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Thread: Staff Application

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    Staff Application

    If you've ever had any desire to be a mod here at WC, here's the first step. Fill out the following application and PM it back to Ed.

    User's Name:
    Position applying for:
    Section you're applying for:
    Additional Usernames:

    Why do you want to help this forum:

    What skills can you bring to this forum:

    Have you ever used the backend of a vBulletin forum:
    Do you know any of the options:
    Do you moderate on other forums:
    If yes, what other forum(s) do you moderate:

    How long have you been moderating other forums:
    Have you ever resigned from a staff position:
    If yes, please include details/reasons why:

    Enter any additional information:
    There's several things to consider:

    - In order to be confirmed as a staff member, you must receive the majority vote from the upper staffers (Admins and Smods). It's not one person's decision whether someone gets the mod spot or not. Even if I am vehemently against modding someone, but the vote still goes in favor of modding them, the poster will get the mod spot offer.

    - Just because a section currently has a mod, does not necessarily mean you shouldn't apply for it. For all you know, that mod is about to receive a promotion to Smod, is considering stepping down or has just joined the circus and WC has a strict policy against using circus performers as staff. If that happens, we'll already have your application, so you may be our first choice to replace the former mod.

    - Do not be discouraged if you've sent in an application, but you haven't heard from us yet. It doesn't necessarily mean we've voted against you. In the past, we have waited a month and kept an eye on the potential mod to see if they are still putting in the effort in the section.

    - If you're serious about getting the mod spot, put in some effort in the application. Remember, you're trying to make a convincing case for why you should be given a red name. Don't just assume your posts in the section is a good enough reason to convince us.

    - Please do not keep contacting myself or other upper staffers with inquires. Yes, we've received the application. Yes, we're considering it. No, we haven't made up our mind yet, otherwise; you'd be given an offer already. Asking too many times is a good way to make us sour on the idea of modding you.
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    Re: Staff Application

    Just a heads up, due to some real life obligations causing him to be too busy, Shock has stepped down as WWE mod. While we do have Davey Boy as a WWE mod (He's super awesome), we do always like to have two WWE mods. Even though the upper staff sometimes have a member in mind, there's been other times where a staff application has convinced us that someone we weren't even considering would be the right man (Or woman) for the job.

    So if you're interested in becoming a WWE mod, now's the time to send me a staff application.

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    Re: Staff Application

    I've had a pretty good response to a similar post in the BTB section, so I may as well try it in here.

    We're on the search for new mods, in particular mods for our wrestling (WWE/NJPW/Impact/Indy) sections although all applications to any forum are welcome. If anyone is interested, my PM's are always open for a chat.
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