Ok, so I wrote this for fun really just for some practice. I managed to write 3 rp's yesterday at work and this one was made for practice. So please leave your impressions of it, your criticism, pointers, tips... Anything you can think of! It's all appreciated.

background of the character... I liked talking like Jesus so here we have baby Jesus of wrestling! The name comes from a very old friend I used to rp against years and years ago in a now long defunct fed. He won't actually be coming into CWA there's no plans for that. It's all just a building excersize

I hope the staff allow this and understand it's just one guy trying to improve himself

??? "Hail Mary. Full of grace. The Lord is with thee."

Our video begins in with a man in a black suit and red tie; shovelling dirt into an open grave in the middle of a cemetery on a mid summers day.

??? "In the name of God thy merciful... Clarity - A clearness or lucidity as to perception or understanding; freedom from indistinctness or thy ambiguity."

The man stops shovelling and uses it as a leaning post as he looks down the camera.

??? "You see, thou art hath clouded visions and misperceptions for millennia after millennia. Forced upon thee by false prophets and erroneous saviours. These heathens hath lead thy sheep away from thy one true Shepard. thy baby Jesus of thy professional wrestling... ME... The Stainless One... Jake Steel"

Steel lets out a sickening smile as he goes back to shovelling dirt on the open grave.

Steel "Heathens upon heathens divulge false scriptures on a daily bases. Clique Wrestling is heaving with these false idols. Dan Maskell, Austerio, Cyrus Truth to name but a few. My father hath sent me to you to lead back the flock of sheep you hath lead away from the one true light of the almighty."

Dropping the shovel; Jake Steel puts a vault to the shovelling and takes a seat on the marble tombstone; looking down into the hole.

Steel "Humanity, Jack Gekko, Krash... More unwitting disciples of satan's unholy army. Thy Lord hath forgiven thee for thy treacherous ways"

Fumbling around in his pocket; The Stainless One pulls out a silver cigarette tin and lights up a cigarette. Flicking the ash into the grave after each drag.

Steel "Praise be to my father! For he hath sent me and I hath shown you the path of repentance one true light. CWA will be made to repent for thy sins and thy Holy Spirit will be reinstalled. Tell thy neighbour! Tell thy friends!... Thy prophecy hath been fulfilled. Thy Baby Jesus of Professional Wrestling has risen! The Stainless One is here!"

Steel flicks the butt of the cigarette into the grave and gets off of the tombstone. Jake picks up the shovel and leans on it again.

Steel "In the name of thy father, thy son and thy Holy Spirit. Amen."

The self proclaimed baby Jesus of professional wrestling starts shovelling once more. The video package ends with the camera focusing on the detail on the tombstone

Here lies
Clique Wrestling Association