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Thread: Offical Wrestling Clique Wrestling Awards 2009 - Pick Your Winners

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    Offical Wrestling Clique Wrestling Awards 2009 - Pick Your Winners

    Send me a private message with your number one selection(three for the Hall Of Fame) for each catogary from the nominations.

    WRESTLER OF THE YEAR AJ Styles, Chris Jericho, Christian, CM Punk, Rey Mysterio

    MOST ABYSMAL WRESTLER OF THE YEAR Cody Deaner, Hornswoggle, Randy Orton, Sonjay Dutt, Triple H

    TAG TEAM OF THE YEAR The American Wolves, Beer Money, Chris Jericho & The Big Show, The Hart Dynasty, The Legacy

    MOST ABYSMAL TAG TEAM Cryme Tyme, D-X, Erick Stevens & Brent Albright, Eziciel Jackson & Vladimir Kozlov, The Young Bucks

    BABYFACE OF THE YEAR Bryan Danielson, Christian, Jeff Hardy, John Cena, Rey Mysterio

    HEEL OF THE YEAR Austin Airies, Chris Hero, Chris Jericho, CM Punk, Randy Orton

    MATCH OF THE YEAR KENTA vs Davey Richards (Supercard Of Honor IV), The Undertaker vs Shawn Michaels (Wrestlemania 25), Chris Jericho vs Rey Mysterio (The Bash), AJ Styles vs Samoa Joe vs Christopher Daniels (Turning Point), Christian vs Shelton Benjiman (TLC)

    MOST ABYSMAL MATCH OF THE YEAR Triple H vs Randy Orton (Wrestlemania 25), Santino Marella vs Vickie Guerrero (Extreme Rules), Triple H vs Randy Orton (The Bash), Jenna Morasca vs Sharmell (Victory Road), Kane vs The Great Khali (Summerslam),

    FEUD OF THE YEAR American Wolves vs Steenerico, CM Punk vs Jeff Hardy, Jack Swagger vs Christian, Randy Orton vs Triple H, Rey Mysterio vs Chris Jericho

    DIVA OF THE YEAR Maryse, Melina, Michelle McCool, Mickie James, Sara Del Rey

    ANNOUNCER OF THE YEAR Dave Prazak, Jim Ross, Josh Matthews, Matt Striker, Todd Grisham

    HALL OF FAME Dusty Rhodes, Hulk Hogan, Jesse Ventura, Owen Hart, Randy Savage,Rick Rude, Ricky Steamboat, The Rock, Roddy Piper, Ted Dibiase

    All votes need to be in by Saturday.
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