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Thread: Five Star Attraction - Trevor Kade and The Bulldog vs. A Mouthful Of Awesome

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    Five Star Attraction - Trevor Kade and The Bulldog vs. A Mouthful Of Awesome

    Two kids at heart will be debuting at Five Star Attraction.

    In what was a exclusive announcement, the team of Deportista and Jackson Sonik, collectively known as the new duo, "A Mouthful of Awesome", will take on the aspiring team of Trevor Kade and The Bulldog.

    Kade and Bulldog look to be the top contenders of the tag team division. They haven't done too bad of a job. They took McCoy and King Johns to the limit in single matches, and looked like a hard working duo against Quinn and Enzo, showing brute strenght and terrific chemistry. Another hard working win, especially on CWA's biggest event, could give them a future shot at the tag team titles.

    Adding depth to this tag team division is the debuting duo of Deportista and Jackson Sonik. Two young gentlemen that could never be seperated, they've traveled all over the country to not only get the experience, but enjoy the perks that come with it. Deportista, a graduate of Nickolas Arsen's wrestling academy, has been banished from several wrestling companies due to his misunderstood and unorthodox ways of communication. When he was contacted by Arsen to join the CWA, Deportista contacted his good freind Jackson Sonik to be his translator, due to taking French, German, Spanish, and Japanese in high school, having a retarded brother that sounds like Depirtista, and wanting to further his training.

    It's a tag team showcase at Five Star Attraction! To watch this match, order the event on December 30th, only on PPV!
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    Re: Five Star Attraction - Trevor Kade and The Bulldog vs. A Mouthful Of Awesome

    This will be the pre-show match and will give us a good indication of who could be the next challengers for the CWA Tag Team Championships. Havent seen a Mouthful of Awesome promo yet so I cant call it right now.
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    Re: Five Star Attraction - Trevor Kade and The Bulldog vs. A Mouthful Of Awesome

    I will go with The Bulldog and Kade just because Nicky has his hands full with Arsen already.

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