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Thread: CWA Rankings for December 2nd, 2009

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    CWA Rankings for December 2nd, 2009

    Originality, Revelance, Setting Scene, Spelling/Grammar, Overall - Total

    10. The Bulldog & Trevor Kade - 4.84, 3.5, 3.82, 3.74, 3.72 - 3.92

    The team of Bulldog and Trevor Kade looked sloppy at times in their tag team match against Nero James and Rey Guerero and as a result were defeated. But they will get a chance to redeem themselves when they face Nero and Rey at the next Adrenaline Rush in a no DQ match.

    9. Hunter Smith - 4.65, 3.65, 3.78, 4.42, 4.15 - 4.12

    At Adrenaline Rush in Billings, the Hardcore Superstar from Topeka went in to the match as the underdog, but shut doubters up when he disposed of hot prospect Damien Kahn in less than 6 minutes. At the next Adrenaline Rush he will have to go through another stiff test when he faces former MMA fighter Rush St. Deuce in a Royal Rumble Qualifying match.

    8. Rey Guerero - 5.50, 4.8, 4.73, 4.67, 4.76 - 4.89

    Showed some ring rust after being out for over a month due to being suspended after failing a CWA Wellness test, but still walked out of Adrenaline Rush with the win, when together with Nero James were able to defeat the team of The Bulldog and Kade.

    7. Ralph McCoy - 4.68, 4.96, 4.77, 5.22, 5.21 - 4.97

    Not a great performance by The Roadrunner, as he looked nervous and sloppy in certain situations. The pressure might be getting to him with 5 Star Attraction only a few weeks away and also the fact that he was teaming up with his arch enemy Don de Vries. Oh well, at least his team won, but if he wishes to become the 1st ever Ruler of the Ring at 5 Star Attraction, he needs to perform better than this.

    6. Don de Vries - 4.86, 6.09, 5.54, 5.65, 5.52 - 5.53

    Let the mind games begins. Don de Vries teamed with Ralph McCoy at Adrenaline Rush, but they were anything but partners. He let McCoy work most of the match and refused to tag himself in until the end, when he stole the pin from right under McCoy's nose. At the moment, The Elephant Man should be considered the favourite to win the Ruler of the Ring tournament.

    5. Nero James - 6.3, 7.11, 6.57, 6.15, 6.57 - 6.54

    Great debut by the newcomer and it looks like he is here to stay. Worked well with Rey in their tag team match and at the next Adrenaline Rush he is gonna have to do it all over again. You can bet, his trusty friend Woody will be there again to land a hand if needed.

    4. Joven Rayo - 6.25, 6.80, 6.62, 6.96, 6.90 - 6.70

    Great performance by the young Mexican luchador and if he had faced anybody else, most likely he would still be champion. Joey Nicholas was simply better than him last week, but Rayo can still hold his head high knowing that he gave it all he had in that match.

    3. Joey Nicholas - 7.75, 7.5, 6.5, 6, 6 - 6.75

    Has been unstoppable lately and week in and week out, always gives a 5 Star performance. Defeated Joven Rayo and did it convincingly and by doing so, became the first ever double Champion in CWA history. Can anyone stop the Real Deal?

    2. Mini P - 6.67, 7.3, 7.28, 7.5, 7.04 - 7.16

    The new and improved Minimal Pain made short work of newcomer Vic Diaz and showed the World that Ultimate Pain is not the only guy in the family that can fight. Can he keep this up? Can he become a Champion just like his brother? Only time will tell.

    1. Logan V - 6.73, 7.6, 7.36, 7.88, 7.23 - 7.36

    For the 2nd week in a row, the mask Superstar stands alone at the top. Since his return he has been nothing but amazing and if anybody can take down Joey Nicholas, it's Logan V. Sure, it's easier said than done, but with performances like the these, one would be a fool to bet against the Leader of the LSA.

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    Re: CWA Rankings for December 2nd, 2009

    Top 5 :D

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