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    TAA Lounge

    *Music plays as a video package of The Andrew Alexander’s highlights in CWA are played on the screen. The camera pans around an empty studio and focuses on a stage with a hanging television screen and two chairs and the letters TAA are hanging in the background. The Andrew Alexander walks from the backstage area with his assistant Phil to piped in applause and stands in front of the camera.*

    Alexander: “Hey guys CWA superstar The Andrew Alexander here and welcome to the premier of the TAA Lounge where I review the previous week in action as well as give my thoughts on the week ahead and I’ll also continue to prove to the world that week in and week out I am the most entertaining man in the CWA.”

    Alexander: “As you all know, CWA Meltdown was this past Saturday and it was a historic night for many. We had a classic main event match, debuts, a brutal street fight, a Wrestle Royale match, and newly crowned champions. Now if you’ll direct your attention to the screen, I have some highlights for the poor people that couldn’t afford to pay for one of the greatest pay per views in recent memory. Take a look.”

    *Highlights of CWA Meltdown are shown with Chubby Carlos’ Wrestle Royale win noticeably omitted.*

    Alexander: “Well there it was folks. Your CWA Meltdown. What a show eh?”

    Phil: “Yeah, but where are the highlights of Chubby Carlos’ victory?”

    Alexander: “Shut up Phil! Nobody would’ve even noticed that tub of lard was missing if you hadn’t opened your stupid mouth. Moving on, we had a nice debut victory with Mike Hunt defeating Twista XL. I think the biggest victory was that nothing was stolen and nobody was stabbed by that gang banger.”

    Alexander: “Up next, and why this wasn’t the main event, I’ll never know, was my match. The Gang Stars against that’s right The New Legends. Basically we went out and kicked ass for 20 minutes before my buddy Shawn got the victory over that good for nothing Krash. Ladies and gentlemen, your new CWA tag team champions…The New Legends!!!”

    Phil: “I wouldn’t call it an ass kicking by any means, TAA. I thought it was a great match between you two teams, one I’d like to see again. And by the way, Krash can’t be too bad if he eliminated you in the Wrestle Royale match now can he?”

    Alexander: “Your presence on this stage right now is ruining this show. Would you please keep your comments to yourself? As if anyone could top that tag team match, Danny Hound and Daren Storm came terribly close to doing so. Stuff they did during that match either is or should be illegal in all fifty states. I enjoyed watching, but I think I’ll stay away from those two guys from now on. Can’t have this face touched up too much. It’s where the money is.”

    Phil: “It’s definitely not just your talent.”

    Alexander: “Why do I even pay you? Anyways, Dan Maskell and Lane Knight fought and guess what? Dan Maskell won again. The guy has held that X-Fly championship since I’ve been in the CWA. He seems to always win. Wanna know why? He hasn’t fought me yet. Easy answer.”

    Phil: “…and easy match for him.”

    Alexander: “Wouldn’t life be better if you weren’t here? Oh hey guys and gals, soon to be former champion Cyrus Truth picked up a huge victory over a real life Dr. Jeckyll/Mr. Hyde sort of guy, Samuel Hyde. Or is it Riff Radley? Seriously, that guy weirds me out and is confusing the hell out of me. Can’t he just pick one? But yeah, Cyrus got his title defense out of the way and can rest up until his next challenge at Five Star Attraction, which he shouldn’t be worried about. So Cyrus, keep that belt warm for me.”

    Phil: “Want him to shine it too? So it’s nice for you to look at while he carries it on his shoulder?”

    *Alexander looks at Phil, extremely annoyed, but shakes his head and continues.*

    Alexander: “I’m not even going to go there. The last match of the night was the much ballyhooed Wrestle Royale match, where I lasted the second longest in the match and eliminated three opponents of my own. Now, I didn’t win, but that’s due in large part to being triple and double teamed the majority of my time in the ring. It’s like nobody in the ring liked me. I don’t understand. But yeah somebody won, and will get a title match at Five Star Attraction.”

    Phil: “That somebody is Chubby Carlos. The only person that has pinned you so far in the CWA.”

    Alexander: “On to this upcoming Adrenaline Rush, I’ll be making my predictions sure to go right. In the first Second To None tournament match, I have Dan Maskell defeating Krash by pinfall, simply because I dislike Krash more than the Maskell guy.”

    Phil: “That’s my sleeper pick for match of the night.”

    Alexander: “Do I really have to predict this one? We all know what’s going to happen. Let’s move on.”

    Phil: “Or you could give credit where credit is due and realize that Derek Vendra is the biggest threat to your loss column since Chubby Carlos.”

    Alexander: “Or I could realize that Derek Vendra nor anyone else in the back can defeat me. Yeah, I’ll go with that. The Fatal Four Way to determine the number one contender for the X-Fly champion includes Rick Walters, Lane Knight, Tyson Dale, and my boy Shawn Summers. I’m going with my boy. Another easy one.”

    Phil: “I’m going with Knight. The guy came really close last time and I’m sure is hungry for another shot.”

    Alexander: “Oh a grudge match between Thomas Jones and Mike Hunt. I don’t know much about Hunt, but I know Jones hits like a ton of bricks. I’ll take Jones.”

    Phil: “We differ again. I’m going with Hunt getting the surprise victory over Thomas Jones. Should be a nice brawl.”

    Alexander: “The main event for some reason isn’t The Andrew Alexander, at least on the match card. We all know I am the Main Event. Riff…Samuel Hyde takes on Casey Anomaly. Samuel Hyde is a weird dude and I clearly remember how easy it was to take out Casey a few weeks back. Going with Hyde on this one.”

    Phil: “I’m going with Hyde on this one too. He’s going to want to prove that loss last week was a fluke.”

    Alexander: “All this time you’ve made predictions after me and I just realized nobody gives a crap what you think. Now onto our last segment of the show, each week I’ll showcase my biggest winner and my biggest loser from the previous week. My biggest losers are Krash and Alyster Black from the Gang Stars. Now there’s no award for that but there is plenty of shame to toss around with this title. Congrats guys. And for the biggest winner… Come on people, you already know. It’s me! The Andrew Alexander. Who yet again proved he was the most talented man in the CWA by becoming on half of the tag team champions and lasting longer than anybody…

    Phil: “Almost anybody…”

    Alexander: “Almost anybody in the Wrestle Royale match. Regardless, I’m the winner of the week despite other huge wins in the CWA, nobody had a week like mine. So I’ll give myself a pat on the back and a screw you to all the haters.”

    Alexander: “Well that’s our show for this week. Be sure to tune in next week for another review and preview spectacular at TAA Lounge.”

    *Music plays as The Andrew Alexander is heard fussing at Phil in the background. The camera focuses on the TAA sign before fading to black.*

    OOC: This is a bit new for me. I'm going to try this out though. Hopefully if it catches on, I'll have some of you guys join in as a special guest, if not I'll continue with the week in review type thing like this.

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    Re: TAA Lounge

    Good stuff bro.

    You should change the name to something that rolls off the tongue better though.

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    Re: TAA Lounge

    Good stuff dude, very entertaining. I enjoyed the back and forth banter between Alexander and Phil.

    Keep up the good work.
    Rest in power, Flock U
    Rest in power, TCON

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