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Thread: A Third Championship Match Announced for Uprising PPV

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    A Third Championship Match Announced for Uprising PPV

    Following the mass fighting that ended this week's Adrenaline Rush show, CWA Owner Charles W. Anderson has decided to take some action. Instead of disciplining the guilty parties, Anderson has decided to let them settle their difference inside the ring. On February 11th in Las Vegas, the Guardian Devil will have his first official CWA Championship defence when he puts his Brotherhood Championship on the line against Logan V. Logan V vs. Guardian Devil joins the already announced championship matches of Ultimate Pain vs. Roberto and Joey Nicholas vs. Abdul Akbar Alsam vs. Dr. Jack Adams.

    The full card for Uprising will be posted later today.
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    Re: A Third Championship Match Announced for Uprising PPV

    Well now, I'm not sure what justifies a title match the caliber of the Brotherhood Championship, but apparently a massive 1-2 record does it.

    I look forward to obliterating Logan V at Uprising.

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