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Thread: CWA Newswire #11

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    CWA Newswire #11

    Los Calavera claim some gold

    They started the week in prison but are ending it as the new AMLL Tag Team Champions. Jose Domino and Julio Domino made themselves tag champions when they overcame Águila and Kid Krazy last night. Los Calavera’s opponents at Five Star Attraction, The Future, had previously tried to claim AMLL gold but were disqualified when Daren Storm tried to remove the mask of Águila.

    Ruben Johns released

    The man who liked to call himself King Johns has been released from CWA effective immediately. CWA would like to apologize for Mr. Johns’ attempts at misleading the public by claiming a mutual parting of ways. That is not true. Mr. Johns’ failed the random drugs testing taken at the December 2nd show and when questioned about the failure was unable to satisfy CWA officials with his feeble excuses. Rey Guerrero had previously been the only man to fail CWA’s zero tolerance policy against performance enhancement drugs but he was able to provide proof that they were prescribed and thus was suspended instead of fired for failing to inform CWA Management of the prescription. Ruben Johns did not have a prescription and tried to claim someone mixed up the tests despite it being redone three times. CWA hopes that Ruben Johns kicks the habit before disaster strikes.

    Vance Johnson retires due to injury

    Vance Johnson, who has missed nearly all of 2009 due to injury, has today announced he is retiring from the ring. Vance Johnson was signed to CWA in it’s early days and looked to have a bright future ahead of him but a serious head injury limited his in ring time. Vance Johnson tried to battle through but doctors warned him he was doing irreversible damage by doing so and was written out of storylines to recover. Nearly a year has passed and the situation has not improved enough for Johnson to return to the ring. CWA wishes Vance Johnson a speedy recovery.

    A Mouthful of Awesome to debut in CWA

    The well travelled teaming of Jackson Sonik and Deportista will make their in ring debut’s in CWA on the Five Star Attraction pre-show. Sonik and Deportista have teamed together for several years now and will be adding depth to the CWA tag division. Rocky Ali and Jason Hawk were signed last week for the same reason but wont debut as a team until the new year. Sonik and Deportista will face The Bulldog and Trevor Kade.

    Royal Rumble entry order announced on

    The biggest match of the year is set to take place at Five Star Attraction and the entry order for the first ever Royal Rumble in CWA history has just been announced. The number one entrant will be Kenneth leBlanc whom Guardian Devil seem’s to be punishing for losing the title to Roberto on his first defence. The number twenty spot was reserved for the loser of the CWA World Championship match between Roberto and Nickolas Kennedy Arsen. The entry order is as follows:

    01. Kenneth leBlanc
    02. Damien Kahn
    03. Unannounced
    04. Callum Fielding
    05. Jay Walters
    06. Jason Hawk
    07. Don de Vries
    08. Shaun Quinn or Steel
    09. Joven Rayo
    10. Unannounced
    11. Rey Guerrero
    12. Nero James
    13. Hunter Smith or St. Deuce
    14. Top Dog
    15. Ralph McCoy
    16. Guardian Devil
    17. Uncle Salvatore
    18. Unannounced
    19. Unannounced
    20. Roberto or Nickolas Kennedy Arsen
    The Real Rock N' Rolla

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    Re: CWA Newswire #11

    Dang I almost come in on my lucky number lol

    Nero James for the Underdog upset in Rumble

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    Re: CWA Newswire #11

    A Mouthful of Awesome mention? LOLcats.....HOOOOOOOO!!!!!

    If I lose to Roberto, don't worry. I'll win that rumble.
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    Re: CWA Newswire #11

    So much for keeping people's number confidental

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