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Thread: Lars Ulrich Confirms His Appearance In GNR' 'Better' Video

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    Lars Ulrich Confirms His Appearance In GNR' 'Better' Video

    Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich has confirmed that he makes an appearance in Guns N' Roses' video for the band's new single, "Better".

    Guns N' Roses associate Fernando Lebeis wrote at a Guns message board last month that the debut of the clip was being held up because Ulrich, who briefly appears in the clip, had not signed a release form permitting the use of his image.

    Asked about the delay at, Lebeis replied in a post that was later taken down, saying, "Tell Lars to OK the vid and it's done. That's all that is pending ...We are pending his release form to be signed."

    Lebeis later told that his post was "a fun comment and not an attack on Lars."

    Guns N' Roses also issued a statement saying, "Lars isn't holding anything up with our video. Our message board comments were meant casually, in fun and amongst friends. Unfortunately, someone with Blabbermouth may have taken things a bit out of context and made them into a bit more than they are in reality. Our apologies to anyone who may have been confused. We hope to have our video out shortly."

    Speaking to a Metallica fan by the name of Bob Johnson who won the chance to go backstage and interview Ulrich before Metallica's January 12, 2009 concert at the Bradley Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Lars said about the reports that he was "holding up" the "Better" clip, "I have heard about this, yes. There was a couple of clips of me in the video and they asked if I would sign off on it. When it got to me, I signed off on the one clip and that was something that happened…" He added, "I don't know where it [the rumor about Lars holding up the video] came from. Somebody else asked me about it the other day. I'd love to be in a Guns N' Roses video. It's my favorite song on the record — I think it's a great song. I can't for the video to come out. There's a shot of me and Axl [Rose, Guns N' Roses frontman] embracing backstage at some concert, and I signed off that, and hopefully it'll make it in the final cut."

    Ulrich has reportedly remained friendly with Guns singer Axl Rose ever since Metallica and Guns toured together in the early '90s. He was allegedly spotted backstage at several shows on the 2006 Guns N' Roses tour and even performed "Out Ta Get Me" with the group at a show in Oakland on December 15 of that year.

    "Better" is the second single from the new Guns N' Roses album, "Chinese Democracy", which was released in November.

    Bob Johnson's entire interview with Lars Ulrich, which aired on Milwaukee's 102.9 The Hog radio station, can be viewed in four parts below. (Note: The "Better" video question is asked in Part 3 of the interview around the 4:30 mark.)

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    Re: Lars Ulrich Confirms His Appearance In GNR' 'Better' Video

    Hopefully this means GNR and Metallica are a few steps closer to touring together.


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