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    Live from the Citrus Bowl in Orlando, Florida
    Saturday, February 29, 2020

    Pyrotechnics shoot into the Central Florida sky as the broadcast begins. Rod Sterling, Christian Quinn, and Daniella Kennedy introduce us to the beautiful, cloudless night with the sparkle of the planet Venus hanging in the western sky. Thousands of fans pack the famous Citrus Bowl stadium, where countless legendary football games have occurred. Tonight, though, it's Back in Business XIV, the 14th installment of the annual pay-per-view (PPV) extravaganza.

    Rod Sterling: Folks, we are LIVE from Orlando, Florida. We have a jam-packed card fit for only ONE night out of the year. It's Back ... IN ... BUSINESS.

    Daniella Kennedy: Trial By Fire between Cyrus Truth and Gabrielle. Krash and Mike Parr for the North American Championship. A hellacious six-man match for the X Championship. Tag Team Championship match. A grudge match for the ages between Michael Garcia and Devin Golden.

    Christian Quinn: And finally ... in the MAIN ... EVENT ... Dave Sullivan defends the FWA World Championship against Nova Diamond.

    The crowd explodes with cheers on cue as the camera zooms around the arena. People hold up signs and sport T-shirts supporting the usual fan favorites, but a few have "The King" shirts and other apparel for other big stars, including Michael Garcia and Mike Parr.

    Rod Sterling: Folks ... it's going to be a HUGE night. It's going to be a historic night. It's going to be memorable forever.

    “Riot” by Three Days Grace sounds out around the arena, boos beginning to ring amongst the crowd. Before long, Johnny Devlin and Andre Mack stride out onto the stage, surveying the tens of thousands of fans assembled before them, all of whom seem to have a rather negative opinion of them. Mack shakes his head and the two begin their descent down the ramp.

    Kurt Harrington: Ladies and gentlemen, this is your opening contest of the evening, and is a tag team match scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, accompanied to the ring by Ashley Bell, at a combined weight of five hundred and thirty five pounds, Andre Mack, Johnny Devlin… THE WAVE!

    Mack and Devlin completely ignore the animosity as they slowly stalk their way to the ring, Bell clapping and talking up her clients as they go.

    Rod Sterling: Later on this evening we will see The Undisputed Alliance go head to head with The Elite for the FWA Tag Team Championship, but our first of NINE matches this evening will certainly state a case for one of these teams to be the next in line for a title shot.

    Christian Quinn:
    That’s right, Rod, and one has to appreciate the confidence on display from The Wave here tonight. This is perhaps the biggest match of their FWA careers, and certainly on the grandest stage that they’ve ever fought on. Let’s see how they bear up under the pressure.

    The three have entered the ring, Devlin and Mack climbing opposite corners, standing upon the second turnbuckles and staring out across the audience. Mack beats his chest as Ashley Bell stands in the middle of the ring with her hands on her hips.

    Three Days Grace fades out and is replaced by Kid Rock’s “Prodigal Son”, the fans instantly becoming more positive as the Valander brothers appear on the stage. There’s a smile on Louis’ face whilst Mike looks all business. The two of them walk down the ramp, slapping hands with some of the younger fans as they go.

    Kurt Harrington: And their opponents… they come in tonight at a combined weight of four hundred and thirty five pounds… Louis and Mike… the Valanders!

    The brothers have reached the bottom of the ramp and climb into the ring, the Wave giving them the opportunity to enjoy their moment at Back in Business. They pose for the fans, who are clearly firmly on their side. When their music begins to fade, the Wave slide back into the ring and the referee conducts his final checks. Finally, he calls for the bell.

    The Wave vs. The Valanders (w/ Ashley Bell)

    Devlin and Mike decide to start in the ring, and they size each other up from their corners. The audience reach fever pitch, the excitement of the opening bell in the first match of the year’s biggest show spilling out into all corners of the arena. Devlin and Mike circle the ring, keeping a safe distance from each other, allowing the fan’s anticipation to simmer just a little longer. They each pause to look around at their surroundings: at the thousands upon thousands of FWA fans... at the huge ‘Back in Business’ sign high above them… at the elaborate staging area and the huge screen showing their own image… and then finally, at one another…

    … they come together and lock it up with a collar and elbow, a test of strength occuring in the centre of the ring. It appears that Mike Valander - a little taller and a little heavier - has the better of it, backing Devlin up towards the corner… but Devlin slips out of the hold and behind Mike, into a rear waistlock. It looks like he’s going for a German suplex, but Valander blocks it by placing his boot behind Devlin’s calf. He grips Johnny’s wrists and begins to wrench at them, eventually able to slowly pull Devlin’s hands away from his waist and out of the hold. Mike slips behind into a hammer lock, reeling off a pair of clubbing blows to Devlin’s back. Johnny tries to grab Mike’s leg, still in the hammer lock, but Valander just wrenches on the hold. Eventually, Devlin is able to rotate out of the lock and throw Valander away from him with an arm drag. Mike is straight back to his feet, going for a clothesline, but Devlin ducks and rolls into his corner, where he makes the tag to Andre Mack…

    Rod Sterling: And into the ring comes Andre Mack, the largest competitor in this tag team match by over a hundred pounds…

    Daniella Kennedy:
    And with that comes an undoubted strength advantage, Rod. Mack could be the difference maker in this match-up.

    Rod Sterling:
    Mack could be the difference maker in ANY match-up, Daniella.

    Mike still fancies his chances, and the two circle the ring. It looks as if Mike Valander is sizing the big man up for another collar and elbow tie up, a prospect that almost amuses Mack… but just as the two are about to lock it up, Mike kicks the big man in the side. He follows up with a second kick, and then a third… He backs himself up towards the ropes, propeling off them and back towards Mack, perhaps hoping to take him off his feet… but Andre nails him with a lariat! Mike Valendar hits the mat hard, but bounces straight back up to a verticle base. Mack is on him, backing him up towards a corner with a trio of knife edge chops. He Irish whips him back across the ring towards the opposite corner. Mack charges after him, looking for a clothesline in the corner… but Mike dives out of the way. Andre’s chest slams against the turnbuckle and he stumbles back into the center of the ring… where Mike nails him with a drop kick!

    Valander rolls across to his own corner and tags in his brother. Louis waits patiently on the apron, waiting for Andre to get back to his feet. When he does, he springboards onto the top rope, taking Mack down with a missile dropkick! Louis is straight back on him, lifting Andre up to his feet and taking him straight back down again with a snap suplex.

    Rod Sterling:
    We know that Louis Valendar has incredible athleticism and aerial ability, but he just showed some power in lifting the three hundred and thirty pound Andre Mack there…

    Louis rolls over onto Mack and hooks the far leg…


    TW - -

    Christian Quinn:
    But it’s gonna take a lot more than that to put away Andre Mack. He barely even got a two there.

    Louis gets to his feet, and hoists Andre up as well. Valander reels off a few kicks to his legs, backing the big man up to a corner. Valander retreats into the opposite one, and charges across the ring, nailing a running drop kick to Andre’s chest! Mack slumps to the mat, rolling away from the corner, allowing Lous to climb up to the top rope. He leaps from the top turnbuckle, rotating through the air with a picture perfect moonsault…

    But Mack gets his knees up! Valander crashes onto them hard, chest-first, and rolls away from Mack towards the opposite corner. To his credit, Louis quickly climbs back to his feet, and he charges across the ring at Andre, who has only just climbed to his feet… but Mack ducks the attempted clothesline and goes into a rear waistlock… he takes Valendar down with a bell to back suplex! Andre goes for the over…




    Louis gets a shoulder up, but from here the Wave are firmly in control. Andre hoists him up and takes him into his own corner, and thus starts a series of frequent tags punctuated by the Wave methodically isolating Louis Valendar in their half of the ring. At first, Johnny Devlin spends time hitting a few DDT variations on the younger brother. He hits him with a reverse DDT, hoists him up, and then takes him back down with a tornado DDT! He goes for a cover.




    Valander gets a shoulder up, and Devlin spends a moment remonstrating with the referee before tagging in his partner. Mack lifts up Louis, places him in a bear-hug, and then takes him over with a belly to belly suplex. He doesn’t release the hold until he hooks both legs for the cover…




    Mack picks Louis up, places him in another bearhug, and forces him back towards his older brother. Mike reaches over the top rope for his brother, but he’s just out of reach… and then Andre throws him overhead with a huge belly to belly release suplex! Louis is thrown across the ring towards Devlin, who smiles and claps on the apron. There’s a huge smile on the face of Ashley Bell, who is also applauding her clients and riling up the fans around her.

    Rod Sterling:
    It looks like the Wave are settling into a rhythm here. They are in complete control of this tag team match.

    Christian Quinn:
    That appears to be the case, Sterling. And the pace is very slow, very methodical, negating any chance of Louis Valander implementing any of that high octane offense. I like the strategy.

    Indeed, Mack takes a few moments to compose himself, and decides that now is not the time to go for the cover. He reels off a few stomps, Louis crawling away from him towards the corner where Devlin waits, and eventually sits with his head on the middle turnbuckle. Mack stomps a mudhole in Valander, boot after boot crashing into the chest and head of Louis. Andre tags in his partner… and Devlin simply continues the stomping assault! He reels off between fifteen and twenty stomps to Valnder’s torso. Eventually, he drags him away from the corner, and hooks the leg…



    T - - NO!

    Louis gets the shoulder up. Devlin simply stares at the referee, shaking his head as the crowd begins a ‘VAL-EN-DAR!’ chant, willing their man back into the match up. Johnny decides to go for a change of strategy, lifting his opponent up, and nailing a pair of European uppercuts. He swiftly moves into a hammer lock, wrenching on Valander’s shoulder and simultaneously hitting a pair of big forearm clubs to Louis’ lower back. Devlin transitions into a headlock, and then a few moments later he seems to move into a sleeper hold. It takes a few more blows to Louis’ side to maneuver himself properly, but eventually Johnny has his sleeper locked in! The crowd loses patience with the Wave, and begin to rain boos down on the ring. Mack, Devlin, and Bell exchange laughs, the camera picking each of them up as they bathe in the antipathy.

    All the while, Louis is fading in the ring. Eventually, he drops onto one knee, and Devlin takes the opportunity to maneuver his position once again. He wraps his leg around Louis in a body scissors, the younger Valander brother losing his balance and going down to the mat. Devlin transitions from his sleeper hold into a dragon sleeper, wrenching with the body scissors at the same time!

    Rod Sterling:
    This position is starting to look desperate for Louis Valander. He needs to make a tag to his brother as soon as possible, or this one could be over.

    Daniella Kennedy:
    Mike Valander is on the apron attempting to get this crowd behind his brother, stomping a rhythm as they attempt to will him back to life…

    Christian Quinn:
    I don’t know. That dragon sleeper is locked in deep, and he has complete control of Valander’s body with the leg-scissors. Mike needs to get in there and break this up!

    The referee decides to test Louis’ consciousness. He lifts up his right arm, and lets it fall to the mat. Devlin yells at the official to ‘CALL IT!’ as he tests the arm for a second time, watching it fall straight back down to the mat again. It’s lifted a third time, the referee pauses, and allows the arm to fall…

    … NO! Louis stops his arm before his hand makes contact with the ground, and his fist is balled up tight, showing that there is still life in him yet… He nails a couple of elbow strikes to Devlin’s side, and the force of them is enough that Johnny is forced to release the dragon sleeper and transition back into a headlock… Louis hits another pair of elbow strikes, before rolling his weight over Devlin, and reaches out with a leg to place his boot on the bottom rope…

    Rod Sterling:
    This one isn’t over just yet, with Louis Valander coming back from the dead and causing a rope break…

    Christian Quinn:
    But you have to ask yourself how much damage has already been done. He was in a series of holds for a long time… Johnny Devlin just picked him apart!

    Devlin eventually lets go of his headlock and body scissors at the referee’s four, and he’s sure to remind him that he has until five. Valander is still clinging onto the bottom rope when Johnny is back on him. He nails a couple of stomps, before lifting Louis up and throwing him into the corner. Devlin charges at him, going for a big clothesline in the corner…

    … but Valander ducks it! He lifts Devlin up with a big back body drop, all the way over the top rope… Devlin’s face hits the steel ring steps as he goes to the outside! Louis slumps to the ground immediately, the crowd instantly on their feet, stomping and clapping and willing Louis across the ring to his brother, who has his hand outstretched... Louis begins to crawl over towards him, staring up at his brother’s eyes, beginning to lift his arm, ready to make the tag…

    … when Andre Mack appears from nowhere to nail a charging forearm to Mike Valander! The older Valander is throw from the apron, slamming into the steel barricade! Mack instantly picks up Louis, and powerbombs him hard in the middle of the ring! He climbs out between the middle and top ropes, lifts Mike up, and throws him into the barricade again! And then into the steel ring post!

    Rod Sterling:
    Andre Mack sensing a comeback there, and putting a stop to it! He’s cleared out the Valanders single-handedly!

    The referee is remonstrating with Mack, telling him to get back to his own corner. Andre circles the outside of the ring, helping his partner to his feet and throwing him into the ring, before eventually going back to his own corner. Devlin crawls over to Louis and hooks both legs…



    TH - - NO!!

    Daniella Kennedy:
    Incredible resilience shown there from Louis Valander! He refuses to give this one up!

    Johnny Devlin is once again getting in the referee’s face about a perceived slow count, and perhaps does this for a little too long. Eventually, he tags in his partner, and Mack hoists Louis up once again. He doubles him over with a boot to the midsection, hoisting him up into a powerbomb position. He backs into a corner, and begins to charge across the ring, perhaps going for a Running Liger Bomb…

    … but half-way across the ring, Louis begins to shift his weight, and takes Mack over with a hurricanrana instead! Mack’s head hits the second turnbuckle! Louis is slow to his feet, but Andre Mack is staggered in the corner, so much so that Valander is able roll him up with a school-boy…



    Rod Sterling:
    Not quite! Mack manages to kick out, but Louis Valander was close to stealing that one from under the nose of the Wave!

    Both men are somewhat slow to get to their feet, but when they do, Louis has a surge of adrenaline. He charges across the ring at Andre… but Mack just scoops him up, and throws him to the mat with a spinebuster! Andre Mack takes a second to compose himself, shaking away the cobwebs from his collision with the turnbuckle, before picking up Louis once more. He Irish whips him towards a set of ropes, and throws himself towards an adjacent set…

    Christian Quinn:
    It looks like Mack is looking to finish this one with his Pounce finishing maneuver…

    Mack throws himself full-pelt at Louis… but Valander is able to connect with a running shotgun dropkick instead! His boots crash into Andre’s chest, and he hits the mat clutching his ribs! Both men roll away towards their own corner… and Louis is able to tag in his older brother!!

    Mike Valander charges across the ring and nails a drop kick to Johnny Devlin! Mack is back to his feet, and he eats a dropkick too! Devlin charges at Mike, but Mike simply throws him overhead with a big back body drop… and then he has a flapjack waiting for Andre Mack as well!

    Rod Sterling:
    Mike Valander is finally able to get into this match-up, and he is clearing house here!

    Devlin is up once again, and he attempts a big but wild-looking lariat at Mike, which the Valander brother is able to duck. Louis transitions into a Saito suplex! Devlin is thrown over-head and across the ring with the move! Devlin sluggishly makes his way back to his feet, and he stumbles around to face Mike Valander… who charges into him with the Savage Kick! Devlin hits the mat hard! Valander goes for the cover…



    THR - - NO!

    Daniella Kennedy:
    Andre Mack re-appears at the last moment to break up the pinfall! This one’s not over yet

    Andre Mack lifts up Mike Valander, and doubles him over with a boot to the midsection. Mack places Mike’s head between his legs, perhaps looking for another powerbomb variant… but Louis Valander appears from nowhere... he springboards off the top rope, and takes Mack down with a hurricanrana! Louis valiantly fights back up to his feet and moves over towards Andre, nailing a standing 450 splash! Louis rolls Mack over to the side of the ring, and then out of it beneath the bottom rope, following him out to stop the referee’s count for illegal men being in the ring.

    Back between the ropes, Mike Valander is up to his feet, and he’s sizing up Johnny Devlin, who is using the ropes in the corner to support himself… Devlin stumbles around towards Valander, and Mike picks him up for his Air Raid Crash finisher…

    Rod Sterling:
    There it is! Real Country!

    Daniella Kennedy:
    Mike Valander gets all of it!

    Mike hooks both legs…




    Winners: Louis and Mike Valander via pinfall at 11:14

    The crowd cheers, clearly satisfied with the result, chanting for Mike Valander as his younger brother rolls back into the ring. The referee takes one of each of their wrists, lifting their hands high into the air.

    Rod Sterling:
    Quite clearly the fans are happy with the way our opener has finished here, with the Valander brothers triumphing over Andre Mack and Johnny Devlin of the Wave.

    Daniella Kennedy:
    Louis Valander showed great resilience, being on the receiving end of a drawn out and methodical attack from the Wave for most of this match-up.

    Christian Quinn:
    It was excellent strategy, Daniella, but unfortunately for the Wave they just didn’t have enough for Mike Valander tonight. They just couldn't keep him out of this match-up and, when he got in it, he was too much for them.

    Rod Sterling: You’re absolutely right, Christian. An impressive performance from Mike Valander tonight, but Back in Business is only just getting started!

    The Valanders celebrate in the ring, climbing to the second rope and beating their chests. Mike even goes so far as to point to his waist, questioning why a championship is not around it. Eventually, we fade to a commercial for next week’s FIGHT NIGHT.


    “Be Like Superman” by Mindless Self Indulgence hits to a decent pop from the crowd as the hyperactive Captain El Franko makes his way out.

    Kurt Harrington: Making his way to the ring, weighing in at 195 lbs...Captain El Franko!

    Rod Sterling: Franko was successful in his debut match back in December but ever since then he’s had a string of bad luck. He’s hoping tonight on the big stage of Back in Business he can bounce back and find that success again

    “Sonne” by Rammstein now plays to another decent pop for Alyster Black. The masked man walks down to the ring and plays up to the crowd a bit along the way.

    Kurt Harrington: And his opponent now making his way to the ring, from San Dimas, CA; and weighing in at 220 lbs, he is “Black Jesus”...Alyster Black!

    Rod Sterling: Alyster Black making his FWA debut tonight at Back in Business. He’s a veteran in this business having wrestled in various promotions throughout the years; most notably in CWA where he was in a tag team with fellow CWA alumni, Krash. The two held the CWA Tag Team Championships twice during their time as a team there, and after a long sabbatical from in ring action, Alyster looks to make an impression here tonight at Back in Business!

    Christian Quinn: Another CWA guy huh?

    Daniella Kennedy: Don’t you start!

    Christian Quinn: What? I wasn’t going to start anything!

    Alyster Black vs. Captain El Franko

    The two square off and lock up right off the bat, Alyster gaining the advantage and has Franko in a side headlock but Franko shoves Alyster off towards the ropes yet off the rebound Alyster comes back with a big shoulder block that knocks Franko on his backside. Alyster just circles Franko, who quickly recovers and dusts himself, and charges in at Alyster but the wily veteran Alyster ducks underneath a clothesline from Franko and in turn he levels Franko on the chest with a knife-edge chop! Alyster follows up with several punches that stun Franko, allowing Alyster to connect with a snap suplex! Alyster isn’t finished yet though he pulls Franko back up by the hair and hits a butterfly suplex followed by a pin…

    One...TW-NO! Franko with a shoulder up!

    Rod Sterling: Alyster has the advantage over Franko in the experience column as well as age, and he seems to be showing no signs of ring rust thus far.

    Franko rolls away after getting a shoulder up and crawls to a nearby corner, he’s trying to regain some composure as Alyster comes at him but Franko catches him with a sharp elbow to the jaw that rocks the veteran as he stumbles back some holding his jaw. Alyster shakes it off however and turns around into a hard right from Franko that stuns him a bit, and Franko follows up with several more punches before sending Alyster towards the ropes and Franko catches him with a nice standing dropkick off of Alyster’s rebound! Alyster sits up and shakes it off but he’s caught off guard as Franko loudly claps his hands together behind Alyster’s head to cause ringing in his ears…

    Daniella Kennedy: Franko calls that the Bell Clap, causing a ringing in his opponent’s ears.

    Christian Quinn: It’s a bit obnoxious but whatever works I suppose.

    Alyster holds his ears and tries to shake it off as he gets to a knee, and this time Franko delivers what he calls a P-I-M-P Slap! The slap across the face to Alyster stuns him a bit while Franko plays up to the crowd, some of the crowd seems to appreciate his comedic stylings in the ring. However, this allows Alyster ample time to recover, and Franko has his back turned on Alyster momentarily. Alyster comes up behind Franko and prods his shoulder, Franko turns around right into a roaring elbow! Franko is rocked and Alyster places him in position...Satan’s Spike! (Brainbuster DDT)

    Christian Quinn: Franko just found out the hard way to never turn your back on your opponent.

    Alyster isn’t through yet as he brings a dazed Franko back up...One Shot Kill! (Lariat) Franko is turned inside out and Alyster makes the cover…


    Winner: Alyster Black

    Rod Sterling: Alyster Black picks up his first win FWA, at Back in Business no less!

    Daniella Kennedy: A decent showing from Captain El Franko, but too much playing around came back to bite him.

    Alyster leaves the ring and high fives some fans along the way to the back while Franko is checked on by the official.


    Before the next match begins, we get a cutaway to some of the predictions from fellow FWA superstars.

    Dave Sullivan:
    Kayden Knox crushes Orion. I actually like Knox, I think he's a solid prospect down at the bottom of the card.

    Eli Black: Kayden Knox is just a superior competitor

    Trevor Ocean: I'm going to give the "w" to Kayden Knox. But, I'll be honest, both of them really aren't doing anything to stand out against the rest of the roster. Their just generic wrestlers competing in yet another forgettable match.

    “Narcissist” by Jim Johnston begins to play as smoke billows out from the stage, and a podium is on stage surrounded by the smoke and on the podium appears to be someone covered by a robe. Alexandra Marie appears on stage and the person underneath the robe stands up, revealing it to be Orion! He’s standing in front of a mirror flexing his muscles and admiring his own physique. Alexandra Marie is singing Orion’s praises as he finishes his posing, and begins to make his way towards the ring.

    Kurt Harrington:
    Making his way to the ring and accompanied by Alexandra Marie, weighing in at 265 lbs, he is...Orion!

    Christian Quinn: Look at that guy! He’s built like a brick shithouse!

    Daniella Kennedy: He certainly seems enamored with himself.

    Christian Quinn: I would be too if I had his body!

    Orion and Alexandra Marie stand in the ring now waiting for his opponent.

    Kurt Harrington: and his opponent…

    ???: NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! Enough of this nonsense!

    From the back and out on stage is AJ Drake, manager to Orion’s opponent, Kayden Knox. Drake is on stage now and looks beyond annoyed as he stares down at the ring.

    AJ Drake: Enough of this nonsense! Enough of this disrespect! Nobody cares about you Orion! Nobody cares about your idiotic looking muscles you jacked up freak!

    The crowd begins booing AJ Drake and Alexandra Marie is yelling at him from the ring.

    AJ Drake: You see, my client and my friend, Kayden Knox doesn’t need a fancy, ego stroking entrance! He’s above that! Anyways, even if he wasn’t above that, you morons wouldn’t deserve to see it!

    The boos grow louder now for AJ Drake, who just simply ignores them.

    AJ Drake: It’s egregious that Kayden Knox is even in this match to begin with! He should be in that X-Championship match! Hell he should be in the main event! It’s the biggest show of the year, Back in Business and he’s facing some no name meathead! Tonight he makes an example out of you Orion! Monkeys in the back, play his music!

    “Defying Gravity” by The Veer Union hits to massive booing from the fans and Kayden Knox steps out on stage. AJ Drake is clapping for his client as the two stand on stage, and they begin their walk down to the ring while Drake is hyping up Knox.

    Kurt Harrington: Making his way to the ring and being accompanied by AJ Drake, from Las Vegas, NV; he is “The Afflicted”...Kayden Knox!

    Rod Sterling: AJ Drake isn’t keen on making friends here tonight in Orlando that’s for sure.

    Kayden Knox vs. Orion

    Right away Kayden Knox pummels Orion in the corner with some wildly thrown punches, but the big man isn’t having it and shoves Knox away from him. Knox looks at Orion wide eyed and irate at this and charges at him, but Orion ducks underneath and throws an elbow behind him that connects with Knox’s chin knocking Knox back some. Orion grabs Knox by the shoulders and tosses him across the ring like a rag doll! The crowd comes alive for that despite Orion not being a fan favorite by any means, but he’s the lesser of two evils in this match. Knox finds his bearings as he crawls up to a corner, but no time for him to recover as he’s leveled by a corner clothesline from Orion! Orion drags Knox from the corner by the head and then lifts him up, stalls for a bit before dropping him down hard with a suplex followed by a pin!


    Daniella Kennedy: Orion is just overpowering Knox right now! I guess it pays to be some “jacked up freak” as AJ Drake put it.

    Knox sits up and tries to shake off any cobwebs, as Orion strikes with a stomp to the lower back of Knox! Knox tightens up and cringes in pain as Knox brings him back up and hoists him up high in a military press position, but Knox manages to slip out of it and is behind Orion and hits a backstabber on Orion! Orion bounces back up upon impact and then executes an inverted spike hurricanrana! Knox makes the cover now…!

    Orion kicks out now and holds his head after having it driven into the mat, Knox lays the boots to Orion with several stomps to various parts of the body to a booing audience. Knox uses the ropes as leverage holding on and attempts a stomp to Orion’s head, but Orion rolls out of harm’s way. Orion is on the opposite end of the ring where Alexandra Marie is giving him some instructions, meanwhile AJ Drake is heard shouting at Alexandra Marie from the other side of the outside ring area and Alexandra tells him off. Orion shakes it off and is back on his feet just in time to narrowly avoid an incoming superkick from Knox, and catches Knox from behind and drops him to the mat with Age of Orion (full nelson slam)! Immediately upon impact, Knox rolls out of the ring where AJ Drake checks on him while the referee begins a count and Drake tells the referee to zip it and to keep Orion at bay. Knox is leaning against the apron now while Drake is talking to him, but Alexandra Marie has had enough on her client’s behalf and walks towards Drake, who backs away while Orion has grown impatient and grabs Knox by the hair hoists him back up on the apron but Knox fights back and strikes with a headbutt that has Orion stunned! Knox has him set up now...slingshot spear to Orion! He makes a cover…


    Not enough to keep the big man down for three. Knox brings Orion up by the hair and has him set up for a rolling cutter, but as he goes for it Orion spins out of it and rocks Knox with a stiff discus forearm! Knox is dazed now and Orion hits him with Orion’s Whip (running forearm)! Knox drops to the mat and Orion is about to make a cover but AJ Drake distracts the referee on the apron, upsetting the big man who charges at Drake and Drake immediately hops off the apron holding up his hands in defense while Alexandra Marie has made her way over to Drake now and the two of them begin arguing and the referee is trying to break them up. The referee’s back is turned long enough as Orion turns back around to Knox, who greets him with a kick straight to the groin!

    Rod Sterling: A blatant low blow from Knox!

    Christian Quinn: The referee doesn’t see it though, Rod!

    Orion drops down clutching his family jewels and Knox has an opening now...Malice Intent (double foot curb stomp)! He makes the cover as the referee turns back around in time to make the count while the crowd boos loudly…


    Winner: Kayden Knox

    Rod Sterling: Kayden Knox with the win but give the assist to AJ Drake allowing Knox to hit Orion with a low blow!

    Christian Quinn: I told you that the referee never saw it Rod!

    Daniella Kennedy: Regardless, that still doesn’t make it right!

    Christian Quinn: I don’t think Kayden Knox cares what’s right or wrong as long as he picked up the win here at Back in Business!

    Knox is on the outside now celebrating with AJ Drake, meanwhile in the ring Alexandra Marie checks on Orion who looks livid with this result.


    Video uploaded on as an extra the last Fight Night episode

    The Valanders (Michael and Louis) are talking near some lockers discussing their big victory over the Cheshire Cat Clan.

    "Those damn Cat people did not stand a chance against us did they bro?"

    "All No they certainly did not. This was a big win for us little Brother. We're proving week after week that we belong here."

    "It wont be long before we're the FWA World Tag Team Champions."

    "One step at a time, one match at a time Louis. But yeah, we'll get there."

    "That confidence is admirable."

    The Valander Brothers look over at the approaching
    Gabrielle. Her appearance on screen garnering a cheer of approval and some 'Cyrus Truth' chants from the FWA audience as she joins the duo.

    "And as someone who has dealt with the Cheshire Cat Clan recently, they can be quite the challenge."

    "Yeah what you said, hey you're Gabrielle. My name is Michael Valander and this is my younger bro; Louis."

    "Sup, how are you?"

    "Anyways me and my brother Louis were finished discussing this 'Cat Clan' and now we're looking towards the future."

    "What my brother Mike is saying, is that, you got any tips on how a couple of young studs like us can keep climbing the ranks here? I mean we don't need help but hey if you're here we may as well ask."

    "Trust me, we don't need a tip Louis, but I want to know what she has to say. "

    "So if you don't mind me asking, how are you doing?"

    Gabrielle smirks that familiar smile before replying.

    "Just rely on what comes naturally, you're brothers so you'll know how to work well together even better than most of your opponents do. That's the big thing you'll have over them. As for me...I'm doing fantastic all things considered. I only have one thorn in my life and I'll be getting rid of him soon.

    "That's true, we do have that one important thing over nearly everyone else, they may have been together in the ring longer than we have but we're brothers, and you can't train that kind of bond."

    "Yeah Mike, we have that kind of bond that means we always know what the other one is going to do in the ring. But whats this thorn we're talking about here?"

    "Just that I don't plan on having to deal with Cyrus Truth much longer. Word of advice; don't let those sort of people drag you down for too long guys."

    "I see that, and no we won't. Trust me, I've dealt with horrible people trying to hold me back before. I keep telling Louis to make sure he doesn't get sucked into that mess."

    "Yeah, my brother thinks that I could be the type of person who turns on another, I promise that will not happen bro. By the way, damn, you're cute."

    "Louis, she's trying to talk about dealing with the roster and you want to say she's cute. I apologize for that, not for the cute comment, but trying to sweet talk you into a date."

    Gabrielle smirks, once again that familiar confident signature grin of hers.

    "Just take it one step at a time...don't get too ahead of yourselves. Either of you."

    And with that said Gabrielle walks off, leaving Louis in a slight daze and Michael with a renewed focus on their career going forward.

    3x FWA World Heavyweight Champion
    2x FWA X Champion
    5x FWA Tag Team Champion

    2020 North American Sports Poster Of The Year

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    When we return from the backstage segment, Lord Vincent Takaab Blackbird is standing inside the ring. The man wears a trench coat everywhere, and it drops down to his ankles. He has on dark sunglasses, which he removes to show his grim and leering eyes. His long face and a few wrinkles appear amid the scrubble of facial hair. His short hair cut, almost down to a crew cut.

    Rod Sterling: The general manager has asked for a few minutes here on Back in Business Fourteen. And I think he deserves it. He's the GM, and he has done a flawless job thus far. The X Championship scene is thrilling, and he's a mastermind of it.

    Daniella Kennedy: I mean, he's the boss. If he wants time, he can have it. But I definitely am interested to hear what he has to say!

    Blackbird holds in his hand a microphone and a sheet of paper. He calms the crowd down a bit inside the Citrus Bowl, which is just how heating up with excitement after just the first few matches.

    "Back ... in ... Business. Wow!"

    The crowd cheers as Blackbird looks around and smiles. He enjoys seeing everyone scream and cheer. But then his tone changes to more serious.

    Lord Vincent Takaab Blackbird: Had you asked me a few years ago if I'd EVER be at another Back in Business, then I'd likely say no. And I'd never think the FWA board would grant me power to be general ... manager ... of the FWA. But here I am, and now the FWA will enter a new era under my leadership and oversight.

    Now it's going to be ... a ruthless era. A hardcore era. An ... extreme ... era. It's the era of Lord Vincent Takaab Blackbird. If you've ever seen nGw ... if you've ever seen those shows and watched where so many of our current stars came from, started out ... you'll know how I operate. I want risk. I want ruthlessness. I want desire. I want people to do EVERYTHING they can, to break bones and shed blood. I want Fight Night and all of our pay-per-view shows to be ... dangerous.

    The crowd cheers everything Blackbird says. He's loving their enjoyment and feels connected to the crowd here in Orlando, Florida.

    Lord Vincent Takaab Blackbird: So ... I am out here to announce the NEXT dangerous ... ruthless ... bloody ... event. On the next Fight Night ... it'll be the return .. of the Elimination Chamber.

    The crowd pops loudly as Blackbird lets a few seconds pass to sink it in.

    Lord Vincent Takaab Blackbird: The winner of this six-person match, this brutal and malicious encounter, will have a World Championship match in the future, at any time of their choosing! And those six people ... are the last six eliminated ... in the Carnal Contendership match!

    The crowd pops as Blackbird gets into reading the names.

    Lord Vincent Takaab Blackbird: Gabrielle ... Montgomery.

    Crowd pops for the former Goddess and the multi-time World Champion.

    Lord Vincent Takaab Blackbird: ... Cyrus ... Truth.

    Another pop from the crowd as Cyrus, a three-time World Champion, is announced for the match.

    Lord Vincent Takaab Blackbird: "The Prodigy" ... Mike ... Parr.

    A mixed reaction for the reigning FWA North American Champion.

    Lord Vincent Takaab Blackbird: ... Krash!

    Another loud pop, this time for the challenger to the North American Championship later in this show.

    Lord Vincent Takaab Blackbird: ... "The Afflicted" ... Kayden ... Knox.

    The crowd boos louder for Knox than anyone else announced.

    Lord Vincent Takaab Blackbird: And ... "Amadeus" ... Kevin ... Cromwell.

    The crowd cheers as Blackbird nods his head. He's pleased with his work, and the crowd applauds the announcement.

    Lord Vincent Takaab Blackbird: Those six ... will compete ... in the Elimination Chamber. But ... as the general manager ... I have taken liberty to choose ... a seventh person. Why? Because quite honestly, I don't think there was enough HATE in your voices just now. I don't think there was enough disdain.

    So ... the seventh person in the match ... will be ...

    The long pause as the crowd anticipates. Everyone is waiting on pins and needles for the last name, a hand-picked contestant.

    Lord Vincent Takaab Blackbird: "THE CARNEGIE CARNIVORE" ... MICHAAAEL ... GARRRRCIAAAA!!!

    The crowd EXPLODES with boos as Blackbird smiles and drops the microphone right into the middle of the ring. He's proud of his work and decision-making ability, and Blackbird exits the ring with the same wry and devious smile on his face.

    Rod Sterling: I ... WOW!

    Christian Quinn: SEVEN MEN ... in Elimination Chamber. The last six eliminations from Carnal Contendership ... and Michael ... Garcia.

    Daniella Kennedy: Well ... I don't think anyone is as strong as Garcia. But you have Kayden Knox. Kevin Cromwell. Cyrus Truth. Mike Parr. Krash. Gabrielle Montgomery!

    Christian Quinn: That's the who's who of FWA talent right there.

    Blackbird raises his arms in the air and exits finally, as the crowd murmurs and discusses the announcement. The FWA logo appears on the PPV feed and the main screen in the stadium. Then the feed shifts to a promo for the next PPV. It'll occur in the spring.


    “Kick in the Door” begins to play but after a few seconds a record scratch is heard…

    “Gimme the Loot” by Notorious BIG now plays and after the intro of the song plays out and Biggie begins spitting his opening rhymes, the cameras catch Noah Stocke and Trevor Ocean making their way through the crowd while wearing their CWA Tag Team Championships around their waists as the music booms throughout the stadium. Noah and Trevor make their descent down some stairs while the fans around them go wild and try to take selfies with the wrestlers. Noah and Trevor stop at the bottom of the steps and soak it all in as they look out and around the arena, and then they finally hop over the guardrail and make their way to the ring.

    Daniella Kennedy: How fitting that they choose a song for this night where they look to take the loot from their opponents tonight

    Rod Sterling: The Elite have had the number of The Undisputed Alliance and they hope to continue that tonight on the big stage of FWA

    Christian Quinn: We should point out that those CWA championships that The Elite are carrying are NOT on the line in this match

    Noah and Trevor stand on the turnbuckles in the ring and pose, then hop off their respective turnbuckles and meet in the center of the ring…

    Smoke begins to fill the stage area near the entrance and on stage is the band I Prevail, and the opening to their song “Bow Down” begins to play before Eric Vanlerberghe of the band screams out…


    Then Jackson Fenix and Nate Savage of The Undisputed Alliance make their way out on stage along with. Britney Adams comes out on stage with them, but then Jackson instructs her to stay in the back for this one, and she obliges and heads to the back as the champions stand in between the band playing for them

    Christian Quinn: Here come the champions being accompanied by the band that sings their theme music, I Prevail! You spoke of how fitting it was for The Elite to have the music that they chose, well you can say the same for the champions because as the opening line so nicely put it they want everyone, especially The Elite, to get on their knees and bow down

    Rod Sterling: They are the champions and have been since they defeated The New Breed just a few months ago, and since then The Elite have returned on the scene and have been a thorn in the side of the champions

    Jackson and Nate pose together in the ring, but it doesn’t take long though for them to get serious and become focused on their opposition standing across from them as I Prevail finishes the song and begins exiting the stage while Kurt Harrington begins his announcements.

    Kurt Harrington: This next match is scheduled for one fall!

    Crowd: ONE FALL!

    Kurt Harrington: and it is for the FWA Tag Team Championship! Introducing first, the challengers, weighing in at a combined weight of 427 lbs and both of them are hailing from Vancouver, BC...Noah Stocke & Trevor Ocean...The Elite!

    Cheers from the fans for The Elite.

    Kurt Harrington: and their opponents, and weighing in at a combined weight of 476 pounds. One hails from Philadelphia, PA while the other hails from Las Vegas, NV and together they are the FWA Tag Team Champions...Nate Savage...Jackson Fenix...The Undisputed Alliance!

    Jackson holds up his championship towards The Elite and is already running his mouth, meanwhile Nate stares a hole through both of them. The Elite don’t phased or intimidated at all by either of their opponents as they hold up their championships back at Fenix before handing them off. It’ll be Nate Savage starting off with Noah Stocke…


    FWA Tag Team Championships
    The Undisputed Alliance (c) vs. The Elite

    Before Nate exits the corner he’s stopped by Fenix and he tells him something that seems to fire him up, and Savage explodes out of the corner on Noah and before Noah can even react he’s launched back to his corner with a massive running shoulder tackle and Nate pounds away at him in the corner with rights and lefts, but Nate is stopped as through the bottom rope Trevor Ocean stiffly kicks Nate on the back of the shin as Nate stumbles back some trying to hold on to his shin. Noah recovers and comes out of the corner but Nate fires back driving a back elbow square on the jaw of Noah that knocks Noah back some, but Nate grabs Noah by the head and hurls him across the ring near the opposite corner and Noah is crawling to the corner before he’s grabbed by Fenix who holds on to Noah for Nate...running corner cannonball senton!

    Rod Sterling: Nate Savage is absolutely fired up right now and living up to his name because he is being a savage to Noah Stocke!

    Daniella Kennedy: The Elite; Noah Stocke in particular assaulted the older sister of Britney Adams, Ashley Adams in the parking lot and apparently that’s what Nate was reminded of!

    Christian Quinn: The Elite said they wanted to motivate The Undisputed Alliance, but I think that may come back to haunt them because all they did was make it personal and made the champions angry!

    Nate drags a dazed Noah from the corner and has him in position for a package fallaway powerbomb, but Noahn tries to fight him off and attempts to counter but Nate’s weight is too much for him. Nate tries to hoist him up but Noah slips out of it and strikes with a headbutt stunning Nate on his feet and Noah attempts a snap suplex but Nate does manage to block it and counters with his own snap suplex! Nate then makes the tag to Fenix and Fenix comes in more aggressive as Noah is up on a knee and Fenix pulls down his one knee pad and runs the ropes and comes back to Noah with a vicious knee strike right to the nose! Blood splatters to the mat and Noah’s nose begins to run like a faucet but with blood pouring from it! Fenix isn’t through yet though as he mounts Noah on the mat and begins to deliver more punishment with several forearm smash strikes until the referee breaks it up and checks on Noah…

    Rod Sterling: I think Noah Stocke has a broken nose!

    Christian Quinn: It definitely looks swollen and it looks like he wants to continue despite it

    Daniella Kennedy: You were right in saying making it personal would come back to haunt them

    Noah does continue but makes a tag to Trevor Ocean, and now Ocean comes in looking pissed off and charges right at Fenix and the two men begin trading blows in the center of the ring! It’s similar to a hockey fight as neither man is willing to let up until Ocean gains the upper hand and drives knee to the midsection of Fenix. Ocean follows up with a european uppercut stunning Fenix and Ocean levels Fenix with a lariat that takes Fenix right off his feet, and Ocean drags him back over to his corner where he tags in Stocke and Ocean holds Fenix in the corner while Noah comes charging in from the opposite end and hits Fenix with a corner clothesline! Fenix is stunned in the corner and Noah strikes with a roundhouse kick! Fenix is slumped down in the corner now prime for the picking and Noah hits The Bees Knees! He drags Fenix from the corner and makes a cover…


    Fenix gets a shoulder up and Stocke drags him over to the corner and tags Ocean back in, and off the tag Ocean comes in and stomps away on Fenix while Noah holds him down until the referee breaks it up. Ocean drags Fenix away and then hoists him up and goes for a fireman’s carry cutter but Fenix slips off Ocean’s shoulders and stomps on the back of Ocean’s leg for good measure before hitting jumping snap neckbreaker from behind! Fenix quickly comes to and scurries over to his corner to make the tag to Savage and Savage runs in and lands a beautifully executed running senton on Ocean! Then he goes for the pin hooking the far leg…


    Ocean kicks out and Nate applies a rear chin lock to Ocean keeping him grounded, but Ocean fights away from it with several back headbutts that stun Nate. Ocean springs up and before Nate can even react accordingly, Ocean strikes with a superkick to the face! Blood flies from the mouth of Savage and then Ocean brings him up and hits a leg hook saito suplex followed by a pin…


    Daniella Kennedy: Looks like an eye for an eye but in this case a nose for a lip as Nate Savage is bleeding from the lip and blood also pouring from his mouth!

    Rod Sterling: This one is definitely personal and physical, they aren’t pulling any punches!

    Ocean tags Noah in and Noah begins to trash talk Nate and smacks him around some much to the dismay of the fans. Noah is still very much bleeding from the nose and blows some blood from his nose on to Nate before bringing him in and is attempting to hit him with a double underhook facebuster, but Nate counters and flips Noah over him to the canvas back first! Nate is fired up now and waits as Noah is coming back up and hits a vicious sleeper suplex! Noah is down and out but Nate isn’t done yet as he takes him back up and nails him with a sitout powerbomb into a pin…


    Noah with a shoulder up just in time! Nate waits as Noah stumbles up to his feet and Nate grabs him for a sleeper and tries his best to keep it locked in tight but Noah manages to counter with a reverse jawbreaker! Nate is stunned and stumbles back to his corner where Fenix makes the tag and Ocean tags himself in from Noah, and Fenix charges in at Ocean but Ocean ducks underneath and counters with a pele kick! Fenix is momentarily stunned and Ocean tries for Equivalent Exchange but Fenix counters and strikes with a forearm smash followed by a straight kick to the gut that drops Ocean to his knees and Savage comes back in to help deliver an in stereo superkick! Ocean is in a complete daze now but still on his knees and Fenix finishes him off with a shining wizard and makes the cover…

    One...two...THR-NO! It’s broken up by Stocke! Savage then goes in for the attack on Stocke but Noah stops him in his tracks with a knee to the gut and delivers several clubbing blows to the back of Savage who is doubled over. Savage looks up at Noah and spits blood at him towards his face and motions for him to bring it!

    Christian Quinn: With the corona virus around, I don’t think it’s safe to be spitting one's blood at another; especially in the face!

    Stocke drives an elbow to the dome of Savage but all that does is fire up the big man and he goes for a double leg takedown, and then lifts Stocke up on his shoulders looking for Undisputed as Fenix is coming in for the kill but Ocean trips up Fenix from behind with a clip of the knee dropping Fenix to one knee allowing Ocean to drive flush to Fenix! Meanwhile, Stocke has escaped from Savage’s grip and slides off his shoulders behind Savage and spins Savage around...Lion Heart! Wristlock transitioned into a short arm high knee and Savage is out! Ocean has Fenix up in position for a brainbuster and Noah hits a roundhouse kick to the back...Young Boy Killer! Ocean makes the cover hooking the far leg…


    Winners and NEW FWA Tag Team Champions: Trevor Ocean and Noah Stocke...The Elite!

    Rod Sterling: They did it! The Elite have done it! We have new tag team champions!

    Christian Quinn: That one was as personal and hard hitting as they come. The Elite have earned this hard fought victory.

    Daniella Kennedy: You can’t take anything away from The Undisputed Alliance though, they put up a hell of a fight but it just wasn’t enough to put away The Elite.

    The Elite take their newly won championships along with their CWA Tag Team Championships, and begin to gloat and celebrate outside of the ring while Nate remains in the ring checking on his partner. Jackson eventually comes to and sits up looking upset, as does Savage while they watch their opposition celebrate on stage.


    Rod Sterling
    : And, ladies and gentlemen, we're going to take a break from in-ring action here to show you some footage concerning former FWA Champion Bell Connelly...

    Christian Quinn: That's right, Rod, the multi-time Women's Champion released a statement to the FWA faithful just last week, stating she was not looking to return to the ring any time soon...

    Rod Sterling: But it seems some people don't want to take no for an answer...

    The VR clip came from a rather surprising source: inside what looks to be some kind of convention for musical theatre. The place was absolutely packed, with fans that didn't even have tickets turning up to get a chance to interact with some of their favorite performers, talk about their favorite shows on broadway, and try and pretend that whole 'Cats' thing was a collective bad dream. The camera cuts into an auditorium where a Q&A is taking place. The room is full of people sat in rows of folding chairs, facing a large stage. On this stage were two people: one was an old, professional-looking man in a three-piece suit (clearly the host asking a woman questions), and a woman that... well... she LOOKED a lot like the former World Champion Bell Connelly, but not how FWA knows her, most people watching would probably do a double-take at her radical transformation. For her entire career, Bell had been synonymous with her rather “interesting” choice of attire, often looking like a five-year-old dressed her, punctuated by a mane of white-blond hair but now? That blond hair is scraped back into a tight bun held under a snazzy little beret, a pair of glasses sat on her nose and... Dear God; She was wearing BLACK?! Clad in a jazzy little power suit, she sat there calmly in the middle of answering a question in a surprisingly calm and mature manner.

    Bell Connelly: "...I suppose from a drama perspective; I learned a lot about what it means to do scene work on an audio level because everything has to be so big when you do it so that you can feel it in your voice. We call it snowshoeing, because when you walk in snowshoes you, they have to walk in such an absurd way, and you have to do that on stage."

    Host: “That’s an interesting way to put it... Once again, we’re talking to Miss Bell Connelly, just coming off a six month run of Cabaret, aspiring broadway star, musician, star of stage and screen, and we're going to open up the audience to a few more questions. Does anyone have anything they’d like to ask Miss Connelly?"

    The camera cuts to the audience, where a line of people are queued up patiently in front of a microphone. The first awkwardly begins to ask her question.

    Woman 1: "Well, I was hoping to get your thoughts on working with the great Julie Taymor. I know she wrote and directed your most recent - -"

    ???: "Excuse me, Excuse me - -"

    The woman's question is cut off by a second voice, somewhere else in the auditorium. The assembled fans crane their neck trying to find its origin, and the camera does the same. It lingers on Connelly's reaction for a moment, confused, but enough recognition on her face to suggest she knows what she's dealing with. Eventually, the camera finds the source of the disturbance, a young blonde woman in baggy black clothes standing behind a second microphone. The people behind her, who had been patiently queueing up to ask Bell their pressing questions, all looked incredibly put out...

    MvH "Excuse me for interrupting, Bell, but I heard you were in town and wanted to just stop by and say, you know, HELLO!"

    Michelle takes the microphone out of its stand and begins to casually walk towards the stage. The camera shows the two people on it again, the man looking more and more confused with each step that this interloper takes towards him. He looks in two minds about whether he should shake her hand or call for security. Eventually, he plucks up the courage to enquire...

    Host: "Excuse you? Well, who in the - -"

    Bell Connelly raises a hand, pulling the microphone away from his lips.

    A confused frown started to form noticeably on Bell face on the stage, as she put her hand on the mic, and seemed to look off to the side having a subtle conversation with her public relation team, most likely having a minor meltdown but Bell makes a covert “Calm down” motion with her hand and seems to mouth the words “I don’t know, but I’ll take care of this” Before speaking into her mic uncertainty.

    Bell Connelly: “Um, hey, Michelle."

    Her tone is clearly confused as to why a girl she last met in 2016 was suddenly crashing her Q&A, but she’s been given no reason to be outwardly hostile for her She takes a moment to look around her surroundings and addressing the crowd.

    Bell Connelly: "Sorry guys, This is... kinda weird for me too... but this is someone who I knew a REALLY long time ago... that... actually, I have no idea. I’m sorry.”

    She laughed a little nervously clearly off her game by the surprise appearance.

    Bell Connelly: "Look, Michelle if you wanna catch up and talk... This is kinda a bad time, but we can meet after the show in the meantime... Can you maybe step back a little?"

    Around the room, many of the assembled audience have retrieved their phones and began to record the scene. We slowly zoom in onto the pair, Michelle standing, almost looming, whilst Bell awkwardly shuffles her weight around her chair.

    MvH: "No? Not here, Bell? When all of these fine, respectable types have come out just to see you? Their love of musical theatre says nothing whatsoever about their inability to settle for their banal, tuneless existence, I'm sure. And they've come for you, isn't it only right that you give them some of the drama they've come to expect?"

    She pauses, stood directly next to the host. Her eyes look at the chair he is sat on, and then a nod of her head indicates the path that he is to take. He gets up and exits the stage, allowing Michelle to take his seat.

    MvH: "But that's not the Bell Connelly that you've become, is it? Just look at you: well-adjusted and serene and normal. Do you enjoy what you've become, Connelly? The happy little housewife who sings and dances whilst her adoring fans throw coppers at her feet? And all-the-while you provide more evidence that the dark days are behind you, and yet a lifetime of evidence will not amount to proof."

    She pauses here, allowing her counterpart to think about the weight of her words. Her smile is cunning.

    MVH: "I'm not here for a fight, Bell, don't worry. You look as if you might go ahead and squirm right out of your skin. Calm down, princess. I'm just here to tell you that I'm not going to take no for an answer."

    There’s an uncomfortable silence in the crowd as things have taken a decidedly odd turn, and a room full of musical nerds, not used to the particular banter wrestlers are known the world over for, begin to mummer, sensing the tension in the room increase. Some people even begin to leave, because of how awkward the scene had become, and judging from her body language; she was feeling every bit as uncomfortable as Michelle clearly wants her to be. Shifting her shoulders away from Michelle as if trying to move away from Michelle as much as she possibly could while remaining sitting in place, she wasn’t fearful or at least didn’t seem to be, more bemused by the entire event, a mixture of bemusement and mild irritation, a singular eyebrow raised towards Michelle as if to say “Are you seriously doing this right now?” and seemed to start making motions for security, as she massaged her temples incredulous.

    Bell Connelly: “What...? Are-- are you cutting a promo right now?!”

    Bell is clearly not fully able to compute Michelle’s metaphors or whatever point she was trying to get across, looked quite frankly confused by everything that was going on.

    Bell Connelly: “I’m-- I’m sorry, I’m meant to know what you’re talking about? Because I gotta be honest, I don’t; I really don’t. Did I do something to you? Have I annoyed you somehow? Because we’ve met exactly one time. Nearly five years ago, I’m not really sure... what... what--"

    Bell Connelly sighs almost in frustration, unable to articulate her confusion.

    Bell Connelly: “... What you want. You’re here talking about copper and housewives and talking like you don’t think I’m happy? Is that what this is about? You don’t think I’m happy? Well, I am; and for the first time in a long time. I can say that honestly. So thank you for your concern. But... and this is going to come off rude, but if you don’t have a point, or tell me what you want without speaking in riddles. You need to leave the stage."


    Bell Connelly: “Please?"

    There's an eerily long pause in the room, punctuated only by a few camera flashes. Eventually, Michelle lifts the microphone and punctures the silence.

    MvH: "My dear, there is no need to be anxious. I've told you, I'm not here for a fight. I don't think this building is particularly well set up for a brawl, and the people who are here to see you look as weak-stomached as they do pasty white. They have no appetite for this."

    She pauses to look down at the front row, a handful of middle aged security man assembling by the stage steps. They seem to debating whether an attempt should be made to remove her.

    MvH: "And look how many have come! There must be what, two, three hundred people in this room?! This must make a nice change of pace from sixty, seventy, hell even eighty thousand people screaming your name? Much, well, safer."

    The foremost of the security men has stepped up onto the bottom step, and Michelle took this as a sign that her time was up. She stood, moving around Bell and towards the other side of the stage and a second set of steps.

    MvH: "We are all waiting for you Bell, when you realize how hollow all of this is. Our one meeting, yes, when I nearly snapped your ankle in two and you, well, gave up. You can hide behind our one physical meeting, if you like, but you know there's much more to it than that. You know what I speak of: I am not a person, I am a time. Before all of this. Before the bright star of Bell Connelly was forced to dimly illuminate an auditorium half-full of, well, whatever the fuck these people are."

    She begins to leave the stage, the security men willing to let her leave by her own will.

    MvH: "This is only going to get worse, Bell. We'll be meeting again, and sooner rather than later. Throw yourself in. You don't have a chance."

    She drops the microphone and the camera follows her leaving the auditorium, before cutting to a close-up of Bell Connelly, who blinks at the lens. We return to the arena where, after a quick pan across the audience, we settle on Sterling, Quinn, and Kennedy.

    Rod Sterling: Interesting scenes, I'm sure you'll agree, and I guess we will have to wait and see how that situation between Bell Connelly and Michelle von Horrowitz develops.

    Christian Quinn: And we'll see von Horrowitz compete next in the six-person, X Division Championship match.

    A graphic appears on the screen, showing all six of the wrestlers in the upcoming match: ‘Amadeus’ Kevin Cromwell, ‘The Wildcard’ Jason Randall, ‘The Artist of Chaos’ Eli Black, MvH, Gerald Grayson, and ‘The Man of the Hour’ Donovan Moore.

    Daniella Kennedy: And, as per Lord Vincent's orders, this and every other X Division Championship match will be contested under X Rules, where there are no disqualifications, no countouts, and falls count anywhere.

    We return to our three announcers, sat behind their desk and addressing the camera.

    Christian Quinn: You'd have to think that this puts a wrestler like Kevin Cromwell at a disadvantage, his style more traditional and technical then some of his competitors like Jason Ra...

    Rod Sterling: I’m sorry to interrupt, Christian, but I’m being told that we are going to have to go to a camera crew who are in the backstage area…

    We cut to live video footage from the back, where Jason Randall is taking it to Kevin Cromwell in the locker room area. Randall showers Cromwell with a series of forearms and straight right hands, Amadeus struggling to throw up a guard and reflect some of the blows.

    Daniella Kennedy: These two are scheduled to be a part of the multi-man match for the X-Division Championship, but it looks like they’re wasting no time in getting things started!

    Randall lifts Cromwell up and attempts to Irish Whip him into a nearby wall, but Amadeus manages to reverse and sends the Wildcard into the concrete! He follows up with two forearms and a knee strike to the Wildcard’s midriff, before taking Randall over with a snapmare. He locks in a chinlock, transitions into a bodyscissors, and then rolls the Wildcard over to lock in an arm bar.

    Christian Quinn: Even when brawling in the back, Kevin Cromwell is a consummate professional!

    Rod Sterling: But we’re going to have to cut away from this and to a second camera crew, who I believe are following a separate situation…

    The feed cuts to images from the canteen area, as Michelle von Horrowitz and Eli Black trade strikes, backstage officials and enhancement talent attempting to get out of their way. Black lifts a big knee into von Horrowitz’s sternum, and then throws her over a nearby table! She hits the ground hard, and Black takes a moment to get his breath back.

    Christian Quinn: It looks like it’s breaking down all over this building amongst the X-Championship contenders!

    Daniella Kennedy: But this match has to begin in the ring - this hasn’t even officially started yet!

    Black strides over to the table that he just threw MvH over, but as he begins to step over it he eats a steel chair shot to the head! Black falls backwards onto the floor and von Horrowitz is on him with a flurry of right hands.

    Again the feed cuts and this time we’re taken to what looks like gorilla position, and Gerald Grayson is unloading on Donovan Moore, a series of lefts and rights staggering the Man of the Hour back towards a nearby desk. Grayson unloads a handful of chops, before putting Moore into position for a uranage slam. Donovan fights out of it, nailing a couple of elbow strikes to Grayson’s head, causing a bit of separation… and Moore takes him down with a lariat!

    Rod Sterling: It appears these six had the same idea here tonight, looking to take out one of their opponents before the match has even started…

    Christian Quinn: This is the sort of workplace environment that Lord Vincent is trying to cultivate? This isn’t sustainable, Sterling, mark my words!

    We’re back with Jason Randall, who has Kevin Cromwell in a headlock, marching him down a corridor. Eventually, he throws him ahead, Cromwell rolling onto all fours, and Randall hits a series of rapid fire stomps to his opponent’s head. Randall is fired up, beating his chest and retrieving a steel chair. He folds it up, lifting it way above his head, intending to bring it down over Cromwell’s cranium… but Amadeus reverses with a standing drop kick! The chair bounces off the Wildcard’s skull!

    Daniella Kennedy: You have to ask yourself how many of these six will even make it to the ring tonight?

    We’re back with Black and von Horrowitz, with the Artist rocking her with a series of European Uppercuts. She’s backed up towards a fire door, and Black hits her with a pair of headbutts. He takes a few steps away from von Horrowitz… and spears her through the door! The pair of them spill out onto the floor of a concourse, food and drink vendors taken aback by the sudden interruption. A series of fans stop in their tracks and gather around Black and von Horrowitz, playing up for the cameras…

    Rod Sterling: These are the kind of once in a lifetime experiences available at Back in Business! Some fans treated to some impromptu front row action!

    Black is on her like a flash, raining down right and left hands, Michelle throwing up a hasty guard and eventually managing to throw him off her. She scrambles to her feet… but Black throws a drink over her! One of the fans is happy to donate his beverage to the cause! Von Horrowitz recoils and Eli is instantly on her, lifting her with a fireman’s carry and then throwing her down with a backbreaker!

    We cut once more to Cromwell, who has Randall in a sharpshooter submission… Randall is attempting to crawl towards a steel chair, clearly planning to fight his way out of it… but Cromwell manoeuvres into a single-leg Boston Crab… Randall screams out in pain as Cromwell wrenches back on the hold…

    And again the feed changes as we pick up Grayson and Moore, the two still battling it out at gorilla. Donavon nails a half dozen forearm strikes, and then picks up a nearby trash can. He smashes Grayson over the head with it, and Gerald falls back through a black curtain…

    Rod Sterling: And it seems at least two of our X-Division Championship competitors are going to make it to the ring tonight, as finally Gerald Grayson and Donovan Moore find their way into the arena…

    Christian Quinn: But this one can’t start until all six are in the ring… this is carnage…

    Daniella Kennedy: Exactly as the Blackbird would’ve wanted, I’m sure…

    Indeed, Moore and Grayson have appeared on the stage, continuing to trade blows. Moore gets the upper hand, and he applies a front face lock, looking as if he’s going to suplex Grayson off the stage… but Grayson drops down to one knee to block it. Moore releases the hold and goes for a big clothesline instead. Gerald ducks it, doubles Moore over with a boot to the midsection, and then drops him on the stage with a DDT!

    We’re taken away from that battle and to Kevin Cromwell, who is pulling Randall along by the hair. They’re brawling somewhere in the backstage area and, after a couple of stiff European uppercuts from Amadeus, he goes into a rear waist lock, and takes the Wildcard over with a German suplex! Cromwell is straight back to work, hoisting Randall up by the scruff of his neck, and throwing him through a nearby set of double doors. The camera cuts to inside the arena, Randall falling through an entrance and onto the floor, immediately surrounded by a group of fans. Cromwell follows him into the arena and nails a stomp, the audience getting behind Amadeus, and the man from Manchester picks Randall up again, marching him down the stairs.

    Rod Sterling: It looks like Cromwell is trying to direct the Wildcard back towards the ring.

    Christian Quinn: That’s not a surprising move and definitely a good strategy for Amadeus. The ring is where he feels most comfortable.

    Cromwell looks to launch Randall down the stairs and in the direction of the ring, but the Wildcard reverses and sends Amadeus hurtling to the ground. We cut away to MvH and Eli Black, who are still in the concourse area. Black is charging towards a staggered von Horrowitz, but she manages to reach for a steel food tray and clock the Artist with it! There’s a head-shaped dent in it when she drops it to the ground, and she’s quick to grab both of Black’s arms and drop him head-first onto the tray with a double-arm underhook DDT!

    Rod Sterling: I’m not sure Black and von Horrowitz are ever going to find their way into the arena…

    Christian Quinn: That’s perfectly fine with me, Rod. Anything that keeps this CWA interloper away from our championship belts…

    Von Horrowitz takes a few deep breaths before getting to her feet, grabbing Black by the hair and pulling him over to a nearby table. She attempts to drive his head into the wood, but Black blocks it with outstretched hands, before nailing a series of elbow strikes into her sternum to cause some separation. He grabs Michelle by the throat, lifts her clean off her feet, and throws her through the table with a choke slam! He instantly stumbles back onto the ground, struggling for breath, the crowd erupting into an FWA chant...

    Back inside the area, Gerald Grayson is attempting to fight out of a headlock on the stage area. Donovan Moore wrenches back on the hold, but Grayson is resilient, and eventually he manages to hoist Moore up with a belly-to-back suplex, throwing him down onto the steel stage. By this point, an official has appeared on the stage area, and he is remonstrating with Grayson, instructing him to take his opponent back towards the ring. Grayson nods, and he lifts Moore up by the hair, beginning to walk him down the entrance ramp.

    Rod Sterling: It looks like the FWA officials are finally trying to take some control back and get this one started…

    As we see Gerald Grayson launch Donovan Moore into a set of steel ring steps, behind them in the audience we see that Jason Randall has backed Kevin Cromwell up into the steel barricade, reeling off a series of knife edge chops to the chest and forearms to the head. The pair of them are still in the crowd, until the Wildcard launches himself at Cromwell, sending both men over the barricade and into the ring-side area with a clothesline. Gerald Grayson is straight over to the two newcomers, lifting Cromwell up and Irish whipping him into a steel ring post… but then he turns round into a big shoulder tackle from Jason Randall! The Wildcard beats his chest and the crowd gets behind him instantly…

    Daniella Kennedy: Definitely one of the fan favorites, this Orlando crowd is firmly behind Jason Randall!

    Christian Quinn: For now, Daniella… but people are notoriously fickle. And fan support doesn’t necessarily translate to success within the ropes…

    Daniella Kennedy: That’s if these six ever get within the ropes…

    Two more referees have come down to the ring, attempting to encourage the four wrestlers that have made it this far to take it inside so the match can get started. Randall lifts Grayson up, rolling him into the ring, before proceeding to search beneath the apron for various goodies…

    But the camera cuts away from Jason and towards the stage, where von Horrowitz and Black have appeared. The Artist is swinging a chair freely, hitting Michelle four times over the back with the steel. Each time, MvH stumbles and falls down the entrance ramp, towards the ring. Near the ring, Moore has got to his feet, and he notes von Horrowitz stumbling towards him. He charges at her, at the same moment that Black hoists up the chair for another swing… MvH dives out of the way, and the Artist brings the steel down hard over Moore’s head! Black stands back up, and eats a spinning heel kick from von Horrowitz! The chair is sent into his face and he goes down on the ramp.

    After a few deep breaths, von Horrowitz picks up the Man of the Hour and rolls him into the ring. She attempts to follow him in, but Gerald Grayson grabs her foot, pulling her back onto the floor in the ring-side area and nailing her with a couple of European uppercuts, before whipping her back first into one of the barricades. On the other side of the ring, Jason Randall is taking a kendo stick to Kevin Cromwell, chasing him around the ring with it. Eventually, Amadeus rolls under the bottom rope and Randall follows him in… but as the Wilcard gets up, he’s taken down by a drop toe hold from Cromwell. Meanwhile, Grayson throws von Horrowitz into the ring and then attempts to slide in himself… but across comes Eli Black, who hits him with a baseball slide. Grayson stumbles back into Donovan Moore, who is just getting back to his feet. He takes Gerald by the scruff of his neck and throws him twice, back-first, into the apron. He quickly slides beneath the bottom rope, pulls Grayson up onto the apron, and then suplexes him into the ring…

    Rod Sterling: And finally all six of these competitors are in the ring, and the officials can start this match…

    Christian Quinn: That’s right, Rod, and this one is carnage already! We have three officials down here to keep up with the action and the counts, and finally the X Division Championship is ready to be handed to its new owner…

    Finally, the bell rings, and the six wrestlers - already in various states of disrepair - each climb to their feet.

    X Championship Match
    (X match rules: no countout, no DQ, falls or submissions anywhere)
    "The Wildcard" Jason Randall vs. "The Man of the Hour" Donovan Moore vs. Michelle von Horowitz vs. "Amadeus" Kevin Cromwell vs. Gerald Grayson vs. "The Artist" Eli Black

    Immediately after the Bell rings, Eli Black throws Gerald Grayson over the top rope and follows him out. Simultaneously, Michelle von Horrowitz and Jason Randall have fought over to the ropes, and the Wildcard takes them both over to the outside with a clothesline, where the two are straight back to their feet to trade blows. In the ring, Kevin Cromwell lifts Donovan Moore to his feet, backing him up into the corner with a series of knife edge chops. The match is essentially chaos for the first few minutes, with the six competitors fighting in pairs, inside and outside of the ring, using their surroundings as weapons and - given the amount of people around to break them up - very few pinfall attempts taking place.

    At one point, Randall throws MvH over the steel steps and begins to tear apart the Indonesian announce table, but before he can follow up he’s taken down with a belly-to-belly suplex from Grayson. We see chaotic moments of barbarism, hastily cut together as the announce team and camera crew struggle to keep up with the action. We view Cromwell being thrown into the timekeeper’s zone by Eli Black, who proceeds to pummel and stomp him. We see Michelle von Horrowitz clock Black with the ring bell before being clotheslined over the barricade and into the crowd by Donovan Moore. We observe Gerald Grayson take a ladder from under the ring and drive it into Jason Randall’s sternum before discarding it and eating a kendo stick strike from Black. And we witness Moore take a steel chair from under the ring, unwind, and cream Kevin Cromwell upside the cranium with it. He throws the chair down and beats his chest… but when he turns around, MvH leaps off the steel steps and takes him down with a hurricanrana!

    She has no chance to celebrate her work, though, as Jason Randall comes flying through the middle and top rope, taking her over with a suicide dive. The camera follows the two of them as Randall begins to take her up the entrance ramp, hitting her with the occasional forearm or headbutt as they go. The other four continue to go at it near the ring, but we’re with the Wildcard and MvH as Randall doubles her over with a boot to the midsection. He applies a front facelock and takes her over on the stage with a front suplex. He goes for a cover, and one of the officials is there to count…


    TW - NO!

    Von Horrowitz gets a shoulder up, and Randall goes back to work. He lifts her up and Irish whips her into a wall next to the entrance to the stage, proceeding to pummel her with lefts and rights to the midsection… We cut back to the ring area, where Eli Black is clearing house with a steel chair. He takes out Grayson on the outside of the ring before rolling under the bottom rope, finding Cromwell and Moore in a collar and elbow tie up. He breaks it up by bringing the foreign object down onto Moore's back, and then thrusts the top of the chair into Cromwell's stomach. Kevin is keeled over… and Black brings the steel down onto his back! He attempts a cover on Amadeus…




    Grayson rolls back into the ring to break it up. Meanwhile, up on the stage, Jason Randall has retrieved a table from… somewhere… and is setting it up. Once it's standing he grabs MvH by the hair and drags her over to it, trying to throw her face down onto the wood. Michelle checks her momentum, before throwing a few elbow strikes into Randall to cause separation. Von Horrowitz slickly goes behind into a rear waist lock… and takes Randall over with a German suplex! She doesn't think about the cover, instead lifting Randall back up again and rolling him onto the table…

    Rod Sterling:This match is only five minutes old and already the furniture is coming into play…

    Daniella Kennedy: You were promised chaos, Rod. Chaos is what you'll get!

    Michelle is reaching around amongst the Back in Business set, looking for a foothold. Eventually she finds one, and begins a steady ascent. She makes her way to a ledge high above the stage and Randall's prone body, atop the large second 's' in the 'Back in Business' stage design…

    Rod Sterling: She must be fifteen, maybe twenty feet in the air!

    Von Horrowitz takes one deep, calming breath, and then throws herself off her perch… She rotates through the air, a beautiful Swanton dive taking place… But no!! Randall moves out of the way at the last moment!!

    Daniella Kennedy: Talk about crashing and burning!

    Christian Quinn: It doesn’t take a genius to see that that was a stupid play… Michelle von Horrowitz might be out of this one!

    The crowd erupt into another FWA chant as Randall crawls back over to von Horrowitz, taking far too long in going for the cover…



    T - NO!!

    Von Horrowitz gets a shoulder up, and we cut away from the stage and back to the ring. Kevin Cromwell and Gerald Grayson are circling it (Eli Black and Donovan Moore out of sight and out of mind for the time-being) before the two of them come together with a collar and elbow tie up. Cromwell seems the stronger man, backing Grayson up slightly, but Gerald quickly moves behind into a rear waist lock. He looks as if he’s about to take Cromwell over with a German suplex, but Amadeus blocks it by placing his foot behind Grayson’s calf. Cromwell goes for an elbow strike to the side of Gerald’s head, but Grayson catches it and transitions into a hammer lock. He wrenches the hold for a second, but Cromwell is able to move behind Grayson and into a hammer lock of his own… He transitions into a headlock, and then uses his body to put Grayson down on the mat with a judo throw. Gerald lifts both legs up, however, and wraps them around Cromwell’s head, pulling him out of the headlock and into a head scissors of his own. Cromwell manages to maneuver himself so that he’s on his knees, still in the head scissors, before he moves into a head stand, and then propels himself back onto his feet and out of the hold. Grayson is sat up, and he eats a basement drop kick to the chops! Gerald rolls quickly back to his feet and charges at Amadeus, going for a clothesline… Cromwell ducks it and rolls up his opponent with a schoolboy…




    Grayson gets a shoulder up and the two are quickly back to his feet. Gerald tries a straight right hand, but Cromwell catches his arms, transitions behind, and executes a backslide…




    Again Grayson kicks out and the two are back to their feet again. They charge at one another, Cromwell swiftly throwing himself up onto Grayson’s back and rolling him up with a crucifix…




    Once more, there’s a kick out, and it looks as if Cromwell wants to go for roll-up number four… but Black has slid back into the ring, and he simply throws a chair at Amadeus, the steel connecting with his head and sending him to the mat. Gerald turns around and eats a big boot!

    Rod Sterling: It looks as if Kevin Cromwell forgot that this was an X Rules match…

    Christian Quinn:Don’t worry, there’s plenty of people around to remind him…

    Black picks Grayson up once more and doubles him over with a boot to the midsection. He throws himself off a nearby set of ropes and nails a swinging neckbreaker! He quickly goes in for the cover.




    This time, Moore is there to slide under the bottom rope and break up the pinfall attempt. He picks up Eli and the two begin to go back and forth. We cut away, and back to the entrance ramp, where Randall and von Horrowitz are back to their feet. The Wildcard is leading MvH down the entrance ramp by the hair, pausing ocassionally to hit a European uppercut, and the two are again approaching the ring… but before they can get to it, Donovan Moore appears from nowhere and takes them both out with a suicide dive! All three competitors go sprawling to the ground!

    Christian Quinn: What the ...

    Rod Sterling: Where did The Man of the Hour come from?!

    We cut to a replay that shows Moore and Black exchanging blows in the ring. Black backs him up to a set of ropes and whips him into the opposite set. Moore ducks the attempted clothesline, continues his momentum and throws himself through the ropes onto von Horrowitz and Randall with the suicide dive!

    Back in real time, Moore, Von Horrowitz, and Randall are finding their way to their feet. They all turn back towards the ring, almost in unison, to see that Black is now stood on the apron with his back to them. Without thinking, he launches himself off with a moonsault, crashing into all three competitors! Again, we’re shown a replay of the dive, and when we come back to the live footage we see Moore, MvH, the Wildcard, and the Artist of Chaos making their way to their feet on the outside… and Gerald Grayson steadying himself on the top rope! He throws himself off the top rope with a picture perfect cross-body, landing on his four opponents! He gets up to a huge pop from the crowd, he beats his chest and picks Randall up, throwing him back into the ring. He looks like he’s about to follow him in, when he eats a baseball slide from Amadeus and falls backwards over the heap of people he just created…

    In the ring, Cromwell lifts Randall up, and begins to hit a series of suplexes, throwing the Wildcard across the ring. First, he nails a double arm underhook suplex, and then a vertical delayed. Thirdly, he hits a fisherman’s suplex, bridging for a cover....




    Randall gets a shoulder up, but Cromwell doesn’t look the least bit surprised or frustrated. He hoists the Wildcard up and puts him in a bearhug, looking as if he’s going for a belly-to-belly suplex… but no! Randall breaks out of it with a well-placed thumb to Amadeus’s eye. Jason Randall backs him up to the ropes with a series of headbuts, before Irish whipping Amadeus into the opposite set. The Wildcard goes for a clothesline, but Cromwell ducks it and continues to the ropes again. Amadeus goes for a huge lariat of his own, but Randall ducks out of the way. Cromwell turns into a boot to the midsection… Snakes Eyes! Cromwell eats the stunner and hits the mat. Randall has no time to think, though, as von Horrowitz slides in near a corner and charges at him, going for a busaiku knee kick… no, Randall dodges it, and MvH turns around into another Snakes Eyes! Gerald Grayson and Donovan Moore enter the ring from opposite sides and both converge on Randall, each going for a clothesline. The Wildcard throws himself out of the way and the two butt heads in the middle of the ring. Grayson turns into a boot to the sternum and a Snakes Eyes! And a fourth one for Moore!

    Rod Sterling: The Wildcard is on fire here! He’s laid out essentially the entire field!

    Christian Quinn: But he should be going for a cover, not beating his chest and pandering to the crowd…

    Rod Sterling:It’s Back in Business, Christian: these moments don’t come along too often, and Randall is making the most of this one!

    Finally, after eating up the atmosphere for what feels like a lifetime, he goes for a cover on Donovan Moore…



    T - - NO!

    Eli Black is into the ring to break up the count. Most of the competitors have rolled under the bottom rope to recuperate, but Black goes on the offensive, lifting Randall up and throwing him into a corner. The Wildcard hits it hard and stumbles back towards the Artist… who takes him over with a big back body drop, Jason Randall landing onto Donovan Moore’s prone body! Eli Black picks randall up by the scruff of his beck and throws him over the top rope, before covering the Man of the Hour…




    Moore gets a shoulder up. Black takes a moment to remonstrate with the referee, before focusing his attention back on Donovan Moore, slapping him in a chin lock. Outside of the ring, Michelle von Horrowitz and Kevin Cromwell are exchanging forearm strikes. It looks as if Amadeus has the better of the exchange and, when MvH stumbles back, he grabs her by the hair and throws her face-first into the announce table! He begins to climb onto the table, on unsteady legs, clearly fatigued by the mayhem…

    … We cut to the other side of the ring, where Jason Randall is collecting some hardware. He has thrown the ladder used earlier into the ring, along with a table that he's retrieved from beneath the apron. He finds two more, and begins to set them up next to each other by the entrance ramp…

    We go back to MvH and Cromwell. The Englishman is holding her dead weight up, perhaps looking for a uranage slam onto the announce table. But MvH has other ideas, nailing a trio of elbow strikes to the side of his head. It causes some separation, and she follows up with a boot to the midsection. She places Amadeus' head between her legs, hooks both arms, hoists him up, and…

    Rod Sterling: Tiger Driver '98! Through the announce table!!

    Christian Quinn: But it doesn't look like von Horrowitz is able to follow up! She is spent!

    The camera shows the pair of them in a heap by the exploded announce table. Then, we cut to Randall, who has entered the ring with a kendo stick. He interrupts Black and Moore's chain wrestling with a few sharp right hands to both competitors. Donovan Moore is grounded and instantly rolls over to the side of the ring, and Black hits the mat, giving the Wildcard time to set up his third table near one of the corners. After doing so, he notes Black climbing back to his feet, and charges off a nearby set of ropes…

    ...but as he hits them, Grayson - from outside the ring - grabs his feet and he stumbles. Gerald pulls Randal out of the ring, takes him by the neck, and throws him face first into the steel steps! Grayson takes a deep breath, rolls into the ring, and sizes up Eli Black.

    Grayson and Black start to trade blows, and eventually it looks as if Eli has the upper hand. He backs Gerald up into a corner and goes for another big right hand. Grayson ducks it and unloads on Black, a torrent of straight right hands, forearm strikes, and European uppercuts. Black falls to a seated position in the corner and Grayson stomps a mudhole in him, before hoisting him up to his feet by his hair and nailing a neckbreaker.

    Rod Sterling: And now it looks like Gerald Grayson has the upper hand in this one, but we’ve seen already that such an advantage doesn’t last long.

    Daniella Kennedy: It looks as if Grayson is surveying the hardware in the ring. We still have a table set up towards the corner, but Gerald is sizing up that ladder that Randall brought into the ring…

    Indeed, Gerald Grayson notes Eli Black’s prone position and begins to erect and climb up the ladder. The match has taken its toll on Grayson, and each step seems to take an eternity. He’s two thirds of the way up the ladder, when he notices that Michelle von Horrowitz has climbed up to the apron…

    Rod Sterling: What did I tell you? It looks like MvH has other ideas…

    Von Horrowitz springboards to the top rope, and flies through the air towards the ladder and Grayson… It looks like she’s going for a springboard hurricanrana from the ladder…

    Daniella Kennedy: No! Grayson shows impressive strength and balance there, he catches Michelle von Horrowitz… and lifts her up into a powerbomb position…

    Grayson just throws von Horrowitz from his position two thirds of the way up the ladder towards the table in the corner… MvH crashes through it! Sawdust flies everywhere as von Horrowitz lies amongst the debris… The crowd launches into a ‘HOLY SHIT!’ chant…

    Rod Sterling: Did you see that?! Von Horrowitz could be finished!!

    Grayson takes a few moments to compose himself, but the moment’s respite has given Eli Black enough time to get to his feet. He begins climbing up the other side of the ladder, trying to cut Grayson off at the pass. The two of them are at the top of the ladder, trading blows, each looking as if he might lose his grip and crash down to the mat. Black has the upper hand, and he nails Grayson with a vicious looking headbutt… Gerald teeters on the top of the ladder, holding it with only one hand and leaning backwards...

    … but Kevin Cromwell has reappeared at the foot of the ladder. He begins to push it, both men at the top suddenly realising what direction they are headed in. The ladder topples over and Grayson and Black go flying over the top rope, through the two tables set up earlier in the match!

    Daniella Kennedy: Where did Cromwell come from?! You need eyes in the back of your head in this match…

    Amadeus is down on one knee from the exertion. Eventually, he clears some space in the ring by folding away the ladder and pushing it beneath the bottom rope. He pulls von Horrowitz away from the shattered table in the corner and hooks a leg…



    TH - - NO!!

    Jason Randall is back in the ring, throwing himself on top of Cromwell and MvH with a double axe handle, breaking up the count! Randall and Cromwell are on their knees, sucking in deep lungfuls of oxygen. Von Horrowitz rolls out of dodge, under the bottom rope and onto the floor, where she remains for the time-being. Cromwell and Randall both climb to their feet, before proceeding to exchange forearm after forearm with each other in the middle of the ring…

    Rod Sterling: We are back with the two that kicked this one off, brawling in the backstage area…

    Christian Quinn: And if you look around at the disaster zone these two might be the only ones left in this…

    Randall is clearly winning the forearm exchange, and so Cromwell changes tactic. He blocks a forearm and the hits a low spin kick, doubling Randall over. Amadeus applies a front face lock, transitions into a hammer lock, and then a sleeper hold. Randall looks to be fading, but the crowd get behind him, stamping their feet and clapping hands in unison to will the Wildcard back to life. He fights his way back to one knee… And then to his feet…. He backs Cromwell to the ropes and then throws him to the opposite set. Randall goes for a big clothesline, Cromwell ducks it and moves into a full nelson…

    Rod Sterling: "Champagne Supernova!!"

    Daniella Kennedy: "Kevin Cromwell gets all of the dragon suplex!"

    Rod Sterling:"But Cromwell isn't done there. He rolls through, into his Amadeus Requiem!"

    Daniella Kennedy:"He's got the double chicken wing locked in tight, and nobody is around to break it up!"

    Cromwell's face is pure focus as he wrenches back on the hold, Jason Randall screaming out in pain… One of the officials is monitoring the situation closely, keeping an eye on both of Randall’s hands… The ref is asking the Wildcard verbally, audible as the camera gets close, if he wants to throw in the towel… We cut to Eli Black and Gerald Grayson, who are out for the count amongst the debris of two broken tables, paramedics checking on Grayson who clearly bore the brunt of the impact… And then MvH, outside the ring and stirring but in no position to interrupt… Cromwell lets out a war cry in exertion as he wrenches even further on both of Randall's arms… The referee asks Jason Randall if he wants to submit…

    … Just as Donovan Moore enters the ring, bringing a steel chair crashing over Amadeus' back! Cromwell slumps forward, relinquishing the hold. Moore stumbles around, struggling to support his own weight, and drops the chair. He uses the ropes for support and takes a handful of deep breaths, eyeing up Amadeus and the Wildcard. Eventually, he moves over to Randall and hoists him up, dragging him over to the chair in the process. He places Randall in a front face lock… DDT onto the chair!! Moore rolls Randall onto his back and hooks both legs…



    THR - - NO!!!

    At the last possible moment, MvH is in to make the save, throwing her body weight onto Donovan Moore's back! For what seems like several minutes, all six competitors lie on the mat, each an absolute mess, the crowd electrifying as they reach fever pitch and show their support for the six wrestlers in and around the ring.

    Rod Sterling: "Scintillating action here in this X Division Championship match!!"

    Eventually, at great length, von Horrowitz has made her way to her feet. First, she uncovers the turnbuckle corner in one corner, exposing the middle steel ring, and then rolls out beneath the bottom rope. She begins to search under the apron, the crowd sitting on the edge of their seats as they anticipate what is still to come. Eventually, she finds what she's looking for in the form of a white canvass bag. She places it under the bottom rope and rolls into ring. She lifts it up again and pours its contents out onto the mat…. thousands of thumb tacks! The crowd appreciate the upping of the ante as von Horrowitz discards the empty bag and turns to survey the field…

    Kevin Cromwell is beginning to stir, so she hoists him up and drags him towards her tacks. She doubles him over with a boot to the midsection and hooks both of his arms…

    Rod Sterling: "She's already driven Cromwell through an announce table once with this move, now she is looking to hit the Tiger Driver '98 onto the tacks!"

    Christian Quinn:
    "This is madness! Somebody needs to step in and put a stop to this!"

    Michelle tries to hoist Cromwell up, but he drops to a knee to block it. With one huge exertion of effort, he lifts von Horrowitz up and over with a HUGE back body drop! Von Horrowitz lands on her back in her own thumb tacks! She writhes in agony and rolls out of them, towards the bottom rope so she can't be covered. Cromwell drops to a knee, unable to capitalize, as Eli Black finally begins to show signs of life. With great difficulty he slides yet another table into the ring and rolls in after it. He stumbles over to Cromwell, taking him by the scruff of his neck and launching his head into the exposed steel ring that MvH uncovered earlier. He doesn't let go, launching Cromwell between the second and third ropes between the second and third rope. Amadeus crashes hard onto the discarded ladder. The camera briefly shows a thin trickle of blood on the head of a dazed Cromwell, lying in the outside. Black proceeds to set his table up, upright in the corner.

    Daniella Kennedy: "I'm surprised Black is even able to move after falling from that ladder through those tables with Gerald Grayson…"

    Christian Quinn:
    "It's almost as if Grayson broke his fall…"

    Rod Sterling: "
    All six of these athletes have shown incredible resilience here tonight…"

    Black lifts up Jason Randall and lays into him with a pair of forearms, before doubling him over with a boot to the midsection. Black hoists Randall up into a powerbomb position, but the Wildcard begins to fight out of it with a series of straight right hands... Black drops Randall and the Artist stumbles towards the table himself... In comes Donovan Moore once again, who rocks the Wildcard with a huge chairshot to the head!

    Rod Sterling: "Jason Randall is busted wide open!"

    Moore drops the chair and pulls Randall's head between his legs, lifts him up, and piledrivers him onto the chair! Jason Randall is out cold! Moore gets back to his feet, and charges at Eli Black, who ducks the attempted clothesline. Donovan manages to check his momentum before he hits the table… But turns around into a huge spear from Black, through the table!!

    Christian Quinn: "Oh my God! There will be nothing left of these wrestlers by the time we have a winner!"

    Rod Sterling:
    "All six of them are down and out!"

    The crowd are going wild once again, with Gerald Grayson out amongst broken tables on the outside of the ring… Kevin Cromwell dazed and confused and a bloody mess near the announce tables… Eli Black and Donovan Moore in a heap amongst broken wood… Jason Randall damn near unconscious his, face a crimson mask…

    .. and Michelle von Horrowitz crawling back into the ring and laboriously moving towards Randall's prone body...

    Christian Quinn: "No! Not this way!"

    MvH lays an arm over Randall's chest…


    The crowd turns hostile as they begin to see where this is going…


    Christian Quinn: "Come on, Jason! Kick out!"



    The referee calls for the bell, as all six wrestlers remain down on the mat, the fans booing the result as the commentators sit stunned and silent...

    Winner and NEW FWA X Champion: Michelle von Horrowitz (via pinfall at 26:42)

    The boos continue to rain out as Roy Orbison's "In Dreams" rings out on the PA system, all six competitors drained and spent in various states of disrepair. They are bloody, lying amongst broken tables, covered in thumb tacks... There is some begrudging appreciation from certain sections of the crowd, but mostly there's an air of negativity surrounding the new champion.

    ​Rod Sterling: The fans here in Orlando are letting their thoughts known, but you can't deny that this was an incredible performance by all six of these competitors...

    Christian Quinn: I can and I will deny it, Rod! This is a dark day for the X Division Championship... and if you ask me, Lord Vincent is to blame!

    Michelle Von Horrowitz is being helped from the ring and handed her new championship by one of the officials. She's in no condition to accept it, blood running from her head, tacks in her back, and a general sense of confusion on her face. She takes the belt and clutches it to her chest, pushing the officials trying to help her away and continuing to walk up the ramp.

    Rod Sterling:
    We've got to ask ourselves what's next for the X Division Championship. Michelle Von Horrowitz has had some choice words for the division and this company as a whole in recent weeks...

    Daniella Kennedy:
    It could be interesting times ahead, in my opinion.

    Christian Quinn:
    Interesting times? Dark times! Mark my words!

    Michelle Von Horrowitz makes it to the stage and, in front of the 'Back in Business' sign, lifts her newly won X Division Championship above her head, green, black, and gold pyro going off around her. We get a wide shot of the arena as the fireworks explode high above it.


    The Back in Business feed and the video screen inside the arena again shifts to show predictions from superstars.

    "The Carnegie Carnivore" MICHAEL GARCIA vs. "The Golden One" DEVIN GOLDEN

    Dave Sullivan:
    Garcia destroys Devin Golden, because Garcia is a monster and Golden is a skinny washed up 2005 emo boy who should've stayed retired.

    Eli Black: This one can go either way. Golden has been resilient but Garcia is a beast

    Krash: Devin Golden is going to mop the floor with Michael Garcia, and it'll be glorious. I'm sorry, I'm trying to be unbiased, I really am. And don't get me wrong, Garcia's a lethal man, with a well-earned reputation for violence. And he'll make it difficult for Devin, no doubt about it. But history has a habit of repeating itself, and Michael Garcia has a habit of letting the pressure get to him and making a mistake at the worst of times. With someone like Devin Golden, you can't make mistakes, period. Devin's taking this one home, much to the delight of yours truly.

    The arena lights turned very low as a purple fog filled the stage. There were various tombstones on the stage as the Tron showed an eerie looking night sky.

    "You are beautiful on the inside
    You are innocence personified
    And I will drag you down and sell you out
    Run away"

    A moon began to rise on the Tron as a hooded figure dressed as the Grim Reaper began to rise up from underneath the stage. A hooked object resembling a scythe was in his left hand as he was turned to the side.

    "I am cold like December snow
    I have carved out this soul made of stone
    And I will drag you down and sell you out
    Embraced by the darkness, I'm losing the light
    Encircled by demons, I fight"

    As the chorus began, blue lights shown on the stage, eliminating the shadows and clearing showing the Grim Reaper figure as he pulled down his hood, showing himself to be “The Carnegie Carnivore” Michael Garcia! Garcia walked through the graveyard, as the tombstones represented the careers that he had so proudly ended including Jason Gryphon, The Mist, DIVINE, PASSION, Carmine Reaper, and one in the center that read “Devin Golden. Garcia stamped his scythe into the center of Golden’s plot as a lightning strike simultaneously struck the stage, turning on the lights, just as the song ramped up. Big Mike dropped the cloak, revealing a “Sunrise-Sunset” T-shirt with Golden and Rondo’s picture on it that he used to wipe the sweat from his brow and then blow his nose into before tossing it into the face of Kurt Harrington.

    The lights turn off once again with a dim light shining on the stage. The crowd begins buzzing as smoke begins to slowly rise from the stage. Slowly, we see numerous figures coming from the backstage area. These figures are people with zombie makeup on their face, and they walk with their arms out and in a robotic manner, very slow and awkwardly, as if their joints are frozen and then can't bend their knees.

    "Another head hangs lowly
    Child is slowly taken
    And the violence, caused such silence
    Who are we mistaken?"

    The crowd EXPLODES with cheers as the smoke continues rising and eight "zombies" stand on either edge of the rampway. "The Golden One" Devin Golden emerges from the backstage and stands still amid a cloud of smoke.

    Langdon Trafford: For the first time ... in FIVE YEARS ... "The Golden One" is BACK ... at Back in Business.

    Daniella Kennedy: What a moment.

    Christian Quinn: Four years ago, three years ago, two years ago, even one year ago ... I never would've thought we'd see this man back at this show competing. He's been in ... six Back in Business shows.

    "But you see, it's not me
    It's not my family
    In your head, in your head, they are fighting
    With their tanks, and their bombs
    And their bombs, and their guns
    In your head, in your head they are crying"

    Golden slowly walks through the smoke and down the rampway, with the zombies fake-reaching out at him but not getting any scratches on his body. Golden ignores their presence as he stands amid "zombies," a symbolic moment.

    Daniella Kennedy: Hey, do you all get the analogy? Right? He's a zombie! He's back from the dead.

    Christian Quinn: Thank you for explaining it. Thank you.

    Golden reaches the ring as the lights turn on. He removes his sunglasses to show a My Chemical Romance T-shirt and black jean pants. He steps into the ring and removes the pants, with some cheers and fake "wooo"s from the crowd. He reveals basic wrestling tights and takes off the T-shirt to show his tattoo on his right shoulder. The black eyeliner and red highlighted bangs fit with the rest of the entrance.

    FWA Singles Grudge Match
    “The Carnegie Carnivore” Michael Garcia vs “The Golden One” Devin Golden

    Golden takes off his golden jacket as Garcia rips off his T-shirt but Golden wastes no time in charging Mike before he gets turned back around! Golden lays forearms into Garcia’s back, who scrambles to the far corner, trying to cover up! Golden keeps laying in with a frantic variety of kicks and right hands before burying a series of shoulders into his gut! The referee rips Golden away at the count of 4 as Garcia drops to a knee! Golden brushes past the referee and knees Garcia in the face, and then hits a kneeling DDT! Devin pops back up to his feet and then gets the crowd pumped! Garcia crawls to the ropes and grabs the middle one, but Golden kicks his arm away and then pulls Garcia up to his feet before taking him back down with snapmare and then delivering a kick to the spine! Another knee to the skull! Garcia is reeling as drops a knee into the lower back! The Golden One stays on his opponent, pulling him back up and drilling him with a right hand that sends the Carnegie Carnivore staggering into the ropes! Irish whip by Golden, who leaps over Garcia on the rebound, then drops down to his stomach as Garcia rebounds the second time, and then springs up to his feet nd connects with a dropkick on the third rebound! Even Golden was pumped about this strong start as he immediately sprung back to his feet and let out a primal scream! With a HUGE smile on his face, Golden did his signature pose to the crowd!

    Golden stood over top of the Pittsburgh native and confidently pulled him up by his hair before leading him over to the corner and laying into him with a series of right hands but suddenly, Garcia exploded, throwing his arms out and tossing Golden across the ring to the opposite corner! Golden pulled himself up and narrowly avoided a corner charge from Big Mike, who stopped himself just short of colliding with the ringpost! Garcia turned around just in time to see Golden attempting to attack again but this time Garcia caught him and began unloading on Golden! Garcia had enough as he viciously began throwing every type of strike imaginable to Golden, who tried to scramble as he best as he could! Right hands, kicks, uppercuts, elbows…until Golden eventually rolled out of the ring! The boos became nearly deafening as Golden dropped down to the outside of the ring. Garcia quickly left the ring and propped Golden up against the barricade before delivering a hard knife edge chop! Garcia slid him into the ring, and then climbed up onto the apron. Golden quickly got to his feet and then popped Garcia in the mouth as he tried toget back in. He tried another shot, but Mike blocked it and then threw a headbutt that staggered Devin! Garcia hooked him up for a suplex but Devin hld on to the ropes, and then dropped Garcia’s neck over the top rope,sending him down to the outside! Garcia fell backwards into the barricade, but still on his feet as Golden leapt over the top rope! Garcia anticipated a springboard crossbody and moved out of the way but Golden called an audible and managed to turn himself around and land on the apron! Garcia, however, thought on his feet and swept Golden’s legs out from under him, causing the back of Golden’s head to collide off the apron! Golden’s legs were overhanging off the apron,so Garcia grabbed them over his shoulders into position for a powerbomb! He lifted Golden off the edge of the ring, and then powerbombed once off the steel steps, but held on and then powerbombed him a second time on the floor! Garcia took a moment to recollect himself as he strutted around ringside for a moment as Golden was in severe pain, with the referee checking on him.

    Mike walked back over and irish whipped Devin into the barricade! Golden hit the barricade at a very awkward angle, and landed on his shoulder, as Garcia half slid into the ring and then back out before confidently taking a few steps back. He measured up his opponent, as Golden took a few moments to get to his feet, only to get drilled by a Running Big Boot to the skull! Golden landed on the floor with a thud! Main Event Mike rolled the man that used to be called “Rotten Gold” back into the ring and basically stalked him. Golden tried to use the bottom rope topick himself up but Garcia was right there to kick him in the ribs. Golden rolled to the corner and managed to fight to his feet only for Garcia to grab him by the hair and yank him to the center of the ring, where he snapmared him, kicked him in the spine, and then a running leg drop! The crowd roared out in boos as Garcia circled Golden in the ring. His confidence returning to him, he pulled Golden back by his hair and delivered a knife edge chop that sent Golden staggering back to the corner.He looked to lead Golden to the opposite corner but Golden began to fight back with a couple of kicks to the midsection, but one hard uppercut to Garcia sent him right back down to the mat! Mike yanks Golden back up and whips him into the rope where a fighting Golden makes a desperation leaping forearm on the rebound….that Mike avoids and turns into a Flapjack! Running Body Splash by Garcia! Golden pops up just a bit,screaming out in pain before Garcia presses his shoulders to the mat for a cover, the first of the match, earning a two count!

    Golden sits up but that may have been a mistake as Garcia quickly grabs him in a variation of a crossface, pressing back and putting pressure onto Golden’s lower back as Garcia positions his knee right into the small of the Hall of Famer’s lower back! Golden tries to desperately to unlock the grip of the mammoth superstar! The crowd begins to chant “Let’s Go Golden! GAR-CIA SUCKS!”which seems to get Golden blood flowing as reaches his arm back behind Garcia’s head and contorts his body so that he can push himself up to his feet! Once to his feet, he throws some elbows into Garcia’s ribs, breaking the hold and whips Garcia towards the corner, but Garcia counters! Golden’s back hits the turnbuckle, but it’s double trouble as moment’s later, Garcia charges in full force,crushing Golden! Devin falls to a seated position in the corner, with Garcia pressing his size 15 boot up against his skull! The fight of Devin Golden is not to be understated though, as he pushes Garcia’s boot away, grabs it and uses it to pull himself up to his feet and throws a right hand to the ribs! Then a few to the face! The crowd was getting behind Golden until he ran the ropes and got cut off by a vicious clothesline from Garcia! The crowd was actually taken aback by how well the clothesline hit and how well Golden sold it as he flipped in midair before landing! Garcia very carelessly and bullishly throws some kicks to the lower back and shoulder to Devin as he tries to get back up. Again, Garcia pulls him back up to his feet and backs him into the corner, delivering a hard chop, caving in the chest of his opponent, and then whipping him into the ropes, but this time Golden counters, Garcia into the ropes but he holds on! Devin runs forward but Garcia ducks down and sends him over the top rope! Golden lands on the apron, though, pops Garcia in the mouth which backs him away! Garcia comes back though, and eats a leaping Crescent Kick to the skull! With Garcia backed away and staggered, Golden leaps off the ropes for a Hurricanrana but Garcia catches him with a spine shattering powerbomb, that he quickly turns over into a Boston Crab! Golden tries to fight it, trying to counter out, but Garcia over powers him and gets him in the Boston Crab! Golden cries out in agony as he desperately reaches out to the ropes! Golden struggles and fights, his sweat burning his eyes as he makes a desperate push to the ropes, and just barely manages to get his fingers on the ropes, but Garcia pulls him back before the referee sees it and really cinches it in, crouching down as low as he can and even grasping his hands around Golden’s kneecaps. The referee asks Golden if he’s had enough, but The Golden One shakes his head “NO!!!!” and somehow manages to kick the back of his heel into Garcia’s eye! Garcia releases the hold,falling back to a seated position, covering his right eye as Golden crawls to the ropes and gets back to his feet! Hejust manages to get to a standing position in the corner,as Garcia meets him there with a few strong strikes then taking a step back and running forward at full speed only to get back body dropped over the top rope to the floor below! Both men are down as Golden drops down to the mat to recover! The crowd is at a fever pitch as they are trying to will Devin on!


    With a fire in his eyes, Devin Golden clenches his fists and pounds them down into the mat, trying to ignite the fire in himself! With a burst of Adrenaline, Golden rushes to his feet and then runs the ropes, diving between the ropes, wiping Garcia out with a Suicide Dive that sends Garcia crashing into the barricade! A small “Holy Shit” chant broke out which brought a huge smile to Golden’s face, as he fed off their energy! Golden grabbed Garcia and rolled him into the ring! Golden looked out to the crowd, as he awaited Garcia to get to his feet! As the Carnegie Carnivore staggered to his feet, Golden sprung off the ropes with a Springboard Blockbuster! Golden crawled into the cover! 1….2….The big man got the shoulder up! Golden was disappointed but he collected himself and thought of his next move. Big Mike got to his knees and then pulled himself up as Devin ran off the ropes, looked for a clothesline that Garcia avoided and trapped Golden in a Full Nelson, and then went for a Dragon Suplex! Golden flipped over though and landed on his feet! Golden ducked a clothesline, and sprung back off the ropes with a Disaster Kick! Garcia staggered backwards but was still standing until Golden hit him with a Running Bulldog! Garcia was laying out on the mat as Golden looked to the crowd before pointing to the top rope! Golden climbed up to the top rope before leaping off with a Split-Legged Moonsault! Golden laid on top, hooked both legs and put all his weight on the shoulders!



    NO! Garcia kicked out!

    Golden was starting to get frustrated as he brought Garcia back up to his feet. He delivered a hard right hand to the jaw of the big man, before running back off the ropes and right into a Side Effect! Another cover and another two count for big Mike who put his hands on his knees in frustration. He keeps delivering kicks to the Golden One as Devin triesto get to his feet, but Devin still manages. Garcia keeps striking but Golden ducks one stray right hand, then dodges another, but Garcia catches him with a hard left hook that rocks Golden back to the far corner where Mike begins to unload a ton of forearm shots until the referee literally has to force Mike away. Mike shoves the referee away,and goes back in but Golden catches him a spinning back elbow and then turns the tables on Garcia, unloading some fast and furious strikes, culminating in a spinning wheel kick to the jaw! Garcia stumbles out of the corner, using the ropes to keep himself up, but Golden pulled him away, kicked him in the gut, and hooked him up for the Rotten Touch (Vertical Suplex into a Sit-Out Facebuster)! Golden attempted to lift him up, but he couldn’t lift the big man up in the air! Golden tried a second time, but he couldn’t do it! Garcia switched it up and lifted Golden up for a Suplex but Golden slid over his shoulder, landed on his feet and connected with a German SUplex! Golden kept his arms clasped as Garcia started to get back to his feet, and Golden pulled back for a second German! Garcia’s head bounced off the mat as Golden popped his hips and when Mike got backup, he landed the third of the trifecta! Golden kept the bridge!




    Garcia looked nearly lifeless as Golden tried to pull him back up to his feet. Garcia got to one knee, as Golden popped him with a knee to the skull, back up to the ropes, and charged forward but Garcia EXPLODED forward with a decapitating clothesline! Garcia covered!



    Golden popped up, almost on Adrenaline as Garcia looked at the referee in absolute shock! Garcia shoved the referee aside and stormed over to Golden, grabbed him by the throat and chokeslammed him to the mat!



    Golden was bleeding from the mouth at this point, as he rolled over to one side, a blank expression on his face. Garcia got up to one knee, just staring at Golden, not knowing how he’s doing this! Golden was breathing so heavy, he was spitting blood out of his mouth. He pulled Golden up to his feet, threw him into the ropes, and then drilled him with the Sixth Ring (Deep Six Slam) on the rebound! Garcia covered!




    Garcia sat up with a look of incredible frustration all over his face! Golden seemingly kicked out on instinct as he stayed rolled to one side with his eyes shut! Garcia collected himself and took a few deep breaths before pulling himself up to both feet. He took one more deep breath, before reaching down, grabbing Golden by the hair…who pulls Mike down into an inside cradle an tries to surprise him with a quick pin but only gets a 2 count! Both men quickly get to their feet but its Golden ducking a clothesline and connecting with a kick to the gut, and a sit-out facebuster (X-Factor)! Garcia’s face bounced hard off the mat as Golden contemplated going for the pin, but decided against it, and instead pointed to the top rope, which drew a giant pop from the crowd! Golden pressed his right hand against his lower back and struggled to climb up to the top rope, but he did get there, looking down at his fallen opponent before leaping off with The Golden Touch Frogsplash! Golden rolled of Garcia and clutched his ribs, but he still frantically scrambled back over to Garcia for the cover and hooking the legs! The crowd counted along!



    THR….GARCIA KICKED OUT! BOTH OF GOLDEN’S FINISHERS! Devin Golden literally fell backwards to a seated position as if he had seen a ghost! He quickly pressed Garcia’s shoulders to the mat and tried to cover again, for another two count! Golden sat up and pulled at his own hair before rolling to his feet and awaiting Garcia to get to his feet! He reached down and grabbed Mike by his hair, but Garcia grabbed him by the throat! Golden threw a couple of kicks to the knees to break free, and then stepped back, ran the ropes and connected with a running knee to the skull! Garcia fell back down to his back, as Golden climbed up to the top rope, still holding his lower back, and steadied himself on the top rope, but before Golden could leap,Garcia got back up to his feet! So Devin called an audible and leapt off with a crossbody! But Garcia caught him in mid-air! Almost like Garcia was carrying around a trophy, he circled the ring with Golden in his grasp, laughing at the fans all the way, before spinning Golden out and connecting with a Homewood Heart Attack (Spinning Sit Out Side Effect)! Golden spikes off the mat as Garcia screams out that “It’s OVER!!!” and drops down for the cover!




    Garcia shook his head in defiance and immediately grabbed the referee by the collar, just screaming every obscenity in the book at this man! Garcia nearly got himself disqualified as he shoved the referee back into the ropes and demanded that the referee count Golden’s shoulders to the mat next time. Garcia turned around and walked right into a Superkick by Golden! Garcia stumbled backwards, but remained propped up by the ropes! A bad break for Golden! Garcian stumbled forward and into a second superkick attempt by Golden, but Garcia caught the foot, spun him around, and then connected with the Penduluum (End of Days)!!! Garcia nearly collapsed onto Golden for the cover!

    Christian Quinn: YES! YES! IT’S OVER, FOLKS! HE DID IT!

    Rod Sterling: The biggest win...


    Rod Sterling: In Mike Garcia’s career…



    Rod Sterling: HAS STILL ALLUDED HIM!

    Garcia threw an absolute tantrum in the ring, but quickly turned his rage to Devin unleashing a mad,raging variety of stomps and elbow drops to the chest of Devin Golden! Garcia placed his mammoth hand up against the throat of The Golden One and began choking away at him! While the referee forced Garcia’s hand off of Golden’s throat, Mike grabbed Golden by the hair and began violently slamming his head off the mat as he screamed out “STAY DOWN! DO YOU HEAR ME? WHY WON’T YOU JUST STAY DOWN?!?!?!” Garcia got back up to his feet, pulling back at his own hair, as he contemplated his next move. He looked towards the corner as a confused crowd began to stir. Garcia ducked underneath the top rope and stepped out onto the apron, as you could just see people reaching for their phones. Garcia slowly and quite unsurely climbed up to the top rope, and steadied himself before mimicking Golden’s Golden Touch taunt!

    Rod Sterling: Oh my God….Is he going for the Golden Touch on Golden?!?!?

    Garcia was just about to leap when Golden sprung to his feet and leaped up to the middle rope! Golden threw a wild punch to the midsection, but Garcia piefaced Golden and sent him back down to the mat! The fight in Golden wouldn’t die though as he sucked up the pain and rolled right back to his feet, as Garcia tried to steadied himself! Leaping Crescent Kick by Golden stuns Garcia, who stumbled back down to the apron! Garcia immediately steps back up to the middle rope, as Golden ducks under the top rope, each man climbing to one side of the turnbuckle! Garcia’s mammoth hand palms Golden’s head and bounces it off the urnbuckle, stunning Golden! Garcia steps up to the top rope and pulls Golden up to the top rope with him! Garcia tries for a superplex to the outside of the ring, but Golden blocks it, elbows Garcia in the head, and then without a moment’s hesitation, delivers an RKO off the top rope! Camera flashes galore as a massive “HOLY SHIT!!!!” chant breaks out throughout the arena!

    Rod Sterling: OH! MY! GOD! A top rope RKO! An homage to his former Sunrise-Sunset tag team partner, former Fight Night General Manager Ryan Rondo! Rondo was the originator of that move, and Devin Golden justtook it to a whole new level from the top rope!

    Golden is exasperated but his right hand lays over the chest of the seven footer!




    Here is your winner @ 34:18 – “The Golden One” Devin Golden!!!

    Golden may not have even initially realize that he won the match until “Zombie” began to play seemingly waking him up from his slumber! The crowd exploded as Golden laid motionless on the mat, eyes wide open, blank stare gazing out towards the crowd! The Hall of Famer finally began to stir and get back to his feet with help from the official! The official holds Golden’s hand up in the ring! As the crowd gave Golden a standing ovation for his performance tonight, Devin held back a tear. The crowd began chanting in unison “THANK YOU GOLD-EN!” repeatedly as he stepped up to the middle turnbuckle! He surveyed the crowd, with one hand on his neck, the other proudly held high in the air before saluting the crowd and mouthing the words “No. Thank YOU.” Golden immediately left the ring and walked out to ringside, where his wife was sitting and he gave her a warm embrace and a quick kiss, before sharing a few private words. Golden then moved on to the crowd, making sure to slap hands with each and every extended hand on the way. He stopped and posed with a young fan holding a “Devin Golden is my hero!” sign as they took a selfie! The song “Zombie” had to loop over again as Golden walked the ramp to the back, before turning his attention back to the crowd and giving them one final wave and one more “Thank you! You’ll never know…” And with that, Devin Golden walked behind the curtain.

    But back inside the ring, as Devin Golden’s music quit playing, a silent hush fell over the arena as Michael Garcia had taken a seated position in the corner of the ring, his hands firmly placed on his knees. Nothing but a blank expression on his face as a general murmur from an unsettled crowd was the onlything that could be heard. Staring out into nowhere, the best description of what could be felt in the scene was that of a lost, broken, dejected soul who has nowhere left to turn. The big man finally began to scoot out of the ring, looking all around him with the same expression on his face, almost as if he was a zombie himself. The boos began to get louder, but it’s almost as if Garcia didn’t even hear them. He took a few steps as the boos reached their climax, but Garcia remained un affected.

    Christian Quinn: I don’t ever think I’ve seen The Carnegie Carnivore in this state before….I don’t even know how to describe it!

    Rod Sterling: The FWA Universe loves to hate this man, and they certainly are trying to dish it out…usually even the slightest bit of negativity gets under Garcia’s skin, but this time they’re throwing the kitchen sink at him, and it’s like he doesn’t even hear it!

    As Garcia reaches the middle of the ramp, the crowd starts to sing “Na-Na-Na-Na! Na-Na-Na-Na! HEY! HEY! HEY! GOODBYE!” When he reaches the top of the ramp, he stops dead in his tracks, tilts his head to the side, presses his lips tight together and clenches his fist..before dropping his head, loosening his fists, and finishing his walk to the back.


    The crowd turns to the entranceway, where "The Prodigy" Mike Parr emerges with the FWA North American Championship over his shoulder. On either side of him is "The Protege" Sean Hughes and "The Prototype", the other two members of The New Breed.

    Mike Parr is wearing his usual attire, wrestling tights with a fancy neck tie and a jacket over a shirtless physique. The Protege stands to his left at around the same size and weight. The Prototype is about 3 or 4 inches taller and standing to his right.

    Rod Sterling: The REIGNING North American Champion. And look, he even has some more hardware!

    Parr actually has his old FWA Television Championship belt, the one he used to sport a few years ago during his "Triple Champ" push. Parr willingly tosses the belt into the crowd and shouts, "THIS IS PAY-PER-VIEW CHAMPIONSHIP TIME NOW!" He holds up the North American Championship and continues his way to the ring.

    Christian Quinn: Cocky. Arrogant. Confident. This is the Mike Parr we've grown accustomed to in the FWA.

    Daniella Kennedy: That arrogance has led him to great success here. And now it's time for a landmark Back in Business win.

    Once the trio reaches the ring area, Parr stops and puts his hands out. He turns and faces The Protege and The Prototype. Then he begins talking and you can hear him say, "Let me take this alone. I got it. Go to the back." The two comrades agree, and then slap his chest once each before turning around.

    Rod Sterling: Mike Parr WITHOUT the other New Breed members? This is another level of arrogance tonight.

    The upbeat music of "Back in Town" hits and the crowd's tune changes. Krash comes out with his usual gold/yellow wrestling pants down to his ankles, a black fit-in belt, and no shirt. The handlebar mustache tops it off as the crowd all stands clapping and cheering, watching Krash trot to the ring.

    Rod Sterling: A CWA legend, who came to the FWA last year right before Back in Business. And now he's here, ready to take his first FWA championship. The North American title is his for the taking.

    Christian Quinn: He doesn't need the bravado of some people. He's simply Krash. The name says it all. Mike Parr might think he has the upper hand, but he needs to rethink this approach.

    Daniella Kennedy: I disagree. Mike Parr is the champ for a reason. He's the kryptonite to Dave Sullivan. He's the greatest North American Champion of the WC era.

    Christian Quinn: Rod? It's 1 to 1 for each on predictions.

    Rod Sterling: I don't make predictions. It'll stay 1-1 and we'll decide it in the ring. Right now!

    Krash stands in his corner while Mike Parr watches from the opposite side of the ring. The crowd is pretty hot and buzzing, with everyone in the lower bowl standing until the bell rings.

    FWA North American Championship
    "The Prodigy" Mike Parr (c) vs. Krash

    The two begin circling one another, stopping at about a quarter turn around the ring, and locking arms. The push-pull exercise results in Krash pushing Parr toward the turnbuckle, only for the reigning champ to switch the advantage around. Krash pushes Parr out into the middle of the ring, but "The Prodigy" hits a quick leg tripping takedown, using Krash's forward momentum against him. Parr tries to stay atop but Krash rolls away and springs up. They again engage in an arm grapple, pushing at one another. This time, it's Krash who gets an edge, quickly going behind Parr for an arm twist. The champion tries to reach for the ropes but Krash yanks him backwards and Parr goes down to his knees, quickly turning and rising before more damage is done. Parr and Krash lock arms a third time, and again they are pushing at one another, like rocks having a push fight. Parr applies a front head lock but Krash drives him back towards the ropes. Parr tries to pull Krash through the ropes by using his momentum but Krash is able to keep his footing. Then it's Krash taking Parr down with a tackle and ground-and-pound punching across the face with forearms. The crowd cheers once Krash gets the upperhand and begins relentlessly throwing the haymakers.

    Rod Sterling: Krash with the big takedown! If this was overtime of an amateur wrestling match, then he'd have won right there!

    Krash rolls off Parr after getting the work in, and he quickly grabs Parr by the arm and whips across the ring. Parr ducks a clothesline and bounces off the original ropes. But he meets a swift roundhouse kick to the side of the face. The crowd lets out a loud "OOOOH" at the sound of the smack. Krash quickly goes for a pin, but Parr immediately kicks out, not even giving Krash a one count. Krash applies a side head lock right after and Parr reaches for the ropes, to no liberty. The hold stays applied as Parr tries to loosen the tight grip around his neck and jaw. Krash walks up with his foe and gets two elbows into the sternum. Parr then gets free and runs off the ropes, but Krash is waiting with a dropsault!

    Rod Sterling: It has been ALL Krash thus far. He's dominated.

    Krash quickly whips Parr to the turnbuckle and follows with another whip to the opposite side. Parr explodes out of the corner trying for a clothesline, but Krash ducks and back kicks him in the ribs. Krash then tries a DDT, but "The Prodigy" finally gets some offense in with a double-leg takedown and a double-foot stomp into the chest!

    Mike Parr uses this moment to catch his breath against the ropes. Krash rises and seems to smile as he looks at the champion. The crowd cheers seeing Krash's face up close, and Parr responds by charging forward, unwilling to be "shown up" by ANYONE. Krash and Parr come together in a fourth arm grapple. This one goes Krash's way with him pushing Parr into the turnbuckle. The referee has to get in the middle and break it up, separating the two as Parr puts his arms up to signal a break is needed.

    With the referee's head down to the ground and not on the two wrestlers, Parr spits in Krash's face and slaps it. The crowd boos LOUDLY as the announcer team raises their voices in displeasure. Parr cares not for the reaction. He uses Krash's stunned state to land the first really big move of the match, a belly-to-back suplex. He follows by pressing his elbow into Krash's face and "grating" it back and forth. Then he tries for a pinfall.

    ............Kick out

    Krash is now the one taking a beating as "The Prodigy" stomps into his back three times to keep him down. Parr then runs himself off the ropes and hits a running knee to the face when Krash is bent over. The crowd lets out an "OOOOOH" as Parr runs through Krash with his elevated knee like a train destroying a pole.

    Christian Quinn: This is where Mike Parr wins matches. Right here. Opponents get a fast start, but he turns the tide and wears them down. Strikes. Moves. He keeps people grounded. And he's NEVER out of it. He always has some trick somewhere.

    Daniella Kennedy: This is why I picked him to win!

    Rod Sterling: He did cheat, though.

    Mike Parr runs off the ropes and hits another knee to the face. Krash lays on the ground as the champion slowly walks around the ring and looks out to the crowd, smiling at the sea of faces watching him slowly take Krash down step by step, move by move. Parr then shouts, "PAY-PER-VIEW ... CHAMP-ION!" and points down to himself with both hands.

    The crowd boos, but the boos shift to cheers. Parr turns and Krash stuns him with an explosive enzuiguri! Both men are down after it, with Parr rolling under the ropes and Krash laying X position in the middle of the ring, with his face downward. The crowd begins counting, starting slow and then speeding up. Krash pushes his body up at the count of 9 from the crowd. It's just 3 from the referee. Parr is up, with his hands on the top and middle ropes for support. Krash then charges and clotheslines both himself and Parr over the rope and to the outside floor!!! The crowd cheers yet again, this time as both men sprawl out on the floor to catch a breather.

    The announcers talk about how Parr can use the outside in a cheap way for an edge. But Christian Quinn points out how experienced Krash is and how he's prepared. Krash is first to land a blow, with a forearm to the face. Parr stumbles backwards as Krash follows. He slams his face into the ring steps, to the approval of the fans. Krash then whips Parr into the nearby fan barricade, which Parr hits back first to put some sure-fire welts on his skin. Krash follows with more punches, and he has Parr really struggling now.

    Krash resets the ref's count and returns. This time he gets a surprise possum-playing throat punch from "The Prodigy", who follows by shoving Krash into the nearby ring steps. Krash tumbles over them and falls to the ground next to the steel steps. Parr continues his offense with repeated stomps into the ribs. He then grabs Krash by the neck and walks him around to the floor just in front of the announcer's booth. Parr hooks Krash's arm around the back of his neck and lifts him up, dropping him for a vertical suplex onto the hard floor with very thin padding covering it!

    Krash is hurting as "The Prodigy" looks down at him. Krash reaches for Parr's foot, which quickly and softly kicks him in the face to add insult to injury. Parr then mockingly laughs at him. Parr kneels next to Krash and says, "You're nothing. You're not a god damn thing to me. Go home. Go back to retirement."

    Parr then rises and begins removing the padding from the outside floor! He takes apart one strip. Then a second one. He drags Krash by the arm onto the hard concrete that's now exposed, placing his head and chest just on top of the cold hard surface.

    The crowd is worried and concerned. Most fans begin shouting and booing Parr, who brushes them aside easily. The champion steps backwards a few paces. He jogs toward the laying-down Krash and jumps as high as possible for a knee drop! But Krash sits up and moves! Parr hits the hard concrete-like surface knee first and immediately rolls to the side in EXTREME pain.

    Rod Sterling: THAT could be the turning point of the match! That could be it!

    Krash quickly rolls Parr into the ring. He steps to the turnbuckle and, when Parr rises up enough, flies off for a springboard crossbody! Then it's a low-angle dropkick to the injured knee. Then it's a kick to the same knee. Then a springboard moonsault onto the knees!!! Parr is getting hit every three seconds by some move. Krash goes for the second pinfall try of the match!

    ..........Kick out!

    Krash grabs Parr and whips him to the ropes. He lands a kick to the gut and a famouser sitout faceplant. The crowd cheers as Krash bounces off the canvas and quickly rolls Parr over for another cover.

    Rod Sterling: He might have it! We might have a new North American Champion! ONE...TWO....TH...NOOOOO!

    Christian Quinn: SO CLOSE! SO SO CLOSE!

    Krash thought he had it. He grabs Parr by the neck and keeps going. Whip to the turnbuckle. Repeated kicks to the same knee. Then he lifts that knee up onto the middle rope and steps up himself to the second turnbuckle. Krash jumps off and lands butt first on the knee. Parr is hobbled, falling to the canvas as Krash keeps going.

    The challenger steps backwards to the other side of the ring. With Parr hobbled and trying to get upright, Krash charges for a SPEAR! But Parr moves! Krash goes face first into the bottom turnbuckle. And Parr quickly lands a double-fist drop into the spine for a little extra sauce.

    Parr grabs Krash and despite his hobbled state, lands a double underhook backbreaker! Now it's "The Prodigy" going for the pinfall!

    ..........KICK OUT!

    "The Prodigy" grabs Krash around the neck and hits a second double underhook backbreaker! He kneels next to Krash and is about to pin. But instead, he gets up and pulls Krash up with him. It's another double underhook backbreaker! A third one!

    And now Parr is going for the pinfall!

    Daniella Kennedy: THERE IT IS! THERE'S THE WIN!


    "The Prodigy" thought he won the match, but now he's stunned. He sits backwards and leans against the ropes. He grabs Krash around the neck and tries a fourth one, but Krash is able to reverse it with a hurricarana! What a move from the challenger. Parr is dizzy after, and Krash hits his spear!!! He goes to the top turnbuckle. he takes off the elbow pad! He's going for the win!


    Daniella Kennedy: THAT'S THE FINISHER! THAT'S IT!

    Krash rolls on top, doesn't hook the leg, and raises a finger with each ref count.




    Krash is beside himself. He has his eyes closed and hands in front of most of his face. He lays on the mat, looking up at the lights, breathing heavily. Mike Parr struggles his way toward the nearest ropes and finally clutches to the bottom one. The match is at a standstill.

    Krash finally sits up in the ring and rolls toward the ropes. He goes over to Parr, who uses one last trick to reverse the tide. Parr pokes the eyes with the ref unable to see the move, and the champion then hits a running bulldog right into the center of the ring. "The Prodigy" now has control and goes to the top turnbuckle. He points to the crowd with everyone booing, and then backflips and frogsplashes onto his challenger.

    Rod Sterling: X...MARKS...THE...SPOT!

    Parr lays next to Krash for about 5 seconds before finally pushing himself up and placing an arm over his foe.


    Rod Sterling: Krash put up one HELL of a fight tonight.


    Rod Sterling: But it was just a little ... too ... short.


    Christian Quinn: HE KICKED OUT! SHOULDER UP!

    The crowd absolutely goes bonkers for Krash kicking out. Parr doesn't move for about five seconds. He lays next to Krash and rolls over. His eyes get big and look raged. Parr rolls out of the ring and requests — no, demands — his North American Championship belt. When he returns, the referee is waving him off.

    Rod Sterling: Mike Parr doesn't even care if he wins. He's using this title belt right in front of the referee!

    Parr wants to swing at the defenseless Krash. The referee is trying to stop him. Parr shouts at the ref. He is about to swing it at the ref himself! Then Krash lands a forearm to the face. The ref is caught in the crossfire and goes down. Both men are against the turnbuckle. Parr steps out and with Krash right in front of him takes one swing with the title belt!

    But Krash lands a kick to the face before the title belt connects with him!!! Parr stumbles backwards. Then Krash loads up and hits one more big swinging kick to the face! Parr goes down again!!!

    The title belt is in the ring. Krash kicks it out. He goes to the top turnbuckle just as the referee begins moving and rolling around. Krash points to the sky, then the crowd, with cameras flashing every millisecond. He leaps off for the Daybreaker elbow drop, the second of the match, and drives it home into the heart of the champion!

    This time Krash hooks the leg, and the referee sees in time to count!




    Winner and NEW FWA North American Champion: Krash

    The crowd explodes once the bell rings. Krash rolls off of Parr and raises his arms and hands to the sky. He quickly receives the championship belt from the referee and clutches it close to his chest.

    Rod Sterling: What. A. Match. A classic, for sure.

    Christian Quinn: We have a NEW North American Champion! We have a NEW champion! Krash has DONE it.

    Daniella Kennedy: He perservered. I didn't think he would. He pulled it out. Every time Mike Parr had a trick to pull, Krash withstood it and got the last blow in. What a match. What a performance from BOTH men. Both competed. Both raised their bars. Both showed OUT for Back in Business.

    Krash celebrates outside the ring with his body leaning against the fan barricade. He gets support from the fans before finally walking around the ring. His theme music plays while "The Prodigy" watches from inside the ring, still deciphering just how he lost. He looks on and closes his eyes, unable to look at Krash holding the North American Championship.
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    For a third — and not final — time, the feed and video screen shifts to show some of the predictions recorded earlier in the day. The next up?


    Dave Sullivan:
    Gabby loses to Cyrus Truth cause she ALWAYS loses to Cyrus Truth, LOL.

    Eli Black: Cyrus Truth seems to just always have the upper hand. I think that will continue.

    Trevor Ocean: The winner of this match? The man.

    Noah Stocke: It's time for Gabrielle to go home and take care of her child, instead of obsessing over this man that she's not in the same league as.

    Krash: Christ.


    This... This is going to be difficult to watch. Sure, you hear that, and you think 'well yeah Gabby & Cy hate each other with the passion of a thousand suns, it's going to be obviously brutal and don't expect anything else, dude.' But once those two step into the ring, and the flames start to flurry higher and hotter, you'll realise that this is a match that will scar both competitors for the rest of their careers. Not just the physical scars of third-degree burns, the mental and psychological scars of either being the one who pushed the other into the flames, or being the one burned as a crowd of thousands cheers for your agony. I don't think people are understanding exactly what's going to happen. Someone, someone you either love, hate, or at least have watched for years, is going to suffer horrifically, and endure a pain I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy. I don't envy either Cyrus or Gabrielle. But as for who wins... Well, there isn't necessarily a 'winner' in this match. The best thing you can hope for is to survive unscathed. This is the most difficult match to predict, but... I've backed Cyrus through thick and thin. I still consider him to be a friend, albeit a distant one. For that reason, and that reason alone, I'm hoping Cyrus gets through this in one piece, and that there's a quick fire/medical response for Gabrielle.

    Mike Valander: So Louis, back in business is soon on the horizon, and there are many matches, including ours against the wave, but the big match I'm looking forward to and I'm pretty sure you are to.

    Louis Valander: What match could you possibly look for?

    Mike: How about Cyrus Truth against a certain person?

    Louis: You mean......bikini lady?

    Mike: Yes bikini lady, the girl that got you mentally and physically wet.

    Louis: Shut up, she didn't, I was just thrilled.

    Mike: Yeah yeah, anyways. My prediction is Gabrielle and its not because we just talked to her, she'll get her revenge.

    Louis: Yeah me too, also for the same reasons.

    Mike: BS, you know why you actually picked her? So if you win you might impress her.

    Louis: That's crazy talk, I'm going.

    Mike: Avoid me all you want but its true

    The lights dim and the slow opening chords of ‘The In-Between’ by In This Moment hits the speakers, and for a moment the fans don’t quite know how to react. But there’s images of Gabrielle Montgomery all over the titantron so a chorus of cheers and applause, mixed in with a smattering of catcalls and whistles echos around the arena.

    Daniella Kennedy:This could be tough to watch.

    Christian Quinn:Not something that is usually said around Gabrielle.

    Rod Sterling:But Trial By Fire matches aren’t exactly usual, even for a woman who is tonight competing in her fourth such match.

    As the commentators have talked two lines of robed individual holding flaming torches in front of themselves have walked out either side of the entryway.

    Rod Sterling:This is usual though. Gabrielle. Back In Business. And an elaborate entrance.

    The song builds, until it gets heavier “I’m going to bring a little hell” and then Gabrielle emerges on the back of a dragon. She stands tall, she stands proud. The Dragon itself is merely a platform held aloft by another group of robed figures. So with fire all around her Gabrielle is gracefully carried into battle. Her long flowing robe dancing behind her, and her crown glinting in the light.

    Daniella Kennedy:This…war between Gabrielle and Cyrus has seen Gabrielle cast aside her former Divinity. But we’ve also seen that perhaps the Goddess hadn’t fallen completely. Gabrielle is the Goddess of Dragons, the Goddess of fire.

    Rod Sterling: My broadcast partner said it before; this could be tough to watch. But this will be epic. Perhaps no other match has ever been more fitting to be a Trial By Fire match. This could be the only way Gabrielle and Cyrus manage to bury the hatchet.

    As Gabrielle reaches the ring, the Dragon spreads its wings as she then steps off its back onto the ring apron. There’s a sinister smirk upon her face, it masks her fear almost completely as she takes the center of the ring and raises her hands high.

    Christian Quinn:I just hope this can be enough for these two to finally settle their differences and move on.

    The lights once again shut off. The aura within the arena is stunning and silent. Breathtaking. Breathless.

    The sound of a whistle is first thing people hear. Sounding like a train in the distance. Then the slow rising sound of a bass guitar. Followed by a smooth guitar rift with drums ever quickening in pace. Then a violin maestro appears to supplement the guitar shredding with a violin shredding performance.

    The crowd is going wild as the violin matches every guitar note with that of her own instrument. Right as the first bridge ends, Cyrus Truth appears from the backstage with a boxing coat on covering his eyes and face. He looks down to the ground as he hops around and slowly walks by the violin perfectionist.

    Rod Sterling:An entrance only matched ... by another entrance.

    Christian Quinn:If these entrances are anything, then we're in for one hell of a contest.

    Once the song hits a second, more-substantial bridge, Cyrus Truth whips his head back to uncork the coat hood. It falls to the ground and he quickly removes the jacket from his body and reveals nothing but his usual wrestling tights and taped-up fists. He's ready.

    Daniella Kennedy: Cyrus Truth versus Gabrielle. Number TWO. Trial By Fire. What more could we ask for?!

    The violin playing concludes just as Cyrus steps into the ring. Suddenly, the referee steps between them and asks for officials to safely set the ring ropes on fire. They enter a blaze that makes everyone in the crowd gasp and gawk. Cyrus and Gabrielle are now trapped within a square of flames. They look around, scoping out the ring and sensing their space. The flames remain in control, somber, and finally the referee rings the bell.

    Trial By Fire match
    Cyrus Truth vs. Gabrielle Montgomery

    The match starts with both competitors eyeing the flames emerging from each four sides of the ring. The crowd is standing, especially in the lower bowl, to ensure they can see over the flames. They dissipate at times, and even get worse and rise higher. They're uncontrollable, and unpredictable.

    Cyrus and Gabrielle finally begin jawing at one another. They come closer and Cyrus says, "YOU wanted this." Gabrielle nods and says, "Yeah, I did." She delivers a swift right hand punch to the jaw of Cyrus Truth to kick matters off. Then she grabs Cyrus around the neck and quickly tries to shove him into the flames. But he's able to press her backwards and toward the middle of the ring. Gabrielle refuses to let Cyrus just manhandle her into the inferno flames, so she knees him in the ribs and lands a big uppercut to the jaw. Gabrielle grabs Cyrus around the neck and flings him into the turnbuckle, which he escapes before getting burned.

    Rod Sterling:To win the match, your opponent MUST be set on fire. If they touch the fire or get a small burn, that does not count. They must be significantly and noticeably SET on fire. They must be inflamed by it. They must have a flame on their body, shirt or skin. They must need medical help from the many people situated around the ring with fire extinguishers.

    Cyrus is distracted by the fire, and Gabrielle is used to it. She remains focused on him and lands another knee into the ribs. Then she hits a nice snap suplex. Gabrielle knows she has to wear down Cyrus Truth before trying to overpower him into the flames. She tries a whip that Cyrus reverses. Gabrielle quickly stops her momentum, eyes large as she sees the flames rising in front of her, and then she turns and receives a big clothesline from her rival.

    Cyrus grabs Gabrielle quickly and tries to overpower her into the flames, but he gets a kick to the groin for his efforts. Gabrielle lands a quick punch to the jaw. Then a slap across the chest. Cyrus shoves her backwards and follows with a discus punch attempt. Gabrielle ducks it but then meets a back body drop from Cyrus.

    The three-time World Champion grabs Gabrielle by the hair and tries to set it on fire. The demonic, evil, sadistic look in his eyes tells the story, but Gabrielle flails and fights with everything she has. She finally lands a kick to the shin and a big knife-edge chop to the chest. She then hits a belly-to-back suplex as Cyrus is planted right into the middle of the ring.

    Gabrielle grabs Cyrus by the neck and finally whips him into the ropes. Cyrus stops his momentum and turns for a big discus punch. He connects and then goes to work, sensing he needs to wear down Gabrielle. He hits a shoulder breaker first. Then a hip toss. Then a fisherman's suplex. Cyrus lays next to Gabrielle for about four seconds to catch his breath. He pops up and senses an opportunity to end the match. He grabs Gabrielle by the hair and flings her into the ropes. Gabrielle smartly baseball slides underneath the bottom rope and somehow avoids getting a burn on her body. Her speed through the area allows her to dodge all danger.

    Rod Sterling:Did you see that?! Cyrus is enraged!

    Now Gabrielle is outside of the ring while Cyrus is inside. He's stuck amid flames, and Gabrielle is blocking every exit. Cyrus tries one side, and Gabrielle is waiting. He tries another, and Gabrielle darts to that side to block. Then he tries a third, on the opposite side. A baseball slide does the trick as Gabrielle is too late getting there. Cyrus meets her around the corner of the outside of the ring with a running clothesline that back flips the Hall of Famer!

    Daniella Kennedy:Cyrus Truth just outsmarted Gabrielle! What a veteran move!

    Now Cyrus goes to work. He smashes her face into the fan railing. Then the ring steps. Then the apron. Cyrus lifts Gabrielle up in a military press position and tries to hold her into the flames on the ropes. But she's able to wiggle free and kick him in the back, sending him into the apron. Cyrus nearly touches the fire and quickly rolls away from it. His face is one of shock and fear. Gabrielle pounces with a jumping heel kick. Then she steps up to the ring steps nearby and does the Head Over Heels hurricarana! The crowd cheers loudly for the athletic move!

    Rod Sterling:Gabrielle has reversed her fortunes here!

    Gabrielle goes to the fan railing and leaps off for a split-legged leg drop. She hits it right across the chest. The crowd is cheering as the railing still leans back and forth from the vibration of her jump. Gabrielle grabs Cyrus and tries to put him on fire by stretching out his arm, but it's to no use. Cyrus fights back and is able to elbow smash Gabrielle in the jaw. Then he whips and sends her into the nearby ring post. Gabrielle hits it face and hands first before falling down.

    Cyrus stalks over her but receives a kick to the groin. Gabrielle then tries to whip him into the ring, but Cyrus is able to head-first dive under the ropes and avoid the flames! He rolls to his feet and is now standing in the ring!

    Now it's Gabrielle on the outside, trying to get in, and Cyrus on the inside of the ring blocking her entrance at every side!

    Rod Sterling: The fortunes have turned in this match! Gabrielle is now stuck outside the ring!

    Gabrielle tries to enter but Cyrus is able to cut her off each time. When Cyrus gets close, Gabrielle reaches under the ropes and grabs his ankle. She tries to trip him and yank him into the fire, but it's not possible. Her grip slips and she pulls away before she herself gets burned. They go through these motions a second time, this one ending with Cyrus stomping on Gabrielle's exposed hand and wrist. She pulls back to safety but not before getting a sharp pain send into her fingers and palm.

    Cyrus taunts her from inside the ring. He tells her that she's too far gone to see the error of her lies. Gabrielle steps up the ring steps and scopes out the possible entrances. Cyrus is standing right on the other side of the turnbuckle.

    Gabrielle finally makes her move. She's somehow able to athletically climb up the turnbuckle pole. She gently tiptoes onto the top turnbuckle and when Cyrus tries to push her off, Gabrielle jumps over him and lands inside the ring. Cyrus turns to meet a kick from Gabrielle and then a step-up enzuiguri! Cyrus goes down as Gabrielle lays next to him!

    Gabrielle grabs Cyrus around the neck and sets up for her 34 Double D-DT. Cyrus is able to drive her towards the ropes, where Gabrielle is burned but escapes before she's caught completely on fire. She rolls away and screams a bit, with a burn mark on her shoulder. Cyrus quickly stomps into her repeatedly to keep her down and add insult to injury. Gabrielle rolls away but Cyrus follows her around the ring with more stomps and kicks. More stomps and kicks. More stomps and kicks.

    Cyrus awaits Gabrielle to get up. Then he hits a running neckbreaker. He waits again, then lands a running knee to the face and a knee drop, a combination he calls "Wanderer's Wrath"! Then a one-handed choke into a leg-sweep STO, which he calls "Memento Mori"!

    Gabrielle is completely dominated at this point. Cyrus hovers over her with pride. He looks down at his handiwork and smiles. He slowly lifts up Gabrielle's unmoving body and lifts her into position for the "Journey's End". But instead of dropping her for the piledriver, she walks her over to the ropes. It appears Cyrus is going to drop or toss Gabrielle into the flames!

    Gabrielle comes to just at the last moment and pushes herself straight up into the air instead of to the side. She lands on her feet and then lands a kick and the 34 Double D-DT finisher!!!

    Daniella Kennedy: THERE'S THE FINISHER! THERE IT IS!

    But Gabrielle can't pin Cyrus to win. She can't even win by knockout. She somehow has to roll Cyrus towards the ropes and burn him, catch him on fire. But she's too tired and exhausted to even do that, simply laying next to him after her desperation finishing move.

    The two tired wrestlers lay side by side for about a minute. The announcers go over the story of this match. The crowd exchanges cheers for each wrestler. Half the crowd chants "CYRUS-TRUUUUTH" while the other half chants "GAB-RIII-EEEELLLLEEE". The synonyms and pacing are on point.

    Finally, the two wrestlers rise up, staggering a bit. Cyrus throws a right hand. Gabrielle retorts. They trade punches back and forth with both teetering with each blow. Finally, Cyrus lands a punch, a stomp to the back of Gabrielle's knee, and a running big boot, or "Broken Path"!

    Rod Sterling: This feels like it's it. These guys better be ready to put out a fire. Gabrielle's journey is ending. And The Truth seems to be prevailing yet again!

    Cyrus then hovers over Gabrielle and says, "THIS JOURNEY IS ENDING!" He lifts her up onto his shoulders again and is ready to hit the "Journey's End" piledriver when Gabrielle stuns him with a leg lock around his neck. Then she begins walking on her hands towards the turnbuckle. Before touching it, Cyrus pulls her back to the middle of the ring. Gabrielle then tightens her legs around the neck as hard as she can until Cyrus falls to his knees. Gabrielle then kicks him twice in the face and repositions her legs and body for a body scissors submission!!!

    The crowd is stunned watching. Cyrus is gasping for air and reaching for anything he can grab hold of. Gabrielle keeps this maneuver applies for about 20 seconds. Finally, she relinquishes. When she rises, she lands a swift forearm across the face. Cyrus retorts with one of his own. Gabrielle stumbles backwards. Cyrus tries a discus punch but Gabrielle tries a back body drop into the fire! Cyrus holds on to her head as she stumbles backwards! Cyrus then somehow falls back on his own two feet with a front neck hold applied. He turns around, looks behind him, and tries a vertical suplex into the fire-engulfed ropes behind him!!!

    But Gabrielle locks his foot around Cyrus' foot and then separates enough for one big forearm to the jaw. Cyrus stumbles backwards, nearly gets burned, turns and steps away, but then gets TACKLED by Gabrielle! Both wrestlers go into the fire, right between the bottom and middle ropes, and then fall to the apron and the outside floor!!!


    Daniella Kennedy: SOMEONE GET IN HERE AND HELP!

    Sure enough, Cyrus went back-first into the flames and took the L. A small flame continues to burn his skin as FWA attendants quickly run over to put it out. Cyrus rolls around on the ground in pain and fear. Gabrielle, who also went through the same area, was protected by Cyrus' body going first. She ended up unscathed.

    Winner: Gabrielle Montgomery

    Rod Sterling: What ... a ... BRUTAL match. And I hope we in the FWA never have to see this again. NEVER.

    Christian Quinn: It's not worth it. It's just not.

    Daniella Kennedy: One of them tackling the other, and both of them going through those burning flames, was the only way this match would end. It had to be both just going through, and Cyrus ended up being the unlucky one to go through first and get burned. Gabrielle was insulated by him.

    Gabrielle, who to this point is the most experienced Trial By Fire competitor ever, finally gets a win in the match type. She watches Cyrus get help from people and drags herself away from the scene. She's seated on the floor, her back to the fan railing, and unable to process whether she's happy to win or conflicted by what she and Cyrus just went through.

    Daniella Kennedy: What could be going through her head right now?

    Rod Sterling: What is going through Cyrus' head?! He's the one who got severely burned!

    Cyrus Truth sure enough lays on the ground while attendants quickly put wet cloths over his upper back to help cool the burn spot. He's face down and unable to go any further. The crowd is just speechless watching the remnants of such a brutal match. Gabrielle remains seated about 15 feet away from Cyrus, who can only turn his head to catch her gaze and continue breathing heavily, with his eyes wide open.


    And for a final time ... predictions.


    Eli Black: Dave Sullivan. He's on fire. He's has some bad fortune but now that he can focus on just being world champion he might be unstoppable.

    Trevor Ocean: Dave Sullivan wins in probably the weakest Back in Business main event in the events history.

    Krash: The King vs The Usurper. The man who has spent the better part of a year dominating FWA in the singles division, and the man who debuted less than two months ago and turned everything on it's head. Dave Sullivan has had the best year of his career, but Nova Diamond is running a momentum streak a mile long, and despite Dave Sullivan's unblemishable talent, I think Nova's going to score the upset, keep the ball rolling, and dethrone the King.

    The cameras show a huge wall standing on the stage, tall enough to block even the titantron at the top. The stage is truly darkened, lights only hit the top of the wall, the only thing that is illuminated enough to be visible at the moment. Nothing appears on top of it, but suddenly some sounds are echoed through the arena.


    “TIME TO GO!”

    “Are you feeling okay?”

    “Is there anybody out there?”

    After the last questions, the spot light only hit one spot in front of the wall and on the stage…highlighting a certain old man with his guitar, playing a familiar tune, making the crowd go jubilant! The living legend David Gilmour is on Back In Business stage, playing one of his masterpieces, Comfortably Numb! As Gilmour starts to sing the song, Nova Diamond’s titantron is projected onto the wall.

    “♫Hello, is there anybody in there?
    Just nod if you can hear me…♫”

    The crowd that initially cheered the legendary guitarist are now dead silent, listening to him doing his craft perfectly. Despite their silence, most of the crowd has their cellphones on their hands, flashes open and lighting up the arena.

    “♫Just the basic facts
    Can you show me where it hurts

    The first verse ends and another spot-light hits, now the top of the wall, revealing Nova Diamond in a violet robe, his arms are open but his head is down and his eyes are closed. His lips can be seen syncing to the song. Nova moves one step forward to a platform which slowly goes down and down until he’s near Gilmour who is continuing to perform.

    “♫There is no pain, you are receding…
    A distant ship, smoke on the horizon

    Nova is like a man possessed, the way he moves on the ramp resembles more of a ghost floating than a human walking. The wall starts to crumble and the spot-light continues to follow Nova move, quasi-dance and lip sync while the other one is still on Gilmour.

    “♫I…have become comfortably numb…♫”

    The first guitar solo hits and Nova raises his head, looking directly at the camera, then to the empty ring. He stops, takes a deep breath, then proceeds to walk normally to the steps. He stops once again at the apron where David starts to sing again.

    “♫Okay…just a little pinprick…
    There'll be no more
    …but you may feel a little sick….♫””

    The camera focuses on Nova watching the audience slowly swing their flash lights. The look on his face is rather intense, but his lips then curl into an arrogant smile before fully entering the ring.

    “♫There is no pain….you are receding…
    A distant ship, smoke on the horizon….♫

    Nova is in the center of the ring, sitting cross-legged, continuing to lip sync the song. The camera turn to the stage again, and the wall is completely gone.

    “♫I…have become comfortably numb♫”

    The legendary second solo begins and Nova gets up, climbing the turnbuckle and finger framing the crowd, then Gilmour, then the crowd on the other side. He gets down and tell the cameraman to show David Gilmour. The camera just follows Gilmour until the end of the song, and after it ends, the lights come back up and Nova is laying on the turnbuckle, waiting for King Sullivan to arrive before the main-event of Back In Business finally starts!

    ...Suddenly, a video appears on the titantron:

    The crowd explodes in a mixture of cheers and boos.

    As the lights come back on, what we see now on the upper stage immediately comes off as a tad graphic. It's five wax figurines, all of them knelt down with the heads in five guillotines.

    In the two guillotines on the left...wax figures of Cyrus Truth and Gabrielle Montgomery. In the two guillotines on the right, wax figures of Starr and Kevin Cromwell. In the center guillotine...a wax figure of Nova Diamond.

    As Hail to The King by Avenged Sevenfold continues to blast through the arena, when suddenly...the floor at the top of the ramp begins to open up. Smoke begins blasting up through the hole in the ramp, when a golden throne begins to start slowly rising up to the top.

    The throne reaches the top, and the smoke clears. Sitting on the large throne (that's bedazzled in diamonds) is none other than "The King" Dave Sullivan. The crowd's boos overpower the cheers, as the camera zooms in on a cocky smirk on the face of The King.

    King Sullivan is equipped in full out Kingly gear. His golden crown is covered in gems, and his scepter is made 100% of crystal. His robes are made of completely authentic black
    velvet, with wolf fur lining the outer edges. The gear that Nova Diamond destroyed on the last Fight Night has been completely replaced and upgraded.

    But what hasn't been replaced is the FWA World Championship, which is wrapped tightly around King Sullivan's waist.

    The title can be seen in full view, as The King rises from his throne.

    He points his crystal scepter over to the left of the stage, and when he does the first guillotine blade falls! It takes the head of Kevin Cromwell clean off. The King motions his scepter again, as the guillotine blade above the wax Starr comes off. Sullivan then swings his scepter to the other side of the stage, where the guillotine blades above Gabrielle and Cyrus Truth's wax figures come rapidly down, taking off their heads!

    Finally, King Sullivan takes off the end of his crystal scepter, revealing a sharp machete like blade. He walks over to the center guillotine featuring Nova Diamond's wax figure, and he swings the blade at Nova Diamond's wax head...taking it clean off. The crowd begins to loudly boo at the gruesomeness of the King's fake blood pours all over the stage.

    Nova Diamond is in the ring, completely unphased by Sullivan's act. He doesn't give any reaction at all, and instead continues to stay focused.

    The King smirks as he continues to walk down the stage.

    King Sullivan struts around the ring, taking off his crown and robes and leaving them at ring side.

    He enters the ring, and goes into the opposite corner facing Nova Diamond.

    Kurt Harrington: Ladies and gentlemen...this is the MAIN EVENT of the evening. This will be a singles match for the undisputed FWA heavyweight championship of the world...introducing first the challenger...fighting out of Manchester, UK...this 26 year old stands at 6ft, 1 inch and weighs in at 180 lbs. He holds a singles record of 7 wins, no losses...he is the winner of the 2019 Carnal Contendership match...


    The crowd pops loudly, as it seems like the mass majority of the arena is pulling for the King to be dethroned.

    And now...fighting out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania USA...this 33 year old stands at 6ft, 2 inches and weighs in at 210 pounds. He holds a singles record of 33 wins, 8 losses...THE KING OF THE FWA...



    The crowd explodes into another mixture of groans, boos, and cheers as Sullivan raises his title high up in the air before giving it to the official. It's put off to ringside, as the match is about to start.

    FWA World Championship
    "The King" Dave Sullivan (c)
    Nova Diamond

    The bell rings, as Dave Sullivan and Nova Diamond stare each other down from each corner. Both men look so eager to go at each other, yet both men are cautious towards making the first move.

    Rod Sterling: Nova Diamond comes into this match, with an undefeated record in the FWA. "The King" Dave Sullivan comes in, with an undefeated record at Back in Business.

    Daniella Kennedy:
    One would think Dave Sullivan would be coming into this match with all the momentum, one would think he'd be coming in as the underdog...but look at the shift that we've seen since Sullivan won the FWA World title. He lost his X Championship and North American Championship both in the same night. And then? He's lost the last two matches on Fight Night. Both are tag team matches, but still...loses going into the biggest pay per view of the year.

    Christian Quinn:
    And don't forget how the last Fight Night ended. Not only did Diamond pin Sullivan within seconds, but then he handcuffed him and destroyed all his prized possessions. Nova Diamond has not lost a match since debuting in the FWA. He shocked the world by winning the Carnal Contendership. He is the TRUE King to be dethroned.

    Rod Sterling:
    But is he? Dave Sullivan said that when you make things personal with him, it's the biggest mistake you could make. Look at the success Sullivan has had on his ego alone. Now you add even more bulletin-board material for Sullivan to work on? Is that a mistake that could cost Diamond?

    Each of them slowly start to step forward, before Sullivan lunges at Diamond! They lock up in the middle of the ring. Diamond pushes Sullivan back first into the ropes as the two continue to grapple. Sullivan grapples him into the turnbuckle, as the two continue to stay locked up and swinging around the ring. Sullivan swings his body around Diamond's, and attempts to get start a suplex, but then Diamond swings around and does the same to Sullivan. Sullivan then dodges this move, and takes Diamond to the ground.

    Diamond and Sullivan are now rolling around on the ground now, still neither of them gaining an advantage over the other. Diamond at one point appears to get control on the ground, before Sullivan slithers out to try and get control himself...and then Diamond gets control again. Sullivan ends up again sliding around, and ends up on Diamond's back. Sullivan begins punching Diamond in the back of the head repeatedly. Each hard blow sends out an echoing grunt from Diamond. Finally Sullivan gets off him and stands back up as Diamond rolls over towards the edge of the ring. Diamond stands up and leans against the ropes, as Sullivan goes over to him and WOO chops him.

    Sullivan goes to slap him on the chest a second time, when Diamond grabs his hand!

    The crowd pops, as Sullivan's face turns white. Diamond then knocks down Sullivan with a big right strike to the face. Sullivan hits the ground, as Diamond continues to stomp at him. With each stomp, the crowd cheers loud. Diamond throws Sullivan into the turnbuckle, and begins to stomp at Sullivan once more. Over and over again, to the point where the ref begins to count! 1! 2! Diamond is still stomping! 3! 4! Finally, Diamond backs off and gets a stern lecture from the referee.

    Sullivan sits up in the corner, rubbing his face. He gets up to his face, still in the corner, when Diamond runs at him with a clothesline! Sullivan falls to the ground and is now laying on his back in the center of the ring.

    Nova Diamond then hops up on the turnbuckle, and puts his hands up in the air as the crowd cheers. But just before Diamond jumps, Sullivan wisely rolls out of the ring and to the outside. Sullivan then laughs at Diamond from the outside floor, as Diamond is still standing on the turnbuckle...when Diamond decides to jump off the turnbuckle anyway! He lands at Sullivan on the outside!

    Both men are now on the ground outside of the ring. Diamond gets to his feet first, followed by Sullivan. Nova Diamond then kicks Sullivan in the gut, and throws him at the commentary table.

    Rod Sterling: Ahh!

    The referee begins to count now.



    Sullivan stumbles off the table and around the ring, but Diamond grabs him and throws him into the steel steps.


    Sullivan holds his ribs, which he hit hard after getting thrown into the steps. Diamond picks Sullivan up, and throws him at the security barrier.



    Sullivan is leaning on the security barrier back first, as Diamond continues to punch him in the head.

    Punch after punch, as the referee continues his count.




    Diamond goes to grab Sullivan again, but Sullivan blocks it and punches Diamond in the face. Sullivan then throws Diamond back into the ring, and quickly follows behind him. Both men make it back in before being counted out.

    Sullivan goes to punch Diamond again, this time in the ring, but Diamond ducks and throws Sullivan into the turnbuckle! Sullivan runs at Diamond in the corner turnbuckle, but Sullivan puts his feet up and hits him with a drop kick! Both men are on the ground again. Dave Sullivan gets up first, and begins punching Diamond in the back of the head. He picks up Diamond, and then hits him with a BIG knee to the face.

    Sullivan throws Diamond at the ropes, and when Diamond bounces back King Sullivan hits him with a HIGH ELBOW to the face. Diamond falls to the floor, and rolls over to the ropes. Diamond begins to use the ropes to pull himself up. He's now standing on the ring apron.

    Sullivan then jumps up to RKO Diamond from the inside of the ring, but Diamond pushes Sullivan off at the last second! Sullivan lands back first hard in the middle of the ring, as Diamond launches himself off the apron and over the ropes for a big splash and cover on Sullivan! The referee slides over and begins the count!



    But Sullivan breaks out of it.

    Christian Quinn: Diamond with the first pinfall attempt in this back and forth match.

    Daniella Kennedy:
    It's so far been about as close as expected.

    Diamond now stands up as Sullivan is still laying on the mat. Diamond hits a hard elbow on Sullivan! He gets up, and hits another elbow on Sullivan. He then hits another elbow on Sullivan, and another. He then picks Sullivan up by his hair...

    And Diamond hits a LIFTING DDT! Sullivan's skull looks like it got crushed, as Diamond quickly goes for a second cover.



    But Sullivan again kicks out of it.

    Diamond gets to his feet, as Sullivan tries to as well...before Diamond gives him a big kick in those ribs. Sullivan rolls over in pain, holding his ribs.

    Rod Sterling: Remember, Dave Sullivan got thrown into the steel ring steps ribs first, as since then he's been catering to those ribs.

    Christian Quinn:
    We can see some bruising now in that rib area. If Diamond is smart, he'll continue to attack the champion in that area of the body.

    Diamond kicks Sullivan again in the ribs. Sullivan rolls over onto his back from the kick, where Diamond then begins to curb stomp Sullivan right on those injured and bruised ribs.

    The champ screams out in pain as Diamond smiles.

    He picks Sullivan up, and tosses him into the turnbuckle. Sullivan then stumbles back into the center of the ring, where Diamond hits a dragon suplex!

    He then pins Sullivan for a third time.

    The ref counts...



    ...But again Sullivan kicks out.

    Christian Quinn: Remember the age difference of these two men. Nova Diamond is in his first year as an FWA superstar. He's 26 years old. Sullivan on the other hand is in his 8th year. He's 33 years old, 7 years older than Diamond. At what point does that age difference come into play here?

    Daniella Kennedy:
    Oh it's huge. There's such a big difference just endurance wise. Once you hit your 30s, your endurance in a match begins to run much lower than it does when you wrestle in your early 20s. Another thing to consider is the just the types of matches that Sullivan and Diamond have had in the last year. Sullivan was defending one of his three titles every single night on Fight Night this past year. He has to be running low on gas in the tank.

    Nova Diamond begins to pick Sullivan up, but out of nowhere Sullivan hits him with an uppercut! Sullivan gets life out of nowhere, as he tackles Diamond down to the floor with the Lou Thez Press! He goes for a ground and pound now on Diamond. After punching Diamond in the face a few times, Sullivan jumps up. The adrenaline is jolting through the champ as he jogs around the ring.

    He picks up Nova Diamond, and then tosses him shoulder first into the corner turnbuckle.

    Diamond stumbles out of the turnbuckle, and falls to the ground holding his shoulder. Sullivan then begins to stomp on that right shoulder over and over again, the same way Diamond was targeting Sullivan's ribs earlier.

    Sullivan then grabs Nova's right arm, and he locks in The Steel Curtain (kimura lock) on Diamond! Diamond is on the ground kicking his feet, as Sullivan holds the submission tightly on his right arm.

    Diamond tries to break out of it, but Sullivan is holding it so tightly.

    Rod Sterling: The Steel Curtain! This is the submission that King Sullivan used on Dominik Armistead earlier in the year, and broke his arm!

    Daniella Kennedy:
    Armistead had to have a number of surgeries on his arm after that, and doctors say it's unlikely he'll ever be able to wrestle again. Will he do the same thing to Nova Diamond?

    Sullivan continues to scream out with that sadistic face of his.

    He keeps screaming "I'm going to break it! I'm going to break it!"

    When suddenly, Diamond is able to take his left arm and use it to punch Sullivan in those injured ribs. After a couple weak jabs, Sullivan ends up having to let go of Diamond's arm.

    Both men roll over and lay flat on the mat. Diamond is holding his right arm and shoulder, while Sullivan rolls out to the outside of the ring to nurse his ribs.

    Christian Quinn: Nova Diamond may still be a rookie in the FWA, but he has proven every single time that he belongs where he is the main event of Back in Business. And win or lose, I don't foresee Nova Diamond being anywhere but a threat in the main events.

    Daniella Kennedy:
    Let's look back to our last Back in Business. Do you think any of us would've predicted this match would have been our main event? I know I wouldn't have.

    Rod Sterling:
    No, I probably would've said it'd by Cyrus Truth and Chris Kennedy again...or perhaps Kevin Cromwell and Tristan James Galloway. But yet, look at how much the landscape of the FWA has changed? We've seen the rise of a King. Sullivan went on to win every singles title you could possibly win, and he held them all at the same time! He took down Cyrus Truth, not once...not twice...but three times!

    Christian Quinn:
    And then there's Nova Diamond. He became one of the fastest contenders for the North American championship. But instead of fighting for that belt, he won the Carnal Contendership instead. Quite possibly being one of the fastest leaps to the main event, since the legend Cyrus Truth himself.

    Daniella Kennedy:
    We've lost a lot of very talented fighters in the FWA over the last year. Just look at who was on the last Back in Business card compared to now. Chris Kennedy, Wolf, Tristan James Galloway, Bell Connelly, Starr, Phillip A Jackson, XYZ...and yet, I feel like this year's Back in Business has been even better. We have such a deep pool of talent. I mean look at the fights we've seen tonight. Devin Golden and Michael Garcia, Mike Parr and Krash...and this is all headlined tonight by THIS match. Two guys you'd have never guessed would be here...not just a year ago, but maybe even just months ago.

    Dave Sullivan ends up being the first one to his feet...but Nova Diamond stumbles up right behind him. The two then stare each other down as the crowd cheers. They grapple yet again in the center of the ring.

    Nova Diamond ends up throwing Sullivan into the corner turnbuckle back first. He then runs at Sullivan, but Sullivan puts his leg up and boots him in the face.

    Sullivan then hits Diamond with the running clothesline.

    Dave Sullivan covers Nova for a quick pin.

    The ref counts...



    But Nova kicks out now.

    Sullivan gets off Nova, and pulls him up to his feet.

    The champ hits Diamond with some Muay Thai kicks to the legs and chest.

    He then throws Diamond at the ropes, and when Diamond bounces back Sullivan hits him with a BIG roundhouse kick! Diamond goes to the mat. As Sullivan jumps back up to his feet with momentum swinging back his way.

    Diamond makes it back to his feet, but Sullivan knocks him down with yet another roundhouse kick. The egotistic Sullivan is starting to smirk, as he begins to get full control back in this match.

    He struts around the ring, before turning back to Nova Diamond and screaming in his face.

    "Bow Down!" King Sullivan yells at Diamond, and then slaps him in the face.

    Sullivan then turns back to the crowd, laughing and smiling. He yells at some heckling fans, and tells them to bow down as well.

    When suddenly, Nova Diamond comes from behind and gets Sullivan with a roll up pin!

    Christian Quinn:Nova Diamond with the roll up! Nova Diamond with the roll up!

    Daniella Kennedy:
    This is the same thing that happened last Fight Night during the tag team match! Sullivan got cocky, and Nova caught him by surprise with the roll up!

    The referee counts...



    But The King gets out of it this time.

    Sullivan rolls to the outside, as Nova Diamond smiles on the inside of the ring.

    Nova does some arm circles in the ring to loosen up that right shoulder, which now looks just as injured as Sullivan's ribs. Speaking of Sullivan's injured ribs, they look even worse than they did five minutes ago. Sullivan's entire right side of his ribs is a dark purple, black, and blue color.

    Suddenly, Sullivan runs back inside the ring.

    He starts punching Nova Diamond in the face. The two end up going back and forth by the ropes, and their fight ends up in the corner turnbuckle. Diamond is back first in the turnbuckle, as Sullivan continues to punch at him. Diamond ends up falling to the ground in the corner, but Sullivan does not relent. He kicks and stomps at Diamond in the corner, to the point where the referee has to count again.




    Sullivan keeps stomping at Diamond.


    Finally, Sullivan stops.

    He picks Nova Diamond up by his scruffy hair, and gets him ready in a suplex position. The crowd starts to go crazy, as Sullivan is about to perform Three Rivers (three amigos).

    Dave Sullivan hits the first suplex on Diamond!

    He then hits the second suplex on Diamond!

    ...and then he hits the third suplex on Diamond!

    Rod Sterling: Three rivers! He hit the three rivers!

    Dave Sullivan then goes for the cover on Diamond again. The ref goes to the floor to count.



    But Diamond kicks out, again!

    Sullivan can't believe it. He picks Nova up, and hits him with an RKO!

    He rolls Nova over, and covers him once more.

    The referee counts.



    But Nova kicks out AGAIN.

    Sullivan picks him up, and hits ANOTHER RKO!

    Rod Sterling: RKO again! That's two back to back RKO's! Diamond surely can't kick out of this.

    Sullivan rolls Diamond over, and covers him once more.

    The ref counts again.




    Sullivan smacks the mat in anger.

    Daniella Kennedy:
    Something has to give!

    Christian Quinn:
    Neither one of these men so far look like they're going to give up.

    Sullivan looks incredibly frustrated now.

    He picks up Nova Diamond, and he tosses him over the top rope of the ring. Diamond goes tumbling down to the outside floor.

    Sullivan now begins to taunt Diamond.

    He yells "Get up! Get back in here and fight me!"

    Diamond gets up to his knees as the referee begins counting.




    Diamond then crawls over to the ring apron, and appears to grab something from underneath the ring. He shoves whatever object he took into his trunks. Sullivan doesn't like this, as he goes outside of the ring now to get Diamond. But Diamond hits him with a big uppercut. Diamond then tosses Sullivan into the ring. Sullivan is now holding his head, as Nova is back in the ring. He begins stomping away at Sullivan. He stomps on Dave's head, and arms, and legs. And then begins to once again attack Sullivan and those very injured ribs. He then backs up into the corner, and allows Sullivan to get to his feet...before running full speed and hitting him with a HUGE SPEAR right to the ribs. Nova covers Sullivan now.

    The ref counts.



    But Sullivan kicks out.

    Nova looks just as angry as Sullivan was. Nova goes to pick up Sullivan, but Sullivan suddenly rolls up Nova for a quick roll up pin!

    The referee counts again! 1! 2! But suddenly, Nova turns the roll up over to now be rolling up Sullivan again! 1! 2! and then Sullivan rolls it back over on Diamond! 1! ...2! ...But Sullivan kicks out of it.

    Both men are now on their feet again. Sullivan hits Nova Diamond with a right hook! Then Nova hits him back with a right hook of his own. The Sullivan hits him with the right hook again. Then Nova hits Sullivan with the right hook again. Then another right hook from Nova, and another one from Sullivan, and another one from Nova, and another one from Sullivan, and another one from Nova, and another one from Nova, and another one from Nova, and another one from Nova. Suddenly, Sullivan is now stumbling backwards and groggy...when Nova hits the 24K Kneebar! Sullivan looks out cold.

    Nova rolls Sullivan over, and lifts the leg up for a pin.

    The referee counts one more time.



    Thre-NO! Sullivan kicked out yet again.

    Nova Diamond cannot believe it. He rubs his hands through his short hair.

    Christian Quinn: This is ridiculous! What does Nova have to do to dethrone "The King"?

    Daniella Kennedy:
    Considering nobody has been able to do it yet, that's a good question.

    He picks up Sullivan by his shaggy hair, and pulls him into the corner turnbuckle. Diamond then begins to slam Sullivan's head into the cushioned turnbuckle pad repeatedly. Over and over and over, Nova slams Sullivan face first into the turnbuckle pad. When Nova finally relents, Sullivan falls down to the mat. The camera zooms into Sullivan's face, which now has blood coming from his nose due to the repeated blows the champ's nose just took to that turnbuckle pad.

    Nova smiles at Sullivan's bloody nose, knowing he caused it. He turns Sullivan over, and begins to punch him a few more times in his busted nose. The blood is dripping down, as Nova finally takes a breath...leaving Sullivan to lay on the mat in pain.

    It is now that we see what Nova Diamond grabbed, as he pulls it out of his trunks.

    In Nova's hands now, are a pair of metal handcuffs!

    The same handcuffs Nova Diamond used on Sullivan this past Fight Night!

    Sullivan looks up, and gasps as he realizes what's in Diamond's hands! But before Sullivan can react, it's too late! Diamond takes Sullivan's right wrist, and handcuffs it to the top rope!

    Rod Sterling: I can't believe it! Nova Diamond just handcuffed Sullivan again!

    Christian Quinn:
    But how in the world is he going to pin him if he's handcuffed to the top rope?

    With Sullivan defenseless, Nova slaps the champion across the face. Dave begins to rage, as he kicks his feet up in the air to try and get Diamond...but Nova steps back out of Sullivan's range.

    He laughs at Sullivan who's trying to reach him, but can't due to he predicament he's in.

    Diamond slowly takes a couple more steps backwards, further out of Sullivan's reach.

    Nova then looks out towards ring side...and Sullivan's expression towards from a look of anger into a look of despair.

    "No! No! Don't you dare...not again".

    Nova smirks, as he slowly takes steps to go closer out of the ring. With each step, the angrier Sullivan gets. He's desperately pulling at the handcuffs. Nova now is on the edge of the apron, and slowly climbs down the stairs. Sullivan continues to rage, as Nova's smile grows wider and more wicked. He goes all the way over to ringside, as Sullivan rubs his left hand through his sweaty hair.

    Now at ringside, Nova pulls out Sullivan's crystal scepter. He looks at it closely, almost admiring it.

    He then goes back inside the ring, and gets just close enough to Sullivan. He puts the scepter out in front of Sullivan, but JUST out of his reach. Sullivan tries to grab it, but Diamond keeps pulling it away...taunting Sullivan.

    "I'm going to kill you. I swear to god, I'm going to kill you. Do you know how much that thing costs? More than you've made in your entire career you peasant!"

    Diamond laughs, as he then SMASHES the crystal scepter on the ring mat. It shatters into pieces, as Sullivan screams out in agony.


    Diamond laughs, as he slaps Sullivan across the face once more. The blood is still pouring down from Dave Sullivan's nose. The white canvas mat is just crimson red at Sullivan's feet from all the blood pouring out of that broken nasal cavity.

    Diamond once more goes to ringside. He takes Sullivan's crown, and he tosses it into the crowd! Sullivan is going irate now...but the torture isn't over. Diamond looks at Sullivan's black velvet robe. He goes to the apron, and pulls out a pair of hedge trimmers!

    Sullivan's got tears nearly going down his face, as he's forced to watch Diamond once again destroy his possessions. Diamond cuts Sullivan's brand new robe in half with the hedge cutters, as Sullivan has buried his head into the turnbuckle, no longer watching Diamond's torment. But Sullivan looks up, to see Diamond has one last thing...Diamond picks up Sullivan FWA World Championship, and throws it over his shoulder.

    He walks up into the ring, and walks right up to Sullivan with the title.

    Nova says right to his face...

    "This is MINE now...I'm going to unlock those cuffs, and then I'm going to pin you to the floor."

    Diamond slowly puts the title on the ground...when he pulls out a chisel from his boots! Sullivan is going crazy now.

    Daniella Kenendy: Oh my god! He's going to chisel Sullivan's name off the nameplate of the title!
    Rod Sterling:This is just too far...

    Suddenly, Sullivan does the unimaginable! With his left hand, he takes his right wrist, and appears to violently twist it!

    Christian Quinn: Oh my god! Did Sullivan just break his own wrist?

    Before he can chisel anything off, Diamond looks back shocked at what Sullivan just did. Sullivan then is able to slide his wrist out of the handcuffs, and charges at Diamond!

    Diamond goes for a right hook, but Sullivan ducks, and he hits him with one more blasting RKO!

    The crowd is in awe, as Sullivan goes for the cover!

    The ref counts as blood continues to poor from Sullivan's nose.




    Here is your Winner @34:19 and STILL FWA World Champion: ..."The King" Dave Sullivan

    Confetti starts falling flying around the entire stadium, dropped down from above.

    Rod Sterling: "The King" has done it! He has won this match and is still our FWA World Champion.

    Daniella Kennedy:
    But at what cost? A broken wrist, a broken nose...broken ribs?

    Christian Quinn:
    Neither one of these men were willing to give up, yet it was "The King" who is walking out with still with the world title.

    It's Good To Be King by Tom Petty starts blasting through the arena.

    Dave Sullivan rolls off Nova Diamond and lays face down on the mat. Medics from backstage rush down the ramp to aid both stars. Sullivan brushes them off however as he gets to his feet, instead going towards Kurt Harrington who's handing Sullivan back the FWA World Championship.

    He throws it over his shoulder and exits the ring, as the crowd stands stunned. The underdog Nova Diamond was unable to upset "The King".

    he camera zooms in on the now empty handcuffs hanging off that top rope in the ring.

    Rod Sterling: The question we've been asking every month now, is STILL unanswered. That question is...who will take down King Sullivan?

    Christian Quinn:
    Nova Diamond came into this match undefeated. King Sullivan now hands him his first loss. He fought hard, and at points I truly thought he was going to take the title away from Sullivan. But tonight that was not his fate. But surely we have to expect it will be his fate soon enough.

    Daniella Kennedy:
    Meanwhile, Sullivan is now 3-0 at Back in Business. Starting to remind me of another man with an undefeated Back in Business record.

    Rod Sterling: Thank you everybody who tuned in tonight for what may have been one of the greatest Back in Business shows we've had in the history of the FWA. Thank you once again and good night!

    Sullivan limps up the ramp, as Tom Petty continues to play. Sullivan's ribs look badly bruised, and he hasn't moved his right wrist since the end bell rang.

    At the top of the ramp now, with blood still pouring out of his nose and down his chest, Sullivan raises the FWA World Championship high as the screen fades to black to end Back in Business XIV.
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    The entire show is now posted. Thanks for everyone's patience.

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    Absolutely MASSIVE show. This really felt like a Back In Business / WrestleMania (but actually good) level show. Every match felt important, every match felt special.

    Amazing job by everyone involved, from putting the card together, to promos, to actually putting this show itself together. Because as I said it felt like a big show, and that's a credit to all the match writers. Including the match predictions from people before some matches was a really nice touch too.

    Three new Champs is a big deal, very interested to see Krash as NA Champ, and I can see a lengthy X Championship reign in store for MvH. No one cares about the Tag Titles though...seriously though congrats to The Elite and the tag division has quietly bolstered its ranks and could have some fun feuds in store. I'd love to see UA v Elite continue and just get more and more intense.

    That Main Event was MENTAL. I want to touch on it more later but DAMN...SON. Especially that whole final sequence with Nova cuffing Dave and destroying everything. Who can beat Dave Sullivan now though?

    I'm very glad to get two monkeys off my back with Gabrielle, got an elusive win over Cyrus finally, and finally won a Trial By Fire match with her as well, only took four attempts and seven(?) years. That feud with Cyrus has been a very intense one, I think it ranks up there with Gabrielle vs Stu St. Clair in that regard. Just two people who despised each other and needed to hurt each other as much as possible. Very fitting that one of them had to put themselves through the fire just to burn the other one.

    And that Elimination Chamber match is epic. Adding Garcia to the mix as a big heel heat moment was a great move.

    Everyone give yourselves a pat on the back.

    Oh and cant forget, amazing work with those match graphics as well.

    Oh and, and whats all this with Bell Connolly!?!?
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    Credit to Comeback Kid for the GFX

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    Bell. Fucking. Connelly.

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    It'll be interesting to see where everything goes with the conclusion of BIB. The show was definitely worth the wait. I also want to give a special shoutout to Jimmy King. I asked him to make Noah suffer in that tag-team match and boy did you ever. I love it! Great work all around!

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    I just want to give a special shoutout to Shake, who made the mini graphics for each match. He's a Hall of Famer, both as an RP'er and just a general member of the fed. He loves FWA and took time out of his personal life to make these graphics because FWA still — and always will — hold a special place in his heart.

    Thank you, Shake. Seriously. The graphics are absolutely amazing.

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    This is such a fantastic show from top to bottom. All of the little touches, from the graphics to the predictions, really add to the realism and enjoyment. It's also great how many people contributed above their actual promo.

    Congratulations to all of the winners. I thought the Krash promo was mega, and although the Parr promo was excellent too Krash is a worthy winner and I'm sure will be a great North American Champion. Same goes for the Elite (or whatever they rebrand as) in the tag division. I'd like to see the Valanders with something meaty for the next pay per view. I think there's been a real effort for improvement in their promos and I'm interested in seeing where they go next.

    The Cyrus - Gabrielle match, and the program in general, was straight fire (see what I did there). That's another match that I thought could go either way. Cyrus and Gabrielle are probably my two favourite roster members at the moment so them going head to head was very entertaining. It's also good for Gabby to get a big W here and gives her some much needed momentum. Same for Golden, and I thought Garcia looked good in defeat (I thoroughly enjoyed sayer's promo but it's Golden man what you gonna do).

    The main event lived up to expectations and Nova was desperately unlucky going up against THAT Sullivan promo. It will be interesting to see what Nova does next. It's a shame he's not involved in the elimination chamber match (which is going to be a cracker, I feel sure) but I get the reasoning. There's plenty of programs I'd love to see for Nova going forward, not least of all mvh v diamond (selfish I know).

    Also, quick thanks to all of the competitors in the X Title match. 6 out of 6 showing up in a multi match is excellent, and everyone brought it. I hope you enjoyed the match - I had a blast writing it.

    Bell Connelly? Never heard of her.

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    This is a massive show to unpack, crikey.

    okay where should I begin

    - The graphics! Shake did them, is that right? Fantastic job! From that opening poster I'd hang on my wall to the separate match graphics, it's a superb job, and absolutely thank you to Shake for doing them. <3
    - Similarly, the addition of 'Various FWA Superstars predict who wins this next match' was a great addition, so points to ETE for bringing that idea into fruition.
    - Right from the first match, with Johnny Devlin & Mike Valander pausing before locking up to take in the atmosphere of being on the biggest show of the year, the tone was set for what a show it would be. And it kept coming back to that, all the way through the show either with special entrances, or people continuously going above and beyond the call, it was a constant throughout this show that everyone considered it to be one of the most important shows in their career.
    - Oh shit, Elimination Chamber next PPV! That's going to be sweet. Saving the announcement of Garcia's entry for the massive booing was a great move. I'm all-in on the Chamber being FWA's answer to MITB.
    - Noah Stocke got bloody battered, oof. After what he did to Ashley Adams anything less would've been a mercy.
    - That X-Division title match was absolute chaos, and a fantastic idea to have it start with three separate brawls before the match could even come close to beginning. Very reminiscent of an attitude-era multiman brawl, and I mean that in the best of ways. Non-stop action with barely a breather, six athlete throwing bombs at each other to see who can outlast the rest. Aces.
    - Fire time I've read an inferno/trial by fire match, and man did it flow well. At no point did anyone forget the towering flames that had to end the match, the brutality one would have to go though. Very well-written.
    - Finally, Dave Sullivan retains, but puts himself through hell to do it. Watching Nova Diamond break every prop he holds dear? Breaking his own wrist to escape a pair of handcuffs? My god. Incorporating the handcuffs used at the end of Fight Night was a genius play that took this match from a main event to an instant classic.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Smooth Jazz Wolf View Post
    - Oh shit, Elimination Chamber next PPV! That's going to be sweet. Saving the announcement of Garcia's entry for the massive booing was a great move. I'm all-in on the Chamber being FWA's answer to MITB.
    I think it's on the very next Fight Night, unless I misread... which only makes it more mental! Should be one hell of a match. I also like that seven separate people are getting the opportunity and there's lots of intertwining stories going into the match. It wouldn't surprise me if we see things like Cyrus getting his pin back or other neat little touches.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SuperSaiyan View Post
    I think it's on the very next Fight Night, unless I misread... which only makes it more mental! Should be one hell of a match. I also like that seven separate people are getting the opportunity and there's lots of intertwining stories going into the match. It wouldn't surprise me if we see things like Cyrus getting his pin back or other neat little touches.
    Heck, you're absolutely right. An Elimination Chamber on Fight Night, on free TV! I misread it. Man, poor Cyrus, gets set on fire AND has to compete in a Chamber in such a short timespan.


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    Cyrus-Gabrielle, Parr-Krash, Garcia following a tough L, Cromwell coming off a tough L, Knox rebounding with a big W after a tough stretch. The Chamber should be a lot of fun.

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    What a huge show. Well put together fine to great matches that overcome a card with no surprises.

    X Championship match stole the show for me. It was a thrill ride from beginning to end. Im glad my character got some time to shine a bit but i expected Michelle to win. She's going to be hard to dethrone.

    Lord Blackbird speech was great and really set the tone for the rest of the show.

    Devin Golden vs Garcia was amazing and would of by been my match of night any other show. Great writing, great story.

    Middle ground: Krash vs Parr was good but it felt a little short compared to Golden vs Garcia. Didn't expect Krash to win so that was cool.

    Tag Title match was good but expected a bit more cause these teams have been going back and forth for a while.

    A bit disappointing: Trial by Fire wasn't as exciting as I could of been but the story told was great and probably more important.

    I expected a lot more from from Diamond and Sullivan. It had it bit when I thought a double turn was happening but then it came down for me when sullivan had a panic attack about his possessions being broken then the sudden stop threw me off.

    Overall this was a great show with a lot dope spots and amazing storytelling with some really high highs and not any really bad matches or lows. I loved the match flow and addition of the predictions.
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    I love the graphics all around for this show. Shake did such a great job with them all! Congratulations to the Valenders for getting a big win to open up the show. I also thought this match was well written and detailed for being the lowest one on the card, but a great way to open things up. The Black vs El Franko match was well placed here as a change of pace from the longer tag team match. Really love Kayden Knox right now, and hoping now with a big win at BIB he can get his momentum back. I'm rooting for him in the Elimination Chamber match. Hope you bring it OMB like you did at the CC. Gabby popping in with the the Calenders backstage was a nice segment to break things up. The Elimination Chamber is gonna be so hype...there are so many people competing in it that I'm afraid to see again. That's the biggest con of being the champion, no matter what the number one contender is going to be the best.

    The Elite winning the tag team titles was a big surprise. I liked the line from Daniella Kennedy about spitting blood being a bit risky with the coronavirus going around. The Bell Connelly appearence was also a shock. Makes me wondering if she really isn't coming back or not. This backstage segment between her and MvH was lowkey one of the best moments of the show. A feud with MvH over the newly won X Championship would be super cool. MvH was definitely the clear winner in that X Title bout. By the way, I think MvH is the first woman to hold the X Championship since 2009, when Moira Crawford held it...who was at the time the only other female to hold it. So I guess that makes MvH the second? Well, unless you count PASSION. Still, first female in 11 years to win that title is a big moment. Almost lives up to King Sullivan's standards for who can hold one of his beloved titles.

    Garcia vs Golden was as good as hyped up to be. Truly had no idea who was going to win this one as both guys had great promos, but The Golden One pulls out the win as Mike Garcia still can get momentum. But the elimination chamber is such a big opportunity for him to turn it around, and we all know he wants it. Another person like Garcia who needed a big win was Krash, and unlike Garcia he got it. This is so huge for Krash, and like I said in my review it was his best promo of the year. He really earned this one. The Trial By Fire match was sooo good. I am so glad I didn't have to decide between Gabby and Cyrus winning because both of their promos were so great in different ways. But storyline wise, I'm glad that Gabrielle pulled out the win. I think for both of their characters this works well. Cyrus continues his spiral and streak of bad luck (when for almost 2 solid years he was unstoppable) and Gabrielle gets the win she craved for so badly.

    Lastly, the main event match was supposed to have a Nova Diamond intro to it, he wasn't supposed to just be chilling in the ring. It must have gotten lost in the shuffle, but I don't like how it's all Dave Sullivan in the intro.

    This show WAS well worth the wait for sure. Big thanks to all of you guys who helped put it together for us.

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