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Thread: The Blacklist

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    The Blacklist

    Name: Luna Cross
    Date of Birth: 1989
    Currently Residing: San Jose
    Height: 5’8”
    Weight: 135 lbs
    Disposition: Heel
    Name: Connor Cross
    Date of Birth: 1987
    Currently Residing: San Jose
    Height: 6’0’’
    Weight: 200 lbs
    Disposition: Heel

    Wrestling Style: Speed, technique, finesse. Connor specializes in strong striking, Luna in athleticism and unique offense.

    Wrestling Abilities (First to Last)
    Connor: Brawling, Technical, Speed, Charisma, Power
    Luna: Charisma, Technical, Speed, Brawling, Power

    Signature Taunts/Poses: The two clap their wrists together in tandem, Connor with his right, Luna with her left, during entrance and before signature moves, often even tagging in/out in this manner.

    Entrance theme:
    Together: “Blacklist” by Dangerkids
    Connor solo: “Kill Everything” by Dangerkids
    Luna solo: “We’re All In Danger” by Dangerkids

    Basic Moves: Daniel Bryan-Esque
    Signature Submission Move: Dragon Sleeper
    Regular Finishing Move: The Unbeliever (Lifting DDT)

    Basic Moves: Becky Lynch-Esque
    Signature Submission Move: Single Leg Boston Crab
    Regular Finishing Move: The Danger Kick (Pele Kick)

    As The Blacklist
    Signature Submission Move: The Double-Cross (Double Armbar)
    Finishing Move: The Movement (Connor Neckbreaker with Luna Diving Crossbody)

    Previous Experience:
    Several years. You’ll know more when the time is right.

    Name of character representative: Peyton Royce & Tommaso Ciampa


    In a dingy house off the West Coast, the crack of waves can be heard battering the nearby shoreline, the only audible sound except for the creaking of the settling old home. Parts of the living room look like they haven’t been cleaned in months, dust and trash gathering in piles by the windows and covering an old TV that is unlikely to still be operational. But as more comes into view, it’s clear that one area of this room remains pristine, a candle-lit circle by the westward wall, at its center a corkboard with various yellowed sheets of paper on it. Long broad strokes of black mar every canvas, with little scribbles accenting the blank spaces in between.

    “Oh so you’ve found it.”

    The hoarse, grave voice belongs to a man with a shaved head and a rough beard, his eyes alight with a kind of energy that view could hope to explain it.

    “This is where your heroes lay. Those responsible for the false hopes and the misgivings they’ve presented to this corrupt world. Those who claim to fight for principle but fight for greed and for self. This is what we do with the unholy and the wicked, where we scratch off the names of the people you hold so dearly…”

    “And the ones they don’t, dear brother!”

    With a snicker and a hearty laugh, the high pitched whine of this man’s apparent sister is followed by her appearance. She’d be beautiful in the right light but in this filthy dungeon, she’s as coated with dirt and mess as her surroundings, her slick and well maintained hair the only thing that seems to indicate she takes care of her appearance.

    “Of course sister, we do not discriminate. Mankind has often been right about the evils of the world as well and we have punished those you know to be wicked as well as those you do not.”

    “Filthy, dirty people. Each and every one of them.”

    Her voice comes out like a slither despite her enthusiasm, an unsettling mix of predatory and joyful, compared to her brother’s calculated, monotone words.

    “Each and every one, Luna dear. There are so few pure in the world. We are the few of the enlightened, but our numbers grow every day, do they not? Every name added to our list a changed man, a changed woman. Every fallen hero, born anew as a true icon of the people. Rest easy, those who see us now and feel fear creep into your hearts. You have no need to be afraid.

    “Yes, you are as corrupt as the rest, but you need not be for long. You just need to be shown the light.

    “And to be freed from the list.”

    The wind blows with a strong howl, and the candles go out to plunge the room into darkness.


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    Re: The Blacklist

    Hey, hey, hey! Silk's coming to kick ass and take names!

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    Re: The Blacklist

    Cool sign up.

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    Re: The Blacklist

    Man im so hyped to read more of your writing

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