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Thread: CWA Newswire #9

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    CWA Newswire #9

    Big Star ready to return?

    Rich Stone has been out of action since early October with a deep muscle injury and a severe concussion. But it seems he is recovering quicker than expected and he is hoping to hit the gym as soon as this week.

    With 5 Star Attraction just one month away, expect Rich Stone to do everything he can, so he can be part of CWA's biggest show of the year.

    Rey Guerrero reinstated

    Rey Guerrero has served his 30 days suspension after failing a Wellness test and CWA has decided to keep him on the roster. He will be in action at the next Adrenaline Rush when he teams with newcomer Nero James against the duo of The Bulldog and Trevor Kade.

    CWA Star signs new deal

    "Clique Wresling Alliance is happy to announce that "The Elephant Man" Don de Vries has signed a new multi-year deal with Clique Wrestling Alliance". reports

    Don de Vries is a hard worker and well liked backstage by both officials and fellow wrestlers. No one is surprised that CWA rewarded him with this brand new contract.

    Adrenaline Rush Ratings

    The ratings for this past Adrenaline Rush were weak to say the least. They pulled a 2.8 ratings, the lowest CWA have ever gotten for any of their shows since their birth early this year.

    CWA officials are not worried tho, as it is believed that injuries is the main reason the ratings were weak. Still, CWA is pulling out all the stops for the next show and thats why it was decided to have Arsen face Logan in the Main Event. CWA Officials hope this match will boost the ratings back up to where they were.

    Upcoming CWA DVD releases has a listing for a three-disc set on the History of CWA. This title is scheduled to be released on Tuesday, December 1, 2009.

    Amazon also has a listing for a three-disc DVD set on Doc Adams. It is set for release on December 15th, and it will have commentary from Doc Adams himself, his trusty trainer Jack Black, his good friend Roberto and his most bitter rival Joey Nicholas. The DVD will be called "Breaking backs and taking names".
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    Re: CWA Newswire #9

    The ratings are low because the Future havent wrestled in a couple of weeks :D
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    Re: CWA Newswire #9

    Or more so cause Pain's left CWA!~

    Ulti = Ratings <,<

    And he scores goals...!

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