Birth Name: Izaya Snowmantashi
Ring Name: Izaya Snowmantashi
Nickname: None
Date of Birth: July 17, 1996
Place of Birth: Tokyo, Japan
Currently Residing: Los Angeles, California

Height: 5'11
Weight: 190 lbs
Disposition: Face
Wrestling Style: High Flying & Hard Striking
Gimmick: The younger brother of Jon Snowmantashi but nearly the polar opposite physically and in terms of personality. Izaya is shaped both by Japanese and American culture and by the simple fact that he's a millenial with different ideals. Still discovering his identity, he'll be exploring the possibilities of being a wrestler a lot more than Snowmantashi's more simplistic mindset.
Backstory: Brought to the US by his older brother Jon Snowmantashi in order to avoid the machinations and politicking of Japanese dojos. He was trained first hand by Jon and KATAIDESU and was giving a CWA three month contract to team with his older brother for the CWA World Tag Team Classic. His favorite wrestler is Jonathan McGinnis and he has adopted a bit of his moves to his arsenal. Despite his knowledge of moves, he's lacking the experience and wisdom in the ring and unlike Jon, is more interested in having fun as it is than being a star.

Theme Song: TBA
Entrance: TBA

Basic Moves:
Kick Variation
- Back kick
- Thigh kick
- Roundhouse kick
- Bicycle Kick
- Super Kick
- Dropkick
- Dropsault Kick

Suplex Variation
- Deadlift German
- Dragon Suplex
- Northerlights Suplex

Piledriver Variation
- Gotch Style
- Spike
- Tombstone

Signature Submission Move:
McGinnis Lock (Ankle Lock)

Signature Moves:
Something Light (Powerbomb into a Backbreaker)
Snowfall (Moonsault)
Elevated Sitout Powerbomb

Finishing Moves:
Top Rope Variants
- 450 Splash
- Corkscrew 630 Senton
- No-handed springboard 450 Corkscrew Splash
- Shooting Star
- Phoenix Splash

Create A Special #2 (Phoenix-Plex)

Super Finishing Move:
Create A Special #1 (Superkick chained into a Stunner, into another superkick, chained into an Ace Cutter after the Ace Cutter, runs onto the top rope and delivers a phoenix splash before rolling through and delivering an F5.)