Good Evening, Ladies and Gentleman.

We are only moments away from ending the year 2013 and welcoming in 2014.

2013 was momentous for me. I finally broke through one of the glass ceilings and I'm now the youngest wrestler in CWA history. 2013 was my break through year.

Iv made lots of new friends, new enemy's, new everything.

But people don't know... Iv been a wrestler for about 3 years... I started when I was 15 actually being trained by the CWA development territory Frontier Wrestling Development, FWD. Every year, specially this time of year, it's really horrible for us.

The lights, the cameras, the money and girls... All of that is just hype, smoke and mirrors for the amount if sacrifices we have to make.

This is the third year in a row iv been away from my loved ones on New Years.

It sucks.

It really really sucks.

Relationships are hard to start, build or maintain when your on the road 300 days a year.

Women come and go, friends come and go. This is why the wrestling community is a family. We all feel for each other.

We are a band of brothers, a gang, an army that has each other's back physically and mentally. Now my recent interview in the newspaper sparked some controversy and I just wanted to clear up some rumours before the new year.

Rumor the first. Am I about to leave CWA?

...I regret to say there is some truth in this. My contract runs out at the end of January, I'm on a 6 month rolling contract and do have the chance... A choice to resign. So far discussions haven't taken place due to Five Star Attraction but they are scheduled to commence after... So maybe Five Star Attraction is the last CWA will see of Noah Nitro.

Rumour the second. Is my decision to resign based on my relationship with Liam Lennox? Spoiler here... Liam wants to fight me... I have no problem with giving this man a fight. But am I leaving CWA to avoid a fight with him? No. This fight will happen wether im in CWA or FWA or maybe somewhere else I will fight this guy. As for my personal feelings towards him... That's another thing all together

Rumour the third. Am I about to jump to FWA? contract is up soon and I'd be free to go wherever I want. FWA is an option.

Rumour the fourth. I'm about to retire?

You know what? I'm sick of these rumours.

Listen guys... Iv had a pretty shit couple of days... I'm fed up of everything. Another person just walked out of my life because of this stupid wrestling.

Sacrifice after sacrifice after sacrifice for what? So I can sit alone with glass under my eyebrow? So I can sit here in the dark on New Year's Eve in a stinking hotel drinking Russian vodka while recording this podcast? Yeah I'm a little drunk... They say we speak the truth when we're drunk and frankly I'm just sick of this... I'm sick of everything!

You go through life trying to be the nice guy... And where does it get you?

It gets you on some posters, it gets you a nice house and nice cars your never at home long enough to enjoy or drive properly

Maybe iv gone wrong... Maybe I haven't...

I hate cliches

New Year, New Me? I don't think so

But sadly something has to change with Noah Nitro... It has to change now... It's 30 minutes from the new year...

The old Nitro you once new is dead... He's not coming back

Happy New Year, you filthy animals.