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Thread: BTB PPV Banner Request

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    Great American Bash BTB PPV Banner Request

    Subject: WWE Great American Bash 2008 - Ric Flair themed
    Size: Whatever works for the artist
    Color: Red, white, blue
    Text 1: WWE scratch logo, Friday Night Smackdown logo, Great American Bash logo
    Text 2: July 20 - Charlotte NC
    Preferred Artists: No preference.
    Preferred Pictures:

    Or, something along those lines - classic Flair, and, if possible (no idea if it's hard or not) to have more recent (i.e mid to late 2000's) pics of Flair fading into the background? If not, just this pic in a red, white and blue theme would be great.

    Date of last request:
    Number of requests made this year: 0

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    Re: BTB PPV Banner Request

    Jesus. Apparently uploaded the big sized one haha. I have a smaller version. But something like this?
    Ps. The logo that is visible around Flair's neck, within the flag, will be dealt with haha.

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