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Thread: World Wrestling Entertainment | 2019 & Beyond

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    Re: World Wrestling Entertainment | 2019 & Beyond

    Monday Night Raw Preview for July 29, 2019

    The road to SummerSlam has been filled with chaos, but Monday night's episode of Raw may feature significantly fewer fireworks than usual.

    After the events of last week, WWE officials have ordered that Raw Women's Champion Becky Lynch and #1 Contender Shayna Baszler to both stay home for this week's episode in North Little Rock. The hope with this deterrent is that, for at least a week, the ongoing war between the two and their friends quells down. Last week was perhaps the most vicious edition, as Bayley suffered a broken hand as the result of a vicious attack carried out by ringleader Ronda Rousey. Their lack of presence this week will certainly be felt, as fans may find themselves disappointed. But this is a move with good intentions, and hopefully will result in less chaotic action.

    That being said, there is still plenty of drama set to unfold. The main event of the evening will be jam-packed with it. AJ Styles and Randy Orton are set to face off in a rubber match. Styles, of course, won at WrestleMania over The Viper, and then Orton returned the favor on Memorial Day. The 13-time World Champion beat The Phenomenal One in a brutal Kansas City Street Fight. Each man holds one victory apiece on each other, but this week's battle has huge stakes. If Orton wins, he is added to the Universal Championship Match between Styles and incumbent champion Seth Rollins at SummerSlam. Styles will have to do everything he can to prevent his rival from intervening and cutting his chances of winning down majorly. Orton is no stranger to the big stage, or The Biggest Party of the Summer, so this may something he's destined to join. And hey, destiny has always been at Randy Orton's side.

    Elsewhere, the United States Championship scene has been heating up lately. Pete Dunne will enter his 56th day as United States Champion, but The Bruiserweight won't be in action. Instead, Dunne will spectate while two superstars who crave his championship go at it. Baron Corbin and Cedric Alexander mixed it up last week on Raw Reunion after Alexander aimed to grab the US Title away from Dunne. This week, Corbin and Cedric do battle in a one-on-one contest. The winner of this match could put themselves in the driver's seat for a future US Title opportunity, so all eyes will be on how this one plays itself out. Corbin himself, of course, is a former United States Champion, so this is familiar territory for him. Cedric, having only held the Cruiserweight Title, will be aiming to gun it higher up the ladder now.

    Apollo Crews and Ricochet will have a long-awaited one-on-one battle on Raw, too. MVP's attempt at pulling Ricochet into his newfound unit didn't go as planned. So now, The One and Only will face the newly designated 'Franchise Player' of WWE. This matchup features perhaps two of the best athletes in all of WWE right now, and isn't one that you will want to miss. Given how MVP and Crews have carried themselves lately, one has to wonder what type of presence he will provide at ringside in this one. Ricochet will have to be aware of what's to come, but seeing as he's already faced the wrath, there's no doubt that he'll be prepared for all angles.

    The drama around the two entities reached its boiling point last week, but Sasha Banks isn't intent on just making headlines in one place. The Boss confronted seven-time Women's Champion and WWE Hall of Famer Trish Stratus last week on Raw Reunion. Banks challenged Stratus to a match at SummerSlam, and Stratus was quick to accept a return bout for her in her hometown of Toronto. The Boss will be in action once again this week, as she looks to keep that momentum going. After defeating Naomi last week on Raw Reunion, she'll now be tasked with facing former NXT Women's Champion Ember Moon. Banks has been gaining momentum quietly of late, even after slipping up at The Great American Bash. And now, given Banks' mindset after last week's shenanigans, she will likely be as driven as she's ever been going into this bout with Moon.

    Last week's Raw Reunion saw many returns, but one that stood out was the return of Alexa Bliss. WWE's resident Goddess returned with a vengeance, going after Ms. Money in the Bank Ruby Riott. Riott attempted to put Bliss on the shelf, but her quest to shelve her came up shy, as the five-time Women's Champion isn't going anywhere any time soon. We're scheduled to hear from Miss Bliss, but one can imagine that Riott won't be too far behind. So expect an intense encounter, and for WWE's sake, one that won't break down into chaos as they're trying to prevent.

    All this, plus so much more on this week's episode of Monday Night Raw!



    The Rubber Match

    {If Randy Orton wins, he's added to the Universal Championship Match at SummerSlam}
    Special Guest Referee: Edge

    'The Phenomenal' AJ Styles vs. 'The Viper' Randy Orton

    One on One
    Ember Moon vs. 'The Boss' Sasha Banks

    Singles Match
    Baron Corbin vs. Cedric Alexander

    Singles Match
    'The Franchise Player' Apollo Crews (w/ MVP) vs. 'The One and Only' Ricochet

    Six-Man Tag Team Match
    Jinder Mahal and The Singh Brothers vs. Sami Zayn and The Usos

    Singles Match
    Bobby Roode vs. 'The King of the Ropes' Gran Metalik


    'Edge of Glory'

    Raw is coming soon, pals.

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    Re: World Wrestling Entertainment | 2019 & Beyond

    Let's ride.

    Raw July 29th 2019; North Little Rock, Arkansas

    Edge of Glory

    Chicago PD concludes on the USA Network. Following the dramatic conclusion of an episode you’ve probably only seen two minutes of, the Then Now Forever signature kicks up. Following that, we get an immense recap of Raw Reunion from last week. It details everything from start to finish, and we do truly mean everything. Following that video package, we’re let into Verizon Arena here in North Little Rock.

    The sound of RENEE YOUNG’S voice welcomes us to the program. Renee is wearing a red longsleeve top and a black skirt, as she’s standing on the stage with a microphone. A different look and feel here.

    Renee Young: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Monday Night Raw! We’re live here in North Little Rock, Arkansas. The Verizon Arena is loud, it’s excited, and we have a great show lined up for you here. We’re 13 days away from The Biggest Party of the Summer, SummerSlam, in my hometown of Toronto. I’m excited, everyone’s excited. The headline attraction from the Monday Night Raw brand is the Universal Championship Match, but that match may be adding some reptilian flavor to it.

    In tonight’s main event, you will see ‘The Viper’ Randy Orton, a former 13-time World Champion, take on former WWE Champion, and #1 Contender for the Universal Championship ‘The Phenomenal’ AJ Styles! Each man has a victory against each other, so this is a war to settle the score. And if Randy Orton wins, he’s in the main event of SummerSlam with Styles and Universal Champion Seth Rollins. What’s more? ‘The Rated R Superstar,’ Edge, is the Special Guest Referee.

    Also tonight, more on the fallout from the eventful way that Raw Reunion closed last week. I can tell you that both ‘The Queen of Spades’ Shayna Baszler and ‘The Man’ Becky Lynch are NOT in attendance tonight. They have both been sent home by WWE management in an effort to deter the recent attacks and violence between the two parties that we’ve seen battle it out almost every week since April. But we will be hearing from both Becky and Shayna at some point or another tonight. I will have exclusive interviews with both ladies.

    Now, let’s go ahead and kick it up to the ring where Mike R—


    Well, that doesn’t seem like an interruption that Renee Young anticipated. And we’re not sure it’s one that ANYBODY in the building anticipated. Out walks somebody we haven’t seen since The Great American Bash: It’s SAMOA JOE! Joe is trotting down the ramp at a bit of a methodical pace. We see he’s wearing a dark blue mock turtleneck sweater and black pants, looking very… formal. An interesting look for Joe to say the least. Joe goes up the stairs and then into the ring, and he snatches the mic away from Mike Rome.

    Samoa Joe: For two weeks… there has been one question on everybody’s minds. Everyone has wanted to know one thing, and one thing only. And that’s, “Where are you, Samoa Joe?”

    ~ Feeling ourselves, are we Joe?

    Samoa Joe: My absence from Monday Night Raw has been the hottest topic going in the sports entertainment world. Nothing has dominated the conversation more than me. Just like nobody has dominated WWE more than me. Art will always imitate life, every chance that it gets to.

    ~ Yeah, we’re really feeling ourselves tonight.

    Samoa Joe: I was unjustly screwed out of my chance to win The Great American Gauntlet at The Great American Bash. Drew McIntyre cost me a shot at glory. Drew McIntyre cost me a chance to be the #1 Contender. They wouldn’t have needed that Fatal 4-Way two weeks ago if Drew didn’t stick his nose where it didn’t belong. I was going to beat Daniel Bryan. I would have beaten Roman Reigns. I would be next in line and I have the argument that I am the uncrowned Universal Champion.

    ~ Joe’s bravado is incredible right now.

    Samoa Joe: So Drew screwed me out of my shot. Where was I going to go next? I’ll tell you what I didn’t do, I didn’t come to Raw the next night. I heard it from WWE officials. They told me that the fine is in the mail, but it will be a drop in the bucket. I needed to reflect. I needed to review. I needed to reassess. If Drew was going to hit me where it hurts most, then I had to do the same to him.

    ~ Well that’s ominous. And straight up villainous.

    Samoa Joe: Drew is a smart guy. Drew knows my story. Drew knows where I’ve been, he’s taken similar paths as me to get here. Drew knows that I have never had the Universal Championship. Drew knows that I have never had the WWE Championship. So, Drew had to cost me my shot. Because if he didn’t, he knows I would have won. He knows I would be champion. And then he knows that the illusion… would be gone.

    ~ Joe nods his head.

    Samoa Joe: The illusion that Drew McIntyre and Samoa Joe are on the same level. The illusion that we are equals in WWE. In sports entertainment. Past and present. That couldn’t be further from the truth, but as long as I’m not Universal Champion, Drew has that argument. Drew has that ace in the hole. And Drew knows how much I crave to be at the top. Drew knows how much I’ve craved the Universal Championship, the WWE Championship. He knows it’s the only main championship that I have NEVER won in the United States.

    ~ Joe is indeed correct.

    Samoa Joe: Everywhere I have been, I have been champion. Everywhere I go, I dominate. Everybody I face, I put to SLEEP, one way or another! And Drew McIntyre knows that so Drew McIntyre did everything he could to ruin the dreams of Samoa Joe. And Drew? I’ll give your sorry ass credit for one thing… you succeeded.

    ~ Joe nods his head again.

    Samoa Joe: You ruined my shot. You took my shot at glory away. You took the one thing that would make it indisputable that Samoa Joe is better than Drew McIntyre and you had it go up in smoke. You intervened, you hit me with two Claymores, you took me out and I lost. I lost The Great American Gauntlet because of you, Drew McIntyre. And that was your plan all along and you carried that plan out 115 percent successfully.

    ~ Joe looks on… and then smirks.

    Samoa Joe: However, where you failed Drew is in the aftermath. You failed to account for the fact that there would be backlash. You failed to keep in mind that there would be returned fire. You weren’t going to win the battle and the war right away.

    ~ Joe laughs and shakes his head.

    Samoa Joe: You weren’t going to get off that easy. But your arrogance, which maybe should’ve gone away several years ago after you failed to live up to your ‘Chosen One’ status, bit you and bit you hard.

    ~ Joe nods his head once again, as the crowd and everyone wonder what he’s talking about.

    Samoa Joe: I was never going to let you live that down. I wasn’t going to let you hurt me, ruin my dreams, and just get away with it. No, Drew. I’m too much of a petty, vindictive son of a b*tch to just let that slide like that.

    ~ Joe speaks the truth.

    Samoa Joe: Last week, Drew McIntyre left Monday Night Raw frantically. Everyone ahs been wondering why Drew left in such a hurry, and why the self-proclaimed “Scottish Psychopath” was so distraught. You have questions and folks, Samoa Joe has answers.

    ~ That seems… foreboding.

    Samoa Joe: Prior to my arrival to the ring, I made a stop outside to the production truck. And I handed them a DVD disc. And on that disc, the answers to all of the questions surrounding Drew McIntyre and his distressful exit from Raw Reunion will be answered. Ladies and gentlemen in the truck, roll the footage.

    ~ Joe points over to the TitanTron. As he does, a video begins to play…


    Text appears on the screen.


    The screen illuminates, as we see dark grey, cloudy skies. Rain is falling and the ground is being hit hard by the rain. The ground is soaking, if not sopping wet. We then hear a voice.

    “So this is it. Scotland.”

    The cameraman reveals himself as they turn the camera around…

    Using the video recorder is…


    Samoa Joe:
    Just as miserable and pathetic-looking as I anticipated it being.

    Ouch. Joe walks along here in this village.

    Samoa Joe:
    Seems like I’ve brought myself into a village here. If the people around here evolved as much as they should’ve, maybe this place wouldn’t seem so soul-suckingly depressing.

    Geez, Joe. A bit much don’t you think?

    Joe continues to walk along here, passing by locals. One of them then decides to talk.

    Scottish Gentleman:
    Excuse me, mate. Where you headed off to?

    Samoa Joe:
    Can you tell me where I can find Darren McIntyre?

    Scottish Gentleman:
    Darren McIntyre. Y’know his brother is a fine grappler out there stateside.

    Samoa Joe:
    That’s not my concern.

    You can tell that got under his skin a bit.

    Samoa Joe:
    I want to know where he is.

    Scottish Gentleman:
    Right so. You go down there, after the third house make a left. And then it’s three houses up that way.

    Joe nods his head.

    Samoa Joe:
    Thank you.

    Joe shakes his head a few moments later while he walks along.

    The video then cuts ahead to arriving to the aforementioned house of Darren McIntyre. Darren McIntyre, whom we can infer, is more than likely the brother of Drew McIntyre.

    Joe then comes up to the door and knocks on it. A few short seconds later, a tall gentleman, with long black hair, wearing a grey t-shirt and red sweatpants, looks on over.

    Darren McIntyre:
    Hi how can I help…

    Immediately, Darren recognizes the man at the door.

    Immediately, this doesn’t seem so good.

    Darren backs away while Joe smiles and walks in the house.

    Samoa Joe:
    How can you help me? What an interesting question.

    Darren McIntyre:
    Look, listen, I don’t want any trouble.

    Samoa Joe:
    I didn’t either, and then your brother got in the way. A lesson needs to be learned.

    Joe then lunges over AND PUNCHES OUT DARREN MCINTYRE!!

    Darren absolutely collapses on the floor, but Joe isn’t done yet! Joe drops down and starts to beat Darren senseless! He lifts him up by the collar of his shirt and then sidesteps and THROWS HIM INTO THE REFRIGERATOR!!

    Darren collapses in a heap onto the kitchen floor. Shaken up big time by the fist of Joe, and the wildly violent toss, McIntyre can hardly get up to his feet. Joe then lets out a whistle, as he walks away towards the kitchen, and then picks up a rolling pin. He then slams it into his hand as he comes up to Darren, gets on top of him and then pulls him UP with it, pushing it up against his throat!

    Samoa Joe:
    It didn’t have to be this way. But your brother didn’t need to hit me with a Claymore did he?

    Darren is just gasping for air right now.

    Samoa Joe:
    He didn’t have to do it TWICE, did he??

    Once again, McIntyre can hardly speak.

    Joe pulls him up with the rolling pin as he gasps for air again. He pulls him in and looks at him and then pushes him into the refrigeration. And he goes up to him.

    Samoa Joe:
    You… are as PATHETIC as he is!!

    Joe’s eyes light up with fury.

    Samoa Joe:
    And you are going to PAY for your brother’s sins against me!

    Joe bullies him, hitting him hard in the back and he watches him crumble to the floor. Joe steps back and runs up and LAUNCHES HIS FOOT straight into Darren’s ribs! Darren is caught gasping for air again after the straight up vicious kick by Joe. Joe then picks him up and drags him by the collar of his shirt violently along the hallway here while he takes the camera with him.

    Joe then kicks open a door, leading to the bathroom. He drags Darren in and punches him a few times up against the sink. Darren drops down like a ton of bricks, which only leads to Joe picking him up again. He keeps badmouthing him, and then he grabs a rag off the rack. He washes it with warm water, and then puts a bunch of soap in it? Joe then puts the rag RIGHT UP INTO HIS EYES!!

    He’s burning his eyes!! Joe takes the rag off a few seconds later and watches and listens to Darren squirm around and yell in some pain. His eyes have to be hotter than the sun right now, and Joe lets out a laugh before he STOMPS on his head! He picks Darren up and drags him over to the toilet. He then PUSHES his FACE into the TOILET WATER!

    Samoa Joe:
    Momma always said to wash your eyes out right?!

    Joe continues to push his face into the water, and he then pulls him up by his collar and lets him just fall. He STOMPS hard on his chest and then pulls the shower curtain aside. He picks Darren up and then HARSHLY THROWS HIM INTO THE WALL OF THE SHOWER!! Darren falls down and fits into the tub below him, as he’s clearly been knocked for a loop and then some.

    Samoa Joe:
    Wakey, wakey, sleepyhead.

    Joe then turns the faucet ALL the way up and then turns on the shower water!!

    And it hits Darren down as it’s scalding hot!!

    Darren tries to escape but he can’t quite get out of Joe’s grasp. He then hauls him out of the bathroom and kicks down another door. That door just so happens to be Darren’s bedroom. He throws Darren in and grabs the camera and brings it in with him. He walks up to Darren’s fallen self as he looks to crawl away, follows him and stomps on him hard a few times. He then puts the camera out on the bed and then grabs him by the collar again and throws him down hard! He then punches him over and over again, as we only see Joe punching him, and hear almost nothing out of Darren eventually. Joe’s repeated punches cease, as he then steps up and looks down at him.

    He then grabs the camera and looks at it intensely.

    Samoa Joe:

    Joe’s eyes fill with anger once more.

    Samoa Joe:
    You got in my business… and now? I’m ALL… the way in YOURS!!!

    Joe then grabs Darren once again, as he’s completely limp. He adjusts the camera, as it shows the window in his room. Joe then looks out toward it, then back at the camera and winks.

    Then Joe gallops forward


    The glass SHATTERS as we hear the sickening THUD of Drew’s brother hitting the cold, wet ground on the outside of the house. Joe looks out and grabs the camera. He looks in it, and then laughs.

    Samoa Joe:
    I’m sure this will be… a reunion… no one will soon forget.

    Joe lets out a laugh and then presses a button. And the camera cuts out.


    We’re back in the arena… and hoo boy, the despicable Samoa Joe stands in the ring with an evil look on his face. He looks into the camera.

    Samoa Joe: Drew, wherever you may be at this time, I want to send a message directly to you.

    ~ Joe curls his finger up as the camera gets closer.

    Samoa Joe: What I did to your brother Darren, Drew, absolutely pales in comparison to the beating that I plan on dishing out to you. You TOOK something from me that I won’t be able to ever have again. You SCREWED ME over and cost me my chance to be the next Universal Champion. You have committed sins and there will BE a reconciliation. It’s just that I’m going to BEAT YOU into penance instead of making you offer it.

    ~ Ominous words from The Samoan Submission Machine.

    Samoa Joe: It’s real simple, Drew. You and me, one on one, at SummerSlam.

    ~ Oh! Well, I mean, that was to be expected.

    Samoa Joe: Since you’re all about family, and well, since you’re probably with all of them right now… why don’t you bring them out with you? Make this an international affair… or an incident, depending on how you view it.

    ~ Joe smiles again.

    Samoa Joe: I’ll see you in Toronto, Drew. And for you and your family’s sake? Hopefully they don’t have to go through what they’re going through with your brother right now. But I cannot promise that they won’t.

    ~ And with that, Joe flips the mic down and walks out of the ring. His heinous actions have shocked many here, especially our announce team. Joe has done some pretty lousy and disgraceful things in the past, but this… might take the cake. But Joe absolutely doesn’t care, and won’t care clearly until he gets his full revenge for what happened at The Great American Bash. And who knows if SummerSlam will fulfill his vengeance…


    We’re back, and after return, our commentators discuss the harrowing footage Samoa Joe played for us all, and his challenge to Drew McIntyre for SummerSlam. Joe’s described as a heinous human being, you know how that goes, and now, we’re gonna head into the action here!

    1 Six-Man Tag Team Match
    Sami Zayn and The Usos vs. Jinder Mahal and The Singh Brothers

    This is nothing more than a fun six-man tag team match to get the party started here. Zayn and The Usos are certainly a trio you probably didn’t know you’d enjoy, but they get things going here and energize the North Little Rock crowd while Jinder and The Singhs bump their asses off for all three of them. Especially Samir and Sunil, those good Canadian boys. Zayn eventually finishes Samir off with THE HELLUVA KICK, and the trio get the 1! 2! 3! (KID!) for the win!

    WINNERS Sami Zayn and The Usos at 7:27.

    Zayn and The Usos go to celebrate their win… BUT THEY ARE AMBUSHED FROM BEHIND!


    Did you wonder what the purpose of that match was? Well, now you know!! Angle advancement! The heat and animosity is still rich between Dijakovic and Zayn, as those two go at it here while The Usos try to fend Blake and Cutler off. To their credit, Jimmy and Jey do exactly that. However, after disposing of Zayn with a VIOLENT throw into the corner, Dijakovic goes in and takes both Usos out with a RIFLE of a double lariat! Dijakovic then grabs Jey up, grabs him by the throat and hits him with a CHOKEBOMB!! Dijakovic then gets up, picks Jimmy up, loads him up between his legs and then POWERBOMBS HIM RIGHT DOWN ONTO JEY!!

    Dijakovic stands over the wreckage of both Usos being LAID OUT. And meanwhile, ol’ Sam Zayn is on the outside, looking up while gasping for air after the violent whip into the barricade. And he’s staring up at the lights and at Dijakovic, a sight that perhaps awaits those who may challenge him in the future…

    In the parking lot, we suddenly see a car arriving. And boy howdy, is it a nice-looking, sleek black Lamborghini. The Lambo parks, and the driver then climbs out through the suicide door… and folks… we hope you have your watches set because… it’s BOSS TIME!

    SASHA BANKS has made it to the building!

    Banks makes her way to the building’s entrance. And she goes on up to the doors, while we look over and see MVP and APOLLO CREWS standing outside, smoking cigars. Banks takes a look at them both, nods her head at them while they nod their head at her, and ‘The Boss’ plunges into the building.



    It is not so often that we find ourselves in the stairwell. But, we’re here, and so is… EDGE!

    The man instructed to be the special referee in tonight’s main event appears to be in a complex right now. He’s pacing back and forth, and commentary overlaying ponders how he has to be feeling right now. He’s got a lot of responsibility, and there’s a lot at stake here. And knowing how the McMahons must be feeling after what transpired last Tuesday night on Smackdown Live? That pressure may be even further amplified.


    2 Singles Match
    Bobby Roode vs. Gran Metalik

    This has the potential to be yet another big week for Gran Metalik, who’s having one of the more under-the-radar good summers in WWE right now. Metalik, a man who’s got the leeway to compete on THREE – count ‘em, 1-2-3 – brands right now, cooks up a storm against one Bobby Roode. The ‘Glorious’ One, and former NXT Champion, gets in a pretty solid showing of his own right. And at times, he’s able to cut down the luchadore and get him to grind it out and work his own methodical pace. But Roode’s attempt at garnering a victory comes up shy. It is Metalik who once again scores a victory here tonight. Last week he disposed of Rey Mysterio. This week he’s able to pull off a win off a Springboard Sunset Flip! Variety!

    WINNER Gran Metalik via pin fall at 9:42.

    SASHA BANKS, whom we of course saw earlier, is in her dressing room, now in her ring gear. That would suggest that we’re going to see her in action tonight. We then hear a knock. Banks, disturbed, turns around and looks over. We see that it’s CHARLY CARUSO entering.

    Charly Caruso: Sasha—

    Sasha Banks: Charly, are you kidding me?

    ~ Charly’s eyes widen. But, she stands her ground.

    Sasha Banks: What gives you the right to come into my locker room like that unprompted?

    Charly Caruso: I am just doing my job Sa—

    Sasha Banks: No, no, no. No. You’re invading my privacy.

    Charly Caruso: Sasha, with all due respect—

    Sasha Banks: Respect? You wanna talk about respect? You don’t respect my boundaries, otherwise you would’ve at least knocked first before entering.

    ~ Well now. Sasha has a bit of a point there. Chuck continues to stand her ground here.

    Sasha Banks: I know you’re feeling all good now because you have your little talk show now. You’re becoming a focal point of the program. But you know something? You’re not the star of the show.

    ~ Whoa now.

    Sasha Banks: That’s me. Sasha Banks is the star of Monday Night Raw. Monday Night Raw is The Sasha Banks Show. Okay? It’s not Monday Night Raw featuring Charly Caruso. It’s not Charly Caruso’s Monday Night Raw. You have a little talk show gimmick in the B-Block. I, meanwhile, am the whole. Damn. Show.

    ~ Hey now, we can’t be stealing people’s gimmicks, Sasha.

    Charly Caruso: Um, alright. Now that you’re done unleashing that tirade on me here, someone who has always shown you respect Sasha, I’d like to ask you a question.

    ~ Banks gets a real kick out of the usage of the word, “Tirade.”

    Sasha Banks: Tirade? Please. Get on with your question before I have you escorted out of here.

    Charly Caruso: What do you have to say about last week’s attack on your best friend and tag team partner, Bayley?

    ~ Banks looks on, pissed off to say the least. It’s very clear that Sasha is irritated by that question, and one has to wonder if Charly agitated her with that one.

    Sasha Banks: Get the hell out of my locker room. Now.

    ~ Charly turns around, noticeably rolling her eyes after doing so, and makes her way out of her room. Sasha angrily shakes her head and gets on to tying up her boots.



    SETH ROLLINS, the WWE Universal Champion, is sitting in his locker room right now, a spiffy-looking one at that for the record. And he doesn’t… seem to be in a pleasant mood, as we see him sitting with DOMINIK DIJAKOVIC to the side of him.

    Seth Rollins: I mean, it’s just ridiculous. What have I done to deserve this?

    Dominik Dijakovic: Not a damn thing, boss.

    Seth Rollins: I am the future of this company. I am THE guy in WWE. Nobody else compares, so why on Earth is my Universal Championship Match possibly being made into a Triple Threat?

    ~ Dijakovic shakes his head and shrugs his shoulders.

    Seth Rollins: I mean, first off, AJ Styles shouldn’t even be the #1 Contender. I should be facing that chump Karl Anderson at SummerSlam. But some backroom deal between the two of them, and probably the guy who was running the show that night, means that I have to face AJ Styles. And now? Now I might be facing AJ Styles… and Randy Orton?!

    Dominik Dijakovic: Do you need my assistance?

    ~ Rollins looks over at Dom… and then shakes his head.

    Seth Rollins: No. You know what? I don’t actually.

    ~ Rollins scratches his beard.

    Seth Rollins: Because I have an idea now. And I’m gonna go find someone who can help make it happen.

    Dominik Dijakovic: You’ve got it, boss.

    ~ Our fearless champion gets up and walks away from the scene.

    Upon return from the break, RENEE YOUNG is shown by one of the tunnels of the venue.

    Renee Young: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to what’s already been an explosive edition of Monday Night Raw. Speaking of explosive, the personal battle between ‘Ms. Money in the Bank’ Ruby Riott and former five-time Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss exploded last week during Raw Reunion. Let’s take a look back at the encounter between Riott and Miss Bliss.

    ~ On cue, a video package rolls. The video recaps the feud between Alexa and Ruby, stemming back from after Backlash. The constant disrespect Ruby feels was taken out on Alexa, putting her on the shelf until last week’s epic return. The video then concludes.


    And moments later, ALEXA BLISS arrives! Miss Bliss is greeted warmly by the North Little Rock crowd. Wearing a pink tanktop and black spandex leggings, Alexa walks down the aisle and climbs on into the ring. She takes the mic from Mike Rome, smiles and takes a look around.

    Alexa Bliss: Little Rock, how’re we doing tonight!?

    ~ Cheers.

    Alexa Bliss: That is what I like to hear. It warms me and my heart to hear you guys reacting so positively. The warmness, it’s something I was missing lately. Because things for me have been anything but cheery.

    ~ Alexa turns a bit somber here.

    Alexa Bliss: Several weeks ago, I was getting ready to leave my locker room in the back. After taking a few steps, I was hit hard from behind. I was blindsided. Somebody slammed something in the back of my head… and I blacked out.

    ~ Bliss bows her head. She takes a moment, and then brings the mic up again.

    Alexa Bliss: Now the only reason that I remember all of that, is because I was told the series of events by someone else. I don’t remember the night that I was attacked.

    ~ Alexa shakes her head. It’s getting a bit uncomfortable here.

    Alexa Bliss: Now anybody who’s closely followed me over the past year knows that I have had issues with head trauma. I was concussed not once, but twice last fall. It got to a very scary, very tenuous and also a very real point in my life. I didn’t know if I was…

    ~ Alexa takes a deep breath. She’s clearly overcome with emotion here.

    Alexa Bliss: I wasn’t sure if I was ever going to wrestle again.

    ~ Bliss, feeling a bit sad, nods her head.

    Alexa Bliss: But I fought hard to come back. I had my moments where I didn’t think the doctors would clear me, and part of me had wondered if I should act in defiance. Part of me wanted so badly to get in this ring, so badly to be at the top of my game again. I am a five-time Women’s Champion, and to be put on the sidelines and watching others succeed… I was proud, but I felt a selfishness to it.

    ~ Alexa nods her head.

    Alexa Bliss: I was proud to see our women hold the first-ever all women’s WWE Network special, Evolution.

    ~ Cheers!

    Alexa Bliss: I was proud to see Becky Lynch, Charlotte Flair, and Ronda Rousey headline WrestleMania for the FIRST time ever.

    ~ Another ovation!

    Alexa Bliss: I am and have been proud of every single woman in the back who’s made the last few years possible, and trust me when I say it’s a team effort.

    ~ More cheers, of course.

    Alexa Bliss: But part of me wanted to be part of it. So badly. I was so glad to be cleared enough to participate in the second-ever Women’s Royal Rumble. But I didn’t have a match at WrestleMania. A year after going in as Raw Women’s Champion, I was host. But I watched everyone compete, and I wanted that.

    ~ Lexi nods her head.

    Alexa Bliss: I wanted that, I needed that. And after WrestleMania I was a woman on a mission.

    ~ A confident smile appears.

    Alexa Bliss: I participated in Money in the Bank for the second year in a row. I wrestled in Shayna Baszler’s Pay-Per-View debut. But soon after that… it nearly all disappeared.

    ~ Bliss bows her head again, and takes a deep breath, and then looks into the camera.

    Alexa Bliss: Because of you, Ruby.

    ~ Boss. Bliss glares, and then…

    ***WE RIOTT***

    That glare gets a biiiiiiiiit bigger. That’s because RUBY RIOTT has made her way onto the stage! Riott, carrying the MITB briefcase, also is wielding a mic, and is wearing a tattered black tanktop and ripped black jeans. And as her music cuts a few seconds later, she lets a smirk out. And it expands.

    Ruby Riott: You’re DAMN right it was me.

    ~ How heinous!

    Ruby Riott: You know what, Alexa? It’s actually good that you’re out here. Because I have a confession to make.

    ~ Ruby heads down the ramp. Alexa keeps her eyes on her the whole time.

    Ruby Riott: It’s actually really important! So if all of you idiots here in the WWE Universe could give me your undivided attention, that would be great.

    ~ Can’t get anything out without an insult. Ruby gets up to the ring, climbs up the stairs and climbs inside. She goes right up to Alexa and stares her right in the eyes.

    Ruby Riott: I hate you.

    ~ Alexa rolls her eyes. “Flattering,” goes the former five-time women’s champion.

    Alexa Bliss: Geeee, thanks, Ruby. I never would’ve guessed.

    Ruby Riott: No, no, Alexa.

    ~ Ruby looks at Alexa.

    Ruby Riott: You don’t understand. I hate you.

    ~ Bliss rolls her eyes again.

    Alexa Bliss: No, I understand, Ruby.

    Ruby Riott: No because…

    ~ Ruby laughs, albeit a bit maniacally. She comes up to Alexa again.

    Ruby Riott: I hate you.

    ~ Bliss is starting to get annoyed here.

    Ruby Riott: I hate you Alexa. Hate, hate, hate you. There is nobody, not even that twerp who ruined my cash-in and anchored me down for years, that I hate more than you, Alexa.

    ~ Bliss’s eyes sharpen in the glare she’s shoving at Riott right now.

    Ruby Riott: I hate you for the same reasons that Shayna Baszler hates you. You used to be someone I respected around here. You used to rule Monday Night Raw and Smackdown Live with an iron fist. You did every single thing that it took to win, and didn’t care who you pissed off to get there. But now? Now you’re just soft.

    ~ Alexa has heard that one before, and she’s just as disgusted now as she was then.

    Ruby Riott: And still, despite the fact that it’s nearly been a year since you’ve been, you still get all the ‘star’ treatment. You have your talk show. You’re in the signature at the start of the show. You’re on the tickets, on the cups, on the posters. And yet what have you DONE to earn that lately?

    ~ Ruby’s droning is getting on Alexa’s nerves it seems.

    Ruby Riott: And—

    Alexa Bliss: Alright, you know what Ruby? I think we’ve heard enough. Have we heard enough Little Rock?

    ~ Cheers.

    Alexa Bliss: Ruby, you know what I think? You know what I really think?

    ~ Ruby looks on, annoyed.

    Alexa Bliss: You ask me, “What have I done to earn recognition?” Well, I ask… what have you ever done?

    ~ Oof…

    Alexa Bliss: As you stand there, annoying us all, droning on and saying the same things that you’ve been saying for weeks on end, you look into my eyes. Do you know what you see? Do you know what you see when you look in my eyes, Ruby?

    ~ Alexa gets closer to Ruby here, as the intensity is brimming.

    Alexa Bliss: You see a bona fide, surefire, first-ballot WWE Hall of Famer.

    ~ Feeling herself, Bliss lets out a confident grin.

    Alexa Bliss: I’m a former five-time Women’s Champion. I’ve beaten the current Raw Women’s Champion, Becky Lynch, the current Smackdown Women’s Champion Bayley, and I’ve also beaten Sasha Banks. Heck, I’ve beaten nearly everybody that there is to beat around here! I’ve been in the Royal Rumble, I’ve competed at WrestleMania, at SummerSlam, at Survivor Series. I have been Miss Money in the Bank, as recently as last year. Ruby, simply put, I am one of the single greatest women’s wrestlers in WWE history.

    ~ Bliss gets plenty of cheers after running down her laundry list.

    Alexa Bliss: So what have I done to earn that recognition? Everything.

    ~ Emphatic!

    Alexa Bliss: I could retire tomorrow. I could walk out on my own power, and I could be extremely satisfied with everything that I’ve ever done. You look at me and you see greatness. You see excellence. You see somebody who has damn near done it all.

    ~ Riott rolls her eyes, while Alexa meanwhile looks on with some delight.

    Alexa Bliss: But do you know what I see?

    ~ Alexa steps closer.

    Alexa Bliss: What I see when I look at you? When I look in your eyes Ruby, I don’t see success.

    ~ Whew.

    Alexa Bliss: I don’t see someone successful. I see someone who’s doing every single thing imaginable except looking right in the mirror.

    ~ Alexa is aiming to cut deep here, that much is certain.

    Alexa Bliss: It took me less than five months to become Smackdown Women’s Champion. When you came to Smackdown in 2017, a little more than three months later, you had your opportunity to become champion. Remember that? Remember? You faced Charlotte Flair at Fastlane in 2018. I remember. I remember watching, I remember seeing you forging a path similar to mine. You had help around you, Liv and Sarah. You were focused. You were driven. You wanted to dethrone The Queen and if you did that? You would’ve faced Asuka at WrestleMania. And maybe… just maaaaaybe… you would’ve been the one to break Asuka’s undefeated streak.

    ~ Ruby doesn’t seem like she wants to relive that. But, it’s not up to her right now.

    Alexa Bliss: Except… you didn’t. But, that’s okay. You know, I didn’t win the Smackdown Women’s Championship on my first try either. No, it took me a little bit, that’s fine. So, you failed. And then… you came to Monday Night Raw and… oh, right, well after that you did… nothing.

    ~ Bliss shakes her head.

    Alexa Bliss: You picked up some wins, but ultimately the led to, well, nothing. But that’s fine. That’s fine because, surely things would go your way soon enough. And then this past March at Fastlane, déjà vu all over again. You had a chance to become Raw Women’s Champion. And maybe, maybe if you defeated Ronda Rousey, you’d have gone on and would’ve been a history-maker. You could’ve participated in the first-ever women’s main event in WrestleMania history.

    ~ Riott’s face is souring and growing with some animosity.

    Alexa Bliss: But… you didn’t. You didn’t get the job done, and then, it was a daily double for you, because you had another chance to win the Raw Women’s Title, and you failed. Again.

    ~ Fact Check: True.

    Alexa Bliss: And what did you do after that? You didn’t blame yourself. Well, you said that you did, in the most backhanded way possible. You blamed yourself for bringing Liv and Sarah along with you, ignoring the fact that you were the one competing in championship matches. You were the one coming up short. You were the one losing. And you have the nerve to ask why you’re not getting anyone’s respect around here?

    ~ Whoosh. Ruby, flummoxed, looks away for a moment and shakes her head.

    Alexa Bliss: No, no, no. Look at me when I talk to you. Listen to your superior.

    ~ Wow.

    Alexa Bliss: Respect is not given around here, Ruby. It is earned. This locker room full of women is the best in the entire world. It’s a dog eat dog world around here, and if you don’t have the chops, then you’re going to be chewed up and spat out. And right now, as of this point, you are nothing but a bunch of chewed up food that best belongs right in the garbage.

    ~ Ouch. I mean, ouch.

    Alexa Bliss: You might be Ms. Money in the Bank, sure. But are you sure you have the chops to cash that in, Ruby? Are you sure? Carmella did. I did. Do you? I’m not so sure.

    ~ Alexa begins to circle around Ruby.

    Alexa Bliss: I mean, yeah, you’ve gotten some wins. You’ve got some momentum. But… it’s a different ballgame… when you try to cash in against the champs. You thought you had it all figured out at Backlash, and then fate intervened and prevented you from even cashing in. If I were you… I’d consider that an omen. And not a good one.

    ~ Bliss keeps circling ‘round.

    Alexa Bliss: Because it takes… three seconds… to either achieve glory… or, in your case, become infamous. As the only woman to ever fail at cashing in Money in the Bank.

    ~ Whew. Bliss gets awful close to Ruby here, who LOATHES her presence and what she’s saying, for sure.

    Alexa Bliss: But y’know something? On second thought, I don’t think you have to worry.

    ~ Alexa shakes her head.

    Alexa Bliss: No, it’s actually silly for you to worry about cashing in. It’s silly for you to worry about respect. It’s silly for you to worry about making an impact here on Monday Night Raw. Do you wanna know why?

    ~ Bliss lets a leer out of her eyes.

    Alexa Bliss: Because at SummerSlam… I’m going to do what you couldn’t to me… and that’s put you on the shelf for a really long time.

    ~ Cheers! Ruby turns her head and looks Lexi dead in the eyes.

    Alexa Bliss: You tried to mess with my career, Ruby. That’s a sin that you won’t be able to reconcile with. And now… because of that… I’m gonna mess with yours.

    ~ Bliss looks down at the briefcase and then back up at her.

    Alexa Bliss: And I’m gonna mess with your money, too.

    ~ Bliss’s music hits as she makes sure to stare at her SummerSlam opponent for long enough to get the point across. Then she leaves, and we get a confrontation without things getting physical. But boy, the heat has really been turned up a notch here. This match at SummerSlam is about a lot of things – pride, vengeance, and a whole lot of affirmation one way or another. And boy, this collision… will be something else.


    3 Singles Match
    Apollo Crews (w/ MVP) vs. Ricochet

    So, this one has been built to for a bit, and thus it gets some quality time here in the mid-section of Monday Night Raw. Crews and Ricochet do battle in a match where MVP looms pretty large. His presence at ringside gives Apollo an added dose of confidence. And that confidence brings about a much more aggressive side of Crews that we haven’t seen from him. He cuts Ricochet down big-time here, and doesn’t seem to want to relent at all whatsoever. So, The One and Only is put in quite the bind right now. Ricochet does navigate his way through this one though, and is able to finally put Crews on his heels and out of the ring. MVP takes this time to go up on the apron and gets Ricochet’s attention, and Ricochet goes to attack him! But MVP drops off the apron, and the two bark at each other for a little bit before we move right along.

    The match continues on here, as Ricochet is starting to really quicken up the pace. Crews is quite the athlete, and he’s able to keep up. But, the longer the match goes, the more that Ricochet keeps on keeping on. And the longer that happens, the more it seems that Apollo may have really lost control of this match! Ricochet dodges a bullet in the form of a clothesline by Apollo. He then runs up, leaps and lands on the second rope and springs off it! Crews catches him, powers him up but Ricochet grabs Apollo’s head and drives him DOWN with a Tornado DDT!! Ricochet goes for the cover! 1! MVP puts Apollo’s foot on the rope! 2! The ref notices the foot! MVP walks away from the scene, as Ricochet gets up and looks around. He notices MVP, who shrugs his shoulders and tells Ricochet to focus on himself.

    Ricochet grabs Crews and kicks him in the side. He kicks him again and then goes for a jumping kick! But Crews ducks underneath and grabs him by the waist! He pulls him up, but Ricochet counters, turns forward and rolls forward! A pinning combo! 1! 2! NO!! Apollo sends Ricochet over and out of the ring! MVP then looks over at Apollo as he walks over quickly, and then suddenly hands him something! With the ref’s back turned to tend to Ricochet, Apollo stuffs whatever it was in his trunks! Ricochet then gets up, and looks over and sees MVP. MVP starts to jaw at him, as the referee gets out and tries to stop the situation. MVP consults him, and they have a conference while Ricochet just shakes his head and climbs up on the apron. He grabs the top rope, leaps up and SPRINGS OFF! But Apollo evades! Ricochet lands on his feet and flips forward. He then turns around and Apollo THROWS SALT IN RICOCHET’S EYES!! That’s what was in his trunks! Apollo then grabs Ricochet, pulls him in, powers him up AND SLAMS HIM DOWN WITH THE CHARIOT (Spin-out Powerbomb!)!! The ref, done with MVP, slides in and makes the count! 1! 2!! 3!!!

    WINNER Apollo Crews via pin fall at 10:02.

    One might think after straight up THIEVING a win, that Apollo and MVP would be done. But that’s simply not the case! MVP gets in the ring and tells him it’s not done, and Apollo agrees and the two put the boots to Ricochet! The crowd boos as MVP tells Apollo to get him up. Apollo does and MVP starts to beat up on him while Apollo holds him up! But this attack doesn’t last very long, as someone has shot down to the ring to make the save!


    Swerve slides into the ring quickly and Apollo and MVP retreat. The two want nothing to do with Swerve – he ain’t their business – but Swerve has inserted himself into this and seems happy to do so! He stomps around the ring, while we see MVP pull Apollo away from the scene. Swerve challenges them to come down to the ring, but they just do not. It seems as though Ricochet has an ally in this fight, and it’s a much-needed one for him.


    SETH ROLLINS, who looks to be in a delighted mood, walks out of a room with a smile on his face. Suddenly, CHARLY CARUSO, who was probably snooping around, comes up.

    Charly Caruso: Seth, I heard you had a plan—

    Seth Rollins: Hahaha, yes I DO have a plan, Chuck. And my plan is going to come to fruition.

    Charly Caruso: Care to shine a light on it?

    ~ Seth smiles and nods.

    Seth Rollins: As always, Chuck. I am, after all, THE Guy in WWE. I am your Universal Champion. I am the fearless, fighting champion of Monday Night Raw. So of course, I will shine a light on what’s going on. Tonight’s main event was something that I didn’t like. I didn’t care for the fact that I might have to face AJ Styles AND Randy Orton at SummerSlam. But… instead of looking at the glass half-empty, I’ve decided to go glass half-full.

    ~ Sure enough, Seth has a glass of water nearby that’s, well, half-full. Go figure. He drinks it.

    Seth Rollins: Ahhh, you’ve gotta love that. You’ve gotta love that, and you’ve gotta love that now, tonight’s main event not only will have stakes, not ONLY will have Edge as the Special Guest Referee, but it will now ALSO be… No… Holds… BARRED.

    ~ Whoa!!!

    Charly Caruso: Um, WOW! Okay! That’s a big bombshell to drop here and now. But Seth how does this tie into a plan?

    Seth Rollins: It’s very simple, Charly. Tonight, we are 13 days away from SummerSlam. Tonight, AJ Styles, the #1 Contender, will be facing a man who he hates in Randy Orton. Randy Orton also hates AJ Styles. The two of them have wanted to beat each other senseless for months, and now they’ll be able to get to. This is a gift to them, a blessing… but also a curse.

    ~ Sinisterly, Seth smiles.

    Seth Rollins: Because since they hate each other, they will want to beat each other to a pulp. Since there’s so much on the line, they will be going for broke. They will do whatever it TAKES to get a win tonight, come Hell or highwater. Even if it means tearing their own bodies apart. And that… spells good news… for me.

    ~ Seth puts his hands on his chest.

    Seth Rollins: Because I… will be picking up the scraps at SummerSlam, no matter what happens tonight. Because there is no way, whatso-ever, that AJ Styles and Randy Orton will make it to SummerSlam 100 percent. And that means… that the Universal Championship… will STAY… with Seth… FREAKIN’… Rollins.

    ~ Oh that evil bastard! Seth lets out a maniacal laugh as he walks away from the scene. Charly looks a bit shocked, but is very enthused as she just grabbed a big ol’ scoopsie. And the dynamic of this match just changed completely! What a time! How on earth are AJ and Randy going to react to this? We’ll soon find out!


    4 Singles Match
    Lacey Evans vs. Aliyah

    Newcomer Aliyah hasn’t quite gotten the best hand dealt to her. First, a few weeks ago, she fell to Ruby Riott. Now, she finds herself at the mercy of newcomer Lacey Evans. Lacey hasn’t quite gotten a lot of TV time, as you’ve followed. But, she’s resurfaced tonight! And she’s got a bundle of energy behind her. She makes this one pretty quick, knocking Aliyah out with THE WOMEN’S RIGHT! And a 1-2-3 later, she gets the dub!

    WINNER Lacey Evans via pin fall at 3:20.

    After the matchup, Lacey picks up the microphone on the outside.

    Lacey Evans: You see that?

    ~ Lacey starts to walk along here.

    Lacey Evans: That’s the way to do it around here. No suspense, no drama, just getting things done. A lot of you nasties could learn a thing or two about that.

    ~ That’s not necessary, Lacey.

    Lacey Evans: See I haven’t been around Monday Night Raw much the last few months. But that’s about to change and change for the better.

    ~ I mean, I guess if you insist…

    Lacey Evans: While you have melodrama at the top, jealousy and self-righteousness in the middle, I’m here to give you all a much-needed dose of class, elegance, and no-nonsense beatdowns just like the one I handed that nasty that’s lying down in the ring right now.

    ~ Shots fired!

    Lacey Evans: And the thing you all need to understand right now is that I’m not going to be doing this alone anymore.

    ~ …Oh?

    Lacey Evans: The numbers game is a game that benefits those who have strength, and there is strength in numbers and I’m not going to be flying solo around here. I’ve done that and quite frankly after a couple of months, I’ve grown tired of being a footnote on Monday Night Raw. I want to be the topic of conversation around here.

    ~ Good luck!

    Lacey Evans: And to be the topic of conversation, you have to make an impact. And I believe that I’m about to make a big impact. An impact that’s going to be felt not only here on Monday Night Raw, but throughout WWE and the entire sports entertainment world.

    ~ Lacey sure is building up some hype here. Will she stick the landing?

    Lacey Evans: I have found an ally in this world and it’s somebody who is prominent. Somebody who has dominated the discussion in sports entertainment. Somebody whose name is met with respect, honor, and at times, justifiably, fear in the eyes and bodies of those who’ve faced up with them.

    ~ Lacey lets out a small smirk, as she’s now at the top of the stage.

    Lacey Evans: My newfound ally is a woman who much like me has represented herself with dignity and honor. A woman who, at the top of her game, is one of the greatest to ever do it. A living icon and legend in this world and somebody who has earned, deserves, and COMMANDS all of your respect, you nasties.

    ~ Lacey begins to turn towards the entranceway.

    Lacey Evans: Ladies and gentlemen, would you please rise, be classy, give your respect and a warm hand to my new friend and ally. The SIX-TIME WWE Women’s Champion, MICKIE JAMES!!!!

    ~ WELL NOW!!!


    This is a bit of a rim-rocker! Lacey wears a smirk as we see one MICKIE JAMES make her way through the curtain! The former six-time Women’s Champion has apparently joined forces with this spring chicken, and everyone seems to be quite a bit surprised! James is seen wearing a blue shoulder pad blouse, a long white skirt, a white cowboy hat and white flats. She stands up beside Lacey, who extends her hand. And then Mickie shakes it! We’ve got ourselves an alliance! This one may take some time to be felt, but one has to suspect a duo of a hungry up-and-comer and a veteran who’s down but not out could make some serious waves!

    We then get a video recapping the events surrounding the WWE United States Championship scene! And then get a reminder that later tonight, BARON CORBIN will go one-on-one with CEDRIC ALEXANDER!



    EDGE is seen once again! ‘The Rated R Superstar’ still seems to be deep in a dilemma here, and added onto everything is the fact that now, tonight’s main event is No Holds Barred! As Edge is tossing back and forth in himself right now, he’s then approached… by none other than ‘THE PHENOMENAL’ AJ STYLES!

    Quite the face-to-face visual here huh?

    AJ Styles: You got a minute?

    Edge: Yeah. About an hour actually.

    ~ Styles nods his head.

    AJ Styles: Look Edge, I understand why you’re in the spot that you’re in. Stephanie… she’s going a little crazy right now, but I get it. Things around here, they keep getting more and more intense. Tonight is gonna be the same way, especially since now for, whatever reason, it’s No Holds Barred with me and Randy Orton.

    Edge: Yeah y’know, I think that reason you’re looking for is slimy, bearded, and has 15 pounds of gold in his possession.

    ~ AJ nods his head.

    AJ Styles: Yeah. Right. Listen, Edge, I get that. I get why you’re in this spot. I even get why you seem to be in a dilemma. But lemme let you in on something.

    ~ Edge nods his head.

    AJ Styles: Y’see for a long time, I wasn’t here. I wasn’t in WWE. It took me a long, long time to get here. But that doesn’t mean that I never paid attention. That doesn’t mean that I didn’t keep up on TV, on the Internet, in the magazines. That doesn’t mean that I didn’t pay attention to you, bud.

    ~ Styles points at Edge.

    AJ Styles: And while I watched you, while I paid a close eye to you, I learned a few things. The first being that you’re one of the best to ever do it.

    ~ Cheers. Respectfully, Edge nods his head.

    AJ Styles: The second is that you’re one of the most daring superstars to ever exist. Hell, maybe even more daring than me.

    ~ That’s saying a lot.

    AJ Styles: And third?

    ~ Styles coys his head a bit.

    AJ Styles: That you’re one of the most calculating, conniving, dastardly people to ever set foot in WWE or anywhere.

    ~ Yikes…

    AJ Styles: So all I’m saying… is call it down the middle tonight. If you’ve got something in mind, I don’t know it right now. You’ve got a poker face, everybody like you does. But if you try something funny?

    ~ Styles shakes his head.

    AJ Styles: Well, I’d just hate to be you then is all I’ve gotta say about that.

    ~ The Phenomenal One backs off, having laid down the gauntlet there to Edge. The Rated R Superstar certainly is aware of his past misdeeds, and so he can’t really rebut anything Styles just said. He can take it to heart though… maybe… hopefully… perhaps…

    The camera travels along here as we see one SETH ROLLINS, who is still wearing that shit-eating grin that we saw him in earlier. Rollins is walking to his locker room… and his eyes widen as he arrives.

    Seth Rollins: What the f—

    ~ Rollins looks inside, and he sees that Blake, Cutler, AND Dijakovic have all been taken out!

    Seth Rollins: What the hell happened!??!

    ~ Rollins goes inside and looks around at the scene, as there was obviously some sort of scuffle.

    The camera pivots around, and we come to find that there are lurkers about!



    Turnabout is fair play, and revenge is being had from earlier on tonight!! The attack by Dijakovic, Blake, and Cutler is not being unanswered! No! Zayn, Jimmy and Jey are going right after the Universal Champion, and the trio run him straight into the big couch! And it topples over!!

    Jey Uso: Yeah yeah!!

    Jimmy Uso: Oooooweeeee!!

    Jey Uso: How ‘bout them apples boy!!!

    Jimmy Uso: That’s what happens when you mess with The Usos baby!!

    ~ Zayn nods his head while The Usos are hyped.

    Sami Zayn: Don’t think this is the last you’re gonna hear from me Seth! Neither you Dom! You two are gonna answer for what you did tonight, and this is just the beginning!!

    Jey Uso: Yeah baby!!

    Jimmy Uso: That’s right Big Z!!

    Jey Uso: Seth!! Dom!! You two broke boys!! WELCOME…

    Jimmy Uso: TO THE USO…


    ~ The trio then leaves, having outsmarted and outgunned the Universal Iworry about than JUST the result of tonight’s main event, because his boys have pissed off a very prominent trio here on the red brand! And now he’s paid for it, and there’s no telling what could come of this result. Oh no…


    We come back to the arena, and get a replay of the attack from before the break. We’re also informed that Seth Rollins has left the building FUMING after what just happened…


    RICOCHET is seen. The One and Only is getting evaluated, as he was hit hard by Apollo and MVP earlier on in the night, of course. ISAIAH ‘SWERVE’ SCOTT then walks into the room.

    Isaiah ‘Swerve’ Scott: Big dog, you good?

    Ricochet: Yeah, man.

    ~ Ricochet sticks his hand out and Swerve slaps it.

    Ricochet: I can’t thank you enough.

    Isaiah ‘Swerve’ Scott: Hey it’s all good. Apollo and MVP were doing some real seedy stuff to you. That was low.

    Ricochet: Man…

    ~ Ricochet shakes his head.

    Ricochet: I haven’t liked their vibe since Day 1.

    Isaiah ‘Swerve’ Scott: I can tell. He tried to recruit me. But I know where I stand.

    ~ Ricochet nods his head.

    Isaiah ‘Swerve’ Scott: I’m not gonna let that happen again to you. No sir. In fact, I just hit Stephanie up. Next week, I’m gonna get my hands on that dude MVP.

    Ricochet: For real?

    Isaiah ‘Swerve’ Scott: For real. I’m not with that stuff. I wanna make sure that he knows that he shouldn’t be the one messing with you. And after next week, he’s gonna know that for sure.

    Ricochet: Man, again, thank you.

    Isaiah ‘Swerve’ Scott: No problem, boss.

    ~ Swerve nods his head and Ricochet extends his hand out, and they slap hands once more.


    RENEE YOUNG is standing by once again.

    Renee Young: Welcome back here to Monday Night Raw! Renee Young here and we’re live in Little Rock. It’s been an eventful night ladies and gentlemen, and up next, we’re about to see a heck of a match featuring two of the top talents in the women’s division. Ember Moon, a former NXT Women’s Champion, is going one-on-one with arguably the best in the world, and the woman taking on WWE Hall of Famer Trish Stratus at SummerSlam, ‘The Legit Boss’ Sasha Banks.

    ~ A graphic appears while Renee is talking, and then, we see a split-screen of Banks and Moon walking backstage.

    Renee Young: Before we get set to bring you this match, let’s take a special look at ‘The Boss.’

    A video plays.

    ‘THE BOSS’ SASHA BANKS appears on the screen, posing, with blue lasers flashing behind her. Meanwhile, the beat of “MONEY IN THE GRAVE” by Drake and Rick Ross plays in the background.

    Michael Cole:
    When you talk about the biggest stars in the world in sports entertainment in 2019, that conversation begins with Sasha Banks.

    We see Banks making her entrance at the Royal Rumble in 2019 and several episodes of Raw this year.

    She is focused, she is driven. She has had that attitude from Day 1 that she’s going to out there and be better than you. And more often than not, she is. She’s The Boss. In every sense.

    Banks is seen walking around, acting cocky, showing off, and just being herself.

    Corey Graves:
    Sasha Banks is and always has been a very special talent. She has been questioned for her attitude, by myself included. But I will never question her talent. There are few, if any, better than her when she gets in the ring.

    Much of Banks’ deep arsenal is showcased over the next few seconds.

    Renee Young:
    I’ve been lucky to see Sasha excel and grow as a performer, a talent, and a person over the last six years. She is absolutely tremendous. She’s one of one. There is only one Sasha Banks, there will always be only one Sasha Banks. She’s the standard in sports entertainment for a reason.

    Banks makes several poor ladies tap out to the Bank Statement.

    Michael Cole:
    If you created a blueprint for a successful women’s wrestler. When you combine everything – skill, athleticism, coachability, knowledge, and raw talent – that woman would be Sasha Banks. I truly believe that. She is a once in a generation talent. She’s the blueprint.





    As that possibly newly recorded edit of the lyrics plays, highlights of Banks throughout her career play.

    The video then concludes.


    5 Singles Match
    Ember Moon vs. Sasha Banks

    No surprise, this match is a smooth exhibition. Banks is rising to another level over the past month or so, especially since shifting her focus in the aftermath of TGAB. Ember, herself, is no slouch and is looking to knock Banks off her standing as the cream of the crop. The red-hot Banks and impressive Moon work against each other for nearly 10 minutes here, as we seep into the third hour of Monday Night Raw. Towards the end of the match, Sasha has Ember on the ropes, almost literally, as she’s backing her up to them. She goes for a right hand, but Moon blocks and then knees Banks in the jaw! Ember then climbs out to the apron, grabs the top rope, slingshots up, srings off and hits a SUNSET FLIP! 1! 2! Banks kicks out and gets Ember’s shoulders down! 1! 2! Moon kicks out!

    Banks gets up and charges forward, but Moon however shields herself! Banks comes up near the ropes and Ember goes for a Superkick! NO! Sasha grabs the boot and throws it down and forearms Ember in the face! Ember goes for a shot but Banks ducks and she hits her with another forearm! Ember stumbles forward and Sasha grabs her and goes to plant her with a Reverse DDT! NO! Ember twists out of it and kicks Sasha in the jaw! Banks stumbles away and Ember runs up to her in the corner. She jumps up on the second rope and aims to Monkey Flip her! But Banks lands on her feet! Ember turns around, runs over and goes for a clothesline, but no! Banks ducks! And turns around and hits the BACKSTABBER ON EMBER, AND FLOATS INTO THE BANK STATEMENT!!! And it’s all but academic here, as Ember has no choice but to TAP OUT TO SASHA’S BANK STATEMENT!

    WINNER Sasha Banks via submission at 9:35.

    Sasha celebrates her win, yet ANOTHER for her as she’s red-hot right now. But, that doesn’t last for too long…


    Banks and everyone’s attention turns to the TitanTron.

    “Sasha. Hi.”

    It’s none other than…


    The crowd pops for Trish, who’s here via satellite, looking gorgeous as ever as she sits on a chair with a blue backdrop behind her.

    Trish Stratus: Hey girl. How’s it going? Nice victory tonight. You’re yet again a winner.

    ~ Banks nods her head. “That’s right,” she says.

    Trish Stratus: Y’know, I’m glad that you won tonight. I’m glad that you’re finding your form right now. I’m glad that you’re getting that confidence, that bravado, that swagger going for you. Because that’s the Sasha Banks that I wanna see at SummerSlam.

    ~ Banks smirks, seemingly having no problem with that request.

    Trish Stratus: But see, everyone thinks that this ‘dream match’ between Trish Stratus and Sasha Banks is just all about what you want, Sasha. That it’s all about what your fans want. Your Krew right?

    ~ Careful, Trish. Like, be real careful.

    Trish Stratus: Everyone thinks that this is all about you. That this is a legacy match for ‘The Boss’ Sasha Banks. That this is gonna be the match that really ignites Sasha Banks and sets her on the course for immortality. But the last time that I checked Sasha, you aren’t wrestling against yourself.

    ~ Whew… okay…

    Trish Stratus: I love the fact that you’re confident. I love the fact that you have the presence that you have. You wanna know why? You wanna know why I love the fact that you walk out there like the baddest b*tch in WWE? Because it’s just gonna make it sweeter when I beat you, Sasha.

    ~ Ho-ho-ho. Okay! The crowd reacts well to the brimming intensity here.

    Trish Stratus: At Evolution, I made my in-ring return. But that wasn’t enough for me. That’s why I accepted your challenge, Sasha. Not to give your fans or you what you want. But because I’m not done yet. No, no, no. When I got in the ring at Evolution, and when I competed, I could tell I still had it all.

    ~ Feeling herself, Trish smirks a little bit.

    Trish Stratus: I still had my skill, I still had my presence. I still knew that I could do what I do better than anyone else could, and that includes you, Sasha. They call you ‘The Boss?’ Girl, newsflash for you, and for anyone else who calls you that… I’m the CEO of the WWE women’s division.

    ~ Phew.

    Trish Stratus: You cannot write the history of the WWE women’s division without me. I laid the groundwork. I blazed the trails. I set the STANDARD for excellence in the women’s division. I am a seven… count ‘em, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7-time Women’s Champion. I have beaten Hall of Fame talents. I have won on EVERY stage. There would be no Sasha Banks without Trish Stratus, and at SummerSlam, if you don’t think that Sasha… well, then you’re just gonna get a nice, cold dose of reality dished out to you.

    ~ Trish confidently smiles again.

    Trish Stratus: Now I’m here via satellite tonight. But next week? When Monday Night Raw rolls into Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania? I’ll be there.

    ~ Hey, that’s huge! The people of Little Rock are still quite disappointed, though.

    Trish Stratus: And as the CEO, boss lady, you better be around if your superior decides to demand your attention.

    ~ Trish lets out a smirk and sits back in her seat. Banks seems to salivate at the idea of confronting Trish next week in Pittsburgh. A confrontation between those two seems QUITE ripe for intensity and action that you’ll HAVE to stick around for. Doesn’t it?!


    Singles Match
    Baron Corbin vs. Cedric Alexander

    The three most preeminent figures in the United States Championship scene – including your reigning champion – are all present for this segment. Cedric and Corbin work themselves into a Big Man vs. Little Guy matchup, one that the Little Rock crowd is obviously fully behind Cedric for. But the big bad in Corbin cares not for what these losers think or say about him. He proves himself to be more than capable of course. In the meanwhile, Dunne is on commentary and makes it clear that he doesn’t care who he faces for the United States Championship. In fact, it seems as though he wouldn’t care if he faced both of these superstars.

    Towards the end of the matchup, it seems that Corbin is getting a bit distracted by Dunne’s presence. He calls out to him, and well, Dunne doesn’t seem to care very much. He’s not impressed. And hey, why would he be? But this proves nearly costly, as Alexander rolls Corbin up and NEARLY – and we mean NEARLY – gets the count of 3! This upsets Corbin, but Cedric continues to worm out of trouble and nearly put the big man away. Alexander lures him to the outside and sends him over the top rope with a headscissors to the outside. Alexander then goes and hits his signature TOPE CON HILO down on Corbin! The fight continues on from the outside, and Corbin, having had enough of Alexander’s games, throws him hard into the steel steps! He then continues to beat on him, and drags him up the ramp and tosses him into the barricade! The referee then soon calls for the bell, as we have a double countout! BOOOO!!!!

    RESULT Double Countout at 11:20.

    The Little Rock crowd is not too enthused about much of this! Corbin continues to attack Cedric, while Dunne kinda looks on from the scene. They are, after all, possible future opponents of his so the way he sees it… let ‘em fight, mate. Corbin then taunts him from on the stage, as we see Dunne rise from his seat and take his headset off. Corbin then continues to taunt him, and he gets up and attracts his attention. Corbin goes to confront him, but then Alexander runs up and DROPKICKS CORBIN IN THE BACK, AND CORBIN BARRELS INTO DUNNE!!

    Dunne is collateral damage to Cedric’s big dropkick! Cedric goes over and beats up on Corbin, as this fight is continuing to break loose here! He grabs Corbin and pulls his big body up, and goes to run him over into the stage, but Corbin sends him crashing into it instead!! Corbin then kicks and stomps all over him, but then he’s ambushed from behind by Dunne!! Chaos is starting to emerge here, as Dunne goes fisticuffs with Baron!! They go back and forth, and Dunne grabs Corbin by the wrist. He then goes to manipulate the fingers of Corbin, as he goes to pull them back, but Corbin delivers a PUNISHING shot to the gut with his boot! Corbin then drags him over towards the announce table. Cole and Graves skedaddle, as Corbin then POWERS Dunne up in the air, spins around AND DROPS HIM THROUGH THE ANNOUNCE TABLE WITH DEEP SIX!!!!!

    Baron Corbin stands tall here!! And boy what a terrible sight that is! Corbin then bends down and picks up the United States Championship, stamps his boot down on Dunne’s chest and hoists it up!! Baron has championship intentions on his mind, and that could spell trouble for ‘The Bruiserweight’ AND the hopeful Cedric Alexander too!!

    Raw returns to the airwaves, and Cole and Graves, with their announce table kaput, have intriguingly relocated to Gorilla. Probably because there’s so much chaos, and also because this upcoming match may bring about more too! They then deliver us some news about next week’s BIG episode of Monday Night Raw in Pittsburgh:
    ~ UNITED STATES CHAMPIONSHIP TRIPLE THREAT MATCH: Pete Dunne defends against Baron Corbin AND Cedric Alexander

    ~ RAW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIPS MATCH: Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder defend against Chad Gable and Kurt Angle (???)

    ~ Alexa Bliss, Ember Moon, and Naomi vs. Lacey Evans, Mickie James, and Ruby Riott in a Six-Woman Tag Team Match

    ~ Becky Lynch AND Shayna Baszler are scheduled in the building

    ~ Trish Stratus will be in the arena, as will Sasha Banks

    The announce team then goes on and hypes up the SummerSlam card! And after AJ Styles makes his entrance, RANDY ORTON appears on screen. Orton isn’t walking here alone either, as he’s with… EDGE!

    Orton looks at Edge, sizes him up, and smirks. He then nods his head and walks away.

    Is there a deal between these two parties!?


    No Holds Barred Match
    AJ Styles vs. Randy Orton
    Special Guest Referee: Edge

    This shouldn’t come as any surprise, but when you put AJ Styles and Randy Orton together, you get yourselves a good one. Styles and Orton are particularly physical with one another, which isn’t surprising since there is so much animosity built up here. And so much is on the line, and the constant factor of Edge being around here is one that is pretty prominent. Styles is always looking over his shoulder at Edge, who is hawking the scene and ensuring that order is maintained to the best of his ability. But with no holds barred, well, it’s sort of a paradox situation to say the very least.

    Styles and Orton’s fight continues to the outside as the physicality is ramped up. They keep attacking each other with punches and kicks, and high-impact maneuvers. Styles drops Orton down on his gut on the top of the barricade, causing him to gasp for air. Styles then goes over and grabs a steel chair from underneath the ring! And he brings it into play, slamming it across Orton’s back! He does so again and then launches the chair away. He rolls him back in the ring and goes for a cover, but Orton kicks out at two. Edge made the count fairly and squarely, but the two men share a glance at each other. Styles continue to eye him here while he stays on offense as the match progresses.

    Onward and upward we go, and Orton soon finds himself in the driver’s seat. And he gains more confidence, obviously thinking that Edge is in his pocket. Given what we saw earlier, and given their past relationship, it’s an easy thing to think. Orton goes on the outside and he grabs a table from outside! But he then tosses it down and basically flips the crowd off. “You want that, screw what you want!” Orton says, on-brand to a tee. He, though, grabs a steel chair and tosses it into the ring. He then reaches underneath and gets a kendo stick, and… rope? He rolls into the ring and gets the chair stood up and beats up on Styles. AJ looks to fight back, but Orton fights him off, puts him up on the second rope and HITS THE ELEVATED DDT!! He covers! But a near fall ensues! He looks over at Edge, perhaps a bit… surprised… that the count was regular, but Orton aggressively attacks Styles and then stands him up on the chair. Orton then begins to TIE HIM TO THE CHAIR WITH THE ROPE! And with Styles woozy, he can’t defend himself! Styles is then tied up to the chair, and Orton grabs the kendo stick and WHACKS HIM WITH IT!!

    Orton unleashes a barrage of kendo stick shots to the defenseless and bound Phenomenal One. Edge looks on, with a bit of horror on his face, obviously not expecting this kind of level of physicality. Orton hits him so hard that he falls on his side, and he’s stuck and trapped! Orton then lets out a smirk, looking onward at Styles as he goes to the corner. Bad intentions are on his mind, and Styles, totally trapped, doesn’t have anything he can do! Orton then runs and GOES FOR THE PUNT KICK ON AJ STYLES…


    Edge has himself a conscience! He tells him not to do it, and Orton looks at him, red with anger. He tells him that it’s No Holds Barred, but Edge says he doesn’t give a damn. He says there’s a difference between winning and doing that, and that Orton is good enough not to do something like that to somebody. Orton, irritated, brushes by Edge, but Edge gets back in front of him! Edge stares in his eyes, and tells him that he’s better than that. He gets in his face and tells him that, but Orton gets ticked off and yells back at him. All the while, AJ STYLES HAS ESCAPED from the ropes, and crawls over and rolls Orton up! NEAR FAL!!

    Orton gets up and then SWINGS his boot at Styles for a Punt! NO! Styles ducks underneath and pops up and punches Orton in the gut!

    Styles then pulls Orton in to go for the STYLES CLASH! But Orton pushes up and Styles keeps hold and rolls through with a Sunset Flip! 1! 2! NO!! NEAR FALL AGAIN!! Orton gets up and grabs the chair and goes for another shot to the chest! But Styles sidesteps away and Orton’s momentum carries him near the ropes! And in a split-second, Styles looks over and kicks up on the rope and the chair hits the rope and near Orton’s face! Orton stumbles back and Orton is in a jolt of pain! Edge goes over and checks on him, but Orton shoves him away! Orton yells at Edge to stay away and that he’s distracting him! And sure as that is true, Orton turns around. And as he does, HE SEES STYLES FLYING THROUGH THE AIR AND HE SNUFFS HIM OUT WITH THE PHENOMENAL FOREARM!! 1! 2!! 3-NO!!! KICK OUT BY ORTON!!

    Boy what a sequence that would’ve been! Orton would’ve had some misplaced anger for Edge, who was just doing his job. And Styles would’ve gotten the win, but the match continues! Styles gets up and Orton and him begin to tug o’ war over the chair! And Orton wins it! But Styles keeps hold and shoves the chair into Orton’s chest! The chair drops out of Orton’s hands, and Styles lets it drop, and then pulls Orton in! A STYLES CLASH ON THE CHAIR?! NO!! Orton blocks it and breaks free! And then he GOES FOR AN RKO WHICH WOULD LAND ON THE CHAIR! NO!! AJ SHOVES HIM AWAY TO THE ROPES! AJ then bends down and looks for a back drop on the chair! NO! Orton kicks Styles right in the chest! Styles stumbles away and comes forward, and Orton then GOES FOR A POWERSLAM ONTO THE CHAIR! NO! Styles counters midway through and lands on his feet, and then knees Orton in the face! Styles then pulls him in, turns around, pops him up AND DELIVERS A MICHINOKU DRIVER ON THE CHAIR!! 1! 2!! NO!! KICK OUT BY ORTON!!

    Styles is flabbergasted that that wasn’t it, and he stares over at Edge. Edge clearly says he’s just doing his job, and Styles probably realizes it. But it’s becoming harder to put Orton away, and that’s obviously agitating him psychologically here. Styles picks him up and then goes for another STYLES CLASH! But Orton drops down to his knees and LOW-BLOWS STYLES!! The Phenomenal One is hurt, and it was done perfectly legally in this matchup! Orton smirks as he crawls away, feeling the heat and the pain from what this match has brought to him. Orton crawls back up and stalks AJ. He then approaches him and Styles, Jell-o legged, can only look on as ORTON GOES FOR THE RKO! But Styles grabs him the waist and runs forward!! AND THEY COLLIDE INTO EDGE, WHO GOES DOWN!! Orton pushes him away and Styles tumbles back. And Orton looks back as Styles runs over-RKO!!! RKO TO AJ STYLES!! Down go both men, as Orton feels it after landing hard on his back, damaged from the Michinoku Driver moments before. He slowly makes the crawl, while also dragging the woozy Edge with him! Orton crawls over AJ, and grabs Edge’s wrist, bringing his arm up and he MAKES THE COUNT WITH HIM! 1! HE BRINGS THE ARM UP AGAIN AND THE HAND HITS THE MAT! 2! HE LOOKS TO QUICKEN THE PACE BUT BEOFRE HE CAN BRING HIS HAND TO THE MAT! STYLES KICKS OUT!!

    Orton is FURIOUS now, as his spontaneous plan to try and thieve victory away from AJ Styles has been foiled! Orton punches the mat a few times and then grabs Edge and pulls him up. He gets him in the corner and he yells at him. He tells him tot o do his job, pointing out how long they’ve been friends. He shouts at him, saying he needs to get to SummerSlam, and so he needs to do his job. Orton yells at him to wake up, as he’s obviously very delirious right now. He yells at him again, and then SLAPS HIM in the face! And that must’ve sent something off for Edge, because Edge SLAPS ORTON BACK!! Orton stumbles away, eating the hard slap from The Rated R Superstar, and Styles, up to his feet, kicks him in the gut, collects him, POWERS HIM UP AND HE HITS THE STYLES CLASH!!! Edge drops down as Styles turns him over and covers! 1! 2! 3!!!

    WINNER AJ Styles via pin fall at 20:05.

    STYLES IS GOING TO SUMMERSLAM, AND RIGHT NOW RANDY ORTON IS NOT! Styles rolls out of the ring, feeling the pain after such a grueling main event. And Randy Orton, meanwhile, is left a bit folded up while Edge is still a bit woozy. He made the count, he knows what he saw, but it doesn’t seem like he’s all the way there right now.

    We get our replay sequence, and after that, it’s very obvious that Edge has fully realized what he’s done. He wasn’t all the way there after he’d slapped Orton, and after he’d made the 1-2-3 count. But it’s very clear that he knows now… and a seething Randy Orton is staring angrily at the TitanTron as well, which Edge at the moment cannot tell…

    What does this mean for Orton?

    Better yet, what does this mean for Edge?


    Confirmed Matches for Raw
    (8/5/19, Pittsburgh, PA)

    WWE United States Championship Triple Threat Match
    ‘The Bruiserweight’ Pete Dunne defends against
    Baron Corbin and Cedric Alexander

    Raw Tag Team Championships Match
    Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder defend against Chad Gable and Kurt Angle (???)

    Six-Woman Tag Team Match
    Alexa Bliss, Ember Moon, and Naomi vs.
    Lacey Evans, Mickie James, and ‘Ms. MITB’ Ruby Riott

    Raw Women’s Champion Becky Lynch
    Women’s Tag Team Champion Sasha Banks
    Raw Women’s Championship #1 Contender Shayna Baszler
    WWE Hall of Famer Trish Stratus


    Current Card for WWE SummerSlam
    Date: August 11th 2019
    Event Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada; Scotiabank Arena
    Event Music: Drake; Nonstop | The Black Keys; Go

    Brock Lesnar vs. The Rock

    WWE Championship Match

    Kofi Kingston defends against ‘The New’ Daniel Bryan

    WWE Universal Championship Match
    ‘The Beastslayer’ Seth Rollins defends against ‘The Phenomenal’ AJ Styles

    Raw Women’s Championship Match
    Special Guest Enforcer: Beth Phoenix
    ‘The Man’ Becky Lynch © defends against ‘The Queen of Spades’ Shayna Baszler

    SmackDown Women’s Championship Match
    {As long as Bayley is cleared}
    ‘The Empress’ Asuka © defends against ‘The Hugger’ Bayley

    Trish Stratus vs. Sasha Banks

    El Rey De La Jungla vs. The Big Dog
    Andrade (w/ Zelina Vega) vs. Roman Reigns

    One on One
    Drew McIntyre vs. Samoa Joe

    Singles Match
    ‘Ms. MITB’ Ruby Riott vs. ‘The Goddess’ Alexa Bliss
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    Re: World Wrestling Entertainment | 2019 & Beyond

    Let's get into some RAW~!

    Thought this segment with Joe in person / in Scotland was a good way to add some heat into the match with him & Drew. The attack to his brother was pretty good while I might think it went a little too long with the toilet flush and scalding hot shower. Still a cool visual and overall creative segment for the feud. I think it perfectly goes with Joe like the "WENDY" segments in his feud with AJ, just about doing anything when someone screws him over to show some superiority. Great stuff that has me hyped for him and McIntyre.

    This six man tag really was somme angle advancement huh? Nothing wrong with that, think it went well to get some heat, and I think Zayn & Usos are lovable people to help get heat on others.

    I think we've had a conversation about this, but I absolutely love Gran Metalik and into this push he's getting this summer. I consider him alongside Andrade as the most important Latin American stars of this time besides Mysterio.

    Man, Sasha's promo with Caruso was just rough luck for Chuck lol. Great stuff though from The Boss.

    I think this Alexa Bliss and Ruby Riott feud is pretty good, but something about this little promo back and forth didn't hit for me really. Ruby's whole "I hate you" piece maybe could have been cut slightly inside of continuously saying it, not sure if that would make it better for me. Although I am really digging Alexa Bliss here although it seemed very veteran versus rookie at some point, but I guess we could consider aspects of someone who's multi-time champion versus no championships as a vet versus rookie type.

    Don't think I have said it but I really like Apollo Crews and MVP together. Fine win for Crews as I'm sure we get a match between him and Swerve coming up.

    Lol "Charly Caruso who was probably snooping around". Like Rollins' plan into just pitting Styles and Orton's bad blood to whatever the scenario to the main event might be. Really felt Rollins in this promo too.

    Yeah, absolutely love Lacey Evans teaming up with Mickie James. A real creative idea to round up the women's tag division.

    Liked AJ and Edge's discussion into the continued angle with Sami & Usos. I can see us moving into a Six Man Kickoff Match at Summerslam, but also elevating these three by even attacking Rollins.

    Sasha win wasn't surprising really, but that Trish promo was great for the upcoming match. Liked her calling herself The CEO, just like calling herself Queen of Queens in IRL against Charlotte. Just helps elevate and reminds everyone Trish is top dog no matter what. While there was a time I thought we were going 4 Horsewomen vs 4 Horsewomen in some variety: I think Sasha is going to the moon after this Trish match.

    No issues with a double countout between Corbin and Alexander, I think it's been proven they're deserving of championship matches thus far, and this is a fine way to lead into a triple threat next week.

    That main event lived up and the use of the no holds barred stipulation was done throughout the match well. I was kind of expecting this to maybe lead into an Edge and Orton program, but we will have to see if this eventually leads that way. AJ and Seth will be a great match into Summerslam and will be thinking this match can lead into a possible injury type story going into that.

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    Re: World Wrestling Entertainment | 2019 & Beyond

    Smackdown Live – July 30th 2019; Memphis, Tennessee

    The blue brand takes the focus here as we begin anew after an intense episode went down last week. Intense, eventful, epic, whatever you’d like to call it. Now, as we enter this final episode in the month of July, SummerSlam is 12 days away and we’re unsure if we’re going to see the Smackdown Women’s Championship Match go on as planned; we’re unsure the state or status of one Kevin Owens after his Stunner on Triple H; and, oh yeah, Brock Lesnar’s back! And he’s facing The Rock at SummerSlam! Exciting!

    We dive into the FedEx Forum after the video recap of last week’s show. The ring is filling up already, as we’re getting things started with our battle royal! Notably, the entrances of MANDY ROSE AND SONYA DEVILLE, NIKKI CROSS AND TONI STORM are shown in full…

    1 Over-The-Top-Rope Battle Royal
    Billie Kay vs. Carmella vs. Kacy Catanzaro vs. Lana vs. Mandy Rose vs. Nikki Cross vs. Peyton Royce vs. Sarah Logan vs. Sonya Deville vs. Toni Storm vs. Xia Li vs. Zelina Vega

    Off the bat here, we get total chaos as one would expect! You put 12 people in the ring at the same time, and you are bound for something to happen. Comedically enough, the first set of eliminations come at the expense of THE IICONICS, who are eliminated by their nemeses at this point, Firestorm!

    ELIMINATED – Billie Kay by Nikki Cross at 1:03.

    ELIMINATED – Peyton Royce by Toni Storm at 1:03.

    Elsewhere, another quick elimination occurs, as Xia Li dumps Lana right on out!

    ELIMINATED – Lana by Xia Li at 1:19.

    Kacy Catanzaro, the hopeful upstart, is nearly taken out of the equation by Mandy and Sonya. Kacy, however, is able to stay alive by using her athleticism to her advantage. Elsewhere, Zelina Vega is battling with the newcomer Xia Li. And Xia is able to send Zelina packing after a heavy exchange!

    ELIMINATED – Zelina Vega by Xia Li at 3:17.

    The action continues on here, as we are down to eight women in the matchup. Xia Li decides to pick a fight with Toni Storm, and that gains the attention of one Nikki Cross. Nikki fights with Xia, but Xia is able to subdue Nikki with a big kick right to the side of her head! Toni responds with a furious rally, and soon runs up and clotheslines Xia over the top rope and to the floor!

    ELIMINATED – Xia Li by Toni Storm at 5:15.

    Carmella then goes to sneak up on Toni Storm, but Toni’s able to battle her off. And while the ladies are fighting, a presence appears up on the stage. It’s none other than the Smackdown Women’s Champion, ASUKA! Asuka pulls up a seat and sits on down at the top of the stage, and sits back and watches the action, which goes into picture-in-picture during commercials!

    And during those commercials, one Mandy Rose is sent packing by Kacy Catanzaro! Mandy THOUGHT she’d be able to scoop slam her out of the ring, but as she was going down, Kacy latched her feet around Mandy’s neck, and pulled her on down with the ropes assisting her!

    ELIMINATED – Mandy Rose by Kacy Catanzaro at 6:25.

    But unfortunately, Kacy would go on out right after as Sonya ambushed her on the apron!

    ELIMINATED – Kacy Catanzaro by Sonya Deville at 6:32.

    So now, we’re down to Carmella, Nikki, Sarah, Sonya, and Toni. Nikki and Toni basically fight a 2-on-3 battle here. They’re the new, hot team on the scene, and that’s garnered attention from some of the mainstays on the blue brand. That much is evident in how this is transpiring here. Nikki and Sarah branch off, and fight each other with a lot of physicality. Eventually, Sarah goes for a Pump Kick on Nikki! But Nikki moves out of the way! Sarah is tripped up and hung up on the ropes, and Nikki responds by bullrushing into her and out she goes!!

    ELIMINATED – Sarah Logan by Nikki Cross at 7:47.

    Sonya then goes on the attack, while Toni is fending off Carmella. Those two are fighting each other, tooth and nail, while Sonya and Nikki are duking it out. Nikki goes to eliminate Sonya, but Sonya rakes her in the eyes! She then goes to grab her and throw her out, but Nikki holds onto the rope! She nearly falls down, and Sonya tries to fight her off. But Nikki’s RELENTLESS in her attempt to fight for her life here! She stays upright and smashes her forearm into Sonya! But suddenly, Nikki is grabbed at by her ankle! BY MANDY ROSE! Mandy hasn’t left the scene yet!!

    Nikki tries to shoo her away, but that momentary distraction is enough for Sonya to run up and BLAST HER IN THE JAW with a Bicycle Knee! Nikki Cross is eliminated!!

    ELIMINATED – Nikki Cross by Sonya Deville at 9:09.

    And for added measure afterwards, Mandy grabs Nikki and RUNS HER INTO THE STEEL STEPS!! Toni, having taken Carmella down for a moment, sees this and then slides underneath the bottom rope! She’s not eliminated, but she’s coming at Mandy with a vengeance! And she wipes her right off her feet!! Toni’s not gonna let her newfound friend be attacked, and she then goes into the ring, facing a 2-on-1 situation, and hits Sonya hard and then does the same to Carmella!!

    But soon enough, the numbers game takes control here! Carmella and Sonya team up to go after the new kid on the block. Mandy, getting herself up, also gets in on the action. Or at least attempts to! The referee on the outside gets her attention, and Mandy protests. But the official then sends her outta there!! Mandy protests vehemently again, but she is then clotheslined over the barricade by a recovered Nikki Cross!! Nikki follows through and then fights with Mandy all the way to the back!

    And meanwhile, in the ring, Toni is starting to really fight back. Carmella, though, goes for a Superkick to cut her off! NO!! Toni grabs her by the boot! She spins her around and then HEADBUTTS her! Carmella is put on dream street, and stumbles the ropes. Storm quickly goes over, propels her up and over and DOWN to the floor!!

    ELIMINATED – Carmella by Toni Storm at 11:07.

    So now we’re down to Sonya and Toni! Sonya, of course, has plenty of history with Asuka. Toni, meanwhile, is the talented upstart who COULD have the chance of a lifetime* (* = if Bayley isn’t cleared!). The two duke it out in the center of the ring, while we see Asuka, who’s now chowing down on popcorn – hilariously enough- at the edge of her seat up on the stage. Sonya and Toni then wind up on the apron, and the two are battling neck and neck here. Toni goes for a headbutt, but Sonya blocks it and goes for an elbow! NO! Toni blocks that and then uses her head into Sonya’s gut! And she then headbutts Sonya again! With her shaky, Toni goes into the ring, runs off to the ropes, comes back and LAUNCHES A HIP ATTACK AT HER! AND OFF THE APRON AND TO THE FLOOR GOES DEVILLE!!

    ELIMINATED – Sonya Deville by Toni Storm at 13:06.

    WINNER Toni Storm at 13:06.

    It’s Toni Time!! Toni Storm is the winner of the battle royal! Storm has perhaps put herself in position for what would be an epic showdown at SummerSlam, or, at the very least, put herself in the spot to be RIGHT in the thick of it in the aftermath of The Biggest Party of the Summer. Either way, this is a HARD-EARNED win for Storm, who outlasted 11 other competitors to pick up the dub. While Toni celebrates, we see Asuka nodding her head up on the stage. She congratulates Toni, but, there’s no sign of any fear on The Empress’ face. Neither is there any sign of that on Toni’s face either. We could be on the precipice of something here… but only if luck turns Storm’s way…



    An elated TONI STORM has made her way through the curtain. She is greeted by one KACY CATANZARO, who shakes her hand and gives her a hug. Toni then follows on to LANA, who congratulates her on the win out of respect. XIA LI, also, shakes Toni’s hand too. And last, but certainly not least, NIKKI CROSS comes over and gives Toni a big hug. Storm grips onto her a bit as the two are pretty overjoyed right now. Storm then looks over and one KAYLA BRAXTON has arrived onto the scene.

    Kayla Braxton: Toni Storm! Congratulations on your win in the battle royal!

    Toni Storm: Thank you!

    ~ A bit winded is Storm, who had to fight for survival out there for more than a bit.

    Kayla Braxton: How are you feeling in this moment right now?

    Toni Storm: Kayla I… I feel great. I mean I don’t feel great physically but I feel great mentally and emotionally. You know, I’ve competed all over the world. Different countries, different continents. A lot of opponents, faced a lot of styles, a lot of challenges. But when I found out that I was going to Smackdown Live, I knew that I was in for a different kind of challenge.

    ~ Toni nods her head.

    Toni Storm: See I came here shortly after I lost the NXT UK Women’s Championship. I was proud to represent NXT UK for as long as I did. I was proud to be on top. But I’ve been humble. I always have been. Just because I was champion there didn’t mean a thing to me. The game changes when you come here. There was a place once that referred to themselves as “Where The Big Boys Play.” Well Smackdown Live is “Where The Big Girls Play” and that was evident in that battle royal I was just in.

    ~ A wink and a nod there.

    Toni Storm: Everybody who was in that battle royal was legit. Anybody who won that battle royal is legit. It wasn’t easy, and yeah some… some had seedy tactics. I get it. I’ve seen it all before. But as competitors, there is no better division than the one here on Smackdown Live. But I came out on top, and I feel that was one of the toughest matches against some of the toughest opponents that I’ve ever been through.

    ~ A whole lot of respect is being dished out by Toni.

    Toni Storm: And now that I’ve won… I don’t know where this leads me, Kayla. I don’t.

    Kayla Braxton: I was just going to ask you. Quite the passionate speech there, Toni, but everything right now is up in the air. You have won this battle royal, but it all depends on Bayley’s status. If she is cleared, she gets the SummerSlam match. If not, you get it. Where is your head at now?

    Toni Storm: Well Kayla, first of all, I wanna wish Bayley a speedy recovery. There’s almost nobody that I respect more in WWE than Bayley.

    ~ High praise.

    Toni Storm: She is an influential talent. She partook in one of the greatest matches ever four years ago in Brooklyn against Sasha Banks. She has been NXT Champion, she has been Raw Women’s Champion and she’s one half of the first-ever Women’s Tag Team Champions. She completes the set if she becomes Smackdown Women’s Champion. The first-ever Women’s Grand Slam Champion if that happens to occur.

    ~ Toni nods her head.

    Toni Storm: But that’s an ‘if’ right now because of what Ronda Rousey and her gang did to her. Watching that made me sick. Watching that irritated me. Bayley was a victim, and I know that a lot of people are questioning how she’s acting right now, I know that a lot of people are saying that she’s acting out of character. But when you consider where she’s been the last few months. Her friendship, her partnership with Sasha Banks hangs in the balance almost every single time they compete. Her best friend. You saw how I acted tonight when Nikki was being ambushed, and we just really started on this journey together. So I know what it’s like. I know what it’s like to have friends and friendships in danger and hanging in the balance. It makes you feel things differently, it makes you act differently. So maybe I stand alone on this island, but I don’t blame Bayley for how she’s acted.

    ~ Wow. Heck of a defense there.

    Toni Storm: Now I never want to be handed something. I’m glad I won that battle royal, because I think it proved that I’m one of the best here on Smackdown Live. And if Bayley can’t go at SummerSlam, then I will step up to the plate. I will step up to The Empress and face Asuka for the Smackdown Women’s Championship. But Bayley… if you can go, then by all means. Just know this.

    ~ Toni looks into the camera.

    Toni Storm: Because of that win out there? Because I won the battle royal? I think that proves that I’m not only one of the best on this brand… but that I’m next in line.

    ~ Oooooooooh!

    Toni Storm: So Bayley? Asuka? Whichever of you comes out of SummerSlam as Women’s Champion? There’s a storm comin’ your way, and it’s gonna blow your doors down.

    ~ And with that, Toni has said a lot, and she leaves with her pal Nikki arm in arm.


    With a Memphis Grizzlies mural behind them on the wall, SHINSUKE NAKAMURA and WWE CHAMPION KOFI KINGSTON stand!

    Kofi Kingston: Coming to you LIVE from Memphis, Tennessee BAYYYYYBEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

    ~ Huge cheers.

    Kofi Kingston:
    Tonight, for one night only ladies and gentlemen, you are about to witness history. For the first time ever, and maybe the last, you are gonna see a tag team the likes of which you’ve never seen before. You’re gonna seem that is brimming with positivity and swag! You’re gonna see a team that can boogie as well as they can punch! You’re gonna see a team featuring two of coolest damn dudes that walk around these parts of Smackdown Live!

    ~ Another round of cheers!

    Kofi Kingston: And just like the Grizz, we’re always grittin’, we’re always grindin’! On one side! You will see THE… former NXT Champion, THE former IWGP Heavyweight Champion… THE… personification of swagger! THE… one and ONLY… SHINSUKE NAKAMURA!!!

    ~ Cheers again. The camera focuses in on Shinsuke, who lets out a smile and he does his hand posing.

    Kofi Kingston: And… oh, oh, oh, and… on the other side! You will see the former Intercontinental Champion, United States Champion, WWE Tag Team Champion and your CURRENT, REEEEIGNING and DEFENDING… W… W… E… WORLD… HEAVY… WEIGHT… CHAMPIONNNNN!!!

    ~ Cheers, as Nakamura peeks his head out.

    Shinsuke Nakamura: Ko… FI… King… STON!!

    Kofi Kingston: Yeaaaaaaah that’s right Shinsuke! That’s right, Shin!

    Shinsuke Nakamura: Bryan… Rowan… you are going… to get your HEADS kicked in.

    ~ Wink, wink, nod, nod.

    Shinsuke Nakamura: And you… will have trouble… in paradise.

    Kofi Kingston: Hahaha!!

    Shinsuke Nakamura: Yea-ohhhh…

    Kofi Kingston: You gon’ get yours tonight, Bryan! Oh yes you will! Same with you Rowan! You and that ugly ass red beard! You gonna get that bald head waxed and Bryan you’re gonna get this work! Because I am the WWE Champion, I am Kofi Kingston, and if you think for one second!! One second of your life that this train’s close to stopping, you’ve got another thing coming!!

    A car then pulls up to the parking lot. We’re not awaiting anyone’s arrival in particular. So, this is pretty interesting. The driver’s door then opens and emerging is… RIKISHI!!??

    Commentary ponders if perhaps this has to do with business surrounding his cousin!


    We arrive back during the entrance of one AIDEN ENGLISH, who is making his way down to the ring. But before he even gets halfway, ENGLISH IS AMBUSHED FROM BEHIND!!



    The angry All Mighty grabs English and violently tosses him into the barricade. He does it again while we hear the nasally voice of LIO RUSH who appears a few moments later! Lashley continues to beat English up all over the ringside area and then launches him into the ring! Lio then stomps over and snatches the mic.

    Lio Rush: Beat his ass, Bobby! C’mon!!

    ~ Lashley has no problem with that thought. Lashley gets into the ring, runs and DELIVERS A BONE-CRUSHING SPEAR TO ENGLISH!! Lio then gets up on the apron.


    ~ Lio goes up on the top rope. Lashley, meanwhile, picks Aiden up by the gut, props him on his shoulder AND DRIVES HIM DOWN HARD WITH THE DOMINATOR!! And Bobby keeps the grip applied!

    Lio Rush: Do it to him again Bobby! Do it again!!

    ~ Lashley nods his head, thirsty for brutality. He picks Aiden up off the ground, brings him on his shoulder AND WHAM! ANOTHER DOMINATOR STRAIGHT INTO THE RING CANVAS!!


    ~ Lashley goes to do this, but while he does the crowd cheers! Lashley then tosses Aiden away and begins to fight with AN ONCOMING HARPER!!

    Harper has saved English from a worser fate!! Harper and Lashley go back and forth here now. Two big-time titans are tangling, and as that happens, Lio goes AND JUMPS ON THE BACK OF HARPER!! He relentlessly scratches at Harper’s eyes and Lashley then gives him a few hard and rough-looking kicks and stomps to the gut!! Down goes Harper and both Lio and Lashley begin to attack!


    Pandemonium in the FedEx Forum!

    ***ROOT OF ALL EVIL***

    Making his way out from the back


    Black sprints down the ramp and goes into the ring and begins to even up the odds!! He saves Harper, and fights Lio off easily. He then goes blow for blow with Lashley here. As just a physical brawl as we saw between these two several weeks ago! And with Lashley reeling, Harper runs over and hits a DISCUS CLOTHESLINE ON LASHLEY, SENDING HIM OVER TOP AND TO THE FLOOR!

    The babyfaces have run Lashley and Lio off! Aleister and Harper get plenty of cheers down here in Memphis. Bobby and Lio look on with disgust and anger in their eyes. But they keep their distance for now, as Aleister and Harper command everyone’s attention and presence in the ring.


    FINN BALOR, the INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPION and MR. MONEY IN THE BANK has arrived! He’s also flanked by several members of security, no doubt due to what happened last week on this television program. Finn continues on here, until he walks up to ONEY LORCAN.

    Finn Balor: Hey.

    ~ Oney, who just so happens to be wearing a KEVIN OWENS t-shirt, looks over.

    Finn Balor: You’ve got a really stupid shirt on.

    ~ Oney looks him up and down.

    Oney Lorcan: You’ve got a really stupid face.

    ~ Cheers!

    Finn Balor: Do you know who you’re talking to? I’m Finn Balor. I’m the Intercontinental Champion, Mr. Money in the Bank. You better treat me with some respect.

    ~ Oney laughs.

    Oney Lorcan: Where I’m from? Respect is not given it is earned.

    ~ Oney gets right up in Finn’s face! Finn lets out a laugh.

    Finn Balor: Y’know, it’s been a long time since Finn Balor’s wrestled on Smackdown. I don’t usually like to play just for TV… but I think tonight, I can make an exception.

    ~ Oh! Well then!

    Oney Lorcan: No problem with me.

    ~ Finn confidently backs up and walks away. For the first time in many moons, Mr. Money in the Bank is wrestling on Smackdown! Go figure!!

    Suddenly, jumping in the picture is RIKISHI! Oney looks over and nods.

    Rikishi: Chief, you might know where I can find Paul Heyman?

    Oney Lorcan: I don’t believe I’ve seen him tonight, man.

    Rikishi: Oh that’s how it is huh?

    ~ ‘Kish is disappointed.

    Rikishi: Guess I’m gonna have to go handle some business in the ring later.

    ~ Well then! That’s an interesting development. Now we know why Rikishi is here, and the speculation was correct. And it sure sounds like later on, we’ll be seeing ‘Kish in the ring!

    The camera then pivots once again, and we see a conversation going on… between LANA and, interestingly enough, one XIA LI. Xia, of course, threw Lana over the top rope earlier tonight in the battle royal. But there seems to be cordial behavior going on. And a lot of respect being displayed, as well.

    Lana: Promise you’ll think it over?

    ~ Xia then nods her head.

    Xia Li: I promise.

    Lana: Great! Awesome!

    ~ Lana shakes Xia’s hand, and Li walks on. Lana looks on, smile on her face, for reasons we’re unsure of. It seems some sort of proposal was made, and Lana’s feeling optimistic about it. The Ravishing Russian then turns around, and her face sours a little bit.

    ZELINA VEGA is walking up. That probably explains it.

    Zelina Vega: Oh, where’d that smile go Lana?

    Lana: Up in smoke, just like your chances of winning the battle royal went earlier.

    ~ Burn? Kinda?

    Zelina Vega: Oh, sure. Sure, you of all people right now are trying to talk down on me for losing?

    Lana: I don’t know, Zelina. Did you win earlier tonight? I’m pretty sure Toni Storm did. So what leg do you have to stand on right now?

    ~ Zelina looks down, laughs and then looks back up.

    Zelina Vega: One more leg than Rusev has right now.

    ~ Oh… oh no, Zelina. Oh no. Lana scowls, her eyes light up in anger, AND SHE SLAPS THE TASTE OUT OF ZELINA!!

    Zelina gets the SOUL smacked out of her, so hard that she falls to the floor! Lana walks away in a huff, and justifiably so, Zelina just got put down by The Ravishing Russian!


    2 Singles Match
    Rey Mysterio (w/ Ali) vs. Shelton Benjamin

    We are going forward with what we thought was gonna happen last week! Rey and Shelton do the thing for the next few minutes on the blue brand. Ali is at ringside, providing plenty of moral support. Late in the matchup, Rey is set up on the ropes and Shelton runs in, looking for a baseball slide into his face! But Rey moves up out of the way! Shelton decks Ali, who stumbles on towards the crowd! He accidentally barrels into a young man whose beer goes flying. Ali apologizes, and turns around, as we see Rey has Shelton in position! Rey runs up and then hits THE 619!!! Rey then walks over, climbs up on the top rope and HITS A SPLASH!! 1! 2!! 3!!!

    WINNER Rey Mysterio via pin fall at 5:45.

    A big win for Rey! Ali gets into the ring and celebrates with his mentor, as the two share a warm embrace. Ali holds Rey’s hand up in victory, as we see Shelton languishing the defeat elsewhere. The replay of the finish plays out, and we then see that Shelton has left the ring. He hangs onto their attention, as he’s still talking trash. Rey and Ali chirp back and Shelton just doesn’t stop.

    The crowd then buzzes, and we see that somebody’s gone in the ring! MAKING A BEELINE FOR BOTH REY AND ALI AND THEY TAKE THEM OUT!!

    Ali is sent out of the ring onto the apron while Rey crumbles to the ground. The camera picks up on the person in the ring, a man… the same man who Ali barreled into! And that man’s an imposing-looking figure; a black man, roughly 6-foot-2, looking to be at least 250-260 pounds, a hulking figure especially when across from Rey and Ali.

    And speaking of Rey, the man takes Rey for a ride with a HUGE BELLY-TO-BELLY SUPLEX! Rey goes FLYING across the ring as the man looks on without any remorse! Meanwhile, Ali has situated himself on the apron, and he slingshots up onto the top rope, springs off and goes flying!

    BUT THE MAN CATCHES HIM MID-FLIGHT!! He displays a tremendous amount of power by walking around with him effortlessly! He then lifts him up, drops him on his feet, grabs him by the gut AND TAKES HIM RIGHT OUT WITH A HUGE GERMAN SUPLEX!! Ali CRUNCHES as he hits the mat and falls flat on his face. This monstrous individual, who commentary can’t get a name on right now, stands tall here and then something interesting happens.

    SHELTON BENJAMIN slides into the ring and stands up. He sizes the dominant presence up, and then lets out a smile, before grabbing him by the wrist and lifting his hand up!! How interesting! There’s been an alliance formed, and what exactly should we make of all this!?


    We get a replay of the stunning attack that just took place a few moments ago!


    SHELTON BENJAMIN and the large man he’s now associated with make their way through the curtain. They walk along here until KAYLA BRAXTON finds them.

    Kayla Braxton: Shelton, um. Would you like, care to explain this whole thing? We’re all pretty surprised right now.

    Shelton Benjamin: Surprised? I guess you should be.

    ~ Shelton nods his head.

    Shelton Benjamin: I’ve been flyin’ under the damn radar for too damn long. I’m Shelton Benjamin. I’ve always been that dude. And I’m sick and tired of flyin’ under the radar.

    ~ Frustration is pouring out of Shelton.

    Shelton Benjamin: But you know? I’m not a young buck anymore, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t know my way around the block. I’m a veteran. I know what it takes to get it done here. And it’s always good… to have friends in high and low places.

    ~ Shelton smiles at the dude beside him and then over at Kayla.

    Shelton Benjamin: This, Kayla… is Denzel Dejournette.

    ~ We’ve got a name!

    Shelton Benjamin: Hailing… from Winston-Salem, North Carolina. A two-time… All-American wrestler at Appalachian State, and three-time… qualifier for the NCAA Wrestling Championships.

    ~ Quite the set of accomplishments.

    Shelton Benjamin: And Denzel… is part of Smackdown Live now. And I’m his coach and mentor.

    ~ Well, THAT makes sense now!

    Shelton Benjamin: And if you don’t think that I’m qualified for that job? Just remember one thing.

    ~ Shelton steps up closer to the mic.

    Shelton Benjamin: I coached Brock Lesnar.

    ~ Welp… THAT certainly speaks for itself. Benjamin and Dejournette walk away from the scene, having caused quite the stir this evening.


    Commentary then dishes on the impact that was felt off that attack from Denzel Dejournette, who’s made his Smackdown Live debut tonight and has aligned himself with Shelton Benjamin.

    Commentary then shifts the focus, recalling the events of earlier tonight. We get a replay of Toni Storm’s victory in the battle royal, which kinda sorta made her the pseudo-No. 1 Contender for the Smackdown Women’s Championship.

    Then we get a sound byte of Toni talking about her win, what lies ahead, and how she understands what Bayley is going through. And then… well, then we get this!

    A video plays.

    A blue background appears, with words on the screen.

    “The following announcement has been paid for by ‘The Boss’ Sasha Banks.”

    We then see SASHA BANKS! One-half of the Women’s Tag Team Champions, ‘The Boss’ lets out a smile.

    Sasha Banks:
    Hey everyone, it’s me, ‘The Boss,’ and one-half of your Women’s Tag Team Champions Sasha Banks.

    Banks smiles again.

    Sasha Banks:
    I just wanted to congratulate the winner of tonight’s battle royal, Miss Toni Storm, on her victory tonight.

    Banks nods her head.

    Sasha Banks:
    Toni you had a lot to say, and well, while I’m certain you hit all the right notes, I just want to make sure that you know something.


    Sasha Banks:
    You just got here, Toni. You’re on a roll. But prepare to be humbled. Because next week… Bayley is coming back.


    Sasha Banks:
    And here’s a little scoop for ya, special edition for you all on Smackdown since Charly on Raw doesn’t deserve it. Bayley is trying her damnedest to get cleared for SummerSlam.

    Hey now!

    Sasha Banks:
    And I believe that she will. And I believe that at SummerSlam, we’re going to have a new Smackdown Women’s Champion. And Toni? You can be as eager as you want to, and it’s admirable that you are. But just remember, when you face Bayley, you don’t just face Bayley…

    A cautious reminder of the game being played right now in the Smackdown Live women’s division!

    The video then concludes.

    3 Non-Title Singles Match
    ‘Mr. MITB’/IC Champ, Finn Balor vs. Oney Lorcan

    The champ is in action for the first time in a while on Smackdown Live. Finn might be an arrogant SOB right now, but he’s not arrogant enough for the people of Memphis apparently. Balor goes one-on-one with Oney Lorcan, who has no problem getting his hands dirty. Finn is a cocky one in this match, but that cockiness isn’t playing too well here. Oney’s not somebody who you wanna leave an opening for. And Finn unfortunately finds that out very quickly. Lorcan brings the heat to the IC Champion, who’s taken back quite a bit by the surge that his opponent’s brought out. Lorcan and Balor continue to battle and duke it out here, as Finn is unable to put him away here. He obviously thought this would be a breeze, but the newcomer Oney is giving him fits. Constantly. Late in the matchup, Finn sees Oney coming towards him and he bends down to back drop him. Oney lands on the apron, and he socks Finn back! Finn stumbles and then runs over and forearms him in the face! Oney lands on the floor, and Balor climbs down, grabs him and tosses him into the steps!! The referee accosts Finn for this and he goes over and stomps him out. The crowd boos him while Finn goes and rolls into the ring. He gets everyone’s attention while the referee checks on the damaged Lorcan.

    But suddenly, the crowd begins to roar! Finn obviously thinks it’s for him, and he yucks it up. But the camera widens to reveal that it’s not for Finn at all…



    The referee turns around and sees the whole thing transpire and calls for the bell!!

    WINNER Finn Balor via disqualification at 9:32.

    KO gets out of dodge, hopping over the barricade with a smile on his face. He laughs at Balor, while he backs up into the crowd. The ravenous Memphis crowd is delighted to see KO, who has struck big time here even though he’s not supposed to be here! But Owens obviously doesn’t give a damn, and that’s indeed what the crowd likes! KO talks some trash while he backs up the steps here, while commentary then says that we’re cutting to a break!


    We are back on the broadcast, and we see what just transpired before the break. And after the replay, we see exactly what happened and how Owens got in. During Finn’s entrance, he snuck in while the lights were down and rolled underneath the ring. He was obviously waiting for the right moment to pounce, and pounce he did!

    We jump back in the arena, to an unhappy Finn Balor…


    ~ Finn is um, not too pleased.

    Finn Balor: I don’t care about your suspension. You obviously don’t either. So c’mon! Get out here!!

    ~ Finn stalks around the ring, looking for KO.

    Finn Balor: C’mon!

    ~ Finn continues to stalk around. Suddenly… a voice.

    “I’m up here, you stupid son of a bitch!”

    That’ll get Finn’s attention. He looks in the direction of his voice. Sure enough… KEVIN OWENS is up in an upper section now! In the tunnel!

    Kevin Owens: What do you want Finn? Huh? You wanna get your ass kicked again? ‘Cause that’s all that’s been happening to you lately thanks to me.

    ~ Irritated, Finn walks over and gets up on the second rope in the corner.

    Finn Balor: Kevin, I want your ass down here. NOW!! C’mon!!

    ~ Owens lets out a smile.

    Finn Balor: You want a fight so bad? You wanna come here when you’re not supposed to? You obviously have a reason for that. You were gonna come to my house, trespass on my property, to kick my ass. You know something? I’m right here Kevin. I’m not going anywhere.

    ~ Finn shakes his head.

    Finn Balor: I don’t give a damn about security. I’ll fight all of them off, because I wanna kick your ass just like you wanna kick mine, Kevin. You say that you hate me? I hate you!!

    ~ Owens looks on, almost flattered by Finn’s words.

    Finn Balor: I’ve hated you ever since I walked into this company. I’ve hated you since the first TakeOver that we competed in down in NXT. That was my night, and you took that spotlight away from me, and I made it my mission to outshine you and do better than you ever since. And I’ve done that because I’m BETTER than you and better than you’ll ever be!!!

    ~ Well, this sure has some deep roots.

    Finn Balor: So c’mon! Get down here Ke—

    Kevin Owens: No, no, no. No.

    ~ Kevin wags his finger. But, also, he’s then approached by security.

    Kevin Owens: Oh… oh it’s like this. You know what?

    ~ Owens walks forward anyway towards the steps.

    Kevin Owens: Finn, if you wanna fight me you’re gonna come up here to ME and fight me!

    ~ Crowd cheers, as Finn snarls a bit and gets down off the middle rope! He then climbs out of the ring!

    Kevin Owens: Yeah, yeah. Get your ass up here right here, right now. Hey, I’m not doing a damn thing.

    ~ Owens starts talking to the security guards.

    Kevin Owens: If Steph pays you by the hour, I can promise you that you’re not earning enough right now.

    ~ Finn, meanwhile, walks through the lower tunnel and then makes a beeline for the stairwell. We, meanwhile, see Kevin backpedaling.

    Kevin Owens: No, you know what? You know what? It’s fine. It’s fine. I’m gonna get outta your hair. You don’t need to put your hands on me. I need mine, keep yours off me. I’m good. Have a good night. Merci.

    ~ KO backpedals and gets to the stairwell. We, meanwhile, see Finn going up the stairwell of the FedEx Forum here. And we’re more than likely about to see one heck of a collision here in just a few moments. Finn goes up more sets of steps, while KO goes down a few more. They then can sense each other, and start to go a bit faster…


    The two hockey-fight for a bit, and Owens gets the better of the exchange and throws Balor into the wall!! Finn hits it and nearly stumbles down the steps, but grabs onto the railing to balance himself. Kevin goes down and hits him hard in the gut, and Finn walks down the steps. Owens goes down and grabs him and throws him right into the door and he falls down!!

    We then see much of the crowd has gathered around here, as Owens and Balor are fighting on the concourse! Owens then goes and grabs Finn and brings him over near one of the WWE Shop stands and tosses him up onto it!! KO then goes and gets up on top of it, and shouts out at the crowd, who are chanting for him. Balor, meanwhile, is helping himself up, but Owens then grabs him and puts him between his legs! OWENS THEN LOOKS TO POWERBOMB HIM, but Balor blocks it and then LOW BLOWS KO!!

    Owens drops down and then slumps down off the countertop. Balor then goes back there and grabs a shirt and begins to choke Owens with it!! Owens reaches back and then runs Balor into the wall and he breaks off him!! He then elbows Balor in the face and then tees off on him more as the two continue brawling here. They then approach a barbecue concession stand here in Memphis, how convenient, and they then begin to fight behind it!

    “Yeah, you want those fix’ins Finn huh?” KO asks him as he then grabs a cup of mac and cheese and then tosses it into his face!! And Owens then begins to beat on him again!! Finn reaches out and kicks at Owens’ ankle and he slips and hits his face straight on the counter!! Balor shakes it off and then goes and grabs a vat of barbecue sauce and DUMPS IT ALL OVER OWENS’ HEAD!!

    Finn then grabs the back of Owens’ shirt and pulls it over his already smothered face, and starts to kick him over and over again!! Owens can’t see, in more ways than one, and Finn is unleashing an assault right on him !! Finn picks him up, as he’s still blinded, and he throws him belly first into the counter!! He continues to kick him over and over and OVER again as he’s lying down on his side now. “You still wanna fight? YOU STILL WANNA FIGHT KEVIN!?” he shouts at him, as he then rips his shirt off him. “You’re pathetic,” Balor says as he STOMPS on him. “You’ll NEVER be Finn Balor,” he utters as he picks him up and puts him up on the countertop.

    Finn then goes and gets up on it and grabs him by his head. He KNEES him between the eyes, and down Owens goes. Finn, who hasn’t gotten a good shot in on Owens in sometime, certainly looks to have gotten that in spades here tonight. But he’s not done! He grabs him again, points his finger gun at him, pulls the trigger and then puts him to his side. The crowd looks on, as Balor powers him up AND DRIVES HIM ONTO THE COUNTERTOP WITH 1916!!!

    Finn sits there and looks at Owens coldly. There’s so much hate present, and after Owens let his frustrations get the best of him at The Great American Bash, it is obvious the Intercontinental Champion, Mr. Money in the Bank, has done the same here tonight. And just like with KO, it doesn’t seem like there’s any sort of remorse here. Finn then angrily looks at Kevin as he gets off the countertop and gets up in his face.

    Finn Balor: SummerSlam? Kevin… … … you’re on.

    ~ Well then.

    Finn Balor: But I don’t want a match. I want a fight. You want a fight too. So the way I see it, the only way that this is going to be solved? The only way is if we fight… until one of us… can’t fight anymore.

    ~ Oh? Finn gets closer.

    Finn Balor: SummerSlam… you and me… the Intercontinental Championship… Last… Man… Standing.

    ~ Hoo BOY!!! There’s a big one right there!! Balor takes a swipe at Owens, who’s barely registering anything right now. But he’ll surely come across that challenge, and there’s almost no denying that Owens is going to accept. Even despite going against WWE’s orders, there’s little wonder to if that match will be awarded to them, especially if they want the chaos to not bellow over. So it sure as hell seems like we’re going to get quite the war for the Intercontinental Championship come SummerSlam, and who knows what either man will look like after that.


    We then get a replay sequence, once again, and we shine a light on the possibility of Finn Balor vs. Kevin Owens, Last Man Standing!

    4 Singles Match
    Angel Garza (w/ The Expat Express) vs. Humberto Carrillo

    So, this is interesting! Angel Garza goes up against Humberto Carrillo, which at face value seems like a fun idea. They’re also cousins! This also is nothing but a showcase for Garza, who’s wrestling in his first-ever singles match on Smackdown. He gets the better of his cousin in this one, hitting him with the Wing Clipper, a BRUTAL-looking maneuver, and gets the 1-2-3.

    WINNER Angel Garza via pin fall at 3:20.

    Afterwards, there’s… not tooooooo much celebration…





    ***NEW DAY, NEW WAY***

    Out come THE NEW DAY! Well, at least just BIG E and XAVIER WOODS right now! And needless to say, they’ve got a pretty strong bone to pick with The Expat Express after the events of last week. Xavier plays his trombone, boogies down, as Big E does the same for a bit and throws pancakes from out of his singlet out to the crowd from the stage. E, mic in hand, looks on.

    Big E: Well LOOKY LOOK… at what we’ve got over here!

    ~ Crowd pops for E, while The Expat Express look on, pretty annoyed of course.

    Big E: If it ain’t the biggest bluffers to ever walk through Bluff City, you know what I’m saying, Memphis!?

    ~ Cheers. And then a “WE DON’T BLUFF!” chant starts up.

    Big E: I guess you boys must’ve heard through the grapevine that we wanted a crack at those Tag Team Titles that you have around your waists.

    Xavier Woods: Oh yeah E. They heard it through the grapevine.

    Big E: Through the grapevine.

    Xavier Woods: Through the grape-vine…

    ~ Everyone can kind of sense what’s coming next here.

    Big E: Oooh-oooh, I guess we should’ve wondered how you knew… ‘bout your plannnns to make us blue…

    Xavier Woods: With some other guys that we knew before…

    Big E: Oh to those titles, you know we love you more…

    Xavier Woods: It took us by surpriiiise, we must say.

    Big E: But those titles will come back to The New Day.

    The New Day: We should know that you heard that through the grapevine! Not much longer will the titles be mine! Ohhh yeah, you heard that through the grapevine!!

    ~ That singing performance earns quite the round of cheers here in Memphis! Motown going strong!

    Big E: But you see, Expat Express. You’ve been goin’ around here, unchecked, for too long now. You’ve been feelin’ real high and mighty. And credit to you. You ran through the tournament, and you beat The Hardy Boyz at Money in the Bank for those titles. You beat The Big O and Tucky not once, but twice! BUT!

    ~ E holds up his finger.

    Xavier Woods: A big but!

    Big E: A big but, I cannot lie! BUT!! You have never stood eye to eye, nose to nose, face to face!! With THE tag team of this era!! No you have not!!

    ~ Cheers. E is putting a lot of mmph into this one.

    Big E: You have never had the pleasure of smelling pancakes after I belt out my spiel before our entrance music hits. You have never had the pleasure of seeing us all boogie down in the ring, getting our groove on. And you have never had the opportunity to get your asses whooped from pillar to post by THE—

    ~ “NEW DAY!!!”

    Xavier Woods: My brother E is preachin’ right now, and he’s telling a lot of truths. We made it clear that we wanted to be back on top of the mountain in the tag team division. But you three… you had a choice. You could take us up on that offer, politely, and respectfully. Or… you could do what you did to us last week.

    ~ Some heat. The Expat Express don’t seem to care that much.

    Xavier Woods: But because we are men bred and filled with positivity, we are looking at this from a different angle. We could be much more upset that we were blindsided and attacked by you three in our locker room. But the way we see it… you wouldn’t do that to us if we weren’t threats.

    ~ Woods smirks. E does too.

    Big E: You boys wouldn’t do this to us if you weren’t at least a little scurred. You boys wouldn’t attack us and try to take us out if you didn’t recognize who the hell we were. We are the five-time Tag Team Champions. We are the longest-reigning Tag Team Champions of ALL TIME!

    Xavier Woods: ALL TIME! It doesn’t matter which one it was! The World Tag Team Champions! The WWE Tag Team Champions! Raw, Smackdown Tag Team Champions! WE! Are THE! Longest-Reigning Tag Team Champions OF ALL TIME!

    Big E: And boys, YOU know that! You know that… and you know when we do the do-si-do, that you’re in for a run for your money.

    Xavier Woods: Hooooo oh yes they are.

    Big E: You KNOW that you might get whooped. And you know you might not have those precious championships around your waists anymore. So if you wanna dance… I say let’s DANCE! Let’s PARTY!! At the BIGGEST Party of the SUMMER!

    ~ Cheers again! E elicits this kind of reaction and nods his head approvingly. Zelina then gets on the mic.

    Zelina Vega: So you two? You two want The Expat Express at SummerSlam? Well we’re more than happy to take you up on that offer.

    ~ Cheers! E and Woods definitely seem very pleased here.

    Zelina Vega: But um, right now you two are coming down to a hornets nest with not enough weapons.

    ~ ZV lets out a smirk. E looks at Woods and brings the mic up.


    ~ It is now Big E who’s smirking…


    And a big pop ensues!! Memphis lets out a round of cheers as we see ROMAN REIGNS make his way out!!

    Andrade’s eyes bug out a little bit. He definitely didn’t intend to see Roman here tonight! The Expat Express hold their fire here as we see Roman stomp on down to Big E and Xavier Woods. He nods at both of them, bumps their fist, and the trio then head to the ring!!


    Boos ensue as Big E, Roman, and Xavier Woods hit the ring and stare at them. They want no part of them tonight, but in 12 days, there won’t be anywhere for any of them to run now! Not only do we have Andrade battling Roman, but now the Tag Team Titles will be on the line!


    5 Tag Team Match
    Daniel Bryan and Rowan vs. WWE Champ, Kofi Kingston and Shinsuke Nakamura

    So here’s our main event of the evening, coming along right after the commercial breaks as The New Day hung around with their lead man Kofi Kingston in the matchup. They provide a presence against the dastardly Daniel Bryan and Rowan, who fight with plenty of intensity against Kingston and Shinsuke Nakamura. Bryan, of course, has a point to prove and wants to keep his momentum going here with SummerSlam steadfast approaching. He does that, but it’s clear tha Kofi and Nak are willing to match what he gives them. Late in the matchup, Rowan is the legal man, and Bryan is trying to provide a distraction to Nakamura, but as he does that, Kofi goes over and takes him off the apron! Bryan and Kofi fight on the outside while Nakamura is in the corner. Rowan runs over and looks to stand him up in the corner, but Nakamura moves out of the way! Rowan turns around and walks RIGHT INTO THE KINSHASA!! Nakamura covers! 1! 2! 3!!!

    WINNERS Kofi Kingston and Shinsuke Nakamura via pin fall at 8:02.

    Nakamura gets a measure of revenge! After Daniel Bryan took Rusev out last week, Nakamura is now able to stand tall over Rowan. But after this, Daniel Bryan sneaks in and chop blocks Nakamura! Bryan gets up and starts to stomp on his leg, but The New Day come into the ring! Bryan goes outside away from them but he runs right into Kingston!! Kofi punches him and gets him in the ring, and Kofi goes into the ring with him! Bryan turns around and finds himself surrounded! All of The New Day stands around him, as the walls are beginning to close in!

    But then suddenly emerging into the ring from out in the crowd are THE EXPAT EXPRESS!! Andrade, Angel Garza, and Buddy Murphy jump into the ring ad jump The New Day!! The odds are now in the bad guys’ favor, and Bryan starts to go on the attack as well! But this doesn’t last for long, BECAUSE HERE COMES ROMAN REIGNS!!! The Big Dog gets in the ring and starts to fight everyone that he can see in front of him!! He goes after Andrade, Angel, Buddy, and Bryan! And Rowan after he gets up, and it’s a huge Pier Six Brawl in the ring!!


    After break, we see that things have drastically slowed down. Commentary informs us that everyone was whisked away, but that pivots into what’s going down next week on Smackdown!
    ~ TEN-MAN TAG TEAM MATCH: Andrade, Angel Garza, Buddy Murphy, Daniel Bryan, and Rowan vs. Big E, Kofi Kingston, Roman Reigns, Shinsuke Nakamura, and Xavier Woods!

    ~ TAG TEAM MATCH: Aleister Black and Harper vs. Bobby Lashley and Lio Rush

    ~ FATAL 4-WAY TAG TEAM MATCH: Ali and Rey Mysterio vs. Danny Burch and Oney Lorcan vs. The Hardy Boyz vs. Heavy Machinery

    Plus an update on BAYLEY, who according to Sasha Banks, will be in the building!

    The gang then runs down the SummerSlam card!

    Which we’re told HAS officially added Finn Balor vs. Kevin Owens, LAST MAN STANDING, for the INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPIONSHIP!

    Then we return to ringside.

    ***YOU LOOK FLY 2 DAY***

    The Memphis crowd lets out a loud round of cheers! RIKISHI is here!!

    The WWE Hall of Famer is in the house, most likely related to the business that took place at the end of last week’s episode of Smackdown. Which, speaking of, we get a look back at while Rikishi walks to the ring. After that video concludes, we are back inside the ring. Rikishi is inside, and has a mic in his hand.

    Rikishi: Memphis, Tennessee, how we doin’ tonight!?

    ~ Cheers!

    Rikishi: Word to Brian Christopher, we miss you uce!!

    ~ A nice touch, ‘Kish. A very nice touch.

    Rikishi: Now aye, listen up. Last week on Smackdown was supposed to be a night of celebration. A night or appreciating one of the best to ever do it, my blood, my family, big uce, The Rock!

    ~ Cheers again!

    Rikishi: But unfortunately it all got ruined in the end thanks to Paul Heyman and ‘The Beast Incarnate’ Brock Lesnar.

    ~ How dare they!

    Rikishi: Now, I know how Brock gets down. I know he ain’t always show up. That’s fine. But I know Paul Heyman’s around there somewhere. And I wanna talk to him. So Paul, c’mon!

    ~ Rikishi turns to the stage.

    Rikishi: C’mon Paul E., I know you’re back there somewhere. So let’s get it poppin’ here. The Big ‘Kish wants to have a word with you.

    ~ Rikishi looks on, and several more seconds pass by without anything. BUT!

    PAUL HEYMAN makes his way out!

    Traversing with some timidness, Heyman comes down the ramp and goes down to the aisle. He goes over and around the ring, and grabs a microphone. He then walks over and comes up to the stairs carefully.

    Paul Heyman: Rikishi. Rikishi, listen.

    ~ Heyman climbs in the ring.

    Paul Heyman: Look, I know… I know that Brock Lesnar took The Rock for a ride last week with the F-5. I know that Brock Lesnar arguably took the spotlight that is always shined on him away from your cousin. I know that Brock Lesnar took all the headlines, but let the record state that Brock Lesnar doesn’t have a problem with you, Rikishi.

    ~ Rikishi shakes his head and brings the mic up.

    Rikishi: No cause listen. You say that the beast, Brock Lesnar, doesn’t have a problem with me. But Brock Lesnar seems to have a pattern with goin’ after my family, Paul.

    ~ Points may have certainly been made…

    Rikishi: I ain’t no stranger myself to Brock. You know that. I know that. Brock’s even hit me with an F-5 and put me in the dirt. That’s fine. That’s one thing. But then Brock, and you, started messing with The Big Dog. He started messing with Roman Reigns.

    ~ Hmmmmmmmmm…

    Rikishi: Brock Lesnar messes with Roman Reigns, and then last week, you crash the party. And Brock Lesnar messes with The Rock. That’s not a coincidence. That’s a pattern of behavior, Paul. And at some point, the family has to take a stand and somebody’s gotta stand up for the family.

    ~ Paul nods his head and puts his hands up.

    Paul Heyman: Okay, okay. I understand that. I do. I do understand that. The family looks after each other. But, Rikishi, let me ask you a question. I’m just… I’m not trying to start any trouble. I’m just going to ask you this question. When was the last time that The Rock was the one to take the bullet for the family?

    ~ Oof. That seems to visibly upset Rikishi.

    Rikishi: Why are you speaking on my blood, Paul?

    Paul Heyman: I’m just asking a question, Rikishi. I’m not speaking on anybody.

    Rikishi: It sure seems like you’re speaking on my family Paul. So what’s your problem?

    ~ Heyman shakes his head.

    Paul Heyman: I don’t have a problem. I don’t have a problem, Rikishi. I’m asking you, when was the last time? Because it’s. You have to look at things this way. Let’s say, and this is just hypothetical. Let’s say that last week’s attack happened to, oh, I don’t know, let’s say last week’s attack happened to you.

    ~ Heyman points at Rikishi.

    Paul Heyman: Let’s say Brock Lesnar targeted you. Would The Rock be out here tonight in Memphis? Would The Great One be here, feverishly set to defend YOUR honor? When was the last time he did such a thing like that?

    ~ Rikishi shakes his head and get closer.

    Rikishi: I’m telling you—

    Paul Heyman: Rikishi, I am asking you a question. That’s all that I’m doing!

    Rikishi: You’re acting like a little weasel. That’s what you’re doing Paul.

    ~ Rikishi stares a hole at him and shakes his head.

    Paul Heyman: But consider-

    Rikishi: I’m not considering a damn thing that you have to say, Paul.

    ~ Paul nods his head.

    Paul Heyman: Okay, okay. But all I’m saying is consider that The Rock hung you out to dry when you ran Stone Cold down.

    ~ Rikishi looks on, confused.

    Rikishi: Paul, what the hell’s that got to do with ANYTHING?

    Paul Heyman: What it has to do with everything, Rikishi, is that you should consider the person you’re defending with such rigor right now.

    ~ ‘Kish shakes his head again.

    Paul Heyman: And you should. You should consider that, because it paints the picture of the person that Brock Lesnar is going to wrestle at SummerSlam. Brock Lesnar isn’t fighting a family man. Brock Lesnar isn’t fighting somebody who has values. Brock Lesnar is fighting a self-obsessed, self-interested Hollywood movie star who lost all of his desire to entertain everyone a long time ago.

    ~ Rikishi scowls while the crowd boos. Paul looks around and keeps the mic up to his mouth.

    Paul Heyman: Brock Lesnar is arguably doing your family a very big favor. Because after SummerSlam, when Brock Lesnar is done with The Rock, you’re not going to have to worry about-

    Rikishi: Only person who’s gonna have to worry about ANYTHING is you right now, Paul!

    ~ Rikishi corners Paul Heyman here, who backs down and cowers in fear. Of course.

    Rikishi: I don’t care what motivation Brock Lesnar has for fighting The Rock. If it’s money, he can get his money. If it’s cause he wants a main event, let him get that main event. If he wants fame, let him get it. If he wants another notch in his belt, another head to hang up on the wall, then he can try to get that. But when you face The Rock, and when you mess with The Samoan Dynasty, then you gon’ deal with the whole Samoan Dynasty!

    ~ Cheers! Rikishi is putting it to Paul in the best way he can!

    Rikishi: And if Brock’s gon’ go after more than one of us, then that stops being separate and becomes whole. When Brock messes with one of us, he gets and deals with all of us. And you, YOU of all people, know how deeply we run in this industry, Paul.

    ~ Facts are facts.

    Rikishi: So why don’t you tell Brock to keep eyes open in the back of his head. Cause he might have a little somethin’ extra to deal with when he’s crossin’ the street

    Paul Heyman: Alright, alright.

    ~ Heyman begs him off, and Rikishi backs away.

    Paul Heyman: Alright, alright Rikishi. Alright. I’ll tell him.

    ~ Rikishi nods his head, as if to say, “Damn right you’re gonna.”

    Paul Heyman: But, y’know. You could just tell him yourself.

    ~ Deadpanned is that statement… and Rikishi looks a bit confused.

    But suddenly it becomes VERY CLEAR as to what Paul E. means!



    Rikishi turns around, and sees Brock and looks him in the eyes!


    Brock gets up and ROARS, making a surprise, UNANNOUNCED appearance to Memphis crowd, and Memphis is going crazy now! Brock then picks Rikishi up from behind, powers him up AND LAUNCHES HIM BACK WITH A GERMAN SUPLEX!! Brock gets up to his feet and tears his shirt and tosses the remnants away as he skulks around the ring menacingly. Brock then goes and yanks Rikishi by the hand up and sends him to the ropes, and Brock runs up and CLOTHESLINES HIM OVER TOP!

    Brock then climbs out of the ring as he’s definitely not done. He walks over to the steel steps and tosses the top away! He then grabs the base, and then we hear Paul on the mic.

    Paul Heyman: Rikishi, I told you that Brock Lesnar does not have a problem with you. But you couldn’t just shut up could you?

    ~ Heyman stalks over and gets over near him.

    Paul Heyman: You couldn’t just let things happen. You had to fight for the family. You had to fight for the Samoan Dynasty. You shouldn’t have even made the trip to your old stomping grounds. You should’ve stayed on the island, and now, you’re going to wish that you did.


    Brock’s MONSTROUS strength is on display! Rikishi is knocked out like a light, but that isn’t stopping Brock. He goes and grabs and tears his shirt off, and kicks and stomps him! Nobody is out here to help (though shouldn’t there be? Really? Shouldn’t there be somebody it feels?). Brock then grabs Rikishi and lugs him along up the ramp, with little resistance as that steel step shot took Rikishi out cold. Brock then drops him down on the stage, and stands over him and looks on. He’s getting booed, but Brock doesn’t care. Brock then goes down AND STARTS PUNCHING THE DEFENSELESS RIKISHI OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN!

    Paul Heyman: Let him have it! Let him have it Brock!!

    ~ Heyman becoming more maniacal here is sure something.

    Paul Heyman: Show that SELLOUT what’s coming to him in Toronto!! Show him!! SHOW THE ROCK WHAT HIS FUTURE LOOKS LIKE!!

    ~ Brock grabs the loopy Rikishi, having damn near dented his skull, and puts his face up to the camera.


    Heyman’s yelling is heard now as he’s approached the scene. Heyman then commandeers the camera and holds it up.


    Meanwhile, in the background, Brock grabs Rikishi and then bends down. Brock then PROPS RIKISHI ALL THE WAY UP ON HIS SHOULDERS! A SHOWING OF SUPERHUMAN STRENGTH! AND HE WALKS OVER TOWARDS THE EDGE!!




    Brock stands over him and lets out ANOTHER loud roar! The camera then goes over and we see Rikishi has crashed into a LOT of wreckage here, and is out like a light! The camera, hooked up with Heyman, then points up at Brock. Paul then zooms in. And we hear him again.






    Announced Matches for Smackdown Live
    (8/6/19, Detroit, MI)

    Ten-Man Tag Team Match
    Andrade, Angel Garza, Buddy Murphy, Daniel Bryan, and Rowan vs.
    Big E, Kofi Kingston, Roman Reigns, Shinsuke Nakamura, and Xavier Woods

    Tag Team Match
    Aleister Black and Harper vs. Bobby Lashley and Lio Rush

    Fatal 4-Way Tag Team Match
    Ali and Rey Mysterio vs. Danny Burch and Oney Lorcan vs.
    The Hardy Boyz vs. Heavy Machinery

    SD Women’s Title #1 Contender Bayley


    Current Card for WWE SummerSlam
    Date: August 11th 2019
    Event Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada; Scotiabank Arena
    Event Music: Drake; Nonstop | The Black Keys; Go

    Brock Lesnar vs. The Rock

    WWE Championship Match

    Kofi Kingston defends against ‘The New’ Daniel Bryan

    WWE Universal Championship Match
    ‘The Beastslayer’ Seth Rollins defends against ‘The Phenomenal’ AJ Styles

    Raw Women’s Championship Match
    Special Guest Enforcer: Beth Phoenix
    ‘The Man’ Becky Lynch © defends against ‘The Queen of Spades’ Shayna Baszler

    SmackDown Women’s Championship Match
    {As long as Bayley is cleared}
    ‘The Empress’ Asuka © defends against ‘The Hugger’ Bayley

    WWE Intercontinental Championship Last Man Standing Match
    ‘Mr. MITB’ Finn Balor © defends against Kevin Owens

    'The CEO' Trish Stratus vs. 'The Boss' Sasha Banks

    El Rey De La Jungla vs. The Big Dog
    Andrade (w/ Zelina Vega) vs. Roman Reigns

    One on One
    Drew McIntyre vs. Samoa Joe

    Singles Match
    ‘Ms. MITB’ Ruby Riott vs. ‘The Goddess’ Alexa Bliss

    Smackdown Tag Team Championships Match
    The Expat Express © (w/ Zelina Vega) defend against The New Day

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    Re: World Wrestling Entertainment | 2019 & Beyond

    205 Live – July 30th 2019; Memphis, Tennessee

    Singles Match
    The Brian Kendrick
    vs. Jordan Myles
    This proves to be a good one, as the feud between new kid on the block and veteran continues on. Myles works the match with his previously injured shoulder. Which, of course, that damage was done by his opponent tonight. And as you might expect Kendrick deals more damage to the shoulder. Despite enduring pain, Myles fights on through that and gets a rally going late. This puts TBK on his heels, as he’s nearly defeated again by Myles here in Memphis. After sending him to the outside, Myles looks to take to the skies and fly down on Kendrick. And he leaps off the top rope, looking to do damage, BUT KENDRICK HITS HIS SHOULDER WITH A STEEL CHAIR!
    WINNER: Jordan Myles via disqualification at 10:45.

    After the match ends Kendrick unleashes an assault on Myles with the chair. Clearly he’s still upset and bitter that Myles got the win over him a few weeks ago, and he is taking it out on the poor dude by throttling him with the chair. He drives it into the shoulder after slamming it against it, and referees and personnel try to stop it. But Kendrick swings the chair out and backs everyone away. Kendrick then grabs Myles and pins his shoulder up against the ringpost. Myles tries to fight back, but Kendrick pummels him further anyway. He then figures him against it, grabs his shoelace and pulls it OUT of his boot and then ties Myles’ shoulder to the ringpost! He can’t move! And Kendrick grabs the steel chair, steps up AND SLAMS IT AGAINST THE SHOULDER, AS IT BANGS AGAINS HE RINGPOST!!!

    Kendrick walks away from the scene thereafter, smiling ear to ear. He’s satisfied with the damage done, and the message sent that he will not be messed with right now. The crowd in Memphis don’t like it, but TBK doesn’t care at all.

    We come back, and we get a replay of Myles being helped out of the arena, as we’re told he’s being sent to the hospital.

    Tag Team Match
    Johnny Gargano and Kalisto
    vs. Adam Cole and Roderick Strong
    Memphis’ crowd has no real issue recognizing this quartet. Those who stayed around were treated to a very fun tag team main event. A classic babyface-heel tag matchup, Cole and Strong isolate Kalisto from the NXT Champion. Plenty of sympathy is crafted as the match goes on, as Cole and Strong find unique ways, one after another, to keep Kalisto on their side of the ring. Eventually, that isolation is broken however. Johnny Wrestling gets into the ring and flies full speed ahead. He gets it going against Strong and Cole, the man he’ll face at TakeOver: Toronto. Soon enough, Kalisto finds himself back in the matchup, with Gargano working with Strong on the outside. Cole is subdued by Kalisto, but suddenly, as the referee’s attention is picked up by the surprising appearance of BOBBY FISH, KYLE O’REILLY gets into the ring! But Kalisto dropkicks him to the mat! He takes him out, but this distraction provides Cole enough time to gather himself, kick Kalisto in the gut, and then hit the PANAMA SUNRISE! He covers! 1! 2! 3!!!
    WINNERS: Adam Cole and Roderick Strong via pin fall at 10:32.

    Undisputed ERA then pounce, going after Gargano afterwards like a pack of wolves. All of them are out there, and Kalisto tries to get going against them. And THAT soon leads to the rest of The Lucha House Party making their way to the ring!! We’ve got a 4-on-4 affair here, and the crowd remaining are pretty excited about it! Eventually, Cole calls the dogs off and leads his pack away from them. Kalisto, Gargano, and The Lucha House Party meanwhile remain in the ring to protect themselves. And if we didn’t know any better, something big may be on the horizon here!



    NXT – July 31st 2019; San Diego, California

    We’re less than two weeks away from NXT TakeOver: Toronto! And we’ve reached the final leg of the takeover of the state of California. NXT’s hit America’s Finest City, San Diego, for this week and next on the campus of The University of San Diego. The Jenny Craig Pavilion is playing host to these next two weeks, and this intimate venue is providing us with quite the atmosphere from the jump! We learn that we have a big one in store tonight!

    ~ JORDAN MYLES vs. RODERICK STRONG in the first NXT North American Championship Tournament Semifinal!


    ~ CANDICE LERAE in action!
    First thing’s first though!

    ***NUMBER ONE***

    MIA YIM is kicking the show off! And Yim, naturally, can be seen making her way down through the crowd with a trashcan in her hands! Yim, of course, will participate in NXT’s first-ever women’s Street Fight at TakeOver: Toronto, and it seems that she’s ready for that occasion and then some. Yim brings the can, which seems to be littered with weapons, on down with her. She hypes up the crowd in San Diego a bit, and then climbs over the barricade and then gets on the apron. She poses, and then goes into the ring with the can and then takes the mic from Alicia Taylor.

    Mia Yim: San Diego, what up!!

    ~ Cheers!

    Mia Yim: Are y’all ready to get this show on the road?!

    ~ “Yeah!”

    Mia Yim: Good, cause I’m ready to kick some ass here to get this night started!

    ~ Cheers again. Yim walks around the ring.

    Mia Yim: Now by now, I’m sure you all know that at TakeOver: Toronto, I’m facing Deonna Purrazzo in a Toronto Street Fight!

    ~ Cheers again. Yim leans on the ropes.

    Mia Yim: Now Deonna, she’s done a lot of running from me lately. She’s been acting like a coward now for some time. She claims that she’s so jaded by the fact that I was given opportunities over her, but that narrative leaves out some very important information.

    ~ Yim nods her head.

    Mia Yim: And that, Miss Virtuosa, is that I have never asked for any handout or opportunity in my life.

    ~ Yim nods again as she hears cheers from the crowd.

    Mia Yim: Jealousy is a disease, Deonna, and I hope that you get well soon. But in the meantime, there’s gonna be no running and no hiding in Toronto when I kick your ASS in the Street Fight. Make no mistake about it, that’s your fate Miss Purrazzo, whether you like it or not!

    ~ Yim is pretty passionate about this, that much is certain.

    Mia Yim: But y’know something? I don’t wanna wait 10 days to get in a fight. I wanna fight right here, right now in the city of San Diego!!

    ~ Cheap pop, but a good one nonetheless.

    Mia Yim: So anybody back there who wants to step up? Let’s fight. Let’s do a San Diego Street Fight right here and right now, baby!

    ~ Energetic is Yim! And eager! Yim has no problem it seems getting in a fight with somebody here. She walks around the area, and because I’m not gonna drag this out for you, it is VANESSA BORNE who answers the call!

    Mia Yim vs. Vanessa Borne

    This is nothing short of a sprint and a precursor to things in the very near future for Yim. She and Vanessa brawl around the ring, and Mia opens up the weaponry and puts it to great use. Kendo sticks, trashcans, a broom and even a rake are used! Towards the conclusion of this matchup, Yim has Borne reeling, as you might expect. She lies the trashcan down, gathers her up on her shoulders and turns around and DROPS HER ON THE CAN WITH AN ALABAMA SLAM!! She then rolls through and covers! 1! 2! 3!!!

    WINNER Mia Yim via pin fall at 4:05.

    As Yim celebrates…


    The music of her opponent at TakeOver hits! DEONNA PURRAZZO, flanked by RACHAEL EVERS comes out through the curtain and by the entranceway. Purrazzo and Evers look over intently at Yim, who calls them on. Yim gets distracted by their presence, and then Borne runs up and hits her in the back!! Purrazzo holds Evers back and they watch on, but to their dismay Yim gets the upper-hand!! After taking Borne off her feet, Yim goes outside, reaches under the ring and pulls out a table!!

    Yim sets the table up by the apron and then rolls into the ring. She grabs Borne and drags her along. Deonna and Rachael look on as Yim gets Borne up on the apron. She looks out towards Deonna and informs The Virtuosa that this is what’s coming in her future. Yim then walks over, Borne in her grasp, LIFTS HER UP AND GOES THROUGH THE TABLE WITH HER WITH A SITOUT SPINEBUSTER!!!

    Deonna’s eyes widen a bit, as she’s pretty shook up! It doesn’t seem like she wants any of this, and we see Yim roll through away from the wreckage and get up relatively unscathed! Mia challenges her and Rachael to come on down, but The Virtuosa and her ally decline. Deonna shouts that she’s waiting for TakeOver for this, and Mia just shakes her head and tells her that her days are numbered.

    We are then brought to footage from earlier in the day. It is DAMIAN PRIEST that we see, as he’s walking outside and to the motorcycle that he brought to the venue tonight. But as he sees, and we see, his bike has been covered in paint!

    A furious Priest walks over, putting his hands on his head in shock and disarray. Suddenly, as Priest collects himself, HE IS AMBUSHED FROM BEHIND! BY… SHANE THORNE, who pummels Priest with kicks and stomps on the back and the ribs. Thorne gets in a few more shots, and then is whisked away by security! Hopefully, we get some answers behind this attack, but commentary ponders whether this has to do with the fact that Priest beat Thorne several weeks ago. Maybe!


    A video package then runs. It profiles a woman, who is menacing and imposing looking. She is seen shadow kicking and shadow punching, her silhouette through a shroud of clouds and fog. Her hair flows along as the punches and kicks are dished out to the air. After the clouds and fog absorb lots of punishment, they begin to dissipate. Emerging through them is our woman of interest, and text then appears!


    2 Tag Team Match
    Humberto Carrillo and Raul Mendoza vs. The Street Profits

    This is a nice spot for our friends, The Street Profits, who’ll be competing in that big Fatal 4-Way Ladder Match at TakeOver: Toronto. Carrillo and Mendoza get a lot of love here in San Diego, none too surprising, and they fight with a lot of tenaciousness here. But, they are ultimately bowled over by the rolling Ford and Dawkins. Mendoza is put down by a HUGE Spear from Dawkins, and Montez Ford follows with a HUUUUUUGE Frog Splash! They then get the cover, and that’s all she wrote!

    WINNERS The Street Profits via pin fall at 4:35.

    After the match ends, we get the replays, and afterwards the Street Profits are still in the ring. And, also, they have ladders! Both Montez and Angelo climb up them, to the very top in Montez’s case, while Angelo, more modest, just hangs out around the middle.

    Angelo Dawkins: Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh…

    Montez Ford: SANNNNN DIEGOOOOO!!!!

    ~ Cheers!

    Montez Ford: WHO WANTS THE SMOKE?!

    ~ “We want the smoke!” chants start up for a few moments. Montez bounces his head, and Angelo does too.

    Montez Ford: Ge-lo.

    Angelo Dawkins: What’s good, fam?

    Montez Ford: These ladders right here, they represent a lot don’t they?

    Angelo Dawkins: Oh yeah, they do.

    Montez Ford: They represent the match we’re going into at TakeOver: Toronto.

    Angelo Dawkins: Aye man, The Six better be prepared. It’s about to be violence, it’s about to be carnage, it’s about to be chaos. It’s about to be anarchy!

    ~ True story!

    Montez Ford: And they also! Represent our climb… to the TOP!

    Angelo Dawkins: Yeah, you’ve got that right, Montez. It’s been a long journey.

    Montez Ford: Sure has, baby boy!

    Angelo Dawkins: Lot of grinding. Lot of sleepless nights. Lot of wounds, lot of bruises. Lot of sweat, and a lot of tears, fam.

    Montez Ford: And the grind will continue, no matter what happens in Toronto. Make no mistake about that!

    Angelo Dawkins: But Undisputed ERA… Lucha House Party… and Viking Raiders!? Lemme tell y’all something. You ain’t gonna just be seeing The Street Profits in Toronto.

    Montez Ford: No, no, no, because you SEE! When we GET to Toronto, we are going to be fighting with the force of thousands of beings, man! We are going to be fighting with more spirit than any of you three teams could POSSIBLY imagine having on your BEST DAY!!

    ~ Ford lets out quite the exclamation there, as he’s showing off his passion.

    Montez Ford: Big Dawk and I, we’ve been riding, and we’ve been rolling. We’ve been grinding, and haven’t had a whole lot of shining. But come TakeOver: Toronto, that’s gonna chaaaaaaange!

    Angelo Dawkins: It’s gonna change because it’s our time. It’s The Street Profits’ time to rule the block. It’s The Street Profits’ time to climb the ladder of success. Time for us to reach the summit, and time for us to be at the top!

    ~ Cheers again. Another “WE WANT THE SMOKE!” chant starts up, as we see Angelo climbing up the ladder further.

    Montez Ford: TakeOver: Toronto. August 10th. The Tag Team CHAMPIONSHIPS, baby, they’re going to be ours! Because The Street Profits are UP! AND WE! WANT! ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLL THE SMOKE!!!!

    ~ A big promo for The Street Profits! They sit atop the ladder while the crowd bounces and dances to their music. Quite the scene, quite the visual! And it could be quite the party in Toronto if Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins become the NXT Tag Team Champions in the big Fatal 4-Way Ladder Match set to go down there!

    We return, and in the ring, we see MJ JENKINS… and then also see that, sitting front row for this one is none other than IO SHIRAI and KAIRI SANE!

    3 Singles Match
    Candice LeRae vs. MJ Jenkins

    So yeah, you know where we’re going with this one. A short match to put Candice over strongly here going into her TakeOver: Toronto matchup with The Genius of the Sky, who is looking on from ringside with her best friend beside her. LeRae soon goes and hits her Springboard Moonsault on Jenkins, and collects the 1-2-3 victory!

    WINNER Candice LeRae via pin fall at 2:32.

    After the match ends, LeRae, who stared at Io the whole way, gets up and continues to look at her. She continues to stare at her while leaving the ring, and then we see Io get up to her feet! Shirai standing up grabs everyone’s attention, and Io climbs up over the barricade and walks in the direction of Candice! Candice buckles down, getting ready for confrontation here, but Io just goes up the steps instead. She looks at the downed Borne, and then back over at Candice, and with a confident grin on her face, hops up onto the top rope! What does Io have planned here!?

    Shirai then looks back as the referee begs her off. But it’s far too late for that! SHE TAKES TO THE SKIES AND THEN HITS HER SIGNATURE MOONSAULT DOWN ON MJ JENKINS!!!

    Io then gets up to a knee and looks over at Vanessa, and then over at Candice. Io gets up and smirks. “That’s how it is done,” Io says to Candice, who by the looks of it absolutely isn’t surprised. The arrogant Io goes out and gets her championship from Kairi, and then reaches over and grabs some popcorn out of a fan’s bucket and eats from it. She stares at Candice, who points at that championship and gestures around her waist. Io can’t seem to take any of THAT seriously, so she just goes on about her business here. Obviously, there’s plenty of tension here, and it’ll all come to a head in just 10 days!

    CATHY KELLEY is seen standing by one of the two men competing in tonight’s main event…

    Cathy Kelley: Jordan Myles, you’re competing in a few moments in the biggest match of your young NXT career. You’re facing Roderick Strong of The Undisputed ERA, with a berth in the finals of the NXT North American Championship Tournament on the line. What is going through your mind right now?

    Jordan Myles: Whew, what’s going through my mind Cathy? A lot. A whoooooole lot.

    ~ Myles nods his head.

    Jordan Myles: The biggest match of my career in NXT. I’ve only been here for a cup of coffee, I realize that. But I’ve made my run here in this tournament. I beat Drew Gulak, nobody expected to me to do that. Especially with a bum shoulder. Nobody expected me to be one step closer to the semifinals… and hell, nobody expected me to be in NXT. So—

    Voice: Nobody expects anything out of you. And for good reason.

    ~ That voice is actually quite recognizable and distinguished. It’s because it’s ADAM COLE, BAY BAY!

    Adam Cole: You know why? Because you’re nothing, Jordan.

    Jordan Myles: Oh I’m nothin’?

    Adam Cole: Yeah. You’re nothing.

    Jordan Myles: Funny. Funny, real funny, Adam. Y’know, your boy, whose ass I’m about to beat around the whole city of San Diego, wouldn’t be nothin’, and sure wouldn’t be in this match if it wasn’t for you last week.

    Adam Cole: Oh you think so huh?

    Jordan Myles: I know so. And if I see you or any other goons around our match tonight, trust that you won’t like what happens.

    Adam Cole: Won’t like what happens? I’ll tell you what you’re not gonna like-


    “Yeah, get him!” Adam shouts as Fish and O’Reilly put the boots to Myles! We’re moments away from his match, and he’s being attacked! They then drag Myles in the nearest room and leave him out halfway, and Kyle takes a few steps back. O’Reilly then lunges forward AND KICKS THE DOOR AND IT SMASHES UP AGAINST MYLES’ INJURED SHOULDER!

    Myles SCREAMS out in pain, and TUE then leaves the scene after the hit-and-run. Cathy calls out for help, and suddenly, is our main event in jeopardy?? ‘Cause Jordan Myles is looking really, really hurt…


    Just as it seemed we were going to get an update on the condition of Jordan Myles, THE UNDISPUTED ERA have made their arrival into the venue! Unsurprisingly over like rover, the quartet stomps down to the ramp quite confidently. They’ve been riding highly lately, so of course they’re feelin’ good. They make their way down the aisle and then into the ring, doing their usual deal here, and Adam then grabs the microphone.

    Adam Cole: San Diego, this is the second-to-last stop of NXT’s takeover of the state of California.

    ~ Mixed reaction. No one wants to see ‘em go, of course!

    Adam Cole: Which means that we’ve only got one more show here, and that means that The Undisputed ERA will only have to be surrounded by you beach bums and losers for only a week longer!

    ~ Kinda rude, Adam!

    Adam Cole: And if we ever have the displeasure of coming back to California, I can promise you that we won’t be looking the same as we do right now.

    ~ Cole shakes his head.

    Adam Cole: See, I don’t know if any of you realize this because of what you’re all probably hopped up on here in this state… but at TakeOver: Toronto, The Undisputed ERA has a chance to make history. The Undisputed ERA has a chance to enter the pantheon of the greatest factions in the HISTORY of pro wrestling. Because The Undisputed ERA has the chance to be dripping with gold.

    ~ Facts are facts!

    Adam Cole: Kyle O’Reilly, already the Cruiserweight Champion, and Bobby Fish will become the NXT Tag Team Champions when they beat The Lucha House Party, send them back to Raw, and the Viking Raiders AND The Street Profits in the Fatal 4-Way Ladder Match!

    ~ O’Reilly mimics some air-guitaring here, as he’s quite confident. So is Bobby.

    Adam Cole: And I’m going to end the little fairytale that Johnny Gargano is living in, when I beat him and prove that I’m the better man, and the better wrestler. And I’m going to become your NXT Champion, whether your fat ass wants it or not!

    ~ Cole, getting particularly feisty here, points at a portly gentleman in the front row wearing a Gargano t-shirt. Just rude.

    Adam Cole: Yeah, whether you like it, or whether anyone else likes it or not, I’m the next NXT Champion! I have been next in line to be the man here in NXT ever since I superkicked Drew McIntyre in Brooklyn. I have only allowed everyone else to be at the top, but that’s no longer the case. I am going to assert myself as THE Measuring Stick in NXT, THE Standard, and THE champion. Johnny, you know it, I don’t have to explain that to you, so you better hold onto that title as preciously as you can. And I think that you need to start assessing all the scenarios you can, because there’s a good chance that you and your wife both leave Toronto unhappy!

    ~ Adam, that is so out of pocket.

    Adam Cole: And then, there’s also Roderick Strong. The Messiah of The Backbreaker. The man that every woman wants, and the one that every man wants to be. And the man who’s going to be your next NXT North American Champion.

    ~ Roddy smirks and nods his head.

    Adam Cole: Way I see it, after what just happened… pretty sure we’re not going to be seeing Jordan Myles around here. Kyle, nice kick, man.

    ~ They then laugh that one off. How hideous.

    Adam Cole: But just so there’s no dispute, just so there’s no arguing, how about we get this match started huh? How ‘bout we get this started, and just… start a 10 count? You know?

    Roderick Strong: Seems totally fair to me, Adam. Hey. I was listening to Jordan Myles. I didn’t want to, had a lot of other things on my mind, like how much fun it’s gonna be to walk around the finest city in North America, Toronto, as the NXT North American Champion.

    ~ Roddy nods his head. He liked that one.

    Roderick Strong: But I was listening to him, and he said nobody expected him to be here. Well, now, nobody REALLY expects him to be in this match. So why not put that theory to the test? Why not? Why not say that we get this match started and if he’s not here, ref, just count to 10. If he doesn’t make it here by the count of 10, then that’s it, I’m the winner.

    ~ There’s a conference between them and the ref, and the ref goes out to Alicia Taylor, and they confer, and the ref then comes back and… well, goes to ring the bell. But then…


    San Diego goes wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiild! It’s KEITH LEE!!

    That’s NOT who they were expecting to see, anybody that is! But big Keith is here, and he’s not looking too happy with the boys of Undisputed ERA! And we soon see that he ain’t coming out alone either!

    No, no, no, he’s got THE LUCHA HOUSE PARTY WITH HIM!!

    Roddy then goes and he sends out the other three, and Cole, Fish, and O’Reilly go out and they go after Lee and The LHP!! A big brawl ensues up on the aisleway, as the crowd in San Diego eats it up!! Things get real chaotic, as some of the fighting spills right into the crowd! Oh it’s getting intense here! Roddy is leery to go get his hands dirty, as he’s still trying to get the ref to get the match started! Soon enough the fight all breaks out to the back and in the uncrowded area. Andddd then…

    ***RED STAR***

    Oh, things are getting REALLY interesting now! The man who got screwed last week is now here!! Roddy is seeing the ghosts of his Christmas past, as KUSHIDA is out now! And HE’S not alone either! No, in fact, coming out from the back with a big shoulder wrap right now is none other than JORDAN MYLES!!

    Roddy begs him on to start the count, and seeing this, KUSHIDA tells Jordan to get on his back, and he does, and KUSHIDA races down to the ramp and drops him off! And before the match, Roddy races over, but KUSHIDA gets up on the apron and punches him in the face! KUSHIDA gets an added dose of good medicine! And the two men screwed over by TUE in this tournament – Keith Lee and KUSHIDA – have combined to put Jordan Myles in position to pull off a stunner!

    Jordan Myles vs. Roderick Strong

    Myles is working with a badly injured shoulder, as he’s been dealt so much damage to it in the past few weeks. But that doesn’t stop him from fighting with a whale of determination. He grinds through and fights with Strong over the course of the next few minutes. He knows he has an uphill battle, but hat isn’t stopping Jordan Myles. Myles is gunning to get to Toronto, come hell or high water. And if he’s going down, he’s going down in a blaze of glory. But Strong eventually zeroes in on the shoulder of Myles and starts attacking it. And he attacks it constantly after seizing control of the matchup. Myles chugs on, but it’s growing increasingly harder for him to battle like this. He kicks out of a few of Strong’s high-impact maneuvers, but the wounds are growing and growing. Strong knows it, and smells blood in the water as he grabs him and drives him DOWN on his shoulder with a Back Suplex! He then picks him up again and hits him with ANOTHER! He then picks him up and goes for a third, but Myles lands on his feet and desperately rolls him up! 1! 2! …NO! Shoulder up at the las second! Myles then, grabbing his shoulder, sis up on the top rope and carefully climbs up, and goes for broke, but Strong knees him in the face as he comes down! And he then pulls him down and puts him in a Fujiwara Armbar!! Strong uses a submission to try and get where he wants to be! Myles tries and tries and tries some more to fight on, but it’s clear that he can’t! and he submits!!

    WINNER Roderick Strong via pin fall at 8:37. Strong ADVANCES to the Tournament Final.

    The lack of the rest of TUE didn’t matter! Roddy Strong finally gets it done on his own, and he moves on to the FINALS of the NXT North American Championship Tournament! Roddy’s booked his trip to Toronto, and we’ll find out next week just who he’s facing! He’s alone at the moment, as TUE is off fighting… somewhere… and we’ll see them soon enough. But for now, The Messiah of The Backbreaker can celebrate and hope for future things to celebrate about as well.



    Confirmed Matches for NXT
    (8/7/19, San Diego, CA)

    NXT North American Championship Tournament Semifinal
    ‘The Colossal’ Bronson Reed vs. ‘Prince Pretty’ Tyler Breeze

    Tag Team Match
    Johnny Gargano and Keith Lee vs. Adam Cole and Kyle O’Reilly

    NXT Women’s Champion Io Shirai in action!


    Current Card for NXT TakeOver: Toronto
    Date: August 10th 2019
    Event Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada; Scotiabank Arena
    Event Music: Slipknot; Unsainted

    NXT Championship Match
    Johnny Gargano defends against Adam Cole

    NXT Women’s Championship Match
    ‘The Genius of the Sky’ Io Shirai defends against Candice LeRae

    NXT North American Championship Tournament Final
    Roderick Strong vs. Bronson Reed OR Tyler Breeze

    NXT Tag Team Championships Fatal 4-Way Ladder Match
    The Viking Raiders defend against
    The Lucha House Party AND The Street Profits AND The Undisputed ERA

    ‘Come As You Are’ Street Fight
    ‘The Virtuosa’ Deonna Purrazzo vs. ‘The HBIC’ Mia Yim

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    Re: World Wrestling Entertainment | 2019 & Beyond

    I’m all caught up in here now so here’s come comments on 205 Live and NXT:

    Kendrick/Myles has been solid enough so far and this was some nice progression here. After this, there has to be a blow off but I wonder if Myles might be out for a bit first. Either way, solid stuff here and Kendrick looks really good.

    Tag match was completely fine as well. Interference leading to the win for the UE guys is all good, keeps the faces looking strong. The aftermath attack followed by the evening up of the numbers reaks of a future 8 man tag. Solid.

    Two quality matches take up a majority of 205 Live. Can’t complain, maybe one promo/segment thrown in would have been nice…

    Yim coming out with the trash can to play on the Street Fight stipulation for Takeover was a fun start. Promo was solid, and the match itself was a fun way for Yim to show she’s ready and send a message to Purazzo. The aftermath with the failed distraction from Purazzo and Evers, allowing Yim to send more of a message with the epic table spot was cool too.

    Killer Kelly? Cool.

    Makes sense for The Street Profits to get a showcase win over a team not to high on the card right now. Promo afterwards was very well written, and I enjoyed the preview to their match, but also the symbolism of their journey with them sitting on top of the ladder.

    Another solid piece of Takeover hype with Shirai being at ringside for Lerae’s squash, but then delivering her own blow afterwards. Much like the opener, another nice message sent and glad it still had a point of difference to the opening.

    Well, looks like my prediction of Myles potentially being out injured for a bit on 205 Live was off the mark LOL. I completely forgot about his good run-on NXT so far. Cole and Myles back and forth was fine, but we’re obviously here for the attack. Nice dastardly heel plan from UE.

    And really well done with the Adam Cole promo here with typical arrogance, getting heat on the fans and then looking forward to Myles retiring. Here is where I really want to give you credit though. The pay off of UE’s recent behaviour with Lee, Kushida, Lucha House Party all getting involved to make sure the main event is one on one was a brilliant bit of work. Everything on both these shows has just been solid, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But this was easily the standout piece of booking for me with everything kind of looping in for a mini payoff. Good stuff.

    I can’t complain with the booking of the main event itself either. Myles has an out with the injured shoulder, whilst it’s nice for Strong to pick up a victory on his own and look, well, strong. A fine ending to the show.

    Obviously with some promo work and stuff this was more enjoyable than 205 Live. Still, a really solid show overall.

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    Re: World Wrestling Entertainment | 2019 & Beyond

    July 3
    Bianca Belair def. Nina Samuels
    Kassius Ohno def. Tyson T-Bone
    Killian Dain def. Noam Dar
    Cesaro def. Mark Andrews and Zack Gibson in a Triple Threat Match

    July 10
    Kay Lee Ray def. Piper Niven in a No Disqualifications Match
    Ashton Smith def. Tehuti Miles
    Imperium def. Moustache Mountain when Alexander Wolfe surfaced and helped lead Imperium to victory

    July 17
    Dave Mastiff def. Kassius Ohno
    Jamie Hayter def. Jinny
    Bianca Belair and Rhea Ripley faced off for the NXT UK Women’s Championship.
    In the match, both ladies' shoulders were down, leading to an inconclusive finish.

    July 24
    Moustache Mountain and Killian Dain def. Imperium. Killian Dain then challenged WALTER for the WWE UK Championship, and WALTER accepted.
    Ilja Dragunov def. Riddick Moss
    The Bar def. The Grizzled Young Veterans and SWCC to win the NXT UK Tag Team Championships!

    July 31
    Tyler Bate won a WWE UK Championship #1 Contender’s Battle Royal!
    With the win, Bate earned himself a title shot at UK TakeOver: Cardiff

    Sadie Gibbs def. Isla Dawn.
    After the match, Paige surfaced with Jamie Hayter, who put a beating on Dawn. Gibbs stopped her from doing so, leading to some tension between the two parties.

    Prior to the main event, Johnny Saint announced that at TakeOver: Cardiff, due to the events that transpired two weeks ago, Bianca Belair and Rhea Ripley would clash at NXT UK TakeOver: Cardiff in a rematch for the NXT UK Women's Championship, where there must be a winner!

    WALTER def. Killian Dain to retain the WWE UK Championship

    Current Card for NXT UK TakeOver: Cardiff
    Date: 31 August 2019
    Event Location: Cardiff, Wales; Motorpoint Arena Cardiff
    Event Music: TBA

    WWE UK Championship Match
    'The Ring General' WALTER defends against Tyler Bate

    NXT UK Women's Championship Match
    'The EST' Bianca Belair defends against 'The Nightmare' Rhea Ripley


    Might as well just keep the ball rolling here. We're through July and on to August finally! SummerSlam and TakeOver are being worked on tirelessly and I hope to get those done by the end of summer. LOL.

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    Re: World Wrestling Entertainment | 2019 & Beyond

    Obviously NXT UK report is pretty bare bones but it looks like some pretty cool things happened here. Belair/Ripley is one I'm really looking forward to, but it felt like the last two shows are where the money was at. The Bar as new tag champs, Walter with another title defense, Tyler Bate as number one contender, AND the appearance of Paige. That's a lot of pretty big time stuff in a short period of time, it's kind of a shame it's in this short form actually. Could go close to being some of the most interesting stuff that has happened on NXT UK in this BTB so far.

    Things are definitely running smoothly here, you know I'll be back for whatever comes next.

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