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Thread: "The Ultimate Fanboy" - Leo Taylor

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    "The Ultimate Fanboy" - Leo Taylor

    Name*: Leo Taylor
    Nickname: "The Ultimate Fanboy"
    Date of Birth*: 6/11/1992
    Place of Birth: New York, New York
    Currently Residing*: Changes with costume every show (
    Height*: 6'0
    Weight*: 200 lbs
    Gimmick*: Pop Culture geek, changes costume and promos in character every week, with a new type of Leo taking place. Also a Fun Babyface, seeing the crowd being entertained is his main source of pleasure.
    Disposition*: Face

    Wrestling Style*: Entertainer, all round "grappler"
    Wrestling Abilities*: (Rank from 1-5, 1 being your best) Speed, Technical, Power, Brawling, Charisma.
    1 – Charisma
    2 – Speed
    3 – Technical
    4 – Power
    5 - Brawling

    Signature Taunts/Poses: Comes in with costume and others
    Catchphrase: ^
    Entrance theme: Changes each show depending on costume, same with entrance.

    Basic Moves*:
    Front Suplex, Back Suplex, Hurricarana, Frankensteiner, Gutwrench Suplex/Powerbomb, Arm Drag, Super Plex, Super Hurricarana, Big Boot (albeit weak, but in a comedic fashion), Cannonball into the corner, Superkick.
    Suicide Dive, Springboard Moonsault, Enziguiri, Dropkick, Pele Kick, Armbar, Crossface, Cloverleaf, Single/Double leg Boston Crab,

    Signature Strike Moves*: Hadouken (Double Axe Handle with theatrics, name may change depending on character played)

    Spirit Bomb (Using the crowd’s energy, in a time of need, Leo will pull out the Spirit Bomb, a simple powerbomb packed with the fan’s energy, which pulls out some theatrics)

    Armed with Death (Imaginary Grenade tossed towards a heel, ends with mishap and chaos e.g everyone is taken out.)

    Dance Dance Revolution (a Dance Competition initiated through an arm wave passed on to others)

    Ressurection of the Leo (Only if in a loosing state, Leo hulks up, deflecting hits using the crowd's 'spirit' as he turns the tables, leads to Spirit Bomb or a big boot)

    Signature Submission Move*:
    Future lock 2017 (Surfboard with Leo on top, riding his opponent as if he was riding him through time. Acts afterwards as if he's seen the future, although this often debated between Leo and other afterward, be it the referee, the commentators or his own opponent. Name changes to the next year, 2017 = Future lock 2018)

    Regular Finishing Move*: Die Hard (with an extra “ER” being added on every time the move is hit in the match) (One Handed Electric Chair Driver)

    Previous Experience (If any):
    1x RWP Campeonato Del Rey
    IWT Competitor
    Snackage Pro

    Injury History (If any):

    Name of character representative*: Kenny Williams

    Promo*: Taken from an earlier ACW show:

    A video opens up outside the locker room of Leo Taylor before the start of his match as a camera crew attempts to enter Leo’s locker, only for it to be locked. After a knock on the door, it suddenly opens, Leo at the door as he welcomes everyone in, drinks on his bench as jumps in excitement of friends being at his door.

    Leo: Good evening, my dear friends, it’s nice to see you again although, I did hope Miss Wendy would be here to celebrate our victory together but I simply couldn’t find her after last weeks show, I even went and knocked on her door but there was no answer…Did I do anything to upset her, guys?

    The crew tell Leo ‘No’ in an attempt to not upset Leo but he continues to talk anyway despite the circumstances.

    Leo: Well, thank you for arriving anyway, I always can count on you to come around with your trusty camera to film me talking about my possible friends in our next encounter. First, I want to talk about Mr Wilson…Can I…Can I get you’re autograph when we’re done? I’ve seen some of your work, Mr Wilson and I think your pretty…cool…and I’d like to be friends with you after our match, should we win or lose. I know on TV, you play ‘yourself’ but I really hope you aren’t all that bad as you are on that reality show …I just want to make a really cool friend. I’d like to be your sidekick, like Batman and Robin, you be Batman and I’ll be Robin, just like on TV and on a reality show…hehe, I’m just so nervous right now because I’ve never been near someone off a TV show, except this show…but Wilson, I-I need to make my friendship with Miss Wendy work somehow and I think that If I win this match she’ll…she’ll accept me as her friend…Is it so hard to ask for a win, Mr Wilson, from one of your fans? I’m sure you can spare me just one…little….tiny…insy win…and I’ll find a way to pay you back for it, if you want me to!

    The crew advise Leo not to promise that kind of thing as Leo looks at himself and sweats, wiping the sweat away as he looks nervous, telling himself “everything will be okay” as he continues to talk.

    Leo: A-And Brian Baseball, I think we could be the best of friends, We both have common interests in Baseball, I mean, You make a great batter I think and I can throw some cool pitches, according to my friends…but, enough about that, Mr Baseball, I think we can entertain people tonight, think about it, me and you just having fun out there with Mr Wilson and making a child’s night…but I…I’m sorry, I do need the win to remain friends with Miss Wendy, I want to become friends with everyone in ACW and Miss Wendy Scott is my first…friend and I want to keep that as it is…as Friends…and if I win does it than, I’m sorry, Mr Baseball, Win I must, but I’m sure a friendly man such as yourself will…still hang out with me, right? I’m sure we can still play some baseball with eachother…R-R-Right?

    The Crew shrug their shoulders as Leo looks on, nervous and nearly shaking as he sweats some more, finishing his speech off with nothing, softly pushing the camera crew outside of the room as he quickly shuts and locks his room, Leo on the other end can be heard saying “What am I doing?” and “What did I just say!?” in a nervous fashion as the crew leave, the video ending there.

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    Re: "The Ultimate Fanboy" - Leo Taylor

    Welcome back Forrest!

    Good to see you back and good to see this new character. I can't wait to see what you do with him, you'll be booked on the next show for sure.

    Rest in power, Flock U
    Rest in power, TCON

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    Re: "The Ultimate Fanboy" - Leo Taylor

    Might as well do one:


    *Super, Duper Debut Match*

    Adrenaline Rush - 26th July

    WIN - vs Anthony Mason

    *Leo Reigns Supreme*

    Kings Reign Supreme - July 31st

    WIN vs Anthony Mason

    *Ruler of the Ring: The Leo-ship of the Ring*

    Adrenaline Rush - August 17th

    WIN vs Nate Savage

    *Ruler of the Ring: The Two Dudes*

    Adrenaline Rush - September 4th

    vs Krash

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