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You may as well be openly celebrating needless death and illness. What's stopping you from holding up a foam-finger that says 'Coronavirus #1 cause of death among police!' or something like that? By making a show of defending the portion of healthcare workers choosing to ignore their professional responsibilities to keeping people safe, you are supporting actions that not only recklessly enable but also strengthen the coronavirus. Who wouldn't think ill of you, honestly?

I purposely don't quote a lot of things you post because of how irrelevant they usually are to the conversations being had. What does that stat have to do with healthcare workers threatening to stymie the healthcare system if they are not allowed to endanger hospital staff and patients? You possess the energy and motivation to seek these arguments but not the sense of which details are relevant or correspond to points being made. Honestly, that probably sums up roughly 50% of your posts or more in this thread and you show no signs of stopping so may as well just call it like I see it.

And? What does this have to do with the conversation? Anything at all? See the above. Stop wasting everybody's time.

No! I don't think that. What does any of that have to do with the conversation we were having? You don't think I am embarrassed by the American healthcare system, just because I think Quebec allowing staff to remain unvaccinated is some epic-level stupidity? It seems like you stop at 'there's a connection!' instead of thinking 'is this connection relevant to the conversation?' constantly.

Of course I am embarrassed by America's healthcare system. I'm also embarrassed by our politics and economics. I'm also embarrassed by the way some of our politicians misled the public about the virus from the start, pushed their buddies' "treatments" for financial gains, and fostered an environment for a much longer pandemic. I'm embarrassed by how the US Postal Service had a plan to send out masks early on that was shot down by corrupt (read "evil") politicians. I'm embarrassed by how many shitheads in Arizona don't care to wear masks in public, indoor places.

I'm embarrassed by a lot of things. And none of that changes the fact that you are celebrating healthcare workers being allowed to choose whether or not they are seriously endangering fellow staff and patients at a place of health and recovery. If you only respond to one thing, respond to that. Because, helpful hint: it's the relevant part.
Lol ahh the good old not relevent reply. gotta love it.

Your area is at a much worse junction than mine therefore we can relax on certain restrictions.

Thats why its relevent.

I already addressed your attempt to make me feel some guilt. i m not at all bothered by it. right now, our situation is more under control than where you live. Id rather nurses be there to help than losing 8000 on suspension and having the remaining healthcare workers overworked and possibly quit.

believe it or not....its not just covid out there.....

The Quebec government was stupid to even put the idea of suspension on the table when theres not enough nurses being trained to replace the ones they were willing to suspend.