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Thread: Adrenaline Rush: Live from Orlando, FL

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    Adrenaline Rush: Live from Orlando, FL

    Pyrotechnics go off and the roar of the crowd is heard as the overhead camera sails above taking in the sight of the sold out audience when suddenly...

    "GANGGANGGANGGAAAAANNNNG" the ear grazing trap track blast through the stadium and though the first time they heard it on Adrenaline Rush it must have been a shock, already some inside the ground can't help but lower themselves to the below-common denominator and rattle out the words made most famous in a vine. Though typical of big man, little man dynamics is for the big man to calmly strut out with menace telling the tale, and for the little man to match up to it with hyper activity, this isn't the case for the pair. Jermaine Creed is the first one to hustle out, displaying near inhuman athleticism by front flip with the utmost quickness and ease then spreading his arms out wide. Kendrick Lethal, jumps out, the blood pumping track in his veins, and wraps an arm around his brother, both men roughing each other up as only those who truly feel a surge of adrenaline coursing through their veins can feel.

    Jim Taylor: The newest addition to CWA's tag team division, Murder Inc. composed of Jermaine Creed and Kendrick Lethal.

    Tim Coleman: Clever names, Jim. But really, have we lowered ourselves so much so that we now have thugs opening up Adrenaline Rush? Is this really the FIRST thing we want people to see when they tune into the PREMIER wrestling show in the world.

    Jim Taylor: Character aside, Tim, these proved they were here to stay with an incredible repertoire of moves last week. People want to see Murder Inc. wrestle.

    Tim Coleman: I know what this really is. Isaac Richmann couldn't find two semi-decent candidates to fight The Echo, so instead he turned to the only two guys STUPID enough to be willing to do it.

    Jermaine and Kendrick spend all too much type slapping hands and chanting the all-too-simple chorus with fans (parents likely aren't too pleased to see their little princess roaring out 'GANGGANGGANGGAAAAAAANNNG' on live national television but what can you do?). The pair go around the ring and get a microphone before heading out to their den.

    Jermaine Creed: You know, we signed contracts to show up on Adrenaline Rush weeks ago. They wanted us to come out here, do what we do best, they wanted us to deliver a soundbyte. They wanted us to deliver that word that echoes every time they wanna' hype up Murder Inc.

    Kendrick Lethal: But we ain't no goddamn marketing puppets. We do our own shit, when we want it, how we want it. They wanted a goddamn soundbyte, we gave them one last week. All they had to do is record the sound all ya'll people made when I gave the Cap'N the sorta injection he aint accustomed to, not the sorta injection that made em' the way he is, but the sorta injection that puts you out for good, a Lethal Injection. And when my boy Creed climbed to the top of that rope and for one second made you all forget Albert Einstein's name. That's all the sound they'll ever need. That's all the sight they'll ever need.

    Jermaine Creed: And consider that a gift, because we know you've been using the same one-note sound for MONTHS now... almost like we in a shallow room, and there's only one goddamn sound to be heard, the Echo of a superkick.

    Kendrick Lethal: Make no mistake, just as Murder Inc. is a very fitting name for us, the Echo is all too fitting for those brothers. Aye now, we could get into a verbal fight, we could call them skinny little trailer park trash white boys from the south, they could call us - actually, what they might want to call us would probably get censored on TV. But this ain't gonna be a war about that. We didn't work our asses off to get on national TV to make it about that. This is about one damn thing, it ain't about what any of us did to get here, it ain't about whatever excuse you gon' make next time some dumb ass gives you a microphone and makes us all suffer as a result, it's about one thing, the pair of gold you two have.

    Jermaine Creed: The Echo is fitting for one reason only. You two talk about domination but see, when you're an empty room, and the only voice you hear is your own, you ain't dominating *CENSOR*. For eight months you've screamed loudly, you've been spouting a bunch of crap because there ain't no one here to put you in check, clearly... CLEARLY, last week was the last time you two are gonna have that luxury. The room ain't empty anymore. Your words, they aren't gonna Echo anymore, no one is EVER, going to have to listen to whatever *CENSOR* you two gotta say any longer...

    Kendrick Lethal: But we didn't come out here just to put y'all on notice. See, we came out here to look for the baddest mother *CENSOR* in town. We thought about that backwoods psycho, Harrison Wake. He can fight. We all know he can fight. We also thought about Michelle. Aye... I know y'all don't love her, look she probably didn't want to fight with us anyways, so we ain't gon bring her out here. Naw, there was only one man, aside from Mickey Mouse McGinnis who's been at the top this past year, he calls himself Godzilla, but all we see is a yellow stay puft marshmallow man. Thing is, the big gold belt he wore for so long speaks for itself. And when the rich man in the back told us the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse needed someone to fight tonight, we knew the only man that could fight next to Stay Puft without tearing each other apart was Murder Inc. So we gon' lay our offer right here right now, no second thoughts about it - you want a war with the Clubhouse, you gon need fellow friends in suit of armors, whatchu' you say?

    "SWORD OF DESTINY!" The crowd explodes, once the last defense against the Indy Club, now fallen and looking to take back his throne though well aware that it's a fleeting war. Snowmantashi steps on the front stage, with a towel in hand and water soaked hair. He dries his hair then tosses the towel to the ground and begins his methodical walk up the ramp. Kendrick and Jermaine relax back against the ropes and turnbuckle as Snowmantashi stops before the ring to give each of them a fitting glance, then walks up the steel steps and into the ring. Both of them step into the ring and mutter a few things to Snowmantashi off the mic. Snowmantashi seems dismissive of the words until Kendrick slaps Jermaine on the chest and tells him to give him the mic. Jermaine reluctantly does so and Snowmantashi accepts.

    Jon Snowmantashi: You want to go to war with me...?

    There's a general sense of nodding and a mild cheer that follows.

    Jon Snowmantashi: I'm a warrior - not a commander... I don't tell you what to do... don't tell you who to fight... where to go... you fight next to me, you fall, not my problem. You just hold your own. You don't get in my way.

    Kendrick Lethal: Don't get us wrong, Stay Puft - we ain't looking for a leader, this ain't your war no more, you failed that when you lost at Retribution.

    You'd expect a reaction, a physical one, but this is Snowmantashi we're talking about, he remains stoic.

    Kendrick Lethal: Fact is, we're only after those gold bets around the Echo's waist, you're after what keeps Mickey Mouse's red shorts from falling down. You take care of him, we take care of the Echo, that's what's happening tonight.

    Kendrick and Jermaine aren't farther than a feet from Snowmantashi who stares each man down. Is that the most remote hint of a smirk.

    Jon Snowmantashi: Then tonight we go to war.

    The microphone drops. "The Sword of Destiny" hits.

    Tim Coleman: How did these two just jump the line straight to the main event, straight to the tag champs after the Echo had to work almost a year to get here?

    Jim Taylor: Well... there's no one else for the Echo to fight, Tim, you said it yourself.

    Tim Coleman: You know what, Jim, this is all a waste of time, the Indy Club is a three man mount rushmore, and you DO NOT take down mount rushmore, not unless you're some Disney fairy tale movie.

    Jim Taylor: I'm sure tonight this trio will put that question to the test.


    Elijah Edwards w/Romeo Rollings vs. Ariel Justice

    As we return to the arena, “Icky Thump” by the White Stripes sounds out and “Double E” Elijah Edwards walks out onto the stage. The crowd react positively, cheering the former CWA High Voltage Champion as he begins to stride down the ramp.

    Lindsay Monahan: Ladies and gentlemen, this next contest is scheduled for one fall, with a thirty minute time limit. Introducing first, weighing in at two hundred and twenty one pounds, from Toronto, Ontario… “Double E”, Elijah Edwards!

    Edwards slaps the hands of some of the younger fans before climbing up the ring steps. When in the ring, he ascends to the second turnbuckle to pose for his adoring public.

    Jim Taylor: Elijah Edwards got back to winning ways last week, seeing off Mark Merriwether on Adrenaline Rush thanks to his “Excellent Execution” finishing move.

    Tim Coleman: “Double E” may have come back strong last week, but those two, back-to-back losses to LIGHTBRINGER will still be fresh in his mind. He’s tasted gold in the High Voltage Championship and he can’t be happy relinquishing it so soon.

    Jim Taylor: All that Edwards can do is keep winning, and keep his name in that conversation. But tonight won’t be easy, his opponent is a bit of an unknown quantity.

    The White Stripes fade out and are replaced by Killswitch Engage. Before long, Ariel Justice has walked into the arena, a mildly positive reaction given to the CWA debutant as she surveys her new home.

    Lindsay Monahan: And his opponent, from Tampa Bay, Florida, weighing in at one hundred and fifty pounds… Ariel Justice!

    Before walking to the ring, there’s a change in Justice’s demeanour. Initially she’s smiling, at the crowd and in the direction of the ring, but suddenly her face turns stern as she begins to focus on the match.

    Jim Taylor: Here come’s CWA’s latest signing, Tim…

    Tim Coleman: Yeah, and we know very little about her. She doesn’t have much previous experience. One thing that’s obvious is Edwards’ ten inch height advantage, and the seventy one pounds he has on her too. I’m not EE’s biggest fan but I think we could just call this one now.

    Jim Taylor: I wouldn’t be so sure, Tim. Justice has a reputation for a solid power game and a ferocious streak, it’ll be interesting to see whether that coms through tonight in her debut match.

    Justice climbs into the ring, staring across it at Edwards from her corner. “Double E” is loosening up, shifting his weight from foot to foot. The referee calls for the bell.

    The two circle the ring, Ariel clearly keen to engage in some chain wrestling. She goes into a rear waist-lock, but the bigger, stronger Edwards is able to reverse into a rear waist-lock of his own. He hits a clubbing forearm to the small of Justice’s back, sending her stumbling into the corner. He goes for a charging clothesline in the corner, but Justice darts out the way and EE hits the turnbuckles. Ariel backs away and the two engage in a stand-off.

    Tim Coleman: Edwards usually likes to use his speed advantage in matches, but Ariel is smaller and craftier. I’ll be interested to see if he can still maintain the edge in quickness against an opponent seventy pounds lighter than him.

    Jim Taylor: You could say the same thing about Ariel though, Tim. We’re told she uses a power game, but will the height and weight differential nullify that?

    Again the two circle the ring, and this time Edwards lunges in for a grapple, but Justice is able to duck and move into another rear waist-lock. This time she quickly transitions into a hammerlock, forcing Edwards’ arm up towards his shoulder blades and all-the-while reeling off forearms to the small of his back with her free hand. Edwards’ face paints a picture of pain, and he rather wildly tries to thrust his free elbow into the side of Justice’s head. She ducks, though, and Elijah’s momentum forces him all the way around into Ariel’s bear-hug. The crowd is stunned into virtual silence when she hurls him overhead with a belly-to-belly-suplex!

    Tim Coleman: Did you see that?! The one hundred and fifty pounder just threw Elijah Edwards halfway across the ring!

    Jim Taylor: I guess our sources weren’t underestimating her – impressive power shown there from the debutant.

    Edwards is back up to one knee, and – rather than compounding her advantage – Justice instead waits across the ring, allowing the realisation that this will be a harder contest than Edwards imagined sink in. When the two are back up to his feet, Edwards mouths okay and nods his head, again starting to circle the ring. Ariel goes as far as to offer her hand out for a test of strength, but Edwards takes it and immediately wrenches her limb into a wrist-lock. Ariel bows under the pressure, but with a grimace on her face she forces herself back into an upright position and reels off three stiff-looking right-footed kicks to Edwards’ side. Sensing the hold is slipping, Edwards uses her arm to pull her into a bear hug, lifting Justice into the air and applying pressure on her lower back.

    Jim Taylor: Both of these competitors are well-versed in technical wrestling and seem content to trade some holds and counter-holds in the early stretches here.

    Tim Coleman: YAWN. Boring. More suplexes, please.

    After half a minute in the hold, Justice is able to work one of her arms free. She drives the point of an elbow into Edwards’ temple, and the large man stumbles before wrenching at the hold once more. She drives her elbow into his head a second time, and this time he drops her. She rocks him with an uppercut, and then a vicious slap, and then a square right hand to the jaw sends Elijah to the mat. She instantly leaps on him, applying a grounded front face lock. With Edwards in the hold, she takes her knee and slams it into the top of his head three times, Edwards squirming and reaching for the ropes with his feet. He’s getting closer to them, and sensing this justice hoists him back to his feet, still with the front facelock held in, before hooking his arm and taking him over with a vertical suplex! Straight into a cover…

    ONE… TW – NO!

    Jim Taylor: The first pin fall of the match-up there, Justice getting nearly-a-two with her second suplex.

    Tim Coleman: Smart tactics. Grind the big man down – force him to kick out of every move.

    Straight after he gets the shoulder up, Justice puts Elijah in a headlock, continuing the ground and pound. Sensing the match slipping away from him in the early stretches, Elijah concentrates on forcing his way back up to a vertical base. Justice makes things harder by constantly punching the top of his head with a clenched fist, but Edwards eventually manages to back her into the ropes and flings her towards the opposite set, thus releasing the hold. He goes for a discuss lariat as she re-approaches, but Justice manages to duck it and continues to charge. She bounces off the original set and goes for a running forearm strike, but Edwards ducks it and goes straight into a rear waist-lock before hoisting her over with a belly-to-back suplex! He goes straight into a cover…

    ONE… TW – NO!

    Jim Taylor: This time it’s Ariel’s chance to kick out, and Edwards keeps up the advantage with a grounded hammerlock.

    Ariel fights back up to her feet with the hold still locked in, and tries to use her free arm to drive an elbow into Edwards’ skull. Double E is able to duck it, though, and transitions right into a Northern Lights Suplex! He bridges for the cover…

    ONE… TWO… - NO!

    Justice gets out by arching her back and standing whilst Edwards still has his hands wrapped around her, and she manages to rotate so that Edwards’ head is between her legs… She tries to lift him for a Powerbomb, but Edwards drops to a knee and then sends her overheads with a big back body drop. Justice fights to her feet and charges in with an attempted slap, but this time Edwards is able to catch her hand. He puts in a wristlock for a moment, before dragging her into a front facelock. He hooks both of her arms and takes her over with a double underhook suplex! He looks like he wants another cover, but Justice is quick to roll under the bottom rope…

    Jim Taylor: Looks like Ariel Justice wants to take a moment to regain her composure, here.

    Tim Coleman: That’s right, Jim. She may have matched him hold-for-hold in the early exchanges, but in the last few minutes Edwards has been throwing her round like a rag doll.

    Jim Taylor: And she doesn’t look happy about it, Tim. Is that frustration I see creeping in?

    Tim Coleman: It sure looks like it. And Edwards is loving it, playing up for the fans in the ring whilst he waits for Justice’s return.

    Eventually, she slides back under the bottom rope, and Edwards is quickly over to her. He grabs her head, potentially looking for a Snap DDT, but Justice uses her power to drive him backwards into a corner. EE’s neck hits the top turnbuckle and he’s forced to release the hold. Justice takes him over with a snapmare, Edwards landing in a seated position, and she follows up with a stiff kick to the back. Edwards calls out in pain, but Justice doesn’t let him rest, instead taking both of his arms and hoisting him to his feet. She turns him round, obviously going for Killswitch, but – whilst precariously positioned such that all Justice needs to do is sit herself down to complete the move - this time Edwards is able to drive her into the corner to release the hold. Justice has her back to her opponent, and Edwards takes the opportunity to roll her up with a school-boy…

    ONE… TWO… - NO!

    Justice kicks out, and both competitors are quick to their feet to charge in towards each other. Edwards goes for a lariat, but Justice evades it and reverses into an STO! She looks to transition into the Rings of Saturn, but Edwards fights and squirms until he’s hooked the bottom rope with an outstretched leg…

    Jim Taylor: An important rope break right there for Edwards. Ariel Justice is a submission specialist, just like him, and he doesn’t want to find himself in the middle of the ring in that hold or her Kimora armbar finisher.

    When the referee has broken the two up, Edwards gets back to his feet, and Justice charges at him straight away, rocking him with a flying forearm. Elijah stumbles backwards into the ropes, and Ariel pounces on him like a boxer sensing an oncoming knockout. She drives a right jab into his jaw, followed by a pair of left hooks to his abdomen. Edwards is reeling, and Ariel senses it, hitting three straight forearms to his temple and then a HUGE left uppercut. She charges away from Elijah, bouncing off the opposite set and rushing back towards him. She tries to clothesline him out of his boots AND out of the ring, but Edwards ducks it and lifts her over the top rope with a back body drop. She lands on the apron, and goes for another right hook to the turning Edwards. He blocks it though, and then takes her head and slams her throat off the top rope. Ariel manages to stay on the apron by hooking her arm around the rope, but it’s only temporary, as Edwards sends her flying off the apron with a bicycle kick!

    Jim Taylor: It doesn’t look as if Edwards is willing to let her catch her breath again, following Justice out of the ring.

    Tim Coleman: And what’s this? A little bit of a mean streak from Elijah Edwards. He hoists Justice to her feet and Irish Whips her hard into that steel barricade!

    Jim Taylor: And he’s not done there, he takes Ariel by the hair and slams her face-first into the ring apron.

    Edwards rolls Justice back into the ring, and she rolls into position for him to begin his ascension to the top rope. It looks like he’s going for a top rope elbow drop, but the heavy strikes from Justice have taken their toll on him. It seems to take him an age to steady himself on the top turnbuckle, and as he does Ariel darts back to her feet and charges to the ropes, running into them and causing Edwards to lose his balance. He lands groin-first on the top turnbuckle, a loud oooooooh! emanating from the Orlando audience.

    Justice is quick to press the advantage, moving over to Elijah (who is still seated on the top rope) and rocking him with a straight right hand. She then takes his legs, pulling them over the top rope so that their dangling inside the ring. She puts them into position over her shoulders, before dragging him off the top rope, turning round, and slamming him down with a power bomb!

    Jim Taylor: Did you see that?! What a power bomb! What a display of strength from Ariel Justice!

    Tim Coleman: But the move has taken it out of her, too! It takes her an age to hook the leg for the cover!

    ONE… TWO… TH – NO!

    Jim Taylor: Edwards gets the shoulder out at two and three quarters!

    Ariel takes a moment to suck in some oxygen, staring at the referee in disbelief. Eventually, she takes Edwards by the neck and hoists him back to his feet, doubling over with a boot to the midsection. She lifts him into a fireman’s carry, maybe going for her ‘Tapout’ finisher combination of an F5 into the Kimora… But Edwards slips out of the back of it, grabs Ariel around the throat and – with a final burst of energy – throws her overhead with his ‘From Toronto With Love’ Regal-plex!! He can’t take advantage, though, both competitors lying on the mat, ribcages rising and falling, the final throws of the match ahead of them but every ounce of energy already spilled onto the canvass…

    Elijah, slowly but surely, rises to his feet first as Ariel begins to stir as she rolls on her stomach attempting to push herself back up to her feet using all of her arm strength. Elijah grabs her by the head looking to bring her up for the delayed vertical suplex he refers to as The Day Time Stood Still, but she blocks his attempt with a knee to the ribcage doubling him over allowing her to hit him with a impactful snap suplex! Elijah tries to evade her by rolling away and props himself up on one knee, but Ariel comes up and clubs him on the back a few times for good measure before placing him position for a power bomb yet Elijah fends her off with several elbows drilled in her legs forcing her to slightly lose her balanced and grip and in one split second Elijah flips her down in position before locking in his Excellent Execution!

    Jim Taylor: Elijah has got his patented elevated Boston crab locked in with nowhere for Ariel to go!

    Ariel refusing to give up for several seconds, but eventually she succumbs to the pain as it becomes too much to bear when she taps out!

    Lindsay Monahan: The winner of the match by submission, Elijah Edwards!

    Jim Taylor: Ariel Justice has nothing to be ashamed of because she put up one heck of a fight against a very game Elijah Edwards, but Elijah was on point tonight and found a way to prevail over her earning himself another victory

    Elijah briefly celebrates but stops to help Ariel back to her feet and offers her a handshake. She's reluctant at first, but eventually she obliges and returns the gesture before taking her exit as followed by Elijah who slaps hands with some eager fans along the way.


    As we come back from commercial break, the audience at home is greeted with the sight of two men - Drew and Ethan Connor,aka the CWA World Tag Team Champions. Both men were uncharacteristically dressed to the nines in fancy suits, holding their tag titles over their shoulders while the crowd showed their disapproval for the two. Ethan would be the first to speak, lifting the microphone up to his lips and wasting no time.

    Ethan Connor: "Orlando Florida...The Party's here"

    The crowd boos the signature opener of the team as Drew takes over

    Drew Connor: Alright AlrightSettle down, settle down--- quiet because YOUR World Tag Team Champions have something to say.

    The crowd booed heavily as both Drew and Ethan smiled at each other and nodded. They positioned their World Tag Team Championships over their shoulder as Drew continued.

    Drew Connor: Ethan these last few weeks have been great weeks to be great, a great weeks to be the Echo and an unfortunate few weeks to NOT be Indy Club- Like the Moments Just like we said, we dismantled those two hobbits and took BACK what was rightfully ours--- the CWA World Tag Team Championships! Ladies and Gentlemen, you are welcome because for the first time in this company's' illustrious'history

    Ethan Connor: ...Yeah,'illustrious'... what a freakin' joke!...

    Drew Connor:For the first time in this company's history, you have Tag Team Champions that you that can talk the talk and walk the walk. You're looking at the most TALENTED duo in wrestling history You're welcome dorks!

    The fans booed as Drew spread his arms out and basked in the glory. His brother nodded his head and clapped with a shit eating grin. Both men smiled and congratulated each other as Drew spoke
    once more

    Drew Connor:And as YOUR World Tag Team Champions, we could do what some teams did in the past. We could sit o our asses and do nothing barely lift a finger and just watch this division rot...

    Ethan Connor: -Cough Movement Cough-

    Drew Connor: but unlike everybody else that steps through that curtain, we actually have the BALLS to back up our words, so not only tonight are The Indy club headlining this mother, we've here to pull off double duty and DEFEND our titles right here. RIGHT NOW.... and being the true gentlemen that we are, we won't even have to change into our gear! I mean, look at these suits.

    Ethan Connor: Worth more than your houses!

    Drew Connor: Exactly. But to prove a point, why don't we make this a little more interesting. We are going to put OUR World Tag Team titles on the line against any former tag team in CWA history! Any of them! Line 'em up and we make sure, that they get an imprint of our boots permanently fixed to their faces

    Ethan Connor:....And by the way, just for my own curiosity, doesn't this count as our ONE monthly mandatory contracted title match? Meaning we don't have to defend our titles again for the next month?

    Drew Connor: You know something Ethan I haven't even thought about that, but now that I think about it. Yeah I guess it would

    Ethan Connor: Huh interesting...but yeah Let's face it, every other team in this company's history is absolute trash compared to us.

    Drew Connor: More like a dumpster fire.

    Both men laughed at their own stupid jokes. They're two funny guys!

    Ethan Connor: I mean there's just no comparison While we are P-R-Ofessionals, everyone else is just...well,THEY'RE NOT PROFESSIONALS, THAT'S FOR SURE! I MEAN, LOOK AT OUR SUITS! THEY'RE GOD DAMN BEAUTIFUL!

    Ethan screamed those words whilst his partner tried to calm him down. He quickly adjusted his suit accordingly and took a deep breath.

    Ethan Connor: But like Drew said, we're going to wrestle tonight and defend OUR Tag Team titles in these suits because that's what real men do! We don't care who comes out to accept our challenge. It could be God himself and we'd STILL kick his ass.

    Drew Connor God's right here, man....

    Ethan Connor: You know something? I'm tired of talking. The sooner we kick these dorks' asses and collect our check, the sooner we'll be out of this DUMP! I mean, seriously, have you people even HEARD of soap?!

    Cheap heat is the best heat. He and Drew shared a laugh at the smelly expense of people from Orlando. Hicks are hilarious to piss off, honestly

    Ethan Connor:Ok, ok let's get this show on the road let's see what sad, pathetic excuse for a team decides to come out here and get shown up by THE greatest tag team walking this earth today-THE ECHO-BAY-BAY! The sooner we beat these two bums, WHOEVER THEY ARE... we'll be on our way out of this CRAPHOLE! God, it can't come soon enough. Alright, let's do this.

    Drew and Ethan would then take their position in their corner of the ring, making VERY dramatic warming up motions, shadow boxing, doing jumping jacks that kind of thing awaiting the announcements from Lindsay Monahan.... until something seems to go off in Ethan's head. He quickly walks over to Monahan while reaching into his pocket, and hands her note cards. Monahan looks at him with confusion, but he is assuring her everything is okay. Ethan
    pats the announcer rather forcefully on her shoulder before walking back towards his tag partner, giving him the thumbs up.


    Lindsay Monahan: Ladies and Gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one-fall and it is for the CWA Tag Team Championship of the World! Introducing first, the Champions, at a combined 350, they are the REIGNING... DEFENDING... UNNNNDISPUTED, CWA TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS OF THE WOOOORLLLLD....DREW CONNOR! ETHAN CONNOR THE ECHO!

    The Echo would lift their tag titles high above their heads, showing off to the crowd.

    Lindsay Monahan And their opponents..

    "Alice In Chains"begins to play.... we all know that theme! THE FUTURE!

    The crowd goes absolutely crazy for the first ever Tag Team Champions. The original brother tag team. one of founding fathers of CWA....... and the cheers quickly go to silence as 'Darren Storm' walks out. The silence then turns to boos as the 'little person' playing Darren Storm does the Future signature hand gesture. He's also pretty fat, which explains why he's wearing a baggy future shirt and what Lindsay says next.

    Lindsay Monahan:...They are former CWA World Tag Team Champions, DURDAN STEIN! AX STEIN! THE FART-TURE!

    We've got "Durden" out here, but where in the world is Ax Stein? The Echo still have their microphones in hand, so while the focus is all on the entrance for what was supposedly one of the best returns of all time, we can still hear them talking. "You've never looked better. Did you get taller? Durden who is now ringside is trying to slap the hands of everybody at ringside, but only a few put theirs out there for him. Still damn pissed at the trick. Durden then slowly climbs the ring steps - it looks like he's trying to climb Mt Everest for goodness sake - and enters the ring through the middle of the second and bottom rope. We see the look on Ethan's face looking slightly annoyed

    Ethan Connor:Where is he?

    Durden would shake his head and throw up his arms, not exactly knowing where his other half (or in this case, other quarter) is. Ethan didn't like that answer, stomping over to the much smaller man and squatting down to be eye level

    Ethan Connor: Listen here you little Game of Thrones reject, you tell me where he is right now, or I swear to God I will make you REGRETtaking our m-

    Drew Connor: Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa, simmer down E.

    Drew would put a hand on his tag partner's shoulder, trying to calm his anger but Ethan just gets up even more pissed off

    Ethan Connor NO! That little bastard --

    Drew Connor: Accepted our open challenge...

    Ethan Connor Yeah, sure, whatever. But how can he accept it when he isn't HERE?! I want to know where the hell Ax Stein is, and I want a God damn answer! We spent so much time digging up BOTH of their careers after they destroyed and buried them in the middle of Hell itself. We gave them a chance to be relevant again and THIS is how I get repaid?! HE DOESN'T EVEN SHOW UP?!

    Drew Connor: "He's probably stuck in 2010 y'know the last time these two were relevant or he might be... y'know... in there."

    Drew would then motion to Durden's gut, and the anger on Ethan's face simply washes away as he grins, nodding his head at his partner's joke. All of a sudden, we see the curtains atop the stage throw open - IT'S AX STEIN Yet another smaller person with spiky black hair, this time, he's making a run for it down the ramp. Ax takes what seems like ages to hit ringside before once again, making the climb up Stairs Everest and entering the ring. Drew and Ethan start to remove their suit jackets, Ethan furiously taking his off while Drew does his nice and easy.Ethan rolls up his sleeves while Ax stands on the opposite side of the ring with Durden on the apron. Ax gets on the apron, especially considering the bell has already rung and the match has been underway for like the past.... who knows?

    Duren RUSHES forward....but Ethan easily holds him back with one hand much to the amusement of The Echo, Durden Stein tries to move forward failing his hands trying to reach the giggling Ethan before with a lazy flick of his wrist Durden comes tumbling back. Ethan laughs his ass off as he dances around the little person crotch chopping. After he gets bored of that Ethan gets on his knees and beckons for Durden to come closer, blatantly disrespecting his size. The smaller Durden would then move forward, faking a collar-and-elbow tie-up before slapping Ethan right across the face! Ethan looks absolutely furious and stumbles back in surprise. Durden now decides to hit the ropes. He rebounds back and EATS a boot right to the face! The much smaller man hits the mat almost immediately, and we could call it game over right here as Ethan walks around him touching the place he was slapped and months off before grabbing Durden up by the neck, almost like you'd grab a small child you're getting ready to abuse. Ethan would then HURL Durden across the ring, letting out all this pent up anger and aggression he has. Ethan then starts walking over to his downed prey who is using the ropes to get up, just doing his best to stay alive. Ethan grabs Durden once again by the neck, lifting him up to his feet and smacking him across the face. The crowd is vehemently booing now, and Ethan decides it's time for a classic. He moves in the direction his corner and falls on his stomach and lays there limp for a moment before he begins to cross ever so slowly towards Drew with a clearly overdramatic look of angst on his face like he's been worked over in this match for an hour Drew reaches out his hand a mock look of concern on his face willing his brother to make the tag, Ethan crawls closer and closer before with a dramatic leap he tags in his brother! Drew quickly slingshots himself over the ropes and rushes Durden moves to meet him in the ring, but quickly gets taken out by a SUPERKICK that Drew really had to go down for. Ax gets in the ring ready to cha-SUPERKICK Ethan with a superkick to the back of Ax skull, he has got to be out cold! The fun and games are over now as Ethan rips his dress shirt off, buttons flying all over the place as he Drew picks Ax up and shoves him over to his partner to simply trips him. but Ethan grabs Ax by the trunks and the neck before lifting him up onto his tiny feet, then taking off at full speed and SHOVING HIM down to the mat! The momentum of the running causes Ax to keep sliding and he basically FLIES underneath the bottom rope and out to the floor! Drew grabs the unconscious Durden and shoves him over to Ethan who grabs him by the shirt and lifts him high up into the air, and down with a vertical suplex CRUSHING his spine. Probably killing him! Ethan points towards the turnbuckle, shouting at his brother to finish it off. Drew complies,slowly climbing so as not to damage any of his expensive clothing. Then, with the air and grace you'd expect from The Connor Brothers delivers "Your
    says Hi".




    Lindsay Monahan
    Here are your winners and STILL CWA TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS OF THE WOOOORLLLLD....The Echo!

    The Echo's music would hit, and Drew would be the one to grab the Tag Team Championships. Ethan was too busy laying on the body of the (Dead?) midget and
    pantomiming being worn out as if he went sixty minutes with Cyrus Truth '. The crowd was still booing - rather viciously I might add, but that's to be expected when you beat up little people. Drew hands Ethan his half of the Tag Titles and the two men would raise each others' arms in victory as well as their Championships to show the crowd just who they are. Constantly mouthing off how great they are....See you again in 30 days.


    Adrenaline Rush returns from commercial and the intro to “Cut the Cord” begins to play.

    “(Freedom, la la la la)
    (Freedom, follow me)
    (Freedom, la la la la)
    (Freedom) Cut it!”

    Once the song kicks into high gear “Nasty” Nate Savage creeps out from behind the curtain wearing his usual scowl while the crowd showers him with their hate. He pays no mind to the reaction he’s receiving as he walks to the ring.

    Jim Taylor: Well, Nate Savage is scheduled for a match tonight but it looks like he has something say first

    Tim Coleman: This should be good!

    Nate steps in the ring wearing his wrestling attire as he snatches the microphone away from Lindsay Monahan before signaling his music to be cut. He waits for the crowd to quiet down, but he’ll be waiting all night as they continue to boo him.

    Nate Savage: The longer you boo me the longer I stay out here, and believe me I don’t want to be in this city or state any longer than I have to be…

    This elicits a louder scathing response from the fans as Nate smirks, and after a few more moments the crowd settles down a little.

    Nate Savage: Now, I’m sure that you’re all aware by now what took place last week between myself and Richie Rich…

    Jim Taylor: Surely he’s referring to Johnny Vegas

    Tim Coleman: Of course he is Jim!

    Nate Savage: Johnny Vegas, I hope you’re listening in the back rich boy because you got off easy last week when I could have left you laying on the floor in broken, bloody mess. Tonight, you don’t get off so easy because tonight when I get my hands on you you’re going to regret ever bumping into me, and you’ll think twice and look where you’re going from now on.

    Nate begins pacing around the ring.

    Nate Savage: It’s not just about that though Johnny. You see I’ve never liked you Johnny, you know why? Because you’ve been given opportunity after opportunity just because of some fluke win over Jonathan McGinnis, but then each time you’re handed another chance you screw the pooch and come up short proving what I’ve known all along and that’s that you’re just utterly worthless Johnny.

    The crowd boos some more.

    Nate Savage: Boo all you want but you know that I’m speaking truth. Johnny Vegas has never deserved all of those opportunities because he’s just as worthless as each and every one you, and that’s why all of you flock to him because you share something in common with him.

    More boos.

    Nate Savage: Johnny Vegas is nothing more than a fraud and he doesn’t care about any of you. You see that’s the one thing Johnny and I have in common because I don’t care about any of you either, but the difference between Johnny and I is that I admit it when Johnny refuses to embrace it, and pulls you along like some puppets on a string.

    Nate stops pacing in the center of the ring.

    Nate Savage: Another difference between myself and Johnny is that he’s been handed everything in life on a silver platter, while I had to work hard for everything and what do I get in return? Nothing! Johnny on the other hand gets handed main event matches and title shots even though he doesn’t deserve any of that. Tonight that all ends when I break Johnny in this ring and send him back to wherever his mansion is with his stupid wife, and all of the money in the world won’t be able to heal him after I’m finished with him…

    Nate stops and thinks for a moment.

    Nate Savage: As far as Johnny’s partner is concerned, Marcus Bennett. Well, you still seem new to this company and I’m sure you’re feeling pretty hot right now after you first win last week. Don’t get used to it kid because tonight you’ll be another casualty along with Johnny Vegas. As for my partner Mark Merriwether, some pretty boy Hollywood hotshot, you don’t seem so bad but don’t get in my way and we’re golden so come on out here and let’s get this over with…

    He tosses the microphone aside and waits in the corner for his partner.

    “Hollywood” fills the arena and the crowd erupts into boos for Mark Merriwether as he arrogantly struts out with his nose up at the fans. Along the way he poses for an attractive woman in the front row, who looks unimpressed by him, he just smirks and shakes his head as he continues to walk to the ring…

    Lindsay Monahan: The following match is a tag team match set for one fall, and already in the ring from Philadelphia, PA he is “Nasty” Nate Savage! His tag team partner approaching the ring he is from Seattle, WA and wrestling out of Hollywood, CA he is “The Hollywood Standard” Mark Merriwether!

    Savage and Merriwether share a glance without exchanging words as they await the arrival of their opponents…

    “Ace of Spades” hits and a positive reception for Marcus Bennett, who cracks his neck and loosens up his wrists on his way to ring while never taking his eyes off of Mark Merriwether.

    Lindsay Monahan:
    Approaching the ring from Mankato, MN and wrestling out of Canton, OH he is “The Crippler” Marcus Bennett!

    “Hate by Design” blares out and the crowd pops loudly as Johnny Vegas walks out with Jenny at his side. He looks laser focused as he briskly walks to the ring while Jenny slaps hands with the fans.

    Lindsay Monahan: and his tag team partner approaching the ring and being accompanied by Jenny Vegas, from Los Angeles, CA he is Johnny Vegas!

    Ding! Ding! Ding!

    Tag Team Grudge Match
    Mark Merriwether & Nate Savage vs. Johnny Vegas & Marcus Bennett

    Merriwether will begin the match for his team and upon noticing this Marcus Bennett obliges to start for his team, and Vegas allows him to do so. Merriwether smirks at this, but it’s quickly wiped away as Bennett clobbers him with a huge running clothesline! Bennett follows up with several more running clotheslines until Merriwether has had enough as he crawls awayto find higher ground, but Bennett does not allow him to get far pulling him by the boot, yet Merriwether kicks him away knocking Bennett back a few steps allowing Merriwether time to recover and once he’s up he charges at Bennett and hits him with a running double axe handle! Bennett is stunned as Merriwether hooks him up for a suplex, but Bennett has it scouted as he blocks it and using the nearby ropes to his advantage he hits Merriwether with an effective slingshot suplex! Merriwether clutches his lower back while grimacing as he tries to crawl to one knee, and Bennett sizes him up and attempts a spinning roundhouse kick yet Merriwether ducks out of the way and catches Bennett by surprise with a roll up!


    Bennett forcefully kicks out and rolls back up to his feet only to be met by a huge lariat from Merriwether that turns him inside out! Merriwether tags in Savage and Savage boots Bennett in the head as he was on all fours.

    Jim Taylor: Typical from Savage, just toying with his opponent and now he’s taunting Vegas on the apron

    Savage taunts Vegas as Bennett is trying to crawl back up on one knee, and Savage drills him with an elbow to the head keeping him at bay. Savage brings him up now in position for a fisherman suplex, but Bennett blocks it and lands a chop across the chest of Savage knocking him some allowing Bennett to lock Savage in position before dropping him down hard with a hammerlock suplex! Vegas eagerly wanting in this match and Bennett obliges tagging in his fresher partner and the crowd explodes with excitement when Vegas enters the match as Savage is rising up before being pummeled down by Vegas with wildly thrown punches much to the delight of the fans.

    Jim Taylor: Would you listen to this reception? These people seem to enjoy watching Nate Savage get his comeuppance!

    Tim Coleman: All they are doing is proving Nate Savage’s point that they are nothing more puppets being dangled on a string by Johnny Vegas

    Jim Taylor: I don’t believe that for one second. Nate Savage is just a miserable human being and takes pleasure in making others’ lives just as miserable as he is

    Vegas taking it to Savage with fist after fist until he’s backed off by the referee while Savage uses this time to recover checking his nose for any blood. Vegas obliges the ref’s orders while his back is turned and Savage charges at Vegas clobbering him with a clothesline to the back of the head! Savage stomps away at Vegas while taunting the fans shouting at them, “Look at your hero now!” Savage picks up Vegas and has him position before dropping him down with a thunderous sit-out scoop slam piledriver! Savage sits on top of Vegas and hooks the leg…


    Vegas throws a shoulder up knocking Savage off of him, and Savage rolls back to his feet stomping Vegas a few times for good measure before delivering a massive running senton crushing Vegas beneath his weight and he hooks the leg again…


    Vegas kicks out and Savage picks up Johnny by the head telling him to just give up now, but all this does is fire up the billionaire as he hits Savage with a jawbreaker that stuns the nasty one sending him back several steps holding his jaw. Vegas kips up and connects with a picture perfect standing dropkick to a running Savage taking him down, but not out Savage rises back up only to be met by an enziguiri straight to the temple and Savage is stunned with a glazed over look in his eyes drops to one knee. Vegas takes this opportunity to drag Savage to the ropes and sets him up before planting him to the mat with a rope hung DDT! Vegas with a lateral press hooks the leg…


    Savage kicks out and both men seem out of it as they both crawl to their respective corners and tag in their partners. Bennett enters the match to a big pop from the fans as Merriwether charges at him only to be taken down by an arm drag, and Bennett follows up catching Merriwether with a flapjack dropped face first to the mat!

    Tim Coleman: Not the face!

    Jim Taylor: Mark can kiss those Hollywood good looks goodbye after that!

    Merriwether holds his face trying to gather his bearings, but Bennett brings him up in position for a huge German suplex! Bennett follows up with two more German suplexes followed by a bridge attempt…


    Merriwether with a shoulder up in time keeping himself in this match and he rolls away keeping his distance from Bennett, who is riding a wave of momentum right now. Merriwether gathers himself in the corner before Bennett charges in at him with a clothesline, but Merriwether scoots out of the way causing Bennett to crash in the corner allowing Merriwether to get him in a rear waist lock positon before bringing him down with a belly to back suplex! Merriwether confidently makes the cover…


    Bennett kicks out and Merriwether thought he had it as he briefly berates the referee while Bennett slowly recovers shaking away any cobwebs. Merriwether has Bennett locked in position for the Hollywood Shuffle full-nelson suplex, but Bennett fights out of it throwing a back elbow drilling Merriwether’s jaw knocking him back. Now Bennett takes Merriwether in a rear waist lock before applying Merriwether in position for a dragon suplex and he hits it into a bridging pin…


    Merriwether with a shoulder up this time and rolls over keeping himself distanced from Bennett while Bennett climbs up top rather exhausted from the match, which allows Merriwether to run the ropes forcing Bennett to drop crotch first on the turnbuckle. Merriwether climbs up on the second turnbuckle locking Bennett in position…SUPERPLEX!

    Jim Taylor: Good grief what impact!

    Tim Coleman: Yeah but it took a lot of both guys

    Merriwether and Bennett lay on their backs for several seconds while Vegas urges Bennett to recover, meanwhile Savage looks on with little to no concern for his partner but holds out his hand anyway and Merriwether leaps out and slaps him in for the tag! Savage enters the ring right as Bennett makes the tag to Vegas and the two fierce rivals charge at each other trading blows in the center of the ring! Vegas gains the advantage drilling Savage with a European uppercut before locking him positon for a brain buster, but Savage fights out of it and drops down in front of Vegas and Vegas aims for a super kick but Savage counters catching him by the boot and brings him in for a short arm lariat, yet Vegas ducks underneath and Savage spins around right before getting blasted with a super kick! Vegas drops on top of him for the cover…

    The count is broken up by Mark Merriwether as he stomps away on Vegas, but not for long as Bennett runs in for the save taking Merriwether down with a running double axe handle! Merriwether rolls back up however into a corner but Bennett darts towards him with a corner clothesline nearly taking him out of his boots and knocking him to the outside where Bennett follows suit continuing his assault, while Savage recovers and rolls out of the ring and snatches up a steel chair…

    Jim Taylor: Savage has bad intentions in mind with that chair in hand

    Savage rolls back in the ring as Vegas is on all fours allowing Savage to crack the chair right across his back prompting the referee to call for the bell

    Jim Taylor: The referee calling for the bell and rightfully so!

    Savage lays the steel chair down and drags Vegas over position him above the steel chair for what looks like his Savaged package pile driver on top of the steel chair, but Vegas catches a second wind and flips Savage behind him right on his back. Savage howls out in pain while Vegas drops to one knee to recover and then takes the chair and waits as Savage has his back turned before cracking it right across his back!

    Jim Taylor: Turnabout is fair play and Savage getting a taste of his own medicine!

    Savage howls out in pain again as Vegas swings wildly connecting again this time on Savage’s side before he rolls out of the ring to avoid any further damage. Suddenly, Isaac Richmann appears on the big screen.

    Richmann: Well, it seems as though that this situation between you two was not resolved, so at World’s Strongest we’ll see you two fight it out in a no disqualification match!

    The crowd cheers at this while Vegas smiles as Savage is seething with anger.

    Richmann: What’s the matter Nate? You wanted your name on the card, now you got it!

    Richmann smirks at this while Savage yells at him.

    Richmann: One more thing because I haven’t forgotten about Marcus Bennett and Mark Merriwether, you two will also face off at World’s Strongest to settle this issue that you two have!

    With that Isaac smiles before vanishing from the screen while Savage is irate about this turn of events along with Merriwether, who escaped Bennett’s clutches for now as he walks back up the ramp while Bennett gives him chase and Vegas remains in the ring with Jenny happy about the announcement.

    Tim Coleman: Vegas may have got the last laugh tonight, but don’t count on it at World’s Strongest!


    A candy-coloured clown they call the sandman…

    The reaction was mixed, as it often was nowadays. The cheers were as unexpected as they were unappreciated. She hadn’t changed one bit – she still looked upon these people with the same blind hatred as she had the week after Global Collision. But, as she’d told Jon Snowmantashi, the cream rises, even in the eyes of the trogs.

    As Roy began to warble about his dreams, she made her way down the entrance ramp. About half way down, she stopped to survey a sign, a large, bearded man shaking it in front of her face. The childish scrawl read ’MARRY ME, MVH!’ Her eyes drifted slowly from the placard to the man’s hopeful face, and then back to the text, and once more to the trog. Suddenly, and rather unpredictably, she burst out into wild, uncontrollable laughter. She held her gut, her diaphragm expanding and contracting at a tremendous rate. She sank to her knees, raising a hand to point a finger at the man’s unremarkable face, the hope slowly draining away and replaced by embarrassment. Finally, she pulled herself back to her feet, stifled a few remaining chuckles, and ripped the sign away from him. She crumpled it into a tight ball and continued on her way down to the ring, shaking her head as she went.

    After Lindsay Monahan had given her a microphone, she waited patiently for her music to die down and allowed herself a moment to soak in the atmosphere. There were still boos – many boos – but now they had to compete for prominence. She didn’t quite know how to feel about that. Eventually, remembering herself, she lifted the microphone to her mouth to impart her wisdom on the mindless, still throwing the crumpled paper-ball up and catching it in the same hand as she mused.

    “Ladies and gentlemen, tonight is not a special night,” she began. “Tonight, your beloved puppet masters have decided to team me with a man I have no interest in and no affiliation with, against two men that I have already beaten. If I were you, paying so much for your awful seats in this stuffy arena, I’d demand my hard-earned green back. But no, you lap it up like nodding dogs, chanting this is awesome and the like when all you’re getting is recycled garbage. Variations on the same uninspiring theme.”

    The cheers subsided a little, the tide not necessarily turning entirely against her but the derision winning out for the time-being. She paused and she smiled. This was familiar. This was comfortable. She threw the ball of paper up once more, catching it again with a flick of the wrist, allowing herself a sideward glance at the announcers table. She meandered over to the ropes and, somewhat unexpectedly, threw the ball at Tim Coleman’s head. It bounced off his temple, causing him to slap at the air as if defending himself against some invisible attacker.

    “But, I’m not here tonight to talk about the shortcomings of bookers. These are inherent, and do not need further analysis. No, tulips, I’m here tonight to address the matter at hand. I’m here to talk to you about Harrison Wake. Two weeks ago in Florida, Tough Guy Harrison and I put on quite the show. A Match of the Year candidate, they’re calling it, and although such plaudits are nothing in comparison to the sweet scent of victory. We pushed each other to our limits, and – through piledrivers onto steel, missed elbow drops onto wood, and botched 450s onto canvass – when the dust had settled and the smoke had cleared, my hand was once again raised. You may have earned my respect, Wake, but that’s all you earned. The spoils were mine.

    “It is my understanding, though, that one defeat is not enough for Tough Guy Harrison. No, the idea of taking a step down in the pecking order is not appealing to our resident Backwoods Badass. And nor should it be – people who accept losing will continue to lose. I expect nothing less from a man so tenacious. So, after another defeat, Wake stood in this very ring, microphone in hand, and confidently challenged me to a rematch at World’s Strongest. I don’t know if Marcus Bennet dropped him on his head enough times to forget what happened the last time, but I fear that the unhinged has finally lost the plot entirely. There will be no redemption, only further disappointment.”

    A small ’BACK-WOODS BAD-ASS’ chant could be heard, but a duelling ’M-V-H’ call rose to meet it. Michelle couldn’t help but think her audience was struggling through the decision as to which wrestler they disliked less.

    “If you want a match, Tough Guy, you’ve got one. But I don’t want any doubt left as to who the better person is. I don’t want to give you any room to negotiate your own position after yet another loss. That’s why my acceptance comes at a condition; two out of three falls. Beating you once is old news. I’m not interested in re-treading the past. When I’ve pinned your shoulders to the mat twice without reply, there’ll be no debate. Cold, hard facts are exactly that, Harrison; cold and hard. But you must confront them regardless.”

    Michelle paused again, realising she’d been pacing, meandering in both thought and action. She forced herself into a stationary position, leant on the top rope and staring directly at the lens. Mockery crept into her town, in spite of the respect that Harrison had earned. It was only her nature.

    “I’ll even give you an out, Wake,” she said, unblinking and unflinching. “After all, when does a sour patch become normality? First runner-up at the Wrestle Royale. An unsuccessful challenge for a secondary title. Second runner-up in the Steel Roulette. On the losing end of a Match of the Year Candidate. You may decide, when I’m done showing you and your partner why I’ve never been pinned on Adrenaline Rush, that you’ve bitten off more than you can chew at World’s Strongest. That’s nothing to worry about, Tough Guy; it takes a big man to recognise his own shortcomings. If, when you’re staring up at these very lights on this very ceiling, you begin to have second thoughts, all you need to do is say the word. I’m sure Captain Klappton would be willing to wrestle you next week, even at such short notice. Now, let’s get this thing over with.”

    After throwing the microphone in the general direction of Monahan, Michelle took up her favoured position in the corner, almost horizontal with her head against the bottom turnbuckle. She waited patiently for Harrison Wake. LIGHTBRINGER didn’t matter. Dustin Dreamer was irrelevant. There was only Harrison Wake and Michelle von Horrowitz.

    LIGHTBRINGER - hits! The fans pop for the Japanese superstar as he comes out onto the stage without his manager Himawari but with the belt across his waist. He storms down the ramp with his entrance attire - casting an acknowledging look at the same fan MVH 'berated' earlier. He jumps into the ring, has a brief glance at MVH before cutting his trademark pose - even some fans join in.

    Jim Taylor: It seems some fans have taken a shine to our High Voltage champion...

    Tim Coleman: I haven't!

    He takes his belt off and looks up at the stage as "Johnny's Revenge" by Crown the Empire plays - Dustin Dreamer sans Athena comes out onto the stage, pacing furiously down the ramp with a purpose, the fans let out a couple of boos...

    Jim Taylor: And I think this is a man who joins you in that line of thinking, Tim. Dustin Dreamer! The King of Chaos!

    Tim Coleman: I'm glad he joins me in that line of thinking! He's a smart man!

    Dreamer jumps into the ring and doesn't care for the boos as he squares up, instantly, at LIGHTBRINGER. Both have a staredown before the referee comes in between them and intervenes... MVH sits in the corner and appears mildly amused... but her smirk disappears when "Move Me" by The Ghost Inside starts to blare around the arena... Harrison Wake walks out to a huge chorus of boos from the crowd - he has his eyes deadlocked on MVH as he struts to the ring nonchalantly...

    Jim Taylor: I think we know that Harrison Wake just wants to fight... and who he just wants to fight!

    Tim Coleman: And whose ass he's going to kick! Von Horrowitz is going down!

    Wake gets to the ring apron and jumps on, entering the ring and making sure to stand straight infront of MVH - pointing at her and telling her that he is going to give her a huge beating. The crowd are amped up and can barely wait for the match to start as the referee separates the two sides into their teams.

    Tag Team Grudge Match
    Dustin Dreamer & Harrison Wake vs. LIGHTBRINGER & Michelle von Horrowitz

    Everyone appears fired up for the match – LIGHTBRINGER selects himself to be the legal man for his team and MVH gets onto the apron, Dreamer absolutely demands that he is the legal man but Harrison Wake backs him off and tells him to get out! Some of the crowd aren’t happy with this.

    Jim Taylor: It seems that Harrison Wake wants a piece of LIGHTBRINGER, never mind MVH!

    Tim Coleman: He’s willing to fight anyone, you have to respect that! LIGHTBRINGER is lucky that Harrison is here to prevent Dreamer from beating him down!

    Wake appears to start off by trash talking the High Voltage champion before giving him a shove, LIGHTBRINGER responds with a forearm and they’re off – trading shots until Wake forces him back towards a neutral turnbuckle. The crowd shout as Wake lands a few hard chops in succession that cause LB to stumble forward from the corner – Wake comes forward and looks for a lariat but LB ducks under it and Wake rebounds off of the ropes and is met with a huge dropkick! Wake sits up but is instantly taken back down as LIGHTBRINGER comes roaring in with a sliding European uppercut that only manages to get a one count. Both men get back up and back off slightly from each other but go back at it with exchanging forearms until Wake is the one forced to a neutral turnbuckle this time. LIGHTBRINGER teases huge chops but instead he simply pats Wake’s chest before backing off all the way to MVH and tagging her in – the crowd approve of the mind games!

    Tim Coleman: Show off. See that’s why he will lose to Dreamer, he’s too busy trying to please the crowd!

    Jim Taylor: I think you just have a bias problem, Tim! Here comes Michelle - Wake will be up for a fight here!

    The crowd are anticipating a huge brawl here – but every time Harrison tries to get close to MVH, she fires off a stiff leg kick that keeps him at distance. The crowd wince in response as you can hear the thud of each kick – Wake becomes more and more irritated as each kick lands. Eventually he gets fed up and both combatants back up from each other, the crowd want to see a brawl and Harrison taunts MVH, demanding that she ‘fights’ – she obliges as both get ready to run at each other.

    Jim Taylor: Wake isn’t happy that Michelle has taken the tactical route!

    Tim Coleman: We’re all here to see a real fight…

    They both rush out, looking to meet head on but MVH dives at the legs of Wake and lands a huge knee chop block that propels him forward. MVH has a smirk on her face as she know she has her opponent outsmarted here and she runs in and delivers a huge shining wizard that knocks Harrison out near the apron. Dreamer hits his partner and the referee notices the tag – he comes bouncing into the ring.

    Tim Coleman: Time for revenge for last week!

    MVH comes for Dreamer but he knocks her down with a forearm – they repeat the sequence before MVH is backed into a corner and Dreamer starts firing off rapid punches followed by chops as MVH starts to absorb a huge amount of punishment – the crowd then boo as Dreamer rakes his thumb into her eye and the referee has to count to four before he backs off. “The King of Chaos” has a couple of words with the referee before he goes back to Michelle who delivers a big kick to the gut that has him recoiling. MVH climbs onto the top turnbuckle and goes for a diving crossbody… but Dreamer catches her! He shows off some incredibly strength as he lifts her up onto his shoulders… he gives a taunt to LIGHTBRINGER in the corner… and then drops her with the Death Valley Driver!

    Jim Taylor: Dustin Dreamer is running the show here!

    Tim Coleman: As he should be!

    He goes for the cover…1..2….NO! LIGHTBRINGER runs into the ring and breaks the pin up – the referee backs him off and the crowd boo as the recovered Wake runs into the ring and stomps on MVH along with Dreamer. They let MVH recover whilst LIGHTBRINGER still argues fruitlessly with the referee… Wake then hits a sickening suckerpunch to the back of the head of MVH which the crowd boo relentlessly… Wake then slithers out of the ring as Dreamer looks to go for a pinfall but MVH places her foot on the rope! The crowd (and her partner) are glad that she had the awareness of mind to be able to put her foot on the rope. Dreamer cuts a frustrated figure as he drags MVH away from the rope and tags Wake back in. The crowd are starting to grow frustrated as Wake stomps on MVH continuously and then places her in a sleeper chokehold on the ground. The referee continues to check on MVH as she appears to be fading - the crowd will her on and LIGHTBRINGER shouts at her furiously to not give up. She starts to get to her feet and elbows Wake in the torso a couple of times before the hold is released. She bounces off of the ropes but is met with a Lou Thesz press and then crushing rights and lefts from Wake that forces the referee to step in - Wake drags the referee to one side and distracts him as Dreamer sticks his foot in between the ropes and presses down on the throat of MVH - much to the crowd's dismay.

    Tim Coleman: Excellent teamwork!

    Jim Taylor: I can't say I'm a fan of it. LIGHTBRINGER and Michelle need to figure something out! We already know that both of them hate the idea of tag teams...

    The next few minutes of the match are spent with Wake mocking MVH and giving her various brutal beatdowns in corners - eventually one in his own team's corner leads to Dreamer being tagged back in, he chokes her in the corner before tagging Wake back in who repeats the same process - they do this in sequence for a few tags until Dreamer is back in. He drags a barely conscious MVH from the corner and goes for the pin but the one nicknamed "Dreamer" is able to show her resilience as she makes a kickout at two. The crowd let a roar of approval and LB slaps his turnbuckle in appreciation and also shouts encouragement at his tag partner. As MVH gets to her knees, Dustin grabs the neck and pulls guard - he has a tight guillotine choke in the center of the ring! He's careful not to blow out his arms as he cranks on it by sitting up and extending his legs - MVH remains calm as the crowd watch with their breath held. She places the hand on the back of Dreamer to prevent him falling backwards and then manages to lift her body out of his guard and into a side control position - Dreamer lets go of the choke as he no longer has the leverage. The crowd clap at the display of grappling chops from MVH as she gets to her feet - she's a bit wobbly but as Dreamer gets to his feet, he is met with a huge busaiku knee kick that wipes him out!

    Jim Taylor: MVH makes the comeback! What a move! Both competitors are down and look like they need the tag!

    Tim Coleman: Harrison Wake is the most dangerous man in this match right now, if he's in, it's over!

    Von Horrowitz slowly slides towards her corner - she's taken a coordinated beating from Wake/Dreamer and it shows! Dreamer is still recovering but he eventually comes to just as MVH makes the tag... he jumps and reaches Wake just in time! LB and Wake enter the ring and charge at each other, LB ducks under and bounces off of the ropes and then takes Wake out with a diving crossbody! They get back up and Wake charges at LB - he gets flapjacked onto the ring ropes and then turns around to be picked up and slammed to the floor. The crowd cheer as LIGHTBRINGER strikes his pose!

    Jim Taylor: I think the end is near!

    Dreamer comes bursting into the ring and clubs the High Voltage champion from behind with a thudding forearm before grabbing him and launching him with a German suplex!

    Tim Coleman: Yeah... for LIGHTBRINGER! Excellent move from Dustin!

    "The King of Chaos" is proud of himself but he turns around only to be met with a missile dropkick from Michelle von Horrowitz that sends him out of the ring - the crowd then get hyped as MVH grabs Wake and hits a double underhook DDT before getting up and bouncing off of the ropes and taking Dreamer out on the outside with a suicide dive! The crowd love it as she removes Dreamer from the equation and leaves only LB and Wake in the ring! LIGHTBRINGER goes for the cover on Wake but he manages to get the shoulder up at 2! LIGHTBRINGER then gets to his feet and tries to signal an end as he grabs Wake into a wristlock and goes for the LIGHTBRINGER LARIAT.... but Wake drills him with a headbutt! The crowd are on the edge of their seats as Wake avoids being put into danger - LIGHTBRINGER is stunned and Wake runs at him as he looks for a Lou Thesz press.... but LB catches him! He hoists him up onto his shoulder and into a fireman's carry - NECKBREAKER! LIGHTBRINGER slides out onto the apron, gets up and hits a Senton Atomico (Slingshot Senton) and goes for the cover...1...2...NO! Wake gets his leg up onto the rope! The fans are disappointed!

    Tim Coleman: Oh sure, when Michelle does it, they like it but when Harrison does it, they hate it! Fickle!

    Jim Taylor: I think that's because they want a certain team to win, Tim! Dreamer better look out on the outside, here comes MVH!

    On the outside, the fans are treated to Dreamer being taken out with a running neckbreaker on the canvas which seems to have him wiped out for the time being. LIGHTBRINGER gets to his feet in the ring and climbs to the top turnbuckle - he appears to have a slight argument with MVH as she demands the tag in but he baulks at her... this buys Harrison time as he gets to his feet and joins LIGHTBRINGER up top and they both begin trading shots left and right! Wake looks to have the advantage as he delivers a headbutt that stuns LB - he then taunts MVH... but it's the wrong move as LB grabs him and lifts him onto his shoulders... LANDSLIDE (Samoan Driver) onto the canvas below! The crowd pop huge for the big move, it looks like it could be over now!

    Jim Taylor: He just needs to make the cover! Wait a minute, what is Michelle doing!?

    As LB slowly starts to get to his feet, MVH slaps him and gets the tag! The crowd let out some boos but she doesn't care as she climbs up onto the turnbuckle and points upwards for her signature taunt, some of the fans boo her whilst some cheer as she leaps off and hits the 450 splash! It's surely over - Dreamer recovers on the outside but before he can attempt to get into the ring, LIGHTBRINGER comes flying off of the apron with a dropkick that sends Dreamer backwards and into the barricade as MVH makes the cover! 1...2......3!!!!! "Dreamer" picks up the win for her team! Most of the crowd are happy but some aren't...

    Winners: "Dreamer" Michelle von Horrowitz and "Tokyo Kisai" LIGHTBRINGER

    Jim Taylor: A blatant steal for the victory!

    Tim Coleman: LIGHTBRINGER has a lack of concentration - MVH just had to ensure she could get the job done! We all know LB isn't strong enough to beat Wake or Dreamer anyway!

    On the outside, LIGHTBRINGER simply grabs his belt and looks up with a disapproving glare in his eye. MVH doesn't care much though as she stands on turnbuckle and celebrates her win. Wake is being checked by the referee as he is still recovering whilst Dreamer sits against the barricade, disappointed in the loss. The fans pipe up as LIGHTBRINGER stands infront of Dreamer with the belt on his shoulder - they have a brief and tense staredown in which nearby fans goad them into fighting but instead, LIGHTBRINGER simply leans down and pats Dreamer on the head before walking away - Dreamer stares a hole through the back of the High Voltage champion...

    Tim Coleman: Dustin knows his time will come.

    LIGHTBRINGER gives one more glance at MVH in the ring before disappearing up the ramp, Wake is rolled out of the ring and is helped up the ramp - although he shoves the referees off and turns around to see MVH standing at the ropes, all he does is shout and point at her...

    Jim Taylor: Harrison Wake doesn't think this is over. Not by a long shot...

    Tim Coleman: Obviously it's not because they'll be meeting again at World's Strongest in a two out of three falls match!

    Adrenaline Rush then goes to commercial break.

    Six Man Tag Team Grudge Match - Main Event
    The Indy Club (The Echo & Jonathan McGinnis) vs. Murder, Inc. & Jon Snowmantashi

    The Indy Club make their entrance to a chorus of boos and HATRED. The Echo play to it and continue to antagonize the fans while McGinnis picks out a couple of fans to jaw-jack. The three pose in the ring and hold out their title belts to further taunt the rabid, angry fans.

    Tim Coleman: These fans have ZERO class! These are their champions, and they're treating them like this?!

    Jim Taylor: It's not like the Indy Club have done much to endear themselves to the fans, Tim.

    Tim Coleman: Big deal! All they've done is win and win big since forming, and they are the leaders of our company! They deserve nothing but respect!

    The now familiar theme of the newest tag team in CWA blares as the fans give them cheers, although the cheers aren't as loud as the boos for the Club. Still, the fans have taken a liking to Murder Inc. as the two childhood friends and street-tough athletes make their way down the ramp...

    TOPE CON HILOS FROM THE ECHO ONTO MURDER INC! The Indy Club shows NO RESPECT to the newcomers as the crowd lets them hear it with a chorus of boos. The Echo continue to stomp at Murder Inc. as McGinnis stays in the ring and barks out a slew of derogatory and downright racist insults when...

    The crowd explodes as the former World Champion Jon Snowmantashi stomps his way down to the ring. McGinnis, wide-eyed with a blend of fear and madness, slides out of the ring and looks for a weapon under the ring as Snowmantashi continues to slowly walk down. He finds a steel chair and walks past the Echo's beatdown of Murder Inc. and goes to face Snowmantashi, swinging the chair...and SNOWMANTASHI SWATS THE CHAIR OUT OF MCGINNIS'S HANDS! Snowmantashi's rancor is palpable as McGinnis goes for a superkick, and gets tossed by an exploder suplex for his trouble! McGinnis falls flat on the steel ramp as Snowmantashi clenches his fist, ready to inflict more damage to his former comrade turned bitter rival...

    ...Or he would be, had he not been jumped by The Echo, looking to help their club president avoid a Kaiju-style beatdown. The Echo overwhelm Snowmantashi, but Murder Inc. is back on their feet and PISSED OFF. They bum rush The Echo, laying in a VICIOUS beating on The Echo as Snowmantashi gets to his feet along with McGinnis. The two rivals square off and start beating the piss out of each other as Murder Inc. and The Echo continue to brawl!

    The six men continue to lay into one another everywhere except for the ring, completely ignoring the referee's insistence to calm down so that we can have a proper match. But neither trio seems to care about any of that as they are more focused on making one another suffer for their indignation. Seems the fans don't care as the wild fracas has got them PUMPED as they begin to chant not only for Snowmantashi and jeer the Club, but loudly cheer for the newcomers Jermaine and Kendall. The brawl finally re-enters the ring as Murder Inc. tosses Drew Conner in and size him up for some tandem offense. Kendrick first softens up Drew with a trio of powerbombs before picking him up in a fireman's carry, looking to show Drew some Ghetto Strong Style...

    ...however, the maneuver is halted by a stereo superkick from McGinnis and Ethan Conner to Jermaine. The Indy Club had temporarily halted Snowmantashi's rampage with some steel chair shots and have come to save their stablemate, doing so with a trio superkick after Drew had slid off Kendrick's shoulders. The Indy Club, cocky as ever, taunt their fallen foes as McGinnis tells the Echo to get Jermaine up, slapping the face of the newcomer...WHO SPITS IN MCGINNIS'S FACE! THE DISRESPECT IS REAL, YO!

    That sets McGinnis off as he repeatedly slaps Jermaine...but his rage leaves him blind to a rising Snowmantashi, who re-enters the ring and HEADBUTTS THE ENTIRE INDY CLUB! Headbutts for Drew, headbutts for Ethan, and EVEN MORE HEADBUTTS FOR MCGINNIS! The Indy Club quickly make a retreat as swarms of security guards surround them, cutting them off from Murder Inc. and the Inhuman one...guard coincidentally lead by Celine Sasha. Fancy that.

    However, as Snowmantashi seethes and Murder Inc. get back on their feet (all while being taunted by Indy Club), Adrenaline Rush GM Isaac Richmann gets on the CliqueTron with a big old shit-eating grin.

    Isaac Richmann
    : Well, I was KINDA hoping to have a main event tonight, but after seeing that? I can smell the buyrates already. So, Echo? You wanted new challengers? Guess what? At World's Strongest, you'll be defending those CWA World Tag Team Championships against Murder Inc!

    WHOA! HUGE bombshell. The newcomers not only get their first PPV match, but it's for the titles! Murder Inc. look thrilled while the Echo are throwing a tantrum. Still, their tantrum looks tiny compared to McGinnis's when Richmann announces:

    Isaac Richmann:
    Also, Johnny boy? That World Title match for World's Strongest? Take a wild guess who you'll be facing. Have fun, kids!

    McGinnis is INCENSED as he badgers Sasha, saying that it's not right! However, the tirade is cut off AS SNOWMANTASHI AND MURDER INC. SUICIDE DIVE ONTO THE INDY CLUB AND SECURITY! The brawl is not over as the six men, challengers and champions, continue to beat the piss out of one another as Adrenaline Rush rolls off the air!

    *End show*

    Match credits
    Elijah Edwards vs. Ariel Justice - SuperSaiyan
    Nate Savage & Mark Merriwether vs. Marcus Bennett & Johnny Vegas - Jimmy King
    MVH & LB vs. Dustin Dreamer & Harrison Wake - Shake
    The Indy Club vs. Murder, Inc. & Jon Snowmantashi - Cyrus Truth

    Jon Snow
    Jimmy King
    An Original Name
    Cyrus Truth

    Jon Snow
    Pizza Dog
    Rest in power, Flock U
    Rest in power, TCON

    Team Cyrus T is Best for Business


    Quote Originally Posted by Ed
    Stop the hating of the E-Feds. If you don't like something, that's fine, just ignore it and let the people who do enjoy what they're here on WC to do. Mocking them to make you feel less of a geek for being on a geek on a wrestling forum is lame. If you want to not read their posts, I can fix that for you.

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    Re: Adrenaline Rush: Live from Orlando, FL

    Great show, super excited for World's Strongest!

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    Re: Adrenaline Rush: Live from Orlando, FL

    Really enjoyed this show. The main event false start was a shame, that match had such potential, but the matches at World's Strongest should be interesting. Snowmantashi vs McGinnis II should be a blast. Savage-Vegas is an interesting prospect, too. It would be impressive for Murder Inc to win the tag belts in their first proper match.

    I really enjoyed the LIGHTBRINGER/MVH v Wake/Dreamer write up. The High Voltage Championship match should be a good one - Dreamer deserves the shot. Looking forward to the match at World's Strongest, ​Silk!

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