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Thread: Rankings for Meltdown

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    Rankings for Meltdown

    11. O'Doherty - 6.00, 5.66, 4.16, 5.66, 4.83 - 5.26
    The Irishman made an impressive start to his CWA career. Despite not winning the match he did hold on long enough to gain the number three rank in the X-Fly Division.

    10. Don de Vries - 6.16, 6.50, 5.83, 7.66, 6.66 - 6.56
    The Elephant Man came up just short again in his bid to become CWA X-Fly Champion at Meltdown. Despite suffering the loss, de Vries gets another chance on Adrenaline Rush.

    09. Jay Walters - 7.90, 6.66, 6.83, 6.00, 6.50 - 6.78
    A busy evening for Mr. Walters. First he produced a strong performance that was only beaten by the surprise return of Logan V. The later in the night he surprised many by coming to the aid of his rival Dr. Jack Adams against the Brotherhood. Walters will be in six man action on Adrenaline Rush.

    08. Logan V - 7.00, 7.23, 7.50, 8.00, 7.30 - 7.40
    The first shock of the evening saw the much loved Logan V make a successful return to CWA in his home country. Logan entered the Rankings match as a mystery entrant, and walked out as the number one contender for the X-Fly title at Five Star Attraction. Not a bad days work.

    07. The Future - 8.05, 6.00, 8.00, 7.75, 7.25 - 7.41
    The CWA World Tag Team Champions finally got what they have been asking for, some fresh competition. After picking up the win over Mechanical Thugonomics, the champs were quick to bail out and avoid any physical confrontation with the returning Los Calavera. The Future will be defending the titles again on Adrenaline Rush.

    06. Rich Stone - 7.60, 7.33, 7.66, 7.16, 7.50 - 7.45
    Rich Stone was one half of the hardest hitting match of the evening when he and Nickolas Kennedy Arsen tried to tear each other limb from limb. Unfortunately for The Franchise, Arsen was able to get the victory but Stone gets a chance to level it up on Adrenaline Rush.

    05. Ralph McCoy - 7.56, 7.06, 7.83, 7.53, 7.56 - 7.51
    The Roadrunner came within a fraction of a second of becoming the CWA X-Fly Champion for the first time but King Johns decided otherwise and basically screwed McCoy out of the title. McCoy gets his hands on King Johns on Adrenaline Rush and based on Meltdown, we're guessing it will be around his neck.

    04. Joey Nicholas - 7.50, 7.60, 7.66, 7.16, 7.73 - 7.53
    Most people say luck, Joey Nicholas says talent and with the amount of tight situations he seems to be able to escape from with the title in tact, it's hard to argue with him. Nicholas will need to continue his good form as he defends against Don de Vries on Adrenaline Rush.

    03. Nickolas Kennedy Arsen - 8.10, 7.60, 8.06, 6.63, 7.73 - 7.62
    The newcomer has made quite the impact in the two months he has been in CWA and now finds himself one win away from being crowned CWA World Champion. Before that however, Arsen has a Last Man Standing Match with Rich Stone to worry about.

    02. Dr. Jack Adams - 7.50, 7.65, 7.75, 8.00, 7.65 - 7.71
    The Doc was looking for a fairy tail ending to the night but unfortunately didn’t get it as he came up just short in his first attempt at becoming CWA World Champion. Adams can take a lot from his first try and the title is surely still in his future.

    01. The Ultimate Pain - 7.85, 7.35, 8.45, 8.05, 7.95 - 7.93
    Once again the Ultimate Pain remains the man. While some argue he got lucky with Guardian Devil accidentally hitting Adams to hand him the victory, Pain wont care however as the bulls eye on his back, has just gotten even bigger with the debut of his former team mate Kenneth LeBlanc.
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    Re: Rankings for Meltdown

    You have got to be kidding me! 0.02 points! I called that luck, Thomas. >.>

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    Re: Rankings for Meltdown

    I actually graded your promo really high Nieto, I really enjoyed it. Yours and UP were the most entertaining ones this week for me.

    Anyway, everyone pumped out amazing promos actually and it was the best week thus far imo..

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    Re: Rankings for Meltdown

    I figured it was going to be close
    Hopefully somwhere down the line we will see McCoy/Nicholas 3
    The X-fly divisions looks to be one of if not the most competitve divisions at the moment

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    Re: Rankings for Meltdown

    My RP took less then 5 minutes and I'm only 2.5 basically off top ?
    =D thats actually made me smile =D
    I'm gonna start putting in the effort from now on =D
    Congrats to everyone on the list though =D

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