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    Global Collision: Live!

    Live from the Staples Center in Los Angeles, CA

    After a hype video plays out and pyrotechnics go off showing the sold out Staples Center going mad with excitement. Signs supporting several stars including Jon Snowmantashi, Krash, Cyrus Truth, Elijah Edwards, etc. Soon the camera pans over to the announce table where Jim Taylor and Tim Coleman are standing by.

    Jim Taylor: Good evening fans and welcome to Global Collsion! We are LIVE from the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California and what a stacked show we have tonight partner!

    Tim Coleman: You're right about that Jimbo! That main event of Snowmantashi and Krash, along with that six man tag team match and the High Voltage Championship comes home!

    Jim Taylor: We'll also see Shawn Summers take on Humanity in singles action but first we'll see Mark Merriwether take on El Pecado and that's how we kick things off!

    Pre-Show Match
    El Pecado vs Mark Merriwether

    Lindsay Monahan: The following match is scheduled for one fall and introducing first already in the ring...EL PECADO!

    El Pecado shows no emotion and remains motionless standing in his corner while Alexa Medina watches on from outside. Soon "Hollywood" fills the arena and the crowd actually gives off a decent reaction for Mark Merriwether, who steps out without his usual gloating and simply walks towards the ring looking rather focused.

    Lindsay Monahan: and his opponent from Seattle, Washington by way of Hollywood, California, weighing in tonight at two-hundred & thirty pounds..."The Megastar" Mark Merriwether!

    Jim Taylor: Merriwether coming out acting rather out of character for a man who is usually brimming with confidence. That may have to do with the fact about we heard from him earlier this week and he's looking to change his ways because he feels as though his arrogance got him nowhere

    Tim Coleman: In other words he's gone soft, Jim

    Jim Taylor: He's just had a change of heart, Tim. There's no need to judge the man for that

    Pecado's sights remain locked on Merriwether, who doesn't look intimidated by the dark individual standing before him as referee Nate Byrne calls for the bell


    Pecado makes a beeline towards Merriwether, but Merriwether is one step ahead of Pecado and side-steps him causing Pecado to crash chest first into the corner and this allows Merriwether to make the most of the opportunity as he rolls up Pecado...


    Jim Taylor: Merriwether nearly ending it early there after El Pecado knocked the wind out of himself

    El Pecado struggles to find his footing as Merriwether comes in for a backhand chop, but Pecado blocks it and spins around Merriwether into a rear waist-lock yet Merriwether has an answer for that throwing back elbow strikes stunning Pecado back off of him. Merriwether turns around in time and goes for his Welcome to Hollywood superkick but Pecado catches it yet Merriwether answers back once again this time with an enziguiri leaving Pecado in a daze allowing Merriwether to size him up...WELCOME TO HOLLYWOOD!

    Jim Taylor: Merriwether welcomes Pecado to Hollwood!

    Tim Coleman: That was a less than warm welcome!

    Merriwether stands over Pecado waiting...FINAL CUT! Pecado is laid out as Merriwether hooks the far leg for the pin...


    Lindsay Monahan: The winner of the match, Mark Merriwether!

    The crowd shows appreciation for Merriwether, who looks pleased by this as his arm is raised while Pecado is rolled out of the ring.

    Jim Taylor: Merriwether making quick work of El Pecado tonight. It seemed like Pecado couldn't get the upperhand straight from the start because Merriwether had an answer for everything, he must have done his homework on Pecado!

    Tim Coleman: That's not the only thing Merriwether won, Jim. Listen to the fans!

    Jim Taylor: You're right about that partner, Merriwether has won the support of the fans and I think it's what he wanted all along

    Merriwether leaves to a rousing ovation from the fans and slaps hands with a few of them on his way out with a smile on his face.


    Our scene opens somewhere within a backstage area, a nice, classy interviewing area, complete with several couches, a TV mounted on the wall, and a lovely red backdrop, adored with the CWA and Global Collison logos. Michelle Kelly, CWA’s Lead Backstage interviewer, sat on one of the couches, dressed in a pair of red leather trousers and a white blouse, microphone clipped onto her collar and notebook on her hands, before turning to the camera and greeting us with a wave.

    “Hi everyone, I’m Michelle Kelly, CWA’s Lead Backstage Interviewer, here tonight with the challenger for Jon Snowmantashi’s CWA World Heavyweight Championship, the Heartbeat of CWA, none other than Krash!” She extended an arm in greeting as Krash made his way on screen, politely shaking her hand as he sat himself down on the couch opposite Michelle. “Krash, thank you for agreeing to this sit-down interview before your historic match at Global Collison.”

    “Not a problem, Michelle. I like the new interview area. Classy and comfy.” Krash responded, adjusting around on the couch to slouch comfily. Dressed in a pair of purple trousers along with a red waistcoat above a black t-shirt, the Heartbeat of CWA soothed out his glorious mustache, and relaxed. “Much better than ambushing me post-match for a few buzzwords.”

    “We had all this laying around in storage, I figured might as well trying ‘em out again.” Michelle said, gesturing to the couches and TV. “Why let a good couch go to waste, after all?”

    “I like your way of thinking, Michelle. If we could get some drinks in here I bet people would be more open to getting interviewed.”

    “I’ll bring it up with the producers.” Michelle nodded, glancing at her clipboard. “In the meantime, Krash, you have one of the toughest challenges ahead of you at Global Collison, as you take on the two-time and current CWA World Heavyweight Champion, Jon Snowmantashi. We’ve watched Jon Snowmantashi run roughshod over CWA since regaining the CWA Championship, becoming, in your own words, a ‘living, breathing, fighting, Mount Tsurugi of a man.’ This will be the first one-on-one meeting between the two of you, and I have to ask – what’s the strategy? When you’re facing a man like Snowmantashi, how do you prepare for him?”

    Krash began, running a hand through his neat hair. “I don’t think you can prepare for someone like Snowmantashi. When he began with CWA, he was this massive monster who forced you into his kind of fight. You tried to fly, he’d catch you, you’d try to submit him, he’s too big, you tried to throw hands with him, he’d knock your teeth out. And that in itself, is one hell of a thing to try and prepare for, but at least there was a bit of naivety you could take advantage of. But now, more than a year later, that naivety is gone, and he’s found a way to become more dangerous, by analyzing the few losses he’s had, and adapting. Johnathan McGinnis managed to beat him by superkicking him into unconsciousness. How’d Jon react? He adapted. He learned around the superkick, and when they met again, things were different. He regained the title in a bloody war, and McGinnis hasn’t been seen since. Now, what have I done to prepare for Snowmantashi? That, I’m afraid Michelle, is a secret I’m keeping to myself, until the three count is over and I’m CWA World Heavyweight Champion once more. I’ll give you a hint, though: Every human being needs to breathe, even a human as monstrous as Jon Snowmantashi. You can’t breathe, you pass out, and if Jon passes out…” Krash rubbed his hands together, before making a soft whistling sound as he reopened them. “Say goodbye to that championship.”

    “I see.” Michelle nodded, even if she did not, infact, see. “Let’s go back to your confrontation with Jon Snowmantashi during the contract signing last week, shall we?”

    Krash frowns, but shrugs as Michelle turns on the wall-mounted TV with a remote. A video of the contract signing plays, sped up to the point where Krash had already said his piece and signed the contract.

    ‘You are the Beating Heart of the CWA?

    Every heart stops beating eventually. CWA's did for a bit, it looked like it wouldn't quite come back when Makuginisu-kun was on top of the world, but then, in the time least expected... it did. You returned, to their glee. And that was a mistake. You know, I've been here for just over a year, and I've faced many men with hearts. I tore Makuginisu-kun's heart out of his chest, and I... well you know what I did, I broke him. I've faced Eriyah-kun, and I broke his heart... twice. I broke the cold black heart of Misheru-kun. Even the young boy, brought everything he had, even his maggot-filled, filthy heart, and I broke that heart worse than it already was. Since the moment I've arrived, I've told you all, I do not care for fairy tales. I do not care if this is your destiny. A return long in the making. I do not care if you bring every ounce of fight in you... you will not win. You're not the one that takes this crown for me. No... like Makuginisu-kun, you would need an army to defeat me. And you do not have one, the best you can hope for, isn't a heroic victory in your very own fairy tale, the best you can hope for is the tragedy of a greek hero, inevitably brought down by a merciless god.

    I promise to you, as a man I too, respect... that should you bring everything left in you, I will not let you go gently into the good night, I will give you a fitting end, to be remembered as long as one can remember. When all is said and done, you will have fought your greatest fight, lost your greatest fight. Otherwise hesitate, or halt in your determination to defeat me, in hopes that you live to fight another day, and I will be disappointed. When I advise you to leave everything you have left in the ring, I truly mean that. Do not give up. Do not think about fighting another day. Think about this as your last fight, that is the best chance you have of defeating me... even if that in of itself won't be enough, at least you will fall fighting for the greatest glory in the world.’

    Michelle paused the TV, before turning her attention back to Krash. Krash, for his part, had stared at the floor while Jon Snowmantashi’s promo played. Indeed, as if played, Krash appeared to be mouthing along to it in perfect sync, as if the champion’s words were burned into his being.

    “It’s been a week since the exchange.” Michelle said. “Krash, have you thought about Jon Snowmantashi’s words as Global Collison ticks closer and closer?”

    “You could say that.” Krash replied, scratching at the back of his neck. “A distressing amount of thought has gone into the words Jon said. He’s a man of fighting, but godamn does he have a way with words too. But he doesn’t have to worry about being disappointed. I’m bringing all I have, pulling out all the stops, I’m going to be that One-Man Army Jon’s hoping to destroy. The question shouldn’t be ‘What is Krash willing to do to become CWA Champion?’, it should be ‘What is Jon Snowmantashi willing to do to STAY CWA Champion, in the face of as man like me? A man who knows the mountain he has to climb, a man who has watched countless others fall and will do anything, Michelle, anything to avoid the same?’ A desperate, desperate man who needs the CWA Championship, not wants, NEEDS, because otherwise, all the things I’ve done to return to the ring, all the sacrifices I’ve made, the doctors I’ve ignored, the shortcuts I’ve taken, the… questionable decisions I’ve made just to be here. All of that, would be for nothing. Infact, Michelle, let me ask YOU something.”

    Michelle blinked, but nodded. “Alright, what’s on your mind?”

    “July 17th. 2015. What does that date mean to you?”

    “That was more than a year ago. Michelle snarked, frowning. “I wouldn’t know off the top of my head. Probably another day interviewing CWA’s top stars.”

    “For you? Probably, yes. Do you know what that date means for Jon Snowmantashi?” Before Michelle could answer, Krash continued. “It’s the date Jon Snowmantashi first stepped foot in the CWA ring, making his mark by beating Craig Owens and Drake Styles in a triple-threat match. It was the start of what would be an iconic career in CWA. Now…” Krash paused, and tapped a finger against his chest. “What about me? What about Krash? Do you know what I was doing on that day?”

    Michelle shrugged. “I’m guessing watching from home.”

    “I was on the phone with the doctors, listening to them tell me I needed another surgery, that no, my knee wasn’t completely fixed, that they needed to get back in there, that any hopes of getting back into the ring were pushed further and further away. All the while, Jon Snowmantashi crushed Owens and Styles into dust as I watched, brimming with bitterness. In a roundabout sort of way, ever since returning to a fighting state, one of my goals has been to stand up with Jon Snowmantashi, prove that I’m just as good as ever and no-one, new destructive blood or not, can outclass me. And now, of all times, we face with the CWA Championship on the line? It seems fitting. The story ends with the hero, having gone through hell and back and beaten the unbeatable, taking the greatest prize there is, and justifying everything he did to survive up to that point.”

    Michelle nodded, consulting her clipboard. “What awful timing. In either case, I’m glad you’re healthy enough to be wrestling again. One final question, Krash, then we’ll call it a wrap.”

    “One more? Okay. Okay. Let me at it.” Hyped up, Krash waved at Michelle, eager for the final question.

    “Have you thought of what would happen if you don’t win at Global Collision? If your bid for the CWA Championship ends up unsuccessful, if despite your best efforts, Jon Snowmantashi retains? What happens then?”

    Silence. Krash blinked, and ran a shaking hand through his hair. He opened his mouth, but no words come out, before he closed it again. A hand stroked nervously at his mustache, and the challenger to the CWA World Heavyweight Championship let out a repressed sigh as he buried his head in his hands.


    Krash’s hands went to the microphone clasped onto his collar, and he gently clipped it off, placing it on the seat beside him. With a final, worried glance at Michelle, Krash walked off-screen, his footsteps fading away.

    Either he hadn’t thought about the repercussions of losing at Global Collison…

    Or he had, and the thoughts were eating him alive.


    Singles Match
    Humanity vs Shawn Summers

    "Terror Time Again" hits the arena and the crowd goes wild as Humanity makes his way onto the stage. He slowly walks down the ramp acknowledging the crowds excitement while not showing too much excitement himself.

    Lindsey Monahan:
    The following match is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first from Princeton, Minnesota by way of St. Paul Minnesota, weighing in tonight at two-hundred & seventy-five pounds he is "King of Crucifix"...HUMANITY!

    Jim Taylor:
    Humanity is certainly in need of a win tonight! He beat El Pecado last week but now he's up against a former CWA High Voltage and Tag Team Champion in Shawn Summers!

    Humanity patiently waits in the ring for his opponent with an extremely serious look on his face. "West Coast" by Lana Del Rey hits and Shawn Summers walks out to a very mixed reaction with his usual confident smirk, not fazed by Humanity's seriousness. He makes his way down the ramp, ignoring the fans growing boos.

    Lindsay Monahan: and his opponent from Vancouver, British Columbia and wrestling out of San Diego, California. He weighs in at two-hundred & five pounds, "Orange County's Finest"...SHAWN SUMMERS!

    Jim Taylor: Shawn Summers with his typical attitude! He does realize he's facing a future hall of famer, right?

    Tim Coleman:
    What attitude?! All I see is a confident man!

    Summers steps into the ring and gives Humanity a very arrogant smirk. Humanity is not pleased with this and immediately hits Summers with the Jake Roberts Hook and referee Nate Byrne calls for the bell.


    Summers is surprised by Humanity's strike and falls to the mat. Humanity quickly goes for mounted punches on the stunned Summers. He goes for an early pin but Summers quickly kicks out. Humanity picks Summers up and goes for a Cactus Clothesline but Summers counters and hits Humanity with a spinning heel kick. Humanity falls down to the mat and Summers goes for The Best F'n Ankle Lock Period. Humanity struggles to get out but he just barely gets a hold of the bottom rope and Nate Byrne forces Summers to let go.

    Jim Taylor:
    Summers really wants Humanity to tap to that ankle lock of his!

    A visibly upset Summers waits for Humanity to stand up and goes for a shinning wizard which is countered by Humanity into a side walk slam. Humanity climbs the top turnbuckle to the amusement of the fans and hits a diving elbow drop on Summers. He goes for the pin.


    Jim Taylor:
    I definitely thought Summers was done for there!

    Tim Coleman: Never doubt sure winners that's what I always say!

    Jim Taylor: You've never said that in your life.

    Humanity decides enough is enough and drags Summers to the middle of the ring and goes for the Texas Cloverleaf. Summers, however, reverses the hold into a small package.


    Humanity kicks out to the relief of the crowd as both of them go to opposite corners and take a few seconds to regroup. Humanity goes for his own shining wizard but Summers counters and hits the Wipe Out to the wowness of the crowd. Summers looks at the crowd and gives them his signature confident smirk, to which they start groaning. Summers looks down at Humanity and quickly goes for the Orange County Beat Down. After about nine strikes to the face Nate Byrne forces Summers to get off Humanty, who is struggling to get up and ends up sitting in the corner.

    Jim Taylor: This match sure has changed momentum in Shawn Summers' favour!

    Tim Coleman: I told you it would!

    Summers doesn't give Humanity any time to regroup and charges right at him for the Bees Knees but Humanity moves out of the way at the very last second and Summers hits his knee on the turnbuckle, causing him to fall backwards to the mat. Humanity stands up and waits for Summers to stand up and turn around. Humanity mouths "Welcome to Reality" and hits the same titled move on Summers.

    Jim Taylor:
    What a back-and-forth match this has been! Counter after counter!

    Humanity kicks Summers in the back and goes for the Camel Clutch. Humanity yells at Summers to tap but Summers uses his strength and resilience to drag himself and Humanity so he can grab the bottom rope. Humanity releases the hold and allows Summers to stand up, showcasing his honour towards other wrestlers.

    Jim Taylor: Humanity has such great honour towards his opponents, a stark contrast to the very humble Summers!
    Tim Coleman: He's just trying to suck up to the stupid fans!

    Humanity goes for a Knee Dropkick but Summers counters the move into another Best F'n Ankle Lock Period! Humanity tries to reach the bottom rope but Summers drags him to the middle of the ring. After about twenty seconds Humanity has no other choice but to tap out!

    Lindsey Monahan: The winner of the match, Shawn Summers!

    Jim Taylor: A great match from both competitors and very deserving win for Shawn Summers!

    Tim Coleman:
    I told you he would win!


    Earlier in the evening...

    Michelle Kelly: I’d like to invite my next guest for the CWA Global Collision pre-show, he is our current CWA World Heavyweight Champion, the KAIJU, Jon SNOWMANTASHI!”

    Michelle Kelly sits at a set with the arena behind her. Jon Snowmantashi enters the set and we find out why there’s a third seat when John Duncan is in tow, taking the seat between the champion and the pre-show’s host.

    Michelle Kelly: It was only a bit over a year ago when you made your debut Jon. You were lauded as a star from the land of the rising sun and you quickly rose to prominence, to become a World Heavyweight Champion in just a few short months, here we are today, and you’re already a two time champion. But tonight, some are saying you’re facing your biggest challenge yet, perhaps the biggest match you have here in the US, you are facing Krash in a once in a lifetime match between the beating heart of CWA and the KAIJU.

    John Duncan clears his throat and leans into the microphone.

    John Duncan: Michelle, you would be correct in saying this is a once in a lifetime match… but it’s not the once in a lifetime match anyone really wants. You see, Krash has been on life support since he left us all that time ago. He isn’t the same beating heart he once was. Krash is a lamb on his way to slaughter.

    Kelly looks obfuscated so Duncan is quick to raise a hand to calm her down.

    John Duncan: I understand, you want to antagonize me for what I just said. I just belittled a legend here in the CWA. I respect Krash. I admire him. I have a little kid who has a great deal of Krash action figures. But we all saw what happened to Krash. He was broken and… he still is broken and now we’re putting him against a man… who breaks people? It’s just not sensible. I’m not speaking for Jon-lad here, I’m speaking from my own point of view. This match should not be happening.

    Michelle Kelly: Krash is a three time tag team champion! A Five Star Attraction tournament winner. He’s won the Wrestle Royale. His one championship reign is longer than Jon Snowmantashi’s two so far combined. You need to regard him as a true challenge, not a dying legend.

    John Duncan sighs.

    John Duncan: A few weeks ago, when Jon-lad declared he was going to defend his championship in the Ruler of the Ring tournament, and then cited his desire to find an opponent fitting to send him floating away on his burning double-wide boat, everyone was confused. He wants to lose? They asked.

    He pauses.

    John Duncan: I think, there comes a point where everyone who steps into that ring asks themselves why they do it. Some say its for money. Fame. The crowd. But it’s not. They do it for one reason, glory. Cyrus Truth has been preaching that forever. And he’s been right. They do it for glory. They do it to be the very best. To beat and beat and beat and win and win and win. But you can’t do this forever. This isn’t an eternal battle. It’s a long and winding road, yes, but that road ends for everyone. What Cyrus Truth misses and what Jon Snowmantashi understands is that there’s only one way that road can end, by finding someone who can do deeper down that road than you. It’s why we pass the torch. It’s why sometimes bitter legends, those legends pushed from that road, from that mountain, it’s why they often speak with venom in their words for those who’ve long surpassed what was once greatness to set a new standard. And, I think, and Jon-lad agrees with this… Krash has met the person who will let him fall, truly fall, and he wants that glorious defeat, that’s why he returned. I just wished he hadn’t.

    Michelle Kelly: You think Krash wants to lose tonight, in the main event for the CWA World Heavyweight Champion?

    Michelle Kelly is both bemused and disbelieving, almost scoffing at what Duncan’s saying. Jon Snowmantashi puts a hand to John Duncan, and Duncan easily yields.

    Jon Snowmantashi: You’ve listed out Kurasshu-san’s accomplishments. He has done everything that needs to be done in CWA, and then, he was hurt. And he disappeared. The beating heart of CWA stopped beating. But deep down inside, he could not walk away as it was, even knowing, he had no need to return. But he returned nonetheless. First, to combat Makuginisu-kun’s young boy club, because he had an obligation to protect CWA, but then he saw me put an end to that threat. And I believe he realized that the real reason he returned was for an honorable defeat, he seeks what I seek. A greater man to send me off into the endless night. He seeks the greatest battle of his career and there is no one who can offer him such, no one but me. But Kurasshu-san isn’t the one who will gift me my great final battle, and I do not know if I am destined to wage my war forever or if I will ever find someone worthy, but it will not be Kurasshu-san.

    He looks to Michelle Kelly, with the slightest bit of sympathy.

    Jon Snowmantashi: For years, Kurasshu-san has been a hero here in CWA. Where you had the dark, all too serious Sairasu-san, you had Kurasshu-san smiling and happy, the beating heart, the true star of the show. I have watched you smiling, Misheru-san, every time you have the opportunity to speak with Kurasshu-san. I have watched the people outside watch with glee, as the beloved man gave them everything they’d forgotten since Makuginisu-kun’s betrayal. A true hero to stand behind. I have even stood at his side, carried by his warmth before war with the young boys club. And now, Kurasshu-san’s given me the unfortunate task of breaking all those smiles, of turning the warmth into a cold wasteland. Kurasshu-san could have given me a valiant battle had I arrived three years earlier before he came a broken man, a battle to be long etched in memory. But at Global Collision, I am fighting a broken man, not the one who stood at the peak of the mountain for half a year, I am facing a man who will never climb to that peak again. This broken man, I will break him further. I will end Kurasshu-san. I will stop the beating heart from beating any longer.

    He stands up, championship on his shoulders.

    Jon Snowmantashi: I hope you’ve had your last moments of bliss with Kurasshu-san, I hope he has given you one last bit of warmth. When he walks down that isle again, another opportunity at the CWA World Heavyweight Champion he covets, I hope that confident, light smile he has fills everyone else with one last bout of warmth, the warmer the better.

    He’s done talking to Michelle now. Instead, he looks at the camera. Duncan looks dejected sitting at his side.

    Jon Snowmantashi: When that bell rings, I will bring Kurasshu-san to his tragic end. I have destroyed every single great warrior that has stepped in my way. Purinzu Itami, Enigma, Makuginisu, Osutereo, there are only two great warriors left, only two last bastions to represent the glorious CWA of old, Sairaisu-san and Kurasshu-san. Tonight, I will have to destroy the latter, the beating heart of CWA. When I came to America, I came to beat the great warriors, when I destroyed the young boys club, it wasn’t to uphold the CWA, it was because they stood in my way of facing the greater warriors. I do not care for CWA. All that interest me is breaking the best it has to offer. I am a force of nature, with a singular goal, to break everything before me until I am faced with one who is capable of breaking me and Kurasshu-san, this broken man, once great, now no longer, he will not be the one to do it. At Global Collision, one of the last heroes fall. And I await to see if anyone will step forward, I await to see if I will awake in the last people left here, someone great enough to stare me down, and send me to my own good sleep.

    He adjusts the belt and sighs himself.

    Jon Snowmantashi: And if there was not one worthy, I will destroy everyone here until there is no one left.


    Six Man Grudge Match
    Cyrus Truth/Elijah Edwards/Leo Taylor vs The Echo & ???

    Lindsay Monahan: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and introducing first...

    The lights go out and as soon as the bass hits, Leo Taylor comes running out, with his hand raising the roof as he does so, pointing his glow sticks into the sky in an up and down motion as he blows on his whistle, jogging down the ramp to the cheer of the crowd, jogging around as he gets the crowd to dance along with him, as the lights gradually come back on. He goes up to the commentators table, attempting to do the same, before taking his glasses off and placing them on the table. He runs up the steel steps before making his finger pointing motion again, moving his arm up and down as the fans follow his suit.

    Lindsay Monahan: First, straight from the dance floor and weighing in at two-hundred pounds, "The Ultimate Fanboy"...LEO TAYLOR!

    Jim Taylor: The ever enegertic Leo Taylor always having a good time

    Tim Coleman: I got nauseous just watching that entrance

    "Icky Thump" now plays out and a chorus of cheers from the sold out Staples Center as Elijah Edwards steps out looking all business and completely focused, though he does take the time to slap hands with a few fans along the way while Romeo Rollings is in tow behind Double E.

    Lindsay Monahan: and his tag team partner being accompanied by Romeo Rollings, from Toronto, Ontario, Canada and weighing in at two-hundred & twenty-one pounds, "Double E"...ELIJAH EDWARDS!

    Jim Taylor: Elijah looks psyched up and ready for the task at hand tonight, and that task is a mighty challenge that he along with Leo Taylor have to contend with but they are not alone...

    Soon "Subconsious Entry" fills the arena and the crowd erupts into cheers as Cyrus Truth emerges from the back with his head held high and is usual stoic expression that fans have become accustomed to with him. He leisurely walks down the ramp towards the ring and once he reaches the ring he takes no time entering it.

    Lindsay Monahan: and their tag team partner from The Long & Winding Road and weighing in tonight at two-hundred & thirty-two pounds, "The Exile"...CYRUS TRUTH!

    Jim Taylor: Cyrus has had his fair share of issues with The Conners ever since making his return a few months back and tonight he looks to put an end to The Conners once and for all alongside Leo Taylor and Elijah Edwards...

    Heat immediately greets the appearance of the CWA TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS, DREW and ETHAN CONNOR, both sporting surprisingly-placed smirk on their faces that tells you that they don’t care.The crowd booed heavily as both men were bathed in the glory of boos and jeers from the ruckus crowd here tonight, both of them stood on either edge of the stage eventually their music dies down as The Echo saunter back and forth on the stage looking in no hurry, milking the moment for all it’s worth taking all the time to mock their opponents in the middle of the ring while taunting the fans and generally frustrating the entire crowd who are screaming at them to just get on with it

    Lindsay Monahan And their tag team partner…..

    Drew and Ethan both look at each other and smirk and if they were waiting on some kind of mental signal between the two, they both clique points towards the entrance way….where we hear….

    OH. MY. GOD!

    The crowd loses their shit and lets out a roar of sheer surprise as the ever familiar music of Mr Showtime resounds over the entire arena. The entire arena is rocking, sure he’s aligned himself with The Connor Brothers. Which is a more than questionable choice of allies, but...The former CWA world champion and Hall Of Famer is always sure to get a massive reaction….And typically he seems to be milking the moment for all it’s worth letting his music play on before he reappears on the stage ready to return to his home; A CWA ring…

    …...Any minute now……

    Going to walk out any second now…

    Ok, seriously where is he?

    Eventually, the music peters out and it soon becomes clear by the smiles on the brothers faces. It was all a ruse by The Echo. Why? Because fuck you that why? As always the Brothers takes great pride in pissing off the entire world. Calmly wiping the crowd into a frenzy as they go…

    ...While they’re in the process of that an entirely different theme hits the speaker systems….

    And as this unfamiliar song to blare out from the public address system, the fans in attendance start to buzz, all wondering just who this belong to...Almost instantly a figure stomps into view. A Woman with dirty blond hair and clad in black and blue MMA gear wearing a pair of silver aviators that cover her face and a mic. She has quite a serious look on her face as she slowly and confidently strolls up to the stage while The Connor brothers applaud her, the woman doesn’t even acknowledge them standing in the centre of the stage calmly surveying the arena around her.

    You know, now they’re all standing together,this woman kind of looks a lot like Drew and Ethan an-

    Wait a minute…

    Lindsay Monahan: ….From Gainesville Georgia; Brooklyn Connor

    ...And NOW the
    boos come thick and fast as we can hear an audible groan from the commentary booth

    Jim Taylor
    : “Oh God, there’s more of them….


    But again, like her dear brothers Brooklyn doesn’t seem to be in any hurry whatsoever to get to the ring, calmly removing the glasses from her eyes and raising the mic to her mouth

    Brooklyn Connor:“Aw, what's wrong? Are you surprised? Are you disappointed? Am I not a household name? Am I someone you've never heard of before because I ain't a skank who gets her name value off of fake reality shows and sleazy magazine covers?

    Brook inquires, her dark blue lips curled up in a smug smirk. Shaking her head, she runs her free, gloved hand through her long, brown and blonde hair before continuing

    Brooklyn Connor: Well, I'm sorry to burst your bubbles... You know what? No. No, I'm not -Recognise right now that I don't give a damn if any of you know me, because from this moment on? You're going to remember me. My name is Brooklyn Connor, and I am the QUEEN of the trailer parks! I am the toughest woman in the world...and I am a Connor!...And The Connor’s are more than trailer trash! We are the FIRST family of wrestling, we are a DYNASTY! And it’s about time we started former OUR empire. “See for a long time, Women’s wrestling in CWA has been...DEAD… CWA doesn’t care about tough women, STRONG women. Women that can take it to men. If they did I would have been signed up a LONG time ago….No, all the audience, wants A K A fat male slobs in their forty's that like to
    drool at women way out of their league all day likes is to get their rocks off.

    Drew suddenly leads his head into the mic and points out to the crowd

    Drew Connor: Ok, PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOCEMENT: If ANYONE thinks about getting their rocks off to our sister, she will rip off your dick and make you eat it

    Brooklyn Connor: “...I will too.”

    Ethan Connor: “Yeah! And were going to watch!”

    Drew Connor: …..Not in a gay way though

    Ethan Connor: “...Why would it be in a gay way?”

    Drew Connor: “I mean the way you said that kind of sounds pretty gay.

    Ethan Connor: No but-

    Brooklyn Connor: Boys you’re doing that thing I hate again….

    Drew Connor: “What thing?”

    Brooklyn suddenly leans forward with her free hand and smacks Drew around the back of the head hard

    Brooklyn Connor TALKING! SO SHUT UP!

    Drew winces in pain humbled, while Ethan enjoys laughing at his brother's misfortune...But Brook glares at him and he soon falls silence. Brook just shakes her head and mutters “Idiots…” before continuing

    Brooklyn Connor: ….While THEY saved the tag team division, I’m here to save women’s wrestling...because that’s what this family does, we drag the wrestling world to the next level kicking and’re welcome.

    Drew Connor: You’re welcome

    Ethan Connor: You’re welcome

    Brooklyn Connor...And I will rip off anyone’s arm who stands in the way of this family I'll take anyone through hell, and I won't feel any remorse. But at least when they look back on their wasted lives and careers, they'll be in history books. They'll be known as a stepping stone, to the beginning of the FIRST EVER WOMEN’S CWA WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION . And, when I'm the champion of this company...and I will be I will continue to dominate and for the first time ever, I will bring respect to women’s wrestling...WE will put our family where we belong; at the top of this business. These idiots that run this place has never care about the women, but I promise that I will make that change. CWA will see that they have a once in a generation talent in me, and I will be the face of this company. Screw the women’s division. I could care less about the other women here.... All that matters to me is that I make it known that I am THE greatest, most talented woman alive today. My brothers are the greatest tag wrestlers of all time...even if they are idiots so what the hell makes you think I would settle for anything less? “Realise now that the landscape of this place won't ever be the same now that I'm here. No other wrestler has a skillset like mine. No other wrestler has the straight up versatility that I bring to the table. No one's faster than me, no one's stronger than me, no one's more athletic than me, no one's tougher than me. But most importantly? No one is meaner than me. Ain't no one in this locker room got an attitude like me. When I step into this ring, I get it done. I will beat you so hard she'll come crying to Noah Hanson pink slip in hand, begging for a release because they don't wanna risk the danger of getting back in the ring with me again. I don't just dominate. I annihilate. I leave scars that don't heal, because while bruised flesh and broken bones heal, there is NOTHING you can do to escape the fear of pain, the fear of getting completely brutalized within an inch of your life and knowing that the only reason you walked away is because you weren't worth the effort of me putting the nail in your coffin. But don't even mistake that for mercy. If I let you walk away, it ain't out of pity. It's because I want to SEE those scars. I want you to know that if you're still awake? If you're still breathing? If you're able to wake up in the morning, get out of bed, and continue to walk around on your own two feet? That isn't because of any choice you made. It's because I allowed you to. From here on out, every single one of you is at OUR mercy, and if you value your ability to walk, you'd be wise not to test this family. We don't take crap from no one, and if you piss us off, you won't have the teeth left in your mouth to apologise to us after we’ve through with you. So tell the world. 2016, this is the year where women's wrestling and this company didn't just get turned straight on its head but got spiked into the concrete, concussed, and sent to the freaking hospital. Everything you know and love from this point is dead and gone because from here on out, this ring, this company? It BELONGS TO THE CONNORS

    Brooke enters the ring and joins her brothers where the siblings share a group hug as the fans shower them in boos. Meanwhile on the opposite end of the ring we see Elijah shaking his head is disgust while Leo looks surprised, but Cyrus remains stoic in his expression and rigid in his stance with never taking his eyes off The Conner siblings. The referee for the match is senior referee Billy Stevens, who goes over the rules once more with both teams before signaling for the bell.


    Drew and Ethan begin arguing about which one of them will start first until Brooke smacks both of them upside the head and volunteers herself to start it off, while Leo will kick things off for his team. He circles around the ring with a dance in his step much to the dismay of Brooke, who looks unamused by this before they lock horns and Brooke pushes Leo back into a corner and Stevens breaks them up but not before Brooke smacks the taste out of Leo's mouth. The fans jeer this act as Brooke throws her arms out and taunts Leo, prompting him to charge out of the corner after her but she manages to duck underneath and goes for a rolling elbow strike but now Leo ducks underneath and lays into her with a knife edge chop! Leo continues with a barrage of chops and blows his whistle with each chop before going off and blowing it in excitement much to the delight of the fans. However, that minor lapse in judgement costs Leo as he turns around and he gets leveled with a spinning backfist!

    Tim Coleman: Choke on that!

    Jim Taylor: He nearly did after that shot!

    Brooke brings Leo back up and locks him position for a beautifully executed butterfly suplex transitioned straight into a cross-arm breaker! Brooke cranks back on the hold for several seconds and adds extra salt to the wound as she peppers Leo with kicks to the head. She relinquishes the hold and runs off the ropes hitting Leo with a leaping knee strike to Leo's temple. Brooke drags Leo over to her corner and tags in Ethan, who enters the match with a springboard leg drop right across Leo's throat and Ethan immediately goes for the cover...


    Leo with a shoulder up!

    Ethan tags Drew in now keeping Leo in their corner and Drew enters the match with several stomps and kicks to Leo before playing up to the crowd, soaking in their hate. Then he taunts Leo and slaps him, which fires up the fanboy and as Drew brings him up Leo catches him with a jawbreaker that sends Drew stumbling back. Leo finds the energy to rise up and as Drew turns around Leo catches him with a few repeated arm drags which have Drew dazed allowing Leo to hit him with a front suplex! Leo then tags in Elijah, who comes in hot off the tag and as Drew is rising up to his feet he's met by Elijah with a running european uppercut sending him back into a corner allowing Elijah to unleash a flurry of elbow strikes! Drew in a daze staggers out of the corner but not before Elijah hooks him in...SLINGSHOT SUPLEX! Elijah with the pin attempt...

    One...TW-NO! Drew kicks out!

    Drew rolls over as Elijah goes to bring him up, but Drew headbutts Elijah sending him back allowing Drew to crawl to his corner and tag in Brooke. She comes in and charges at Elijah, but Elijah has come to his senses in time and catches Brooke with an arm drag. Elijah locks in Brooke in his grip for a hammerlock northern lights suplex, but Brooke finds a way out of it spinning behind Elijah and clubs him in the back of the head stunning him enough for her to trap him in a rear waist-lock...GERMAN SUPLEX WITH A BRIDGE!

    One...TW-NO! Elijah kicks out

    Brooke doesn't miss a beat as she soon applies a single leg crab submission and to add more insult to injury she stretches Elijah's leg back to reach his head...

    Jim Taylor: Brooke Conner not holding anything back with that single leg crab!

    Elijah cringing and gritting his teeth as he's in trouble while desperately trying to reach for the ropes, and as much as Brooke tries to prevent him from doing so he finally just barely clings on to break the hold. The damage may be done though as Elijah nurses his leg prompting Brooke to viciously stomp down on it, which elicits a howl of pain from Elijah. Brooke tags in Drew now and Drew enters the match driving a boot to Elijah's sore leg before hoisting him in position for a vertical suplex when there's a blind tag from Ethan and Ethan hits a diving cross-body to assist taking Elijah down to the mat before hooking the leg...

    One...two...THR-NO! Elijah throws a shoulder up

    Elijah rolls to his side still showing some favor to his leg as Ethan readies himself before bringing Elijah up and sends him off the ropes, but Elijah ducks underneath and bounces off the opposite rope and clobbers Ethan with a running bicycle kick! Elijah holds his leg after the attack still feeling the pain from earlier but he plans on fighting through it as he picks Ethan up...EXPLODER SUPLEX INTO THE CORNER! Ethan is set up now...FACEWASH! The blind tag is made by Cyrus Truth and the crowd is electric now as Cyrus enters the match wasting no time driving boot after boot into Ethan's chest...

    Jim Taylor: Cyrus wants nothing more than to get his hands on these wretched Conners and he's laying waste to Ethan right now!

    Cyrus drags Ethan out of the corner by his head eliciting a yelp of pain from Ethan and he keeps a tight grip on Ethan's hair before unleashing an unholy knife edge chop that echoes throughout the arena! Ethan holding his chest in agony as Cyrus moves behind Ethan...DRAGON SUPLEX! He hooks the leg...

    One...two...THR-NO! Brooke breaks up the pin with a stomp to the back of Cyrus and continues her relentless onslaught of stomps before Billy Stevens forces her back to her respective corner. Cyrus rolls off Ethan clutching his lower back and he's near his corner where Leo blind tags himself in and from his pants he takes a mysterious looking pill and begins to hulk and begins blowing the whistle to the tune of entrance theme for the evening.

    Tim Coleman: Did he just hulk up with a Tic-Tac?

    Jim Taylor: I believe he did, Tim

    Tim Coleman: Now I've seen everything!

    Leo is hyped up now and during his hulking up the tag was made to Drew once more, and Drew has had enough of the nonsenses as he charges at Leo but Leo avoids the collision and catches Drew with a dropkick! He follows up with another dropkick and one more before Drew rolls outside to regroup but not for long...FOSBURY FLOP TO OUTSIDE! Leo hits all of it on Drew and the crowd is on their feet. Leo then takes Drew and throws him back in the ring before sliding back in and becomes groggy all of the sudden which allows Drew to come to his senses as he stumbles to his feet and nails Leo with a superkick! Drew hooks the leg...

    One...two...THR-NO! Leo on instinct kicks out but he's still out of it...

    Drew tags in Brooke, who comes in and delivers a penatly kick to Leo before picking him up...TRIPLE ROLLING UNDERHOOK SUPLEX! She hooks the leg...

    One...two...THR-NO! Leo kicks out again...

    Brooke in disbelief readies herself to pull a play from her brother's playbook setting Leo in her sights for a superkick and as she goes for it Leo ducks out of the way in time! Leo levels Brooke with an uppercut that sends her stumbling into the corner, and Leo with his whistle in his mouth hits a large uppercut on Brooke each time he blows the whistle at her in the corner before relenting and Elijah blind tags himself in now...

    Brooke groggily stumbles out of the corner right into a KICK OF FURY! Elijah levels her and now he expertly applies his Canadian Deathlock! Brooke is trying to break free as she struggles while her brothers scream encouragment at her. Finaly she reaches out and clings on breaking the hold, and Elijah brings her up in position for From Toronto With love..but she knees him in the head forcing him drop her down and she hits a low angle dropkick dropping him to a knee before drilling him with a spinning backfist dropping him to the mat. She then signals for the end taking her time before going for patented kimura lock, but Elijah slips out of it and manage to catch her with a heel hook! He has it locked in but she immediately grabs hold of the bottom rope and both competitors are worn out. Elijah slowly crawls over and makes the tag to Cyrus just as Brooke tags in Ethan and they charge at each other with Ethan ducking underneath a clothesline from Cyrus and sends him off the ropes, but Cyrus comes back...DISCUS PUNCH! Ethan is knocked for a loop as Cyrus latches on to Ethan's throat with a clawhold...

    Jim Taylor: MEMENTO MORI!

    Cyrus looking to end this but before he can Drew and Brooke enter the fray and knock Cyrus away from Ethan, but not for long as Leo and Elijah re-enter and all hell breaks loose! Leo trading rights with Drew before they both go over the top with a clothesline, meanwhile Brooke and Elijah are going at it with Elijah gaining the upperhand...FROM TORONTO WITH LOVE! Brooke is out of the equation now and now Cyrus has regained his senses, and so has Ethan who wildy throws a punch at Cyrus but The Exile avoids it and drives a boot into the back of Ethan's knee before delivering a running big boot!

    Jim Taylor: BROKEN PATH! Now Cyrus is going for it...THE LONG ROAD TO NOWHERE!

    Cyrus has his signature crucifix neck crank applied forcing Ethan to tap out!

    Lindsay Monahan: The winners of the match the team of Elijah Edwards, Leo Taylor and Cyrus Truth!

    Jim Taylor: What and wild and crazy match that was Tim!

    Tim Coleman: How unfortunate for The Echo and Brooke that their plan didn't come to fruition!

    Jim Taylor: They finally got their comeppance Tim and it's about time!

    Drew and Brooke drag Ethan from the ring to the outside where they watch with dissapointment as the team of Cyrus, Elijah, and Leo celebrate the victory.


    High Voltage Championship Match
    Michelle von Horrowitz vs Nate Savage

    "(Freedom, la la la la)
    (Freedom, follow me)
    (Freedom, la la la la)

    "Cut the Cord" blares out and a heavy mixed reaction for the man accompanying the music, "Nasty" Nate Savage. He stands on stage glaring out at the fans and cracks his neck before heading down to the ring wearing his usual sleeveless black shirt with the word "Fight" written on in white, grunge style font along with his shorts and black boots.

    Tim Coleman: Here comes a man that's our rightful High Voltage Champion! Not that no good, lousy thief Michelle von Horrowitz!

    Jim Taylor: I'm sure Savage would be inclined to agree with you Tim, and it looks like he has something to get off his chest before this match starts

    The music fades out as Nate is handed a microphone and begins pacing the ring, slightly irradically.

    Nate Savage: I'm going to try to make this brief because there's nothing I want more right now than to wipe that smug look from Michelle von Horrowitz's face and take back what is rightfully mine!

    Another heavy mixed reaction with a few audible pops.

    Nate Savage: That's what I wanted to address. I wanted to address the fact that you mouth-breathers are cheering me when before those same people cheering me booed me to their heart's content. What you don't seem to understand is that I don't need your support so you can cheer me all you want because it doesn't make a difference to me...

    A slight mixed reaction now with more boos filled in.

    Nate Savage: See? How typical that I speak the truth and you don't like it so you boo me. I don't care whether you like me or you hate, your opinions are meaningless...

    Nate pauses as the fans become silent now.

    Nate Savage: Now with that out of the way and onto more pressing matters where I'm Michelle von Horrowitz to a bloody pulp. You see Michelle, I don't normally wish harm upon a woman, infact it makes my blood boil when a man would do such a thing to a woman, but I'm willing to make an exception when it comes to you because you have something belongs to me. You've stolen something from me and I want it back, and I'm going to get it back believe me when I say that. You can have all you petty demands and act like some petulant child, but you're going to learn that all those demands won't be worth it because you're going to pay the price Michelle...

    He stops pacing and stands in the center of the ring.

    Nate Savage: You're going to pay for humiliating me in front of family. My wife and my children watched as I won the High Voltage Championship that night until you snuck in like a thief in the night and robbed me of my moment. You just had to stick your nose where it didn't belong and take away from my moment of glory. Something that I had worked so hard to achieve for all these years and just pissed all over it like some spoiled brat that didn't get her way...

    He stares straight into the camera.

    Nate Savage: When you took your ball and went home, that was the smartest thing you ever did. For someone who believes themself to be so intelligent, Michelle it was pretty damn stupid when you returned and got yourself involved in my business. You're going to wish that you had stayed at home, but don't worry because after I'm through with you tonight you'll be spending a lot more time at home...

    He remains silent now letting those words linger before handing off the microphone to Lindsay as he stands in his corner now, seething with rage waiting for the arrival of his opposition...

    And he goes on waiting, the audience booing loudly for a full thirty seconds before finally...

    "In Dreams" by Roy Orbison plays around the arena, and the hostility only strengthens. Before long, Michelle von Horrowitz has appeared on stage, but rather than being borne toward the ring on a bed by eight muscular men, she comes through the floor of the stage, a platform slowly raising her up into view. It continues and continues, lifting her well above the stage, until eventually she is elevated twenty feet above the stage. She has her hands raised beside her in her trademark Pro-Wrestling Jesus pose, and her eyes are closed, her face a picture of serenity. On either shoulder (which were covered by a new, dark green ring robe, the word 'DREAMER' stitched into the back in gold sequins) was a carbon copy of the CWA High Voltage Championship; one her 'Worldwide' High Voltage Championship, LIGHTBRINGER's name still on the plate, the other her stolen CWA High Voltage Championship. She holds the pose for a full minute before finally the podium begins to carry her back down to our level.

    Jim Taylor:
    "Quite the entrance there from Michelle von Horrowitz, Tim, but she has a lot riding on tonight. She's been galavanting all across the globe with those championship belts, and I'm sure she won't want to give that up."

    Tim Coleman: "We've come to expect this level of pomposity from Michelle von Horrowitz. I for one am looking forward to seeing Nate Savage knock some sense into her."

    MVH has begun her slow walk down to the ring, and half way down the ramp she stops to read a fans sign. It simply reads #NOTMYCHAMPION and he waves it in her face. She takes it from his hands and rips it up into tiny pieces, before throwing it up into the air. It swirls around her like confetti and she slowly continues through it. Eventually, she comes to ring, and she climbs up the steps, removing her robe before entering through the ropes. She takes a seat in the corner as Lindsay Monahan raises her microphone.

    Lindsay Monahan:
    "Ladies and gentlemen, the next contest is scheduled for one fall with a sixty minute time limit, and is for the CWA High Voltage Championship, where if Michelle von Horrowitz is the victor, both the Championship and Nate Savage will leave the company..."

    Tim Coleman: "One of MVH's many ridiculous demands to take this match. I think she was just running scared."

    Lindsay Monahan: "Introducing first, the challenger, from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania... weighing in at two hundred and twenty six pounds... Nate Savage!!"

    The crowd are positive, something Savage is clearly not used to.

    Jim Taylor: "Notice how Savage is introduced as the challenger, despite his status as the official CWA High Voltage Champion. Another of MVH's ridiculous demands."

    Lindsay Monahan: "And the champion... from Rotterdam, the Netherlands... weighing in at seventy one kilograms... Michelle von Horrowitz!!"

    The crowd's hostility appears once again, but MVH simply smiles and rises to her feet. The official makes his final checks as we prepare for the match...

    The bell rings, and instantly Nate Savage charges over to MVH, trying to bowl her over with a clothesline. She’s able to duck it though, and as Nate turns around she takes him out at the knees with a low drop kick. Savage plants the mat and von Horrowitz goes straight into a headlock. Savage is fresh and strong, though, and he manages to fight his way quickly to his feet. He forces MVH back into the ropes and throws her off towards the opposite set. She bounces off and re-approaches Savage, who takes her down with a shoulder block. Von Horrowitz is quick to her feet, but Savage hits a kick to the midsection before placing her in a front facelock. He hooks her arm as if he’s about to hit a suplex, but von Horrowitz goes to a knee to block it, and then reverses into a hammer lock, wrenching at the joint. Savage reaches to the ropes, but he’s too far away, so he decides to elbow von Horrowitz in the head a few times instead. Sensing the hold slipping, von Horrowitz transitions into a headlock and slaps on a body scissors to go with it. Savage seems to fade for a moment, but then just drops onto his back, crushing von Horrowitz beneath his weight!

    Jim Taylor: "That's one way to reverse a headlock!"

    Tim Coleman:
    "And an effective way too, Jim! Savage reminding us all that there's a substantial weight difference between the two."

    She lets go immediately and Savage rolls off her. He hoists her up by the hair and backs her into a corner. He follows up with a half dozen knife edge chops, and then Irish whips her into the opposite set. He looks to charge after her with a big splash, but von Horrowitz slithers between the middle and top ropes and onto the apron. Savage impales himself on the turnbuckles and stumbles into the middle of the ring… allowing von Horrowitz to nail a springboard crossbody! She rolls off, and Savage clambers to his feet, but von Horrowitz takes him down with a standing dropkick. She lifts him to his feet by his shirt and hits a trio of forearms, backing him into a corner, before beginning to reel off a few hard right fists. Savage manages to block one though, and then he rocks MVH with a headbutt. She stumbles into the middle of the ring, and the big man climbs up onto a seated position on the top turnbuckle…

    … but before he has chance to carry out his plans von Horrowitz steps up onto the top rope in an agile manner and hits an enziguri! Savage is rocked but remains seated on the top turnbuckle. Von Horrowitz climbs to her feet and puts Savage in the tree of woe, before backing away and charging in with a drop kick to the face! She’s not done there, though, following up with a second… and then a third! Finally, Savage slumps down onto the mat, and von Horrowitz drags him out of the corner to go for a cover…

    ONE… TWO… - - NO!

    Savage gets a shoulder up, but von Horrowitz stays on him, driving her knee into his shoulder a handful of times before beginning to wrench at the right limb with an arm bar. Savage dutifully fights to his feet, using his free hand to drive a clenched fist into von Horrowitz’s abdomen. Eventually it causes some separation, but MVH follows up with a kick to the right calf, and then another one to the left thigh, followed by a spinning heel kick to the gut, which doubles Savage over. MVH throws herself off the ropes, charging back at Nate… but he takes two steps towards her and turns her inside out with a big clothesline! Savage goes for the cover…

    ONE… TWO… - - NO!

    Jim Taylor:
    "The two trading two-counts here, but that clothesline looked ugly."

    Tim Coleman: "It didn't look ugly for Nate Savage! Meaning it wasn't ugly for the CWA. Nate's got this."

    This time it’s von Horrowitz’s turn to kick out, but Savage instantly hoists her up to her feet, and continues the offensive with some chops. MVH stumbles around the ring to escape him, but Nate follows her around and continues the onslaught. Eventually he doubles her over and hits a double underhook DDT. He goes for the cover…

    ONE… TWO… - - NO!

    Von Horrowitz kicks up and Savage gets to his feet. He charges off the ropes and hits his running senton, MVH instantly clutching her ribs but wisely rolling over towards the ropes. Savage is quickly on her, though, and he locks in a cross-face chicken wing. Von Horrowitz fights up to her feet but Nate drags her into the centre of the ring. As Michelle squirms, trying to find an escape, Savage surprises her with a chicken wing face-buster. He goes for a cover…

    ONE… TWO… - - NO!

    Von Horrowitz gets a shoulder up again. Savage remonstrates with the referee for a moment. Eventually he picks Von Horrowitz up in a rear waist-lock, maybe looking for a German suplex. Von Horrowitz shows signs of life, though, throwing a few elbows into the side of Savage’s head. Eventually she’s able to reverse into a rear waist-lock of her own, and she forces Nate towards the ropes, looking to roll him up. Savage hooks the top rope to block it, and Michelle rolls away from him on her own. She looks to charge towards him, but Savage grabs her and hits a side slam! He hooks the leg instantly.

    ONE… TWO… T - - NO!

    Jim Taylor:
    "A lengthy period of dominance for Savage, but still MVH gets the shoulder up. We've seen this resiliency before, it should come as no surprise."

    Savage slaps on a sleeper hold, looking to wear Michelle down. It seems to be working for a while, too, von Horrowitz seemingly fading out of the match-up altogether. The official comes in to check her arm, and it falls to the mat on the first two tests. The official drops it again… but von Horrowitz catches it before it hits the mat! She begins to fight to her feet, using the crowd’s animosity almost as fuel. She throws her elbow into Savage’s sternum twice, and then hits a jaw-breaker. Savage stumbles back towards the ropes, and von Horrowitz takes a moment to shake the cobwebs loose before charging at him… but Savage drops to the mat, pulling the top rope down and sending MVH onto the outside! The landing looks ugly and von Horrowitz rolls around clutching her ribs.

    Jim Taylor:
    "A bad bump there for von Horrowitz... it looks like she may have hurt her abdomen..."

    Tim Coleman: "She might as well draw a target on her ribs when she's in the ring with a guy like Nate Savage."

    Savage slides out of the ring, noticing MVH favourite her ribs and promptly stomping on them a half-dozen times. He picks her up and slams her kidney-first into the barricade, proceeding to drive hard rights and lefts into her abdomen. He drags her away from the barrier in a front face lock, hooking the arm and grabbing her leg, hitting a fisherman’s suplex on the outside! Von Horrowitz writhes in pain for a moment and crawls away from Nate, using the ring steps to support her weight. Savage takes a moment to celebrate for the fans with a smug look on his face, a ferocious ‘C-W-A!’ chant swirling around him. He walks over towards von Horrowitz… who takes a step towards him and hits a drop toe hold onto the steel steps! Savage hit the mat hard and MVH drags herself to her feet. She hits a few stomps onto the back of Savage, before lifting him to his feet by his hair. She takes an arm and throws him into the steel post with an Irish whip! Nate bounces off it and hits the mat once more. This time it’s MVH’s turn to gloat for the fans, and they don’t like it one bit…

    After rolling in and out of the ring to break up the referee’s count, she moves over to Savage, who is up to his hands and knees, and drops an elbow onto his back. He slumps down to the floor once more, and she has to drag him to his feet. She throws him into the barricade, Nate using them to prop himself up… allowing von Horrowitz to charge in and hit a knee strike to Savage’s jaw! She throws him to the mat and stands on his back, mockingly miming a flag being planted into his back. Eventually, she lifts him up and throws him under the bottom rope, climbing up to the apron herself and coming in with a slingshot leg drop. She goes for a cover…

    ONE… TWO… - - NO!

    Tim Coleman: "And there's some resiliency from Savage! He's taken a hefty beating on the outside but still he gets the shoulder up."

    Savage gets a shoulder up, and this time it’s MVH who argues with the referee about a slow count. Eventually she begins to lift Nate up again, but Savage has had time to regenerate, and he begins to hit a combination of right and left forearms, backing MVH up into the ropes. He Irish whips her across the ring, going for a lariat, but MVH ducks it and floats through into a crucifix roll-up…

    ONE… TWO… TH - - NO!

    Savage gets the shoulder up, but MVH stays on him, grabbing his leg and contorting him into the Stretch Muffler! Savage screams out in pain and begins to reach for the bottom rope. With considerable exertion he begins to drag himself, arm over arm, inch by inch, towards the sanctuary of a rope break. Von Horrowitz begins to stomp him in the head, checking his progress for a while, a few desperate centimetres from the ropes. Savage looks like he might tap… but then he clenches his fist, and continues to edge closer….

    Jim Taylor:
    "He's less than an inch away!"

    Tim Coleman:
    "Come on, Nate!"

    … but no! Von Horrowitz releases and drags Savage back into the middle of the ring, before placing him in the Ankle Lock! Again Savage writhes in agony, staring at the ropes which suddenly seem so far away…

    … and now MVH grapevines! It seems absolutely hopeless for Savage… until he starts to lash out at MVH with his free leg. One of many kicks lands flush in the face and MVH is forced to let go. Savage crawls away from her, but MVH is up to her feet quickly and runs towards him, going for a clothesline. Savage uses the ropes to get up before ducking, sending her onto the apron with a big back body drop. MVH lands on her feet though, and she waits for Savage to turn around… She springboards off the top rope, going for a clothesline… no! Savage catches her and nails a Powerbomb! He goes for a cover!

    ONE… TWO… TH - - NO!

    Von Horrowitz gets the shoulder up, just about! Savage isn’t willing to relent, though, and he locks in his patented Camel Clutch! MVH reaches around her, trying to find the ropes, but they’re nowhere to be seen. She seems to fade away, her hand lifted, perhaps preparing to tap… but she shows resolve, instead biting the hands of Savage! Nate is forced to let go, and von Horrowitz quickly rolls onto the apron. Savage moves over to her and rocks her with a forearm, before placing her in a front face lock. He’s perhaps thinking of suplexing her back into the ring, but MVH again blocks it by dropping to a knee. She wriggles out of the face lock and takes Savage by the hair, driving him throat first onto the top rope. Savage stumbles into the middle of the ring and MVH gets to her feet on the apron. This time she’s successful with the springboard clothesline!

    MVH rolls away from Savage and waits in the corner. Nate gets to his feet and von Horrowitz charges in with a Busaiku Knee Kick! Savage hits the mat and von Horrowitz instantly begins to climb to the top rope…

    Jim Taylor: "This will be it! She's finished many opponents with this move over the last year."

    … MVH steadies herself on the top rope, looks around at the crowd… and then nails her 450 Splash! She goes for the cover, hooking the leg and putting both feet on the second rope. It’s brazen and the audience loathe it!

    ONE… TWO… THRE - - NO!!!!

    Tim Coleman:

    Jim Taylor: "Can you believe it! That's how much this match means to Nate Savage!"

    Savage gets the shoulder up at the last possible moment! MVH can’t believe it. She stands up and backs the referee into a corner, grabbing him by the shirt as he tries to point at the CWA logo on it to stamp his authority on the situation. Eventually, Savage is back to his feet and he charges across the ring at von Horrowitz, but she dives out of the way and Nate crushes the referee against the turnbuckles instead! He turns around and von Horrowitz is waiting for him with a discuss forearm! Savage stumbles back but doesn’t go down! Von Horrowitz goes for a second… but Savage ducks it and hits a boot to the midsection. He throws Von Horrowitz against the ropes… Nasty Bomb! He gets all of it! He hooks the leg…

    Jim Taylor: "Oh, come on!"

    … but the referee is down! The audience count instead…


    Tim Coleman: "Can we not just get another official out here?!"

    Eventually Savage moves away from his opponent and makes an effort to revitalise the official. He shakes him a bit and then slaps him hard across the face. Meanwhile, MVH has crawled to a corner and busied herself in removing the cover from the second turnbuckle. Savage moves over to her, happy that the referee is showing signs of life… and she sends him head first onto the steel with a drop toe hold! A thin trickle of blood begins to come forward from Savage’s forehead as he slumps to the mat!

    MVH again begins to climb to the top turnbuckle, steadying herself and watching the referee, who is still down but now keeled over the bottom rope and seemingly conscious. She points up to the sky, preparing to hit a second 450…

    … out of nowhere, LIGHTBRINGER appears, hopping onto the apron and pushing von Horrowitz off the top rope!

    Tim Coleman: "Look who it is! The man who von Horrowitz took the CWA High Voltage Championship from in the first place! It's LIGHTBRINGER! He's back!!"

    ... She lands on her back and he slides into the ring. She attempts to get to her feet, but LIGHTBRINGER grabs her in a wrist lock… LIGHTBRINGER LARIAT!

    MVH has slumped to the mat but LIGHTBRINGER isn’t done… He has kept hold of the wrist and he drags her back to her feet, pulling her in for a second LIGHTBRINGER LARIAT! MVH lands and is seemingly out, and Tokyo Kisai quickly slides under the bottom rope just before the referee has made it to his feet and turns around. Savage is slowly getting to his feet, shaking away the cobwebs and staring at the prone von Horrowitz. He drags her to her feet and throws her against the ropes with real malice, nailing a second Nasty Bomb! He hooks the leg…


    Jim Taylor:
    "It's done!"

    Nate Savage gets to his feet and roars with glee, as he is handed his official CWA High Voltage Championship. He lifts the belt high up into the air as MVH rolls under the bottom rope. LIGHTBRINGER has retreated to the ramp and stares her down in a focussed manner. The camera catches von Horrowitz staring at him, ranting and raving, clearly distraught at losing her status.

    Tim Coleman:
    "You know what that means, Jim? Von Horrowitz has to sign another year-long deal with the CWA. She looks devastated!"

    Jim Taylor: "I'm sure there's unfinished business between MVH and LIGHTBRINGER, but tonight is about Nate Savage, rescuing the CWA High Voltage Championship from near extinction. And he's deservedly being heralded by these fans here tonight!"

    Nate Savage climbs onto the second turnbuckle and lifts the High Voltage Championship into the air. He beats his chest as, for once, the assembled audience is firmly on his side. He hops back down and kisses the belt, a ‘C-W-A!’ chant beginning once more.


    Jim Taylor: Well it's that time fans, time for the main event...

    Tim Coleman: Right you are Jimbo, and you saw Krash earlier, he didn't have an answer if he can't win tonight...

    Jim Taylor: Alot weighing on his mind but he'll have to be one-hundred percent focused tonight on the task at hand and it's a mighty task, so without further adieu let's send it to the ring...

    CWA World Heavyweight Championship Match
    Krash vs Jon Snowmantashi

    The arena dims to a thin blackness, as the tapping of slow, purposeful footsteps play over the arena speakers. 'The Kill' begins playing as a spotlight shines on the middle of the entranceway, illuminating Krash as he has his back towards the crowd. He glances over his shoulder at the fans as colorful, purple pyro explodes from the corners of the stage, before he whips around, facing the crowd and spreading his arms out as if to welcome them all. After a few seconds of posing, he begins making his way down the ramp, ensuring to high-five and otherwise interact with the crowd. He climbs onto the ring apron and leaps over the ropes, onto the second turnbuckles, where he gazes out at the fans, nodding or pointing at a few, before bouncing back into the ring and into his corner, patiently awaiting his opponent.

    Jim Taylor: Krash looks more serious and focused tonight...

    Tim Coleman: As he should Jimbo, even I can admit that the man he faces is certainly not one to sleep on

    Jim Taylor: You would be correct partner

    Tim Coleman: Of course I am

    The lights dim once more and this time the opening to "Sword of Destiny" plays out and as the song kicks in the world champion Jon Snowmantashi steps out. The crowd on their feet showing respect and adulation towards the champion, who remains calm as ever as he slowly walks to the ring with his championship over his shoulder.

    Jim Taylor: Snowmantashi has been on a hot streak lately running through each of his opponents throughout this tournament

    Tim Coleman: It's like ever since he disposed of McGinnis and took back the championship he's become unstoppable

    Jim Taylor: Krash looks to be the one that stops the unstoppable

    Tim Coleman: He'll have a heck of a time trying!

    Snowmantashi enters the ring and stands opposite of Krash in the corner where he remains calm while staring across his opposition, who also remains calm but has a focused demeanor about him as Lindsay stands in the center of the ring.

    Lindsay Monahan: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is the Ruler of the Ring final, and it also for the CWA World Heavyweight Championship!

    Loud pop from the crowd for the announcement.

    Lindsay Monahan: Introducing first the challenger from Melbourne, Australia, he stands at five-foot & eleven inches and weighs in at two-hundred & five pounds. He is "The Heartbeat of CWA"...KRASH!

    A loud showing of support for Krash.

    Lindsay Monahan: His opponent is Tokyo, Japan by way of Los Angeles, California, and stands at six-foot & five inches while weighing in at two-hundred & ninety pounds. He is the current CWA World Heavyweight Champion, and he is also the man simply known as "Kaiju"...JON SNOWMANTASHI!

    An equally as loud show of support for Snowmantashi as he hands over his championship to referee Johnny Yamaguchi, who has a friendship with the champion but he will remain professional and call the match down the middle. He raises the championship high above, displaying it out for all to see before handing it off ringside and he calls for the bell.


    Champion and challenger approach each other in the center of the ring and have a bit of staredown.

    Jim Taylor: Snowmantashi with the obvious size and height advantage in his favor, but Krash will not let that deter him

    Finally the two seperate and begin to slowly circle each other looking for an opening before opting for a test of strength. Krash holds his arm out and Snowmantashi obliges him grabbing hold of Krash's hand with his bear-claw like hands. They do the same with their other hands and the test begins, and neither man shows not even an ounce of budging. Soon though Snowmantashi's strength become too much for even Krash to bear and out of desperation he stiffly kicks Snowmantashi's shin forcing the big man to relinquish his grip. Krash quickly follows up with another kick to the shin followed by a thigh kick as a way to take Snowmantashi off his feet by targeting his legs. Snowmantashi grabs hold of Krash's boot though and Krash instinctively finds his way out of this pickle with a enziguiri catching Snowmantashi on the temple, knocking Snowmantashi slightly silly and giving Krash a slight reprieve allowing him to spin behind Snowmantashi and stomps down on the back of Snowmantash's knee bringing the big man down to one knee giving Krash the opening he needed as he hits Snowmantashi with a leg-drop bulldog! Krash follows that up with a several stomps to Snowmantashi's tree trunk like legs before applying a leg wrench and soon he turns that into a leg lock submission!

    Jim Taylor: Krash wisely focusing on the lower half of Snowmantashi

    Snowmantashi is wincing as he fights back the pain while reaching for the bottom rope and soon enough he's able to do so as he turns over. The damage may have been done though as he favors his leg as Krash drags him away from the rope and now applies a single leg crab and begins torque back, but not for long as Snowmantashi manages to power out of it and flips Krash off of him sending Krash spiraling into the middle rope, yet Krash catches himself by hanging on the ropes preventing himself from a nasty spill to the outside. He soon recovers as Snowmantashi struggles to his feet, gingerly doing so as he limps towards Krash, who turns around and looks to stop Snowmantashi in his tracks with a kick to the throat but Kaiju was ready for it catching Krash by the boot and instantly spins him around into a rear waist-lock wasting no time as he hurls Krash to the mat with a release german suplex! Krash bounces off the canvas upon impact and recieves no time to recover as he's flattened by Snowmantashi with a running senton!

    Tim Coleman: Krash had the wind knocked out of his sails with that senton and Snowmantashi turns the tide in his favor!

    Snowmantashi proceeds to violently stomp on Krash's head several times before bringing his challenger up and whips him across the ropes as he catches him looking for his Frostbite sleeper hold, but Krash manages to slither out of it in time and stomps on the back of Snowmantashi's knee once more...

    Jim Taylor: That knee coming back to haunt Snowmantashi

    Krash runs the ropes this time...URANAGE! Snowmantashi catches Krash with a uranage driving him to the mat with a incredible force

    Tim Coleman: He fought through it enough to send Krash back down to reality!

    Jim Taylor: He's still favoring it though, Tim

    Snowmantashi gingerly drops down on Krash for the pin attempt...


    Krash with a shoulder up and Snowmantashi instantly grabs hold of Krash...FROSTBITE! He has the sleeper locked in this time keeping it mat based as Krash desperately struggles to fight free. He squirms and wriggles but Snowmantashi showing no budge refusing to let his smaller opponent to escape his clutches. Krash soon begins to fade and after a third time of being checked on Krash shows life as he pumps his arms, and begins flailing them while slowly rising up as Snowmantashi keeps the sleeper hold applied. Krash drives several back elbows into Snowmantashi's ribcage forcing him to relinquish the hold as he doubles over allowing Krash to drive his skull to the mat with a snap DDT! Krash drapes his arm over Snowmantashi...

    One...TW-NO! Snowmantashi throws a shoulder up...

    Krash groggily rises up and brings Snowmantashi up driving a forearm into his skull as if to keep him at bay before sending Snowmantashi into the corner. Krash soon follows that up with a running dropkick bringing Snowmantashi down to a slumped position in the corner, and Krash now hits Snowmantashi with a sliding dropkick! With Snowmantashi Krash slides to the outside and soon applies a figure four necklock hanging from the turnbuckle and releases the hold before the referee's count reaches five. Krash re-enters the ring and drags Snowmantashi from the corner before bringing him up in a rear waist-lock position...

    Tim Coleman: He's not seriously going to try to lift Snowmantashi, is he?

    Krash musters all of his strength that he can...DEADLIFT GERMAN SUPLEX INTO A BRIDGE!


    Snowmantashi kicks out and rolls over to his side as Krash does the same while trying to catch his breath...

    Jim Taylor: Krash took a lot out of himself with that manuever...

    Tim Coleman: It'll be surprising if he still has anything left in the tank to finish this match

    Krash slowly but surely stumbles to vertical base while Snowmantashi has risen up to one knee that he still shows favor to. Krash runs at Snowmantashi with a hurricanrana takedown, but Snowmantashi catches him and holds him high in position as Krash wears a look of fear...SIT-OUT POWERBOMB!

    One...two...THR-NO! Krash just barely kicks out...

    Krash rolls to his stomach while Snowmantashi lay on his back looking up at the ceiling as he chest heaves up and down. Snowmantashi musters up enough strength to bring himself back up, still with a slight limp in his step he grabs Krash by the head before hoisting him up on his shoulders...TORTURE RACK! Snowmantashi shakes Krash up on his shoulders, who fighting through the pain swinging wildly with his arms and with a slight rake to the eyes he slips out behind Snowmantashi dropping to one knee but soon senses his opportunity and catches Snowmantashi by rolling him up but he rolls through instead...KICK TO THE THROAT! Snowmantashi drops to the mat in one fell swoop and Krash plops on top of him for the cover...

    One...two...THR-KICK OUT! SNOWMANTASHI KICKS OUT! Krash holds his head in disbelief as he drops to the mat. He stands up and drives some stomps to Snowmantashi for good measure before ascending to the top. He extends his arm out and rips off his elbow pad before leaping through the air...THE KILL! He hits all of it as he slowly hooks the far leg...

    One...two...THR-NO! ANOTHER KICK OUT!

    Tim Coleman: How does he do it?!

    Krash showing signs of frustration wearing in but he tries to not let it get him down as he rolls to the corner for a slight breather. He waits as Snowmantashi rises up and sizes him up for Krash Kourse, he hits the stiff kick to the gut but it shows no effect to Kaiju and as Krash swings for the fences with his roundhouse kick it's caught by Snowmantashi, who drives an elbow into Krash's thigh before bringing him up on his shoulders...HAILSTORM!

    Jim Taylor: He hit all of it, that's got to be the end for Krash!

    Tim Coleman: Looks like he wants to put the finishing touches Jimbo!

    Snowmantashi has climbed up top...SNOWFALL! He lands on top of his opponent and makes a cover...



    Jim Taylor: Good grief what a match!

    Tim Coleman: That was so intense I'm out of breath from just watching it!

    Jim Taylor: You've got to hand it to Krash for not backing down once from Snowmantashi...

    Tim Coleman: I do Jim, but in the end Snowmantashi's power was just too much for Krash to handle

    Jim Taylor: Krash proved to be a worthy opponent tonight but it's Snowmantashi who still stands tall with his championship in tact! That's all for tonight fans, good night!

    Snowmantashi has left the ring and stands on stage while Krash has come to in the ring, and looks on deflated and sad as the show comes to an end.


    Match credits
    El Pecado vs Mark Merriwether: Jimmy King
    Humanity vs Shawn Summers: MitchDynamite
    Cyrus Truth/Leo Taylor/Elijah Edwards vs The Echo & Brooke Conner: Jimmy King
    Michelle von Horrowitz vs Nate Savage: SuperSaiyan
    Jon Snowmantashi vs Krash: Jimmy King

    An Original Name
    Business Wolf
    Luke Cage
    Jimmy King

    Cyrus Truth
    Jimmy King

    Luke Cage
    Rest in power, Flock U
    Rest in power, TCON

    Team Cyrus T is Best for Business


    Quote Originally Posted by Ed
    Stop the hating of the E-Feds. If you don't like something, that's fine, just ignore it and let the people who do enjoy what they're here on WC to do. Mocking them to make you feel less of a geek for being on a geek on a wrestling forum is lame. If you want to not read their posts, I can fix that for you.

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    Re: Global Collision: Live!

    Whew, what a show!

    Michelle losing against Nate, Lightbringer's helped bring the title back and Showmantashi defeating yet another challenger, boy, I wouldn't fancy my chances should I get a shot...

    Although, Team Anti-Connors won our match, so that's a plus. "No Limit, We won't give up the fight", ain't that right, lads.

    "When I say something memorable, I'll put it here" - Forrest

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    Re: Global Collision: Live!

    Really good show - I enjoyed all the Krash-Snowmantashi stuff especially and it'll be interesting to see who steps up to the big man next.

    Was fun working with Nate Savage on the HV championship storyline and the show-down with LB should be good...

    More Connors? Oh dear Lord...

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    Re: Global Collision: Live!

    Great show! I was happy to contribute.

    The only time WWE came close to a good story line post Attitude Era was Undertaker/Mordecai - Dakstang
    [06:01 PM]Dakstang
    Yeah I guess you are right. And I only want to be Daddy to my own kids. Sorry.

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    Re: Global Collision: Live!

    Make sure you give all your love to Jimmy King on this one, as I was pretty non-existent in putting this card up. The man's a fucking trooper.

    Good event. Should make the road to the WrestleRoyale interesting. May have to tweak it some so as not to burn out like we did last time...
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    Re: Global Collision: Live!

    Goodness, excellent show, lads. Awesome stuff.

    Still ain't no stopping Snowmantashi. Congrats, Jon! Well earned victory.

    as an aside those damn Connor bros had me fooled with the Mr. Showtime tease, so consider me worked godamnit.


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