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Thread: Extreme Championship Wrestling by Stojy

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    Re: March BTBOTM - Extreme Championship Wrestling by Stojy

    You posted this a lot quicker than I thought you would! You're on a roll. Meanwhile, I still can't complete a fucking Thunder with where my motivation is at :P

    No Joey Styles monologue to start the show!?!? I'm sorry, I thought this was ECW! Boo this man, BOOOOOOOOOO!

    Somehow, I knew Homicide was going to start this show off. The highlight for me was definitely the Cop Killa/Jay Driller rapid counter sequence, that was easily visualized and a good bit of writing/wrestling knowledge on your hand. Your wrestling moves/counters/psychology I think has always been a very underrated part of your writing, but you really show it on PPVs. That being said, mark this down as a gigantic miss from me from a booking standpoint. Homicide went from challenging for the ECW World Title to curtain jerking because of Corino's injury, struggling massively against Jay fucking Briscoe, who has been an enhancement talent really - almost eating the Jay Driller multiple times, took a DVD/Dreamer finisher, and Yakuza kick - and only one by cheating. I'm ASSUMING the plan here was to elevate Jay Briscoe, but for me, it just made Homicide look pretty weak, struggling to beat this pencil neck geek scrub. When he was otherwise wrestling Steve Corino.

    Daniels promos are always on the money with you, and this was no different. Solid content as usual here, I just think he's been looking too strong compared to everyone else to win.

    ...I guess you like Carnage Crew? Cause I love you, but this one makes no sense to me. Carnage Crew have no real heat about them for me, while DHS just have more momentum and potential about them. So then winning here, decidedly clean and honestly incredibly dominant over DHS as well, is one that makes no sense to me. Even the finish was really hard to decipher since it's saying Piledriver than a Superbomb. Idk if you were going for it being an almost botch or that's just how to get to the move, but it was really clunky by changing move descriptor mid sequence. Sorry to crap all over this one :P

    I really loved this promo from the veterans. I thought the ending especially was hilarious with the "if this is their best strategy, go back to the drawing board" since they're always hurt. It's perfect for the characters and for reality since it's so true, especially Dreamer who yeah, always worked hurt. It was a great showcase of who they are and their grit. Great psychology and small touches on history.

    I loved how you never really had many MOVEZ in the early stages of Crazy/Williams but just gave it this feel of work rate. Seriously, you do that so well man. Loved how well you got a slow start into the higher pace with Crazy's high spots. And then, woof! You wrote a spectacular closing sequence of back and forth big moves and near falls, it was really great to see. I loved Crazy landing on his feet on the 3rd Moonsault especially, and going into the high stack. Great near fall that I bit on! I hope this match gets the praise it deserves from readers. There's no build to it, so people may just skim over it, and they're missing out. I know I've had matches that I thought were bangers that didn't get the deserved respect for that reason, and I could see this going the same way. My only complaint here is something that you are definitely guilty of occasionally. This felt a LOT longer than a 12 minute match. Felt like at least 15 with the writing in it.

    Ugh, could Low Ki sound anymore like a 1994 WWF babyface? IT'S THE NEW GENERATION~! Blow me.

    Loved the classic heel begging off by Shane to start this match off. Exactly how it should be, and loved how he still found a way to control a good portion of the match. Equally loved the Spanky then London Frankensteiner sequence on Shane. I thought you got London and Spanky to come to blows organically, although I had a BIG problem with what I thought was a very amateur error from you, having Spanky and London both throwing around Superkicks in this match like they're no big deal. I didn't like Crazy using Tajiri's Buzzsaw Kick for a near fall earlier, but I REALLY don't like these guys using Shane's finisher in a match he's in himself! That's some WWE shit Stojy. You're better than that!

    While obviously you made the wrong choice by eliminating Spanky first, I do love Shane watching it happen doing nothing, and then going right into the low blow. Decent sequences from there, but I loved the Flapjack into the top turnbuckle. That's not one I see often. I thought London looked great in defeat here, but even for a classic old school heel like Michael Shane... 3 low blows in a match is probably a bit overkill, especially for London's testicles :P

    Love the old school start to the Tag Titles match, especially Dreamer using a fan chair and Sandman essentially shot gunning the beer. As soon as I saw the spot, I knew you would deliver that ending to it. The whole early offense from then was great, and how dare you tease a Dawn motor boating and deny us!?!? The Credible "shitty Flair flip" was hilarious.

    The Spicolli Drivers sequence with Credible and then CW was a great false finish with Dawn saving the day, who you have worked into this match MAGNIFICENTLY well, it really must be said. PCO's obvious run in was done well as well, and the run up to the finish was well done. SURELY at this point Dreamer is finally going to take more than a week off after that, admittedly sick nasty, finish. Really fun creativity on your part to make that happen, and from a realistic standing, using the table to actually make the spot safer as well. YAY IMPACT ENFORCERS~!

    Well, at least Danielson's promo was better than Low Ki's :P

    Lynn/AJ definitely had the slow burner start to build into something more, I'm expecting as I comment while I'm reading. The story is the match itself, although some of the spots were written clunky and hard to visualize, ie the running Backflip Dropkick and the second Phenomenal DDT when Lynn is down. The Reverse Urinage was another move where I needed more from you on the description to really visualize it. Is it like a Rock Bottom start but he drives Lynn face first ala an End of Days? The sequences leading up to that were great though. Still, the latter half had some fun sequences to it and I liked the ending counters into the gutwrench lift cum Styles Clash especially. That was neatly done. I'm happily surprised there was nothing here in the aftermath between the two, as you can instead let it boil over more hopefully as this feud should keep going IMO. This was a good match, but I would be lying to you if I said I thought it was better than Crazy/Williams. I'm wondering if that's by design though, because I think we both know you have more planned for these two given your love of their TNA rivalry.

    So while I know you're going to have it break down a lot because "lol, ECW" and that surely it's A LOT easier for you to write a 60 man Ironman match with only 2 men in the ring at once instead of all 4 men... This comes off pretty dumb ESPECIALLY because it's ECW and that doesn't seem at all like an ECW thing to do. Maybe that's my fault for assuming it would be a free for all ahead of time, or you should've thought you specify the rules on TV the night before, but, being honest, you're now going into your big main event totally with a handicap because you've dented my excitement a bit.

    I love how slow and methodical you started this match, essentially nothing but chain wrestling and strikes, very measured and methodical. I think it was smart to not get too into the specifics of the technical sides though because 1) great way to make a long match probably too long to read/write 2) I'm going to gander it's not your strength since I don't think you ever really have written anything too technical in the move for move chain wrestling sequence in this. Could totally be wrong though, so fuck me, right? Anywho, another great small thing: all those early tags being involuntary, that's excellent.

    Loved the little teases of Low Ki getting his hands on Daniels, especially since Daniels sneaks the first fall against him with opportunistic blind tags. Loved that he knocked Danielson off the apron too, needed moment there. I will definitely say that you spelling out what Divorce Court and Tidal Krush are would've definitely helped, but small gripes there. Glad to know where we're at in the match with the first fall, wondering if we get updates throughout if falls remain a rarity, although I expect chaos to ensue soon with hardly any tags.

    The second fall coming within 10 minutes certainly isn't a surprise :P Low Ki looked like a BAMF using his free arm to chop Dragon away, that's for sure. Dragon getting onto the scoresheet made me happy, and I liked how you bit me on the near fall, only to go right into the submission fall. I knew a quick fall was coming with Daniels' cunning act, and it was done to perfection to restore his lead. Loved the series of near falls between the mid 90s WWF NEW GENERATION trio, some great sequences there mate. Really shined there. I don't like how it ended though, purely because it was Dragon getting pinned. It was a great sequence, but fuck you :P

    Oh man, the sequence of Tajiri just killing everyone with the few high spots thrown in was great, probably the best sequence yet. I love that you're getting better as the match goes on, and not petering out of steam. Tajiri looked GREAT here.

    Jesus that next fall was brutal. Probably fucking dangerous to do too! D-Bry gonna break an arm!!! Also, BOOOOOOOOOO! You're better than a Tower of Doom spot you cliche fuck. I liked how you wrote Dragon and Tajiri out of the match with the table spot because as much as I wanted Dragon to win here, this was about Low Ki and Christopher Daniels. I loved the no psychology, big move fest to win it out (although Daniels putting in a knee submission would've been better, if I'm being honest). The way you space out your pins is great, especially since I read on my phone and I can have it so I really have to scroll to see what happens next so I got to bite on multiple falls here. I actually loved that you kind of had an anticlimactic finish, in a way, by both men being drained and down at the finish instead of a pin or submission. This is more realistic in a kayfabe sense and was great to see. Low Ki defends his lead, hits Daniels with his own move, and wins it. It's also really beautiful because Daniels again doesn't ever lose, despite Low Ki quite clearly besting him, so their long term rivalry can continue.

    Heatwave was honestly a 1 match show because of the abrupt changes and the importance/length of the match. So while I think you had some misses early in the show, this is still a big win because the Iron Man match absolutely delivered. Any complaints I had with it were mild, and you just told a really, really good story inside the 60 minutes, particularly with Daniels being so elusive and just the grit and skill of Low Ki still finding a way to win. Really, really superb effort on your part with this match man. I honestly can't compliment your effort enough. It was never too big for itself, you never went for the BIG MOVEZ spot that I see writers get foolishly praised for time and time again, you never lost sight of what this match was. It was fucking a phenomenal effort. Best match I've read on here in quite some time, seriously.

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    Re: March BTBOTM - Extreme Championship Wrestling by Stojy

    Thanks for the feedback, Zoom <3. As usual, a lot of good points for me to keep in mind for next time. Glad you enjoyed the Iron Man match, was certainly a challenge, but a fun one to write. I understand the confusion around The Carnage Crew Powerbomb spot and that's completely my fault. I initially had that as a Piledriver spot, and then decided to use the That's Incredible spot later on in the show, so went back and changed the first one. Clearly I didn't read thoroughly enough and change everything that needed to be. My bad.

    Anyway, after taking a slight break from writing (Heatwave was finished a few weeks before being posted), I've managed to at least get the next weekly show done so I figured I'd look at getting this thing moving again. Still got some News and Notes to come, as well as a show preview (I've enjoyed writing these recently), so I'm thinking the next show will probably be posted right on the end of the month.

    For now though, here's the results of the 'highly anticipated' predictions contest...

    Heatwave Predictions Contest

    Ranthellacious 8/12
    Wild Crippler 7/12
    Knable 5/12
    Zoom E 7/12
    Saint Dubb 4/12
    Roy mustang 5/12
    Wolf Beast 6/12

    Congrats to rant, you win my, erm, respect.

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    Re: March BTBOTM - Extreme Championship Wrestling by Stojy

    I've been meaning to get around to reading Heatwave, so here's my review on the show!

    Homicide versus Jay Briscoe straight away sounds like a brutal match, and especially more I'd predict with Daniels getting the ECW World Title match over him. Straight away that's the case, and he's choking Briscoe out!
    I love the mix of straight brutality and high-speed wrestling, because it's a beautiful representation of what these two could definitely do in real life. This match is fun to read through, although surprised Homicide used a low blow to help him land a victory, I definitely thought Homicide would just kill Briscoe, and I absolutely love that the referee can't do anything to Homicide because of The Network!

    I loved the Christopher Daniels promo, and I feel that it perfectly set the tone for the chaos that's going to come in the main event, as well as perfectly showcasing Daniels character in full effect to still new viewers like me (I've tried my best to go and binge-read as much as I can!)

    Da Hit Squad versus Carnage Crew goes exactly how I expected it to be. Admittedly, I don't know much about Carnage Crew, but I know enough about Da Hit Squad to see some crazy shit. The use of weapons in this match is on-point, and this match was perfect in setting up what could be next for The Carnage Crew! I saw Da Hit Squad winning this match going in, but I'm not upset with the finish just based off how you showcased Carnage Crew throughout the match.

    Sandman and Dreamer, what a badass bunch of tag champs! Short and straight to the point with the promo, love the old callbacks and I love the tag team representation! It's definitely one of my favorite parts of the show, and the thread as a whole. The tone of the promo just gives me the vibe that the champs are retaining, who knows, though?

    Doug Williams and Super Crazy, off styles alone this sounds a bit odd, but I'm sure you'll make it work. Nice chain wrestling, and the decision to try and outwrestle Doug Williams is an interesting one for Super Crazy. Doesn't last long though it seems, and the three straight dives from Super Crazy definitely catches my attention! I'm surprised Doug Williams was able to withstand that, but something tells me that just may have been Super Crazy's downfall in this match. Doug Williams going up top himself, and I am slowly, slowly losing certainty of who's winning this match with the near falls. The Chaos Theory reversal caught me off guard, and I thought Super Crazy had it with the Liger Bomb! The near-falls in this match is ridiculous, and it HAS to be going to Williams at this point, right? Going through a bit, and looks like I was right all along. That was a very fun match to read, and probably my favorite so far.

    I'm not expecting much from Shane/London/Spanky, but some very fun spots! As the odd man out, I wouldn't be surprised if The Heartbreak Cousin pulls it off. Spanky's the first elimination, and I'm not surprised by that. Considering that it's down to Shane/London I would assume that Michael Shane is winning just based off wha happened early into the match, plus Paul London got the elimination over Spanky. The fans booing after the flying forearm from London got a laugh from me for sure. A lot of fun wrestling, and Michael Shane cheats to win, can you believe it?!

    Tag title match, and goodness, we're starting off fast with a brawl. This is just a straight fight, and a complete contrast from the past four matches. The faces are getting whooped, but they still keep coming back, and that's always fun to see in wrestling.. Thought there was gonna be a retain, PCO gets involved though, damn him! Should've saw some Network shenanigans coming, but hopefully this means a Danielson victory in the main event?!

    AJ Styles and Jerry Lynn, and I can smell the NWA-TNA in this one! AJ Styles is frustrating Jerry Lynn a lot and I enjoy the story being told in this one. AJ's done his homework with the Cradle Piledriver reversal, and same for Lynn by moving out with the way of the Spiral Tap! Very fun match, and the AJ Styles win can only mean so much more for his reign as champ, as well as Jerry Lynn.

    Four way iron man match, and I am REALLY ready for this one! The two legal men rule is interesting, and probably easier to write, but I'm hoping to see it break down quickly. Low Ki and Danielson starting off is a good call, and definitely a way to set the tone for the beginning stages of this match. Low Ki and Danielson keep it slow as expected, and now we're getting Tajiri and Danielson! I've really loved how you've handled Tajiri, and he's been a quick favorite of mine. The quick tag-ins and outs are a great way at keeping everyone involved.

    After that slap, I fully expected Low-Ki to kill Daniels, but he's gotta focus on winning the match, of course! Daniels is taken out of the equation, and NOW the match is off to a big go! Low-Ki and Tajiri have had enough of Daniels shit, and he is getting floored by Danielson! I don't have much words for the portion that comes out of this, but it's fantastic and has my eye 100%. Daniels getting the first fall is no surprise to me, and that just means the other three gotta pick it up, big.

    Going through some more, Danielson gets the fall, and Daniels gets ANOTHER fall right after! Tajiri is not doing so well right now, and I'm hoping he can mount a comeback to get himself up in the ranks. We've got TWO in the lead, with just fourteen minutes to go, still hoping for Tajiri to get something here! Tajiri with his first fall, FINALLY, and Danielson and Tajiri need to get another fall, quick! I'm getting really anxious going through it, are we gonna go to a sudden death? Low Ki gets the third fall, at the 54 minute mark, and NOW we're into something here! Low Ki gets the win, and that was a great show. A lot of fun to watch, and I'm definitely gonna make sure I track more shows from this point on, and try to read on some stuff that I missed.

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    Re: March BTBOTM - Extreme Championship Wrestling by Stojy

    Once again, your activity is truly admirable, Stoj. I'm banking my next couple shows in the hopes of getting on your level.

    The long awaited Heatwave! Let's go~

    Heatwave - 7/28/2002

    - I was unsure of what would be your opener. AJ/Lynn would make sense, but the title stakes means it should go later on. Then I thought of either the 3-way TWA boys dance or Crazy/Williams for some workrate. Homicide and Briscoe is a fun choice, though. I'm not in love with it from a booking standpoint because of how damn strong Homicide has been booked - part of me wishes he was thrown into the vacant ECW title Iron Man. I understand the choice of a competitive opener, though, and Homicide really doesn't lose a whole lot by giving Jay a little.

    - Strong final promo from Daniels. I was never in love with him IRL (mid-2000s TNA), he always a felt a little too indy for me, but he really works in this ROH/ECW hybrid you're running. I haven't read the main event yet to maintain the surprise, but I have a feeling all his super strong booking leads to Daniels' destiny being fulfilled.

    - Nice change of pace from the back-and-forth opener. I enjoyed the garbage brawl we got here, although I'm Hit Squad over Carnage Crew all day every day, so boo at the decision.

    - Really solid promo from Sandy and Dreamer. The theme is so simple but works excellently in getting over how punishment they've endured and continued coming back from. Good stuff.

    - I had a somewhat similar problem with this as Szum's Benoit/Saturn PPV match in that the actual writing was great, but I've never been into watching (reading) "good" matches in the sense of workrate over story/build. I think you greatly overdelivered with this, though, considering Williams is in limbo and Crazy was in a hot feud with Kash. Love, love, love the way you write counterholds and reversals; something relatively simple like all the pin hold counters out of the Chaos Theory jumped off the page and had me on the edge of my seat. The Chaos Theory was put over really strong tonight and I can see Dougie as a consistent TV title challenger once the AJ/Lynn story reaches its conclusion. I came in with a negative stance off bat, but I was truly captivated by this match as it raged on and that's all due to your writing prowess.

    - Fittingly terrible Ki promo. The realism in this BTB is off the charts

    - Lovely heeling from Shane to play the coward early on. I really liked the extended two-on-one dynamic to this; they usually fall apart so fast in multi-man matches, but it works perfectly for the TWA babyfaces vs. Michael Shane story you've been telling. Kendrick is my favorite of the three, so a shame to see him go down first. Definitely went to the well too much with the low blows I swear there's an old man Flair match where he's got nothing to dish out but low blows. Hot finishing stretch here that got London over with me in a big way. All that babyface fire! Shane going over is likely the right result, although I'm curious what's a proper feud-ender for this feud.

    - The pacing and formatting has been excellent on this show, separating a lot of the workratey stuff with plunder brawls. This was a chaotic contest to say the least, complete with me howling in laughter at Credible failing on the Flair Flip. But the real story is... FINALLY! FINALLY! BAH GAWD FINALLY - Tommy Dreamer and Sandman have lost the belts! I'm jumping for joy right now, honestly. And that ending spot is nasty as hell, good lord. Again going to commend you on not going too overboard with the earlier DHS/Crew garbage match so that the big weapon spots in this would still feel big time. You're a pro at this, I'm not sure if you know.

    - Another realistic promo given Danielson's ability, especially at the time. Whitemeat babyface brilliance. "When the match goes longer, ‘The American Dragon’ grows stronger" was the absolute highlight.

    - Fun start to this with the 50/50 booking until Lynn uses his veteran prowess to take over on the young stud. The crowd choosing AJ over Lynn and Lynn taking umbrage with that is a nice touch. More countermove brilliance with the tornado DDT into the northern lights. Visualizing the Phenomenal DDT on the downed Lynn took a few reads to visualize, but a fun exchange nonetheless. I was trying to figure out the German roll through into the reverse uranage; ultimately I came away with something resembling a Glam Slam. Hopefully I’m not too far off. Excellent, excellent finish! I used to love AJ muscling the opponent up from the mat into the Clash. Very good match here, Stoj. I honestly am not a huge fan of their early days TNA series, so I’d say you exceeded those RL bouts. I really like how you had Lynn walk that line of desperate babyface without ever going full heel. Top notch work here and the best thing on the show thus far.

    - I am slightly disappointed at only two men in at once, but honestly, I thought you were a crazy man to book a four-way 60-minute Iron Man match; so, this is probably better for your general health and wellbeing Dragon and Ki is a good way to start this off. Cool touch to have Danielson as the legal man battling all three guys early on. Ki/Tajiri is the one I was waiting for, so you can imagine my glee when they finally meet in the center. Daniels heeling it up to get the first fall is wonderful. Wild that the first fall didn’t come until the 27-minute mark. Low Ki getting a quick win soon after is good with me, although Tajiri’s the man so boo. Damn! Tajiri is getting whooped in here. Good win for Dragon, but I LOVE that jackass Fallen Angel taking advantage of Tajiri to get an easy win and retake the lead. Any possible harm done to Tajiri by eating all these falls is fixed with him getting a showcase to whoop everyone’s ass! Excellent! NASTY spot with the Ki Crusher to break the Mutilation! Really digging the decision to spotlight Ki and Daniels as they’re probably more ready than Dragon and Tajiri’s not quite at that level after the TV title stuff. Well done write off for Tajiri and Dragon, a believably brutal table spot to keep them out for the remaining minutes. The ending exchange was terrific, you got across the sense of urgency from Daniels to get another win to tie – and likely another to take the lead – and Low Ki’s urgency to not only defend his lead, but BEAT Daniels. Really like the decision to have Ki be just as aggressive as Daniels despite being in control of the scoreboard.

    - This was a really tremendous show, Stoj, capped off with an excellent Iron Man main event. Your transition into featuring the ROH guys as the face of this new ECW has been slowly built, well built and I admire the decision to move off your man Corino and really prove how serious you are by giving these guys the spotlight and crowning Low Ki as the champ. Two thumbs up, and an early congratulations on winning a third straight BTB of the Month award

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    Re: March BTBOTM - Extreme Championship Wrestling by Stojy

    Let’s get into this highly anticipated Heatwave! I remember making graphics for this way back when, so I had the inside scoop leading up to the show- which is the story I’m sticking to as to why I haven’t dropped by in forever

    I like how you set the scene for the night, rushing through the opening credits because you have the big Iron Man Match! 60 minutes in real time is a lot to write out, I give you high praise for completing it in less than 6 months

    Homicide right off the bat is pissed and I’m here for all of it. I’ve told you he is probably my favorite character you’re focusing on at the moment, and reading through your booking of him almost compelled me to start a thread focused around him. Choking Briscoe with the bandana, showing he means business, all great tid-bits of characterization.

    Jay giving it everything he had shows me that he will be moving up the pecking order following this show. While Homicide got the win, he didn’t do it in dominant fashion, which I was originally expecting heading into this. The low blow spot makes sense from a heel standpoint, but I wanted to see Homicide kick ass and win without that spot. Even so, a very hot opener and the details about Homicide post-match not really giving a shit about the victory, still being pissed off about everything that’s gone on for the past few months.

    Briscoe getting the ovation seems to me that he has your blessing to catapult up the card, and I’m firmly behind it. The Briscoe Brothers in ECW is always a dream scenario, and shortly I think we will see that come to fruition- and then they can be the cornerstones of ECW for the next 5-10 years!

    Solid promo from Daniels. Hyping up that he is not a member of The Network all while seemingly looking as if he is the next member is a nice touch. The promo did what it needed to do, hype the main event.

    Time for a good old fashioned ECW tag brawl! I am happy that you have kept these types of “old school” ECW type matches around here in 2002. I can hear Devito yelling “back the fuck up!” thank you for including that small piece in there Two low blows in consecutive matches? It definitely was effective, as you gave Da Hit Squad their first (?) loss in ECW.

    Effective promo from the ECW stalwarts. Your characterizations of each individual guy you book really stand out, as they all have a distinct tone and cadence. Obviously you’ve been doing this for a long time so you know that, but just wanted to mention it while it was fresh in my mind after reading the promo.

    I can honestly say I’m not a huge Williams fan-always thought he was boring- but you booked him into a nice spot with a win over Super Crazy here. Fun match, with Williams eating a lot of Crazy’s offense and still finding a way to win. Fun story told with Crazy not being able to land the Moonsault. I didn’t think Williams and Crazy’s styles would mesh well but you told a great story overall. Great stuff all around.

    I suppose in this stage of ECW, Super Crazy would be seen as a gate-keeper, so it’s a nice touch to see him shake hands with Williams. A lot of up-and-comers shining so far and only three matches in!

    I definitely read Low Ki’s promo in his deep voice Another cookie cutter hype promo which is perfectly fine given that we will be seeing over an hour’s worth of these guys in just a few matches, so no need to really harp down and give us copious amounts of dialogue. Plus, they would all still be considered young guys (minus Tajiri) so they would still need some seasoning when it came to the stick, so nice touch for keeping it very realistic.

    This triple threat was a fun match overall. Wasn’t expecting Spanky to get eliminated so quickly, but it is clear that the money is in Michael Shane right now. Shane stealing the victory was fine, and we are entering Low Blow City right now here at Heatwave Spanky and London still have a ways to go in terms of developing their characters while Shane reads pretty natural as a chicken shit heel. Excited to see where he goes from here, but a nice showing for all three.

    Anarchy Rulz next? Bet that poster will be bad ass!

    Glad you started this Tag titles match off as a cluster, because who wants to see Sandman and Justin Credible trade head locks? Tommy throwing chairs left and right, Sandman with the beer can shot- I marked hard for all of this! Awesome, rapid hardcore pace to start off and it definitley delivered.

    The carnage doesn’t end, and the brutal beatdown by Sandman and Dreamer is extremely (pardon the pun) fun to read. Ah! That damn pirate getting involved! I had a feeling somebody would get involved to cost Sandman and Dreamer the straps, and who better than PCO? I think it was the right time to make the change and give Credible/Anderson the titles, and doing it in such a spectacular heel fashion was the right call.

    The EMT’s getting involved with Dreamer post-match makes me think these two or at least Dreamer will be on the shelf for a bit. But then again, it’s ECW and nobody can endure the pain Tommy Dreamer can, so maybe we will get a re-match down the road.

    Danielson’s promo was similar to Daniels and Low Ki. Just the typical hype for the biggest match of their lives coming up. Another job well done on not going over the top and keeping it short and simple to get the point across.

    AJ and Jerry Lynn must be a hell of a lot of fun to write out. You really can’t go wrong planning out a match with these two and you delivered. The reversals, high impact moves, all of it was just so much fun to read out. If I recall, these two had some bangers in the early days of TNA but you wrote this thing on another level! The sunset flip spot into the Styles Clash was brilliant, and I am glad AJ retains. I think you should keep the TV title on him for a long time as you build up the rest of the young guns on the back of AJ. Obviously we know he is money, but to say I am excited to see his run in your thread is an understatement.

    November 2 Remember on the horizon! Man, can’t believe we’re almost a year since the 2001 show, which still remains one of my favorite shows you’ve written.

    Main event time! Liked the explanation and how you added in that it can and will break down at any moment, and that unpredictability is what I loved most about ECW.

    So, instead of going blow by blow, I’ll just give the highlights of what I found interesting. First, I commend you on writing this out in full. I don’t think I’ve ever read an Iron Match on here (maybe Wolf wrote one out that I’m sure I’ll remember after posting this) yet alone a 4 man Iron Man Match. A lot to keep tabs on throughout, and the score after each pinfall was a great touch to keep us locked in throughout.

    Daniels getting the first fall was a fun choice. The fact that it happened 27 minutes in tells me that each man will only be getting 1-2 pinfalls, and kudos to you for keeping the interest super close after nearly a half hour without the first fall.

    Tajiri eating the next three falls tells me that is his sole purpose in this match- to make the 3 young studs look awesome. No problem with that at all as I think Tajiri’s steam ran its course in 2001. He is more of the veteran in this match so I went in expecting him to take and sell a good chunk of offense for everybody else involved.

    Daniels up with 18 minutes to go! This thing is definitely going down to the wire- or you end with Daniels, Ki and Dragon all with 2 falls- another Stojy summer cliffhanger in the works?

    Creative pinfall for Low Ki taking advantage of Dragon trying to get his second fall. Man, the last 20 minutes of this match are off the charts!

    Tajiri still in this thing, but I don’t think time is on his side. Regardless, it’s good to see him not getting shut out and giving us Tajiri fans hope he may overcome the odds in the last ten minutes!

    You had to add the Tower of Doom spot, and the way you built up to it was very well done. Top Rope Ki Krusher onto a Cattle Mutilation spot! Insane! Loved that! Holy shit, what a match. Ki up with under 5 minutes to go…

    Low Ki does it! Holy shit man, what an incredible showing. All around, this show was fun as hell to read. Glad I was around this time to give it a proper read and review, because this is definitely going on my short list for Show of the Year. From the opening video package to the closing of the show, everything was fun as hell. It was a quick read, also, which is a testament to your writing ability. The only nit-picky thing was the three low-blows, but given every positive on this show, it is a miniscule oversight in the grand scheme of things. Awesome work, Stoj. Pumped to see you keep this going into the final months of 2002!

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    Re: March BTBOTM - Extreme Championship Wrestling by Stojy

    Didn't necessarily expect anymore feedback, but appreciate all of you for delivering the goods. Glad the show has been received in a mainly positive light. As usual with these News and Notes posts, some of this may be legit and some may be complete bullshit.

    Still on track for the next show to be posted next week.

    ECW News And Notes

    Extreme Championship Wrestling as an organisation are said to be pleased with how their latest pay per view on Sunday night titled Heatwave panned out. The main event featured a match never done before, a four-man Iron Man match to crown a new ECW Champion. Sixty minutes is a long time to hold an audience, but the wrestlers involved, Bryan Danielson, Christopher Daniels, Low Ki, and Yoshihiro Tajiri are four of the best in the world. The match gained rave reviews from the live audience, who seemed genuinely excited to see a member of this “new generation” in Low Ki be crowned the ECW Champion.

    It wasn’t all positive news though as up until the night before Heatwave, the scheduled main event was year long ECW Champion Steve Corino defending against another of ECW’s hottest acts in Homicide. Corino was written off the pay per view due to a brutal attack by The Network, meaning the ECW Title was vacated, the well hyped main event was cancelled, and Homicide was demoted to a rather meaningless opening contest. ECW are known for having the most loyal, die hard fans, but it seems even they were disturbed by the way things went down. Whilst the attendance numbers were still positive, numerous cable providers had several pay per view cancellations once the changes to the card were made public.

    It was reported after Hardcore Heaven back in May, that the heavy schedules of Steve Corino and Yoshihiro Tajiri had taken their toll, especially after their brutal No Ropes Barbed Wire match. Both men were in line to have some much-needed time off, however the breaks would be written into storylines. Whilst Tajiri was written off television right after Hardcore Heaven and has since returned, the planning for Corino was a little more difficult. Being the ECW Champion meant that he couldn’t be written off immediately. Corino is set for an extended period on the sidelines to have a well-earned break, and he’s also got a scheduled tour with Japanese promotion, ZERO-ONE. All reports are that the former champion will return to ECW, but the date is currently unknown.

    Paul Heyman is said to be relatively comfortably with all the currently running angles that ECW have, and how they will culminate into Anarchy Rulz, and then November To Remember. With Corino heading over to ZERO-ONE, to keep the relationship going both ways, there is a Japanese talent scheduled to make at least one appearance on ECW in the coming months.

    One of the things being kept under wraps by all involved with ECW is the location of their biggest pay per view of the year, November To Remember. Heatwave saw the first bit of hype for the pay per view in terms of a video package, and usually that is when the location is revealed. The one rumour that we can confirm is that ECW has something major planned for the event, and one of the wilder rumours is that Heyman could be working to book the most famous wrestling venue in the world, Madison Square Garden.

    Over the course of the past month or so leading into Heatwave, ECW have attempted to make their weekly editions of Hardcore TV seem more important. Not only in the sense of huge angles playing out surrounding Corino and The Network, but also with constant title matches on shows and even some title changes. The bigger feel to their weekly shows whilst still saving stuff for the pay per view has been a hit so far with the fans and is something that is likely to continue as the company heads towards Anarchy Rulz in early October.

    During the build up to Heatwave, The Sandman and Tommy Dreamer received quite a beating. In a promo before their tag title defence on Heatwave, Tommy even referenced working hurt, specifically with a bad back. This was all part of a plan with Dreamer needing to be written off to deal with some disc issues with his back, hence the brutal That’s Incredible spot to finish the match at Heatwave. Dreamer’s absence is set to be less than Corino’s with Tommy likely to be back in the next month or two, potentially even for Anarchy Rulz.

    There is another big-name wrestler who’s battling injury who may require some time off also, but there are hopes that they can remain active, and just be somewhat limited in their physical activity in the upcoming months.

    Being the little engine that could, Extreme Championship Wrestling have constant struggles with maintaining their roster. That’s no different here, with the now WWE once again looking at potentially poaching some of their talent. It’s more of the bigger name stars gaining the attention, with the rumour being that a former ECW Champion is in the WWE’s sights. This leads us to believe names like Steve Corino, The Sandman, Tommy Dreamer and Yoshihiro Tajiri could be being targeted. There is even a report floating around that Justin Credible is the target, with the WWE wanting to use him in a Kliq related angle now that all of those big names are all working in the ‘E.

    To counter act this, expect more young talent to be debuted in ECW in the next few months, as they look to pad their roster for potential losses. One name that can be confirmed as a certain on-screen role is Jay Briscoe’s younger brother Mark, whilst there’s also some other young, talented guys who have caught Heyman’s eye. There is a rumour that a talent who has been making waves on the California scene could be in line to receive a big time pay per debut at Anarchy Rulz, like how Christopher Daniels and Low Ki did at Guilty As Charged last year. An old associate of Jeff Jarrett’s could be interesting in making some sporadic appearances in the future also.

    Finally, whilst this won’t be a common occurrence, and there are no plans for a fully fledged Invasion angle, there is set to be at least one more angle where some ECW wrestlers show up at an NWA-TNA weekly pay per view. Names are yet to be confirmed and most likely won’t be, with all parties involved wanting to keep the appearance a surprise, like Steve Corino’s angle in June.

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    Re: March BTBOTM - Extreme Championship Wrestling by Stojy

    JOE~! JOE~! JOE~!

    That's 100% who you're talking about there.

    HOWEVER, so you're telling us after the fact that Corino is really only kayfabe injured?? And Corino instead of a broken neck or actual neck injury, is really just broken down/wear & tear from ECW's grueling style and is going to fuck off to Japan for a bit after healing up? DUUUUDE, that's pretty shitty on your end, if you ask me. ECW fans HATE being lied to, and the one thing Heyman did not like to do was lie to the fans. That's something that NEEDS to backfire on you massively as fans realize they've just been lied to and Stojy Heyman didn't want to have Corino drop the belt. I thought you were going with a curveball by having Corino out for a long time, but it's just deception.

    I'll be honest and say I don't think you planned to turn Corino's fake injury into a future angle, but I definitely think you SHOULD because ECW fans are going to be pissed they've been lied to in such a monumental way.

    Yeah, I said it. I'm challenging you :P

    WCW 99: The Fingerpoke of Doom
    Now Playing in BTB Section!

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    Re: March BTBOTM - Extreme Championship Wrestling by Stojy

    Trying to get back in the thick of it here. Since you're a review and feedback machine, I figured I'd lend some of my thoughts on Heatwave.

    I will literally always root for Homicide in any era, so I'm glad he got the win over Jay Briscoe. He rules, unabashedly. Have no problem with the match and how this played out. I think him winning with the Low Blow and then the Cop Killa is a really good finish.

    Really good promo from Daniels here.

    Isn't everything under no rules in ECW? :P I tease. I mean this was just pure chaos. Had to figure we'd get one of these on this show and this delivered in that regard. What a finish.

    Another strong promo for Dreamer and Sandman.

    Man what a showing for both Crazy and Williams here. Like you'd said, this is a HUGE dub for him here in this spot, beating a guy like Crazy, who's pretty synonymous with ECW. Intrigued to see what comes next for him because I can see him challenging for a singles title after this one and having a good case for it too.

    Good promo for Low Ki.

    Pretty solid stuff here with Spanky, London, and Shane. Screams mid-aughts TNA X Division, which is a good thing by the way! A big, devious win for Shane, who's making a habit out of stealing victories. Intrigued to see what his eventual comeuppance will be.

    Anarchy Rulz in LA could go CRAZY.

    JESUS CHRIST, that finish to the Tag Titles Match. Holy shit. Just a total war here and another great way to put over Credible and CW. My God. Just a fun-ass match here and probably, nay, definitely my favorite of the show here. This is definitely going on the MOTY list. 100%. Good shit here, Stoj.

    V good promo from AmDrag.

    Very good match here with Styles and Lynn. Great booking to have Styles pick up the W over a synonymous figure in Lynn, as well. Just a very good decision to put him over one of the biggest names in their company's history. Very much enjoyed this one too.

    Well no offense to Ki, but he's the person I'm least interested in of these four so the ending was a bit of a wet blanket from a personal preference standpoint. But obviously, I'm going to entrust in you and what you have planned because your repertoire speaks for itself. Just an intense match here and fun as hell, and really easy to follow too.

    Terrific show, showing off your usual caliber, Stoj. You are one of the hardest working people in this section, if not THE. Keep up the great work, boss.

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    Re: March BTBOTM - Extreme Championship Wrestling by Stojy

    Thanks for the additional comments that have come through, much appreciated. As usual, a big thanks to BattleTank for the show banner.

    ECW Hardcore TV Preview

    August 3rd, 2002
    Memphis, Tennessee

    This week’s edition of ECW Hardcore TV is the first one of a new era, or at least the first of a new champion. Whilst The Network’s dastardly actions which saw former champion Steve Corino forced to relinquish the ECW Championship still loom large, tonight we see the new champion, Low Ki for the first time. The man aptly known as ‘The Warrior’ fought and struggled, bad leg and all, in a sixty-minute Iron Man match to defeat Bryan Danielson, Christopher Daniels and Yoshihiro Tajiri. Low Ki certainly earned the right to be champion this past Sunday at Heatwave. We will hear from the new champion to kick off the broadcast, with Joey Styles set to host an in-ring interview with the man of the moment. The other three competitors in the match at Heatwave, much like Low Ki, will be granted the night off from in ring competition.

    Switching from the beginning of the show, let’s look at the main event which has already been booked for tonight’s show. Whilst we do have a new champion, it’s not the one that The Network wanted, meaning the seemingly never-ending war between The Network and Extreme Championship Wrestling will continue. CW Anderson has strange been given the night off, so one half of the ECW Tag Team Champions, Justin Credible, will be teaming with the investor of The Network, the man who hasn’t been in action since failing to capture the ECW Title from Steve Corino at the end of June, Jeff Jarrett. These two will represent the Network against the former ECW Tag Team Champions, The Sandman and Tommy Dreamer. The Sandman and Dreamer will be desperate for revenge, after losing the ECW Tag Team Titles at Heatwave, mainly thanks to interference from Dawn Marie and especially Pierre Carl Oulette. The ECW mainstays are always down for a fight, but just how will Tommy Dreamer be able to compete after suffering through a That’s Incredible off a ladder and through a table less than a week ago?

    The rest of the in-ring action for the night will feature around the ECW Television Championship title picture. At Heatwave, the current champion AJ Styles and the grizzly veteran, Jerry Lynn put on a masterclass, however in the end, Styles successfully retained his TV Title. Despite not being happy with the result, Lynn maintained his composure and showed enough class to shake AJ’s hand at the end of the night. In a match that could have major repercussions on who the next number one contender will be, Jerry Lynn will look to bounce back from his loss at Heatwave when he goes one on one with The Amazing Red. Lynn will be determined to prove his worth, but will be in for a challenge, as Red is one of the best, young competitors in the business. Meanwhile, AJ Styles will continue to stay true to his word and live up to being a fighting champion. Less than a week after retaining the title on pay per view, AJ will be defending against Doug Williams. The Brit has had a big seven days, looking impressive in an ECW Championship match against Steve Corino, before defeating Super Crazy at Heatwave. Can Williams cap off an amazing week by dethroning the TV Champ?

    Please tune in to see all of this and much, much more!!!

    Confirmed Matches:

    Jeff Jarrett and Justin Credible vs. The Sandman and Tommy Dreamer

    Amazing Red vs. Jerry Lynn

    ECW Television Championship Match:
    AJ Styles (c) defends against Doug Williams

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    Re: March BTBOTM - Extreme Championship Wrestling by Stojy

    Again, let’s give props to BattleTank who has hooked me up with the show banner, PPV banner and dividers. You the real MVP.

    ECW Hardcore TV
    August 3rd, 2002
    Memphis, Tennessee

    We’re kicking it off old school style tonight (CORINO TEASE LOL), because standing in the ring is none other than the best play by play guy in the business, JOEY STYLES. Joey is taking in the ovation and excitement from the fans, loving the atmosphere, with the hundreds in attendance all passionately chanting “ECDUB”, “ECDUB”, “ECDUB”.

    After Styles expertly milks the moment for all it’s worth, he finally brings the microphone to his lips.

    Joey Styles: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Extreme Championship Wrestling! I’m Joey Styles and we’ve brought the travelling land of extreme to Memphis, Tennessee tonight, and everybody in here tonight is clearly excited for us to be here. Now folks, I want you to keep that ovation going, because it’s my pleasure at this time to introduce the NNNNEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWW ECW Champion… LOW KI!!!

    Joey didn’t need to encourage the fans, they immediately go up in unison, cheering loudly as LOW KI makes his way out from the back. ‘The Warrior’ looks his usual self, as serious as ever, only with the added inclusion of the ECW Title around his waist. He stops at the top of the ramp, surveying the audience, before he takes the title from around his waist and raises it in the air.

    This gets even more cheers from the fans, but Ki keeps it relatively, erm, low key, instead choosing to put the title across his shoulder and continue down the ramp. Plenty of fans try and reach over the barricade, wanting to get a piece of the new champ, but Ki gets into the ring and shares a respectful handshake with Joey Styles.

    Our interview extraordinaire looks set up kick off the interview, but before he can, a deafening “LOW KI”, “LOW KI”, “LOW KI” chant emanates from the fans. After what feels like an eternity, the audience finally quite down to the point where Styles is audible.

    Joey Styles: Low Ki, congratulations again on your performance at Heatwave, it was truly impeccable. Now my question to you is, you’ve been stating for awhile now that you’re the leader of the next generation, now that you’re the ECW Champion, do you thi-…

    Joey stops in mid-sentence, because Ki has put a hand up, signalling for Styles to stop. The interviewer looks confused; however, the new champ looks apologetic, and wants to explain.

    Low Ki: I’m sorry, Joey, I mean no disrespect, but I don’t do a lot of talking, my wrestling talks for me, but I do have a few things I want to get off my chest, and it’ll be easier for me to just say it as opposed to answering your questions. Firstly, I want everybody to travel back in time and remember what I said seven months ago. All those months ago, I knew that this would happen, and I made a promise that I would be the next World Heavyweight Champion. Fast forward to this moment, I’m holding this title now, and it feels damn good that my hard work has paid off… But I have a favour to ask you, Joey.

    Probably the most long-winded Low Ki will ever be in this BTB. The fans cheer for the sake of it, even though he hasn’t really said anything exciting. Styles looks confused though, wondering what the champ could possibly want from him.

    Low Ki: You touched on it when you started to ask your first question, but I just want to make my point loud and clear for those who haven’t been listening over the past few months. You need to stop calling me the leader of the next generation, that’s no longer accurate. I’m the ECW champion now, and me holding this title means that we, me, and my generation, have arrived. We are no longer just the future of this business, from now on, I’m the leader of something else. You can call me the leader of THIS current generation right now!

    Another LOUD pop comes from the fans, and Joey nods, seemingly impressed with Low Ki’s request and having no issues with it. Suddenly, theme music begins to play, and the mood in the arena changes, plenty of heat directed at the appearance of CHRISTOPHER DANIELS. After being unsuccessful at capturing the ECW Title that Low Ki possesses at Heatwave, Daniels looks a little less smug than usual, and a little more infuriated.

    Showing no hesitation, Daniels storms down the ramp and into the ring, getting right into the face of the champ. With tension immediately building, Styles decides to hightail it out of the ring, but after a few moments, Daniels takes a step back. ‘The Fallen Angel’ pulls a microphone from his back pocket, before taking a deep breath and snarling at Low Ki, as he directs some mock applause in his direction.

    Christopher Daniels: Even though you’ve already come out here and received the heroes welcome from Joey and these people, but I wanted to give you the opinion of somebody who actually matters. I came out here to say congratulations, Low Ki, congratulations on a job well done.

    Daniels seems relatively earnest, although there’s clearly some annoyance written on his face as well. Of course, he gets heat from the fans to.

    Christopher Daniels: All four of us gave it our all for sixty minutes at Heatwave, and you pinned one more person than I did. I can’t argue the point and I can’t deny that you earned that title on your shoulder… BUT YOU STILL HAVEN’T BEATEN THE FALLEN ANGEL!!!

    Low Ki doesn’t like the call, probably because it’s technically accurate. Daniels is furious, staring down Ki and yelling over the noise from the crowd.


    ‘The Fallen Angel’ storms around the ring, trying to regain his composure, whilst Low Ki just always keeps an eye on him.

    Christopher Daniels: So, let me save you the trouble, at this point you don’t need to say anything. Let’s skip the part about promising to live up to all the greats and to be a fighting champion. You’re vanilla as they come, I know that’s you all over. Click the fast forward button because nobody cares, and you can skip to the part… WHERE YOU GIVE ME THE FIRST TITLE SHOT…

    A LOUD mixed reaction comes from the fans, some not wanting Daniels to get what he wants, others just wanting to see these two put on a clinic. There’s no more talking from Daniels now, as he examines Low Ki, hunger in his eyes. The champion simply thinks over his response for a few moments, before bringing the mic back to his mouth, not breaking eye contact with his rival as he speaks.

    Low Ki: You know, I think it’s pretty ironic that you’re out here now, demanding that I give you a shot at the ECW Title. What I could do is hold this title over you. Maybe now the roles are reversed I can re-enact how you ducked me for the last year until something was in it for you at Heatwave…

    CD’s face reddens, the thought alone enough to get his blood boiling again.

    Low Ki: But I won’t do that, because that’s not the kind of champion that I am.

    Cheers from admiration from the fans, as Daniels grins like a Cheshire cat.

    Low Ki: As for your challenge… I ACC…


    Boos immediately ring out for the familiar voice, even though we can’t see who it belongs to yet.


    And for those who didn’t know who this was, they just got in on the heat. We get the entire conglomerate of The Network stepping through the curtain tonight, with CYRUS and JEFF JARRETT leading the way. They are closely followed by DAWN MARIE and PIERRE CARL OULETTE, as well as the ECW Tag Team Champions, CW ANDERSON, and JUSTIN CREDIBLE.

    As The Network head towards the ring, ignoring the heat from the fans, they seem in relatively good spirits, clearly happy to have the tag titles back in their possession. Low Ki doesn’t look to impressed with the interruption, nor does Daniels, despite being their chosen winner at Heatwave. Once they are all in the ring, Cyrus, brimming with confidence due to his back up, makes sure he has both Ki and Daniels’ attention.

    Cyrus: Firstly, you’re both welcome. I hope you appreciated The Network’s lack of involvement in the Iron Man match. Especially for you, Low Ki, winning the ECW Championship for the first time, it was such a special moment for you. Certain things in life come and go, but you’ll have that moment forever. It’s important that you hold onto that memory for your happiness, and for something to tell your grandkids about, even long after The Network brings the title back into our possession, where it belongs.

    If you thought the boos for Daniels were bad, they are nothing compares to this. Speaking of Daniels, he cocks his head, a little confused with what’s happening right now.

    Christopher Daniels: Uh, I’m not really sure why you guys are out here right now. We have a deal.

    Cyrus shoots a look over to Jeff Jarrett, who as smarmy as ever, looks willing to explain the situation, requesting the mic from Cyrus.

    Jeff Jarrett: Whoa, hold your horses there, kid. We had a deal…

    Murmurs of interest from the crowd can be heard in the background, as Daniels continues to look confused.

    Jeff Jarrett: Let me remind you of the exact details of our deal. Your side of the bargain was to help us handle Corino. In return for your service, you got a title shot.

    ‘Double J’ shrugs, feeling like the deal was simple. There’s been an uproar from the fans at the reference towards Corino’s beating also.

    Jeff Jarrett: We lived up to our end of the deal, you had your title. Unfortunately for you, ya’ blew it, you lost, and you’re no longer factoring into The Network’s plans.

    The fans don’t like The Network, but they don’t like Daniels either so there unsure of how to react. ‘The Fallen Angel’ though is furious, cursing as he kicks the ropes, and begins yelling at The Network off the mic. Jarrett now hands the mic back over to the smiling Cyrus, who seems to be paying attention to the fact that Low Ki looks less than impressed with the current situation.

    Cyrus: Oh, and don’t you worry, our ever so valiant fighting champion, you’ll get what you want. You WILL be a fighting champion. From the goodness of my heart, I’ll give you this week to enjoy the title, but your fighting champion cameo, because that’s all it will be, starts next week… WHEN YOU FACE ‘THE ENFORCER’ CW ANDERSON!!!

    Boos for that announcement, the fans seem more interested in Daniels getting a title shot. Speaking of Daniels, he’s furious with this outcome, pleading his case, but it’s falling on deaf ears. Meanwhile, the entire Network conglomerate getting around CW, patting him on the back, and urging him on. CW looks supremely confident, pointing at Ki, and putting the thumb across his throat to let Ki know he’s a dead man.

    The champion shows his intense nature, continuing to stare right at Anderson, refusing to even blink.

    Cyrus: You better hope and pray that you lose next week, Low Ki, because if you don’t, that’ll only be the beginning. You will face every member of The Network if it’s necessary. You’ll face them all, one by one, whenever we want, until The Network regains the ECW Championship.


    Cyrus: I agree, Enforcer, it won’t be necessary. Christopher Daniels, here’s a one-time warning, stay out of our way. Low Ki, enjoy the title well you can, you won’t have it for long… BECAUSE EVENTUALLY… EVERYBODY BENDS OVER FOR THE NETWORK!!!

    With that, it’s a mic drop moment from Cyrus, as he arrogantly laughs right in the faces of Ki and Daniels. The Network leave, happy with their words, whilst Daniels and Ki both split their line of sight, keeping an eye on each other, but also The Network. Already quite an interesting start in the books, and as the two rival, Low Ki and Daniels are left in the ring, we cut to a break…


    ECW Anarchy Rulz
    October 6th, 2002
    Los Angeles, California
    Grand Olympic Auditorium


    When we return from the video package, the fans are chanting “ECDUB”, “ECDUB”, “ECDUB”, whilst we focus in on JOEY STYLES, who is up in his commentary position.

    Joey Styles: Welcome back to ECW Hardcore TV! We heard just before the break that next week, Low Ki will make the first defence of his ECW Championship when he goes one on one with CW Anderson. Some may say that one of the other men involved in the Iron Man match deserves a shot instead, but Cyrus and Jeff Jarrett were always going to give one of their own a shot. CW Anderson is quite an interesting selection though, because it was around this time last year that Anderson was able to defeat Low Ki for the TV Title.

    I guess that’s why Anderson was the first choice, plus he’s ‘The Enforcer’, son.

    Joey Styles: We’ll have to wait for next week to see if history repeats itself, but we’ve also got a strange development surrounding tonight’s main event. It’s supposed to be Jeff Jarrett and Justin Credible against the former tag team champions, Tommy Dreamer and The Sandman. It wasn’t confirmed or at least made public until everybody had already arrived at the arena tonight, but after taking a disgusting That’s Incredible off a ladder and through a table, Tommy Dreamer was injured at Heatwave. The edict from The Network that has come across my desk is that The Sandman has about half an hour to try and find any kind of replacement partner.

    That’s all Joey had to sell for now, as he sends us to ringside for our opening contest…

    Match One
    ECW Television Championship Match
    AJ Styles (c) defends against Doug Williams

    I know it’s a title match with no rhyme or reason, but that happened quite a bit back in the day. Plus, if we want to try and be logical, we will say that Doug Williams earned this shot after an ultra-impressive effort against then ECW Champion Steve Corino last week, followed by a big win over a former TV Champion in Super Crazy at Heatwave. Knowing this could be his last title shot for a while, Williams really came in focused, trying to stick to his heavy mat wrestling arsenal and keep AJ grounded.

    As determined as Williams is, he’s unable to completely take over the match and ground Styles. The ECW Television Champion doesn’t allow himself to get stuck in a ground-based contest, using his extraordinary athleticism to break free and get ahead in the contest.

    Williams still gets in his fair share of offense, but he never truly looks comfortable. In the end, it’s a flat finish with Styles gaining control, landing a few big moves in a row. With no real drama, AJ then simply lifts Williams up… AND AJ CONNECTS WITH THE STYLES CLASH!!!


    Winner: AJ Styles @ 7:12

    Another title defence, another victory for AJ Styles, who is looking like a damn prodigy right now. The phenomenal one gets back to his feet, grabs his title, and raises it in victory, as the referee raises his other hand. Styles gets a very nice ovation from the audience, looking to be growing in popularity by the week.

    Meanwhile, Williiams is left to lick his wounds, by no means having embarrassed himself, but not quite delivering the performance to gain his preferred outcome…

    We now cut to a hallway in the backstage area, where we see JAY BRISCOE, pacing back and forth, apparently in the middle of a heated conversation with somebody on his cell phone.


    Briscoe continues to pace, shaking his head in disgust with whatever he’s hearing on the other end of the line.


    The other person on the line (it’s obvious), must have come back with something bad, because Jay throws his phone into the wall, shattering it into pieces. Not even looking back at the destruction he’s caused, Jay keeps walking away, until his out of sight…

    Before we get back to live action, a video with the caption ‘DURING THE BREAK’ appears for everybody to see. The video shows the sweaty ECW Television Champion heading up the ramp, finished his celebration for the evening, when a familiar theme song hits. AJ pauses, an interested look on his face, as coming from the other direction, JERRY LYNN makes his way out from the back.

    The two-meet nose to nose at the top of the ramp, looking into each other’s eyes. There’s respect but plenty of competitiveness between the two, and it looks like neither will budge, until Lynn’s eyes divert to look at the TV Title around Styles’ waist.

    Lynn looks at the title for a few moments, before turning his attention back towards AJ. The champ smirks, knowing Lynn wants another shot, and AJ nods, whilst Lynn takes a step away, and respectfully pants Styles on the back.

    “GOOD JOB IN THERE TONIGHT, AJ”, says Lynn as he points to the ring, and then continues to make his way towards the ring, leaving Styles to look a little befuddled…

    Match Two
    Amazing Red vs. Jerry Lynn

    We’re back with live action now as Amazing Red and Jerry Lynn both go at it. You’d assume that after his loss at Heatwave, and his last run with the TV Title whilst being in The Network, that maybe Lynn would learn not to take things for granted. Instead, Lynn starts off focused, really concentrating to avoid Red’s crazy fast offense in the early stages, before landing a few big blows to gain the ascendancy. Once in control though, Lynn stopped taking the smaller, less experienced man seriously, and it had two impacts. One, it turned the fans who’re initially probably a little more pro Lynn into a pro Red crowd. More importantly than that, Red managed to keep outmanoeuvring Lynn when it really mattered, surviving in the contest.

    Red’s fast paced stuff gains him some near falls, until Lynn seems to get a second win. The finishing sequence of the match seems both men trade some big moves, but neither can land the killer blow. After thinking he’s done enough to finally land it, LYNN LOOKS FOR THE CRADLE PILEDRIVER…


    On instinct, Lynn bounces right back to his feet, but he’s met with a barrage of kicks from Red, before a Step Up Enzuiguri takes Lynn down. The veteran again gets to his feet relatively quickly, but he’s clearly wobbles, which allows Red to run at him… AND RED USES HIS MOMENTUM TO SWING LYNN INTO A CODE RED!!!

    The brutal landing gets some grunts from the fans, and there’s a small “ECDUB”, “ECDUB”, “ECDUB” chant that starts up. As the fans go mental, Amazing Red is again back to his feet, enjoying the ovation. Realising that Lynn isn’t moving, Red takes a few steps back, before charging forward… AND LEAPING TO LAND A RED STAR PRESS ON THE PRONE BODY OF LYNN!!!




    Winner: Amazing Red @ 8:00

    Post-match, there’s probably a louder pop than expected due to the upset nature of the victory, as Red scores arguably the biggest win of his career. After having his hand raised by the referee, and celebrating a little with the fans, Red notices Lynn on his hands and knees, looking unhinged as he begins to pull his hair out.

    Sensing something isn’t quite right, a subdued Red decides to leave the ring, and enjoy his celebration elsewhere. The referee attempts to check on Lynn, who’s jaw is still wide in shock, and Lynn argues with the referee over the count.

    The decision isn’t changing, but the desperation arguing from Lynn continues as we cut to a new scene…

    We’re now in the standard ECW interview set area, where the number one contender for the ECW Championship, CW ANDERSON is standing by, confidence written all over him.

    CW Anderson: Cast your minds back to a year ago. I was given a job to do, and I did it, I went and relieved Low Ki of the TV Title. I did that for a number of reasons, not just because it was my birthright as an Anderson, but because I am The Network’s Enforcer. The Network needed me to do something.

    Still a picture of confidence, Anderson is enjoying one of his biggest victories.

    CW Anderson: Twelve long months have passed since then, one year later, and here we are. This is my reward for all my service.

    As the camera pans out to show more of CW, we see that his tag title is around his waist.

    CW Anderson: My reward is what I deserve, the ECW World Heavyweight Championship. Next week, I make history and I break the glass ceiling because an Anderson’s never so much as gotten a shot at it before. I’m getting my opportunity and it’s all because I put my faith in The Network.

    Another pause from CW, thinking over his next words.

    CW Anderson: I hear what everybody’s saying, and as the champion, Low Ki might be the hottest thing in ECW right now, but it’s all just Déjà vu. One year later, no matter how hot Low Ki is, he still ain’t shit against ‘The Enforcer’. In seven days, time, next week, I do what is needed and I bring the World Title right back into the fold.

    More smiles from Anderson as he motions for another title to be coming around his waist.

    CW Anderson: We’re just continuing to get stronger, The Network’s recruiting and expanding these days. We’re going to do become more powerful than anybody can imagine, and the new era begins with an Anderson at the helm.

    With that, CW mean mugs the camera until we cut to our final break of the evening…

    It’s main event time, folks, and first are up to make their way out are the hated duo of JEFF JARRETT and one half of the ECW Tag Team Champions, JUSTIN CREDIBLE. They get plenty of heat as they come out to Jarrett’s music, and they take HEAPS of time to get to the ring, performing the ‘Fargo Strut’ together to even more heat.

    As these two get inside of the ring and wait for their opponents, we head up to the commentary booth, where JOEY STYLES is passed a note. Joey reads the note and screws up his face, unhappy with whatever it says.

    Joey Styles: Ugh, no. I’m a professional but I won’t do this. I’m NOT doing that…

    Styles suddenly stops speaking, as standing over him with a glare on his face is CYRUS. The leader of The Network simply scoffs at Joey, before taking the conveniently placed spare headset and seat so he can be on commentary.

    Cyrus: Sorry, Joey? What were you saying? I think you should do what you’re told!

    Styles is adamant he won’t do it, staring down Cyrus, but after a few moments, Joey shrugs and relents.

    Joey Styles: Ladies and gentlemen, please tune in to this Wednesday’s NWA TNA weekly pay per view. It’s set to be the biggest night in the promotion’s history as our very own Jeff Jarrett will challenge for the NWA World Heavyweight Title.

    Cyrus: See, Joey? That wasn’t too difficult. Imagine next week when CW Anderson defeats Low Ki The Network will be in possession of two World Titles.

    We now focus back on the ring where Jarrett and Credible talk over some strategy when Metallica begins to rock through the speakers. The pop is EPIC from the audience, getting the arena rocking, as eventually THE SANDMAN is spotted in amongst the wild crowd.

    The Sandman has a Singapore Cane in his hand, lit cigarette, and a can of beer, which he immediately smashes over his head to open it up. Getting ravaged by the fans, The Sandman still manages to drink his beer, puff on his cigarette, and make his way through the crowd and towards the crowd barricade.

    Joey Styles: Well, we know that The Sandman’s usual partner Tommy Dreamer is out injured because of the brutal Tombstone off the ladder at Heatwave.

    Cyrus: Which was completely legal by the way.

    Joey Styles: It was but it seems interesting that even though you know Dreamer was injured, you booked him in a tag team match tonight.

    Cyrus: No conspiracies please, Joey. All I’ve done is given an opportunity to The Sandman, but I am a little confused why he seems so confident when he doesn’t have a partner with him. Maybe it’s the alcohol abuse.

    Cyrus’ words are spot on, The Sandman has now climbed over the crowd barricade and he looks to be in fairly good spirits. With his pockets bulging with unopened beer cans, The Sandman suddenly turns and points his Singapore Cane towards the audience…

    “Enter Sandman” hits again, and the crowd seems a little confused… Until YOSHIHIRO TAJIRI appears in the crowd!!!

    But Tajiri is dressed in a “Enter Sandman” t-shirt and is wearing pants similar to The Sandman. The fans mark out, chanting “ECDUB”, “ECDUB”, “ECDUB” as Tajiri battles his way through the crowd and to ringside.

    Once he meets The Sandman, Sandman pulls out two beer cans from his pockets. He hands one to Tajiri, the two look at each other… AND THEY BOTH SMASH THE BEER CANS OVER THE HEADS AT THE SAME TIME!!!



    The audience are marking out for the moment, as Credible and Jarrett point at them, disapproving from inside of the ring…



    Match Three
    Jeff Jarrett and Justin Credible vs. The Sandman and Yoshihiro Tajiri

    The referee calls for the bell straight away and all four men immediately begin clashing in an uncontrollable brawl. Being soaked from the beer seems to have infuriated both Credible and Jarrett, so they are more than up for the brawl. Realising there’s no point wasting his time, the referee just sits back and lets them go at it, meaning the brawl goes inside the ring, outside of the ring and all-around ringside.

    Eventually all four men do get back into the ring, and things settle into a flow when Credible is able to throw Tajiri from the ring. This allows The Network to isolate The Sandman, and when Tajiri recovers, the referee manages to get him to wait on the apron for a tag. Whilst Jarrett and Credible show some impressive teamwork, doing some real damage to Sandman, they are unable to put him away. The Sandman battles through his issues and is then able to make the hot tag to Tajiri! ‘The Japanese Buzzsaw’ immediately goes to work, lighting up both opposition members with kicks, as it seems the referee has lost track with the legal man for The Network team.

    Tajiri holds his own for a period of time, before Credible and Jarrett look to get on top, but luckily The Sandman is able to make a recovery. Once Sandman gets back in, all hell breaks loose once again, and the Singapore Cane gets a run, with both teams able to get on the offensive. We get to a point where The Sandman has Jarrett trapped in the corner, laying into him with left hands, whilst Tajiri and Credible are battling it out on the outside. Tajiri manages to land a hard Roundhouse Kick, causing Credible to drop to his knees. Tajiri quickly gets onto the apron, and as Credible gets back up… TAJIRI SPRINGBOARDS OFF THE ROPES…


    “ECDUB”, “ECDUB”, “ECDUB” chants ring out for the fun spot, as Tajiri works his way back to his feet… ONLY FOR TAJIRI TO GET RAMMED FACE FIRST INTO THE RING POST!!!


    The heat is enormous, but Anderson doesn’t care as he slides into the ring. THE SANDMAN IS HALFWAY THROUGH RUNNING FOR A CORNER CLOTHESLINE!!!


    Jarrett is dazed but immediately gets the referee’s attention, yelling at him, “DON’T YOU DARE CALL A DQ”!!! As CW remains on top of Sandman, mounting him and hammering away with left hands, Jarrett heads outside of the ring, goes under the apron, and pulls out his trusty GUITAR! As Jarrett slides back into the ring, he tells Anderson to “GET HIM UP”, and begins cocking the guitar like a baseball bat.

    CW heaves the dead weight of The Sandman up, holding him in place… AND JARRETT SWINGS FOR THE FENCES WITH THE GUITAR!!!



    As the rubble of guitar crumbles to the canvas, so does CW Anderson. “ECDUB”, “ECDUB”, “ECDUB” chants are dedicated to the brutal shot, as Jarrett panics and looks to pick up The Sandman, but Sandman sneaks in a LOW BLOW!

    As Jarrett clutches at his globes, The Sandman crawls across the ring and picks up his Singapore Cane. The Sandman fights to his feet, only to notice PIERRE CARL OULETTE RUNNING DOWN THE RAMP!!!






    Winners: The Sandman and Yoshihiro Tajiri @ 12:24

    There’s a momentary big-time pop for the win, but it quickly dies down, as PCO GETS A HOLD OF THE SANDMAN!!!


    PCO is fuming inside of the ring, and Credible joins him, equally upset as they check on Jarrett. Meanwhile, The Sandman and Tajiri hug, happy with the victory.

    The victorious duo knows the numbers game is against them, so they jump back over the crowd barricade, and begin to make their exit through the crowd.

    As The Network continue to lose their minds inside of the ring, The Sandman and Tajiri magically find two more beers….



    The feral fans love it, as Tajiri and Sandman continue to celebrate with the fans, all smiles, whilst The Network continue to fume.

    It’s a happy ending tonight though, The Sandman and Tajiri victorious, and their celebration is the final image we get, before fading to black…

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    Re: March BTBOTM - Extreme Championship Wrestling by Stojy

    I’ve a few comments just to try and get up to speed, but I’ll start off with the negative bit and get on to the nice stuff…

    But that news on Corino was quite disappointing if I’m honest. Zoom pretty much nailed some of the issues you’re going to run into with the hardcore fan base of ECW, but the most frustrating part of it for me is that he didn’t lose the belt in the ring. After this mega long title reign, to just write the guy off without having him lose the belt and have the next champion get the rub of being the man to beat Corino kind of sucks. This is Hulk Hogan/mid 90’s Shawn Michaels level of politicking to get out of dropping a belt!!

    Anyway – the positives! The Iron Man match was excellently written. I thought there was a massive flaw in the set up of the match with two men being legal and two not at the outset considering you yourself even said basically “this is ECW, who knows how this will turn out”, so knowing the match could break down at any time with no ramifications, and given it’s ECW, what even was the point in starting the match this way?

    The only positive outcome of that was being able to make Daniels look like the jerk by refusing to start the match with Low Ki, but even then, that wasn’t really built upon, as he just tagged in shortly after anyway. Daniels riling the other three felt like the glue holding things together in the early going before you ramped up the action, and the spot with Tajiri and Ki refusing to tag in to let him out was well done.

    I liked that it was Christopher Daniels that won the opening fall too – even if someone else then goes on to win, he has that to harp on about that he got the first win of the match and a regular four way would’ve meant he was champion – but it would’ve been nice to see him trying some weaselly shit to defend that lead (trying to run away or run down the clock or intentionally tagging out so he could be on hand to break up pin attempts) and force the other three to band together against him.

    Instances like Daniels immediately tagging in off Danielson after Bryan won his first fall, and immediately hitting the BME on Tajiri to sneak back into the lead and then later on taking advantage of Ki and Bryan killing one another before swooping in after the Ki Krusher to try and steal another fall is the kind of storytelling I’m after.

    Barring Dragon just replacing Tajiri after he lost that earlier fall to Low Ki and the referee deciding that because Tajiri was out of the ring and Danielson was in that he could be legal, I’m quite impressed that you kept things on an even keel for so long and stuck to the rules as set out for ¾ of the match before it inevitably fell out of control. And credit to you for holding out so long before the inevitable TOWER OF DOOM~!! spot, lol.

    Coming into the closing stretch, you had everything poised pretty nicely, with Daniels and Ki on 2, Danielson right behind on 1 and Tajiri yet to get a fall. Kept everyone in the mix, as the possibility is always there of the dramatic final ten minutes for Tajiri to make a come from behind victory in that spot – especially in pro wrestling! But ultimately what proved to be the winning fall was a pretty spectacular spot, and with the added bonus is that all four guys were involved in it in some sense.

    Personally, I would’ve liked to see Low Ki on the defensive from that point, especially in the exchanges with Daniels, as he was still in the ascendancy until the three minute remaining mark, and having the near falls, as I feel like there’d be more drama in the other three getting those moments with near falls at that point as they chase his lead down. And even in those remaining couple of minutes, the action felt a little too back and forth for my liking, rather than Daniels throwing everything at Ki, but Low Ki hanging on to survive.

    Credit to you for not doing anything that would be seen as a “trope” for this kind of match, but just seeing Daniels if he’d been able to lock in Low Ki’s Dragon Clutch in the those final seconds and Low Ki surviving to the bell would’ve been a more dramatic conclusion to the match than Low Ki escaping it and then hitting Daniels with his move before the final seconds wound down.

    Overall though, an incredible effort and I’m sure a painstaking process to put this match together with all the moving parts and the sixty minute stipulation to work with. For me, Low Ki was the right winner – as outlined in my prediction post – and still Daniels hasn’t been pinned or made to submit, while also picking up the first fall of the match, so he has a LOT to work with going forward, and him refusing the handshake at the end while the other two did was a lovely dick moment to end the show on.

    The other two takeaways from the PPV centre on the Carnage Crew beating the Hit Squad and the AJ/Lynn conclusion. Love the fact the Carnage Crew got the win, and now set themselves up as being equals to the team that’s killed everyone else, giving the Hit Squad something now to overcome in the future. And the reaction of Jerry Lynn after the Styles match was delicious too. Assuming he’s in disbelief that he’s ran into another guy similar (in a way) to RVD, just when he thought the chance was there for him to take the TV title and run with it. Or maybe I read too much into his reactions after the loss, lol.

    Not a HUGE edition of Hardcore TV coming out of the PPV, but poor Jerry Lynn taking another loss!! Seemed like the groundwork was laid for Daniels/Ki being the direction but Cyrus attitude toward the Fallen Angel was noteworthy, and seemed to definitely draw a line under any potential alliance between Daniels and the Network as CW Anderson fills in as the first challenge for Low Ki on TV.



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    Re: March BTBOTM - Extreme Championship Wrestling by Stojy

    Good enough start to things tonight. Low Ki is, as you/Daniels put it, vanilla as they come, so his promo was as bland and uninteresting as I expected :P I did love the little mind games challenge he gave CD about ducking him though, while all Daniels has to do is flaunt not being pinned. I like that with The Network essentially dismissing Daniels, you can play into some shades of grey here with him. I would love to see Daniels team up with Low Ki against The Network a bit, only to then immediately turn on him because he's still a damn heel. Ki/CW is a good enough first title defense and would be a clinic of hard hitting to watch.

    Tommy is injured so he's back next week, right? Looooooove yyyooouuu.

    Straight forward 1 paragraph match fleshed out into 3 somehow with the only actual wrestling write up being the finish. I need to do that more :P Obviously it's the standard "they do a good wrestle thing but Champion always was retaining" match.

    This makes me hope the Briscoes come in like the Holly's

    I'm not sure WHY you're doing this "overconfident veteran" shtick with Lynn, but it can definitely be something that works and is a nice idea to try out. Him losing clean to Lynn in a classic Hogan/Norton style job of 3.0001 kick out works with it, although I want to hear some character work from Lynn BEFORE the inevitable snap/full blown heel turn. I think there is some fun nuance to be had there.

    So cute of CW to think he's going to be the next ECW Champ :P Him playing off of his name, Network loyalty, and the history of last year is all good fodder though to give the first defense a little more heat to it, which I appreciate.

    HAHAHAHAHA YESSSS!!!! That was fucking hilarious dude. This probably doesn't work near as well if it's anyone other than Tajiri but because it's the non English speaking but kind of hilarious Jap, you just know he's got the bug eyed and crazy grin on his face when the camera is on him. Absolutely love it.

    I'm legitimately surprised Jarrett was the guy to do the job here. I love that it's just from a KO Cane shot, so long as you play into the fact later that Jarrett isn't a hardcore wrestler and thus isn't built for taking that kind of punishment, since you're 50/50 to see a Singapore Cane shot no sold by someone in ECW While it's no fault of his own, not thrilled to see CW end up looking like a stooge eating a guitar shot before before next week. His last moment before a title match shouldn't be that, but that's small potatoes I guess since we know he's not winning anyways. He just should still look credible, yanno? But still, I love Sandman getting a big win over Jarrett because he's still a God to the ECW crowd, no matter how old/broken down/awful be is

    WCW 99: The Fingerpoke of Doom
    Now Playing in BTB Section!

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    Re: March BTBOTM - Extreme Championship Wrestling by Stojy

    Thanks for the feedback, fellas. Next show is done and will be posted at some stage on the weekend.

    ECW Hardcore TV Preview
    August 10th, 2002
    Memphis, Tennessee

    This week’s show is jam packed, with four matches on the agenda, none bigger than the main event. After coming out on top at Heatwave and becoming the new ECW Champion, Low Ki is now firmly in the sight of The Network. Cyrus announced last week that he will continue to put Ki through the ringer until The Network are back in possession of the most prestigious title in the sport. Low Ki’s first title defence is against ‘The Extreme Enforcer’ himself, and arguably The Network’s most powerful asset in CW Anderson. Anderson is already one half of the ECW Tag Team Champions after an impressive performance at Heatwave in his own right. To add to the spectacle, almost a year ago to this day, on the August 11th edition of Hardcore TV last year, CW Anderson was tasked with defeating Low Ki to bring the ECW Television Championship back to The Network, and that’s exactly what he did. The odds will be in Anderson’s favour as well, as The Network have already confirmed that Anderson’s tag team partner, Justin Credible will be at ringside. Will history repeat itself? Or will Low Ki be able to overcome Anderson, and the seemingly inevitable interference from The Network? The wildcard in all this could be Christopher Daniels. After striking up a deal with The Network leading into Heatwave, Daniels and Ki looked set to agree to a title match last week, until Cyrus and Jeff Jarrett intervened, casting Daniels to the side. Will ‘The Fallen Angel’ make his presence felt during the main event? We know he’ll be keeping a close eye on proceedings.

    For only the second time in history, ECW will be airing some official footage from the most recent NWA-TNA pay per view. This week’s pay per view saw a Triple Threat Match which saw Jeff Jarrett try and win the NWA World Heavyweight Championship against both Ken Shamrock and Ron ‘The Truth’ Killings. Exclusive highlights will air of this match, focusing on another surprise appearance from some ECW talent.

    A tag team match of some potentially uneasy alliances will take place this week, as Homicide will team up with The Network’s Pierre Carl Oulette to take on the team of Paul London and Spanky. Homicide and PCO aren’t a usual tandem, but if they can work together, they have the potential to be one of the most dangerous duos in ECW. The only issue is Homicide was clearly unhappy with The Network after being removed from the ECW Title match, and instead placed in the opener at Heatwave. The question is whether these two will get along, or whether all hell will break loose. On the other side of the ring, London and Spank are friends, and they have been successful teaming in the past, however their obsession with getting the best of Michael Shane has led to some tension between them. At Heatwave, they both failed to get the best of Shane again, so will they be able to put that behind them and focus on being a cohesive unit? Both teams have all the potential in the world, but this could just come down to who can get along.

    At Heatwave, AJ Styles managed to successfully retain the ECW Television Title against Jerry Lynn. Despite tensions building throughout the lead up to Heatwave, the two managed to maintain their composure and have a respectful contest. After the match, it looked like Lynn was ready to explode, but instead he shook AJ’s hand and left the ring. After AJ defended the title again, against Doug Williams last week, Lynn and Styles crossed paths, and Lynn sarcastically patted AJ on the back. Unfortunately for Lynn, maybe being a little to confident, he would then lose to The Amazing Red in something of an upset. This may put Red ahead of Lynn in terms of the next TV Title shot, however there was reportedly a meeting between Lynn and Styles which occurred after last week’s show, which our cameras managed to catch. That meeting will be aired on this week’s show.

    After running roughshod over the tag division for the past few months, Da Hit Squad were defeated by The Carnage Crew at Heatwave. They will look to bounce back this week when they are in a Three-Way Dance tag team match against the debuting teams of Brian XL and Izzy, as well as Dixie and Elax. We don’t currently have a lot of knowledge of these new debuting teams, and they could be in for a tough debut, with Da Hit Squad undoubtedly set to be in a bad mood.

    There’s one more match on this week’s episode of Hardcore TV and it’s the one that’s pencilled in to start the show. Coming off an unsuccessful attempt at the ECW Title at Heatwave, Christopher Daniels made it clear last week that he’s still determined to become the next ECW Champion. ‘The Fallen Angel’ will get the chance to build some more momentum when he goes one on one with Jay Briscoe. Despite being known across the independents as a tag team specialist, Jay continues to put in some tremendous efforts in singles competition, including an incredible effort against Homicide at Heatwave. It seems only a matter of time until one of these valiant performances earns him the biggest win of his career. Will tonight be the night?

    Please tune in to see all of this and much more!!!

    Confirmed Matches:

    ECW Championship Match:
    Low Ki (c) defends against CW Anderson w/Justin Credible

    Homicide and Pierre Carl Oulette vs. Paul London and Spanky

    Three Way Dance:
    Brian XL and Izzy vs. Da Hit Squad vs. Dixie and Elax

    Christopher Daniels vs. Jay Briscoe

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    Re: March BTBOTM - Extreme Championship Wrestling by Stojy

    Time to get caught up on some feedback again!

    Let's start with some comments on the PPV.

    I really wish Homicide would've just completely fucking owned Jay and was very surprised that that match was so competitive. I'm not sure how Homicide isn't just legit destroying anyone and everyone he finds considering he should've been in a ECW Championship match and is instead curtain jerkin'! I can see why you may not want to sacrifice Brisco since you probably have plans for him and probably his brother, but man I need more Homicide wreckin' shit.

    Speaking of wreckin' shit - I was also pretty sad to see Da Hit Squad take the L here. I'm not quite as disappointed though because the tag team division could use some more players and giving Carnage Crew the win here definitely helps their value and gives us some extra depth in the division. So I'll let that one slide :P

    Doug Williams is someone I've never really seen a lot of so it's hard for me to get down with him mainly because he seems like such a work rate intensive guy. But him going over Crazy makes sense at this point.

    Shane/London/Spanky was a lot of fun as expected and I'm pleasantly surprised you gave the win to Shane. It seemed like he was going to get his comeuppance but you always keep us guessing! Shane has the personality so I'm all about him getting more of a push and as I've said before he's someone I've thoroughly enjoyed in this new ECW era.

    But yeah the Main Event was epic and definitely delivered. Low Ki was probably the one I was least interested in winning but at the same time he's been built up well and certainly qualifies as championship material at this point, so I don't mind giving him a chance and seeing what he can do, or should I say what you can do with him. Daniels getting the first fall was also a nice touch. I imagine this match will be gettin some MOTY considerations when all is said and done, my friend.

    But man my predictions sucked!

    Now onto Hardcore TV:

    Starting out with Low Ki makes sense and Christopher Daniels wanting to be the first in line is perfectly logical booking here and something I'm on board for. But Cyrus being there to throw a monkey wrench is good to keep us wanting that match longer. CW Anderson is a fine way to give Low Ki a nice first title defense.

    Another good defense from AJ Styles as he is building up a reputation of being a fighting champion and a work horse. Good stuff.

    Sounds like the Briscos will be reunited soon.

    Stuff with Lynn is a pretty interesting spin as he loses again, something to watch for her.

    Gotta love Tajiri cosplaying as Sandman, that's awesome stuff. Great way to lead into this match and a fun way to close out the show. Jarrett taking another loss is somewhat surprising as I'd think he wouldn't want to come off looking too bad given TNA and such...but hey it was still a really fun way to close out the show with Tajiri and Sandman. The ECW fans would've been loving every minute of that ending for sure.

    Obviously not a whole lot going on on the first show but some good ground work laid for a possible build towards Low Ki/Daniels.

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    Re: April BTBOTM - Extreme Championship Wrestling by Stojy

    Thanks Dubb, appreciate the comments. Honestly think my run of crazy paced updates will end from here. First time in awhile that I’m posting a show without even having started the next one.

    ECW Hardcore TV
    August 10th, 2002
    Memphis, Tennessee

    As the show opens and the lights shine somewhat bright (because we’re all about cheap production in the land of the extreme), the fans are all chanting “ECDUB”, “ECDUB”, “ECDUB”. The cameras pan around the arena, showing just how passionate this crowd seems to be before the cameras circle the empty ring.

    We then cut to the commentary booth, where JOEY STYLES is sitting, headset on, having bypassed the typical in ring introduction for another week. With the audience still making plenty of noise, Joey begins yelling in his usual over the top manner.

    Joey Styles: Hi everybody and welcome to another episode of Hardcore TV, brought to you by Extreme Championship Wrestling. We’re here in Memphis Tennessee for the second week in a row, and our huge main event was announced on last week’s show. Now that Low Ki has won the previously vacated ECW Championship, The Network wanted it back, so tonight Low Ki will defend against The Network’s very own enforcer, CW Anderson! These two have quite the history, looking back at almost a year to this day, CW Anderson was tasked with reclaiming the ECW Television Championship for The Network, and he beat Low Ki to do so. Will history repeat itself tonight, or will ‘The Warrior’ successfully defend his newly won championship?

    Joey pauses, full of excitement, and there’s still plenty of noise still echoing throughout the audience.

    Joey Styles: But before we get to that, we’ve got other exciting action to get to, and kicking off the night will be two men with the ability to steal the show. ‘The Fallen Angel’ Christopher Daniels will look to cement his claims for an ECW Title shot when he goes one on one with Jay Briscoe, and it’s time for the competitors to head towards the ring.

    And Joey continues to look full of vim and vigour as we head back to ringside…

    Much to the delight of the fans, it’s JAY BRISCOE out first, getting a respectful ovation, as his impressive performances in recent times have won over the fans. For the first time in ECW though, Jay isn’t alone, with a man with a similar buzzcut, similar height, and all around similar looks accompanying him to the ring. The stranger walks just behind Jay, donned in cargo pants and a black hoody, cheering on Briscoe as they enter the ring.

    Joey Styles: For our viewers at home and inside the arena that don’t know, Jay Briscoe has some support with him tonight. This is the first time that Jay’s younger brother, Mark Briscoe has appeared on ECW television. I saw Mark and Jay backstage earlier tonight and the two seemed to be arguing about something.

    The two are sharing words in the ring as they wait for Christopher Daniels, but the conversation remains positive.

    Joey Styles: Whatever it was, it seems to have been resolved between the two brothers. Mark won’t be in action tonight, but the word is it’s only a matter of time before he makes his debut in ECW, and apparently, he’s just as good as Jay. For tonight though, it looks like Mark is here to cheer on his brother from ringside.

    Christopher Daniels’ entrance isn’t getting written out, the only reason Briscoe’s got that treatment is because it’s the first appearance of Mark. Let’s get to the match, shall we?

    Match One
    Christopher Daniels vs. Jay Briscoe w/Mark Briscoe

    This one pretty much sums up Jay Briscoe’s career in ECW first. He tries his ass off, and he’s super competitive, really putting up a great fight, but there’s a few things going against him. One, he’s predominantly a tag team wrestler and two, he seems to lack the experience and the killer instinct to be able to finish off the match. Plus, Christopher Daniels is one of the best wrestlers in all of ECW, so every time Jay potentially looks like he could be building to much momentum, ‘The Fallen Angel’ is able to shut him down.

    Throughout the contest, Mark Briscoe yells out a bunch of incoherent advice from the outside but would then get frustrated if Daniels simply outmanoeuvred Jay. There are even a few times in the contest where Mark’s overbearing advice actually distracts his older brother, allowing Daniels to once again take the advantage.

    In the end, it’s a back and forth, even contest, but after Daniels threatened to put Jay away, Briscoe makes one last attempt at a comeback. He lands a few big moves… BEFORE JAY HOOKS DANIELS UP FOR THE JAY DRILLER!!!




    Mark Briscoe is fuming on the outside, slapping the apron in disappointment, AS DANIELS MAKES THE COVER…1…2…3!!!

    Winner: Christopher Daniels @ 4:55

    As soon as the referee’s hand hits the mat for the three count, Daniels is quickly back to his feet, getting his hand raised as he wipes a bead of sweat from his forehead.

    ‘The Fallen Angel’ looks down at his fallen opponent, sneering, before he steps back into the corner of the ring.

    This allows Mark Briscoe to jump onto the apron and step into the ring to check on his brother. He casts a quick glance in the direction of Daniels, but Daniels holds his hands up innocently, remaining in the corner.

    Mark and the referee manage to roll Jay out of the ring, where Mark then supports Jay’s body weight and helps him towards the back.

    After a few steps, Jay regains his wits and manages to walk himself, when suddenly Mark gets a rather annoyed look on his face.

    Mark jogs in front of Jay, before stopping, causing Jay to stop and look at his brother in confusion.


    Mark Briscoe berates his brother for losing, which gets some heat from the crowd, before turning on his heel and storming through the curtain. Jay seems a little shocked but equally as pissed, and he storms after his brother, not willing to let their confrontation stop there…

    Once that drama is taken care of and Jay Briscoe has disappeared through the curtain, attention is turned back towards the ring. CHRISTOPHER DANIELS remains standing in the middle of the ring, except now he’s got a microphone in his hand and he’s back to looking like he’s in the same bad mood as last week.

    Christopher Daniels: Now that we’ve finished that episode of Days Of Our Lives, I’ll get to the serious business. I want to talk about the ECW Championship because I don’t care about what The Network wants. The Network can make whatever deal they want regarding Low Ki and MY RIGHTFUL ECW TITLE MATCHES…

    Daniels must pause for a moment to regain his composure, ready to lose it already. The fans surprisingly gave him a slight pop when he mentioned that he didn’t care what The Network thought.

    Christopher Daniels: They can talk about how all of the next challengers are going to be members of The Network until they are in possession of the ECW Title, but it’s not going to happen. I know how this works and more importantly, I know what makes the champion tick. I know how Low Ki works and what Low Ki wants just as much as a legacy as ECW Champion is to be the one to FINALLY beat Christopher Daniels.

    Big time pop for the thought of Low Ki beating Daniels, but Daniels ignores the fans response.

    Christopher Daniels: So, screw The Network and all their games, let’s bypass that because we’re the only two people who matter in this situation. Low Ki, I’m calling you out, get your ass to this ring right now. And when you get here, I want your word that you’ll give me a title shot NEXT WEEK!!!

    There’s a buzz throughout the arena for that proposal, and Daniels waits patiently, but he doesn’t have to wait long. The ECW Champion LOW KI steps through the curtain, already in his wrestling shorts, and more importantly, he has the ECW Title around his waist. Ki slaps hands with some fans on the way towards the ring, receiving a TREMENDOUS ovation from the fans as he does so.

    Once inside of the ring, Ki grabs a microphone from a jobber through the ropes, before locking eyes with Daniels. As both men get closer to each other, neither blinks.

    Low Ki: You know what? You’re right.

    Ki looks as serious as ever, but Daniels smirks, knowing Ki wants a one-on-one victory over him so bad.

    Low Ki: I hate to give you credit for anything, because you give more than enough to yourself week after week, but I have to give you that. Everything you said is accurate, you’re right.

    Smug is the definition of the look on CD’s face right now.

    Low Ki: So, let’s not waste any time, I’ve got a proposition for you. You see, this can go two ways.

    ‘The Fallen Angel’ seems genuinely intrigued by this.

    Low Ki: The first way, number one… You sit on the sidelines and I run through The Network. Cyrus and Jeff Jarrett line them up, and I knock them down, one by one for a month or two.

    Daniels screws up his face, seemingly not liking this option, but Low Ki ignores him and continues.

    Low Ki: After I take care of The Network, will come to ECW’s next pay per view event, Anarchy Rulz on October sixth. The Network will be burned to the ground and on October sixth, you can get your shot.

    Some cheers for the fans, liking Low Ki’s proposal, but ‘The Fallen Angel’ seems to hate it.

    Low Ki: Or there’s option number two… We both want to fight each other more than anything for different reasons. You want the gold and I want to beat you in a one-on-one match, so we throw The Network out the window. We forget about their grand plan, and we fight next week.

    Epic pop from that announcement, and even Daniels smirks, clearly preferring option two. As usual, the World Heavyweight Champion remains rather stoic.

    Christopher Daniels: Yep, you sold me. I choose option two, let’s do it next week!

    Daniels looks to turn away, preparing to leave the ring, but Ki grabs his arm, causing Daniels to swing back around. The hostility between the two is clear for all to see, Daniels’ eyes wide at Ki touching him, but the champ just wants to keep talking.

    Low Ki: Option two can be arranged, I can do that. I can push this match with The Network and the powers that be if that’s what you want. To make Low Ki versus Christopher Daniels happen next week, you have to do one thing for me.

    ‘The Fallen Angel’ rolls his eyes at first, not taking it to seriously, until Low Ki extends his hand. This gets quite an ovation from the fans, and Ki is forced to yell over them.


    Cheers continue to reverberate around the place, and Ki keeps his hand out, unmoving. Daniels looks absolutely FURIOUS though, shaking his head in absolute disgust. He begins to storm around the ring, mulling over what to say or what to do before meeting Ki back in the centre of the ring. Having been unable to come up with a glorious idea, Daniels puts the mic to his mouth, but isn’t sure what to say, putting it back down and shaking his head again.

    After a few more moments, having waited long enough, Low Ki withdraws his hand.

    Low Ki: Don’t say I didn’t give you the chance. I’ll see you in October then!

    Before Daniels can reaction, Low Ki turns away and leaves the ring. The ECW Champion is no longer taking the disrespect from Daniels, and now as Ki steps through the curtain, ‘The Fallen Angel’ is IRATE.

    Daniels begins throwing a temper tantrum in the ring, kicking the ropes in frustration when the cameras cut to JOEY STYLES up in The Bird’s Nest.

    Joey Styles: I honestly can’t believe what we just saw. Christopher Daniels wants the ECW Championship so badly, but his hatred for Low Ki is so strong that he couldn’t put his pride to the side and shake Low Ki’s hand. This has been occurring for a long time now and at first, it seemed like Christopher Daniels didn’t shake hands because it just wasn’t something he did.

    A momentary pause from Styles.

    Joey Styles: That didn’t deter the rest of his peers, as Low Ki brought more respect to ECW and was joined by Bryan Danielson and others. Over the period of time that all these wrestlers have been in ECW, Christopher Daniels has become almost known for being the one new generation member without any kind of respect.

    Joey screws his face up at that and shakes his head, not happy with Daniels’ approach.

    Joey Styles: Low Ki’s the ECW Champion now, and he refuses to take any further disrespect from Christopher Daniels. To shake Low Ki’s hand tonight, after all the declines, after seventeen months in ECW, a handshake tonight would have been a gesture of ultimate respect to Low Ki. Instead, the hate from Daniels to Low Ki now runs so deep that Christopher Daniels refused the handshake. This means that due to not being able to put his pride to the side, Daniels now has to wait longer for another shot at the much thirsted after ECW Championship!

    Styles clearly can’t believe that Daniels didn’t just go ahead with the handshake for a title match next week.

    Joey Styles: With that being said, there will need to be further confirmation from The Network, but it seems that Low Ki versus Christopher Daniels for the ECW Title could headline Anarchy Rulz in ECW’s return to Los Angeles!

    After Joey’s thorough recap, it turns out Daniels has taken his temper tantrum to the back. With that, we cut to our first break of the evening.


    ECW Anarchy Rulz
    October 6th, 2002
    Los Angeles, California
    Grand Olympic Auditorium


    Match Two
    Three Way Dance
    Brian XL and Izzy vs. Da Hit Squad vs. Dixie and Elax

    The two jobber teams get little to no reaction, however once the bell rings, they immediately get onto the same page, trying to team up to take out Maff and Mack. Da Hit Squad run through all four of them, literally, ploughing over them to send them crashing to the floor, and from then, it’s pure domination from Da Hit Squad. They play with their food a little less than normal here, extra serious after coming up short in a surprise loss at Heatwave.

    In the end, they clear the ring of two of their opponents, leaving just Elax and Brian XL with them. They focus on Elax first, as Mack heads to the top rope, only for Maff to lift and pass Elax to him… AND MACK DESTROYS ELAX WITH A SUPERBOMB!!!

    That already gets some fun “ECDUB”, “ECDUB”, “ECDUB” chants, some fans potentially remembering The Pitbulls, when MAFF KILLS BRIAN XL WITH THE BURNING HAMMER!!!



    Elimination #1: Brian XL and Izzy @ 1:20

    Elimination #2: Dixie and Elax @ 1:20

    Winners: Da Hit Squad @ 1:20

    The new talent has been well and truly pancaked, so the referee immediately begins assisting them from the ring. Da Hit Squad get some nice cheers from the fans, because they enjoy chaos but Maff and Mack don’t pay it any attention.

    They mean mug as always, looking hard and gangster, when Maff/Mafia decides to get on the microphone.

    Mafia: Heatwave wasn’t shit. This isn’t over after one match. We know who we are and what we represent, The Carnage Crew don’t GET to be the toughest team in one match.

    Mafia then smashes the microphone to the floor, having said what he wanted to say. Da Hit Squad continue to seemingly guard the ring when THE CARNAGE CREW make their way out from the back.

    Boos greet the arrival of HC LOC and TONY DEVITO, but they aren’t wasting anytime, sprinting straight towards the ring…


    All four men throw haymakers at each other, nobody wanting to take a backwards step, until Maff and Mack spear their respective opponents, and all four men go tumbling through the ropes and to the outside.

    Those famous “ECDUB”, “ECDUB”, “ECDUB” chants can be heard, as the brawl continues on the floor. There’s nothing to crazy here, just some punches in bunches…


    The heat is at a loud volume for the interruption, as it takes a bit of time, but all the workers manage to separate Da Hit Squad and The Carnage Crew.

    Loc and DeVito seem somewhat comfortable with the stoppage, whilst Mack and Mafia continue to try and press on, forcing most of the security staff to focus on them.

    After what seems like an eternity, and to plenty of heat from the fans, Da Hit Squad gets escorted to the back.

    At ringside, The Carnage Crew are getting plenty of insults from the fans, but they ignore them, instead noticing that the jobbers that Da Hit Squad destroyed earlier are still sprawled out across ringside.

    Loc and DeVito scrape the carcasses of Dixie and Izzy off the floor and roll them into the ring. Once inside of the ring, Loc and Devito grab a hold of Dixie… AND THEY HEAD TO THE SECOND ROPE… DRILLING DIXIE WITH A SPIKE PILEDRIVER!!!


    “ECDUB”, “ECDUB”, “ECDUB” rings out throughout the arena due to the carnage caused by this crew, and with Loc and DeVito standing tall, we cut to a new scene…

    Next up, we get a video that plays, with a caption which reads ‘AFTER LAST WEEK’S SHOW’. The first image we get is of a sweaty AJ STYLES, sitting on a chair in an empty locker room, untying his boots. On the floor next to him is the ECW Television Championship he just successfully defended against Doug Williams, but AJ picks up the title when in walks a dishevelled looking JERRY LYNN. Despite looking a little unhinged earlier in the evening, Lynn has managed to shower and cool off, now looking the definition of a cool character.

    AJ is still a little weary, deciding to stand up, but Lynn puts his hands up as if to say he means no harm.

    Jerry Lynn: Whoa, easy, there’s no need for that, kid. I just came by to congratulate you on your defence.

    Jerry looks earnest, but Styles chuckles.

    AJ Styles: Whoa, easy there, Jerry. You don’t have to butter me up if you want a rematch.

    This draws a wry smirk from Lynn, who shakes his head.

    Jerry Lynn: You’ve got me all wrong, I’m not here for that.

    AJ continues to look right in the eyes of Lynn, wondering what he wants.

    Jerry Lynn: I’m here because I see a lot in you, and I want to clear the air. If I’ve come across as bitter, I’m sorry.

    After waiting a few moments to see if Lynn says anything else, AJ’s demeanour softens slightly.

    AJ Styles: Continuing with the honesty trend, you sounded real bitter. With that being said, I get it.

    Lynn continues to listen intently.

    AJ Styles: I have to tell you, I’m a big fan of yours. I can’t begin to tell you how influenced I was by your matches with RVD.

    They aren’t happy or winning memories for Lynn, so an annoyed look flashes across his face, before immediately disappearing.

    Jerry Lynn: You’re terrific, AJ, but you’ve still got a lot to learn, and I’ve been everywhere and done it all. We’ve already tried the one-on-one thing, but I’d be happy to teach you a thing or two as part of a tag team.

    AJ nonchalantly shrugs, unsure how to react.

    AJ Styles: Ah maybe. I mean, the TV Title is my top priority, but a tag team might be fun.

    They’re not exactly best friends, but they share a polite nod with each other, before AJ sits back down to untie his boots, and Lynn leaves the locker room. We get one last view of AJ taking off his left boot when the video ends, and we head to commercials.

    Returning from the break, we get another video package…


    The video is from the August 11th, 2001 episode of ECW Hardcore TV. The video is clearly Network endorsed, showing highlights of CW ANDERSON landing offense on LOW KI. Edits have clearly been made to the footage though, as the interference from Jerry Lynn and Justin Credible isn’t shown, however the final sequence we see is CW landing the Anderson Spinebuster to get the win. This is followed by CW celebrating with the TV Title.


    Match Three
    Homicide and Pierre Carl Oulette vs. Paul London and Spanky

    Despite their differences recently, London and Spanky seemed like they were able to put them aside for this one, whilst Homicide was frosty as towards Pierre Carl Oulette. On commentary, Joey Styles is quick to point out this probably has something to do with The Network yet to give Homicide an ECW Title shot. Oulette begins in the ring, but is outpaced by London and Spanky, as they keep him off balance with some double team moves. Out of frustration more than anything, Homicide blind tags himself into the match and doesn’t look back. He breaks even with the opposing team but completely ignores PCO’s encourage and pleas for a tag.

    Eventually, the lack of teamwork from Homicide and PCO comes back to bite them, as Spanky and London manage to knock PCO from the apron, and double team Homicide. This process gets them several near falls, but they are unable to put ‘The Notorious 187’ away. Each time PCO looks set to get back up, London and Spanky nail a Baseball Slide to keep him down and out on the outside.

    As PCO and Homicide look to be in trouble, the mood in the arena changes, and it’s clear to see why. The fans boo the hell out of the arrival of MICHAEL SHANE at ringside. London heads to the outside, not seeing Shane, and he looks to do some further damage to PCO, when Shane taps London on the shoulder. London turns around… SHANE DROPS LONDON WITH A SUPERKICK!!!

    The insults from the fans directed at Shane are even worse after that, but Spanky has seen this from inside of the ring. Spanky steps out to the apron and grabs Shane by the hair, dragging him up onto the apron. With the fans behind him, Spanky then steps through the ropes, keeping a hold of Shane, but before Spanky can drag Shane into the ring… SHANE DROPS DOWN, HANGING SPANKY’S NECK ACROSS THE TOP ROPE!!!

    Shane immediately falls to the floor, and Spanks gasps for air, before turning towards the recovered Homicide… AND HOMICIDE CONNECTS WITH THE COP KILLA!!!


    Winners: Homicide and Pierre Carl Oulette @ 4:22

    A mixed reaction comes from the fans after this one, as whilst they hate Shane and PCO, they can’t help but slightly enjoy the epicness of Homicide, especially when he’s mad at The Network.

    London remains down on the outside and Shane helps PCO to his feet. Shane and PCO look inside of the ring, where Homicide snarls at them. Shane and PCO decide not to cause a confrontation, just backing across ringside until they can head up the ramp.

    Meanwhile, Homicide barely celebrates, not removing his eyes from The Network member and Michael Shane…

    And hey, get excited, we’ve got another video package…


    This video package begins with a black screen and red text, letting the viewer know that “THE FOLLOWING FOOTAGE IS COURTESY OF NWA-TNA”.

    We see clips from the main event in The Asylum this past Wednesday, where KEN SHAMROCK defended the NWA Championship in a Triple Threat match against both

    After seeing some clips of throughout the match, we transition to the ending where Shamrock is able to nail the Belly To Belly Suplex on Killings. Before Shamrock can make the pin,
    CW ANDERSON, and JUSTIN CREDIBLE appear, grabbing Shamrock by the legs and dragging him from the ring.

    The two Network members beat up on the current champion, much to the dismay of the fans in attendance. One fan makes a comedic yell for security, but Jarrett and his Daddy run the show so there’s no interruption here. Meanwhile, with Killings still down, Jarrett is able to crawl over and make the cover…1…2…3!!!


    We now transition to a few glimpses of Jarrett celebrating, and sharing hugs with Anderson and Credible. The last image we get is of the smug trio standing in the centre of the ring, Jarrett with the title around his waist and a microphone in his hand.


    With that, the trio get plenty of heat from the fans, as the video comes to an end.


    Match Four
    ECW World Heavyweight Championship Match
    Low Ki (c) defends against CW Anderson w/Justin Credible

    Low Ki started like a house on fire, proving why he is the champion, simply lighting up Anderson with his brutal strikes. The opening couple of minutes remain surprisingly one sided with ‘The Warrior’ going to work, until Anderson manages to land a Mule Kick low blow to alter the complexion of the match. From here, Anderson is able to use his strength and deadly left hand to dominate, and each time Low Ki looks likely to comeback, Credible intervenes from outside of the ring.

    After several bits of interference, the referee decides he’s had enough, after CREDIBLE GRABS THE FOOT OF LOW KI, TRIPPING HIM AS HE WAS BOUNCING OFF THE ROPES!!!

    Insults are directed at Credible from the fans, whilst the referee gets his attention, and points to the back stating “YOU’RE OUT OF HERE”! The ovation is tremendous as Credible argues back to the referee, but the ref is adamant that the other half of the tag team champions has to go. After a few more seconds, the leader of The Network, CYRUS powerwalks his way down the ramp and confronts the referee.


    Unfortunately for the referee, all he can do is nod and shrug, because he’s just received an order from his boss. Credible will be remaining at ringside and to make matters worse for the ECW Champion, now Cyrus has decided to remain at ringside as well. As expected, Low Ki gets battered and bruised by Anderson, and the numbers on the outside continue to play a part, refusing to allow Low Ki to build any real momentum.

    Still, Low Ki continues to stay in it, eventually avoiding a Corner Clothesline from Anderson, which allows LOW KI TO SPRINGBOARD OFF THE ROPES…


    Cyrus immediately panics on the outside, barking instructions at Credible. Justin Credible grabs the Singapore Cane he brought to ringside, but he also grabs the ECW Title that is at ringside. Credible throws the ECW Title into the ring, causing the referee to go scurrying over to it, and it even distracts Low Ki. Credible then slides into the ring… AND CHARGES AT LOW KI WITH THE SINGAPORE CANE!!!


    A big-time pop from the fans, but it’s Credible’s interference which cost Low Ki a year ago…



    Winner: Low Ki @ 9:39

    There’s an earth-shattering ovation as Low Ki manages to overcome the odds with a flash pin out of nowhere. Anderson remains on his knees, in complete shock, WHILST AN EMBARRASSED CREDIBLE CHARGES BACK INTO THE RING WITH SINGAPORE CANE IN HAND…


    Cyrus gets into the ring as well, he’s also furious with proceedings, but it doesn’t matter. The referee has hurried from the ring to raise Low Ki’s hand, and the fact is that The Network have failed in recapturing the ECW Championship.

    Ki continues to stare down The Network from the top of the ramp before he raises his title above his head. The final shot we get is of the champion, on top of the world after his first title defence as the show fades to black.

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    Re: April BTBOTM - Extreme Championship Wrestling by Stojy

    No more banked shows? Good, now the rest of us can catch up to your pace lately! (I'm kidding of course, the more Stojy ECW the better!)

    No surprise to see Mark Briso finally showing up. Also no surprise that Jay once again comes up short, this time against Daniels. Interesting watching the younger brother be the one to berate the older brother. In any event, this should give Jay some direction as well as giving us another tag team to a division needing some more threats to it.

    Reading this promo between Daniels and Low Ki, I suddenly realize why Low Ki is such a spot on choice to be ECW Champion in this new "Honor Era" since he represents it perhaps more than anyone, so after initially saying Low Ki was probably the one I was least interested in winning at the PPV - I take it back and give you kudos for that. I definitely enjoyed this dynamic between the two and Daniels being so up his own ass he can't even accept a handshake to get a title match.

    Juicy squash to get Da Hit Squad some heat back after losing at the PPV, perfectly fine booking there and speaking of, not surprised to see this feud isn't over with yet. The Carnage Krew one upping their rivals by attacking the jobbers is a fine way to get some more heat on them as well.

    AJ & Lynn teaming up? I'm sure this will end will for AJ. Only way this ends is probably with a heel turn for Lynn but I'm here for the ride as them teaming up together was always fun in TNA.

    Nice of you to put over CW Anderson with the hype video package - gotta make us think there's a chance he might win!

    Surprised that Michael Shane is still mixing it up with London and Spanky, was thinking it might be time to move on from them. Still feel like Homicide should be wrecking shit more, even though he seems reluctant to be teaming with PCO, I'd rather see him outright kicking Network ass - which I know is coming but I feel like Homicide's reaction to losing his ECW Title shot has been "tame" for him.

    TNA FOOTAGE! Man Jeff Jarrett as the NWA Champion thanks to help from the Network is to just give him the ECW Title too! C'mon you know you want to.

    Main Event was never in doubt but it's a good showcase for Low Ki's first defense as he overcomes CW and Justin Credible and gives us a feel good moment to close out the show with Low Ki celebrating.

    Another show that feels like we're kind of setting the scene for things to come, which is not a bad thing because those are needed for the build. I like what you're doing with Low Ki here as champ and the slow build towards the Daniels match is going to be fun I think.

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    Re: April BTBOTM - Extreme Championship Wrestling by Stojy

    Massively behind schedule. Reading Dubb's Summerslam, vacation, and being sick got me fucked up.. Thankfully you're slowing down like the rest of us!

    The Briscoes as the Holly Cousins is a storyline I'm on board with. Story told no problems with the opening match with them. I really want someone to make a General Hospital crack to Daniels after the soap opera line because they're going to put Daniels in a hospital. I really love almost ALL of the Daniels/Ki stuff. I love them both just wanting to say screw The Network, let's finish our business. And Low Ki baiting Daniels in was hilarious. Joey Styles REALLY sold the situation on commentary after the fact, but just having Low Ki say shake my hand and show you respect me would've made the moment that much better. But again, your Joey commentary to sell how much Daniels hates Low Ki (when really, I think the hatred should be the other way around since Low Ki has never beaten him. Hasn't Daniels gotten a win on him somewhere?) did a great job still to sell everything. It was also a phenomenal way to stall Ki/Daniels if that's what you're choosing to do.

    Good emphatic rehab win for DHS. I still need more character work/reason to invest in these guys/Carnage Crew, but I do like CC trying to one up them after their brawl by retaking the jobbers out. That was both funny and low key brilliant.

    AJ/Lynn was kind of a filler segment, yet really entertaining because of the slow burn here, and AJ's cocky little play on Lynn's words several times and referencing RVD/Lynn when Jerry was pretty much always the loser. Again, it's low key brilliance from you.

    Damn, London and Spanky are getting fucking owned by Shane at like every turn I honestly don't know why he's bothering with them at this point because he won at Heatwave, right? He should have higher aspirations than fucking with these guys. That said, you still used him well to set up Homicide/PCO winning since Cide is a bit frosty to The Network. I can't say I'm a fan of you seemingly starting to turn Homicide just because he's "epic" when he's been a gigantic heel and has done some fucked up shit. I can go with the fans keep popping for the Cop Killa like it's the Diamond Cutter, but don't be lazy Stoj!

    Main event was nothing spectacular, but in fairness the result was never in doubt. This was much more about calling back to last year when Ki lost the TV Title to CW and making things different. So it's job done there of course! Plus, the aftermath perfectly sets up Credible to challenge Low Ki next in a few weeks.

    But let's be honest, the real story here of this show: Jeff Jarrett is the new NWA World Champion!

    Sorry it's taken so long mate. It's not me, it's you

    WCW 99: The Fingerpoke of Doom
    Now Playing in BTB Section!

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    Re: April BTBOTM - Extreme Championship Wrestling by Stojy

    Opening segment continues some great wrestling storytelling and further develops the motivations for both men. Most angles work better when the motivations are clear to everyone and Low Ki’s promo did a good job spelling it out for a first time viewer (and also remind a long time viewer why this program is important to each man). Daniels heel work and your description of it were well done and needed to help along a straight man like Low Ki.

    Brutal opening match with a lot of violent spots and brawling. Classic ECW shock style segment designed to get the fans bloodlust up and get them involved. The Carnage Crew and Mann and Maff will not be a tag team classic, but an unadulterated brawl in the vein of Public Enemy and The Pitbulls? Oh yeah, they can do that. Its good to see another chapter to this that ups the violence and forces the booker to get creative to avoid a repetitive feud that loses focus.

    The Lynn / Styles interaction was subtle and REALLY well done. It wasn’t earth shattering or anything that will be memorable, but it is a solid necessary building block for a well built program. Both men’s motivations were unveiled and the little subtle hints that could lead in either direction have given you a lot of flexibility as a storyteller.

    The Homicide/ Authority angle was done well with Homicide in this match. Really subtle storytelling on multiple levels. The Londrick tag team looked great and needed the rub here. Shane managed to pull some mega heat AND Homicide got over without selling out. That's economical and gives the spot a much deeper meaning for fans paying attention. Everyone in this segment is left with a motivation to do something next show.

    Love the idea of the cross promotion with TNA; especially in light of ECW’s origin. It's a great idea that could really get eyes back in the day.

    Low Ki is such a great champ in the Taz mold. I was sort of surprised you did a flash pin here, but it would lead to the fans popping and ending on a good note. It sort of hurts CW, but Credible being to blame would be a good excuse to deflect some of the overness loss. Still, it's always disappointing to have a main event end this way.

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    Re: Extreme Championship Wrestling by Stojy

    I took a bit of a break as I wasn't getting a lot of time to write. I've managed to bank a few shows again now, so I should get through at least until September BTB time without another break.

    ECW Hardcore TV Preview

    August 17th, 2002
    Charlottesville, West Virginia

    This week’s episode of ECW Hardcore TV is looking mighty unpredictable as the land of extreme rolls into West Virgnia. Whilst there’s plenty up in the air regarding tonight’s show, we can confirm that after their interesting conversation last week, the ECW Television Champion AJ Styles and Jerry Lynn will have their first match as a tag team tonight. As of right now, their opponents are yet to be announced, but there is still plenty of intrigue surrounding whether these two will be able to get along. Lynn has made it no surprise that he wants AJ’s TV Title, however he has failed in capturing against Styles on two separate occasions now. Not only that, but after a shock loss to The Amazing Red which perhaps put Lynn further away from a title shot than ever, he looked ready to snap. Instead, he approached the TV Champion in a respectful manner last week and requested that they be a team, and AJ, having respect for Lynn and his body of work, accepted the offer. Will these two be able to get along and will they be able to pick up a victory against whoever it’s that they face?

    There’s more mystery surrounding tonight’s show as The Network have confirmed that the challenger for Low Ki’s next ECW Championship defence will be revealed tonight. Currently, the only information that has been confirmed is that the title match will take place on next week’s edition of ECW Hardcore TV. There are plenty of competitors pushing for a title shot, including Christopher Daniels and Homicide, but it seems most likely that Cyrus will choose a member of The Network, either Justin Credible or Pierre Carl Oulette to get the shot. Unless of course Cyrus and Jeff Jarrett have some sort of swerve up their sleeves, it wouldn’t be the first time. Will Low Ki have any say in who he defends the title against, and how will this impact the match he seemingly wants to have (but hasn’t been confirmed) with Christopher Daniels at Anarchy Rulz?

    Now let’s move onto some of the certainties for tonight’s program. In a gruelling, technical battle back on the June 22nd episode of Hardcore TV, Bryan Danielson managed to force Doug Williams to submit to the Cattle Mutilation submission hold. In the following weeks, both men admitted they had plenty of respect for each other, but Williams showed determination to get a rematch down the road. Heading into Heatwave, both men veered on their own path, however they will meet again tonight. Will ‘The American Dragon’ prove his superiority and come out on top again, or will the Brit level the score?

    In what was considered something of an upset, The Carnage Crew managed to defeat Da Hit Squad in a brutal contest at Heatwave. Last week was Da Hit Squad’s first appearance since Heatwave, and they destroyed two teams in a Three-Way Dance, before letting it be known that things between them and The Carnage Crew are far from over. Tony DeVito and HC Loc responded by meeting Da Hit Squad in the ring and an all-out brawl broke out, only stopping when security managed to intervene. There’s still plenty of hatred between two of the toughest teams in the entire industry, and they’ll do battle again tonight.

    Please tune in to see all of this and much more!!!

    Confirmed Matches:

    AJ Styles and Jerry Lynn to debut as a tag team

    Bryan Danielson vs. Doug Williams

    Da Hit Squad vs. The Carnage Crew

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    Re: Extreme Championship Wrestling by Stojy

    ECW Hardcore TV
    August 17th, 2002
    Charlottesville, West Virginia

    We’re not messing around tonight, as whilst we can hear the “ECDUB”, “ECDUB”, “ECDUB” chants in the background, we open up with JOEY STYLES standing in front of the makeshift set in the back. ‘The Voice Of ECW’ is plenty excited and doesn’t wait for the noise from inside the arena to die down, instead just yelling over the top of it.

    Joey Styles: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to another episode of ECW Hardcore TV. I’m Joey Styles and I haven’t managed to make it back to the ring, because I’ve just come back from receiving some breaking news. After a confrontation that wasn’t caught on film earlier today, the ECW World Tag Team Champions CW Anderson and Justin Credible have been challenged by Jerry Lynn to put their titles on the line against Lynn and his new partner, the ECW Television Champion, AJ Styles. Initially the champions declined the request, but after further goading from Lynn, with the advice of Cyrus, the champions have accepted the challenge on short notice.

    YAY~! Cheers because let’s face it, everybody wants to see The Network lose the tag team titles.

    Joey Styles: That’s right, folks, CW Anderson and Justin Credible will defend the ECW Tag Team Titles against AJ Styles and Jerry Lynn in tonight’s main event!!! Now despite their differences, AJ Styles had a cool reception to Lynn’s offer last week regarding the two of them teaming up. With that being said, a title shot without even having a match together is almost unheard of, and I don’t even know if AJ Styles knows about this. Either way, AJ now has a chance to continue to take ECW by storm because the rookie phenom of two thousand and two has the opportunity tonight to become the first double champion in ECW in four years. And that’s some pretty impressive company he’d be joining, as the last man to be a double champion was none other than Rob Van Dam. It looks like once again; we’ll be making history on ECW tonight…

    Big time main event has now been announced, so with the fans still in raptures, Styles sends us to ringside for the first match of the night…

    Match One
    Da Hit Squad vs. The Carnage Crew

    Not a lot to say about this one really, if you read the match at Heatwave, you know what you’re getting here. Plenty of weapon shots, typical ECW brawl with action spilling inside and outside the ring. Neither team backs down with both wanting to lay claim to being the toughest sons of bitches in ECW. The only difference this time around is the result, as Monsta and Loc battle on the outside, Maff is able to get control of DeVito on the inside, EVENTUALLY LANDING THE BURNING HAMMER!!!


    Winners: Da Hit Squad @ 4:59

    Obviously, the crowd are pretty happy after the match because Da Hit Squad won, but also because they just witnessed five minutes of absolute chaos. Mack joins Maff in the ring after the match and they share a fist bump, before intimidating the referee to hurry out of the ring.

    As the duo continue to mean mug, DeVito recovers and Loc rolls back into the ring. The Carnage Crew aren’t happy with the loss and the two teams immediately go nose to nose. With the potential for a riot to break out here, the fans bring their “ECDUB”, “ECDUB”, “ECDUB” chants to the party.

    The tension is palpable, all four men refusing to back down…


    The audience is in shock, as the camera pans out to reveal the attackers to be BRIAN XL, DIXIE, ELAX and IZZY!!!

    They’re all armed with crutches after being annihilated by both of these teams last week. They aren’t alone though, as there’s a bunch of other skinny men with them, armed with chairs and there’s even some ladies.

    The fans boo the hell out of the attack, but this gang of people continue to beat the living hell out of Da Hit Squad and The Carnage Crew. Our ballsy tag teams attempt to fight back a few times, but the numbers are too far against them.

    On commentary, Joey Styles mentions that this conglomerate of people is fondly known as The Ring Crew in ECW. He added on that it seems like they are finally.

    “This conglomerate of people is fondly known as The Ring Crew here in ECW. It looks like they are finally revolting against The Carnage Crew and Da Hit Squad after months of abuse on house shows, which finally came across to TV last week. But attacking these two teams? Do they know what they’re getting themselves into”? – Joey Styles.

    With the help of their weapons, The Ring Crew has completely gotten the better of the two teams, and now, the man known as Brian XL decides to grab a microphone.

    Brian XL: Let me do a little introduction for all of you. I’m Brian XL, and these guys are (he points at each individual as he says their name) Dixie… Izzy… Angel Dust… Slim J… Elax… Deranged… Becky… Well, and uh to be completely honest, there’s those other girls there but I forgot their names.

    This crew are seemingly in party mode now, laughing, dancing around, having a good time. All of them except the random girls who have had their names forgotten, but Brian doesn’t really pay them any attention.

    Brian XL: Last week was a big week for us, and it was ruined by these oafs. After months of toiling away, we got on TV last week…

    Brian’s eyes suddenly go wide, as he begins whispering off mic, and they all begin jumping around, raising their hands in the air, seemingly ecstatic to be on TV and no longer caring about talking about why they attacked these two teams.

    They all group together, big cheesy smiles on their faces.

    All: Hi Mum!!!

    The group waves into the camera, all sending their own greeting to their respective Mum.

    Brian XL: Alright, let’s do this the right way. Hit the music…

    Some admittedly terrible techno music begins to play through the speakers, which gets heat from the fans, but allows these guys to all begin jumping around and dancing like crazy.

    The lights even dim a little and Izzy pulls out some glow sticks to add to the party scene.

    They all continue to party as they again group together around the microphone.


    Oh yes, you guessed it. More heat as the group dances the night away, not at all worried about the downed Carnage Crew and Hit Squad on the outside of the ring. As this new entity in ECW continues to dance and prance around the ring, we head to our first break of the evening.


    ECW Anarchy Rulz
    October 6th, 2002
    Los Angeles, California
    Grand Olympic Auditorium


    Upon returning from the break, we don’t see anybody, but we can hear a lot of noise, as the camera focuses in on a closed locker room door. The name plate of the locker room reads ‘THE NETWORK’.

    There is plenty of commotion coming from inside the locker room, and all we can hear is a familiar voice screaming the same two phrases over and over again…



    If you weren’t sure who the voice belonged to, it quickly becomes clear as the locker room door flies open, and out storms a furious looking HOMICIDE. ‘The Notorious 187’ walks right at the camera man, knocking the camera man as he walks past, and by the time the camera man recaptures his balance, all we see is a shaky shot of a concerned JEFF JARRETT shutting the door of the locker room…

    From here, we cut to another random area in the back, where MICHAEL SHANE is standing by, an arrogant looking on his face as per usual.

    Michael Shane: I know what happened last week shocked a lot of people and to be honest, it shocked me as well. All this drama between myself, Paul London and Spanky, people thought it was over. To be completely honest with all of you, so did I. I thought it was over as well.

    Shane nods along with his words, still looking cocky, calm and content.

    Michael Shane: At Heatwave, I won the Three-Way Dance and proved once and for all that I AM the TWA. I proved that I’m the best, I proved that I’m the top of the class.

    As he says this, the arrogance seems to be replaced by an incredulous look on his face.

    Michael Shane: So, then I show up to last week’s Hardcore TV and I don’t have a match, but Paul London and Spanky do. Even after I’ve proven my superiority, Paul London and Spanky STILL get opportunities before me so I had no choice.

    The cousin of Shawn Michaels takes a beat, attempting to maintain his composure.

    Michael Shane: I cost both of them their match last week because I want them to try and fight me again. There can only be one of us left here. I deserve the opportunities that they are getting so I’m making it my personal mission to rid ECW of both Spanky and Paul London.

    Getting the serious stuff out of the way, Shane runs a hand through his hair, and gets that arrogant look back about him.

    Michael Shane: Now I know after I left with The Network last week, there’s some talks that I might be a new member. As for who I’m with?

    He chuckles to himself.

    Michael Shane: I’m with myself. Michael Shane looks out for Michael Shane and nobody else. What looking out for myself means is that I’m always on the lookout for money, power, and opportunity.

    Shane now puts his thumb towards his ear and his pinkie finger towards his mouth as if he were on a phone.

    Michael Shane: If you can offer those things, my phone line is always open. Network, not Network, it doesn’t matter, just keep that in mind.

    With that, Shane grins at the camera, happy with the message he’s delivered, as we now cut to ringside for the next match…

    Match Two
    Bryan Danielson vs. Doug Williams

    The beginning of this contest is pretty similar to their match a couple of months ago, minus the handshake to begin this time. It’s possible that the intensity is a little more ramped up here, but it’s another match that spends most of its time on the match, both trying to out stretch and out stiff their opponent. Despite the lack of weapon use or spot-based matches that ECW fans usually relate to, they applaud some of the mat-based exchanges, enjoying the change of pace. Another point of difference in this match is that after an exchange where Williams locked in a Side Headlock, Danielson seemed to be favouring his neck after all of the abuse at Heatwave. Once Williams notices this, he begins focusing exclusively on the neck of Danielson and this allows Williams to gain the first sustained period of offense in the match.

    ‘The American Dragon’ almost seemed a little surprised at the brutal strategy, and it made Danielson the clear fan favourite, but Williams continued to remain focused. Whilst Williams was unable to put Danielson away during his heat period, the focus on the neck came back to help Williams later on in the contest. The resilient Danielson eventually fought back into the contest, however Danielson seemed legitimately caught off guard by the amount of damage inflicted to his neck. When trying to bridge after his Suplexes, Danielson is unable to do so, and he’s even unable to lock in the Cattle Mutilation because his neck can’t handle the bridge.

    After failing to lock in the Cattle Mutilation, Danielson is slow to get back to his feet, really favouring his neck, and this allows Williams to get back up. Before Danielson can turn to face him, Williams drills Danielson with a Clothesline right to the back of the neck. ‘The American Dragon’ drops, in quite a bit of trouble, so Williams drags him back up, applies a waist lock… rolls through… AND WILLIAMS CONNECTS WITH THE CHAOS THEORY!!!

    The Brit lets go of Danielson, who rolls onto his stomach, so Williams shoots the Half Nelson to roll Danielson over, AND WILLIAMS MAKES THE COVER…1…2…3!!!

    Winner: Doug Williams @ 11:32

    There’s a silent reaction initially from the fans, in shock at what has to be considered an upset before the respectful applause kicks in for the contest. Williams is happy to have his hand raised by the referee, closing his eyes in delight after the hard-fought battle.

    As Williams continues to celebrate, a battered and bruised Danielson gets back to his feet, shrugging off the referee because he doesn’t need help. Williams climbs down from the top rope and Danielson meets him face to face in the middle of the ring.

    The two stare each other down and with a hand still on his sore neck, Danielson says, “WELL DONE, YA’ GOT ME”!

    With that, Danielson offers his hand to Williams, which gets a big pop from the fans, and after only a couple of seconds of considering…


    As the handshake breaks, Danielson holds up his fingers to let Williams know its 1-1 between them now, and Williams nods. Both men seemingly understand that they will need to meet again at some point, but for now, Danielson graciously leaves the ring, allowing Williams his moment in the sunshine…

    For the second time tonight, we see the shut locker room door of The Network, except this time there’s a man standing in front of it. That man? One half of the ECW Tag Team Champions, JUSTIN CREDIBLE. With a smirk on his face and his title around his waist, Credible begins to speak.

    Justin Credible: The secrets out… Next week I’ll be the man to take the ECW Championship from Low Ki. I’ve got the experience to do it because I was the ECW Champion for six months. Not only was I champion for longer than a cup of coffee, but I was a GREAT ECW Champion.

    Credible relives his glory days, a smile on his face the entire time.

    Justin Credible: They all lined up, all shapes and sizes, and I fought everyone, and I beat everyone. After an epic reign, I lost the title because of someone else’s mistake, and I only ever got one rematch. And in that rematch? I was screwed.

    Credible no longer looks as happy as he did previously, a more serious look on his face now.

    Justin Credible: Since then, I’ve always known that I still deserved another shot and that I would be ECW Champion again, but I’ve played ball. I’ve served The Network in my own interest for THIS shot.

    The tag champion pauses for a few moments, screwing up his face as he does so.

    Justin Credible: And it couldn’t come at a better time because our current champion is a joke. Low Ki is a snot nosed little punk and he doesn’t get to come in here and hold anything over me.

    JC shakes his head, reaffirming that no Low Ki doesn’t.

    Justin Credible: Look at my resume, I’ve beaten everyone worth a damn in ECW for the last five years. I speak the truth; people don’t like me and that’s why the hard fact nobody wants to accept or even talk about is this.

    He takes a breath.

    Justin Credible: I, Justin Credible am the most dominant and the most impactful man in ECW history.

    The former ECW Champion takes another moment, letting that statement marinate before continuing.

    Justin Credible: I’ve got an attitude problem so I might not be the champion anyone wants, but in the case of an emergency, you’ve got to break the glass. In a time of crisis, above all else, I’m the one man who can get it done.

    He’s back to smiling now that he’s back into self-promotion mode.

    Justin Credible: I’ve been cast in the role of hero before, and I’ve done what I’ve needed to then. I saved ECW in two thousand, and now in the present, I’ll save The Network in two thousand and two. It’s inevitable, there’s not a god damned thing Low Ki can do about it.

    Credible now begins making the universal signal of a title being around his waist, which is ironic because he’s already wearing one.

    Justin Credible: I will be the ECW Champion again. That’s not just the coolest, and well, it is the best but it’s not just the best.

    Big time cheesy grin on his face now.

    Justin Credible: Ladies and gentlemen, that’s JUST INCREDIBLE!!!

    Having said his bit, Credible now turns away from the camera, opens up the locker room door and head inside. On commentary, Joey Styles mentions he’ll probably be meeting up with CW Anderson to continue to get ready for the main event as we fade to a break…

    Coming back from the final break of the evening, instead of being at ringside for the main event, we see a furious looking CHRISTOPHER DANIELS standing in a random hallway in the backstage area.

    Christopher Daniels: In my crusade to become the ECW Champion, it seems I made one crucial mistake, but I get it now.

    ‘The Fallen Angel’ rubs at his jaw, not looking in a good mood.

    Christopher Daniels: I got into bed with The Network, and I get it. I understand now, I was a pawn.

    Daniels shakes his head in disgust, unhappy with the situation he finds himself in.

    Christopher Daniels: I thought we were working together for the same goal, but The Network used me and tried to play me to get the ECW Championship on their man.

    Christopher pauses, mulling over his next words carefully.

    Christopher Daniels: And now I realise that even though I deserve a shot more than anybody else, because I was never beaten at Heatwave, I’m going to have to wait in the background. When Low Ki defeats every member of The Network, which he will, Jeff Jarrett will be the last one. The Network’s planning is impeccable, and it means Jarrett may well become the ECW Champion.

    Daniels stops to take a breath.

    Christopher Daniels: Amongst all that potential glory, he needs to remember one thing.

    The slightest semblance of a smirk crosses the lips of ‘The Fallen Angel’.

    Christopher Daniels: This might be giving Low Ki a little too much credit, but there’s a saying to suit this situation perfectly. To lift the title from the King, Jarrett decided to make a deal with the devil, and once Jarrett has the gold and all of this is settled, the devil… I’m coming to collect.

    Daniels looks as determined as ever, not just throwing out empty threats here.

    Christopher Daniels: And I’ll collect on whoever is in my way. On Low Ki…

    He holds up one finger to symbol Low Ki, and now holds up a second finger.

    Christopher Daniels: I’ll collect on The Network…

    A third finger now pops up.

    Christopher Daniels: And I’ll collect on ECW as a whole…

    There’s a certain fury in Daniels’ eyes that might not have been seen before.

    Christopher Daniels: I will turn this place into the devil’s playground. I will turn this entire feud into ashes. When the smoke settles and the ashes clear, make no mistake about it, I WILL be the ECW Champion.

    Daniels closes those burning eyes now, thinking over his next words.

    Christopher Daniels: This is bigger than anything that I’ve said in ECW before. This isn’t even gospel. It’s bigger than that, it’s more serious than gospel because this is predetermined.

    ‘The Fallen Angel’ keeps his eyes closed, picturing his perfect future.

    Christopher Daniels: The future has been written. I WILL be champion, and all those that oppose me, they WILL fall.

    Finally, Daniels opens his eyes again, seemingly in a trance.

    Christopher Daniels: I repeat, that’s not just gospel, that is… Prophecy!!!

    An eerie promo from Daniels, who makes it clear he’s willing to take down anybody and everybody to be the champion. The camera continues to capture the mannerisms of the ultra-serious Daniels, before we cut to ringside for our main event…

    Match Three
    ECW Tag Team Championship Match
    CW Anderson and Justin Credible (c) w/Dawn Marie vs. AJ Styles and Jerry Lynn

    Despite agreeing to team with Lynn last week, AJ still had a little bit of trepidation when they first get into the ring, however the two shared a quick handshake and focused in on the task at hand. In the early stages, it was surprisingly the World Tag Team Champions on the backfoot, with the new tandem looking like the experienced unit. Styles and Lynn have competed against each other a few times now, and AJ grew up watching Lynn, so the two understand the way the other operates. They manage to isolate Anderson for a little while, and land some double team moves that you’d only really expect an established team to hit.

    Eventually the referee gets control of this match (because this is The Network era where tags are relevant), and the match settles into only having one of AJ and Lynn involved. The ECW Television Champion does the bulk of the work, taking it to both Credible and Anderson, regardless of who is the legal man. The tag champions barely lay a finger on Styles, with AJ clicking on all cylinders, however he eventually makes the tag to Lynn. After requesting the tag, Lynn capitalises on AJ’s advantage and goes to work on CW Anderson, but eventually Anderson shrugs Lynn off and tags in Credible.

    This causes a stalemate of sorts as the fans get a little excited, as Lynn and Credible stare each other down, having been hated rivals for a long time now. This is also where the match changes for the first time, as much like he has for the past five years, Lynn struggles to deal with Credible. JC is able to gain the advantage for his team, and the champs start to work over Lynn, until he’s able to make a tag to AJ.

    Once Lynn gets back onto the apron, he watches in awe as the TV Champ goes to work, once again regaining the advantage for his team. Again, after a period of time of AJ putting in work on both of the opponents, Lynn requests for a tag and AJ gives it. As Jerry steps into the ring, he tells AJ, “WATCH THIS”, clearly wanting to impress his partner but that’s not what happens. Instead, an over eager charged straight into a Back Body Drop from Anderson, which allows the champions to isolate him for a second time.

    To his credit, Lynn shows some terrific resilience, keeping himself in the match, before he’s able to shrug off a Credible Suplex attempt, and nail him with a Superkick! For the second time in this match, Lynn makes the hot tag, and AJ goes bananas.

    The TV Champion goes to work again, cleaning house and beating both tag champs around the ring, not even being distracted by Dawn Marie showing off some cleavage on the apron. Whilst the fans direct a “SLUT”, “SLUT”, “SLUT” chant at Marie, Styles continues to direct a barrage of fast paced offence at the tag champs. As this is all happening, Lynn is on the apron again, but feeling like the weak link, this time he’s not looking at what AJ’s doing in awe. Instead, Lynn looks downright pissed that he’s being shown up here.

    AJ is as earnest as ever though, not noticing the mood swing from his partner, and instead he manages to catapult Credible over the top rope and to the outside. CW is the legal man, so AJ turns now, hoisting Anderson up… AJ GETS CW IN POSITION FOR THE STYLES CLASH!!!


    The heat from the audience is deafening as Lynn shows his true colours, snarling at AJ, before rolling to the outside. Once on the outside, Lynn sets up a chair and takes a seat at the Timekeeper’s table, watching on as a viewer. Meanwhile, inside of the ring, a shocked CW ANDERSON PUTS AN ARM ACROSS THE CHEST OF AJ…1…2…NO!!!


    With no partner on the apron, the mountain just gets taller for Styles now though. It isn’t long until Credible has recovered and now the champions get to isolate AJ for the first time, using quick tags to stay fresh. Showing just how brave he is, AJ does mount another fight back, but just as he focuses on Anderson a little too much… CREDIBLE COMES FROM NOWHERE AND CLOCKS STYLES ACROSS THE HEAD WITH ONE OF THE TAG TEAM TITLES!!!

    The blow causes AJ to collapse to the canvas, and Lynn can’t help but just chuckle to himself on the outside. Meanwhile, CW drags AJ back to his feet, send shim to the ropes… CW LANDS THE ANDERSON SPINEBUSTER!!!



    Anderson is furious, genuinely believing that was it, and even Lynn is mad on the outside. Instead of panicking though, Anderson makes the tag to Credible, and they have a quick conversation, deciding on their next move. CW heads up to the second rope, AS CREDIBLE LIFTS AJ INTO POSITION FOR THE THAT’S INCREDIBLE!!!




    A cocky Anderson saunters out of the ring, AS CREDIBLE HOOKS BOTH LEGS TIGHTLY…1…2…3!!!


    Winners: CW Anderson and Justin Credible @ 17:55

    After the match, the heat is ENORMOUS, not just for the result, but for Lynn who still has a smirk on his face at the timekeeper’s table. The referee quickly raises the hands of the champs, and the slutty Dawn Marie brings the other title into the ring so they can celebrate.

    The champions celebrate for a little while, as Credible kindly lets everybody know that “I PINNED THE TV CHAMP THIS WEEK, AND I’LL PIN THE ECW CHAMP NEXT WEEK”!!!

    Anderson, Credible and Marie then look to the outside, noticing that Lynn is looking eager to get into the ring. The trio motion for him to get in as they decide to leave, happy to continue their celebration in the back.

    Once The Network has cleared the ring, Lynn gets inside but he doesn’t come empty handed, he has the ECW Television Championship with him. Lynn has the title draped over his shoulder, and he gets plenty of heat as he mockingly applauds AJ, before yelling “YOU’RE PATHETIC”!!!

    Plenty of insults are coming from the fans, but Lynn ignores them all, instead placing the title onto the canvas as he notices AJ making it to his knees.

    Jerry stands over AJ, who’s trying his hardest to get up… AND THEN LYNN DRILLS AJ WITH A CRADLE PILEDRIVER ONTO THE TV TITLE!!!

    The boos get even more vicious now as AJ is basically unconscious, whilst Lynn throws out both his arms to the side, imitating AJ’s patented pose.

    Lynn takes things a few steps further to, first spitting on Styles, before picking up the TV Title, placing a foot on AJ’s chest, and raising the title above his head.

    With the TV Champion down after the betrayal, Lynn stands as he’d like to be permanently, with the TV Championship around his waist. Despite Lynn being buried by abuse from the fans, a demented smirk appears on his face as the show fades to black…


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