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Thread: FWA Division's Rules RESULTS

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    FWA Division's Rules RESULTS

    We open up on a shot of what appears to be a parking lot, the camera tracking slowly across the front of several high-end, luxury cars. Eventually, it reaches the end of the line, and then tracks around a corner to see two people entering the arena: they are Gerald Grayson and Michelle von Horrowitz. Grayson has a Starbucks coffee cup in front of him, and - typically - a smile on his face. Von Horrowitz has her hands stuffed into the pockets of her black skinny jeans and her rucksack over one shoulder.

    As they walk closer to the lens and their words start to become audible, Grayson takes a sip from his coffee cup.

    MvH: “How about… the Dreamers?”

    Grayson cocks an eyebrow. Clearly unimpressed.

    Grayson: ”Come on, that’s your moniker. It has to be a team name.”

    They pass through a set of double doors, the camera now high above them as they walk up a narrow stairway. Gerald chivalrously holds the door open for Michelle, who proceeds up the stairs with her hands in her pockets.

    MvH: ”Okay, okay… so what about something a little unexpected. More aggressive.”

    Gerald doesn’t go in for the idea. Aggressive doesn’t really seem his style.

    Grayson: ”What exactly did you have in mind?”

    After climbing a flight of stares, they push through another door and come out onto a corridor somewhere in the arena. We view them coming towards us from a high angle again, as if through the lens of a CCTV camera.

    MvH: ”I don’t know. Something like… the Bomb Squad, maybe. Or, something more violent and without the ‘the’ at the start. Like, Warpath or Pariah. Or maybe even End Times...”

    She continues to walk, but Grayson comes to an abrupt halt. There’s an expression of worry on his face.

    Grayson: ”No. I don’t like any of those at all.”

    He starts walking again, and the two continue to round corners, the woman leading the way and - seemingly, at least - having a destination in mind.

    MvH: ”I don’t know why we can’t just be Michelle von Horrowitz and Gerald Grayson.”

    The two pass through the canteen arena, a few production assistants and local enhancement talents looking up from their hamburgers as the tag team go past.

    Grayson: ”Too generic.”

    A deep sigh from the young woman.

    MvH: Gerald Grayson and Michelle von Horrowitz?”

    Gerald lets out a laugh. The two exit the canteen and emerge onto another corridor.

    Grayson: ”Flattery will get you nowhere. We have a perfectly good tag team name as it is. The Grayson and von Horrowitz Connection! It’s perfect! Um… where are we going?

    Finally and quite abruptly, Michelle comes to a stop by a door.

    MvH: ”We’re here.”

    Gerald stares up and down the corridor, perhaps hoping to be illuminated and finding himself disappointed.

    Grayson: ”And… where are we?

    Michelle just smiles, and gives the door a knock. A few moments later, it slowly opens and behind it… is ‘the Artist of Chaos’ himself. Eli’s face is perplexed at the two newcomers, and there’s a clear look of apprehension on Gerald’s. Grayson shoots a sidewards glance at Michelle, perhaps even annoyed at being dropped into this situation without prior warning. Von Horrowitz, perhaps in an attempt to appear non-threatening or placatory, takes a step away from Black’s door and - with a smirk on her face - leans against the opposite corridor wall.

    In the background of the shot, we see a young production assistant walk into the shot with a tray of coffees. When he realizes which three people are in front of him and recognizes the underlying tension, he spins on his heel, mutters ”shit shit shi - -” and walks back the way he came.

    MvH: ”Eli, my tulip. Excuse me for the interruption to what I’m sure is a very serious and intense pre-match preparation routine. I would’ve made an appointment, but I couldn’t find your secretary. Has Cyrus even arrived yet?”

    Eli Black: “Look who the cat dragged in. First off, Eli does not like to be referred to as any kind of flower, so you can drop the pet names. Second of all, you can cut the nice guy act. Eli has seen you be the biggest bully in wrestling for the last six months until your new best bud here took you out a few weeks ago. So don't worry about Eli's partner, you should be side-eyeing yours.”

    Michelle doesn’t move, still leant against the wall opposite from Eli’s locker room door, whilst Gerald stands uneasily between them. In Grayson’s right hand is the FWA X Division Championship, and for an instant the eyes of both the former champion and the Artist of Chaos come to rest upon the strap. The audience are reminded of the X Rules triple threat match that never was. Just as soon as this moment begins, it ends.

    MvH: "An artist who doesn’t like flowers? Van Gogh - my beloved countryman - would be so disappointed. Flowers can symbolise the full spectrum of human emotions. And the tulip? Well, it is the first to bloom in Spring: it is the annual rebirth of nature. But, I digress…”

    Von Horrowitz’s eyes are narrowed, and she takes a moment of silence to look Black up and down.

    “I do find it very interesting that - when you open your door and you see not only myself, but also the new FWA X Division Champion - your mind instantly goes to my attack, and an attempt to clear yourself and push the blame on Gerald, here. Not a rematch for the championship. Not confidence regarding the tag team tournament. I think that’s quite telling…”

    Grayson shakes his head, possibly predicting that this one might end in a physical nature. Michelle, for her part, does not have the body language of a person ready for a fight. Instead, she continues to look upon Eli, trying to read the truth in his answers. Eli puts his hands on Grayson shoulder before responding

    Eli Black: “Don't lecture me on art with your shallow attempts at referencing Van Gogh. Predictable. Don't you think, Gerald, that it's quite telling that she's allowed to walk around here accusing people and attacking who she please while you just sit back and clutch that belt. Seems Blackbird has his favorite inmates running the mad house. Anyway, are you here to question Eli or are you just here to antagonize him?”

    Gerald turns his attention to Eli. He sizes up Eli and begins comically tapping on Eli’s chest with his index finger. (This could probably be worded better lol)

    Grayson: ”Listen here, buddy. Didn’t your mother teach you how to speak to a lady? She’d be so disappointed.”

    Things look to be getting physical here soon.

    Grayson: Pretty rich of you calling this place a madhouse. Aren’t you the Artist of Chaos? This place should be like paradise for you. And hey man, I’m always ready for a challenge. Pretty sure it was your shoulders I pinned 1, 2, 3 for this title and I don’t mind doing it again.

    Eli laughs at Gerald's taunting and calmly moves his finger from his chest.

    Eli Black: “This has been an amusing interaction. Eli just wanted to stir you guys up. See if you get froggy but Michelle you are a lot calmer than Eli has expected which brings the questions. Do you really suspect Eli? You have pretty much been attacking your suspects on sight so it lets Eli believe you don't really think it's him.”

    Black turns slightly, away from Michelle and towards Grayson. One eye rests hungrily on the belt.

    Eli Black: “Gerald, Eli will have to admit you were the better man that night. However it was just one night and Eli has been training with Cyrus to get better at every aspect of what we do. So a suggestion. Once this tournament is over be ready…”

    Grayson adjusts his championship belt on his shoulder, staring down Black with a great deal of animosity in his countenance. Von Horrowitz punctures the silence.

    MvH: "It's nice that Mr Truth has agreed to give you some much needed training. I'm certain that this is meant to scare us, or at least Gerald here. But you misunderestimate our resolve. And as for whether or not I suspect you? Well, what other reason would I have for being here? This isn't a social call, Eli. I have no reason to believe that you are clear, and therefore a suspect you remain. Our lack of interaction, specifically about this subject, has become increasingly apparent to me, and I wouldn't want you to think I've forgotten about you, even if the FWA fans have."

    Black tenses at the insult, and turns towards her to face her directly.

    MvH: "You had better hope that Johnson breaks tonight, and confesses. If he doesn't? I'll be back here with more questions, and perhaps a few actions to accompany them. Come on, Gerald…"

    MvH turns and walks away, but the X Division Champion remains behind for a moment. He enters into a brief, tense stand-off with the Artist of Chaos, before eventually turning away and following his tag team partner. We cut back to the arena…

    Live from the Barclays Center...
    in Brooklyn, New York
    August 15, 2020

    Fireworks shoot into the crowd as a dark scene opens with silhouettes of fans raising their arms and screaming in euphoria. The pyrotechnics explode in the air, up near the rafters, as the camera pans quickly in half-second shots around the arena. Some close-ups reveal people with "The Carnegie Carnivore" t-shirts. A few more in volume for Dave Sullivan. Some scattered Cyrus Truth supporters.

    Others have "Michelle von Horrowitz" t-shirts and apparel, signs galore. In fact, MvH has the most signage, support, and apparel. The most fans.

    Rod Sterling: We ... are ... LIVE ... from the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York! We're at the epicenter of professional wrestling tonight! We're at FWA ... Division's Rules! Where The Division ... MAKE ... THE RULES!

    Christian Quinn: The Division made the rules. A tornado tag elimination match between them and "The Golden one and "The Rockstar" in the semifinals of the winner's bracket of The Elite Tag Team Classic tournament.

    Daniella Kennedy: Krash and "The Prodigy" Mike Parr face Cyrus Truth and "The Artist of Chaos" Eli Black in the other semifinals match. Then there's Michelle von Horrowitz settling some personal drama AGAINST ... Ty Johnson.

    Rod Sterling: Black Caramel against The Toner Brothers. We're down to the final eight teams. And in the main event ...

    Christian Quinn: Dave Sullivan ... "The King of the FWA" ... versus Michael Garcia ... "The Carnegie Carnivore." Finally ... FINALLY ... these two meet.

    The camera finishes zooming around from group of fans to group of fans. Finally we get a wide view of the entire announcing team — well, almost the entire team. As Quinn finishes his statement, Rod Sterling takes the lead back and says, "And for all night ... we have a FOURTH person on the booth."

    The camera then pans out further, revealing Gerald Grayson sitting on the left end of the table from the camera's perspective. Gerald Grayson has his X Championship over his shoulder and a baby-face smile from dimple to dimple.

    Gerald Grayson: Happy ... THRILLED to be here. Can't wait to watch MvH take care of Ty Johnson tonight. And can't wait to watch the tag team tournament action because it's going to be a lot of fun for me and MvH to face some of these teams coming up.

    Rod Sterling: You're a white knight if I've ever seen one. 2009 Devin Golden would be proud.

    Christian Quinn: We've got some non-tournament tag team action first, Rod and everyone! The Valanders are in action!

    “Prodigal Son” by Kid Rock hits and there’s a generally positive reaction in the arena. Mike and Louis appear on stage and do their best to keep the fans’ energy up, clapping and beating their chests in an attempt to appear menacing. They begin to walk down to the ring, Harrington announcing their arrival and giving their opponents - the Milk Men - ‘the already in the ring treatment.

    Rod Sterling: “Well, the Valander Brothers may be out of the tag team tournament, but this is an opportunity for them to bounce back to winning ways.”

    Christian Quinn: “That’s right, Rod. It’s important that they don’t stagnate after the tournament. They not only need to win tonight, but they also need to look impressive.”

    The two brothers slide into the ring and climb up to opposite corners, amping up the audience before retreating to their corner. The official makes his final checks, and then calls for the bell…

    The Valanders vs. The Milk Men

    Mike Valander starts in the ring and he starts off all guns blazing. He hits a big back body drop on a charging Milk Man #1, followed by a snap suplex, and then a fisherman’s, bridging for a two count. He follows up with a Saito suplex, and then tags in his brother. Louis springboards into the ring and takes Milk Man #1 out with a clothesline! He follows up with a snap DDT, and then when Milk Man #1 is back up to his feet he bowls him over with a leg lariat. Louis goes for the cover and gets a two count… and so Louis locks on a single-leg Boston crab! Milk Man #1 has to crawl to the ropes, and he takes advantage of the rope break, tagging in Milk Man #2.

    Milk Man #2 doesn’t have much more luck, though. Louis starts off by flapjacking him onto the top rope, and then he follows up with a high-angle side suplex. He tags in Mike, and the older Valander backs Milk Man #2 up into the corner with a series of European uppercuts. He then whips him across the ring and charges after him, nailing a cornered splash! Milk Man #2 falls to the mat, and Mike climbs to the second rope. He waits for Milk Man #2 to get to his feet, and then drops him again with a double axe handle! Mike hoists him up once more, and slams him down with a butterfly superplex! Mike follows up with a series of hard knee strikes to the grounded Milk Man #2, and then he thinks about going for the cover…

    But instead he decides to tag in his brother. Louis instantly climbs up onto the top rope, steadying himself and staring down and behind himself at Milk Man #2’s prone body. Louis leaps off… Corkscrew Moonsault! Louis lands the move, and then he tags in his brother once more. Mike starts by knocking Milk Man #1 off the apron with an enziguri… and then Mike lifts Milk Man #2 up onto his shoulders. Louis climbs to the top rope… BOOMSDAY DROPKICK!! Mike covers Milk Man #2, hooking both legs…




    The Winners: The Valanders

    Rod Sterling: “A strong victory for Louis and Mike Valander there, making short work of the Milk Men and getting one back in the W column.”

    Daniella Kennedy: “Yeah, and that’s exactly what the doctor ordered for the Valanders. Here’s hoping that they can kick on from here.

    The brothers get their arms raised in victory, and then return to opposite turnbuckles to again pose for the fans. There’s a polite round of applause for them, certain sections of the Barclays Centre chanting LOUIS or MIKE or some combination of the two. We get one more lingering shot of Mike Valander, nodding his head in appreciation of the crowd, before we cut away from the ring.


    Rod Sterling: And now, ladies and gentlemen, we are going to join two men backstage who requested some time to speak. Please welcome Sean Hughes and the Prototype, the duo known as the New Breed!

    The camera cuts backstage where we are joined by The New Breed, the Protégé and the Prototype. There is an awkward silence as the slight lag in audio and Rod’s introduction reaches the backstage area before the Protégé begins.

    Protégé: FWA Universe. FWA fanbase. Tonight, when we walk out to the arena and into the ring, we expect that you will be on our side. Our side because we are going to right a wrong. Our side, because we are on the right side of this. Many months ago, we lost the FWA Tag Team Championships and we ne—

    Some commotion just to the left of camera shot catches the attention of Protégé.

    Protégé: YOU!!

    Suddenly, the unmanned camera that was filming the two men goes crashing to the ground as the unmistakable sound of a brawl breaks out. From the distorted angle that the camera now lies you can just about see the boots of the Prototype. There is a loud crash and the smash of metal on skin before a loud roar of despair before all goes eerily quiet.

    The FWA broadcast then cuts to another feed as a cameraman from another part of the building approaches the scene and finds Hughes and Prototype laying on the ground, both seemingly dazed. Prototype scrambles to sit upright against the adjacent wall whilst Sean pushes himself up onto his hands and knees in a table position. You can hear the camera man who has just arrived on scene speak into his headset.

    Camera Man: “Cut back to ringside, cut back to ringside!”

    We find ourselves now back in a position where we are face to face with the announce team as Rod Sterling scrambles to recover.

    Rod Sterling: OK everyone, clearly something has happened backstage we will let you know more when we do.


    "Comfortably Numb" by Pink Floyd hits and the crowd turns to the entrance. "24K" Nova Diamond appears with the purple strobe lights and the beautiful ring attire to go with the vibe. Diamond comes to the ring with his stern and focused attention on the ring.

    Rod Sterling: Nova Diamond and Kevin Cromwell were SUPPOSED to be one of the favorites to win the tag team tournament. But two losses in two matches made them early exits.

    Gerald Grayson: The disappointment of the tournament. And Kevin Cromwell puts it on Nova Diamond, but Nova Diamond has been critical of Cromwell. And then there's the Cyrus Truth stuff.

    "Rock Me Amadeus" by Falco hits the loudspeakers and the crowd roars with approval. "Amadeus" Kevin Cromwell appears with his Union Jack jacket and immediately takes it off and sprints to the ring. He slides in to meet his best friend in the FWA.

    Christian Quinn: This match has the makings of a real bloody contest. Two friends, in a heated feud.

    "Amadeus" Kevin Cromwell vs "24K" Nova Diamond

    After the ringing of the bell officially start the match, both Nova and Kevin slowly walk to the middle of the ring with their arms and hands opened wide in order to get into a proper lock-up position…only to drop the position and using those arms and hands to punch and forearm each other instantly the moment the meet in the middle. The two men from Manchester starts the match by going bonkers as the crowd is also seemingly loving the strike exchange that started the match. Nova hits a punch, Cromwell hits a forearm, Nova gets boo’ed, Cromwell gets cheered. The sequence continues for a few moments before Nova gets the upper hand and lands three consecutive punches before turning around to deliver a Rolling Elbow, only for Cromwell to duck and hit his old friend with three consecutive forearm smashes. Cromwell tries to follow that up by running the ropes and hitting Nova with an Inazuma Leg Lariat…which he succeeds at as Nova finds himself on the floor before quickly getting up, just to make himself a target for yet another Inazuma Leg Lariat. Nova once again gets up from that but Cromwell grabs him and does a picture perfect Fisherman’s Suplex. It looks like Kevin Cromwell isn’t done and he proves that by pulling out a Northern Lights Suplex before bridging to make the first pinfall attempt of the match. 1..

    Nova kicks out with ease, which doesn’t even surprise Cromwell who was clearly trying to tire his opponent out rather than going for the win. Nova tries to pull himself together after this absolutely fire start by Cromwell, which Cromwell has no intention of doing so as he grabs Nova in a headlock. Nova slowly gets back on his feet but elbow strikes thrown to his shoulder are effective to cut his comeback off as his opponent maintains the headlock until Nova throws some back elbow strikes at Kevin’s face. He then slips out of the headlock and grabs Kevin by the neck before throwing him onto the floor with a Snapmare, which he follows with a swift kick to Kevin’s back. Nova then gestures Cromwell to get up, which he happily obliges before the two literally butt heads in the middle of the ring which gets a loud reaction from the crowd.

    Daniella Kennedy: You can see the animosity between the two, and you can clearly see the fans are loving this!

    They seperate their heads from each other before another striking exchange begins….but no, it doesn’t after Nova knees Kevin in the stomach instead of hitting him in the face. That move gathers some boo’s from the crowd who most certainly wanted to see another striking frenzy from the two wrestlers. Nova then grabs Kevin’s body while Kevin is buckled after the knee to the stomach, planting him onto the ring with a strong Uranage. Nova then wastes no time before getting onto the downed Kevin and staring to drill into his face with forearm smashes. Kevin does his best to guard himself from his strikes before he uses both of his feet to push his opponent from himself. Cromwell then gets up, sees Diamond running at him and throws him with an Arm Drag. After Nova gets up, Kevin tries to do it again but is met with a kick to his stomach before a knee to his face after he folded. Nova follows that up with grabbing Kevin in the proper position for a Side Slam Backbreaker…before successfully planting him with that move. Nova goes for a pin. 1..2.

    Kevin Cromwell gets one arm up, which is grabbed by Nova as he tries to use it by getting it into some sort of Armbar but Kevin delivers several kicks to Nova’s back, which makes him drop his arm but grab that leg instead but that proves to be a wrong move as he is suddenly kicked in the face with Kevin’s other leg. Nova gets up, holding his nose. Kevin follows soon after, runs towards his opponent but is grabbed and thrown into the ropes. But Kevin manages to hold onto the ropes and as Nova makes his way to him, he raises one leg to stop him before jumping off the ropes and nailing Diamond with a Springboard European Uppercut. Nova once again finds himself on the floor before Cromwell lands a harsh stomp on his stomach to make his upper body raise and get in proper position for a Penalty Kick! Cromwell covers one leg. 1..2.. Nova gets one arm up this time, which Cromwell grabs and turns it into a proper Armbar without an effort!

    Rod Sterling: Where Diamond fails, Amadeus succeeds. That’s how he easily gets the Armbar done whilst Nova struggled to do it earlier.

    Christian Quinn: There are lots of other areas where Nova is miles ahead of Kevin, Rod. You’re making it sound like Kevin is just the superior wrestler because he does an Armbar better than him.

    Nova breaks the Armbar not by his power but putting a foot on the ropes. The referee points that out to Kevin who breaks the hold but stomps Nova on the arm regardless. This time it is Kevin who gestures his rival to get up and continue. Nova gets up by holding the ropes and gives Kevin a glare that’s not pleasant at all. He gets close to his rival, grabbing him by the chin before swinging his hand for a harsh slap…

    ….but Cromwell grabs that hand and goes for a Cross Armbreaker…

    ….but cannot properly execute it as Nova jumps and lands a brutal Double Foot Stomp on Kevin’s chest! Kevin’s upper body lifts up this time which is the perfect opening for Nova to hit The Trivela!

    Rod Sterling: And Diamond hits The Trivela…which he claims he does better than Ricardo Quaresma!

    Daniella Kennedy: Who is Ricardo Quaresma?

    Christian Quinn: Hell if I know….

    Nova isn’t content with just The Trivela though, he pulls Kevin by his arm and gets him up for the proper position for Uncomfortably Numb. He then raises Kevin for his finisher…but Kevin Cromwell reverses it by hitting Nova’s forehead with knee strikes while he was up in the air, leaving Nova no choice but to let him go. Kevin uses his newly found freedom to nail Nova with a mean Roundhouse Kick. After Nova goes down, Cromwell grabs him by the arms and locks in one of his signature holds, Cromwell Clutch II! As Nova struggles, Kevin can be heard saying -no, shouting- ‘give up Andy, give up you piece of crap’. Nova struggles through the hold but is unable to break it, his only solution is to elevate himself and throwing himself back to get a strange pin hold on Cromwell while still remaining in the lock. The referee, seeing Kevin’s shoulders on the mat, starts to count. 1..2..

    Cromwell kicks out again, but the hold is soon broken. After both men get up at the same time, Nova goes for a Roundhouse Kick of his own but Cromwell ducks, gets behind him and throws him with a German Suplex. Nova gets up again, holding his neck. Cromwell grabs him by the wrist, then turns it into Gallagher’s Revenge! Nova is down again and Cromwell goes for the cover. 1…2..

    Nova kicks out! While Cromwell was certainly expecting him to kick out, he still looks frustrated. He gets Nova up, gets behind him and tries to get him into a Full Nelson position in order to land the Champagne Supernova but rapid elbow strikes erase that possibility for now. After stunning Cromwell with those elbow strikes, Nova turns back and grabs Kevin by the head before concluding it with an Inverted Headlock Backbreaker. As Kevin is laying on the mat after the backbreaker, Nova hooks both his arms and locks Cromwell with the Measured In Diamonds! Cromwell has nowhere to go! He struggles with the hold while it’s Nova who is screaming like a mad man this time.

    Cromwell eventually manages to move enough distance to put his feet on the ropes. After the referee once again points that out, Nova breaks it and gets up with a growl. Cromwell then gets up too, using the ropes as a leverage but as soon as he gets up, he is grabbed once again by Nova who plants Kevin with Supernova Explosion! Diamond then wastes no time before climbing the top rope and hitting a Diving Elbow Drop, which connects successfully! Nova then throws himself at the nearest corner, waiting for Cromwell to get up. Cromwell slowly gets to his feet, then Nova runs and nails him with the 24K Kick…NO! Cromwell ducked! When Nova turns his back, Cromwell goes for a leg sweep…only to fake it and turn it into a stiff Enzuigri which he calls it AGUERO! Nova is nailed with the AGUERO before Cromwell, with a huge smile of relief in his face, goes for the cover. 1..2…

    NOVA KICKS OUT! The camera zooms into Cromwell’s face which is rather stoic at this moment, not showing his emotions. Nova is seen crawling to the ropes in order to pull himself together while Cromwell gets up quickly, grabs the struggling Nova…only to get pulled into a Small Package! 1..2..

    Cromwell escapes and rushes to get on his feet again…only to eat a 24K Kick! Before Cromwell could fully fall down Nova attacks his leg and locks the 24K Kneebar in!

    Rod Sterling: They are in the middle in the ring so Cromwell has a mountain to climb if he wants to escape by using the ropes!

    Instead of using the ropes, Cromwell uses his other foot to kick Nova repeatedly in the face. Nova is very stubborn about letting go but he is eventually forced into that after taking too many kicks in the head. Cromwell is having difficulties getting up after the kneebar. Even after he manages to stand still, Nova grabs the same leg that he locked in and pulls it down with a nasty Dragon Screw! Cromwell once again finds himself on the floor while Nova starts to snicker. He then gets down to Cromwell’s face, slapping him on the floor, shouting that he doesn’t give a shit about representing any kind of style including whatever Manchester style Cromwell thinks that exists, he only cares about representing Nova Diamond style. After enough slaps, Diamond grabs Cromwell and gets him up, kneeing in the stomach again to set him up for the Uncomfortably Numb. He gets Cromwell up but before he can complete the move Cromwell manages to land himself back, instantly gets Nova into a Full Nelson and finishes it with the Champagne Supernova! The fans erupt in cheer as the referee counts the pin. 1..2..

    AND 3!

    NO! The referee shows that Nova is grabbing the ropes! Nova Diamond is still in this! Cromwell looks absolutely shocked and enraged. But undeterred, Cromwell tries to follow the Champagne Supernova by rolling it through Amadeus Requiem…but Nova escapes! He gets up to his feet, then delivers another 24K Kick to Kevin that’s running to him. Once again, Nova grabs his old friend before he falls, gets him in the proper position AND NAILS HIM WITH UNCOMFORTABLY NUMB! Cromwell is down and Nova can barely hook his legs to make the pinfall attempt. 1..2..


    Winner: "24K" Nova Diamond

    "24K" Nova Diamond earns the biggest win in a long time, since pre-Back in Business against Gabrielle Montgomery. He rises off of "Amadeus" Kevin Cromwell and accepts the hand raise from the referee. Diamond leans exhaustedly against the ropes as Cromwell crawls to his corner.

    Rod Sterling: Is this feud finally done? Are they friends again?

    Diamond doesn't wait to find out. He instead leaves the ring and lets his friend have a moment to his thoughts. The announcing team discusses what's next for the two former partners. Gerald Grayson expresses the talent in the match and "24K" Nova Diamond winning shoots him to the contendership for any title he wants.


    We arrive in the backstage office of Lord Vincent, who is pacing back and forth in front of the New Breed. Hughes has an ice pack resting on his neck whilst Prototype is periodically stretching his calf out.

    Lord Vincent: That’s it, I’ve had enough of this chaos around here. Anyone who is attacking you is basically attacking me!

    Even that is a stretch for either of the two men to believe.

    Lord Vincent: Let me know who you want, in what match, and I’ll arrange it. They will get everything they deserve!

    Hughes looks at Prototype, and tilts his head in an acknowledging sort of way – almost willing the big man to reply to the kind offer.

    Prototype: Don’t worry about us, we will handle it.

    Blackbird didn’t quite get the answer he wanted with that one, but he takes a pause for a second before beginning to nod his head in agreement.

    Lord Vincent: OK I like your style. You want to handle your own business, I get it! But I can help you. You have been attacked on my watch and I have a responsibility here. Whoever is going around attacking you doesn’t have a place in this company, so just let me know and we will make sure that he knows it!

    Prototype smirks as he cranks his neck, experiencing some tightness after the assault earlier tonight.

    Prototype: As I said, don’t worry about us, we will handle our own business. Sean, lets go.

    Prototype turns his back on a frustrated Lord Vincent as Sean shrugs his shoulders in a “what can I do” type motion to Vincent before following his tag partner out of the office.


    When Skepta and JME’s ”That’s Not Me” hits and images of Danny and Donny Toner appear on the screen, the Brooklyn audience goes absolutely NUTS. It’s the loudest pop of the night so far for the hometown boys, and the camera pans across the front row, many of them holding signs hyping up the Toners’ return to New York City. Eventually, the camera comes to a halt on the stage, just in time for Danny and Donny to walk out and the volume to, somehow, increase even further…

    Kurt Harrington: “Ladies and gentlemen, your next contest is a Retribution Bracket match in the Elite Tag Team Classic… introducing first… from NEW YORK CITY…”

    At the mention of their city’s name, the audience rain down more adulation upon the Toners, who are half-way down the ramp and slapping hands with the front row fans.

    Kurt Harrington: “They weigh in tonight at a combined four hundred and sixteen pounds… Danny and Donny… THE TONER BROTHERS!”

    Donny makes a circle of the ring, high fiving each and every fan on the front row as he goes. Meanwhile, Danny slides under the bottom rope, hopping up on the second rope and beating his chest. He lets out a war cry, and then asks the New York audience to turn up the volume even more. They do, cranking it up to eleven as Danny nods his head in appreciation.

    Rod Sterling: “Well, would you just listen to this crowd?!”

    Christian Quinn: “I don’t think you have any choice but to listen to them! I think the roof’s about to come off this place!”

    Rod Sterling: “A hometown return for the Toner Brothers, and they’ll be hoping that they can move to a winning record in this tournament here tonight against Black Caramel.”

    Daniella Kennedy: “That’s technically correct, Rod… but you must remember that Danny Toner’s loss in this tournament was not alongside his brother. Instead, he teamed with Donovan Moore when the pairing lost to Mike Parr and Krash. After being reunited with his brother, Danny has one match in this tournament under his belt: a victory against FWA Champion Dave Sullivan and his partner Ty Johnson.”

    Gerald Grayson: “And you just can’t ignore how impressive the Toners looked in this match. It may have been Johnson that took the fall, but a victory against the world champion - albeit in a tag match - is quite a way to make a statement. The Toners will be one to watch in this tournament…”

    As the Toners’ music fades out, the two brothers stand in the middle of the ring and share a fist bump. Those in attendance are as loud as ever, breaking out into an ’NYC!’ chant, the brothers soaking it all in…

    It’s remarkable how quickly the fans turn on a dime. The cheers disappear completely and are rapidly replaced by a torrent of boos. It’s obviously nothing personal, and you get the impression that the reaction would be the same regardless of who had appeared to face the hometown boys. When ‘the Caramel Goddess’ and ‘Black Jesus’ appear on stage, the audience double down, and there’s a momentary look of confusion on Gabrielle’s face. Black simply looks around at the booing fans, nodding his head slowly. The two make their way down the ramp together…

    Kurt Harrington: “And their opponents… weighing in at a combined weight of three hundred and forty five pounds… the team of ‘the Caramel Goddess’ Gabrielle and ‘Black Jesus’ Alyster Black… BLACK CARAMEL!”

    There’s a renewing of hostilities at the mention of the team’s name, and when the pairing get to the ramp it appears that Gabrielle seems a little bit like a deer caught in headlights.

    Rod Sterling: “Well, it doesn’t seem like Gabrielle was quite prepared for the level of animosity that this New York crowd is throwing at her. She looks a little taken aback…”

    Daniella Kennedy: “That’s right, Rod. Gabrielle is used to receiving positive reactions the world over, and with good reason, but a unique set of circumstances have conspired against her here to place her somewhat out of her comfort zone…”

    Gerald Grayson: “I think you’re right with that appraisal, Daniella. But it’s important that the Toners - maybe even more so than Black Caramel - keep their minds on the task at hand. Home-town advantage is all well and good, but they can’t let the emotion of this evening overwhelm them…”

    Black, for his part, looks more comfortable with the animosity, but the pairing of Black Caramel pause at the bottom of the ramp and survey the hostiles once again. Alyster climbs up the ring steps whilst Gabrielle slides under the bottom rope. ‘The Goddess’ climbs up to the second rope and thinks about posing, but when she looks out on the faces of the New Yorkers in the crowd she decides that now is not the time. We get a shot from over Gabrielle’s shoulder as she stands motionless on the second turnbuckle, the sign in the center of the shot informing her that ’IF BLACK CARAMEL WINS, WE RIOT’. She shakes her head solemnly as she hops back down into the ring, their music fading out but the crowd continuing with their aggressively loud ’NYC’ chant…

    The official makes his final checks, the Toner Brothers still eating up the fans’ energy, and then he calls for the bell…

    The Elite Tag Team Classic: Retribution Bracket
    The Toner Brothers vs. Black Caramel

    It’s Gabrielle and Danny who start in the ring, and they slowly circle it, the woman still clearly tentative about the reaction she is getting from the crowd. A ’LET’S GO TONER’ chant starts up, and she does her best to ignore it, trying to pick an opening at the start of the match… but when it turns into a dueling chant, each ’LET’S GO TONER’ punctuated by a ’GABY SUCKS!’ and neither half any quieter than the other, she can’t help but stop, standing up straight and staring out over the audience once again. Danny just smiles and nods, and Gaby does her best to psyche herself up, slapping herself across the face, and then they come together in a collar and elbow tie-up…

    Danny Toner instead goes behind into a rear waist lock, and he hits a clubbing blow to the lower back. Gabrielle fires back with an elbow to the side of the head, and then goes behind into a rear waist lock of her own. She attempts a German suplex, but Danny blocks it by going down to one knee… and then he takes her over with a snapmare! The audience goes wild! They celebrate as if Danny had just scored the winning touchdown in the super bowl, and they double down when he plants a stiff kick to Gabrielle’s back. Danny pulls her up to her feet in a front facelock, hooks the leg, and hits a snap suplex! Again the crowd is worked up into a frenzy, and every voice in the building is raised to count along…


    T - - NO!

    Rod Sterling: “Gabrielle kicks out there, but it’s fair to say that Danny has got out of the blocks more quickly in this one, perhaps feeding off the audience in these opening exchanges…”

    Gerald Grayson: “And this is the sort of tag team strategy you’d expect to see from brothers, Danny dragging Gabrielle over to his corner to tag his brother in. They’ll be looking to cut the ring in half and isolate their opponent.”

    Christian Quinn: “Tag team wrestling #101!”

    Danny puts Gabrielle in an abdominal stretch, and Donny comes into the ring to reel off a few kicks to Gaby’s stretched midsection. When the referee begins a count, Danny vacates the ring, and Donny proceeds to nail a swinging neckbreaker. He drops the elbow on Gabrielle, and then hooks a leg…


    TW - - NO!

    Gabrielle kicks out again, and Donny lifts her up in a front face lock. He is perhaps looking for his Three Amigos, but Gabrielle puts a foot behind Donny’s calf to block it. She then causes separation with a forearm strike, followed by a European uppercut! The two strikes are punctuated by heavy booing from the crowd. Donny recoils, and Gabrielle hits the ropes, going for a clothesline. Danny ducks it and goes into a rear waist lock… German suplex! The crowd once again erupt into cheers, and when Danny hits a second German suplex, the chant of ’NYC!’ starts up again. Danny maintains his grip, drags Gabrielle up again, and hits a third German! He bridges for the cover…




    Christian Quinn: “Gabrielle is able to kick out again, but things beginning to look a bit desperate for the Caramel Goddess… she hasn’t managed to get much going so far in this one at all, and the crowd aren’t letting her forget that…”

    Donny tags Danny back in, and then Donny lifts Gabrielle up. He hits her with a chop, and then a spin kick to the gut… meanwhile, Danny has hit the ropes and he nails Gaby with a low drop kick, taking her out at the knees… and then in comes Donny with a shining wizard! Donny rolls under the bottom rope, and Danny hooks the leg…


    T - - NO!!

    Rod Sterling: “Alyster Black showing a little bit of frustration there, coming in to break up the pin…”

    Christian Quinn: “And you can understand why… he hasn’t been in this ring legally since the match started!”

    Danny just smiles over at Black, and then he picks Gabrielle up, backing her into the corner. He takes her by the hand, and surveys his cheering audience one more time before he Irish whips her hard into the opposite corner. Gabrielle hits it back first, and Danny charges in with an attempted clothesline… NO! Gaby moves out of the way and Danny’s chest hits the turnbuckle, the audience beginning to boo as Gabrielle fires off the ropes and takes Danny down with a single-leg front dropkick! And then a tag into Black!

    Gerald Grayson: “And finally, Alyster is able to get into the ring, and we’ll be able to see what Black Jesus can do in the face of this animosity…”

    Daniella Kennedy: “It seems to me that, on their way to ring at least, Alyster seemed far more comfortable with the negativity than his tag team partner. But we’ll have to wait and see if it affects his in-ring game at all.”

    Black lifts Danny up and he hits a trio of knife edge chops, backing him up into a corner. He Irish whips him with such forces into the opposite corner that Danny bounces back off it, and Alyster hits him with a big flap jack! To his credit, Danny is straight back up, but Alyster hits a boot to the midsection, hooks the arms, and then hits a butterfly suplex! The crowd have been booing since his introduction into the ring, but they step it up a notch as he stands slowly following his move, surveying the baying crowd and nodding his head. The New York fans erupt into a ’FUCK YOU BLACK!’ chant, eliciting an apology from Rod Sterling…

    Black does eventually refocus on Danny, and he lifts him up by the hair. Black nails him with a forearm, but Danny hits back with a straight ring hand! It takes Alyster by surprise, but he sees the next one coming. He ducks beneath the straight right… and then nails Danny with a headbutt! Toner stumbles backwards, and Alyster takes him by the hair to throw him head-first onto the top turnbuckle. Black hits the ropes, and then clotheslines Danny right out of the ring!

    Daniella Kennedy: “We all know that Black fancies himself a little bit of a specialist when it comes to X Rules, but it’s important to remember that disqualification IS a possibility in this tag team tournament…”

    Gerald Grayson: “Black has shown himself to be a master of working within the… shall we say, limitations of the rules? I’m sure we’ll see Alyster push things as far as he can here…”

    Black takes Danny and first Irish whips him into the barricade, before throwing him backwards with a belly-to-back suplex on the outside! Black gets up slowly, listening to the fans chanting obscenities at him, and even going so far as to mimic a conductor, willing the audience on in their jeers. He then picks Danny up by both legs, and hits a catapult into the steel ring post! Black stands up to fresh boos, and slowly, casually picks Danny up, tossing him back into the ring and applying a cover…




    Black tags in Gabrielle, who has been recovering on the outside, and she instantly goes to work. She backs him up with a European uppercut, and then follows up with a step-up enziguri! She waits patiently for him to get back up, charges in, and takes him back down with a hurricanrana! Gabrielle hooks the near leg…




    Danny kicks out again, and Gabrielle applies a body-scissors. The crowd are booing what they perceive to be a rest hold, and the Goddess does her best to block their voices out. She drives an elbow into Toner’s head when she can, and the referee is on hand to ask Danny if he’s ready to throw in the towel…

    Rod Sterling: “Well, the momentum has shifted almost a complete one-eighty in this match, with Gabrielle now doing her best to wear down Danny Toner…”

    Christian Quinn: “And this New York audience is certainly letting her know what they think…”

    They certainly are, and a low, loud chant of ’BOOOOOORING!’ is accompanying the hold. Eventually, Donny begins to stomp on the apron, and the audience do the same, clapping and simultaneously screaming for the home-town hero, creating an absolute cauldron of noise that reaches a crescendo as Danny clenches his fist, and begins to climb to his feet… Gabrielle shakes her head defiantly, and transitions into a headlock. Danny is up… and he hits a side suplex! Gabrielle is fired across the ring… and Danny tags in his brother!

    Daniella Kennedy: “Here comes Donny!!”

    Indeed, Donny is in with a clothesline to Gabrielle… and then he sees Black from the corner of his eye charging in… big back body drop! Black is thrown over head, and Donny hits a spin kick to Gabrielle’s gut. He goes behind, and nails her with a pump-handle slam!! The tag is as hot as the sun, the audience right there with Donny for every single move! Black gets a boot to the midsection… and then a piledriver!! Black rolls out under the bottom rope and into a heap, allowing Donny to focus entirely on Gabrielle. He climbs up to the top rope, and then hits a double axe handle to the rising Gabrielle!

    Danny has rolled back into the ring, and Donny has Gabrielle in a rear waist lock. Danny hits an enziguri, and then Donny follows up by bridging for the cover…



    TH - - NO!!

    Rod Sterling: “This crowd was certain that was three!!”

    Gerald Grayson: “They are certainly letting the official know what they think about that one!”

    The referee has lost all control, and Donny picks Gabrielle up, throwing her into a set of ropes. Danny hits an adjacent set… but Black is waiting outside the ring for him. He reaches beneath the bottom rope, picks Danny’s ankle, and drags him onto the outside… and follows up with a clothesline! Black picks him up, and plants him with a Death Valley Driver!! On the outside!!! Back in the middle of the ring, Donny hits Gabrielle with a flapjack, and is expecting Danny to follow up with some charging attack, but Donny quickly realiaes his brother has been taken out. Donny climbs up to the top rope…

    Rod Sterling: “Donny taking things up to the high-rent district! What’s he thinking here!?”

    Donny is perhaps going to go for his diving headbutt, but we’ll never know… because Alyster hops up onto the apron and pushes Donny off the top rope! Donny flies through the air, and then comes down hard on the barricade on the outside! He falls into a heap, and the audience instantly rains down the hate on Black Caramel. The official slides out of the ring to check on Donny’s condition after the bad landing…

    Christian Quinn: “And look at Alyster Black, he’s working on that top turnbuckle cover, exposing that steel ring!”

    Gerald Grayson: “You really hate to see this sort of thing, especially after such an evenly-matched and exciting athletic contest…”

    Black is simply playing the part that the audience has cast him in, and he manages to get the turnbuckle cover off. He throws it into the crowd, and then flips them the bird! The audience rain down their venom once again, the old favourite ’FUCK YOU BLACK!’ making a reappearance. Alyster doesn’t seem to care, climbing down the steps and collecting Donny’s body. He throws him under the bottom rope, and Gabrielle patiently waits for him to get to his feet. The audience are back to ’LET’S GO DONNY // GABY SUCKS!’ duel, and she stares around them as Donny gets to his feet…

    Christian Quinn: “Thumb to the eye! From Gabrielle!”

    Gerald Grayson: “Black Caramel are clearly trying to neutralize the crowd with these tactics!”

    The referee charges over to Gabrielle, admonishing her for the underhanded strategy, and Black takes the opportunity to grab Donny by the hair…

    He runs over to the corner, and smashes Donny’s head onto the exposed steel ring!! The audience unleashes their most hostile jeers yet, and one or two plastic cups are thrown into the ring as Donny recoils, bleeding under his mask! He staggers around into Gabrielle, who is waiting for him in the centre of the ring…

    Rod Sterling: “The Caramel-Wrapped DDT!! There it is!!”

    Gerald Grayson: “She nails it in the middle of the ring!”

    Gabrielle hooks both legs..



    Danny is trying to slide into the ring, but Black blocks him…


    Winners: Black Caramel via pin-fall at 13:42

    There’s a momentary stunned silence after the three is counted, and then it begins. The fans let loose with a torrent of projectiles towards the ring, most of them empty drink cups but some of them still full…

    Rod Sterling: “This New York audience is making its voice heard! They did not enjoy the climactic moments of that match!!”

    Christian Quinn: “We need to get some control here…”

    Black and Gabrielle snatch their hands away from the referee quickly, realising that now is not time to gloat. They both slide beneath the bottom rope and make a hasty exit up the ramp. They pause briefly at the top of the stage, surveying the audience once more, still rabid, still firing their cups towards the winners.

    Gerald Grayson: “These fans might not like it, but Black Caramel just posted their place in the next round of the Retribution bracket, where they’ll face the loser of Mike Parr and Krash versus Eli Black and Cyrus Truth…”

    Rod Sterling: “Even the Retribution Bracket is stacked, but tonight was last chance saloon for the Toners!”

    We see Black Caramel leaving the arena, and get one more lingering shot of the Toners in the middle of the ring. Danny helps Donny up to his feet, and the audience begins a polite round of applause for the defeated home-town heroes, just as we fade to the back.



    The opening to I Prevail’s “Bow Down” is heard indicating the arrival of Jackson Fenix and Nate Savage. Fenix struts out on stage while Savage follows closely behind him, and the two don’t waste any time making their way down to the ring.

    Kurt Harrington: Making their way to the ring, weighing in at a combined weight of 476 lb, Jackson Fenix & “Nasty” Nate Savage...The Undisputed Alliance!

    Christian Quinn: Here comes a team that is looking to get back on track with a win tonight after a disappointing showing in the recent tag team tournament

    Rod Sterling: It certainly didn’t go the way that they had hoped it would

    Their music is cut off and replaced by the theme music for The New Breed. Sean Hughes is out first and followed by his partner, Prototype. "The Protege" and The Prototype continue nursing injuries from earlier in the night, with a bandage on the head of "The Protege" Sean Hughes.

    Kurt Harrington: and their opponents, weighing in at a combined weight of 475 lb…”The Protege” Sean Hughes & Prototype...The New Breed!

    Daniella Kennedy: The New Breed were left out of the tag team tournament and weren’t exactly pleased about that

    Christian Quinn: Can you blame them? Former tag team champions and now they believe that they’re looked at nothing more than an afterthought, the blatant lack of respect around here for these two is sickening...

    Rod Sterling: Fenix and Savage are former champions as well, Christian, in fact they defeated The New Breed for the championships

    Christian Quinn: A fact that is old news, Rod, but yes you are correct. Tonight, The New Breed promises to right that wrong

    The New Breed vs. The Undisputed Alliance

    Savage will start the match with Hughes as Nate shares a fist bump with Fenix, while Hughes assures Prototype that he’s got this. Savage and Hughes lock up, and immediately Savage gets Hughes in a side headlock but Hughes shoves him away towards the ropes, yet Savage comes back with a shoulder tackle knocking Hughes on his backside. Savage attempts a running kick, but Hughes rolls out of the way and pops up back on his feet and connects with a standing dropkick that sends Savage reeling to the ropes and off the rebound Hughes nails Savage with another dropkick bringing Savage to the mat. Savage rolls on his side to a nearby rope for leverage, Hughes slaps Nate on the head to toy with him but all it does is fire up Savage who in turn fires off a punch to the midsection of Hughes, followed up by a jawbreaker, stunning Hughes! Hughes stumbles back to his corner where a tag is made to Prototype and off the tag, Prototype comes in and goes for a running big boot on Nate, but Nate ducks out of the way and runs the ropes but this time on the rebound Prototype is successful in taking down Savage with a big boot! He drags Savage over to his corner and drives several back elbows to the temple of Savage before tagging Hughes back, and Prototype irish whips Savage into a standing dropkick from Hughes followed by a pin…


    Rod Sterling: Nice back and forth so far...

    Nate gets a shoulder up and Hughes works in a headlock, but it’s not enough to keep Savage down, who manages to power out of it and stands up while Hughes clings on with the hold until Nate snaps him over to the mat! Hughes sits up, clutching his back with a cringe, Nate lifts him up and drops him with an atomic drop right into an abdominal stretch, and Nate adds in some stiff elbow strikes for good measure. Hughes tries to power out of it, but to no avail and Nate transitions into a sleeper hold position but then drives Hughes to the mat with a sleeper suplex and holds on for the pin…


    Nate sends Hughes to his corner and tags in Fenix, and Fenix comes in and drives several kicks to the stomach of Hughes until he’s slumped in the corner, leaving him wide open for Savage to hit a cannonball senton...but Hughes manages to slip away leaving Nate to crash and burn in the corner, Hughes then quickly scurries over to his corner to tag in Prototype and Prototype makes a beeline for Fenix but Fenix ducks a clothesline and runs the ropes himself this time...but Prototype was ready and catches Fenix and slams him down with a spinning side slam taking the wind right out of his sails! Prototype has Fenix on his shoulders setup while Hughes climbs up top...DOOMSDAY DEVICE! Prototype then makes the pin…


    Christian Quinn: New Breed are turning the tide in their favor!

    Prototype irish whips Fenix to the corner, and Prototype attempts a running body splash in the corner...but Fenix moves out of the way and counters with a step-up enzuigiri! Prototype stumbles out of the corner right into a forearm smash from Fenix! Fenix then follows up with a spinning heel kick that brings Prototype to one knee and Fenix strikes with a shining wizard! Fenix with a pin…


    Fenix tags in Nate and Nate lifts Prototype up and drops him with a back facing atomic drop, followed up by a superkick from Fenix, and Savage finishes him off with a big german suplex! Savage wastes no time and hits a running senton to Prototype! He drags Prototype back over to the corner, but Prototype counters with a shoulder tackle sending Nate into the corner instead and Prototype begins driving his shoulders into the midsection of Nate without realizing a blind tag was made by Fenix, who grabs Prototype by the hair and sucker punches him sending him stumbling back some away from the corner. Fenix hops up on the second turnbuckle rope and hops off looking to land a canadian destroyer...but Prototype blocks the attempt and flips Fenix behind to the mat! Savage comes out of the corner but Prototype prevents him from doing anything with a big boot! Meanwhile, Fenix sneaks up behind Prototype and rolls him up…


    Prototype kicks out and rolls through, is back up on his feet and levels Fenix with a discus lariat! Prototype then makes the tag to Hughes, and Hughes climbs up top...waits for Fenix to get rope plancha from Hughes! Prototype then takes Fenix with a rear waist lock...superkick from Hughes followed by a german suplex from Prototype...Hughes knocks Savage off the apron and then climbs up top...Perfection Personified! Top rope elbow drop to Fenix and Hughes hooks the far leg…


    Winners: The New Breed

    Kurt Harrington: Here are your winners of the match, The New Breed!

    Rod Sterling: A decent showing from Undisputed Alliance, but unfortunately they just couldn't get the job done

    Christian Quinn: That's why you should never doubt The New Breed!

    Daniella Kennedy: No one was doubting them though, calm down there tiger

    Hughes and Prototype relish in their win on the outside while Fenix and Savage remain in the ring, disappointed in another setback for them.


    Rod Sterling: Well, up next we’ll see what is expected to be a brutal encounter between “The Affliction” Kayden Knox and “The Wildcard” Jason Randall. It will no doubt be even more personal than ever now due to the heinous actions of Knox on the last Fight Night

    Christian Quinn: You said it Rod, it was already getting heated between them but after last week, well Kayden Knox took it to another level that I didn’t believe he was even capable of to be honest

    Daniella Kennedy: Even before he aligned himself with general manager Blackbird, Kayden Knox has been unhinged but now as you said Christian, he’s taken it to a whole other level

    Rod Sterling: How do you think this has affected Randall? He was targeted by Knox for no real reason other than by what we assumed was Blackbird’s dirty work, but I think there’s much more to it than that

    Christian Quinn: Look, it’s obvious that Knox did what he did to Penny to get Randall. In my opinion, Penny shouldn’t have even been out there in the first place and that would have never happened. It did happen though, and now Knox will have to pay the price for trying to get to Randall

    Daniella Kennedy: We know what Randall is capable of when he’s driven to a dark place, and all I can say is that I don’t envy Kayden Knox

    Christian Quinn: Well, this is a street fight where anything goes and falls do count anywhere inside of the building, and knowing just how personal this has gotten I don’t expect this one to be pretty so parents it’s time to send the little ones to another room…

    Gerald Grayson: All I can say is that I'm glad this isn't me in this match, but I am aware that either one of them is a possible challenger for my championship so I'm here to try and get a closer look if I can...

    “Popular Monster” hits and a moment or two after the song plays, Kayden Knox makes his way out on stage. He stands on stage while the socially distanced New York crowd relentlessly jeers him. The crowd cannot see his face however, because it’s covered by a plague doctor mask, but he eventually removes the mask and continues to look out. He’s about to make his way to the ring when from behind him he’s attacked by Jason Randall!

    Rod Sterling: No time for introductions! The Wildcard wants to get this started right away!

    Daniella Kennedy: Can you blame him Rod?! After what Kayden Knox has put him through, I don’t blame Randall at all!

    Gerald Grayson: Yeah, I wouldn't want to wait either if I were Randall

    Street Fight
    Falls Count Anywhere
    "The Wildcard" Jason Randall vs. Kayden Knox

    Randall pummels Knox on the stage and begins an onslaught of mounted punches to Knox! Randall is wearing a sleeveless official black “Wildcard” shirt that can be found at FWA Shop, dark cargo pants, and combat boots. Randall takes Knox and tosses him head first into a piece of the design set on the stage! Randall has Knox again and drives a knee into his gut and then goes for an irish whip off the staging area but Knox blocks it! Knox kicks Randall square in the gut and then hits Randall with a snap suplex! Randall’s back bouncing off the steel stage as he cringes in agony. Knox delivers a few swift stomps to Randall’s chest before hopping off the stage and he begins to set up a table...followed by another table next to it…

    Gerald Grayson: Unless Knox has become a party planner, this can’t end well...

    Knox is back on the stage and then drags Randall back down and tries to place him on top of the tables...but Randall fends him off with several forearm strikes, followed by a kick to the gut! Randall slides Knox on top of the tables now and drives home a few more strikes to keep Knox down enough...Randall has climbed back on top of the stage...DIVING ELBOW DROP OFF THE STAGE DRIVING HIMSELF AND KNOX THROUGH THE TABLES!

    Both men lay in a heap as the crowd is going bananas! After several moments, Randall is the first to move from the wreckage as he rolls over and drapes one arm over Knox for the cover…


    Gerald Grayson: How can he still be moving after that? Crazy!

    Randall himself breaks up the pin, he stumbles back his feet a bit before finding his footing, and he drags Knox up by his hair...Knox fends him off though and bites Randall’s fingers! Randall howls in pain as Knox then kicks Randall in the gut...DDT ON THE FLOOR! Randall’s head bounces off the concrete floor and Knox just sits there with a twisted grin on his face. Knox has a steel chair now as Randall is on all fours on the floor...STEEL CHAIR CRACKED ACROSS THE BACK OF RANDALL! Randall rolls around in agony on the floor but he’s still able to bring himself to one knee...KNOX CRACKS THE STEEL CHAIR AGAIN ACROSS HIS BACK! Randall in absolute agony but he powers through the pain and stands face to face with Knox…


    KNOX OBLIGES WITH ANOTHER SHOT OF THE CHAIR THIS TIME TO THE SKULL OF RANDALL! Randall drops to the floor as a trickle of blood starts to form from his head...Knox tosses the chair aside and retrieves a dog collar and leash from his pocket…Knox places the collar around Randall’s neck and then attaches the leash to it and he begins to drag Randall’s lifeless body towards the backstage area…

    Rod Sterling: This is getting sickening now! Randall is helpless and Knox is treating him like a dog!

    Gerald Grayson: I don't even know what to say at this point and they've barely scratched the surface...

    In the backstage area now and after dragging Randall’s body, he begins choking him with the leash...then he rips away Randall’s shirt...and he whips Randall across the back several times with the leash, leaving reminders on Randall’s bare skin...after one last lashing Randall rises up, more blood trickling down his face as he stares a hole through Knox...Knox tries to yank Randall towards him with the leash...but Randall blocks that and pulls Knox towards him and levels him with a clothesline! Randall removes the collar from around his neck as well as the leash...then he returns the favor by whipping Knox several times with the leash...Randall then wraps the leash around Knox’s throat and begins to choke the life away from Knox and lets go before he actually chokes the life out of him...Randall tosses aside the leash and he finds some new toys…

    Daniella Kennedy: LIGHT TUBES!

    Gerald Grayson: Oh dear...who leaves those just lying around like that?!

    Randall takes several bundles of the light tubes and then he smashes one of them right across the back of Knox! The loud sound echoes throughout the backstage area of the Barclays Center...Randall waits as Knox is up and kicks him in the gut, doubling him over...ANOTHER BUNDLE OF LIGHT TUBES SMASHED ACROSS KNOX’S BACK! MILLIONS OF SHARDS OF GLASS SHATTER ACROSS KNOX’S SKIN AND ONTO THE FLOOR! Randall takes a single light tube and shatters it over Knox’s skull! Randall now takes a broken end of one of the tubes and begins to drive it into Knox’s forehead, causing Knox to bleed immediately while screaming in pain…

    Knox drops to his knees now as blood is pouring from his head, he finds some shards of the glass and throws right in Randall’s face, temporarily blinding him! Knox uses this opportunity to try and escape, struggling to his feet he stumbles away until he reaches a restroom and goes to a sink to try and wash away the blood from his head, but Randall followed him and jumps him from behind, Randall smashes Knox’s head into the mirror that leaves a large crack down the center of it as well as a blood stain...Randall then tosses Knox into one of the stalls and immediately dunks Knox’s head in a toilet and flushes...then he pulls Knox’s head out...


    Gerald Grayson: This isn't sanitary at all...

    Knox instinctively kicks Randall below the belt! Randall doubles and Knox slams Randall’s head against the wall of the stall before shoving his head down the toilet now and flushes it several times...Knox then throws Randall out of the stall and drags him out of the restroom and they reach the catering area and Knox has Randall in position...POWERBOMB THROUGH A TABLE OF FOOD! Knox makes a cover…


    Randall gets a shoulder up and Knox begins to drag him away and tosses him onto another table of food, this time several people scatter away for safety. Knox dumps a tray of cookies and uses the empty tray as a weapon, smacking it across Randall’s skull! Knox drags him out of the catering area and to the hallway outside and throws him into a wall! Knox finds a kendo stick now and swings for the fences with it, but Randall moves out of the way and shoves Knox into the wall and takes the stick and Randall swings...Knox moves out of the way though...Knox begins to run away until he reaches the parking garage but Randall is in hot pursuit and he finds and swings again with the stick but Knox blocks and takes the stick...Knox connects with the stick this time on Randall square in his stomach...Knox cracks the stick across Randall’s back now and tosses Randall onto the hood of a nearby car...Knox has Randall again...POWERBOMB ON TO THE HOOD OF THE CAR!

    Gerald Grayson: Fortunately, that is not my car, but I feel bad for the poor soul that is the owner

    Randall slides off of it upon impact...Knox sets him up on the side of the car before finding another car and tosses the occupant of the car away…

    Rod Sterling: He’s not going to try and ram that vehicle into Randall and that other car, is he?!

    Christian Quinn: I think that’s exactly what he has planned Rod!

    Gerald Grayson: Are you kidding me?!


    Randall climbs on top of the hood of the car and he takes Knox in position for Deuces Wild (lifting double underhook DDT), he’s going to put Knox head first through the windshield...but Knox manages to block it...and he counters with a suplex onto the roof of the car as well as cracking the windshield! Knox gingerly gets back on his feet and waits as Randall begins to stir...MALICE INTENT CURB STOMP THROUGH THE WINDSHIELD! KNOX MAKES THE COVER…


    Winner: Kayden Knox

    Rod Sterling: My god...what a war we just witnessed...I don’t think either one of these men will ever be the same after this…

    Christian Quinn: I...I’m speechless…

    Daniella Kennedy: That’s a first...wait, I don’t think Knox is done…

    Gerald Grayson: That was...boy...I don't even know what to say...

    Knox has removed himself from the wreckage and finds what appears to be a flat head screwdriver...he walks over to Randall’s lifeless body and shoves the referee away...he takes Randall by the head and brings him in close and whispers something to him...

    THEN HE DRIVES THE SCREWDRIVER RIGHT INTO ONE OF RANDALL’S EYES! RANDALL ROLLS OFF THE CAR TO THE GROUND IN AGONY WHILE HOLDING HIS EYE AS THE REFEREE FORCES KNOX TO BACK AWAY AND LEAVE...Knox stares at Randall writhing in agony on the ground...he stares at him with a dead stare before turning away and slowly limps away as the referee checks on Randall while the show cuts to an ad promoting the next event…


    "Colors" by Crossfade hits and the crowd turns to the entrance. "The Artist of Chaos" Eli Black emerges with the bandana covering his nose and face, his attire MADE for the coronavirus pandemic. Eli has the black sunglasses covering his eyes and durag on his head, covering his hair. The black leather jacket pairs with a black V-neck and pointed chin facial hair.

    Rod Sterling: Eli Black and Cyrus Truth picked up a HUGE win two Fight Night shows ago. They broke Cyrus' losing streak, and you can see the three-time FWA World Champion giving some trust to Eli Black.

    Daniella Kennedy: This match is the biggest test for Eli's short career, and this short-lived team. They're 1-0, but Krash and Mike Parr are my picks to win it all.

    Gerald Grayson: They got absolutely lucky to beat me and MvH but they pulled it off. We're 1A and 1B.

    Christian Quinn: Oh yeah? You discredit The Division and Golden and Ramon that much?

    Gerald Grayson: I'm not going to say any bulletin-board material. I have too much respect for those teams. And we'll have to face one of them, I imagine.

    "Subconscious Entry Version" by Julia Claris hits with the violin cords. The crowd erupts as Cyrus Truth slowly and meticulously walks to the stage. He whips back his black hoodie to an uproar from the fans watching in the arena. Cyrus walks to the ring where Eli Black is waiting, smiling proudly as he puts his eyes on his legendary partner.

    Rod Sterling: And Cyrus ... picked up a win against Krash on the last Fight Night. The losing streak ended against The Affliction team, and then Cyrus broke his one-on-one losing streak that dates back to before Back in Business!

    Christian Quinn: There was A LOT of tension before ... sorry, after that match. Mike Parr got in Cyrus' face. Eli Black came out to defend Cyrus.

    Before Cyrus even enters the ring properly, "Sick" by Adelitas Way hits to a loud pop from the crowd. "The Prodigy" Mike Parr emerges and pauses at the top of the stage. He slowly walks to the ring area and halts before entering the ring.

    Rod Sterling: Mike Parr and Krash. We know the story to this point. They were the bitter rivals that defined the North American Championship for all of 2020. And now they're teammates, running through the tournament.

    Daniella Kennedy: Everyone thinks it'll break down. I don't think so. Krash and Mike Parr at this point know one another like best friends. They've gone to war against one another. They just know one another so so so well.

    Cyrus and Eli Black are waiting, taping their hands and removing the sunglasses and durag. Mike Parr begins mouthing off with Cyrus Truth, and then with Eli Black.

    The arena erupts for the upbeat rhythm of "Back in Town" by Matt Dusk. Krash, also called "The White Wolf," comes out with his pale-yellow long pants and designed-in cloth black belt. He has the mustache that sends women in the fans wild. And he wastes no time sprinting down to the ring and sliding in with "The Prodigy."

    But neither team throws a blow. The fists are up, elbows cocked, but they're both still and holding their ground.

    Rod Sterling: These two teams WANT to get this going. The winner moves on to the finals of the winner's bracket. The winning team is ONE win away from the finals. All-important moment.

    The Elite Tag Team Classic
    Winner's Bracket Semifinals
    Krash and "The Prodigy" Mike Parr
    Cyrus Truth and "The Artist of Chaos" Eli Black

    Eli Black WANTS the lead for his side. Krash takes it for the tournament favorites. The crowd is electric for the opening matchup. Cyrus Truth and "The Prodigy" begin barking at one another, while Krash and Eli Black lock arms and press back and forth in a reverse tug-o-war contest. Krash places his right foot behind Eli Black's right foot and leg, and he's able to trip Eli backwards to the mat. Krash immediately grabs the wrist and twists while sitting with his leg wrapped over the shoulder and forearm, for more pressure and support.

    Eli Black rolls to his side and tries to use his free hand to fight out with forearms and open-fist punches. Krash avoids them for the most part and kicks Eli in the exposed ribs twice. Krash gets standing and applies a front head lock. He backs Eli into the corner and gets a tag from "The Prodigy," who immediately wears Eli down with a kick to the ribs and a forearm to the ribs. Then another kick. Then another forearm. All to the middle area.

    Rod Sterling: Eli Black got "The Artist of Chaos" nickname for a reason. He flies. He wants to fly. Right now, he's grounded.

    Christian Quinn: You know Mike Parr and Krash have done their homework!

    Parr fakes a whip across the ring and then plants and turns Eli around and whips him hard back to the original turnbuckle. Chest first. "The Prodigy" stomps into the stomach repeatedly after turning "The Artist of Chaos" around. Tag made to Krash, who enters the ring and puts a forearm into the throat until the referee barks at him to cease.

    Krash walks Eli Black into the middle of the ring and tries a DDT. But Eli Black counters with a quick and stunning northern lights suplex. Eli Black needs a tag but instead hits a snap suplex. Then a swinging neckbreaker. And then runs off the ropes but gets hit with Krash's jumping enzuiguri!

    Krash resets the momentum and tags his partner. "The Prodigy" hits a double underhook backbreaker and goes for the pinfall. Cyrus Truth teases like he's going to break it up, so the pin is weak and Eli Black kicks out at two and one-third, with the ref's hand not all the way to the apex height of his count.

    Mike Parr whips Eli Black to the ropes and "The Artist of Chaos" does a rolling duck under a clothesline, turns on a dime, and hits a beautiful dropkick to the chest. Eli Black takes a breather before finally tagging in Cyrus Truth!

    Cyrus, the former World Champion, hits a clothesline to Mike Parr. Then a few jabs to the face. He has Parr against the ropes and whips across the ring. Parr grabs the ropes to stop a rebound. Cyrus charges, Parr ducks, and Cyrus stops in time. He then waits for "The Prodigy" to get upright, and charges again. Then Parr ducks again. Cyrus stops. Kneels. Big uppercut to the jaw!

    Rod Sterling: These two ... they know one another SO SO well. They've got a long history. Mike Parr actually was the first person to really kind of HAVE Cyrus' number.

    Daniella Kennedy: Aside from Rondo and Shannon O'Neal, yes, it was "The Prodigy."

    Christian Quinn: It's TWO to TWO in singles.

    Gerald Grayson: You can see how Cyrus just manages the ring. Manages the match. Eli tagging out and getting a fresh Cyrus in was HUGE.

    Cyrus hits repeated knife-edge chops to the chest. He has "The Prodigy" back in the corner and tries an elbow smash to the face that misses. Parr tries whipping Cyrus across to the opposite turnbuckle and Cyrus explodes out the corner and meets "The Prodigy" with a discus punch!

    Cyrus kneels and covers. Krash teases breaking it up and Parr kicks out of the weak cover at one and a half.

    Krash goes back to his corner as Cyrus sends eye daggers his direction. Krash puts his hands up as if to say "no trouble wanted." Cyrus hits a hip toss. Then a shoulder breaker. He tags in Eli Black, who goes to the top turnbuckle for a MASSIVE blockbuster right as Mike Parr gets up and takes a step his way. Now it's a pin!

    .................1...................2.......Krash breaks it up!

    Cyrus takes a step into the ring and the referee tries to regain control. Krash goes back to his spot. Cyrus goes to his corner. Eli Black grabs "The Prodigy" around the neck and whips into the ropes. He tries applying a sleeper hold but Parr is able to adjust to the side and land a back suplex. Parr rolls to the corner and reaches up, for a huge tag to Krash.

    Krash hits a dropsault right away. Then a famouser. He goes for the pinfall. This time Cyrus returns the favor by pulling his legs and yanking him off his partner. Right at a two count.

    Krash begins barking at Cyrus, who does the same "no problems wanted" hand and shoulder signal. A mockery. Krash then gets rolled up in a school boy by Eli Black!

    ..............KICK OUT!

    Rod Sterling: SO SO CLOSE!

    Gerald Grayson: The tag team action has been superb. And right now Cyrus is playing some mind games. And he's WINNING at it.

    Krash hits a kick to the groin and springboard crossbody that Eli Black dodges. Eli then makes the tag to Cyrus, who hits an arm drag on Krash. Then another arm drag. Then a third. Then knife-edge chops, making Krash and Parr feel them both and able to talk about the chops after the match. The red marks across the chest signal just how hard these hands are smacking the skin of "The White Wolf."

    Krash tries fighting back with a flurry of right hands. Cyrus lands a knee thrust into the stomach. Cyrus whips Krash to the ropes and hits a back body drop. And Krash rolls out of the ring to catch his breath. But Cyrus doesn't let him have the time, rolling out behind him. Krash and Cyrus begin trading blows, right hands back and forth. Eli Black and Mike Parr stalk the action from either side. Finally, Cyrus gains the edge and rolls Krash back into the ring.

    But Krash makes the tag to Mike Parr right in the brief two-second window. Cyrus never saw it, focusing on Krash. Mike Parr comes behind and surprises him with a flying knee to the back of the side of the face!!!


    Mike Parr covers Cyrus, and Krash watches Eli Black, guarding his entry.

    ..............KICK OUT!

    Unbelievable. Mike Parr wears down Cyrus further. He hits the belly-to-back suplex. Then another cover. Another two count. "The Prodigy" whips Cyrus to the turnbuckle and lands a running forearm across the face. Then a tornado DDT into the middle of the ring. A third pinfall attempt!

    ................TH... CYRUS IS HANGING AROUND!

    Cyrus is needing a tag. Mike Parr brings in the fresh Krash. "The White Wolf" goes to the apron and then the springboard crossbody! He hits it, and hooks the leg!



    Krash lands the "ONE-HIT KILL" running knee to Eli Black, who rolls out of the ring. This leaves just him and Cyrus. "The White Wolf" goes to the top turnbuckle with Cyrus still reeling from an elbow. Krash removes his elbow pad and then flies off, with the crowd all standing.

    Rod Sterling: DAY---BREAKER!!!

    Christian Quinn: NO ONE HOME!!!

    Daniella Kennedy: I THOUGHT ... I thought that was it!

    Cyrus Truth moved, and Krash's elbow and body ATE the mat. Cyrus quickly hits the Wanderer's Wrath running knee strike. And knee drop to follow. "The Prodigy" enters the ring but Cyrus uses his momentum to send him flying into the turnbuckle. Cyrus hits the Argentine Rack into a neckbreaker on "The Prodigy"!

    But then Krash surprises him with a enzuiguri to the face! Cyrus stumbles backwards to the turnbuckle and Eli Black begins slowly moving to his corner. "The Prodigy" is on the apron, down, under the ropes. So Krash is essentially alone.

    Krash grabs Cyrus by the wrist and begins walking the ropes. He's about to hit his rope-walking hurricarana! But Cyrus reaches out with his free hand and Eli Black reaches out for the fingertip tag-in!!!

    Cyrus moves, Eli Black comes into the ring, Krash lands awkwardly off the ropes, unable to hit the hurricarana. Eli Black stuns him with the ...

    Gerald Grayson: CHAOS THEORY! THERE IT IS!!

    Daniella Kennedy: The cutter! The finisher! "The Artist of Chaos" DOES. IT.

    Eli Black pins Krash as Cyrus kneels next to the pin and puts his eyes on Mike Parr, who tries a full-on leaping dive over Cyrus, only to get grabbed by the waist and tackled to the canvas!!!


    Winners: Cyrus Truth and "The Artist of Chaos" Eli Black

    The crowd is STUNNED. "The Prodigy" plants his face into the canvas as he has his hands behind his head. No one in the crowd expected the result, except for the faithful for Cyrus Truth.

    The three-time FWA World Champion celebrates with "The Artist of Chaos" and points to the crowd.

    Rod Sterling: This team has made the finals of the winner's bracket, securing at worst a top-three finish. Unbelievable.

    Christian Quinn: I think most people are just ... most had Parr and Krash pegged for the finals. At least. This is a stunner. This is a curveball.

    Krash rolls to the side. He and "The Prodigy" don't share any words. No comfort. No arguing. Just disappointment.

    Daniella Kennedy: Now ... now they know what they have to go through. The road in front of them. It just got a little longer ... a little tougher.

    Krash and Parr are the downers on the side, recuperating. Cyrus and Eli Black gloat with the crowd cheering the underdog victors. Cyrus Truth looks like he just found a younger brother, and he also looks like an absolute fierce legend standing tall after such a long road of struggles.

    As Cyrus and Eli continue to celebrate their victory, a voice booms from the stage to rain on their parade.

    “Cut the music, cut that damn music.”

    The cameras are turned to the stage that it is Nova Diamond who is holding a microphone in one hand and a steel chair in another. He talks while slowly walking up the ramp.

    “Cyrus, congratulations. Congratulations you blood-sucking vampiric piece of shit. Enjoy this victory, enjoy still being in this waste of a time you call Tag Team Tournament. Enjoy actually having a tag team partner that doesn’t have an agenda against you. Enjoy manipulating that poor soul into your image and dooming him for the rest of his career.”

    As Nova steps onto the apron, Eli tries to make a move but Cyrus manages to convince him to hold back.

    “Keep your lapdog in check Truth or I’ll swear I won’t be responsible for what I might do to him.”

    Nova then enters the ring and gets closer to Cyrus.

    “It’s rather evident I haven’t been having the best times of my career lately, facing ‘storms’ after ‘storms’ as an old friend might put it. An old friend who died from hypothermia while fighting against the storm today while I took quite the nice shelter and watched as he passed by. But while storms are rather manageable for me, a plague is not. And you are that plague, Cyrus and it’s time I disinfect myself from you.

    You’ll find my proposition quite simple. For all his flaws, and I mean a lot of flaws, Kevin did one thing right and that was just challenging me to end whatever shit he had against me. And that’s what I’m going to do. Because Cyrus, quite frankly, I’m tired of you. I’m exhausted. I’m burnt out and it’s all because of you. I’m sick of your self-righteous bullshit, I’m sick of everything about you.

    At the next Fight Night, we get into this ring and end this for once and all. No beating around the bush, no bullshit, no Eli at your side, no…nobody at my side. Just me and you, just like how we did it before Blackbird pulled your strings to doom my career. And like our previous encounter Truth, I’m going to beat your ass for good.”

    After finishing his words, Nova drops the microphone and just stares at the face of Cyrus for a few moments and Cyrus does the same. The tension between the two can be cut with a knife but before things get physical between the two, Nova breaks the face-off and heads to the back, leaving the winners of the match to themselves.


    The King of The FWA, the King of Pro Wrestling, THE King Dave Sullivan couldn’t be more pompous if he tried. There’s a swagger to his every step, and a shit eating grin that couldn’t be smacked off his face no matter how hard you tried. He’s just arrived to the arena, fashionably late of course with his Crown obnoxiously sparkling in the light.

    A young, eager FWA interviewer approaches him in a rush, sticking her microphone out in his face before she’s even asked him a question.

    Sullivan for his part is all to eager to embrace the attention he’s receiving. But before either of them can speak though the FWA World Champion’s attention is pulled away behind the camera. Which quickly spins and reveals a pair of black clad and masked individuals. A man and woman…Alyster Black and Gabrielle. Winners from earlier in the night.

    They just stare at him with their arms folded as Dave Sullivan clutches his FWA World Championship tighter to his shoulder, sneers and then quickly proceeds on his way, not wanting to give the holder of the Golden Opportunity the time of day. Only as he rounds a corner he’s somehow brought face to faces with the masked duo known as Black Caramel once more. They stand before him leaning against a wall, Gabrielle whistling as Alyster holds a briefcase up next to her head.

    Sullivan just clutches his Championship even tighter, his eyes narrowing as he stares at the seemingly teleporting duo.

    King Sullivan: You need these parlor tricks don’t you, Gabs? The Goddess cant take on The King without you needing everything to be just your way…

    No reply. So Sullivan gives them no more of his time and proceeds on his way. Heading towards his private locker room which he quickly enters and slams the door shut behind him. Only he gets no reprieve from Gabrielle and Alyster. They’re in here as well…well actually there’s no less than half a dozen of the masked duo scattered around the locker room. One Gabs and Aly lounge on his couch, another pair sit at a table playing cards, a third pair are doing push ups in the corner. There’s a fourth masked duo drinking beers on the floor, a fifth seem to be having a dance off in the center of the room. And the sixth duo gleefully brandish a familiar looking briefcase. Sullivan has just frozen in place, beyond annoyed beyond irritated. He tears a mask off one Gabrielle, revealing some random woman. Then a mask is ripped off one of the Alysters, though its actually just some random man. Sullivan scans the room…but then he knows where they are finally. Turning on the spot he comes face to face with The Gabrielle and The Alyster standing in the doorway. Her mask is pulled up on her head revealing her face and that smirk of hers as Alyster stands stoically beside her.

    Gabrielle: It’s funny isn’t it. Not that long ago I approached Alyster backstage…telling him that if he beat you Davey, I might just be cashing in my Golden Opportunity…

    But hey…maybe tonight is the night. Maybe tonight the Goddess of Opportunities and Black Jesus cash in…

    Gabrielle turns to Alyster briefly and giggles.

    Maybe…we’ll just have to wait and find out…

    And with that said Black Caramel leave Dave Sullivan to clear the room of the dozen masked individuals milling about.


    There’s a mostly negative reaction as Ty Johnson walks out onto the stage, but there’s a look of supreme focus on his face. It is clear that he feels the weight of the occasion, a slight apprehension in his personage as he stands upon the stage. He surveys the audience for a moment, but then just shakes his head and locks his eyes on the ring…

    Kurt Harrington: “Ladies and gentlemen your next contest is scheduled for one-fall… introducing first, he weighs in tonight at one hundred and ninety two pounds… from Paterson, New Jersey… TY JOHNSON!”

    Rod Sterling: “Well, we’re just a short hop on the New Jersey Turnpike away from Ty Johnson’s hometown, but you wouldn’t know it. This audience associates Johnson with our world champion, the two of them competing in - and plummeting out of - the Elite Tag Team Classic, and now they’re letting him know what they think of him.”

    Daniella Kennedy: “But it’s essential that Johnson puts that out of his mind because, remember, if he doesn’t win this match against Michelle von Horrowitz then… well... his time in FWA is over!”

    Johnson climbs up the ring steps at a jog, stepping through the middle ropes and waiting in the centre of the ring. Motorhead fades out, and is replaced by…

    Somewhat surprisingly, there’s a fair amount of cheers amongst the audience for Michelle von Horrowitz as she walks out onto the stage. She stares out at her ‘fans’ reproachfully, not quite sure what to make of the uneven ’M-v-H!’ chant that can be heard amongst the audience.

    Kurt Harrington: “And his opponent… from Rotterdam, the Netherlands… she weighs in tonight at sixty seven kilograms… MICHELLE VON HORROWITZ!”

    MvH finally locks eyes with the man in the ring, and begins to stride down the ramp.

    Rod Sterling: “Well, things got a little bit more interesting in MvH’s search for her assailant last week on Fight Night… two independent sources - Gabrielle and Mike Parr - both came to von Horrowitz with information regarding Ty Johnson and his proximity to her locker room on the evening in question…”

    Christian Quinn: “MvH has always spoken about ’considering the source’ in her search for her attacker, and I’m not sure if I’d exactly call either Gabrielle or Parr reliable…”

    Grayson has been sitting quietly during the preamble, and now shares a fist bump with MvH, who has circled the ring to greet him. Afterwards, she rolls under the bottom rope, beginning to eye up her opponent.

    Daniella Kennedy: “Gerald? What do you make of all this?”

    Gerald Grayson: “Well, Daniella, I’m obviously in a unique position in this one, with my tag team partner in the, *ahem*, Grayson and von Horrowitz Connection being a competitor in this match-up. But there was something she said to me in the back before this one… ’if I win, then he’s innocent’. I’m not exactly sure what she meant, but I guess we’ll find out soon enough!”

    The referee makes his final checks, and then he gets this one started...

    Ty Johnson vs. Michelle von Horrowitz

    When the bell rings, von Horrowitz simply stands in her corner, eyes transfixed on Johnson. Ty, for his part, tries to circle the ring a little, but he’s unsure how to proceed when his dancing partner is unresponsive. He stops on the spot, looking around the anxious audience who seem to be creeping closer to the ring on the edge of their seat… and then von Horrowitz explodes at him with a shotgun dropkick! Johnson is taken back into the corner, and MvH is on him instantly with rights and lefts. She holds the top rope, stomping a mudhole into Ty’s sternum! The referee eventually gets in-between them when Johnson falls down into a seated position, but when the official moves out of the way she just goes back to work, more stomps to the chops for Johnson.

    Rod Sterling: “Von Horrowitz needs to be careful, here… she doesn’t want to get herself disqualified!”

    Daniella Kennedy: “I’m not sure if she even cares, Rod! I don’t think this match is really about wins and losses to MvH, even if it has become so for Ty Johnson…”

    Gerald Grayson: “That does sound like Michelle…”

    The referee starts a count, and at four von Horrowitz finally moves away from Johnson. She rolls under the bottom rope and makes the odd decision of collecting a microphone from Kurt Harrington. She pats the top of it three times, listening to the echo in the arena, and asks…

    MvH: “Is this thing on?!”

    When she’s content that it is, she rolls back into the ring… but Johnson hits her with a basement drop kick! He’s straight back on her as the microphone flies out of her hand, hoisting her up in a front face lock and taking her over with a snap suplex. Michelle fights back up to her feet, but when she stumbles over towards Ty he hits her with a flapjack!

    Rod Sterling: “He’s going for the Anaconda Vice!”

    Christian Quinn: “Ty Johnson trying to end this one early! Not surprising really, his future in FWA is on the line…”

    Gerald Grayson: “Michelle is wildly trying to reach the ropes!”

    MvH scrambles over to the bottom rope and hooks a leg around it, the official starting a count and Ty breaking at four. When she gets up, Ty drags her away from the ropes and hits her with a gut wrench suplex, following up with a cover…


    T - - NO!

    Daniella Kennedy: “Michelle manages to kick out just before two, but I imagine we’ll be seeing persistent pin attempts from Johnson in this one…”

    Johnson hoists Michelle up to her feet again, and gives her a hard Irish whip across the ring. She hits the turnbuckles back-first and stumbles back towards Johnson. Ty ducks down, perhaps thinking about a back body drop. But MvH checks her momentum and lifts a boot right into Ty’s face... and then takes him down with an STO! Von Horrowitz instantly climbs out onto the apron and heads to the top, waiting for Johnson to get to his feet, before leaping off with a picture-perfect cross body! Both competitors hit the mat, but MvH is obviously first to her feet. She drags Johnson up by the scruff of the neck and hits three knife edge chops, followed by a dropkick, backing Johnson up into the corner. She drags him away a little, and hits a Russian leg sweep! MvH drives Johnson’s head into the middle turnbuckle!

    Von Horrowitz gets up and slowly walks over towards the discarded microphone. She picks it up and turns to face Johnson.

    MvH: “Now, Ty, I don’t believe that we’ve been properly introduced. My name is Michelle von Horrowitz, and I am the person that will save you… or end you.”

    There’s a hush amongst the crowd and the commentators, and Johnson has got to a seated position in the corner. He is cradling the back of his head after the Russian leg sweep into the corner, and he looks up at von Horrowitz with her microphone.

    MvH: “You know, I never asked for this match to be given the stipulation that could spell your doom. I have no interest in seeing the back of you, especially if you are guilty. If you are, why would I want you in any other place than right here, with me?”

    MvH squats down into the patented Andres Villas-Boas position, on her haunches.

    MvH: “And so, I’ll give you this match. It’s yours. I’ll leave this ring for ten seconds, until this lovely young official here finishes his count. Or I can go get a chair and get myself disqualified. And then we can talk freely. But only if you confess…”

    She throws the microphone over towards Ty. It lands between his legs and he stares down at it.

    Daniella Kennedy: “An interesting proposition here from MvH. She’s proposing to throw the match and get herself counted out… but only if Johnson confesses to her attack!”

    Gerald Grayson: “Michelle ALWAYS has a plan…”

    Johnson looks up from the microphone and then up at von Horrowitz, before placing his hands on the top rope and dragging himself up to his feet. He ignores the mic and charges at MvH, going for a clothesline. She ducks the attempt, and then hits a spinning mule kick to Johnson’s sternum. He’s doubled over, and she puts him in a front facelock… but Johnson reverses with a Northern Lights suplex! He bridges…


    TW - - NO!

    Rod Sterling: “Again von Horrowitz is able to kick out just before two, but Johnson is showing fight here.”

    Christian Quinn: “And why wouldn’t he be?! This is how much an FWA contract - a place in the big leagues - means to a man like Ty Johnson!”

    Johnson is immediately back over to von Horrowitz, backing her up to the corner with a pair of forearm strikes. He whips her into the opposite corner and nails her with a charging clothesline… and then he runs her back across the ring with a bulldog! Von Horrowitz face-plants the mat, and Ty instantly tries to lock in the Anaconda Vice again! He almost has it!

    … but von Horrowitz is able to scramble over to the ropes again, hooking them with a leg. She gets up slowly, and Johnson tries to keep up the pressure… but MvH pokes him in the eye! Johnson stumbles backwards, and von Horrowitz hits her with a discus forearm! She hits the ropes… BUSAIKU KNEE KICK! Johnson rolls over towards the ropes, and begins to use them to get back to his feet. Michelle goes back to her microphone.

    MvH: “Come on, Ty. Things don’t HAVE to be this difficult. Just confess…”

    She throws the microphone at his feet again and stands with her hands on her hips. Johnson kicks it away, and so MvH charges at him… but Ty drops down and pulls the top rope down with him, Michelle taking a tumble to the outside!

    Rod Sterling: “That might have been a desperation move from Johnson, but it certainly was effective!”

    Christian Quinn: “And now Johnson follows von Horrowitz to the outside.”

    Gerald Grayson: “I’m not sure if that’s a good idea, I know from experience that Michelle is VERY comfortable out there…”

    Johnson takes a handful of Michelle’s hair... and then throws her face first into the steel ring post!! Michelle crumples to the ground and, for a moment, seems unresponsive! He doesn’t taunt or smirk at his actions, instead focusing on the job at hand and taking care of business.


    As the referee starts his count, Ty lifts her up by the hair once more, and when the camera shows her face we see that a trickle of blood has started to appear from her forehead!


    The steel post has taken its toll, but Ty simply marches her around the ring and throws her over the announcers’ table. The announcers do their best to disperse...


    Rod Sterling: “Things aren’t looking good for Michelle von Horrowitz, she’s been busted right open guys!”

    Gerald Grayson: “Come on, Michelle! You can do it!”


    GG pats his tag team partner on the back, and Johnson rolls back into the ring. He retreats to a corner, keeping a watchful eye on von Horrowitz as she does her best to use the desk to help her to her feet…


    She falls back down again, and for a moment there is a look of hope on Ty’s face.


    The announcers have cleared out of the way, and von Horrowitz uses Rod Sterling’s chair to push herself up to a vertical base once again.


    She stumbles forward, crawling over towards the ring…


    She’s almost there, placing a hand on the apron…


    She rolls into the ring, just before the official can make the ten, and a frustrated Ty comes forward with a pair of stomps. He hoists Michelle up in a front facelock, hooks her arm, and then lifts von Horrowitz up into the air…

    Rod Sterling: “It looks like Ty Johnson is going for a delayed vertical suplex here, letting all of the blood rush to… and in fact out of… MvH’s head…”

    The blood does indeed drip down onto the mat, and Ty holds her up in the air for ten… fifteen… twenty seconds, and then hits the suplex! He hooks the leg…



    T - - NO!

    Michelle forces a shoulder up, and Ty instantly snatches it, going for the Anaconda Vice once again! He almost has it! But Michelle scrambles to the ropes, reaching out for one, and eventually managing to roll beneath the ropes entirely and to the outside of the ring! Ty laments the missed opportunity, but then gets to his feet. He hits the opposite ropes, going for a baseball slide… NO! Michelle dodges out of the way, and then thrusts a palm into Johnson’s throat! She takes him by the wrist… Irish whip into the steel steps! Johnson flies over them and into a heap on the floor! Von Horrowitz rolls in under the bottom rope, and then back out again to break up the referee’s count. She rounds the steel steps, her face a proverbial crimson mask as she goes back over to Johnson. She picks him up and hits a boot to the midsection… spike DDT on the outside!!

    Daniella Kennedy: “The momentum has firmly shifted here, Michelle von Horrowitz rolling back into the ring and now in complete control of this one once again…”

    Gerald Grayson: “You may be right, but I’m worried about that cut…”

    Rod Sterling: “And so you should be. That’s going to become even more of an issue as this match progresses.”

    Von Horrowitz rolls back into the ring and goes to the discarded microphone. She picks it up and casually walks back over to the ropes, peering over the top of them at Johnson.

    MvH: “You know, you can trust me, Ty. I am a woman of my word. Unlike the man you’ve allied yourself with. Look, we all make mistakes. I’m sure that even you can see that now. You bet on the wrong horse, and all that you’ve got for your troubles is, well… this.”

    Johnson has rolled onto his front, making his way to all fours. He’s still on the outside, and he looks up at MvH. Slowly, resolutely, he gets to his feet.

    MvH: “So, how about it, Ty? Confess…”

    Michelle offers the microphone to him. He looks at it, and then at her, his hands on his hips… but then he picks her ankle instead! The microphone goes flying as he drags her out of the ring, and then hurls her into the barricade! And then again into the ring apron! Just for good measure!

    Rod Sterling: “Out of nowhere! There’s some fight left in Johnson yet!!”

    Johnson hops up onto the ring apron, and then begins to climb up to the top rope. Von Horrowitz gets to her feet… and Johnson leaps off the top rope with a double axe handle! He’s not done there… he picks her up in a fireman’s carry… TKO! Michelle is bleeding out all over the mat as Johnson retreats into a corner, keeping a watchful eye on his opponent…

    Christian Quinn: “I think Johnson is looking to finish this one off! He’s willing MvH to get back to her feet!”

    Gerald Grayson: “This doesn’t look good…”

    Rod Sterling: “The crowd aren’t too sure about this, either. They’ve been in von Horrowitz’s camp since the outset, and I think they’re just judging Johnson as guilty by association…”

    Daniella Kennedy: “That won’t matter at all if he picks up a win!”

    Von Horrowitz gets up, and slowly turns round to face Johnson… SPEAR!!!

    … NO! Michelle reverses it! She hits a drop toe-hold! Johnson hits the second turnbuckle face first! Von Horrowitz shakes her head at the thought of the lucky escape. Then, she drags Ty towards her in the middle of the ring. She hooks both his arms, and with a struggle hoists him up…

    Rod Sterling: “TIGER DRIVER ‘98!!”

    Gerald Grayson: “THERE IT IS!”

    Christian Quinn: “But… she’s not going for a cover! I don’t think she wants this one to end just yet!”

    Once more, Michelle walks over to the microphone and picks it up. The blood is still coming, and she wipes it out of her eyes with a hand. It’s getting everywhere, and she looks a mess as she shuffles forward towards Johnson. Once more, she crouches down, a couple of meters away from him.

    MvH: “Ty, just listen, tulip. You strike me as a somewhat reasonable man. Better than those you got in bed with, maybe. There’s no reason for you to keep covering for him. It is in your interest to tell me the truth. Only then can you retain your place here. Your job. Your LIVELIHOOD. Don’t worry about repercussions. I offer you my protection. Come now, tulip. Confess…”

    She places the microphone down in front of his lips, and Ty - still face down on the mat - stares at the object in front of him. He forces himself onto his knees… and then pushes the microphone out of the ring! He flips MvH the bird!!

    And then she crushes him with a second Tiger Driver ‘98! Johnson is spiked head-first onto the mat, and von Horrowitz climbs up to her feet. She looks down at him, and shakes her head, climbing up to the top rope. She steadies herself, and then leaps off…

    Rod Sterling: “450 SPLASH!!”

    Christian Quinn: “She hooks the leg…”




    Winner: Michelle von Horrowitz via pin-fall at 14:12

    Von Horrowitz stands up, looking down at Johnson’s body. The referee takes her hand and raises it into the air, and she’s surprised to find the audience cheering her when he does.

    Rod Sterling: “A good reaction from New York for Michelle von Horrowitz here, but this result has a bigger effect on the career… or, now, lack thereof… of Ty Johnson!”

    Christian Quinn: “That’s right, Rod. Von Horrowitz tried to beat a confession out of Johnson tonight and, when it became apparent that he would stand firm, she put him out of his misery. Ty Johnson is through!”

    Von Horrowitz climbs out of the ring, her music blaring out around the arena, and begins her walk up the ramp.

    Daniella Kennedy: “But what does this mean for von Horrowitz’s hunt for her attacker? Is she satisfied with Johnson’s innocence?”

    Gerald Grayson: “Something tells me that, if there was any doubt in her mind, she wouldn’t be leaving this arena so quickly...”

    Von Horrowitz has walked all the way up the ramp and, without looking back at the ring, she disappears through the curtain. Back in the ring, Johnson is up to his knees, and the official helps him to a vertical base. He sighs deeply, and then looks out at the fans, who are singing a verse of ’na na na na wa-hey-hey goodbye’ in his general direction. Their volume gathers as the camera focuses on Johnson in the ring. He shakes his head ruefully, drops to the mat, and rolls under the bottom rope, just as we cut to the back.


    We return to the Barclay's Arena with a dark mood hovering over the crowd. No music yet. No video package. Just the announcers' tense silence combined with the crowd's ongoing buzz, an anticipation for whatever is next.

    Music doesn't happen. Instead ... Rod Sterling interjects the silence to inform us of "commotion in the back." He and Christian Quinn hype it with a resounding, "Oh my. What now?" that is a jinx if we've ever heard one.

    The camera shows Noah Stocke and Trevor Ocean throwing haymakers at "The Golden One" Devin Golden and "Rockstar" Randy Ramon near a water cooler in the backstage area. Stocke grabs Ramon and slams his face into the wall. Ocean lands a big boot to the chest that sends Golden staggering back into a nearby table. Debris flails around on the floor as The Division stalk their prey and begin pummeling further into their upper body and face.

    Rod Sterling: This is a TORNADO TAG elimination match. And it's also falls count anywhere, no disqualification, no countout. So this match ... technically ... is underway. But there's no referee!

    Sure enough, on Rod's commentary, a striped shirt-wearing zebra arrives and begins barking at The Division to bring the action to the ring. Noah Stocke grabs Ramon and walks him to the entrance area, where a production and sound team watches from the sides while the controls and panels are left alone. Golden turns the tide on Trevor Ocean with a knee to the ribs and begins walking him through the same area.

    Christian Quinn: We are hearing that The Division started this! They attacked Golden and Ramon blind while they were all on their way to the entrance area. The Division got this going, and sure enough, we are coming back to the ring!

    Gerald Grayson: This is The Division's Rules. This is the reason for the pay per view name! They wanted a fight. An elimination tornado tag. They got it. And they took advantage in this harcore-style environment. I'm interested how much of a brawl they turn this into!

    Golden and Ocean begin scuffling near the entrance, with their figures and silhouettes getting a rousing ovation from the electric crowd. Ramon and Stocke are already out and visible. The referee finally gets a signal for a bell, and this match is officially ... official.

    The Elite Tag Team Classic
    Winner's Bracket Semifinals
    The Division
    "Rockstar" Randy Ramon and "The Golden One" Devin Golden

    Noah Stocke has "Rockstar" Randy Ramon backed up against the video tron. The steel scaffolding is right behind Ramon, who dodges a kick from Stocke. The leg gets caught on one of the scaffolding crossbars and Ramon begins hammering and clubbing down into Stocke.

    On the other side of the stage, "The Golden One" Devin Golden and Trevor Ocean are playing a game of who can gouge the other's eyes the best. Golden finally gives in, and Ocean tackles Golden OFF the stage and to the outside floor!


    Golden and Ocean lay on the ground next to a still-standing table and some audio equipment. Ramon walks over to check on Golden, calling his name as he looks over the edge. Ramon is blindsided by Stocke, who lands a running forearm to the back. Ramon is teetering next to the edge for a second, and Stocke finally shoves Ramon off the ledge! Luckily, Ramon is able to land on his feet and collect himself!

    Ramon turns and sees Stocke jumping off the ledge, and Ramon is able to move slightly to the side and only take a wayward forearm to the face. Both he and Noah Stocke fall to the ground, with Stocke possibly taking a bigger bump. Now all four men in the match are laying on the cold concrete floor while fans in the front rows are standing and leaning over the guard rail to get the prime view of the carnage.

    Christian Quinn: This is absolute mayhem to begin this match. Just mayhem!

    Daniella Kennedy: The Division are protecting THEIR FWA Tag Team Championships. They're the reigning and defending champs. This is about THEM emerging from this tournament and proving they're the best. And Golden is a two-time X Champion. He made his name being an extreme high-flyer. And we know "Rockstar" has it in him as well. He's just as wild as you, Double G.

    Gerald Grayson: No doubt. I know Randy Ramon can go in this style of match. As can Golden. Watching is ... I love it. As X Champion ... I LOVE IT!

    Golden and Stocke are the first ones to get up. They now are pairing off, landing big blows at one another. Golden clotheslines Stocke into the crowd, over the guard railing, as the fans part to make room for action spilling into their domain.

    Ramon and Ocean are left, and Ramon misses with a kick. Ocean tackles Ramon in a way that has both men go over the edge of the ramp. They're rolling on the steel rampway that leads to the ring. Slowly, Ocean crawls to the bottom. Ramon uses the guard railing to help himself up. And he finally chases after Ocean.

    Golden and Stocke are still fighting in the crowd. It's a brawl at this point, with little wrestling happening anywhere. Ramon sends Ocean hard into the steel ring steps and then begins hammering fists into his forehead. Repeated strikes that send the crowd into a pleasant tizzy. "Rockstar" finally gets the action into the ring for the first time by rolling Trevor Ocean under the ropes. He follows and begins with a European uppercut right to the jaw. Ocean stumbles back, kneeling with his face against the middle turnbuckle. Ramon follows and continues the onslaught. First he hits a snap DDT right into the center of the ring. A pinfall try commences but it's a two count.

    Ramon's next move is a whip to the ropes and a spinning heel kick. Another cover. Another two count.

    Ramon stomps into the ribs to keep Ocean down. Then he goes to the top turnbuckle. A top rope leg drop misses the mark when Trevor Ocean moves out of the way at the very last second. "Rockstar" hits right on his ass and back thigh. When he gets up, Ocean is ready and pounces with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker!!!

    Rod Sterling: Do we even have eyes on Noah Stocke and Golden right now? Where are they?

    Christian Quinn: I keep seeing movement in the crowd and the eyes are slowly moving towards the middle, almost behind us!

    The camera shifts to show Stocke laying into Golden with big right hands. He has Golden stumbling down the steps of the crowd. Then he shoves him down a flight that sends Golden jumping and flying in the air to the ground below. Stocke follows while mouthing off, about how maybe Golden was the weak link between he and Ramon. Noah Stocke stands on the fourth or fifth step while Golden catches wind on the ground below, and Stocke jumps off for a knee drop that hits right into the heart!!!

    Stocke smiles as the crowd gives a mixed reaction of cheers and heat. Stocke finally grabs Golden by the hair and pulls him towards the ring area. He lands a few forearms and one or two elbow strikes to the temple. Then he flings Golden over the guard rail. When he steps over, Golden finds a second wind with a dropkick that sends Noah Stocke falling back over the railing and into the fans YET AGAIN!

    Ocean has "Rockstar" in a bad way and begins gouging the eyes again. Golden flies off the apron ropes out of nowhere with a flying forearm that takes Trevor Ocean down! Golden and Ramon begin talking and strategizing. Golden begins directing Ramon to the corner. "The Golden One" grabs Ocean and whips him towards "Rockstar," who hits a spinebuster with the momentum! Ramon goes for the cover!

    ..................1.....................2................KICK OUT!

    Golden and Ramon isolate Ocean in the corner with stomps. Golden turns around in time to see Stocke slide into the ring, and he begins stomping at Stocke as well! Golden and Ramon have each member of The Division in opposite corners of the ring. They catch an unsaid glance and then whip their foes at one another. Stocke and Ocean crash into each other in the middle. Golden hits a belly-to-belly suplex on Ocean and "Rockstar" hits a discus punch on Stocke. Both of them go for covers, at the same time!

    ....Stocke kicks out ...

    ......Ocean kicks out!

    Golden and Ramon set up The Division members but Ocean kicks Golden in the groin and Stocke low-blows Ramon. Now it's The Division in control. Ocean grabs Golden by the neck and flings him shoulder first into the turnbuckle. Then he helps Stocke with Ramon. First it's a European uppercut/german suplex combination. The pinfall try nets a two count!

    Then a forearm smash and running high knee to Golden in the corner. Golden falters forward and Ocean hooks the leg!

    ............Kick out!

    Ocean hits a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker on Ramon and Stocke lands a diving knee drop! Another cover!

    ................SHOULDER UP!

    The Division go back to Golden now. Trevor Ocean props Golden up to the turnbuckle in a seated spot. Noah Stocke goes to the top turnbuckle on an adjacent side of the ring. Ocean steps up to the second turnbuckle with Golden and points back to Stocke, saying, "GET READY!"

    Ocean goes for the superplex but Golden is able to land a punch to the gut. And another one. A third one. Ocean lands three big punches to the forehead. Then he steps to the top turnbuckle but Golden shoves him off!!!

    Stocke jumps, thinking it'd be Golden hitting the mat, and is able to land on his feet just shy of Ocean laying on the canvas! But Golden hits a moonsault that takes down Noah Stocke!!! Now all four men are on the canvas, laying and catching a breather!

    Rod Sterling: This match ... this match has been the match of the tournament thus far! It's just been double-team after double-team and MY GOD IT'S STILL GOING!

    Ocean goes for the cover on Ramon, who's still down. Golden hooks the leg of Stocke! The ref counts both!

    ........Ramon kicks out!
    ....Stocke kicks out!

    Christian Quinn: This has been absolutely thrilling. These two teams are so so so evenly matched. My goodness.

    Ocean and Golden rise, as the two who tried for pins. Ocean motions for Golden to come get some. Golden smiles and motions back. They grapple hard in the middle of the ring, and Golden locks in a rear waist lock. Ocean is able to grab the top rope. Golden back rolls off on the rebound. Ocean charges but Golden flips Ocean over the top rope and to the outside floor!!!

    Ramon and Stocke are stirring on the canvas finally. "The Golden One" sees that Ocean mostly landed on his feet and knees. But he's mostly together. So the former four-time tag team champion runs off the ropes and ...


    Gerald Grayson: THE OLD MAN HAS IT IN HIM STILL!

    Golden flies through the middle and top ropes head first. He takes down Trevor Ocean as the two men stay sprawled on the floor.

    Back in the ring, Ramon catches Noah Stocke with a kick to the groin and brainbuster!!!

    Daniella Kennedy: Are you kidding me?!?! "Rockstar" with the brainbuster!

    "Rockstar" Randy Ramon crawls over and hooks the far leg, but he doesn't get all of his leverage and weight on Stocke.



    He just manages to throw his shoulder up, now to Ramon’s complete and utter dismay. The crowd deflates when the ref only says two, leaving Ramon to grip at his midsection in both discomfort and disbelief. Even so, S’ body has not moved at all. Only when Ramon struggles to get back to his feet does Ocean even being moving, and that’s just to (conveniently) turn over to his back.

    His tag partner gone for the moment, Ramon looks at Ocean and sees this as another big opportunity. Ramon takes his wounds and starts to climb back up to the top rope, prepping himself for what could be the finishing blow on a big move…Stocke suddenly flies into the frame…AND LEAPS CLEANLY ONTO THE TOP ROPE … LAUNCHING RAMON OFF WITH A BELLY TO BELLY TOSS!!

    Stocke springs into the ring from literally nowhere to put Ramon right back at the disadvantage, both men now completely lain out and lifeless on the canvas. An exhausted Ocean is giving what little he has left to crawl for dear life towards the body of Ramon, the result of the entire match could hang in the balance on this… and Ocean gets to Ramon… reaches out for the cover and....


    What the hell?

    Ocean and Stocke freezes in place, mid tag as the area is suddenly awash with the sounds of….squacking?! The action momentarily stops as everyone in the building is thrown by the bizarre sounds of “Squack-!” flooding the PA system, and it isn’t long before the titantron comes to life, to quite a blurred and bizzare camera shot and why was it so odd? Because the camera was framing a fucking parrot, the same multi coloured majestic looking birds that has more or less been stalking The Division for the last few months, it was now framed staring into the camera with it’s emotionless bird eyes as it’s body blocked out anything that might tell us where the parrot is, it also appears to be alone. Which begs the question, how the hell does a parrot operate a camera?! Is that even physically possible? Wrestling is stupid. Point is, we get a pretty deep zoom in of, the bird’s eye as he looks dead in the camera


    Rod Sterling: Did we really have to interrupt a great match for this?


    Nope clearly no one in the arena has a clue what the unusually talkative bird is talking about and it’s clear that The Division is losing interest


    Daniella Kennedy: Wait what?!

    And that quickly got The Division’s attention, in particular. Trevor Ocean, whips his head around again at the abrupt words as the camera begins to slowly zoom out. The scene slowly reveals what seems to be the interior of a home. Judging by the pictures in the background, which features prominently a familiar face, this is the house of one Trevor Ocean!


    The camera pans back a little more to slowly reveal that the parrot isn’t alone and that sat beside him, panting happily is just a large jolly looking dog, Trevor Ocean’s dog...wearing a pirate’s hat

    “Patches loves bitches. SQUACK-!”

    The feed cuts to black and the attention returns to the ring where we see Trevor Ocean staring blankly at the titantron. His face is pale and lacks emotion as he continues to stare at the screen where we saw someone in his house, with his dog, Bella. A frustrated Noah Stocke grabs Trevor by the face and palms him in an attempt to bring back focus. Trevor looks at Noah, who points at Golden and Ramon. Noah yells "FOCUS!"

    The Division grab "Rockstar" by the neck and double whip him to the ropes. Golden hops on the apron and wraps his arms around his partner to pause his momentum. The Division charge at Ramon and Golden, who evade. Ramon jumps to the apron and hits a double elbow to the jaws of both Noah Stocke and Trevor Ocean!

    Golden goes to the turnbuckle and hits a split-legged moonsault! He lands it right into the gut of Trevor Ocean and covers!

    ...............SHOULDER UP!

    Golden and Ramon pair off again. Ramon has Stocke and Golden has Ocean. "Rockstar" gets the tables turned on him as Stocke hits a snake eyes with Ramon landing face first into the turnbuckle. Stocke then helps Ocean with "The Golden One." The double team pummeling ensues as "Rockstar" is grounded underneath the ropes, on the apron.

    Golden is against the turnbuckle, stomped down into a seated position. Stocke rears back and lands a running knee to the face of Golden as he's sitting in the corner.


    Then he grabs Ocean by the arm and whips him and connects with the knee! Then Ocean whips Stocke for a third knee strike! Stocke whips Ocean for a fourth Angel's Waltz running corner knee! Then Stocke whips Ocean but "Rockstar" MAKES THE SAVE with "The Remix" superkick right under the jaw of Noah Stocke!!!

    The crowd absolutely explodes as "Rockstar" falls to his knees in sort of an off-balance "Remix" kick puts Stocke to the mat. He gets back up amid "Rockstar! Rockstar" chants, but it's shortlived.

    Ramon gets forearm'ed by Trevor Ocean and stumbles down. But the big work was done. Golden finally has a moment to breathe and recuperate. Ocean has Ramon against the corner and rakes the eyes. Then he tries the running knee "Angel's Waltz" but "Rockstar" yanks himself up with the ropes and hits "The Remix" superkick to the jaw of Trevor Ocean!!!


    Gerald Grayson: He's finding a fourth ... or hell, FIFTH ... wind!

    Both members of The Division are laid out. "Rockstar" Randy Ramon kneels next to Trevor Ocean. He's about to cover, but "The Golden One" shouts "no ... no."

    Golden can barely find his breath but says, "Make it count. Make it count." Golden pulls himself up, just as Noah Stocke is coming to his feet. Golden blocks a right hand and hits a kick to the stomach. He grabs Stocke around the neck and lifts him up, and then drops him for "The Rotten Touch" sitout faceplant!!!


    Golden points to the top turnbuckle and then to the fallen Noah Stocke. He looks at his partner, who points to Trevor Ocean slowly getting up to his feet. Golden climbs to the top turnbuckle quickly as "Rockstar" crouches down and sizes up Trevor Ocean!

    Ramon seizes the moment and hits "The Bro-Kick" in memory of Ayla El! In perfect synchronicity, "The Golden One" flies off for "The Golden Touch" frogsplash to Noah Stocke!!!

    They plop themselves on top of their foes at the same time, making the covers ...

    Crowd: ONE .... TWO .... THREEEE!!!

    Winners: "Rockstar" Randy Ramon and "The Golden One" Devin Golden

    The crowd explodes as Golden and Ramon roll off their pins and get the hand raise from the referee. Golden and Ramon half-hug out of exhaustion and raise their arms into the air. Golden and Ramon help one another upright and lean against the ropes, exhausted and with a trickle of blood coming from Golden's nose.

    Rod Sterling: "Rockstar" and "The Golden One" have done it. They played by The Division's rules ... and beat the reigning FWA Tag Team Champions.

    Christian Quinn: The Division are still the champions. Until they're knocked out of the tournament. And they are still alive. But one loss ... one loss away.

    Daniella Kennedy: Golden ... and Ramon ... into the finals against Cyrus Truth and Eli Black. Wow. Absolutely ... wow.

    Gerald Grayson: So if me and MvH make it to the finals ... we will face ONE of those teams. And we'll face the other one in the round right before the finals.

    The Division members, Noah Stocke and Trevor Ocean, roll out of the ring together, supporting one another. The Division retrieve their FWA Tag Team Championship belts and slowly walk to the backstage with their arms around one another. The Division are together, locked and loyal. The crowd even gives a nice applause to them on their exit, although they don't offer any acknowledgement.

    Golden and Ramon step up to turnbuckles for more celebration. Golden looks at Ramon and points to the video screen. Then he shouts to no one in particular, "HIT MY MUSIC!"

    Rod Sterling: What the ...? What music?

    "25 years and my life is still
    Tryin' to get up that great big hill of hope
    For a dest--in--aaaaation"

    The crowd begins singing the lyrics to "What's Up?" by the 4 Non Blondes. "The Golden One" is singing in his best karaoke voice as "Rockstar" Randy Ramon looks on suspiciously. He almost looks embarrassed.

    "And so I cry sometimes when I'm lying in bedJust to get it all out what's in my head
    And I ... I am feeling a little peculiar

    And so I wake in the morning and I step outside
    And I take a deep breath and I get real high
    And I scream from the top of my lungs"

    Crowd: WHAT'S GOING ON?!?!?!

    AND I SAY ...

    We all know the next lyrics. Even "Rockstar" Randy Ramon climbs in with his "Hey-ey-ey-ey-ey" rendition. Ramon and Golden feel the crowd's energy and hop off the turnbuckle. The music fades out as Golden and Ramon half hug again and are all smiles. Rod Sterling hypes up the team as possibly the new favorites.


    In an almost mirror shot of one we saw earlier, where Michelle von Horrowitz and Gerald Grayson entered the arena, we now see them leaving it through the same parking lot. Michelle is walking a little more slowly, probably owing to the exertions of her match with Johnson. She is still wearing her ring shorts, but her boots have been exchanged for a pair of black pumps and her knee pads are pulled down around her calves. Grayson is looking immaculate as ever, fresh from his stint at the commentary booth. Michelle is walking down the centre of the driveway, whilst Gerald keeps close to the line of luxury cars - no doubt the reserved spaces of the company’s many useless executives - that lead the way.

    MvH: ”What about, I don’t know, something in Dutch… Oorlogspad or Eindtijden?”

    She seems to be favoring her left shoulder, her rucksack just over the right one, and there’s a suggestion of a slight limp as she attempts to keep up with Grayson. The young man has one hand in his pocket, whilst the other carries his FWA X Division Championship…

    Gerald Grayson: ”Are you just pitching me the same tag team names in a different language?”

    We momentarily cut to a high and wide shot, as if viewed from the parking lot’s CCTV camera, as von Horrowitz limps along slightly behind Grayson. She’s massaging her neck and her shoulder, the result of Johnson’s repeated attempts at his Anaconda Vice submission finisher.

    MvH: ”... no. Okay, English only. Typisch Amerikaans. How about… Dichotomy?”

    We’ve returned to our shot from behind them, the two walking away from the lens as the camera slowly tracks up behind them. Suddenly, Gerald stops, and turns towards her. He looks damn near exasperated.

    Gerald Grayson: ”Look… I know that to you this is just a name, and you want it to sound cool or smart or intimidating. But that’s not what I want. And that’s important, too, if we’re going to be a team. I want something that suggests unity. Dichotomy is exactly the opposite of what I want. I don’t understand why you can’t just let me name the team. The Grayson and von Horrowitz Connection. It’s perfect.”

    He turns and continues to walk, and after a moment Michelle follows.

    MvH: ”How about… Danny Dyer’s Chocolate Homunculus?”

    Gerald turns to face her again, but his countenance relaxes when he sees the smirk on her face. He just shakes his head, and continues past what seems to be the last line of cars. He approaches a pillar ahead of a right turn.

    Gerald Grayson: ”Come on, my brother’s car is just around here…”

    In the distance, the engine of an unseen car starts...

    We hear the sound of tires screeching against the tarmac…

    And then the low rumble of sudden, wreckless acceleration…

    A car - a 2018 Jeep Cherokee with blacked out windows - skids around the corner and into view. The image is partially obscured by the bright head-lights, casting their beams directly on the lens. But we can still see the figure of Michelle von Horrowitz, suddenly rather small as she’s silhouetted by the lamps. The shot seems to be stationary for a moment, despite the fact that the vehicle is getting larger, coming right for us…

    Rod Sterling: What the ...?! Oh my god. Oh ...

    The cameraman scrambles out of the way and, just barely in time, Gerald Grayson grabs von Horrowitz by the shoulder - the injured right shoulder - and tackles her down onto the tarmac…

    Christian Quinn: GET HER OUT OF THE WAY!

    The camera attempts to follow the car as it hurtles down the driveway, taking a sharp left turn towards the ground level and skidding out of sight.


    Finally, with the buzz of the audience in the arena audible over the shot, we turn back to our protagonists. Grayson has gone white, not quite sure how to react. The crowd in the arena is stunned into whispers, at the loudest.

    Michelle, who at first is sprawled on the floor and taken at unawares, sits up and looks at Grayson.

    MvH: ”Okay. We can be the Grayson and von Horrowitz Connection.”

    He helps her up to her feet, and we return to the arena.


    “Judas” now hits to resounding boos from the fans, and Michael Garcia walks out on stage with a look of focus and determination, but a hint of a smirk makes an appearance as he makes his way down.

    Kurt Harrington: ... and their opponent, from Pittsburgh, PA and weighing in at 375 lbs, he is “The Carnegie Carnivore”...MICHAEL GARRRRRRCIAAAAA!

    With a full beard, a crown on his head, tattoos covering his chest and shoulder, and MMA tights ... "The King of the FWA" Dave Sullivan walks out to the stage. He has the FWA World Championship belt over his shoulder. The title belt glistens and glows in the dim-lighted arena. Dave Sullivan has tattoos all over his arms, down to his wrists. He pauses at the top of the stage and poses, almost gloating in the moment as 40,000 people look down at him.

    Rod Sterling: Dave Sullivan ... the reigning FWA World Champion. The King of the FWA. The only person in FWA history to hold all three singles championships at once. A triple crown champion? He was a triple crown champion all at once.

    Christian Quinn: He's cocky, arrogant, and brash. So let's see if he's going to consider Michael Garcia a threat. He should.

    Daniella Kennedy:
    I think Dave Sullivan himself would disagree with you.

    FWA World Heavyweight Championship Match
    “The King” Dave Sullivan© vs “The Monster of the Midway” Michael Garcia

    Garcia and Sullivan circle the ring, with Garcia cockily smirking at The King, who seems to be all business. Sullivan ducks down into a fighting stance which prompts Garcia to react with a hearty laugh and an “Oh, please, son…”. The big man shrugs his shoulders and obliges,ducking down into a fighting stance of his own. Sullivan plots his first move, almost as if he was trying to fake Garcia out. Eventually he did draw Garcia in, but Sullivan slyly and quickly backed away, in between the ropes for safety and then out of the ring. The referee questions Sullivan, who simply rubs his jaw outside the ring before climbing up the steps and slowly re-entering the ring. The two men try again, a second time, with this time going exactly the same as the first. Sullivan drew Garcia in before backing away and rolling out of the ring. Sullivan walks around the ring with a slight smile on his face as Garcia paces inside the ring, throwing his arms in the air, asking the referee wht the hell he’s doing.

    Kennedy: Dave Sullivan is giving everything he has to get Garcia frustrated early on in this matchup! I gotta’s a smart strategy!

    Quinn: It’s a cowardly strategy if you ask me! I never thought I’d say this but….I’m ashamed of our King right now!

    Sterling: Just now? This has been going on his entire championship reign!

    Kennedy: And Garcia hasn’t?

    Sullivan steps up and into the ring again, dropping down into fighting position. Garcia shakes his head “No.”, not willing to fall for it again. “The King” cocks his head to the side and lunges forward looking to grapple with the big man, but Garcia simply grabs him and tosses Sullivan halfway across the ring! Sullivan rolls to the corner and pulls himself up, as”The Carnegie Carnivore” menacingly stalks him! Sullivan smartly puts his leg over the middle rope. The referee backs Garcia up, as Sullivan slowly lifts his leg back over the middle rope and into the ring. The two men circle the ring with Sullivan taking a more aggressive approach this time! Sullivan goes high and tries to lock up at the collar and elbow but Garcia quickly lifts him up and tosses him over the top rope to the floor below!

    Sterling: Mike Garcia is a completely different animal than the Cyrus Truth’s, Nova Diamond’s and Gabrielle’s of the world that Dave Sullivan is used to having to face! Gotta give credit to Sullivan for trying to switch those gears, I think, I mean….I wouldn’t want to have to go from facing someone the style of Danny Toner one week to Mike Garcia the next!

    Kennedy: I think Dave Sullivan is ready to face any member of the FWA roster at any given moment!

    The King puts his hands behind his head and paces around the ring before stomping up the steps and stepping into the ring. He once again ducks down and lures Garcia in, who steps forward and eatsa toe kick to the ribs! Sullivan begins firing away with a series of right hands that back Garcia up! Sullivan steps back and bounces off the ropes, charging into Garcia, who grabs the King by the throat! Sullivan is stunned, but kicks Garcia in the ribs before again running the ropes and running right into a rolling reverse elbow by Garcia! Sullivan stumbles into the corner where Garcia urns around and uses his back to press Sullivan into the turnbuckle. Garcia then fires alternating back elbows into both sides of Sullivan’s skull! The King staggers out of the corner, hunched over, as Garcia grabs him by the neck and tosses him face first into the turnbuckle! The FWA Champion staggers into the ropes before getting clotheslined out of the ring by Garcia! The big man steps out of the ring, grabs Sullivan by the neck but the King begins fighting back! Sulliva throws a flurry of right hands, but Garcia shoves him backwards into the steel post! Garcia slaps hands with a few fans at ringside, before gaining a full head of steam and charging forwards toward Sullivan who dodges the attack! Garcia runs head first into the steel post! The seven footer falls back into the barricade as Sullivan rolls into the ring, looking for some reprieve and separation! After a few moments, Garcia pulls himself together andsteps up onto the apron. Sullivan scurriedly arose to his feet,and met Garcia at the ropes! Garcia tried to suplex Sullivan out of the ring, but The King dropped down and hung Garcia up on the ropes. Sullivan then took a few steps back before running forward with a clubbing forearm that knocked Garcia down to the mat below! Sullivan stepped out onto the apron and awaited Garcia to get back to his feet and when he did, Sullivan jumped off the apron onto Garcia! But Main Event Mike caught him in midair and ran him spine first into the steel post! Garcia then dropped Sullivan Spinebuster style onto the mat on the outside!

    Quinn: That’s not a good way to spend a Saturday Night…

    Sterling: Garcia just slamming Sullivan onto the floor on the outside and now, picking him up and just rolling him into the ring wth ease..

    Garcia rolls back into the ring and awaits Sullivan to get back to his feet before just mowing him down with a hard shoulder block! Sullivan agan rolls to the corner for reprieve and npulls himself up. Mike follows him in, grabs him by the arm and whips him into the opposite corner, follows in with a corner boot but Sullivan evades and Garcia’s leg gets hung up on the ropes! Garcia tries quickly to pull his leg down but Sullivan runs up from behind and chop blocks his knee! Mike falls to the mat, holding his knee, as Dave gets back and starts viciously stomping away at the right knee! The King then drops down and starts delivering a series of hard right hands to the skull of the former number one contender! Sullivan then grabs the right leg, pulls it straight out, before dropping an elbow down onto the side of the knee cap! Sullivan then extends the knee and perfo nrms a standing single leg hyperextension hold for several seconds before drpping another elbow deep into the kneecap of the Pittsburgh native! After a few elbow drops, Sullivan extends Garcia’s leg, turns his body and locks in a Figure Four Leg Lock! Sullivan grabs Garcia’s boot against his chest, constantly twisting as much as he can, adding asmuch pressure and pain to the hold as possible. Garcia slams his rather large shoulders to the mat, trying to fight off the pain! The referee drops down to count!



    Garcia lifts his shoulders off the mat as he pops up to a seated position! Big Mike is screaming out in agony as he tries to twist and shift his weight to turn the hold over! Garcia turns to his left, then his right, trying to rock his body in either direction for momentum! Garcia slaps his hand against Sullivan’s knee in frustration as Sullivan continues to twist on the foot! Garcia turns to his right once more to no avail, before taking a big swing to the right that turns the hold over! Now the pressure is put on Sullivan, but Sullivan quickly manages to roll it back over to a Figure Four! Sullivan keeps the pressure locked in as Garcia starts to lose energy and puts his shoulders on the mat once more! Just as the referee slides down into position, Garcia pulls his shoulder back up and takes one last attempt to swing the hold and he does! This time Sullivan is on his stomach and unable to turn but the ropes were very close to him! With one lunge he was able to reach out and get his hands under the ropes! The referee orders the break and Garcia immediately clutches at the knee! Sullivan, however, grabs a hold of the bottom rope and begins to pull himself up to his feet. Garcia gets to one knee as Sullivan runs ovr and begins hammering him with right hands. Garcia is stunned but not falling over, so Sullivan steps back and charges forward, running straight into a clothesline fro Garcia who leapt forward from a kneeling position! The referee begins to count!



    Quinn: From his knees!

    Kennedy: I have to admit that was impressive, Chris, but you have to admit that right knee is a problem right now for Big Mike!


    Quinn: There’s no problem too big for Main Event Mike!



    Kennedy: Why don’t you just run right in the ring and kiss the man’s ass? He’s right there in front of us. go on!



    Sterling: Daniella may have a point, Garcia scored the clothesline but he can’t capitalize….he’s in pain!

    Both men are on their feet at the count of 8! Garcia stomps his knee to the mat once, before charging forward and just bowling over Sullivan with a shoulder block! He turns around and then delivers a running clothesline, much more gingerly than the shoulder block, that sends Sullivan back down! Sullivan to the corner, Garcia follows him in with a corner splash! Sullivan staggers out and walks right into an Overhead Belly to Belly Suplex! Garcia with the cover!



    Sullivan kicked out at 2! Garcia wastes no time in quickly pulling the King back up to his feet, but Sullivan kicks Mike in the kneecap and then drills him with about 5 straight uppercuts! Garcia is rocked as Sullivan steps up to the middle turnbuckle and leps off with a crossbody that Garcia catches in midair and swings him out with a Homewood Heart Attack (Front Carry swung out into a Sidewalk Slam)! Garcia chooses not to go for a cover, and instead hold his hand high in the air, calling for a chokeslam! He awaits Sullivan to get to his feet, and then grabs him by the throat, Sullivan kicks him in the knee and then drills him with a Double Arm DDT! Sullivan with a running body splash!



    Garcia kicks out! Both men get back to their feet! Sullivan tries to keep momentum by running back over to Garcia, but he grabs him by the throat and connects with a chokeslam! Garcia covers but only gets a strong 2 count! Garcia screams out at the fans in attendance, before doing the throat slit motion and yelling that it’s over! The big man pulls Sullivan to his feet and shoves him back into the ropes! Upon the rebound, Garcia catches him in the Penduluum, but Sullivan flips over and lands on his feet! Sullivan ducks a clothesline attempt and connects with a Roundhouse Kick! Garcia is staggered as Sullivan hooks up Garcia and connects with the first of the Three Rivers! Sullivan pops the hips, shifts his weight and delivers the second! And again, Sullivan pops the hips,shifts his weight and delivers the third! Sullivan stalks a clerly hurting Garcia as he uses the ropes to pull himself up as the fans realize that the RKO is on it’s way! Sullivan taunts Garcia as he awaits to pounce and when Garcia turns, Sullivan strikes! But Garcia shoves him away into the ropes! Sullivan bounces off the ropes, ducks a Garcia clothesline, but can’t get duck a nearly decapitating running Boot to the skull by Garcia! Garcia immeditately falls to the mat as well, though, clutching at his knee in pain! After few moments, Garcia slowly rolls over and drapes one arm over as the other stays on his kneecap!



    Sullivan kicks out and seems to be a bit groggy as he crawls towards the corner and pulls himself up. Garcia is standing in the opposite corner when he does! As soon as Sullivan is up, he runs forward and attempts to crush The King but Sullivan sees it coming and moves out of the way! Garcia smashes chst first into the corner and then eats a Muay Thai Kick as he stumbles out of the way! Garcia is almost out on his feet but he doesn’t fall! Sullivan rears back and connects with a Roundhouse Kick! Garcia falls backward but the ropes catch him and bounce him forward….right into an RKO from the King! Sullivan drps to the mat with a look of relief on his face as he does! The King hooks both legs!




    Sterling: Did…did he just kick out of the RKO?

    Kennedy: I can count on one hand the number of people that Ive ever seen do that!

    Quinn: The big man won’t be denied tonight!

    Sullivan is irate ad begins screaming at the referee before he just decides to shove him out of the way! The King marches towards Garcia and grabs his knee, looking to apply another submission but Garcia’s mammoth leg pulls back and then kicks Sullivan away! Garcia gets to his feet, grabs Sullivan by the hair and pulls him in position for a powerbomb! The big man lifts him up, and once in position to drop down, Sullivan rolls out over the shoulder and counters into a heel hook submission! Garcia uses his power and body weight to bully his way out of it before Sullivan can get it in locked in and kicks Sullivan across the ring! Garcia falls back to the corner, Sullivan runs in looking to bury the shoulder into the ribcage, but Garcia evades and Sullivan goes shoulder first into the post! Sullivan staggers out and walks right into an Incline (Matt Morgan’s Hellevator) from Garcia! Garcia stoops down for a cover, but then shakes his head no and rises back up to his feet. He yanks Sullivan up to his feet and looks into his eyes, and whispers something in Sullivan’s ear before delivering a faceplanting Pittsburgh Pendluum! Garcia smiles as he drops down and hooks Sullivan’s leg!



    Sullivan kicked out!

    Or at least he tried to…

    But he couldn’t.

    Here is your winner and NEW FWA World Heavyweight Champion @17:55 – “The Carnegie Carnivore” Michael Garcia!

    That’s what you would have heard had Dave Sullivan not gotten his foot on the ropes!

    The match continues...

    Garcia simply sat in the center of the ring, absolutely stunned and beside himself. The crowd was going nuts as Garcia dug the palm of his hand into the mat and pushed himself up to his feet. Garcia towered over Sullivan with his hands on his hips as he watched Sullivan roll to his side. The big man pulled Sullivan up to his feet and screamed at him to stay down this time, as he set up Sullivan for a second Penduluum, only this time Sullivan countered…into the Steel Curtain Kimura Lock! Garcia immediatelylunged forward and fell towards the mat,making sure to fall close to the ropes but he was still short! The King tried to maneuver Garcia so that he was angled away from the ropes but Garcia’s size worked too much to his advantage and he wasable to work his way to the ropes! Both men manage to get back to their feet but it’s Big Mike that connects with a Revolving Lariat! Another cover by Big Mike, another kickout by Sullivan! Garcia gets up and screams…”WHADDA I GOTTA DO?!?!?!”Garcia looks out to the crowd and then at the turnbuckle before rolling to his feet, and slowly ascending up the turnbuckle! Garcia tried to shake the feeling into his left leg as he stepped up to the top rope and steadied himself, but Sullivan popped up to his feet and rushed to the bottom rope! Sullivan stepped up and began striking Garcia with rights and lefts but Garcia palmed Sullivan’s forehead and tossed him back to the mat! Garcia once again steadied himself and prepared to leap as Sullivansat up and grbbed the referee by the shirt, before pushing him back into the ropes! The referee fell back into the ropes, causing them to shake and forcing Garcia to crotch himself on the top rope! The crowd let out an “Oooooh!”as the expression on Garcia’s face told the story! He was in utter agony as he sat there on the top rope! Sullivan rushed to the top rope and began slugging Garcia with uppercuts! Sullivan nailed what had to be upwards of 10 uppercuts before he turned his body around and held Garcia’s neck under his right arm! The crowd sensed that the move that put away Garcia at Back in Business, the top rope RKO was on it’s way, as Sullivan steadied himself. A keen observer could probably hear Sullivan say “1…2…” as he and Garcia stood there and right when Sullivan said “3!” he leapt off the top rope with his RKO from the top rope!

    But as Sullivan went for the cutter, Garcia placed his hand under the lower back and shoved Sullivan up and out! The King was slammed on the mat below as Garcia shook the cobwebs out! Garcia stepped back up to the top rope and steadied himself as Sullivan was down! Garcia steadied himself before deciding to leap off the top ropefor a Frog Splash, but he had to change decisions at the last second because Sullivan popped to his feet! Garcia changed to a top rope clothesline,and got caught with Double Knees to the face (CodeBreaker) in mid-air from Sullivan! The King is STUNNED as Garcia ricochets back to the mat! Sullivan with the cover!




    Here is your winner and STILL FWA World Heavyweight Champion@ 19:05 – “The King” Dave Sullivan!

    Sterling: Through Homewood Heart Attacks, Penduluums, Chokeslams and Frog Splashes, somehow the King has survived this onslaught from a very game, a very motivated Michael Garcia!

    Quinn: I can’t say I’m happy with the outcome but one thing is for certain, Mike Garcia showed the world that he is capable of being the FWA World Champion. This one was one ill conceived move away from swinging in the other direction!

    Kennedy: And as we see Dave Sullivan clutch onto that World Heavyweight Championship, knowing just how close he was to losing it tonight, Dave Sullivan proved something tonight as well. Dave Sullivan proved that there is no challenger, no matter the size, no matter the strength, no matter the motivation…that he cannot turn down.

    "The King of the FWA" Dave Sullivan celebrates in victory with the FWA World Championship. However, his elation is short-lived. Suddenly, the lights go dark.

    And a single light match shows on the video screen. Sullivan in a mocking way says, "Okay, Ryan Hall." But the solo piece of wood isn't lit. It remains in its purest form, with the red-colored tip visible.

    Sullivan shouts again, "COME ON, HALL! COME ON ... INFERNO! COME ON!"

    But the video remains the same.A

    And then it stops, with the lights turning on. And "The King of the FWA" is left standing and staring at the video screen in confusion. Sullivan watches and looks side to side, as the fans in the arena grow louder and cheer louder as the lights show what's behind him.

    Rod Sterling: Oh ... OH MY! IT'S TIME?!?!

    Sullivan turns and comes face to face with ... Gabrielle Montgomery, who holds in her hands a briefcase. The briefcase that harbors the FWA World Championship match for whenever she wants.

    Gabrielle Montgomery smiles at Sullivan as she holds the briefcase. Alyster Black is behind her, with the mask fully on and offering support for his partner in the tag team tournament. Gabrielle stands there motionless, as Sullivan looks like he's frozen by some sort of superpower. He is white as a ghost, looking like he has seen a ghost.

    "It would be ...

    that ...


    Gabrielle's words float in the air effortlessly, stinging to everyone who hears them. Especially the man holding the FWA World Championship. Gabrielle steps back and through the ropes, smiling while holding the briefcase.

    "If I wanted to ... and I might ... it would be that easy."

    Gabrielle steps down to the canvas with Alyster Black next to her. "The King of the FWA" is inside the ring with the World Championship. He's stunned, unsure if the video was hers or not. Gabrielle doesn't give any answer, and she's simply reminding him that she could "end it whenever she wants." She then says, "If I have enough time in the dark, I'll strike and won't let go."

    The show ends with Gabrielle and Sullivan in a stare down, with the current champion urging the only known future challenger to fight front and center.
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    Re: FWA Division's Rules RESULTS

    First off I want to say I was anticipating this show since it was announced. I've been apart of a couple feds and never seen a tournament like this. Made the while company fresh and ppl who may never interact are creating exciting stuff. d who ever did the match order bravo. It flowed well it could of easily been bad but you guys did a great job writing and making the show flow. Also the segment also help they didn't push any story particularly forward but they were all entertaining.Now onto the individual matches!

    FWA World Championship
    "The King" Dave Sullivan (c) vs. "The Carnegie Carnivore" Michael Garcia⭐⭐⭐/5

    I was emotionally invested in this match cause I have a love hate relationship with Dave Sullivan and I like the almost there story that Garcia has had going on. With every thing Garcia has overcome. I thought he had The King tonight but Sullivan pulled another rabbit out if a hat in a great match. Anticipating his next app.

    The Division Tag Team Classic
    Third Round: Winners Bracket
    Division's Rules: Tornado Tag Elimination Match
    (Golden and Ramon's promos must be separate and cannot be collaborative in any way)
    The Division (formerly The Elite) vs. "Rockstar" Randy Ramon and "The Golden One" Devin Golden⭐⭐⭐⭐/5

    This match came at the right time at the card and was probably the best written tag match. It was 0-100 from start to finish loved every minute if it. I was pulling for The Division to win cause I feel it's weird for the champs to lose this early but Golden and Ramon are a juggernaut. A fun read and a great write.

    Michelle von Horrowitz vs. Ty Johnson
    (Gerald Grayson on commentary)⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐/5

    I had more emotional attachment in this match then I thought I did. It ends up being my match of the night. Von Horrowitz is the MVP character of FWA. She reminds if a mix of CM Punk and Kevin Owens. Coming in I thought this would be a squash but I love that Ty put up a big fight. I was rooting for him halfway because between the way he gets treated by Sullivan and his back story in the promos I wanted him to get a win in life but it was not to be cause Vin Horowitz is just too much. Whoever wrote this spec job man.

    The Division Tag Team Classic
    Third Round: Winners Bracket
    Krash and "The Prodigy" Mike Parr vs. Cyrus Truth and "The Artist of Chaos" Eli Black⭐⭐⭐⭐/5
    (Gerald Grayson on commentary)

    Wow I was very nervous about this match. Parr and Krash are two world title level guys and im still proving myself even tho Cyrus is one of THE BEST. I like the story throughout with Eli being the weak link and Cyrus coming in and wrecking shop. Only for in the end it was Eli who saves the day(again) to pick up the big win. Parr and Krash you guys are awesome.

    Friend Versus Friend
    "24K" Nova Diamond vs. "Amadeus" Kevin Cromwell⭐⭐⭐/5

    I had emotional attachment to this match but it was well written and the heel tactics from Nova was entertaining. I think both had a great showing with Kevin being physically superior but Nova outsmarting him.

    The Division Tag Team Classic
    Second Round: Retribution Bracket
    The Toner Brothers vs. Gabrielle Montgomery and Alyster Black⭐⭐⭐/5
    (Gerald Grayson on commentary)

    This match was fun with the crowd involvement throughout(wish Eli got that NY love he's from Brooklyn). For a while there I thought the crowd was going push the Toners past this Elite team but Black Caramel heel tactics were just too much. It nice to see a less honorable Aylster. Shows Gabby is effecting him.

    Street Fight
    Falls Count Anywhere
    "The Wildcard" Jason Randall vs. Kayden Knox
    (Gerald Grayson on commentary)⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐/5

    This was the craziest match of the night. Who wrote this nightmare fuel if match. Who childhood was this messed up that they brought this on us? Lol but seriously this was fantastic and almost was my match if the night I just wasn't as emotionally enthralled in it like I was in Ty vs Michelle. The stab to the eye almost got me thought hope he doesn't no sell it. Eye Patch time!

    The New Breed vs. The Undisputed Alliance?⭐⭐/5

    Basic tag match against two gamed teams

    The Valanders vs. The Milk Men⭐⭐/5

    Im a Valanders fan so a match with a win for them always gets my vote of confidence.
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    Re: FWA Division's Rules RESULTS

    Really enjoyed the way this show was written. The Kayden Knox-Jason Randall match was one of the biggest sleepers of the show and it paid out big time. Also, Randy Ramon and Devin Golden have some crazy huge momentum right now, probably one of the biggest runs out of anyone. But so do Cyrus and Eli, and Gabby and Alyster, and they're all going to come crashing into each other soon. The World Title match was well written to depict how likely close the two promos were, as I wasn't confident at all I got the win. Garcia still looked pretty strong in the match and that's a big plus, a lot of positive roads for him to go from this point. Meanwhile, the MVH vs Ty Johnson match was my favorite of the night. I wasn't sure how the outcome was going to be because I loved both of our promos, but it was a well earned win on SS' part and a great written match. Honestly I think MVH's story might be one of my favorites on the entire roster right now. The ramifications of what she's done to Johnson here will be huge when she eventually finds out he wasn't behind it, at least if she has a conscious anyway. And yet at the same time her great story comes crashing into Johnson's who now is off the roster supposedly and we have no idea how he's going to develop from this. I have no idea even. Will Johnson overcome the challenges? Will he leave FWA all together? Or will he succumb to all of it and become the evil he's tried so hard to fight off?

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    Re: FWA Division's Rules RESULTS

    I've only skimmed much of the show at this point. But what I've read is fantastic, the quality of match write ups is superb.

    The Toners v Black Caramel match was all kinds of fun with the crowd being so behind their home town heroes. Tig wrote a great promo himself with two very fun characters. Glad Black Caramel stays alive as I really love this pairing.

    Its going to take a monumental effort for someone to dethrone Sullivan. I'll admit that fake ending got me, for a split second I was ready to put together something with Gabby mocking Sullivan for ruining their match up. But the King lives on. Would have been nice to see Garcia finally get over that final hurdle though.

    Is Ryan Hall around?

    I better win when I cash in with all this teasing.

    I honestly think MvH might be my favourite efed character ever. Everything SS writes for her is so good, and everything that happens to the character is perfect. Its always fun to read any and every MvH segment. Her and Gerald is a really enjoyable duo, and seeing them bond more and more is great.
    Credit to Comeback Kid for the GFX

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    Re: FWA Division's Rules RESULTS

    This was a really great show, I thought, from beginning to end. There were several matches that I thought could've gone either way and genuinely didn't know who was going to win, even when reading them. That's a testament to the high quality of work put out for this one by everyone.

    The main event write up was excellent, and as Sully said really got across how close the two promos were. I think Sullivan was just about the worthy winner there, but Garcia proved himself in the main event with this performance. Gaby hovering over Sullivan like a black cloud is absolutely fantastic, both within the show and after the main event. The anticipation for that cash in is really building.

    Any one of the four teams that made it this far in the winners bracket were really deserving of making the final, and it's a shame that only two could. I don't think there really could be any complaints about it if those two matches had ended up going the other way. The final is mouth watering, and an incredibly tough one to pick. The wealth of talent alive in the retribution bracket is really something, too. Parr Krash, the Elite, Black Caramel, are all teams that could easily win this. When jam told me earlier we had to win four on the bounce to win this thing my mind was pretty much blown. I'm sure I'm forgetting some teams - is that right? Semi finals of the retribution bracket coming up? (after affliction v gg and mvh, of course).

    The Diamond Cromwell match... Excellent write up, and I've really enjoyed this mini program as fall out from the tag tournament. I think it's almost a shame that Nova is moving onto a program with Cyrus seemingly because, although that's a match I want to see, I think the Cromwell feud could've had legs. Will be interesting to see where KC goes from here.

    Elsewhere on the show, I think one thing that comes through is that GG has got it bad, with the number of potential challengers circulating at the moment. Kayden Knox, Jason Randall, and Eli Black would all make worthy challengers and showed that on this show, both in promos and what's here on the results. After this tournament is out of the way, I feel Grayson could have quite the backlog of matches to take care of!

    Great show overall, really enjoyable read. Can't wait for the next one! Sayer and OMB let's go

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    Re: FWA Division's Rules RESULTS

    Oh sure, of course MVH has mad charisma with GG. Because SS can app mantaur and make him into a unstoppable heel. Jam and MVH really play off each other well and really have made what seems like a random pairing into a pretty cool duo, interesting to see where this will go.

    Dope poster.

    close-ups reveal people with "The Carnegie Carnivore" t-shirts.

    Ok, this is a big laspts in believablity

    Honestly; and I’m not partaking in hyperbolic; I’m very proud of the fact that I got Milk Men over in the FWA Discord, to the point where Milk Men show up in actual shows, I feel like I might go mad with power! Not much to say here; I do enjoy the brothers V I have to say, and I look forward to seeing them step up, plus the show is kinda based around tag teams, it’ll be weird if they didn’t feature

    Well, THIS is a twist. What’s going on here? This is an interesting development, clearly there is a big strong dude, coming around beating the shit out of people. This does lead me to believe this is more then one person, maybe some kind of invading force from CWA? Why else would they be shrouded in such mystery?

    I did get a kick out of Sean Hughes line reading straight out of Murder she wrote


    Well, Granted I have a vested interest, but this was a fun match, this needed to do two things. 1) Flow really well, and be brutal as shit. And yeah it had that in spades, I’m not a fan of bringing up Cyrus all that much, kind of took away from the focus but not enough that it was distracting. And yeah, congrats to the man, Hermes, you knocked it out of the park with that promo and proved you are bloody well main event talent.

    When I do my long form reviews, I always try to be honest as I can so I feel like i’d be doing a disservice if I wasn’t honest now, and at the risk of of diverging from reviewing a cool show that good people worked hard on; Well, this sucks. I’ve always been a sore loser, but after eight solid months of not winning a one on one match (Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong but I can’t remember winning in 2020) I was kind sort of, pinning my hopes on this match being confidence boost I’ve been dying for. But guess not. That’s not to say I begrudge losing. Hermes is dope and will always be dope. And I’m glad I helped get him up and running hopefully, (YOU BETTER WIN THE TITLE NOW HERMES) But yeah my confidenceas as a writer is pretty shot, and I’m pretty embrassed by my decision to step outside my comfort zone to pick up a “serious” wrestler. I can’t write a Kevin Cromwell. Simple as that, so I’ll prob revert to my normal derps, but still I doubt my ability to compete with any based on the evidence in black and white.

    We now return you back to actual relevant feedback;.

    Oh dear everyone buckle up; whacky uncle Vinny is making decisions and he’s off his meds.


    So Sean...y-You don’t want to mention who you saw? No? Don’t want to blow the top off this? Get the guy that attacked you in trouble? Help others? No? Kool.

    God damn-That Toner pop though, I will say Tig is very good at doing baby faces, and I’d say this reaction is warrented. Every Tig promo I see makes my cold cynical heart grow that extra inch. ….also my pants.

    Rod Sterling: “Well, it doesn’t seem like Gabrielle was quite prepared for the level of animosity that this New York crowd is throwing at her. She looks a little taken aback…”

    Daniella Kennedy: “That’s right, Rod. Gabrielle is used to receiving positive reactions the world over, and with good reason, but a unique set of circumstances have conspired against her here to place her somewhat out of her comfort zone…”

    Naa. Sorry. Can’t buy it. Gabby for years near caused riots, and now she gets a negative reaction she’s off her game? Nope. don’t buy it. If you switched the roles and had Al taken aback and Gabby Cool, that would have been better.

    Wow that was really petty feedback even for me

    Bar that, I’d say this was a wonderful match, MOTN, Really worked the move set of all parties, even though it STILL bothered me, that Gabby was taken aback by the reaction, her heeling it up, and getting up to dirty tricks is totally a gabby thing. I feel like Al/Gabby is going to be a really hard team to beat. Just judging by the promos they’re my pick to win.

    I was also sure we’d have a donny reveal at the end of this match, guess you’re making us wait.

    Wow, the Breed got over strong here, beating the UA when hurt, TBH I find it kind of odd they got attacked and then instead of locking down their attackers who they absolutely know the identity of. They just had their match like nothing happened. Regardless always a joy to see them.

    HOLY SHIT, LORD VINNY PROBABLY HAS THE BIGGEST BONER RIGHT NOW. There are Street Fights and then there’s “Attempted murders” These two charries really blend well together, and this is totally a match KK should win considering being a crazy hardcore dude is his thing. He really looked like a crazy mofo here, can’t wait to see what he’s up to next.

    ...and it’s a star making performance from Mr. Black, I had Krash/Parr in this, but damn The Cyrus-Black continues to surprise and thrive and kick ass. I guess the one thing Cyrus need to get back in the winners circle was the power of friendship.

    Huh, I was kind of looking forward to seeing Nova move on to other things, but I guess he’s settling old scores and slaying demons. Kick his ass Nova.

    God Dave, get the restraining order already. Every week this bitch be ghosting you;. At least lock the door

    Ew. Gross. MVH as a face. Get it away. Get those positive pops away. It feels weird and unnatural, MVH should always be the most hated person in the room at any given moment. Don’t you dare go tweener with the best heel we have. Don’t you do it. Don’t. I mean it. Don’t make me come over there.

    Yeah I doubt it was TJ, and Dave is too obvious, and again; when it comes to the mysterious attacker, they need to have a good answer to two questions

    1. Why did you attack MVH?
    2. Why are you hiding it?

    Dave doesn’t seem like the type that would hide it, he’d smash MVH and then be like “LOOK HOW GREAT I AM”

    Jesus christ another match? This review is going to be longer then the damn show.

    It makes me sad to see The Division lose on a PPV named after them, but the Golden Rock stars are a dream team and if nothing else validates The Elite for pushing them so close, because it could have gone either way. And DAMMMMN that final is crazy. But yeah, fun match over all. ALSO WHAT IS UP WITH THAT PARROT?!

    No idea what what the what going on thing is about, I feel like that was for the old school peeps.

    .annnnnnnd now we’ve graduated to full on murder attempts on MVH’s person like a SVR create your story cut scene
    Would have been nice if the new breed would have warned her in advance since they DEFO KNOW. Just sayin’

    This is probably going to be a lot shorter then it should be, but I’m very tired right now of writing this short novel. Needless to say King does King things but Mike gave a good account of himself, I think we’re reaching a point where it’s like “Whose left to beat him”

    Oh, there’s Gabby...things are about to get interesting.

    ...Also where the hell is Ryan Hall?
    The most amazing thing about this recent conversation is that I've learned AON is even more of a waste of space than I thought he was previously

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    Re: FWA Division's Rules RESULTS

    Its funny, reading some of the feedback of Toners v Black Caramel makes me realise that Gabrielle's heel runs particularly what her and Executive Excellence did may have put this cloud over her forever. I see her as a total babyface, and write her as such. I cant speak 100% for Rawr and SS (who wrote the match), but we went into that match write up with the idea of Gabrielle not reacting well to being booed when she's so loved now before then giving into it and Alyster's attitude rubbing off on her a bit so they heel it up for the fans basically.
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