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Thread: New match added to the Five Star Attraction card

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    New match added to the Five Star Attraction card

    We have just received word that the stand in General Manager for CWA, The Guardian Devil, has made a huge change to the Five Star Attraction card on December 30th. Nickolas Kennedy Arsen was expected to challenge Kenneth leBlanc for the CWA World Championship in the Main Event but we have just learned that is no longer the case. Nickolas Kennedy Arsen will still challenge for the title at the biggest show of the year but it will now be the sub main event. The new main event will be a first time occurrence in CWA. An over the top rope Battle Royal with the entrants coming in one at a time at equally timed intervals. The match is more commonly known as a Royal Rumble match. The last entrant into the match will be the loser of the CWA World Championship match and the last man standing at the end of the night will be the new number one contender to the CWA World Heavyweight Championship.

    The Current Card for Five Star Attraction is as follows:

    Royal Rumble Match

    CWA World Championship
    Kenneth leBlanc © vs. Nickolas Kennedy Arsen

    CWA X-Fly Championship
    Joey Nicholas © vs. Logan V

    CWA World Tag Team Championships
    The Future © vs. Los Calavera

    Ruler of the Ring Final
    Ralph McCoy vs. Don de Vries
    The Real Rock N' Rolla

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    Re: New match added to the Five Star Attraction card

    So even if I lose, I'll still be in contention. Nice stuff.
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