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Thread: CWA Presents: World's Strongest - Live from Miami, FL!

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    CWA Presents: World's Strongest - Live from Miami, FL!

    Live from The AmericanAirlines Arena in Miami, FL

    [I]A video package airs highlighting the various rivalries and matchups for the show...

    Elijah Edwards is shown in action in various clips while Ariel Justice and Duke Martin wait in the shadows for their time...

    Various clips play of the encounters between Johnny Vegas and Nate Savage...

    The feud between Marcus Bennett and Mark Merriwether is highlighted with clips of them in action against one another and one upping each other in other occassions...

    Highlights from the incredible war between Michelle von Horrowitz and Harrison Wake is shown followed by the challenge being laid out...

    A staredown between champion LIGHTBRINGER and challenger Dustin Dreamer, while behind them is clips playing of them in action...

    Tag team champions The Echo are shown causing chaos amongst the tag team division taking out various tag teams. Then Murder, Inc. appears and highlights of them from around the world are shown...

    Finally it all comes to an end when the rivalry between former friends now bitter enemies, World Champion Jonathan McGinnis and Jon Snowmantashi. Clips of Snowmantashi defeating McGinnis for the world championship followed by McGinnis forming The Indy Club, and then finally McGinnis regaining back his championship in the Steel Roulette. The video package comes to an end with a staredown between the former friends...

    Pyrotechnics go off and the crowd is in a frenzy as the camera pans over them showing various signs such as:




    Jim Taylor: Good evening fans and welcome to World's Strongest! We are live tonight in Miami, Florida for what should be an extraordinary show that will be capped off by the spectacular main event where Jonathan McGinnis will defend his championship against the former champion, Jon Snowmantashi!

    Tim Coleman: That's right Jim, it's hard to believe that these two were once good friends at one point, but now they are bitter rivals looking to tear each other apart!

    Jim Taylor: That's not the only championship we'll see defended tonight because we'll see High Voltage Champion LIGHTBRINGER take on Dustin Dreamer. These two have met in the past with LIGHTBRINGER being the victor, will tonight be the same result or will Dreamer fullfill his destiny and capture his first championship gold in CWA?

    Tim Coleman: I've stated before that I'm supporting Dreamer, and tonight I firmly believe he has the edge and he will walk out as the champion!

    Jim Taylor: Bold statement there, though LIGHTBRINGER is no slouch in that ring and he'll take Dreamer to the limit for sure. Then we'll see The Echo take on the new team of Murder, Inc.

    Tim Coleman: The Echo have proven time and time again that they are the greatest tag team to step foot in CWA, and tonight they will continue to prove that and make quick work of Murder, Inc.

    Jim Taylor: Murder, Inc. has an impressive resume and will have a tough test ahead of them tonight like to said, but I'm not doubting them and I think we could see an upset tonight...

    Tim Coleman: Keep on dreaming Jim! Anyways, what about the 2 out of 3 falls match between Harrison Wake and Michelle von Horrowitz? We've seen what they're capable of before, do you think we'll see the same?

    Jim Taylor: I believe so Tim. They're both warriors and tonight they will truly prove who is the better warrior. That's not the only grudge match because we've got Mark Merriwether taking on Marcus Bennett as well as Nate Savage and Johnny Vegas...

    Tim Coleman: Merriwether will wipe the mat with Bennett while Savage will completely destroy Vegas...

    Jim Taylor: Straight and to the point, first off though we'll see Elijah Edwards take on newcomers Ariel Justice and Duke Martin so take it away Lindsay!

    Opening contest
    Ariel Justice vs. Duke Martin vs. Elijah Edwards

    Lindsay Monahan: The opening contest is scheduled for one fall...

    "This Fire Burns" plays and a good, positive reaction for Ariel Justice, who slowly walks out not making any real eye contact with the fans as they cheer for her. She walks to the ring with a look of purpose and determination.

    Lindsay Monahan: Approaching the ring from Tampa, Florida and weighing in at 150lbs, Ariel Justice!

    Jim Taylor: Ariel in the mood for a fight tonight after suffering a loss in her debut match

    Tim Coleman: I wouldn't want to make her angry!

    Jim Taylor: Yet you normally have that effect on women

    "Sweet Little Rock & Roller" hits and little to no reception for Duke Martin, who struts out confidently and shows off for the fans along the way but they don't seem impressed

    Lindsay Monahan: Her opponent, approaching the ring from Los Angeles, California and weighing in at 230lbs, Duke Martin!

    Jim Taylor: According to our sources, Duke Martin here believes he was born sometime in the 1950's. Call me crazy, but I don't think that's accurate...

    Tim Coleman: I like this guy's style!

    Jim Taylor: The fans don't seem to share your opinion

    "Icky Thump" rings out and the fans give off a rather big pop for Elijah Edwards, who steps out from behind the curtain looking ready for action and without his manager Romeo Rollings.

    Lindsay Monahan: and their opponent, approaching the ring from Toronto, Ontario, Canada and weighing in at 221lbs, "Double E" Elijah Edwards!

    Jim Taylor: Elijah, the self proclaimed measuring stick in CWA, is riding solo tonight..

    Tim Coleman: Bold statement calling himself that, if he's not careful that statement may come back to bite him!


    The bell sounds and Elijah and Ariel step up to each other in the center of the ring sizing each other up. Duke steps in between them and places his hand on Ariel's shoulder...

    Tim Coleman: Big mistake Duke!

    Ariel immediately twists Duke's hand and takes his arm behind him before locking him up in position for a release german suplex tossing him across the ring like a rag doll! Duke lands in a heap straight on his head as Ariel looks pleased, but Elijah sneaks up behind her with a rear waist lock yet Ariel is ready for him throwing back wicked elbows that has Elijah reeling back some. She turns around and takes Elijah in for a front waist lock before hurling Elijah overhead with a belly to back suplex!

    Jim Taylor: Ariel is taking no prisoners tonight!

    Elijah lands on his back and holds his lower spine as he rises up to one knee when Ariel suddenly comes in for a front roundhouse kick, but Elijah is ready for her catching her boot and drops an elbow on her knee. Then he brings her in and drops her with a snap suplex! Elijah senses Duke running at him and catches him by the arm taking him down with an arm drag. Duke however rolls back up and wildly swings at Elijah, but only hits air as Elijah ducks underneath and fires off a forearm smash to the back of Duke's head before hoisting him up and dropping him down hard with a fireman's carry gutbuster! Duke crumples to the mat clutching his gut and Elijah hooks the leg...


    Pin is broken up by Ariel, who rains down fists on Elijah before taking him up and whipping him hard to the corner where she unloads several punches and elbow strikes wearing Elijah down. She then takes Elijah out of the corner and drives him to the mat with an STO straight into a Rings of Saturn submission hold! She has a vice like grip with no intentions of releasing the hold until it's broken up by Duke with a running stomp. He drags Ariel up by the hair trash talking her and then takes her down with a short arm clothesline much to the dismay of the fans...

    Jim Taylor: Duke Martin showing some offense but still not winning anyone over so far...

    He makes a cover on her...


    Ariel throws a shoulder up and Duke pleads his case with the referee, but to no avail from the referee. Duke throws Ariel to the corner where he unleashes some vicious corner stomps followed by a corner choke with his boot placed firmly on Ariel's throat. Once the referee's count reaches four, Duke relinquishes his choke hold taking Ariel from the corner and brings her down with a vertical suplex into another pin attempt...


    This it's broken up by Elijah, who sends Duke off the ropes and catches him with a big pendulum backbreaker! Duke falls to the mat in agony crawling on his knees to find an escape from Elijah in the corner. Elijah stalks him grabbing him from behind, but Duke throws a back elbow knocking Elijah back some and Duke pops up and explodes from the corner with a huge jumping clothesline! Duke then drops a running elbow right to Elijah's heart before hooking the leg...


    Elijah kicks out and Duke is not happy about and looks for it again, but this time misses as Elijah rolls out of the way in time. Elijah is up and waits as Duke recovers and turns around right into a bicycle kick! Ariel has regained her senses and drills Elijah from behind with a clubbing forearm. She then locks him in position...KILLSWITCH! She hits it with authority and quickly makes the cover...


    Elijah kicks out in time and Ariel can't believe it. She hoists Elijah on her shoulders looking to hit him with TAPOUT, but he struggles and squirms his way free and takes her down planting her head to the mat with a DDT! Both lay on the mat exhausted while Duke slowly recovers on the opposite end. He's the first to his feet and makes a cover on Ariel...


    She kicks out so he makes the cover on Elijah...


    Elijah kicks out and Duke is irate now as he yells at the referee. Behind him Elijah catches him with a school boy roll up...


    It's broken up by Ariel as she drops a axe handle down on both men. She rolls to her feet and now gathers her bearing before taking Duke up...TAPOUT! She hits the F-5 portion of it and puts Duke in the kimura lock! He has nowhere to go...

    Tim Coleman: She might rip his arm straight out of the socket!

    Jim Taylor: That wouldn't surprise me

    Elijah breaks it up however before Duke taps out. He takes her up and delivers a hard chop to her chest! He sends her across the ring to the ropes and off the rebound he drives her to the mat with a huge spinebuster! Ariel however seems uneffected by it as she pops back up and swings a wild haymaker his way, but he catches her...From Toronto With Love! Just like that Ariel is out from the Regal-plex. He turns his attention to Duke, who stumbles back to his feet and turns around swinging wildly and Elijah ducks underneath and catches Duke with The Day Time Stood Still! Then he expertly applies the Excellent Execution with nowhere for Duke to go and he taps out instantly!

    Lindsay Monahan: The winner of the match, Elijah Edwards!

    Jim Taylor: Big win for Elijah Edwards, which has to put him back in line for a championship match soon!

    Elijah leaves the ring celebrating with the fans while Martin recovers and Ariel looks disappointed with the outcome slamming her fist to the mat...

    Jim Taylor: Fans, every year we celebrate the very in CWA with our annual Hall of Fame ceremony and at the next PPV we'll see it happen. On the next Adrenaline Rush we'll be announcing the inductees so stayed tune for that, but for now we move on to our next grudge match between Mark Merriwether and Marcus Bennett...

    Grudge Match
    Marcus Bennett vs. Mark Merriwether

    The song kicks in and Marcus Bennett comes out to a nice pop. He walks down the ramp loosening up his wrists, and cracking his neck side to side.

    Lindsay Monahan: Approaching the ring from Mankato, Minnesota and wrestling out of Canton, Ohio, weighing in at 247lbs, "The Crippler" Marcus Bennett!

    Mark Merriwether steps out to a loud, negative reception to which he pays no mind but instead choose to show off for the fans while confidently walking to the ring.

    Lindsay Monahan: and his opponent making his way to the ring from Seattle, Washington and wrestling out of Hollywood, California, weighing in at 230lbs, "The Hollywood Standard" Mark Merriwether!

    The bell rings as two of CWA's hottest prospects face off. Merriwether and Bennett lock up, but Bennett takes advantage first by transitioning into a side headlock takedown. Merriwether quickly scampers out and yells at Bennett for, quote: "Trying to ruin his award-winning face!" Bennett, not really giving a shit about that, serves up a plate of HARD chops to Merriwether's chest, blistering the Hollywood Standard and sending him into the corner of the ring. Then, just to really drive home the point, Bennett CHOPS MERRIWETHER'S FACE! That makes the crowd wince in pain and cheer for Merriwether's suffering as the would-be movie star clutches his cheek in pain. Bennett follows up with an arm drag into an armbar, wrenching back at the shoulder joint looking to make Merriwether tap. Merriwether manages again to slip out, but Bennett grabs a leg and dragon screws him into a leglock, showing his expert technical prowess.

    Merriwether manages to kick Bennett off and get to the outside of the ring, but Bennett is quick to follow him out. Merriwether sees that and re-enters the ring, so that when Bennett enters in, he can stomp away at the Crippler. Merriwether follows this up with a pair of hard kicks to the kidneys before picking Bennett up for a suplex. Bennett, however, is able to counter into a vertical suplex of his own! But it's clear that the kidney shots are still smarting like a sumbitch as Bennett covers, but only gets a one count.

    Bennett gets to his feet and looks for a suplex, but Merriwether frees himself with some knees to the midsection. With Bennett doubled over, Merriwether fires back with a swinging neckbreaker! Bennett lands hard as Merriwether poses for the cameras, shouting "I'm from Hollywood, you cretins!" as the crowd boos him mercilessly. Merriwether again kicks Bennett in the kidneys and goes for a cover, but Bennett kicks out at two.

    Merriwether continues to keep the pressure on as he works over the back of Bennett, utilizing holds designed to stretch out the back muscles to the point of near breaking. Bennett continues to struggle, refusing to give up and even tries to get back into the fight. However, Merriwether is crafty and continues to utilize shots to the kidneys to take Bennett out of it. Merriwether's offense of slams, axe handles, and suplexes continue to keep Bennett grounded, but the Hollywood Standard still can't put away the Crippler.

    Merriwether, feeling confident regardless, picks Bennett up and mugs for the camera before taunting the technician. He slaps him in the face and cinches in a full nelson for a Hollywood Shuffle, but Bennett headbutts his way out of it. Merriwether again drives his forearm into the lower back of Bennett and goes for a running clothesline...but BENNETT COUNTERS THAT INTO A POWERBOMB! Both men are down on the mat exhausted as the crowd is all fired up!

    Both Merriwether and Bennett get back to their feet and start exchanging chops, with Bennett getting the better of it before going for forearms, elbows, and headbutts! Bennett is unleashing a flurry of offense as he begins hitting suplex after suplex after suplex after suplex! Merriwether's rocked as Bennett is feeding on adrenaline, although it's clear he's still suffering from the lower back assault from earlier. Merriweather's back to his feet as Bennett damn near decapitates Merriwether with a spinning roundhouse kick! Bennett covers...NO! Only a two count!

    Bennett clenches his teeth and decides to go high risk as he climbs the turnbuckle, slowly as he's still hurting. He does make it to the top as he flies off, looking for a diving headbutt...

    FINAL CUT! Merriwether catches him with a Final Cut! Merriwether immediately hooks both legs and scores the win!

    Lindsay Monahan: The winner of the match, Mark Merriwether!

    Jim Taylor: That match could have gone either way, but in the end Merriwether proved to be more successful

    Tim Coleman: I could have told you that Jim

    Jim Taylor: Nonetheless we will move on now to a heated rivalry between Nate Savage and Johnny Vegas...

    No holds barred grudge match
    Johnny Vegas vs. Nate Savage

    Cut the Cord" rings out as "Nasty" Nate Savage steps out to a rather scathing response from the fans. He sneers at each fan at ringside as he passes them along the way to the ring. He stops and finds a sign that reads "VEGAS PLEASE KICK SAVAGE'S BUTT!" being held by a small child, to which he snatches away from them and tosses it away as he continues his trek to the ring.

    Jim Taylor: Nate Savage finds new lows to stoop to, doesn't he?

    Tim Coleman: That kid's parents shouldn't be ashamed of their kid for holding up that sign in the first place!

    Nate enters the ring and somewhat aggressively grabs the microphone away from Lindsay bringing it up to his lips to speak while the crowd showers him with hate.

    Nate Savage: The feeling is mutual Miami....

    The crowd still jeers but they slowly quiet down.

    Nate Savage: Your boos are just delaying the inevitable of when I beat Johnny Vegas. I'm going to enjoy making his life as well as all of yours just as miserable as mine is...

    Boos rain down again.

    Jim Taylor: He really is a miserable human being

    Nate Savage: For once in your life you're right Jim Taylor, yeah I heard you...

    Tim Coleman: Ha, he's got you speechless Jim!

    Nate Savage: I am a miserable person. It's just who I am, and I enjoy making others lives just as miserable. It's what I live for, it's something I take pride in just like I will tonight when I beat Johnny Vegas. Let me let you all in on something, tonight you're going to witness something, and what is it you ask? You're going to witness an absolute massacre when I obliterate Johnny Vegas in this ring. There will be blood shed and there's nothing that anyone can do about it, so if I were that kid's parents I'd shield his eyes now or else he'll be witnessing his hero getting beat within an inch of his life...

    "Hate by Design" kicks out and the crowd is on their feet as the music of Johnny Vegas plays out. Savage has tossed aside the microphone, and is ready to fight as he waits when from the crowd emerges Johnny Vegas along with Jenny and in his hand is his trusty kendo stick. He hops the guardrail and slides in the ring and cracks the stick right across Nate's back!

    Jim Taylor: Johnny Vegas outsmarting Nate Savage and giving that miserable SOB a taste of his own medicine!

    Tim Coleman: Way to remain unbiased Jim


    Nate collapses to the mat as the bell sounds and Johnny swings away with the stick piercing Nate's skin with each hit. Nate finally rolls out of the ring to find higher ground, but not for long as Johnny risks his own well being taking out Nate with an incredible suicide dive knocking Nate back against the guardrail. Johnny is fired up as he regains his footing with the kendo stick still in his grip, and he swings for the fences nailing Nate's ribcage! Nate doubles over and Johnny cracks the stick across his back once more bringing Nate to his knees. Johnny whips Nate to the turnbuckle pole shoulder first, which sets him up allowing Johnny to hit him with a turnbuckle DDT!

    Jim Taylor: Savage's head just bounced off the floor!

    Tim Coleman: This is sick! These people are actually cheering for this

    Vegas is back up and has Nate by the head looking to smash his head into the next steel pole, but Nate blocks it and sends Johnny's head crashing into the steel pole! Nate stumbles back leaning against the guardrail regaining his senses. Nate marches over to Johnny, who is coming back up on one knee before Nate boots him square in the head! Johnny falls back down and Nate yanks him by the hair and slams his head against the commentator's table while yelling at Jim Taylor.

    Nate Savage: Shut up your piehole Jim!

    Tim Coleman: Yeah, shut your piehole Jim!

    Jim Taylor:
    I didn't say anything and don't you encourage him!

    Nate takes Johnny and viciously tosses him into the steel guardrail back first. He then drags Johnny along and tosses him into the steel steps shoulder first! Jenny Vegas starts shouting at Nate, and this prompts Nate to laugh at her before grabbing her by the hair and placing her in position for a powerbomb.

    Jim Taylor: He wouldn't dare!

    Tim Coleman: It would serve her right for sticking her nose in other people's business!

    Before Nate can inflict Jenny with severe spinal cord problems he's blasted from behind by Johnny allowing Jenny to escape Nate's clutches. Johnny then shoves Nate into the ring apron, and kicks him square in the midsection doubling him over. Then he takes Nate's arms behind his back holding him in place for Jenny, who kicks Nate in the nether regions! Nate drops to his knees in obvious pain before Johnny delivers a superkick right on his jaw and Nate collapses in heap and Johnny makes the cover...


    Jim Taylor: Remember fans this match is no holds barred so anything goes, and falls do count anywhere

    Johnny climbs up on the apron and goes for a moonsault...BUT NATE ROLLS OUT OF THE WAY AS JOHNNY CRASHES AND BURNS ON THE MAT! Nate is on one knee catching his breath before grabbing Johnny and tosses him into the steel guardrail in anger. Nate looks underneath the ring and unearths a steel chair and waits as Johnny rises up before smacking him across the back with the steel chair showing no remorse! Johnny cringes as Nate cracks the chair across his back again sending him to his knees. Nate throws down the chair and follows Johnny, who is crawling up the ramp. Nate steps on Johnny's hand stopping him from crawling, and then he brings him up taunting him but all this does is fire up Johnny who nails Nate with a european uppercut knocking him back some up the ramp and Johnny runs at him hitting him with a running forearm from knocking down on his back against the steel rampway. Johnny drags Nate up the ramp and throws him into the stage, and brings him in position for a brainbuster on the steel ramp...

    Tim Coleman: If he does that he'll kill him or at the very worst give him brain damage!

    Nate fights out of it and flips back down to his feet and drills Johnny with a forearm that Johnny reeling back. The two fight down the ramp before going below the stage on the floor where they trade blows before Johnny gains the upper hand and sets up Nate up on a wooden table. Then Johnny climbs back up on the stage looking out at the fans who are cheering him on before he does the unthinkable...

    Jim Taylor: Johnny Vegas putting his life on the line to take out Nate Savage with that elbow drop through the table and both men are unconsious!

    The referee checks on both men, who are not moving. After several minutes the referee calls the match after neither man has moved, and more officials as well as a medical crew arrive to clean up the scene.

    Jim Taylor:
    You hate to see this happen, and we promise we'll bring you an update on the condition of both men as soon as we get it.

    A hype video for the next PPV airs.

    2 out of 3 falls grudge match
    Harrison Wake vs. Michelle von Horrowitz

    The camera pans across the audience as we return to the arena, quickly sweeping past signs that read ”KISAI OF MY HEART”, ”KAIJU REIGNS SUPREME”, and ”Y U FORSAKE US CYRUS?” and a surprising amount of Hail the Club t-shirts. It settles on the stage, just as Roy Orbison’s In Dreams sounds out on the PA system. Michelle von Horrowitz is brought out onto the stage, raised high on a make-shift bed by eight muscular, tanned men in small, black underpants. A mixed reaction emanates from the fans.

    Lindsay Monahan: “Ladies and gentlemen, this next contest is scheduled for two out of three falls, with a sixty minute time limit. Introducing first, from Rotterdam, the Netherlands and wrestling out of New Orleans, Louisiana… she weighs in tonight at one hundred and fifty six pounds… ’Dreamer’… Michelle von Horrowitz!”

    There are many boos, but an ’M-V-H’ chant is fighting for prominence amongst them. The wrestler remains silent and motionless on her structure, her ‘keepers’ marching on in time towards the ring.

    Jim Taylor: “You heard it from Lindsay, folks; 2 out of 3 falls. This all started three weeks ago on Adrenaline Rush, when von Horrowitz and Harrison Wake fought for almost an hour before she was able to escape with the win.”

    Tim Coleman: “I think an argument could be made for this one stretching back all the way to the Wrestle Royale, Jim. Harrison Wake and Michelle von Horrowitz fought in a triple threat match that night, Wake emerging victorious after pinning Elijah Edwards, but von Horrowitz got her revenge later that night when she eliminated Harrison in the annual battle royal…”

    Jim Taylor: “And who could forget the Steel Roulette match at Retribution? These two have been butting heads all the way through 2016, and it’s about to reach a climax here at World’s Strongest!”

    Michelle’s bed is slid under the bottom rope and she slowly rises from it, standing and staring at the packed arena as her ‘keepers’ take the structure back towards the exit. She begins to circle the ring, loosening up her joints and warming up her muscles. Eventually the lights come back up and her music fades away. It’s replaced by Move Me by The Ghost Inside, a boo and a hiss circulating but a small pop from die hard Wake fans present amongst it all. He walks out onto the stage, flanked to his left by his manager Mia Walsh applauding him admiringly.

    Lindsay Monahan: “And her opponent, accompanied to the ring by Mia Walsh… he comes to you tonight from Rock County, Wisconsin and weighs in at two hundred and forty pounds… ’the Backwoods Badass’… Harrison Wake!"

    Wake begins to stride down to the ring, ignoring the audience and staring only at his opponent. Mia Walsh walks a couple of paces behind, a huge smile on her face, confidence dripping from her.

    Jim Taylor: “Harrison Wake issued the challenge to von Horrowitz two weeks ago on Adrenaline Rush after his match with Marcus Bennett, and it was accepted last week before these two climbedinto the ring together again during a tag team match.”

    Tim Coleman: “And there’s a renewed focus about Wake tonight as he climbs into the ring and enters a stand-off with his opponent. The fans here in Miami are excited for this one, just listen to them…”

    There’s a duelling chant, a portion of the arena shouting ’BACK-WOODS BAD-ASS’ and another section replying ’M-V-H!’. Eventually, the two manage to drag their eyes from one another and begin to take in the crowd, thousands making up a sea of humanity, all waiting for them to get started. They take a few steps back and the referee calls for the bell…

    2 out of 3 Falls Match
    Harrison Wake versus Michelle von Horrowitz

    And here we go! The two begin to circle the ring, von Horrowitz darting in low and grabbing at Wake’s leg, but he drags it away from her and she cuts a hasty retreat. They continue to circle, Wake eventually charging at her with an attempted collar and elbow tie up, but von Horrowitz darts between his legs and crawls away from his grasp. They enter another stand-off before circling for a third time. MVH goes for a kick to the thigh, but Wake lefts his leg and blocks it with a boot. She goes for a second kick to the opposite side, but again Wake is able to block it. He goes for a clothesline in return, but she hits the mat and forward rolls beneath it, the pair standing up and standing off again, the audience issuing a round of applause as the anticipation builds.

    Jim Taylor:
    “Neither of these two want to give away too much in the early stretches of this match.”

    Tim Coleman: “That’s right, Jim. And that’s how they started out three weeks ago on Adrenaline Rush, too – tentatively and strategically.”

    This time, Michelle accepts the offered collar and elbow tie-up, but is quick to manoeuvre into a rear waist lock, using the position to drag Wake down onto his front. She climbs over him into a front face lock, keeping Wake grounded, but Harrison utilises his superior strength and height to force her up onto her feet. He backs her into the ropes, attempting to throw her off him into the opposite set, but von Horrowitz holds on and then moves into a headlock, proceeding to drag Wake over her body onto the mat once more. She moves away from the neck and places Harrison in an arm bar, wrenching at the shoulder joint for a few moments, before again altering the hold, this time seamlessly drifting into a head-scissors. She drives the point of her elbow into Wake’s head as he attempts to wrench himself free, but eventually he settles for reaching over to the ropes with an outstretched leg and forcing a rope break.

    Jim Taylor: “Michelle von Horrowitz eventually releases the hold at four, after getting the better of Wake in that exchange.”

    Wake gets up a little gingerly, but von Horrowitz doesn’t look prepared to let him rest. As soon as he groggily meanders away from the ropes she strides over and places him in another headlock. Harrison is quick to turn the tide, though, taking her over and slamming her down with a belly-to-back suplex. Michelle attempts to roll away, but Wake is quickly over to her, following up with a pair of stomps. Von Horrowitz tries to squirm underneath the ropes and Wake grabs the top one, planting the soul of his boot against her abdomen and pulling down for leverage. Michelle hooks the bottom rope as the official starts his count for a rope break…

    Tim Coleman: “This time it’s Harrison Wake’s turn to release the hold at four, and that’s how he wants this match to play out. Ground and pound, hard-hitting offence… these are the hallmarks of the Backwoods Badass.”

    Michelle climbs back to her feet, and Wake is instantly over to her with a pair of knife edge chops, rocking her towards a corner. He proceeds to reel off a half dozen headbutts, and then Irish whips her into the opposite turnbuckle. He charges across the ring and hits a lariat, and then takes her over with a snapmare, proceeding to hit a stiff kick to the back.

    Jim Taylor: “Now Wake begins to get on a bit of a roll, slapping von Horrowitz in a sleeper hold and attempting to grind her down.”

    Tim Coleman: “It’s a sensible strategy, he has about a hundred pounds on her, this sort of offence is sure to sap away any advantage in speed that she might have.”

    Wake is content to let the energy slowly drain away from von Horrowitz, using his weight to force her down to the mat. Sensing the fall beginning to slip away from her, she hits a pair of weak elbows to his side, but he’s able to keep the hold locked in. Michelle uses her legs to roll Wake so that his shoulders are pinned to the mat…

    ONE… - - NO!

    Wake slides a shoulder up, but again von Horrowitz rolls him back down into a pinning position.

    ONE… TW - - NO!

    Harrison again rolls out of the pin fall, but the hold is now a little slacker. Von Horrowitz uses the respite to drive a pair of more powerful elbows into Wake’s ribs, and he moves into a kneeling position to block the angle and stop any more. MVH wraps her arms around him and drives herself up to a vertical base, her portion of the crowd stamping their feet to lift her. She backs Wake into the ropes, throwing him into the opposite set, thus releasing the sleeper hold. He charges back at her, and she takes him down with a drop kick!

    Jim Taylor:
    “Von Horrowitz needs to keep Wake at arm’s length, when they get to close quarters combat, Harrison is able to use his size and strength advantage. This is the sort of exchange that she can win.”

    Wake is quick to fight to his feet, but MVH strides over to him and hits an enziguri, sending him back to the mat. This time he needs a little help getting up, and she drags him there by the scruff of his neck, proceeding to place him in a front facelock. She charges over to the turnbuckle, going for her Rope Run Tornado DDT, but as she kicks off the top rope, Harrison pushes her off him. She lands on her feet and forward rolls away from Wake. She turns as she stands, charging at a cornered Wake, perhaps going for a running high knee… but Wake takes a couple of steps away from the turnbuckle and turns her inside out with a clothesline! He hooks the leg…

    ONE… TWO… - - NO!

    Tim Coleman: “I thought that was one-nil right there, Jim! Von Horrowitz was almost taken clean out of her boots…”

    As soon as von Horrowitz kicks out, Wake places her in a front face lock, using the hold to drag MVH up and wrench at her neck as he does. He hits a pair of forearms and then a head-butt, sending her back into the turnbuckle once more. He climbs to the second rope, beginning to reel off a series of fists as the referee attempts to get him to climb down. The crowd count along, Wake getting to sixteen before he finally gets bored, climbing down and putting von Horrowitz in a headlock. He charges across the ring and takes her down with a bulldog…

    Jim Taylor: “Von Horrowitz needs to change the momentum in this one and fast. Wake is beginning to slow down the pace, and you have to question how long she can handle this sort of attack.”

    Wake grabs von Horrowitz by the hair and drags her up to her feet. He keeps hold of her whilst he reels off three head-butts, Michelle falling down to a knee. Wake charges away from her, bounces off the ropes, and takes her to the mat with a big boot. He falls into another cover…

    ONE… TWO… - - NO!

    Harrison doesn’t let up for a second, instead lifting Michelle and backing her into the ropes. He hits four knife edge chops before Irish whipping her into the opposite set. He goes for a WILD clothesline, but von Horrowitz ducks it and continues her run. She bounces back at Wake, and he sends her overhead with an attempted big back body drop… but von Horrowitz is able to turn three hundred and sixty degrees and land on her feet… but then turns into an STO! Wake doesn’t go for the cover, instead lifting von Horrowitz into a seated position, proceeding to hit a series of a dozen elbows into von Horrowitz’s head. He throws her down to the mat and goes for a cover…

    ONE… TWO… T - - NO!

    Jim Taylor: “This one is turning ugly, Harrison Wake showing us why he’s called the Backwoods Badass!”

    Tim Coleman: “And the bad news for von Horrowitz is that we’re still in the first fall…”

    Wake lifts her up to her feet using a head lock and just hurls her into a corner. He takes a deep breath before closing in, hitting a pair of knife edge chops, then a forearm, then a head-butt. He takes a few steps away before charging in with an attempted cornered clothesline… but von Horrowitz is able to lift up both boots into Wake’s face! The Backwoods Badass stumbles away from the corner, shakes his head, and then charges again… this time MVH leaps out of the way, Harrison Wake hitting the turnbuckles with his chest. He bounces off them, and the dropkick from von Horrowitz sends him over the top rope.

    Jim Taylor: “Shades of the climax of the Wrestle Royale match there, with von Horrowitz dropkicking Wake all the way out of the ring…”

    She charges across the ring, bouncing off the ropes and running towards the rising Wake. She hits a baseball slide, sending Wake reeling into the barricade. Michelle keeps up the momentum, taking Wake and hitting a Russian Leg Sweep into the steel railing, Harrison sinking down into a seated position on the concrete. Mia Walsh watches on with horror. Michelle drags Wake up by the scruff of his neck and rolls him under the bottom rope, breaking up the referee’s count at six. She climbs up to the top rope, perhaps sensing that Wake is in position for her 450 Splash… but Wake is quickly up to his feet. He charges across the ring and hits a forearm to von Horrowitz, who is stranded on the top turnbuckle, and then climbs up to meet her…

    Tim Coleman: “Harrison Wake looks like he’s going big, here, perhaps looking for a top rope superplex…”

    Michelle fights him off, first hitting a pair of stiff right hands to his abdomen, and then nailing a head-butt of her own, sending Wake off the top rope. The Backwoods Badass lands on his feet, and von Horrowitz steadies herself, leaping off the top rope with a cross-body! Straight into a cover…

    ONE… TWO… - - NO!

    Michelle looks disappointed, staring at the referee and breathing in heavily. She’s still a little dizzy from Wake’s onslaught earlier in the match, but she shakes away the cobwebs and then puts Harrison in a full nelson. She drags him to his feet, before showing impressive strength in lifting Wake over with a Regal-plex! She bridges for the cover…

    ONE… TWO… T - - NO!

    Wake drives the shoulder up, but von Horrowitz places him in a cross-face chicken wing, wrapping her legs around him in a body-scissors!

    Jim Taylor: “Wake is sundered in the middle of the ring here! He may have to tap out to conserve his energy for the second and third falls!”

    Tim Coleman: “I wouldn’t bank on it, Jim. Harrison Wake has said that submission moves ‘are for men too weak to knock a guy out’. I don’t think we’ll see him tap out tonight…”

    Harrison looks close to tapping, his hand hovering above the mat… but with a last ounce of strength he rolls onto his front. Michelle stays on top of him, the cross-face chicken wing still locked in, but Wake drives a pair of elbows into her ribs. Von Horrowitz senses the hold is slipping, so she manoeuvres his arms and rolls through into the Cattle Mutilation!

    Tim Coleman: “Just look at her wrenching those arms! That’s got to be an incredible amount of pressure on the shoulders…”

    Jim Taylor:
    “Michelle von Horrowitz has the hold bridged, right there in the middle of the ring! Harrison Wake surely has no choice…”

    Tim Coleman: “The referee’s asking him the question as von Horrowitz goes on pulling at his arms!”

    Jim Taylor: “But listen to Harrison Wake refusing to submit! He’s screaming his answer in the referee’s face!”

    Tim Coleman: “I think he’d rather pass out than submit to Michelle von Horrowitz. That’s not sensible strategy…”

    Michelle is beginning to think this, too, so she releases one of Wake’s arms and uses the other to drag him over into a crucifix-style pin…

    ONE… TWO… TH - - NO!

    Again Wake manages to get his shoulder up! Von Horrowitz slams her fists onto the mat as she remonstrates with the referee, demanding he count faster, before she returns her attention to Harrison Wake. She takes him by the scruff of the neck and simply throws him out of the ring…

    Tim Coleman: “A rather unceremonious exit for Harrison Wake, there…”

    Jim Taylor: “I’d question the strategy behind that move, Tim. This gives Wake time to recuperate.”

    She waits in the ring for Harrison to get to his feet, but the Backwoods Badass is busy untangling himself from beneath the ring apron. When he finally has, she bounces off the ropes, charging at him. She goes for a suicide dive… BUT HARRISON WAKE THROWS A CHAIR INTO HER FACE OUT OF NOWHERE! Von Horrowitz slumps to the outside as the referee calls for the bell…

    Lindsay Monahan: “The winner of the first fall… by disqualification… Michelle von Horrowitz!”

    Harrison Wake reclines against the ring apron with a huge smile on his face. He drops the chair and rolls beneath the bottom rope, sucking in deep breaths as he attempts to recover from Michelle’s flourish of offence.

    Tim Coleman:
    “Odd strategy from Harrison Wake, but he does gain some separation and the momentum has surely shifted in the opposite direction now…”

    Jim Taylor:
    “The pair of them have a thirty second rest period between falls to recover, but you’d have to imagine that Wake will be the fresher of the two when the match starts up again.”

    Michelle shows no sign of life, and after thirty seconds pass the bell is rung again. Wake climbs out of the ring and picks her up, throwing her beneath the bottom rope and goes for a cover…

    ONE… TWO… T - - NO!

    Harrison rises to his feet, circling around von Horrowitz and reeling off a series of Garvin-style stomps. She eventually gets to her hands and knees, and Wake first sends her rolling over with a kick to the ribs, and then hits a low drop kick. He looks to go for another cover, but von Horrowitz scrambles under the bottom rope to evade it. She climbs up on the apron gingerly as the official tries to enforce a clean break… but Wake simply brushes him aside and suplexes her back into the ring!

    Jim Taylor: “Wake is beginning to hit his stride now, settling into a groove and staying on von Horrowitz.”

    Tim Coleman:
    “Yeah, he might have essentially forfeited the first fall, but he’s firmly in the ascent during the early stages of the second fall.”

    Jim Taylor:
    And he’s entering slightly unfamiliar territory here, steadying himself on the second rope… before dropping von Horrowitz to the mat with a double axe handle!”

    Wake circles her, his breathing still hampered by earlier exertion, before grounding her with a handful more stomps. He eventually takes her by the hair and throws her into the corner. He charges in and hits her with a lariat, and she stumbles forward, but Wake takes her by the hand. He looks to be whipping her into the opposite corner, but holds onto her as he reverses his momentum and sends her hurtling back into the same turnbuckle. He repeats this three times, the whiplash effect sending von Horrowitz’s eyes rolling back into her head, and on the fourth he pulls her towards him, into a fireman’s carry, and then down to the mat with a Samoan Drop! Wake hooks the leg…

    ONE… TWO… - - NO!

    Jim Taylor:
    “Incredible resiliency shown here by Michelle von Horrowitz!”

    Tim Coleman: “But it all means nothing if she can’t mount some offence. Harrison Wake is firmly in control of this match-up, and – as he drags von Horrowitz to her feet once more – he has her at his disposal.”

    Wake lifts her up into a fireman’s carry, walking around the ring with her in the hold, before he throws her off with a Death Valley Driver! She hits the mat hard and he instantly hooks the leg in the cover…

    ONE… TWO… T - - NO!

    Wake takes a moment to stare a hole into the referee, who timidly tries to argue that it was a two count, before he lifts her up to her feet. He goes back to the well again, hitting a second Samoan Drop. He thinks about going for the pin fall, but instead lifts her up once more, taking his time before hitting a second Death Valley Driver! He goes for the cover, hooking the near leg….

    ONE… TWO… …. …

    … and von Horrowitz gets the far leg up onto the bottom rope! The referee notices at the last moment and stops the count.

    Jim Taylor: “Harrison Wake looks a little bit frustrated, he thinks he had the three after that series of high impact moves.”

    Tim Coleman: “He did have the three! Von Horrowitz is almost out cold!”

    Jim Taylor:
    “But she showed great ring awareness in using the ropes to break up the count…”

    Harrison Wake climbs out of the ring, reaches under the bottom rope and drags von Horrowitz out onto the concrete floor. The referee begins his count towards ten…

    ONE… TWO…

    Wake lifts her up, pushes her back into the apron and hits a series of knife edge chops. He then looks as if he’s going to Irish Whip her into the barricade, but instead lifts her up and drops her on it with a flapjack!


    Wake takes a second to bask in the support of his section of the crowd, who are chanting for their ’BACK-WOODS BAD-ASS’. An M-V-H chant is offered in response, but it’s timid, her fans staring at defeat. Walsh applauds her client as he takes Michelle by the scruff of the neck….

    FIVE… SIX…

    Wake carries her around the ring, tunnelling in on the steel ring steps, and hurls his opponent into them! She flies over the top and lands in a heap…


    Harrison slides under the bottom rope to break up the count, and then rolls underneath them again. He takes a few moments to catch his breath as he wanders over to von Horrowitz. She’s climbed up to her hands and knees, and Wake begins to casually scrape the bottom of his boot against her face, mocking her inferiority with his hands lifted.

    ONE… TWO…

    Tim Coleman: “Harrison Wake is truly showing his dominance now, he can beat von Horrowitz whenever he wants to. This is similar to their last encounter, where neither combatant wanted to win the match by count-out.”

    Jim Taylor: “And they spent long periods of that match on the outside, our announcer’s table destroyed in the process.”

    Tim Coleman: “Don’t remind me. We still have a lot of matches to go. They need to stay away.”

    Michelle von Horrowitz is crawling away from Wake, and he lifts both hands in the air in a premature celebration of victory. She uses the ring steps to steady herself as he begins to meander towards her…


    As Wake goes for her, von Horrowitz manages to drag him down with a drop toe hold, his face again hitting the top of the steel steps! She rolls away from him, desperately trying to claw her way to her feet. She manages it just as he charges her with an attempted lariat, but she ducks it and hits a Samoan Drop of her own on the outside!

    FIVE… SIX…

    Von Horrowitz rolls into the ring, lying flat on her back and sucking in the oxygen. Mia Walsh comes over to check on her client, who has rolled onto his front and climbed to his hands and knees. Michelle stands up unsteadily, uses the ropes to get her balance…


    MVH climbs out of the ring to break up the count again, and takes Wake in a headlock. She hauls him to his feet and then onto the apron, forcing him into the ring. He rolls a yard or two as she climbs onto the apron, entering the ring with a slingshot leg drop. She hooks both legs…

    ONE… TWO… - - NO!

    Jim Taylor: “Now finally von Horrowitz can mount some offence. It’s been a long time coming, and you’ve got to wonder about the long term effects of that lengthy period of dominance for Harrison Wake.”

    Michelle waits for Wake to get to his feet, and then reels off a pair of stiff kicks to either side of his abdomen. She doubles him over with a boot to the midsection, bounces off the ropes, and slams him down with a running neckbreaker! She retreats to a corner, willing Wake to get back to his feet, her section of the crowd emboldened by the shift in momentum and an ’M-V-H’ chant egging her on. Harrison eventually gets up, and she charges at him, looking for a Busaiku Knee Kick… but Wake dives out of the way!

    Tim Coleman: “He has her well scouted. These two know each other so well, it’s going to be hard for them to hit their signature spots…”

    Von Horrowitz climbs to her feet, but she turns around into a fireman’s carry. Wake looks as if he’s going for another Death Valley Driver, but Michelle drives the point of her elbow into the top of his head. He’s forced to drop her, and he turns around into the Busaiku Knee Kick! Harrison hits the mat, and MVH is slow to get to her feet, but when she does she stumbles over to the corner and begins to climb the turnbuckles…

    Jim Taylor: “Von Horrowitz looks like she’s going for the big finish, here! This would mean a two-nothing victory if she manages her 450 Splash…”

    Tim Coleman: “But it’s taking her an age to get up there, and steadying herself looks like an issue as well. She’s still dizzy from everything Wake’s thrown at her so far!”

    Eventually, she does manage to steady herself, and she goes for the 450… but Wake lifts the knees! Von Horrowitz almost bounces off him, rolling forward and struggling to get to her feet, and when she does she’s rocked by the Sucker Punch! Wake’s trademark blow to the back of the head sends her to the mat! He rolls her onto her front, perhaps looking for the cover…

    Jim Taylor:
    “But von Horrowitz wisely rolls beneath the bottom of the rope, taking refuge on the outside of the ring!”

    Wake has his hands on his knees, staring up at the ceiling and shaking his head at his bad luck. He gets to his feet and climbs out of the ring, lifting von Horrowitz up and throwing her at the steel ring post. She bounces off it and hits the concrete floor again. Wake hits a handful of stomps before he takes her up in a fireman’s carry, dropping her onto the apron and rolling her back into the ring. He slides in after her, circling from afar and weighing up his next move. He begins to stalk her, hands on his knees, breathing heavily, looking for the big finish. Michelle staggers upwards, using the ropes to steady herself, taking a few moments to shake away the cobwebs before she turns around and stumbles towards Harrison. He lifts her up, going for The Timber Bomb… but Michelle rolls through into a sunset flip…

    ONE… TWO… T - - NO!

    Wake kicks out and slowly climbs to his feet, charging on relentlessly at von Horrowitz… but she rolls him up again, this time with a small package…

    ONE… TWO… TH - - NO!

    They’re back up again, and this time Wake attempts another big clothesline, but Michelle ducks it and seems to be looking for a back-slide pin attempt. Harrison uses his strength to block it, and then hits a pair of elbows to the side of her head to cause separation. MVH stumbles away from him… Wake goes for the Superkick!!! NO! Von Horrowitz catches his foot, and drags him down into an ankle lock!

    Jim Taylor: “Another submission hold locked in, this time von Horrowitz’s ankle lock! She submitted many opponents with this hold, especially in the early stages of her CWA career.”

    Tim Coleman: “And again Wake is in the centre of the ring! MVH looks like she’s trying to grapevine, but Wake squirms and rolls, reaching out for those bottom ropes…”

    Jim Taylor: “And he gets there! The referee comes in to enforce a rope break, and once more von Horrowitz takes every one of those four seconds before letting go!

    Von Horrowitz takes a step back as Wake clutches his ankle. She stares at the referee, and then strides away from him to the opposite turnbuckle, busying herself in undoing the cover. The referee sees it and makes his way over, but MVH throws the cover to the outside. The official goes to retrieve it and, after a pair of stomps to Wake’s ankle, von Horrowitz uses the distraction to remove a second turnbuckle cover. The referee doesn’t see it, and MVH lifts Wake to his feet, looking like she’s going to hit a Russian Leg Sweep onto the exposed turnbuckle… but Wake blocks it, and then takes her down with a Samoan Drop! He hooks the leg… but the referee is still re-attaching the first turnbuckle cover! Eventually, as the audience’s count reaches six, he turns around and slides into a count of his own…

    ONE… TWO… TH - - NO!

    Jim Taylor: “Michelle von Horrowitz stays alive in this second fall!”

    Tim Coleman: “Come on, Jim! You saw that! That was like a nine-count! This should be one-each!”

    Wake lifts von Horrowitz to her feet and rocks her with a head-butt… and she fires back with a European Uppercut! Wake hits a second head-butt, and MVH hits another uppercut, and then follows up with a forearm smash. She takes Wake by the scruff of the neck and attempts to hurl him head first into the still-exposed turnbuckle, but Wake reaches out with his arms to block it. MVH takes a few steps back to shake away the after-effects of those head-butts, and Wake’s momentum draws the official’s attention to the second exposed turnbuckle… He charges over to it with a ”hey! hey! hey!”, but Wake runs at von Horrowitz, who ducks his clothesline, and when Harrison steps towards her again she sends him face first into the exposed steel ring with a drop toe hold! The referee calls for the bell!

    Lindsay Monahan: “The winner of the second fall… by disqualification… Harrison Wake!”

    Jim Taylor: “And the match-clock ticks on past thirty five minutes, Tim, and neither one of these two has pinned or submitted the other as of yet!”

    The thirty second rest period gives Wake a chance to see the thin line of blood that’s been drawn from his forehead, and von Horrowitz backs away from him. The referee uses the time to re-attach the turnbuckle. She keeps loose, bouncing from one foot to the other, staring across the ring at the Backwoods Badass as he returns to his feet and Mia Walsh shouts instructions. When the half-minute is up, the referee calls for the bell…

    Jim Taylor: “Michelle may have hoped to get away with that, but now she’s lost the fall she’ll certainly want to take advantage of it.”

    Tim Coleman: “Yeah, history repeats itself from earlier on in this match-up, and we’re all square at one apiece!”

    MVH charges across the ring at Wake as soon as the bell is rung, hitting a charging forearm and then putting Wake in a headlock. She runs across the ring and drives him down with a bulldog. He valiantly fights up, but Michelle hits two stiff kicks to his right side, and then a forearm smash, and finally a European Uppercut that sends him reeling into the ropes. Wake bounces off them and she kicks him in the midsection to bend him over… and then drives him down with a Double Underhook DDT!

    Tim Coleman: “Why isn’t she going for he cover?! Wake is spent!”

    Jim Taylor: “I think these two know exactly how far they need to go to pick up a win tonight!”

    MVH instead waits in the corner, willing Wake back to his feet. He eventually climbs up, clearly dizzy, and she charges him with a Busaiku Knee Kick! She isn’t done there, wrapping up his legs in one of hers, taking his wrists, and then slamming his face into the mat with a Dragon-Style curb stomp! She takes a moment to compose herself, sensing that the end is drawing near, and she begins to climb towards the top rope. She steadies herself as Wake rolls onto his front…

    Jim Taylor: “450 Splash! Picture perfect!”

    Tim Coleman: “Von Horrowitz hooks the leg!”

    ONE… TWO… … THRE - - NO!!!!

    Tim Coleman: “Harrison Wake kicks out at the last possible second!!”

    Jim Taylor: “I can’t believe it! And neither can these fans! And neither can Michelle von Horrowitz! She just gave him damn near every high impact move she had and Harrison Wake kicks out!”

    Von Horrowitz stares at the referee in open disbelief, before climbing unsteadily to her feet. She slowly walks over to Wake, takes him by the head, and begins to drag him up. When he’s on his feet she supports his weight, breathing in a last breath to compose herself before lifting him into a torture rack, perhaps preparing to hit her last resort Burning Hammer finisher… but Wake manages to hit an elbow to her head… and then a second, and he slips out of the back. Michelle turns around into the Throatbuster! The elbow smash takes Michelle down to the mat! He falls down and hooks the leg…

    ONE… TWO… TH - - NO!

    MVH gets a shoulder up, and Wake doesn’t give her a single second to recover. Instead, he lifts her to her feet and rocks her to the corner with three head-butts. When she’s propped up against the turnbuckles, he reels off half a dozen more, dizzy himself when he stumbles away from her… before running and hitting a running head-butt in the corner! Michelle staggers out and hits the mat, allowing Wake to charge over and hitting a diving head-butt! Michelle rolls onto her front, shaking her head to uselessly try and rid herself of the aches, whilst Harrison stalks her. He hits a pair of stomps, and she has to use the corner to drag herself up to her feet.

    She stumbles out of the corner, going for a lazy clothesline, but Harrison lifts her up, and sends her face-first into one of the turnbuckles with a flapjack. MVH staggers around the ring, not going to the mat but in no condition to mount offence, and Wake picks her up and sends her into a second turnbuckle with another flapjack. A third one follows, and his section of the crowd is chanting for ONE MORE TIME! when he drops her on the final pad. Michelle falls to one knee, using a hand to keep something of a vertical base… and Wake takes her down with a Super Kick!!!

    Tim Coleman: “Wake almost kicks her head off with that one! He falls into a cover!”

    ONE… TWO… … … THRE - - NO!!”

    Jim Taylor: “This time it’s Michelle von Horrowitz’s turn to get a shoulder up at the last moment, and this third fall rolls on!”

    Wake can’t believe it, and he rolls off the cover, sucking in oxygen and staring down at the spent MVH, who makes no attempt to climb to her feet. Wake sums up his options, and then he stares over at a corner. He gets up from his knees and walks over to the turnbuckles…

    Jim Taylor: “Unfamiliar territory again for Harrison Wake! He looks like he’s going all the way to the top rope!”

    Tim Coleman: “I’m not sure if this is a good idea…”

    Harrison takes what seems like an age to steady himself on the top turnbuckle, staring over at Michelle’s prone body. After a deep breath, he leaps off, going for a top rope diving head-butt… but von Horrowitz rolls out of the way! Wake hits the mat hard and both competitors lie exhausted on the canvass!

    Tim Coleman: “I told you that wasn’t a very good idea.

    Jim Taylor: “The referee begins his count towards ten, and I don’t know if either wrestler will be able to answer it…”

    ONE… TWO…

    Jim Taylor:
    “… This canvass is stained with Wake’s blood, I don’t know how he’s even still in this one.”


    Tim Coleman: “It’s nothing more than sheer adrenaline, Jim. Neither of them wants to lose this war!”

    FIVE… SIX….

    MVH rolls onto her front, reaching over to the bottom rope, as Wake begins to climb to his hands and knees….


    A few more droplets of blood drip from his forehead onto the mat before he drives himself up. Von Horrowitz has her hands on the top rope and uses it to pull herself to a vertical base. They turn towards one another again… Wake goes for another Super Kick! No!! MVH catches the foot again! She pulls his leg around her head and drags him down into the Stretch Muffler! Wake writhes in agony again, and von Horrowitz compounds it with a series of stomps to the back of his head!

    Jim Taylor: “Again Michelle von Horrowitz with a submission move! She seems obsessed with the idea of making Harrison Wake tap out!”

    Wake claws his way, inch by inch, towards the bottom rope. Von Horrowitz continues the onslaught, driving her boot into his head over and over again…

    Tim Coleman: “That might be a lost cause! I don’t think Wake has it in him to give up! Look at him, crawling towards that bottom rope!”

    MVH senses that he’s about to use the rope to break the hold, and drags him back into the middle of the ring, unhooks his leg and puts him in the ankle lock! She falls into a grapevine, wrenching at Wake’s ankle once more! Harrison writhes in agony, lifting his hand up like he’s about to tap, but resists and tries to creep hand over hand towards the ropes. The grapevine is in tight, though, and Wake finds himself in the middle of the ring with nowhere to go!

    Jim Taylor:
    “This could be it, Tim! Michelle has him exactly where she wants him! The same ankle as earlier in the match!”

    Wake lifts his hand, looks like he’s about to tap… but then he clenches his fist, and kicks out with his free leg, catching Michelle flush in the face with the soul of his boot. She relaxes the hold, and he hits a second kick, finally causing a bit of separation. Harrison drags himself to the ropes, clutching at his ankle for the second time in the match. Michelle rolls away, checking the condition of her nose as Wake tentatively puts weight on his ankle. He stumbles into a corner, and MVH charges at him with a forearm smash. She puts him in a headlock, attempting to drag him out of the corner with another bulldog… but he pushes her off, instantly clutching at his ankle again…

    Jim Taylor: “Michelle has seriously weakened that vertical base, she needs to stay on offence now…”

    Tim Coleman: “Harrison HAS to fight through the pain, he’s come this far, he can’t afford to let his ankle become an issue…”

    Jim Taylor: “I don’t think he has much of a say in it, Tim. And no doubt there’s a big red bullseye on that ankle for MVH now…”

    When Michelle charges again, Wake goes for a lariat, still shifting most of his weight onto his good ankle. Von Horrowitz is able to duck it and doubles him over with a boot to the midsection. She puts him in a front facelock and hooks his arm over her neck. Michelle hoists him up, looking for her patented Psycho Driver… but Harrison Wake manages to slip out of the back! He lands with his weight on his good foot, and Michelle turns around into a Super Kick! Wake uses his good limb for a base and hits Michelle with his injured ankle, and the pain of the high risk move causes him to sink to the mat… The few seconds of respite it affords allows von Horrowitz to roll once more under the bottom rope, landing on her hands and knees on the outside…

    Tim Coleman: “Harrison is still struggling to put much weight on that foot, and although he can’t go for a cover he’s still given himself some time to try and get some life back into it…”

    Jim Taylor:
    “Once again, Michelle rolls under the bottom rope to escape a certain three count. This one’s going right the way to the wire, folks! Fifty minutes and counting!”

    Harrison hobbles over on that injured ankle grabbing for Michelle on the apron, and when he pulls her up she fires back with a forearm smash that knocks Harrison back enough to allow Michelle to re-enter the ring. Once back in she goes for her Burning Hammer, but Harrison blocks it and sends Michelle off the ropes looking for that Timber Bomb yet Michelle counters taking Harrison down with a hurricanrana! Harrison is hurled across the ring and Michelle has found a second wind as she's fired up now and quickly grabs Harrison hooking him in...BURNING HAMMER! She hits all of it and Harrison isn't moving as she slowly drapes her arm over his chest for the cover...


    Lindsay Monahan:
    The winner of the third and final fall, Michelle von Horrowitz!

    Jim Taylor: WHAT A MATCH!

    Tim Coleman: You said it Jim!

    Jim Taylor: These fans giving both competitors a standing ovation and rightfully so!

    Indeed they are standing and cheering for Michelle and Harrison. After what seemed like an eternity Michelle rolls to her knees and breathes heavily as she looks down at Harrison, who is breathing havily as well as his chest heaves up and down. She gingerly rises up to her feet using the ropes as leverage and soaks in the adulation for a moment before exiting the ring as Harrison is assisted to his feet by the referee and Mia Walsh.

    Tim Coleman: Talk about a tough act to follow...

    Jim Taylor: You are correct partner, and up next we'll see LIGHTBRINGER defend his championship against Dustin Dreamer...

    High Voltage Championship
    Dustin Dreamer vs. LIGHTBRINGER (c)

    Following a brief hype video for the High Voltage title match, we come back to the arena and “Johnny’s Revenge” blasts over the PA system to a negative reaction from the fans… the laughing intro plays out…

    Jim Taylor: Well, it’s now time for the High Voltage title match… and as I’m sure you can hear through your TV sets, the challenger is not very well liked!

    Tim Coleman: Speak for yourself!

    When the song fully kicks in, “The King of Chaos” Dustin Dreamer storms out onto the stage – carrying an axe handle – he blows off the fans as he begins his walk down to the ring. He is berated by a few LIGHTBRINGER fans and he teases turning around and hitting them – making them flinch.

    Tim Coleman: This is a guy you don’t wanna mess with! Look at these disrespectful idiots! He should cave their skulls in!

    Lindsay Monahan: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is set for one fall and is for the HIGH VOLTAGE CHAMPIONSHIP! Making his way to the ring, from Chicago, Illinois, and weighing in two hundred and twenty pounds, he is the challenger… “The King of Chaos” Dustin Dreamer!

    The crowd boo the announcement of Dreamer as he makes his way into the ring and poses with the axe handle – the referee comes over to him and instructs him to put the weapon away…

    Jim Taylor: Well, it seems obvious to me that Dustin Dreamer is intent on causing some carnage tonight! But the referee might have put a dent in his plans.

    Tim Coleman: He doesn’t need it to beat LIGHTBRINGER anyway, Jim.

    Dreamer then turns around and puts his focus on the stage as the arena dims down slightly with some spotlights focusing on the stage as an unfamiliar song begins to play – it builds up to a quick beat and lights flash in order to match this…

    Jim Taylor: Looks like LIGHTBRINGER has added something new to his entrance… perhaps he is still trying to mind game Dreamer?

    The camera focuses in the ring where Dreamer is shown completely unfazed – he has his eyes fixed on the stage, awaiting his opponent, as the fans start to get hyped for the appearance of the High Voltage champion. The music stops playing and the arena goes dark for a second – then the noise of a coin dropping echoes and the familiar music begins. LIGHTBRINGER appears on the stage with his High Voltage title – flanked by his manager/teammate Himawari.

    Tim Coleman: Of course, he has a teammate to help him win! People cheering this guy makes me sick!

    The fans cheer for the High Voltage champion as he makes his way down to the ring – he stops in the middle of the ramp for a moment and allows them to reach out to him…

    Lindsay Monahan: Accompanied to the ring by Himawari, here is your CWA High Voltage champion, from Tokyo, Japan… weighing in at two hundred and thirty pounds… “Tokyo Kisai” LIGHTBRINGER!

    LIGHTBRINGER stands in the middle of the ramp and does his pose as his name is announced before continuing towards the ring, he steps in and walks past Dreamer – exchanging a brief stare – before posing on the ropes.

    Jim Taylor: This is a tense matchup! Dustin Dreamer is hoping to be the first L on the champ’s record with addition to taking his belt…

    Tim Coleman: Hoping? No, he KNOWS he will be.

    Jim Taylor: If you say so, Tim. And conversely, LIGHTBRINGER is hoping to continue his impressive run. He has his teammate back in his corner this week – it might provide him an extra edge. Not to mention that Athena is, again, absent from Dreamer’s corner…

    Tim Coleman: Dustin doesn’t need help, that’s why he’s the better guy!

    The belt is handed to the referee – who does his best to keep both competitors separated. The belt is hoisted up into the air after both men are checked. Himawari takes her place at ringside whilst LIGHTBRINGER and Dreamer meet in the middle and staredown. The bell is then rung…

    Jim Taylor: HERE. WE. GO!


    CWA High Voltage Championship Match
    “Tokyo Kisai” LIGHTBRINGER (c) w/ Himawari vs “The King of Chaos” Dustin Dreamer

    There’s clearly some trash talk from Dreamer to start as he shouts right into LB’s face – LB can only nod and egg him on – the crowd starts to call for action. It comes eventually as Dreamer fires off a right hand at the smirking champion, instantly it’s returned and they go back and forth with right hands! The crowd are already into it as neither backs down from the other – eventually the champion ducks a huge right hand and responds with a chop that sends the challenger back towards a turnbuckle. He starts to fire off some kicks but Dreamer stays on his feet, LB grabs him and delivers another huge chop before grabbing him again and teasing a huge right hand… but he stops and pats Dreamer on the shoulders with a nice taunt. Rather than back away, LIGHTBRINGER actually fires off the right hand as Dreamer doesn’t expect it. Dreamer falls and rolls out of the ring, taking a breather at the barricade. He looks up into the ring to see LIGHTBRINGER standing, at the ropes, taunting him with his signature pose – the crowd applaud as Dreamer looks raging.

    Jim Taylor: The champion takes first blood it seems!

    Tim Coleman: Dustin will get back into it!

    LIGHTBRINGER sits in between the ropes and beckons Dreamer to come back in. The champion seems keen to play up to the crowd whilst Himawari shouts at Dreamer on the outside. Dreamer turns around and teases going after her just as he reaches the ring apron… but it turns out to be a tactic to catch the champion offguard as he grabs his foot and yanks him down onto the apron and out of the ring. LIGHTBRINGER hits his head off of the ring apron before rolling onto the floor, Dreamer sticks the boot in. The champion is down on the canvas, Dreamer lifts him up to a seated position – backs to the ring – and looks like he is trying to lock in a sleeper hold. The fans boo this – and the reason is shown as the camera changes sides and shows that Dreamer is repeatedly driving a thumb into the eyes of the High Voltage champion. The referee can’t see this and is instead focusing on continuing a ring count out as the fans let out a ton of boos.

    Jim Taylor: Pretty dirty tactics from Dreamer! He managed to outsmart the champion… and now he’s trying to make him blind!

    Tim Coleman: At least LIGHTBRINGER won’t have to see his title being taken from him!

    Himawari shouts at the referee with an explanation with what’s going on and the referee jumps out of the ring and shouts instructions at Dreamer to break it up who feigns ignorance. He picks up the blinded champion and drops him with a DDT straight onto the canvas. He then slides back into the ring to reset the count – he taunts the crowd as well as Himawari as he shouts that he’s taking the belt. LIGHTBRINGER slowly recovers on the outside and gets to his feet… but he doesn’t see Dreamer as he comes flying through the ropes with a suicide dive that knocks him into the barricade! The crowd have been silenced as Dreamer has taken a clear advantage in the match up. He picks the champion up and drives him straight back into the barricade with a suplex! LIGHTBRINGER recoils in pain as his back appears to be taking a beating.

    Tim Coleman: It’s all too easy for Dustin… can someone shut that goddamn banshee up!?

    Coleman refers to Himawari who is shouting at Dreamer and being a slight nuisance it appears. Dreamer turns around and instructs her to shut up but the fiery female doesn’t back down. Dreamer delivers a few more boots to LIGHTBRINGER before moving around the ring and retrieving the axe handle from earlier…

    Jim Taylor: Has he lost the plot?

    Tim Coleman: If it shuts her up… it works! What’s the referee going to do? She’s not in the match! LIGHTBRINGER might be safe from it… but she’s not!

    Dreamer backs Himawari up as he has a murderous glint in his eyes – the fans are booing as he swings the handle… but Himawari ducks and Dreamer ends up connecting with the ring post! He lets out a small gasp of pain as he drops the unbroken handle and shakes his hands in pain. He turns around and is met with a dropkick from LIGHTBRINGER that sends him into back into the ring post. He falls to his knees and clutches his back in pain as LIGHTBRINGER rolls back into the ring. The champion is still trying to shake off some blurry vision as Dreamer recovers and gets onto the apron. He uses the ropes to get back to his feet – but LIGHTBRINGER runs and jumps up onto the second turnbuckle at the corner before hitting a triangle dropkick that sends Dreamer all the way back outside to the crowd’s pleasure. The champion doesn't follow him out though - he takes advantage of the time to take a breather and try to re-compose himself. Eventually Dreamer picks himself up and rolls back into the ring... the champion eyes up the challenger and both men circle each other as we have a reset. They lock up and Dreamer takes the back but he takes an elbow to the head and the position is reversed, LIGHTBRINGER hits a german suplex bridged into a pin attempt - ONE... TWO ... NO! Dreamer breaks it up, he gets up and runs at LIGHTBRINGER, he grabs him and bridges into a german suplex of his own.... ONE.....TWO.... NO! KICKOUT! It's a mirror image of the previous sequence... both men then have another face off as they get to their knees. Dreamer wastes no time as he gets to his feet and leaps forward with a forearm smash to the kneeling champion, he then pounds away with forearms until the referee is forced to separate them. Dreamer shouts taunts as he is backed away.

    Jim Taylor: Both guys are struggling for some momentum... but you'd have to argue that Dreamer is the one likely to break away here...

    Tim Coleman: He has been the better man so far!

    LIGHTBRINGER uses the ropes to get to his feet as Dreamer comes back in with kicks to the midsection before trapping LB in the corner, he fires off some rapid chops and forearms before grabbing his opponent and hitting him with a headbutt that causes him to stumble along the ropes. Dreamer recoils from the headbutt before grabbing LIGHTBRINGER and dropping him with a quick bionic elbow. The champion is seated against the turnbuckle and Dreamer continues the vicious strike onslaught as he drives kicks into the face of the champion before choking him with his foot. The crowd continue to voice their displeasure at the dirty tactics as the referee gives Dreamer a count... Dreamer backs away and threatens the referee before turning around and running towards the corner, melting LIGHTBRINGER with a double knee attack. The crowd are in a slightly stunned silence as Dreamer surely looks to have the champion beaten... he drags him from the corner...ONE....TWO......NO! LIGHTBRINGER kicks out just in time! There was signs of worry there - the camera shows Himawari looking relieved at the kickout but still worried as Dreamer slams the canvas in frustration. He's positive that was a two count, he argues with the referee about it but he's given no dice. LIGHTBRINGER crawls towards the corner and tries to recover but Dreamer is on him with more strikes. The crowd let out howls of boos as the dirty tactics from the challenger continues - he begins to try and bite the forehead of the champion...

    Jim Taylor: Some disgusting tactics on display here!

    Tim Coleman: Blame the ref! Dreamer can do what he wants - the referee hasn't stopped him, Jim!

    Jim Taylor: That's ridiculous, Tim! He's breaking the rules, what chance has LIGHTBRINGER got?

    Tim Coleman: He never had any chance coming in anyway!

    The referee eventually comes over and warns Dreamer off - he gives him a stern talking to and tells him to knock the tactics off. LIGHTBRINGER slowly starts to get up and Dreamer goes for a kick to the gut but it's caught... Dreamer hopes on one foot until LIGHTBRINGER brings him down with a dragon screw leg whip. Dreamer gets up quickly and runs at his slower opponent who ends up grabbing him and dropping him with a flapjack. The fans start to pick up in volume as LIGHTBRINGER looks to steal back some momentum. He lets Dreamer get to his knees before running at him with a sliding European uppercut and almost taking his head off with it. The champion goes for a quick cover....ONE ... KICKOUT! Dreamer powers out of the weak pin attempt quickly and gets back to his feet quicker than the champion expects... he fires off two right hands and goes for a third but LB catches it and responds with another european uppercut before delivering a huge boot to the midsection and then dropping Dreamer with a DDT - the fans cheer as it looks like the pendulum is truly swinging back in favour of the champion. To emphasize this point, LIGHTBRINGER kips up to more positive reaction. Dreamer slowly begins to recover but LIGHTBRINGER refuses to give him any time as he delivers boots to his downed opponent this time - each one being stiffer than the last. The referee eventually has to step in and warn the champion off this time.

    Jim Taylor: It's clear there's no love lost between either man!

    LIGHTBRINGER looks to grab Dreamer but Dreamer delivers a forearm to the gut that stuns the champion momentarily but he responds with a crushing knee to the gut of his challenger... he hits him with a quick forearm before bouncing him off of the ropes - LIGHTBRINGER looks for a dropkick in the middle of the ring but Dreamer reads it and clings onto the ropes as the champion looks a fool striking thin air. He lands hard in the middle of the ring canvas and makes the mistake of turning his back on his opponent as he gets to his feet... Himawari warns him but it's too late as Dreamer bolts forward and lands a huge spear in the middle of the ring! He hooks the leg..ONE....TWO....NO!!! SO CLOSE! The crowd thought it could have been over! Dreamer grabs LIGHTBRINGER and puts him in a sleeper hold - the crowd are shouting for the champion to fight it... he slowly starts trying to get to his feet but Dreamer is aware of it and drives his knee into the back of LIGHTBRINGER's legs and slowly brings him back down to the ground. He locks in the sleeper fully and LIGHTBRINGER shows signs of fading as he tries to reach towards Himawari at the ropes - but he just doesn't seem to be able to do anything. Dreamer is clamping the hold with a lot of strength - and the fans are starting to lose faith as LIGHTBRINGER fades. Dreamer insists that the champion is completely out and tells the referee to check on him - the referee tugs at the arm of the champion and then grabs it, he lifts it once... and then again....

    Tim Coleman: He's out! He's out! Dreamer has done it!

    Jim Taylor: I wouldn't say it's over yet, Tim!

    Just as it looks over, LIGHTBRINGER lifts the arm for a third time and proves he's still in it - Dreamer looks shocked that the sleeper wasn't enough to get the job done as LB comes back to life. He slowly begins to make his way back to his feet with the hold still applied - he fights the hands before he elbows Dreamer in the gut for a few moments... the hold is slack now and LB leans over and lifts Dreamer up onto his shoulders before setting him into position - REVERSE NECKBREAKER! The crowd breaks into a cheer as LIGHTBRINGER shows that he's not out of the match yet - but he's unable to capitalise on hitting the move as he lays on the canvas and tries to recover. The champion crawls his way towards the ropes and makes it to his feet, he waits on Dreamer to get to a seated position before bolting after him - he looks for a knee strike but Dreamer ducks out of the way and then grabs the champion for a rollup.....ONE.....TWO.....NO! Almost a sneak victory but LIGHTBRINGER was able to kick out just in time! Both guys get to their feet, Dreamer goes after the champion but is hoisted up into a fireman's carry, he reads it though and manages to get to his feet behind LIGHTBRINGER - he slaps on another quick sleeper hold! The crowd let out a sigh but instantly the spirits are raised as LIGHTBRINGER doesn't allowed the hold to be fully locked in, he fights the hands... and then takes Dreamer by surprise as he ducks under, rolls through and grabs a hold of the leg of the challenger - it's Dreamer's turn to fight a submission as LIGHTBRINGER has a calf slicer locked in! Dreamer has nowhere to go as they are stuck in the middle of the ring, LIGHTBRINGER torques the leg continuously and has him screaming out in pain. Himawari can be heard slamming the apron of the ring with her hands shouting on Dreamer to just tap - as well as the fans - but he refuses to give up.

    Jim Taylor: The tables have turned! Dreamer might not tap but his leg isn't going to be feeling good!

    Tim Coleman: Good thing he will only need one to win anyway!

    Dreamer starts to slowly inch towards the ropes - the crowd still will him on to tap but he refuses to do so. He considers it but he grits his teeth and just manages to reach the bottom rope, the referee tells LB to release the hold and he does so. Dreamer rolls onto his back and caresses his leg whilst LIGHTBRINGER rolls out onto the apron - Dreamer has no time to react as he is hit with a huge senton atomico (slingshot senton) from the High Voltage champion. LIGHTBRINGER brings the fans to their feet as he strikes his signature pose - he's signalling the end! He lifts Dreamer up and clutches the wrist.... he spins him out.... but Dreamer is aware of the danger and kicks LIGHTBRINGER in the gut to avoid the lariat! He takes advantage of this and lifts LIGHTBRINGER up onto his shoulders and hits him with the death valley driver! The fans are silenced as Dreamer crawls on top of the champion after the last gasp move and goes for the pinfall.....ONE.....TWO.......NO!!! KICKOUT FROM THE CHAMPION! Dreamer huffs and puffs as he wonders what more he has to do to get the win. He slowly crawls his way towards the ropes and gets up to his feet with LIGHTBRINGER still slowly coming to on the canvas. Dreamer eventually gets to his feet and works his way towards the turnbuckle where he looks to climb up top - he has some choice words for Himawari too. But as he gets prepared to stand up on the middle turnbuckle, LIGHTBRINGER makes a desperate lunge and hits him with a forearm to the gut. Dreamer sits back down and LIGHTBRINGER climbes up - the fans pick up the noise as both men battle with forearms at the top of the ropes... LIGHTBRINGER looks to be winning the battle until Dreamer rakes his eyes - which causes the fans to boo. Dreamer then stands up and wraps his arm around LIGHTBRINGER's neck - he's looking to apply a guillotine choke! The fans are on the edge of their seats as Dreamer has the neck under the armpit but he doesn't have the leverage for a squeeze... until he kicks away both of LIGHTBRINGER's legs! He has the High Voltage champion suspended in the air with a guillotine choke!

    Jim Taylor: It's like a hangman's noose!

    Tim Coleman: This is it, Jim! This is it! The champion is going to be executed before our very eyes!

    The crowd are on their feet as LIGHTBRINGER thrashes wildly with his feet in an attempt to gain some footing but he can't get it.

    Tim Coleman: The strength of Dreamer to keep him hoisted up like this is astounding!

    As the champion continues to struggle, Dreamer's face has veins popping as he torques the hold whilst trying to keep his leverage with holding up the bodyweight of the champion... the camera pans around to show LIGHTBRINGER's face turning a beetroot red, he's in trouble! The champion stops thrashing his legs and there's a pause as the crowd think he's gone limp... but he shows signs of life as he continues to fight the choke with his hands... but he stops trying to break the hold and instead posts both of his hands on the ropes and shows immense strength to support his own weight and hoist his body up, lowering the leverage that the choke has. He's not in any danger now as Dreamer is struggling to combat this and apply the right amount of torque to counter it. LIGHTBRINGER manages to refind his footing on the ropes and Dreamer's arms are too spent to keep the hold locked in. Both men come face to face but LIGHTBRINGER is woozy from the blood choke that was previously applied... he's still normalising. Dreamer gives him a slap of petulance before headbutting him - LIGHTBRINGER falls back to his feet on the canvas.... Dreamer has no time to react as the champion suddenly jumps up and hits him with a dropkick that knocks him to the outside! The fans are up on their feet as LIGHTBRINGER stands at the ropes and waits for his opponent to recover and get to his feet - he eventually does so and LIGHTBRINGER comes flying over with a slingshot crossbody! The fans cheer for the aerial move as LIGHTBRINGER gets back to his feet on the outside. Dreamer sits and recovers against the barricade - and has no time to move as the champion comes flying at him with a sliding kick! The crowd even let out a wince as Dreamer's head is sandwiched between the barricade and LIGHTBRINGER's boot.

    Jim Taylor: That guillotine choke escape has spurred LIGHTBRINGER on! He has a second wind!

    Tim Coleman: Look at the fans cheering for this man - he's a cheat! Using the barricade as a weapon! Despicable!

    The champion picks the challenger up and looks to throw him back into the ring but Dreamer catches him off guard with a quick jab to the gut - LIGHTBRINGER's face is then slammed into the apron before Dreamer chucks him into the stairs at ringside! Himawari doesn't appreciate it and neither does the crowd but Dreamer doesn't care - he rolls back into the ring to reset the count before coming back out with a murderous glint in his eyes. He sticks the boot into the champion before turning around and looking at the announce table - it's like a lightbulb goes off in his head as he starts demanding the announcers to move!

    Jim Taylor: ARE YOU CRAZY!?

    Tim Coleman: Let's move it Jim, Dustin has a championship to win!

    Dreamer slams the champion's head off of the table before rolling him onto it - the fans are booing big time now. Himawari comes around once more and shouts something at Dreamer but she backs off as he strides threatingly towards her... he turns his attention back to the champion who is still down on the table. He gets up onto the table and taunts the crowd - he looks to go for the Dream Crusher package piledriver through the table.... but just as he lifts up the champion, there are signs of life! LIGHTBRINGER thrashes out and Dreamer can't complete the piledriver and instead he is reversed as LIGHTBRINGER tosses him over his shoulders and down onto the canvas below! The crowd are happy to see that although Tim Coleman looks visibly disappointed as LIGHTBRINGER then jumps off the table with a diving elbow drop straight to the chest of his fallen foe.

    Tim Coleman: I was excited for a minute! Why must LIGHTBRINGER just ruin everything!?

    Jim Taylor: I'm very sorry that the High Voltage champion wouldn't allow himself to be piledrived through a table for your pleasure, Tim!

    LIGHTBRINGER gets back to his feet on the outside and gets back into the ring - he is keen to take a break whilst Dreamer comes to on the outside. He comes out and stands on the apron though as Dreamer gets to his feet, it looks like the champion is going to go for a move off of the apron but Dreamer runs up and hits him with a forearm. It's a move of desperation and it shows as Dreamer barely has the strength to lift himself up onto the apron - LIGHTBRINGER even peppers him with kicks as he does so but Dreamer is resilient as he bursts to life on the apron and tries to force LIGHTBRINGER into the ringpost on the outside - he doesn't get him that far but he starts thrashing out with big punches to the gut. LIGHTBRINGER is able to weather the storm, though, as he grabs Dreamer by the head and plants him with a huge DDT on the apron! The champion lands on his feet on the canvas whilst Dreamer flips over on the apron, wrecked. LIGHTBRINGER rolls back into the ring as does Dreamer - although there's a clear difference in who the fresher person is at this point. LIGHTBRINGER grabs his opponent and lifts him up onto his shoulders - he connects with the fireman's carry neckbreaker! Dreamer seems completely done in and struggles to lift himself up at the ropes - he backs straight into LIGHTBRINGER who clutches the wrist...

    Jim Taylor: I think it's over, Tim...

    he rolls him out and HITS THE LIGHTBRINGER LARIAT!! The crowd explode as they believe that's it. The High Voltage champion drops down and makes the cover.... ONE..... TWO....... NO!!!! DUSTIN DREAMER KICKS OUT OF THE LIGHTBRINGER LARIAT!!!!!! THE CROWD ARE STUNNED!

    Tim Coleman: THINK AGAIN, JIM!

    Jim Taylor: Wow! DID THAT JUST HAPPEN!?

    LIGHTBRINGER and Himawari are both exchanging words with each other - they're both beyond shocked that Dreamer was able to kick out of that. LIGHTBRINGER even has to ask the referee if he's sure that wasn't a three count. The defiant Dreamer is absolutely motionless and LIGHTBRINGER wastes no time in dragging him back to his feet and again he gets the wrist clutch - but Dreamer holds onto the ropes in another act of defiance! The crowd are on their feet and demanding that the match be ended by the High Voltage champion but he can't do anything as Dreamer refuses to budge. He lets go of the wrist clutch and instead drops a forearm onto the back of Dreamer before tossing him into the corner and firing away with chops once more - the referee comes over to warn him off as the barrage becomes a little more than he likes. The referee then asks Dreamer if he is fine to continue as he looks the worse for wear...

    Jim Taylor: I have to admit it, Dustin Dreamer has shown a great amount of heart tonight...

    Tim Coleman: His resilience is something that will lead him to the win, this isn't over yet, Jim!

    LIGHTBRINGER comes storming forward looking for a diving european uppercut but Dreamer pulls the referee in his place and he's taken out instead! There's not even time for LIGHTBRINGER to react as Dreamer drops down and hits him with a low blow - the crowd unleashes a torrent of hate fuelled boos!

    Jim Taylor: And there goes all respect I had...

    Tim Coleman: You have to respect a man who thinks outside the box and will do anything to win!

    Dreamer pays no attention as he ducks out of the ring and retrieves the axe handle from the earlier. His eyes light up as he looks towards the ring - LIGHTBRINGER is struggling to get to his feet whilst the referee is still clearly out... he looks to get into the ring but Himawari attempts to prevent him as she grabs the axe handle - he wrestles it off her eventually and she is forced to the canvas as Dreamer jumps into the ring. He measures LIGHTBRINGER up, the crowd shout warning at the champion but he seems unaware....

    Jim Taylor: This isn't going to end well...

    Tim Coleman: FINISH HIM!

    Dreamer goes to hit the champion but LIGHTBRINGER jumps up onto the arm and attacks Dreamer with a flying armbar! The axe handle goes flying out of Dreamer's hands as he falls to the canvas and is writhing in pain as LIGHTBRINGER has the submission fully locked in and is torquing on it with no mercy! The crowd are extremely pleased at the development and are even more happy when Dustin Dreamer starts tapping out frantically!

    Jim Taylor: Dustin Dreamer taps! It's over!

    The referee, however, is still lying down and unaware of what is going on. LIGHTBRINGER keeps the submission on and looks absolutely intent on breaking his opponent's arm. Dreamer shuffles towards the bottom rope and manages to get a leg on it...

    Jim Taylor: Dreamer might regret his tactics now! The referee can't and won't be able to save him from his arm being broken at this point!

    Eventually, the High Voltage champion stops the submission despite the referee still not stirring. LIGHTBRINGER gets to his feet and picks up the axe handle - he beckons Himawari up onto the apron just as the referee slowly begins to stir. He hands her the axe handle and starts mouthing some instructions to her as she stands on the apron. Dreamer is slowly getting his feet whilst clutching his arm - he stumbles towards the champion.... who is warned of the impending danger by his teammate...

    Jim Taylor: The warning may have come too late!

    He turns around... but he instinctively ducks and simultaneously turns away as Dreamer releases red mist from his mouth that instead lands a direct hit on Himawari and causes her to clutch her eyes and fall backwards off of the apron! LIGHTBRINGER sees the result of this through the ropes and turns back around looking absolutely incensed, he storms forward and blasts Dreamer with forearms before picking him up and hitting him with a flapjack onto the ropes (aka Stun gun) that causes the challenger to be stunned. The crowd are firmly behind the raging High Voltage champion as Dreamer stumbles forward and LIGHTBRINGER picks him up and then drops him with a tombstone piledriver! LIGHTBRINGER gets to his feet and strikes his pose once more - the crowd are delighted as he is signalling the end is near! The referee is back to his feet and has just finished shaking off the cobwebs...

    Tim Coleman: Dustin needs to come back right now! He's in danger!

    Jim Taylor: BIG DANGER!

    LIGHTBRINGER grabs the stunned Dreamer from off the canvas, clutches the wrist and then plants him with a SECOND LIGHTBRINGER LARIAT! The crowd are ready to break into a huge cheer as the champion falls to his knees and makes the cover.....ONE.......TWO.......THREEE!!!!!

    Jim Taylor: It's over! LIGHTBRINGER retains the High Voltage title! What a match!

    Tim Coleman: I'm stunned, Jim! STUNNED!

    Winner and STILL CWA High Voltage Champion: "Tokyo Kisai" LIGHTBRINGER

    The crowd are cheering whilst the referee rushes to hand LIGHTBRINGER his title and hold his hand aloft - Dreamer is on the canvas staring up at the lights and potentially wondering what could have been. LIGHTBRINGER has one hand on his belt and one hand outstretched as he poses in the ring - he looks down at Dreamer with no sympathy in his eyes whilst his theme music echoes around the arena. The High Voltage champion drops out of the ring and checks on his teammate and helps her up off the floor as wipes the mist from her eyes - her face stained red also. She hands him the axe handle and he throws it back into the ring and it lands next to Dreamer.

    Tim Coleman: Heartbreaking. Dustin gave it everything he had! He had him on the ropes... multiple times!

    Jim Taylor: He certainly gave LIGHTBRINGER a fight... but it wasn't enough...

    The champion walks up the ramp with his manager - he touches the outstretched hands of most fans until he reaches the stage area at the top. Dustin Dreamer recovers in the ring and can barely stand as one arm is completely limp and the other clutches the axe handle.

    Tim Coleman: He will get him next time, Jim! There just wasn't enough left in the tank this time...

    Jim Taylor: Well, Tim.... cheaters never prosper.

    Dreamer leans against the ropes but falls to his knees and his head peeks out from the middle rope - he's almost foaming at the mouth as he looks up at the man who has just defeated him with absolute rage in his eyes. At the top of the stage, LIGHTBRINGER strikes his pose with the title for one last time before he leaves.


    CWA Tag Team Championship match
    The Echo (c) [Drew & Ethan Conner] vs. Murder, Inc.[Kendrick Lethal & Jermaine Creed]


    One of the most irritating yet indisputably catchy songs in all of pro wrestling hits the sound system causing the crowd to pop massively for the new tag team sensation Murder Inc as Jermaine Creed comes from flipping out from behind the curtain and landing in a crouching in the blink of an eye he steps forward spread-eagling his arms out roaring as his partner explodes out to join him jumping up and down on the tips of his toes beating his chest with his fist pumping himself up. He grabs Creed by the head, both of their forehead touching screaming that this is “Their time!” Before they both stomp down to the ring ready for the biggest match of their lives .

    Then the challengers make their way to the ring, climbing up the steps before warning up for their massive opportunity, Creed runs up and leaps up the top rope screaming out to the crowd making belt motions with his hands while Kendricks calmly walks in a small circle pacing the mat before pointing to the stage and crossing his throat with his thumb. As they awaited the arrival of the champ

    The following has been brought to you by The Indy Club”

    With those words serving as an intro, the infamous screeching of the base guitar of Primus kicks into gear causing the entire arena to thunder in one vehement gust of a twisted cocktail of disapproval and hate while two of the most hated figures in wrestling today waste little time emerging wearing matching arrogant grins. The Echo seem almost fired-up by the negativity being directed towards them as they stand on opposite sides of the stage shouting out to the crowd and encouraging them to give them their worst before making their way down to the ring all the while strutting and air guitaring their belts “We just made this show worth watching” Ethan is heard to shout out as they make their way into the ring. Making eye contact with Murder Inc. mocking them and just generally talking down to them before they take off their championships and handing it to the referee who would raise them to the sky before taking them over to the ringside area while Lindsay takes her place in the centre of thing

    Lindsay Monahan: “Ladies and gentlemen the following tag team contest in scheduled for one fall and it is for the CWA World Tag Team Championships. Introducing first the challengers: weighing in at a combined weight of 441 pounds. First from Quebec, City Quebec, Canada “The Physics Killer” Jermaine Creed, and from Kinshasa, Congo “The Lethal Factor” “Kendrick Lethal. Murder Inc!

    At the sound of their team name Creed backflips and lands on his feet while Lethal mimes taking a shotgun and recoiling as he pulls the trigger towards The Echo.

    Lindsay Monahan: And their opponents....

    Lindsay signs heavily knowing what’s coming, the boos already coming thick and fast as Ethan steps forward and hands Lindsay, their usual note

    Lindsay Monahan... Representing The Indy Club weighing in tonight at a combined weight of 350 pounds, From Gainesville Georgia By way of your mother's bedroom: “The Kings of Tag Team Wrestling. The Wet Dream Team! The duo that has tag teams bitching more than an average FWA thread.

    Drew and Ethan smirk in amusement at that last part Ethan putting his hands to his mouth in mock horror while Drew waggled his eyebrows to the nearest camera and mouths “Opps”

    Lindsay Monahan : They are the current reigning and defending CWA World Tag Team Champions. Drew Connor. Ethan Connor. The Echo!

    Drew and Ethan pose in the very centre of the ring revelling in the heat before they retreat to the corner. It’s show time

    Despite the eagerness of Murder Inc. They keep their emotions in check- they want to go about their business tonight the ring way. After a brief discussion on both sides, Lethal and Drew are the two men to start proceedings with the pair shuffling counter-clockwise sizing each other up. Drew knowing full well that Lethal vastly outweighs him while Lethal having done his research knows that the Connors can strike from anywhere. The pair circle waiting for the right moment to lunge in….but as Drew circles past Creed, he makes a comment one that riles Creed enough to want to step in, forcing the referee to stop him entering the ring illegally...which allows Ethan to nail Lethal from behind giving The Echo the upper hand from the get-go!!

    Tim Coleman: “Oh come on now!” Was that really necessary?!”

    Jim Taylor: “...and that, THAT is why these boys are the best in the business.

    The brothers switch places and Ethan makes the most of the cheap shot stomping Lethal down against the ropes clubbing his back as he tries to drag himself up, pushing Lethal into the corner, delivering knife edge chops, mixed with straight rights. He looks for a whip off the ropes, ducking down for the return, but Lethal rebounds, rolling off the back, and catches Ethan on the turnaround with a dropkick.Immediately, Drew tries to cut off the momentum shift … BUT CREED RUSHES IN, cutting Drew off with a flying forearm shot!!! Creed - clearly fired up tonight - throws Drew out of the ring, As Lethal charges towards Ethan. Ethan simply slides out of the ring to join his brother! As the fans drown him in boos, he would look out upon the crowd and throw his arms up in a half-shrug and a "what are you gonna' do about it?!" gesticulation. However, the boos would turn to cheers as Murder Inc run off the ropes DOUBLE PLANCHA TO THE OUTSIDE - TAKING OUT THE TAG CHAMPIONS!!!!!

    Murder Inc has the champions all over the place, Lethal throws Ethan back inside, rolling in, knocking him off his feet with a hip toss off the ropes, then delivers his fancy standing moonsault!! Lethal covers after soaking in the pop from the fans…

    …KICK OUT…

    Ethan gets a shoulder up, and once Lethal gets off him. Ethan rolls out of the ring again! The fans boo as Ethan does a little lap of the ring to prevent another placha while his bro is cheering him on further frustrating Lethal. Taking his sweet time Ethan steps back onto the apron and back into the ring cautiously, once inside Ethan circles before offering a roman knuckle lock with Lethal...and Lethal is goaded in...Ethan then kicked him in the stomach when his arms were raised. Ethan hammers Lethal’s back pushing him back into the ropes sending him off and takes Lethal up on the return with a tilt-a whirl-LETHAL COUNTERS INTO A HEADSCISSORS!!! Ethan is dazed from the ride, and Lethal reaches forward and tags Creed in, with Creed springing into the ring off the rope- DROPKICK!


    …………KICK OUT…………

    Creed comes close, but as he gets back up backing Ethan into a corner. Drew at his corner starts making a massive stink. Screaming and yelling waving his arms to and fro shouting at the ref. The ref is instantly distracted and the reason for the outburst becomes clear as Ethan rushes forward out of the corner suddenly and knees Creed square in the nuts! The Ref is admonishing Drew for wasting his time and when he turns back around all he can see is Creed wincing in pain and Ethan going for the cover 1...2...KICK OUT!

    Creed kicks out but the momentum has well and truly shifted to the champions, Ethan sends Creed into the Echo’s corner, stomping Jermaine down and tags in Drew. Drew enters, and making the most of their five seconds, The Echo stomp down on Creed in the corner.

    Once the five seconds are up, Ethan has to step out with Drew keeping up the pressure drags Creed up, softening him up by the ropes and shoots him off- but misses the clothesline on the return, with Creed ducking, coming back-FLYING FOREARM!

    Drew stumbles back into his team's corner with Creed following in, mounting the elder Connor and starts unloading with right hands with the fans counting along-reaching seven when outside the ref’s view Ethan grabs Creed and hangs him up on the top rope!

    Lethal naturally steps into the ring to defend his partner but the referee stands in his way, stopping him….and whilst he restrains Lethal, getting him onto the apron The Echo double up to attack Creed illegally

    Ethan slaps his hands together to mimic a tag behind the back of the referee and once The Ref gets back to the action, he ushers Drew back out of the ring whilst Ethan executes a perfect side suplex on Creed, floating into the cover...1...2...SHOULDER UP!

    Ethan stands up a smirk on his face, the old Connor ego slipping in as he starts toying with Creed a little, slapping him around the head while shouting out to Lethal “Come save your boy toy bitch! But Creed surprises Ethan fighting back with shots to the gut, he stands back up, running off the ropes- KNEE TO THE BACK OF THE HEAD FROM DREW! Creed stumbles back from the ropes, right into an enziguri from Ethan. And Ethan tags out to Drew again.

    Drew happily climbs back in, instructing his brother to hold Creed up using all their five seconds- by pummeling the exposed Physics Killer with free shots, shuffling his feet like Ali as he did so as Ethan blocks Creed from defending himself. Ethan is sent from the ring eventually, all the while playing innocent, as Drew slams Creed down screaming out to the crowd how great they are as he did

    Drew picks Creed up, whips him off the ropes and goes for a reverse elbow, but Creed ducks and runs off the opposite side, with the elder Connor going for another elbow only for Creed to duck again, but as he comes off the ropes a third time, Drew jumps up and catches him with a standing rana holding the legs for a pin



    Drew picks Creed back up, and drags him to the Echo corner, making a tag back out to Ethan, Ethan relentlessly pounds Creed down in the corner, then walks out to aim a crotch chop right at Lethal. The ref follows him making sure that Kendrick doesn’t step inside….which allows Drew to illegally chock Creed! Ethan laughs his ass off at Lethal turning his attention back to Creed, stomps him the corner, tagging Drew again. Their strategy working masterfully.

    Together, The Echo chock Creed in the corner with their boots before Ethan is forced out by the busy official given the run around by those damn Connor boys this match. Drew knocks Creed down, then applies a front face lock to wear him down some more. Creed battles, struggling to break free of the hold, with Drew applying as much pressure as he possibly can all the while talking smack...but Creed tries to push up, and push his way to his corner with Lethal DESPERATE for a tag. Drew is trying to hold him in place but Creed is fighting and fighting and even with Drew all over him, he shows great core power...he pushes up, nearly at his corner….reaching his hand out….AND YES! HE MAKES THE TAG!


    Kendrick Lethal is in the ring, hammering at Drew, but quickly the ref returns to prevent him, forcing an enraged protesting Lethal out of the ring, as Ethan picks up the scraps and nails Creed with a hard kick to the back of the skull! As Lethal is forced from the ring, The Echo make the most of the chance to double team, nailing a spine buster/springboard spinning heel kick combo! Ethan slaps his hands together again to make it sound like a tag is made and the referee seemingly accepts it, turning around,with Ethan now “Legal” picking up the exhausted and beaten down Jermaine Creed up and mouthing off to him “Huh?! What’s the matter?! I thought you were bad?! We thought you were meant to be tough!? Go back to Canada Dor-” Big mistake. Suddenly and without warning Creed suddenly shoves Ethan away creating separation and delivers a BACKFLIP KICK! The hard crack resounds all around the arena as Ethan eyes slowly go glossy and he slowly crumbles face first to the mat. The crowd pops for the comeback move, but clearly that was a last gasp desperate move after spending the match getting beat down as they both lay there in a heap before Creed starts to slowly crawl and pick himself up as Lethal wills him on stomping his feet and screaming out encouragement BEGGING to finally get in this match. Everyone in the building knows he needs this tag and they’re all rallying behind him and despite receiving an LOT of punishment all match he digs deep and he gets to his corner but just as he is about to reach for the tag...DREW RUSHES INTO THE RING AND NAILS LETHAL KNOCKING HIM OFF THE APRON WITH A SUPERKICK! GOD FUCKING DAMN IT

    The heat is massive as Drew prevents that all important tag and accepts the telling off with a wry smirk on his face- It was worth it after all. Meanwhile, Creed drops to his knees whilst Drew Ethan takes advantage and superkicks his FUCKING head off. Ethan hooks the leg tight...and the referee is implored by Drew to turn and make the count



    Kendrick Lethal dives in JUST in time to save the match...but the consequences sees the official admonish Lethal and allows The Echo to beat down Creed in a two on one attack. AGAIN. And AGAIN Ethan claps his hands behind the ref’s back to signal a “Tag” and it’s accepted...AGAIN

    Despite the boos for the frankly awful officiating, Drew and Ethan don’t complain both smilings, sure that victory is coming. They look for a double vertical suplex, but at its height Creed front flips out- landing behind...and stumbles backwards...into his own corner….where Lethal makes a tag AT LAST


    Miami explodes! Fired up from his long period on the outside, Lethal leaps into action ducking between both Connors, coming off the opposite side AND TAKES BOTH THEIR HEADS OFF WITH A STIFF DOUBLE JUMPING LARIAT! The Echo flop around like they’ve been shot out of a cannon with the fresh Lethal waiting with relish….Drew stumbles to his feet and Lethal delivers an enzuigiri that sends Drew tumbling out through the ropes with a jumping calf kick!

    Lethal nips up roaring and pumps up the fans, he glares down angrily at the loudmouth dragging him to his feet by his long hair -Causing Ethan to whine cowardly in pain- Lethal whips him aggressively into the corner, following this, Lethal would sprint towards the corner, looking for a forearm smash, but Ethan snakes out between the second and third ropes, forcing Lethal to collide chest first with the turnbuckles. Desperate to stop Lethal, Ethan keeps his upper body inside the ring and pendulums with the ropes, kicking Lethal in the face with a weak kick, stunning Lethal more than anything. Like a rat Ethan scampers to the apron where he clutches the top rope,slingshots and frontflips looking for a blockbuster but KENDRICK LETHAL CATCHES HIM MID AIR AND DRIVES HIM INTO THE CANVAS WITH A VICIOUS SPIKED POWERBOMB. BUT HE DOESN’T LET GO. LETHAL HAMMERS HIM AGAIN AND AGAIN INTO THE GROUND WITH A TRIPLE HOMICIDE POWERBOMB. WHAT A HOSS!

    Lethal takes a step back dealing with both the reverb of the mighty move and touching his lip with his thumb where Ethan kicked him moments ago. He looks like he’s looking to end this as Lethal starts to climb the top rope...AND FLIES ONTO ETHAN WITH THE METEOR STAR SPL-DREW PULLS ETHAN OUT OF THE RING! LETHAL CRASHES AND BURNS!

    The heat is red hot as The Echo live to fight another day and looks to regroup, on the ropes here….BUT CREED EXPLODES OUT OF NOWHERE WITH A JUMPING CLOTHESLINE LEAPING OFF THE STEEL STEPS TO BOTH BROTHERS!

    The Crowd are buzzing feeling The Echo might finally get their comeuppance! As a groggy Creed rolls Ethan back into the ring where Lethal is recovering. His eyes are bulging out of his head as he puts Ethan in a powerbomb position, making a cut throat motion with his hands and he sets up Ethan for a Lethal Injection, but at the top of his rotation Ethan shifts his weight and falls down on Lethal pinning his shoulders to the mat and outside of the ref’s vision he puts his feet on the second rope for leverage!

    ….Creed tries to climb in BUT HIS LEGS ARE HELD FROM THE OUTSIDE BY DREW

    Lindsay Monahan Here are your winners and STILL CWA TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS OF THE WOOOORLLLLD....The Echo!

    GOD DAMN IT! THE ECHO STEAL IT! DAYLIGHT ROBBERY! The Crowd fall flat as Ethan rolls out of the ring as fast as possible like the devil was chasing him, Lethal BARELY missing as he goes to grab Ethan who staggers almost drunkenly to meet with his brother (Whose leaning against the barricade for support) on the ramp both of them screeching to the ref to “give us our fucking belts which they cling to like life preservers leaving Kendrick Lethal to pound the mat in frustration knowing how close they came, and Creed is BEYOND pissed knowing full well they got screwed but frankly The Connor’s really couldn’t care less as they retreat backstage having once again finding someway to weasel themselves to a win


    CWA World Heavyweight Championship Match
    Jonathan McGinnis (c) vs. Jon Snowmantashi

    The familiar theme of the man simply known as "KAIJU" rings out and the fans give off a tremendous roar of cheers for the challenger as he slowly makes his way out. Once he enters the ring he walks around a bit looking out at the sold out arena, who show their support for him as he turns attention to the entrance ramp when a familiar theme hits...

    As song plays the crowd erupts into a frenzy of jeers, though some mixed in cheers, but mostly jeers for the World Champion who makes his way out. His sights set on his foe in the ring as he stops along the way to taunt some fans. He enters the ring and stands across from Snowmantashi, never taking his eyes off him...

    Lindsay Monahan: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is for the CWA World Heavyweight Championship! Introducing first the challenger from Tokyo, Japan and wrestling out of Los Angeles, California. He weighs in tonight at 290lbs, he is the man known as "KAIJU"....JON SNOWMANTASHI!

    Another loud ovation for the challenger.

    Lindsay Monahan: and his opponent from Montreal, Canada and also wrestling out of Los Angeles, California, and he weighs in tonight at 207lbs. He is the self proclaimed "Indy God" and the CWA World Heavyweight Champion...JONATHAN MCGINNIS!

    Loud jeers for the champion, though some cheers can be heard.


    The bell rings and a half-year wait from the last time these two faced off one on one finally ends. The crowd is all too silent, they await for the dance to commence. Jon Snowmantashi stands still in his corner. Jonathan McGinnis is agitated, he’s been through this twice, neither times has he come out victorious. You know what they say about third times. He stretches against the ropes, slaps his shoulders awake and starts circling about. He stops shortly though, noticing Snowmantashi isn’t moving aside from his head following “The Indy God’s” movements. He looks around at the crowd who also puzzled, decide to urge the former champion on, “KAIJU – KAIJU- KAIJU!” But he doesn’t budge. McGinnis is angry and moves right up to Snowmantashi’s face, mouthing words the camera won’t quite catch. He finally takes a step back, done with Snowmantashi’s mind games or lack thereof – and SUPERKICK.

    McGinnis doesn’t even look to watch his handiwork, he’s already turned to the crowd gloating and pointing at the screen where a huge “Superkick Counter” says “1”. But the crowd don’t care, Snowmantashi hasn’t even dropped, McGinnis turns out and receives vicious and aimless clubbing blows. McGinnis stumbles back into the corner but it’s no use. Snowmantashi is relentless, clubbing blow after clubbing blow, big lumbering arms battering at his head until he’s on the ground in the corner. Snowmantashi backs up, marches to the opposite corner, takes but a second to make sure McGinnis is staying still and runs full speed ahead, flipping forward and squashing McGinnis with his three hundred pounds of girth. McGinnis’s head lolls about as he regains some sense of composure.

    ‘Tashi takes his time getting up but makes sure to bring an unwilling McGinnis with him who hits at his hands almost pointlessly and gets a headbutt for his trouble. Snowmantashi leaves him standing in the middle of the ring, runs towards the ropes and like a Ferrari with a tank engine comes charging back with a LARIAT – NO! McGINNIS DUCKS UNDER, STOPS, SUPERKICK #2. SNOWMANTASHI STILL WON’T FALL, LARIATTTTTT! Snowmantashi drops to his knees and hooks the leg on McGinnis…


    No. McGinnis doesn’t even want to give Snowmantashi any sort of confidence going forward and kicks out as soon as he hears the first count. Snowmantashi isn’t too bothered, holding McGinnis by his hair, he forces him on all fours then starts delivering brutal kicks after brutal kicks to the head of McGinnis. It’s painful to watch and with the amount of blows he’s getting to his head, one might wonder if a flashback to 2013 is in order for the CWA World Heavyweight Champion. Snowmantashi lets go of McGinnis, adjusts his tights and coolly watches him crawl over to the ropes. He’s satisfied taking his time to get the victory, he’s done it before, there’s no rush.

    Snowmantashi walks over to a recovering McGinnis and wraps those big arms around his waist from behind. McGinnis is immediately throwing shows at Snowmantashi to force him to let go, but a bear’s grip is near unbreakable. He holds onto the rope to prevent Snowmantashi getting off the back suplex but ‘Tashi just kicks the ropes to force him to let go and BACK SUPLEXES HIM TO THE OUTSIDE. The replay is a must and we get a different angle of McGinnis free falling at ringside, desperately reaching out for ground and meeting it hard. Snowmantashi bats the hair away from his face, adjusts his tights once more and like he didn’t just near murder a man, casually steps out the ring.

    He grabs McGinnis by his hair, unwilling to wait for him to recover from the huge drop and then whips him into the barricade. Once more, he adjusts his tights and then rolls into the ring to break the count. Snowmantashi walks over to McGinnis, ignores the weak blow to his abdomen and then lifts him up for what looks like a powerbomb. McGinnis must realize he’s in a dangerous situation, he sends forearms down to Snowmantashi’s skull like his depends on it, but Snowmantashi still manages to get his arms up to really send McGinnis flying – NO McGINNIS MANAGES TO JUMP OFF, LOW SUPERKICK #3 TO THE BACK OF SNOWMANTASHI’S KNEE.

    McGinnis drops for a second to recover his breath. You get the feeling he wants to take the full extent of a break right now but he knows he can’t, he has to capitalize. Sneering he gets up and just as Snowmantashi tries to stand, with a running start, gets a football kick right into the back of Snowmantashi’s right knee, forcing him to drop for the first time this match. McGinnis lets loose a bunch of stomps on his knee and kicks away at ‘Tashi’s arm anytime he tries to protect it.

    The ref tries to alert him to the count and he responds with a loud, “I don’t give a fuck if you count me out, I retain anyways, dumb ass,” the referee is smart enough to stop counting then. McGinnis, knowing he’s now got a hold on a so far one sided match, pulls apart the mat covering the ground until all that’s left below is the cold hard steel. The fans are practically clamoring for him not to do what he’s surely about to do. He doesn’t have to drag Snowmantashi far, he lifts Snowmantashi’s leg and sends the knee full on into the cold hard steel. The camera tries to look away, spotting fans themselves looking away and then zooming into the crazed face of McGinnis, hair dishevelled, he’s taking incredible pleasure in the extremely rare roar of pain from the KAIJU.

    “You’re not a monster! You’re not a KAIJU! You’re not a force of nature. You hurt like everyone else. I’M THE GOD!” He yells down at Snowmantashi. To emphasize his point, he pulls down the kneepad on Snowmantashi and once more lifts his leg all the way up and jams into the cold hard steel. He’s not done! He does it a second time! A third time! The referee finally slides out, he’s seen enough, he pulls McGinnis back and tells him to come back into the ring. McGinnis seems like he wants to add the referee to his list of victim, but spots a suffering Snowmantashi and perhaps thinks that he’d truly rather get the victory here.

    The referee checks on Snowmantashi as McGinnis slides into the ring and demands a paramedic come down for a more professional opinion. One swiftly does. The paramedic checks on Snowmantashi’s very much swelling knee but the KAIJU crawls over to the barricade and begins lifting himself up. McGinnis laughs within the ring, he doesn’t think Snowmantashi will be able to put up much of a fight on one leg. In fact, he’s so confident, he urges Snowmantashi to come back to the ring. He even goes over to the ropes and sits on one of them to help him out. ‘Tashi slowly advances, as if he’ll take on McGinnis’s offer and McGinnis tells him to, ‘come on, don’t be shy, Jon-boy’.

    He isn’t. Snowmantashi drags McGinnis’s leg with a sudden speed and causes him to drop back first onto the apron, and then pulls him further to drop on the mat, lucky for him, he just about avoids the concrete. Snowmantashi drops to a knee with the effort but doesn’t rescind himself, he gets up, lifts McGinnis on his shoulders, attempting to put emphasis on his left leg and then drops him face first on the apron. While McGinnis is still groggy, he backs up and then runs full speed ahead – DROP TOE HOLD. The movie is all too simple but when Snowmantashi’s knee hits the mat, the world can feel his pain. Rarely do you ever hear Snowmantashi roar at it, but McGinnis is making it happen.

    McGinnis, with a great deal of effort, manages to lift Snowmantashi onto the apron and roll him in the ring. He follows soon after, and mimics Snowmantashi’s tights adjustment and then slams down his leg on the mat. “It’s over. Right here. Right now.” Snowmantashi is on one knee. “GET UP!” He’s on both legs now. SUPERKICK #4. But Snowmantashi’s still standing, he waves his arms around to keep balance. McGinnis is distraught, eyes widen, he doesn’t take a second further – SUPERKICK #5 to the right knee. Snowmantashi drops like a sack of bricks.

    McGinnis is flustered now, he slides right out of the ring and then reaches in to grab Snowmantashi’s leg and drag it over to the post, we know all too well what’s coming. He pulls back and then slams it into the steel post, not once, not twice, not three times, he goes all the way to six times before he’s even remotely satisfied. He then leaves Snowmantashi’s knee next to the post, backs up – SUPERKICK #6 squashes Snowmantashi’s right knee into the right post. McGinnis rolls back into the ring, and hooks Snowmantashi’s right knee…




    Left leg on the rope. Maybe he should’ve hooked that one instead. McGinnis lifts Snowmantashi’s head up and sends a round of forearms at the big man for good measure. “STAND UP NOW, SNOWMAN! Show us how the mighty don’t fall!” Snowmantashi realizing the opportunity, sends a clubbing blow into McGinnis. He doesn’t let McGinnis get back up either. Another clubbing blow! AND ANOTHER ONE. A HEADBUTT. ANOTHER. A THIRD. A FOURTH. THE CROWD IS CHANTING WITH HIM. A SIXTH. A SEVENTH. AN EIGHTH. A NINTH. A TENTH. A skull of steel. Snowmantashi finally lets go only to wrap his giant arms around McGinnis’s head and he locks in the FROSTBITE. He’s choking the life out of McGinnis. McGinnis reaches out but he can’t quite do it. Snowmantashi wraps his trunk like legs around McGinnis to prevent any maneuvering and then falls to his back. McGinnis is like a turtle flipped over, there’s no getting out of it. He tries to reach with his legs, and his arms, but it’s all but pointless. The life seems to be fading from him… and then he remembers his ace in the hole. He drives his fist first into Snowmantashi’s right knee, over and over again, Snowmantashi cinches the sleeper hold in tighter. McGinnis hesitates, trying to draw breath and then smacks away at the knee with everything in him until finally Snowmantashi releases the holds.

    Both men crawl away from each other. Snowmantashi must use the ropes to get back to his feet and then walk over to the turnbuckles, fortunately, McGinnis has no such burden and as soon as he’s up… SUPERKICK #7. Snowmantashi drops to a seated position. McGinnis doesn’t care. SUPERKICK #8. He laughs maniacally. SUPERKICK #9. SUPERKICK #10. He drops on his ass, sheer exhaustion taking over him but he’s smiling. He crawls over to a should-be near unconscious Snowmantashi. Lifts his arms up, manipulates his fingers and does a “TOO SWEET” for the whole world to see… and that’s a mistake.

    Snowmantashi holds onto his arm – CLUBBING BLOW TO THE HEAD! AGAIN! AGAIN! AGAIN! HE WON’T STOP. McGinnis falls out of the ring from the sheer force of the clubbing blows. The time it takes for McGinnis to recover on the outside is the time it takes for Snowmantashi to gather his breath, climb the ropes, and then use them to walk around to the opposite side of the ring. He pulls his tights up. Punches his knee to add some life to it. Sneers. Spots McGinnis on his feet… SUICIDE DIVE. THREE HUNDRED POUNDS HAILS ON McGINNIS!

    They both lie on the ground, spread eagled, exhausted. One is certainly dizzied right out of his mind (was he ever in there). The other’s knee is there just for show and not for any use though it’s a wonder how he did manage the suicide dive. Who will possibly win at this point?

    Snowmantashi slowly gets up and can barely stand on his own two feet. He picks up McGinnis and places a motionless McGinnis on his back as he carries him and rolls him into the ring. He follows as he stands over McGinnis, as McGinnis is now slowly getting to his senses and realizes that now Snowman stands over him and he now has him at his mercy. McGinnis quickly tries for a LOW BLOW!!! As a way to try and get himself DQ'd and keep the world title in the company of The Indy Club., BUT! Snowmantashi blocks it and quickly places McGinnis on his shoulder and drops him down with a massive Samoan Drop!!! He crawls over and covers for a Two count!!! But as McGinnis kicks out, Snowmantashi quickly snatches his arm and holds it and he begins to rain RELENTLESS LEFT KICKS!!!! To the skull of McGinnis as The Indy God looks like he done.

    Snowmantashi with a smile on his face takes a step back and with the champion on his knee's, SUPERKICK FROM SNOWMANTASHI!!! His desire to prove that all that work on his right leg was for naught ends up biting him back! McGinnis manages to somehow duck the attempt and hits Snowman with a chop block to his bad knee and quickly locks in a Single Leg Boston Crab on Snowmantashi!!!

    Snowmantashi tries for the ropes but McGinnis has the hold in well and RIGHT!!! ON THE BAD KNEE!!!! Snowmantashi tries to make it to the ropes and just when he is about to, McGinnis turns into CALF CRUSHER!!!!!! Submission as Snowmantashi tries with everything not to tap out!!! THE CROWD IS ON THEIR FEET!!! As Snowmantashi screams in rage as he uses's all his power to flip out of the Calf Crusher, which shows the massive power that the former champion possesses. McGinnis can't believe it!!! He looks to have enough, HE SUPERKICKS the REF!! Out of pure frustration.

    He leaves the ring and snatches a steel chair from ring side and he enters the ring. Snowmantashi slowly gets to one knee as McGinnis looks to crack the chair over his skull but from nowhere, Adrenaline Rush GM Isaac Richman!!!!! Runs in and snatches the chair from McGinnis as he gets in the face of the CWA World Heavyweight Champion!!!! Telling him that he will not be winning this match like this, as McGinnis quickly drops RICHMAN DOWN!!! With a Superkick and hits the GM with a crotch chop!. But as McGinnis turns around he is hit with a MASSIVE!!!! Hailstorm From Snowmantashi. He crawls over and hooks the leg but NO! REF!!!! AS the fans count to SIX!!! As finally a second ref runs down to the ring and quickly enters the ring and makes the count...

    1.....2..........3.............. NO!!!! McGinnis gets his shoulder up at the very last second. Snowmantashi is furious!!!! Limping on one leg he climbs the top rope - but his leg is shaky! He looks over his shoulder and decides to call an audible. Snowmantashi climbs down the ropes and drags McGinnis closer to the ropes. He smacks his legs, climbs up one more time - SNOWFALL!!!



    THREE!!!!!!!!!!!! NEW CHAMPION!!!!!!!!!!!

    Winner and NEW!!! CWA World Heavyweight Champion, "Inhuman" JON SNOWMANTASHI!!!!!!

    The crowd GOES FUCKING NUTS!!!! As Snowmantashi is the NEW!!!! CWA World Heavyweight Champion, Until a third offical enters the ring and runs over to the ref who just made the official three count. The ref shows footage that McGinnis foot was juusssstttt! Under the rope. Snowmantashi looks confused and so does McGinnis who slowly gets to his feet. Mass confusion hits the ring as it is debatable, very debatable if McGinnis foot is indeed under the ropes and if so - just barely. Snowmantashi holds up the championship and goes to leave but as he does a very familiar music hits and it is the music for Noah Hanson!!! The former authority figure of CWA as he walks and the ref and everyone else looks confused to what is going on. Hanson with a microphone in hand and is about to explain what is going on.

    Noah Hanson: Well, I'm pretty sure, you guys know who I am, but you, don't know why I am here. With Megan Anderson on a "business trip" and Richman unable to really be of any help. I'm here to lend a hand. Clearly McGinnis foot was under the rope and because of that I order that this match be restarted, under NO!!! DQ!!!!!!. RIGHT NOW!!!!!

    The bell rings as Snowmantashi who is beyond spent after this match, is now beyond pissed, he had the championship won. But as Snowmantashi turns around IN THE RING!!!!! Is The Echo!!!! The Echo with a DOUBLE SUPERKICK!!!! To Snowmantashi as the big man DROPS TO THE FLOOR!!!!!! The championship goes flying out of his hands. It was like they were waiting for this moment to strike as something is fishy. The Echo slowly take McGinnis and drag him over to Snowmantashi as they place the champ on him for the



    THREE!!!!!!!!!!!! NO!!!!!!

    Snowmantashi gets his shoulder up just in time as again, The Echo look to strike as McGinnis slowly gets up and is pretty much caught up to date with what is going on. The Echo take the chair that McGinnis brought into the ring earlier. Snowmantashi on one knee can't even stand as Drew puts the chair in front of the face of the challenger as a DOUBLE SUPERKICK!!! To the chair that cracks against the skull of Snowmantashi as McGinnis drops to his knee's and crawls over and covers for the



    THREE!!!!!!!!!!!! THREEE!!!!!! NO!!!!!

    Snowmantashi REFUSES TO STAY DOWN!!!! As The Indy Club stand up and wait for Snowmantashi to stand up but he doesn't. The Echo though help and hold Snowmantashi up as they quickly take a step back with McGinnis and hit a TRIPLE SUPERKICK!!! As Snowmantashi who was dazed before now look to be out cold as McGinnis furious on how long this has taken covers Snowmantashi as the Echo help and hold down the pin as the ref counts with no choice



    THREE!!!!!!!!!!!! THREEE!!!!!! THREEE!!!!

    Winner and STILLL!!! CWA World Heavyweight Champion, "The Indy God" Jonathan McGinnis

    Before McGinnis leaves the ring. He kisses the forehead of his former friend Snowmantashi. He leaves the ring and is handed the CWA World Heavyweight Championship. The Echo hold the belt for him and also help the Indy Club Brother stand as he can't even walk on his two feet. The Indy Club stand tall with Pyro shooting off. While in the ring, Snowmantashi is laid out in the center of the ring. Noah Hanson walks out and looks on as The Indy Club walk right past the former authority figure. The question is raised on, WHAT THE FUCK JUST HAPPENED!!!!



    Match credits
    An Original Name - The Echo vs. Murder, Inc.
    Cyrus Truth - Marcus Bennett vs. Mark Merriwether
    Shake - LIGHTBRINGER vs. Dustin Dreamer
    SuperSaiyan - Michelle von Horrowitz vs. Harrison Wake
    Willis & Jon - Jon Snowmantashi vs. Jonathan McGinnis
    Jimmy King - Ariel Justice vs. Duke Martin vs. Elijah Edwards, Johnny Vegas vs. Nate Savage

    Jimmy King

    Jon Snow
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ed
    Stop the hating of the E-Feds. If you don't like something, that's fine, just ignore it and let the people who do enjoy what they're here on WC to do. Mocking them to make you feel less of a geek for being on a geek on a wrestling forum is lame. If you want to not read their posts, I can fix that for you.

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    Re: CWA Presents: World's Strongest - Live from Miami, FL!

    All the Little Snowmantashi fans across the world after the main event....


    [04:46 AM] Punk Wolf: Willis is our Modern-Day Jesus.
    [06:15 AM]Baldwin: Ily Willy
    [05:35 PM]Jon Snow: Willis, your misogyny must be put to an end.
    [06:57 PM]
    Jim: I like Willis more and more with each day
    [04:43 PM]Jim: Which is why Willis > Natural
    [06:06 AM] King Carl: hes like a roman reigns
    [06:06 AM] King Carl: willis has the raw sex appeal tho
    [11:18 AM]Order: I LOVE BIG WILLY

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    Re: CWA Presents: World's Strongest - Live from Miami, FL!

    Really enjoyed this show...

    I’m really glad that Elijah picked up the win (no disrespect to Taz or StylesOfPunk, of course). The character’s come on leaps and bounds in the last few weeks and the writing of him has improved drastically. I hope he can kick on up the card from here. HoF should be interesting – I always appreciate a history lesson. Well done to Merriwether – it’s a shame about Grim’s connectivity troubles, the Bennett promos I’ve read have been solid and the segments between these two have been excellent. I could see this feud rolling on to the next PPV. I love Nate Savage on the microphone and wish he was on Adrenaline Rush every week. The match write-up was excellent and the finish was brutal. This one obviously needs to go another PPV too!

    Looking forward to reading your work, Silk. Maybe turn it into a two PPV feud? Reading it through again a street fight at the next PPV would fit nicely. I’m looking forward to the HV title match. Should be an interesting one – Dustin Dreamer has been a good addition and a re-match with LIGHTBRINGER is warranted.

    The Club’s dominance rolls on another month… Two great match write-ups… the major shenanigans in the main event were well done, although it’s upsetting that we have to wait a while to see Snowmantashi murder McGinnis. And the Connors. The Echo are definitely the most dominant champions in the fed right now and I really have no idea who is going to beat them.

    Good work, everyone!

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    Re: CWA Presents: World's Strongest - Live from Miami, FL!

    sent in my match - apologies for the delay to Jimmy, Cyrus and Matrix.

    I'll edit in my thoughts of the show here once I've went through it and read it all (purposely held off)

    So, finally read through this after 2 weeks and here's my thoughts:

    Nice to see Edwards picking up some more momentum with a decent win. He was the favourite in the match for me, though.

    Bennett hasn't had a great run thus far and it continued with Merriweather - who seems to be a bit of a project at this moment. I think Merriweather has the potential to eventually become a champion but there's no harm in him asserting his dominance over those similar to him and setting himself apart.

    Interesting ending to Savage/Vegas - was it a double noshow or? The KO influence on Savage's writing is easy to see and I enjoy it. It's similar but also different in some regards. A decent, brutal short match that surely has to be repeated somewhere down the line due to the inconclusiveness of it. Unless it was a way to write them out - guess i'll find out as i read on.

    MVH vs Wake was well written. I'd find it difficult to write a match between two heelish characters since one has to trump the other in some regard. The trading DQs were really well done and not what I expected at all from this match. I had an inkling Wake would get the second fall by DQ after the first fall but had no idea up until that point. As always from SS it's incredibly detailed. I do think that the match going thirty five minutes without either pinning or submitting the other may be a bit too out there. It's clearly a heated match with neither willing to drop to the other though so it fits in with the storytelling. At fifty minutes, it's a good match with lengthy falls but I'd think that the space between falls should lessen a decent amount. I think this match may have benefitted from just being a falls count anywhere no holds barred match in the end. Can't complain about the writing though and all the extra work. Solid.

    Tried to write LB/Dreamer as evenly as I could with Dreamer stepping up to the plate as I think LB had the previous victory and would be expected to have a straightforward defense but it was anything but. Dreamer was very close but taking out LB's manager was the last straw in the match. Again, would love to do it again some time if Dreamer sticks around.

    I hate the Echo so much. I don't dislike the Young Bucks in real life but I disdain this offshoot of them in CWA. I feel like the shallowness of the Tag division hampers this match's heat somewhat. It's been built as best as it could but I think the tag titles missing out on the PPV could have been forgiven for this show. With MVH vs Wake going almost an hour and with a decent amount of other matches to fill in the gap, we could have had a lengthy segment to build up to a future showdown at the next PPV. Something like Echo coming out, complaining about not having a match, how the show is boring them to tears, they're here to make it better etc. Give them two jobbers to defend against of their choosing, Echo win, gloat, Murder Inc come out and run them off or something. Maybe it's a bad idea but hoping that we don't blow our load on Murder Inc/Echo too quickly because there aren't much options left. Echo are dominant champions for sure, though.

    The main event was solid although the end confused me. I don't understand why the match would be suddenly made no DQ when it was ended by what was technically a rope break. Rope breaks still count in NO DQ matches as they aren't falls count anywhere - so if the reason why it was made a NO DQ match was to prevent rope breaks then the logic fails with me. The NO DQ stipulation being added by Hanson just makes him seem very Club biased as it pushes the pendulum in McGinnis' favour easily. Maybe that was the aim. But, despite my negatives, I will say that it is a good way to continue the rivarly between Snowmantashi and McGinnis/the Club. Tashi 'wins' the match but he doesn't and then gets screwed majorly. So it sets up a rematch fairly well plus planting the idea of something along the lines of a steel cage/HIAC stipulation. I'd probably go for a lumberjack match or something since cells/cages don't ensure the Echo not interfering.

    A solid show IMO and judging by the AR results after this, everything's moving along nicely.
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    Re: CWA Presents: World's Strongest - Live from Miami, FL!

    No worries here Shake, as long as the match ends up being awesome it'll be worth the wait.

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    Re: CWA Presents: World's Strongest - Live from Miami, FL!

    Final match has been added in, thanks again Shake.

    I'll have the next AR card up shortly.
    Rest in power, Flock U
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ed
    Stop the hating of the E-Feds. If you don't like something, that's fine, just ignore it and let the people who do enjoy what they're here on WC to do. Mocking them to make you feel less of a geek for being on a geek on a wrestling forum is lame. If you want to not read their posts, I can fix that for you.

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