After highlighting the last show the pyrotechnics go off with the theme song playing before cutting to the ring...

The ring is set up with red carpet lining the mat. Jim Taylor has left his perch at the announcer’s desk and is standing beside a table, three chairs positioned around it. A microphone is in his hand and the crowd are loud, with audible chants of ‘C-DUB-A’ and ‘SNOW-MAN-TASH-I’ and a smattering of ‘M-V-H’ thrown amongst them.

Jim Taylor: Ladies and gentleman, we have known the main event of Five Star Attraction, the biggest show in the CWA calendar, for more than a month now. At the Wrestle Royale pay-per-view, two matches shaped the future of the company. First, Jon Snowmantashi took the CWA World Heavyweight Championship from his long-time friend Jonathan McGinnis, confirming that he’d enter Five Star Attraction with the belt on his shoulder. Then, Michelle von Horrowitz won the Wrestle Royale match, confirming that she’d receive the next shot at the gold. But only tonight, when the two combatants put pen to paper to sign the contract, will this match become official. So, without further delay, I’d like to introduce the challenger, Michelle von Horrowitz!

‘In Dreams’ by Roy Orbison sounds out around the arena, and the song is generally greeted with a chorus of boos. Michelle von Horrowitz arrives on the stage, smiling to herself at the obvious reactions of the trogs. As she begins to wander down the ramp, she points up towards the Five Star Attraction sign hanging way above the ring, and then traces her imaginary title belt with her hands.

She climbs through the rope and walks straight past Taylor, climbing to the second turnbuckle and pointing at the ceiling, staring out at the sell-out crowd.

Jim Taylor: And introducing next, he is the cha –

The muffled sound of a microphone being snatched out of a hand is heard, and von Horrowitz takes a seat before raising it to speak.

MVH: I’m sure there’s plenty of time to get to that later, James.

The crowd’s boos heighten and sharpen, as the realisation that the champion’s arrival is about to be delayed dawns on them all. The ‘SNOW-MAN-TASH-I’ chant wins through and can be heard from all four corners of the Barclay’s Centre. Michelle laps it all up.

MVH: But first, I would like to talk to you all about the three Jons. Snowmantashi, McGinnis, Vegas. Three paragons of our sport. Each has their own share of renown, carving their own paths through the ranks of the industry through skill and graft. Each claims virtue and honour, either for himself or his duty to his craft. The loveable billionaire. The successful underdog. The unstoppable man.

The New York audience begins a ‘BOOOOORING’ chat, but Michelle is uninterested, staring right down the camera as if addressing an entirely different audience altogether.

MVH: But these three things are oxymoronic. All billionaires are, by definition, greedy and conceited. An underdog who is successful is no longer an underdog. And all men can be stopped.

Jim Taylor has awkwardly taken his seat, realising that he’s not going to get his microphone back any time soon.

Vegas has shown his true colours, and they are all beige. He whines and he complains and he bitches, demanding another match against a jaded former champ, elevating himself to the main event. McGinnis always positioned himself as the wrestler of the people. An every-man who left it all in the ring each week. When he reached the top that he always strived for he didn’t know what to do with himself, and he diminished. And Snowmantashi? Doesn’t he just seem more fallible with each passing day?

She turns towards the stage, as if talking to the guys in the back.

I’ve already pinned Jonathan McGinnis, twice. Johnny Vegas will find out tonight that he’s bitten off far more than he can chew. And Jon Snowmantashi is stewing in memories of a pair of tag losses, a mire of nagging doubt pressing in around him. He is ripe for the picking, and he knows it. And you will all jeer when he loses, as if I’ve just sacrificed your third and final hero named Jon. But you shouldn’t despair, trogs. This is not the end of days scenario you’ve been imagining; Snowmantashi is not the champion you deserve. Where has he been? Taking every other show off. Hiding himself away in tag team matches. You should rejoice, my little tulips, for a Michelle von Horrowitz reign will not be this timid. This, I promise you.

Michelle places the microphone down in front of Taylor. The table they are sat at is covered in long black cloth, and on top of it sits a lengthy contract attached to a clipboard. She picks up a nearby pen and flicks through the pages, scratching M.V.H. into the appropriate spaces. Then, she turns and watches the titantron, awaiting the champion.

"The Sword of Destiny" pierces the arena and the moment the vocals come to an end, Snowmantashi steps through the ropes. He isn't quite grinning but he's got a near-smile etched on his face as a resounding "SNOW-MAN-TASH-I" makes the rounds of the arena. It's almost like they're more inclined to cheer in support of the champion because they're so vehemently against the challenger. He wears a "Kaiju" shirt and some shorts. He isn't in his wrestling gear tonight but he isn't wrestling either, something he's likely none too pleased with himself. He climbs up the steel steps and never does a second pass without Horrowitz taking an eye off the champion. He circles about the table and takes a seat himself. Jim Taylor moves the contract over to Snowmantashi's side and shows him where to sign. Before each signature, Snowmantashi offers Horrowitz a playful smile, or a dangerous smile, whatever way you wish to see it, as if each signature is counting down to their inevitable clash. At last, the paper is signed. Snowmantashi reaches for the microphone just as it seems Jim Taylor might put an end to peaceful proceedings.

Jon Snowmantashi: Misheru-kun. There is one thing you not get right. I am not a man. Makuginisu-kun is a man. Rasubegasu-kun is a man. Osutereo-kun is crazy man, but he man too. Shedo-kun is man. Purinzu-kun is big man. But he's a man. You are a woman... but you still just a man. I am kaiju. I am a force of nature. It's not about what these people deserve. Nature cares not for what these people deserve. Nature does what is natural for it. And what is natural for this kaiju... for your opponent as Go Suta Atorakushon... is to destroy you.

There's no ounce of menace in his words. He says it matter of factly and then puts the microphone on the table. "KAI-JU" overcomes the "SNOW-MAN-TASH-I" chants and like tribesmen before a ritualistic sacrifice, they repeat the title with increasing pace. Snowmantashi stands up and rounds the table. He stops short of Michelle von Horrowitz, looks down on her as she sits on the chair, adjusts the championship she seeks to have around on her waist, looks fondly at it, then heads to the ropes. His journey stops there. Michelle stands up, grabs the steel chair she sits on, folds it in one swift motion, and rams it into the back of the champion. The steel crashing into flesh echoes through the arena like a drummer banging cymbals. Jim Taylor is out of the ring with not a second to spare. The champion gets tangled, and Michelle pulls him back into the ring. The man stumbles forward onto his knees, and the challenger nails him across his head with the chair again.

Tim Coleman: It looks like my broadcast partner is making a hasty return to his seat… here he is now… nice job keeping a lid on this situation, Jimmy.

Jim Taylor: It’s madness, Tim! Out of nowhere comes the steel chair!

Snowmantashi is up to one knee again, attempting to shake loose the pair of chair shots. Von Horrowitz is crouched in the corner, and she charges forward to nail the champion with a Busaiku Knee Kick. Snowmantashi falls to the mat, the championship flies across the ring, and the challenger slowly steps over towards it. The crowd’s despair is tangible. She crouches over the championship as its owner turns over onto his stomach, getting back up to all fours once more. Lifting it up, she stares at the name-plate on its front, sizing up its weight. Turning, she sees Snowmantashi, again up to one knee…

Jim Taylor: The champion is refusing to succumb to this onslaught!

Tim Coleman: But for how long, Jim? He’s wide open and von Horrowitz is moving in for the kill...

The challenger lunges forward at the champion and slams the heavy, gold belt into his forehead. Snowmantashi hits the mat again, but once more struggles back to his feet. Von Horrowitz, visibly frustrated, nails him a second time with the belt, screaming ‘STAY DOWN’ at the champion.

Of course, he doesn’t. He crawls over the ring ropes, using them to drag himself back to his knees. In the meantime, von Horrowitz busies herself removing the second turnbuckle cover, exposing the steel ring beneath. She stalks Snowmantashi, waiting for him to reach a vertical base, before dragging him to the corner and hitting a drop toe hold into the metal.

Jim Taylor:
That’s a man’s skull, for God’s sake!

Tim Coleman: And that’s brought a stream of blood from the champion’s forehead, Tim. This isn’t going to do his Five Star Attraction preparations any good.

Jim Taylor: I think that might be the point, Tim!

Snowmantashi is crawling back towards the centre of the ring, blood beginning to flow fast from a fresh cut. Michelle stares down at his should-be-lifeless form, shaking her head in disbelief. She picks up the chair once more and brings it crashing down onto the champion’s back, flattening him out for a second. She then uses a lot of her effort and strength in pulling Snowmantashi towards and onto the table before beginning the ascent to the top rope.

As von Horrowitz steps up onto the second turnbuckle, a dozen security guards make a quick dash down the ramp, followed swiftly by medics. They flood the ring, pulling Snowmantashi off the table before the challenger can reach the top rope. She stares down at them and the champion, before hopping down onto the floor. She is laughing to herself and shaking her head as she stares back at the champion’s body whilst on the ramp, disappearing from view to prepare for the main event.

The EMT's are demanding a stretcher be brought down the ramp and so it is. Snowmantashi is crowded and almost unseen by both the camera and the crowd. The solemn silence is soon overcome with a "SNOW-MAN-TASH-I". The chant gets louder and loud as Snowmantashi is rolled to the edge of the ring where two stretchers have been placed to hold his weight. The chant gets louder, and as if hearing it, Snowmantashi rolls right off the stretchers. He isn't immediately at his feet. He's on one knee but with the rising chant he finally gets to both feet. Still, he crouches down to regain his breath, blood flowing down ringside. He tries to walk but stumbles. EMT's try to help out but he shoves one away and then notices his championship in the hands of another and grabs it. He breathes heavily again then stands up and continues up the ramp. Slow steps carry him forward. He drops another time on all fours. Gathers his breath. Picks up the belt. EMT's still crowd him like he's a baby learning how to walk and about to stumble at any time. He gets up one final time and makes a limping struggle to the back: bloodied, broken, battered.

Tim Coleman: I'm still not sure if he's a man or a force of nature as he claims to be. But Snowmantashi is hurt, Jim, I'm not sure if he'll even make it to the main event of Five Star Attraction.

Jim Taylor: Does that mean Michelle gets the championship on a forfeit?

Tim Coleman: Not if the champion has anything to say about that, but he's got to think about his health here. In any case, Michelle von Horrowitz has Johnny Vegas to worry about in tonight's main event. We'll keep you updated if we hear anything about Snowmantashi's health.


‘Ain’t No Grave Can Hold My Ways’ by DillonFox hits around the arena, and before long Nightmare is standing on the stage, surveying the crowd. They’re instantly hostile towards him but he doesn’t seem to care.

Lindsay Monahan: This next bout is scheduled for one-fall! Introducing first, weighing in at two hundred and thirty pounds, he comes to you tonight from Death Valley, he is Nightmare!

Jim Taylor: Here he is, Tim. One half of the team that almost ripped the tag team titles away from the Echo last week… until Drew Connor brought a chair into play.

Tim Coleman: The important word there is almost, Jim! No matter how close they came, the Echo came out on top.

Jim Taylor: The Movement won the match, Tim.

Tim Coleman:
But who has the titles?

Nightmare climbs through the ropes and sits down in the corner, a la Raven, awaiting the arrival of his opponent.

‘Be My Blood’ by Young and In the Way hits, and the crowd’s boos continue. Charles Murphy arrives on the stage, loosening up for the contest ahead.

Lindsay Monahan: And his opponent, he weighs in tonight at two hundred pounds… from Lancaster, Pennsylvania and currently residing in Baltimore, Maryland… he is “the One True Thing”… Charles… Murphy!

Tim Coleman: Fresh from a victory against CWA legend Rolando Fuentes, I like this young guy, Jim.

Jim Taylor: There’s no denying that Murphy was impressive last week, Tim, defeating a former world heavyweight champion in Fuentes.

Murphy climbs up the ring steps and into the ring, riling up the fans by climbing to the second rope. He has an unhinged look on his face and eventually he turns round to face his opponent sitting in the corner, not a hint of fear in his eyes. Nightmare pulls himself to his feet and the two stride into the corner, the referee issuing a series of commands to both men before signalling for the bell.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Charles Murphy vs Nightmare

Charles Murphy instantly hits a forearm to the side of Nightmare’s head, rocking him backwards, and then follows it up with a second and a third. His opponent stumbles back into a corner, but Nightmare fires back with a pair of European uppercuts, and then a knife-edge chop. Murphy hits a chop of his own, which Nightmare returns… The two exchange half-a-dozen chops each in the middle of the ring, until Nightmare loses patience and hits a low dropkick to the knee. Murphy hits the deck.

Tim Coleman: Nightmare tired of that quickly, he needs to play his own game here and not get drawn into Murphy’s brawling style.

Jim Taylor:
And that looks to be what he’s doing, putting Murphy in a reverse chin lock.

Nightmare holds in the chin lock and wrenches a couple of times, applying additional pressure on Murphy’s neck. Still fresh, though, Charles begins to fight back to his feet and – once he’s regained his vertical base – he drives his elbow into Nightmare’s abdomen three times before following it up with a swift belly-to-back suplex. Both men are quickly back to their feet, charging again into the middle of the ring, but Murphy doubles Nightmare over with a kick to the abdomen. He takes Nightmare by the scruff of the neck and propels him head-first into the top turnbuckle.

Jim Taylor: Nightmare may be in trouble here, and Murphy seems to be taking advantage of that mean streak we saw shades off last week.

Tim Coleman: What are you talking about, Jimbob? That was a pure, technical victory over a Hispanic has-been.

Murphy climbs to the second rope as Nightmare gets to his feet, and the lighter man leaps off before dropping a double axe handle onto the top of Nightmare’s head. He’s back on him in an instant, lifting Nightmare to his feet and backing him up into the ropes before Irish whipping him to the opposite set. He goes for a clothesline, but Nightmare ducks it and – upon re-approach – takes his opponent over with a lariat of his own.

Nightmare senses the shift in momentum and, as his opponent struggles back to his feet, he sends him back down to the mat with a chop block to the back of the knee. The man from Death Valley moves straight back over to his downed opponent and begins to repeatedly drive his knee into Murphy’s head…

Jim Taylor: That’s just vicious, there’s no place for that in a wrestling wring!

Tim Coleman:
Which rule is he breaking exactly, Jimmy?

After more than a dozen blows to the head, Nightmare surveys the crowd on his knees, who re-double their efforts in chastising him. He smiles and moves over to the corner, watching Murphy struggle back up onto his knees. He charges in and nails him with a snap DDT, followed by a cover…

1… 2… NO!

Nightmare goes straight back to work, lifting up his opponent and reeling off a pair of European undercuts. He backs Charles into the ring ropes and Irish whips him into the opposite set, leaping into the air and attempting a leg lariat… but no! Murphy held onto the ropes, and Nightmare crashes and burns.

Tim Coleman: Intelligent move there from Murphy.

Jim Taylor: And now he looks to gain control of this match up, placing Nightmare in a grounded front face lock.

Nightmare, still relatively fresh, manages to fight back up to his feet pretty quickly, but Murphy manoeuvres from his front face lock into position for a double underhook suplex, which sends Nightmare overhead, his legs getting tied up in the bottom turnbuckle. Murphy follows it up with a cover.

1… 2… NO!

Tim Coleman: It’s gonna take a lot more than that to put Nightmare away!

Murphy knows this too, and he continues the onslaught. He lifts Nightmare into a seated position, crouches behind him, and reels off a series of clubbing blows to his opponent’s chest. After perhaps ten of these, he picks Nightmare up and hits him with a backbreaker, but doesn’t allow him to fall to the mat. He moves seamlessly into a reverse waist lock and nails a picture perfect German suplex.

Jim Taylor: Why isn’t Murphy going for the cover here? He looks like he’s climbing to the top turnbuckle.

When he’s reached the top, he waits for Nightmare to get up and leaps off, looking for another double axe handle. But no! Nightmare takes Murphy’s knee out mid-air with a dropkick! Murphy hits the mat HARD and his opponent smells the blood. Nightmare looks to be going for his Scream submission, but Charles begins to fight him off. Eventually, Murphy kicks him off, and he’s up to his feet quickly, charging across at Nightmare. He puts him in another reverse waist lock, perhaps going for another German, but Nightmare hooks onto the top rope. Charles is unable to lift him, and the man from Death Valley hits a pair of elbows to the side of Murphy’s head, forcing the separation.

Nightmare charges in, nailing his shin-breaker, but before he’s able to complete his ‘Sleeping Pill’ combination with a lariat to the back of the head, Murphy ducks underneath him. Nightmare turns into a massive clubbing forearm, and Murphy follows it up with the ‘Confrontation Clothesline’! A wristlock transitioned into a short arm lariat that almost takes Nightmare out of his boots.

Tim Coleman: Both men are down on the mat! What an exchange that was!

Jim Taylor: Indeed, Tim! But Murphy can’t take advantage, both men have rolled into opposite corners of the ring.

Tim Coleman: “The One True Thing” seems to still be feeling the effects of that dropkick, I think he’s trying to loosen his knee pad so he can gage how much damage is done.

Jim Taylor: Nightmare’s hardly in great condition himself. He may be out cold after that clothesline!

The two men begin to stir as the referee’s count reaches six, using the ring ropes to pull themselves up to a vertical base…Murphy rushes towards Nightmare looking to strike but its Nightmare with a counter…

Jim Taylor: Good Night! Just like that Murphy is down after Nightmare masterfully counters with that three-quarter facelock Russian legsweep and Nightmare goes for the pin attempt now…


Murphy stays alive with a kick out and Nightmare looks to keep Murphy grounded and continues to target the leg…

Jim Taylor:
There it is, Scream! The calf slicer submission is locked in by Nightmare

Murphy desperately trying to break free from this painful submission as he grits his teeth while Nightmare doesn’t hold back. Murphy is slowly sliding towards the rope and finally he’s able to grab hold of the rope forcing the hold to be broken but the damage may be done as Murphy clutches his calf. Nightmare now takes Murphy in position setting him up for Bad Dreams, but Murphy manages to spin out of it keeping hold of Nightmare’s wrist before striking back with another Confrontation Clothesline!

Jim Taylor:
Murphy with the desperation move there

Tim Coleman: Desperate, but affective Jimbo

Murphy looks to put away Nightmare for good now as he brings him into position…

Tim Coleman: True Choice!

Jim Taylor: The reverse suplex transitioned into a double knee backbreaker may do the trick as Murphy makes the cover…


Ding! Ding! Ding!

Lindsay Monahan: The winner of the match, Charles Murphy!

Jim Taylor: What a match from two very game competitors, but it was Charles Murphy pulling out the win

Tim Coleman: That’s the second former champion he’s defeated Jim

Jim Taylor:
Good point Tim, that’s certainly an accolade that I’m sure Murphy will no doubt not forget to mention

Murphy exits the ring to a jeering audience and goes to the back while Nightmare remains in the ring and asks for a microphone.

Nightmare: *breathing heavily* Hell of a fight from that kid! I’ll give you that one but if we meet again don’t think you’ll get off so easily.

Nightmare rises up.

Nightmare: Last week myself and Humanity fell short in trying to recapture our beacons because those two fools had to resort to cheap tactics because they knew that deep down they couldn’t defeat us. No matter, they will get theirs when the time is right, but right now I’m here to speak about Humanity. You see, Humanity is about to hang up his boots it seems…

Boos from the crowd.

I figured as much that you fools would find that news rather difficult to hear. It does upset me a bit as well because Humanity is a man that took me under his wing and took me to greater horizons than I could have ever asked for. We both had the same vision and that was simply to inflict fear and pain into our opponents and we did just that leaving a trail of bodies in our path. Alas, all good things must end at some point, and this will end at Five Star Attraction because I’m asking Humanity to face me one on one for one last time and let’s do what we always do best…

Just then “Terror Time” hits and Humanity steps out on stage and walks down to the ring.

Humanity: You’re on brother

With that Humanity exits leaving Nightmare in the ring with a wicked smile as we cut to commercial.


As we return to the show, ‘Dropping Plates’ sounds out around the arena, a huge pop roaring out as the audience shows their appreciation for this CWA legend.

David Draiman: Here we go again…

Rolando Fuentes appears on the stage, and the crowd’s volume only seems to build. He takes a few seconds to stare around the huge arena before beginning his leisurely walk to the ring.

Lindsay Monahan: This next contest is scheduled for one-fall! Introducing first, making his way to the ring, he stands at six feet and four inches and weighs in at two hundred and thirty five pounds, from Canton, Ohio, he is Rolando… Fuentes!

Jim Taylor: Here he is, the former CWA World Heavyweight and Continental Champion, recently returning to the CWA in a shock appearance at the Wrestle Royale.

Tim Coleman: Yes, Jim, a legend of this company, make no mistake about it. But it hasn’t been an easy ride for him after such a long hiatus, capped off by a singles loss to Charles Murphy last week.

Jim Taylor: But as they say, form is temporary and class is permanent, Tim!

Tim Coleman: That may be true, but what about after the match? That… altercation with Diego Gonzalez seemed somewhat out of character.

Fuentes climbs into the ring as his music dies down, to be replaced by ‘Found That Soul’ by the Manics. The audience’s affection quickly turns sour as Shade appears on the stage, not particularly interested in the crowd’s admonishment.

Lindsay Monahan: And his opponent, weighing in at one hundred and eighty five pounds, from an undisclosed location, Shade!

Tim Coleman: Shade is riding some momentum, off the back of a hugely impressive victory last week against Prince Pain.

Jim Taylor: Oh, come on, Tim! Were you watching the same match as me? Shade stole that win after The Echo distracted Pain!

Tim Coleman: Please, Jim! Pain’s supposed to be a world class athlete, not a hot-head! He can’t let himself get so easily distracted!

Jim Taylor: Either way, Shade did pick up the big win last week and he’ll be looking to keep the run going here tonight.

Shade climbs into the ring and eyes up Fuentes, standing in his corner and waiting for the bell.

Ding ding ding!

Rolando Fuentes vs Shade

Shade charges across the ring immediately, hitting a running European Uppercut that sends the larger man recoiling. He follows it up with a second, and then a third that backs Fuentes up into the corner. Shade hits a couple of elbow smashes into the side of the head, and then pulls Fuentes away from the turnbuckle. He hits a kick to either leg, taking the bigger man down to one knee, and then follows it up with an enzuigiri, sending Rolando face first onto the mat. Shade is immediately on top of him, placing his opponent in a grounded front face-lock.

Tim Coleman: You’ve got to hand it to Shade, intelligent strategy taking it to Fuentes like this in the early going. He knows that Rolando is a technical expert and he’s engaging him in a series of strikes to level that out…

Jim Taylor: But Fuentes is no stranger to a brawl himself, Tim.

Rolando has fought his way back up to a knee, and with some effort he manages to back Shade into a set of ropes. He throws the smaller man off, who releases his front face lock and is sent charging to the opposite side of the ropes. Fuentes goes for a clothesline on his first re-approach, and then a big back body drop on the second, but Shade rotates three hundred and sixty degrees and lands on his feet! Fuentes turns around into a drop kick that sends him to his knees. Shade looks to capitalise, hitting a Hurricanrana Driver that sends Rolando face first into the mat!

Jim Taylor: Did you hear that impact?!

Shade goes for the cover…

1… 2… NO!

Fuentes forces a shoulder up but Shade goes straight back to work, applying a headlock. The man from Ohio works his way back to his feet, hitting a couple of elbows to Shade’s stomach. On his third attempt, though, the smaller man catches his arm and transforms his hold into a standing arm bar. Fuentes is too powerful, though, forcing his way out of the hold and using his spare arm to nail Shade with a clothesline, knocking him clean off his feet.

Jim Taylor: Now Fuentes with a chance to start building some momentum of his own.

Tim Coleman: It’s because Shade tried to turn this into a wrestling match! Just kick his face off!

Rolando drags Shade to his feet and applies a headlock of his own, but quickly morphs it into a snapmare take-over. After a stiff-looking kick to Shade’s back, he wraps himself around the smaller man’s torso with a body scissors. He slowly begins to squeeze the air out of Shade and, after about thirty seconds of the hold, he reapplies the headlock. Shade, not willing to give in just yet, fights back to his knees, but Fuentes still has both holds locked in. The smaller man hits a couple of hard fists to Rolando’s sides, and he’s forced to relinquish the headlock at least. Fuentes still has the body scissors in, but Shade – now face to face with his opponent – hits a vicious elbow smash to his opponent’s face. Finally the two are separated, and Shade rolls away to use the ropes to help him back to his feet.

Tim Coleman: That momentum didn’t last very long, Jimbob!

Rolando is on all fours, and Shade runs across the ring to hit him with a low dropkick. Fuentes rolls onto his back and the smaller man is on him again, a couple of stomps delivered to the torso before he lifts him back onto his feet. Shade drops Fuentes right onto his head with a snap DDT and forces the bigger man onto his back for the cover…

1… 2… NO!

Jim Taylor: Again, Fuentes manages to get his shoulder up!

Tim Coleman: I think that was more instinct than anything; he landed right on the top of his head…

Jim Taylor: That’s the kind of thing that can only come from years of experience!

Shade puts his hands on his hips and exhales heavily, as if silently asking what exactly he needs to do to put Fuentes away. He lifts the larger man up and rocks him with a pair of knife edge chops. Fuentes leans back against the ropes for support and Shade goes for a European uppercut, which Rolando manages to dodge, sending Shade stumbling into the ropes himself. Fuentes looks as if he’s trying to big boot Shade out of his boots as well out of the ring, but the smaller man ducks it and pulls the top rope down. Rolando tumbles out of the ring onto the outside!

Jim Taylor: We see it there again, Tim. Every time Rolando Fuentes looks to get a little bit of momentum going, Shade checks it and regains the advantage.

Tim Coleman: You said it, Jim! And now look at Shade, he looks like he’s going for the suicide dive!

Shade propels himself off the opposite ropes and nails Fuentes with a picture-perfect suicide dive, both men sprawling to the floor by the announce table.


As the referee begins his count towards ten, Shade is back onto this feet, taunting the crowd and his opponent to loud jeers. He lifts Rolando back to a vertical base, pulling him to the correct angle to the ring steps. He goes for the Irish Whip, but Fuentes reverses…


… and Shade is sent head first into the steps himself! Rolando stumbles backwards, using the ring apron for support. Eventually, he steadies himself and moves back to Shade, grabbing him by the scruff of the neck and driving his face into the top of the steps once more…


Fuentes is not done there, a glint approaching his eye as he gets an idea. He quickly jogs up the steps, pulling Shade’s head towards him, the smaller man’s feet still on the floor in between the steps and the announce table. Rolando pulls Shade into what looks like a piledriver position…

Jim Taylor: Oh no, this isn’t a good idea!


Tim Coleman: Rolando going for something big, it seems, trying to put this one away. I’m impressed!

But Shade is able to reverse, sending Rolando over with a big back body drop, Fuentes crashing and burning onto the concrete. Shade, after taking a few seconds to catch his breath, pulls Fuentes back to his feet by his hair.


Shade plants a shoulder into Fuentes’ abdomen and drives him back, kidney-first into the ring apron. Not quite done there, the smaller man lifts Rolando up and smashes his face against the announce table with a stun gun-style flapjack! Rolando falls down to the concrete once more.


Shade is on him again, taking Fuentes by the hair and rolling him underneath the bottom rope to break the count. The smaller man climbs into the ring and covers his opponent.

1… 2… NO!

Jim Taylor: There’s still some fight left in Fuentes yet.

Tim Coleman: The same could be said for Shade, Jim. It looks to me like he’s just getting started!

Shade lifts Fuentes to his feet and nails a couple of chops to his opponent, sizing up his next move. He charges back over to the ropes, going for a running clothesline, but Rolando is able to duck it. When Shade turns around, Fuentes nails a boot to his midriff and follows it up with a standard back breaker. After taking a few moments to suck some air into his lungs, he hoists Shade back onto his feet and sets him up for what looks like a reverse DDT. Rather than dropping Shade down in the move, Fuentes simply falls to one knee, driving Shade’s lower back into the point of his extended leg. He repeats this a total of three times, punctuating each impact with a few seconds of a dragon sleeper. Afterwards, he stands himself and Shade up again and transforms himself into a sort-of Rock Bottom set up, lifting Shade high into the air before driving him down onto first his near knee, and then again onto his far knee…

Jim Taylor: Now Rolando is rolling, nailing some trademark backbreaker variations.

Fuentes moves straight back over to Shade, picking him up off the ground like a rag doll with a full nelson hold. After applying some pressure to the neck area and swinging the smaller man round for a while, Rolando lifts him up again and nails a full nelson slam backbreaker. He’s still not done! He lifts up Shade again and picks him into the Fallaway slam set up position, and kneels down to drop his ribs onto his extended knee, first with the right leg and then with the left!

Jim Taylor: This is insane! How many backbreakers is that?!

Tim Coleman: It was nine, Jim! I counted!

The crowd has broken out into a ‘ONE MORE TIME!’ chant and Fuentes stares at his fallen opponent, spent and spread eagled on his back. Rolando approaches him and picks him up, pulling his head between his legs. He lifts Shade easily into a Powerbomb position, before sitting down and driving Shade’s back onto both of his knees! The crowd roars and Fuentes goes for the cover!

1… 2… … NO!

Jim Taylor: How did he kick out?! Shade just about gets a shoulder up!

Tim Coleman: I thought he was done for there, Jim! The tenth and final backbreaker felt like it was enough for a three-count, but the determination of Shade was enough and this match continues!

Jim Taylor: I wouldn’t bank on that being the final backbreaker, Tim…

Fuentes is fuming, in disbelief that Shade managed to get out of the cover. He stares at the referee and shakes his head, and then lifts his opponent up once more by the hair. He hits a pair of forearms into Shade’s head, and then lifts him up into the air into a torture rack.

Jim Taylor: Are we about to see one more backbreaker? This one will surely finish Shade for good.

Tim Coleman: No, it looks like Shade’s driving his elbow into the larger man’s temple… Fuentes is rocked!

Indeed he is, and as Shade drops a fourth elbow onto Rolando’s head he manages to slip out of the back of the hold. He lands in almost perfect pumphandle position and lifts Fuentes off his feet…


Jim Taylor: A picture perfect Pumphandle Michinoku Driver II! Shade goes for the cover…

1… 2… … NO!

Jim Taylor: Fuentes kicks out again!

Shade can hardly believe it, and he rolls away from his opponent. Both men lie in opposite sides of the ring, spent and resting for a moment. The crowd wills them back to their feet and for the match to continue. They begin to stir, signs of life evident as they eye each other from across the ring.
Shade rises up first and begins to eye Rolando as he slowly rises up with his back turned to his nemesis, and Shade catches an opening and grabs Rolando in position for a German suplex but Rolando wisely fights back before any harm can be done as he throws back elbows knocking Shade away leaving him slightly stunned giving Rolando a moment for a breather. However, Shade isn’t out of it for long because he lunges towards Rolando, but Rolando spins out of the way sending Shade to the ropes and off the rebound he pounces him…

Jim Taylor: There’s Rolando’s signature guillotine choke expertly applied!

Tim Coleman: If he can keep it locked in well then Shade is a goner for sure!

Rolando has the guillotine choke applied bringing Shade down to his knees and then finally Shade is on the mat while Rolando keeps up the pressure as he cranks back. Shade showing no signs of giving yet he’s beginning to fade away prompting the referee to check him out, and after the second time it looks like Shade may be gone and Rolando will walk away the winner…

NO! Shade shows life as he keeps his free arm raised high as he struggles desperately to find a way to free himself of this hold. Rolando’s grip is beginning to slip which allows Shade just the right amount of time to slowly slither himself to the ropes where he clings onto the bottom rope with everything he’s got as if his life depended on it which breaks the hold. Rolando unfortunately releases the hold as frustration begins to set in with the veteran while he sizes up Shade as he rises up and Rolando grabs hold of Shade’s waist but it’s Shade fighting back with back elbows of his own this time that have Rolando reeling back. Shade uses this opportunity to catch his breath before one of his signature maneuvers…

Tim Coleman: Flight of the Phoenix!

Jim Taylor: Beautifully done by Shade with the springboard moonsault into a falling inverted DDT, and this may be his opportunity to pull the upset as he hooks the leg…

Rolando kicks out just in the nick of time, but it looks as though he may be unaware of his surroundings while Shade begins to wonder what he has to do to keep the man down. Rolando rises up slowly while Shade looks ready to pounce…ACE OF SHADES? NO! Rolando counters shoving Shade to the ropes and then off of the rebound he catches Shade hoisting him up high…

Jim Taylor: He has Shade in position for the Ice Pick, if he hits this it’ll be all she wrote for Shade!

Shade fights out of it though and flips behind Rolando and pushing to the ropes and Rolando comes back Shade catches him…

Tim Coleman: Equinoxic! That pop-up cutter from Shade and it is lights out for Rolando!

Jim Taylor: It doesn’t look like Shade is finished just yet Tim…Skyclad Stretch! He has that arm trap cross-legged STF locked in tight with nowhere for Rolando to go forcing him to give up!

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Lindsay Monahan: Your winner by submission, Shade!

Jim Taylor: This could have gone either way Tim, but in the end the victory goes to Shade yet I wouldn’t take away anything from Rolando because he put forth a tremendous effort

Tim Coleman: I’m telling you Jim, the guy is losing it!

Shade remains in the ring after relinquishing the hold and looks down at Rolando, who is still recovering, and Shade like a hunter striking its wounded prey begins to lay the boots to Rolando while the crowd showers him in hate. Shade then exits the ring to retrieve a steel chair and slithers back in with chair in hand, and he stands over Rolando bringing the chair over his head poised to strike when the lights go out…

Tim Coleman: I’m not going to make the cliché “did someone forget to pay the bill?” joke!

Jim Taylor: Shade was about to add further insult to injury to an already wounded Rolando with that steel chair but the lights have gone out for some reason…
The lights come back on and the crowd comes to life as a familiar figure stands behind Shade…

Tim Coleman: That’s Enigma!

Jim Taylor: That’s Mr. Enigma to you! The last we saw him he was assaulted by Shade and it looks like he hasn’t forgotten!

Shade is unaware of Enigma’s presence but he turns around to face the man that he thought he took out, and Enigma takes Shade down with a tackle and wildly swung punches as Shade tries to cover up while more officials run down to this situation while Diego Gonzalez has come out as well to check on his friend Rolando, who is laying at ringside. Finally security and officials have pulled Enigma away from Shade, who is seen laughing while wiping blood away from his lower lip.

Jim Taylor: Folks, I’m being told that we’re going to take a short commercial break while this situation gets sorted out


Jim Taylor: Welcome back fans and before the break we saw the return of Mr. Enigma, who had set his sights on Shade with retribution on his mind after Shade had tried to end his career a few months ago. I’m getting word now that Isaac Richman has made it official that at Five Star Attraction it will be Shade and Mr. Enigma one on one in a last man standing match!

Tim Coleman: Oh boy, those two are going to kill each other!

Jim Taylor: Meanwhile, it seems as though Rolando Fuentes has remained at ringside refusing help from Diego Gonzalez, and this is the same sight we saw last week Tim

Tim Coleman: Yeah, Rolando not wanting any help from Diego, and why should Diego care about that loser?

Jim Taylor: Well, obviously they’re friends Tim and Diego cares for Rolando and has tried numerous times to help him out

Diego has taken a microphone now and slides in the ring while Rolando remains at ringside.

Diego: Ayo’, is that how it’s going to be man? After all we been through that’s how you going to treat me, Rolando?

Rolando looks on at Diego.

Diego: You know what though? I’m not even mad man. Nah, not even in the least bit, you know why? Because that’s what I’ve trying to get out of you all along man. That mean streak of yours man. You’re finally showing that aggression, that fiery side that I know you for man. It’s what you’ve been lacking and you’re finally unleashing it and that’s a good thing bro believe me it is.

Rolando slides in the ring and beckons for a microphone.

Rolando: What are you getting at Diego?

Diego: Bro, I’m just saying that you’re finally showing that aggression that you’ve been sorely lacking. Remember I asked you what had happened to the old Rolando Fuentes, the one that didn’t give a damn what people thought about him and did things his way?

Rolando: Yes, what’s your point?

Diego: My point is bro, is that you’re showing that side of you again, and it’s what I’ve wanted from you all along. I’ve got a proposition for you amigo, if you’re up for it that is…

Rolando: I’m listening

Diego: How about we give these fans one last match at Five Star Attraction?

This elicits a loud pop from the fans.

Diego: See, they already like the idea, what about you bro? One last match. No gimmicks, just a straight up wrestling match like we used to do, what do you say?

Rolando looks out at the sea of fans that urge him to agree.

Rolando: You want a match amigo? You got it!

The crowd is ecstatic now as they cheer loudly.

Diego: That’s what I wanted to hear!

Rolando: Just remember one thing amigo, don’t think I will take it easy on you!

Diego: Likewise bro, I wouldn’t have it any other way!

With that the two shake hands and the match is set as Diego holds up Rolando’s arm as the show cuts to commercial.


The show returns from commercial as "Icky Thump" plays and the crowd cheers wildly for Elijah Edwards making his way out with his manager Romeo Rollings at his side.

Lindsay Monahan: Making his way to the ring being accompanied by Romeo Rollings, from Toronto, Ontario, Canada and weighing in at 221lbs, "Double E" Elijah Edwards!

Soon his music is cut off by Godsmack's "Faceless" and the crowd's cheers turn to jeers as Ryan Andrews steps out with Craig Owens not far behind him.

Lindsay Monahan: and his opponent being accompanied by the CWA High Voltage Champion Craig Owens, from Dublin, Ireland and now residing in Chicago, Illinois and weighing in at 267lbs, "The Punisher" Ryan Andrews!

Grudge Match
Elijah Edwards w/Romeo Rollings vs Ryan Andrews w/Craig Owens

The bell is about to ring, and EE and Andrews size each other up. Andrews has a considerable weight and height advantage of EE, and you can see Andrews almost licking his chops for the smaller EE. The bell rings, and EE bounces off the ropes, and crashes into Andrews who just stands there, and smiles as the smaller EE bounces off Andrews. EE then comes right up to Andrews, and goes for a European uppercut, which graces Andrews, and Andrew just basically pie faces EE. EE doesn’t like this at all, and just quickly locks up with Andrews, and again Andrews just uses his size and girth, and easily places EE into the turnbuckle. The referee quickly goes to the middle of the two men, and backs off the wrestlers. As soon as the referee moves, Andrews who is deceptively fast chops EE across the chest with an open slap. The slap is heard around the arena, and EE quickly grabs his chest, but Andrews doesn’t stop the attack, and just gives EE the clothesline in the corner. He then takes EE, and basically pushes him down to the mat. Andrews looks down at EE, who is still clutching his chest, and Andrews just grabs EE in a head lock. He wrenches down on the neck, and the referee is trying to make sure it’s not a choke, but you can see the color leaving EE’s face as he is gasping for air.

Jim Taylor: Ryan Andrews uses his size as no big man I’ve ever seen. He’s a mountain of a man, and if Elijah Edwards has any chance he has to use his speed to get out of it.

Tim Coleman: That man is the Punisher, he will dominate anyone, especially one like Elijah Edwards, please you think that squeaky clean kid can do anything to the mastodon!

Andrews readjusts the hold, and just squeezes the head lock on tighter, with EE on his butt sitting, all of Andrews weight is right on the neck of EE. For no reason though, Andrew takes EE, and just rakes his eyes. The referee quickly starts calling for the hold to be broken, and EE grabs his eyes as Andrews got into the eyes very deeply. 1-2-3-4, with each number Andrews cranks the hold on tighter, and then right before the referee calls for five, Andrews breaks the hold, gets up, and then kicks EE right in the chest. Andrews grabs EE by the hair, and picks him up in a powerbomb position, and then places EE in the tree of woe, and wraps his legs tight over the turnbuckle. Andrews then goes to the other side of the ring, and goes full force as a freight train, and just splashes EE in the corner. EE eyes roll back in his head, but he is still trapped in the tree of woe, and Andrews only knows one move for this situation, he goes back to the other side of the ring, and then runs at full speed, and just squashes EE again. This time EE just collapses down to the mat, and Andrews just looks in the crowd, and just laughs! Andrews picks up EE, drags EE to the middle of the ring, and goes for the pin. 1-2-thrrrrrr…. EE kicks out, but it wasn’t with authority, but he still kicks out of the massacre!

Jim Taylor: Ryan Andrews has just dominated this contest, and those splashes have just ended this match. How can Elijah Edwards come back after this destruction???

Tim Coleman: That is a monster, and a person that can and will lead the CWA into a new era! He’s a beast! I almost feel bad for Elijah Edwards. NAH!! Not really.

EE looks dead to rights, but Andrews picks up the body of EE, and out of nowhere, EE starts with rapid kicks to the back of Andrews knee. Andrews pushes EE off, but EE quickly gets up, and starts more kicks to the knees, and Andrews pushes EE again, but EE rolls through the move, get up, and starts kicking the back of the knee again. Finally Andrews goes down to one knee, and finally EE bounces off the ropes, and then does a knee strike right on the face of Andrews. Andrews still is on one knee, and will not go down. EE steps back, and launches a devastating kick right to the back of the head of Andrews, and Andrews goes down like a sack of rocks! EE gives an exciting shout to the crowd, and the crowd pops loud seeing the monster going down. Since Andrews is down on the mat, EE goes quickly, and locks in a Crossface Chicken Wing, and that makes Andrews squirm, as it’s tough for EE to lock in the Chicken Wing, but he still has it in. Andrews gets up on his knee, and with EE on top of him, Andrews gets up, and he starts going backwards, and he is going to run EE right into the turnbuckle. EE though is nimble, and before EE gets driven into the turnbuckle, he lifts his leg up, and gets on the top turnbuckle. Andrews lands with his back on the turnbuckle, and looks up at EE, and EE is already jumping off the top rope, and lands a picture perfect European Uppercut, and it stumbles the big man. Andrews is still on his feet, and EE is looking for his next course of action.

[color=blue]Jim Taylor:[/b] Elijah Edwards is trying to make a comeback, but Andrews will not leave his feet! He just keeps stalking Elijah, but Elijah keeps fighting!

Andrews who is not used to anyone landing any move on his is a little stunned, and Andrews stalks EE, but EE sidesteps Andrews, and brutally kicks the back of Andrews knee, and the impact is so hard, that it basically sweeps Edwards off of his feet! Andrews lands on the mat with a big thud! EE goes for the pin, 1-2-, but Andrews basically lifts EE off of him, and just basically throws him off to the other side of the ring. Although it was a very impressive feat of strength, that could be the downfall of Andrews, as it gives space between Andrews EE, as EE gets on his feet Andrews think he has the upper hand, and EE comes running at Andrews, and delivers a nasty snap DDT as Andrews is on his knees, and has his head exposed. Andrews face bounces off the mat, and the crowd can see that the end may be near!

Edwards goes to lock in his Execellent Execution, but the much larger Andrews manages to fend him by kicking Edwards back to the ropes where Craig Owens attempts to trip up Edwards, but to no avail as Edwards was ready and leans over the ropes and lunges for Craig who backs away acting innocently. Meanwhile, Andrews has got his wits about him and is looking to put away Edwards with a Concussion on Delivery running big boot as he charges as Elijah turns around in time to narrowly avoid having his teeth knocked down his throat causing Andrews to hit the ropes and allowing Edwards to roll up the big man with a school boy pin...


Lindsay Monahan: Your winner of the match, Elijah Edwards!

Edwards celebrates his victory but not for long as Andrews makes a beeline for him prompting Edwards to leave the ring in a hurry to celebrate with Romeo Rollings while in the ring Craig Owens berates Andrews, and up on stage Harrison Wake is watching as we cut backstage.

Cut backstage where the lovely Michelle Kelly is standing by with a microphone in hand standing in front of a backdrop with the CWA Adrenaline Rush logo plastered on it.

Michelle Kelly: Ladies and Gentlemen my guests at this time, “Nasty” Nate Savage and the CWA World Tag Team Champions, The Echo!

The Echo steps in the scene looking as confident as ever with cocky grins on their faces while carrying their tag team titles over their shoulders, and they both wear their matching attire with t-shirt that read “Leaders of the Tag Team Revolution”. Following behind them is Nate Savage in his usual attire of black shorts and a sleeveless Clint Shepard “Icon” shirt, and he looks ready for a fight as he steps up ahead of the brothers.

Michelle Kelly: Nate, I’ll begin with you, and before I get to your match tonight I would like to go back to what took place last week after you called out your former mentor Clint Shepard basically airing out his dirty laundry thus making it personal between you two

Nate holds up a hand prompting Michelle to stop.

Nate Savage: I’m going to cut you off right there Michelle because you’re about to make yourself sound foolish. The only one that has made this personal between Clint and myself is Clint himself. See, what you don’t understand Michelle is that I have a family, a wife and two children, and they mean the world to me. He gave me no other choice. I’m trying to provide a better life for my loved ones but I couldn’t do that with him holding me back and taking my spot so I did what any man would do for his family and Clint only has himself to blame for what’s coming to him when I get my hands on him at Five Star Attraction.

Michelle simply nods.

Michelle Kelly: Well, changing subjects tonight you team up with The Echo and you three will take on the team of Prince Pain and The Moment, your thoughts?

Nate looks at Drew and Ethan Conner and then back at Michelle.

Nate Savage: Tonight, I team up with the best tag team in the world today…

Nate and Drew have chesire cat like grins on their faces as this is said.

Nate Savage: Normally, I’m not a team player and don’t play well with others, but I’m willing to make an exception for these two and if my memory serves me correctly I have some unfinished business with one Prince Pain. I’m looking forward to getting in that ring with the so called Prince of Pain and beating him within an inch of his life, and as for The Moment, well I’ll leave them to these two but if it comes to it I’ll have no problem beating either one of them until there’s nothing left of them, even their little lady friend if she decides to involve herself I’ll lay her out too.

Nate stares in the camera.

Nate Savage: Clint, I know you’re at home, sitting alone like the pathetic old man that you are and I know that you’re watching this so I want you to watch closely. What I do to Prince Pain and The Moment will be a preview of what’s to come for you Clint.

Michelle moves on to The Echo.

Michelle Kelly: Drew. Ethan, afte-

Drew Connor: Oh what? Now were on first name terms?

Ethan Connor: Look at her trying to cosy up to us, being all buddy buddy.

Drew Connor: “Funny really, considering we have no clue what her name is….Maggie? Maud?

Drew frowns and looks to Nathan and his brother who shrugs just as confused as he is. Eventually Kelly leans forward with her mic

Michelle Kelly: My name is-

Before she goes any further Ethan instantly just waves her arm dismissively at Michelle like he was swatting a fly away as Drew just shoots her a dirty look

Ethan Connor: Did we say we were talking to you. Kind of having a private conversation here….

Drew Connor: …..So rude. You think it even begins with a M? Wait isn’t it Toxic?

Ethan Connor: Naaa, that’s the other one. Really all I see when they’re around is a mic….

Drew Connor: It must really be depressing to have your job be to hold a mic while actual important people talk to you, That College degree really got her far.

Ethan Connor: “Yeah, a monkey could do the job.

Drew Connor: “Oh it does, we call her Toxic Rain”

They both share an insufferable chuckle before finally acknowledged the existence of Michelle.

Drew Connor: “The POINT is you address us as either CHAMPS or Mr Connor and Mr Connor.

Ethan Connor: “Show the belts some damn respect. Honestly”

Like always when people are confronted by the charming attitude of The Echo, Michelle can only bite her lip in irritation but ever the professional moved forward with the interview
Michelle Kelly: “Fine…..Champs, Last week, you cut your title match against the Movement short and assaulted Humanity and Nightmare, and before The Moment ran in you seemed like you were intending to cause Humanity real damage, I have to ask, what was your motivation to do that?

Ethan Connor: “....Ummmmmm, because we could.

Drew Connor: “Yup…”

Both of them shrugs their shoulders and say no more, the entire scene coming to a screeching halt as The Echo turn silent

Michelle Kelly: Could you maybe elaborate?

Both the Connor’s seem offfened by the question clearly not feeling the need to expand on their point, Drew shakes his head as we hear Ethan mutter off mic “Freaking reporters...Drew, educate them”

Drew Connor: “Two times. Two times we faced The Movement for these Belts. OUR Belts. The first time it took us a little less than ten minutes to bitch smack them and send them packing to the boiler room. So then they use their one rematch the first chance they get. Ok, fine. Whatever. We’d give them one last moment in the spotlight before we KICK them totally in that black hole of obscurity where they belong. Hell, we even let the rematch be THEIR match. No-DQ. Movement rules? And you wanna know what happened? We let teft them LYING FLAT on their asses in the middle of the ring. Right there. Right there that’s where it should have ended. They have two shots at us and both times we proved even at their very best, they can’t hang with us. We’ve just two damn good….and after proving that over and over again..they get a THIRD title match?!

Ethan Connor: You tell us how that’s meant to work? How EXACTLY did The Movement EARN ANOTHER shot at our belts!? Where were we when that was decided? What the hell do we have to prove by beating the Movement again. Give Humanity and Nightmare all the shots you want. Give them a thousand matches against us and the result will be the same EVERY single time. It was getting kind of sad really. So, we did something about it.

Drew Connor: Sure, Humanity got his big moment in the sun, one last match before he rode off into the sunset. But we all know the real reason he retiring is because we FORCED him into retirement-


Drew Connor : ...but the main reason? Because we can. We can do ANYTHING we want and if anyone has a problem with that? Tough. See, The Moment had a problem with it, but when they tried to do something about it. Like every single tag team on the planet we made them our bitches.

Ethan Connor: Because The Moment CAN’T do anything about us. They can’t hurt us. At The WrestleRoyale they gave us the fight of their lives...and it STILL wasn’t enough and now they think we’re scared of them now? Or your big hairy pet ape? Let me tell you something: even King Kong. got shot down when he faced off against a pair of jets shooting him down

Ethan Connor: “King Kong is Prince Pain’s more handsome. More successful cousin….

Drew Connor: You think you’re so bad? You ‘re think you’re going to destroy us, Well I hate to break it to you chuckles. But no matter what you do or what you try, we’ll always be One. Step. Ahead

Ethan Connor: You are looking at three men that are just BETTER. Then the Moment and Prince Pain. We’ve HUNGERER. we’re more determinand. We’ve RELENTLESS and were willing to do ANYTHING to get what we want and tonight. We prove it.

Drew Connor “Later Dorks”


Lindsay Monahan: The next match is scheduled for one fall and introducing first…

“Toll of the Bells” hits and Prince Pain steps out from behind the curtain with a look of complete and utter disdain as he makes his way towards the ring while the crowd shows a lack of respect for the man yet he doesn’t seem to care what they do.

Lindsay Monahan: Making his way to the ring from an undisclosed location, and weighing in at 275lbs…”The Prince of Pain” Prince Pain!

Soon his music is replaced by “Rock or Bust” and the crowd erupts into cheering and admiration as the three members of The Moment, Amanda Starr, Ben Bruce, and Nick Lawton all step out at once soaking in the adulation from the fans.

Lindsay Monahan:
and his tag team partners from Auckland, New Zealand and now residing in Vancouver, Canada…THE MOMENT!

Jim Taylor: The fans happy to see The Moment, while the opposite can be said for Prince Pain

Lindsay Monahan:
and their opponents…

“Cut the Cord” starts to play and as the intro finishes and the song kicks in the crowd erupts into a frenzy of jeers as Nate Savage steps out looking ready for a fight.

Lindsay Monahan: Making his way to the ring from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and weighing in at 266lbs, “Nasty” Nate Savage!

Nate walks halfway down the ramp but soon stops and waits...

“Wynona’s Big Brown Beaver” hits and the loudest heat from the crowd thus far as the ever cocky and confident Conner brothers step out. They walk down the ramp and meet up with Nate and high five with him and turn towards the ring and mock their opponents.

Lindsay Monahan:
and his tag team partners from Gainesville, Georgia

Lindsay as always lets out an audible sigh.

Lindsay Monahan:
by way of your Mom’s bedroom, they are The Pope’s favorite tag team and they are The Leaders of the Tag Team Revolution, and the CWA Tag Team Champions…THE ECHO!

The Echo and Nate Savage enter the ring and Nate allows one of the brothers begin the match, and it’ll be Ethan starting things off for their team while it looks like it’ll be Amanda Starr kicking things off for The Moment while Ben Bruce remains at ringside.

Jim Taylor: Well, this is certainly interesting. I believe this is the first time we’ve seen Amanda Starr in action as it looks like it’ll be her and Nick Lawton representing The Moment tonight.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Grudge Match
Nate Savage & The Echo vs Prince Pain & The Moment w/Amanda Starr

Ethan looks back at his brother Drew and at Nate while laughing and mocking Amanda, who isn’t backing down from Ethan as he shrugs and they go in for a lock up. Ethan immediately spins around behind Amanda in a waist lock position and mockingly begins to gyrate his hips and crotch much to the dismay of the fans and Amanda who fires back with a sharp back elbow!

Jim Taylor: Ethan with the vulgarity, but Amanda proving that she’s not here to play around and she won’t put up with the antics of these two

The elbow has Ethan reeling back holding his jaw with a look of surprise as he goes for a punch, but Amanda ducks underneath and nails Ethan right in the mush with a roundhouse kick! Ethan looks taken aback by this as he lays on the mat before crawling back up to his feet and Amanda is ready for him as she goes for a hurricanrana, but Ethan catches her in a position for a powerbomb as he laughs at her but it’s Amanda with the last laugh as she counters right back with a hurricanrana sending Ethan to the second rope and she looks for a running tiger feint kick, yet Ethan narrowly avoids contact as he gets out of the way and Amanda catches herself as she spins through the ropes and attempt a super kick but Ethan catches her boot and spins her around and drops her right on her head with a release German suplex! Ethan laughs at Amanda before turning to Nick Lawton and does a crotch chop which incites Nick to try to enter the ring but the referee prevents him from doing so as Ethan mocks him…

Tim Coleman: Ha, way to show him Ethan!

Ethan then proceeds to add insult to injury…SPRINGBOARD MOONSAULT! Straight into a pin attempt…


Amanda kicks out and Ethan drags her over to his corner where he tags in his brother Drew, and now it’s Drew entering the match as he positions himself up top while Ethan holds Amanda for him…MOONSAULT INTO A TORNADO DDT! Amanda’s head is spiked to the mat and Drew makes the cover now…


Amanda kicking out once more and Drew brings her up and whips her to the corner. Then he charges at her looking for a corner clothesline, but Amanda gets her boot up in time stopping Drew in his tracks and knocking him back allowing herself to gather her bearings as she hops up on the turnbuckle in a sitting position before jumping off…JUMPING DDT! She plants Drew’s head to the mat and Drew is seeing stars now as he lays on the mat and Amanda crawls to her corner where she tags in Nick, who comes in off the tag like a raging fire and Drew is just coming to as he gets to his feet only to be met by a running European uppercut from Nick that knocks Drew back some into the corner and Nick sends him to the opposite side with an Irish whip and Drew bounces off the corner right into Nick…LEG LARIAT!

Jim Taylor: Nick Lawton is on fire right now!

Tim Coleman: Don’t count on it lasting too long Jim

Drew has no idea where he’s at as he takes Drew up…FISHERMAN NECKBREAKER! That could be it as Nick makes the cover…


Drew has the wherewithal to kick out before three and Nick quickly makes the tag back to Amanda while Prince Pain eagerly awaits his turn in on the apron. Amanda comes back in and as Drew is rising up she nails him with a bigtime roundhouse kick taking him right off his feet, but Drew is back up yet slowly as he rises up once more and this time Amanda attempts a super kick, but Drew is ready for her as he catches her boot and drills her right in the mouth with a roaring elbow knocking her back and allowing Drew time to recover.

Tim Coleman: I think I saw a tooth fly!

Jim Taylor: With the impact made from that elbow it wouldn’t surprise me in the least bit

Drew is ready now as Amanda isn’t backing down still when she charges in at Drew, but he ducks underneath and hits her with a pele kick! Amanda is woozy now and Drew sees an opening…HANDSPRING BACKFLIP INTO A TORNADO DDT! Amanda’s head bounces off the mat and Drew uses this time to make the tag into Nate Savage as he’s practically salivating to get his hands on Amanda and he begins to stalk while she’s rising up with her back turned to him unaware that a tag was made…SLEEPER SUPLEX! Savage drops Amanda like she’s nothing with the sleeper suplex and makes the pin…


Amanda stays alive with a shoulder up but Nate isn’t finished with her yet as he whips her to his corner and the tag is made by Ethan, and Ethan goes to town on Amanda with several kicks in the corner until she’s slumped down and then Nate from out of nowhere with a corner cannonball!

Tim Coleman:
Amazing teamwork!

Jim Taylor: There’s no denying that Tim, but this isn’t looking good for Amanda

Tim Coleman:
She should have thought about that before getting in the ring!

Ethan then tags in Drew and they play rock-paper-scissors with Drew winning prompting Ethan to get on his hands and knees while Drew runs the ropes and goes for a flying elbow drop, but Amanda rolls out of the way in time and Drew hits nothing but mat as he holds his elbow in agony while Amanda pops up in time and nails Ethan with a super kick! Drew is up now holding his elbow and he gets taken down by a super kick!

Jim Taylor: These Conner boys getting a taste of their own medicine!

Amanda gets to her corner and makes the tag to Prince Pain! Pain comes in off the tag with a fire in his eyes and looks to ready to raise some hell and get his hands on The Echo. Ethan is the first as Pain takes him by the hair and throws him to the ropes and off the rebound he catches him…FLATLINER! Swing sidewalk slam and Ethan is down! Drew is primed and ready on the apron waiting for Pain to turn around and he springboards off looking for a forearm smash…SUDDEN DECLINE!

Jim Taylor: Prince Pain is cleaning house!

Drew bounces off the mat holding his back and he quickly crawls over to his corner and makes the tag to Nate Savage. Pain isn’t backing down as Savage enters the ring and the two beasts begin trading blows like nobody’s business with no intent of letting up. Eventually, Savage gains the upper hand, or knee as he hits Pain with a knee to the midsection stopping Pain momentarily and Nate drills him with a discus elbow smash knocking Pain back some and Nate spins him around before hitting Pain with an atomic drop followed by an abdominal stretch! Nate cranking back on Pain, but it’s not enough as the big man fights back flipping Nate over his shoulder yet Nate pops back up in time and runs at Pain but catches him…HIT THE FLOOR! Both men lay out on the mat spent as their respective partners are anxiously awaiting the tag in to the match…

Nate manages to tag in Ethan, who wisely rushes over to knock both Moment members off the ring apron to keep Prince Pain isolated. Ethan makes several very lewd and obnoxious gestures to Amanda and Nick...but as per usual, his excessive taunting gets him a decapitating Whirlwind Blast for his trouble! Pain roars as he seeks retribution in the form of a Pain and Gain...

SUPERKICK! Drew drills Pain in the back of the head with a superkick and Ethan immediately goes for a jack-knife cover. Ethan scores the pin and wins the match for The Echo and Savage!

Lindsay Monahan: The winners of the match, Nate Savage and The Echo!

Savage and The Echo celebrate on the outside while on the inside of the ring Nick and Amanda look crestfallen as Ben Bruce tries to comfort them, and on the outside Pain is irate with himself and those damn Conner boys pulling a fast one on him again.


Grudge Match - Main Event
Michelle von Horowitz vs Johnny Vegas w/Jenny Vegas

Lindsay Monahan: The following contest is your main event of the evening and set for one fall! Introducing first…

Pierce the Veil’s “King for a Day” hits and the crowd begins to loudly show their support when Johnny Vegas steps out with his wife Jenny at his side. Johnny wearing the same Joker face paint like last week while Jenny is dressed like Harley Quinn, and the two make their way to the ring with Jenny interacting with the fans while Johnny is all business.

Lindsay Monahan: Making his way to the ring being accompanied by Jenny Vegas, from Los Angeles, California, and weighing in at 220lbs…JOHNNY VEGAS!

Jim Taylor: Here comes the man that has shown a bit of a different side as of late, but he still has his rabid followers that show their undying support for him no matter what

Tim Coleman: With who his opponent is tonight he’ll need all of the support that he can get Jim…

Lindsay Monahan: and his opponent…

Michelle wanders out onto the stage, surveying the arena during the opening verse. As the music comes in and Orbison sings 'I close my eyes', she leisurely walks down to the ring. Before getting to the ring she stops by a young child who is sporting a Johnny Vegas sign. She takes the sign away from the child much to their dismay as the child looks rather sad and on the verge of tears. Michelle enters the ring and holds the sign up mocking the child before tossing it behind to the outside floor.

Lindsay Monahan: Introducing next from Rotterdam, The Netherlands by way of New Orleans, Louisiana, and weighing in at 71kg…”Dreamer” MICHELLE VON HOROWITZ!

Jim Taylor: You’ve got that right Tim. Michelle has not a lost a match since she has arrived in CWA, even earning herself a shot at the world championship at Five Star Attraction after winning the Wrestle Royale. To say Johnny has got his work cut out for him tonight, well that would be understatement…

Tim Coleman: She also didn’t back down from her confrontation with Snowmantashi earlier this evening

Jim Taylor: She certainly did not Tim. She may be small, but she’s a spitfire and she knows how to get the job done.

Michelle begins to limber up and stretches a bit while Johnny hops in place in his corner before giving a kiss to Jenny, and Michelle notices that and sticks out her tongue in disgust.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

The two competitors begin to circle each other sizing the other up before locking up, and Michelle traps Johnny in a side headlock yet Johnny manages to slip out and spin behind Michelle and takes her down with waist lock. He tries to keep his grip, but she slips out behind him now and drills him with a sharp kick to the back of his knee before running the ropes and catching him right in the same knee with a chop block that brings him down to one knee, which leaves him open for Michelle to hit him with a shining wizard kick right to the head knocking him on his back to the mat.

Michelle brings Johnny up to his feet before whipping him to the corner, and she begins to unload a flurry of kicks to Johnny’s sides and thighs before finishing him off with a running dropkick in the corner prompting Johnny to slump in the corner. Michelle sets him up in a tree of woe position before drilling him with another dropkick and Johnny flops to the mat in a heap…

Jim Taylor: Johnny Vegas not in a good way right now

Tim Coleman: You can say that again Jim, he’s getting schooled by Michelle!
Michelle nonchalantly makes the cover…


Johnny with a shoulder up and Michelle peppers his legs with several stomps to soften it up before applying a stretch muffler submission. Michelle has it expertly applied while rubbing salt in the wound stomping Johnny’s head as Jenny looks on from the outside with concern and begins to rally the fans behind Johnny, and the support seems to be doing the trick as Johnny begins to desperately crawl to the ropes before clutching on for dear life forcing Michelle to break the hold. Michelle is none too happy about this as she kicks a downed Johnny right in the midsection with a soccer kick before bringing Johnny up and she looks to send him to the ropes but he reverses it sending her to the ropes, yet she comes back up looking a wheel barrow inverted DDT but Johnny counters once more into a German suplex! Both competitors lay on the mat spent after that exchange before Johnny drapes his arm over Michelle…

½ NO!

Michelle with a shoulder up and Johnny rolls off her and springs up to his feet gingerly still feeling the effects of Michelle’s earlier attacks to his leg. He props himself in the corner opposite of where Michelle props herself up and before she can react she’s leveled by a corner clothesline from Johnny. He keeps her in the corner now where she’s in a daze allowing to catch her with a corner enziguri and she slumps down to the mat allowing Johnny to make the cover once more…


Michelle kicks out this time while on the outside Jenny begins shouting words of encouragement to Johnny, which prompts Michelle to roll over and spit at her and yell some curses at her eliciting shock from Jenny. Johnny now takes Michelle to the ropes where he sets her up looking for his signature rope hung DDT, but Michelle places her palms to the mat as Johnny goes to execute it forcing him down to the mat allowing Michelle time to recover. Michelle gathers herself placing Johnny in position and looks at Jenny once more and gives her wicked smirk...

Jim Taylor: Johnny’s face driven to the mat with that sick curb stomp!

Tim Coleman: Good thing he’s rich because he’s going to need all of the money in the world to repair the damage done to his face after that!

Michelle laughs as Jenny looks on in horror checking on Johnny in his corner after he rolled over there. After several moments Johnny starts to rise up but seems disoriented stumbling out of his corner as Michelle runs at him looking for the busaiku knee kick yet somehow Johnny manages to roll out of the way and drills Michelle with a super kick but he doesn’t get all of it as she drops to the mat…

Jim Taylor: Johnny climbing up top, but I’m not so sure this is such a wise idea considering the state he’s in right now...

Jim Taylor: That's Jonathan McGinnis' theme music, what is he doing here?

Tim Coleman: Isn't it obvious Jim? He's playing mindgames with Johnny!

Johnny looks to the stage as the music plays while still standing on the turnbuckle but no one comes out, this distraction allows Michelle to knock him down and he lands crotch first on the top turnbuckle, and now she drags him off the turnbuckle before placing him in position...

Jim Taylor: Psycho Driver!

Tim Coleman: That’s all she wrote for Johnny!

She hooks the leg of Johnny…


Lindsay Monahan: The winner of the match, Michelle von Horowitz!

Jim Taylor: A valiant effort put forth by Johnny Vegas, but he was just no match for Michelle

Tim Coleman: You can say that again Jim!

Jim Taylor: Michelle celebrating yet another hard fought victory…wait, there’s our world champion Snowmantashi on stage

Jon Snowmantashi appears on stage with his world title draped over his shoulder, and stares down at Michelle, who is still in the ring and stares daggers right back at Jon while motioning that she’s coming for that belt. Jon still showing signs from earlier in the evening with a bandage on his forehead.

*End show*