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Thread: Five Star Attraction - Five Woman Scramble For The Women's Title

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    Five Star Attraction - Five Woman Scramble For The Women's Title

    The claws are coming out when the Women's title is up for grabs at Five Star Attraction.

    After deeming herself the face among the women of the division, as well as giving herself the title, Alexa has found herself attacking everyone she considers a threat.

    That is like pouring gasoline into a fire to put it out! Due to here actions, she must defend her title against not only one pretty woman, not only two pretty woman, but four pretty women! Monty Python would be proud of that.

    Her contenders are Alexis, who have had her problems with Alexa over the past couple of months. Victoria Stone, who is trying to shine during her husband's absence. Anna Williams, who finds herself in a tug of war. Finally, Toxic Rain, who has been rather silent.

    Who is comming out on top, and that has no innuendo?!?! Find out at Fve Star Attraction!
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    Re: Five Star Attraction - Five Woman Scramble For The Women's Title

    got to go with Victoria on this one its about time I get a title in CWA

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