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    Wrestle-Royale: Live!

    After a hype video plays the fans are treated to a loud pyrotechnics display as the camera pans over the sold out crowd before setting on Jim Taylor and Tim Coleman at ringside for the evening's festivities.

    Jim Taylor: Good evening fans and welcome to one of CWA's landmark events, Wrestle-Royale! I'm Jim Taylor joined alongside as always by Tim Coleman and we are jam packed for a night full of exciting action!

    Tim Coleman: You got that right Jimbo, and it's all topped off by that whopper of a world title match between Shawn Summers and Jon Snowmantashi as well as the Wrestle-Royale match itself!

    Jim Taylor: As well as a much anticipated grudge match between two bitter rivals in LIGHTBRINGER and Michelle von Horrowitz, but first we'll be kicking off tonight's event with the High Voltage Championship match!

    CWA High Voltage Championship Match
    Nate Savage (c) vs. Elijah Edwards w/Romeo Rollings

    "Cut the Cord" blasts out of the sound system as heavy jeers from the crowd ring out when Nate Savage steps out holding his High Voltage Championship over his shoulder. He's scowling all the way to the ring and glares at fans that get too close.

    Tim Coleman: These fans should show some respect to our High Voltage champion!

    Jim Taylor: I'm sure they would if he returned the favor but I don't see that happening anytime soon

    "Icky Thumps" now fills the arena and the crowd's mood turns to cheers as Elijah Edwards walks out looking all business. He's followed by his agent, Romeo Rollings, as the two make their way towards the ring with Romeo hyping up Elijah and getting the crowd more hyped up.

    Jim Taylor: Now here comes a man that is well respected by the fans and he's done well enough to earn that respect

    Tim Coleman: Yeah by being a goody two shoes and playing by the rules, where's the fun in that?

    Elijah stands in his corner after entering the ring with Romeo on the apron hyping Elijah up some more.

    Lindsay Monahan: The following contest is set for one fall and it is for the High Voltage Championship! Introducing first the challenger, accompanied by his manager Romeo Rollings, from Toronto, Ontario, Canada and weighing in at two-hundred & twenty one pounds..."Double E" ELIJAH EDWARDS!

    A massive showing of support for Elijah.

    Lindsay Monahan: His opponent from Philadelphia, PA and weighing in at two-hundred & sixty six pounds, he is the current CWA High Voltage Champion..."Nasty" NATE SAVAGE!

    Nate remains stoic in his corner as the majority of the crowd jeers him but some supporters for him can be heard. Referee Nate Bryne is given the title from Nate and holds it aloft before handing off to ringside officials and signals for the bell.


    Savage explodes from his corner charging towards Elijah, who manages to just move out of the way in time yet Nate stops himself from crashing in the corner. Elijah drills him from behind with a clubbing forearm and goes for a rear waistlock, but Nate has the wherewithal to catch Elijah with some rapid back elbows knocking him back leaving him stunned allowing Savage to level Elijah with a short arm clothesline! He follows up with some ground and pound forearm shots to the head. Savage mocks Elijah a little as he stands up and runs the ropes leaping for a running senton but Elijah rolled out of the way just in time as Nate crashes back first on the canvas. He cringes while holding his back as Elijah comes back with a high knee strike stunning Savage enough to hit a snap suplex! Elijah isn't finished as he brings Savage up and hits a slingshot suplex and hooks the far leg...


    Savage kicks out and begins to crawl away but Elijah snatches him by the leg attempting to apply a heel hook and gets it locked in. Nate struggles wildly to break free before grabbing the ropes to break the hold. Elijah relinquishes the hold as Nate is on one knee and Elijah approaches him but Nate drills Elijah in the midsection with followed by a quick rake of the eyes temporarily blinding Elijah, he stumbles around holding his eyes allowing Nate to hit him with a russian leg sweep! Nate then applies a rear headlock keeping Elijah grounded. He begins to wrench back and tighten his grip to add extra pressure while talking smack to some fans in the front way. Elijah tries to fight out of it but Nate fends him off with several clubbing blows to the head knocking Elijah silly, and Nate hoists Elijah up in a sleeper position before dropping him with a sleeper suplex! He keeps the sleeper hold applied as Elijah's shoulders are down on the mat...


    Elijah kicks out breaking the sleeper hold and lays on the mat almost motionless. Nate stomps on Elijah's lower back before applying a camel clutch and cranks back on Elijah's spine and neck.

    Jim Taylor: Elijah in a world of trouble right now!

    Elijah soon starts to find a second wind however with support from the fans and Romeo at ringside as he squirms his way free out of Nate's grip, and slips behind Savage before he can react and clubs him in the back with a forearm and hits Savage with a belly to back suplex! Elijah isn't done yet as he grabs Nate...FROM TORONTO WITH LOVE! He hits all of the Regal-plex and goes in for the pin...


    Nate with a shoulder up before the three count. Elijah is feeling fired up now and goes in for the Excellent Execution but Nate flips him over and out of it. Elijah stumbles back to his feet as Nate rises up and ducks a clothesline and catches Elijah with a uranage driving him down to the mat with thunderous impact! Nate falls on top of Elijah for the pin...


    Nate rolls off of Elijah and locks him in position...SAVAGED!

    Jim Taylor: Nate Savage hits all of that package piledriver, which could spell the end for Elijah!

    Nate leans in and hooks the far leg...


    Elijah still kicks out and Nate becomes infuriated slamming his fist to the mat in frustration. He rolls out of the ring and berates the time keeper as he snatches away the High Voltage title away and rolls back in the ring.

    Jim Taylor: Savage with evil intentions in mind!

    Nate Bryne catches this and tells Savage he can't do that and the two begin a tug of war over the title before Bryne takes it away from him. Savage is berating him and lambasting Bryne giving Elijah enough time to recover and as Nate turns around he's caught with an inside cradle!


    Lindsay Monahan: Here is your winner and NEW High Voltage Champion, Elijah Edwards!

    Elijah is handed the title and immediately exits the ring to celebrate as Nate sits in absolute shock and anger.

    Jim Taylor: Savage's underhanded tactics backfired tonight and pays for it as Elijah Edwards becomes a two-time High Voltage champion!

    Elijah and Romeo celebrate on the outside with the fans while Nate is yelling at the referee.


    There was a sudden splutter of electronic feedback and the lights all around the arena began to flicker, causing panic and unease in the crowd. It lasted only a moment and, after subsiding, seemed to bring the titantron to life. It faded into action only slowly, and when it did the majority of the audience perhaps wished that it hadn’t. What it displayed, much like the week before, was a cramped-looking cell which housed a disturbed young girl called Kate. She was sat on her bed humming softly, playing with alphabet blocks that she had asked for in the video shown on the previous segment. She built towers and then threw a block into the middle, knocking them all down and starting again. When this ceased to amuse her, she began to spell out words. At that point there was a soft tap on her door and it swung open. The man that entered was once again out of shot and Kate didn’t even bother to turn to face him.

    Unknown Voice: Hello Kate. Did you manage to get some sleep?

    Kate: No.

    The answer was very matter-of-fact and Kate went on humming and playing with her blocks as though she had no interest in being interviewed or identified and was quite happy staying in this prison forever. Her visitor, however, had no intention of letting things go that far.

    Unknown Voice: I WILL find out who you are you know. Whether you choose to help me or not Kate, I will find out where you came from and I will make sure you get home. You don’t belong here. You should be with your family....

    Kate couldn’t resist a giggle and even stopped arranging her blocks, though still, she didn’t turn around

    Unknown Voice:Is there something amusing about that? Don’t you want to go home? Wouldn’t you like to see your friends and your family? To have your life back? I can give it to you Kate, but you have to help me by telling me more about you.

    There was a long pause as the girl considered this proposition, but at last, she went back to the blocks, unmoved. She seemed to be placing them in a particular order now because she was searching for specific letters that she required.

    Kate: Have you brought her?

    Unknown Voice:Paula? Yes, she’s all clean. But first I need something from you. You can’t just-

    Kate leapt up and faced the man for the first time, a look of excitement and impatience on her face. She advanced on him and snatched a tattered doll from his hands, hugging it close to her face and closing her eyes as though to savour the reunion.

    Kate: You’ll find what you want on the bed.

    And with that she retreated to her dark corner of the room and sat on the floor, rocking back and forth while playing with her doll’s hair. The man walked around to the bed and looked down at the alphabet blocks. The camera’s gaze shifted to bring the arrangement into focus:


    Unknown Voice: That’s your name? Kate “Red” Hunter? Your full name?

    Kate: Red like blood…

    And that was all she would say, whispering it softly to herself over and over while the man studied her with a mixture of unease and professional curiosity.

    Unknown Voice: Okay Kate it’s time for some more questions. What were you doing alone in a forest miles from anywhere at that time of night? Where did that cut come from? And why did you have nothing but a doll?

    The whispering stopped and Kate looked up with cold, lifeless eyes.

    Kate: When I walk amidst the darkness, I need nothing but Paula. She knew the safest paths. She kept me safe while I do what needs to be done. While I… did what needed to be done.

    Unknown VoiceWhy the past tense?

    Kate “Red” Hunter: Because I will never set foot in that forest again. I’ve been banished. I was expected to deliver something...and I couldn’ punishment I’ve been banished from my home, stripped of everything I had and now I’ve been confined in this room for the rest of my life I will never go back there.I’m not welcome.

    Unknown Voice:Somebody stole from you in that forest? My God, from a little girl? Did you get a good look at them? What did they steal? Is that where you got your cut?

    Kate studied the doctor closely as though trying to make a decision for herself. At last, she sighed and rose to her feet. She tucked Paula under her arm and came to the side of the bed, as close as she had ever been to her interrogator.

    Kate: I have warned you once to desist in this questioning doctor. You are entering a world that is beyond your comprehension. If you ask me once more – just once more – about my past, then I shall tell you everything. But I warn you again: it will be the end of your world. What you will discover will change you forever and in the end, it will be in vain. I can not go back into that world, HE is not forgiving. HE will never let me leave so I can’t by any power or force that you possess. If you still wish to take up this lost cause then so be it, but know that you were warned. Know that I gave you every opportunity to save yourself from disaster.

    Kate’s eyes were glazed. Once again she had demonstrated a grasp of vocabulary that was far beyond her years and a flair for the dramatic and outright terrifying that was causing a man five times her age to retreat a step toward the door.

    Unknown Voice: Kate, I don’t pretend to understand or agree with the things you’re saying. I think that you’re trying to take me off my guard and confuse me. For some reason, you wish to stay in this room for as long as possible, but that isn’t going to happen. Now I’m going to get some recording equipment and when I come back we’re going to get down to this once and for all. You WILL tell me who you are and I AM going to take you home to your family. It’s clear to me that you are not as troubled as you pretend to be. You’re a very intelligent young woman and I’m sure it seems to you like this is a lot of fun. Well so be it, have your fun. But in the end, I’m going to win. I’ll be back shortly.

    The man turned toward the door and put a hand on it, but then another thought struck him and he turned back to Kate

    Unknown Voice: And besides that, I don’t understand your concern. Even when I find out the truth, there’s no way anybody would ever send you back into that forest. It isn’t safe!

    Kate looked back at him with those lifeless eyes and a cruel smile flashed across her lips.

    It is now.

    And with
    that, the door closed once more and Kate pulled Paula from under her arm, plaiting her hair absently and humming once again. And so ended another edition of this eerie video package. When the lights returned were left with more questions than answers, more problems than solutions, and an overarching sense of unease at what they had just seen. Yet for all the discomfort that they had felt, there was not a man, woman or child that could now say they weren’t utterly intrigued by the ever-deepening mystery of Kate Hunter.


    Grudge Match
    LIGHTBRINGER vs. Michelle von Horrowitz

    "Light Bringer" fills the arena and fans rise to their feet and give a thunderous ovation for LIGHTBRINGER as he makes his way out and is soon followed by a smaller man than LIGHTBRINGER, but he's showing his support and appreciation for LIGHTBRINGER as the two fist bump before walking down to the ring.

    Jim Taylor: For those that are unaware, the man with LIGHTBRINGER is his longtime best friend and mentor, BoBo

    Tim Coleman: Usually I wouldn't like this but all I care about is LIGHTBRINGER taking out that lousy Michelle von Horrowitz tonight for good!

    Lindsay Monahan: Making his way to the ring and being accompanied by his best friend and mentor, BoBo. From Tokyo, Japan by way of Tampa Bay, Florida in the USA, and weighing in at two-hundred & thirty pounds, he is "Tokyo Kisai"....LIGHTBRINGER!

    LIGHTBRINGER and BoBo enter the ring while the fans are showering them both with cheers, the two friends stand in the corner as LIGHTBRINGER's music fades out...

    The arena is darkened, and Michelle is brought to the ring by eight well-tanned, well-oiled, and well-muscled men in tiny black underpants and alternating comedy/tragedy masks, hoisted onto their shoulders on a basic, small bed with two wooden poles on either side. She is placed into the ring, where she awakens, and the structure is taken to the back by her ‘gatekeepers’.

    Lindsay Monahan: His opponent from Rotterdam, the Netherlands by way of New Orleans, Louisiana. She weighs in at seventy one kilograms..."Dreamer" Michelle von Horrowitz!

    The crowd's jeers rain down on Michelle yet she chooses to ignore them as she orders referee Karl Rooney to make BoBo get out of the ring before she gets inside. Rooney asks BoBo to exit, to which BoBo responds with an "up yours" gesture with a middle finger to Michelle but LIGHTBRINGER assures BoBo it's okay and BoBo reluctantly agrees and exits the ring and stands in LIGHTBRINGER's corner at ringside while eyeing Michelle saying something in Japanese about her. Michelle enters the ring and taunts BoBo, teasing him and sticking her tongue out at him before turning her attention to LIGHTBRINGER.

    Tim Coleman: She talks about acting like petulant children but she sure is acting rather childish tonight, though I would expect nothing less from her

    Jim Taylor: She'll just as soon get focused on this match though I can assure you that, Tim

    Rooney checks both competitors before going over the rules and signaling for the bell.


    LIGHTBRINGER rushes in at Michelle, who immediately slides out of the ring to thunderous boos from the fans. She walks around the ring as Rooney tells her to get back in, but she ignores him yet LIGHTBRINGER has enough of this and begins to chase her around the ring until she runs into BoBo and slaps him across the face. She begins to berate him until she's turned around by LIGHTBRINGER and has a forearm drilled right into her jaw before being tossed back in the ring. She scurries over to the opposite end of the ring as LIGHTBRINGER re-enters and gives chase looking for a stomp, but she rolls out of the way in time and sweeps the leg bringing LIGHTBRINGER down hard and she goes for a knee drop but LIGHTBRINGER manages to scoot away in time as she hits the mat knee first. That doesn't deter her though as she brings herself back up when LIGHTBRINGER goes in for a knife chop but she backs away in time and delivers a boot straight to the midsection knocking the wind out of him and knocking him back in the corner. She backs up before charging in and leveling LIGHTBRINGER with a running corner dropkick! LIGHTBRINGER dazed but not out as Michelle yet again comes back with another running corner dropkick! This time LIGHTBRINGER drops to one knee and Michelle picks him up to a vertical base as he tries to fight her away but she knees him in the midsection before sending him off the ropes and as he comes back she hits a picture perfect running crossbody! She immediately goes for the cover...


    LIGHTBRINGER with a shoulder up at two and a half! Michelle instinctively applies a side headlock to keep LIGHTBRINGER grounded but he finds a way to slip out and bounce back to his feet looking for a roundhouse kick, yet Michelle manages to duck underneath and catches him with a roll-up!


    Another kick-out at two and a half as LIGHTBRINGER rolls to his side allowing Michelle to deliver a stiff kick to his spine causing LIGHTBRINGER to cringe in pain as he rolls on to his stomach while clutching his back with one hand. Michelle serves up more punishment to his back with a sick stomp applying a bow and arrow submission hold continuing to target LIGHTBRINGER's back as she stretches back with the hold. LIGHTBRINGER struggling and fighting the pain as he grits his teeth.

    Jim Taylor: Michelle has found a target in LIGHTBRINGER's back and has gone to town on it now

    Tim Coleman: This can't bode well for him if she continues this onslaught of attacks to his back

    She finally relinquishes the hold after sensing LIGHTBRINGER's refusal to give up. She mocks him as she begins to bring him up to one knee and slaps his head still mocking him, which only fires him up more as he catches her with a tackle into a jacknife roll-up!


    Two and a half for Michelle who kicks out with a look of surprise on her face. She rises up and goes for an enziguri but LIGHTBRINGER swats her away and spins her around as to daze her enough to catch her with a DDT followed by a kip-up! LIGHTBRINGER follows up with a rear waist-lock...BRIDGING GERMAN SUPLEX!


    Michelle instinctively kicks out and LIGHTBRINGER is quickly to his feet and goes to the apron and comes back with a slingshot senton!

    Jim Taylor: LIGHTBRINGER beginning to up the ante and taking this match to a higher tempo

    Tim Coleman: Maybe that was the gameplan all along Jimbo by having Michelle wear herself out

    Jim Taylor: You could be right Tim and it seems to be working in LIGHTBRINGER's favor

    Tim Coleman: It's about time someone outsmarts her!

    BoBo plays cheerleader on the outside as LIGHTBRINGER irish whips Michelle to the corner where he bounces hard off of it but LIGHTBRINGER is quick to knock her back into it with a running dropkick! He approaches her in the corner and taunts her a little before firing off a thunderous forearm strike knocking Michelle silly. He allows her to stumble out of the corner and begins toying with her and taunting her, Michelle with a slight glazed over look swings wildly but LIGHTBRINGER counters it into a flying armbar!

    Jim Taylor: LIGHTBRINGER having some fun with Michelle and just taking complete control of this match

    Tim Coleman: Couldn't happen to a nicer person, Jimbo

    He wrenches back on her arm but Michelle stubbornly refuses to submit despite the pain racing through her arm. Finally LIGHTBRINGER releases his hold and brings Michelle up hitting a suplex with ease before heading up to the top taking a bit of time giving Michelle the opportunity to roll out of the way as LIGHTBRING leaps off, but he catches himself landing on his feet as Michelle is quickly up and catches him with a superkick! LIGHTBRINGER falls to one knee though as Michelle didn't get all of it and she locks in on him from behind with a Regal-plex in her plans and as she goes it LIGHTBRINGER flips out of it back to his feet. Michelle turns around in time for LIGHTBRINGER to clutch her wrist...LIGHTBRINGER LARIAT! He drapes his arm over her...


    Michelle kicks out and no one in the arena, including BoBo can believe it as they all look on in disbelief. LIGHTBRINGER however doesn't let this deter him as he slowly rises up bringing a dazed Michelle by the wrist...LIGHTBRINGER LARIAT! He isn't done...LIGHTBRINGER LARIAT! He follows up with two more and finally goes for the pin...

    Jim Taylor: THAT'S GOTTA BE IT!


    Lindsay Monahan: Your winner of the match...LIGHTBRINGER!

    Jim Taylor: He's done it! LIGHTBRINGER has defeated Michelle von Horrowitz!

    Tim Coleman: I'm surprised he didn't take Michelle's head off with all of those lariats!

    Jim Taylor: I suppose that he wanted to ensure victory and keep her down for good

    Tim Coleman: I'm not complaning Jimbo, it's about time Michelle gets put in her place!

    LIGHTBRINGER and BoBo celebrate while Michelle is checked on by the official and the fans are going nuts. LIGHTBRINGER and BoBo exit the ring celebrating with fans now while Michelle is being helped up to her feet in the ring.


    CWA World Heavyweight Championship Match
    Jon Snowmantashi (c) vs. Shawn Summers

    Lindsay Monahan: The following contest is set for one fall and it is for the CWA World Heavyweight Championship!

    This elicits a massive pop from the sold out crowd. Soon the crowd's mood changes to sour as Lana Del Rey's "Cola" begins to play and Shawn Summers steps out with a smirking expression. He soaks in all of the jeers and hate that he's receiving from the fans, he encourages them to do so as he makes his way down to the ring. Though he does have a few supporters in attendance that show their support for him.

    Jim Taylor: Shawn Summers made his return earlier this year and has been on a roll ever since, running through every opponent thrown in front of him. Now he's about face his biggest challenge yet and he's showing no signs of having nerves as he's just oozing with confidence.

    Tim Coleman: He has every right to be confident Jim, and say what you will but Shawn earned this match fair and square. Tonight he's going to silence all of the naysayers and make them bow down to The God King!

    Shawn enters the ring and extends his arms out in a god like pose, only fitting for the self proclaimed God King. He smirks as he does so before taking his place in his corner, leaning back waiting for his opposition...

    He doesn't have to wait long as the sounds of "Sword of Destiny" ring out through the arena and the fans are on their feet in support for the champion, Jon Snowmantashi. Snowmantashi makes a somber, yet focused walk to the ring with his championship over his shoulder never taking his eyes off of Summers inside the ring.

    Jim Taylor: Would you listen to this reaction for the champ? The fans have nearly blown the roof off the arena here! Snowmantashi is clearly the favorite tonight

    Tim Coleman: Don't be foolish Jim, that means nothing. It's about time that Kaiju gets knocked off his throne by the one and true God King!

    Snowmantashi enters the ring with his gaze still centered on Summers, who is just smirking still, not at all intimdated by the presence of Kaiju as Lindsay Monahan steps back to the center of the ring for announcements.

    Lindsay Monahan: Introducing first the challenger from Vancouver, British Columbia. He stands at six-foot one and weighs in tonight at two-hundred & five pounds, he is "The God King"...SHAAAAWN SUMMMMERS!

    Summers bounces in place in his corner, hyping himself up now as the crowd continues to show their disdain for him.

    Lindsay Monahan: His opponent from Tokyo, Japan by way of Los Angeles, California. He stands at six-foot, five inches and weighs in at two-hundred & ninety pounds, he is the man simply known as "Kaiju" and he is also your current CWA World Heavyweight Champion....JON SNOOOOWMANTASHI!

    Jim Taylor: The referee for tonight's contest is Johnny Yamaguchi

    Tim Coleman: Well isn't that convienent! We all know of the relationship between Snowmantashi and Yamaguchi, how do we know he'll call the match fairly?

    Jim Taylor: Yamaguchi has called Snowmantashi's matches in the past and has always called them right down the middle, so I don't see why tonight would be any different Tim

    Tim Coleman: You never know Jimbo!

    Yamaguchi goes over the match with both men and takes the title from Snowmantashi before handing it over to the time keeper and signals for the bell.


    The bell sounds and both men stare each other down from their opposing corners. Snowmantashi steps up to the center of the ring and Summers joins him, still smirking the whole time but it's soon wiped off as Snowmantashi delivers a headbutt stunning Summers back a few steps. This enrages Summers who throws a wild punch in Snowmantashi's direction, but Kaiju is ready as grabs Summers fist and pulls him in smashing his head into Summers' head once more with another headbutt knocking Summers to the mat! Summers lays on the mat and places his palm on his forehead as he rises up to one knee and Snowmantashi beckons him to lock up, to which Summers obliges him and the two lock horns but it's instantly broken as Snowmantashi gives Summers a shove to the mat. Summers becomes more enraged by this and goes in for a tackle forcing Snowmantashi back into a corner where Summers drives several shoulder strikes into Snowmantashi's midsection. Summers then opens up with a flurry of fists to Snowmantashi's massive head rocking him. Summers backs off and charges towards Snowmantashi but Kaiju counters with a thunderous uranage sending Summers crashing to the mat!

    Summers rolls and writhes on the mat while Snowmantashi shakes away the cobwebs as he removes himself from the corner with his back turned allowing Summers to recover enough to clip Snowmantashi's leg from behind!

    Snowmantashi drops to one knee giving an opening for Summers to strike with a shining wizard dropping Snowmantashi like a sack of bricks! Summers then mounts Snowmantashi's chest and delivers continous lefts and rights to Snowmantashi's face along with some elbow strikes for good measure!

    Jim Taylor: Summers with Red King opening up on Snowmantashi!

    Yamaguchi finally gets Summers off of Snowmantashi and backs him away, but the damage is done as a trickle of blood is coming from Snowmantashi's lip. Snowmantashi begins to rise to one knee and Summers looks to strike as he charges in at Kaiju and looks to apply Alpha Male, his guillotine choke and he has it locked in looking to put away Kaiju keeping the hold applied and wraps his legs around Kaiju's massive frame adding more pressure. Kaiju starts to rise up out of it and Summers senses this countering into a DDT driving Snowmantashi's skull to the mat and hooks the far leg for the pin attempt...


    Snowmantashi kicks out and rolls to his side as Summers gets up and begins to stomp on Snowmantashi's ankle.

    Jim Taylor: Summers looking to apply his signature ankle lock as he drives those deadly stomps down on Snowmantashi's ankle

    Tim Coleman: The Best F'N Ankle Lock Period, get it right Jimbo!

    Summers does indeed apply his ankle lock and soon grapevines Snowmantashi's leg adding more pressure. Snowmantashi grits his teeth and fights through the pain and begins to inch his way towards the nearest bottom rope to where he finally just barely clings on breaking the hold. Summers none too pleased by this being forced to break the hold as Snowmantashi clutches his ankle, and now Summers waits allowing Snowmantashi to slowly rise up using the ropes as leverage. Summers finally yanks Snowmantashi towards him and locks him in a position for his signature overhead belly to belly suplex, but before he can hit it Snowmantashi finds a second wind and delivers an endless amount headbutts stunning Summers and then pulls in Summers for a t-bone suplex!

    Jim Taylor: Kaiju turning the tide in his favor now finding much needed momentum

    Summers stumbles to his feet and Snowmantashi clutches him in a rear waistlock...bridging german suplex!


    Summers kicks out and Snowmantashi rolls up to a vertical base and runs off the ropes and lands running senton flattening Summers knocking the wind out of him! Snowmantashi beckons Summers up before bringing him in a powerbomb position, and as he hoists him up Summers begins to drive fists into Snowmantashi's forehead but it's not enough as Snowmantashi sends Summers crashing to the mat with a devastating sit-out powerbomb!


    Summers rolls away and Snowmantashi allows Summers to slowly rise up as he goes in for his signature sleeper hold, Frostbite! Summers manages to slip out of it though and slithers through Snowmantashi's legs and drives a clubbing forearm to Snowmantashi's back before locking him in position...inverted lifting DDT!

    Jim Taylor: Summers hit the inverted lifting DDT but I don't think he got all of it

    Both competitors lay on the mat catching their breath for several seconds. Summers is the first one up and Snowmantashi rises to a knee as Summers once again goes for Alpha Male, but Snowmantashi powers his way out of it before Summers can lock it in and hoists Summers up on his shoulders. Summers tries to fend off Snowmantashi with several elbow strikes but it's not enough...HAILSTORM! Snowmantashi hits all of it and falls on top of Summers for the pin...


    Lindsay Monahan: Here is your winner and STILL the CWA World Heavyweight Champion...JON SNOWMANTASHI!

    Snowmantashi's music echoes through the arena once more as he reigns victorious. He has his arm raised by the referee while Summers rolls to the outside, beside himself and a look of utter disdain in his eyes as he looks back in the ring at the man that just defeated him.

    20 Person Wrestle-Royale Match

    The lights in the arena dim down as Lindsay Monahan stands in the ring - the fans now what is coming next and cheer very loudly... despite Monahan not making any announcement yet.

    Tim Coleman: Listen to the noise, Jimbo! You think the fans know what's coming up next? You think they're excited for it?

    Jim Taylor: They must be excited, Tim, judging by the volume! Our main event... is about to get under way!

    Lindsey Monahan: Ladies and Gentlemen, it is now time for our main event of the evening... the Wrestle Royale match! There will be twenty participants in the match, each entering after a timed interval. The match will begin with the first two entrants and carry on until only one person stands tall as the victor! To be eliminated, you must be thrown over the top rope and have both feet touching the floor.

    Monahan takes a small pause as the crowd cheer for the announcement...

    Lindsey Monahan: And now... the first two entrants will make their entrance. Entering the match at number one...

    Jim Taylor: I wonder who the unlucky person could be! Number one isn't a favourable position....

    Tim Coleman: It might be the worst position, Jimbo, but we might see someone like LIGHTBRINGER or Cyrus Truth... and we know those two have great endurance.

    All attention is drawn up the ramp....

    Leo comes out after his number is rung, pointing his finger towards to the ring as he runs into the ring, doing his poses to pump the crowd up.

    Jim Taylor: Ah it's Leo Taylor! Well... he has a big task ahead.

    Tim Coleman: The best thing he can hope for is that number two isn't a big player... or this won't be fun for him.

    Lindsey Monahan: Entering first, he stands at six feet tall whilst weighing in at two hundred pounds, from New York, USA: LEO TAYLOR!

    The crowd pop for Taylor's name being mentioned, he steps into the ring and warms up before turning to focus on the stage...

    Jim Taylor: Who's it going to be?

    The crowd pop louder for Elijah Edwards as he makes his way to the ring - he looks slightly sluggish due to competing earlier in the night but he looks fresh enough to still put up a decent fight.

    Lindsey Monahan: Entering second, he stands at six feet four inches tall whilst weighing in at two hundred and twenty one pounds, from Toronto, Canada: ELIJAH EDWARDS!

    Monahan exits as the bell rings, signifying the start of the 2016 Wrestle Royale match.

    WrestleRoyale Match

    Entrant #1: "The Ultimate Fanboy" Leo Taylor
    Entrant #2: "Double E" Elijah Edwards

    Both men circle each other to begin the match - both are quite clearly nervous as the fans have some duelling chants. There's a lockup and Edwards manages to drive Taylor all the way back towards a turnbuckle and already starts trying to lift him up and over the ropes!

    Jim Taylor: Elijah Edwards is already going for the elimination!

    Tim Coleman:
    He's trying to be efficient with his energy, I guess. But I think he's going to need to tire Taylor out a little more.

    Taylor is able to fight off the attempt quite easily - he gets to seated position on the turnbuckle and jumps off with a hurricanrana that sends Edwards flying across the ring. Edwards takes a small moment to recover but Taylor charges at him, feeds him the leg and then hits him with an enzuigiri! Suddenly, Edwards is in trouble - he's stunned and wobbles backwards towards a turnbuckle... Taylor runs and hits him with a wonky big boot that causes him to drop down. Afterwards, Taylor runs and hits a cannonball senton before he drags Edwards away from the rope and manages to get the Future Lock 2017!

    Jim Taylor: We didn't expect to see this early!

    Tim Coleman: Well, what use is it, Jimbo? He can't eliminate Edwards by submission!

    Jim Taylor: but as we both know, Tim, Leo Taylor can see the future with this move! He will know what lies ahead!

    Edwards lets go of the hold just as the countdown timer appears on screen... he begins to freak out and shouts his displeasure at the next entrant - despite nobody knowing who it is going to be.

    Tim Coleman: I'd say that his reaction isn't a very good sign for what's to come.

    The countdown timer reaches zero...

    "Subconscious" begins to blare through the arena to a monstrous pop as the FWA Undisputed Champion, "The Exile" Cyrus Truth, appears!

    Entrant #3: "The Exile" Cyrus Truth

    Leo Taylor is rooted to the spot in the ring as Cyrus makes his way down. He takes his sweet time getting to the ring though...

    Jim Taylor: You think Cyrus is taking too long, Tim?

    Tim Coleman: It is possible he is enjoying watching Taylor squirm.

    Taylor doesn't know what to do in the ring as he appears on the verge of a comedic meltdown - Cyrus steps up onto the apron and gets in. There's a brief staredown before Taylor puts his hand out - Cyrus looks at it with disdain. Taylor ends up falling to his knees and asking for some form of mercy for no reason but Cyrus tells him to stand up. He does so and then begins to slowly back away as Cyrus walks forward. Taylor has to stop though as he bumps into the now recovered Elijah Edwards.

    Jim Taylor: I think Leo might be in trouble here!

    For a moment, it looks like Taylor is about to receive a beating... but annoying music fills the arena....


    Tim Coleman: I recognise this...

    Everyone looks up onto the stage as a voice interrupts the match...

    ????: WELL LOOKEE HERE...

    The fans break out in boos as the FWA's own Triple J Security appears - with Jiggy John, the leader, holding the mic. Truth, Edwards and Taylor all pay attention to them.

    Jiggy John: You think you could get away from us, Cyrus? We're Triple J Security boy! We're the best! We're here on a mission to get THAT belt!

    Tim Coleman: Who are these idiots?

    Jim Taylor: I believe they're a security group from the FWA.

    Tim Coleman: What do they protect exactly?

    Jim Taylor: I'm not sure, Tim.

    Jiggy John continues speaking as he walks.

    Jiggy John: But... we also thought... why not enter this match!? Triple J Security... headlining Five Star Attraction. It's the dream, boys! Not only that... but getting to beat up CWA chumps along the way.... fun!

    The fans are relentless with their booing as all three members of Triple J Security get into the ring...

    Entrants #4, 5, 6: Triple J Security (Jiggy John, Jugem Jugem and Jobber Jimbo)

    The three members of Triple J Security face off with Cyrus, Elijah and Leo... and then charge at them - but the CWA guys all duck under the oncoming clothesline attacks before responding with three super kicks... sending all three of their opponents over the top ropes and out of the ring!

    Eliminations #1, 2, 3: Triple J Security (Jiggy John, Jugem Jugem and Jobber Jimbo)

    Triple J are clearly upset as they are ushered away from the ring whilst Taylor tries to celebrate with Cyrus and Edwards... but he stops and is then instantly double teamed and thrown towards the ropes. Cyrus and Elijah take turns beating him down before trying to get him over the top rope but Taylor manages to struggle free somehow. He bounces off of the ropes and ducks a forearm from Cyrus before taking out Edwards with a jumping dropkick. He's unable to get up in time to stop Cyrus from attacking him, however. Cyrus gets him into a corner and then attacks him with some knife edge chops - the crowd cheering for each one, before trying to lift him up and over. Again, Taylor is able to fight him off. But Cyrus still controls the action as he delivers an elbow smash before hitting the First Five Steps stomps to Taylor's head against the turnbuckle.

    Jim Taylor: It's not looking good for Taylor, Tim.

    Tim Coleman: I agree, Jimbo. Not only that, but Elijah Edwards is clearly taking his time to recover. Cyrus is distracted and with his sole focus on Taylor... he might struggle.

    Edwards gets to his feet and looks to walk over and help Cyrus with Taylor... but the countdown timer reaches zero and the next entrant is revealed...

    There's a lot of boos - and instantly, Elijah turns his attention towards the stage as Nate Savage appears!

    Jim Taylor: Adversaries from earlier tonight... we're about to get part two, Tim!

    Tim Coleman: This is going to get violent, Jimbo!

    Entrant #7: "Nasty" Nate Savage

    Savage storms to the ring with a purpose and slides in, Edwards already starts kicking him but he brushes it off and the pair of them start going toe to toe! They exchange a ridiculous amount of right hands in the middle of the ring with neither man seemingly gaining the advantage. The crowd let out a sigh of relief as Savage grabs Edwards and throws him through the ropes, not over the top, and out of the ring... Savage follows. Referees crowd the pair and try to instruct them to get back into the ring but Savage warns them off as he grabs Edwards and throws him into the barricade. He gets on top of him and starts hitting him with closed fist punches - busting him wide open. The fans voice their anger but Savage simply laughs at them as he delivers boots to Edwards before sliding back into the ring. In the ring, Cyrus has continued to work over Taylor and is trying to eliminate him... Savage decides to help him and they both seem to working well as Taylor teeters on the brink just as the countdown timer reaches zero...


    The crowd are hoping someone can come to the rescue for Leo Taylor... but it looks hopeless as "The Hollywood Standard" Mark Merriweather makes his way to the ring!

    Entrant #8: "The Hollywood Standard" Mark Merriweather

    Merriweather jumps into the ring and wastes no time in helping Cyrus and Savage. The three of them look certain to eliminate Taylor but Taylor lands on the apron. Just as Merriweather goes to hit him off, Taylor stops him by raising his hand up in the air - the crowd pop...

    Jim Taylor: Uh oh!

    Tim Coleman: What's happening!?

    Jim Taylor: Can't you see, Tim?

    Tim Coleman: What!?

    Jim Taylor: He's got a GRENADE!

    Merriweather pleads with Taylor not to pull the pin... but it's no use, the pin is pulled and the imaginary grenade goes into the middle of the ring - Cyrus is smart and takes cover in the corner... but Nate Savage and Mark Merriweather have nowhere to go. Savage grabs Merriweather and uses him as a shield! The 'blast' knocks them backwards towards the ropes... and Savage's momentum forces him to pull down the top rope.... Mark Merriweather goes over and to the outside!

    Jim Taylor: The blast's momentum just eliminated Mark Merriweather! Leo Taylor's grenade worked!

    The crowd cheer loudly as Merriweather is eliminated - Taylor is the hero of the moment as he gets back into the ring.

    Elimination #4: Mark Merriweather

    Taylor is extremely proud of his accomplishment... and the crowd are applauding him for it... up until Nate Savage blindsides him and knocks him to the mat. The crowd boo as Taylor receives a brutal beatdown - Cyrus doesn't step in to help, he just watches. On the outside, Elijah Edwards is being tended to by EMTs whilst Triple J Security suddenly return and rush into the ring. They blindside Cyrus and attack him relentlessly just as the countdown timer starts...


    "Can't be touched" plays and a familiar face comes out... it's Thomas West!

    Entrant #9: "The GOAT" Thomas West

    Jim Taylor: A return! It's Thomas West... and he has his oil!

    The crowd pop as West stands at the top of the ramp way with a bottle of oil in his hands and starts to lather himself up as he walks to the ring. He gets in and grabs Jiggy John - throwing him out of the ring over the top rope. He grabs Jugem Jugem next and does the same before grabbing Jobber Jimbo and hitting the Cyclone finisher. He picks up Jimbo and throws him out too...

    Tim Coleman:
    These guys must not be very good security. They've been eliminated twice in this match!

    West turns around and plays to the crowd, celebrating his return and unofficial re-eliminations of Triple J Security.

    Jim Taylor: Another great achievement for Thomas West.

    Tim Coleman: He is the GOAT after all!

    Still absolutely covered in oil, he fails to realise Cyrus stirring behind him - Cyrus grabs him and throws him over the top rope! But he skins the cat, he's still in the match! West wipes his forehead - "Phew!" - and just as he goes to step to get back into the ring... he slips on the now oily apron and falls down to the outside! The oil has eliminated Thomas West!

    Elimination #5: Thomas West

    West is clearly frustrated on the outside - he walks over and grabs Jiggy John and gives him a belly to belly suplex on the canvas. He does the same to Jobber Jimbo and Jugem Jugem also! The countdown timer reaches zero again... and unfamiliar music plays. Some in the crowd recognise it - "Not Your Kind of People" by Garbage is the song...

    Jim Taylor: A new signing!?

    Tim Coleman: I remember this music, Jimbo.

    Jim Taylor: I do too... I can't quite place it...

    At the top of the stage emerges former FWA Tag Team Champion, "The Instant Classic" Christian Quinn! Some fans know the name and do cheer for him as he makes his way to the ring.

    Jim Taylor:
    That's it, this man's a former FWA superstar... and it now looks like he has come to the CWA, Tim!

    Tim Coleman: Big occasion to make your CWA debut!

    Entrant #10: "The Instant Classic" Christian Quinn

    Quinn gets into the ring and attacks Nate Savage right from the off - he lands a series of savage European Uppercuts before taking him down with a German Suplex and causing him to roll out of the ring. Leo Taylor then tries to run at him and attack him but he ends up on the receiving end of a tilt a whirl backbreaker. And then Quinn gets to his feet - he and Cyrus have a little bit of a staredown. And they break into an exchange of strikes. They battle back and forth in the ring whilst, on the outside, Nate Savage attacks the EMTs helping clean Edwards up... before continuing to attack Edwards himself. He drags him away from the corner barricade and throws him into the ring post.

    Jim Taylor: Someone just has to stop this. Edwards is clearly exhausted and beatdown...

    Tim Coleman: You have to admit, Jimbo, Nate Savage has had an impressive match so far!


    Savage beats Edwards down some more and the countdown timer plays once more and the crowd break into a huge pop as "It's Terror Time Again!" begins to play - HUMANITY makes his way out!

    Entrant #11: HUMANITY

    HUMANITY charges down to the ring - he stops just before he enters and gives Savage a few left and rights -- much to the enjoyment of the crowd. He then hits Savage with the DDT on the canvas before sliding into the ring. Leo Taylor tries to square up to him but HUMANITY takes him down with a solid right hook - he grabs him and hits him with a DDT. Meanwhile, Truth and Quinn continue to battle - Truth had the upper hand for a brief moment but Quinn has fought back and manages to hit Cyrus with a hammerlock exploder suplex into the corner. HUMANITY then attacks his old foe, Quinn, with punches and takes him out with a DDT also! The crowd are on their feet as HUMANITY is the only man standing in the ring - they give a nice warm clap for the man... but the clap fades away as Nate Savage runs in from behind and blindsides him - throwing him over the top rope.

    Elimination #6: HUMANITY

    Savage stands at the ropes and shouts abuse at HUMANITY on the outside - bragging that he has 'outsmarted' him. The crowd aren't happy with it... but they suddenly perk up as Elijah Edwards slides into the ring and levels Savage with a superkick as he turns around! Savage is wobbly and slowly backs up towards the ropes... Edwards appeared to use a lot of strength for that short burst... but Christian Quinn pops up and finishes the job as he delivers Thor's Hammer (Clothesline from Hell) to Savage and sends him over the top and out of the ring!

    Elimination #7: Nate Savage

    The crowd break into cheers for the elimination of Savage. Quinn helps Edwards to his feet and thanks him for the help... but suddenly, Quinn turns on him and tries to lift him over the ropes! The crowd don't like it much but there's not much of a struggle as Savage storms back into the ring and attacks Quinn from behind, incensed at his elimination!

    Jim Taylor: Surely this can't be allowed! The referees need to take control!

    Quinn is assaulted and Savage takes advantage of the surprise element to throw him over the top rope and out of the ring! Christian Quinn is out!

    Elimination #8: Christian Quinn

    As has been commonplace in this match, boos directed at Nate Savage play out. He doesn't care as he delivers a stomp to Elijah Edwards in the ring before jumping out. He grabs Christian Quinn and shouts at him for ruining his matchup. He grabs him and hits the Nasty Bomb on the ring apron! Savage walks away after shouting "YOU DID THIS!" at Quinn.

    Jim Taylor: I think Nate Savage might have an issue with Christian Quinn.

    Tim Coleman: Well... at least he seems to have moved on from Elijah.

    The countdown timer begins to tick....

    The familiar sound of "The Kill" blares out over the sound system and the crowd goes wild as Krash makes a beeline for the ring running past EMTs helping out Christian Quinn and slides inside. He ducks an incoming attack from Leo Taylor and fires back with a spinning forearm smash dropping Leo to the mat as Elijah Edwards continues to recover in a corner. Krash soon has a staredown with Cyrus Truth that sends chills down the spines of the sold out crowd...

    Jim Taylor: Can you feel that intensity folks?!

    Soon it's interrupted as Leo Taylor begins to hulk up, much to delight of the fans that are showing their support for the fanboy. Cyrus and Krash turn their attention towards Leo, and shrug as both go for a forearm shot to Leo, who then blocks and takes down both Cyrus and Krash with wildy thrown punches as the crowd is going wild in anticipation for who the next entrant may be as the clock ticks down...


    The music hits and an audible groan is heard from the fans as the infamous Dicky Zuko makes it's way out.

    Tim Coleman: I didn't realize that this..this...whatever it is was still employed!

    Jim Taylor: It appears so, Tim

    Dicky enters the ring and walks right up to a hulked up Leo, who catches Dicky with a boot to the midsection before lifting it up...DIE HARD! Leo then takes Dicky and tosses it over the top rope to the floor below...

    Elimination #9: Dicky Zuko

    Tim Coleman: I never thought I'd say it but thank goodness for Leo Taylor!

    The crowd cheers and applauds Leo, who looks out at them before being pummeled and taken down by Elijah Edwards who has since recovered. Meanwhile, Krash and Cyrus come to and have started to duke it out, trading lefts and rights as the clock begins ticking down again for the next entrant...



    The crowd comes to life as LIGHTBRINGER makes his way down to the ring showing no signs of exhaustion from his earlier encounter with Michelle von Horrowitz.

    Jim Taylor: Here comes LIGHTBRINGER coming off a big win over Michelle von Horrowitz earlier tonight!

    LIGHTBRINGER enters the fray and as he's in the ring Elijah Edwards turns away from Leo towards LIGHTBRINGER, and the two square locking in a tie up and it's the fresher LIGHTBRINGER taking down Elijah with a snap suplex!

    Jim Taylor: These two no strangers to each other!

    Tim Coleman: It was LIGHTBRINGER that took the High Voltage championship from Elijah Edwards!

    Leo has risen up and clubs LIGHTBRINGER from behind, having little to no effect on LB who drills Leo with a forearm knocking him to the mat while Cyrus and Krash have reached a stand still with their slugfest as Krash is attempting to eliminate Cyrus and LB decides to join in on the fray as the ticker runs down...


    ENTRANT#14: Michelle von Horrowitz

    A mixed reaction for Michelle von Horrowitz as she gingerly makes her way to the ring.

    Jim Taylor: Michelle made history last year being the first and only woman to win this prestigious match, can she do it again?

    Tim Coleman: I certainly hope not!

    Once Michelle enters the ring she immediately goes after LB, still stinging from the loss earlier as she clubs him on the back breaking up the potential elimination of Cyrus Truth, who fends off Krash with several forearm strikes before taking down the stunned Krash with a standing dropkick! Meanwhile, Elijah has since recovered as he and Leo are trading blows with Elijah looking to eliminate Leo as he tries to hoist him over the top but Leo fights back by kicking Elijah off of him as the clock ticks down once more...

    Jim Taylor: I know this music...

    The crowd goes into a frenzy of cheers as TJ Styles steps out on stage.


    Jim Taylor: It's been awhile since we've seen TJ Styles in a CWA ring!

    TJ sprints down to the ring and once inside he takes down Elijah Edwards with a forearm followed up a forearm to Leo Taylor! Michelle charges at TJ with a clothesline but pays for it as ducks underneath and waves his hand in front of his face saying that she can't see him and then lifts her up on his shoulders...WEST COAST SLAM!

    Jim Taylor: TJ Styles cleaning house!

    Tim Coleman: This crowd is electric for him right now!

    TJ turns around right into a elbow smash from Cyrus Truth, stunning the young man from SoCal as Cyrus spins him around...TIGER SUPLEX! TJ Styles is down and the crowd begins to boo Cyrus a little for that as the clock ticks down once more...

    The all too familiar music hits causing the crowd to show their disdain, but a few scattered cheers can be heard as Nightmare makes his way down to the ring.



    Jim Taylor: Here comes Nightmare, who hasn't been seen in quite some time as well

    Tim Coleman: A lot of old familiar faces are turning up, Jimbo!

    Nightmare enters the ring and begins stomping on the downed TJ Styles while Cyrus has turned his attention back on Krash, setting him up for the Broken Path stomping the back of Krash's knee but Krash counters back as Cyrus is coming back with a big boot and Krash catches Cyrus by the boot and spins him around dazing The Exile...SUPERKICK! Cyrus falls back to the mat as Krash drops to a knee in exhaustion leaving Cyrus open as Leo climbs up top...ELBOW DROP! He connects with the elbow drop to Cyrus Truth and the crowd is stunned. Leo stumbles back up but soon he's clobbered from behind by Elijah and Elijah tries to hoist him over the rope and LIGHTBRINGER gives Elijah the assist as Leo drops to the outside...

    ELIMINATION #10: Leo Taylor

    Jim Taylor: Leo Taylor lasted an incredible amount of time

    Tim Coleman: I'm shocked he lasted as long as he did

    As Leo looks deflated on the outside the clock begins to tick down again...

    The familiar music rings throughout the arena and the crowd cheers wildly as Diego Gonzalez steps out...


    Jim Taylor: Another blast from the past as Diego enters the match and makes a beeline for the ring coming to the aide of his friend and ally, TJ Styles!

    Diego takes down Nightmare with a running clothesline before helping TJ to his feet and both men take Nightmare by the head and toss him over the top rope to the outside!

    ELIMINATION#11: Nightmare

    TJ thanks Diego but then as Diego turns around TJ takes Diego and tosses him over to the outside...

    ELIMINATION#12: Diego Gonzalez

    TJ shrugs and apologizes to his friend but soon he's taken from behind and eliminated by Michelle von Horrowitz...

    ELIMINATION #13: TJ Styles

    TJ lands on the outside next to Diego as the two look at each other and bump fists and take their leave together. Meanwhile, Michelle gloats over eliminating TJ as she turns around right into LB...LIGHTBRINGER LARIAT! Lights out for Michelle as the clock begins ticking down again...



    Jim Taylor: Another fan favorite making an appearance tonight!

    Twister sprints down to the ring and tackles Krash down to the mat instantly and the two begin to brawl.

    Jim Taylor: Obviously Twister coming to the aide of his long time friend Cyrus Truth, who is still recovering from that elbow drop

    Krash gets the better of Twister however and begins to light him up with Krash Kourse, but before he can finish him off he's stopped by Cyrus who stomps his back knee again and this time finishes Broken Path! Twister thanks Cyrus and looks to shake his hand as Cyrus looks at him before drilling Twister and tosses him over the top to the outside!

    ELIMINATION#14: Twister Excel

    Tim Coleman: Cyrus isn't looking for any help and showed Twister the door!

    Jim Taylor: There is still some old wounds between those two that I don't believe ever got resolved and Cyrus hasn't forgotten

    Elijah Edwards is seen fending off LIGHTBRINGER, who is trying to eliminate him as the clock ticks down...

    Tim Coleman: Are you serious?!

    The crowd erupts into a frenzy of boos as Noah Nitro steps out acting arrogant as ever and even vulgar with sexual thrusts towards females in the crowd.

    Jim Taylor: I thought I'd never see Noah Nitro in a CWA ring again

    Tim Coleman: He has some history with the man staring him down, Cyrus Truth!


    Noah arrogantly enters the ring but before he can even take off his jacket he's leveled by Cyrus with a clothesline taking him over the top to the outside!

    ELIMINATION#15: Noah Nitro

    Tim Coleman: Well, that happened

    Michelle begins to come to as Elijah and LIGHTBRINGER trade lefts and rights while Cyrus brings Krash up in position for the Memento Mori, but Krash fights out of it and counters with a FAMEASSER! He climbs up top, setting up Cyrus for The Kill...but he's taken down as Michelle stops him sending Krash cross-legged on the tope turnbuckle as Michelle climbs up...SUPERPLEX! Michelle takes down herself and Krash as they lay on the mat as the clock ticks down for the final entrant...

    No one's music hits and the crowd is confused but soon cameras reveal a scuffle backstage with Shawn Summers taking out someone and making his way to entry way...

    Jim Taylor: Looks like Summers is entering himself in this match after coming up unsuccessful in his match Snowmantashi earlier!

    Tim Coleman: All hail The GodKing!

    Summers comes to the ring with no fanfare or music as he enters the ring and takes down both Elijah and LB with a clothesline. He then follows up by taking an exhausted Michelle and tosses her over to the outside...

    ELIMINATION#16: Michelle von Horrowitz

    He lays the boots now to an old rival, Cyrus Truth! The crowd raining Shawn down in boos but he doesn't seem to care as it's down to the final five. Elijah and LIGHTBRINGER come to and take Shawn down from behind with a double team double axe-handle. They both look to eliminate Shawn as they begin to lift him up but he fends them off drilling both of them with forearm strikes knocking them back and then takes them down with a double clothesline. Shawn plays up to the crowd now as they boo him, he's feeding off their negative energy and basks in their hatred for him before turning around...SUPERKICK FROM KRASH! Krash still feeling the effects of that superplex but he manages to superkick Shawn sending Shawn reeling against the ropes before Krash takes him out with a clothesline!

    ELIMINATION#17: Shawn Summers

    Krash hangs over the ropes now, still exhausted before Elijah sneaks up behind him and looks to eliminate Krash but Krash fends him over with a back elbow dazing the young Canadian and looks for another superkick this time to Elijah, but Elijah catches his boot and spins him around...FROM TORONTO WITH LOVE! Elijah takes down Krash and Elijah rolls over to his side before quickly recovering and lifts up Krash looking to eliminate him but LIGHTBRINGER drills him from behind and begins trading blows with Elijah before he has Elijah reeling on the ropes. Elijah fights back though knocking LIGHTBRINGER off and looks for the Kick of Fury, but LIGHTBRINGER ducks underneath it and levels Elijah with a LIGHTBRINGER LARIAT! He then takes Elijah and tosses him out...

    ELIMINATION#18: Elijah Edwards

    It's down to the final four and Krash begins to stir while Cyrus remains in corner, keeping himself isolated from the action for the time being and planning out his next attack. LIGHTBRINGER turns around to find Krash attempt a superkick, but LIGHTBRINGER ducks and goes for a LIGHTBRINGER lariat but Krash ducks and unloads on LIGHTBRINGER with Krash Kourse and finishes off LIGHTBRINGER with a superkick to the chin taking the young man from Japan down.

    Jim Taylor: Krash staying in this, refusing to go down without a fight!

    Tim Coleman: Yeah but what about Cyrus? He's got something up his sleeve!

    Krash turns around in time as Cyrus drills him with an elbow smash stunning him on his feet, and now Cyrus sets up Krash for Journey's End but Krash fights his way out of it and hits Cyrus with Overdose! Cyrus stumbles back near the ropesand Krash sees an opening and makes an attempt at eliminating Cyrus charging at him with a clothesline but Cyrus manages to just barely slip out of the way in time causing Krash to fly over the top sending himself to the outside...

    ELIMINATION#19: Krash

    Krash sits outside and he's beside himself now with a look of utter shock and disbelief. Meanwhile, Cyrus looks on and turns around as LIGHTBRINGER has risen up and is quick to grab Cyrus by the wrist and goes for a LIGHTBRINGER lariat, but Cyrus kicks him in the midsection and hoists him up for Journey's End yet LIGHTBRINGER has answer for that as he counters it...TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER! He drives Cyrus' head first to the mat and both men lay on the mat in exhaustion for what seems like an eternity as the crown cheers them both on...

    Jim Taylor: Both competitors want this so badly and are willing to put it all out there for a shot at the richest prize in the game!

    Finally both begin to stir as Cyrus rolls near a bottom rope keeping himself distanced from LIGHTBRINGER as he uses the ropes as leverage to bring himself up, while LIGHTBRINGER rises up to one knee before getting up to a vertical base and before Cyrus can react LIGHTBRINGER rushes in at him taking Cyrus over the top but Cyrus hangs on and lands on the apron. LIGHTBRINGER begins fighting back though with several forearm strikes trying his damndest to take Cyrus down, but Cyrus is unrelenting as he fights back with forearm strikes of his own until LIGHTBRINGER fires back with a headbutt that has Cyrus reeling but hanging on allowing LIGHTBRINGER to come back with a triangle dropkick that finally knocks Cyrus off the apron and to the outside...

    Jim Taylor: WE HAVE A WINNER!

    The crowd is absolutely elated as LIGHTBRINGER lays on the mat in exhaustion while the announcement is made...

    Lindsay Monahan: The winner of the 2016 Wrestle-Royale...LIGHTBRINGER!

    Jim Taylor: He's done it! LIGHTBRINGER has done it!

    Tim Coleman: Tremendous effort from Cyrus for his reseilency but I gotta give it up for this kid!

    The crowd is on their feet as the positive ovation is deafening. LIGHTBRINGER is helped up and has his arm raised much to the delight and elation of the fans as confetti begins to fall. On the outside Cyrus watches on with his same stone-faced expression, but soon takes his leave allowing LIGHTBRINGER to have his moment. BoBo has joined in the celebration for LIGHTBRINGER as he's overcome with elation for his friend.

    Jim Taylor: Now LIGHTBRINGER heads to Five Star Attraction to take on Jon Snowmantashi for the world heavyweight championship! That's all the time we have for tonight fans, good night from Las Vegas!

    The show comes to a close with a shot of LIGHTBRINGER and BoBo still celebrating.

    *END SHOW*

    Match credits
    Shake: First half of the Wrestle-Royale match
    Jimmy King: LIGHTBRINGER vs. MvH, Shawn Summers vs. Jon Snowmantashi, final half of the Wrestle-Royale match

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ed
    Stop the hating of the E-Feds. If you don't like something, that's fine, just ignore it and let the people who do enjoy what they're here on WC to do. Mocking them to make you feel less of a geek for being on a geek on a wrestling forum is lame. If you want to not read their posts, I can fix that for you.

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    Re: Wrestle-Royale: Live!

    Hell of a night for LIGHTBRINGER. A successful title defense AND the Wrestle-Royal win? Congratu-fucking-lations, Shake!

    Excellent show, lads. Well worth the wait.


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    Re: Wrestle-Royale: Live!

    Quote Originally Posted by Business Wolf View Post
    Hell of a night for LIGHTBRINGER. A successful title defense AND the Wrestle-Royal win? Congratu-fucking-lations, Shake!

    Excellent show, lads. Well worth the wait.
    Don't think LB vs. MvH was for a title.

    But yes, congratulations Shake, I almost wish we had done the same sort of subtle build up to this that I had with Willis, though we've referenced each other from time to time, it's been a lot more casual and not towards any sort of precise direction, I know you're on vacation so this story will probably start off a bit slow but hopefully when you're back we can elevate this. Really enjoyed the build up from WR to 5SA with SuperSaiyan/Michelle von Horrowitz last year. Also, first time we're facing off. Also, also, you get to kill Snowmantashi's FSA undefeated streak before it can technically be referred to as a streak

    1. Looking forward to seeing the result of the HV singles match.

    2. Utterly confused but intrigued by Kate Hunter.

    3. Good LB vs. MvH and Shawn Summers vs. Snowmantashi matches. It's a shame circumstances prevented SS from really getting into this one as LB vs. MvH was easily the hottest storyline in CWA and a pretty good build up. Shawn Summers did a good job of elevating himself in his segment preceding this show to choose who he'd faced and I hope iGo is able to build himself up going forward and further develop Shawn Summers, I would say for a future rematch but I could of course be title-less by then, still, I think every match between two characters builds on the former so I look forward to another meeting.

    4. Really glad to see Thomas West back. I've often considered bringing him back with perhaps the idea that 1-2 years in the Indy has really upped his game but two characters already has me bloated so I'm holding back on that. As for the rest of the match, I really want to see Shawn Summers vs. Elijah Edwards at Five Star Attraction, if iGo sticks around then I think it would be an interesting story, or even team against The Echo. Notably missing here are of course The Echo, which is unfortunate because they've built themselves kayfabe wise as three talented individuals. Krash's story of continuous failure is one I want to keep reading and is my favorite thing going in the CWA at the moment. Cyrus Truth also misses the boat and now I'm predicting he might end up facing Krash which would be a pretty great match for Five Star Attraction and easily the most star-studded match you can have at this point. Lastly, as mentioned earlier, I'm happy to see LB win it (as much as I wanted that title defense against Cyrus Truth now I have to be on my A+++ game to beat LB back so I can once more anticipate the showdown with Cyrus Truth that will never happen ). Shake will be a huge challenge and it would be fitting for the young ace to win at the main event of Five Star Attraction... but as I said, I need to finish my bucket list before I can lose the title!

    Many props to Jimmy King for putting the show together!

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    Re: Wrestle-Royale: Live!

    Quote Originally Posted by Luke Cage View Post
    Don't think LB vs. MvH was for a title.
    see, this is what happens when I work for far too long without any beauty sleep. Alas, my mistake has been exposed! Why, Jon. WHY.

    Small things I loved about the Royal:
    - Triple J Security playing the role of Funaki & Taka Michinoku from the 2000 Royal Rumble. I'm not familiar with them, but I'm fairly sure I love them.
    - All the 'surprise entrants', most notably Diego Gonzales, TJ Styles, and THOMAS WEST AND HIS MOTHERFUGGIN' OIL, BRAH. I marked.
    - Shawn Summers entering himself in the Royal in the most heel way possible. I kinda wish they namedropped who he attacked to steal the Royal spot, and said superstar was another returning popular dude for MAXIMUM HEEL HEAT.

    For a Royal that had to be shortened due to numbers, it turned out to be pretty great. Great show.


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    Re: Wrestle-Royale: Live!

    Excellent show guys!!! Disappointed that I gassed out with my RP this time around but I'm slowly getting back into this thing and learning all the new characters that have arisen since I left lol. I'm VERY intrigued by the main event of Five Star Attraction and I've already got a killer idea for the pay-per-view poster that I want to try out. Congratulations to all of the winners on the show and be on the look out for a special Shawn Summers promo in the coming hours.

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    Re: Wrestle-Royale: Live!

    I'm happy that you all enjoyed this show, and hopefully it was well worth the wait. Be on the look out for the next card in the coming days once the final match is included for this show.

    Above all else, have a safe and happy new year and here's to another excellent year for CWA.

    Rest in power, Flock U
    Rest in power, TCON

    Team Cyrus T is Best for Business


    Quote Originally Posted by Ed
    Stop the hating of the E-Feds. If you don't like something, that's fine, just ignore it and let the people who do enjoy what they're here on WC to do. Mocking them to make you feel less of a geek for being on a geek on a wrestling forum is lame. If you want to not read their posts, I can fix that for you.

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    Re: Wrestle-Royale: Live!

    Final match has been added, and the next card should be up by sometime tomorrow.

    Rest in power, Flock U
    Rest in power, TCON

    Team Cyrus T is Best for Business


    Quote Originally Posted by Ed
    Stop the hating of the E-Feds. If you don't like something, that's fine, just ignore it and let the people who do enjoy what they're here on WC to do. Mocking them to make you feel less of a geek for being on a geek on a wrestling forum is lame. If you want to not read their posts, I can fix that for you.

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    Re: Wrestle-Royale: Live!


    It's pretty cool to recapture the title. I'm hoping I can keep it longer than month this time... Perhaps we don't put me against LIGHTBRINGER for it again?! Haha. But speaking of LB, congrats on his WrestleRoyale win... even if he did eliminate me from it!! Always ruining things for me, damn you! Though I'm going to say I'm a little surprised I lasted as long as I did, but I'm glad.

    LIGHTBRINGER Vs Snowmantashi is going to be something special. I can already feel it and so stoked to witness it.

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    Re: Wrestle-Royale: Live!

    Really damn good show. Thanks for writing LB vs MVH, Jimmy.

    I didn't expect to win the WrestleRoyale, really surprising - thought Cyrus or Krash would take it. A cool surprise and I am sure me and Jon can cook up a good story for 5SA.

    Also will probably use Quinn regularly here, too. Just won't focus on him as much.

    @Wolf - Triple J are the premier security team of FWA. Usually heel lackies. Tend to be comedic, more or less a parody of JnJ.

    @Gambit - Yeah, congrats on the win and I think you will be a solid champ and can go on to have a great reign.


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