Jim Taylor: Good evening fans and welcome to another edition of Adrenaline Rush! We have an interesting show in store for you tonight so let's kick this off with our opening contest where one competitor is already in the ring!

Lindsay Monahan: The first match is scheduled for one fall and already in the ring from Lancaster, England by way of New York, NY, weighing in at two-hundred & sixty-five pounds..."The Blueblood" Neville Ryan!

Neville raises one arm up to a smattering of boos from the fans.

As his theme plays, Leo comes out with a skateboard in his hand, raising it to the crowd before riding into down to the ring, jumping onto the apron from the skateboard and jumping in the ring as the official clears the skateboard from ringside.

Lindsay Monahan: and his opponent also residing in New York, NY and weighing in at two-hundred pounds..."The Ultimate Fanboy" Leo Taylor!

Tim Coleman: Doesn't this idiot know that this isn't some skate park, it's a wrestling ring!

Jim Taylor: Lighten up Tim


As the bell sounds Neville Ryan charges at Leo with a running forearm smash, but Leo manages to duck and roll underneath avoiding contact before hooking Neville from behind in for a back suplex though Neville manages to escape it and flip to his feet. Neville gloats about it as he's outsmarted Leo before turning around right into a pele kick! Neville wobbles a bit, stunned from the pele kick as Leo nails him with a standing dropkick sending him stumbling back into a corner. Leo sprints across the ring and levels Neville in the corner with a running dropkick this time that drops Neville in a sitting, prone position leaving him open for Leo to hit him with a cannonball! Leo makes the cover with ease...


Jim Taylor: Neville Ryan kicks out and rolls to another corner to regroup

Neville brings himself up to one knee as Leo comes charging at him with a running big boot, but Neville narrowly avoids it and rises up clubbing Leo in the back with a strong forearm. Neville continues the assault with several more clubbing forearms before trapping Leo in a rear waistlock and looks for a german suplex, but Leo manages to flip out of it gingerly landing on his feet. Neville, obviously frustrated by this and runs at Leo with a big boot attempt but Leo ducks it...HADOUKEN!

Jim Taylor: Leo with the double axe handle!

Leo is hulking up now and signaling for the end as he waits on Neville, who stumbles up and walks right into Leo...DIE HARD! Lights out for Neville Ryan as Leo makes the cover...


Lindsay Monahan: The winner of the match, Leo Taylor!

Jim Taylor: Leo making rather quick work of newcomer Neville Ryan as Leo moves on to the Wrestle Royale!

Leo celebrates with the fans while Neville is on the outside looking upset with the outcome.

Jim Taylor: Up next will be the contract signing between LIGHTBRINGER and Michelle von Horrowitz, so stay tuned!


Adrenaline Rush returns from commercial and we are greeted by Jim Taylor at the commentary desk.

Jim Taylor: Welcome back to Adrenaline Rush, ladies and gentlemen! As you are about to see - we have our ring set up for what's about to come next: the contract signing between Michelle von Horrowitz and LIGHTBRINGER!

The camera changes to show the ring - a special red coloured canvas has been put down with a wooden table placed in the middle, two chairs sitting opposite of each other. Lindsay Monahan stands - ready to act as a mediator.

Tim Coleman: Both parties already verbally agreed to the match... but I guess we want to make it official!

Jim Taylor: You can never take too many chances with anything verbal, Tim. Michelle von Horrowitz has struggled to get the upper hand on LIGHTBRINGER recently - she might have reneged on her wish for a match.

Tim Coleman: Absolutely true, Jimbo. I'm sure she will view this as an opportunity to gain some ground back in the mind games!

LIGHTBRINGER's music hits and the fans in attendance cheer as "Tokyo Kisai" appears at the top of the stage, in a suit, and begins his walk to the ring. The Japanese star appears to be all business like as he walks to the ring quickly.

Jim Taylor: LIGHTBRINGER cutting a very no nonsense jib right now, Tim. He has been somewhat serious since his return.

Tim Coleman: I think losing the High Voltage title changed his demeanour. Of course... Michelle constantly mentioning his name has probably affected that too.

LIGHTBRINGER enters the ring and elects not take a seat - instead, he stands next to Monahan and stares down the ramp, awaiting the arrival of his, hopefully, future opponent at Wrestle Royale. The fans also turn their attention and it seems most are getting ready to unleash a chorus of boos...

...which is exactly what happens when "In Dreams" by Roy Orbison starts to ring out. The music of MVH stirs up the crowd - and her appearance on the stage even more so. She scoffs at the noise coming her way as she prepares to walk to the ring.

Jim Taylor: I guess you could say people aren't a fan of Michelle von Horrowitz recently!

Tim Coleman: She's not a likeable figure, Jimbo. But you have to think - she was the victim of a sneak attack and the perpetrator is being cheered... it's a little weird.

Jim Taylor: Well, Tim, I think that speaks volumes about how Michelle is viewed by the fans.

The much maligned Michelle von Horrowitz doesn't appear too fazed by the boos as she struts down the ramp. She makes sure to stop halfway down and give some fans an earful for some, unheard, words that were being shouted. She stops at the bottom of the ring and looks up at LIGHTBRINGER - an intense stare being shared, unbroken as she steps up and into the ring. LIGHTBRINGER takes his suit jacket off and places it on the back of a chair... and then he walks to the other side and moves the second chair, beckoning MVH to sit down... as if he were some sort of waiter.

Jim Taylor: LIGHTBRINGER being somewhat of a gentleman here! Offering Michelle the first seat!

Tim Coleman: I think this is just some more mind games, Jimbo.

The crowd seems to want some sort of retort from MVH - and she obliges as she kicks the chair and shouts furiously at 'Tokyo Kisai' ... who can only walk away and laugh as Monahan looks set to begin the introductions. She lifts the mic to her mouth - but Michelle storms over and takes the microphone from her hands. The fans boo her relentlessly.

Michelle von Horrowitz: It disheartens me, that you, my tulips... would boo me... for I am not the one who is guilty of committing atrocities. You all show such visceral hatred for me that I can't help but think you have allowed your simple, little trog minds to become misguided. Led down the garden path by the perpetrator of the greatest travesty this company has ever seen! But... I digress, it really should not surprise me.

MVH decides to climb up onto the table and she points straight at LIGHTBRINGER - who stands, looking completely unfussed by what's occurring.

Michelle von Horrowitz: YOU! The one they call 'Tokyo Kisai'... YOU are to blame for this! The tulips seem to love your presence, seem to believe that you are above ME! Must I remind everyone here who took your High Voltage title from you? Who sent you back to Japan with your tail tucked firmly between your legs? It was ME! And that title would still be mine if it wasn't for your roguish interference! And ever since then, you have attempted to make me look like a complete and utter fool! I'm not a fool... I-I-I...

As Michelle tries to finish speaking, LIGHTBRINGER takes a few step forward... causing her to rush her words as the rage builds up. LIGHTBRINGER reaches up and takes the microphone from her hands - she looks incensed as he steps back and speaks.

LIGHTBRINGER: Michelle, you seem to be quivering just a little bit. Are you okay? You're usually calm and collected. What's gotten into you?

LIGHTBRINGER pretends to act confused - and he almost hands the microphone back to Michelle... but just as she reaches out for it, he pulls it back and grins at her...

LIGHTBRINGER: I know! It must be that you have consistently been embarrassed by me ever since Global Collision, right?

Suddenly, Michelle wears a complete growler of an expression.

LIGHTBRINGER: Oh. It is. I'm sorry, Michelle. You were the one who asked for all of this - you have nobody to blame but yourself. You can climb up onto all the tables in the world and call everyone troglodytes... but it won't change that. Truly, you are the one to blame for your position. Accept it. I am sorry your world has been rocked by the revelation that you are just not good enough to stand up to me when it is one versus one. You asked for this match, Michelle, and I do not have much more to say to you. We went through this weeks ago. We agreed to the match. Perhaps your mind has changed? If not, get down from there, stop moaning, and sign the contract like I will now. I will see you at Wrestle Royale. I have nothing else to say to you. I don't want to be in the same ring as you. Not until it's time.

LIGHTBRINGER dumps the microphone next to MVH's foot, pulling a contract away from it also before signing it. He looks up at Michelle and throws the pen at her with a small look of disgust on his face. She can only continue to return her death glare as she looks down upon him. She picks up the microphone - demanding his attention.

Michelle von Horrowitz: You think I would be afraid of you!? All this is smoke and mirrors! All...

As she looks to continue on her rant, LIGHTBRINGER takes his suit jacket from off of his chair and puts it on...

Michelle von Horrowitz: All this is... is just some elaborate set up to have you look good once more!

He doesn't look at her as he steps between the ropes and steps between the ropes...

Michelle von Horrowitz: Where are you going!? I'm speaking to you, you coward! How dare you have the gall to slander me yet you won't stand in here for more than five minutes!?

'Tokyo Kisai' pays her no heed as he continues to walk away... it seems he only came here to sign the contract. Michelle stands on the table looking foolish as LIGHTBRINGER walks up the ramp without looking at her.

Michelle von Horrowitz: I demand your attention! LISTEN TO ME, COWARD!

Her shouts seem to garner no attention as the crowd start to mock her...

Michelle von Horrowitz: If you won't give me your attention... then I will have to take it! I won't stand for this insolence... this disrespect shown to me! You think I am afraid of you? You think that I will not flourish in the ring with you? I said that I couldn't think of a better stage than Wrestle Royale... and I still can't! I will beat respect into you, I will show... ALL OF YOU... why I must be respected and adored!

She steps down from the table and signs the contract as her latest words seem to have caught the attention of LIGHTBRINGER on the ramp - he turns around just as she finishes signing the contract. He sarcastically applauds her as a small smirk creeps across his face - he shouts "Well done."

Michelle von Horrowitz: I promise you - I will wipe that devilish smirk straight from your face... and I will prove that your stupid little mind games have no bearing on who the best is!

LIGHTBRINGER shrugs his shoulders up on the stage as the fans boo Michelle in the ring - LIGHTBRINGER's music hits as the two of them continue to have a staredown before he finally turns away and begins to make his way back. Michelle throws the microphone at Monahan in disgust and leaves the ring - shouting at many, many fans who boo her that she will 'show them'.

Jim Taylor: It really is official now, Tim! And it seems like Michelle is a little... off the rails right now?

Tim Coleman: I don't think LIGHTBRINGER's actions have been expected. He has shown her little attention... perhaps too little... and has disregarded her somewhat. I'm excited to see how much attention he gives her when we eventually get to it!

Jim Taylor: Usually these contract signings are such pressure cooker situations... but it seems like 'Tokyo Kisai' just wanted to sign the thing and get out of there!

Tim Coleman: I believe that's just a part of the game, Jimbo. Maybe he didn't want Michelle to pick up on any sort of weakness? Maybe he wants to be one hundred percent for their showdown and then some. After all, they'll probably both compete in the Wrestle Royale match too!

Jim Taylor: Right you are, my friend! You also have to think he might not want Michelle to have any excuses if she loses. We'll find out at the Wrestle Royale if this was the smart decision! It certainly had Michelle flustered!


The Arena was suddenly plunged into darkness. Not complete, but the lights dipped all around with the exception of those that bordered the giant screen at the top of the ramp. All eyes were drawn to it as it flickered into life, displaying – eerily – what seemed to be a large mansion. Maybe mansion was inaccurate, it seemed too big for that. A prison perhaps? Or a hospital? It was the height of the afternoon and the sun was beating down on the elaborately constructed building, but even in the reassuring brightness of the day there was something uncomfortable about the spiralling towers and sinister-looking gargoyles that adorned the outer walls. It was unsettling in some basic, inexplicable way. After a long, panning shot of the building the scene faded and reopened, evidently, inside. There was barely a sound in the arena by now as everybody was drawn toward the bizarre images that confronted them. The room now shown was nothing more than a cell. The walls were tiled colourfully but long ago, now thick with dust and grime. Only one small window allowed light to penetrate the gloom, and that was barred so thoroughly that barely a shaft of warmth could find a way in. Suddenly that comforting sunshine served only as a reminder of how trapped somebody really was in here, looking out on a world that seemed so far removed from the creepy decoration of their confined living space.

Unknown Voice: So maybe you could start by telling me your name?

A male voice echoed across the cell. Its owner was out of the view of the lens, slowly panning across to the right past an unmade and uncomfortable-looking bed and that tiny window, but it was a voice that spoke without fear or trepidation. It didn’t seem to belong to a prisoner… or whatever kind of person it was that lived in this room. There was a long silence, the camera stretching its gaze ever rightward, until at last a part of the mystery revealed itself. In the far corner of the room, leaning against the wall nonchalantly and appearing unnaturally calm, was a young girl. She seemed oblivious to the question posed to her. Her eyes were glazed over and she was whispering quietly to herself. Hospital was suddenly overtaking prison as a possible explanation for the barred windows. This girl was clearly disturbed. As the camera moved in on her, a deep cut above her left eye became noticeable for the first time. The man sighed.

Unknown Voice: You know, I can’t help you unless you start to work with me a little. Do you like it here? Because unless we can get this all worked out, you could be spending a long time in this room. I need to start with your name. I can’t make any attempt to find out who you are without a name, something, anything.

The girl tilted her head to the side, looking amused and slightly intrigued by what she was hearing. At least she was hearing it now.

Unknown Voice: Okay let’s start over. You were brought here to this facility three days ago. When you were found you were unconscious and badly dehydrated. You had no identification, no money, no cell phone… just a doll. We have no way of knowing who you are or where you came from but we know this: you aren’t local. There is only one town within fifteen miles of here and you aren’t recognisable to any of the residents there, nor has anybody matching anything close to your description been reported missing in the past month. So I ask you again: who are you? And where do you come from? And where did you get that cut? Did somebody hurt you?

The girl continued to whisper to herself, stopping only to giggle at something she said. She ran a hand through her hair and began to sway gently, almost like a child half her age lost in some absent-minded daydream. Whether by design or accident, she was having an infuriating effect on her interrogator.

Unknown Voice Look, we can’t keep you here forever. This is a facility for very sick people, it isn’t safe for somebody your age. We’ve contacted the relevant authorities and we’ll have you taken out as soon as we can, but right now we need some answers. Until you come out of whatever state you’re in, we can’t take a chance and move you to somewhere more comfortable. You need to demonstrate that we can trust you and that starts with a name.

Finally the girl lifted her head and looked toward the source of the voice. She took two shuffling steps forward and then stopped again, clutching one forearm with the opposite hand and continuing to sway left and right as she studied the man in front of her.

Disturbed Girl: Where’s Paula?

Unknown Voice: Paula? Is that what you call your doll? Well Paula was pretty dirty when we brought you in. Some of the girls in the laundry wanted to clean her up for you. I can go and see how she’s doing but first… maybe a name?

For the first time the girl smiled.

Disturbed Girl : Kate. My name is Kate.

Kate took another step forward like a shy animal that was beginning to warm to its captor, and the man obviously decided the time was right to press his advantage.

Unknown Voice:Well hello Kate. It’s nice to finally meet you – properly at least.

He offered a hand which crept into the corner of the screen, hoping Kate might take it and cement a friendship, but instead the girl stared at it with that unique blend of curiosity and amusement she could conjure with only her eyes. She took three steps and was back in her corner, giggling again.

Kate: You know, there are some things it’s better not to understand. If I were you, I’d leave this alone.

There was a dangerous gleam to the eyes now. The cut on Kate’s head suddenly seemed all the more threatening, and that twitch of a smile completely deranged. The mood had shifted. A cloud had seemingly rolled over the sun, plunging the entire room into a new level of darkness.

Unknown Voice: What would it be better for me to leave alone? Your cut? I’m afraid I can’t do that Kate. I need to know if somebody hurt you. The police will want to know what ha-

Kate: What happened to me is something beyond your understanding. Even if I explained it to you, it is something you could never comprehend.

Suddenly the young girl was using a vocabulary that seemed a million miles away from the child-like giggles of just moments before. She was dominating this interview, dictating it on her own terms, and the man didn’t seem to know quite how to react. There was a sound like a chair scraping across the floor and he stood up.

Unknown Voice: Okay Kate, why don’t we leave this until you’ve had some sleep? I’ll go and check on Paula and when I get back hopefully she can come with me. Then we can talk about what really happened to you okay?

Kate nodded and a door opened across the room. The interview was apparently over, for now.


The man’s silhouette lingered in the doorway

Kate I know how intriguing this must all seem. I know it could become a big case. Media coverage… TV interviews… maybe even promotion. But please believe me. Do not involve yourself. Do not ask me any more questions. This is not a situation that can end well for you…..

There was an awkward pause and then once more the girlish smile came across Kate’s face

Kate; Oh and can I have some alphabet blocks? Paula loves playing with alphabet blocks.

And on that bizarre image of the wounded girl smiling sweetly as the door of her cell closed, the feed cut and the crowd were transported back to the real world. Whatever else they saw tonight, nothing could possibly rival that video package for sheer mystery and confusion. Among the many questions it raised, such as “Would there be more editions in the coming weeks?” and “Who could possibly be behind such a surreal video?”, one loomed larger than all of the others combined: “What the hell had CWA just aired?”

Tim Coleman: Just when you thought things couldn't get any weirder around here!

Jim Taylor: I'll have to agree with you on that one partner. Moving on though, up next we'll find out who Shawn Summers will be facing at Wrestle Royale as he makes his much anticipated choice!


Jim Taylor: Welcome back ladies and gentleman to Adrenaline Rush, live here from Reno Nevada. And as you can see we all three champions are down here in the ring waiting for Shawn Summers.

Tim Coleman: In a genius move, Shawn Summers is making these guys wait and wonder which one of their title reigns is about to come to an end. Which one of them he’s going to beat senseless at Wrestle Royale. Which one of them he’s going to make bow before the God King.

Jim Taylor: You’re making it seem like Shawn Summers has already beaten whoever it is he chooses to challenge. Shawn Summers has proven that he has no ring rust since coming back, but thats only because he hasn’t been put in a real pressure cooker situation. When you’re in the ring with a champion, that’s what shows whether that time away from the ring helped you or hindered you.

Cola by Lana Del Rey slowly creeps through the sound system in the arena as thunderous amount of boos fill the arena.

Shawn Summers makes his way from behind the curtain onto the stage, dressed in an all black suit and Ray-Ban sunglasses covering his eyes. A velvet black bag is clutched in his hands as he makes his way down the ramp toward the ring. Shawn stops and turns his attention to a fan screaming “You’re no God!! You’re no king!! You’re a washed up drug addict!! Go back to rehab!!!”

Shawn smiles at the fan as the camera pans to show the champions in the ring starring daggers at him.

Tim Coleman: Shawn Summers is dressed to the nines and cool as a cucumber out here tonight. That is what a champion looks like. That is what a king looks like. Hell…dare I say it…that’s what a God looks like!!!

Jim Taylor: Shawn Summers taking his time making his way to the ring, interacting with the fans. I’m wondering what Shawn has in store, what’s his game? And I also have to know, what the hell is in that bag.

Tim Coleman: All will be answered by the God King in due time, just you wait Jim.

Shawn enters the ring as the music slowly fades away, and request a microphone. He passes back and forth taking a look at The Tag Team Champions, The Echo, The High Voltage Champion, Nate Savage, and the World Champion, Jon Snowmantashi.

Shawn Summers: This last week has been extremely tough for me. I’ve racked my brain a million times and I just couldn’t figure out which one of you “champions” that I want to face at Wrestle Royale. I just couldn’t figure out which one of you “champions” that I wanted to make an example out of. I just couldn’t figure out which one of you “champions” that I wanted to help me usher in the era of “The God King”.

This draws an eye roll out of Nate Savage, that Shawn Summers immediately notices.

Shawn Summers: Oh, no no no, please Nate I didn’t mean that to be disrespectful at all. I meant it as a compliment, no matter how condescending it sounded. You see I meant it as a compliment because CWA needs the era of “The God King”. CWA needs someone like me to help turn things around and bring excitement, intrigue, and interest back to this once great company. When I left CWA it was a thriving company with a deep roster and true competition, but now…..well now the roster is about as deep as a puddle. The competition is almost nonexistent. I mean if there was true and legitimate competition in CWA you 4 wouldn’t have been champions for how long you’ve held those titles. CWA needs me and I need CWA so it all works out in the end. But you people don’t want to hear me rant and rave, you all want to hear who I’m going to face.

Shawn stands in front of Jon Snowmantashi, who grips his World Championship.

Shawn Summers: Do I choose, Jon Snowmantashi, the World Champion. The World Champion who is so deprived of competition that he has allowed the FWA World Champion, Cyrus Truth, take his attention away from his home duties.

Shawn moves in front of Nate Savage who raises his High-Voltage Championship in the face of Summers.

Shawn Summers: Do I choose, Nate Savage, the High-Voltage Champion. The High-Voltage Champion who, in a sense, reminds me a lot of myself when I first started out. Young, full of attitude, and begging to be knocked down a peg or two.

Shawn moves in front of The Echo, who cockily stare back at him.

Shawn Summers: Or do I choose, The Echo, the Tag-Team Champions. Do I choose, The Echo and reveal to them that in the back I’ve got my old buddy “The” Andrew Alexander in the back waiting for me to call him out here so we can have a good old fashioned “New Legends” reunion and show you two what Tag-Team wrestling is all about?

Shawn smiles before back away from the champions and holding up the velvet bag in his hand.

Shawn Summers: Or do I open the bag? Do I open the bag and end all of your suffering and let you know who’s going to be my victim? Show you all who’s going to be the one to help me usher in the era of the God King. Let’s take a look in the bag, shall we?

Shawn Summers opens the velvet sack and pulls out his old CWA Tag-Team Championship and throws it at the feat of “The Echo”.

Shawn Summers: You two can beat it. I’ve already held the Tag-Team Championship and there would be no point in using you two as sacrifices for a greater cause.

The Echo laugh as they exit the ring.

Shawn walks over to Jon Snowmantashi and stands in front of him before reaching in the bag again and pulling out his old High Voltage Championship and tossing it in front of Nate Savage. The fans erupt into cheers as they know who Shawn’s choice finally is.

Shawn Summers: Nate, you can go. It’s time for the adults to play.

Nate Savage happily leaves the ring as Shawn and Jon stare intensely at each other, tension building.

Shawn Summers: I don’t know if you can understand me and I don’t really care because these people can. That belt, is the only championship that has alluded me in this company. That belt, belongs to me. You were so damn worried about Cyrus Truth when you should have been focusing on me. Ask Cyrus what happens when you forget about ol’ Shawn Summers. Ask him about our match at Five Star Attraction. Ask him who came out as the victor. I’m going to crucify you and take what should have been mine two years ago. I’m going to…

Jon Snowmantashi delivers a stunning head but square to the face of Shawn Summers resulting in a loud eruption from the fans. Security rushes to the ring as Shawn scrambles to get to his feet, his sunglasses are broken and his blood is rushing down his face from his nose.

Jim Taylor: Our world Champion was done with all the talking and finally shut Shawn Summers up.

Tim Coleman: You don’t put your hands on the God King.

Shawn Summers attempts to get away from security and go after Jon Snowmantashi but to no avail. Snowmantashi exits the ring with a smirk and heads up the ramp, holding up his world championship as the camera pans back to Shawn Summers screaming and cursing at the top his lungs while security holds him back.


"Cut the Cord" fills the arena eliciting the fans into a frenzy of jeers as Nate Savage steps out with his High Voltage Championship slung over his shoulder. He enters the ring and requests the microphone.

Nate Savage: Now I want to try and make this as quick as possible so we can get on with the next match and see who my next victim will be, but I'd like to address the fact that Summers just made his choice and didn't choose me. Which is probably the smartest choice he's ever made because if he did then he probably would have gone back to rehab after the embarassment he suffers at my hands.

A mixture of boos and some cheers sound out.

Nate Savage: Now it's time to move on to more pressing matters, and that's who will challenge me next for this championship. Will it be Elijah Edwards?

A loud pop from the fans.

Nate Savage: Or will it be the so called heartbeat of CWA, Krash?

Another loud pop this time for Krash.

Nate Savage: It doesn't really matter to me who I face for this championship because the end result will turn out the same regardless if it's Elijah Edwards or Krash. Neither one of them are on my level and do not deserve to face me for MY championship. Especially Krash, who has lost match after match as of late and just keeps getting handed opportunities just because someone in the back must feel bad for the little guy. I guess I kind of do too in a way because Krash used to be on top of the world in CWA, holding multiple tag team championships as well as the prestigious World Championship on two seperate occassions, but now he's nothing more than a loser.

Boos ring out through the arena bringing a smile to Nate's face.

Nate Savage: You all boo me but it's the truth. Krash is a washed up hasbeen who just can't hack it anymore in this business, so Krash old buddy why don't you do us all a favor and just call it quits right now before you embarrass yourself further. I know you won't listen to reason though and you'll still keep on fighting despite being a loser. I know how much that you want to win this match tonight with Elijah and get an opportunity at this title because this is the one title that has eluded you your entire career in CWA. You want nothing more than to etch your name in history as a triple crown champion along with the likes of one of your former buddies, Dan Maskell. Personally, I always thought Maskell was the star of that team while you were just deadweight. The same goes for when you teaming with Alyster Black in The Gang Stars, you were deadweight and Alyster couldn't bear to carry you around any longer and kicked you to the curb.

The boos continue as Savage proceeds to trash his competition.

Nate Savage: You're just a lost cause Krash and it's time to put you down for good. It's about time that CWA's Heartbeat finally stopped beating. As for Elijah Edwards, you're really no different from Krash yet you've actually held this title. You didn't hold it for very long though, what was it? A month? On your first defense as well. That has to sting and I'm sure that it still eats away at you Elijah. Tonight is your first step to redemption if you can get through Krash, and if you get through him you get to me but that's where it stops. You don't get your redemption Elijah and it's back to the drawing board for you. If you think you have what it takes to take this away from me why don't you ask Mark Merriwether if he thought it would be easy. You can't though because I disposed of him and sent him packing back to Hollywood with the rest of the mouth-breathers...

Nate holds up the title.

Nate Savage: Like I said before, it doesn't matter who I face because in the end they will both be left broken.

Nate tosses the microphone aside and exits the ring to the commentary booth joining Jim and Tim.

Jim Taylor: Bold words from Nate Savage, who will be joining us for commentary for the next match after the break!


Jim Taylor: Welcome back fans, we're here with Nate Savage on commentary, now Nate who would you rather face?

Nate Savage: Did you not listen to what I just said in there Jim?

Tim Coleman: Yeah Jimbo, pay attention!

Lindsay Monahan: The following contest is set for one fall and is a number one contender's match for the High Voltage Championship!

The arena dims to a thin blackness, as the tapping of slow, purposeful footsteps play over the arena speakers. 'The Kill' begins playing as a spotlight shines on the middle of the entranceway, illuminating Krash as he has his back towards the crowd. He glances over his shoulder at the fans as colorful, purple pyro explodes from the corners of the stage, before he whips around, facing the crowd and spreading his arms out as if to welcome them all.

Lindsay Monahan: Making his way to the ring from Melbourne, Australia and weighing in at two-hundred & five pounds, "The Heartbeat of CWA"...KRASH!

After a few seconds of posing, he begins making his way down the ramp, ensuring to high-five and otherwise interact with the crowd. He climbs onto the ring apron and leaps over the ropes, onto the second turnbuckles, where he gazes out at the fans, nodding or pointing at a few, before bouncing back into the ring and into his corner, patiently awaiting his opponent.

Jim Taylor: Nate, you had some rather harsh words for Krash

Nate Savage: You call it harsh Jim, but I call it truth. I'm just telling it like it is, and if Krash doesn't like it well then he better win tonight if he wants to do something about it

The opening of "Icky Thump" rings out over the arena bringing the fans to their feet as they cheer and welcome Elijah Edwards, who walks out with Romeo Rollings following close behind him. Elijah walks to the ring looking focused but he takes time to slap a few hands along the way while Romeo claps for his client.

Lindsay Monahan: and his opponent being accompanied by Romeo Rollings, from Toronto, Ontario, Canada and weighing in at two-hundred & twenty one pounds, "Double E"...ELIJAH EDWARDS!

Jim Taylor: It won't be easy though because he has to get through this man

Nate Savage: No one ever said that life was easy Jim, and whoever wins this match will learn that the hard way when I beat them at Wrestle Royale

Tim Coleman: Yeah, that's right Jim!

The referee for the match is Nate Byrne, who stands between both competitors and signals for the bell.


The two competitors shake hands before circling each other and soon go in for a collar and elbow tie-up with Krash backing Elijah into a corner. The referee seperates them before Krash attempts a forearm smash aiming for Elijah's jaw, but Elijah rolls underneath out of harm's way and as Krash spins around he's drilled by Elijah with a sharp european uppercut, followed by a snap double underhook suplex! Krash, however is quickly back to his feet and ducks a clothesline attempt by Elijah and brings Elijah down with his own variation of a snap suplex! Elijah winces as his back hits the mat but he's quick to his feet and two immediately lock horns with Krash gaining the momentum trapping Elijah in a side headlock before being shoved off to the ropes and Krash comes back taking Elijah down with a shoulder tackle. Krash bounces off the ropes once more but as a comes back Elijah avoids contact and catches Krash with a forearm stopping him dead in his tracks and Elijah quickly follows up with a belly to belly suplex! Krash holds his midsection as well as his back before getting to one knee as Elijah grabs him and sends him off the ropes catching off the rebound with a pendulum backbreaker!

Jim Taylor: This can't be good for Krash as the tide turns back to Elijah's favor

Nate Savage: That's usually Krash's downfall as of late. He loses momentum and in the end it costs him

Elijah makes the cover hooking the far leg but a kick out at two and half by Krash. Elijah applies a heel hook submission, stretching back on Krash's heel adding pressure as Krash realizes he's in trouble forcing him to struggle to find a way free. Krash is refusing to quit as Elijah keeps the hold on tight, but soon Krash begins to inch his way to the ropes and breaks free by clinging to the bottom rope. Elijah breaks the hold but the damage to Krash's heel may have been enough to keep him down as Elijah delivers a few extra stomps to it for good measure before bringing Krash up and hooks him position for a hammerlock northern lights suplex! He transitions into a hammerlock submission but Krash manages to slither out of it in time before Elijah can really lock it in and Krash rolls to a corner to regroup.

Jim Taylor: Krash taking some time to regroup

Nate Savage: He's probably wondering how he's going to screw up this opportunity

Tim Coleman: I don't doubt that!

Elijah sprints at Krash but Krash doubles him over with an elbow to the midsection before hoisting him up on his shoulders and drives him to the mat with a thunderous samoan drop! Krash immediately hooks the leg...


Elijah kicks out in the nick of time and Krash rolls off of him before bringing him back up and hoists him up again in the air, holding him there before bringing him down with an impactful stalling suplex! Elijah rolls over to his side as Romeo leans underneath the rope to give Elijah a pep talk while Krash stands aside, sizing him up and waiting as Elijah finds his way back to a vertical base and out of the corner of his eye he catches Krash coming at him and moves out of the way in time from Krash's spear forcing Krash to hit the corner with a thud shoulder first! Krash stumbles out of the corner, clutching his shoulder right into Elijah who trips him up and looks to lock in Execellent Execution but Krash immediately clings to the bottom rope before the hold is applied.

Jim Taylor: Great ring awareness by Krash

Nate Savage: He's only delaying the inevitable, Jim

Elijah curses himself and turns around...SPEAR! Krash levels him with a spear and Krash immediately hooks the far leg...

One...two...THR-NO! Elijah with a shoulder up in time and Krash can't believe it, he thought he had it! The referee assures him that it was three and Krash believes him. He brings Elijah up and he's looking for Overdose, and as he has Elijah in the Killswitch position he's caught as Elijah counters with a roll-up!


Krash kicks out now and can't believe that just happened as he looks at the referee with disbelief. He springs back up and spins around where Elijah is waiting for him...KICK OF FURY! Elijah connects with the tornado kick and drops on top of Krash for the pin...


Lindsay Monahan: The winner of the match, Elijah Edwards!

Jim Taylor: It looks like you'll be taking on Elijah Edwards at Wrestle Royale, Nate

Nate Savage: Like I said, it doesn't matter who faces me because the end result will be the same

Nate removes his headset and walks off from the table. He walks towards the ring where Elijah is celebrating with Romeo and he turns to look at Nate on the outside, who holds up his title while Elijah motions that it's coming home with him.

Jim Taylor: You've got to feel for Krash though, who had this one in the bag on many different ocassions

Tim Coleman: It's almost comical at this point that he's finding different ways to come up short

Krash is on the opposite end, outside the ring looking crestfallen as he sits there holding his head and wondering what went wrong. Meanwhile, Nate and Elijah still have a staredown, now in the ring with Nate holding up his title while Elijah just stares at it and back at Nate as the show comes to a close.


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