing more to prove, but to lose to the me in that ring tonight. That man, the one laying over there on the outside of the ring, he spoke about history. Well tonight, it's time for the biggest point in FWA History you have ever seen.


    It's time to witness an Ascension.

    I am just no plain King anymore.

    I'm a Saint.

    Saint Sulley.

    And Saint Sulley is done towing the line between being great, and being the best. Because before tonight, everybody knew I was great. They knew I had a spot reserved for me in that Hall of Fame right next to Kennedy. Triple Crown Champion, three titles all at once...I think I earned that, right? But let's face it, I'm not the GOAT. I'm not the best. But tonight, I just beat the best. I beat the Legend.

    Some of the crowd boos, but most of them are still left stunned. Stunned that Saint Sulley defeated Chris Kennedy. Stunned that Saint Sulley is no longer wearing his crown.

    Saint Sulley: And it's my turn to become the Legend.

    Five World Title reigns? Saint Sulley is going to go on to have ten world title reigns. Carnal Contendership win? I bet I can win five of those. I would've won the last one if I didn't have a spot already clinched in the main event...I mean, I beat the man who won the Carnal Contendership anyway. Golden Opportunity? I can win that too. I've already got an undefeated streak at Back In Business going. Chris Kennedy thinks his accolades are unbeatable, that his spot on top is never going to change. He's absolutely wrong.

    Chris Kennedy said this would never be a Michael Jordan vs LeBron type of conversation, and I have to say he's 100% right. It won't be...because Saint Sulley is the one who's Jordan, and the year is 1991. And Kennedy? He's Larry Bird...with no idea he's about to be dethroned by this up and coming legend.

    Saint Sulley drops the microphone where he stands and exits the ring.

    The crowd is speechless.

    Saint Sulley's new theme song and titantron plays in the arena, as the crowd is left stunned.

    The champion takes his FWA World Title, and exits the ring up to slowly walk up the ramp with a cocky smile.

    He leaves his crown, robe, and scepter behind.

    The man former known as Dave Sullivan reaches the top of the ramp, and takes a look behind him before raising the FWA World Championship high in the air.

    He's no longer wearing his crown...but yet...he's still on top of the FWA.


    The arena is down to a hushed buzz, dissipating with each passing second. The camera stays still on the arena, watching the fans look to the dark stage for answers. The crowd's volume reaches a near-zero, until finally music intercepts the tension and anxiousness with a rush of acoustic strumming, symbol smashing, and drumming.

    The crowd explodes when "Zombies" by The Cranberries hits. "The Golden One" comes to the entrance with his usual gothic/emo look, the dark eyelashes and black T-shirt with jeans over his wrestling tights. Devin Golden slowly makes his way to the ring with adoration and fanfare on each side.

    Rod Sterling: FINALLY ... the main event. FINALLY ... a Hall of Famer, the three-time World Heavyweight Champion, a two-time X Champion, a four-time Tag Team Champion.

    Christian Quinn: Whichever team wins this match ... is in the finals of the tournament. And is just ONE WIN AWAY from becoming the new FWA Tag Team Champions.

    Golden removes the jeans to show his gold wrestling tights. The crowd cheers for the mid-30s wrestler, who flings the jeans to the side of the ring. He doesn't have his usual smile, happy-go-lucky expression.

    Rod Sterling: Now ... for the big eruption.

    Sure enough, the crowd goes absolutely wild. "Rockstar" Randy Ramon emerges with his headbanging personality, the long blonde hair waving wildly and sunglasses fitting the rockstar image. With each "RIIIIISE!" from the music, the crowd shouts along with it.

    Rod Sterling: Randy ... RAMON ... returning in 2020 to a lot of questions. A lot of curiosity. Would he be able to help Devin Golden return to the top of the tag division?

    Daniella Kennedy: Not only has he done so, he has in many ways been the leader of the team!

    Ramon reaches the ring, removes the sunglasses, elbow bumps with Golden in the ring, and then takes a spot in the corner. The crowd continues buzzing and cheering, all standing and watching one of the biggest fan-favorite teams from the tournament.

    Christian Quinn: Golden Showers ... is that actually what we're calling them? Golden Showers look a little more serious that we've seen in the past. They look all business.

    "Subconscious Entry Version" by Julia Claris interrupts the silence as the crowd's buzzing grows. Cyrus Truth, the four-time FWA World Champion, comes out with his slow and steady walk. He has a hoodie on, covering all but those leering, legendary eyes.

    Rod Sterling: Talk about another comeback story!

    Daniella Kennedy: Cyrus Truth was on a losing streak, and now he's two wins from being a Tag Team Champion! And he's main eventing the Anniversary Show. His leadership has been astounding.

    Cyrus Truth stops in front of the ring, then he steps up to the apron and enters, never taking his eyes off of Golden and Ramon. Cyrus flips the hoodie off his head and then looks back to the stage.

    With the durag, sunglasses, mask over nose and mouth, "The Artist of Chaos" Eli Black enters the arena. Eli Black has on the black jacket, over a black wifebeater shirt, with black pants over the tights.

    Christian Quinn: I think I'm most excited about Eli Black above all other rookies in 2020. Even more than Gerald Grayson. I think "The Artist of Chaos" has exactly what the X Championship division needs. He EPITOMIZES the X Championship.

    Rod Sterling: I think that's why Devin Golden, in particular, admires him a bit. He thinks pretty highly of Eli. And he should, as a former X Champion himself.

    Daniella Kennedy: Does "Rockstar" think highly of Eli?

    Christian Quinn: Does "Rockstar" think highly of anyone? I see a lot of Chris Kennedy in Ramon. A lot of charisma and ability to just take over the room, wherever he is. He's a magnet. People admire HIM.

    Rod Sterling: I think it took some time for Golden and Ramon to click, just as it did for Eli and Cyrus. It didn't happen overnight!

    Eli Black shows off his athleticism with a leap over the ropes, from the apron into the ring. Cyrus is waiting for him, and Eli removes the jacket and sunglasses. He leaves on the mask and durag, giving an appearance of mystique as he eyes up the opposing team.

    The Elite Tag Team Classic Winners Bracket Finals
    "The Golden One" Devin Golden and "Rockstar" Randy Ramon
    "The Artist of Chaos" Eli Black and Cyrus Truth

    Cyrus Truth takes the lead for his side while "Rockstar" Randy Ramon asks for the start on the opposite end. The two circle the ring once as the crowd begins trading chants. "CYRUS-TRUUUUTH" and "ROCK-STAR-RANDY" back and forth. Finally, it's a neverending "Rockstar! Rockstar! Rockstar!" chant that dwarfs everything else. Cyrus and Ramon meet with a wrist lock in the middle, only for Cyrus to land a swift karate-style kick to the exposed ribs. Ramon then gets his hand twisted as Cyrus wins the wristlock battle. Cyrus applies a side head lock, which Ramon pries out of by loosening the grip. Ramon lands a kick to the gut, then a front head lock! Cyrus counters with a back arm twist behind Ramon's back, and the chain wrestling is on. Ramon counters with his own back arm twist, then a double leg takedown into a ground front head lock. Cyrus flips to his back and somehow turns the hold into a nice arm drag, then a wrist lock. Ramon counters with his own arm drag but Cyrus keeps the wrist lock applied. Ramon hits a hip toss but Cyrus counters as he's falling into another arm drag. Still with the wrist lock. Ramon reaches for a tag but he's on the wrong side of the ring.

    Cyrus tags in "The Artist of Chaos" Eli Black, who lands forearm strikes in this 2-on-1 situation. Eli Black whips Ramon to the ropes, but he is caught with a jumping lariat on the rebound! Eli Black rolls to the ropes, and Ramon says "enough" of the chain wrestling. Ramon sizes Eli up and in a moment's instance, his the "Remix" superkick right to the jaw!!!

    The crowd EXPLODES to its feet, never expecting the finisher so early.


    Ramon kneels down and covers! Eli Black looks to be OUT cold.

    ...............1...................2......Cyrus breaks up the pin!

    Daniella Kennedy: Oh my ... That almost ended the match in the fourth minute!

    Eli Black is in another world right now. Randy Ramon grabs him by the neck and uses the turnbuckle to hold him up. He then lands repeated back elbows to the jaw and face. One after the other. Violent shots that have the crowd buzzing with energy. Ramon then steps back and tries a SECOND "REMIX" superkick, this time against the turnbuckle!

    But Eli Black moves his head at the last second from in the line of fire to in between the middle and top ropes on the right side of the turnbuckle. Ramon's leg gets caught momentarily above the turnbuckle, and Eli Black grabs him around the waist and lands a snap German suplex!

    Christian Quinn: Randy Ramon was going to take Eli Black's head off! He was going to hit him with the Remix superkick against the turnbuckle! Do you know how dangerous that could be?!

    Daniella Kennedy: It cost him, too. Eli was able to move in the final millisecond it seems.

    Eli Black makes a much-needed tag to Cyrus Truth, and Randy Ramon stumbles over to tag in "The Golden One" Devin Golden, who's seeing his first action of the match. Cyrus and Golden stop moving, a mere 5 feet from one another. The crowd senses the tension. They sense the energy, the build-up coming through in this momentary motionless freeze frame where Cyrus and Golden are sizing one another up.

    Rod Sterling: The two former World Champions, the two legends, the two current or future Hall of Famers, locking eyes.

    Daniella Kennedy: They've only faced once before. Months ago. When Cyrus was beginning his well-documented, much-discussed losing streak. Golden got the win then. You know ... YOU KNOW ... Cyrus hasn't forgotten. No way, no how. This is his redemption. ALL OF THIS ... the whole tournament ... is his redemption.

    Golden and Cyrus lunge at one another at the same time, coming together in an aggressive grapple. Golden pushes Cyrus back into the turnbuckle behind him. But Cyrus blocks any further advancement with one foot against the bottom rung of the turnbuckle. Now he's pushing Golden back to the opposite turnbuckle, on the other side of the ring. Golden uses his foot to halt the advancement. Now it's back to the middle of the ring, at a complete stalemate!

    Golden finally locks in a side head lock. Cyrus tries to pry the hands loose, but Golden is quick to counter with a rear waist lock. Cyrus tries to scurry away but Golden holds onto him like a 200-pound linebacker grabbing a 250-pound fullback. Golden falls to his knees to keep the hold applied, losing his balance for a second. Then he gets back upright on his feet and hits a German suplex takedown! Cyrus rolls to the apron, where Golden follows him with a few forearm shots. Golden tags in Ramon, who's rested and ready again. Golden kneels down in front of Cyrus in the corner, and Ramon steps on his partner's back and hits a leaping, high-angle elbow coming down into the jaw of Cyrus!

    Ramon walks Cyrus to the middle of the ring and hits a spinning wheel kick. He kneels down for a cover, but Eli Black quickly enters the ring and Ramon halts the pin attempt on his own before Eli can land a kick. Eli slowly backtracks to his corner as Ramon walks towards him. This allows Cyrus a chance to land a forearm to the back of the head. Ramon is now caught in the opposing corner, as Cyrus tags in Eli.

    Rod Sterling: The last time Eli was in the ring with Ramon, he took the Remix superkick to the jaw.

    Christian Quinn: And barely escaped a second one!

    "The Artist of Chaos" uses knife-edge chops to keep Ramon at bay in the corner. He lands about six, making a red tomato-like mark right on the chest of "Rockstar." Eli walks Ramon into the middle of the ring and hoists him for a fireman's carry, then drops him for a backbreaker. Ramon winces in pain as he feels the feels throughout his spine. Eli grabs Ramon again and whips him to the ropes. Then hits a rolling thunder dropkick. Tag made to Cyrus Truth, who stops Ramon from making a tag to Golden.

    Cyrus tries a whip which Ramon reverses, but Cyrus hits a discus punch on the rebound. He then kneels down and covers, but Ramon kicks out at two and one-third.

    Cyrus grabs Ramon by the neck, but "Rockstar" stuns him with a jawbreaker. Ramon then makes a desperate tag to Golden, who hits a spinning wheel kick to Cyrus. Then a quick snap suplex. Then he runs to the ropes for a springboard dropkick to the chest! Golden is on fire and goes for the pinfall!

    ...................1....................2.......Eli Black breaks it up!

    Golden begins throwing wild haymakers at "The Artist of Chaos," who hits the mat and rolls under the ropes. Cyrus sneaks behind Golden and lands an elbow smash right into the nose. Then a spike DDT! Now Golden is neutralized and Cyrus goes for a pin, which only gets a quick two count.

    Cyrus begins wearing down Golden ... and hard. He starts with a fisherman's suplex. Then the Wanderer's Wrath running knee strike and knee drop. When Golden is coming to, Cyrus lands a stomp to the back of the once-injured knee, then a big boot, finishing the Broken Path combination.

    Cyrus finally tags in Eli Black and says, "BE CHAOS!" Eli takes that as an open forum to go wild. He immediately goes to the top turnbuckle and hits a blockbuster when Golden gets up and turns his way! The crowd LOVES the move, and Eli Black covers!

    .......................1.......................2.............Kick out!

    Rod Sterling: Eli Black has recovered from that Remix superkick earlier.

    Christian Quinn: Now he's taking the X style to one of the X legends!

    Eli grabs Golden and swings him to the ropes. Ramon makes a blind tag, and Eli sees it right when it happens. He discards Golden with a headbutt. Then he uses Ramon's momentum to fling him over the top rope, to the outside! Golden rolls to the apron and Eli Black hits a SUICIDE DIVE to Ramon on the outside, flying through the middle and top ropes!


    Cyrus helps Eli back up and then rolls Ramon into the ring. Eli rolls in after him and goes to the top turnbuckle. The crowd is anticipating something huge, and Eli hits the top rope moonsault, right onto Ramon's chest! Eli hooks the leg!

    .................1........................2....Golden slides in under the ropes.........and MAKES THE SAVE!

    Rod Sterling: Ramon kicked out right as Golden made that save, which was just before the ref counted three. Eli almost had it there.

    Eli tags in Cyrus, who grabs Ramon around the neck. He hoists "Rockstar" up for the Exile's Edge argentine rack. Ramon lands awkwardly behind him. And then hits the REMIX superkick OUT OF NOWHERE!!!

    Daniella Kennedy: AGAIN!


    Eli Black's eyes are wide and big, stunned into a motionless stance on the apron. Cyrus and Ramon are both down, neither one moving from their spots on the canvas. Golden is reaching for a tag, as is Eli Black. The referee begins counting, reaching a two ... then a three ... then a four ... and finally Ramon begins crawling to the corner. The wrong corner.

    Christian Quinn: Cyrus is crawling to the wrong corner also! They're both completely out of it with exhaustion right now!

    Cyrus reaches and makes a tag to Golden, who doesn't know how to react. Ramon does the same to Eli Black. The referee waves it off, but both Golden and Eli hit the ring and begin throwing right hands at one another. Back and forth. The ref is trying to get them to stop, but energy and adrenaline has kicked in for both men. Eli and Golden stop throwing haymakers and run off the ropes, on opposite ends, at the same time. They pass one another and run to the other side, hitting the ropes. Then they collide in the middle with a double clothesline!

    Rod Sterling: WHAT NOW?!

    Christian Quinn: Cyrus Truth and Randy Ramon ARE the legal men!

    The referee tells both Cyrus and Ramon that they're legal. The two stumble to their feet, and meet in the middle. Ramon is taller and is able to throw the first clubbing blow, down into the middle of Cyrus' back. He then hits a stalling vertical suplex. Ramon covers, but Eli Black gets up and hits a standing senton to break it up!

    Cyrus Truth now rolls away, as Eli Black rolls to his corner. Cyrus grabs Ramon by the neck and whips him into the turnbuckle. Then "First Five Steps" as he nearly knocks Ramon unconscious. Cyrus grabs Ramon and hoists him up, and then drops him for "Journey's End"!

    Rod Sterling: THAT'S IT! THAT'S IT!

    Cyrus covers...

    ....................1.....................2...............GOLDEN GRABS CYRUS BY THE LEGS AND YANKS HIM OFF "ROCKSTAR"

    Golden hits a kick to the gut, then a sitout faceplant!

    "The Golden One" makes the save, but Eli Black surprises him with the "CHAOS THEORY" cutter! Golden is face down in the middle of the ring. Eli Black has scampered back to his corner now. He's reaching for a tag. Cyrus rolls over and puts a wayward arm on Ramon, who's still out from Journey's End!

    Rod Sterling: THIS COULD BE IT!

    .............SHOULDER UP!

    Eli leans back with his eyes closed, knowing it was SO CLOSE. He reaches again for a tag. This time, Cyrus rolls over and makes the play.

    Christian Quinn: Eli is going for the win! He's going for everything right now!

    Daniella Kennedy: This is going to be ... THE ART ... OF FLYING!


    All three commentators in unison: OOOOOOOOHHHHH!!!

    Sure enough, "The Artist of Chaos" DID fly off the top turnbuckle for his spiral tap aerial finisher. But Ramon was able to rolls onto his stomach, and towards the ropes, just as Eli leaped into the air. The move only got canvas.

    Ramon, the legal man for his team, sees Eli Black with his back turned. He waits. And waits. And waits.


    Daniella Kennedy: REMIX PART TWO!

    "Rockstar" falls to his knees and then lays atop Eli Black.

    Crowd: ONE....

    Cyrus Truth sees the pin, and tries to make the save...

    Crowd: TWO....

    But "The Golden One" dives OVER the pin and weakly spears Cyrus into sort of a football tackle!

    Crowd: THREEE!!!!!

    Winners: "Rockstar" Randy Ramon and "The Golden One" Devin Golden

    The bell rings, signaling the conclusion to one of the best matches of The Division Tag Team Classic tournament. Golden and Ramon get the hand raise, coming together for an embrace. The crowd is standing, cheering the effort and result. Ramon stands the supreme victor, the man who landed three Remix superkicks during the match and got the pinfall at the end. "The Golden One" reacts accordingly, exhausted in a lean against the ropes and a "thank you" over and over to his partner.

    Rod Sterling: Randy Ramon's Remix is LETHAL. Coming out of nowhere. Three times! Twice to Eli Black and once to Cyrus Truth. It entirely changed the match tonight.

    Daniella Kennedy: Because in between those kicks, Cyrus and Eli dominated. They absolutely were a force. They just narrowly missed getting wins on multiple occasions.

    Christian Quinn: Golden making that late save was HUGE. And Ramon kicking out there right after, I didn't think he would!

    Daniella Kennedy: Eli missed the "Art of Flying" finisher. Then it was open season for the last Remix.

    Cyrus Truth and "The Artist of Chaos" Eli Black roll under the ropes, licking their wounds to fight another day, hopefully against this same team in just a few short weeks. They come together at the bottom of the rampway, a unified duo. Cyrus puts an arm around Eli, not letting him take any hard emotions or guilt. Fans in the front rows give an ovation to Cyrus and Eli, for their effort and just how damn close they got to winning.

    Back in the ring, Golden and Ramon continue to celebrate, albeit exhaustedly. There's no singalong tonight. No party atmosphere. Just two warriors with sweat covering their bodies, barely able to stand upright, knowing they narrowly squeaked out a win.

    Rod Sterling: The setting is in place. Cyrus Truth and Eli Black head to the retribution bracket, to the finals of the retribution bracket.

    Christian Quinn: They have one more shot, against Michelle von Horrowitz and Gerald Grayson. On Fight Night.

    Rod Sterling: And whoever wins ... faces this team ... Golden and Ramon ... the driving force of the tournament thus far ... in the finals. We're down to three teams, and all roads go through "The Golden One" and "Rockstar."

    The FWA 15th Anniversary Show ends with "The Golden One" Devin Golden looking at the camera and saying,
    "Just one more. Whoever it will be. Just one more."
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    Re: FWA 15th Anniversary Show Results

    Congratulation to everyone! This was a great anniversary show and well worth the read. I'm very interested to see how the tag-team division shapes up and who will join Golden and Ramon the tag-team classic finals. Anyways, here's a post show segment worth reading.


    The scene opens to a room crowded with individuals sitting in chairs, holding tape recorders and notepads. In front and on the sides of the room are individuals conversing with one another as they hold onto cameras and various lenses. A portion of the front of the room is raised with a podium in the center - two tables with black cloth draped over them stand on opposite sides of it. The chatter of the room slowly begins to die down as former CWA wrestler, Shawn Summers, walks into the room from a side door and makes his way to the podium. He is dressed in a light blue button down shirt - with the sleeves rolled up - tucked into a pair of khaki pants, and champagne colored dress shoes. He puts his hand up and waits for the rooms inhabitants to silence before leaning into the microphone and beginning.

    Shawn Summers: Thank you for your patience, ladies and gentlemen. What a night we've had, am I right? We saw wrestlers whose careers deserved to be immortalized inducted into the Hall of Fame. We know the first finalist duo in the FWA Tag-Team Classic. We witnessed a victory for who...some...may call one of the greatest champions of this generation. And...we saw two of the best tag-team specialist that this industry has ever seen, compete against a pirate and her parrot for the custody of an unwanted dog.

    Shawn smirks at his comments as a bout of nervous laughter emanates from the individuals seated in the room.

    Shawn Summers: It's been a long night, and I thank you for sticking around with us for this announcement that my associates are about to make. So, without further ado, members of the press...please welcome, Noah Stocke and Trevor Ocean - The Division.

    The members of the press and photographers clap as Noah and Trevor make their way through the side door and up to the stage. Noah Stocke visibly limps toward his seat and gingerly sets himself down. Trevor, still dressed in his ring gear, takes a swig from a bottle of champagne before plopping down into his seat in a very relaxed way. Noah winces as he attempts to get to a comfortable position in his chair, causing Shawn to lean down to check on him. Noah raises his hand in a manner of saying "im fine," as Shawn returns to his podium.

    *Clearing his throat* Shawn Summers - Noah, Trevor - the moment is all yours. Take advantage of it.

    Noah Stocke moves the microphone on the table closer to him before beginning.

    Noah Stocke: You've heard our story a million times over so I won't bore you with a recap of things. I'll just keep it simple - upon reflection on our careers, the lead up to our match tonight, and during our match...Trevor and I have both agreed that it would be best for our...mental health...if we took some time away from ring.

    The audience of reporters erupt in conversation and questions while the flashes from the shutters of cameras illuminate the room. Noah looks down at Trevor who shrugs and takes another siwg from the bottle of champagne before slamming the bottle on the table to get everyones attention.

    Trevor Ocean: (laughing) Shit, I can't believe that worked.But, come on guys, we need a break. Noah may not want to bore you with the details, but I don't care about. your entertainment levels right now. We essentially resurrected a dead tag-team division in CWA and pushed each and every one of our opponents to their limits. When CWA went under, we came to FWA and showed this company that their tag-team division was shit - it was and is. And then the company started to treat us like jokes. *Trevor throws up his hands* Like jokes! Then, when we air out our grievances we're told to be grateful for opportunities...and thrown a tournament to promote tag-teams. They tried to name the tournament after us but then gave us ZERO input. We lose the tournament after being tormented by psychopath and her parrot and then my dog gets dognapped. Instead of management having the proper authorities deal with the situation, they decide to make a match out of it. So, we compete in this goofy ass tag-team ladder match, and win. And now we're here to tell you that we need a break.

    Noah Stocke: But, we will be back...sooner than you may expect. And when we do come back...the tag-team division wont be the only one that we have our eyes on.

    Shawn Summers: Thank you, everyone. There will be no questions.

    Noah Stocke carefully gets to his feet and walks towards the edge of the stage with Shawn and Trevor. The three pose for a photo at the request of a photographer before exiting through the side door as the scene fades to black.

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    Re: FWA 15th Anniversary Show Results

    Felt like the ordering of the start of the show could have maybe worked out better. We seem to follow a progression where we just automatically have the ‘most important’ matches at the end of the show, but I think maybe more thought could go into the pacing of the show. I’d have liked to have seen something like Black/Toner, Garcia/Gabrielle, or the Retribution Bracket finale open up the show (although that would have messed with the ordering with the segment I think). Toner vs Valdender was a bit of an underwhelming kick-off seeing as there was no promo for either of the characters in the match. It was better than the segment that followed though which was terrible.

    I think that these nostalgia segments with Gabrielle are very well written and I imagine great for those with an insight into the history of the fed. Again, the Mac Michaud match didn’t hook me in because I knew who would win. The write-up was fine but I thought maybe this one and the Toner/Valender match (if that had to happen at all) could have been sprinkled in later in the show. RAW and Dynamite don’t just open with a couple of squashes before leading into more evenly matched contests, and I think the pacing would’ve benefited by a reordering of the matches. Neat little Saus X hype package to follow and interested to see what he can do.

    I thought the two promos for the ladder match were both very good and that it would’ve been a difficult one to judge, and a lot down to personal preference. I’m not disappointed by the Division winning, I’d have probably had Yuna and her parrot very slightly up, but the gap would’ve been tiny, so the outcome of this doesn’t feel wrong. Both great promos and disappointing that someone had to lose. Match write-up was okay, a little short maybe, but then again I did think this stipulation match almost came out of nowhere in this feud so a big war may not have quite fit.

    Not really sure what Sullivan has done to deserve mixed reactions yet but a neat little package building to something else later in the show, I imagine.

    I enjoyed the Black v Toner write-up immensely and thought it was deservingly well matched considering there were two high quality promos posted for this. I thought it was interesting to see the contrast between them. Black’s was clearly more direct and maybe a bit more raw in terms of the emotions it conveyed, whereas Toner’s was a little more free-wheeling and inventive. Again after deadline I thought this would be another match that was close on the scores, and the write-up seemed an appropriate chapter in the mini-feud between the two characters.

    Hall of Fame segment was well-written but I’m only really familiar with Kennedy of the three, who was notable by his absence in terms of promos with this one and Saddle Sally later in the night. More nostalgia to follow, which is fitting for the Anniversary Show, but wish I knew more of the history when reading these sections.

    The Gaby vs Mike match was one I wrote, and was asked by ETE to make it like Cena v Brock at that SummerSlam. I’m not sure if I accomplished exactly what he had in mind, and when writing it I thought maybe the result would go the other way and give Gaby the hero moment at the end of the match (I thought both promos were top notch but had Gaby the winner of this myself). I’d be interested to see Gaby and Garcia tie it up again at Mile High, maybe, in some sort of stipulation match. Personally don’t know if both should be in the multi-man match if that’s happening - Gaby, maybe, but with the briefcase it would perhaps make for more intrigue if she wasn’t in the match.

    Amusing Toner/Ramon segment and then thought the J Jonah Jameson introduction was pretty good too. Interested to see where this character goes, especially with the announcement of this new championship. The Randall/Knox hype quote that followed was well written and entertaining enough but I thought maybe it was a bit out of place in this show, and could’ve worked better in the Fight Night beforehand. It seemed sort of a sit-down interview or contract signing type segment and its position directly before the match was odd, but I did enjoy the segment, particularly the Randall parts. I think sometimes maybe Knox goes a bit to far with the shock factor stuff with some of the violence, but Randall does a good job at grounding things in this dynamic (which is quite odd considering he’s the Wildcard…). Another good match write-up between two good and quite even promos, but I do feel Randall deserved this win for a quality and low-key creative promo this week.

    Genuinely surprised we won, but glad the tag tournament adventure continues for Jam and I.

    Lord Vincent clearly trying to distance himself from the New Breed, but he hasn’t been forgotten. Even if he’s swapping out his goons, I’m sure he’ll still be embroiled somehow in the forthcoming MvH v Bell/New Breed feud…

    Titantrons are a neat idea and solid execution but must be quite time consuming. I guess once a stock of them have been built up you could re-use them each week, so there’s that. It’s such a shame there was a no-show in this match because Sulley clearly brought his A-Game for this promo in the hopes of something special. The match write-up was very good and the post-match segment was an interesting take on the situation, but obviously a lot of the drama is robbed from this through knowing the result. Saint Sulley… I’m not sure I’m sold on that name quite yet!

    A worthy main event with two excellent promos from these teams and although Golden Showers has been getting the creativity plaudits this week, it’s undeniable that Eli and Cyrus put out a great peace too that was creative in its own way. I think I’d have had this closer than most people, but the Golden/Ramon promo was excellent and unique and it’s difficult to argue with the result. Crazy to think Jam/I still have to face Franchise and Cyrus, and then TGO and Shawn twice if we want to win this tournament… Retribution Bracket hasn’t been kind to us losing teams! The match-up next week is another tough one, Jam and I’s 6th match in the tournament I believe, but we’re ready for another challenge.

    Enjoyed the show all in, thought the tag match at the end and Toner/Black were highlights in terms of matches, but lots of close contests this week that made for suspenseful reading. The content was great but I feel like we should look at ordering and pacing again - big matches can open up too and that should be seen as a point of pride as oppose to a slot for squash matches or no-shows. Will be interesting to see the Mile High build, especially with the world title multi-person, as well as what Krash will be doing with his NA title now that he and Parr have left the tournament. Crazy turnaround with the next card up already - this show deserves some comments and reviews before focus turns to the next ones!

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    Re: FWA 15th Anniversary Show Results

    Ok so first off before anything else and just to set the tone for my usual nit picking review. I think it’s rather a silly thing to do to post the preview for the next card within just a few hours of posting a PPV. I mean, kudos for being efficient at your job I guess, but E-Fedders are fickle folk and I’ve noticed a thread on lack of comments for PPVs when this happens. Checking out the discussion in the preview for the next fight card pretty much confirms this.

    So, this is the awkward thing;I’ve only been in FWA for like...five years? So I’ve missed about 2/3s of FWA history. So I don’t know a lot of people who showed up on this card like Mr. Jack Severino. I don’t know who he is, but...he sounds like some kind of awful horrible nasty no good diddler in his day...which is kind of a weird choice for a person from FWA’s past to open the show. It’s like having The Iron Sheik open the 4th of july RAW (Which having said that: should absolutely happen, thus invalidating my own point) Maybe there are other circumstances here, I’m not aware of. Like I said, I don’t know the chap so I can’t really comment, but good promo nonetheless

    Always like a good opening commentary to a show. Sucker for details like the stadium pics.

    CK is the king of the graphics

    -I don’t think there’s much to ever say about a match featuring a no show, this seemed like a random put together kind of match anyway, so the mysterious donny wins, and I hope Mike reappears.

    -And here we are. Ten months in the making. Needless to say, I’m both excited and intimidated to be working Bell against MVH considering the hot streak she’s been on and...I’m not; I’ll be honest. I don’t think I deserve to be in this level of a feud considering how awful I’ve been promoting for the last year. This is like Goldberg bothering with Marty Jannettty at this point. But I will say;I had a lot of fun with this segment. I think it plays off really well, and as always thanks to SS for working with me. I said this to him in private but Bell is a 1000 to 1 shot to beat him, but if I were to break my eight month losing streak by breaking MVH’s winning streak. I would consider that my greatest E-Fed achievement, so I’m loading for bear, and I will give this feud every last drop of creativity I have in my pale bony body. Because I’ve got something to prove now

    -I don’t get the gabby segment, for reasons as explained with Jack Severino, I don’t know who these people are, but I’m sure I would have enjoyed it if I did. Poor Lizzy.

    -Again, not much to say here. No show, bare bones match. Establishing Mac as the hoss we know he is, I hope he sticks around and mur-diddle uders everyone.

    -Yep. Like this; This sounds like a cool video package, for a cool new guy, you guys could have left it there. But the commentators taking the time to put Saus X over,comparing him with CK was a nice little thing. Fun times

    -And now, not so fun times; So it was a pleasure to work with CBK, because this was a stupid feud, and he was ALL about it, and I like to think it we made a fun, funny little creative little feud. I wanted to do more with the ladder match but I was acutely aware I was holding up the show, so the ending is kinda rushed, but I liked the way it came out.

    Now to get real; As always, I lose, and as always I’m taking this hard.Thought Yuna was going to be a fresh start, debut match, wrestler I’m enthused about, thought this would be the moment I finally break my losing streak. Instead this confirms that the problem was never Kevin Cromwell. The problem was me. I’m sucking as a writer, and I know that sounds harsh, but how else would you describe the fact I haven’t won a match since feb? (Not counting the moose man) I don’t know what I’m doing wrong at this point, Maybe I’m not playing to the grading system or what, but I’m happy for anyone to DM with advice. I’m ready to sit under the learning tree.

    Oh no, is Dave Sullivan a tweener now? Where did that come from? AON no lily da tweeners

    Really good match write up here between two guys who should be main event scene, I’m hoping this win serves as a coming out party for mr.Black like it should have done a few months ago, before getting sucked into the gaping never ending black hole that is the tag team classic. -Thought to be fair, AB’s interactions with Gabby and their charisma has been far and away the best thing to come out of it. Black is a main eventer, now then. Forever.

    -Ok, this is odd. Is Vincent a authority loving heel figure now? Again, when did this happen? I was just kind of warming up to whacky crazy uncle Lord Vincent “HERE’S A CRAZY STIP, ALSO FIRE. HAVE A GOOD NIGHT” so this was weird

    -yeah the hall fo fame segments were what they were, giving people their due, I don’t know who Daniel is but he sounds lovely.

    --Me during these gabby segments

    -Ok, just need to swallow my vomit, as I do every time, Big Dick Mick goes over in a main event way.




    Ok done.

    -This was clearly meant to get Mike over as a killer as he probably should considering he’s a big ol’ lad and that’s kind of his gimmick. Shame it had to come at the expense of Gabby whose latest run I’m really enjoying. But hopefully this leads to interacting things with both parties..

    ..but then again this is Mike Garcia were talking about, so I ain’t holding my breath :P


    -This guy is going to be a world champion within six months. I’m dead serious about that. Jon I believe (With the possible exception of SS and Jiggy) is the most creative mind, the section has ever seen, you combined his natural creativty with a wrestler he can actively colour outside the lines with and you got a force to deal with

    -.This is one of my favorite feuds going on at this point, with two wrestlers who are the perfect opposites of each other doing what they do best, having a bloody good bloody hardcore match, I think this kind of match Jason Randel is undefeated in, so ...greatest hardcore wrestler in FWA history? Probably in the WC at least. Kayden of course has no shame, no one has made more strides going forward in then KK and the sky is the limit for him


    -Ok, so before I have to do this before I review the actual match; I hate the Tag Team Classic. I honestly do, I’m generally not a fan of long running tourney’s going in E-Fed because they limit creativity and handcuff and forces wrestlers to commit to them, so I was skeptical at the start, but I thought as long as it’s a small little thing that lasts four week. it s a fun way of getting more eyes on tag teams and getting new teams.


    I would now like to present a brief interlude to this review that I like to call

    .A new born child learning to walk
    . Three Braun Strowman turns
    -3/4ths of a premier league season
    -Four intercontinental title changes
    -The world cup
    -The Super Bowel
    -A season of six nation rugby.
    -A Kitten turning into a cat
    -AON’s will to live
    -Half of a WWE PPV cycle

    It’s Krash and Mike I feel sorry for, they’ve been feuding for five months BEFORE the tourney and now paired together for another five? Christ, I would have tapped out at this point. Or at least begged any other storyline ANYTHING..

    But the match itself was very well written, as I come to inspect, kind of surprised that Krash and Mike Pair lost, I had them winning To be honest based on promos and to be honest, I don’t like the MVH/GG tandem. Not for actual IC’s reasons, both MVH and GG are great together and SS and Jam make things work, but my God, has GG had a defense of the X-Belt in this time? He’s one of the greatest X champs of all time and hasn’t even defended the belt And I will say considering one of the earlier segments, I have a vested interest in the outcome of this tourney and if MVH/GG win. Well that kind of complicates the whole Bell/MVH thing.

    But hey steller match between four dope writers and it was a good final to bring down the curtai-





    Well this is an interesting twist in the tale. Align with Lord V? In what sense? Are they now his body guards? His Goons? Is Lord V going to manage them? Seems kind of vague but intriguing .

    Wow. thanked Gabby, but not Bell. That hurts .

    So I’ll just come out and say it The premise of this match? I hate it. I honestly do, I understand the idea behind it, and the concept is sound, and I want to make something really clear; I love Sully. I love Jiggy. Jiggy is such a good fucking writer, and I wouldn’t have gotten through Bell’s heel run without his input. What a cool dude. But this sticks of a WWE kind of thing, where a “Legend” we haven’t seen for awhile, waltzes in from no where and just gets handed a main event match, which I was fine with if Jiggy was active in the coming weeks, but as evidence by the fact he didn’t even promo, that was not the intent here. This just seems to me, less like an actual match and a few segments to get Dave over, which is disappointing considering how much talent we have on this roster, we could have had some kind of Main event match ith someone that doesn’t get a lot of them but really should Krash vs Dave? AB vs Dave? Jason Randel vs Dave? ETC ETC. Those would be interesting match ups that I would know all three of those RPers would have taken with both hands instead of no showing. This placement could have been used to elevate someone new that would have given the main event scene a shot in the arm. But it wasn’t. And here we are. I think it’s a shame

    The match was what it was. Again I find it, hard to talk about matches where people no show, the intent was to put over Dave, and it certainly did that, well written. It was obviously placed as “The show Stealer” and I enjoyed the write up.

    I’m all for the gimmick change, I think I mentioned in the past that, I was never a fan of “LOOK AT ME I’M THE KING, I HAVE THE CROWN SO I’M ALL KINGLY AND SHIT” gimmicks, so, this new name and new persona is a welcome change and makes me curious where it goes from here


    -Motn right here. Loved it, who ever wrote this deserved a gold star, well written well balanced, everyone got the chance to look good and no one looked weak, Kudos to all involved and now hopefully everyone can move on, now that the final is set in stone and this ends-

    Christian Quinn: They have one more shot, against Michelle von Horrowitz and Gerald Grayson. On Fight Night.

    Rod Sterling: And whoever wins ... faces this team ... Golden and Ramon ... the driving force of the tournament thus far ... in the finals. We're down to three teams, and all roads go through "The Golden One" and "Rockstar."
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    The most amazing thing about this recent conversation is that I've learned AON is even more of a waste of space than I thought he was previously

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    Re: FWA 15th Anniversary Show Results

    Let's see this is a great accomplishment. I've never beeb apart of a few that's been around for 15 years so this exciting and intimidating at the same but let's start the review.

    The Few opening moments:
    I'm gonna bunch up the first couple segments together because they either didn't have any emotional reaction for men or fell flat. So the opening words I didn't understand but figured it was reference to FWA history. The opening match was underwhelming I do agree with SS it should of been further up the card cause it makes the show feel small after all the big hoopla in the beginning about the history and all the info about the HOF.

    MVH vs Bell Connelly segment
    MVH has been the lynch pin in FWA. Her segments always feel either perfect or almost perfect. I was grabbed right away and whoever wrote this chef kisses. Love the way Bell Connelly was already decided that she was done with MVH but the little twist brings her back in. Totally incredible wish it was higher up the card.

    Gabrielle Segments/Mic Michaud squash
    I know they are sprinkle through the night but I'll just bunch all the segments here. The ex lovers down memory lane segments was funny the first time but it worn out it's welcome quickly especially since I don't know the history. Having another quick squash match again does seem like this all should of been pre show stuff. Good for Mic on the win tho!

    The tag team ladder match
    This match completely took me out of the show. Im a fan of weird/comedy promos and segments but matches like these are asking too much suspension of disbelief for me. I felt bad for the Division after months of complaining about the tag division being overlook. The tag division is the focus but they're not part of it plus they had to face against a parrot? I see why they would take time off.

    The King segment/ Danny vs Alyster
    I like the continuation of the over arching storyline with between Dave and Gabby. It short and got the job done. Do wonder how long this will be teased until for before it gets stale. Alyster vs Danny was the first time I felt like i was in a big show. What a great match. I was pulling for either guy but Alyster gets a big win and I wonder where he goes from here now that he's out the tag tournament. I agree with SS that this would of been a great opener. Not a big storied feud and guys who are not too high up in the main event yet.

    History lession/Mike vs Gabby
    The segment explaining the accomplishments and the timeline for each HOF inductee was well written and really executed well. Darnell speech was great. Wow this is my 2nd favorite match of the night. Mike character keeps coming up short and he's finally tired not being seen as the monster that he is. For some reason I dont see Gabby as a face so I didn't feel bad for what was happening but it was well written I thought Gabby was gonna have a Daniel Bryan comeback but it just never happened. Loved how this stood out.

    The following segments and the Barbwire match
    The Golden Showers/Donny interaction was hilarious and a much needed reprieve after the massacre we just witnessed. The J.J. Jay segment was another funny but in a different way segment and im excited to see what this guy can do. The Randall/Knox/Penny segment set the stage for an over the top brutal match. This feud reminds me of the Randy/Edge feud we just got from WWE. It's been well crafted. Some really gnarly spots but i do think their street fight(?) Was a better match but this was still great. After totally destroying Jason after Jason secured the victory I wonder where this leaves the feud

    Sally Saddle and Retribution Bracket
    Another great placement for a light hearted segment after such a serious and brutal match. Sally seemed sweet and lovable and I was like im glad she's in the HOF just for the character work here. Then came the tag match. Which was written pretty well. I like seeing GG getting a lot of time to shine. I like the mention on how different the team's are since they formed. Every one got their moment and reading it I was not sure who was going to win until the end. Congrats to everyone in this match for being a highlight in such a stacked show.

    UA and Chris vs Dave
    Didn't care much about the UA stuff. Aligning with Blackbird hasn't shown much interesting results thus far. So I guess it's a wait and see. The Chris Kennedy speech was superstar stuff man. Really made this match feel real big seeing what a storied competitor I know nothing about is all about. This match was my match of the night tho. A steady back and forth between two uber confident all time wrestlers. It was technical, it was stiff, kept me on the edge of my seat and i didn't think The King would tap out a HOF the same night he was inducted. That's legendary shit real life wrestling would never do. The promo after just heightened the moment and Sullivan well i guess Sulley just showed why he has been so dominant. Everything here was top notch.

    Main Event
    In retrospect I guess Kennedy and Sulley should of closed the show since it is a celebration of old and new but I digress. I was disappointed in the write up on this match. Felt tamed, Eli didn't really stand out in a big main event moment. I feel like he's been written like that for the most part in matches I was hoping I get some burn here. I just think this was the weakest of the big matches on the card. Entertaining but noy main event worthy compared to some other matches. However congrats to Golden Showers. They put up a very creative promo and was rewarded with a big win.

    This was a great show overall. Few pacing issues in the beginning but really got better after Alyster vs Danny. Really well written matches and segments and a few surprising ways ppl won. Looking forward to Fight Night

    Credit to OMB

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    Re: FWA 15th Anniversary Show Results


    I enjoy the mini-story of Louis Valander winning & Mike Valander losing and the animosity it creates between them. I actually think getting a 3rd character involved could make for a nice dynamic. 3rd guy could alternate teaming between the two, manipulate them against each other, whatever really. Donny vs. Louis straight up feels like a missed opportunity to be set up through a segment but I guess the match makes itself, really.

    Really dug the MVH / Bell promo. I know AON's got his own booking philosophies affecting his thoughts on the story, but fwiw, I'm really intrigued by the dynamics. Obviously these two personalities were always fun to anticipate all the way back in '16, so this is a Taker/Sting-esque, you gotta make it happen feud for me. Like I said, I think with some flexibility & creativity, then GG doesn't have to suffer in this story, nor does the tag division need to suffer.

    Mac squash! Mac gets a fun match next show, but he could probably use a storyline to get him going. Even if it's a short 2 event thing. That said, a title win will solve that problem too. The idea of a monster like Mac as a "Gauntlet" champion just murdering 3-4 folks each show is an entertaining thought

    Saus X debut clip was interesting. I'm not sure it's the right scenario to do it though, because people aren't really going to come away with it with much else than "oh, neat". I think it works for a known commodity coming back. Something a bit more character defining would help him stand out more. Either way, it got him on the card.

    I enjoyed Yuna/Patches match but I think the emphasis on the Patches bits actually made Yuna look weaker than she should've. The comedy bits were fun and I wouldn't get rid of them but this was a 2 v 1 match tbh, and Yuna could've looked stronger in defeat if she had more to do it instead of Patches working half the match with Stocke/Ocean. I think AON wrote this, so I guess I disagree with how much offense he gave Yuna But probably didn't know the end result so cant blame him too much.

    Toner/Black was a fun back & forth. There's not much to say besides that It's essentially a match establishing their hierarchy on the roster. Really looking forward to seeing Black go up against Micheal Garcia next, I think a win for either will be pretty huge. As for Danny, 2nd ever title shot should be fun. I know Tig probably likes teh 1K word count but I think if Tig's new title shot hadnt been restricted or sudden like that, it wouldve been great to see something more extravagant for Danny's 2nd shot since his debut. Then again, Danny being nonchalant about it might be more in character.

    I don't like Michael Garcia and don't like to see him win so I guess this was the best possible booking to get maximum booing out of me. I definitely think Garcia will forever be the biggest heel on FWA. He seems to me to be a guy who people would boo for a nice couple of minutes before he even gets to talk. This doesnt actually hurt Carmella much though since shes got that briefcase.

    Ramon/Golden segment gets a +

    Deffo think that Knox/Randall segment shouldve come earlier in the show instead of right before the match. As for the match itself, best possible result to make everyone look good. Knox loses but sends Randall off to a hiatus. I think Knox turning up the creep/dick factor as one of FWA's most heelish heel, will be cool. He really seems like Blackbird's kinda guy too.

    Parr/Krash vs. MVH/GG was obviously an all-star match. I hope the fact that the X-Division Champion pinned the unofficial NA #1 Contender is brought up again. It seems like easy booking to set up a Parr/GG feud if GG/MVH don't end up becoming tag team champions. Pretty fun to think about the alternate reality where they end up champ. Really interested to see where Parr/Krash go from here either way.

    Well, I dont think theres much to say about Sulley & CK. No matter how good the match is or isn't, it does end up feeling like WWE-style making someone get over by beating a legend he had no chance of losing against. Obviously Jiggy was intended to show, but it didn't work out that way, so this will ultimately just feel like an empty prop for Saint Sulley. I kinda hope he doesn't emphasize this win too much but I guess it would be against his character not to do that.

    Tag team main event was fun and a great ending to the show. Another all-star tag team match and while it might not be much in an efed sense, I think the top tier tag team matches FWA's been pulling out for 5 months would be an extremely fun series of matches to watch IRL. Black/Truth vs. MVH/Grayson will be especially great and I expect Grayson/Black to be a pretty huge part of that.

    Tight show altogether. I still think more segments from the rest of the roster would be fun (lots of segments on this show but mostly HOF stuff that were kinda redundant in the grand scheme of things). There were a few fun ones but I think past the BIG feuds/characters, it would be fun to see more people tossing in segments, even if they're short 300-500 word interactions or whatever. I do think people could use a lot more interviews. Goldsmith/Salum/Baxter are all madly underutilized. Interviews might be old fashion but they probably still do more for guys than popping up for their match only and vanishing.

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    Re: FWA 15th Anniversary Show Results

    Thank you all for your reviews. The feedback is definitely appreciated, and does help when it comes to seeing what the community enjoys in shows, and helps us tailor shows to that. So it's definitely well received. It also shows you guys care about the product, and that's also very encouraging to see each week. So thank you again, and I hoped you enjoyed everything that was put together.

    I'm going to respond to a few specific things however.

    Quote Originally Posted by SuperSaiyan View Post
    Felt like the ordering of the start of the show could have maybe worked out better. We seem to follow a progression where we just automatically have the ‘most important’ matches at the end of the show, but I think maybe more thought could go into the pacing of the show. I’d have liked to have seen something like Black/Toner, Garcia/Gabrielle, or the Retribution Bracket finale open up the show (although that would have messed with the ordering with the segment I think). Toner vs Valdender was a bit of an underwhelming kick-off seeing as there was no promo for either of the characters in the match. It was better than the segment that followed though which was terrible.

    I agree with the ordering of the show idea. I actually was gonna pitch we open with Kennedy vs Sullivan instead, if Kennedy showed up and won. But with Sullivan getting the win it would dampen the Hall of Fame stuff that occurred after, so it was important to get all that Hall of Fame stuff out first. The order of this show instead went right down the card (reverse direction from how it was posted) which seemed like an easy design. But in the future definitely we can look at scheduling some bigger matches to open, like WWE has in the past with big shows.

    Not really sure what Sullivan has done to deserve mixed reactions yet but a neat little package building to something else later in the show, I imagine.
    I mentioned in the discord I think, I see Sullivan as a guy who smarks would love (Punk/Jericho type) so that was my mindset when I wrote that quick intro to a small segment. But it also sort of was a build up to later in the show, where the crowd despite normally smarking for Sullivan, are even bigger smarks for Chris Kennedy who they overwhelmingly cheered for. I tried to really push the cheers in the show narratively. That was sort of a secondary theme for that match was the overwhelming support for Kennedy, and in the match it starts to get to Sullivan a bit despite his usual schtick about not caring what they think. It's clear to Sullivan once Kennedy comes out, gives his speech, and the match starts...everyone in the arena think she's better.

    Titantrons are a neat idea and solid execution but must be quite time consuming. I guess once a stock of them have been built up you could re-use them each week, so there’s that. It’s such a shame there was a no-show in this match because Sulley clearly brought his A-Game for this promo in the hopes of something special. The match write-up was very good and the post-match segment was an interesting take on the situation, but obviously a lot of the drama is robbed from this through knowing the result. Saint Sulley… I’m not sure I’m sold on that name quite yet!
    Thanks on the Titantrons, but I didn't take too much time on them. Kennedy's was simply something Jiggy made himself a few years ago, but with a different theme. I took Jiggy's video, and just put new audio on it. Similary, the two Sulley ones are just someone elses' Conor McGregor highlight videos. I changed the songs, added a few other things. The Hail to The King one I even made knowing full well that the song was going to be retired right after for Sulley. Sulley's new one I did first actually, and will probably edit it more to make it better.

    Quote Originally Posted by An Original Name View Post

    Ok so first off before anything else and just to set the tone for my usual nit picking review. I think it’s rather a silly thing to do to post the preview for the next card within just a few hours of posting a PPV. I mean, kudos for being efficient at your job I guess, but E-Fedders are fickle folk and I’ve noticed a thread on lack of comments for PPVs when this happens. Checking out the discussion in the preview for the next fight card pretty much confirms this.

    I get this, and I thought about it too, but I had faith that this thread was going to be bumped and worst case I was going to do it myself. Here's the situation though, the show went up later than we probably would've wanted it to, which isn't anyone's fault, but scheduling wise...our promo deadline is on Saturday/Sunday nights. This is by design because we feel...

    1. It gives RPers time to write Friday/Saturday
    2. It gives graders time to grade on Sunday.

    When I posted the promo thread for this week, we were at 7 days and 3 hours before the deadline. So yes I could've gave this show time to simmer, but then if I do, RPers have less than 7 days to promo. Which we've done before, but that's not really fair to anyone.

    -I don’t get the gabby segment, for reasons as explained with Jack Severino, I don’t know who these people are, but I’m sure I would have enjoyed it if I did. Poor Lizzy.
    Well to be fair this is an anniversary show, celebrating the alumni of FWA. We're inducting a Hall of Fame class as well. I honestly wasn't around for Severino either, and only a little bit of Aut Pax Aut Bellum, etc. But they definitely belong on a show with this theme, and I think it's cool.

    Also if you consider the fact that some of these folks who are away might someday start googling their old characters to see if they find anything (With PWS down, this the website that has the most content about their character) and then it'll lead them here, and they'll see they're still relevant, and maybe considering joining up.

    Yeah I'm 99% sure Matt did cut this promo . Great handler and one of his favorite characters from me. Saddle Sally certainly belongs in that HOF.

    The match was what it was. Again I find it, hard to talk about matches where people no show, the intent was to put over Dave, and it certainly did that, well written. It was obviously placed as “The show Stealer” and I enjoyed the write up.

    I’m all for the gimmick change, I think I mentioned in the past that, I was never a fan of “LOOK AT ME I’M THE KING, I HAVE THE CROWN SO I’M ALL KINGLY AND SHIT” gimmicks, so, this new name and new persona is a welcome change and makes me curious where it goes from here

    Quote Originally Posted by Todd Chavez View Post

    Well, I dont think theres much to say about Sulley & CK. No matter how good the match is or isn't, it does end up feeling like WWE-style making someone get over by beating a legend he had no chance of losing against. Obviously Jiggy was intended to show, but it didn't work out that way, so this will ultimately just feel like an empty prop for Saint Sulley.

    I feel like the one thing you can't really critique about a show are No Shows effecting it. The creative staff putting the show together has absolutely no control over that, other than not booking no showers, and other than do what they can to make that part of the show still special. I'll get into that in a minute, but with this first point said I want to say regarding the Jiggy no show...

    Jiggy is one of my favorite people on the forum, and someone I truly consider a friend from here. He invited me to his wedding, and I wish it was a few years later when I was out of college so I could go. I asked Jiggy if he would be up for a full time Chris Kennedy return whenever I stepped up to the FWA Staff, and Jiggy made it very clear that he was just too busy with his real life stuff and didn't have the time to focus on FWA anymore. With that said, while booking the Anni show, we got the idea to do a Chris Kennedy vs Dave Sullivan one time event, and thought Jiggy might be down with just that one promo commitment. He didn't come to us and say he wanted to do it, we went to him and he said sure. But I feel we sort of dragged him into it, and he didn't want to say no. So I don't blame him at all for not be able to promo this week. I'm bummed about it, but I don't hold anything against him.

    Did it take away from the excitement of the match? Yes, but at that point once the promo wasn't submitted there's absolutely nothing to do about that from a creative standpoint, other than make that section of the show as amazing as possible. I don't agree with AON's assessment above that it was just a way to put over Dave Sullivan. I very much intentionally wrote this whole section to make things very even, and in fact very much put over Kennedy too. Kennedy had a huge opening, the fans were crazy about him, and then he cut a Hall of Fame promo that pretty much made him look strong win or lose to Sullivan afterwards. I intentionally set up that promo from Kennedy to do that, make Kennedy look just as dominant after the loss. And personally I think it did, and I'm sorry if you didn't agree. The overall match, after the no show, could've went two different directions. It could have been a squash like the Michaud vs Bronco Wells match earlier in the night, or I could've wrote it the same way I would've if Kennedy promo'd. It was not only a back and forth balanced match, but I think Kennedy actually controlled the match way more than Sullivan did for most part, and Sullivan only one because he got lucky in the end and caught Kennedy right before Kennedy was about to put him out after a third BSCS.

    The following segment from Sullivan turning from King Sullivan to Saint Sulley was something I had planned before the promo deadline passed, and was happening win or lose. I think it actually fit better if Sulley lost to Kennedy as Kennedy would be taking his King crown away, but it did well here. But Chris Kennedy was NOT brought back to just outright job to Sullivan. I think it was a booking that fit for the show giving the anniversary theme and the history of Kennedy/Sullivan. It was either going to be a passing of the torch from Kennedy to Sullivan if Sullivan wins, or Kennedy gets a huge win on the 15th Anniversary of FWA to remind everyone he's the GOAT, and gets inducted into the Hall of Fame.

    I kinda hope he doesn't emphasize this win too much but I guess it would be against his character not to do that.
    Let me talk about this line specifically, without the background context of this being Kennedy vs Sullivan, but just any general no-show.

    I don't think any win against a no show should ever be considered invalid (unless both RPers no show). Whether it's Mac Michaud beating Bronco Wells, Sullivan beating Chris Kennedy, or whatever. In cases of no shows, one RPer has RP'd. They wrote a promo and gave everything they had to beat their opponent, all of their material on them, a creative idea, etc.

    Had Sayer no-showed ETE this week, ETE would have wrote ALL those great lines on Garcia. ETE can't use those lines in a rematch because then he'd be unorgininal, but in a rematch Sayer would not have promo'd and has more material to use on ETE because ETE used up his material on Sayer the week he no showed. How is that fair? (This is hypothetical, both of these RPers did show and had great promos).

    Furthermore, what stops a handler from intentionally no-showing to avoid taking a "real-loss" when they see their opponents promo? For example, let's say MvH vs Saint Sulley is on the card next week, let's even say non title match. SS posts his MvH promo first against Sulley, as he usually does as he's always pounding out his ace RPs early...and it's amazing. It's the best RP SS has ever written, and it gets 10s in every fucking category that's how good it is. Me as Sulley sees this, and I'm like "well shit I can't beat that..." so I don't bother posting. So what? SS doesn't get a "real win" now? How is that fair at all?

    So now MvH as a character can't go out and use the fact that she beat the FWA World Champion as a brag?

    No, we're not discouraging that.

    A win against a no-shower is as much of a win as a win against someone who does RP. You're promoing, you're getting a grade, you're using a creative idea. We're not going to invalidate anyone's win because their opponent doesn't show. That's not how this competition based writing works, and if that were the case we would just have RPs submitted privately.

    Back to this specific situation, I feel like I wrote a really solid RP. I really enjoyed it, and I know others did as well. It got a very solid grade, and I think it would've competed with Jiggy no matter what he posted (that was the point of using such an idea). So I don't think it's fair to invalidate that on MY side any bit whatsoever. Maybe had I waited until a half hour before the deadline, saw there was no sign of Jiggy, and posted something really lackluster that was cleary mailed in, but that wasn't the case at all. I posted my promo before everyone else, and it was 100% my best effort because I wanted this win.

    This applies to any no show in the past, present, and future. We're not going to invalidate the win of the person who DID RP, because that's simply not how it works. It takes away from the time and effort that person did to put their RP together. I feel like we've had this conversation in FWA's past, and we always come to that same conclusion.

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    Re: FWA 15th Anniversary Show Results

    Once more thank you all again for your feedback. It is definitely all appreciated, and I hope you guys enjoy the show as much as we did putting it together. This is so far my favorite, and biggest show, I've been able to help put together. And I'm looking forward to doing more of that in the future.

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    Re: FWA 15th Anniversary Show Results

    Without quoting everything that was written or really starting a lengthy discussion about it, it's really just subjective perspective, and I was talking my perspective vis a vis no shows. Youre right, you still wrote that promo & put in that effort and time, that can't be taken away from you. And if you view it as any other win, that's perfectly fine, I'm sure most people try to too!

    For me, personally, the no show wins I tend to gloss over and not talk about much regarding my character, and my views of other characters wont really be increased if they win via no show. As much as we might claim to view a no show win as being just like a regular win, I think if an X-Division guy beats no showing Cyrus Truth vs. X-Division guy beats showing up Cyrus Truth, even the bookers are going to react differently in how they treat that guy post-win. A guy who can beat Cyrus Truth showing up is a guy who can probably main event. Not the exact scenario if he wins vs. Truth that no showed. He gets plaudits but this isn't someone you're going to start booking like a main eventer now.

    But ultimately, it's just bad luck, so it is what it is.

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    Re: FWA 15th Anniversary Show Results

    Quote Originally Posted by Todd Chavez View Post
    Without quoting everything that was written or really starting a lengthy discussion about it, it's really just subjective perspective, and I was talking my perspective vis a vis no shows. Youre right, you still wrote that promo & put in that effort and time, that can't be taken away from you. And if you view it as any other win, that's perfectly fine, I'm sure most people try to too!

    For me, personally, the no show wins I tend to gloss over and not talk about much regarding my character, and my views of other characters wont really be increased if they win via no show. As much as we might claim to view a no show win as being just like a regular win, I think if an X-Division guy beats no showing Cyrus Truth vs. X-Division guy beats showing up Cyrus Truth, even the bookers are going to react differently in how they treat that guy post-win. A guy who can beat Cyrus Truth showing up is a guy who can probably main event. Not the exact scenario if he wins vs. Truth that no showed. He gets plaudits but this isn't someone you're going to start booking like a main eventer now.

    But ultimately, it's just bad luck, so it is what it is.
    Fair enough point, but in that case I think it comes down to the grade, not the actual character being defeated. If the X Division guy posts a promo that nets a 35 grade, whether Cyrus Truth promos or not, that's pretty impressive and will result in a better book.

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    Re: FWA 15th Anniversary Show Results

    Talking as if there's ever been a week that I haven't shown up. That's adorable, Sully and Jon.

    Regardless, hell of a show with a slew of well-written matches from top to bottom. TGO continues to still have my number, which will make things interesting if Franchise and I are able to pull it out against Horrowitz and Grayson. And the evolution of ego that is Sullivan is starting to get a bit out there in the best of ways.
    Something Witty!

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    Re: FWA 15th Anniversary Show Results

    Quote Originally Posted by Cyrus Truth View Post
    Talking as if there's ever been a week that I haven't shown up. That's adorable, Sully and Jon.

    Regardless, hell of a show with a slew of well-written matches from top to bottom. TGO continues to still have my number, which will make things interesting if Franchise and I are able to pull it out against Horrowitz and Grayson. And the evolution of ego that is Sullivan is starting to get a bit out there in the best of ways.
    wheres my match

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