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Thread: CWA Newswire #10

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    CWA Newswire #10

    Five Star Attraction Finally Final

    In perhaps the most changed main event in wrestling history, the CWA World Heavyweight Championship match at Five Star Attraction has finally been set in stone, with only one week to spare. The match that started out as Nickolas Kennedy Arsen taking on the CWA World Champion The Ultimate Pain needed to be changed when the Ultimate Pain informed CWA management that a recurrence of a back injury he suffered several years earlier would need surgery. Plans were changed and Pain was written out which put the title on recently debuted Kenneth leBlanc. LeBlanc, a former world champion, was never intended as one half of the match at Five Star Attraction but with Rich Stone still on the shelf, he was in the right place at the right time. When CWA got news that Roberto was ready to return to action, they changed plans again and had him come back unannounced to reclaim the title he lost in April. The title match will now be Nickolas Kennedy Arsen taking on the new champion Roberto in a first time ever meeting.

    Five Star Attraction theme music confirmed

    The official theme music for CWA biggest pay per view ever, Five Star Attraction, has been named as Uprising by Muse. Uprising beat out stiff competition from Sick Puppies, Breaking Benjamin and Cage the Elephant to earn the right to open the show with a live performance of their huge hit. Nickolas Kennedy Arsen is said to be thrilled with the outcome of a closely contested battle.

    CWA Star to retire?

    Uncle Salvatore has been telling people back stage that he will be retiring soon from the ring, reports The 61 year old is starting to suffer from back problems again. It’s being speculated that Uncle Sal may officially announce his retirement from in ring competition at the next Adrenaline Rush and that the Royal Rumble match at the 5 Star Attraction PPV will be his last official match. He would still be involved with CWA though, but only as Roberto's trainer.

    Eoghan O’Neill released

    CWA original Eoghan O’Neill has parted ways with the company as of this morning. O’Neill signed a one year contract in December 2008 and CWA have decided not to extend it. O’Neill is leaving CWA on good terms so could be brought back from time to time in the future. CWA would like to wish Eoghan O’Neill all the best in his future endeavours.

    Los Calavera also released

    Bet you got worried didn’t you! Los Calavera have been released but not from their contracts, instead they have been released from prison where they have spent the past few days. Logan V and Miss Tyler have been almost constantly on the phone to try and get this mess cleared up and it appears they have succeeded as both men were released this morning after the charges were dropped. Los Calavera will be at Adrenaline Rush when they bid to regain their shot at the CWA World Tag Team Championships.

    Injury Jinx continues for the Future

    With Axl Storm on crutches, Daren Storm was close to joining him after twisting his knee during an Intergender tag match at a house show. Having performed the leap frog like he has a million times before, Daren Storm slipped on some water that had spilled out of a bottle thrown by a fan Storm had insulted moments earlier. Storm went down holding his knee and the match ended up turning into a singles match when Alexis took out TJ Styles with a low blow before going at it with Alexa. Alexis went on to pick up the victory with The Makeover. Daren Storm was in pain, but able to walk afterwards.

    Nero James courting a Diva

    Nero James may still be new to CWA but that hasn’t stopped him from becoming friendly with one of the CWA Diva’s. Backstage workers say that Nero has been spending a lot of time with this unknown Diva in an attempt to woo her. With only six Diva’s on the roster and one of them being married, it could be any of the remaining five.
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    Re: CWA Newswire #10

    Roberto vs Arsen should be good.

    Nero James is quickly becoming one of my favourite characters in CWA.

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    Re: CWA Newswire #10

    Quote Originally Posted by Kimura View Post
    Nero James is quickly becoming one of my favourite characters in CWA.

    I feel really honored about this so thank you.

    It is what I was trying to do is make him so people here would be like great character and Im glad I am.

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    Re: CWA Newswire #10

    Hrmmm. Good read. And Muse ftWinnorz!!!

    Also, I'm going to be creating the thread for Deportista this week. Expect a segment on Rush with him.
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